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Posted By:   |  27 Oct 2013   |  1:15 pm GMT  |  359 comments

Fangio, Prost, Schumacher, and now Sebastian Vettel. The Red Bull driver has become only the fourth four-time Formula One World Champion with an untouchable drive to victory in the Indian Grand Prix, ahead of Nico Rosberg and Romain Grosjean, who put in one of the drives of the season to go from 17th to 3rd in the Lotus.

It was fitting that Vettel should clinch it with a win. It is the 36th victory of the German’s career – his sixth in succession, a new record – taking his tally of wins in 2013 to ten. It is the 36th victory of his 117 race career.

“It is a pleasure to jump in the car and go out and drive for the guys and give it all I have,” he said. “The car was phenomenal today and has been phenomenal all season to be honest.

“I want to say a big thank you to everyone who is behind the team, it has not been an easy season,” added an emotional Vettel on the podium. “From the outside people will think it was easy but it wasn’t.

“It has been hard for me in particular, to be booed when I have not done anything wrong was hard but I think I answered the things on the track which I am very pleased about. I am overwhelmed, I don’t know what to say but it is the best day of my life so far.”

It is also the fourth consecutive Constructors’ Championship for Red Bull. As the current V8 formula comes to an end, with hybrid turbos and new rules wiping the slate clean next year, Red Bull and its technical chief Adrian Newey have been as dominant as their young Champion these past four years.

Meanwhile Mercedes moved ahead of Ferrari into second place thanks to Rosberg’s result.

Several teams, including Lotus and Force India, defied Pirelli’s advice and ran the medium tyre for longer than the stipulated 35 laps. Raikkonen did over 50 laps on a set of mediums, Grosjean 47. The FIA refused to enforce Pirelli’s advice, but there were suggestions that there would be trouble if safety was risked.

Despite his large winning margin – almost 30 seconds over Rosberg – it wasn’t a straight forward win for Vettel, as he had to pit as early as the second lap to get off the unfavoured soft tyre, he then had to pass a lot of cars. He set about charging through the field to second and hunted down long-running Mark Webber, who had inherited the race lead as those ahead pitted.

But Webber’s chance of the win had been compromised by a poor start dropping to seventh from fourth as he tangled with Alonso and Raikkonen. Later in the race his alternator failed and he retired the car.

Webber began the race on the medium compound tyre, established an eight second lead as the cars on softs pitted. He went on to lead the race until his first stop on lap twenty-nine. On the softs he had hoped to chase down Vettel for the race lead, only for the grip levels to drop within three laps and necessitate a switch back to the medium tyre, leaving the Australian out of contention.

From here Vettel established a twenty-seven second lead over second place and was able to cruise home to a historic feat in motor sport.

Behind him there was some exciting battles for the final podium places.

Felipe Massa jumped the Mercedes pair of Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton on the opening lap and maintained his lead over them for two thirds of the race. As Rosberg closed in on Massa, the German pitted to under-cut the car ahead.

When Massa followed suit two laps later, Rosberg had taken the position and set about chasing the long-running cars ahead. This included Kimi Raikkonen, Sergio Perez and Adrian Sutil, each running long stints on the medium tyre.

As Perez and Sutil pitted, Raikkonen tried to complete the race on one-stop but quickly fell in to the clutches of the cars behind. First, Rosberg took second place from the Finn, before the sister Lotus of Romain Grosjean claimed third place following a slight touch between the two. Raikkonen had suffered with overheating brakes in the first third of the race.

Grosjean started in 18th place and went deeper in to the race on the soft tyre than others could. A pit-stop to change to the medium tyre proved to be the only stop necessary as he nursed his car through the field on ageing tyres to take a third podium in a row.

After losing out to Massa, Perez and Hamilton, Raikkonen pitted on the penultimate lap with a large gap behind him to end the day in seventh place.

The top ten was completed by the Force India pair and Daniel Ricciardo. Paul Di Resta led Adrian Sutil home at an important Grand Prix for the team, in the process collecting important points for the Championship.

Ricciardo had a strong race to tenth, keeping Fernando Alonso at bay in the closing stages.

Alonso began today as the only driver who could stop Vettel winning a fourth consecutive title, and his chances were ruined after one corner. Contact with Webber saw him sustain damage to his front-wing and pit on the second lap, after hoping to run long in to the race on the medium tyre.

Vettel celebrated his win with a string of doughnuts and burn-outs in front of the pits grandstand. He was reprimanded by the stewards.

INDIAN GRAND PRIX, New Delhi, Race, 60 Laps

1. Sebastian Vettel Red Bull 1h31:12.187
2. Nico Rosberg Mercedes + 29.823
3. Romain Grosjean Lotus + 39.892
4. Felipe Massa Ferrari + 41.692
5. Sergio Perez McLaren + 43.829
6. Lewis Hamilton Mercedes + 52.4
7. Kimi Raikkonen Lotus + 1:07.900
8. Paul Di Resta Force India + 1:12.800
9. Adrian Sutil Force India + 1:14.700
10. Daniel Ricciardo Toro Rosso + 1:16.200
11. Fernando Alonso Ferrari + 1:18.200
12. Pastor Maldonado Williams + 1:18.900
13. Jean-Eric Vergne Toro Rosso + 1 lap
14. Jenson Button McLaren + 1 lap
15. Esteban Gutierrez Sauber + 1 lap
16. Valtteri Bottas Williams + 1 lap
17. Max Chilton Marussia + 2 laps
18. Jules Bianchi Marussia + 2 laps
19. Nico Hulkenberg Sauber + 6 laps

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Behind the Scenes at the track
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What I wonder is if RB as an exercise funded a car with no limits on budget and tech raced against this year’s RB how much faster it would be? At this point, RB are in a class of their own but I wonder how much faster they’d be if they were allowed to take the gloves off? I am guessing Adrian’s car would be anywhere from 1 to 2 seconds a lap faster….And sadly, we should be watching a sport where that speed was allowed to be seen


Thankful that this ridiculous title is over. It was won and lost within the first half of the season, particularly after the tire debacle. I won’t get on the bandwagon singing high praise for a guy with the only functioning car in the fastest team. He did what he was supposed to do.

I’ll still boo Vettel any chance I get, simply because he has a distinct advantage over his rivals because of his team. Its not his fault, but he can’t have everyone bowing in adulation surely? I don’t buy the nice guy act, I think he’s been coached by Red Bull’s PR team (and PR is Red Bull’s game after all) because of obvious traits that fans dislike about him.

The least impressive of the four time world champions, and I think I’d rate a couple of drivers with fewer championships above him. Easily. Hoping for a more competitive Formula One instead of another farce next year. Otherwise I guess we’ll be toasting a five time champion in a car that is a second a lap faster than every other car this time next year? What a sport.


wonder what will happen in the next few races regarding Kimi and Lotus. Seems like a total loss of respect for each other.


RBR must hope that Renault will have sorted out their alternator problems for 2014.

As an aside, would a failed alternator lead to penalties in 2014?


Good question, I believe it would


Vettel-great driver, great champion with a lovely personality. Formula one -yaaaawn.good bye boring clueless sport 🙁 sniff sniff 🙁


i need to swallow my pride and eat my hat. I’ll admit afetr the “multi -21” affair even i demonised Vettel as a bad sport etc…

However, 26 years old, 4 titles, 36 race wins (5 away from Senna), 6 straight wins…there can be no denying that SB is the real deal.

I’m sure he will go on to beat MS record of wins and titles, and most likely poles as well.

IMHO the Vettel of 2013 is a diffrent man to the boy wonder of 2010 and 2011. He wins from pole, he wins coming from the pack, he can pass, he scythes through traffic (Ok, so a dominant car helps!)…

Many congrats to Seb and Red Bull. they’ve put in the effort, maximised everything in the car, and have the results to show.

At the same time, Kudos to Merch for thier improved showing this year, and then of course, the little team that could, Lotus…great to see Grosjean developing this year and getting some fine results now…

Ferrari started ok, went pear shaped from mid-year. Mclaren…hmm…1st season without a podium in 33 years (thus far) must hurt a teasm with thier history…

Great to see SV doing donuts on the start/finish…we need a bit more “show” instead of the sterile environment which F1 has become since the 90’s…

I mean, remember when Senna decked Irvine in Japan, or Schuey stalked Coulthard in Spa…

These are people with emotion…not androids in race suits.

Great to see Vettel a bit choked up after the win…great drive!


What a drive, what a champion!!!

Instead of praising and congratulating the amazing achievement, many just keep on pouring schizophrenic theories and increasing shameful hate

I wasn’t a Vettel fan, but always recognised him as great, when most thought it was the car

It were all you haters who’ve made me one, when failing to to give him credit, booing him at a podium and then Vettel awnsering at the track

I hate injustice

Bravo Sebastien, you truly deserve everything you’ve achieve so far!!!


It is a pity that such a poor sportsman has won in such a great car designed by Adrian Newey. SV has admitted to breaking team rules and stated that he would do it again. What is even a greater pity is that the team has condoned such behaviour. SV broke team rules once again today with his childish smoky spin. Oooh, what a man ! He even asks why people boo him ! I have been following F-11 since 1955 and have never heard any other driver booed.


Bad sportsman? Like driving other cars off the road? Prost, Senna, Schumacher. Or braking team orders/agreements? Hamilton, Ascari. By the way, you didn’t see the podium at the Austrian GP where Ferrari ordered Barrichello to give Schumi the win?


I honestly don’t understand how some people feel this race was boring or a snooze fest. It was a race no one knew how it’d pan out. So many split strategies to analyze and it was fascinating to see teams react to the tires going off. While I’m not a huge fan of Pirellis, I love the way they make the teams think on their feet. Its brilliant analytically. But on the other hand I do feel sad that we no longer see cars and drivers at their absolute limit. I’d love to see a couple of races where to get a strategy to work, drivers drive the wheels of their cars by doing a set of qualifying like laps. I guess they ended with the end of the Bridgestone era.

And yes, congratulations to Sebastian. His reactions to the win and his words were awesome. I admire him a lot as a driver, but this time around, we got a glimpse of the man as well. His sadness at the booing shows he’s as human as all of us. Call him a great or not, but you surely need to respect his achievements. As Ant said in the SkyPad, his ability to extract the max out of the package has to be respected, if not admired and applauded.


Agree, I think people think the race was boring because their favorite driver was doing nothing (mi favorite driver is Kimi but I think the race was not boring), or because they are too old and want F1 to be as it was in the past (I started watching F1 in 1998, so I don’t know if it was more exiting before that).


