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Indian Grand Prix – Who was your Driver of the Day?
Posted By: James Allen  |  27 Oct 2013   |  7:44 pm GMT  |  197 comments

Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel clinched his fourth world championship with his sixth consecutive victory of the season in Indian Grand Prix.

Mercedes’ Nico Rosberg took only his third podium of the season with a confident drive to second with Lotus’ Romain Grosjean producing a sensational drive through the field to take third having started 17th.

Felipe Massa led the race at one point before finishing fourth for Ferrari while Sergio Perez secured his best result of the season with fifth in the McLaren.

And Force India’s Adrian Sutil did a long first stint to bring him into the points and he went on to finish ninth – but who was your Driver of the Day?

Sebastian Vettel

Cut through the field with ease after an early pit stop to take his 10th win of the season and seal a fourth world title. Made a great getaway before stopping on lap two to swap his soft tyres for the mediums. Re-joined in 17th before quickly picking off the cars in front of him. He soon found himself in second behind Red Bull team-mate Mark Webber. Took the lead when Webber pitted for a second time and from there comfortably led from the front – as he has done so often this season. Crossed the line to take his eighth win in 10 races and the 36th of his career. He now joins Juan Manuel Fangio, Michael Schumacher and Alain Prost as the only drivers to have won four championships.

Nico Rosberg

Scored his third podium of the season with an accomplished drive. Made a decent getaway from second, but was passed by Massa down the straight and dropped to third. Used the undercut to pass Massa at the stops and pumped in some fast lap times in clear air. Passed Sutil and then Kimi Raikkonen – who was struggling on worn tyres – to rise up to second – his best result since the British Grand Prix in June. Closed to just four points behind fifth-placed Webber in the championship.

Romain Grosjean

Bounced back from a terrible qualifying to take his third successive podium. Made a good start from 17th, rising through the field while looking after his soft tyres to ensure he could do a long first stint. Pitted on lap 13 for the mediums and then managed to complete a 41-lap stint on that set of tyres without his tyres going off. Struggled with traffic, but eventually got some clear air and quickly caught team-mate Raikkonen. Made a pass on the Finn for third and then held off Massa in the closing stages.

Felipe Massa

Produced one of his best drives of the season to finish fourth. Made a brilliant start from fifth, passing both Mercedes cars and Webber to run second. Took the lead when Vettel pitted on lap two. Lost a place to Rosberg when he pitted but continued to show good race pace. Defended well from Hamilton, who was much faster in the Mercedes, and then got past Raikkonen for fourth. Ran out of laps to pass Grosjean for the podium, but it was a strong result nonetheless as he hunts a drive for next season.

Sergio Perez

Pulled of a great pass on Hamilton and Raikkonen in the same move on the way to fifth. Started ninth, one place ahead of team-mate Jenson Button and made a good start on the medium tyres. Kept his nose clean, as Button got caught up in an incident with Alonso. Found himself second when those on soft tyres pitted. Focused on his own race and conserved the tyres while delivering a good pace. Caught and passed Hamilton and Raikkonen down the straight to rise up to fifth for his best result of the season.

Adrian Sutil

Pulled off a one-stop strategy to finish ninth for his seventh points finish of the season. Made a good getaway from 13th and then looked after his tyres so well that he managed to do 41 laps in the first stint. That allowed him to put the soft tyres on knowing he wouldn’t have to stop again. Managed just under 20 laps on that rubber, conserving them impressively, to finish ninth, one place behind Force India team-mate Paul Di Resta.

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under normal circumstances it would be RG but i think with the day thats in it has to be SV if for nothing else i really loved his celebrations in front of the fans, from the looks of things they were loving it.


Yes it has to be Vettel!


Much as I enjoyed the celebrations, DC mentioned one thing at the start of the podium interviews that really needs to be changed - Vettel will actually receive his award for becoming this year's world champion in December, at a hugely expensive gala event, away from the cameras, and away from the fans.

I love F1, and have followed it for decades, but it speaks volumes about how much F1 thinks of it's fans when this happens year after year and nobody at the business end of the sport ever notices what an insult it is to those of us that support the sport through thick and thin.

There is no reason that I can see why the championship award should not be given on the podium, and I can certainly see no reason why this event should be held behind closed doors, well away from us non millionaires.

James, I mentioned this before, and you said you'd look into it. Is there any chance that someone at the top of F1 could be asked to defend this?


Yes, in the eyes of Bernie we're all fan, but even more so if we can afford a golden Rolex;)


I have done many times and they are deaf to it

It's totally nuts. I'll mention it again. At the very least it should be live streamed on the F1.com and/or FIA sites.

But it's a real missed opportunity.

It's because they have always done the prizegiving of the kartists and the touring car and rally guys on the same night.


Suggest they hold it in a conference location with an adjoining arena. It can be set up with a track and some identical karts, the top three F1 drivers attending can have a wee race before the prizegiving. I'd watch it then. 😉


They could at least adopt the SPOTY format - hold something in an arena type venue (probably not as large), where fans can obtain resonably priced tickets (yes, I know this is F1) to sit in stadium style seating with the presentations on floor level, in front of the tables of VIPS, nominees etc.

This could be streamed as James mentions, or at the very worst shown on Sky.


I believe that when and if Grosgene can find consistency, he will give Vettel a serious run for his money. Provided the 2014 and on Lotus is competitive, I think we may well witness a rivalry that will be talked about in years to come. So far, RG has either dazzled us with his speed, or been like a pinball, bouncing off other cars. Being an Aussie, I naturally hope Mark Webber will do well, and have reservations about "technical problems" he has suffered, but Vettel is definitely the full bottle, no doubt about it.


Dreadfully sorry!!! It is Grosjean. SILLY OLD ME!!!




Agreed to what Grant? Donuts? I ain't buy'n no donuts no more.

No one should be allowed to cook rubber donuts in the middle of Indian race track. Vettel should have seen Top Gear India Special. Race stewards did the right thing of fining him. Fine should be $100m. That money can alleviate world's craving for edible donuts.


can I follow you on twitter, your comments are comedy gold.


Agreed. GRO for going from 17th to 3rd. And Perez for the OOOH AAAH moment of the whole race. But it has to go to Vettel for going from 1st to 14th to 1st. Style.


not really the same as he was just out of sequence on the pitstops. THis is a normal thing for drivers


Nobody tried to defend against sv when he came to overtake. Where is the skill if everyone lets you past?


Di you see all the overtakes ...... they wernt shown on the tele

Alexander Supertramp

Agree, Seb drove very well but those P14 to P1 comments are unfair. Nobody was racing Seb and nobody wanted to waste tyre life defending against him because it was no use. I'm not a purist, but something is terrible wrong when racers are not allowed to defend their position in fear of losing major tyre life.


I, too, thought the celebrations were marvellous and all credit to Seb and the Red Bull team. But credit too to Romain, he drove a fantastic race too.

