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Australia crowned 2013 F1 in Schools champions
Posted By: James Allen  |  14 Nov 2013   |  1:05 pm GMT  |  30 comments

A team of teenagers from Australia have won the 2013 F1 in Schools world title after three days on intense competition in Austin, Texas.

The group of six students from two schools 3000km apart teamed up to beat 37 other squads from across the world and triumph in the ninth world finals event.

The team, known as A1 Racing, collected the Bernie Ecclestone World Champions trophy on Thursday along with a scholarship to study motorsport and automotive engineering at City University in London.

It is the second year in a row that an Australian team has won the competition, with a team from Adelaide triumphing last year.

A1 Racing earned their place in the competition by winning the Australian National Finals earlier this year. They also won the award for Fastest Car at the ceremony in Austin.

Allegiance Racing from Southeast High School in the USA were second with Unlimited Acceleration from Lessing-Gymnasium Winnenden in Germany completing the podium in third.

A1 Racing team manager Jacqueline Cunninghame, who oversaw the six students from Pine Rivers State High School, Queensland and Phoenix P-12 Community College, Ballarat, Victoria, said: “We can’t believe we won, it’s just amazing. There were so many good teams, it was really tough, so we’re really happy to have won this. It means everything to us.”

One team member – Dylan Sexton, 17 – had to put celebrations on hold so he could return to his hotel room an sit a Business Management exam minutes after the trophy presentation.

Students are challenged to create their own Formula 1 team and must design, manufacture and race a miniature model compressed air powered Formula 1 car of the future using CAD/CAM Engineering techniques and machined from a block of balsa wood. Cars are then manufactured on a CNC machine.

Each team of between three and six students must also bring a pit display, their cars and a portfolio of their work as well as a verbal presentation for the judges, which is headed by former Formula 1 technical director Gary Anderson.

The cars race on a 20 metre track, with the cars covering the distance in just over one second, a speed barrier which is yet to be broken by any student team since it was set by Team FUGA from Northern Ireland at the 2007 World Finals with a time of 1.020 seconds.

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Does anyone know whether the atmospheric conditions are measured before each run?

Seeing that the difference is measured in hundredths of a second I’d imagine it was quite important.

I think the really annoying thing about this competition is that the sole focus is aerodynamics and extrapolation of the rules.


So I’m guessing you don’t like F1 either, then?


We Aussie always have the innovation, all we need is some finances to beat the world. Well done team of budding engineers.


Aussie, Aussie, Aussie…..Oi, Oi, Oi!! 🙂


Jack B would be happy to hear this.


Nice to see the Aussie’s beating the rest of the world on a level playing field, even the Germans weren’t able to get past.

Well done to all the Schools, let’s hope there’s some new Christian Horner and Adrian Newey Jnr’s amongst them.

Lachlan Mackinnon

Well done guys!! It brings a smile to my face knowing we’ll have up and coming Aussie kids poking around an F1 paddock in the future.


A polite correction, Australia have won three years in a row 🙂


Great win and probably a lot of talent will be lost overseas because we dont build anything in Australia.

We have no automotive industry anymore and general manufacturing is on the decline.

Cheap imports in Automotive, Agriculture and others with a lack of backbone by our government to protect key industries like other nations such as Britian and the US do is a disgrace and an embarassment.

But well done to the A1 team.


Unfortunately this is just a fact of life. There has never really been an Aussie motor racing industry outside of the V8s/touring cars and people (whether drivers, mechanics or other roles involved in motorsport) have always had to go to Europe or North America to follow their passion. Even our top kart racers are currently in either Europe or America – Rotax World Finals and Vegas Supernationals this week and next. Australia is just too small a market spread over such an enormous geographic area (and, yes, my racing years were spent in Europe).


Of course you mean besides Brabham, Matich, elfin, Ralt to name a few?


Yep , dont forget what JB achieved. Aussies are great innovators, problem is nobody with $’s backs them. Our best brains all go offshore.


Ummmm, when someone bothered to ask an Australian company to make an F1 engine they won the next 2 WDC/WCC with it, Repco V8 made in Dandenong, Melbourne. But yes Oz is too far away from the races to base an entire F1 race team.


Yeah – but you are going so far back in history, to a time where Britain dominated the gun, car and bike manufacturing industries and most people didn’t know what aerodynamics were. I am sure that if anybody bothered to ask Australia to do anything engineering-related they would head the world, witness the success over the past 3 years in the F1 In Schools competition. Which brings me back, full circle, to the point of my argument – there isn’t an industry here for them and they must go to Europe or North America (although V8 Supercars could sure do with some help to sort out this parity debacle they have on their hands).


Wow, 3 years in a row. Next thing they’ll be getting booed 😉


No, it’s OK. No-one has put up “the” finger, crashed into their team mate or disobeyed a direct order. So all good.


I watched some of the live stream out of curiosity and found myself fist pumping the air when A1 won the fastest car award and then the championship.

I live minutes from Pine Rivers so that added an extra element.

An amazing amount of talent in all of the teams.


I am kicking myself for not picking up the livestream. I pass through Pine Rivers every day on my way to work. I should have been supporting my fellow Queenslanders and other Aussies in this. Shame on me, but a huge congratulations to the guys and girls on this great achievement.


I’m with you Bill. As a Brisbanite myself, I didn’t even know we were in it.
Alas, I congratulate them all the same.


Congratulations to the winners, but also to Lessing-Gymnasium – as any German reader will know, they have been through some incredibly tough times, and it’s great to see a team from the school excel in this competition.


I think that’s actually three consecutive years that Australia have won ? And four times in the last five years ?

If so, and as this is F1, they best change the rules as no-one likes the same team to keep winning year after year. Boring.


Well done guys! 🙂

Now, let’s see if we can get the hat-trick in 2014… 🙂


This is actually the Hat-Trick as Australia won the World Finals in 2011.


Do you know the winning time?


The winning time was 1.043 seconds


Speaking of hats… Seriously guys, no-one down here wears a hat like that. We wear RBR caps. Tell ’em Random 😉


Yeah, but when in Rome…


Brilliant competition, I watched the livestream from down under here in Melbourne and what a tremendous event it was.

I have one correction to offer: this is actually the third year in a row the Aussies have won it!


And congratulation to the Aussie team


I hope Daniel is in good company !

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