I don’t know that I’ll ever warm to Vettel. Probably because he was a kid when he started. But his post-race actions really improved my view of him as a person. I loved the donut after the race, on the main straight and in front of the crowd. Indy, NASCAR etc do it often, V8s in Australia too. I thought it was a great show of his feelings in the moment. I also thought it was the kind of fun that crowds paying the big bucks deserve. Back to his feelings. I could be wrong, but I didn’t see any sign of the “number one” gesture after the donuts or before the podium ceremony (which I didn’t see). What I did see was a fellow lost almost for words, thinking about what he’d achieved. That said to me that immediately post-race, Vettel was relieved, to have won the championship, not that he felt he deserved it.

So I say, well done to the man. Nothing comes underserved in F1, good or bad.


Congratulations to Sebastian Vettel and Red Bull Racing; four in a row is a fantastic achievement which we will hopefully look back on in a similar vein to other great driver-team combos in the past (Prost & Senna at McLaren; Schumacher and Niki Lauda at Ferrari; Stewart at Tyrrell etc.).

Also enjoyed Seb’s celebrations with the donuts and throwing the gloves into the crowd; I liked the spontaneity of it. Also nice gesture from Rosberg and Grosjean to hoist him on their shoulders – reminded me of Silverstone 1995!


Congratulations to Red Bull, Renault racing It is a phenomenal achievement to have won four constructors championships in a row, and with the same driver.

Certainly a fantastic team achievement, to have established themselves at the pinnacle of motorsport so effectively against established teams and other aspirants.

I’m intrigued to see how the team hierarchy will change in the 1600 hybrid era.


Alan Permane [mod] Unproffesional. Ok, we all know you dont like Kimi, but you should be gratefull for what he has brought to your so called team. Im glad hes left, terrible strategy calls and bad pitstops, has cost Kimi podiums and wins over his time there, not to mention late on paying salary. Good riddance i say, showing your true colours Lotus, bitter much?


As an Alonso fan I have been through many ‘close but no cigar ‘ seasons. Vettel and red bull are just an amazing combination and although I find the combination very annoying I have to accept it and raise my glass as I drown my sorrows! Also Vettel is just a nice guy who actually deserves it, well done mate. A little reluctantly I’m a big fan. Loved the doughnuts. Irrespective of who you think is the best driver, the facts are that Vettel delivers every time. Now where can I buy the new 4 star RB cap?


Congratulations to Seb, he is undoubtedly a fine driver and a deserved world champion. If you use the number of titles as measure of greatness then of course he is up there. He may have the best car, but he never screws up he always delivers. Could the others do the same…maybe, we may never know.

Now back to the Indian race, I think given all the complaints the drivers made about how dangerous the tyres are, than why on earth didn’t the FIA support Pirelli.Pirelli said it was dangerous to do more than 35 laps on the harder tyre so why did the FIA allow this?? I think this is a disgrace and sums up the hypocrisy of F1. If we want to see great racing ban aerodynamics. Gary Anderson is a LEGEND!!


Very well done to Vettel. Wish the winner could do donuts everytime.

Now that both championships are secured, would Red Bull ease off and not score any points for the rest of the season?

I only say that, cos for next season, there is an entry fee based on the number of points scored in the previous season. The more points scored, the higher the entrance fee. I think it is something like $500,000 basic fee and then $6000 per point.

They have 470 points at the moment which will cost €3,320,000 or so for next year’s entry.

With three races left, assuming Vettel wins them all and Webber is second or third or fourth, then that is another around 100 to 120 points or so times $6000 making $700,000 (total $4 million) they have to pay on top which could be money saved by not getting into the points.

I guess it is highly unlikely that Red Bull will drive like Daisy, but the chief bean counter at Milton Keynes might be looking at these numbers and say “well that is $700k which we could using for a 3 or 4 front wings for the season”.


But they are making way way beyond $4 million so it’s peanuts.

How much will they get for the WCC, it’s gotta be over $100? or more?


There are those that would like to have a little written about Alonso. Is he still deserving of your time? What happened?


Great achievement, a shame to do it in such a depressing location (heavy grey haze and half the grandstands empty), but a great achievement nonetheless.


Now that RB have secured WCC, will we see Daniel Ricciardo in Webber’s car for the remaining races?

I’m sure Webber won’t mind an early Christmas in Oz.


Not a chance, I bet they try for a farewell win for Mark, especially after he was stabbed in the back in Malaysia with nothing done about it.

Though after Seb finishing, 1st, 1st, 1st, 1st and Mark finishing, Fire, Fire, Bad Strategy Change To Three Stops To Keep Him Away From Seb, Alternator failure – you’d forgive him for leaving early just to see if anyone else took the bad luck! 😉


LOL! You’re right!

Since Korea I’m convinced Webber is the unluckiest F1 driver – (1) he had just come out of the pits with fresh tyres – losing places during the pitstop; only to come out immediately behind

(2) Perez’s tyre explosion causing him a puncture – losing him even more places; and

(3) Adrian “I don’t know what happened” Sutil then slides into him on the restart; and

(4) his car goes up in flames!

Webber needs to get out of F1 to change his luck!


Congratulations to Seb and Red Bull!! It was a fantastic race. One of the best this season in my opinion.


After i had another beech marten damage on my car 3 days ago, the 15th in 7 years, i wonder who has trained a beech marten to sabotage Webber’s electric again,

Was a strange race, youth won?

Vettel younger than Webber

Rosberg younger than Hamilton

Perez younger than Button

Massa, hmm probably the time after his accident counts as second life and restarted the timer.



Why does Lotus key personnel find it so hard to cope with Kimi leaving for Ferrari next year? Is the relationship completely broken? It’s only few races to go, you’d think they handle things professionally.


I’m with you, guys.

But at least Kimi won the post race shouting match against Parmane so I guess we can be happy.


This is starting to look like a general attitude once a driver is seen to be out of a team.

Ted Kravitz notebook, while he is showing us round the Sky broadcasting equipment, said that MacLaren cut Lewis off when he signed for Mercedes – no calls, emails, etc.

A hostile or stand-offish attitude seems to start within Ferarri a lot earlier than even having to sign elsewhere.


Surely Kimi would be more compliant if he’d actually been paid his salary…

Bread and Circuses

Lotus did not pay Kimi.

Kimi chose to leave as a result of not being paid. After this, Lotus management acted like a petulant child and took vindictive action against Kimi. This is nothing less than pathetic. Lotus as a team will not be around F1 for long in this incarnation, because sensible sponsors will know that an association with Lotus will bring them shame.

One thing is certain : this is not anything remotely similar to the Lotus during the years when Chapman was at the helm.

Bread and Circuses

This season has been a borefest. It is obvious that the car was a huge part of the superiority of the Red Bull team,

and the struggles of other drivers who are extremely skilled shows that the car has a disproportionate influence in the outcome of F1.

If nothing else, I’d like to see the return of something

like the Procar series, in which all the F1 drivers raced

each other in cars which were more or less identical.

At least then we would see some racing and we would see which driver was truly the most skilled. As a hint about whether this would really be the case, watch the video of the Nurburgring race in which all the F1 drivers were in identical Mercedes 190 cars. Senna ran away and hid from

the field in a way that made his superiority clear.


“the car has a disproportionate influence in the outcome of F1.”


This is what F1 is. It’s what F1 has always been. If anything the car is less a factor in the modern era than it used to be. If it’s still too unequal for you then there are many spec series out there which you should check out.


“…there are many spec series out there which you should check out.”

That’s funny – you keep telling us that F1 is all but a spec series.

“Pick one story and stick to it,” and all that!


Wasn’t that race where all the drivers where having fun and entertaining themselfs and only senna was poised to win? Great that he won but dont make too much about races like that to define superiorety.


Ok, Monaco in the Toleman then.


Thats a better example hehe. Dont forget bellof ho was even quicker then senna. Shame we never could Find out how great bellof would become.


For a change, I’d say Webber’s start was okay – I know Brundle and Crofty (and apparently James in his article) were harping on it, but Webber WAS on the mediums while the 3 cars that passed him were on the softs. It’d be expected they’d get past him off the line.

Webber was never on for the win – even with a great start (and without the subsequent alternator failure) – Webber didn’t have the raw pace to beat Vettel.

For proof that the racing gods love irony – the all time points scorer in F1 history, with a helmet announcing his 1571 points to the world – go zero points. First time he didn’t score, barring a crash, since sometime in 2010 (forget the race).


I have read another post somewhere that Alonso can re-use this helmet in the next race!


His start was fine until he clattered the orange curb on the inside of T1 throwing him into Raikonnen.


The reason he seemed to hit the curb was to avoid Raikonnen who was taking a very tight line into the corner cutting Webber off. In trying to avoid Raikonnen he made it worse by hitting the kerb and bouncing sideways. I agree about the start, off the line was fine, only Massa was past him going into the corner. He lost the additional places in the bumping and having to go tight into turn 3 allowing HUL to go round the outside.


Firstly, congrats to Seb and RBR. Quite simply the class of the field.

Gutted for Mark who was a good show for the podium today.

Great, memorable drive from Romain.

Solid drive from Rosberg too.

Now, what’s the deal with those soft tyres? They were like qualifying rubber of days gone by. The difference to the next step up (mediums) was (and I’ve never used this word) ‘massive’. In some cases the difference was 50+ laps! If we extrapolate that to the super soft tyres, they would not have completed a lap today. They would have worn out on the warm-up 🙂

The next question is, can Seb & RBR win the remaining races? I think they can.

Will Webber retire without making up a place off the start?

DoTD = Grosjean. Honorable mention to Perez.


God I hope the next three races are held in the wet to spice it up abit!


Is this the driest F1 season ever? I can’t remember the last season when it never rained during a race.


Yup, always rains in Abu Dhabi and Austin, Texas!


Even Abu Dhabi?


Someone must have a garden hose at the place!


Its sad to see this paper newey champion surpass many legends of the sport simply because he has had the unprecedented luxury of having dominant cars for most of his career.

Of course most people are tricked by this charade into thinking he is some great driver or legend and they will have eggs on their faces when this fraud is exposed one day, hopefully when he loses the best car and if he ever has the guts to take on a top line team mate not just number 2 drivers like Webber and now Riccardo.

Never in history has a driver had so many great cars and weak team mates. Its all an illusion that will one day be shattered. No matter how many titles newey gives him he will never be great.


laughable Dan


You must have missed the Schumacher era.


I dont know much about moto gp, but didnt rossie move to yahamaha for a challenge.


Michael never needed Newey and proved himself over a decade without the best car before he had a few dominant years, but this fraud has only won with newey, just like a bunch of other drivers.

all time great? what a joke.


