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Posted By:   |  21 Sep 2013   |  3:47 pm GMT  |  187 comments

He took pole position for the Singapore Grand Prix standing in the Red Bull garage, biting his nails, as his rivals scorched around the Marina Bay Circuit. But even when he isn’t on the circuit, Sebastian Vettel still stays ahead.

The championship leader opted not to do a final run in qualifying this evening, believing that his lap of 1m 42.841 would be enough, but fastest sector times from team mate Mark Webber, Nico Rosberg and Romain Grosjean made him sweat. In the end, Rosberg missed out by 9/100ths of a second and Grosjean was 12/100ths only off Rosberg in third.

It is Vettel’s fifth pole of 2013, and the 41st of his career. And the even better news for him is that his only title rival Fernando Alonso, was only seventh in the updated Ferrari, outqualified by his team mate Felipe Massa for the second race in succession and the fifth time in 13 races.

In a typically frantic session around the twenty-three cornered Marina Bay circuit, Red Bull went about their business in the usual manner, completing only single runs in the early phases of qualifying before an all-out assault in the top ten shoot out.

But for Vettel, only a single run was necessary in the final ten minutes as a first flying lap saw him hold provisional pole by 6/10ths of a second. His confidence was tested as others found significant gains on their late laps.

Opinion is divided on how best to plan strategy for the race; Pirelli believe the supersoft tyre will be the favourite because of its pace advantage and Vettel is well placed with a new set of the tyres available from not running again in Q3.

Others feel that the medium will feature in two stints after the initial phase on the supersofts. Two stops looks like the way to go.

Rosberg was on pole in Monaco and this result gives him his first front-row start since his victory at the British Grand Prix. He has had the upper hand over his team mate this weekend. Lewis Hamilton finished fifth behind the Red Bull of Mark Webber.

Grosjean pipped Mark Webber to lead the second-row, after an impressive display from the Frenchman. He was bouncing back from technical issues yesterday which restricted his running. Today it was Kimi Raikkonen who struggled, the Finn hurting his back and ending up only 13th on the grid.

Grosjean’s result tomorrow will be key for Lotus’ hopes in the Constructor’s Championship. He is also driving like a man who wants to lead this Lotus team next year when Raikkonen moves on.

Webber, in fourth and starting on the dirty side of the track, looked to be Vettel’s main challenger for pole after ending Q2 second to his team mate. But his gain of 6/10ths from Q2 to Q3 could not match the 9/10ths found by Rosberg and Grosjean. Webber was faster than Vettel on the medium tyre early on, but once they went to supersofts Vettel had in excess of 6/10ths over him.

Lewis Hamilton also struggled to find the necessary pace at the business end of the session but importantly starts on the clean side of the grid. He is joined by the Ferrari of Felipe Massa, who was able to beat Fernando Alonso for two consecutive qualifying sessions. Alonso used the new front wing on the Ferrari, while Massa went with the old one.

Alonso begins the race in seventh place alongside a satisfied Jenson Button, with Daniel Ricciardo and Esteban Gutierrez completing the top ten.

Gutierrez out-qualified the sister Sauber of Nico Hulkenberg for the first time in his Formula One career.

SINGAPORE GRAND PRIX, Singapore, Qualifying

1. Sebastian Vettel Red Bull 1m42.841s
2. Nico Rosberg Mercedes 1m42.932s +0.091s
3. Romain Grosjean Lotus 1m43.058s +0.217s
4. Mark Webber Red Bull 1m43.152s +0.311s
5. Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 1m43.254s +0.413s
6. Felipe Massa Ferrari 1m43.890s +1.049s
7. Fernando Alonso Ferrari 1m43.938s +1.097s
8. Jenson Button McLaren 1m44.282s +1.441s
9. Daniel Ricciardo Toro Rosso 1m44.439s +1.598s
10. Esteban Gutierrez Sauber No time set
11. Nico Hulkenberg Sauber 1m44.555s +1.650s
12. Jean-Eric Vergne Toro Rosso 1m44.588s +1.683s
13. Kimi Raikkonen Lotus 1m44.658s +1.753s
14. Sergio Perez McLaren 1m44.752s +1.847s
15. Adrian Sutil Force India 1m45.185s +2.280s
16. Valtteri Bottas Williams 1m45.388s +2.483s
17. Paul di Resta Force India 1m46.121s +1.925s
18. Pastor Maldonado Williams 1m46.619s +2.423s
19. Charles Pic Caterham 1m48.111s +3.915s
20. Giedo van der Garde Caterham 1m48.320s +4.124s
21. Jules Bianchi Marussia 1m48.830s +4.634s
22. Max Chilton Marussia 1m48.930s +4.734s

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Behind the Scenes at the track
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Dramatic b/c he didn't run at the end?! Let's hope we don't see more drama like that.

I didn't like the old T10, but its replacement is boring as all heck. They could've done better there.

Hamilton should be beating Rosberg at this circuit, only saving grace is the clean side. But he has the fast-starting Ferrari's around him.

Rain please! 🙂

Colombia Concalvez

What about Massa beating Alonso ?, what about grojean beating Raikonen ?. Why is there always double standard when it is about Hamilton jeez


How can Jenson Button continuously be 'happy' with poor qualifying results? Would Senna, Schumacher, Stewart, Clark, or Rindt be happy qualifying eighth?

I understand Jenson is realistic and objective in his qualifying position relative to the current McLaren's shortcomings. Fine.

But where is the fire? Where is the desire?


When he expresses unhappiness with a poor situation, people call him a whinger, when he seems happy, it's "where's the fire?"

Those who know him say there's plenty of fire, it's just not on his sleeve. He wouldn't be pushing himself in triathlons if he didn't have fire.


Webber after the best track condition and 2 runs still only 4th, like heck this Redbull is as fast as the Vettel haters make out! Seb with the track evolution and ironing out the mistakes would have gone at least 7 to 9 tenths faster than Webber, also this Rosberg handily beating Hamilton at his own game, smashing in a time to silent his team mate at the end, remind me didn't Webber beat Rosberg in the same car? Still think Alonso and Kimi is faster than Seb? Not in a million years, the car wasn't even capable of pole in a good fast driver's hands.


Sorry to break it to you but it's impossible for any driver to over drive/out perform their car. Drivers like Seb, Alo, lewis etc just get more out of the car than their team mates 90% of the time. The difference between them is just the car performance.

'The car wasn't even capable of pole in a good fast driver's hands'. Not sure what you meant there as Seb wasn't even getting close to all the walls on his lap but he just nailed a solid lap and took pole. Like you said he could have gone even faster than Webber. Give credit where it's due, the hundreds of guys working in MK have built one heck of a car. F1 is a team sport; Seb is just a small part of the package.