Finally, a mention for poor Lewis. Another strong middle order finish, so all is not lost. But, to my mind it looks rather doubtful that he will be able to maintain this form into next season. With so many new, young and obviously talented drivers entering F1 the middle order is becoming squeezed. I just hope he won't be squeezed out next season.


where was Alonso ?, and where was Button who got lapped again ?..


Alonso drove into the side of Button giving Button a puncture. That's Button who has scored almost double the points than his team mate.


Hi Tommy, How u doin'? What r u talking 'bout? Lewis is not "poor". Hav u seen his sparkling earrings--it's made of diamonds! Diamonds are man's best friend.

As for talented drivers entering F1, I'm not aware of any who have even half the talent of Hamilton---when he had joined F1; even those who did not follow this sport feltsomething great has happened; he was talk of the show. Even in 200 years from now, Hamilton will remain the best motorsport driver of all time.

Good day Tommy!


LH is a great driver but i think his early form will never be repeated not because of his obviously exceptional talent but due to the fact that unlimited testing was permitted meaning he probably drove more laps in an F1 car before his first GP than JEV who is in his second season as a driver has done as of today. Nico and Lewis are pretty even this year so and he is not even a WDC so I dont know why you think LH is twice as good as the rest.


Everything at Merc switched to 2014 weeks ago, so it's no surprise Hamilton and Rosberg are treading water. Qualifying 3rd, 4th or 5th is hardly awful and racing to similar positions is what is to be expected in the circumstances.


Grosjean. Honourable mentions to Massa & of course Vettel.


Of course who James?

It wasn't a level playing field. Anyone can go from 14th to a 30-second lead in a rocket ship. It's akin Vettel having a samurai sword and getting all the credits for warding off bare-handed simpletons.

I'm amazed that there is no honourable mention of Alonso. Were it not for his gladiatorial race-craft, he would have remained stuck dead last in a "dog of a car". Throw him some bone!


In that "dog of car", his team mate "Massa" was leading the race, and finished 4th!


Agree, Gro for the day though he looked ragged in practice and qually was a shocker. Wonder what he could have done from p2/3 on the grid though I suspect Seb would have just pushed a bit harder as his car had more in hand despite winning by 30s. Seb was good too but cruising.

Team of the day goes to Force India, both drivers taking their slightly less doggy car into points with Paul 8th and Adrian 9th. Not Lotus for what the did/said to Kimi, not RB either today, though they are easily team of the season for building a car in a better racing category than anyone else.

Strategy of the day was Rosberg's undercut on Massa. (not again Ferrari!)

Dodge the stewards of the day was Hulkenbergs off track overtake.

Pitstop of the day, Williams, for getting all wheels to stay on.

Pass of the day was Alonso on Guiti, not the 1st pass or Guiti's DRS retake but the third non DRS on the edge of the grass.

Lap of the day, Kimi's fastest.

Villans of the day, Pirelli - who else.

Doghnut of the day was my white iced, from a popular branch bakers shop, with a cuppa tea between breakfast and lunch around lap 40. Closely followed by Sebs smoking donuts, nice.


Without any doubt Romain Grosjean


Great race from Romain alright, excellent result for Lotus in the battle for second. I do have one concern though, given that Kimi is within his rights to stop driving for Lotus at any time because of the breach of contract, one would wonder why they have allowed their relationship with him to sour as much as it has.

If Kimi walked away tomorrow, they have to put DV in the car and Lotus finish 4th in the constructors. They need Raikkonen's points to get them into contention for second. And yet, his recent pitstops have been very slow compared to Romain's and the whole team has clearly been shifted behind the RoGro.

Given that Raikkonen has single handedly dragged Lotus back to the front of the grid with a couple of wins and a rake of podiums, you'd think they would be more understanding of his desire to move back to Ferrari.... a team that all the drivers want to race for.

It makes no sense the way they are treating him at the moment. Alan Permane's comments have gone viral on Youtube and you can see why. Nobody should peak to a driver who is out on track defending a podium place. Kimi was out of tyres and the car was "undriveable" to quote Martin Brundle.

Such a shame to see a great 2 years finishing up this way.


I am glad others spotted the slow Kimi pit stop.

I think Kimi should have made it less hard than he did for Gro to overtake, sure maybe not move over, but Button has shown how to make suitably gentlemanly.

I think that neither the team, not Kimi are making things easy, but as you say it is Kimi who has delivered over the months


I agree with your comments about Lotus. That was a disgusting way to tell Kimi to move over. Utterly appalled.


For sure it had to be Vettel.


Tough call this time, James!

As much as I loved the donuts and Vettel's excellence of execution, as much as I loved so see Rosberg and Massa having a great race and as much as I have missed Sutil mixing up the top for quite a bit, it has to be Grosjean for this stunning drive. He cut through the traffic like Vettel and he preserved tires like Sutil, this was beyond any doubt a very well deserved podium and the best drive of the day in my humble opinion.

Alexander Supertramp

Grosjean cut through traffic? I guess you mean he just kept lapping very decent times in the tyre friendly Lotus till almost everyone in front of him stopped for fresh rubber? His/Lotus' failure in quali was actually a good thing, Romain went 15 laps on the soft and could drive home with a new pair of mediums. Kimi did not have that luxury on his used soft tyres. Granted, Romain made a good start which helped his race, but other than that??


Grosjean had to overtake people for real, it's not that everyone in front of him was going to the pits.

Other than that you still need to have the right pace at the right time and this is pretty hard if you must preserve tires as much as he did. Grosjean had one stop less than Räikkönnen and despite that his lap times were on par. Preserving tires while driving fast is an art, even though the Lotus is on the tire friendly side - his team mate didn't manage to do the same and Sutil, who was preserving tires in the same manner, even though he was on the inverse strategy and running somewhere in the front uncontended by others most of the time, ended up way behind. Yes, I know the Lotus is genuinely faster that the FI, but the tires set a limit to the pace. The faster you go, the harder you are on the tires. So, yes: Grosjean did a great job. You don't start from the back of the grid and et a podium, if you have a lousy day. We haven't had a weather lottery either, so it's not luck, but he has not only excellently executed a very difficult and daring strategy, he did way better than expected.


You are very humble ManO... and, therefore, you deserve to be admired.

Vettel, on the other hand, cannot be admired. He could learn from you to be more humble-bumble bee.

Vettel's sportmanship is even worse, as he does not respect other drivers' abilities. He should learn from other drivers.

For example, how nice to see Alonso praising Hamilton and predicting at the beginning of the season that Hamilton will be his closest challenger.

In return, it was very generous of Hamilton to recently point out that Alonso could have scored more points in that RBR (even though he did not score any points in the Indian GP). And we all agreed with Hamilton, when he quipped in Japanese GP that Alonso and he should not be fighting for 6th place, they are better than that.

