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FIA ethics committee dismiss presidential candidate David Ward’s complaint
Posted By: James Allen  |  24 Oct 2013   |  9:52 pm GMT  |  9 comments

The FIA ethics committee has dismissed presidential candidate David Ward’s complaint about the way current president Jean Todt has gone about his campaign for re-election to a second term.

Ward was upset by letters of support gathered early by Todt and his team and suggested that the Frenchman had used a trip on FIA business to garner support for the election.

He lodged the complaint last month, with the hearing taking place in Paris last Friday. But the committee said it “did not see any evidence of any kind supporting the allegation that people were coerced into signing the Letters of support for Mr Todt.”

The committee added in its report: “On the contrary, the committee has received numerous letters from individual who attended the relevant meetings, albeit unsolicited, clearly showing that the Letters of support were voluntary.

“Based on the foregoing, the committee finds that nothing in what the committee saw or heard gives any hint that any ethical regulation of the FIA has been breached by Mr Todt or any of the parties implicated.

“The committee has seen no collusion of any kind whatsoever by Mr Todt or by any of the parties implicated to influence the results of the forthcoming presidential election in any unethical way.”

The committee added that the agreements in Montevideo and Bangkok “are not binding” as the election, which takes place on 6 December, will be done by secret ballot.

The report added: “The fact that people have made declarations of support or have publicly nominated Mr Todt is not relevant. When they vote, this will be by secret ballot. They will be absolutely free to depart from any declaration they have given previously.”

In response to the report, Ward issued a statement saying: “I am disappointed that the ethics committee did not accept that the support agreements obtained by Mr Todt are inconsistent with the FIA rules and policies regarding its presidential election.

“I do not agree that I failed to produce any evidence in support of my complaint. I submitted witness statements which showed clearly that there was concern about the support agreements. The committee has powers to investigate but in my case it chose not to use them.

“My purpose in standing has been to highlight the current flaws in the governance of the FIA. I think the current confusion over the election rules which require a change even after the contest has started proves my point.

“It is also regrettable that the Ethics Committee has, in my opinion, failed to address important issues about the fairness and transparency of the election process.”

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Yawn Yawn. Mr Ward you sound just like the paper pusher you are. Jean Todt is trying very hard to compensate for the monstrous sale of the family silver that your mentor encouraged and while taking the money out of F1 gives us a farcical show. Go and throw your brickbats elsewhere.


Looks like this guy has been following some of the F1 drivers very closely. He has started throwing all his toys out of the pram.


It is now impossible for anyone other than Todt to win, the ethics committee are all “Todts men” This has shown the old school blazer in action.

No mention of Todt using FIA travel for his own purposes.

Things need to change more than ever.


I think the greater issue here is that of Vice Presidents


Wake up and smell the coffee Dave, coz you’re currently being outplayed.


Bleep: Wrong answer.

You can accuse someone of cheating, but when you go to someone else and say “I’m sure he cheated, look into it” you have to accept what they come back with whether you like it or not.

For future reference Mr. Ward I’d suggest you say something along the lines “the ethics committee conducted a full and satisfactory investigation and I accept their findings without reservation”.

Good luck, it’s going to be a real uphill battle from here 🙂


Yeah, he seems like a bit of a Wayne Kerr! I sure hope he doesn’t get in!

Jean’s a good boy, let him continue with what he’s started for another term, then lets see what happens.



Oh quite right, the FIA investigated itself and found itself innocent…


Not really the point I was making, but yeah when the ethics committee themselves might be unethical you really know you’re screwed 😉

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