Exactly right Rockie, if Hamilton gains pole its always his ability and talent but when Vettel does it its the car, imagine if Webber out qualified Vettel in the manner Rosberg done with Hamilton, the english speaking media/fans would be all out destroying Vettel.


"After saying all this then when Hamilton or Alonso gets pole when have you ever given credit to Maranello or Brackley?

Sour grapes I say!" - He doesn't need to. Every Time Lewis gets pole, he's always quick to praise the guys back at brackley for their fantastic efforts. I Can't say much about Fernando because he hasn't gotten pole in a while.


After saying all this then when Hamilton or Alonso gets pole when have you ever given credit to Maranello or Brackley?

Sour grapes I say!


James, 'Dramatic' is not the word to be used for such bore fest quali. The only interesting moment was the last 10-15 second watching vettel bitting his nail.

Respect for EJ who predicted a boring quali before the start and he is right vettel is so strong today.

I only blame two people 1) Webber (assuming he has 100% same car) and 2) the rest of the team (assuming RBR is fully legal).


In spite of what certain "fans" seem to think, if you look up the word "boring" in the dictionary it does not say "Vettel winning pole by 0.09 seconds".

Hamilton could have won pole (again) by a full second and people would be squealing with excitement.


Hamilton could have won pole (again) by a full second and people would be squealing with excitement....

It's because SV is not very popular. He is undoubtedly a great driver, one of the best, but folk just don't seem to warm to him. It's not just in the UK either (or English speaking fans, as some posters would like to believe), he isn't very popular back in Germany. I was watching a Sky show featuring F1 journalists, one of whom was Michael Schmidt, who writes for Germanys Auto Motor und Sport and he said exactly that.


Wow i will eat my own words, that red bull is looking fantastic

Year on year RB seem to bring updates to the end of year flyaways which convert

2013 is looking a done deal for RB

Disappointed and bit surprised Lewis did not find more time,

Ferrari have gone backward again with their updates,


Redbull looking great? You mean Vettel looking great right? Webber couldn't even beat an ex team mate in the Mercedes that he use to beat week in week out and also by a Lotus?!? Its time to give credit where credit is due Vettel is the best driver in Formula 1 put him in the Mercedes he'd walk all over Nico and Hamilton.


Vettel's fantastic but does he need all his fans downplaying the car every week to be recognized? It's starting to get boring in here really, with everybody trying to prove their driver's the best, rubbishing the performances of the car and those of the other drivers. The comments from some fans are starting to get as predictable as this season's turning out to be. I got attracted to this site because of the high quality of posts from JA and his team and from the other readers as well, now with the season nearing it's end, quite a number of comments are beginning to lose their quality.

A lot has been said about switching off from the races but I think I may have to switch off from this site first if the comments about cars and drivers continue to be as boring as this.


The amount of excuses is unbelievable, yes the car is good but its not as dominant as Vettel makes it look, as these pros any of the top 6 drivers can drive any of the cars on the grid to the maximum, saying Vettel suits the car is just pathetic and clutching at straws, before the excuse was he could only drive with the flexy front wing in 2010, then he could only drive with the blown diffuser and now its 'just the car'!?! Man up give the man some credit he's clearly the best driver on the grid now and coming into his prime, there's nothing wrong with Webber's driving he hasn't 'lost interest' for the past 4 years now has he??? Webber's a great driver alright maybe ever so slightly past his peak years but this is a guy that blown away every team mate he had including Rosberg, if you put Webber in that Mercedes I doubt Hamilton would have things his way just like what Nico is doing to him, they're not that far apart but Vettel is a level above, he just needs to move to Ferrari in 2015-2016 and silence the critics once and for all, and you can betxas soon as he leaves Redbull they won't win the championship.


Another one of those saddening comments!


I think it's a case of Webber not performing too well. There's no doubt that Vettel can drive the Red Bull car very fast, but it is the best car by a country mile. It's very agile and easy to drive, and will of course give any top performing driver bags of confidence. As it was Nico was very close in a less good car. All these drivers are only as good as the car under them, and if Alonso, Hamilton or Rosberg were in a Red Bull Vettel would be in trouble. As it is he has the car and does the job. A very good driver, but poor sportsman.

Next year of course he'll have a hungary younster to contend with.


Vettel is driving the Red Bull and getting the most out of it, Webber isn't. It's a huge discredit to all the guys working here in Milton keynes to say it's Seb and not the car, because the car is absolutely fantastic and basically has zero weaknesses. They've dominated this entire regulation period and deserve huge credit for it 🙂


Cant see it myself


I agree, dramatic wasn't really the word for it. Predictable and tedious more like.


RB just killing everyone re strategy, execution and pure speed. Takes an awful lot to do one run and sit on it as only measure. That's why I agree with you, its predictability bordering on arrogance. However its origins are set in the incompetence of RBs rivals that hey can do this. As far as Lewis is concerned, he is getting found out now. All the stars have to be aligned if he is to perform, he had that at Mclaren (just ask Alonso) now there is parity and its not just about pure speed.Rosberg showing goos all around skills ets. Lewis looking like a one lap quali driver only with no ability to make adjustments.For me THAT WAS PREDICTABLE.


Were was rosberg for the preceding 6 races?


Does anyone else worry that Lewis is starting to lose interest in the rest of this season? It seems he is now unable to contend with his teammate let alone the likes of Grosjean and Webber.

Disappointing times.


It's incredibly disappointing that a topic of Vettel is followed by comments of perhaps Hamilton is disinterested !!- heaven above what's wrong with you people !! How on earth do you imagine a driver of Hamiltons talent is disinterested when they wake up dreaming of drivin these cars flat out !

Congratulations on a fantastic quali by Seb he was too strong for anyone!. Secondly Rosbergs run was very courageous and that last sector was fantastic! It's clear the bulls were better tuned to the track all through the weekend. Strong effort by Grosjean for P3 but I don't fancy he will stay there. Now that Kimi is leaving Lotus RG- is more "speaky" about Kimi not being speaky with him.. - why would he when Romain is such an imbecile.

I'm a fan of Lewis and expected him on P1 - but you can't expect him and Mercedes to nail quali every time.RedBull have hit the sweet spot and the balance between cars and driver is spot on- that's it-!!- no conspiracy theories no dejection - nothing - this is the highest level of competitive Motorsport on earth and if your not 100% Committed at Singapore your into the wall or your if the top 10. Disappointed for Kimi - hope his back holds out through two hours and 140 turns. !


Maybe Lewis just had a bad qualifying session?

It happens.

He made a mistake at Monza in Q2 that cost him. He was unbelievably quick in the race, but one mistake in one session cost him.

These guys aren't perfect. All of the guys who are in the top-4 (Lewis, Seb, Kimi, Alonso) have had simply bad sessions before and gotten beaten by teammates. It's not like they are just talented machines who you plug into the wall, turn on, and they go. They're human beings capable of mistakes and not performing at their best.