Senna only ever won championships with Mclaren, Schumacher only ever with Todt/Braun/Byrne.

I will be perfectly willing to admit I’m wrong if he fails to win anything without Newey, you don’t seem to be able to say the same, if he succeeds after RBR.


spot on.

prove it by moving to another team.

prove it by not having the best car

prove it by having equal mashenary to your team mate. ( not developed for you over 4 years)


What sane driver has EVER willingly left the best team, or at least the WCC, unless relationships broke down completely (Lauda at Ferrari), or he knew the team was going downhill (Schumacher and Alonso both at Benetton/Renault)? Why do people expect Vettel to be the first to do something so monumentally stupid?


come one, are there some stats about this fact?

shumi and barricello had a lot of 1-2 … but this:

vettel WDC Points (1.) 322

mercedes WCC Points (2nd) 313

actually vettel (at the moment) leads the constructures championship – funny fact


Those comments can’t be serious


No-one ever won the title in a crap car I’m afraid, if the car was THAT good Webber would be second and it would be a RB 1-2 every race. Doing it once, is lucky, twice is good, 3x is exceptional, but 4 on the bounce with ya teammate pretty much nowhere is worth the credit and respect it deserves. 4 titles is 4 titles, I don’t believe it’s all car, but you need a good car to win.


Yes congratulation to Vettel and Red Bull both have done an excellent job with this particular formula. An interesting comment came out of the problematic Indian GP with regard to the tax issues and so forth in that F1 was labelled an entertainment rather than a sport, and I’m beginning to think that’s right. All other proper sports in general remain constant wether it be running, swimming, jumping, tennis, cricket, football, etc. – They don’t change but F1 does, it get’s tweaked by the powers that be supposedly to improve the spectacle, and that smacks of entertainment rather than sport.


10 out of 16 and they still had to cry about the tyres that didnt suit them at the start of the season. #NoRespect


A reprimand for doing donuts!

That was the best moment of the race, and once again the stewards have to follow the letter of the regulations and spoil it.

I don’t want to watch this sport any more. Where’s the passion gone?


I’m not going to be drawn into the pro/anti Vettel drivel that always pops us, but I do have a question: If Grosjean had qualified in say, the top 4, as he should have, could he have won the race on that one stop strategy?


Don’t think so – he made his option tyres last till lap 13 because they were new. 3 lap old softs would have meant coming in around lap 5-6, so he would have suffered similar to Kimi.


Good point.


Have to laugh at the conspiracy theorists. Vettel was comprehensively beating Webber. If anything RBR compromised Vettel’s race by bringing him in 1-2 laps early at the start. I thought it was a very, very conservative decision.

On such a great day in the history of the sport, people are preoccupied with Vettel’s teammate – who is languishing in 5th, has no wins this year and has only 9 wins since 2009.

And more credit needs to go to Vettel. I don’t recall Newey winning any championships in the 2000’s despite the huge resources at his disposal.

Also, Ferrari must be wondering what they have got themselves into next year. Grosjean and Hulkenberg at Lotus will be a stronger line up than Alonso and Raikkonen, and at about 1/5th of the cost.


“I don’t recall Newey winning any championships in the 2000′s despite the huge resources at his disposal.”

A lot to do with Newey not getting a grip on reliability and not having the tyre specifically designed for one car, which he certainly had in the second half of this year since the Pirelli change.

Not that Newey needed the tyre change, his aero magnificence may have brought them the titles even if Pirelli had fixed the delamination without reverting to such a massive tyre change. Only difference is there’d have been some better racing at the front and the title may have gone on till Brazil.

…and “Gro Hul stronger than Alo Rai”! That’s funny that is, the Billy Connolly of F1.


The tyres were changed after Silverstone, which resulted in Lotus being the fastest car in Germany (though Vettel still managed to win) and Mercedes having by far the quickest car in Hungary. Mercedes were so dominant in Hungary that many people were predicting Hamilton to come back and win the championship!

Instead, Red Bull improved after the summer break while others haven’t. So your theory about the tyre change being the reason for Red Bull’s dominance since Spa doesn’t hold.


Hi James………

Do u think if Lotus had pitted Kimi earlier say when 15,20 Laps were left,would he have been able to finish higher?

I think it was wrong call from Lotus or Kimi…

whose decision was it? Kimi or Lotus or both?


James, what is your view of Permane shouting obscenities at Raikkonen over the radio?


I’d like to hear James’ opinion on this too. I was rather surprised that the Kimi-Lotus falling out was made so public in the race. Boullier appears to try to keep everything under control, but Permane seemed to be completely out of control. Kimi certainly needed to give the place to Romain, but you simply can’t shout at your driver like that when he is racing.


I don’t think we need to go down that road.


Find out Tuesday in UBS Race Strategy Report


James – please explain in the strategy report why RB pit Vettel so early. Were his softs already dropping off the cliff?


are you aware of Kimi not having any brake for 20 laps long??


The point is that in F1 terms, if the damn brakes ain’t working properly like they’re supposed to then you’re going to lose a lot of lap time


Yes is in the piece!

If had ‘no brakes’ he would crash of course. He had overheating brakes, although neither Permane or Boullier made much of it in their post race comments


Congrats to Red Bull and Seb a double WC yet again. It’s was fitting that Sebastian got out and worshipped his car after the celebration because you cannot win 6 races in a row when your car is not perfect. Even then he drove it brilliantly.

I’m still livid at Lotus..Run their lead driver for more than 50 laps on 1 tyre and have the nerve to say “get out of the f/king way”! He was sliding everywhere whether he chose to or not and from what We saw he was only told once and he got out the way- unlike Germany and Hungary where he was challenging for victory and was stuck behind RoGro for several laps. I’m glad he’s left the “French Connection” what a disgraceful bunch of loosers who do not respect the guy that placed them back on the map.. I wouldn’t be surprised if he tells them to stick it !!- he’s already driving for nothing!

I was most impressed by Rosberg who drove a brilliant race and Grosjean for his drive from 17. I cannot believe how Crofty and Coulthard and so many fans rapped Grosjean for doing 45 laps and just breezed over the fact Kimi who did 50-most of which fighting top cars. Just ridiculous !


Raikonnen chose in-race to go for the 1 stopper.


I believe the team has said that the plan going in to the race was to do 2 stops with Kimi, but the plan changed.


True what Alan did over the radio was crap!! You can understand drivers swearing the in the Adrenaline….this was just downright disgraceful.

I really don’t know what they are going to do next year. Allison is gone most of their key members are gone. It is going to be like after Alonso left the team.


F1 2013

Another terrestrial revolution

Another extra terrestial coronation

Man, am I tired of these crimson ungulates’ domination.

2007, 2008 i miss you….


2009, title decided at the second last race. 2010 and 2012, title decided at the last race. Lets not get caried away, there has always been years when one team dominated, be it Mclaren, Williams or Ferrari (and that is just in the last 25 years!)


What 2009 – 2013 have lacked in large part is a genuine competition for constructor superiority. We all knew who had the best car in that span of time, and there was a very strong possibilty the WDC would be won by a driver in that car. In 2007 and 2008 there was more of a competition between the top constructors. The 2008 WDC was won by a driver in the car of the runner up constructor. For 2007 the titles would have also been split except for Mclaren’s points ban.

Also my original post was hyperbolic, and not meant to be taken so literally as you apparently did.


We are witnessing something spectacular here. The [mod] can hate all they want, but like Fangio,Senna and Schumacher in F1, Agostini, Lawson, Rainey,Doohan and Rossi in Motogp and Loeb in WRC, Seb Vettel will go on to be remembered as the one who utterly dominated his era .

He is 26, and if he continues to race for another 11-12 years, the man will do to F1 record books what Loeb has done in WRC. Congrats Seb and RBR! I’ve been a lifelong fan of the Scuderia, but you deserve the title !


We are certainly seeing something special from Vettel. I’m hoping that his domination doesn’t turn spectators away as effectively as Loeb’s did to WRC.

I think the other special thing we have seen is another period of Renault engine domination, that has been going for season after season, with and without redbull.

I wonder if that can continue into the hybrid era?


I am glad Vettel sealed his title at a place where people appreciated what a great champion he is. What’s with Coulthard trying to downplay his winning the title and focusing on the race win.

On the other hand the Lotus team are showing their true colours again. Can’t say I am surprised. They have done this with every driver who has left them. Kubica, Heidfeld, Petrov and now Kimi.


the only car in the field that doesnt lack pace in dirty air.


Did RB set up the car for overtaking on Sat?

The way Vettel was able to DRS up and around the other cars is quite amazing, given that they did not use the low-DF rear wings.


And yeah, to add in.. a great slap in the faces of the people who said the Buddh International Circuit is boring. Proves what I have been saying all along here after last year’s GP. It was Pirrelli’s fault for being too Conservative with their tyre choices.


There is a latin saying, “excusatio non petita, accusatio manifesta” which roughly translates as excuses not asked for, clear accusation.

Why would VET talk about the booing when he’s just won the race and the WDC? Because he knows it is a tainted victory. [mod]


Tainted how? Being brilliant? The only championship in recent times that is tainted was the Massa championship in 2008 that was robbed off him by a greedy Glock.


Massa and Ferrari should never have let Hamilton be that close, such that he even had a shot at the championship. Massa had some bad luck for sure, but even a driver like Lewis needs misfortune/gaffes to peg back a better car if they’re to have any chance of winning.

Last DWC in a non-WCC car. Others to pull that off include Prost, Schumacher, and Hakkinen.

Do you have any evidence as to how Glock would have benefitted from being passed in Brazil? I guess Trulli would also get a cut, for going along with the charade by doing similar times to Glock on the dry tires at the end?

Also, I guess Glock was negotiating with McLaren in those last laps, otherwise why would he take the gamble of staying out on dry tires? If he wanted Hamilton to win it would’ve been so much easier just to have pitted for inters as well, to stay a safe distance behind.

Would love to see your evidence, but honestly just expecting crickets.


Lol still bitter Ham won a championship are we ? This post proves beyond doubt you have absolutely no idea about F1. Glock gambled on drys in wet conditions and couldn’t keep tyres heated but this was years ago. Get over it and enjoy Sebs win.


> The only championship in recent times that is tainted was the Massa championship in 2008 that was robbed off him by a greedy Glock.

What are you talking about?


> Because he knows it is a tainted victory.

Yes, yes, yes


Congratulations Vettel and Red Bull! Undoubtedly the best package in F1 at the moment. Great doughnuts!


