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Frustrated Alonso lashes out at Pirelli: Hembery responds
Posted By: James Allen  |  05 Oct 2013   |  5:22 pm GMT  |  345 comments

Fernando Alonso has got involved in a spat with Pirelli over the tyres in use this weekend in Korea. They are the same supersoft and medium compound tyres used in Singapore, but Alonso criticised them after qualifying, saying that Ferrari seemed to have a particular problem with graining on the supersofts this weekend and if he pushed them too hard in the first sector he risked not being able to complete the lap.

“The tyres cannot do five kilometres. If you push them, you finish the tyres. It’s something that is not normal,” he said in the paddock after qualifying. “We have to be honest and the quality of the tyres is very on the limit.

“It is the same for everybody and I am sure all the cars, if they pushed 100 per cent from the start of the lap, they would not last 5km. So this is not very helpful, and it is not very nice to drive like this for 95 per cent of the lap.

“I am not blaming the tyres. But they are not good. We all see with our eyes. But it is the same tyres for everybody.”

Alonso, who sees his hopes of competing for the world championship receding with every track session at the moment, qualified sixth in Korea, 0.8 seconds off the pace of championship leader Sebastian Vettel. There were criticisms of the tyres in the first half of the season, when they were very much on the edge and in Silvertsone, Spain and Bahrain suffered failures which led to a forced change of construction, back to the 2012 model with a kevlar belt instead of steel. This has definitely hurt Ferrari’s competitiveness, as it has Force India and to some extent Lotus. But Ferrari has also failed to bring through powerful upgrades to its car to keep it on terms with the Red Bull. In the first quarter of the season Alonso and Ferrari were winning races.

Pirelli motorsport boss Paul Hembery did not hold back in his response to Alonso’s criticisms.

“Of course Alonso is one of the great F1 drivers, so to hear such comments is disappointing and below the standards you would expect from such a champion,”Hembery told Reuters.

“I can only suggest he goes to ask the soon-to-be four-times champion how to get the best from the same tyres.”

The FIA World Motor Sport Council confirmed last week that Pirelli would continue to supply tyres to F1 in 2014, but added that it would be closely monitoring quality. Alonso’s criticism at this moment will have irked Pirelli, as Hembery’s tone suggests.

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Ouch that's a cheeky response!


I love Martin Brundle.

Yesterday he commented on air that Alonso had incited the booing. He said that Vettel had calmed and quieted the boos down with a joke and then Alonso deliberately stirred the negative boo people up again.

Today Martin made a whole segment supporting Vettel saying that it doesn't matter about the booing now its winning and the multiple WDCs that will count in history.

This is a huge endorsement from Brundle of Vettel and a huge slap in the face to the boo cry babies and Alonso.

Also it shows me that Martin Brundle is a great sportsman and a man that will stand up and be counted.

I am very much impressed with Martin Brundle. Kudos to him.


I enjoyed seeing Martin tell the crowd off for booing in Singapore.

"No, don't do that, it's not proper."


Brundle. Not the best F1 driver, but a Le Mans winner, British commentator for ~15 years and hugely respected F1 pundit.


Martin Brundle commented for the BBC for many years before moving to SKY....apart from being an ex F1 driver although somehow I suspect you know all this.


A gentleman he is, Mr. Brundle. Good to have him remaining with the sport he loves.


a great response!! No corporate sweet talking!


Paul Hembery's crude retort might get really "cheeky" to Pirelli's future in F1 if the Jean Todt/FIA are determined to get Michelin in instead.

The tyre supplier is not expected to be rude to teams or drivers, nor are they expected to utter words that seem biased toward a particular team/driver. There is no reason on Earth for Paul Hembery to be engaged in a verbal slugfest with an F1 driver, he is not exactly a pimpled 14 year old who can be excused for a foul mouth.

The FIA might look at these things, blow them out of all proportion and kick a sore-arsed, howling and screaming Pirelli into the long grass.


Paul Hembrey is probably fed right up with F1 at the moment, the way Pirelli have been treated is appalling and I don't blame him for hitting back. Can't be too much more before Pirelli tell them to stuff it. Why would you let a great tyre company continue to be dragged through the mud like this when you are simply delivering what was requested, Also the lack of proper testing means they are having to use too much guess work in the construction of the tyres


Yes, even Vettel was having tire issues. But if Pirelli quits or gets the boot, who would want to take their place? Eccelstone gets the blame for a lot in F1, most of which don't hold water. But the tire situation is different, I think. By specing 'edgy' tires, he's turned the spectacle into a vaudeville act. If you're going to race the best cars in the world, it only makes sense to put them on the best tires in the world.


One more blow out 2day for Paul, uppsss!!! He shoots off his own mouth to often....


You are right. Unfortunately they exceeded its recommended life after only 1-2 laps, so must they change them every 3 laps, is that what Pirelli recommends, looks like you are a connected one.... ? pls. tell us.


Looked more like a major lock-up going into turn 1 rather than a blowout. Throw in a tyre that had exceeded its recommended life and the blame slides across the table to McLaren and its Driver.


So he should just sit there and take the nonsense from Alonso?

Come on Quade. No one punched anyone. His work and products were attacked and he went back on the offensive. What should he do? Run and hide?

Bravo Paul 100% All this driver moaning has me tire-d. Poles 1s faster GPs same or faster than 2012 and they kept moaning they can't push, demanding tires their teams used outside of operating recommendations be changed mid championship. Alonso....shhhh!


One more thing Quade...GP weekend videos only please for evidence.

As a Judge in the Royal F1 Fan Brigade I declare your evidence inadmissable on the count that all the F1 videos happend from promotional events and thus mean that:

a) tires have not been put through use in proper racing conditions

b) safety of event is more important that lap times

c) there is no limited allocation of tires and tire life is irrelevant

d) the only thing that matters is that tires have the brand of current tire sponsor on the side, meaning it's probably a spray painted logo on a set of Avons or could even be made by Kenda - famed budget bicycle tire maker

e) even if these are F1 tires currently used in GPs, they can be ripped apart in spins and donuts for 3 minutes without issue, because no one will have to set a lap on them.

No further evidence?

Judgement for Sebee.

Case dismissed.



Remember the days when a flat spot would vibrate your suspension apart into a DNF?

Shall I search for videos of suspensions coming apart from a flat-spot vibration for you? He flat spotted the tire, it failed, he got new rubber, finished the GP instead of a DNF.

As for your GP2 tires comment vs. F1 tires all I will say to you is this: You give a butter knife to a kid, you give a $500 hand crafted folded steel knife to a chef. F1 drivers are chefs. They should be skilled enough to use the tools given correctly and not try to cut rocks with a $500 knife. If they don't know that they will damage the knife and dull the blade with certain moves, they deserve to DNF.


So when Perez braked, he somehow used the tyres incorrectly?

That "used incorrectly" argument is just a bag of hot air that lacks all merit. We've all seen various race cars do donuts without melting or exploding their tyres.

Here's the maestro himself doing no-hands donuts after winning GP2


And here's some F1 cars doing the same (you can't see them for the smoke):




...Not the slightest complaint from them tyres!

Now, tell me more about "used incorrectly."


Badger, tires are fine when used correctly and fine when not used more than certain % of their designed life cycle which I estimate is max 1/3 GP distance. Pushed further they fail.

Do you know how many parts on an F1 car would fail if used incorrectly? F2 teams and engineers know al this, but they choose to push it anyway and thus have failures.

And Quade, Perez's failure cause is clear to all. And it's not classlessness, he stated a fact. Is it not?


But it's not nonsense. The tyres are ridiculous!


Sebee Paul Hembrey is in business, his [mod] retort shows how [mod] he can be when critiqued. Its no harm to Alonso at least his criticism wasn't baseless. I remember when Red Bull moaned and groaned earlier this year. [mod] A driver can't criticize tyres now? Just because your idol has had the fastest car for 4 years in a row you get to shoot your mouth off at everyone else who can't compete. [mod]


Please don't be so negative. It takes valuable time to mod comments like this. Next time we will just delete - Mod


Sebee. Paul Hembery lowered himself to utter classlessness with his remarks. In fact his words have turn right round and bitten him in the softies with todays blow out.

Executives who speak without thinking always end up looking as foolish as Paul Hembery is looking today.


I think you haven't realised, but Alonso has a point here. He doesn't say that's the reason Ferrari's performance. I suggest you read again what he has said.



even though the tire was engineered by german-speaking folk, Alonso makes himself look so petty with his ranting, so.

It's sad, because he is a great driver, but like many of the drivers, they just need to shut up, and get on with the work.


(Actually what Mr Hemberey did was apologizing for his words)


Ha ha ha! I always liked Paul.

First he blames the team and car and gets slapped by Luca.

Now he blames the tires and gets burned by Paul.

Oh...the ego bruising! Come save him Flavio!


Paul Hembery is an absolute (enter any insult). Would have loved to be a fly on the wall when Webber went to have a word with him post race. He thinks he is the big shot when in reality he'll be lucky if Pirelli are in F1 for much longer! Waste of space.


I'm going to declare my support for Paul with my wallet. Dropping off the main ride tonight for new tires as I don't want to run on this thin tread over the winter.

Four Pirelli Scorpion STR 20s going on tonight at $212 a piece installed. Thanks Paul! Keep up the thankless hard work!

Valentino from montreal

" the soon to be 4 time world champion "

Lol and ouch


The soon to be world champion? Seems Mr. Hembery knows something about how this season's going to end that we fans don't. I mean even with the farce of a season this is turning out to be, one's still doing his best to follow the championship to the end with the same amount of enthusiasm as was the case earlier in the season only for Mr. Hembery to come up with some dumb remarks that reminds you how boring the season has been?


Call it common sense. You don't need to be a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.


Tyemz, did you think that the Korean GP was boring? If so you couldn't have watch the same race that most people watched. I won't comment on whether Mr. Henbery was right or wrong about replying to Alonso, but to say theat the Koean GP was boring, come on there was intense racing from start to finish. To me it doesn't mater who wins, it's the racing that counts. Red Bull being so dominant is nothing new for F1 as it relates to one team dominating a race or a season. Just look back to Ferrari when they had Schumacher, difference is there wasn't any social media discussing up to and after a race.