Such camaraderie among all other drivers just brings tears to my eyes. Vettel is an odd man out! He had better watch his back, else other drivers gonna join forces and take away his championships next year.


You comented well.

As for Vettel,he will not be looking over

his back,rather the opposite he will be

looking at more then one back in 2014.

Ferrari and Merc that will rule the roost

and that my friend you can take it to the

bank,Vettel will be very lucky to finish in

top five next year.


well said - i agree


Mark Alan Webber for driving too hard lol

Special thoughts to Massa and Rosberg


Grosjean who, more and more, looks like a future world champ, given the right machinery.



It's been a bit of an evolution for him, but he's pretty much there - as you say, all he needs now is the right car.


Massive Vettel fan, but Grosjean was easily DOTD. Class act.


It should be Vettel but Grosjean did a superb job!

Antonio Palmiotto

Sergio , grosjean and vettel


Not Vettel anyway


Dearest sggssh,


Sincerely yours,


P.S.: Who then? Alonso? Karthikeyen? Who did you vote--top secret, huh? +1


Why not?

True I would have liked someone else (mostly Webber) to win, but they didn't and Vettel did.

He made no mistakes (except for the doughy), so why shouldn't he be a candidate?


SV4, for giving us free Doughnuts after the race!

The smoke, the saluting silhouette, the car … James you have an iconic cover photo for your upcoming book 🙂

Vettel has smoked them all this year: Alonso, Hamilton, Kimi, Button and the boo boys!


Vettel cannot possibly smoke Alonso; in fact, Vettel shakes in his boots whenever Alonso even walks past him.

Alonso is the highest scorer in F1 history--not for nothing he achieved that feat, towering over Senna, Prost, Ascari and Fangio. Where is Vettel? He does not have guts to outscore Alonso?

In the fullness of time, the only other driver who will eventually beat Alonso is Hamilton. In years to come, no one will talk about Vettel and his donuts---it will be Hamilton & his diamonds forever.


Looks like you had a field day. Alonso's point score is not really representative. Most of the other driver including Schumi scored on a different point scoring system which makes Alonso's number very much hollow.

Oh, bt the way did you notice Alonso couldn't overtake Riccuardo and Hamilton couldn't overtake Massa? Says a lot about them doesn't it?


Saids what, that in that race they had the faster car at that particular race


"Alonso is the highest scorer in F1 history–not for nothing he achieved that feat, towering over Senna, Prost, Ascari and Fangio. Where is Vettel? He does not have guts to outscore Alonso?"

Fact check before you spout nonsense Vettel is just 199pts behind Alonso.


Fernando is the highest scorer with the help of the scoring system introduced in 2010. Looking at the corrected numbers to the current system with all time resulst the list like this:

(Source: Wikipedia, Article: List of Formula 1 driver resulst)

1. M. Schumacher 3890 pts

2. Prost 2467 pts

3. Alonso 2414 pts

4. Barrichello 1897 pts

5. Räikkönen 1888 pts

6. A. Senna 1860 pts

7. Coulthard 1720 pts

8. Button 1683 pts

9. Piquet Sr. 1666 pts

10. Vettel 1566 pts

If we looking at the point/race started figure the lis is different. Look who is coming to front:

1. Vettel 13.4 pts/race

2. M. Schumacher 12.7 pts/race

3. Prost 12.4 pts/race

4. A. Senna 11.6 pts/race

5. Alonso 11.3 pts/race

6. Räikkönen 9.8 pts/race

7. Piquet Sr. 8.2 pts/race

8. Coulthard 7.0 pts/race

9. Button 6.9 pts/race

10. Barrichello 5.9 pts/race

I am sure weaker years may come for Seb but definetly look impressive!

Interesting fact: MSC has 'ruined' his points/race statistics during his last 3 year.

Up to 2006 he had 14.9 points/race with the figures above...


Some more stats in Goferet style (which I like)

Germany is now 3 driver's titles away to equal Britain's 14.

Lewis and Jenson the two Brits these days who might be in the position to fight for the title must work on hard prevent this.

Brazil seem to be

Since the first German title in 1994, 55% of the championships are clinched by German drivers (MSC & VET).

-In 1994 Britain had 11 titles. Same number as Germany have now. 3 titles won by British drivers since giving the advantage mentioned above.


That reminds me... Added to the Christmas list 😉


Grosjean for sure. Did what his team mate - anyone - couldn't. 17th to 3rd, still driving competitive lap times despite 46 laps on primes and managing to hold off Massa on fresher tyres.

Alexander Supertramp

Kimi had to pit sooner on his used soft tyres. Romain had fresh soft tyres to start with and managed to do 15 laps. That's where he got the edge over Kimi.


can only be Grosjean!

He showed his last race was no fluke. To drive through the field after such a disappointing qualy mistake was worthy of a champion. Can he win a race before the season is out?



As per usual, I'll throw in my WORST DOTD segment down here: this weekends candidates;

A. Lewis Hamilton

As has been the story of his season, a good grid slot achieved on the Saturday, falling backwards on the Sunday. Starting 3rd, one would have expected a podium from Lewis, especially as Webber dropped out in front of him. But poor race pace compared to his team-mate and an inability to manage a set of medium tyres which Grosjean managed 47 laps on left him struggling home behind Perez in 6th. Disappointing weekend.

B. Jenson Button

Outqualified by Perez, hit by Alonso, and absolutely no pace after that. Jenson could be described as unlucky this weekend. That is until one is shown his lap times compared to Perez, even on newer tyres, Jenson was slower throughout and couldn't make his way back through the field.

C. Fernando Alonso

Contact with two separate cars in the first four corners, neither of which he could do much about. From then on he was always fighting a losing battle. However, looked on for at least a point but failed to get past Ricciardo in the closing stages despite having a much quicker car. A disappointing end to a weekend where he became the final driver to fall away from Vettel's destined title bid.

D. Charles Pic

What to say? Beaten in quali by VDG, another disappointing race ended prematurely with hydraulics issues. But overall, his performances of late have dropped significantly and starting on the back row of the grid which includes two Marussia cars is simply unacceptable. Needs to improve if he is to bag a third year in F1.

E. Esteban Gutierrez

The final candidate for WDOTD, Gutierrez seemed to be overtaken by someone every second lap. Some good dicing at times but yet again, outclassed by the Hulk and at a time when Sauber need points, Gutierrez can't deliver. This of course is despite being in a car which is worthy of a top ten finish. A step back from an encouraging weekend last time out at Suzuka.

So there you have it folks, choose your WDOTD wisely.

Alexander Supertramp

Are you comparing the Merc's tyre managing skills to the Lotus'? Get real! If anything, Rosberg did a way better job than Grosjean. Lewis' race was dictated by small details and he could have been the one undercutting Massa if he had stayed in front of Rosberg. RB is above the field, Lotus can avoid the field with tyre management, but Ferrari, Mercedes, Mclaren and even Sauber are really battling it out between them and that makes that small details can ruin your race. You come out off the pits behind the wrong car and you're screwed.


