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Sebastian Vettel brushes off boo-boys, but Christian Horner lambasts them
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Posted By: James Allen  |  22 Sep 2013   |  9:41 pm GMT  |  720 comments

Sebastian Vettel has said that he is not affected by the repeated instances of booing on the podium after he wins races, but his team boss Christian Horner has denounced Vettel’s detractors as “unsporting”.

Once again, after winning the Singapore Grand Prix, Vettel was booed during his interview on the podium. This has become a pattern this season and Vettel laughingly suggested that the people booing him are on a “world tour”.

This has been a notable feature of the 2013 world championship and its origins would seem to go back to the Malaysian Grand Prix in March, where Vettel disobeyed team orders and passed Mark Webber for the win in the closing stages. Booing was noticeable in races that followed particularly where he won, like Montreal. At Monza a driver who beats Ferrari expects to be booed – Lewis Hamilton was quite shaken by it last year.

But it’s become a noticeable feature of races lately and many F1 pundits put it down to a hangover from Malaysia, rather than simply because he is winning all the time. Singapore was his seventh win in 13 races this year.

Another factor is the introduction of the podium interviews, which has given those who wish to boo Vettel a platform. These were introduced in Silverstone 2012, with mixed results, but by and large have been a success. Save for the fact that they showcase the dissenters when Vettel wins the race.

Vettel has suffered something of an image problem for several years with incidents like Turkey in 2010 where he collided with Webber and implied Webber was crazy; Silverstone where the team took Webber’s front wing and gave it to Vettel for qualifying, promoting Webber to say via radio “Not bad for a Number two driver” as he won the race the next day.

This website has consistently argued that this image problem is of the team’s own creation – the way certain people within the team have managed situations like those listed, has contributed to a negative impression of Vettel which he does not deserve and furthermore, it was unnecessary because he is good enough to win without needing to create any impression that he is protected or favoured within the team. It has been counterproductive and he is now paying the price. Mark Webber has certainly played on this and fans and many pundits have given him a lot of sympathy for that.

Vettel’s actions in Malaysia were all of his own making and were wrong, as he admitted after the race. But by then he had claimed the extra seven points so it was all rather academic.

Like Michael Schumacher being gifted the victory in Austria 2002 by Ferrari when Rubens Barrichello had the race won, another event that promoted a volley of boos on the podium, Vettel didn’t need the extra points from Malaysia, as it turns out. He has dominated the season and will clinch the title in India or Abu Dhabi in all probability, with two or three races to spare.

Red Bull Racing is the dominant team in F1 at the moment and that domination kills the excitement of the sport.

But Red Bull Racing team boss Christian Horner refused to see the funny side,

“Of course he says it doesn’t affect him and he doesn’t feel it, but he is a human being at the end of the day,” Horner said.

“When you have driven your heart out and got that reaction up there, to me it is not fair. To me, it is not sporting.

“I don’t think it is deserved in any way. He has got a broad set of shoulders but like anyone he has feelings and I don’t think it is right.”

Asked whether he thought the “Multi 21” scandal in Malaysia had triggered this response from audiences around the world, Horner said,

“I don’t know what it is, to be honest with you. I think that for sure Malaysia did not help but, as we know, Malaysia has happened.

“It’s been done, there has been an awful lot written about it and there were circumstances that were involved in that.

“There is a small collective group and it is like a pantomime, but it is so unfair because it is not sporting,” added Horner.

“The boy today has driven an unbelievable race. What you have witnessed today is one of the best drives that I have seen him produce in terms of raw pace, and I just don’t think it is sporting to see a driver who has put a performance in like that not get the reception he deserves.”

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As Horner said, he is human, and surely he can't enjoy it, but as long as he can put it aside and just do what he did today, it won't matter. I think those podium interviews should be scrapped all together though. We found out much more useful info in the normal press conferences.


I think booing is unethical and those who agree to is definitely not sporting, uneducated and impolite,rude and arrogant, ego..whoever wins regardless whether the person is your idol or vice versa you should not boo... you should provide more support so that your idol will excel in the next challenge....


The point is not that Vettel will be influenced by any boos, but that the booing fans show lack of dignity with unapropriate attitudes. In my oppinion are the fans (and their idol) the ones that losses face, not the Pilot (in this case Sebastian) that delivered a faultless driving.




This negative image is as much Horners doing as anybodys.

Malaysia "Multi 21" ,despite Vettels fans protestations, was a big deal.

I have never seen a team boss appear so weak and ineffectual before.

Therfore the neutreal F1 fans conclude that if Vettel can thumb his nose to his boss in public you begin to wonder who is actually running the team.

Drivers come and go, no driver is bigger than the team, look at Alonso,s slap down from Montezemolo after his mis-judged comments.

Red Bull haven't learnt that lesson yet.


You do realize hamilton was instructed to let alonso trough by his team in hungary 07 I believe , but simply refused to so, therefore undoubtedly putting his interests above the team and undermine ron denis' authority. He then clearly stated in the press conference he did it on purpose. No one seems to recall that one.


Agreed, but one, may argue that it was his rookie year, young, unwise, albeit skillful but still learning the art. I dont see Lewis disobeying team order nowadays. Even in malaysia, he was gracious enough to acknowlwdge Nico as the true owner of P3 whilst giving the podium interviews. Nobody booed vettel after his turkey incident either. Malaysia is different however, despite having been in the sport for a considerably longer period and with 3 championships to his name, one would expect a certain type of maturity to shown by him.

I believe a humble (even if he did not mean it) apology would have been enough to avoid this now constant booing


I remember could not stand Hamilton after that for quite some. Over it now.


Good, team orders are not the reason I tune in on a Sunday.



This led to the downfall of Ron Denis from the team and the vilification of Hamilton by some F1 fans that continues to this day.


It goes beyond that. It's also the petulant messages over the radio that betray a sense of entitlement, all the "get him out of my way" messages or "he's too slow". Then you have the way Vettel and the team immediately blamed Webber for the Turkey incident, despite it being more Sebastian's fault. And you have all the "brand" building that Red Bull and Vettel have been attempting. Waiving the finger, the forced celebrations on the radio, etc. Occasionally those radio celebrations, where he's had to really fight for a result, sound genuine but more often than not they sound forced and are irritating. "Yes, yes and yes again", "that's what I'm talking about", etc.

And then there's the car advantage, which rightfully or wrongly is perceived to be gifting him a series of championships. Whenever he hasn't had a blown diffuser advantage and a faster car than the rest of the field he's been very quick and fast, but less consistent and by no means dominant. You never had the feeling that he was head and shoulders above the Alonsos, Hamiltons, and Raikkonens of this world. Yet performances like his one yesterday suddenly, in the middle of the season, give him a 2 second a lap advantage. There is no way that he suddenly became 2 seconds a lap quicker, it has to be the car. So there's no sense of a fair fight.

And finally you have the sense that either Vettel or Red Bull (or both) bottled a straight fight with Raikkonen in the second car. They've gone for a rookie who, for all his strengths, hasn't shown himself to have any more chance against Vettel than Perez has against Button. Give him another couple of years to mature and Ricciardo could be a great driver, but he's not going to be a major threat next year.

Vettel is a very good driver who has made the most of the cards he's been dealt and deserves to be a world champion, but I don't believe that he's shown himself to be significantly faster or stronger than his peers to deserve four straight titles in a row often without a fight.


Turkey Vettel's fault??

Webber was driving a line that was more to the left then usual at that part of the track even when Vettel was already half passed him. How on earth can that be Vettel's fault.

And what all the other teams/drivers do in the championship is out of the hands of Vettel. It's not his fault he has a great car. Give the guy some praise...he deserves it.


I'm surprised people still think his encounters with Webber is the cause of the boos. Horner knows why, but is just trying to control the narrative using Webber's incident.

The fans are simply bored with the uncompetitive nature F1 has become, and they see Vettel as the symbol of this. Challenge is the lifeblood of any sport. Without that a sport drifts into the realm of entertainment. I'm sure this is the main reason for the numerous regulations governing the sport, just that there will be a level playing field. That is not the case presently, and the fans feel cheated. Fans want to go to these races not too sure driver A is always going to win. It is that kind of uncertainty that makes football so popular.

The Red Bulls Have been a phenomenal team and are certainly the envy of the others. The other teams will have to seriously raise their game to save F1. Last year's McLaren shows the Red Bulls can be beaten. It will however need a lot of focus and operational efficiency to achieve that.


Vettel was on a different tyre strategy compared to many of the front-runners behind him: he was the only one with a set of new super soft tyres for the final stint, while almost everyone else was on medium tyres, or tried to do it with one less pit stop than Vettel after the safety car.