Lewis had a point like this earlier in the season. He went back to the drawing board, figured out what was wrong, and fixed it. He'll have to do it again. It's like anyone in any job. Why F1 fans have to jump to so many conclusions based on a qualifying session, I don't know.


Does anyone else worry that fans are starting to lose interest in the rest of the season?

The big news is that Vettel won quali without driving the last 3 minutes. I have an idea... why doesn't he see if he can win the race without driving the first 3 minutes.


its not that, Rosberg is that good, even with the team on Hamster's side...


Yeah, just like Alonso and Raikkonen!!


Massa only confirmed his inconsistency. Looking for the multiple SC tomorrow and more gambles.


Felipe Massa needs to improve a lot if he is to land a top drive for 2014, he was only 0.048 sec faster than Fernando Alonso in Singapore...


He's the big favourite for the Lotus job though.


So, he needed 1 sec faster in your opinion? Alonso is a top driver, wake up, any 0.001 sec is true win for any driver vs Alonso.


I think (or hope) that that was sarcastic 🙂


I was being ironic.


I love the night race under lights, the cars are beautiful, brilliant and glistening. Lotus gives me flashbacks to my childhood and the JPS cars.

Wow Esteban. A great and nice surprise.

Yay for Rosberg.

The Hulk just seems to miss out or get pipped on drives and Q3 a lot.

Vettel really shone today. Vettel's consistent margin over Webber speed wise really does show what advantage he brings to the team. It shows Vettel is special and a great deal of the speed is down to Vettel the driver.

Massa is the feel good story today. I hope he does well tomorrow.

I think the way Ferrari treated Massa over the last few years was kinda crappy and is just wrong. I imagine any true racer would become affected adversely over time by being to told to go fast but not so fast as to beat your team mate. Sport psychology wise how is Massa or any racer supposed to deal with that.

I have also decided it is not very sporting of Ferrari to use a second driver the way they do. It just isn't sporting. Breaking gearbox seals etc. If everybody did it where would the line be drawn.

Can't wait for the race tomorrow. Lots to look forward to.



Your comment on Ferrari and Massa is ignorance at it's finest. Every top team in F1 operates the same way as Ferrari does, the only difference is that Ferrari doesn't deny it as the other disgusting hypocrites are doing. And Ferrari has treated Massa only with respect by keeping him on after the accident in 2009 and the following drop in form for Massa. Ferrari used those tactics only out of necessity in the best interest of the team. No driver is bigger than Ferrari, remember that.


Sorry you can't accept that other people have opinions gracefully.

Matters of fact and matters of opinion are different. Matters of fact there is a right and wrong. Matters of opinion there is no right and wrong just a difference of opinion. I hope this helps.

In response to your opinion I say.

1. Just because you give a person a job doesn't mean you can treat them like poop. I mean an employer is not allowed to denigrate and embarrass their employees, it is just not acceptable.

It was hearing people like you comment that Massa was lucky to have a job etc etc that made me realise just how bad Ferrari's behaviour was and what a poor argument this was.

RedBull for example have managed to give Webber equal chance in equal machinery and not embarrass the obviously less slower driver.

2. There is a big difference between asking a driver to not impede or fight their team mate when their offsider is fighting for the championship and they are not. Yes all teams would do this and it is acceptable behaviour and is customary.

Breaking seals to take grid positions off one driver to give to the other team mate. Not giving both drivers equal opportunity at the start of the season. Asking the driver to sacrifice their whole season from day one for another driver is not acceptable or customary and only Ferrari practice this disgusting tactics. F1 drivers need to be motivated and 100% focused and fighting. Asking them to be second to their team mate is diametrically opposed to the mentality needed for F1. It is also giving Ferrari and Alonso and unfair advantage that no other driver is being given by any other team. No other team sacrifices a driver for the whole year for the sake of a number one driver.

I only brought all this up because until a couple of weeks ago I just hadn't realised how low Ferrari have stooped to win. This is a proud sport full of bravura and esprit de corps (well except for Ferrari).


Yeah, crappy to keep him on after his accident, even though it was obvious he was a diminished force. How dare they.


Yeah lets keep him on the job and treat him like crap.


bearforce1: +1


Darn, extraordinary stuff from Vettel and the Red Bull team once again. Those Belgium upgrades sure did click for now Mercedes is no longer the fastest car on Saturday.

It's one thing to have a good car and a entirely different thing never to have an off day like Vettel's closest competition had today >>> no stomach bugs, no back pain, no lose of concentration, no loss of form >>> Nothing.

Yes, it's days like this that remind the fans why Vettel is a wonderkid, and best of all he did the job with only one good run >>> Amazing.

Anyway, well done to the other stars of the day including Rosberg, Grosjean, Jenson and Esteban, who all showed their teammates a clean pair of heels.

Pretty strange goings-on at Ferrari for Alonso looked better than Massa all weekend till Q3.

Overall, everybody is just about where they should be on the grid more so in Q3 as there hasn't been any giant killing performance.

Now as for the race, Mercedes has a slim chance of doing something in the race tomorrow.

As shown by the races where the Supersport tyres has made an appearance e.g. Australia, Monaco and Canada, -- Mercedes were the top team that was able to make them last the longest.

But seeing as Vettel is usually in the habit of opening a huge lead at the start of grand prix, it remains a slim possibility.


No giant killing performances and everyone where they should be? Did you miss Rosberg, Grosjean & Massa all in front of their team mates, 3 of the 4 giants on the grid? Or Esteban?


That RB of mr vettel looks on another plannet, i hope your right about merc having a go tomo but i cant see it


Here we go.....

Was wondering how long it'd take for 1 of the regular english speaking fans to come out with the 'newey is a genius' 'the car done all the work', face it even with track evolution at the end and a not so clean first run Vettel dominated, where was Webber again? Where was Hamilton? 1 of his best tracks? That Redbull is nothing special in quali Webber in optimal track condition with the best lap he could ever produce was still over 0.3sec off the pace, if Seb went out again he would have recovered that extra 0.2 plus the track evolution of about 0.5, a perfect lap would have seen Vettel over 0.9sec ahead of Webber who could only start 4th?!? Give it up.


Why is it so difficult for people to understand that although the two cars used by a team are identical, the inherent design of the car is tailored to one specific driver (this is certainly true with the top teams). Everything Vettel asks from Newey and the design team is accommodated for. If this happens to contradict what attributes Webber would prefer in the car, then too bad. It has been like this seemingly since mid 2010. Vettel not only has the best car, but the ideal car for himself. Webber has to make adjustments in setup and his own driving. True, Vettel is better than Webber but the extent to how much better he is is hugely exaggerated due to the Vettel-mobile.