Scuderia McLaren

Mr Hembery, just for that, and that alone, I will forever buy Pirelli tyres! Lmao

Will you marry me Paul, I hear its legal in some places around the world.


Hey hey hey....get in line man! 🙂


Hembery didn't have to go there.


Everyone in F1 has been on Pirelli's back.....so I can see this is frustration at their predicament.

With hindsight, I wonder if Pirelli regret did stretching the concept of fragile tyres too far this year...if they had continued to use last year's compounds this PR situation would not have arisen.


having just fast forwarded through the latest episode of the formula tyre world championship, I'm getting sick of this rubber limited debacle.

When the top drivers in the world are going backwards after only a few laps, and others are suffering tyre explosions on the straight, it's no longer a sport.

I needed new tyres recently. Pirelli were one of the options. I refuse to buy Pirelli tyres because of how they've ruined Formula One this year. I can only hope that Pirelli's marketing is equally successful for others.

Enjoy your Red Bull world championship, Paul. you're at least partially responsible for it, by ruining the competition this year with your pseudo tyres.


It's a shame you fast forwarded, you missed a fantastic race!


is excitement judged by the number of laps a group of cars tool around together without being able to pass each other, unable to spend too long in the wake of the car in front because that would wreck their tyres, or does it come from watching the best drivers in the world on the ragged edge of adhesion.

I saw a race where the winner was obvious by about lap 4. I saw Lewis' race ruined by crappy tyres. I saw Checo and Mark's race ruined by another tyre explosion. I saw a frustrating procession of cars unable to pass each other. I saw too many safety cars. That's not exciting. That's just annoying.

The championship is now decided. The rest of the season is unlikely to be worth wasting my time to watch.


it'll be interesting to get one of those yearly reports on how successful the company was over the last twelve months compared to the last.


I think he did. The drivers/teams are all too keen to pass the blame onto Pirelli for everything, Hembery needs to the put them in their place.


The tyres are the same for all the cars out there, Vettel has lead the championship since race 2 regardless of which version was in use. Vettel and Red Bull have got faster as the season progresses every year since 2009 as well, that's not a surprise or a change in tyre spec, that's car development, the best car development in fact.


If Alonso and Ferrari are wondering what the cause of their lack of pace is they need only look in the mirror.


You overlook the degree to which Red Bull were chuntering about the 2013 tyres (remember how far back they finished in Barcelona?).


blame the tyres, dont blame the tyres...its all a side show. renault engine cars rarely win championship without cheating. mass dampers and traction control come to mind. to my mind the last renault engine car to win the championship "legally" was the williams of Damon Hill. ah the good old days.


You overlook that Pirelli completely ignored everyone's complaints until chucks of steel were flying inches past Alonso's head and drivers were openly threatening to boycott race if the tyres weren't changed, which Fernando seems to have conveniently forgotten about too.


Totally agree!

Would love it if he turned out to be wrong. Although that is hghly unlikely. Another borefest!


No but then even the tyre eating mercs were fine...


Sure they were...secret tests always help


I'm all about people in F1 speaking their mind but a nobody like Paul Hembry should show more respect to a Formula one champion.

The tests behind other teams backs both Ferrari and Mercedes and a few other snide comments from Hembry don't paint Pirelli in a positive professional light.


Thank you Mrs. Alonso.


“I can only suggest he goes to ask the soon-to-be four-times champion how to get the best from the same tyres.”

LOL. That made me laugh hard. 🙂



Hembery wil be doing stand up soon!


He'll have to change his first name to 'Shecky' AT&T his rate.


He's a real comedian


Sorry Paul Hembery, but I think if you ask "the soon-to-be four-times champion how to get the best from the same tyres" his answer would run along the following lines - "Get your team to lobby the FIA, FOM and tyre supplier to change the specification of the tyre to something that your car was designed around, just like we did."

Not trying to bash Vettel, who I enjoy watching in a kind of --Schumacher destroy the opposition in a car totally designed around my strengths 2000-2004 style-- I just think that changing the rules halfway through a season just to suit one team under a false sentiment of safety, and then for Hembery to turn round and make out that he doesnt understand the reasons kind of rich.

I cant imagine how much of a farce 2005 would have been, for example, if the FIA had backed a return to tyre changes mid-season, and then Schumacher had have romped away to his 8th crown, which I think is the way Vettel is going to win this one.


what happpend at silverstone cant be just sentiment of safety...it was urgent


+ A Million


So you were also against banning of off-throttle exhaust blowing? And also against more restrictions on flexi wings mid season of the previous years?

These were specifically aimed at RBR. Nobody complains about that one.

The changes to the Pirellis had to be made. Just look at Silverstone? Randomly exploding tyres is not good for F1... Pirelli underestimated the downforce of the 2013 cars. So this change in tyres was needed. Just think about the safety concerns and the F1 image if this would have continued.


The point is, Pirelli shouldn't have to ESTIMATE the amount of downforce in the 2013 cars...or any year. The ban on testing is at fault, not Pirelli's construction, which they were DEMANDED to tune to a certain criteria (i.e., number of pit stops per race) but then denied the appropriate tests to verify their designs.

Blame the team owners, who turned down testing in 2012 and even earlier, for "cost containment"...


Very good observation once its against redbull and Vettel its ok as it seems on most forums its just sad!

Alonso started this to taint Vettel's title but its not going to fly!


As I recall, the tires exploding were primarily caused by teams running them in the opposite rotation direction to that intended by the construction. Hardly "random".

Much of the problem with tires is the fault of the FIA and the teams for not implementing an appropriate preseason testing program with a current car.


Vettel was leading already before the change...


Exactly! Its like Seb has an answer for everything these jealous Hamilton brigade throw at him.


The answer is called Adrian Newey.


Spot on.

Mid-season change is a farce, worse than the 2003 tyre change that booted Kimi and Montoya in the kling-klangs whilst handing a previously interesting championship to Schumi.

Farce, but still kudos to Newey and Seb. Doubt Merc or Ferrari engineers could have touched Newey's amazing mid-season developments - again.

Crying shame Pirelli couldn't have sorted their delaminations without destroying the championship. Lesson for Pirelli and Bernie and the FIA - stop meddling to fudge a predicted outcome, it doesn't work, tyres are too influential and you end up with mid season changes and a tarnished championship.

Hembrey has now completely lost his credibility with that response.

Wonder if that kind of response is representative of the feeling as a company -

Is it pressure from Hemby's job on the line, or are the rest of the Pirelli board still hiding under the boardroom table from the image beating they've been taking, or are the board worried about their more scandalous matters?

Who knows, but I certainly didn't expect such a pro Seb/Red Bull comment from the main Pirelli F1 man!

There's no need to for Alonso to ask Seb, he knows what he needs, "somebody else's car". He just can't say it or the overreacting Luca will do a Prost to him, despite the inevitable performance death that would follow with the loss of the only good thing Ferrari have going for them at the moment.

Chin up Fred, destroy your red tyres, pit on lap 2, race on a clear track on the harder tyres and score big. You never know, it's about time Seb had a first corner incident plus with Hammy 2nd and Grosjean 3rd the chances may be better. 😉



Tire change mid-season for security reasons falled in a grey area IMHO.

Some questioning about if the blown tires during the race were really a security threat were left officially unanswered, or I am clearly misinformed.

Alas, does anyone have any statistics about blown tires during a race causing some really dangerous accident? I humbly can't remember.

Hi-speed corners nowadays have plenty of safety areas for this type of incident.

Mr Hembery could have told RBR mid-season to ask on other teams (FI,Lotus) how they complied with those tires, too.


We don't need statistics on accidents caused by blown tyres. If there are numbers to count, then the FIA have acted too late. It isn't just drivers with blown tyres potentially being thrown into the wall. We saw at Silverstone how close Raikkonen and Alonso came to being on the receiving end of a flying tyre carcass. Remember what happened when Massa copped a small spring to the helmet a few years back? What would a tyre carcass to the helmet do to a driver at 300km/h? And with the drivers trying to get right up behind the others for a slipstream down the straights, it doesn't exactly leave much time for the guy behind to react if a huge piece of Pirelli comes from the car in front.

That said, while a lot of the newer purpose-built circuits have plenty of run off, there are still the likes of Monaco and Singapore lined walls without much run off for most of the circuit, and even tracks like Australia, Canada and Hungary which have sections of fairly closely walled circuit. Sure they tend to use Tecpro barriers at potentially dangerous areas, and car safety in general is pretty good now, but we also know from Senna's accident that freak things can happen. For the FIA to see what happened at Silverstone and say, "Well, let's just leave things as they are and hope it won't result in any fatalities or major injuries," would have been unacceptable.



"What would a tyre carcass to the helmet do to a driver at 300km/h?"

Now that's an argument with which I totally agree. That is an unacceptable risk because it might even submit a driver to a momentaneous blind trip.


A gray area? There was nothing gray about it. Tyres were EXPLODING. Drivers threatened not to drive in the German GP. All teams agreed to change them.

There was nothing gray, weird or suspicious about it. Stupid how the tyres-deal was managed by Ecclestone and the FIA, yes, but the change was needed to fix the mess they built.

We need to stop with the conspiracy theories just because Vettel is winning.


F1 had plenty of "exploded" tires before Pirelli, that is my point. And I couldn't find any register of a real case of mild or grave accident caused by this. The probability of contact between cars is much higher in passing than because of blown tires. Are you willing to forbid passing for the sake of safety?


Were exploding ? They are actually still exploding. Aren't they ?


Errrm... Nobody was denying the tyres were not safe... They destroyed themselves...

Considering the previous tyres lasted even shorter than these.. I hate to think how Alonso thinks those fragile tyres would have lasted any longer..


Some teams were running the tyres backwards and that caused the failures.