"you come out off the pits behind the wrong car.. "

..because you were too slow in the first place.


What do you mean "get real?"

Of course I'm comparing Lotus' and Mercedes' tyre management skills. They are both fighting for second place in the constructors and there is very little to choose between the two. Given that tyre deg and thermal deg has been such a key part of F1 in 2013, it would be remiss to leave out such crucial factors.
Grosjean did 47 laps when Hamilton could barely manage 25 laps before he was out of tyres. Rosberg had no issues and so Hamilton was clearly not managing his tyres well enough.... amongst other things he didnt do well in the race. Which is why he is in my list of candidates.
[mod] A bit of respect. I'm entitled to my opinions [mod]

Alexander Supertramp

I wasn't trying to offend you, I was merely trying to tell you that it's easier to look after your tyres in a Lotus than in a Mercedes. Rosberg had the luxury not to run behind Massa, but that is a luxury he earned by repassing Lewis which meant he was the no.1 Merc and could undercut Massa. You nominate Lewis for worst driver of the day based on tyre management but fail to see/aknowledge the complete picture. Lewis was outpaced by his team mate all week-end, but his week-end wasn't awfull.



Rayz, When you pound out statements about Alonso, you need to give him some more respects, such as "gladiatore".

Afterall, he is the highest F1 scorer in the history and he achieved that even without scoring anything in Indian GP--such is his "geni".

I'm also touched by Alonso's kindness. He didn't want to score anything in Indian GP because he wanted to let other drivers also share some points---that's called sportmanship: Do you hear that Mr. Vettel?


Hamilton, Button and Alonso's race was about as bad as I've ever seen them drive. Dreadful pace, accidents, poor tyre management, destroyed by team mates especially in Hamilton's case as they were on the same tyres and strategy also they were together on the track after the first corner but it just shows these 'world champions' are not what they cracked up to be without Rosberg's techincal problems this year, team orders and sometimes suspect strategy he would be well ahead of Hamilton in the standings, oh well its close and interesting to see the battle behind Vettel in the coming 3 races, Mercedes are probably favourites for that 2nd place and Alonso will probably be runner up again in the drivers.


You do no lewis has had a broken gearbox and four punctures out of 16 races, its not been easy going for lewis


I'm afraid you have to look a little further into why these things happen, and they are not driver related. Even with supposably identical cars, they are not as so much depends on how the team sets the car up as to how much race pace they will have. I'm afraid it's yet another aspect of the Pirelli tyre era.


I have to wonder if Button's car was broken after contact with Alonso, or if perhaps his "radical" setup for 2014 compromised his race. Or if he just drove a bad race.


JB had a "broken" car consequent upon the tag with FA and ultimately retired ... Refer to Maclaren web site


Vettel job done.

Grosjean exceptional performance.


RoGro 100% 17th-3rd he's obviously been taking secret lessons from Kimi!


Or from Vettel who went 22-3


Not quite the same is it, he started P1 on the grid, RoGro started P17, lots of divers dropped to the back and came through to top places, it's how the pit stop phases generally work. People didn't waist rubber defending him as it would have disrupted their own race, plus many many cars pitted from positions in front of him as Vettel was one of the 1st, it meant as the others eventually dropped away he would have automatically be race leader again, he didn't over take for all those positions, it was a lot to do with how the pack shuffles naturally, 1st to 1st is just holding station, 17th to 2nd (There was 15 cars between SV and RG at the start and none by the end), now that is the impressive thing.

Alfredo rodriguez

Grojean super overdrive that car.


Vettel, who else? Congrats on 4 in a row.


Perfect drive by Vettel, but I voted for Grosjean. Remarkable drive from 17th place on the grid.


If I read this article correctly, Vettel went from 17th to win the race. In the process he overtook Grosjean as we'll.


Vettel started from pole and was in a superior car. Grosjean had to come through the field from his original starting position. I didn't expect him to get to the podium after his qualy result, hence my vote. You are free to disagree and place your vote according to your preference.


Vettel. Drove a flawless race.

Come on stewards!?!? Really a reprimand and a fine for a celebration of a 4th world title???

I know rules are rules but you really should have turned a blind eye on this one. You and FIA are sucking the fun out of F1.

Grosjean was amazing and Massa, Perez and Sutil did a really good job too.


I can't stand this attitude.

First they say "oh they should be consistent and always enforce enforce the rules"

THEN they say 'oh come on they should have turned a blind eye'

Make up your mind. 25k and a reprimand is pocket change for an outfit that has just done a consecutive quadruple double


What I can't stand is a system that allows drivers to race outside the track limits and then punishes the driver that safely entertained the crowd.

If they can turn a blind eye to the track limits surely they could have ignored a celebration. Ultimately the fine is meaningless and as far as I'm concerned it just makes f1 look petty. You are obviously entitled to your opinion as I am to mine. By the way, I'm not a Vettel fan so I'm not saying this because I like him. I hope 2014 brings a closer field and more common sense, all the rules, all the pettiness, all the politics, all the being politically correct in f1 are spoiling the show for me, more so than Red Bull and Vettel's domination of the sport.


Would you say this if this was done by Hamilton, a Button or Alonso?


Rules are rules, Grosjean qualified 17th last weekend, and I have started to become a big Grosjean fan lately, but you can't say at the end of Q1 "Well his car has got Top5 potential so you're through anyway, goodluck in Q2. Like Matt said 25k is just some pocketchange for Red Bull, I bet their 4th title party cost even more than that.


Robert Kubica has become today WRC2 WORLD CHAMPION !!!!!!!

Man of the day 🙂


Time to play with the big boys in WRC (without 2).


How can his mobility not be sufficient to a least drive an F1 car? Someone, give Robert a test day this winter damn it!


I don't think the issue is whether Kubica can drive an F1 car, it's whether he could successfully extricate himself unassisted from that car after a major accident. eg. on fire after a rollover. There's only one way out of an F1 car, whereas rally cars have a full roll cage and several potential exits.


Yeah, we've seen those raley car exits work when Kubica had his crash. We've also seen the protection that cage offers against a giant beam entering the car.

How hard would it be to put in two hydraulic rods around the collar, like the ones that open my tailgate? Seriously, how much could it weigh? 2KG with the switch?


Superb, he even finished 8th overall in the rally. Hope he does well as he moves up.


Good to hear 🙂

The Spanish Inquisitor



It's hard to choose between Grojean and Vettel, with Massa having a really good race as well.

In the end though it has to be Vettel, he did everything he needed to do and was just peerless, a very deserving World Champion.

Lets hope Red Bull aren't as dominant next season.


Hope? Really? 🙂


Hey Sebee, I have a sneaky feeling. Was it you who designed the IVettel t-shirt? 🙂



It was one of the prototype designs I was considering, it was actually iVettel - little "i" to make hip.

