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Singapore Grand Prix – Who was your Driver of the Day?
Posted By: James Allen  |  22 Sep 2013   |  11:52 pm GMT  |  326 comments

Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel didn’t put a foot wrong as he produced a brilliant drive under the lights in Marina Bay to win the Singapore Grand Prix for the third successive year.

Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso capitalised on a stunning start and a bold strategy to take second while Lotus’ Kimi Raikkonen fought off back pain to complete the podium.

Jenson Button looked on course for McLaren’s first podium of the season before his tyres faded and he finished seventh, one place ahead of his team-mate Sergio Perez who recovered to eighth after a poor qualifying. But who was your Driver of the Day?

Sebastian Vettel

Led all but one corner to take his seventh victory of the season. Squeezed a fast-starting Nico Rosberg at the start, but lost first position from pole at the first corner. Retook the lead when Rosberg ran wide on the exit and from there never looked back. Responded well at the safety car restart and then built up a huge lead – sometimes lapping more than two seconds quicker than the rest of the field – to cover off anyone who may have tried to stop one less time than him. Cruised over the line to take his 33rd career victory and extend his championship lead to 60 points with just six races remaining.

Fernando Alonso

Made an electric start and benefitted from a bold strategy to take second. Moved to the outside on the rundown to the first corner to make up four places and run third early on. Struggled to keep up with Rosberg in second, but held a healthy lead over the chasing pack. Pitted during the safety car period, fitting the medium tyres, and ran through to the end of the race, which allowed him to climb up to second. Managed his tyres and pace well to take his third consecutive second-placed finish and keep his hopes of the title alive.

Kimi Raikkonen

Overcame back pain to take his seventh podium of the season. Qualified 13th after struggling throughout the practice sessions with an on-going back problem which flared up. Struggled with traffic early on but pitted early for his first stop to give him some clear air. Pumped in the lap times and produced some good overtakes to rise up throughout the field. Like Alonso, pitted under the safety car and then did 36 laps on the medium tyre to finish third.

Jenson Button

Looked on course for a podium before fading in the final stages. Ran in the low points-scoring positions for much of the race. Pitted under the safety car and re-joined ninth. Like Alonso and Raikkonen, decided to try and get to the end of the race on that set of tyres. Rose to third as others pitted but was eventually caught and overtaken by Raikkonen and then lost three further places. Finished seventh – his 10th points-scoring result in 13 races.

Sergio Perez

Recovered from a bad qualifying to score points for the sixth time this season. Started 14th, but made up a few places at the start. Had a good battle with Nico Hulkenberg and made his way up into the points. Did the same strategy as McLaren team-mate Button. Looked to have the pace and better tyres than Button in the closing stages, but couldn’t make a pass stick and settled for eighth – six places higher than his grid slot.

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Does Grosjean not get a look-in?


No, Grosjean didn't impress me.

Now, as for booing, I have full right to boo whoever I like and it is not for Christian Horner or anyone to tell me whether it is appropriate or not.

Mark Webber is a talent that could have done great things in F1. I fondly remember him putting even useless Jaguar in pole positions--that kind of performance would put even Senna to shame. If Mark had got into any other competitive team, he would have by now overtaken Senna and Prost in the number of WDCs. We wouldn't be talking of Alonso, Kimi, etc. After all, Mark is the 2nd most talented driver ever to have graced F1 (Hamilton is perched at the top) and, therefore, has a humongous fan base.

But RBR and Vettel have conspired to destroy Mark's F1 career and have forced him to leave the sport altogether.

So I am fully justified in booing Vettel and RBR; and would give Mark the DOTD trophy, whether Christian Horner likes it or not.

The booing will continue so long we don't drive the "fizzy drink company" out of F1.


I doubt there's much point offering you facts and reason here, but I'm willing to give it a try:

"Now, as for booing, I have full right to boo whoever I like and it is not for Christian Horner or anyone to tell me whether it is appropriate or not."

The right to free speech, which as you say gives you the right to boo, also gives other people the right to opine that you shouldn't boo. You can't have it both ways.

"Mark Webber is a talent that could have done great things in F1. I fondly remember him putting even useless Jaguar in pole positions–that kind of performance would put even Senna to shame."

This might be a pedantic point, but all 11 of Webber's pole positions have been for Red Bull.

"If Mark had got into any other competitive team, he would have by now overtaken Senna and Prost in the number of WDCs. We wouldn’t be talking of Alonso, Kimi, etc. After all, Mark is the 2nd most talented driver ever to have graced F1 (Hamilton is perched at the top) and, therefore, has a humongous fan base."

All speculative and/or subjective, although I tend to agree about Hamilton (in his generation anyway).

"But RBR and Vettel have conspired to destroy Mark’s F1 career and have forced him to leave the sport altogether."

What motive does Red Bull have for wanting to destroy Webber's career so badly that they would keep hiring him to drive and then go to tremendous lengths to make him look bad? And why, if this is so obvious to you, has Webber not noticed?

Vettel doesn't care about anyone else's career.

"So I am fully justified in booing Vettel and RBR; and would give Mark the DOTD trophy, whether Christian Horner likes it or not."

I doubt Christian Horner minds who you vote for.

"The booing will continue so long we don’t drive the “fizzy drink company” out of F1."

No amount of booing will achieve this. All you are doing is making fans as a whole look bad. I am no fan of Vettel and I find his domination dull sometimes, but we could do without this football-style behaviour from fans, in my opinion.


I've read a lot of posts on this site, but I have to say yours was perhaps the most interesting one I've read in a long time. I don't believe anyone is saying you don't have the right to boo whoever you want to boo, it's your choice. What most people are saying its simply rude for you to boo any F1 driver for going out and risking their lives to put on a great show. As for RBR conspiring against Mark Webber, you've got to be kidding, because the one thing that's more important to Red Bull then getting one of their drivers to win the drivers championship, is the constructors championship. The money they receive is out of this world, so I seriously doubt that they would sabotage one of their drivers. I'm hoping that your post was an attempt to be facetious? If it was, you did great, if not, well it shows your lack of understand and respecting the people in the sport.


Wow. This is a revelation!! I had no idea Webber was better than Senna!! Have Red Bull lost their minds?? They employ a driver who is better than Senna (and second only to Hamilton in the all time list of greats) and then they conspire to slow him down and ruin his career - what a missed opportunity! They could have won several titles with the mighty Webber before Vettel had started shaving. Horner must be Dr Evil in disguise.

Its hard to give anyone DOTD except Vettel, given his superiority. However I give Alonso and Raikkonen as much credit for equally suberb drives in different circumstances.

The Red Bull is on a different planet right now. Watching the incar footage on Sunday, Vettel looked like he was driving Miss Daisy while Alonso, Raikkonen and the Merc's were taking risks to get the performance out of the car - then you look at the laptime and see Vettel was pulling away at 2s per lap - they are in a different formula right now. The reason Webber isn't making it happen is the blown diffuser - Red Bull have made another step with their exhaust and floor in the summer break and are energising the diffuser better than any other team. Credit to Vettel - he has really developed his driving style over the last 3 years to maximise this after the corner apex - something Mark has admitted himself he cannot do. Go back to 2010 before blowing diffusers was used and we saw both drivers were pretty even


Well on the exhaust front I'm right and you're partly correct cba to go into it, but as for the championships you're definitely wrong, in 2009 apart from that convincing drive at Nurburgring the rest of the season Vettel had the upperhand and if it weren't for rookie mistakes like in Australia or poor setups in Brazil Vettel would have dominated Webber, in 2010 too many bad luck and car issues forced a title decider not Webber's superiority I done a post a few weeks back about Vettel's problems in 2010, any other driver in that situation would have lost the title but Seb negated all those and came out on top, for example Vettel would have won the first 3 races and almost put the title to bed if it wasn't for a spark plug (Bahrain) and seized brakes (Australia), racing with a cracked chassis at Barcelona and Monaco where they had race winning pace, a cut tyre at silverstone from Hamilton and the ridiculous safety car penalty at Hungary all handed Webber wins, then the engine failure at Korea I thought that was it, but looking back it shouldn't have even been close, every single year Vettel has been the better driver and he's just getting better and better, Webber is not half the driver Vettel is, talking about car advantages and style is just clutching at straws I suppose Hamilton beaten by Button in 2011 and getting a hard time from Rosberg is all the car designed for those drivers, get real can't even face the facts when its staring you in the face.


Tealeaf calm yourself. You are wrong. Off throttle blowing is banned. However blowing exhaust gases onto the diffuser is not. The rules required the exhaust outlets to be moved higher up the engine cover but teams are still allowed to use aerodynamics and the coanda effect to direct exhaust gases whereever they want, including to the diffuser. This is something all the teams are trying to do, but only Adrian Newey is mastering it, and Newey himself admitted they have made a big step forward in this area in the summer break. Apology accepted.

As to Vettel's dominance, I think you are also wrong. It was fairly even through 2009 and little separated the 2 RB drivers in that championship. In 2010, Webber led Vettel in the title race throughout and was favourite to win even at the start of the final race. It is fact that Vettel never once led the championship that year until he crossed the line as Champion in Abu Dhabi. It is only since late 2010 as Red Bull worked out the exhaust blown diffuser, that Vettel really started to dominate Webber consistently, culminating in 2011, his most dominant season and the height of the blown diffuser technology.

Its a shame that I post something insightful about the sport and you respond with a hateful post (ironically referring to Hamilton as bitter)

For the record, I think Vettel is a fantastic driver - anyone who doesn't think that is a fool. But anyone who refuses to acknowledge that he has had an enormous car advantage in the last 4 years is also a fool, and the car is built to maximise his driving style which is very different to Webber's


It was never even, Seb destroyed Webber right from the start in 2009, blown diffuser and off blown exhaust is banned, in 2010 it was close because of all the problems Vettel had with mechanical and technical problems, you're just repeating Hamilton's bitter words about Vettel not pushing, it must of been on the laps that Rocky told him not to push, besides fastest laps often look calm and neat, Seb's precision is 2nd to none he would have blown away Hamilton in the same car.


You are right Simon, you have the right to boo whoever you like. Horner never said you couldn't. But you demonstrate a very poor appreciation and understanding of the history of F1 when you boo a winner that was lapping two seconds faster than the others. and profess to not boo until Red Bull leave F1.