Yes... But this was approved by Pirelli... So nobody realised that issue. ... And clearly that was not the only issue as the steel belt overheated them


"I just think that changing the rules halfway through a season just to suit one team under a false sentiment of safety, and then for Hembery to turn round and make out that he doesnt understand the reasons kind of rich."

I'm not sure this is fully the case. I'm just disappointed that - with all the money and big names involved here - that we ended up with a situation where tyres were changed mid season. They had to be changed because big teams failed to devote appropriate attention to tyres in pre-season. Force India and Lotus, to name but two, got things right and moved up the pecking order. The others didn't, struggled, and subsequently complained until things got changed. Were the tyres unsafe for all, or just those teams that hadn't been sufficiently responsible in pre-season?

Just a shame. Makes a mockery of the season, a little. Another F1 season that needs an asterix.


It may not be that FI and Lotus "did their homework". High-aero loading stresses the tyres considerably, and it is quite possible that FI and Lotus just didn't have the aero downforce (relative to their speed) that stressed the tyres. In short, it may have been pure fortuitousness that made them kind on the tyres, rather than engineering brilliance.


Maybe, but is that important? They built cars that performed well with the entire set of rules for the year. They did that successfully and were subsequently punished for it.

Many of the rule evolutions in recent years have sought to reduce the dominance of aero. Surely if a team decided to forsake aero in the name of improving within the current set of rules, they should benefit from that... and not be punished.

If we are going to get into aero capabilities, prior to Allison's departure, would most not consider Lotus to be the second-strongest team on the grid in the aero department?


I couldn't agree more,some teams went beyond the limits to counter tyre wear whilst others designed around the original specification,and we shouldn't forget the tyres used a less expensive steel construction. Tyre manufactures cocked up and then bowed to pressures from who knows who....i guess people see what they want to see.



The tyres were changed for safety reasons. The darn things were exploding.

Where did you get your story from? What you have there is a conspiracy theory that has no roots in the facts we all observed.


Sir, but the fact that neither Lotus nor Force India had problems (alongside your obvious "insider" knowledge) does not give anyone the right to wax conspiracy theories. No?

The tyres were changed for safety reasons and that's that.


Did you see a Force India or a Lotus have a problem? No, because they did their homework pre-season. Any tyre can be unsafe if you run the pressures wrong, use the left wheel on the right side, set your car up incorrectly. The tyres were a fixed variable that everybody had time and resources to learn about and adapt accordingly. What the teams did with the tyres was up to them.

What a silly response.


You are forgetting that ALL TEAMS had to agree on tyre changes, including Ferrari. They didn't have a gun pointing to their heads.

And it wasn't Red Bull tires that were blowing up in Silverstone...


I believe that their tyres were showing cuts on them after the pitstops.


Bridgestone tyres were cut proof it seems


The tyres were changed for safety reasons. No team had to sign anything, because they all had zero choice in the matter.



Direct your angst at Pirelli for failing to get their manufacturing right.


Safety reasons ? Safety my back side. If they are safe now why we had another blow out 2day and few extra in the pipeline. Are we watching same events ?



I can imagine Hembery has had enough, but I would've expected more professional response.

1.Ferrari, Lotus, Force India does above average. RBR, Sauber, McL struggles

2. Pirelly change tyres

3. RBR, Sauber and (even) McL fares better. Ferrari, Lotus and Force India drops back.

Coincidence? Stats proof otherwise. Say what you want, changing tyres half way through altered the 2013 F1 campaign. It's a farce, but the powers that be make their money so who cares.

Out of a group of around 10 buddies who used to get together on Sundays to watch the best of the best compete at the cutting edge of motorsport, I'm the last one left. I only watch when it really suits my weekend or day and have only watched 1 qualifying session the whole year.

Let's hope 2014 will bring some fans back and maybe even add a couple of new ones.


"RBR, Sauber, McL struggles"

RBR were leading both the WDC and WCC, so you have an odd understanding of "struggles". I guess they are still "struggling" to this day.


Also the fact that Pirelly have been named as sole supplier for the next five years would certainly give Mr Hembery the backbone required to make such a smart arsed remark to one of the top drivers!


So how comes Vettel was leading championship before the tyres were changed? And would have won silverstone if it wasn't for that gearbox but the point is Alonso loves to sulk but its beginning to sink in Seb is taking his mantle as the best driver in F1, and judging by Alonso starting to fade at the end of races lately its wise to suggest he's past his prime whilst the likes of Hamilton and Rosberg are at their peak right now and Seb is approaching his best days, future doesn't look good for Alonso, those 2 mas damper titles last decade seems like a dim memory now, this certainly wasn't in the script when he was on top of the world after 2006 and when he joined Mclaren, Seb must find a way to join Ferrari and beat Alonso, it'll cement his claim as the best of this generation.


Yes tealeaf many alonso fans seems to forget the illegal mass damper wins he had, let's not forget the unreliability of kimi's mclaren too




You just won't let Vettel have anything over Hamilton will you? Hahaha +1 all you like the facts remain the same Hamilton will probably never win another lucky title, time to watch another sport if you can't stomach it.


Im alonso's. Do not get wrong!. And I agreed to the post shumerak made. This season it is clear everything is planned. This is not sport. They arrange tires change! . That is my +1 for.

And you what? haha. Enjoy Hamiltons only arranged 2007 championship!!!!

You are right, it would never be another


Let's make two things clear: it wasn't Red Bull the only one asking for a change in the tyres, it was every single team besides Ferrari, Lotus and Force India.

Secondly, it wasn't a "false sentiment of safety", the tyres DID explode, even the pilots (Alonso included) threatened to withdraw from the German Grand Prix if there wasn't a change. Or do you think Alonso enjoyed almost being taken out of the race because of Perez's exploding tyre? Or Massa missing a sure podium?

I don't like that the tyres were changed mid-season, it's was bad for the sport. But let's not pretend it was some complot to favor Red Bull.


They still blow up....


They only blow up when a driver stomped on the brakes as if he had ABS in the car, and actually tears through the tread and carcass. Look at who did it, find your pay driver - who was the only one to treat them that way. That lock-up was MASSIVE...

As a McLaren fan, even I can see it was 100% Perez's fault...he went in too hot to out-brake another car, lost it, and stomped the brakes too hard. Blaming Pirelli because Checo is a pay driver that needs more experience isn't fair...


Let's not lose the sequence of events here. Pirelli were ready to change the tyres after Ferrari won in Spain and RB complained to high heavens. I think even Mr. Hembery was quoted as saying four stops was way too much. If the tyres were changed at that point (which would have been the case had Ferrari, Force India and Lotus agreed), it would have been because RB and Merc complained, not because of any safety issues. To pretend it was the Silverstone failures that caused the tyres to be changed is, to say the least, have selective memory


The amount of sore alonso fans is hilarious!! You gave them a reality check!


I pretty much agree with Alonso! They need to bring some more durable tires, I know they are trying to live up the things a bit with them, but they just make it a bit boring, since 90% of teams are having hard time with managing tires and driving on 3/4 of power. In mine opinion that is something that needs to be changed, I'm sure they can find some comfort zone for both teams and drivers to do 100% with cars and FIA/FOM or whoever asked for such tires to bring back the BOX strategy in play!


They are only struggling because they are trying to avoid pitstops. Make the pitstops faster - and bring back the higher speed limits on pit lane to help with that! - and the race strateg will favour more pitstops with faster lap times.

Once again, F1 has shot itself by having conflicting messaging - "we want more pitstops, but in the name of "perfect safety" we will make them so penalising that no team wants to do them even if it lets them run faster laps on fresh rubber." As long as the race-strategy simulators keep saying 2 stops is faster than 3, you will have teams push the tyres past their durability limits in the hopes of getting lucky. They solution isn't to make more durable tyres, the solution is to fix how long the pit stop is...


This tires are more durable than pre-silvestone ones...


I'm talking about this whole season! Looks to me Pirelli is saying that all 10 teams should invest crazy amount of money and time to develop and test the parts/car then get it approved by FIA and then get it to the track, so that the car is a bit gentle to the tires. And if you see all the talks about cost saving, this is one stupid point they are making. It is easier to change tires and their specifications then 20 cars! (I'm excluding RB because they got it right!)

But since this season is in its last stage, it is a bit late for that! So lets hope all that money spent in developing new specification cars for next season pays off! 🙂


Im generally in support for what pirelli have done for F1, never want to go back to how it was,

The super soft this year has gone too far, in China early this season I recall Nico Rosberg was asked how many laps they would last and nico replied, "dont you mean how many corners", obviously the construction has changed since then but its still the same compound

The supersoft should be for the low speed street circuits only, tomo expect to see the front runners pit early, makes it a bit of a farce in my opinion


At last Alonso has spoken the truth about the wretched tyres. Kimi next.

Paul Hembery's reply was totally unacceptable and shuddering crude. Not what you would remotely expect from a person at his level. Shame on the man.


So if the Ferrari is worse on durable tyres how would they cope on the fragile tyres, i think people need to engage thier brain seriously the argument is getting borderline ridiculous its as if Alonso's fans cant remember the tyres were really bad before the change even when Alonso won in China he had a sloe puncture but was lucky he was close to the pits.

Also on the tyres Massa had a blow out as well!


It is a bit short-sighted to imagine that everyone who sides with Alonso over certain issues is an "Alonso" fan. If you are noticeably prejudiced against a driver, then your views concerning him wouldn't make much sense and might even somewhat taint the discussion.


But when RBR or Mercedes complained about the tyres, nobody cared. But now that Alonso has made a statement he is right?...


If you always view things that people say from a partisan viewpoint, you will miss a lot of facts and details.

What Alonso said has nothing whatsoever to do with team allegiance. The tyres are horrible, and that's it - a fact that affects ALL teams as well as F1's public standing.


Well Pirelli cared - they changed the tyre construction to suit RBR and Mercedes.

Even gave the Mercs a private test which no matter what you think about it, solved Mercedes tyre problems.