This is an English language site, so one would expect most to speak the dialect.

Your [mod] posts that show little objectivity are very annoying. [mod]. Most of us recognise and can credit the drivers and teams that we don't necessarily support them,for their efforts. It is a shame that the few such as yourself bring down a constructive forum.


Huh, I don't get where your comment came from... Goferet even compliments Vettel as a 'wonderkid' I think it's quite hard to use Webber as a yard stick because it is obvious to me at least his heart isn't in it anymore. Singapore is a track where any tiny mistake can have serious knock on effects to your lap time. So while you are right rosberg did out perform Hamilton I think your criticism is a bit harsh


It seems to me you need a lttle more education with regard to how F1 and the current formula works. - 80% car and set up, 20% driver performance. Beyond that no two cars are identical in terms of performance, variable set up makes a huge difference to tyre interaction and probably accounts for the difference between Rosberg and Hamilton, Grosjean and Raikkenon. - And Vettel and Webber.


Yeah it might be 80% car that is true I never disputed that but 20% is still a big percentage especially when we're all talking fractions here and there at the highest level. Also you talk about setups yes I agree to a certain point but the engineers know what they're doing and its easy to make the poor setup excuse for your favourite driver failing, thats why we race at different tracks over many years and you read yhe patterns and results over time and so far in this season I say Rosberg has been holding his own against Hamilton. Another note in Raikkonen's case it might have just been that bad back, besides Grosjean is probably faster over 1 lap anyway, Lotus engineers always claim this by their telem readings.


Erm..its Webber. He has always struggled in the slower corners relative to Seb and is rarely able to get the most out of the car. Seb's dominated Mark (again); even with the track evolution and Rosberg doing a fantastic lap the Red Bull in Seb's hands was clearly much faster.


couldn't have put it better myself.


Ok, "Newey is a genius."


Did an English speaking dog steal your sausage or something? Lol!


Lol I don't see the point of that peronal attack? I am english myself am I saying my people are bad or something? I'm sorry if I stand up for F1 and Vettel but whenever things don't go well for Hamilton these fake fans come out putting the sport down make excuses to attack Seb saying F1 is not worth watching yet after the dominance of the 2008 Chinese GP I remember newspaper headlines read "so boringly brillaint" its double standards around the english speaking forums, media, fans.



Tealeaf, I apologize on behalf of whichever Englishman/woman scarred you for life socially or professionally, in matters personal or business related.

I'm sorry.

Better now?

Signed, a Canadian of English (and Irish) stock.


I don't think anyone disputes Vettel is quicker than Webber but as the lap is so long in Singapore the gaps are bigger. Hamilton was beaten by his team-mate who is underrated. Until Vettel races against someone decent in the same car without team orders we cannot say he is a great driver. Unfortunately unsuprisingly Kimi didn't go to RB so we will probably never know (Vettel will go to Ferrari in 2015 with team orders).

The only thing we can go on is the undisputed fact that Newey is the best designer in 30 years.


Juzh you're right, Vettel is favoured by his team less than the likes of Raikkonen, Alonso and Hamilton yet the haters never acknowledge that, Lotus come out publicly and say they put more updates on Kimi's car and yet 1 front wing incident at Silverstone 2010 Webber's crying to the media foul play, Vettel will eventually go down in the hall of fame as 1 of the top 3 drivers of all time if he wins the title with Ferrari and take his tally to between 5-8 championships, but as a human being things can change, ability can wane, motivation can drop, the fall from grace is always just around the corner, just look at Hamilton, that consistent young rookie from 2007 is all but a memory in that quali session yesterday, I do believe Lewis has another title or 2 in him but its looking less likely as the years go by, I thought after 2008 it'd be Vettel vs Hamilton for many years it can still happen next year.


You do realize RB told vettel not to pass webber in malaysia? Also, look on the grid. We basically have team alonso, team raikkonen and team hamilton. Webber and Vettel are treated most equally of any top team. get a grip.


This is getting really old now Tealeaf . Credit where credit's due, Seb did well to have bagged P1 with one run in earlier lesser condition. However just how serious can you be week after week claiming RB9 is nothing of special, slow even and the potencial of the car only be judged by the time Webber posted?

You do realized he's: A, never been recognised as a quailifying specialist through out his carrer. B, no offence to mark, but who is ten years older and has past his prime being a very top F1 driver for a while now.

Can we not just enjoy the race without resorting to all these childish comments and name callings week after week.

Also, what has Hamilton himself as a person ever done to you? It seems like you have so much anger towards him and feel the need to trash him at every given opportunity?

I'm not a vettel fan as such, but I never feel the need to come online and belittle him at every post available.


If you're referring to to Webber not being a quali expert then you should check the stats, Jaguar on the front row, the 2008 Redbull often near the front and out qualified Hamilton at silverstone to put his slower car on the front row, Webber has beaten every team mate he had in quali stats even Rosberg but now in the last 4 years Seb has made him look ordinary, I dare say if Webber was in the same car as Hamilton they'd be evenly matched in qualifying over the course of couple of seasons, also the only tiresome thing is these sarcastic remarks about how good the Redbull car is and deliberately not prasing all give any credit to Vettel, he's no doubt the best driver in F1 and the gap is growing as he's reaching his best years and with the other world champions over the hill, there needs to be new blood to challenge Seb maybe Ricciardo can we like the way Rosberg has taken thw fight to Hamilton, great quali by Nico I should add, his speed was unreal no wonder he nearly won in 2009 with the distinctly average Williams and no KERS.


SteveS, to answer your question. No, he was reasonable good back in his time(up to maybe 6 to 8 years ago), but even then never quite on the same level as those regarded as the very top drivers.

Regarding your comment on how "you must not have started following F1 until 2008". I understand what you are implying with this, but no, I'm not gonna bring myself down to that level. FYI, I've been following F1 since 2001 when Montoya came onto scene. Hamilton? Yes, been a big fan since his F3 days, even had the pleasure of meeting him in person in London back in 07. Lovely chap!

Just enjoy the race


"You do realized he’s: A, never been recognised as a quailifying specialist through out his carrer"

That is the one thing Webber WAS always recognized as, before Vettel moved to Red Bull. Every description of Webber contained phrases like "qualifying expert" or "qualifying specialist". You must not have started following F1 until 2008.


He is not recognized as a quali specialist

With 41 poles to claim ?????


Hamilton not a Qualifying specialist?


Bummed to see Kimi in bad shape with back. However, great to see Ro Gro up front. He has a great chance at this with how good Lotus is on super softs. However, he must not waste too much time stuck behind the Merc of Rosberg

Valentino from montreal

Hamilton is like a yo-yo ....His performances are never consistant in the Vettel-Schumacher way ..

One week-end he's on it , the next he's totally out of it ..On off on off ...