I could not agree more with this comment, especially the part about the 2-second advantage.

I challenge anyone on this or other forum to explain to me how is it possible that a car has a 2 to 3 second advantage to the rest of the pack in today's world, where engineering talent and money is well spread in at least 2-3 other teams.

What are the Mercedes, Ferrari and Lotus engineers? dumb? I mean, even during the Schumacker domination there was a 0.5 to 0.75 difference not 2 to 3 seconds!!! And the German driver even lost sometimes!!

This is a fake competition. Newey is only human.


*I meant 2013, not 2012 - I wish we could edit our comments!


@ BigHaydo and Chris M - Spot on. At this stage the booing is wrong (at Malaysia it was fully justified), but if anything I think it's the lack of media acknowledgement of the point of view you outline above that is frustrating fans more than anything. Therefore, although it's wrong, the podium interview is the only way for this frustration to be heard, albeit in the worst manner possible.

All I can add is that 2012 is the first season Seb's looked like the best driver in the field, rather than the best of two drivers in the best car. Seems poetic that this is the season his dissenters use their voice.


Chris i suggest you go and watch another sport instead of your childish rants on this site which have become tiresome soccer would be good start


Chris, did you see the teams reaction to Webbers 1st win at Monaco ? Marks partner Anne Neal said, "The reaction of the team was like someone had died". I also, via the power of television saw that Red Bull were unhappy Vettel did not win.

They are the polar opposite of what a team is full stop. I beg anyone to go back and watch the footage and tell me differently.


Agree'd Vettel comes out of it looking like a spoilt kid whos parents are too fraid to say 'no' to. He's grown up in the sport expecting everything from his team and he's been given it.

You see it in Horner's language too, he refers to Vettel as 'boy' or 'kid' all the time.

There are popular and unpopular winners for a reason, Vettel needs to grow up, show some humility and respect and he'll get the same from the fans.


OMG but he is a carpenter son .





Spot on re Horner. What a contrast with the respect Brawn's drivers showed him. (Seb and Marko have more control of the team than Horner. Was laughable that a top driver would ever be partnered with Seb when MW left. And how many top teams would have gone after a Ricciardo?)

JA notes that Seb apologized after the Malaysia race but then at the next race he said he'd do it again. So what did the "apology" mean? His words rang empty---to put it politely. I admire his skill as a driver but don't care for his person. His incredible childish 'crazy' motion for Mark in Turkey put me off. I see no indication that his character is any different now than then.

He could learn something from the likes of a Moss. Why is he so loved and respected when his 'points' are so miniscule?? To each his own value system.


Totally agree regarding the contrast between Horner and Brawn. Ross commands respect within the team. Other great team principals like Jean Todt did the same. Unfortunately Christian is merely the corporate mouthpiece now, forced to apologise for the actions of those behind the scenes who really control the team.


Childish? You guys seem to forget that he was a 23 year old pumped up with adrenalin from racing the fastest cars in the world, that just crashed out with his team mate, who he thought was asked to help him. I bet most of you guys react stronger and more childish playing video games. Only difference is you get to keep your dignity because there is no camera capturing your meltdown.

As far as Malaysia goes, the only thing I wished for is that he would've spoken his mind, that he didn't believe Mark earned that win, right then and there.

Yes he is not a cool as Kimi, but for the most part he stays away from mind games and gossip. He is incredible mature for a 26 year old, considering the pressure he has to live with.


Yes, Vettel has a negative image that is every bit his fault and Red Bulls. Firstly, there's the idiotic finger thing he does, there's the wild whooping, the saying f*ck as many times as possible on live TV even after caution, the numerous incidents with Webber; eg taking pieces off his car to put on Vettels, Turkey, Multi-21 etc.

Then there's the teams appalling bias and thw way Webber seems to always develop "strategic" KERS, engine and gearbox failures. Its way too much.

However, it is TABOO to boo a driver, even if it is an unpopular Vettel.


I'm sure you will find that the vast majority of people are irritated by Vettels over the top whooping and his rude finger. But then, maybe the vast majority are childish. No?


Ofcourse those things only happen at RB.

No other team favoures one driver over the other.

Finding the way a driver celebrates disturbing is childish.

What is the difference between Vettel's finger and Alonso's 'talking' hands? It is not disrespectful in any way.


I agree, it comes down to weak management, you can't blame Mark or Seb, they're out there driving to the best of their ability, they want to win.

It looks like Red Bull will win a 4th Constructors Title. Webber and Vettel will become the 2nd best pairing in F1 history. But all I see from Red Bull is praise for Seb. While Webber seems to be forgotten.


You are absolutely right about Red Bull not having learned their lesson. Part of the problem is the way that Red Bull have built up Vettel over the years to the point where it all feels contrived. I remember walking into the Australian GP precinct as early as 2009 and being assaulted by Red Bull's marketing materials featuring Sebastian, despite the fact that it was Mark's home race... it's almost as if Vettel is F1's version of Justin Bieber.

It's not just Multi-21, it's things like the mystery 'cracked chassis' to explain the gulf of performance over 2 weekends dominated by Webber, the position they took on Turkey 2010, the insistence to keep Vettel in the hunt in the final stages of the 2010 championship when they could have closed it out with Mark. The fact that Vettel had not only Webber, but both Toro Rossos to cede track position when needed. Also even when Vettel struggles with the car he can't win races and isn't brilliant in traffic, but wins everything from the front row by breaking the DRS in clean air. The almost scripted pit-to-car radio after every race ("YES! That's what I'm talking about!" + multiple fingers).

Multi-21 also rankles because it was a case of a guy that has benefitted from team orders on multiple occasions not even taking one for the team. Webber might not have been faster in Malaysia, but he played the team game, managed the tyres when there was a massive question mark over them, and made the right calls at the right times (i.e. swapping the inters for dry tyres). The sadder thing is that it would appear on face value that Mark hasn't been allowed to race with him since.

At the pinnacle of motorsport, the differences between drivers like Vettel, Alonso, Hamilton, Raikkonen are so small, so it is frustrating even for a casual observer for a guy to consistently vanquish his rivals without them even getting a look-in.


See I'm surprised about that one, James. if Webber really wanted to squeeze him he still had quite a few metres to play with. I maintain that turn 3 was Vettel's doing, and even if he was out of synch from the first corner it's nothing less than what Webber has to contend with at most races! Frankly I would have preferred to have a team mate in close-ish proximity so that my car is a little harder to hit by someone misjudging closing speed


People have to ask themselves why Vettel said that Webber didn't deserve to win. That had nothing to do with the race itself, he did not deserve it because of things that had happened before.

And this part is just funny :

.."Also even when Vettel struggles with the car he can’t win races and isn’t brilliant in traffic, but wins everything from the front row by breaking the DRS in clean air. The almost scripted pit-to-car radio after every race (“YES! That’s what I’m talking about!” + multiple fingers)."


I think it was a left over from the start at Brazil the year before. I hadn't realised how much that rankled until Adrian Newey confined it to me in a recent interview


100% Agree BigHaydo, he has now made himself the subject of Scrutiny- stuff that would ordinarily be allowed to slip he is getting hammered for and it's his own fault. His is team number 1 and Webber has a lot more bad luck/ bad starts than Vettel- it's just another talking point regardless if there is any truth in the 'bad car webber conspiracy' . He might even end up being negative for the brand. Pretty nasty drink for you anyway...


yes, thats what im talkin bout.

Well said BigHaydo




" the position they took on Turkey 2010, the insistence to keep Vettel in the hunt in the final stages of the 2010 championship when they could have closed it out with Mark. "

Mark could have closed it out with Mark. He crashed in Korea and was fortunate that Vettel's car broke down to even be in the hunt after that. And he could have closed it out with an excellent qualifying in Abu Dhabi and the race. Inadvertently he did help Vettel, because he had to pit so early, Alonso covered him. (Oh, and there was talk about the Toro Rosso's helping Webber and hindering Alonso there, so Vettel isn't the only one benefitting from TR).


Horner also said "to me it was not sporting".

Was vettels pass on webber sporting ?

I think not. Reap what you sow.


I would like to see this list of yours of all the occasions Vettel was a bad sportsman.

I'm serious.


Kind of like When Weber almost crashed Vettel in Brazil and let his very dear friend Alonso pass him to help Alonso's chances of winning the WDC you mean that kind of good sportsmanship displayed by the angel that is Mark Webber?

That doesn't even get into "crash gate" Alonso.