I mean are you seriously saying F1 should have tyres that last less than 1 lap? What happened to the pinnacle of motorsport?

Not to mention some jumped up administrator taking a cheap shot at a F1 World Champion - my opinion of Pirelli just dropped a few points...


Don't get me wrong, I hate the Pirlli tyres with a passion. It just strikes me as odd that now people start to care, but when RBR or Mercedes say such things noone cares. It is so hypocrite...


'Paul Hembery’s reply was totally unacceptable and shuddering crude'

No, it was the perfect response! His company is being publicly criticized in the International media and you expect him to be diplomatic? FA summed it up himself when he said " its the same for everybody". Ferrari have some of the best Engineers in the Pitlane, and whilst I would much rather see a more competitive F1, teams failing to make the most of the current tyres have to take some of the responsibility for their relative poor performances.


+1. well said Cliff


Yes FA said it's the same for everybody. FA said that the Red Bulls would go even faster if the tyres were more durable.

Therefore Hembry's response is not only Juvenile, it doesn't even address the criticisms made about him and his motley crew.


As I've posted before, it up to Ferrari to provide Alonso with with a car capable of working with the current batch of tyres. Fernando Alonso's comments were more the result of his teams inability to build him a competitive car, Pirelli are just an easy target. As for the response from Paul Hembery's, given the stick that he has had to take, I'd say that it was the perfect response.


Actually its everything you expect, he has a job to defend the integrity of his pirelli brand, pirelli have already been given a verbal hammering on the durability of these tyres throughout this season, he is not about to dis-credit his brand further is he,

I do however agree the super soft is not suitable for high speed


Damn! You actually think he did credit to the Pirelli brand with that crude retort?


Not atall he obviously going to defend whatever happens


It made me like him better.


Agree 110%. Hembery didn't address Alonso's allegations, he just threw a schoolyard taunt his way. The only more arrogant figure in F1 today is the Chrome Gnome hisself.

Regardless which team has solved the puzzle THIS WEEK, the disinte-Pirellis are a disaster, and have been since 2011.

BTW, if you'll check the lap times for Shanghai 2013, you'll see that Vettel got near abouts 5km (out lap +1 race pace) out of the set of softs he switched to on Lap 52 before they started losing nearly a second a lap. Which legitimizes Alonso's allegations, even before the reversion to the 2012 spec tyres.


As I recall when RB complained the tyres didn't allow them to give 100% Alonso said they were complaining only because they were not used to loosing. Now he complains about the same thing. I think Hembery gave him a taste of his own medicine.


A bitter bitter overrated driver, even Hamilton beat him, no doubt Webber, Button and Rosberg would also be a match for Alonslow, even a back injured Raikkonen won't let Alonso have it all his way, and you wonder why he veto'd Vettel's Ferrari move, he would be blown into early retirement, Luca please sign Vettel and Hamilton that'll sort out your qualifying and it'd be McLaren's 88 success all over again.


Alonso is definitely not overrated, he is a brilliant driver and spectacular while on attack.

But, a helpless loud mouth that keeps shooting himself in the foot... should be more like Kimi.... just don't care about anything and drive the bloody thing 🙂

Scuderia McLaren



Ever noticed how ridiculous your posts are?


His blinkers would prevent that. No doubt plenty of others have though.


Alonso overrated? Not sure that you would get many Team Principles agreeing with you on that one!

I disagree with his comments, but as for his ability? I wouldn't think that was in doubt.


Wait until you see Vettel in a team against a driver like Alonso, Hamilton or Kimi or in equal machinery then he will be simply throwing his toys out of the pram! No finger then! Why do think RBR have signed Ricardo and not Kimi?


Because of Marko's need to justify his young driver program. Nevertheless, Tealeaf is wrong, Alonso is a great driver. Two championships and 32 wins don't come by accident.


Or do they come by an accident? 😉 (Piquet crash...)


Agree, massively overrated. The Ferrari has probably been pretty good for the last 4 years, but with Massa being injured and Alonso being average things have not been going their way.

Will be good to get Kimi there to rack up some wins.


Guess he's now resorting to the RB trick; whinge about the tyres and get some made to suit your car...


Dream on.


am a die-heart fan of vettel but still i think the above comment for alonso is disrespectful ....


Poor Alonso; not even all the Media Corporation's men and all the Media Corporation's women, and their spiffy computing devices can fix the broken Red car.

Tand pis, some say.

But the negativity and blame, does NOT look good on this former champion.

Instead, they should have their head down, using this year's broken red machine as the test bed for next year's red lightning; they have the guy who can make the tires work, and get the suspension good. Now if they could only get their aero department going good, Kimi will be able to win next year.


When Red Bull complained Pirelli's reaction was to change the tyres. Instead of that the could have tell them to learn from Lotus and Ferrari but ...


Pirelli didnt want to change the tyres untill Silverstone... Where they were exploding randomly...


Not true - they did want to change but the teams couldn't agree it


They didn't WANT change, they *reluctantly* OFFERED it due to pressure applied by the lobbying teams. Hembry was on record saying that they didn't want to change them because that would give Red Bull the championship.


It's pathetic that they even had to consider a midseason change of tires.



A very 2 faced response.


Well said.


Just don't let the facts cloud your opinion. It's all RBR's fault. Such great competition in the beginning, watching the tyres delaminate and explode on any circuit with decent cornering speeds - not to mention excessive nursing. Even Ferrari changed their tune after the Silverstone GP fiasco.

Felipe Massa:"... and then I saw myself last because of a very dangerous situation, you know, with the tyres. Which was was not just with me it happened with many other drivers today.... I am disappointed because I didn’t finish in the podium not because of my fault... but because of unacceptable situation from the tyres."


He had a delamination caused by a cut


What are you talking about??? Pirelli had to change it when the silverstone failures were unacceptable.


Sorry but Pirelli wanted to change the tyres themselves. Not because Red Bull wanted it.

And when RB complained they were already leading the championship.

Imagine if they hadn't changed the tyres, then Alonso couldn't even do one full lap.

On the other hand is Hembery's reply a little strange.


No, when Red Bull complained nothing was changed.

After the tyres exploded and the drivers threatened to withdraw from the German Grand Prix because of that, THEN they were changed.

Let's tell the facts how they are, please.


Not true - Pirelli wanted to change the tyres well before Silverstone but the teams that did a good job of building their cars to suit the 2013 tyres (Lotus, Ferrari and Force India) wouldn't agree to it.


Doobs - but in fairness, the teams WERE doing all of those things...which on tyres designed to a certain spec would throw them out of spec. Before you criticise a component, you have to use it as it is was designed to be used first. THEN if it fails, you can say it isn't proper.


I remember Pirelli saying nothing was wrong with the tyres, the teams were running too low pressures, putting them on inside out and blowouts and delaminations were due to cuts caused by debris... In short "it ain't our fault gov"


Ballsy, Paul! I guess they do have the five year contract pretty much signed 😀


There is no advice seb could give Fernando that would help him except the words "get in the second red bull" they now seem to have fixed there lack of straight like speed also so only weakness is reliability now. Today was the first time in over 8 years I havnt got up to watch f1 and that is saying something.


I'm even finding it difficult to visit F1 sites these days. Not good.


Alonso blocked Vettel's Ferrari negotiations. Alonso would never have the balls to let Seb have a chance to smash him.


Fred doesn't give a fxxx, he just laughs at what his comments provoke, more than that, maybe I'm him


I agree. I've watched practically every race and qualifying for at least the last 15 years.

It feels more and more a patriotic chore to maintain my enthusiasm for F1 nowadays. I won't bother this weekend at all. Same (overrated) guy at the front in the best designed car winning yet another championship. Yawn. At least when Schumi did it, you knew he was the best driver at the time.


Remove those rose tinted glasses and look back at those good old days again.


Schumi was the greatest of his generation, like Vettel (the youngest ever race winner, from pole, in wet conditions) is now (and if anything, the cars are more restricted in terms of design nowadays, what with standard ECUs, various banned components over the last few years, no tyre war, similar engines).



Cancelled my Sky Sports sub this weekend. I think it's time for F1 to look up the definition of "sport" in the dictionary.


Good for Hembrey. Alonso is a big baby. I quit pulling for Ferrari when he joined the team.


+1 - it pains me tremendously to not be rooting for Farrari but can't bring myself to do it with Alonso in the team - finally got to wear my Ferrari shirt and hat to the movie Rush - go Lauda! - felt good - just wish I had someone to root for with Ferrari - next year luckily Kimi will be back! Now we just need Vettel in the red car!!! Sealing the deal.



As much as i respect Alonso's driving, he was being a whiny baby.

Finally someone willing to call him out instead of agreeing with anything that comes from the mouth of Fernando the Great and Powerful.


Hehehehe Paul Paul Paul , you naughty boy!!

Have to say Brilliant come back, Alonso cmon matey!


Shame he spoiled it by going to apologise. Should tell you something...


“I can only suggest he goes to ask the soon-to-be four-times champion how to get the best from the same tyres.”

Did someone just take off their gloves?


No he had to apologise...


Yes...for taking off his gloves 🙂

I'm in two minds about this:

First, I think it's kind of good that Hembery spoke out and didn't take Alonso's criticisms lying down. He's a man who's been under immense pressure (as has Alonso) and I have a feeling this has been coming for a while. That's not to say that Alonso was wrong in what he said - he's not.

On the other hand what Hembery said was unprofessional and not what you'd expect from a spokesperson of a large company like Pirelli. I'm guessing his mouth was moving before his brain got the memo and that as soon as he said it he would have been thinking something along the lines of "oh ****, that was a mistake", but that's not to say that Hembery was wrong in what he said - he's not, although he might have been better off suggesting that Alonso ask the Lotus drivers.

Having said all that basically at this point the whole situation is a shambles and I hope - hope - that in 2014 Pirelli actually get it right so that the best drivers in the world can have a good close race without being told to be look after the tyres...but I suspect at this point telling the drivers to look after the tyres might have become a habit that will be hard to break.