In the end it was decided it was too Apple-ish, and so the fanclub is just going straight to:




It's a tough one, so I'm going to give two.

Vettel deserves it. He won the race in style! (Who would have thought!) And a 4x WDC surely gives it too him.

But Grosjean also gets it. No doubting that he was fast and conservative on the tyres. To come from so far back to get 3rd is spectacular!

Honorary mentions to Webber, who deserved 2nd, and deserved to be part of that WCC win.

Nobody particularly did anything wrong today. Good racing by everybody, and the jump start was unfortunate.


Not to detract from Vettel's accomplishment, but for me Grosjean is the undoubted DotD. An absolutely incredible drive.


I'm surprised James didn't put Hamilton's name down again like the Korea race


Grosjean & Vettel.

Vettel going for the win w/o reservations and sensational opening laps. Made overtaking look easier than it was.

Grosjean for a sensational drive.


Vettel for showing once again:

- he can race and overtake (from P17 to P3 in 10 laps)

- he can beat Webber on whatever strategy combination

- he can say break the rules - I loved that donuts and bowing to Hungry Heidi 🙂

Grojean close 2nd. Great drive.


You're right Seb beats Mark on whatever strategy and the sooner the [mod] realise that the better for their mental health, also Grosjean has come of age, he's always been fast but a lot of aspects of his driving had been lacking but recently he's shown he can combine his speed with great weekends, good on him. Also Rosberg's 2nd place shouldn't be overlooked, his car wasn't fast enough in the race yet he beat Massa's Ferrari and completely embarrased Hamilton! Who would have thought after 2007 and 2008 that Lewis would become an also ran? James didn't with his exciting commentary back then and I didn't but its whats happening, with new blood coming through and even the current bunch of journeymen (Rosberg and Button) can match and beat Hamilton I do worry for the future, in my mind this celebrity management and lifestyle has got to Lewis's head he needs to go back to basics fast or face going into oblivion, the chance is next year with the new rules its make or break in my opinion, you never know he could shock with a championship then everything will be back to normal.

Alexander Supertramp

Haha, are you worried Lewis might actually win next year's WDC, Tealeaf :D? You contradict yourself by saying he's washed up/compromised by his lifestyle-whatever that means- but that he might win next year's championship..

Lewis has had a very promising first year at Merc, no matter what you say about his "life style."


Well, let's hope he does go into oblivion so we can be spared your rancorous anti-Hamilton tirades every time you post on here!!!


You mean Vettel could overtake drivers that were being told by their teams that they were racing someone else and therefore offered little to no resistance? The DRS was pretty powerful here and most of the cars passed by Vettel didn't even move off the race line to defend... Also have wondered for most of this season that beating Webber on whatever strategy combination is by design more than pure circumstance: the keystone cops operation for car #2 earlier this season put Webber out of contention early.


Tough one today; a lot of stellar drives. Vettel drove calmly and strongly, Grosjean was brilliant, Massa had the flickering fire on full burn again... and then there's Perez and Rosberg who had strong showings over more decorated teammates.

I think Vettel, just, because of the weight of the title hanging over him. Grosjean didn't have as much to lose, and neither did Massa really now that he knows he is leaving Ferrari and has that pressure off his shoulders.


Adrian, tht last stint on those soft tyres was awesome. HE was defending while nursing his tyres from charging Ric/Alsono. VEttle was as usual pretty awesome too. COnrats to him on being a champion!!


You might want to loosen up a little on that shift key 😉


I had a good laugh!!

The Spanish Inquisitor

Romain Grosjean


Vettel plays in other league.


Without question it was Romain Grosjean as DOD (driver of the season of course has been SV even though I'm no Red Bull fan he is a worthy champion although we would have all liked a closer fight). I have to admire his turn-around from the catastrophe of last year, immense maturity when so many like Coulthard etc., were pleading for him to be no more.

Massa comes a close second for me - out-qualified his WC tea-mate and outperformed him as well.


I have given my vote to Felipe Massa, only because I have always been a Massa fan and probably win not find many opportunities in the future to vote for him. In old days this would have been an ordinary day for Massa, but he has been so error-prone in the last few years that today feels like a massive improvement. But honestly I think Romain Grosjean deserves the accolades. Starting from 17th to finish 3rd is not easy. He drove a controlled race and avoided possible collision with Kimi Raikonnen. It looks like the future of F1 is bright after all. Vettel, congratulations to him, he deserves to be champion. I almost wanted to cry when he was saying that the boos on the podiums bother him. I haven't warmed up to his personality and the fact that they favour him more than Webber (I think), but the young man hasn't done anything wrong. He is a well deserving champion.


+1 and well said 🙂


Max Chilton - Making this not as boring of a race as it seemed!


Vettel, but with an honorable mention for Grosjean, I too feel he's a future F1 champion.


I enjoyed watching Perez and Grojean. Vettel blizted the field, but it was the donuts in front of the main stadium that deserves Vettel the dod.

Shame the tyre strategy didn't make the race more interesting. And those long stints made the warning seem nonsense.


I think it's Lotus that owe Kimi some respect. I can't see Kimi seeing out the season with them if this feud between him and Lotus continues.


Remarkable - Vettel aside, all the candidates here are currently or have recently been under consideration for dismissal by their teams.


Nothing like a little bit of pressure 🙂


Although Vettel did become world champion at this race, his race was pretty non descript.

My vote goes to GROSJEAN for having the patience to deal with his tetchy team mate. He's moved over enough times to 'gift' Kimi, so Kimi should have had some respect.

Grosjean has future world champion stamped all over him!


Maybe if Vettel accidentally steps on him, he will have future champion stamped all over him. 🙂

The most entertaining bit of the race for me was Grosjean weaving like a madman from one side to other behind Gutierrez who positioned his car perfectly down the middle and then accusing Gutierrez of weaving ahead of him.


Webber for his forced "I'm not upset this kind of thing happens to me all the time" smile.


Vettel for fourth WDC in row and Gro for superb drive


What an amazing drive and an awesome way to win the 4th title!

He came from 17th to win. Had to care for the fragile Red Bull car and still manage to almost crank out the fastest lap with worn tires and no KERS.

* Kimi did get the fastest lap after fitting new tires.

In the end, the cool donut celebration and waving and bowing to the crowd. That is just the best.

DOTD - VETTEL but a zillion miles! LOL

Honeourable mention, Grosjean. He is a new man now compared to the one from previous years. Remember 2012 was not the only year where he had crashes. Spa 2009?


I have to say Vettel, when it comes to racing on eggshells he is the best but is it the racing I enjoy watching no.

Quote "Perez you are not racing Vettel"

That's right Perez this is not racing.


Yeah, I don't like those kind of quotes as they go completely against racing principles and harm F1's overall image.