Rosberg completely smoked him today , again !

What's the quali head-to-head so far between them ?


Vettel is too strong for this generation ..

They should hand him out the Driver's title at the first Grand-Prix of the season !

Vettel wins tomorrow and becomes this generation's most winningest driver , ahead of Alon-Slow ...


Alon-Slow lol yeah that's a good 1 haven't heard that since 2007 from the Hamilton brigade, yes Alonso is consistent and his racecraft and race awareness is right up there but there's just no way you can say he's the best driver purely on the fact he's not quick enough on pure lap times, Hamilton showed the world that by slightly out pacing Fernando and that had a knock on effect in his usual strong race performances, if they had put Hulkenberg or Webber in that Ferrari next year it'd make Alonso crack with their raw speed, just hope Kimi can be at his best then we'll see a fight.


Do you know what Val, I am beginning to think I have been too harsh on you. Of course, I realise what you are doing is fishing and that, in fact, you are quite good at it. But, it's the way you bait your hook that is really masterful. There is little doubt in my mind that you are a Master Baiter. 😉


Nobody goes after Lewis?!?!? There's an entire industry devoted to that pursuit!

To wit, if I was to mimic posts from others earlier in the season, I would say that Lewis topping Q1 was proof that Lewis was faster than Nico, but that OBVIOUSLY the team sabatoged his efforts in Q3.

(to clarify, I do not think like that at all ... Nico beat Lewis straight-up, Lewis had an off day ... much like Liverpool FC arrrrgghhh!!)

Val, I believe it's 8-5 Lewis as of now.


Let's look at the facts so far this season of Hamilton v Rosberg:


LH 141 - NR 104


LH 1 - NR 2


LH 5 - NR 3

Qualifying (ahead, including Singapore)

LH 8 - NR 5

Race finish (ahead)

LH 8 - NR 4

Average finishing position

LH 4.75 - NR 8.6 (6.4 excluding 2 DNF's)

Average points per race

LH 11.7 - NR 8.7 (10.4 excluding 2 DNF's)

That's one stat where Rosberg trumps Hamilton... Please let our memories go further back than just one race.


Yeah but didn't Rosberg have to give Lewis a win. We should kinda take one off Lewis and add one to Nico for comparisons sake.


Incorrect - Lewis won Hungary from pole. You are thinking about Malaysia, when Nico was asked to hold position.

This quick analysis was based on fact (to establish a baseline), not what "should" have happened. If you want to layer on what "should" have happened, fine, I'll give you one more finish ahead for Nico, but Lewis "should" have one more win for the British GP, and in that case, he trumps Nico on all the factors above.

That's why it is better to go on fact, rather than conjecture.


+1, sensible reasoning, which is more than can be said for a great many of the posts.


Totally agree hamilton has pulled the wool over McLaren and Mercedes all these years, they must be total idiots empyoying a guy who at the ripe old age of 28 has 22 wins over 30 poles, and after finally performing for the 1st time in about 6 races rosberg proves without doubt he is a superior driver to hamilton, I must look at the head to heads between the two, rosberg must be destroying ham


Welldone to nico, as a ham fan, I dont get the hype with rosberg but when he gets it right occasionally he is quick, regards ham im getting sick of his attitude when things dont work out for him, people say they like his honesty, but he just reminds me of a moaning teenager, your 28 for Christ sake, your 5th on tne clean side, you can still have a great result, well done vettal, but vettal fans dont take this the wrong way, your driver is going to be champ for the 4th time on the bounce, and thoroughly deserves it, but I hope he has problums tomorrow just so we can enjoy the race


Hamilton didn't say much apart from saying it was a poor performance simple, I can respect that, no finger pointing at anyone this time.


What annoyed you about Hamilton? He was disappointed in himself (quite clearly taking the blame and saying the car had more pace than he was able to get out of it).

I'm a Hamilton fan but he under-performed today and so should be disappointed but not dis-heartened (he is aiming for podium so I take that to mean he is motivated to try his best).


You are right, he did take the blame. But, I think furstyferret has a point. I am a fan of LH, but when he doesn't do as well as he expected, he tends to come across as a bit sulky.


I agree. Hamilton was takeing the blame.


Tomorrow we'll see a bad start from Vettel (clutch issues), a poor first pit stop and a driver error near the end of the race where his RBR is completely destroyed. In the meantime Alonso takes 1st place and next race the story (dream) repeats itself. LOL bring on 2014!


Please, no more of your predictions...


LOL! I was thinking that too. Vettel and Webber are using the Monza problemed gearbox and there will be gremlins for Vettel so let's all pray together now.


Please sir, don't be nasty.


Good job by quiet a few those who don't have a contract for next year!

1) Gutierrez (What a lap in Q2)

2) Grosjean superb in Q3

3) Hulkenberg fast when it mattered but not enough :((Q2)

4) Massa shows his caliber a little too late!(now pls don't move over when Alonso is nearby)

Sad day for Kimi to get injured, hope he does well tomorrow!

Special Mention for Gutierrez(Q2),Grosjean and Rosberg (both Q3). All three were awesome!

Gutierrez were three tenths down on Alonso's best lap in sector 1 alone, and ended up only a tenth down. That was awesome lap!


Official statement from the team:

Hülkenberg had a DRS problem in Q2.

So he lost some time.


Gro is bolted on for a Lotus drive next year. No questions.


"And we can expect to see times drop to 101-102 seconds by the time we have a pole-sitter."

No cigar.


Why did Vettel/RB take such a gamble? Is saving a new set of tyres that beneficial, to justify taking such a gamble?

Esteban G- wow, where did that Q2 lap time come from! Impressive. So Sauber is going well on low downforce Monza and high downforce Singapore? Good for them. Hope this helps them win some sponsors.


Thank you all for your insightful comments.


With the requirements to maintain a minimum out lap and in lap times, the three laps is pretty close to three laps worth of running. It depends on the track but with the supersofts the degradation might be 0.2 seconds per lap over a stint. So that buys three seconds of track time over 15 laps. It also provides some strategic options to cover what cars behind might do - those three laps extra on the tyres extend the windows for stops allowing an aggressive first stop. If there is a safety car having brand new tyres will maximise mechanical grip, so if for example there's a Button or Gutierrez in front of him as they didn't stop, if maximises the likelihood that Vettel can pass quickly and establish a lead.

Any time on the track is potentially a risk, either through additional wear or driver error. Going through a corner heavily loaded and dropping off a kerb can hurt the transmission even if we see nothing.

Apparently Nico had a problem with his DRS, so that hurt his sector 1 time in Q2. But yes it is good to see strong teams. Hopefully Williams, Force India, Caterham and Marussia all step up next year. It would be great to have a season where all the teams score points at least twice next year.