One now wonders is this the start of the Game Changer, are the toys starting to come out of the pram? Alonso can’t really say the car is crap, so he picks on another part of the package, to show the cars short comings.

James you are very correct, you can see the rear end of the Ferrari move about, which could be the reason for them to damage the tyres. The people movement within Ferria also point to a rethink in the Aero – CFD dept.

As you know more about Ferrari than most people James, have they actually sorted out there major problem, between, the CFD, Wind tunnel, and track data. Have they got the correlation correct yet?

As for Paul Hembery, you do have to admire his reserve, given all the stick he has taken from the teams & media over the last couple of months. In reality y he was only following orders from Bernie to spice up the on track action. It seems the teams look to make the tyres work, and therefore will try anything.


Great post!! I think the toys could come flying out of the pram in Japan

The Spanish Inquisitor

Did Pirelli responded so hard when Sebastian claimed against the quality of the tires at the beginning of the season?


Of course not, this hypocrisy stinks.

Alberto Martínez



No, but there was a problem. Teams understood it was a safety issue and agreed for the change. But then they changed to the 2012 tyres which every driver was familiar with for one year!! Apparently one (complete) driver can't get to grips with it.


No, they spoke to him and changes it!. money for nothing? only in the song....


I have defended Pirelli in the past – this however shows me that I was wrong and everyone complaining about Pirelli rubber (and their way of conducting themselves) right. The good thing is that, in contrast to ALO, I have the luxury of choosing another manufacturer.

The irony of things…Have you forgotten Mr Hembery which driver, and which team that would complain and nag, each and every grand prix about the durability aspects of your tires in the first part of the season?? They stopped complaining first when you changed mid-season the specifications of the tires to one that (obviously) fits their package better. Obviously, too short of a memory to remember that, since you are asking ALO to look at exactly those persons now - and you are doing it the Pirelli way obviously.

The irony of things…we have not even started talking about all those occasions that we could see, on TV, the tires made by YOU literally EXPLODE on track putting driver lives in danger - clearly demonstrating Pirelli CAN have VERY VISIBLE and APPARENT quality issues. Obviously, we could not require mr Hembery to remember that – after all it was more than four races ago that it happened last time.

You would expect the motorsport director of a major company to have more intelligence than this, or at least the ability to express himself more eloquently than what he has! Pirelli through their representative, clearly demonstrate that they are not dependable – that I will remember next time I look for quality rubber for our cars!


I agree with you. The response from Pirelli is plain pathetic. Well, we have the FIA to thank for all the mess F1 is into nowadays.



It's not really Pirelli's fault, but Ecclestone's and the FIA's. They demanded softer tyres to add spectacle, but they didn't allow for the necessary testing to proceed.

Pirelli is in a hard position, because they get all the blame for the FIA's terrible management, when they only did what they were paid to do.


They didn't have to accept a contract with the FIA.

They were the *only* company willing to take on such a ridiculous mandate.

It's AT LEAST 50% their fault.


Paul Hembery should stop speaking in favor of one driver only. Does that mean Pirelli is there for Vettel, alone. People should make sure to have their mind in the gear before they open their mouth. Unacceptable comments that come from Pirelli quarters.


He wasn't speaking about Vettel, only about the driver about to win the WDC, and could have been any other driver and he would have said he same.

I used to think Seb's fans were bad, but Freds's fans are the WORST!


Really, how imaginative, it hurts even worms intelligence. And who that would be to become 4X World Champion, Marussia ? BTW Iam F1 fan, that's it.

Would love to hear who Paul Hembery is going to blame now. F1 must find someone who is interested and could produce proper tires that could be raced. After another tire delamination and blowout it is quite clear that those Pirelli tires are only to be put on showroom cars.


Yes, the tire change had everything to do with Vettel and nothing with exploding tyres which caused a safety concern. The safety concern was so big that all the drivers had agreed not to race next grand prix if there was any issue...

But yes, Vettel single handedly was the reason for new tyres...


The issue isn't the tyres exploding, though we still saw another.. Also,said the tyres are crepe.


Very safe tires, no joke, it's proven 2day


Let me start by saying that I am a big fan of Alonso.

That said, Mr. Hembery's should learn some modals. What Alonso said (literal quotes) is just an opinion on the tires provided by Pirelli for this track. And, by the way, it is not much different from what other teams and drivers have stated in past races during this year.

However, what Mr. Hembery replied is ad hominen and lacks class from beginning to end.


Lack of class why? Because the truth hurts? Alonso should stop the moaning and get his team to build a better car. Schu did it, Hamilton is doing it, Alonso needs to do it.


Hembery instead being the first one to react in media and open his mouth while his mind not yet in the gear should go back to the factory and sort out those tires before to late. What is he going to say next if someone looses life thanks to Pirelli w(t)ires


Sorry, who is talking here about Ferrari and Alo ? The issue here is the sub standard product that would never pass and withstand any serious test of any respectable authority. This is unseen in the modern history of motor racing.

When Hembery was cunningly dispatching Alonso to consult RBR and Vettel how to manage successfully his rubber product Alonso and Ferrari should've responded on the same note dispatching Pirelli and Hembery to consult with Michelin and Bridgestone how to manufacture proper racing spec tires, I hope you got the point.

No one asked ever any factory tires to last 3 laps, that's rubbish


The factory is making the tires that the FIA asked for, why cant you get your mind around that? Plus every team has the same tires, yet Fred is the only one complaining at this point. Face it, Ferrari cant build a competitive car, and Alonso is not good enough to drag a bad car forward...


He'll say, the delaminations were caused by cuts, the teams put the tyres on the wrong way round, the pressures were too low except when they were too high, the carcass was changed for one that didn't explode when you looked at it, only every other time, and We only did what the FIA asked for. Now can everyone stop being mean to us or we'll make tyres to suit your car assuming you haven't already had a secret test with us.


Alonso is moaning and complaining like a little child lately. About time somebody makes him see the errors of his whining.


ALO throws the stone, and HEM spastically enters his game with his comment. It's all ALO can make right now, making others look stupid


Can't blame Alonso (or any of the drivers for that matter) for complaining about the tyres. Must be very frustrating to know that you cannot drive flat out for even a single lap without wrecking them.

I can understand Hemberey's defensiveness given that Pirelli are simply trying to fulfil their brief, however his disparaging comments about Alonso are not warranted. The guy is one of the best on the grid and is entitled to criticise. If his criticism is unfounded then Pirelli should refute with facts rather than snarky insults.


Hembery got no money to but where the mouth is. That's why he is throwing stones in the glass house.


Irony of course being that Alonso and Ferrari were against changing to more durable tyres mid-season and now the tyres are more durable, Alonso complains they are not durable enough?

Makes no sense.

Fact is, early 2013 tyres or these tyres, RBR and Vettel were still leading. They are doing the best job all season long, including when their car wasn't the overall fastest before the summer break


What do you mean durable ? Not durable travelling around the globe, but performance durable. That what FA was talking about. What happen with FL on Peres car 2day?, is that what you call a durable rubber, Kevlar belt... etc., is that is what we could call 2day durable ? Shame. This ain't video game. They are doing 300 km/h +. There was never before in the sporting history of Motor racing that tire issue was always an issue. Correct me if I am wrong ?


"Correct me if I am wrong ?"

You're wrong...


Am I ?, as long as you are right that's great. Pity no one knows what you have to say. Probably nothing, as nothing you just said.


Not so, Alonso's frustrated complaint is for this race and for the fact the supersofts are not even lasting one 100 percent qually lap.

No matter how much oversteering or sliding the Ferrari does, tyres should last for at least one full on lap!

Managing tyres is, and has always been a factor for the race day.

In other words... imagine Senna's amazing Monaco qually lap ... up until the swimming pool - then he backs off because the tyres are shot!

Alberto Martínez

+ 1000000


More durable on Vettel's car you mean?

Mr. Hembery should learn to refine his responses in order not to sound too partisan.


My thoughts exactly!


Rb was so confident we had multi 21.... Ferrari was the car at the beginning of the season, no doubt.


Hembery may have a point regarding Vettel but imho that does not excuse the pathetic tyres Pirelli are giving the teams, causing the tyres to be way too much of an issue in race results.


Fernando is, I think, very strategic here. He knows that if tyres next year are to be more durable to allow for good racing, the pressure needs to be applied to Pirelli now. Hembery's reply is pathetic though. Every body knows that Pirelli's tyres were wrong this year both in terms of safety and performance. Never mind the fiasco of testing tyres with Mercedes. Pirelli should be trying to get it right for next year rather than trying to deflect the critisism which comes from all directions. Especially when it comes from the best driver out there.


I must have missed the quote from Vettel!


Thanks for the 5 month old quote there Doobs!

Not sure what it had to do with this conversation given that its age and the fact that it doesn't relate to the current tyres but thanks for the effort all the same


Yes, you did. Amongst other things obviously....;)


Look back a few moths


Look back a few years; what happened, oh yes Vettel won, once, twice, three times a Champion! You would have to be pretty brave to bet against it happening again this year.


James is it maybe the course tarmac and low grip levels at Korea causing this specific problem compared to Singapore. Maybe they can all go and ask Red Bull how they get the best out of the tyres, or did a few other teams have the same issues ( obviously not as much as Fernando thinks)

I found it very odd that Kimi made a driver error and put his Lotus into the wall on Friday- you can probably can count those sort of errors on 1 hand during his 11 years. Wonder if it was related or was that just pushing too hard on tyres not up to temperature.? Thanks


Thanks guys- it was the first quali I missed in quite some time. Clearly Kimi has the balance perfect on Sundays when it counts and it's hard to get one over the other with the Lotus-- he just came 2nd - which I was really counting in - Excellent job Again !!


Kimi was on the mediums when he stuffed it in the wall. None of the drivers used super-softs till FP2


I saw kimi's onboard feed of his lap, he was shocking, all over the place in the final sector, he has obviously been struggling for grip all weekend


“I am not blaming the tyres. But they are not good. We all see with our eyes. But it is the same tyres for everybody.” So, what exactly is he trying to say here? It would have been much better if he had said "I have run out of skills".