Alonso is not much better i agree but neither has he said he would do it again and has no regrets. Nor have any of his team managers called any crowd members that might have booed unsporting. Mark Webber may have retaliated but this is already after getting second best treatment in the team. You are twisting the truth to make Mark look like the villain. The truth is he is just standing up for himself- makes him more popular and Vettel less. Good on ya mate!


People love winners, but honorable winners. That's why Schumacher was booed several times as well. He crossed the line too many times (Crashing Villeneuve in '97, or parking his Ferrari in Monaco '06, etc etc) I don't think there is any problem with Vettel's domination, however, Malaysia will haunt him for a while. His attitude after the Malaysian race isn't helping either. At first, he admitted his mistake, and I think most people were willing to let it pass. Unfortunately, he later reversed his apologies, and the booing became the norm.


Mark has betrayed Seb and the team on several occasion including Brazil 2012. I'm glad he is leaving Red Bull. And if Seb does have some Number 1 status how is it different to Alonso having Number 1 status at Ferrari?


I love watching F1 and I'm not a statistics nerd - as I said this is about Horner's 'unsporting ' remarks and not the minutiae of the last half century of F1 records and stats.


This point is not about instances where drivers have been accused of suspectedly acting in a unsporting way, but about Horner stating that booing Vettel is unsporting ?

Why didn't Horner say the something along those lines when Vettel disobeyed team orders ?

At Silverstone Webber did not pass Vettel, but just let him know that he could have - how is that unsporting ?

Perhaps Ecclestone should invite Horner to a football match to listen to the booing etc - so that Horner can see that what he has now said is nonsense.

Webber and Raikkonen are the type of drivers that the fans like and respect.

Even Schumacher never disobeyed team orders but Vettel did and deserves the booing.


Let the crowd boo all they want. Look at the guys we voted into parliment, all they do is Jeer and Bo all day and YOU pay them to. The crowd paid for their own tickets, if you don't like being boo'ed regularly don't do something no one will ever forget. Duh!


Totally agree. Vettel in my view has been building this for some time. Let's not forget the stunt he pulled when he veered into Webber and accidentally made contact a while back, then there was the multi 21 incident, and of course the finger get's up everyone's nose. He's a great driver, but poor sportsman in my view. Going back in time Webber and Vettel were close in terms of performance, but I feel the car is designed around Vettel, and the problems Webber has been rather to frequent. His clutch is a prime example.


And, let's not forget that his version of telling folks he's Number one is seen by many as presenting the flying fickle finger of fate to the fans. . . and perception is reality in many views. Palm out would be the preferred method and less likely, methinks, to cause confusion.



He brought it on himself. With the price of tickets so high, you can boo if you want. Still much more civilized than some of the comments thrown at black football/soccer players.


I like Vettel. Nice bloke outside the car, and huge talent. Straight talking Webber's fantastic - refreshing and provides genuine comments to difficult issues - like the political situation in some countries.

I know Webber's not an angel. But if I'm honest, if I were in Webber's position in Malaysia having worked so hard for the win, and was informed by the team that the multi 21 instruction had been issued, only for my teammate to ignore it and sail by - I would feel very betrayed. I would feel upset for quite sometime.

It may be easy for objective dispassionate F1 observers to make a balanced case both ways - but to the aggrieved, and his fans, it's human to feel betrayed and upset.

Emotions are a wonderful thing. But emotions also have the consequence that makes it hard to get over feelings of betrayal.

But eventually emotions ebb away. It just takes time.

Those of us who have quarreled with loved ones will know this - emotions like anger take time to subside. But eventually they do.


> At Silverstone Webber did not pass Vettel, but just let him know that he could have – how is that unsporting ?

Ahem, Webber didn't pass Vettel because he couldn't not because he didn't wanted.

And how do you name what Webber did on Brazil 2012?

Selective memories too much?


Not only that. It's always Mark's car which has problems at the start, always Mark's car which breaks down. Lots of people find that spooky, not to say suspicious.


btw, just to be clear, I'm not saying that I necessarily find it suspicious, just trying to explain the booing. We'll see how it goes next year, won't we ?


I'm not a Vettel fan since Malaysia, but you have to admire and respect his talents. Maybe his car finishes more often because he's easier on it.


That also happened to Barrichelo, Massa, Grosjean and many more teammates, call it the champion luck or maybe that been in a bad position makes your force the car more or whatever, besides F1 been a sport it's also a business and a car in F1 cost too much money so it is not logical to brake it on purpose.


You mean like in Silverstone this year when Vettel's car broke down? Or the underfueling in quali at Abu Dhabi last year? Vettel's lost 7-8 wins due to reliability over the years (being in the lead and his car dying - Valencia '12, Abu Dhabi '11, Korea '10, Australia '10, Bahrain '10, etc.)

Or Webber's poor get away in Abu Dhabi last year when you know RB wants him to stay in front of Alonso? It was so bad it messed up Button's start and allowed Alonso to pass both Button and Webber. Or the Kers failure in Austin when he was in front of Alonso and those points gained by Alonso put more pressure on Vettel? Or the Kers failure in India where it allowed Alonso past him?

It doesn't serve RB for the WCC or for Vettel's WDC hopes for Webber to have car problems.


> always Mark’s car which breaks down

But it is not true, car failures and problems are moreless split at 50% between the two, in fact Vettel has suffered more DNF than Webber


As much as I dislike the booing and totally condemn anyone who does that, Vettel has brought this upon himself. This didn't exist before Malaysia, and although people try to brush off his negative, "entitled" reputation as something created by the team and out of his control, his actions in Malaysia (and the subsequent non-action by the team against him) have reinforced this belief.


He was booed before Malaysia...in Australia. But that's because of another reason...


Yes it did he was booed in Australia i.e before Malaysia


He didn't deserve to be booed after such a performance in Singapore. He did wrong in Malaysia and deserved the flack but now it's akin to a child (or adult even!) doing something wrong and constantly being punished even when they do something right.

I think the booing is more jealousy for him constantly winning to be honest. It started due to Malaysia but has now become a seemingly acceptable habit. It might be boring but you have to give credit where it's due. (And it isn't simply all about Newey - that should be plain by now.)


Maybe if he could see his wrong doing and not said he would do it again people would let it go. The fact he still thinks he did nothing wrong really upsets some of us. No regret whatsoever. If i knew this guy in real life and he did something which was generally regarded as wrong and he got away with it and even after being confronted he had not regret at all, i wouldn't want to have anything to do with him. Having him up on a podium all the time is worse!


Entirely agree with that statement. Vettel is a great driver, but poor sportsman as demonstrated by the stunt he pulled on Webber. Fans don't forget these things easily and he is now reaping the result.


Sorry JC, drivers need to know that we don't like cheats, that way they will stop doing it. If they don't stop doing it and they just want to be at the top of the stats at any cost then they can have the "most booed f1 driver" on us.


I remember them all. Senna i would say there was another side to his story too, but who knows really, there were some dubious incidents. Shumacher, Alonso and Vettel all cheats. It's made double bad when you have guys like Jenson who as far as i can recall have been pretty decent down the line. Make the others look properly spoilt brats to me.


If Vettel isn't sporting, what can be said of Schumi or Senna taking a rival out to win a championship ! I don't recall anything similar to this.

This is embarrassing. Enough is enough... Please stop


If you drive a Ferrari car it is forgotten easily, just look Shumy or Alonso, those two had done worse things against their teamates and anybody is booing Alonso for example knowing that he won a race just because his teammate crash on porpoise or Massa got his gearbox seal broken just to make Alonso gain one place on the grid.


It isn't sporting.

There's no more to be said.


Booing isn't a sport, the crowd isn't why everyone was at the track, it was Formula One. Vettel is under the spotlight not the crowd, if the crowd want to boo let them boo. I would have as well. He's a cheat and unsporting and NOW there's no more to be said.


OK he was booed in Malaysia, fair enough, but everytime is ridiculous - it's the F1 version of attempted bullying


Basil, what are you on about?

If there weren't any egotistic ppl in F1 (regardless of talent), there wouldn't be anyone left if F1.


Oh Please....


I would have booed Vettel if I was there. He is a very bad sportsman and F1 does not need such egoistic and classless people, despite his great talent.


And of course vettel has never bullied anyone.


How about webber attacking vettel in silverstone 2011 and then bragging to media that he for sure wanted to pass him as he's trying to gain another position despite being told by the team not to? Forgot about that one? Hypocrite much?



sure, I'll admit. He's not THE most sporting man in F1, but just look at the antics schumacher pulled of, smashing into Villeneuve on purpose. Or alonso waving to his team furiously about not letting him past hamilton, or holding him in the pits so he couldn't get another lap in. Or montoya cursing raikonnen on team radio. You call that sporting?

