Alain Prost Joins Forces With Dams To Enter Formula E Team
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Alain Prost and former GP2 Championship winning squad DAMS have joined forces to set up a Formula E team, e.dams, to compete in the series when the inaugural season gets underway in September 2014.

The four-time World Champion together with DAMS owner, Jean-Paul Driot, launched the team on the Champs-Elysées in Paris, becoming the fifth team to join the Formula E grid for the first race in Beijing.

It is a move of relative ease for DAMS, who have the technical and logistical capability to run a competitive team. The Le Mans based squad took Romain Grosjean to his 2011 GP2 title, before Davide Valsecchi retained the title in 2012.

For Prost, it is his first step back in to motor racing since 2001 and the days of Prost Grand Prix. And his name brings even more credibility to what is an exciting stage in motor sport.

“I am very happy to be a part of the Formula E adventure,” said Prost. “Being able to actively participate in the development of this new technology, which is 100% electric is extremely motivating. As we’ve seen in other championships, 2014 will see a move towards more sustainable racing, proving more than ever that motorsport is the benchmark for the future.”

The teams launch was attended by the CEO of Formula E Holdings, Alejandro Agag, and the Spaniard is pleased that high-profile names within motor sport and backing the need for increased efficiency.

“It is a great honour for me to be welcoming Jean-Paul to the FIA Formula E Championship together with Alain Prost, one of the biggest worldwide names in motorsport,” added Agag. “The experience, pedigree and track record of both Jean-Paul Driot and Alain Prost is unparalleled and I know e.dams is going to have a big impact on the series. It’s also fantastic to have such highly-established figures show their commitment to clean energy and sustainable mobility, and to join us in creating an electric future.”

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F1 better watch it does not get leapfrogged here for the future premier series if they are maybe too slow at going into full electric power or at least in the development of electric power units.


X-Factor style text voting for a driver power boost has put me off already.

People complain about DRS in F1 being artificial, but races decided by a Eurovision Song Contest style phone poll is embarrassing for all of motor sport.


Formula E would be perfect for a Brazilian national team. How about Team Senna-Brazil. The chosen drivers each year would be given the honor of wearing the Ayrton Senna helmet colors. I would love to see it happen.


James! Is there any news on the Bluebird team? I saw a mockup of their car, so presumably they’ll be on the grid once teams can design their own cars? Or are they going to be on the grid in 2014 regardless?

Great name and team to have in the grid! Really excited for this formula!


This is an intriguing move on many levels. Firstly, because Alain Prost’s record as a team owner is not a particularly succcessful one by any stretch of the imagination. Secondly, because the founding fathers of DAMS, who have long been a fixture of the junior formulae and once even held F1 ambitions, are Driot and none other than Rene Arnoux, which whom Prost sparred (often successfully it must be said) during their tenure as Renault team-mates in the early 80s (DAMS stands for Driot Arnoux Motor Sport). Yet for all that, if they can get a good structure in place, I’d say the prospects are good; Driot is as experienced as they come in running a race team and Alain will give the team, and the series, valuable support and a global profile. If they can’t though, then they could end up locked in something of a loveless marriage before one of them heads for the exit.


Must admit, I was more interested by the red super car in the background of the pic than this news. Given the announced specs I recon the cars will be too slow to be spectacular.

At least the teams are of the highest quality with DAMS joining Drayson, Andretti and Dragon racing.


I like the name – it opens up a whole new range of opportunities.

Ali G could sponsor a team run by Niki Lauda to be called Gauda, and Stefan Johanssen could run Max Chilton as Stilton. And maybe Bernie could encourage former Brabham sponsors Parmalat to support Komui Kobayashi and call the team Parma-san.


Looks interesting, but frankly what will make the series is a driver line-up of some pedigree. With quite a few F1 refugees, hopefully a few solid drivers will turn up, along with some young hopefuls.



According to Formula E website, there are currently 10 rounds.

Any idea what their maximum number of races will be and have you heard anything about a race in Australia?


The max is 10 at the moment (3 had to be dropped for a different 3 sadly)


Hi James,

I’m extremely interested in hearing your thoughts on Formula-E. I’m sure most of us are. Personally, I believe the series has a lot going for it considering it’s completely different from all the other open-wheel series through electric propulsion, the single-day race events in the hearts of major cities, etc.

Looking forward to hearing your opinion.


I’m a little sad to hear about the after the fact. I live 20 minutes away, and would have liked to go to a team launch.


This formula has sparked a lot of interest. It was good see Prost dealing with the battery of questions. It seems he has been charged with promoting the series in French France. This is just what the series needs to amp up the interest in the current climate. I hope people are positive and not negative because any criticism could be terminal. 🙂


And how long did it take you to think up that little schpeel? Nicely done.


Will Michael Schumacher join too? It would be great to see more old-timers joining Formula E as rivals. Being an owner of a 100% EV, this is wonderful news. Look forward to next Sptember!


E-DAMS… it sounds more like a cheese than a racing team! Couldn’t they have thought of a better name than that??


I think ‘e.damame’ would have been more appropriate – the cars appear to make high-pitched farting sounds on acceleration.




e.dams, I guess they will be the big cheese in formula E?


Sounds a little cheesy to me!


Good for Formula E! They just need to fix those front skinnny tyres and it’s all good. Looking forward to it.



I am looking forward to hear about the driver line up. There’s lots of talented ex F1 drivers out there.


Bit of a cheesy name for a race team isn’t it 🙂

In 10 years time everyone will be completely used to electric race cars and F1 will be at the pinnacle of this.


Bit of a cheesy name for a team!


Well done for getting that in first. Well played sir.


Dudettes, Dudes,

Is this the future? Can we really get excited about racing electric cars?

We hear jokes that F1 is like a giant Scalextric set for rich folks. Isn’t Formula E EXACTLY like a giant Scalextric set?

I know I used to have some interest in those solar car Univeristy competitions. But in the end I lost interest because they were to Aero dependent. 🙂

I’m quite interested in this whole Google Car thing and cars that drive themselves. Probably safer, more efficient, cheaper, stress free as well. Can the “slider” on the Google Car software be adjusted from SAFE all the way to AGRESSIVE and this software and hardware installed in a Formula E car for automated Formula Google? How far away are we from that? (Fine print: I claim all trademarks and rights on this idea Fomula Google. Alright James, to be fair you can have 25% share.)


Yes, there’s more to watching racing that the engine. If the racing is good and the driving standards high enough then the excitement will be there.


I read a good line in a book which said; ‘when a race car engine starts, anyone stood nearby would instinctively step back from the vehicle’.

I know exactly what the author meant by this, I just can’t get excited about these electric cars – hopefully they can prove my scepticism wrong.



I once went to an ALMS event. The crew quietly pushed out what at the time was the LeMans GTS category winning car into the crowd to get to the track at an older layout. Once people got used to it being pushed the mechanic behind the wheel fired up that crazy GTS V8. What resulted was about 50 people immediately jumping out of the way in clear fear. Then a wave of laughter and joy on everyone’s face. I was about 50 meters away and saw this happen and only wish I knew it was about to so I could record it. Only combustion engine can do that. May be old school but it’s a fact. Already a whole generation of F1 fans have no idea what V10 F1 sounded like.


It could be interesting Formula, lets see.

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