A couple of weeks ago Ferrari said there is more to that than tyres. Ferrari has built a fantastic race winning car and they have already started testing 2014 parts.

So why is Alonso moaning? The more he realises the title is slipping away, the more excuses he is trying to find. First he blamed the team and now the tyres.

But fantastic reply from Hembery. Who can blame him? After all it is a level playing field as far as the tyres are concerned.


He's saying the tyres are graining before one flying lap is even finished.

This isn't a long stint on a punishing track, it's a qualifying lap on a track that has easily accommodated Pirelli Softs and Super Softs since 2011.


It's far from a level playing field as far as the tyres are concerned when Pirelli make a mid season change that helps Red Bull win all the remaining races...

It's about as level as a playing field that has been struck by an asteroid, the size of a playing field.


He is moaning because they aren't able to push, the same reason why loads of other drivers have said the same.


he is saying that if the tyres were better, then every car would go faster and Ferrari would still be behind, but at least they would all be on the limit for more than 80% of one lap.


''I am not blaming the tyres. But they are not good''


That's double talk right there, normally heard from politicians Lol.

On a serious note, something must not be right with the Pirelli for if you have everybody complaining about the tyres, from the great champion Schumi who called them raw eggs to Lewis getting really upset after Germany 2013 and now Alonso >>> something is amiss here.

Now, I have always been a supporter of fast degrading tyres but seeing as the drivers aren't happy plus we still see incidents were drivers are worried about tyres during qualifying, I have reached a point were I now miss the durable Brigdestones for with DRS and KRS available to all drivers, overtaking can't be as bad as before.

So yeah, I wish Pirelli would stop tinkering with the tyres and bring in more durable tyres though ironically, this would hurt Ferrari more because the team has problems with heat generation.



”I am not blaming the tyres. But they are not good”


That’s double talk right there


It really, really isn't.

He is saying that he is not blaming the tyres for the lack of the Ferrari performance, but as a separate issue, the tyres suck.

He said himself, if the tyres were better, the gap would be even bigger to Red Bull, but at least you'd be able to push the car and... you know... race!

It must be really horrible being in a car, loosing time, and only pushing to 90% of what the car is capable.

Put yourself in the following two positions:


You're driving a car, you're 20 seconds behind the leader, but you're pushing every lap. On a good lap you might make a tenth or two, but you'll never catch the guy in front. You at last have the knowledge that you're doing everything you can. Lap after lap you're getting the most out of yourself, pushing yourself to the limit.


You're driving a car, you're 10 seconds behind the leader. If you driver at 80% for the next few laps that will leave you enough tyre to push at 90% for the remainder of the stint. You're driving well within your means and hardly taxing your reflexes. If you play the numbers game well you might just make up 5 seconds, but you'll never catch the leader.

If you *have* to be in a car that's off the pace, which of the two situations would you prefer??


@ James Clayton

For sure, I would prefer the fire situation where a driver can push.


Good point, though I wish the tyres would degrade - but just degrade more consistently, especially on cars that both do not have perfect aero and cars that have to actually use their tyres to follow other cars and push to overtake during a race.

(As we speak I have a horrifying image that the tyre-meddlers are discussing layering tyres next year with wafer thin layers of rubber interleaved with layers of butter. That's sure to make the spectacle better eh?!?)


I dont think there is a problem with the tyres however the choice of supersoft compund for any tracks with high speed corners is wrong, we saw it in china I think the mercs pitted really early from memory, was it lap 4 not certain but pretty sure it was before lap 9, obviously the construction is different now but still the same compound maybe they should have used soft and medium


You contradicted yourself a quite few time there.


Err no i didnt ?


Whenever the topic of Pirelli and Ferrari come up, am always left wondering whether Ferrari is under the Italian curse.

I mean ever since Pirelli returned to the block, Ferrari has been having one problem after the other revolving the volatile tyres especially so in qualifying.

Yes, ever since 2011, Ferrari hasn't been able to achieve pole position in normal dry conditions however, in race conditions, the cars have been able to perform better especially when Pirelli rolled out the softer options for 2011 showed, Ferrari was really struggling to insert heat in the hards and mediums.

Anyway, what am trying to say is Ferrari needs the Brigdestones back for these two companies understood and got on well with each other like the back of their hands.


The tyres are irrelevant, they're the same for every team. Ferrari and Alonso simply need to asks themselves why they aren't good enough.

Hembery's last line is a classic.


Classic ? But far away from a classy tire supplier and F1 partner. As far as I remember McL had a blow out 2day, not the red cars.


Pirelli supply tyres that degrade, as requested.

Any tyre will suffer a blow out if you lock a wheel like Perez did.


Pirelli supply tires to their liking. No one knows anymore what's going on. I am an old dog, seen 5 decades of F1 racing and could not recall not one case of blow out in F1 caused by the lock up while braking. Sorry!! But would be glad to learn some other cases of blow outs caused by braking in F1. Of course, kindly exclude Pirelli rubber.


It surprises me that Hembrey says Alonso's comments are "below the standards you would expect" of him, when his own response was childish and catty, and certainly not what you'd expect of a professional, unpartizan supplier. It's also a shame that he has a go at him, when Alonso did try his best not to blame them for Ferrari's pace - he knows that if there were harder tyres, the Red Bulls could push them harder and be even further in front. I think Alonso's frustration at seeing yet another title slip away from him has made him try to find satisfaction elsewhere, in simply racing and driving the car, and the need to preserve the tyres has gotten in the way of that.

For Hembrey, it must irk him that the list of champions and great drivers alike who have criticised his tyres continues to grow, but maybe he might want to listen to them and speak to FOM about a newer approach.


When there's a problem you talk about it. The mid season tyre change harmed Ferrari and it's Alonso's turn to complain. I think he's right to do so and the FIA tyre strategy has proven to be a complete failure.


It is clear where the problem is. F138 generates less down force due to less efficient "bodywork" vs. Red Bull, Mercedes, Lotus-Renault. In order to compensate they have to run more agressive wheel alignment values thus causing tires to grain if they are pushed early. IMO that is one of the major draw backs in qualifying. But now we are also having track that is not so much used during the course of the year, highly abrasive, so that track would stay "green" for much longer thus preventing F138 to be pushed right from the beginning of the race as it would cause tires to grain and falter. If they grain tires early then they would have to stop early and it would destroy their chances in the race if they have to stop one extra time vs. opposition. I think SF could call it "season finished" and to see that how to improve down force efficiency which is definitely not at the level of the opposition. I think 2014 with Rory Byrne at the helm of design team could be a turning point in SF fortunes next year.


Really, FA? Tires? Again?

Maybe you should speak with your engineers.

I'm no fan of Hembery but, he should have stopped speaking after the word 'disappointing.' His intended meaning still would have been clear.


While I can understand Hembery's disappointment about Alonso's comments as negative publicity for Pirelli, it's all too obvious here that the TWO things below the standards you would expect in F1 are the Pirelli tyres and Hembery himself.


Pirelli have ruined the season. As soon as they changed the tyres to Red Bull specifications following Red Bull harassing them, the season has been over. Ruined what was shaping up yo be a great open season!


Vettel critized Pirelli after Malasya

Hamilton critized Pirelli after Montreal.

Boullier, Force India, Horner, Marko, etc etc etc critized Pirelli.....

What's the problem with Alo, Paul?

Hace you signed a new deal for 2014 yet, buddy?

It seems like Paul knows certainly safely the Result of this championship... since when did you know, Paul? 😉


The fool has just flushed 3 years of hard work and goodwill down the drain by showing his favouritism to Red Bull & Vettel.

They should make special markings for Suzuka: "Vettelli".


It's always seemed to me that Alonso was one of the drivers who understood the tyres. I realise Fernando's words were not very nice and Hembery has to defend his employer but I think the Pirelli guy went a bit too far.

From what I have read over the last couple of years it looks like no one likes Pirellis, even though some drivers mastered them.

It's a bit like with driving in the rain: Senna and Schumacher were great at it but neither of them really enjoyed


Alonso drives for, but doesn't talk for FIArrari. Paul works for Pirelli who are contracted to FIA. Which leads to ......

When are we going to actually cease the use of ancient tyre proportions? I notice Michelin were pushing for low aspect tyres in their negotiations for next year.


Get your facts straight. Pirelli wanted different tire dimensions since the beginning, but the teams are against changing the tire shape. Doing so would cause the teams to have to completely re design the suspension.


“I can only suggest he goes to ask the soon-to-be four-times champion how to get the best from the same tyres.”

I can answer that: the "soon-to-be-four-times-champion-still-don't-know-how" uses some kind of traction control.


Any slight change in the setup may upset these immensely delicate machines. A complete tyre change in the middle of the season only shows that some teams have alot more influence over FIA, it also shows that the same manufacture team does not get penalized accordingly after abusing an strict "no testing" policy.

in short. Mercedes bosses knock on FIA's door and said if the current "status quo" doesn't start suit our car more, we might have to leave the sport.


So Alonso complaining about the Pirelli tyres and he gets a rude and crude response from Paul Hemberey. What happened when Christian Horner, Vettel, Webber and Mercedes complained he said nothing. Also dont forget that those teams were implying that if the tyres changed they could be more quicker, Alonso says that even if the tyres were more durable Ferrari would still be slow compared to the Red Bull. I agree with him and agreed with RBR et al early in the season the tyres should have been more durable and they could still get more durable.

About Pirelli I have lost all my respect for them. Terrible exploding defective tyres, funky cheese rapid wearing tyres and unprofessional from PH. FA is one of the best in the world a 2 time world champion. A lack of respect, I for one wanted them out of F1 after this year.


That's a bit rich from Hembery.

Pirelli has affected the outcome of this championship by changing the tyres mid season. Agreed Ferrari has not done a great job in bringing updates; however tyre change reduced competitiveness of Ferrari, Lotus and Force India and removed a weakness of Red Bull and Mercedes . I think current points margin between top three drivers would be smaller if the tyres were what they were before.