Just shows people have an agenda against vettel and are using some incidents (which all look child stuff compared to what I listed above) to filter our their frustrations of his dominance recently.


Small difference - Webber didn't actually pass him.


> i could list occasion after occasion and this is why people boo him.

Can you list them?


I think it is difficult for us to understand the situation at RedBull. MArk Webber has always said he will not follow team orders. Mark has also demonstrated/showed that he will not follow tea orders.

I think it is fair and understandable for Vettel to ignore team orders if Mark is not going to follow team orders.

Vettel would be shooting himself in the foot if he followed team orders and didn't have that reciprocated by Webber.


The difference was that in Silverstone 2011, Webber was caught Vettel fair and square and was quicker.

The team told webber to stay behind vettel despite Webber being quicker.

In Malaysia, Vettel ONLY caught Webber because he ignored the instruction to turn down his engine (as they were BOTH instructed to, and Webber did)

Both very different scenarios, so don't compare them.



Ok Dufus list the many occasions then?


There is a difference in showing you are faster (and obeying team orders) by NOT passing and showing you are faster (and disobeying team orders) and Passing. Clear cut I think.


Thank you, too many people brush off Webber's similar episodes. Both drivers give as good as they get...


Do you really think the vettel pass is the only display of poor sportsmanship by vettel.

Don't be so naive. i could list occasion after occasion and this is why people boo him.

I don't think anybody hates vettel. If they do they should get over it.

But the fact remains people don't like bad sportsmanship and for that reason people don't like him.


I find the podium interviews cringeworthy and have stopped watching them altogether.


At the end of the day fans should be there to see a race and if Red Bull and Seb win legitimately then well done. I'm not sure what booing is even meant to achieve? Him to stop racing???

Also at Monza it tends to be a more comedy boo historically where everything other red gets booed. But I always get the feeling its in good spirit rather than any bad feeling towards the others


Think Roger Federer. I can't recall him ever being booed for prolific winning. He did get initially lambasted for crying once when he lost, in a sort of ironic way, but winning and post-match actions/presentations/manner etc, not that I can recall.

Asking people not boo at F1 races, well you might as well ask football fans not to boo eachother at a ManU/Liverpool match or any other rivalry & code you can think of where fans are actively involved. To use the Tennis thing, good ole John McEnroe copped a few vocal disapprovals in his career from his on court antics, and from recollection (probably wrongly) it spurred him on in flat moments in a game. Anyway, I have digressed from the point.

Vettel's performances are still tainted with things of the past that can't be 'unremembered' or re-remembered in context until he's ticked them off the public's unofficial Crit-list. He may not care to do these things, and the memories (albeit seletively unreliable) will remain intact. He may decide in his slowly growing wisdom to actually address these public image blemishes by just winning more and not having the protection blanket he's still got and really doesn't need at 26 or even back when he was first in the team. That we are yet to see.

To finsih, I like the comment I read recently from Mark Webber to Daniel Ricciardo - that Daniel should be wary or watchful or careful of Seb - because Seb is constantly improving. He may not like the 'Boy' he's not prepared to thump on the cliched advice of his Dad, but he understands and recognises Seb's abilities, work ethic and efforts.


I quite enjoy those interviews also the interviewers, but the lights should be positioned higher so everyone looks normal.

Re Vettals lack of popularity, don't forget he does things that invites critisism- think the finger, think the long boreing answers to interviewers, as well as the on-track antics that others have mentioned, combined with the fact he is percieved as RBR's little golden-haired boy while Mark Webber seems to be getting inferior treatment/equipment.



Not to mention Mark's inferior effort and attitude along with playing the press bragging about disobeying team orders and the list goes on. Vettel's sins are mostly not being British or driving for Ferrari as far as I can see. He is also not the underdog and I understand that part of it. I was never much for rooting for the underdog just for the sport of it but some people are. I would love for their to be more competition at the top but unfortunately there is not. I do feel like much of the press especially the broadcasters have inadvertently turned the tide against Vettel because Webber has done a better job of playing the press, just like Alonso has done.


Don't forget that English is his second language, and he wants to explain and answer fully. And which finger should he raise up to indicate his finishing position?

Finally, Alonso took a win by teammate crashing. How is the love thrown at him justified vs. Vettel who simply ignored a team order and continued to race for the win legally and fairly?


I can't understand why we can't have both - give the podium interview to a local fan favourite (preferably one who speaks passable English...) to give the drivers a chance to talk directly to the fans and then a more serious, focused press-conference style interview (preferably conducted by James :))


It does seem ridiculous that it is Martin Brundle, Eddie Jordan, or DC doing it for 3/4 of the races. One a season would be enough for them each.


They do have another press conference immediately after, but we don't get to see that one now.


You do on some of the pay platforms


Spot on. I much preferred the studio interviews.


could not agree more. They really need to drop the podium interviews.



I'm not really sure why they're persisting with them, although I suppose they might be okay if you're actually in the crowd.


Poor Vettel! There is just no way he can win! 🙂


Yeah...but then they might start rattling chains too, which would probably be a bad thing...


Vettel should really use my little line here next time he is booed.

He should say: "I didn't know ghosts were such great fans of Formula 1!" 🙂


I do think it's interesting seeing the interaction between the drivers when they're left alone in the cooldown room for a minute.

Sure they're still in front of the cameras - and they know it - but it just seems more honest and much less formulated.

PS Hopefully Vettel is all cried out by the time he hits 50 😉


Fair point about the TV perhaps. But I actually like the additional interaction in front of fans.

What do you expect in the back room? To see Vettel break down beacuse he hit 51 wins?

They will talk about the pass, the strategy, the near miss, the banging of wheels with another car and what was covered in the room will be covered on the podium. Except fans will cheer. Or perhaps make ghost sounds.


That's a very fair point Sebee and it's good to see them trying.

To be honest I'm probably not the best to judge how they have or haven't improved as since the first one I've only watched Coulthard and Brundle interview the podium, but no matter who does it it just seems to be awkward.

Again, it probably is a good thing for the crowd to see live, it's just not so good to watch on TV.


For years we complain that F1 is not connecting with fans enough.

So they bring the interview out from behind closed doors and let more fans at the track into the driver interview and you guys complain about it?



As stated above, scrap the Podium interviews. (Post race press conference handles the task).

I think they are an embarrassment for everyone. Martin Brundle reduced to wagging his finger at the audience like children is ridiculous.


I think now that poll is back, it would settle this once and for all! But really, the logic for and against must be presented - like a political platform!

Do you like the new Podium Interviews? Y/N




Poor prep? Celebrity?

That's exactly what makes them fun. It's a finishing speech to the contest that just took place on track. It's spontanious, it's fun, it's unscripted, things will happen and it's just great stuff with fans who paid dearly to participate in the celebration of the best motor sport on the planet and see the victors.

If I'm in a crowd and a journo comes out onto the podium post race interview with a clip board like a square, I swear to you I will throw at the podium whatever is in my hand! Well, not really, but what you suggest would look REDICULOUS! Clip-board!? Prepared questions!? When DC got hosed down with Mums that was a great moment and a total party vibe. Boys being boys, playing with the most expensive toys.

As for dealing with the crowd, drivers can suck it up and get used to it. If the price for success in F1 is that you have to get used to being in front of the public, it's a cheery on the cake as far as I'm concerned!

In conclusion GWD, I disagree with you in the most strongest way on every point you've made. 🙂


@Charlie/all others: The podium interviews suffer from poor preparation and execution. Having 'celebrity' interviewers exaserbates this problem in a hectic environment such as the podium surrounded by loud fans. They're not trained to deal with remembering poignant questions with huge pressure from very loud post-race crowdmembers each with their joys and disappointments post-event. The solution is simple: Get a regular travelling journo with a clipboard (or tablet - shouldn't be hard to build an Ask Podium Getters Questions app) full of prepared questions (which is strange not to use even with the celebrity interviewers like it sends some sort of image problem not to do them 'off-the-cuff' or from memory) to do the interiews. They'll run smoothly, the journo will be professional and work within and around the crowd's vocal responses, and important questions will be asked. The fans will enjoy at track as well as at home. Pity I can't think of any journo who has effectively already done this sort of thing before and could manage this process ;)... or maybe?... nahhhh, surely not...


Exactly Charlie!!!


What about those of us who attend races? Drop the podium interviews and the drivers just disappear into a room after the champagne? Podium interviews provide a small piece of driver access for fans in a sport where it is only possible to get close to the stars if you are seriously well-heeled.


you make a good point actually. may be f1 should get rid of podium interviews for good. it cannot be good for sport for winners or f1 champs getting booed, this can only escalate as fans of vettel might retaliate, by booing his rivals probably in germany, I enjoyed those interviews for sure, but I will not miss them, its not like they we been in sport for long.