Can’t believe Seb got a reprimand and RedBull fined €25,000 for the show of emotions that was one of the best things I’ve seen in recent F1.

A 1 handed donut with the finger raised, how freakin cool was that.


And they say his car has Traction Control.

Traction Control = no donuts!


Congratulations to Vettel. But his team: Newey, Pirelli (for changing tires in mid-season that affected Alonso and Kimi) and Webber (for not being good) should also be congratulated for making him appear exceptional.


The problem most Vettel fans have is not the perception that he is good, but not a great. It is the assertion that, no matter what he does in the next decade plus, he could never be seen as great. And lets not totally ignore the vast majority of experts who do rate him as exceptional.


You need to understand that the tyre change was made due to safety issues. I suggest you watch the Silverstone race. Ferrari and Merc suffered tyre failures. They agreed to change after that. Until that they opposed and it was not changed.


So some teams (read Lotus and Force India) design their cars based on actual 2103 tires while some other teams (read Mercedes) in order to be more competitive as they could not design their car properly put more pressure than recommended and create a big show on the track so that they could force a change in the name of “safety”? Why not those teams were told to re-design their car based on 2013 actual spec or not participate in the season? Why penalize Lotus for having done a good job?


Its funny how Vettel was leading the championship even with the silverstone retirement before the tyres were changed, yeah keep digging up excuses and make classess statements but the favts are Seb is the best driver in F1 just look at Hamilton being smashed by Rosberg in a straight fight great job.


If they were leading the champ, why were they moaning??? (this is not racing anymore….)

ANSWER: Because the “wonder kid” needs a car that is TWO SECOND FASTER and a 20 seconds gap. Otherwise he can crack under pressure if he faces any kind of challenge.



Two seconds advantage in this year.

Previous years, just ONE SECOND.


Are you seriously suggesting that Vettel has had a 2 seconds a lap advantage over the last four years?


You’ve conveniently neglected to mention Ferrari & Lotus agreed the tyres needed to be changed after Silverstone…


And all the other world champions on the grid he beat 4 times in a row…


Congrats to Red Bull and Vettel. The team did their homework in the summer break and Vettel being a great driver is making it worked for him. Saying that how funny would it be if he gets a grid penalty for the doughnuts! Not saying he will but they seem to give penalties for everything else these days.

Shame on Webber who is the Unluckiest Man in F1 since Coulthard. Good drives by Roman, Massa and Perez. The championship is over now but going to be interesting to see where guys like Hulk, Perez, Massa, Paul and such end up.


Sebastian Vettel ist Weltmeister von Formel Eins 2013… Howz my German? 😛

Congrats to Seb. Congrats to Redbull.

My advice for the champion is to go to Mercedes and take them to a championship or two. Is it just me, or do any of the other guys here think an all German driver line up with Mercedes (Vet/Ros) would be great to watch?

Those 2 looked great on the podium together.

Alexander Supertramp

Does that mean Lewis gets Seb’s drive ;)?


No.. that means after Seb’s gone to Merc Adrian will say.. I want my old buddy Kimi driving my car 😛 hehe 😛 Hamilton will go to Ferrari with Hulkenberg 😛 Alonso takes a sabbatical 😛


A great drive by Vettel to seal his 4th WDC. I hope all those who say he can’t come through the field and can’t overtake will appreciate his drive. As for Alonso, he once again crumbled under pressure and drove without a heart. It just did not look like a champion’s drive. Should have a look at Seb’s race in Brazil last year to see how not to give up and fight. At least he can keep the special helmet for the next race 🙂

Great performance by Grosjean, he is really talented and has matured a lot since last year.

Also nice to see a podium with happy faces and real celebration.


Alonso “drove without a heart.” I think he drove without straight suspension.

“Should have a look at Seb’s race in Brazil last year to see how not to give up and fight”

What qualify badly, be tentative into the first corner and nearly end up throwing it away? Then just use the pace of the best car out there to gain a position sufficient to win the title. If you need any evidence of him being the luckiest guy in F1 have a look at how hard his car got hit in Brazil and he went on to win the WDC. Webber gets hit in the same place in Korea this year and his car catches fire.


Webber and Vettel got hit on different sides of their respective cars.

2013 Korea GP Webber was hit on the right side, 2012 Brazil GP Vettel was hit on the left.

Webber damaged the radiator oil lines, resulting in the fire.

Vettel damaged the exhaust and bodywork, resulting in loss of downforce.


10 Victories in 16 races, just how dominant was (or is as there are still three races left) this years Red Bull?


Post-summer-break (PSB), it’s been more dominant than the RB7, at least relative to the opposition each car faced in its respective season, and specifically on race pace.

PSB RB9 > RB7 > RB6 > PSB RB8 > 2H RB5 > BSB RB9 > BSB RB8 > 1H RB5.

BSB = before summer break

1H = first half

2H = second half

1H RB5 was a very good car, but relative to the 1H BGP001, it was the ‘worst’ RBR car in the 2009-13 regulations era.


A real boring race,everything fell into vettels lap at the first corner when Alonso and Webber made contact.

Unfortunately nobody has the same car as vettel not even Webber. 🙂


Of course they don’t have the same car, they are on track at the same time, clearly TWO cars!

As has been said about a million times, Seb generally beats Mark, because Mark cannot master the counterintuitive way to drive to get the most out of the exhaust blown diffuser. The key appears to be to suspend your disbelief that the system will keep you on the track, while applying throttle ‘too early’. This is a skill that Seb possesses, unlike Mark.

As for reliability, Marks size and weight are supposed to effect the cars packaging.


@ jca

Of course they don’t have the same car, they are on track at the same time, clearly TWO cars!

Of course how could I not see that Einstein …you really can count 🙂



A title with a black stripe on it.

Totally manipulated by FIA and Pirelli.


Even WEB was not allowed to competed against the “wonder boy”.

VET is even more like SCHUMMY.

He will win 04 or 05 more WDC titles, but will come the time when he will face some competion from a top driver with equal equipment. Then, we will see who is the real VET. Likewise Schummy when he faced ALO and ROS.

It will be funny. Can’t wait.


Has not Vettel faced Alonso’s challenges already in equal equipment, yes in 2010 and 2012 and won [mod]


Sorry but ive seen enough on and off the track over the years to totally discount this drivers achievements. Remove Helmut Marko’s influence, Christian Horner’s strategy, and Vettel’s marketing appeal for per capital sale of can drink in Europe and you might just be left with enough to put and racing team together that provide a equal opportunity to it drivers to compete against each other and ensure that race results are based on the equal opportunity policy this team claims to have base its racing ethics on.


Come on!!!

Even as a hard core VET fans, you guys can’t deny this season was clearly manipulated by FIA and Pirelli. This is crystal clear. They were struggling with the tyres. Ferrari, Force India and Lotus were FLYING. They (RBR) started an aggressive media assault on Pirelli saying “this is not racing anymore” (Horner, Marko even Mateschitz). Pirelli changed the tyres mid season for “security reasons”. They said they would change only the belt, NOT THE RUBBER. After the change, RBR wins everything while Ferrari, Force India and Lotus….

Not to mention the MULTI21 and WEB being ambushed by his team (AGAIN), putting him in a wrong tyre strategy the give VET a chance to win another race.

Who is smoking something here???


Probably one of the worst posts I have read on this page, and I do read most of them.


Have you been smoking something?


This post is a shame. With a black stripe on it.


Shame are comments like yours


Well done Vettel on 4th world title. Im not a fan but its true what people have said that he has been the best driver this season and the work of Adrian Newey is absolutely incredible!

What disappointed me though was the ease with which other drivers let him passed when he was coming through the field and how they werent defending for their lives!Not great to see!

Fingers crossed for another driver and team to end the dominance soon!


SV may win many more championships and the RBR PR machine can try to sing his virtues. But he’ll never be one of the greats!

Michael Turnbull

Why? I keep seeing comments like this, but people who say these type of comments never seem to justify themselves. So why isn’t Vettel considered one of the greats?

I think this weekend has shown why Vettel is one of the greats because he annihilated the opposition and his team mate.


All of the so called greats have won championships in dominant cars…

So saying Sebastian isn’t one of them does not makes sense. Whoever gets the most number of points at the end of the season deserves the championship. But skepticism will be there, because we’ve never seen him do an amazing come back from the back of field drive to win. In fact, we’ve never ever seen him win a Grand Prix starting from below P3. But hey who am I to judge..if Vettel’s been praised by his team…we have to give heed to that..because they have all the data.

We should have seen Kimi in that Redbull along with him.


What a sad statement! Vettel will show in the next 10 years why he is 1 of the top 3 drivers of all time.


Seriously, HOW MANY titles does he need to win to be considered one of the Greats? No one forces you to like him, but at least try and respect him! Yes, the car may be one the best, if not the best at the moment, but it’s not enough to achieve 4 world titles if the driver is awful!




How many World Champions drive into their team mate, blame them and make childish gestures?

How many World Champions make remarks that their competitors ‘hang their balls in the pool’ ?

How many World Champions constantly disobey Team orders?

How many World Champions apart from Schumacher have ever been booed?

SV was lucky to have won in 2010, Ferrari dropping the ball strategically and in 2012, any other driver involved in that incident would not have carried on.

Unitl SV wins other than P1 after the first lap, in a non Adrain Newey car or lucky enough for the tyre regulations to suit the car? Then I may change my mind. Until then SV fans should realise that not everyone thinks that he is that special.


I see that that blog now has a video explaining why Vettel IS a great.


Is this one anonymous writers opinion supposed to be definitive? Strange that people who work/worked in the paddock do rate him as a great.


Why didn’t they mention how Alonso drove like an amateur this race? When Vettel made contact with button in Hungary, i just couldn’t hear the end of it. And now Alonso does the same and I hear nothing.


Good link!


Murray Walker said it best. The less intelligent might not be able to appreciate his achievements.


Murray is spot on, Vettel is a great champion. I love how much it seems to mean to him.


Brilliant guy is Walker!!!! I have to remember that quote.


Well said!!


Too bad for you that all the drivers, past and present, say that he is already one of the greats.


Would these be the same drivers that are possibly looking for a contract at Red Bull? Or past drivers, turned TV pundits looking for access to Red Bull?

Having multiple championships, wins, fastest laps doesn’t mean greatness. For example, Gilles Villenevue with only 6 wins, is considered one of the greatest drivers of all time.


I see you can conveniently dismiss the opinion of the vast majority of people who works or have worked in the paddock, because they have to be biased if they disagree with your vast personal experience.