Red Bull are here to stay and it's like they said: your booing will only encourage them to keep winning. I'd keep quiet if I were you 😀


I think Simon means front of the grid positions and both years Jag finished 7th in Constructors with Cosworth engine

2003 Brazil Qualified 3rd half a tenth off pole

2003 San Marino Qualified 5th behind Ferrari and Williams

2003 Hungary Qualified 3rd 3/10ths off pole

2004 Malaysian Front row with Schumacher

2004 Japanese Qualified 3rd behind both Schumachers


"I fondly remember him putting even useless Jaguar in pole positions"

You do?



Lolololol it was close but not quite eh, front row doesn't necessarily mean pole, I give it to Webber though he's a damn fast driver and would give Alonso or Hamilton alot of problems in the same car but compared to Seb? Hahaha its like Schumacher vs Irvine...


Well done Simon!


Not sure if serious


booing is the exclusive right of 'common' people.


Well perhaps they should put up the ticket prices and keep the common people out. Its seems to be going the yob way that football has. A minority spoiling it for real fans and TV viewers. They should scrap the podium interviews as it just give the rubbish a platform to show their ignorance.


By booing you try to express your opinion. Why deny it to Horner? That´s unfair


Get your head checked. Amusing though


If Webber was better than Vettel, then he would be ahead of him on the track, he would be RBRs no 1. Simple.


Sad, sad people.


Oh my, now Webber is better than Senna! This exposes the true evil genius of RBR -- not only do they have to produce a car that causes Mark's Senna+ talent to lap 1 to 2 seconds/lap slower than Vettel in the middle of this race. In addition, while conspiring to destroy Mark's career they simultaneously have to allow him to score enough points to ensure the constructors championship for four years running! What talent! Christian Horner must be Megamind! My god, it is a blessing to live in a freedom-loving country that guarantees life, liberty, and the right to boo who[sic]ever I like!


"The booing will continue so long we don’t drive the “fizzy drink company” out of F1."

Don't be childish and grow up already!

This "Fizzy drink company" is a team that started out as Stewart Grand Prix and brought start-to-finish CAD to Formula one, it went on to become Jaguar until it was bought by and named after the "Fizzy drink company", their chief designer is constructing cars since his days at Leyton House and has also been with Williams and McLaren; their team principal is an ex racing driver who drove for Manor, Fortec, TOM's and Arden from British Formula 3 to Formula 3000. There's a whole lot of tradition in Milton Keynes and the "Fizzy drink company" is one of the very few teams that give young guys a drive, regardless of how much sponsorship-money they have up their sleeves.


JJ they can't appreciate this success because deep down all these Ferrari/Hamilton/Mclaren/Alonso 'fans' are in shock Vettel and RBR can rain on their parade like this, but face it we saw it in this race the best driver in the best car simply destroyed the field, thanks to the safety car and Rocky for Vettel not lapping the entire field including Webber.


RBR is a complete package, team, driver, designer. together they set the standard. I do not see how such perfection can be unappreciated. They may be owned by a drink company, but clearly they are a RACE team!



This slur isn't confronted enough. Benetton used to be "just" a textiles company, but nobody denigrates them, even when they were found with illegal traction control on their car and set Verstappen's car on fire because of modifying the fuel hose.

There are so many teams that have funding from companies that are only in F1 to make money, Red Bull is not the only one. Red Bull just gets their money from a drinks company.

The same people who denigrate Red Bull should denigrate McLaren because they are sponsored by drinks company Lucozade.


Tell that to Hamilton


Brilliant post. Thank you, M.O.W.


'jaguar in pole position' not quite.

'vettel has conspired to destroy mark's career.' rubbish.

'i'm fully justified in booing vettel and will continue to' f1 could do without people like you, well your attitude I should say.

for the record i'm not a vettel fan


This is either superb wind up merchantry - in which case excellent work, or something very, very strange.


I don't agree with that. Initially there wasn't a lot between Seb and Webber, but Seb's simply ascended to another level somewhere along the way.

Initially there was disbelief and Mark explained away his relative lack of pace by saying he'd been driving with a secret shoulder injury for the last few races in 2010.

I think now we have to accept that either Webber's shoulder's taking a very very long time to heal or Seb's the better driver.


Vettel is simply on another planet, driver of the day hands down.

Actually driver of the decade, so far.

Mark who ??


Its more of a correct calculated guess than just basically its all Newey!! Anyway I'm looking forward to Hamilton vs Alonso for 2nd place in the championship, Lewis is faster than Alonso but that consistency is lacking it'll go down to the wire.


Tealeaf - 35% Vettel, 25% RB, 15% Renault and 25% Newey - and you know this how, exactly???


Actually in that race its more like 35% Vettel, 25% Redbull money/resources, 15% Renault and 25% Newey.

Without that Renault engine but replaced with Merc or Ferrari they still win the race, without Redbull's spending but still have Mclaren or Mercedes's budget they still win, without Newey but still have for example Allison or Byrne they still win... ok now if they didn't have Vettel but fielded Webber and Hamilton they wouldn't have even won nevermind 1 of the most dominating drives in the dry I've ever seen in the last 20 years even more dominating than Schuey with his special tyres or Mansell with his hugely overpowered active suspension and traction control, but I have to say Raikkonen's performance was surprising especially with that bad back, Mercedes will need that rumoured 100hp advantage next year but I doubt thats true it can't be surely?! I mean if the Renault puts out 650hp + 160hp ERS and Merc has that much advantage then thats over 900hp I doubt that'll be the case, expect this Vettel era to continue even when he joins Ferrari.


What are you talking about??

Webber never had 5 seconds on anyone??


Come on!!!

He opened up a gap of FIVE SECONDS in TWO laps after the safety car. 30% driver. 70% car (NEWEY).


Thanks you for making my day. This is the most hilarious comment I have ever read.



a) Im Australian

b) Im a Webber fan.

Though the OP goes a little further than I would. Webber is a great driver, and probably should've had the WDC in 2010...he was challenging for most of it and in the end...the team preference came to the fore.

Since then, Vettel has shown that he is a natural when it comes to this, sure a big reason of it is the car; but the car stays stationary if it doesn't have a driver. If you stand there and say that most of it is the car then next year Daniel Ricciardo has just as much chance to take the championship as Vettel.

I never really been a fan of his, but I give respect where its due...and its due with his preformance over the past couple of years. He deserves it. Once could say that the last couple of seasons has been reminiscent of the Senna/Prost season where they won 15 of 16 races...their car was good, but the competition just wasn't on the same level as well.


+ Infinity


"+1, OP MUST be Australian !"

...and 9 years old.


+1, OP MUST be Australian !


To finish first in driver of the day first you have to finish.


Vettel because he was in a different class all day. But Kimi deserves a big gong for effort and Alonso one for enterprise.

You have to wonder what those two (and Hamilton) could do in a Vettel-special Red Bull.

Unfortunately for any aspiring #2 at Red Bull, Red Bull again showed it can't put two fully-sorted cars on the grid.


Man of the day...

1. Adrian Newey for delivering a car which is on another planet to the rest of the grid

2. Kimi and Seb tied in second place


You missed the point ... that's unless you were being sarcastic.


Why this continued ridiculous comment wonder what they would do in a red bull same they are doing in thier current package.


Lewis picked out DOTD this time:

" How did Kimi come from where he started ? That is incredible !!"


You really think that those other topdrivers, Alonso, Hamilton, Raikkonen would be faster in the RB then Vettel??

I know it's difficult to acknowledge but Vettel is without any doubt in the same class as those guys.

I'm sure if it be Alonso driving the RB we would all be living in the Golden Alonso era. And we would read everywhere how great he is, and how lucky we are to be witnessing this. But now its Vettel and its all the car.


Alonso would be given all the credit he is due (dominating in a Red Bull).

It's just Sebastian hasn't lived out his 'tough' years, so people think he is undeserving.

It's not his fault Mclaren and Ferrari can't get their act together....


The thing is if Vettel was in the Ferrari he'd probably win the title as long as Raikkonen or Alonso wasn't at Redbull, Vettel is a special talent.


Hamilton isn't in the same class as Vettel. Yes he is fast but he is far from a complete driver, he carries too much baggage around in his head.

Look at the comparison between Button and Hamilton at McLaren. Either one is a lot better than most people think, or the other isn't as good as he's made out to be.

Colombia Concalvez

What nonsense are you talking ?, Hamilton would decimate Vettel with ease. Vettel can't overtake or do good when starting in the middle of the pack, why you think Webbers car always has problems. And Hamilton carrying to much baggage ?, because of Hamilton Mercedes-Benz is where they are now and they gonna take 2nd place by the end of the season and what Button comparison ?, Button could only do well because of Hamilton's set up, no Button has to do it alone and look where the team is now. You sound more like a anti Hamilton person


Vettel can overtake, but not like Hamilton or Alonso or Button can overtake. Vettel is now showing his overtaking prowess with the quickest car in the DRS era of F1. Take away DRS and skill starts to come back into it


HAM could only do well because of ALO’s set up during his McLaren days. Keep dreaming.


I'm not anti Hamilton, I see him for what he is. Your argument for Hamilton not dominating Button is just an excuse. They had 3 years together and if Hamilton is a good a driver as you say he is then Hamilton should have thrashed him, and he didn't.

Vettel is going to win his 4th Championship. Hamilton threw one away, and the one he did win was when Timo said 'after you'.


I'm pretty sure a certain M Schumacher had the most input into this Merc car, not Hamilton


No one is doubting Hamilton's contribution to Mercedes. But mentally he is far off Alonso and Vettel.

Racing in a pack almost requires you to have some semblance of straight-line speed. This year in Spa when Vettel capitalized on a mistake Hamilton made and passed, many were quick to point out his straightline speed advantage.

Hamilton is way better than Button I agree with you. But let's not blame Button entirely for having a bad McLaren this year. If that's the case, then we must give credit to Sebastian for not "dipping his balls in the pool" and working hard on the car. I don't think many here will be quick to do that.


@ Harshad - Vettel can overtake, although it's not his strongest suit, but those two races are bad examples to give. Each race being remarkably flukey in its own right (incredibly flukey, in the case of Abu Dhabi, the joke of fate which won him the championship), and each also being a better example of how racing in the midfield isn't his greatest strength either. Apologies if you're being sarcastic.