+1 million


I totally agree that this needs to stop.. Vettle whatever is.. is a good driver and needs to be appreciated for that. Yes it's true he goofed up or got lost it the fame, but does not everyone?? I think its human to make mistakes one in a while.I totally understand the ferrari supporters booing him because where else is the spice going to be if there are no rivals. But booing someone who's being booed for constant wining is UNFAIR!! this will break the driver down for being good at what he does. I think Vettle is one of the best drivers in our generation and needs to be appreciated.


Oh yes, I forgot to add: I can't see how anyone can call Vettel's actions in Malaysia anything but a betrayal.

It may have been different if Vettel had made it known to Webber before the race that he will not be obeying any team orders. But Vettel didn't (probably expecting any team orders to be in his own favour). Webber therefore conducted his race believing that Vettel would honour any orders the team gave, only to be stabbed in the back.

This is not the actions of a sportsman and a worthy champion. And what kind of person actually thinks this is defensible? I would call such a person a viper, but I wouldn't want to insult vipers.


Seebee, you're the one who's off your rocker. Are you seriously suggesting that Red Bull was favouring Webber? Vettel and his camp are the ones who have been doing all the politicking. That just proves you know NOTHING about F1 and the situation at Red Bull. Have you forgotten what happened at Silverstone in 2010, or in Turkey the same year - when everyone, including Hamilton (who had a front row seat), agreed that Vettel caused the crash with Webber, except for Red Bull and Helmut Marko.

Drivers are being paid by their teams. It's a given in ALL areas of life that you follow your employer's instructions as far as your job is concerned. Last I checked, F1 is still a team sport. You want to get rid of team orders, restrict each team to a single car like some categories of racing. Otherwise, team orders are perfectly legitimate and should be obeyed.

I don't see why there should be any exception made for Vettel. Webber was following instructions to dial back and bring the car home. Vettel chose to ignore the instructions he received. Contrast this with Rosberg and Hamilton in the same race.

I'm sure glad I don't work with you or have to meet you on any sports field. With your warped sense of "fair play", I'll have to wear plate armour on my back at work and be ready for blows below the belt in sports.

And I'll say this: I'm a Kimi fan but if he does the same thing as Vettel to his teammate, I will stop supporting him and condemn him equally for his actions.

You, sir, are NOT making any sense at all.


Hari, you are a little confused. How exactly did Vettel cheat in Malaysia? He actually did the right thing. He raced when team orders told him not to.

KeX is completely out to lunch. In F1 the first car you have to beat is your team mate. That Vettel is willing to battle to the very end and not let politics and team orders get in the way is to do what people tune in and pay for - motor racing, not politicking. If it was Kimi you would all say he's just getting on with itm but because it's Vettel, different tint glasses go on and thus see things differently.


i totally agree with KeX - well said


I completely agree with KeX. Well put.

I remember having the same feelings about Schumacher years ago. I respect him as a driver, but I lost respect for him as a person. How can you respect someone who's willing to cheat to win?


Well put Wayne.


I agree with Kex, you can't call the fans unsporting when Vettel has shown many times how unsporting he can be. Webber has retaliated a few times, but can we really blame the poor guy? I'm glad the fans are making their feelings known. Some of us (almost half of us according to the cote above^^) want to make sure he knows that we don't think much of his behavior. He may be nice most of the time but when he's not he's a nasty piece of work. He IS unsporting- just like Schumacher before him. 1994 was my first taste of this sort of behavior. Poor Hill that year. People are keen to forgive and forget when justice isn't done, i don't get it? Both these guys are willing to cheat in the moment, and the moment is what counts for me. Anyway i'm sure at least half of you will completely disagree so i guess it's lucky the crowd can't be gagged 😉


I disagree. Vettel with his utter disrespect and lack of sportsmanship, together with Red Bull's (in particular Helmut Marko's) indulgence, is destroying motor racing. At Silverstone in 2010, Red Bull disrespected Webber despite all his hard work for the team. In Malaysia this year, Vettel disrespected his teammate and his entire team by disobeying direct orders and got away with it, proving what many fans have long suspected - Horner is team principal only in name and has no real authority.

The charge that today's racing fans are unsophisticated are dead wrong - they are more sophisticated than ever. Today's fans respect each and every driver on the grid (including Vettel) for their skill and bravery, certainly I would never be able to drive with that kind of speed and precision nor do I have the courage to race in the confines of a street circuit. And Vettel is widely regarded as among the best in the business. But in addition wanting an F1 World Champion who is the fastest and most consistent driver, what the fans really crave is a world champion who, god forbid, actually believes in sportsmanship. In short, fans are looking at not just the number of wins but how these wins are achieved. Vettel is a very good, and perhaps great, driver (I hesitate to call someone without any sportsmanship a sportsman) who has amply demonstrated that he doesn't possess this quality.

It is equally untrue that the booing is from the tifosi. People who claim that the booing is by Ferrari fans either have never been present at any of the podium presentations or, like the FIA and FOM, have another agenda - it is far less damaging to the image of F1 if the booing can be brushed off as fan rivalry rather than admitting that F1's triple world champion is a deeply unpopular person. I was actually in the crowd right in front of the podium in Singapore. The fans, in addition to booing Vettel, were chanting Webber's name, regardless of the colour of their shirts. This, in and of itself, demonstrates why the fans are booing Vettel.

Now, before anyone tries to compare Malaysia 2013 to Austria 2002, let me point out that Schumacher at least had the good grace (or PR savvy) to look embarrassed on the podium and yielded both the top step and the trophy to Barrichello. Vettel, by comparison, expected us to swallow his unconvincing claim that he heard the radio message but its significance failed to register before finally admitting that he deliberately disobeyed team orders because he felt that Webber "didn't deserve to win".

The greatest irony here is of course Horner's claim that the fans who boo Vettel are being "unsporting". I say that these fans understand the sporting spirit better than anyone who criticise them, regardless of the sporting achievements of these critics (and yes, I include Niki Lauda in this list). Are Red Bull and Vettel (and all their "supporters") really so arrogant and blind that they cannot see that the booing stems from the fans' disgust with Vettel's lack of sportsmanship?

Vettel may be a top athlete, but he's no sportsman. Can a true sports fan really in his or her heart feel that a man like this is a deserving world champion? To borrow his own words, Vettel, by the manner in which he achieved victory, doesn't deserve to be F1 World Champion.


P.P.S. I mean ...I hope he doesn't giev up on polls again - because they can be a fun thing."

Now I'm skipping words in a sentence - can't blame that on auto correct!


P.S. Remember, James gave up on polls for a while because of their unscientific nature. Judging by the anti-Vettel sentiment it may be simply that and not really about booing. I hope he doesn't - because they can be a fun thing.

I have no idea why people are so anti-Vettel. He is the most successful driver on the grid in our sport, and we're watching dynasty-team performance here likes of which we were lucky to have witnessed in Schumi@Ferrari and now Vettel@RBR. Instead of watching how the game is played at a whole new level of engineering, performance, human reflexes, drive to win, etc. there is a wave of bitterness that's just unfortunate and sad. It's as if fans don't like it when someone is too successful.

Internet is turning into a dark bitter thing really. Twitter, Facebook, etc. all filled with hateful bitterness and other unnecessary things. Just sad.


Well said, Wayne.


@Wayne | "I have just looked at the poll here, 45% of the people who read this website think it is ok to boo VET? I thought better of you – i’ve never been ashamed to be part of this community before but came pretty close when I looked at the figures, fully expecting to see 80% + of JA readership against booing VET.

There was a time to boo vet, and it was for ONE race when he committed an unsporting act several races ago. Now it is just plain and simple bullying. It is cowardly, petty and it WILL hurt this kid despite what he says. To boo VET now is to admit your own small mindedness, to condone it must mean that you are a simple minded sheep, you probably do not even know why you are booing."

Couldn't agree more with that. It is absolutely appalling that that many people find it acceptable. I am not by any means a Vettel fan. I find his wins boring, but to boo him like that is just unacceptable. I wouldn't dream of doing that. He wins his races (mostly (Malaysia)) fair and square, and to boo him is a disgrace.

It is even worse to see that many (nearly half!) of the people here find it acceptable and right to boo.

Vettel hasn't done much wrong, and doesn't deserve this.


quite agree


+1MG. Pity Jenson hasn't been up there this season to make fun of them, as he did so well last year.


There are terrible.