It is not just drivers and pundits who rate him, he has finished first twice and second twice in the much vaunted Autosport Team Principal pole. Ferrari has made no secret of their desire to have him drive for them, Mclaren also tried to sign him before he started at RBR. Why are all these professionals so wrong?


> Would these be the same drivers that are possibly looking for a contract at Red Bull?

Yes, drivers voted him as best driver in 2011 and 2009 and now say is one of the bests because all of them want to go to Red Bull.

Really, not sure if serious


No. Any more silly questions?

Kimi is not looking for a drive at RB, he already turned them down. But he described SV as one the “greats”. Massa is not expecting to land a seat at RB, but he described SV as one of the greats, up there with Senna and Schumacher.

As far as those “past drivers turned pundits”, did you dismiss their opinions so casually when they praised Alonso and Hamilton?

“Gilles Villenevue with only 6 wins, is considered one of the greatest drivers of all time.”

He’s considered to be in the top 20. Vettel is considered to be in the top ten, maybe the top six. But I notice you only care about how good the experts “consider” a driver to be when they tell you what you want to hear.


Congratulations to the youngest four time champion plus the youngest four time champion winning team on this unique achievement.

It’s on days like this that all the fans can do is sit back and applause in silence.

And yes what a way for Vettel to clinch the title with a brilliant win and oddly on the same day when all his fellow champions had a difficult day and so it was a clear run to the finish.

It’s was an all round good day for the number 2 drivers today beginning with the podium finishers Rosberg and especially Grosjean, who gave the fans some entertainment on a foggy, cloudy day.

Likewise it was an impressive start from Massa who had a good run on the softs only for the medium tyres to halt his progress.

Good to see Perez back to his old fiesty self and when you get an aggressive + cautious Perez, we always see brilliant performances from him.

On the other hand, it was an impressive defensive drive from Ricciardo. It showed the young gun can mix it up with the big boys and live to tell the tale.

Lastly, am glad the likes of Force India and Lotus’ gamble on the medium tyre paid off but next time it’s better to follow the manufacture’s advise to avoid any complications.


Say, Vettel’s victory celebrations today have to be the best I ever did see >>> Didn’t expect to see that.

Also fair play to Rosberg and Grosjean for hoisting the champion of champions up on their shoulders >>> Nice touch.


Congratulations to SV and the RB team for their titles. I live in Venezuela and had to get up at 3 am to wacht the Previa to Race and the start of the race. I went back to sleep around lap 35 .I am looking forward to next year Petit Le Mans series, the World Rally Championship and races like Le Mans 24 hours in Endurance ,to really wacht DRIVERS RACING.I am done with tyre strategy, drivers that should be figthing in the top positions just coasting to take care of tyres and the general justification that this makes for a better show.I became interested in Formula 1 at the time Jim Clark started racing, I am 61 years old, names like Surtees, Braham , come to my mind and out of respect for them I will stop following this farse.


Do you think Alonso has jinxed himself with that helmet? first time where he has FINISHED a race with no points in nearly two years.


Will he wear the same helmet at Abu Dhabi.. 🙂


It’ll probably be quietly “retired”.

Or it could get stolen, like Nico’s.


[mod] Booers keep booing ..but can’t stop the winner from winning ! Yes seb you did it. Hamilton will feel bored . Alonso will feel jealous. .but they don’t legs to stand and criticize you today. .Sebastian vettel are the man! !


Congrats to Vettel and Team Red Bull Racing. Vettel is a legend making F1 history and he will continue to do so. What I really enjoyed the most is that he is a genuinely nice and level-headed man.

Although he made it look easy I’m sure one can not use the term ‘easy’ when you’re fighting against four other world driver’s champions. In fact, all his 4 world titles were battled against 4-5 other WDCs. You have great drivers and now we are all witnessing a legend in the making.

I look forward to see him winning more races in the years ahead.

I witness the Schumacher era which was great. And now I am witnessing the Vettel era. This is another reason for me to love F1!!


+1, I knew he`d be good and win championchips when he was at torro rosso in 2008. I could not believe my luck then since as a Schumacher fan I thought my golden era as a German f1 fan was over. Seems I am now privileged to witness the platinum era ;-). I just wish others would learn that it is a privilege when history is being made right in front of your eyes. I`d loved to have seen Fangio, Senna, Lauda, Prost but I was to young then…


I was lucky enough to be “just” old enough to remember Piquet, Senna, Mansell, Prost and even Lauda in 1984 race each other.

Back then when Prost won his 28th Grand prix it was unthinkable that he’d be matched.

Watching Mansell sell Piquet the dummy up the Hanger straight into Stowe was fantastic.

Seeing a young Senna win his firts title in ’88 was brilliant -even though at the time i hated that he beat my hero, Prost…

fast forward and we’ve seen Schumacher dominate in Ferrari…

Now, it is the turn of Red Bull and Vettel. we are seeing history and a legend in the making and should appreciate the talent and dedication it takes to be able to do what this lad has done. Even if it is in a Newey designed car…could one of us do the same, those of us who so quickly throw comments about?

I, for one, would be about 30minutes of the pace LOL!

That 1st win in the wet in Italy in ’08 should have been an indication of what was to come…


[mod] You don’t have to like him, but you do have to respect him. He is clearly at the top of his game and at this moment there is no one as complete in F1 as him. He is as fast as anyone over one lap, and has proven his race craft these past 2 years especially.
Well done Seb. Let’s hope the field is closer in 2014.


Good post Michael, I agree on all your points.

2014 could be as unpredictable as 2009.


Congrats to all the Vettel fans!

Can’t wait to see him at the Scuderia….


Frankly, I’d rather see him at McLaren!


But then again, Ron and Martin will definitely not be willing to accept his demands re his salary so, it’s a highly unlikely scenario!

Whatever, a girl can dream!!


ME TOO!!! (Against ALO or KIM)


P.S.: He can go to Ferrari *NOW* if he wishes.


Well its hard when Alonso blocks Vettel and Hamilton from joining Ferrari and probably blow his socks off.


Tea: Waiting for your comments about Lewis post… 😎


Ha! A Vettel fan criticising Fernando about his choice of team-mate, how ironic.

Shall we compare Kimi to Ricciardo and see who’s really blocking their team from hiring a superstar driver?!


Incredible job by Vettel and his team.


I had questions or uncharitable responses raised by various post-race interviews, and what I’m watching on the Sky F1 channel:

Christian Horner praised Vettel’s engineering team, and Webber’s engineering team.

Sorry, well I’m not sorry, but judging by how much mechanical problems Mark encounters over a season compared to his team-mate, his engineering team are ****; I’d fire the lot of them!


Lotus’ Director of Communications commented that Grosjean’s engine was failing, same problem as Singapore.

Uh, does that mean Romain didn’t have to be retired in Singapore?

Romain, well done for getting 3rd from 17th. Awesome job holding your car together through all that.


Good job on the FIA delegates going out and securing Seb’s car, so there wouldn’t be a penalty for not putting it in Park Ferme.


Completely off topic, yours and mine, having just watched the McLaren cartoon, can we read anything into the focus changing from Jenson and Lewis while the latter was still with them, to the Prof’s relationship with past stars?


I really hope we don’t lose India as a race venue.

Great show of support put on by fans and marshals at the end.

David Coulthard, good job with the ‘Namaste’, saying hello in Hindi on the podium.


I clearly don’t understand how an undercut works. It was quite frustrating watching drivers who had gotten themselves into good positions on merit, do a tyre stop and feed out in the teens – down in 16th, 13th, whatever.

How then did Rosberg’s pitting because he could not pass Massa on merit, put him ahead of Felipe, and allow him to progress to 2nd?


FOM tv directors, I would like you to focus a bit more on Vettel, and others, getting through traffic.

Sometimes, not just this season, we see where Seb feeds out after incident (Brazil 2012) or tyre stop (today) and he just seems to teleport to the front five cars.

Today, we only saw Seb come up behind Ricciardo, who presented no resistance, then Sergio, who was told not to resist.

In sharp contrast, Ricciardo didn’t seem to have similar orders when Mark’s RB turned up in his mirrors.

At one point, it felt like Alonso was the only person interested in extending the championship, as lost a cause as it was.


Van Der Garde, you were being squeezed, mate. By two cars, just back out (you’re at the back anyway), then look for a better spot to pass.


Your comment about David Coulthard saying Namaste reminded me of The F1 Show on Friday. Natalie Pinkham did the broadcast wearing a sari, which I thought was a nice touch, but Christian Horner referred to it as a “pantomime dress”. It was intended as a joke but personally I found it disrespectful of the culture in which he was staying and racing that weekend. My respect for him has gone down a notch after that and hope he shows a bit more care before making throwaway statements like that in future; I suppose we all make mistakes with throwaway statements occasionally, but one must be particularly cautious when it comes to someone else’s culture (even if the wearer – Ms Pinkham in this case – is not Indian herself per se).


“In sharp contrast, Ricciardo didn’t seem to have similar orders when Mark’s RB turned up in his mirrors.”

Dan pitted on the same lap that Mark came up on him. Had he not pitted, he would have moved over anyway as his tyres were shot and Webbers were new.

That’s how I saw it anyway 😉


Van Der Garde was in the same position Vettel was in at Suzuka – squeezed left and right and nowhere to go.


“Sometimes, not just this season, we see where Seb feeds out after incident (Brazil 2012) or tyre stop (today) and he just seems to teleport to the front five cars.”

You know, when somebody other than Seb “teleports” in this fashion, it’s considered a sign of their great driving ability. The double standard he is subjected to simply does not get commented on enough.



“You know, when somebody other than Seb “teleports” in this fashion, it’s considered a sign of their great driving ability. The double standard he is subjected to simply does not get commented on enough.”

No, when we see someone pass skilfully, it is seen as a sign of their great driving ability.

Nothing, positive or negative, can be drawn about a driver from the camera and screen graphics noting a driver’s position down the field one minute, then near the front the next minute.

Praising about overtakes happens when we can SEE Kimi nipping round Romain on too dangerous a corner, or veteran champions fighting cleanly without losing fibreglass.

Would you be vilifying Perez for his moves in Monaco if all you saw was him at the front and Alonso, Kimi and Button off the track with no idea how they got there?


“Skillfully” is in the eye of the beholder, it’s a subjective standard of measurement. People who want to rate drivers by how “skillful” their overtaking moves are would be better off watching figure skating. In real sports the contestant are judged by their results and not by some X-Factor like panel of judges and TV viewers saying who they like the most.

The most “skillful” goals I’ve ever seen scored in football were those of Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Does that mean he’s the best striker in football? Not by a very long shot. He may well be the most entertaining striker in football but that’s a very different thing from being the best, which has nothing to do with the number of “wonder goals” scored.