I also ask Mr Hembery to check viewing ratings for the remaining few races once soon to be four time champion is crowned. Maybe he should reflect on the fact that the brief to Pirelli for "weak" tyres was to make sure the championship is tight, which is far from it.


Good to see Hembery cementing his place as F1's David Brent.


Maybe someone told Paul Hembery to 'get his elbows out'.


Best comment ever


Im surprised Hembry didnt mention Raikkonen instead of Vettel given that Seb has been as critical of Pirelli as anyone.

But it must be said, Alonso and Ferrari need to find downforce, that is their problem, if anything the Ferrari is gentle on tyres. RBR and Mercs have struggled much more this season on tyres.

Alonso has lashed out at just about everyone this season, his own team being among the list. I think he is getting uppety in the knowledge that his career is quickly reaching its twilight and his chances of going down as a legend of the sport are fast dwindling while Vettel and RBR continue to dominate.

Ferrari need to give Fernando and Kimi a good car next year, or there will be war.


I suspect there will be war in that team, whatever the relative competitive position of the car.

roberto marquez

I am convinced that he only way to save F1 from becoming a very boring spectacle is to tell whoever makes the tyres to make them to last a whole race if needed BUT MAKE 1 OR 2 PIT STOPS TO CHANGE TYRES COMPULSORY AND ALSO THE USE OF TWO COMPOUNDS. That way we will see the DRIVERS DRIVING AND NOT BEING CAREFULL. Please you are heard do something.


How long is this rediculous situation going to go on for?

Please please please can we have useless tyres without des and Kers or Drs and Kers with lasting tyres

Y can't we just try a few different things and see what works best, it couldn't possibly get any worst

And you would have though a man in Hembrys position would have keener to take some critisism by now without acting like a 5 year in a playground

Everybody knows the tyres are a joke, who is he trying to kid... Himself?


As long as Red Bull is happy with the new and improved tires (for safety reasons, of course) everything is fine in the Pirelli camp...


Awful remark from Hembery given that alonso has been one of the best drivers on these tyres. The way he is able to extract the most out of them has been massively impressive.

Hans Jorgen Strom

the current Pirelli tyres are made for Red Bull/Sebastian Vettel.

as we remember some yerars ago, the Bridgestoens were Ferrari/Schumi made. al least we have a Red Bull Adrian Newey car which is very clever on this current tyres. Newey is beyond everybody else in this category, knowing how to make the car-tyre combo work 100% together.


I can sympathize with both comment and reply, though the last one was a bit harsh.

Even if I am not an Alonso's fan, he certainly found the critical resource specifically for this qualifying, and that can be very frustrating. Of course, other teams (RBR, Mercs) had it figured out, but maybe that should not justify that one or more teams can't go 100% on a single lap without degenerating the tires. That goes against the raison d'être of qualifying: sort out who's fastest in a single lap.

Maybe Hembery was even rude, but I try to understand his position. He is hired to make tires that bring some strategic diversity to the sport, and every week he is accused of something different. Still, his employers must be squeezing his patiences. Only Dalai Lama could be so diplomatic in such scenario.

Though I still favor low-duration tyres, I eagerly await for 2014 season and pray that this tire discussion nightmare is over.


Paul Hembery should wash his mouth out with soap.

In the British GP [5 races ago] he rocked up with tyres that exploded during the race and commentators described as driver killers.

Memories are short. The tyres *are* poo and limit the spectacle of F1. Well said 'Nando.


I agree with Alonso here. I agreed with Schumi back in Bahrain and Webber etc etc

Basically everyone agrees we don't want tyres that last 40 laps. What we want is tyres that can be pushed hard and last 20 laps. Is that really too much to as for?


Alonso grasping at straws (I'm a Ferrari fan). Hembery with one of the best comebacks I've heard for a while.

When will people remember that the tyres were made by Pirelli to the FIA order. I hope Pirelli stay in F1.


Why did he not respond the same in the beginning of the year to red bull when they were coming with same arguments and decided to change tyres?


I wonder what tyres Alonso has on his pram, he may need to stop quickly to retrieve things!


+1. How very witty.



I loved that response


So, once again, Pirelli are being lambasted for supplying the tyres that the FIA specified. Once again, Pirelli have been refused testing to help develop dependable and effective tyres for next year. If I were Paul Hembrey/Pirelli I'd be very tempted to tell the FIA and F1 exactly where they could stick their tyre contract and walk away at the end of this season. Let someone else get the flak!



Still no contract signed?

Then don't.


Schumacher warned about those tyres three years ago. He was serious and categorical.

With Pirelli we got farce instead of racing. Drivers must be racing flat out and braking.

What we have? Today they are bus drivers because of tyres. Next year because of fuel economy or other reason. Most patient wins or RB.


schu who?! LOL

Alberto Martínez

IMO to hear such comments from Paul Hembery is even more disappointing and below the standards.

I don´t recall such comments from Hembery when Red Bull and in particular Vettel were lobbying Pirelli to change the tyres, using similar arguments to the ones made from Alonso today. At that time he could have said the same to Vettel using Alonso or Raikkonen as a reference, but there he didn´t answer in such a personal and rude way.

Anyway I think Alonso´s comments were not right or appropiate, but I can understand more or less what he is trying to express (in addition to his frustations).


Mr Hembery need we remind you that the soon to be four time World Champions team mate is leaving the sport to get back into some real racing rather than driving to a delta time on poor performing Pirelli's.


Hembery is too outspoken and not very tactful for a tire supplier whose relationship with the teams is fragile. I say this as a casual observer, but I'm curious what insiders make of him.


In criticising the tyres, Alonso goes out of his way to state it is the same for all and not about relative pace to other cars.

Hembrey responds by saying the criticism is disappointing for a champion, who should ask Vettel how to get the best from the tyres.

Ironically Vettel told the BBC when describing his pole lap the tyres had already gone off before the end of the lap!

Seems to me like Vettel and Alonso agree about the life of the tyres and Hembrey's comment was the disappointing one.


This is politics - it would surprise me if Ferrari were lining up Bridgestone to come back, and they are trying to unsettle Pirelli. It seems that Alonso isn't going to Redbull or else he'd be keeping his mouth firmly shut!


That should be wouldn't not would!


Made for one driver?

Wasn' t it Mercedes they were made for?

Wasn't it mercedes who did the testing?


Irrespective of Fernando Alonso's original comments; pretty accurate in the context of coming from a frustrated driver, Paul Hembery's response was cheap and gratuitous.

Pirelli have had a very though year, much of the criticism unwarranted, however this type of divisive comment is well below the standard expected of a senior representative of an organisation like Pirelli and only adds fuel to the fire.


Ouch. But deserved...Alonso has always been a cry baby anyway.


Well F1 is so bent right now that it is borderline scripted and pre arranged. I do not know what cars Renault, Nissan and Infinity cars leave the showroom at various countries around the world, but I would not be shocked if they were Pirelli.

The only way to get out of this funk is multiple tyre suppliers. Prevent engine mapping etc. The cheating in the sport essentially murdered Ayrton Senna. I love F1, but it gets harder every year with commercialism, money, politics, and the paid drivers so needed in all formulas.

Is there any point in watching tomorrow. Has Uncle Bernie arranged a Hamilton / Vettle shunt at the first corner, if not another procession.


I'm sick of all this tyre stuff. Build a decent tyre that the drivers can push on, and lets go racing!


Alonso is fully right, but it is maybe the wrong moment to state as the pro SV / RBR PR campaign is running as usual.

It is an utter, utter shame that the FIA allowed Pirelli to adapt the tyres for RBR and MGP during the season. This forced Scuderia and Lotus to adapt their cars for different tyre behaviour and ruined their competitive lead. Noway you gonna pick up that loss.

Hembery is just a puppet of BE F1 business operations which stink way too much last years. Webber ll leave as he is finished to play only a testdummy for SV although he is at least at the same level.....


That's pretty pathetic from Hembrey.

Alonso's response should be "go and ask Michelin how to make tyres that last."


And I m pretty sure that without that particular Pirelli tyrechange RBR would never have secured the WDC this year so easy.

Instead Kimi and Alonso would have battled it out and this would have been a much more entertaining and genuine fight. How ironically they ll be teammates in 2014 and should secure WCC minimum....


I see one positive out this negative comment from Mr Hembrey and that is "people should buy Pirelli stock". I'm sure it'll go down on Monday when Italian markets open.


A poor workman blames his tools.


Alonso is 100% right...

Current F1 formula is not fit for racing... it is designed to allow mediocre drivers to come to the front of the pack, as all drivers have to drivers cannot push beyond certain deltas...

That is one stupid formula, to say the least.

It results in lots of booing and boredom in my book.


Redbull are booed, as they are not racing for victories... they are driving to deltas, better then others - which makes Vettel a very unexciting driver... and with his poor attitude thrown in, it really annoys everyone.

Expect lots more booing,...


"it really annoys everyone"

It certainly annoys you... Glad I'm not one of the everyone that you tar with your idiotic brush...


Driving to detlas and DRS overtakes are the ultimate definition of NOT-racing... what a worthless championship and champion.


I don't like some elements of current F1 either, but Vettel was champion even before Pirelli/DRS. It's nonsense to arrogantly dismiss the championship and/or Vettel as "worthless".


He and they didn't look to be driving to deltas when they smashed everyone by 2s a lap in Singapore.


[mod]. Alonso didn't ask how to make the best out of the tires. He merely pointed out that they are not fit for the purpose. Hembrey didn't argue with that. There will always be someone in first place and last place and every place in between. So what Hembrey. Try making tires that last more that a lap, seriously, it should not be that difficult.


Nothing wrong with Hembery's comment. Alonso made an unwarranted criticism of Pirelli to deflect attention from the fact he could only out-qualify the Saubers with their works Ferrari engines by 0.2 of a second.


The tyres were exploding and had to be changed on safety grounds.

RedBull and Vettel had nothing to do with the tyres being changed.