I have just looked at the poll here, 45% of the people who read this website think it is ok to boo VET? I thought better of you - i've never been ashamned to be part of this communtiy beofre but came pretty close when I looked at the figures, fully expecting to see 80% + of JA readership against booing VET.

There was a time to boo vet, and it was for ONE race when he comitted an unsporting act several races ago. Now it is just plain and simple bullying. It is cowardly, petty and it WILL hurt this kid despite what he says. To boo VET now is to admit your own small mindedness, to condone it must mean that you are a simple minded sheep, you probably do not even know why you are booing.

This is a person you are attacking in a very personal nature, with thoughts and feelings just like you. It is not ok because he is rich or talented, those things do not make him a valid taregt. They just make him an easy target, hence you are cowardly for taking advantage.

Please stop. It's embaressing for us all.


Absolutely! You cannot control the mood of the crowds. The interviews only make the presenters look stupid as they try to make amends.


Mark Webber is 'playing' on the un-fairness/sympathy factor. Disappointing. Perhaps it really is time for Mark to move on and race somewhere he is more competitive.

Time, also, to change the location of interviews following races and do them in a place away from hooligans.


When you are an F1 driver you can pretty much drive a car fast. You are only ever going to be as good as the machinery under you.

I think the location of interviews and being exposed to the fans directly is very important.

Without fans there is no show. They boo one driver and one driver alone. The fans need to have a voice whether its palatable to team owners and principles who cares ?

F1 is owned by fans of any opinion, period.


Amen to that!


Webber is constantly stirring it, even when he blatantly ignore team orders and almost cost Seb the title last year in Brazil, besides Seb was boo'ed at Australia as well, if I'm not mistaken that was before multi 21.


Mark didn't do anything to Seb in Brazil. I've watched his start onboard numerous times and I'm fed up of Seb fans acting as though he did something terrible!


Then I'm sorry to say, but you are blind. Webber squeezed him clear as day, had to be TOLD to let Vettel pass him later on, and then even tried to overtake him after a Safety Car restart!

Contrast to Massa who did his utmost to block a train of cars that built up behind Alonso early on.


According to an Autosport magazine article (June 6, page 19) the team was furious with him afterwards for 'chopping' his teammate. Its not just Vettel fans who think that.


Love how Brazil 2012 comes up - what was Webber supposed to do off the start line? Just let loose cannons like Hulkenberg straight past them? There is another reason why Mark moved left towards turn 1, and it isn't because of Vettel (hint: look at the fast-starting cars behind them). Vettel managed to stuff up turn 3 all by himself. Mark even moved aside for him in the race, so according to the Vettel fans he must have been hell-bent to stuff everything up.


Exactly Vettels incidents have been blatant and most of marks so called intentional moves have been conjecture. Admitted Mark has retaliated but not to the same degree and who can blame. I don't understand how these types of drivers can be defended on the basis that someone else once did something bad too. Surely just because someone once got away something doesn't mean that should always be the case? How would anything change? Shumacher, Alonso even Hamilton have all cheated, lied or disobeyed at some point and it should not be tolerated anymore, regardless of what happened in the past.


I'm so glad someone else remembers Webber allowing Vettel through on his recovery drive later in that race.

Off the start, it's everyone for themselves - Webber was defending from everyone.


He'll be booed in Australia since that year he took Webber's only new front wing after his was damaged.

Maybe also because he moved over and rammed Webber that year in Turkey.

The Aussies don't tolerate a biased sporting contest, especially in a team against one of their own drivers.


Yes thegeoffro, @Clarks4WheelDrift and Basil. 100% with you!


Since when was F1 a sport??

It's business.


Do you know the entirety of the front wing debacle in silverstone 2010? Vettel's FW failed on its own and Webber himself told the team he does not find the new front wing useful in any way and only wanted to run it because that would prevent Seb from using it. It was a classic display of self-centric stuff from webber.


Speak for yourself. Webber is an average driver in an exceptional car who looks for fault anywhere but where it belongs.

Vettel isn't my favourite but he is one of four top tier drivers and deserves more respect than he is being shown.



Probably the best comment I have read all year.

I do not deny that Vettel is quick(obvious), but I think people forget that after the Multi 21 affair fans have had enough. To think that vettel is getting boed, may hurt his feelings, think for a moment what Webber must be feeling, coming from his own team.

You can see in Webber's performances since, that he has lost some serious confidence. Yeah you could hand the 7 points back, that is not the point. If Webber had won that race, do you think the rest of this season could be totally differnt. I for one believe that incident could have changed the course of Webber's season.

People mention Brazil 2012. People also forget that Webber actually let Vettel pass later in that race.

As Webber fans, we feel that Red Bull is letting us fans down. We do not have a chance to cheer for a driver on equal paying field(period).


And this is why Vettel deserves the booing. He is the golden boy in a biased team who pretends to be totally unbiased while stealing, for example, the FW from driver number two for their golden boy.

It is this hypocrisy combined with his finger and screaming antics which makes him completely dislikeable.I am amazed how his fans cannot understand this.


Not sure where Mark Webber is 'playing' on the the factor. He himself said after the Monza podium that it was wrong to boo Vettel. Perhaps in the past and there were certain situations where it was warranted but he is past the boo'ing as well.


When Vettel gives back the seven points back to Webbo, the boos will stop, I think. Since that is highly unlikely, I think that it is unsporting for Horner to come out in his defence. You behave a certain way, these are the consequences. Put your PR machine to work, Christian. But in the end it won't matter. Whatever we think of him outside the car, in it he's brilliant. WDC number four seems inevitable. As a HAM fan, I'm kinda pissed. What to do? LOL


Great comments BoogWar and BigHaydo, i feel a little like it's a battle between the people and the corporate machine- it's good to see people can still voice their opinions on occasion- even if it is for a few moments on the telly. Long may it continue, shame there isn't a crowd on the mainstream news these days too.....


There's another way of looking at it. Vettel just took the points from webber back after he gave them to him at the brazilian gp 2011.


Absolutely. I love how the anti-boo brigade find it appropriate to tell everyone how they should feel. People don't show this kind of emotion on a whim, so why make out that they are stupid, misinformed or unsporting? They are responding to a stimulus, who happens to win lots of races in a 'boring' way - it's up to Red Bull and Vettel to find a way to mitigate this effect.


Anyone who supports this kind of low unsporting behavior and claiming it is OK to boo, does not belong in F1 and should be talked about in a very negative way so they are too embarrassed to do it again.

And many people on Tiwtter who were present are claiming it was a group of Ferrari supporters who were chanting for Alonso and then booed Vettel. Similar to Montreal and Hungary, when people Tweeted and Sky pundits live on air said it was a group of Ferrari fans who were booing after they chanted for Alonso.

See the pattern?

It is not about multi21, Turkey, front wings, aliens. Those are all excuses used to hide the real reason. It is about "boohoo my favorite driver Alonso isn't winning". Childish, unsporting, pathetic.


I'm afraid those booing are most definitely F1 fans, as are those who voted "No" in the poll here.

Some sports are just unfortunate to attract a large contingent of unsporting fans - football is a prime example, but unfortunately, F1 is another. I'd rather watch an F1 race than a rugby match, but give me rugby fans over F1 fans any time. That's just the way it is. And if they cannot show some dignity, it looks like F1 will have to "hide" its fans once again by scrapping the interviews.


@ K -I'm proud to boo, i'm ashamed that people like you are still wittering on about Alonso and Ferrari fans, neither of whom i am a fan of. I'm not saying they aren't booing, but so am i now!


I almost hate myself for thinking this but I don't mind the booing. In my view, it is mostly because the guy is winning all the time and fans of other drivers are getting a bit fed up. The Malaysia incident tends to be overstated I think but if it did play a role I guess it brought to a head some of the "sense of entitlement"/chosen one in the best car debates that have been kicking around for a while. In a sense, it has given people a stick to beat him with, off the back of him always winning. If he was out of the championship hunt and got booed after finishing 3rd in a race then this for me would be more personally nasty and much less acceptable.

I know in a perfect world we'd all doff our caps to a world-class driver at the top of his game with a world-class team at the top of theirs but we all did that in 2011 and there's only so long before people start to want to see a different guy at the top of the standings. For the record, I'm broadly a neutral who on current form would like to see Vettel win this year's title because, for me, he was fantastic yesterday and has been brilliant all season - the best driver. However, even I'm now reaching a point of conflict between my usually predominant meritocratic side (who wants simply to see the best driver-team combo win) and my sporting desire not to see the same driver-team combo winning every year (I actually wrote about this point - albeit not the booing - on a blog I wrote after Monza).