Before the blinkered glory supporters jump on me, of course Vettel was driver of the day this weekend, and he showed his main strength, which he has over the rest of the field, of being bloody fast. Better examples of how he can overtake would be Spain 2011, or even Monza of the same year, however much more traction the RBR had over Alonso's Ferrari. If you got it, use it.


"Vettel can’t overtake or do good when starting in the middle of the pack"

Did you miss Abu Dhabi/Brazil 2012.

Vettel overtook nearly the entire field 3 times in those 2 races.


reb dull understand vettels contribution more than anyone and pay him accord to the value they put on his contribution. that's how class is determined.

vettel for me was the driver of the day. he defended his position well and drove to victory. alonso also drove well but raikkonen was helped by pitstops and safety car albeit with a bad back.


Racing in clear air controlling the pace has to be easier on the car than racing wheel to wheel.

Even as a Vettel fan, I'd like to see what Hamilton could do in a Red Bull, he can qualify very well and before Red Bull needed to be up front to stay there (due to lack of straight line speed).


Gosh I am a Kimi fan but the way Vettel took off from the rest of the field after the safety car was awesome. I know Webber appears unlucky and I have respect for him, but can luck or inter-team conspiracy theories really account for four years of being dominated by Vettel?


Alonso for giving Webber a lift 🙂


Canny move to get Webber a 10 place grid penalty for the next race. 😉


Should the cars have airbags too. Idiot!


Yes, Alonso was already thinking ahead to Korea, and reacting with speed of summer lightening !


+1. Absolutely disgraceful that Mark's been penalised or it.


Mark was given the lightest possible punishment, a reprimand. Unfortunately for Mark, that is now three reprimand that triggers the grid drop.

The officials really had no choice: With F1's commitment to "road safety" and such. Plus, Hamilton and Rosberg had to take avoiding action due to Alonso's stopped Ferrari, so it really was a safety issue.




Absolutely spot on. 'Elf and safety gone mad!


Of course they had a choice. The speed drivers go in the warm down lap they can stop on a sixpence whenever they want. They're also still capable of turning the wheel. Next thing they'll be reprimanding drivers for waving to the crowds because it's not safe to take one hand off the wheel.

Why is Moto GP gathering so many F1 fans ? 'Cos it's not up itself. When Lorenzo gets off the bike and plants his flag, everyone cheers - the officials don't go bleating about "setting an example for road safety".

The current lot of stewards have forgotten what F1 is for and why we all (used to) love it.


Hang on a minute, driving the car IS F1. If we are going to have motor racing the risk is necessary. It is not necessary to risk walking out onto the track so why allow the risk? You cannot seriously compare driving the car to walking onto the track and hanging off the side an F1 car can you?


Come on, it was dangerous, you have to admit that much? WEB is a great DRIVER, he does not have super human powers to avoid being run over by an F1 car. He could have been hurt. What would be a disgrace, is if this went unmentioned and then a driver was killed by walking out on trace. I love seeing this too but some times people need protecting from themselves.

Also, he was not penalised for this offence, he was given his third reprimand for the season whihc meant an automatic penalty.


remember the exausts exit the tops of thouse sidepods --- and givenall the cooling

happens in there -- they may get hot!!


More dangerous than hurling a F1 car around Singapore's streets at 300 mph ? Come on ! It's just the bloody health and safety brigade again, getting their claws into F1. Next we'll have speed limits at Spa with a radar on the straight.


Alonso, because it was pure Alonso-power that put that car in second place.

VET was flawless but is obviously not that much quicker than ALO in terms of talent so the car played a massive part. ALO outdrove the car in my opinion,yet again.

Here's the problem with the 'it's not the car' argument with VET. Without the safety car VET would have finished a full minute up the road, at one point he had the pace to lap the field! He is personally NOT that much quicker, he cannot possibly be.


STOP IT RIGHT NOW. There is no way VET should be booed. He should have been booed when he ignored team orders and robbed his teammate of a place - for that race only. That would have been a fair raction to an unsporting act. Right now the Boos are an embarressment for F1. VET is a great driver in the best car, pretty much all previous WDCs have needed this combination to win. Booing VET is a personal attack on the kid. He says it does not affect him but to drive your heart out and stand infront of all those people and listen to them boo your achievement must be crushing. All he did this weekend was to do his job brillantly. He shows in media relations and specials with SKY and BBC just how personable and pleseant he can be. Booing this man is bullying, plain and simple, and you should be bloody ashamed of yourself. Like all bullies everywhere, you are cowards.


+111 no booing (unless you punt someone into the wall)


+1 Wayne, I couldn't have said it better, so I won't even try. Well put.


+100% agree., Vettel should not be booed. It is disgraceful. For a young man right on the top of his game and who is genuinely a nice guy it is shameful and embarrassing. I cringe every time those f***ing idiots do it. It is also impressive how he deals with it in public for such a young man, but when he is lying in bed at night it must affect him, and he does not deserve it.


The crowd don't boo the good guys. He should change his behaviour. World champion yes but no one apart from his die hard fans can stand him. Look at the drivers body behaviour after a race. He gets Alonso's back and that's what he deserves.


VET needs to know what the crowd thinks if him!.........and Horner.


It isn't what the crowd in general thinks of him, it's a small but very vocal minority. When I was at the Hungaroring there were thousands of fans wearing the blue of Red Bull. The media should stop making such a big deal of the actions of this tiny proportion of spectators.


I tell you 1: Jealousy.


Why does the crowd think poorly of him? Can you give one single reason why he should have been booed after that race?


What do I mean by ALO power? Driving incredibly intelligently, maintaining pace while preserving the tyres, putting in fast laps when others fade, not scrabbling with cars in front when there was no way past, knowing when to attack and when to wait.

(A sad indictment of modern F1, but there you have it.)

This is what people talk about when they describe ALO as the most complete F1 driver - not necessarily the best qualyfier, not necessarily the best overtaker etc but the best overall package when it comes to maximising the car.

If all drivers were in equal machinary and all things were equal it would be ALO who most people would bet their house on to win the WDC over an entire season. That is ALO power! (and I'm a HAM fan before you accuse me of being biased).


This is what I personally call the Martin Brundle / British syndrome the love and praise of mediocrity.

Alonso cannot qualify well and cannot overtake except his car is superior case in point Germany behind Hamilton until he went into the pits same as the last race followede DiResta until he went to the pits, Massa outqualifying him on a street track and on a speed track case in point Monza and then letting him through now at the end of the race he puts the car in its actual position and then people rave about it after his poor qualifying, as it can not be Alonso that is bad its the car that cant qualify one thing that has escaped peoples mind is that of all the top four teams drivers its only Alonso that has not been on the front row, even Massa has been on the front row.

If you have 2 Vettels one in the Ferrari and the other in the Redbull, I bet you the one in the Ferrari would win the Championship as he would not have reliability problems to deal with but Brundle has brainwashed people into thinking Alonso is performing miracles now Ferrari have woken up from thier slumber and decided they need another benchmark driver for the car to determine what the problem is on saturday.

I mean Bottas put the Williams on the second row in Canada.




Could support that!


I love these guys. it was great for the sport but I cant believe webber got a 10 place grid penalty. 3 strikes but still...


It's absolutely ridiculous. One of the most iconic images of (fairly)recent times is when Mansell gave Senna a lift back to the pits. The numpties running the sport now have got no idea - where was the harm.

Shameful decision.


Well, rules are rules - even if they are silly - but for my money taking a ride on the side of a Ferrari F1 car would be worth every grid drop and you never know, some of Mark's best races have been coming back from down the order.

Fingers and toes crossed for Korea 🙂


+ A magical start to set up a good result.


Director of the day?

Not whoever was directing the ind of that race.

Mad racing for 2nd position on, Webber's car on fire...but no, all we get to see is Vettel all on his own and some pretty fireworks.


Absolutely – a skewed view of ‘entertainment’ triumphs once more.

F1 fast becoming an auditory-focussed experience with live commentary providing the excitement and details and gratuitous firework pictures added as a 'bonus'?


Yeah and frankly the fireworks weren't even that good 🙁


Yeah, I think it is kind of mandatory to show the winner crossing the line.

Singapore paid a lot of money for those fireworks, it would be a shame for them to not be seen!

I do often get frustrated by which battles the director chooses to focus on. But hey, that's what replays and 3 hours of post-race analysis are for right?


I can't believe someone actually said that! You really think they shouldn't have shown the winner crossing the finish line?


No, of course they should show the winner crossing the line, not only for that race but for every race, no question.

My gripe is that after he crossed the line the camera lingered on him (and the fireworks) for far too long when there was so much else going on.

I watch free to air in Aus: We don't have flash harry camera selection red buttons or anything like that and that's OK - we're used to that - but never before have I felt so frustrated at not being able to watch what I want to watch, which is racing.



But then, Singapore's vision of the F1 event isn't racing. It is glitz and glamour - and the director's brief was to showcase the Singapore night skyline. For many locals, the event is more about the music gigs and the razzmatazz. I should know. I live here.


+1, very true. Not many care about the actual racing.


I can understand showing Vettel finishing up his final lap and crossing the line... but cutting away from the rest of the action to show the fireworks was ridiculous.

Like at I think it was Germany where Webber was looking to possibly take pole from Vettel and just a few corners from the line they cut to a lengthy shot of Webber's dad just staring at the monitors. Brilliant.

If they must show this stuff, could they not show it in a picture-in-picture type of thing so we're not missing out on what's happening on track?


completely agree... is there a racer making camera decisions? doubt it


So true. The coverage of the final lap was horrible. Saw more of Singapore than we did of racing.


Well, it is nice to see the winner take the flag. They had to show that.



Grosjean was solid, and has improved considerably since last year. He struggled a bit in the start and lost a few positions. Unfortunately did not get the fruits of the strategy because of the engine trouble. But also because if that, we do not know if his tires would have lasted. He could had done a Jenson.


I think he could have got third or second place as we took Kimi as a reference, the Lotus' tires where better than Alonso's at the end.


Hard to say...

Could be Vettel but we wont know until he races somebody else in equal machinery

Could be alonso, or is he just dreadful in qualifying

Could be Kimi, but how bad is his back?

Wouldnt be suprised to see Webber leave F1 before the end of the season, he has clearly had enough


How often and how comfortably does Vettel need to win even in the best car to put this to bed?