This is what really demonstrates the level of denial or hatred for Vettel and his success. This demonstrates the childish cry baby attitude of these same people making these craze comments.

Anyone that doesn't understand this should see see a doctor because you are delusional.

Oh and as for Alonso http://thewonderfulworldoff1.tumblr.com/post/49846287601/f1marv-fernandos-2006-celebrations-never-say


We can see who's corner hembry is in finally! When RBR we're complaining he was quite the professional. His responses were diplomatic......I didn't hear him tell vettel or Horner "go ask Alonso how to get the tyres to work".

And after changing the characteristics of the tyres saw such a shift in competitiveness from red bull and merc, it should have been the last thing a fair minded person should have said.

In a way I'm glad It's out in the open now...


I wonder how much of this is about trying to make four compounds fit 20 tracks. If every track used the same construction, but had two compounds chosen by Pirelli, would the costs be that different? With a Prime and an Option tyre, there would still be discussion about the tyres by commentators, and it might even make the engineers work a bit under to understand exactly what they have at each race.

I can recall in the Bridgestone only days there were tracks where in qualifying that the tyres had given their best before the end of the lap, normally it was the extra grippy outer surface from the releasing agent wearing away. In this case it was graining damaging the tyres. Greater downforce, or more aggressive suspension geometry can avoid or reduce this effect, so the interesting result is Grosjean as he did not suffer in the way the Ferraris and Raikkonen did.

As far as the comments go, racing drivers like qualifying as they are pushing the limits, and apart from winning and great overtakes, it is where the thrill is. To have that taken away by the tyres is probably frustrating.

Paul Hembry's comment lacked nuance - Vettel's advantage over Webber is regularly greater in the race than in qualifying, and after Singapore where Alonso could get to the end while Massa couldn't, it was just about sticking the knife in. The Ferrari and the Pirellis were designed independently and both are compromises in some ways to address the requirements across a season. It is not really surprising that at some tracks the performance isn't quite there. Hembry's comment really gets at Hamilton's and Alonso's belief that they are better than Vettel. Both Alonso and Hamilton can make claims that they are better drivers now than they were in 2007. Hembry is just playing with their egos.


What a difference 3 months make. Its funny Hembrey didn't make these comments after Silverstone, or before he had a contract for 2014 in his back pocket. If I were him I would be a little more judicious.


Seb was winning the title before the tyre changes, he is winning it afterwards. Theres nothing to say


I think Pirelli and Hembrey in particular have become very sensitive to criticism of their high degradation tyres. - If you're winning then no problem, if not then hard luck, and get your team to develop a car that is able to perform better with the tyres. Personally I think Alonso is just mouthing what most experienced drivers feel. - The inability to push to the maximum which is killing this sport and pisses off the drivers, indeed for them it becomes utterly boring when you can't push. While it may keep some strategists happy, the restrained nature of the races is self evident, and comparison with past eras really does bear witness to all that is wrong with the current formula. While teams have learnt to cope with the tyres since their inception, it is like racing shackled, and becomes a tyre strategy and conservation exercise. I would welcome Michelin with open arms!


Why Hembery did not respond the same way to Red Bull and Mercedes in the beginning of the year? He should have asked these teams to go and ask Ferrari, Lotus and FI on how to build a car around the tires. Instead he was quick to change the tyres to what Red Bull was demanding. His answer to Alonso was a response of a [mod]


On Aussie TV (channel 10), Webber explained that on the 2nd qualifying runs in Q3, when the they push harder, most drivers found the tyres "wouldn't go there" so that's why everyone was generally slower.

Gotta agree with Alonso here, it's ludicrous that these tyres aren't allowing the drivers to push 100% and use all of their talent.

Alonso does also say that he would still expect Ferrari to be off the pace if the tyres were different, so it's hardly sour grapes.

James, should Hembry be a bit more impartial when commenting on these things? To tell Alonso to ask Vettel how to drive on these tyres is a bit disrespectful. Alonso has been epic these past few seasons, he prob deserves a bit more respect than Hembry's response and Hembry should be seen to be as impartial as possible when commenting, no matter how much flak he cops from the drivers.


... and Pirelli need to ask Michelin or Bridgestone how to build tires.


Lol !!!!


I never liked these chocolate Pirelli tires. I mean, sure, they add to the unpredictability of a race every now and then - even to the extent of it being explosive (in the literal sense!) - but the fact that all F1 teams are being supplied by only one tire manufacturer should actually make the tires a constant factor, not THE variable one. I agree with Alonso (and Schumacher, and Rosberg, and Webber, and Hamilton before him), but like he said, "it's the same for everyone". So right now, the burden is on him and Ferrari: either Ferrari adapt their car or Fernando continue to drive at "delta" (whatever that means).

As for Mr. Hembery: what a totally classless and arrogant thing to say! Hasn't this guy heard of the words, "professionalism" and/or "constructive criticism"? Alonso was criticising his company's product not him as a person, so there was no need to aim his response below the belt. Looks like someone's been holding a grudge since Silverstone, after Pirelli took all that vitriol.

Bring back Michelin!


and hembery apparently has apologised to alonso. so he should. he took a cheap shot and is now forced to back off. a classic example of blow back.

is there one driver who likes/enjoys these tyres and claims that he can push 100% of the time when he wants to? no, there is not. the drivers are too often kept in the back room and their comments are subjected to the mods. not so webber and alonso. they have at least got the cojones to tell it like it is. the word 'pathetic' springs to mind here.


Fix your crappy tyres instead of attacking Alonso Mr Pirelli.


Alonso said the truth about the obvious quality of tyres and he pointed out that is the same for everybody. The nonsense rush of Hembery probably responds a partial view of that declarations suggested by a journalist. A kind of .."Alonso Attacked Pirelli quality or similar". It's typical to have a good lines and keep rolling in the F1 circus. If not, Pirelli has bad rubbers & worst manners.


If you dont like Alonso you need to at least listen to Webber,Shumacher,Hamilton!!! These guys are all experienced and know how to drive a car. My fear is someone will get hurt because of a tire failure and then................... Flat spot on Perez's car caused the blow of the tire really???? Come on


Ideally speaking, Paul shouldn't have said what he did. However, Alonso "had" to and "needed" to hear this. Thank you Paul for saying the following, albeit in not so many words:

A true champion fights. He either creates opportunities to win, or if he fails, accepts defeat graciously without whining.

Which translates to this: get the Ferrari to out-think, outwit, outperform and outshine the RedBulls. If you (it's not just you; it's the team) can't do that, accept that you were beaten, but not beat. Come back stronger the following year and take the fight to your rivals with renewed vigor, year after year. If you think the team doesn't have the right vision or the human power to envision that vision, either inspire them or leave the team.

If you've got weaknesses (thinking highly of yourself or feeling entitled), you'll not only be exposed, but that very weakness will hurt your chances (Lewis Hamilton 2011 case in point). Don't underestimate and belittle some opponents. They may be the "new" benchmarks in the sport; not just flukes. Time and tide waits for no man, which includes men with unnecessary remarks.

On these fronts, Alonso, you never actually beat Michael, but you do have the chance to beat his protégé in Vettel, who might be an even better young Schumacher. But, you're not going to beat him with the way you're dealing with his dominance. You may be the best all-round driver in F1. You might even be the best out there. But, that's just the driver side of the equation in F1. Your team and its people have to be equally as good and driven.

You were twice in teams that were going places. Renault gave you 2 WDC. I think you personally gave yourself a bit too many in the head, which came to haunt you at McLaren, another team going places at the time.

The weakness I mentioned earlier made you leave McLaren and waste two years at Renault which could've got you WDC's. In contrast, Vettel got a drive at RedBull and has fully capitalized on it, getting close to his 4th. If one believes in the idea that one makes his own luck, you clearly ruined yours all by yourself, Alonso. Now, hush!


"A true champion fights. He either creates opportunities to win, or if he fails, accepts defeat graciously without whining."

So what are you saying? 7-time world champion Michael Schumacher complained about the tyres. 3-time (fairly certain to be 4) world champion Vettel complained about the tyres. 2-time world champion Alonso is complaining about the tyres. Hamilton, ditto. I'd be surprised if Button and Kimi have not expressed dis-satisfaction also.

So are you saying there are no true champions on the current grid?


I didn't say the test of a champion rests on their views about tires.

Alonso finished on the podium 3 times (P2) before the Korean race. He started those races from 5, 7, 9. It was the Ferrari's good handling of the tires that got him on the podium, along with his driving ability. I don't know whether he had issues with the tires then. He certainly didn't go public about it. Maybe, things were going well then?

Come Korea, the Ferrari's in trouble and his car's not handling the tires well. This coincides with Vettel running further away with the WDC. Then, Alonso chooses to take a dig at Pirelli. It's been the same for everybody since the tires were changed, and before that. Other teams have struggled with the tires much more than the Ferrari's.

It is the Ferrari that can't keep up with Red Bull. Don't blame the tires if your house is in disorder. Some teams are getting them to work, some are not. Don't blame the tires if a drinks company with a boy driver is beating an established works team with a prized (and much more paid) senior driver. Accept defeat when it's due. Alonso should be taking a dig at Ferrari (not publicly), rather than the tires.

To ensure proper rubber is made, use FOTA to lobby FIA.

I'm not fond of the tires, myself, but that's not relevant now.


I am both amazed and disappointed by Pirelli,s ability to blank out points raised by senior members of the racing world. So they have made tyres to the spec requested, but the format simply does not work. Why does Bernie not now instruct them to change or do something, anything to relieve the viewers from this orchestrated sham! To see all the drivers not just the ones I follow, driveing below the cars ability is not the f1 I love. Wake up and smell the coffee Pirelli, it,s over,let it go.


Does Pirelli honestly expect regular motorists to buy Pirelli. tyres, when they wear out prematurely? Surely for their own self-preservation they need to discard the reputation of producing a product that wears out too quickly??


If you think Formula 1 tyres and the tyres that go on your car are in any way related then you need professional help... quickly.