In the Schumacher years of domination, his victories led to howls of dismay even from the media (or at least some parts thereof) and saw some pretty big rule changes, particularly to qualifying. In these Vettel years of domination, I guess fans have taken it upon themselves to protest by booing. I'd like to think I wouldn't boo personally but so long as it is because he is winning (not because of a nasty personal vendetta) then I've got to say I don't mind it too much as a general rule.


@ K

How on earth you can criticize Alonso or his followers for the vettel boo incidents

Alonso or his followers have nothing to do with vettel boo's

This is very simple RBR have won all the WDC & WCC for the last 4 seasons with Factually at ease with no competiton what so ever. Even the failures and reliability problems failed to stop vettel / RBR in 2010

While vettel did very little mistakes. This was a result due to the way RBR have been managed by certain key people in the team.

RBR can only blame themselves for all the mess up


If this is the reason why Vettel is being booed (hope is not), then is crazy, fans should then boo the teams that can't compete. What do you want Red Bull to do if wining is the reason? lose races?


I was actually amongst the crowd on track in front of the podium at Singapore. The chant was "Webber, Webber". Not Alonso like all the Vettel fan-boys and F1 official media like to claim. The booing is totally about the "multi-21" at Malaysia and front wing incident at Silverstone years ago. True sports fans know that Webber has been given the short end of the stick in the Red Bull team over the last few years (just see how much faster Webber is on the Top Gear lap) and are reacting to that. Does Vettel, and in fact Red Bull and Horner, deserve to be booed? Most certainly.


^^ good post.


The thing is everyone thinks is just down to one or two things but it's really a combination of things:

- Vettel's domination

- RBR's preferential treatment of Vettel over the years

- Multi21

- Vettel's personality rubs people the wrong way

- Fans of Hamilton/Alonso/Kimi aren't fond of him

Martin Brundle said basically all the people @ Silverstone booing Vettel was because of Multi21. The Canadians have been booing Vettel for years - I was there in 2011 and it was no different. The Aussies will boo him because of Webber's treatment etc.

TBH I don't care about the booing in sports, its part and parcel of the job whether it is team of individual. Look at Shawcross (plays for Stoke) broke Ramsey's leg a few years ago and still is being boo'd to this day whenever he touches the ball. Some things will remain in fans memories for a long time and you will be judged on that as sportsperson and that IMO goes for Vettel for Multi21/Front wing@Silverstone/Turkey2010.


Glad to see others spotted that. I have kept a note on the booing on the podiums, and was pleased when at first, there wasn't any negative sounds from the crowd.

Then while Vettel was being interviewed, there was the AL-LON-SO chanting, and it was blatently obvious that at no time during the boos, were there any simultaneous Alonso chants. Slam dunk, it was Alonso / Ferarri fans booing Seb on the podium, no-one else, no other reason.

If the Sky presenters did not keep bringing up Malaysia, I doubt anyone would remember, let alone get vocal about it.

Well done to Sebastian for Saturday and Sunday. Many thanks to Alonso for giving Webber a lift, and reviving the nostalgic and sporting image.


Absolutely. They will boo whatever Sebastian does. And this is because they are unhappy with the result of the race. They should boo their favorite team or driver for not being competitive enough. Instead they boo Vettel and (in my opinion) loose face.


I don't see how booing Vettel leads to those people losing face.

Booing is not nice but it is people showing disrespect. In some ways Horner brought this on himself.

As others have said people's reactions to Vettel are based on accumulated incidents over the years. As for Multi 21, it was Vettel's

'maybe you are all living in a dreamland' (his response to journalists' queries of punishment/sanctions by the team) which I felt showed his true character.


Wrong!People boo in other sports soccer, tennis, basketball (especially during opponents free throws etc.)so why wouldn't they do it in F1? It is not nice but it is a part of the sport. And who are you to tell anybody who belongs as a fan in this sport? Think before you make nazi comments like this! I would have never done it myself but it's called freedom of speech you xenophobe!!!


Too many comments for me to keep commending people, shame there's no 'like' button ... Looking forward to the podium now...


@ Hberg F1 Vigilantes? You are joking right?


In individualistic sports, booing a particular sportsperson is harsh.

Booing a team is not so hurtful - particularly if there are only two teams competing. In this situation, you want you team to win and the other team to lose - so you might boo the other team. In basketbal/football/soccer, "the whole team" gets booed. During free throws or free kicks, fans might boo to put the opponent player off.

Keep in mind that F1 is a totally different ballgame (excuse the pun). If the fans of one sportsperson boos his opponent, then there is logic in that. Eg Nadal fans might boo Federer and vice versa. People make mention of Usain Bolt. If he was booed, then I am sure he would be affected. He'll be saying, why aren't they booing the other guys?

In F1, it is a totally different sport. I don't see Vettel fans booing RAI or ALO? So, why is it that VET is getting booed? How come no other driver is getting booed? What about GRO in 2012 - wouldn't he have deserved some booing as well?

Because F1 is different, it should not be compared to other sports.

As another poster said, there is more too it.... It seems VET is being targeted / discriminated against.

As for freedom of speech, what about trolling, hating, racial abuse (verbal)? Are they ok since they fall under the umbrella of freedom

of speech?

As long as this story/incident gets coverage, then I believe the booing will eventually cease, as the booers will receive a some backlash from "vigilante" fans. Maybe the BBC/SKY should point their cameras on the booers so that these people can be shamed. Showing them on the big screens at the race will ensure these booers have a bumpy ride home.

Btw, I am a Ferrari and ALO fan. I am not keen on Vettel robbing Alonso of this 3rd / 4th WDC, but even this makes me cringe when watching the podiums.


I think your right on with your comment. I love F1 and have been a fan for 50 years, so yes I'm likely older then most of the people posting comments about the booing. One point I would like to make is that these young and very talented drivers risk their lives each time they get in their cars. That alone makes me respect them. To me how they handle the selves and how they treat their teammate makes no deference, at least to me. The old saying "never judge a person unless you walk around in his or her shoes". We tend to judge, in this case Vettel for what he did in a particular race, but doing that we still miss the point. Auto racing is a sport, but it's also a show and/or entertainment. Today it seems that people get so passionate about things, their passion can easily lead to HATE. If you don't believe me just read some of the posts on FB about Vettel, In the world we live in HATE seems to be a passion of choice for many, many people. Once you hate you lose all since of resonating. The issue of booing is just one example of how our society has changed. It's certainly shows a lack of respect for the other persons point of view. I've been very lucky in my working career to have been to many podium presentations and when my favorite driver wins, one didn't chose that moment to boo, but today it's common. Imagine how a Vettel fan must feel when they hear those boos. Imagine how you would feel if your favorite driver was booed after winning a race. You don't have to like all drivers, but at least respect them for what they do and how much skill it takes to drive an F1 car.


Why boo Grosjean? He did had a lot of incidents, but he didn't show disrespect. He came and apologized. He didn't shift blame on others.

If I chose to boo Vettel in the grandstand, I'm not gonna cover up with a hoodie and do it. Why should I be ashamed of it? It's a choice I made and as long as I have a good reason, that's all that matters to me.

Why should Vettel be allowed to call Mark crazy and shift the blame on him in Turkey, or disrespect agreements made before the race and get away with it, and I can't express my opinion without being ashamed?


You are taking my words in putting it out of the context. I didn't say it is ok to do it but why would you say that F1 as a sport is a different ballgame as compared to mentioned tennis. Tennis is a most nobel sport, or at least it should be and what happens every Us Open. They constantly boo against Djokovic because he is the best and he keeps beating all the American players. How he deals with it? He mentally shows his greatness and level of professionalism that golden boy Vettel apparently doesn't have. And answer to your question on racial or nationalistic insults; that is not freedom of speech and those people should be persecuted criminally!!! He should ask himself why they are booing him is it because he is a great driver, which he is, or because of his character of the track?


Yes it happens in every sport. Michael Owen, reporting for Sky, was continuously booed by city fans yesterday for being an ex-Utd player and probably for that (in)famous dying minute goal he scored against them years ago. of course he knew what he would be up against courageously took stood there in front of those sky blues, smiling and getting on with his job. Why don't Vet have the courage to stand up to the booers instead of looking up to Horner denounce booers for expressing themselves.

No surprise that some people are calling for podium interviews to be scrapped because Vettel's at the receiving end considering that the same people called for tyres to be changed when RB were not winning on them. Come on! Vettel knew what he would be up against when he ambushed his teammate in Malaysia and still went ahead to do what he did, let him face the consequences.


People have been calling for the interviews to be scrapped since they were introduced in Silverstone last year...