He had a 3 second gap after lap one. And was able to stretch out a pit-stop in hand half way through the race. He probably could've lapped half the field such was the pace he had in hand, even with the safety car.

Webber has the same machinery and other than 2010 has been unable to match Vettel consistently.

I think it's safe to say that Vettel is very, very, very good. Probably even great. Let's not forget that he's put in some outstanding performances in inferior cars too. Torro Rosso at Monza anyone?

It's not making for intresting races I but you really do have to give Vettel his due.... in bucket loads.


In 2008, Vettel and Alonso did not have great cars.

In 2008, which two drivers consistently punched well above their weight in wet races? Vettel and Alonso.

In 2008, which were the only two drivers who won races in cars that were not top-class cars? Vettel and Alonso.

My opinion on the top 2 drivers in a nutshell.


The british GP Mclaren had a massive advantage a driver like Jenson Button would have won in it comfortably like he has shown later on in wet races at Mclaren, but its true only Vettel and Alonso won that year with substandard cars, and towards the end of the year Seb in the Torro Rosso got into the head of Hamilton in Brazil Lewis in the wet was out raced by a 21 year old in a Minardi DNA car almost costing him the title but for a late gift from Glock.


I think you are being a little harsh there. What about Hamilton at the British GP? It was wet and he won by 68 seconds - where were Alonso and Vettel that day?


You don't understand.

It's called Driver of the day!!! So the best driver of the Singapore GP of 22th of September 2013.


"Could be Kimi, but how bad is his back?"

according to Mclaren's doctor, kimi could hardly breathe due to the pain.


Webber race in equak machinery.


Keep trotting out the same tired old line that history and the records are unequivocally proving wrong.

As a super Vettel supporter I am loving it. It used to annoy me all the negative comments but now because he is clearly so good any negative comments about his skills are just laughable cry baby stuff.

The guy was almost 3 seconds a lap faster than the others. If it was the car Webber would have been second regardless of how slow a driver he may be.

As people keep saying you could put anyone in the RedBull and they would win. Oh wait Webber is in a RedBull and not coming even second.

Vettel is super.


Yes Vettel is at the top and nobody could touch him at Singapore, just be gateful there wasn't an Valencia race this year he is absolutely invincible there since 2010 the only thing that stopped him was a altenator failure in 2012, but anyway as goes for 2014 and beyond, good luck rest of the field Vettel isn't going anywhere, best driver in probably the best car will dominate or at least win again, 5 times champion the bookies will slash the odds after the first 3 races next year yes you read it here first, remember it. Fernando who?


You do realise that, while Mark is in the same car as Seb, it's as near as makes no difference tailor made for Seb's driving style - which is likely to Mark's detriment. Imagine if you had to run a race in my shoes?

No denying, Seb did a top job, and I marvelled at RBR's masterful strategy. But there's no way, at all, whatsoever, that those margins are down to Seb's racing superpowers or whatever folk want to attribute it to. He's a great racer with the perfect car. JB in 2009, anyone?



If you read my comment thoroughly, you'll note that I give Seb his dues a number of times. I fear you have misunderstood me regarding the car, and it's tailoring for Seb, too. Let me clarify:

Drivers have preferences. They like a car to behave in a certain way to compliment the quirks of their driving style. An example of this would Massa having a lot of play in his steering wheel.

Seb and Mark drive in very different manners, which is understandable given their backgrounds and the age gap between them (and hence the very different cars they learned their craft on whilst in karting and lower forumals). Another example of this disparity would be Hamilton and Button at McLaren: again, drivers with a fair age gap who took different routes into the sport, although these differences appeared (to my untrained eye) to be more about inconsistency with the car than any bias behind the scenes; we know how vocal JB is when the car is off.

In 2010, when both RBR drivers were strong title contenders, you could argue that they were being given "equal" equipment (controversy aside), but as Seb's WDC titles have racked up and the team has rallied behind him, naturally the car and it's design has evolved to suit him and his particular style - the team would be crazy to do otherwise. Seb and Mark get the same car each race, it's just that it suits Seb more! When was the last time you heard Seb describe the car as enything less than incredible? When was the last time you heard Mark gush about it in the same fashion? That should tell you a lot.

It's not about "equal" equipment (for example, Lewis might thrive in the current Red Bull, Fernando might hate it - who knows!), it's about Seb having a massive edge over drivers who are clearly his equal (Kimi, Fernando, Lewis): a car that's perfect for him.

Top drivers can eke out those elusive tenths in places others can't (which Seb has proves he is more than capable of, before I'm accused of being a detractor), but tens of seconds, and even minutes, in clean air can only be achieved by superior machinery, and to suggest otherwise is fantasy.



Unfortunately I fear you are wasting your breath (or keyboard, or whatever the expression should be). Some, not all, of the Seb fans actually believe he is 2-3 seconds/lap quicker than the rest of the field. It's odd, however, that this mystical ability does not manifest itself all of the time. Surely if he really was that much quicker, then he would have won all of the races so far this season and we would not have had to wait until after the summer break for upgrades to the car, to witness this phenomenon.

No doubt, Seb is a fantastic driver but there ain't no way that, in equal equipment, he would be 2-3 seconds faster than the rest of the field.


Wow this is a pretty new one for me. So you say that Vettel is fast because the car is specifically made for him. Man most other Vettel haters/deniers would give you a good argument that anyone could win in the RedBull (excepting Webber of course and that is where the argument falls short).

Your argument that the car is made specifically for Vettel means that it is in fact Vettel that is that 2 seconds nearly 3 seconds faster and not the car. Cause its only made for Vettel and only Vettel would get such speed from the car.

This is all despite Newey saying the car is designed to be driven fast for all drivers. He designs cars that go fast without specific drivers in mind.


The super softs were around 2 seconds a lap quicker than the mediums and he was running in clear air remember?


Rosberg and Alonso were also running in clean air, beacuse the gap was that big enough. They had the same tires at the start and vettel was 2 seconds faster!

How is it posible for Kimi to go from 13 to 3rd and Webber in the Great Newey car can't go from 5th to 2nd or 3rd? Simple answer Webber is mentaly defeated, he doesn't have the hunger anymore. And vettel is just that great!


where is grosjean, where is webber ? both these drivers performed exceptionally well especially webber. some of his passes during the latter stages were excellent and exciting but he doesn't get a guernsey....why?


What did webber do, he was in the same car as seb


They both didn't finish the race! Not their fault I know, but for me Driver of the Day has to be the whole package - man and machine. What's the point in celebrating someone who faltered where it mattered most, i.e. not finishing the race? So, yes, Webber and Grosjean dont deserve to be there, I would even say even Button doesn't deserve to be on the short list too because he too withered at the end.


*DRIVER* of the day


Webber finished the race ... in a Ferrari

Agree his passes near the end were good, never troubled by the Mercs.


I see the point you're trying to make, but it is driver of the day, not driver and machine of the day, and for purely driving I think both Webber and Grosjean deserved a look in.


All podium finishers deserve the nod. Vettel was even more dominant than usual, Alonso's start and performance were outstanding, and Kimi starting 13th with a bad back and ending up on the podium was the best of all, so if I have to choose just one, it's Kimi. But all three champions were amazing today.



Wonder if Alonso or Kimi would have their places if the savety car would have been or just drove in 2 rounds earlier.


I have voted for Vettel, even though I would probably be one of those booing him (why - he is winning too much). He opened a gap of over 20 seconds before the safety car. I remember even the Network 10 panelists here in Oz expressing excitement that the safety car would spruice things up, even though it was a fellow Aussie who had crashed. Yet even after the safety car, he was able to open an even wider gap within a few laps. That young boy is phenomenal, and it's not just all due to the car! I am beginning to like him, even though his winning everything is making F1 not as enjoyable!


You should boo the people who aren't able to take the fight to Vettel instead of Vettel. He isn't doing anything wrong.


Yep. The common refrain is "yes but he has the best car", but if he were in a McLaren we'd be saying "how well is this guy driving, how good would he be in a top drive?".

So yes, the Red Bull might be dominant, but it's masking how on top of his game Vettel is at the moment.


Very good analysis of the situation after the Italian gp in 2008 this is what Hamilton and Brundle had to say It was a great performance from him I wonder what he would do in a top car, also saying he had made a wrong decision signing for redbull when he did earlier.

And our very own James Allen said of Vettel "This is one of the greatest things I have seen in grandprix racing."

Now the unfortunate part is he's in a top car now and all of the people named above are saying its the car! and wondering what Alonso would do in the same car, aint life grand?


So you would boo him for doing well? What do you want him to do, slow down and give the others a chance so that you enjoy the race more? Would you do that if you were in his position?

I'm not a Vettel fan (don't dislike him - just prefer Alonso), but I just really don't understand this mentality of booing someone because they're doing well. If you want to boo someone for ruining the excitement then boo the other teams for not doing a good enough job.


I think this "booing" issue has been blown out of proportion. Of course it's not Vettel's problem if the others can't catch him - but from a spectator's point of view, the races become boring if only one guy keeps winning. Remember that year when Jenson Button was winning all the time - that was also boring - imagine if he had dominated for the next 4 years! F1 fans want competition, and the absence of it makes the races boring. I don't think the boos are really "malicious", just a fans' way of saying "Dude, you are so good it's boring now". And yes, I would "boo" Alonso, Hamilton, Raikkonen etc if they won all the time! But like I said, we can boo him all we want, but that kid is talented! No boo can take that away from him. And I actually like his response to the boos, it shouldn't bother him because I am sure the majority of those booing him would still have an autograph signed by him!


Are you serious?? Booing for winning too much??????????

Then you should be booing the other teams for not being able to challenge Vettel/RBR!!!

Read the tweet by Mercedes GP, they tell how it is.


Seb take a sabbatical after winning your 7th title in 2016 and go win Le Mans for Audi or Toyota, rain on Webber's parade yet again F1 will have a refresh and an overrated driver like Button or Hamilton could take a title and please their hooligan fans, it'll be a hollow victory but it should shut them up for a while, but what if a Rosberg or a Button takes the title in those circumstances? Haha I'd laugh my head off.


+1 have to agree on this. Rather than disgruntled fans having a pop at Seb/RBR they should take the moans and groans to their own team and ask why they are falling away!