Of course Perez could have defended but with Vettel using DRS he was a sitting duck anyway.

Why does F1 still needs artificial overtaking if the tires are already a key factor in any race development?

Bring back old school racing please!


Were you there for Michael Schumachers old school racing on those Bridgestones?

Just be careful for what you wish for ...


Sammy: "but at least he didn’t have to use an artificial device to overtake other cars"

Overtake? You mean lap!


I was there yes, but at least he didn't have to ise an artificial device to overtake other cars. I've nothing against KERS as both drivers who are competing with each other can use it at the same time but DRS is just a joke, created to see ARTIFICIAL overtaking.


Sad to watch F1 go this way.

I think I will go and watch Nascar.


Grosjean; fabulous drive. I hope Lotus can give him a car to get into the winners circle soon.


Vettel with honorable mention to Grojean.

Vettel cleared all the cars he needed in his second stint within 10 laps. The projections that had Webber winning the race predicted it would take much longer for Vettel to clear them. (Per Brundle and Crofty during the broadcast).

Vettel finished 30 seconds in front of Rosberg and 40 seconds in front of Grojean and came within 12 seconds or so of lapping Alonso.

Job done and for the title too.


Seb by a country mile-he owns India! Honourable mentions to RG, NR and MW who was robbed of a sure second place finish.

WOTD- FA, and throw that helmet away. What a contrived piece of self- promotion. Sorry you lost a lot of my respect.


"FA, and throw that helmet away."

No need for that. It will still be accurate for the race in Abu Dhabi.


RG for drive of the day. Congrats Sebastian and awesome stuff with the donuts. Showed the way all drivers should celebrate a World Championship


Roamain Grosjean

However the Lotus team should be showing more respect more respect towards Kimi.


oops Romain typo.


What a race by Romain Grosjean!

Man of the race, which makes you wonder what could have been had he not qualified so low on the grid.

Hopefully Lotus can give him the right tools for next year. A race win can't come soon enough.

Special mention to Vettel for making it look easy (we all know it never is) and the doughtnuts at the end.

The fan reaction should maybe prompt the FIA into a rule change to allow these demonstration of happiness at the end of a race weekend?


Hey James, Brazilian media is reporting Massa has signed a 5 yr contract with Williams, I was wondering your thoughts on that? Cheers!


Smart choice, considering Williams will have Merc engines next season.


I'll give it to Newey for designing a car so good pretty much any decent driver could win in, especially with a weak neutered team mate.

And yeah, Newey drives too. 😉


I'm going to give it to Romain Grosjean for making these awful tyres last so well in an amazing drive from 17th to 3rd. I suppose the advantage he had over Raikkenon was that he started on new softs rather than ones used in qualifying. Vettel's race was of course perfectly executed by a team still at the top of their game, but full marks to him for the doughnuts at the end regardless of any potential fines, and I rather liked the way he paid homage to the car which will go some way to make amends for the unsportsman like things he has done in the past. Nevertheless irrespective of any other comparisons, he has delivered almost faultlessly, and for that he must have our respect.


I can't split Grosjean or Vettel because Vettel had to push hard when Mark was a threat mid race and managed the race beautifully. Grosjean for an impressive drive from 17th- thoroughly deserved podium.

Just quietly Rosberg did not nicely to fend off Hamilton - awesome battle there early on.

Alexander Supertramp

Yeah, Rosberg repassing Hamilton was key to his P2, good job.


Vettel for the show at the end of the race. Finally something for the fans, anyone who boos him now on the podium is a bum. Every winner should do that at the end of each race and bring some excitement back to the formula one circus.

I can't wait for Grojean to get his first win. I think once he gets the taste then he will make the others come begging.


DOTD, it has to be Vettel & driver of the year as well!

Congrats to Vettel & RBR!


Grosjean. Super drive from 17th to 3rd. Might not have challenged for the win, but Rosberg would have been watching his mirrors.

RG's time to break the duck is soon if

lotus can keeo going well,


Sebastian Vettel!


Congratulations to Vettel but I give my vote to Grosjean. He is resurrecting his career in fine fashion.


Has to be Vettel driver of the day/yr 😉 flawless drive. Unlucky webber .. he deserved second.. and special mention to dan ricciardo who again drove that crap car to 10th holding off alonso none the less. Impressive cant wait for next yr 🙂


Vettel, for the audacity to relinquish the lead, pit after 1 lap for mediums and then cut through the pack like it was no ones business and win the race and his 4th WDC in a row.It shows a brilliant understanding of race strategy and what he is capable of doing in the RB.

I am a big fan of Romain and am ecstatic to see how he has put his past performances behind him and come good in teh last three races. This is a driver to watch for a future WDC.


Still a chance RG could have no job. If they can I'm sure they will go for Massa and Hulkenberg/Maldonado. Eric might want to retain Grosjean but I have a feeling his board might other ideas.


oops might have.


SV of course, but RG was superb as well to maintain such a result!

by the way, i think there wasn't a "finger gesture" for wunderkind after the finish? 🙂


PS pretty poor of FIA to fine Redbull for the "donots". That and the treatment of the Webber lift from Alonso.

They seem to be missing what is really bad for the sport eg rubber that last five laps?


Rules should be applied, what the point of having them when not applied?


applied? like staying within track limits?



Don't you find unfair and "silly" instead to issue a formal reprimand to fine RBR for the SV's donuts?



just for the radio after the race, can't remember the exact words:

Seb you are 4 times champion, we got the construction title.....


Kimi took new tires the last lap and devasted your best lap


Driver of the day?

Saint Sebastian


Romain Grosjean has to be DOD IMO, good race craft. He was patient and maximized the Lotus's kindness to the Pirellis.

None too happy about the team's attitude towards Kimi though, they could have had a better strategy for him and acted a touch professional than to ask him to "f*****g out of the way"

Massive congrats to Seb and Red Bull, surely time to acknowledge him as one of the best of the modern era


Sad that the team had to tell a driver of that calibre to effing whatever. He should have known better than drive in that manner, and lost my respect with his childish act.


I think the team failed him big time and if you watched the last few laps before he was sliding everywhere anyway. Kimi is not a stupid man.. If he was told Romain is that much quicker - he wouldn't have had a go. I think Lotus thought it would be just a formality and really over reacted with the radio when they realised it wouldn't be that easy. if they were clear and firm he would have moved..because he wouldn't have said ".. You don't have to f/ing shout". If he was clearly advised.It was one corner and / corners later on it was over anyway.. Several times when it was Kimi chasing Seb - Gros was not moved for quite a few laps.

I've lost all respect for Lotus because you don't talk to any driver that way let alone one that has scored you almost 200 points each year and actually put you back on the F1 map. They have failed him strategically 3 times this year alone- and a top team like Ferrari are better at that. Boullier was quick to cover up today realising what a f-up it was on the teams part!