Thanks Martin. Insightful as always. I'm glad Nico/Sauber picked up another two points. Hope this helps them secure a stronger financial partner.


Martin - how does Sauber have a strong car at low downforce Monza, and high downforce Singapore - and yet struggled badly the rest of the season? Have they finally made their car work?


I'm guessing, but the first thing that comes to mind is that Force India has dropped out of the mid field fight with the 2012 tyres, especially di Resta. Sauber are still somewhere around Toro Rosso pace in general, which has been pretty consistent throughout the season.

In Singapore, we had Gutierrez deliver his first high quality result in what has generally been regarded as a difficult to drive car. This is in the context of Raikkonen, Perez and Vergne not getting everything out of Q2. Anyone who had a set of tyres left for Q3 would presumably be at a small disadvantage to Esteban in that Sauber had two practice runs on supersofts prior to the final Q2 run. So we need to imagine P7 in Q2 in full context - the Red Bull, Mercedes, Lotus, Ferrari and McLaren cars were probably all faster and so that puts Sauber in a fight with Toro Rosso for 11th. That two got into Q3 is not unusual with drivers and teams not quite getting everything right.

That Singapore features a lot of very short corners and the Sauber is doing okay is a good sign in regards to making the car consistent as short slow corners usually have quite a large speed variation during the braking to apex phase. What can happen, such as with Red Bull in early 2012, is that at lower speeds the floor works well and the car might have an understeer balance and then at some point the flow detaches and the rear floor performance is lost. So as car slows it starts with an oversteer balance that transitions to understeer as the speed falls and the car approaches the apex.

With that in mind it could be that the corner speeds in Singapore are too low to be in a flow transition range, and at Monza the first two chicanes were too slow and the remaining corners too quick.

All speculative on my side. I suspect the details on the car instability will only come out at the end of the year.




Well, the most probable race strategy will be Ssoft,Ssoft, medium, so I think an extra fresh set will come in very handy.


Reckon they can go ssoft-ssoft-medium with a new set. Otherwise they would do slower ssoft-medium-medium. Will give them 20-25 secs in the race if they can get the ssofts to last.


As if he needs 10sec extra in the race, I doubt Rosberg has the stomach to face Vettel in this race, Hamilton in my opinion can do better in this street fight, no pun intended.


well, looks like Vettel could have put a set of wooden wheels on and still won! Rosberg almost made the race for top step interesting.


I guess we knew already that Lotus is having money trouble, but I would've thought they had enough to buy some bolts for their seats, at least... 😉


read somewhere Kimi's seat wasn't fixed properly hence the injury. Unbelievable.

That's two different lawsuits. He could take them to the cleaners twice, but they haven't any dosh lol.


Actually according to Autosport the injury is the legacy of a testing accident he had at Magny Cours in 2001 when driving for Sauber.

The Spanish Inquisitor

As predicted Felipe beat Fernando. This will be the norm till the end of season. Fernando must change his strategy. Instead of waste his time finding the car limits, he must find his proper limits. Vettel has the best car and he doesn’t need to find the limits of his car so he has found his proper limits and now is the best pilot. I’m Alonso’s fan, a visceral one, but the crude reality is that Vetter is the current top driver and with his actual level the rest of pilot (Alonso & Hamilton, perhaps Kimi) need nor an equal car, they need a better car than Vettel’s. Take it ease, Fernando. You must dedicate the rest of the season finding your proper limit, improving your performance. Forget you drive a Ferrari and think that you are driving a Minardi. Be more egoist that now. It’s possible. You can.

The season is over, so we need the continuity of the silly season or we will be very worried till March.


Agreed, I love Alonso, but he has the propensity to outperform his car. That's Ferrari's fault. They then back that up with poor management decisions, LDM is a dictator who thinks he is Enzo Ferrari. That is a shame- becuase he is not. Alonso has too many things on his plate. Reduce and concentrate on in- race performance.


He's real frustrated after driving the nuts of out the Ferrari the day he joined the team. He knows he's damn good but the cars he had seems outpaced by RB all the time.

No matter how good you are if you ain't got the machine it will be a struggle.

Tornillo Amarillo

HULK was good in Q1 faster than Vettel at the same time.

GROSJEAN is quick because he gave up his smile.

ROSBERG should keep P2, HAMILTON P4 if he overtakes Webber.

KIMI is giving a message to both teams, Lotus and Ferrari. Back pain, not good.

Boring race tomorrow... in prospect.


What happen? I am surprised some are only just check the name on the tv screen. Seb was on medium (2sec slower). So to say Hul is faster than Seb is ridiculous.


Yes, that's it, Vettel slower at that point, whatever the reason it's just about cheering on HULK.


Lewis pass Webber? It seems doubtful. He will have his cup overflowing with red Ferrari as soon as the 5 lights go out. Its realistically looking more like 8th or 9th by the end of lap one.


Congrats to Vettel.

Btw. what is Piquet jr. doing? Maybe he can jump in for Felipe tomorrow..

Hamilton again bad in Monza and Singapore as in 2010...


For Ferrari has to be painful to see their next year's stars getting problems and being outqualifying by teammates..


Ferrari will have the fastest race drivers - Kimi 38 fastest laps, Fernando 20. But they will have slow qualifiers - Alonso 22 poles, Kimi 16. Vettel on the other hand - 41 poles, and Hami - 31 poles - they are the best qualifiers. So will the Ferrari drivers be able to overcome the rest in the races despite qualifying continously behind? Only Fernando's race craft - 32 wins, and Kimi's consistency - 27 races in the points continuously, can save Ferrari.


Geez, Ferrari over a second off pole while Vettel sits in the pits! Even worse, 6/10ths off the nearest car in 5th!

Was at work during the session so couldn't watch, but I really hope Ferrari are playing some kind of long game. Otherwise just hand Vettel the title now.


On raceday usually Alonso will pick up places fast, I just hope he will do that too in Singapore. Tough though on this track.


I suspect the best you can hope for is that Ferrari's performance deficit is not related to next year's car. At the moment it has poor low speed rear downforce, so the cars have poor traction relative to the faster teams. In faster corners the floor's aerodynamic performance appears to me to be much more competitive as the cars ran well in low downforce trim. To speculate further, rear ride height sensitivity could be a big issue. On smother tracks the team could increase the spring rate, but that hurts mechanical grip. In qualifying the teams drop the tyre pressures to lower the ride height to the optimum level, but if the springs are softer then there is still a significant working range for the floor to generate downforce.






LDM will take the steering, to resolve the issues.


Just got back from the circuit. The direction change of the RBR was shocking to watch. In the last few turns they were so much more aggressive than anyone else. It will be a good start tomorrow, the clean/dirty split is interesting. I will enjoy the race!!!


So Nico wasn't aggressive in S3? He had the fastest time in that sector.