The others aren’t driving cars that are 3/10-1 sec a lap faster are they or they don’t drive for the best equipped team in F1 do they?.. No disrespect to Vettel he’s still gotta do the driving and he’s been great, but he’s equipped to do it too don’t ya think


“Mark Webbers car is 2-3/10 faster than everyone”

No, it is not. Even when Webbers car doesn’t break down, his normal finishing position in races is behind at least two non Red Bull cars. How many times this season have we seen him get effortlessly passed by Alonso or Hamilton or Rosberg? There’s a reason why he’s averaging about ten points per race or fifth place on average, and it’s not down to his DNF’s. If his car was as good as you claim he should have ten second place finishes by now, not the three he does have.


I hate to state the bleeding obvious, but to overtake you ether need to be faster by a good margin (because of dirty air), or your opponent needs to make a forced or unforced mistake. Even then, gearing and downforce levels are crucial, as shown by Hulk keeping Ferrari and Mercedes drivers behind him the last couple of races.


SteveS- Hint– Mark Webbers car is 2-3/10 faster than everyone (when it doesn’t break down). Vettel described the car as “extraordinary”after the race. Seb thoroughly deserves his success- but you cannot argue with the facts. He definitely drives it 2-3/10 better than Mark does again but clearly if a retiring driver can put there or abouts every race–it’s not the next best car is it


Endlessly shifting arguments …

“He can’t overtake!” But look, he just DID overtake a lot of people. “Well, that doesn’t count, because his car is so much better than the rest!” And the evidence that his car is so much better than the rest is? “Just look at all the people he was able to overtake in it!”

Whatever gets you through the night, I guess. It’s very obvious that for many people, Vettel winning constitutes mathematical proof that his car is greatly superior to the rest. It’s simply not possible for him to win and NOT have his car be described as massively superior. If he wins by three points again next year that won’t stop the RB10 from being called “half a second per lap quicker than the rest”.


Wow today is one of the main reasons why I watch Formula 1. Different Strategies all top class drivers doing their business, congratulations to Vettel and Redbull its both the driver and car that is basically making the rest look amateur. Great drive and shame about Webber those altenators will cost them a title some day but anyway I’m sure now Vettel will surpass Schumacher’s records and undoubtedly become 1 of the top 3 drivers of all time and for this race nice job from Rosberg, Grosjean and Massa I’m sure the Redbull+vodkas will be flowing well into the night roll on the V6 era.


Congratulations to Seb.

I have with held commenting on the tyre situation because I believe they are a factor that is the same for everyone and that each team & driver should adapt to get the most out of them (as RBR & Seb have done).

However, tyres that last 3 laps are pathetic.

Are the option tyres today any different to the Softs used at other races this year?

Did Pirelli know that they would only last 3 laps?

How did we get into this situation?


I enjoyed this race very much I must say. Vettel went with a strategy most thought was not the best. Yet he made it work. If all had gone according to plan, Webber might have given us a close fight, but his start spoiled it, regardless of his later retirement from the race.

Interesting to see the top 3 finishers started on the softs. Vettel shone but so did Grosjean. Romain’s one stopper was very well managed, very impressive for me. Rosberg will be happy with his race, Alonso won’t. FA hopefully will have been freed now to concentrate on protecting his second position, which looks threaten. Hamilton & Kimi will probably think it could have gone better. Massa will have enjoyed finishing so far ahead of Alonso, and so will Perez over Button.

It was written for a while now but Congrats to the 2013 Champion & to the whole team for the WCC title.

I doubt Vettel will ease up for the remaining races. He has yet more records to tie or break this season. 2013 will end up with Vettel having been dominant, 2011 like, but surely the season did not look that way but till a couple of races after the summer break. It was a good championship and well deserved.

Looking forward to the remaining races. Marc


Congrats to Vettel for a well deserved 4th WDC.


Kimi got screwed by Lotus again.

Kimi had no brakes for first 20 laps.

6.7 seconds pitstop while Romain got 2.7

Not enough fuel from lap 47 onwards.

But people will always forget these and claim Kimi sucks.


+1, he didn’t have any brakes for 20 laps, crap pit stop, and left out on shot tyres at the end. Finished one place behind Hamilton. Kimi is one of the best on the grid. It is very odd he is suddenly having brake issues almost every race now


Let’s be clear – if you have “no brakes” you have a huge accident. You don’t carry on and finish the race…

His brakes were overheating due to being in traffic


Ok agreed James. He said he was seriously struggling to slow down on some corners that’s all. Why do his brakes keep overheating though?! Is it possible they are actually hindering him so that they can say to potential big sponsors, ‘we have a driver who can beat Kimi raikkonen’. I am glad Kimi is leaving lotus, they don’t deserve him and they will definitely miss him


Kimi is overrated. I’ve always maintained that. He doesn’t ‘suck’, he’s among the best in the current field but he’s no where near as good as some think he is.


That could be said about all of them.


Couldn’t argue with that mate.


I’ve nothing against Vettel, but I’d have liked to see him winning in a closer battle.

It looks as if he is playing in a video game. Has anyone else noticed that in video games usually the human player has a superior car? Once you master the game nothing ever touches you even in the highest level.

He may be the most boring champion ever, but at least his celebration was totally cool.

Tornillo Amarillo

Yeah, VETTEL is the Champion of the Simulator-DRS Era.

In the future it will be the “Formula 1 Era of Shame”…


absolutly right, look at 2012, that was not just a video game but a thriller, and than he really had to race up to the last round

greetings to the IVettel


Usually in a video game, you can thrash the AI in similar cars. The cars in real life aren’t the same, but still, Vettel was further ahead than his rivals should have have let him be in the first half of the season, when the big four teams were pretty close, and has dominated since the summer break.


You saw him winning in a very close battle in 2010 and 2012. How did that sit with you? I suspect you found a reason to be unhappy then as well.


I don’t remember well 2010 and 2012, but probably I was disappointed because I’d prefer Hamilton, Raikkonen or Alonso to win. Still, it’s just a preference, I’m not a big fan of neither after all.

I respect Vettel, after all, he might not be the most talented on the grid as other’s sayings imply, but he surely does the job with amazing consistence, there must be some special level of clarity in his mind.

Hopefully the next season will be full of surprises and a well fought champion.


Ignorance is a bliss. In 2012 one of the drivers you prefer to win, Alonso, lost WDC to Vettel by 3 points.


“I respect Vettel, after all, he might not be the most talented on the grid as other’s sayings imply, but he surely does the job with amazing consistence, there must be some special level of clarity in his mind.”

When you respect some1 you don’t denigrate their achievements.

Tornillo Amarillo

4 is not equal 4…

4 Championships from FANGIO is not the same that 4 Championships from VETTEL… FANGIO was a hero, who can say today that VETTEL is a hero too? Nobody.

4 Championships from PROST is not the same that 4 from VETTEL… Prost is nicknamed ‘The Professor’, who can say today that VETTEL is a professor? Nobody neither.

4 does not equal 7 Championships from SCHUMACHER… Because, again, before the drivers were heros, but Schumacher just safe enough to have a winning formula-association with Ferrari and Brown. But many people will say he was great in this case, but I’m sure to challenge the math.

4 does not equal 3 from Ayrton SENNA neither. No discussion here.

Instead VETTEL is a great poleman in “the car”, in a winning formula-association with Red Bull and Newey. Congratulations, I’m sure he deserves the Championship, but not sure if 4 in a row!


I think you are wrong in many things, because yes, maybe you don’t think Vettel is a hero or a professor or whatever, but that doesn’t mean other people think the same, in fact I have heard many people saying that Vettel is one of the greatest, more than what you could think. And by the way I think just a few people could say now that watched Fangio, he was surely a great driver, but as time pass and people die it’s achievements looks greater, that happen to many other in different areas, what for some people today is ordinary like wining 4 WDC in a row, for sure in some years will be legendary, humans just behave like that.

Tornillo Amarillo

Yeah, now the “BANDWAGON EFFECT” in people with VETTEL, because he won 4 Championships, most of people just “follow” the trend!

“…people want to be on the winning side

and therefore switch their votes to the candidates whom the polls show to be ahead”

(from Enciclopaedia Britannica).


Its not just fans who rate Vettel, its people who work, or have worked, in the paddock. And its not just this year, he has been rated for some time now.

Tornillo Amarillo

In fact I think ALONSO is greatest than VETTEL, and 2nd KIMI. Then VETTEL…

Michael Turnbull

Can you please justify your arguments?

If you are unable to recognise Vettel’s achievements then I doubt you understand F1 or indeed sport. He has completely dominated the second half of the season in an era which is arguably more competitive than any of the driver eras you mention above.

This weekend showed Vettel to be one of the greats by driving an incredible race, in which all the experts’ simulations had Webber beating Vettel by 4 seconds. Yet Vettel was ahead by 12 seconds after Webber’s second pit stop. Also Vettel was 0.5 seconds faster than Webber in Q2, which is a huge margin in a team of top class drivers.


Interesting observation.


Actually even Senna only won titles in the best car! As for Fangio? He only had the best cars, Prost? He only won titles in the best cars, [mod] can +1000 all they like but the facts are there, to be honest Vettel is better than Prost, Schumacher and maybe Fangio and Clark, only time will tell if he can match Senna, he’s getting close, honour Seb have some class.


The better drivers will end up in the better cars over time, this is true, and it will always be the case in F1. But sometimes the best car in a season is “only just best” to “sweep all before it” best. Certainly Damon Hill’s waltz to the title in ’96 was a case of having a supercar. Same with Mansell in ’92. The RB9 post-summer-break is in that “sweep all before it” category.

It’s true that Senna won his titles in the best car, though he did win his first against 2xDWC Prost in the same car. That is hugely significant to the weight given to that title win. Prost himself had his greatest achievement in ’86 when he won the title in a year when his McLaren was not the best car (the Williams was that year).

If Vettel/RBR are some ways behind next year, it will still be important that they be able to win, seeing as their opponents (HAM, BUT, ALO) have been able to do it these last 4 years.

Vettel is an elite driver, and has done what any elite driver should do, which is to win the title when they have the best car at their disposal. As a bonus he’s obliterated his teammate along the way.


Senna even offered to drive the best car for free.

Some people just cant accept that most of the time, the best drivers end up in the best cars. It’s just the way it is.


You can only judge a driver by what he races against and Vettel is dominating a stronger field than Prost, Senna or Schumacher did.

Intra-era comparisons are completely futile and all we can say about Vettel is that he is the best of his era.