And I'm not a fan of either mentioned above


Exactly, boo the other teams for not being good enough. Yvettel should pull over and let others pass him to gain popularity? People that boo him are just cowards and are giving f1 a bad name.


Yeah I couldn't agree more, even though I dislike the kid, that was Schumacher-esque drive! SV managed the gaps beautifully and didn't let the safety car fluster him one bit.

Also too bad that Danyel took some leasons from a fellow Aussie on how to start. A day to forget for him but at least he made up for it by making the end of the race interesting, otherwise it would have been a snooze fest!


Kimi almost could not race, had to take the needle just to qualify... then he works his way through the field on a track nearly impossible to pass with at least 5 passes on the day.

Alonso did well, but other than that amazing start the Ferrari's make he was not able to pass on track during the race


Really? I didn't read anything similar to Kimi receiving any type of injection.


McLaren doctor gave Kimi cortisone injections both for the quali and the race.


They hurt like hell too, had a few myself over the years, fair play to Kimi for just getting in the car at all, especially on a bumpy street circuit.


He was on painkillers in Qualifying for sure.

For race, I can't say, but he was feeling better comparative to saturday.


Easy, SV- the third "Grand Slam" of his career.

Honorable mention to Kimi.

Juan Fernandez (The Spanish Inquisitor)

Tecnical question...

Rosberg fully overtake Vettel at the start of the race. This don't declare null and void the Grand Slam?


The lap's leader is determined at the end of the lap (start/finish) - ergo, Seb lead the first lap (and all the rest...)



In this case the lap would still have gone to Seb since he had the lead back well before the end of the first sector timing loop.


Yeah, I never liked that, but it is the way it is. It's more just b/c it'd be too hard to divvy out half laps-led, like they do half-tackles/sacks in the NFL.

How many timing points are there in a lap? It will differ by track, surely. But maybe the driver ahead at the majority of these timing points could be counted as the lap leader. But then if that lap leader isn't actually the leader at the start/finish line, it would be confusing.

The current system is simplistic, but easy to understand. Like first-past-the-post as an electoral method.


What is grand slam in F1?

Pole, fastest lap win?

Three wins in a row?


Pole fastest lap all laps led in a race that my friend is a Grand Chelem


pole, win, led every lap, fastest lap


I gave it to Kimi, but only because I like him the most of the top three guys. Any one of them could be given the honour.

Seb dominated the race in a way I have not seen in a long time. The way he managed to pull the 30s lead after the SC in order to secure the win was simply phenomenal.

Alonso made another stellar start and made most of the situation.

Kimi made a number of great overtakes (not just on Button) to climb the ranks to claim the final podium spot, I doubt many expected him to get that after quali.


I agree, very little between these three on a sunday.

It's just that Sebs is pretty stellar on the saturday also .....


Raikkonen, by far.


Vettel..and perhaps also the driver of 2013.

I shudder to think how good he will be, when he's FA age.


He'd probably have won too much and retired, but yes he'd be phenomenal!



Wounded bear starts from P13 & finished on podium.


Any of the top 3 deserve DOTD. Played their part really well.

Stewards were the epic fail of the day, though.


Kimi, pass several cars which is not easy to do in that track, got to the podium from 13th on the grid.



Spotless the whole race.

It is not a sin to have the best car on the grid, his only fault is crushing everyone else with it.

Alonso and Kimmi put their cars in higher positions than they should be and the same as Ham, Hulk, Perez, etc, gave us an exciting race to watch but the fact is that you cannot do any better than Vettel did yesterday.


There’s no way Vettel was *really* two seconds a lap better than everyone else. Definitely quicker, just not by that much.

I can’t help but think that those who occupied second-place at various times during the race merely accepted that Vettel was too quick / impossible to pass. And so they decided to just stroke their way through to the flag hoping that Vettel’s gearbag would go pop and they would inherit the win.

It was funny to see Lewish dancing around in Nico’s mirrors wanting to make a riskier pass than is probably acceptable on a team mate. He took one for the team there, ensuring maximum constructors points rather than risk an incident.

DOTD must go to Ricciardo for stuffing his car into the barrier and so creating a bit more interest in what was largely a colourful procession.


Alonso is not that stupid. After the SC, he knew that if he can keep the gap to Seb in under 25s, then he will pass him when Seb comes to pits, and gives him a shot to win. He simply couldn't do that.


Yes, and ruin his tyres in the process, causing him to do a Button.


He chose to save his tyres and not stop again to give himself a shot at jumping Rosberg, Hamilton and Webber. Even if he had pitted he would have never caught Vettel (look at Vettel's pace advantage + the gap he built up when Rosberg was holding the pack up in P2), and would probably have missed the podium too.


He had a choice could go full pelt and pit again nothing wrong with that as thats what Vettel did pedal to the metal on all stints.


Indeed. It's the degrading tyres that cost Alonso a shot at victory. When will F1 produce sensitive tyres that last long enough to watch a real fight for victory without all the drivers being told over the radio to save tyre wear by going slower than they could?



Both Kimi and Alonso deserve it but I'm going with Alonso because the start.


Relatively easy for Vettel in that car so I think Alonso and Raikkenon were stand out performers.


Yes, you'r spot on! From DOTD some outstanding action on the track is a must, not just cruising...



What a legend !


Such a legend that he races while lotus don't pay him. They pay other staff, so why not Kimi? Fancy a world champion like senna or Prost being strung along like some pay driver, the way Kimi has let himself be.......and what really saddens me is Kimi only started to voice this embarrassing saga when he unexpectedly signed for Ferrari. Now what does that tell u? It tells me he was probably thinking lotus is his only real option for next year so I won't go public with what's happening! And apparently Boullier did it to him last season as well!!!!

Seriously, if my favourite driver was a world champ and signed a performance based contract that had very little guaranteed salary and then didn't even receive it, but still raced for that team, I would find another driver to support


Almost double the DOTD so far and counting...bye, bye


The 'ICEMAN'. Enough Said. 🙂


Vettel was un-matched in pretty much all areas. He was the best driver of the day.

Best driver for the fans was Kimi getting further than an unpaid injured driver in a second string car should have.

Best of the smoking wreckage was Webber for providing 90% of the entertainment in the final stages.

Honourable mention to Riccardo for starting the race off by ending his own.


Hey James, any idea if Kimi 's spine injury is temporary or permanent?


It is already a permanent injury Kimi damaged his back in an accident in 2001. Since then it has often been a problem, in 2010 he had a back operation. It is properly always going to be an issue, but this is temporary re-injury.


James, didn't see get the grand chalam, led every lap, pole, win n flap.... No mention


And the YES shout and the finger, haha Webber must be the most bitter driver in the history by always slagging off Seb on talk shows and the media, justs fuels Seb to reach new heights.


I mean Sebastian


Sebastian Vettel.

Even after a very unlucky safety car he DECIMATED the competition. I didn't even expect this as a Vettel fan, I'm simply in awe. I thought it was exciting, both his performance and the racing going on behind him.

Not long ago, many people would say they would employ Alonso if they had first pick among drivers. But with Sebastian's performance this season, I don't know how you couldn't pick him first. He can not only race well, you can count on him for Saturday too!!

I hope Seb gives many of the haters even more to boo about over the years.


Obvious driver of the day goes to the winner. Driver of the day other than the winner is Kimi.


I feel Nico Rosberg ought to get a mention. He is not consistently up there like Alonso, Kimi or Vettel - but on his day he's very competitive.

And I thought until the safety car bad luck Nico was controlling second place well within himself and the car. A great drive, given a car that's still not as good on tyres as the Ferrari and Lotus.


Nico is underrated, he's not in the top 3 drivers they're the 1's you mentioned but yes on his day he's too much for the likes of Hamilton.


Kimi has to be DOTD with his back problems, you can't help but to vote him.

Alonso too stomped the field at the start, quite usual and dragging the car to second.

Vettel for his no mistake drive at all. What else is there to say.

It's always tough to select only one DOTD.


I agree Alonso for giving Webber a lift !

Juan Fernandez (The Spanish Inquisitor)


No Alonso, because he couldn't overtake Sutil. Alonso may improve these aspects.


I think the standing says it all:

1. Vettel - Remarkable drive after the safety car. Faultless

2. Alonso - World class starter, excellent come-back

3. Kimi - The star on the grid. Excellent strategy and driving


Vettel was the Driver of the Day, he showed incredible pace yesterday. He pulled out 2.2 seconds on the 2nd lap, and the way he pulled away after the safety car was pure class.

Kimi drove a solid race but his podium was partly down to others, and Alonso did his usual, picked off 2 or 3 places at the start and then just hovered up the points.


Alonso for being consistent in a poorer car.

When I was a youngster I took part in Scalextric. For some reason one car was always better than the other, no matter which car you had. Nothing to do with my driving ability.

For best Scalextric car read Red Bull. Driving that proves nothing especially when we see that time after time Vettel misses the apexes. His wins prove nothing apart from the genious of Adrian Newey who doesn't need to give us the finger.


Actually Seb is a precision driver and carries huge amount of speed mid corner yes he missed a couple of apexes there on his first lap but he rarely does that and even when he does he's faster than Webber and the rest, the boy is just too good in all areas, he'd destroy Alonso over 1 lap.


"It's ridiculous, these people don't understand what the guy is doing," Lauda told Sky Sports. "I take my hat off to his performance because the guy was leading the race from the first lap onwards, could have lapped everybody and if I could choose I would give him the world championship today for this drive. For me he was outstanding.

The words of somebody that just happens to know a little bit more!


Well, if the driver is mediocre and the car is so great, why is it that Webber is not number 2 in the drivers championship?

Your argument doesn't hold, and you know it. And for Vettel missing apexes: He was the fastest man and to do that you must find the fastest line around the track. Sometimes taking a wider line is beneficial, sometimes taking a late apex is better. That all depends on the car, the tires and the track. If you are the fastest man out there, you're doing it the right way.


I voted Vettel because he was in a different category to everyone else but the spectactor in me wants to give it to Raikkonen.


Has to be the iceman, recovering from a poor qualifying and driving with considerable back pain and still puts himself on the podium....

Struggling to understand why Button and Perez are potential drivers of the day! and im a huge Button and Mclaren supporter :)both drivers had average outings with glimmers of hope from a couple of Perez overtakes.


Alonso did nothing special, his Ferrari made a good start as usual and then he benefited hugely from the safety car and that was that.