Vettel is doing a great job of course, but his rivals are also crumbling. Kimi, Alonso and Hamilton were all beaten by their lesser ranked teammates. In the case of the latter two drivers, beaten for the second race in succession.


The sour grapes from the anti-Vettel crowd has gotten to hilarious levels all over internet.

So much that more and more people want Vettel to dominate, just to see these sour grape people cry more.


C'mon we fans wanna see some good close racing and a close championship, that's all and I don't think Vettel is hated as much as Hamilton in his earlier years.

Any driver who dominates like Vettel does, fans will sure get bored. I am.


Dear K,

Let me tell you honestly. I am Ham fan but never hated vettel. Why I hate him? I love f1 are respect all the driver. If Ham wins fair & square I will be more happy otherwise fair play to whom ever wins it but not in such a MS type of margins.

Truly I remember how I was jumping like a kid at the final race of 2008, 2010 & 2012. I love such kind of last race battle to win the champ.

So that is the main reason I believe many f1 fans are bored to se Vet run away with it with almost no challenge. At least that us the reason for me.


Insipid commentary. Can we talk about the racing please?


Try telling that to the anti-Vettel crowd all over internet.

Why aren't they talking about racing but prefer talking about the finger, blonde hair, the finger, Justin Bieber, the finger, multi21, the finger, World War 2, the finger, booing, the finger and last but not least, the finger.

People who really love F1 would only show respect to and praise a young man writing F1 history. Not sulk and waste their private time writing long angry tirades against him because their favorite driver is not doing the writing of F1 history.

It is just silly on hilarious levels. So much that I have started rooting for Vettel while I am for Alonso, because it is entertaining to see them go off after yet another pole/win/title.


Not only Vettel has people who don´t like him. Alonso and Hamilton also have many fans who don´t like them. And those fans are always talking about the Fernando is faster than you thing. Or in Hamilton case that he is spoilt and Button beat him in 2011. And many things like that.

I don´t know why people think that if you are a fan of a particular driver or team you should bash others all the time. It souldn´t be this way but it is.


I don´t think people are anti Vettel. More likely they are anti boredom. We can only hope Rosberg and Grosjean find a way to make the race exciting.


So when others win from light to flag its not boring only when Vettel wins.


Many people are always saying how boring it was to see Schumacher win all the time when he was in Ferrari. At least when McLaren was dominant during the Senna and Prost days they have two drivers winning not just one.


No, they are anti-Vettel. If they were anti-boredom they'd have been willing to give Vettel credit back in 2010 and 2011. And 2012. But the criticism and hostility remains a constant over time, the only variable being the excuses offered for it.


I am only sure of myself but I believe most others have the same feeling of being bored. But if anyone says vettel is not deserving champ then who else should be. Even Button is a champ with the rocket BGP. I am happy for him to win it fare & square but at the last GP because I want to watch with same enthusiasm all the races.


No. Vettel is a very quick driver and one of the best in formula one. I do feel sorry for him as he is getting stick for be very good. There will always be the argument in any team about which driver gets preferential treatment depending on who people support.

However, I see comparisons in this current situation to the Mansell and Patrese season in 1991-1992. But you'll tell me that Mansell was way better than Senna?

Thread the Needle

Just no stopping Vettel these days


His domination has reached Jim Clark level.




And he is no Jim Clark.

Am out of here until next season when I hope we see a level playing field. F1 is so unsatisfying at the moment. That is unless you are a Vettel fan. Boring for others.


He's better than Jim Clark you are watching poetry in motion enjoy it!


Massa ahead of Alonso in Qualifying again-and this time without all the towing shenanigans of Monza!!!

Felipe did himself no harm there regarding sticking around in 2014.

Hopefully not a Vettel walk in the park and as for Moan di Resta what is his problem??? if i hear him say "its just not good enough" again im gonna....... really starting to bug me now!


Massa is erratic in an erratic/slow car. Put him in a great car and he will be as consistent as he was a few years ago. He has true speed, but cannot "over drive," a car like Alonso. If he signs with Mclaren for 2014, and the car is good he will beat Button easily.


Fair play ..... Vettel has the best car ... It's getting a bit boring but for gods sake when Shumi kept on winning then before his time it was Williams .. lets start a fresh nexyear . Think Vettel is on his way to no 4 .


Massa is too pumped up but starting on the dirty side. Let's hope he doesn't take title contenders Vettel, Hamilton or Kimi out in his excitement. He is racing for him now.


I'm looking forward to see what the "I'm racing for myself Massa" is like. If he races hard, puts the squeeze on Alonso and has a coming together, I can just imagine LdM choking over his cappuccino. Mama Mia!


Just to show you how Kimi was affected (from BBC site) :

"Raikkonen initially complained of some discomfort in Friday practice but on Saturday he was in significant pain, to the extent that he could not breathe while braking for Singapore's 23 corners. "

Anyway great job by Vettel (once again), Grosjean and Gutierrez. Not so excited for tomorrow, as Singapore (despite being a night race and close walls) is quite a boring race in terms of overtakings.


Go Gros!

Time for the underdog to crest the top step.

One-stopping Grosjean to keep race pace with Vettel and use one less set of tires, or go head-to-head and undercut on two laps more per stint to pass during the pits.

Go Gros, go!


No one will 1 stop tomorrow.


Hoping JEV gets in on a rain and safety car influenced race to disrupt the order to take second in front of Massa.


Deja vu: brazilian driver crash against the wall, security car out, Alonso win.


Vettel Gambles and wins to take dramatic pole.

Boy it's already tough to find interesting words to use for the remainder of the season to describe how there really is no competition. Yawn.


I'm surprised at how many of us seem to think the title race is over. Of course, Vettel is looking strong, but the advantage is roughly two wins, seven races to go. Raikkonen was almost two wins behind in 2007, with two races to go. But... Vettel is a phenomenon, and great for the sport.


"Vettel is a phenomenon, and great for the sport."


Most seasoned F1 fans are weary of watching Vettel
and his superior Newey-designed cars walk all over the rest of the field. Too much of this success has little to do with Vettel, and everything to do with the superiority of the car.

I'd like to see the IROC happen again. Vettel would not be dominant in that series, and I'd stake my house on that.


In my eyes Vettel will remain just a above average driver until he goes to some other team and wins there as well without Newey's help.


I might stick to watching Q1 and Q2 only from now.


Why? Vettel put down a fast lap and then put his cards on the table and waited. Brought some pretty good drama to the session I thought.


Vettel is Jim Clark to Newey's Chapman. And unfortunately for Vettels rivals, there are no trees by the sides of the circuits anymore. Prepare for unseen levels of F1 domination. He's going to catch Schumacher.

A Button fan.


In terms of chemistry between a driver and the team car designer engineer I agree. But what we have now it´s not racing compare to the old days.