4 titles is 4 titles and it’s 4 more than you have.

In the last 2 seasons I’ve grown to like Vettel, as a driver and a man. He has been faultless this season, yes sometimes petulant but his driving is top class.

Jealousy is an ugly face, if you can’t say any good things, say nothing at all.

Vettel is a masterful driver and in line with those around him in the record books.

Prost dominates – great

Senna dominates – great

Shumi dominates – great

Yet Vettel dominates and it’s all the car and he’s not that good a driver, WTF people, get with the program. He got another 10years+ yet.

By the way I’m a Hamilton man if pushed for an answer on that question.


Rubbish ! 25 years from now, people will be lauding how great Vettel was ! We all love to look at the past with rose tinted glasses.

As for Schumacher’s winning association with Brawn and Ferrari, where was Ferrari before him ? And how are Ferrari doing after him ? Don’t forget he was fighting the might of Adrian Newey designed Williams Renault and Mclaren Mercedes in his first 15 years – a daunting task in itself.

Give credit where it is due.No one and i mean no one has ever won a title in a subpar car. It always takes that perfect combination of a great driver and a good car to deliver the results.And in the last 4 seasons it has been RBR and Vettel.


Actually Schumacher did it in a Bennetton twice. It was not the best car on the grid.


I give Schumi full credit for all seven titles, but the legality of the 1994 car is certainly in question, especially if people question the legality of RBR these last four/five years. I’ll give you 1995.


For sure he didn’t steal it from anyone, thus he deserves it, what statement is that ? It is not his fault that the opposition is so much very average.


It is futile to compare champions from such disparate eras. Vettel is a top driver, certainly one of the best of a talented generation, and is right to have his name alongside the greats. I’m a neutral fan, and i agree thatcthe RB domination isn’t exciting, but this Vettel bashing and booing is tiresome and infantile.


We will be having this discussion after Seb retires. But one thing is sure. He is already one of the greats. I know you don’t like it, but he is.


Greatness is not defined just by number of titles or how many you have won in a row. Many fans look deeper than that and consider individual drives and who the driver was teamed up with etc… For instance, Button will probably only ever have one title. He got lucky with Brawn and scored lots of points. By the time the other teams caught up on the double diffuser technology he had done enough and managed to wrap up the title. Hence good but never going to be a great. Schumacher can be said to be great because he won at least two of his titles for Benneton which was not the best car at the time (you can also include his perfomance with Ferrari in the first year). Hamilton despite only winning won title will obtain greateness due his outright speed and ability to outperform his car. Alonso, certainly the best of the drivers at the moment – refer to last season – enough said. Contrast vettel – best car and a team mate who is clearly treated as a number two by the team. Verdict. Vettel is clearly very good. But not great.


Good summary.


Where was Hamilton the Great’s speed today? And please stop this tiresome “outperforms the car” arrant nonsense. That would defy the laws of physics, unless he physically picks the car up and runs with it!

Tornillo Amarillo

Well said.


Joking, don’t you?


One can put forth all sorts of equivocation to “prove” whatever point they want. Do you really think that Fangio won his titles in sub-par cars? Many F1 historians recognize that Fangio made particularly adept team changes and managed to find himself in the best car most of the time (either through good fortune or excellent perception).

Frankly my view is that if one can’t recognize the brilliant achiement of Vettel then it is mostly down to willful myopia. All of those guys benefitted from top cars. 4 is in fact 4. Every one of the 4-time winners have a different story, born of a different era.



Benefit from a top car is one thing.

Be a top driver, quite another.


Beautiful 😉


Indeed. Even Senna chased the best car.




How did the other world champions did in the race?

Ham beaten by his team mate

But beaten by his team mate

Rai beaten by his team mate

Alo beaten by his team mate

To the latter… What can I say. If not overrated then he clearly is declining more and more. This was like Abu Dhabi 2010, Barcelona 2012…

Well done to Ricciardo for getting the last point though. And fun fact, Alonso doesn’t need to change his helm design for the next race 😀


I liked the fun fact infact.


Not sure what was wrong with Barcelona 2012, sure he got out-raced by Maldonado for the win but so did everyone else. (Looking back at this statement in light of what has happened since seems sooooo strange).

And lol at the helmet design 😀


I really am not a particular fan of Alonso, but I recognize him as one of the very best of the current crop. If you look over the last two seasons on aggregate, he has been very good and extrememly consistent. As of late, Massa has been a tougher challenge, in qualifyinyg especially, that is true. However, I think that today’s off-form performance may have been partially due to the lap 1 contact. I guess we will learn more



Ferrari wanted to split the strategy.

They wanted Massa to qualify on the hard tire.

Massa said “NO! Go to hell.”

Alonso had no choice but to qualify on hard tire.

Alonso’s Q2 time on the SOFTS would have put him 2nd or 3rd on the starting grid.

Stefano believes Alonso would have undoubtly scored a podium.

Alonso will be binning his celebratory helmet.


Alonso last season perhaps. This season he’s only 9-7 in qualifying with Massa and had as many completely anonymous races as memorable ones.


You’re really celebrating them being beaten by their teammates!

When Button had his medium strategy wrecked with a puncture pitstop, Alonso has his medium tyre strategy wrecked with Webber hitting his front wing leading to extra pitstop, when Kimi was hit and then had a shocking worn tyre strategy. Only Ham can really be compared to Rosberg here, Ham had a great start to 2nd and blew it when Seb twitched infront falling behind Massa and Rosberg then wore his tyres out faster.

Turns out the medium tyre strategy start was wrong as well, see Web Seb and Mas Alo, probably because it was so easy to pass with DRS, even for those without a Red Bull car.

Congrats to Seb though, best moment of his race was the donut! Now everyone should be able to do them in the future without any nonsense penalties which can only be a good thing!


It’s a pity that burning rubber and throwing his gloves into the crowd before being weighed didn’t put him under the limit – I would have laughed so much!

there again perhaps it did and they kept quiet about it…


Doesn’t matter anyway, Alonso didn’t win or finish second, so Vettel didn’t need to finish the race.


Unfortunately or you, you remain unhappy as that didnt happen so keep up with the sad face and keep looking for reasons for him to get disqualified!


> Now everyone should be able to do them in the future without any nonsense penalties which can only be a good thing!

Ohhh, he has been penalized for doing that.


and he didnt return the car to park fermay.




nice post 😉


4 times world champion at 26!! Congratulations!!! Maybe just maybe he is the best ever … at least he has not done anything to suggest that this could not be the case…it’s so UNbelievable what he is doing that many people do just that: they don’t believe (because it’s UNbelievable) it and say it’s the car. Newey was not on sabbatical from 2000 to 2009 …


The best ever??? a guy that was beaten comfortably to the F3 championship by Di Resta in the same car (team mates) wake up!

If, if Red Bull give Ricciardo the chance next year I think you’ll find how good your best ever is.


Wake up! you are telling us that nobody can improve his skills when that person is just 18 years old? if that is your prove that Vettel is not great, then is a very bad call. I don’t know if he is the best ever, I think is impossible to decide who has been, but what he has beed doing is admirable. I watch Tennis and I have seen many tennis players which have been No.1 in juniors and then 100 as a pro, Federer as junior lost to Nalbandian in the US Open but as a pro Federer has won 5 and Nalbadian 0.


Rather than judging an 18 year old’s results, a more compelling argument might be to highlight where Vettel’s limitations as an F1 driver are after a couple of years in the car.

Wet weather driving? He’s pretty good at that.

One lap pace? All credible evidence suggests he’s very consistent at getting very high quality laps together.

Tyre management? It is very rare that he gets it wrong.

Technical skills? The team rates him pretty highly although Newey suggested to JA that Webber was more sensitive to aerodynamic changes.

We know that for a couple of races in 2012 Vettel didn’t like the feel of the RB8 as before the tunnels were made to work it was aerodynamically unstable. Webber was able to better him in qualifying then, but Vettel was faster in the races, except for China when the cars were different.

Oh yes, he had a couple of accidents in 2010.

When the annual driver rankings come out, including the team managers’ choices, who do you think is going to come out on top? If you don’t agree with their choices, you should ask yourself why do I know better?


Because racing begins and ends with F3. Have to do well there, because nothing you ever do for the rest of your life afterwards will count for anything, right?


regarding 2006 vs. Diresta he lost only by 11 points (comfortably?) Vettel was injured that year almost loosing a finger ( and also competed in F1 training making his schedule overloaded


I think it can be easily tested. He needs to drive for another team in a car that is not designed by newey. Then we know 100% if Seb is what you think he is.


or, maybe, a Newey designed 2014 car. It is believed that the Renault V6 does not cut the mustard. Also Newey has a history of packaging a car a bit too tight. One of his McLarens never raced due to fragility.

It could be that the bigger Webber is just that bit more damaging to internal air flows around the alternator.


You mean like the running he did with BMW Sauber, where he was already showing people he had great pace?


Vettel had to pit as early as the second lap and he wins the race… doesn’t this tell us how funny and ridiculous F1 has become?!


Alonso pitted on same lap food for thought.


Alonso had a much longer pit stop as had to change the front wing and also had sustained damage to the steering.

Would have been much more interesting if he had qualified on the soft tyre and much nearer the front. Not that Ferrari had the pace of one Red Bull


No not really it showed Seb can do everything today, fight with older tyres, overtake the field, out duel Webber, control the race and ultimately dominate and make the field look like dead woods, grow up give him credit.


Well done Red bull!

James – any thoughts on what Gary Anderson has been saying about red bull using brackets for the plank that allows it to rise up under higher temperature (thus letting them run lower ride height)??


Surely Räikkönen could have been fifth or maybe fourth if they hade pitted him for soft with five laps to go?


This was a completely terrible strategy from Lotus, had Kim followed a normal two stop strategy from the start he could have been on the podium.


I don’t think so. At very best, he would have dropped to 7th after a second stop, no matter what stage of the race he did the stop. Hence, Lotus didn’t really lose anything in trying a one-stop with him. Maybe he would’ve been able to try to pass Perez and Hamilton in the end that way, but it’s not certain

I think it was a good choice by Lotus to keep Kimi out as long as possible, they didn’t lose anything that way, and had a shot at second.


Wrong with 15 to go he would have at least got 4th or better.


True, but at that time, Grosjean and Massa were just over 4 seconds in front of Ham. Kimi would have had tyres that were 15-30 laps newer and could’ve overtaken them quite easily.