Kimi gets it, from 13th to 3r and most of it was because of overtakes and pushing like hell. The safety car hlped him too, but most of the work was done on track by him with a physical disadvantage on the hardest track.


Alonso was in second before the safety car buddy.....when do you think the other teams will get this Ferrari automatic start thingy your talking about? The one that takes the driver out of the equation and only gives him the controls back after the second corner!


Alonso and Kimi. Honorable mention Button and Grosjean


It's got to be Vettel.

I'm not a Seb or redbull fan, but Im starting to admit defeat. He was different class all weekend. I even liked the Seb biting his nails as he stood watching the end of quali. You could really see what it meant to him.


Forget driver of the race. Vettel cemented his status as driver of this era. It might have been his greatest drive yet. The way he pulled out on Rosberg was incredible.


Undoubtedly..........the amount of times he has dragged that red bull from pole to victory, while setting the fastest lap of the race, clearly shows me something too!!!

That race proved to me that seb can adjust to any situation and come out on top.......unless that situation is a change in the characteristics of the blown exhaust and or weird tyre compounds. Then you will find webber out qualifying him!


I would nominate Sébastian Vettel, obviously for the sheer dominance on display during the race.

I was curious that the race was not stopped at the 2-hour mark. It seems to me that the race duration was 2-hours and 3 minutes.

I think Webber would have had a result if the race was interrupted at the end of the 2-hour mark.

Is there an exception to this rule I'm not aware of ?


Race time was 1h59min and 12 seconds if I recall correctly.

Why it seemed 2h and 3min to you was because the parade lap starts exactly at the full hour and the race started 2-3 minutes after the full hour.


Vettel officially took 1:59:13 to complete the race.


Kimi, closely followed by Alonso. Outdrove their machinery and made a two stop strategy work.


this is a hard one. Vettel did driver brilliantly but the Red Bull this weekend was just so much faster that every other car.

Alonso was his usually "take a crappy car and a crapy grid-spot and convert it for a podium that is 3 2nd's in a row.

Kimi from 13th to 3rd. you all know im all about Alonso, but Kimi gets the Vote...


It's funny how, race after race and season after season, cars with Vettel driving them seem to consistently be so much faster than all the rest, even his teammates. I haven't seen a driver have such wonderful luck with his cars since Senna.


Kimi - 13th on the grid with back pain some more and finished 3rd. with breathtaking passed... absolutely amazing performance


I would have thrown VDG in there to be honest, got ahead of Bottas early on and kept him honest for long periods of that race. Left Pic for dead and has looked more impressive of late.

As for my DOTD though, very close between the top 3 but ultimately, Vettel just shades it. I know he has the fastest car but if you put Massa in that seat, my guess is that RBR wouldn't be leading either championship. Either Webber has become slow and terrible or Vettel is immense (I suspect its a bit of both). Either way, he is on his way to a 4th WDC.

Alonso and Raikkonen drove brilliantly though. Again maxing the potential of the car for the weekend, regardless of quali issues.

Turned out to be a good race in the end. Took its time but thank goodness for the safety car which really mixed things up.

Looking forward to Korea.


Hard one between Raikkonen and Vettel. In the end I voted for Vettel. That simply was a stellar drive from him.


Yawn - boring, Vettle's car is simply out of reach of drivers who I believe to be better i.e. Hamilton and Alonso


KIMI for Driver of the Day without a doubt. Starting from 13th, overtook his way up to 3rd, then held on right till chequered flag, all this with a sore back, in the heat and humidity of Singapore, was a monumental achievement. He deserved every dollar he's owed and more.

Alonso comes a close 2nd for his brilliant start and tenacity.

Vettel's race of being able to pull such a huge gap between himself and the next car behind was amazing but looked effortless. For that (lack of effort!), I wouldn't rate him higher than Kimi or Alonso.

I think Nico H deserves a mention too. Without that incredulous penalty, I think he would've finished further up. He drove a good race.


> For that (lack of effort!)

How do you know that as effortless?


Yay, the poll is back!



Alonso - great first lap

Kimi - always sneaking up in the final stages


Webber: "Quali here is crucial, because overtaking on this track is not an option"

Unless you are Kimi or Vettel or Alonso.


I thought Vettel led the race from lights to flag - what overtaking did that involve?


Or Mark as it turned out, did you not watch the closing stages of the race?


Vettel was in a class of his own but I gave my vote to Kimi for coming from 13th to 3rd, driving with a bad back and for that fantastic overtake on Button (was hoping Button would hold him off as I think he does deserve a podium for draging that dog of a car around week after week)


Whoever voted alonso surely can't be objective in the slightest manner. Yeah yeah, he had a good start down the outside, but that was it. He botched quali like usual and was out of position anyway. Other than that, he was unable to overtake a force india on fresh tires until diresta came into the pits and then just cruised to the end due to a bold SC strategy.

Driver of the day fight is between Vettel or raikkonen. Even still, Vettel takes this one easily after that kind of display.


"Had a good battle with Nico Hulkenberg..."

I saw a reckless Perez touching Hülkenbergs rear tire and so forcing him out of the track.

This year he showed some similar actions (remember Monaco?) and again, the victim was punished. Unfair across-the-board and in my eyes not worthy to be in the list for DotD.


Vettel - perfect.


Any of the top 3, in the end I voted for KIMI as he had more work to do. Stunning start from Alonso yet again and another flawless display by SV. Edit: sorry I forgot it's all about the car lololololol

IMHO anyone who says that Vettel isn't the real deal is doing Mark a dis-service BIG TIME.


I find I don't often agree with Christian Horner's sentiments, but on that one I do. It's not all down to the car.

Vettel's drive was impeccable from start to finish, the way he pulled away from the field at the start and again at the restart was astonishing. Even I can't argue this one, and we all know I am not his biggest fan.

Very impressed by Kimi's drive with a back problem. As someone who has had back issues in the past, I'm amazed he could even tolerate sitting in that position for 2 hours, let alone subject himself to the g forces of racing and F1 car. His overtake on Button was brilliant to watch.

Special mention to Alonso for his blistering start and stopping to pick up Webber.

Hard luck to Webber and Grosjean too, both looked good during the race.


The cream really rises to the top in Singapore. I believe I'm right in saying that the race hasn't yet been won by a non-World Champion, and then Alonso & Raikkonen qualify 7th & 13th and still manage to finish on the podium - great drives from both of them.

Driver of the day has to go to Vettel though. Even if he is driving a car in a completely different league he still has to deliver.

As for worst driver of the day? Surely has to be Paul di Resta. The guy has been overlooked for the top seats, but the way he's driving at the moment he should be counting himself lucky he's got a drive with Force India.

Side note - I'm usually a big fan of Ted Kravitz, but his decision to "leave it at that" and not talk about di Resta's poor performance during his 'Notebook' was poor form. I very much doubt that other drivers would have got off so lightly. If it had been Sutil making the mistakes can you imagine it being glossed over?


Very harsh on Di Resta. He did come through from 17th to a likely 6th place which, if he was Hulkenberg, would have had everyone gushing with praise. Regardless of whether it was a mechanical or driver error that ended his race, you cant deny the overall performance was high until then. Still, i'm a fan of PDR and I think he needs to have a word with himself (or a sports psychologist) at the moment.


Ted's comments about Gutierrez' neck (wow, he's noticed F1 drivers have thick necks!) and his idea that Vettel should talk more to make people like him were also quite cringeworthy. Ted would do well to "leave it at that" a bit more often.


James, I question inclusion of Perez here. His duel with Hulk was as always lacking in class and it's totally wrong that Hulk had to give the place back.

Also this I think is the second race in a row that he takes a short cut off track at the first corner. I thought the FIA ruled this illegal this year.


The first three all drove fantastic races. Gong to Kimi because he had the most to overcome.


Vettel and Raikkonen for me. Vettel was just impeccable, he's been driving amazing and will be a well deserved champion.

Raikkonen was just great. While struggling with his back pain he made the best overtaking moves of the race. The ones on Maldonado and Button were fantastic, no one else did such moves. Coming from p13 to p3 on a circuit where overtaking is difficult is just stunning.


Even as a long time Ferrari fan, I can't believe the level of hate being directed at Vettel these days.

Not that he really deserves DotD though, he just had a usual day at work. Just drove 61 laps and took the flag. It was probably almost as boring for him as it was for us watching, but it is his job and he is very, very good at it.

For me it is a toss-up between Alonso and Raikkonen, so as a Ferrari fan I have to opt for Alonso this time 🙂


Vettel might have been the driver of the weekend but Raikkonen was hands down the driver of the day.


Vettel feels the car and only this helps to achieve this kind of result. Just see what Webber does and you will see what's the difference between just average driver and a top driver.

If Alonso/Kimi/MS were in RB's car today they have the same results like Vettel has now. Perhaps even better, but we won't know for sure.


Gutierrez for qually, beating Hulk.

Alonso for the start, like a computer game.

Kimi for his clear track strategy, and his engineers.

Vettel for sometimes being 3s a lap faster instead of just 2.5s a lap faster, and Newey.

diResta for his pace on old tyres in a dog of a car, retracted when he nosed it into the wall.

Daniel Ric for making the race interesting by bringing out the safety car and splitting strategies.

Pastor for not hitting a wall.

Engineers of the day are the mighty Red Bull team who let Newey take all the credit.

Villans of the day are the foolish stewards that wreck the next race by giving Webber a 10 place penalty for getting a lift on the slow down lap.

Further villans are the Pirelli manipulators, who should have fixed the delamination issues without effectively creating a boring Red Bull control tyre that has ruined an interesting championship.


'Further villans are the Pirelli manipulators, who should have fixed the delamination issues without effectively creating a boring Red Bull control tyre that has ruined an interesting championship.'

Couldn't agree with you more on that.


I was actually very impressed with Hulkenburg. Especially in his fights with Perez he drove brilliantly and managed to avoid it becoming an accident with Perez on full aggression leaving him a cars width + 1mm (maybe more than that!)

Not a driver of the day but be nice to see what he can do in a top car.


Driver of the day?