Alan Permane has just lost Lotus a massive fan base with that stupid radio message to Kimi.

Best of luck for 2014, LOTUS, no more black and gold for me


Vettel for the occasion, Grosjean for the drive. Brilliant work to get from where he started all the way to third.


What are your thoughts on Pirelli tyre-life guidelines v what people actually end up doing? At times, it looked like Kimi and Sutil were driving a private race in the wet. Is that good or safe for the sport. I honestly don't know whether it is good or bad. What's your view and that of the paddock?


It will be I tomorrows strategy report


Vettel for me. Before the race all the talk was that Seb was going to have a tough job on his hands, and he made it look easier. It was one of the best drives I have seen in quite some time, his pace was astonishing really.

It reminded me slightly of Schumacher at Hungary in 1998 I think it was, where he made an unusual strategy work to perfection.

Hopefully the sceptics will hush down now. I'll give you perhaps one lucky title, two at a push and three is being generous to say the least. But there is nothing lucky about a four time world champion, easily the best of the field.

Alonso seemed a bit absent this weekend.


Two contenders, Grosjean who went 17th > 3rd and Vettel who technically went 22nd > 1st.

I think given the pressue and the fact he was going to thrash Webber on either strategy I'll give it to Vettel. I think starting on the medium tyres was the right call, and most drivers starting on the softs would have gone backwards were it not for retirements, with one exception, Vettel. There's no point comparing him vs other cars this weekend as the RBR had a massive performance edge, but we all know Webber isn't slow, so to comprehensively beat the guy as it was paning out shows what a performance that was.

Great race by Romain though, calm and patient, I like him, I like his style, I like the fact he's not so wrapped up in himself that he can't see the wood for the trees. Expecting plenty of race wins from him in years to come.

What happend to Hamilton though? The 'best overtaker' in F1 basically couldn't do what Rosberg could, and overtake cars in front. That's why Nico finished 2nd and Lewis was 6th. It's another season of disappointments for Hamilton really, he was given number 1 status in Malaysia, and Nico's had 3 car failures in races that have dropped him points (gbox, suspension, engine). Taking that lot into account I'm inclined to say that my prediction of Nico running Lewis very close is looking like my prediction of LH vs JB, i.e. there isn't much between them and they've different strengths.

Another season where Lewis's star fades I'm afraid. When you've had 6 years in fundamentally very good cars (keep in mind McLaren had the fastest car for most of last year - and no I didn't expect anyone to beat the 2011 RBR) and you've only got 1 WDC to show for it, it's hard to see why people constantly rate him with Alonso and Vettel who's performances justify their tags as the best two in the sport at present. Fernandos car just isn't as good as the Mercedes or the McLaren last year, yet he's always the last one challenging Vettel for the title. It speaks volumes about Alonso, and far less so about Lewis.


You seem to forget, lewis has had 2 punctures, one broke his gear box, one took him out of leading the brit gp, which his teamate took the win with the biggest stroke of luck, any driver has had this year after vettal went out as well, retired in japan gp, its not all been on rosbergs side of the garage, the points gap is about right between the 2, next season is were we will zee how it shakes down between the 2


I didn't forget about those at all. None of Lewis's punctures took him out of a race. One was in practice that gave him a 5 place grid drop as the Gbox broke, and the other he was able to recover and thanks to some handy safety cars and decent driving he was able to finish 5th. Clipping Vettels front wing was unlucky, but ultimately it wasn't a reliability issue.

Rosbergs issues I mention were all terminal and all in races and all happened whilst he was in points scoring positions. I didn't mention any of Nico's issues in practice, nor Lewis's either, likewise I didn't mention Nico's front wing problem in Korea that cost him etc.


How many people have often equalled or bettered Sebs qualis pace over the last 4 years ??. That's right only Lewis Hamilton - Not Jenson, not Fernando and not Nico.. Lewis has taken it to Seb in two different teams and were it not for operational or mechanical failures he was much closer than anyone last year realised. Where is Button now and look what Perez is doing, Look what Massa is doing now he's allowed to race for his career.

I do not understand this constant ridicule of Lewis Hamilton you can take or leave his personality.. But as a racer he's undeniable.. Even Fernando often said it's always Lewis at quali regardless of how good or bad his car is and we all know careers are made and lost at Mclaren because of 1. Unreliability 2. Operational or strategic cock ups 3.A combination of both?.. Just ask Kimi Raikkonen or Fernando Alonso,. You can go back to Senna/ Prost even. They can build a great car one year and a looser the next- hello that's this year !

As for Nico- Really !! All your points noted and in the end -last time I checked Lewis was ahead on points- that's remarkable in a new team and Nico has improved even from last year!.C'mon Sebastian and Red Bull are the benchmark but Lewis is not all that far behind not when you consider where Mercedes were last year and are now! And especially not when you consider how long Nico , Fernando & Seb have been with there respective team-- Really take it in and smell the sunshine !


Two contenders, Grosjean who went 17th > 3rd and Vettel who technically went 22nd > 1st."

Errmm. Vettel started on pole, nothing "technical" about it. Got off the rubbish tyres as soon as poss and used his massive car advantage to good effect.

I don't remember one memorable overtake other than a breeze by on the straights to be honest.

The rest of your comments is in the same similar skewed pattern we are used too.


I did mention that Vettel had a car advantage, but the reason for citing the 22nd >1st was in comparison with Romain's 17th > 3rd drive. Neither actually had to overtake that much, but Vettel did more than Grosjean etc.

My skewed comments are obviously what's caused the real upset though. A lot of people do rate Lewis very highly, but personally I think that's because the media were telling everyone how great he was all the time. The penny is now dropping with some though, he's not much, if any better than the likes of Button or Rosberg. If he was really that good he'd be able to win championships in the 2nd best car on the grid, which he's had numerous times in his career now. He's not managed that, and he's not really got that close either. Alonso in what appear to be weaker cars has got closer.

If you'd asked me three seasons ago I would have said F1 had a clear top 3 drivers, now I'd say that was only a clear top 2 drivers (unless Kimi cares to add himself to the list or Lewis starts comprehensively beating his teammate).


Lets not shoot Lewis yet. He had 2 mech failures in the lead last year Sing/Abu Dahbi. ( certain vict given his quali pace)He had 4 massive pit stop failures and a fuel failure ( that sent him back in the grid ( that's only the main failures). If you consider these he would have easily challenged Seb for the win. Further evidence was that most of the year he was tied on qualis with Seb- no one else, not even Fernando got close ( similar story for 4 years).

Mercedes is a new team for Lewis and you have to respect that. The fact that they have exceeded their own expectations is in part due to Hamilton pushing both the team and Rosberg to some extent ( just ask Rosberg)- it's no coincidence he's lifted his game too.


Tough one.

SUT benefitted on strategy, ROS and MAS just drove to their grid positions (strategies made it all a bit unclear).