That’s my problem with Kimi/Lotus vs Alonso/Ferrari. They are content to take the less risky option and wait for things to happen, whereas Alonso makes it happen for him. I don’t know if this is Kimi or Lotus that decides this, if it is Kimi, I fear that he will be walked over by Alonso next year


Antti, you’re thinking purely in terms of where he’s coming out of the pits as if the race ends there. If he came out with 15 laps to go on a brand new (or only lightly worn… I dunno what tyres he had left) set of tyres, he’d have been in a position to push hard to try take some of it back.

Not saying he definitely could have done whatever, but it wouldn’t have been all over once he pulled out of the pits a bit behind Perez.


You forget on new tyres would make him almost 2 sec a lap faster.. Further he was 21.5 sec ahead of Hulkenberg-just check the live timing app- so get your legacy a right!.


I don’t think so. I was keeping a close eye on his gap to Perez (who was running 7th), thinking Kimi would come to pits one more time. That gap was never more than 20 seconds, and in order for him to come out in front of Perez, he needed more than that. He would’ve come in front of Hülkenberg (running 8th at the time), but in the end, that would not have mattered.


Congratulations Seb! I know many people are bored by his dominance, but I recall watching Senna’s pole legacy and also Schumacher’s reign and it is truly special to witness such a skilled driver. For the record I’m a Button and Hamilton fan, but you just can’t deny we are watching a true magician!


YES! I wish some of the fans would just stop moaning and congratulate Vettel. I am not a fan of Seb, but the guy is the third person is history to win 4 consecutive WDCs !

Nothing anyone says will change that fact.


Thank you for your post, its one of the few that don’t read “well done Seb but”

The lad has been outstanding, plus at no time has riven a competitor off the track to clich any of his 4 titles (senna, shumi)

He really deserved the credit that the people that matte gave him.


Agreed, but you forgot to add Prost…


Well done Vettel! Loved that donuts! Great drive by him, and Grojean. Vettel now has as many titles as Alonso, Hamilton and Raikkonen combined. It’s high time he gets some respect. He will keep winning until Alonso and Hamilton recognize him as equal, or as benchmark. Hope Vettel gets to break most wins in a row record! Oh, happy day! 🙂


Yes, his team (Newey, Pirelli and Webber for being no so good) will be surely respected.


Stop the jealousy, Pirelli and Webber are irrelevant, the british public and media makes me laugh so bad with the loser mentality esecially Brundle and Anderson but hey whatever Seb will go on to break Schumi’s records and beat Alonso at Ferrari if Fernando has the balls to go up against Seb, the longer Alonslow and Hamilton keep believing they’re all that the worst they’re going to get, Rosberg outclassed Hamilton today there are no excuses most of the fan boys should wake up and smell the coffee and realise Hamilton and Alonso are both just mere good drivers and actually overrated.



If Alonso and Hamilton are merely good drivers and overrated, as you suggest, how do you explain them being the 2 highest paid drivers on the grid? Do you know something their team management doesn’t? Generally, in life, people get paid what they are worth – this would suggest that the people who know, ie not you or I, rate them highly.

On a separate note, I can’t help noticing the content and style of your writing is remarkably similar to another regular poster on here – that’s not a second identity you re using is it Tealeaf?


Yes, Rosberg outperformed Hamilton today. However, I’d say that Rosberg is underrated and not Hamilton overrated because Hamilton has already acquitted himself well against TWO world champions (Button, Alonso).


Rob01, you sound totally like Tealeaf. One and the same? Both ridiculous.

Everyone, let’s drop stuff like Alonslow, it’s silly.

Outclassed? Hamilton was 0.7s behind Rosberg on lap 32 or 33, both behind Massa. Rosberg then pitted, and undercut Massa, and then was able to do the true speed of the car. Hamilton pitted at the same time as Massa, came out behind him still, and chewed his tires trying to get past. Chalk it up to Mercedes strange decision to not set the car up to be at least in the top third in terms of top speed. Is this Lowe’s influence? It seemed McLaren always did the same when he was there.

Whichever driver was pitted first at that point would’ve finished the race ahead of the other. As Rosberg was leading, it’s fair that he had first dibs on the better strategy. An investment by the team for next year.


I’m not brit. The world over everyone know Pirelli’s change mid-season troubled Kimi and Alonso. Seb is great but not the great that a 4 x wdc would actually be. Newry design is on obviously a big help. Webber is no Kimi or Alonso to give a stiff competition. So all my points are valid.


We could only congratulate a 4x WCD and note that in this year particularly he made his opposition look very average. Excellent result that deserves a big Bravisimo !!!


Hats off to true Champs!!! Fully deserved.




Congrats Seb,great celebration!!! I hope everyone else gets it together better next year and we have another great (but a little closer) season.


First: Congratulation to RBR

Second: Congratulations to Fillipe Massa and Romain Grogean, finally driving for themselves and getting result.

Third: Congratulations to SB.

Fourth: Why is David Coultard, a RBR employee, doing the podium interview and asking Nico Rosberg to tell us how good Seb is?

Fifth: Why are Sky sports asking all of the drivers to give motherhood statements as to how good Seb is? (BTW I think he is very good)

Sixth: Who cares that Lewis Hamilton’s brother is in the pits. I’d rather watch the racing!!

Seventh: I need to Qualify this one. No conspiracy theory. Nothing against SEB,(he is the most observed, but if the white line defines the track then let’s use it. I ask everyone to consider lap 18!

Seb is chasing Perez 3rd for 2nd. SB leaves the track 3 times. Takes 1.066 seconds out of the gap between himself and Perez. Sets a fastest lap @ 1:30.750, yet wasn’t deemed to have an advantage.

IMO, if you are going to have a rule then police it. If not, change the rule. I think, Charlie Whiting is wrong!

How stupid would this circuit look, if the white lines actually reflected where the drivers drove?


“Seb is chasing Perez 3rd for 2nd. SB leaves the track 3 times. Takes 1.066 seconds out of the gap between himself and Perez. Sets a fastest lap @ 1:30.750, yet wasn’t deemed to have an advantage.”

It’s not an advantage because Perez left the track at all the same places. This doesn’t seem that hard to understand. Now, there’s a separate argument to be had about whether the practice should be cracked down on in any case, but the “A certain driver got an advantage” claim just doesn’t fly when they all do it.


but the “A certain driver got an advantage” claim just doesn’t fly when they all do it….

With respect, that’s not entirely accurate. Running off track and straightening out the corners will, undoubtedly, play to the strengths of some cars, more than others. The circuit is defined by the white lines at the edge of the track. All the drivers should remain within these defined limits – end of.



I’ll keep this simple (I sense that would be best).
Some cars/drivers go round corners better than others. Therefore, some cars/drivers will benefit to a greater or lesser extent when a corner is ignored – it is therefore not the same for everyone when the FIA turn a blind eye [to straightening a corner], as they did in India. Comprende?


Yes I think Mr Hulkenberg in particular was very lucky to not get a penalty from the stewards.


“Running off track and straightening out the corners will, undoubtedly, play to the strengths of some cars, more than others.”

What a load of rubbish…


No denying the result but I agree with you regards track limits. Charlie set a precedent earlier in the week and was stuck with it.


Agree on track limits I think all circuits should have figgin’ massive curbs on all apexes and exits. That would stop em, not just painted red and white on the floor, what the hell is that about? Money saving?


Did you see the Sky Pad interview with Charlie Whiting? CW actually kept a straight face when he said the drivers going off track were harming their lap times! That’s hilarious, why would they do it, lap after lap, if it wasn’t beneficial?


I think they allowed them to go off track to limit the energy going into the tyres because of braking.


Before we get the usual conspiracy theories, Webber told BBC it was right to go onto the softs when they did.


I was hoping with clean air to run in and a slightly lighter car (compared to having to start the race on them), he’d be able to bash in a decent few fast laps on those new options to get a bit back on Vettel. Not that it mattered in the end anyway. But he basically got in one good lap and then they were done.

I’m not really into the whole Pirelli-bashing thing, but I don’t particularly like when there’s a tyre that’s pretty much only good for qualifying. Cars shouldn’t be pitting in at the end of lap one to get rid of tyres that no one really wants to run in the first place.


It didn’t matter anyway, Vettel had the race in the bag by then.


Amazing drive from Vettel. Deserved the championship. Hands down the best driver out there at the moment.

Shame that Kimi couldn’t make the tyres last. 53 laps would have been unbelievable.


Like RomGro did.

I can’t believe they didn’t bring Kimi in for fresh rubber till the last lap! If fact I can’t believe someone of Kimi’s experience didn’t come in when his laptimes were 2-3s per lap slower with a lot to go.

He did take fastest lap away from Seb on the final tour though.


Romain did start on brand new softs though, not used softs which have 3 laps on them, one of which is a thrashing for pole position. That takes a huge amount of the tyre life, particularly when the tyre is as volatile as these soft compounds.Casing point was Vettel pitting on lap 2 to gt rid of them.

Grosjean was able to go 6 laps further than Kimi as a result… and the difference between Kimi making a one stop work and not work


Ok fair points, the main thing I couldn’t believe was the team didn’t react to Kimi’s tyres going off the cliff sooner. Especially when Hulk went out. It was like Alonso in Canada last year, think Seb pitted behind Alonso with 4 to go and still beat him due to tyres way over the cliff.

RomGro made them last well, especially with the traffic he had from 17th plus when Massa had much fresher rubber behind him at the end.


You do realize Grosjean started on fresh rubber and was able to do his first stop much later.


No Romain did 45 laps and Kimi did 50 laps. Every lap after 45 was like 3 regular laps he was “over the cliff”.

The team decide for him to come in it not & Lotus needed to make that call around lap 45-50.instead they left it too late!


Congratulations to vettel and red bull. Several years ago i would never believe that the success of ferrari can be repeated, but a soft drink team did it. Not taking anything from red bull, they are on a different level.

Still, i hope this area is finished today and we are back do ferrari domination starting next year…..

Oops…forgot there are some races still left:-) folks can test new part.

The Spanish Inquisitor

Big One Vettel.

Poor Webber.

Great Romain.

Soft Massa.

Conformist Alonso

Unrecognizable Hamilton.

Glory day before the nothing Perez

Decadent Button




Not the best race, but I loved watching Grosjean do that!

A shame that Webber got more reliability problems 🙁


And now chorus in 3…2…1

Team screwed Marks race!

Team gave Mark wrong strategy

Vettel didn’t win- it’s all about the car!

Vettel didn’t cut through the pack in 10 laps – Dr Marko paid to all these drivers to let him through!

Newey won the race!

Alonso is the best!

Hamilton is actually the best!

Räikkonen da best!


You forgot ‘he can only win from pole’