Oh not comparable to the days a car was 3 seconds faster than the next .


Not comparable with blown exhauts, DRS, DDRS, huges front wings, silly tyres to force pit stops, computers everywhere, automatic gearbox,safesty measures, KERS, blown diffusers. And many tech and aero things that are or were used this days.

People didn´t have much of this is the 60´s


A good way of putting it

Jackie Stewart commentated FP2 with us on BBC 5Live and clearly he sees a lot of himself in Vettel's style



Did you notice?

In Shanghai this year Vettel let him pass, but Monza 2011 Vettel did another great move...

Bahrain 2013 Vettel fell back from P2 to P3 before the first corner. He passed Alonso without DRS. And I think Vettel passed Alonso in wet/dry conditions during a HungaryGP, but I'm not sure.

So... Alonso never won a race, when Vettel was fighting...

Great, that we all can agree to that.

The Spanish Inquisitor

Pilot / Poles / Wins / % Fail

Vettel / 40 /32 / -20%

Hamilton / 32 / 22 / -31%

Alonso / 22 / 31 / NA

Nothing more to say......


Shows Alonso has had fast cars but bottles it in qualifying...


In LdM's words: "Marussia beat Ferrari by more than 1.0 sec."


I don't like him, but credit where due, [mod] was on fire, particularly through the final sector.

To my fellow readers and posters on this (former) great site. Whilst it is good to support your favourite driver/s, this site has been slowly falling to the level of some others. Please show a little more objectivity and respect to all involved.


100% said the same earlier in the season


It's a bit rich to say that while using abusive term for Vettel- double standards at work here!!


Sorry James, perhaps Bryce didn't phrase his post very well, but he has a point. The levels of abuse and general did, didn't, did.... ad infinitum type of comments have been on the increase in my opinion.


I would just like to say that, having re-read my post, it might appear that I am ungrateful. That is certainly not the case and I enjoy your site and articles and appreciate your effort to bring F1 closer to the fans - and all for free 🙂


Yes, and we apologise for that, the comment levels have been very high and we need to be more careful to moderate out the ones which add nothing

Problem is some are quite complex in that there can be some vaild points, but then aspects which are unpalatable. So it takes time to mde out elements, rather than simply trash the whole comment.
But we will raise the bar.


Hi James,

From where we're seating facing Turn 1 you can really see the confidence Vettel has on approach an and turn in.

He seems the only driver looking a bit oversteery when everbody else look cautious and understeer by using too much kerb.

I'd recommend that spot if you are watching the cars on track during practice. (There's a cordoned off area for photographers at Turn 2 grandstand I assume you could use).


happy to see so many giving kudos to drivers who over-performed this weekend. but sorry to see nobody mentioned Max. he almost owned his well thought of team mate in Monza and is right there again.

I hate the idea of pay drivers in any series, but am happy to see Max working hard and trying to prove he belongs...


You need to agree with me that when Felipe "can" race, he always beats him tem mate! It was this way last year when ferrari needed to release him, and he actually started to out-qualify Alonso. And now, as he does not have any compromisse, he started to run on front of his team mate again.

It's clear for me that Ferrari has agreed to have a number two driver to let Fernando try to be WDC, but with a timeline, and now this has come to an end with KR, and now Alonso will need to race with just his car. BTW, as any other driver...


So Felipe could have been a multiple world champion but decided to sign contracts that prevented from fulfilling his talent. Deliberately qualifying mid field more often than not and making mistakes during the race so he didn't get to close to Alonso. Even if your fantasy were true how could u support a driver who has no testicular fortitude. Same as Kimi fans who pretend he was noble in not getting paid. When really Kimi didn't say anything until he signed for Ferrari cos he didn't expect any offers and thought to keep lotus happy. Now he can talk but would Jenna, Mandela or Alonso accept that? Not even Damon hill lowered himself in 1997 when sir Frank lowballed him.


Jenna is senna

Mandela is mansell

Autocorrect is annoying like Ron dennis


There ended up being six seconds between the fastest cars and the Marussia's, which is effectively six percent. It would be interesting to get an idea from a Q3 team as to how much it believes the track improved during the remaining 40 minutes.

Downforce at low speeds to give apex speed and traction while losing some of that downforce at high speed to cut drag seems to be a large part of success in F1.


Massa out qualifies Alonso again. 5 times already this year. Alonso just isn't getting the most out of the car in qualifying and it really cost Ferrari when they had the best car (Ferrari was overall best car up until the British Grand Prix).

Grosjean out qualifying Kimi again. More 3rd and 4th row starts next year for Ferrari.

Vettel in ominous form. His main foes look almost demoralised.


You are correct...After red bull got the sport to change the rules to suit their car, we can all see how great vettel is. So different to the average looking driver in the first 7rounds of the year...... But that was due to Pirelli not Seb being unable to adjust to a car that was not .5 to .8 seconds a lap quicker


Change what rules? Are you talking about the tyres that were blowing up at Silverstone? Funnily enough, Lotus were most vehemently against changing the tyres, yet they were the fastest car on the new tyres at subsequent race in Germany...

Alonso had the best car on balance up until the British Grand Prix and did nothing with the advantage.


Well done to Esteban for getting out of Quali One for first time, and into Quali Three for first time. Maybe this track works for him; Sky mentioned that he either qualified or finished in 3rd here in GP2.

Marina Bay has not been a lucky track for Lewis in the past. From memory, Lewis has his Webber and crashed out or been penalised; Webber has hit him in exactly the same way, and Lewis has crashed out or been penalised, and last year, his MacLaren broke down while he was in the lead.

Although, come to think of it, Sky replayed the 2009 Singapore GP, and Hamilton did win that one.

Eric Boullier defending Lotus on why they haven't paid Kimi this year: "We had to make a decision, and decided to pay OUR people."

Hold on, so your drivers aren't your people as well? Is the team paying Grosjean? Or if so, is that only so you can take your managers' cut?


Yeah, seriously, guys:

Where is the love for Esteban right now?

The kid did a freaking great job to get into Q3.

I've been following his career for a while. I always thought he had talented. He probably wasn't ready for F1 at the beginning of the year. But if he keeps this up, hopefully he'll keep his place in F1 and we'll be one driver richer.


So how are all those well informed anti Pirelli F1 fans feeling now? Do u guys love how absolutely rubbish F1 is

Schellto watch since Silverstone?.....What a joy it must be to hear a fellow F1 purist like Crofty have nothing to comment on since nothing is happening during the races anymore. Let's analyse the boredom after tonight's procession.....I'll watch a re run of hmmmm Valencia 2012.

Don't fall asleep. Keep the coffee close u crazy fans


I'll gamble and say Vettel will have a DNF.


Hope you didn't put any cash on that!


Just my life savings.

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