PER had nice fights with Mercedes and gained 4 places...

GRO made it 14 places up...

Yesterday, I was almost sure it would be one of them. Today, I'm thinking: VET made it on two-stopper (contrary to the latter two). He'd passed both of these two. He's had half a minute over the second driver...

Praising GRO's effort, I say: 4xWDC deserved DOTD today, let him celebrate.


Can I give it to all of them? In their own ways they were all awesome. Sebastian Vettel was so incisive in the traffic after his first pitstop and bossed the race; Romain Grosjean made the strategy work for him brilliantly; Felipe Massa's first lap double-pass on the Mercedes was great to watch (shades of Hungary '08 and Hockenheim '10) and he was solid throughout if perhaps lacking the outright pace for a podium; and Adrian Sutil's one-stopper was also good and I'd have actually liked to have seen him beat Paul di Resta this weekend because he as up at the front for a long time.

However I'm going to treat DotD as a "relative" rather than "absolute" concept here and, on that basis, will give it to Sergio Perez. I think only Bahrain compares when it comes to assessing his strongest drive for McLaren and if anything this one topped that one; the double pass on Raikkonen and Hamilton was the icing on the cake. Though his season has not been as bad as some have made out, this was a timely reminder of what put him in the shop window for McLaren in the first place.

Final note on Nico Rosberg; strong drive from Nico on a weekend where he seemed to have the legs on Lewis Hamilton throughout. It seems as if ever since Singapore he's fighting back in their intra-team rivalry. It also strikes me how he is somewhat unique in that he is almost immune to pigeon-holing. Think of some of the pigeon-holes that exist: the elite (Vettel, Alonso, Hamilton, Raikkonen); the veterans who fought for titles (Button - who won; Massa - who only did so for 20 seconds; and Webber - who didn't); and the up-and-comers looking to smoothen off rough edges (Hulkenberg, Grosjean, Perez, maybe Maldonado and di Resta). Which of these would Nico fit into? Exactly! And I can't think of another into which he would fit!


Fair appraisal. Perhaps Rosberg could be lumped into the 'other race winners' category...Rosberg, Maldonado.

Alexander Supertramp

Ross Brawn said it: the pendulum in their intra-team battle swings from one side to the other. Very balanced team with 2 strong drivers.


DOTD is clearly Strategists, Computer algorithms back at the factory, tyres, lightweight drivers & Team Preference for one driver over another.

It hasn't been down to raw driver skill to manhandle a car for years.....


Sad you see it that way.

If you were at the circuit and could see what we see you would change your opinion in a heartbeat. It's breathtaking what these guys can do with these cars

But the TV coverage etc clearly doensn't convey what these guys do..


+1 James. When I took a mate down to Melb this year for his first GP. The look on his face was priceless the sights and sounds are just astonishing compared to TV! Even more so when I told him and 20 Red Bull fans who would win- that was Gold !! ( unpredictable cars conditions and Kimis exceptional feel for original 2013 Spec tyres)


Well except for Alonso. He is way better than Vettel and his time will come.


Grosjean probably, but Vettel was faultless and created an iconic moment in the sports history at the end.

Alexander Supertramp

I don't really see the greatness in Grosjean's performance.. His race was dictated by his car's ability to save tyres, the only thing he had to do was to not kill his tyres. He went from P16 to P3 without real overtaking and Kimi was a sitting duck when he overtook him. He used his car very well, but this is the sort of performance that led people to believe Perez was the new Messiah last year in the tyre friendly Sauber. Not saying Grosjean is not better than Perez, I'm just not impressed by the performance. Rosberg drove very well and had to do some actual tyre preservation with that Merc. Vettel drove a champion's race and even Perez drove very well.

Vettel gets this one for me, Rosberg close 2nd


It has to be IVettel. He was so confidence with his strategy on Saturday and did a brilliant race. It was absurd he was given a reprimand. Absolutely disgraceful.

I am gutted for Webber. He was so happy with his strategy and the surprise in his voice when he was asked to stop the car was very painfull.

I wonder if any TV station will do a Masterclass on Massa but I doubt it. Fantastic start and did a great race. I can't understand why his teammate wanted that meaningless number on his helmet. Silly.

What is most interesting is, Vettel, Webber, Massa, Alonso etc. chose their own strategy. The cream rose to the top.

Wonder if Merc got their strategy wrong by not pitting Hamilton a lap earlier.


What a drive for Grosjean and Vettel. Hard to pick one this weekend.


Well done to RB and Seb, but what bore this race was, you see RB have developed something so fantastic that no other team no matter how good the driver, can come anywhere near close. So is that what the fans want to see? Maybe, but I know I am not alone in wanting to see much closer competition that makes all the drivers talents shine to win the day, after all if you have One of the Top drivers in The Top car you will always have a consistent result. Simple!


Weird how I had to vote Grosjean quite often during the 2nd half of the season, and today I'm voting again for him. The way he improves is just insane, the guy always had the speed, never had the consistenty up untill this year. He really deserves a very good car next year.


Seb. Did what he supposedly is not known for, he cut through the field easily (i guess it is normal given the amount of front row starts he has had). He was not only on another level today, he was a few levels higher than the rest.


DOTD Romain Grosjean he's really grown as an F1 driver this season and got the best out of his Lotus. I look forward to seeing him drive next year and hope Lotus give him a great car that can beat/compete with the Red Bulls. Mind you I'm also hoping that McLaren, Ferrari and the other teams come up with a car that can beat/compete with the Red Bulls 🙂


I have voted for Romain, who now that his crazy days are behind him we see only his raw speed, he reminds me of Kimi in his Sauber years.

This was the first time it was difficult to choose driver of the day, because I liked for different reasons Massa, Barbie and Perez. And of course one needs to consider Vettel that was once again really good, albeit at a car that was a class of its own. Overall a nice race


Hated Team Lotus before Raikkonen Joined ofcourse with Crashgate and all the rest.... Post Indian GP.... Team Lotus is probably the most hated team... period... either you are a Raikkonen Fan or not.... you ought to be disgusted in a manner vide which Raikkonen was told to move over..... Next year: Kimi to Ferrari... and the man who created this tire-friendly Lotus is already at Ferrari.... They already lost their two best talents.... The sponsors know this.... wooing them by trying to prove Romain is faster than Kimi would be stupid for sponsors know the reality.

Heart goes out to Eric & Mark Slade.... probably the only two decent people left in Team Lotus.


Romain really needed this. What a drive that was. Very well done by Nico R and Sergio. But, I'll go with Massa, not because I think he was the driver of the day, but because the poor chap really needed this. Come on Massa! I really hope he gets a drive next year in a good team.

Incidentally, all the underdogs outperformed their more illustrious teammates in that race - Romain, Nico, Massa and Sergio. Well done to them all!

Tornillo Amarillo

ROSBERG for me is the DOTD.

Who cares really.

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