Saint Sebastian


Vettel, for his unrelenting speed and precise driving, but Webber for his gritty drive whilst beset with "technical problems" should get a mention. The other day, whilst I was sorting through some old LPs,I came across a record by one David Allen Coe, an American country singer,with a reputation of having been a bit of a bad dude in his younger years, and had reportedly spent time in the naughty corner. Track one on side two is a little ditty named "Take this job and shove it!" I can't help but feel Mark Webber must have thoughts along similar lines. Ten place penalty??? Come on, guys, we're all grown ups here. Wouldn't a few stern words have sufficed? The penalty is way too harsh.


Well all top 3 did a brilliant job in the race.

Vettel had very much no challenge at all and was always running in the front without anything coming even close to jeopardise his race. He challenged himself to the finish, again and as always.

Alonso pulled an excellent start as usual, had everything absolutely right to take the 2nd. Frankly speaking, he and his Ferrari with fresh option tyres definitely had the pace to pass Di Resta, who was on a set of much older tyres, however, the overtake never took place. It's probably because both Alonso and his team know that Di Resta would fight to his last bit of blood to not give the position. Alonso simply did not want to take the risks. Passing drivers like Kovalainen, Perez, Grosjean etc. is very difficult as they are unlikely to give fair space to their fellow drivers. They are racers but not champions. Alonso and his team certainly worry too much of how many points they could gather, in a situation when Vettel is untouchable in the race, they would for sure maximise the points at the lowest risk possible. Therefore, Alonso did his best at maintaining his hope for the title or the "bigger" picture but not so much for the sake of racing spirit on the track.

Raikkonen had another great race. He was in no position to gain so many positions at the start like Alonso did (there were 12 other cars in front of him), certainly didn't have the machine to lead the race from the 2nd corner onwards either. It was fascinating to see how much tyres he preserved after challenging Button so closely for such a long time. He judged the timing and took the shot to pass Button when the Mclaren's tyres disappeared and managed to pull a 6sec or so gap after another 2-3 laps (Kimi made it sound so easy when Martin Brundle asked him about that pass). It was superb. Not to mention how his sore back played in the toughest race on the calendar.

Kimi Raikkonen is the DOtD.

Another one worth mention would be HULK. On the same car with similar tyres, his teammate got passed by WEB, ROS and HAM so easily but he did manage to hold off WEB for a bit. Also another great part was his calm when he radioed the team that he should not waste his tyres to try to fend off the Merc duo, instead he chose to let them pass but fight with the Mclaren duo in the final stage. If the race was to go another 2-3 laps longer his possibility of ditching the Mclarens is certainly high. Hulk surely deserves a better car than any other drivers with similar experiences.


Vettel easily. Honourable mention to Kimi and Webber.


Really want to vote for Vettel but giving it to Kimi this time.


Vettel, just an utterly perfect performance.

Amazing the attitude of the casual fans booing Vettel because he wins. It used to be the classy thing in F1 to applaud such performances, but I suppose courting the casual fans come at a cost in that the appreciation of what Vettel is achieving is lost.


Kimi Raikkonen


Is scared of Eric Boullier.........


Odjebi - are you under 18?. I noticed you've been trawling this site just opposing certain posts without adding anything constructive.

James I think you might want to watch this poster


Not true the poster has made some points

Thanks for your concern though


The Ferrari drivers of next year 🙂 with Vettel close in 3rd place.


Zzzzzzz. the race was over at the first corner, boring, race result screwed because of stupid safety car rules.

The truth is F1 is rubbish when one car is so much better than the rest as shown in the past few races (make no mistake, it's the car and not Vettel winning)!


Well I agree with that, the Redbull was just much faster than the other cars.


If it's the car and not Vettel winning, where is Webber then?


That's a simple one to answer, Webber's heart and mind are no longer in F1, it'd be better for him and probably Redbull if he retired now.


Where were Webber’s heart and mind, when Vettel got the last three titles?

Why is it that you people seem to forget the past entirely, just to make something fit to your crude theories?

Fact is: You don't win 3 titles in a row, let alone 4, if you are a mediocre driver, just because you happen to be in the best car around, because there will always be difficult races where you need to get it right.

Even the best car around is usually just a fraction of a second per lap faster than the others, and only if the driver and the team manage to set it up well and drive it brilliantly, if you were just a mediocre driver, you would get stuck between the others, even more often than Mark Webber does nowadays.

And let me say that it were, above all, Senna and Prost, who, for every single one of their titles, benefitted from the best car in the field - and no one ever doubts their excellence.


Remember it's only a "Drinks company" 🙂


At 2 seconds a lap, I genuinely have no clue how much of that, if even any, is Vettel and how much is down to the car.

If Vettel is 2 seconds a lap faster than anyone, then he's the greatest and is driver of the day.

However, I find that too hard to believe, so went for Kimi.


All you have to do is compare it with Webber. They drive the same car but each driver has their preferential set-ups.


It would be nice if it was that simple, but I'm sure there is more to it than that.

There are certain things about Mark that leave me suspicious. He's had the broken log, he's older, he actually used to beat Vettel, he's suddenly dropped off to 2 seconds a lap slower.

I think one day we'll find out with Vettel - maybe Ricciardo will show how good Vettel is or isn't.


Lol I like your reasoning 🙂


Have a look at the qualifying times, this should tell you how fast the driver car combinations are when they flat out with low fuel, maybe the other guys can't drive with heavy fuel loads?


I can't understand why the people are complaining, the fact is Seb in the RB is the fastest that's the fact. The people booing and complaining should invent a Fantasy F1, go to Hollywood and ask them to create a F1 sitcom, so they can mix it up for them.

Alexander Supertramp

The poll is back!

I voted Kimi. I know he got some luck with the strategy, but how in hell did he end up there on p3?!

Great start again by Alonso, we can't take that for granted even though he's done it so many times before.

Rosberg should have been mentioned, was very strong all week-end and was always taking P2 without the strategic error by Mercedes.



BBC post race interview with Hamilton was funny,

He could not believe Kimi got on the Podium

"what 13th to 3rd" wow......


Alonso and Raikonnen for effort. But Vettel for effortlessness.


All the excitement was behind Vet , as usual. Webber gave us lots of action. FIA showed their appreciation by handing out grid smacks. Nice work guys.


Vettel, nobody else was remotely on his level yesterday.


Pretty easy this time, but let's take it slowly.

Perez - oh, didn't you mistake the Mexican guys? Gutierrez obviously lacked the result to be praised, but he wasn't far from this. And he didn't push anyone off the track.

Button - had he finished in Top3, then he could be a hero. But he finished about where he started (remember failures of Grosjean and Webber).

Alonso - great start, if we were to decide title with starts, he would be clearly ahead. Nothing more later on (except for wise driving), couldn't beat di Resta despite fresher tyres.

Vettel - great first turns, masterpiece of leading. About enough for DOTD if there is no spectacular effort from someone else. Not much impressed by two-seconds-per-lap, it's easy if your strategy is to push before you pit and others are managing pace at the moment. And bad for him, there was an outstanding effort.

Kimi. Forget his back problems, just watch him getting from P13 to P3, with help of strategy and SC, but mostly through great pace and making impressive overtakes, getting past Button being the decisive move in terms of both result and DOTD.


If you'd asked me yesterday straight after the race I'd have gone for Kimi Raikkonen. 13th to 3rd after his back injury problems on such a bumpy track is no mean feat.

But you could say he benefited a lot from the Lotus strategy after the Safety Car. And once the adrenaline is coursing through your veins and the concentration is high, maybe the pain isn't so great (Kimi seemed to suggest as much in the post-race interviews, but then he is always quite understated isn't he?).

Fernando Alonso would be another option, but he mostly gained positions at the start. Which brings me to Sebastian Vettel, who drove pretty much the perfect race weekend and looked like he could have lapped the field if he'd wanted to.

It comes down to a photo finish between Vettel and Raikkonen for me and I think I've managed to come up with a mini-cop out! Raikkonen edges DotD; Sebastian nails Driver of the Weekend!


hamilton wore the coolest cap in the paddock. shame he wasn't on the podium. he must be so releaved after years of wearing those hideous caps. only raikkonen and ricciardo have decent caps and wear them well. the rest of them have no clue about looking cool. even rosberg tried to bend his hat after hamilton went through the proces of designing it for the team.

vettel looked like he was on his way to his 4th title after the 4th race.

i hope 2014 is different and we find out who would be champion at the final race.


You talkin' about flat bill caps? I hate them ... my son wears one, and I always feel like rippin' it off his head!

Alonso's another flat-biller.


yep, alonso looks the part too especial when he dons those shades.

your son's taste is surely current.

Tornillo Amarillo


He did the same as Alonso, but he got a painful back and a painful background with Lotus, but he did his job and got a podium from 13th in the grid.

Alonso just is invited to race and loose.

VETTEL did not overtake, he is just playing alone.-


And no money from lotus but he still races.....


masterclass overtakes on a track not conducive to overtaking, capitalised on good strategy, made the tyres last 36 laps, overcoming sore back, P13 to P3, Kimi is Dotd for me.


Ricardo as he cracked under '2014 Red Bull Driver' pressure


Sadly, Vettel by a not so small margin...


DOTD: Vettel

Car of the Day: RB9

Honorable mention: Kimi and Fernando.

I'd like to see the top 6 race each other in equal RB9 cars. Maybe they can do a 15 lap sprint race on Sat. afternoon. Yup, I like to dream.


By scoring a Grand Chelem ... it HAS to be Vettel


Alonso or Kimi.

Definitely not Vettel. Can people not just tell that there is something seriously odd about that Red Bull?

Seb is a good driver and Newey a good designer but there is no way the car should be THAT dominant. Especially since Webber's car is never anywhere near as fast, even accounting for the fact that it gets stuck in traffic a lot.

I have a very strong suspicion that Red Bull of Seb's is using something 'extra' to give it an advantage over everyone else, and I am very suspicious about the legality of that extra something. I'm thinking some kind of traction control, maybe set up in an unconventional way. Because there is no explanation as to why he is THAT dominant. Tyres, Newey, set-up - all are factors. But just look at the rate he pulled away from everyone else. Just look at the fact his fastest lap was nearly a second quicker than everyone.

I think that Red Bull are not playing fair.

Even if you discount the possibility that they might be cheating, the Vettel dominance has to be challenegd successfully by another team otherwise the sport will be slowly wrecked like it nearly was under Schumi, and viewing figures will drop away.


I tough the same about Marquez Moto2 bike last year, as he was bloody fast, sometimes he passed the entire grid to get the victory but this time he shouted my mouth, the same I tough about Rafael Nadal come back it was too much good, but he loose in Wimbledon and then recovering, what says that simply the guy is good. This is the same thinking of people who thinks that the aliens made the Egyptian pyramids, we can't accept sometimes when some people do a great job, it has to be suspicious, it happened also in the las olympics with a swimmer. There is a principle in every law systems which says that you are innocent unless proven, RB as a team had done a great job, Vettel is part of that team, couldn't be the reason of this also that a great team as Ferrari hasn't fixed it's wind tunnel issues?, or that McLaren changed completely his car for this year even when it was a good car last year?, or that Mercedes are just fixing their tire issues?, or that Lotus doesn't have money? or that Webber lost his mojo since 2010?


There is no evidence to proud are they cheating but Redbull have 2 teams 4 cars on the grid, as I believe they collected x2 data every time they race. that is an unfair advantages.


A better, top notch work should never be classified as cheat. They've got the best car/driver pairing this season, we have to live with that.

If you have any clues, call FIA to report your " very strong suspicion that Red Bull of Seb’s is using something ‘extra’ to give it an advantage over everyone else, and I am very suspicious about the legality of that extra something."


If any driver did it I would be suspicious.

Look. Vettel's fastest lap was nearly a second quicker than anyone else. And what of the other Red Bull? Webber's car has shown nowhere near the pace of Vettel's.

If another driver/team did it I would be suspicious as well. Vettel is a good driver and very fast but he is not THAT fast and likewise that RB is not that quick compared to the field this year.

That performance on Sunday was more like the 2011 machine [which was a genuinely dominant car]. But if the car was genuinely dominant then Webber would have been at least third and probably second. I know Webber isn't as good a driver and they probably give his car all the second beast parts but I'm sorry, the performance differential between the two machines should not be as huge as it is.

The gap Vettel was opening up from the start and the safety car restart looked deeply suspicious. He was able to keep pushing fastest laps even on the harder tyre. It can't just be his set-up, running up front or the RB liking the post-Silverstone harder tyres [he looked suspiciously good in Canada before the tyre switch remember]. There is something else giving that Red Bull an edge. Either they have found a loophole, or they're using dubious methods, and TBH I suspect the latter. It could well be some form of traction control.

Vettel's car moves around the track in a way that isn't entirely 'right'.

Also look at Monza where he stormed into the lead despite flatspotting a tyre and won easily.

It's getting increasingly clear every race now that something suspicious is helping that Red Bull.


> Frankly I’m amazed more people aren’t voicing their concerns about this

Perhaps they don't do that because only a few believe in conspiracies


Bear in mind as well that in 2012 they found Red Bull using illegal or at the very least dubious engine mapping halfway through the season. I would not be at all surprised if RB have found another way round the scrutineers this season.


Frankly I'm amazed more people aren't voicing their concerns about this. It's just so obvious IMO.


> I think that Red Bull are not playing fair.

Yap, how it is possible that the combination of car and driver could be good? He has to be cheating.

Funny thing is that I bet if the one doing that yesterday were Alonso you would be saying that Ferrari was cheating


It's been odd from 2010...


Vettel, undoubtedly. We don't get to see Grand Slam every day.


Raikkonen, normally the winner usually gets my dotd vote but although the Finn finished two places behind Vettel i feel he showed real spirit when everything is taken into account, no salary, driving whilst injured and in spite of that getting a podium from 13th.

Withoit the two proviso's above it would have been a decent result, with them included it was hard won, and richly deserved.


SV was the DotD.

Just wondering if the booing [it is bad btw] continues, then at what point would it start to impact the brand of RedBull? They are the masters of brand awareness so I'd expect them to monitor the situation but it must be a tad sensitive+raw for them.

But so far SV has been exceptional at handling the booing just like his driving. I think he's too good and too consistent to react to the boo boys.


Vettel, obviously.

I have never ever seen a driver consistently pull 2 s/lap on the entire field in dry conditions, and I've been watching F1 for 23 years.

Incredible performance, and one that will go in my "all time best" list.


Very glad to see the poll back!!

Kimi gets it for me. His race was phenomenal.

Annoyed at Perez. Forced another car off the track - this time by contact - and the FIA made the victim give the place back. Again.

Naughty boys of the day are the race stewards. Some astoundingly stupid decisions made.


Certainly not Vettel, won the GP and all that, and doesn't even bother pickin up a teammate.


Oh come on vettel is no better than alonso because he did not see his troubly days because of rbr is too strong ? get over it people he deserved rbr seat. one can not deny that newey impact is maximum but you got to give this lad credit of him getting closer to his fourth consecutive title. he took the pressure when it meant the most (brazil,abu dhabi) and alonso coudnt pass petrov ? i mean come on one can argue ferrari got to cover mark but seriously THE MOST COMPLETE DRIVER OF THE GRID COULDN'T PASS PETROV! when it matters the most he coudnt do that. another example ? Abu dhabbi 2012 when he couldn't pass raikkonen. If alonso could have been in rbr he could not have achieved what vettel has. simple. oh and i forget alonso had massa there every second of every single grand prix to help his ass out to clinch a single title be he couldn't. and alot of time has passed. i mean years !


Thats so true


Can we divide this into Driver and Racer of the Day?

Vettel clearly dominated to the extent it's hard not to marvel at his ability. That cant just be down to the car. Peerless.

Otherwise, as always very impressed with Alonso and Raikkonen.


I am not saying Vettel is not a great driver, far from it, he is an excellent driver. But, if it was all down to him (and not the car) why has he not done it before?


Maybe the booing is an entourage of Ferrari/FA-paid mercenaries traveling on buses to bring a whole new sport to Vettel (mind games), because, so far, the on-track game hasn't been working that well. Interestingly, the boos of yesteryear have resulted in SV getting 3.2 sec per lap. I'm guessing boos in Suzuka might bring 6.4 secs per lap. Someone rightly said, the best revenge is living well.

Alonso is a chap worth thinking about, though. Is it worthy of a champion to stoop to the level of hoping and wishing that his opponents' car break down to gain advantage? Is it wise to not just think that aloud, but make it news? FA (the King) proclaimed that MW's engine-malfunction on the last lap at Singapore as "hope" for his championship. Then, the story changed a tad. Apparently, the tire change mid season is the reason the King is out of contention this year.

I'm guessing in Suzuka, it'll probably be the maid how didn't iron FA's gloves that well. Maybe in Korea it might be the chef who put just a bit too much salt. In India, it'll be the spicy gravy, of course. In Brazil, poor Massa will be the reason why the "great Alonso" will probably not get a WDC in 2013. Maybe, it's the global recession, or not the right sunglasses.


In think all top three deserves praises.

Vettel showed how to squeeze out every drop of performance from the car.

Alonso's patience and amazingly cunning overtakes at the start. It is so amazing to watch, its Jedi like! LOL

Finally, Kimi's amazing drive to the podium from 10th while enduring a broken back.

Because of the Booing drama at Vettel. I'm gonna give DOTD to Vettel because he had to ensure hardship no other drivers had to.

Those people who Booed are genuine losers.


I has to be SV. Still don't like the guy though.

Kimi was also exceptional.

Votes are back! 🙂


Alonso was DOTD, without a doubt! Another exceptional drive.


Has to be the Iceman Raikkonen. He must hold the record for podium finishes starting outside the top 10.

prasanna madhavan

Mine was the ICEMAN. dont care about this year. waiting for next year. when the rules changes 100%


Finally winning combination RBPirelli just car and tyres as we know after canada all changed and RB push to Pirelli to change tyre compound result is what we have and compromised completely 2013.

Pirelli needs to be punished and next year to be new tyre supplier for 2014!

MotoGp is better to watch more thrill than F1.


Yet more evidence that on-line polls are meaningless...

I don't like Vettel one bit, but this is ridiculous.


driver of the day...hmm...I'm Kimi fan so him getting 3rd from 13th puts him way up there, but that demon start by Alonso and being able to get the "dawdling donkey" to 2nd puts him in with a shout too...

However, you just have to give it to Vettel. So we get bored when he keeps winning, and yes the RedBull is streets ahead of anyone else, but that stint after the safety car reminded me of a certain herr Schumacher at Magny Cours a few years back, when he too blitzed the field with a 4 stop (if i recall correctly) startegy to win the race...

the kid has talent, and whether we like it or not, in F1 the best drivers have always ended up driving the best cars...right now, it's RBR and Vettel. And thats not just being said now that he's winning all the time...just look at his 1st win, in the wet, in an STR, at Monza, in '08 when the Ferraris and Mclarens were the cars to let's give credit, Vettel is good. We may argue he has not been fully tested yet, but he's young, he's cresting a wave with RB and you don't win championships without having some an ideal world, we'd all want to see the top boys in equal machinery having a right old slugfest...this is F1...the best man in the best car has the best chance, BUT he has to make it count...going 2.5 to 3 second A LAP faster is Vettel making his advantage count....


Wow!!! wow. Too many bitter tears are raining down. What did Vettel do to make so many people are crying. Leagand...


Last year Vettel went from pit lane to 3rd in Abu Dhabi. Many folks dismissed (including Hamilton) by saying well, he had 2 safety cars.

How did Kimi go from 13th to 3rd. Safety car. Yes, he made it 35 laps on the mediums, then again, the Lotus and Ferraris are much better on their tires than other teams.

Vettel had a Grand Chelem. That's rare. His stint after the safety car, when he was on mediums that already had 7 laps on them when the SC came out, was phenomenal. He did have clear, but so did Mark after his last stop and he was exactly burning up the field in that RB with all that clear air.

Vettel was flawless this weekend and was DoTD. Hat tips to Alonso and Raikkonnen, with Kimi in second with that sweet overtake of Button on the outside at T14. It should be noted that Alonso had lots of clear air himself which allowed him to nurse his car home. But 2nd was more a strategy call and circumstances (Rosberg being a bit unlucky)rather than being the best driver ON the day.

Hey, Lauda took off his cap to Vettel today (and I think Brundle or Crofty remarked they had never seen him w/o his hat.) If Vettel was good enough for Nikki, he's good enough for me.


None of the above. The races are now so boring / precessional they might as well be racing at Monaco. Until a FULL return to in season testing is instituted I don't see a point in watching.... TG soccer is in full swing in the EU and America.