All of the political correctness police are a joke.If I have to sit there with my hands crossed to please you clowns,Ill pass.Only bad sportsmanship would make me boo,whether you are a driver OR a fan.


well, all drivers could be booed then. Would the fans have booed Senna every race after he took PRost out?


I don't think that's entirely true. We haven't seen patterns of behaviour from the crowd to this extent before, from Ferrari fans or anyone else. There's more to it than you describe.


@ Trent

You are right +1.


It’s become a pantomime now, unfortunately, with Seb being the dastardly villain of the piece. And it won’t stop any time soon. Protestations from Horner will probably only make it worse. He’s there saying “Oh, no he’s not”. Crowd: “OH, YES HE IS!” Booooo! Hissss!

All the Vettel fans can bang on endlessly about the injustice of it all, list his achievements and laud his greatness (and they have a point) but it ain’t going to make a lick of difference.

A boss of mine always used to tell me two things “perception is reality” and “people rarely change their mind”. He was talking about change management, but it applies generally too.

Seb’s the pantomime villian of the F1 circus. Right or wrong, that’s the perception of the great unwashed masses of F1 fans. They won’t change their mind any time soon. If RBR stop winning so much, Seb changes teams and struggles for his wins a bit more then the masses may dislike him less. He’ll never be a favourite though.

Yes, its all unfair, irrational, childish, unsporting, pathetic ... but that’s people for you.


@RogerD - Brilliant comment. I wonder where this will all end... maybe it will peter out, but I'm not so sure.


Whatever the excuse that people, they are not fans, use to justify booing is pathetic.

You don´t need to like a driver/ team or sportman and Vettel did nothing wrong today to deserve being booing.

Booing has no place in sport, in any sport.


Who said it he needs to do something today to be booed? When you act un-sportmanship, you take the risk of something like this happening. He wasn't popular before that, and he should've been advised by RBR PR team not to do anything like that...

If this booing would take place just because Vettel was winning race after race, then I agree it is wrong. But given the history with front wings, Turkey 2010, Malaysia 2013..I'm not suprised.

In football, they boo when someone does a dangerous tackle or acts un-sporty, so why should've we be allowed to boo someone which acted so un-sporty multiple times even if it's in the past? It's a choice between cheering, being neutral and booing.

The booing is just a way for the fans to express how they feel about a certain individual, and this doesn't happen without reason. And who's to say that the booing should stop after one race of the incident?

I voted YES, it is wrong, but I dislike Vettel-RedBull connection. Is not personal to Seb, but completely related to his past behaviour and how RedBull dealt with it.


i believe most fans hate the finger (reversed F..you when he wins) and bad sportsmanship (in Malaysia). The more Horner blames Ferrari and other reasons the more its going to happen. I believe Vettel was going to be ok after Malaysia as he looked remorseful but then he changed his story days later and said he wasn't sorry. Vettel showed his real character and fans don't like him (full stop).


" The more Horner blames Ferrari and other reasons the more its going to happen."

Exactly! RedBull don't seem to learn, do they?

they can't seem to realize everything started in their team and how Horner especially handled the situations. I'm amazed they didn't figure it out that this is going to stop once they take responsibility for the decissions they took in the past.


I don't hate the finger at all. Why shouldn't Vettel use the finger? It's his trademark. He's entitled to celebrate his win with body-language, if so inclined (and it's not offensive). Button uses the finger too, along with his girlfriend, and no-one complains. They and Vettel are simply celebrating a win by saying they're number-one on the day. Drivers should not be vilified for such trivialities.


TheLollipopMan - its not that sticking your finger up as winner is offensive. Traditionally drivers would stick a finger up while their other fingers are towards the crowd. Vettel has turned his hand around sticking his finger up showing his fist to the crowd the same way someone uses their middle finger. To me its an arrogant and aggressive way to show he won the race. It not the main reason for the dislike of Vettel but all these subtleties cant help can they? He probably thinks its "cool"


Rubbish. That's just nitpicking to try and justify one's dislike of him. It's petty resentment that he's creaming their favourites. All this killjoy politically-correct BS is sapping the life out of Formula 1. Valentino Rossi once celebrated a win with a blow-up doll, and everyone thought it was hysterical, so what harm could Vettel's index finger possibly cause? Let the drivers celebrate, sheesh.


I do love how Hungary 2007 has passed from the memory of most fans. Lewis broke a team agreement in quali, Fernando tried to blackmail Ron Dennis, after retaliating in the pitbox. How do these things reflect on the character of the two?

These things pass from the collective consciousness, people will stop caring when someone else makes the mistake of winning too much, while not being a saint.

As Gary Anderson said, truly nice guys don't win championships.


Well said! As I've already written, I am amazed how his fans cannot understand the general dislike towards Vettel after all the occurrences and all his antics (cucumber, Mark does not deserve to win, finger, screaming..).


What Cremto said does ring true.


Go to any sporting event in North America and you will see the big foamy #1 fingers being waved around everywhere..

Are the (Brits?) who seem to do most of the complaining on this issue too thin skinned to deny a personal achievement- such as a pole position or a victory with a little personal celebration and emotion of being #1? At least he's not waving an extended middle index finger 😉

On the other hand people also complain most drivers have no personality and show no emotion these days. Can't have it both ways...




The Australian crowd was already getting stuck into Vettel because of 2010 and what he had done to Mark then - Turkey, Silverstone, Hungary, and more than a few people wondered about Mark's conveniently mysterious lack of car pace in the Abu Dhabi race that year.

The Australian crowd was also getting stuck into Vettel because of the lack of respect he has CONSTANTLY shown his teammate since that maiden victory of Mark's in 2009.

We should have seen it coming, you know. Even then, Vettel was sulking whenever Mark beat him...


Webber is Australian........


Equin0x, I believe that the booing in Australia at that time was against the perceived favouritism towards Vettel and the Aussie crowd booed Redbull as a team (or Christian) - although Seb hadn't really endeared himself to Aussies up to that point I don't think there was as clean cut decision made on Vettel at that time - however, as James suggests here, Malaysia was the final straw but instead of just Australians being appalled, it moved most of formula 1 fans to have now made a judgement call on Vettel -


Perhaps we remember Turkey 2010.


I wonder....?

Possibly because of his team mates's nationality?


-1 James

Australiais a multicultural society James. I dare say we have more nationalities than any other country settling here. We do not boo someone because they are German, Asian, British etc. Well, OK, maybe atthe cricket but that's just good fun 😉

If it were about racism, I can think of one or two other nations that might hold a bigger grudge with a German...


Probably right, but that still doesn't justify it.

I'm an Aussie and I can't stand Vettel, but I still wouldn't have been booing him and I'd be ashamed to be in a crowd that was.


They're putting it down to Malaysia earlier this year, but I don't see how people can hate Vettel for that. Both Webber and Seb were given the instruction "Multi 21," which means car two must finish ahead of car one.

Thats the race outcome decided right there, yet people don't like Seb for disobeying that team order, and giving us some racing - the thing they watch and came to see in the first place!

I don't like the booing, I think its childish and its ultimately as a result of pricing some races too high, for the naive, richer followers of the sport who have the money to buy ticket, but not the faintest idea about the sports politics.


It wasn't a fair fight though. Webber was on the back foot because he wasn't expecting Vettel to attack him. So not only did he disobey his team and screw his team mate, he made him look weak by overtaking him when he wasn't expecting it. Yes he then started fighting, but it's like throwing a punch after the bell has been rung.


Please watch a replay of the race. When Vettel finally overtook, Webber was well aware as he had been defending for a number of corners.

It wasn't a good move by Vettel in hindsight, as he didn't need the points. However, I would fully expect a driver to disobey team orders if he thinks his championship depends on it. You don't win multiple championships without being ruthless on the track - and many who are ruthless still don't come close to winning a single one.


It wasn't racing though, you cant isolate the incident; You need to look at the wider context which was that Mark was told to look after the tyres and bring the car home....granted it wasn't near the end, but the engineers were worried about the deg and the tyres not making it to the end I assume.

So pretty sure it came out that Mark had the engine turned down and was driving at around 60-70% to protect the tyres, so he wasn't in a racing mode and it was the reason he was going slow....which brought about Seb's consternation of "Mark's going to slow" which caused him to want to go past. And even after being told Team Orders and to stay behind Mark, he disobeyed the team completely.

Mark wasn't in a position to race Seb because he was in cruise mode and was no doubt assured by the team that he wouldn't be passed.

Mark's no saint, and has done a few things in the past to rile Seb and the team; but when you're in a team, you have to play by the team rules.

Seb is a topline driver with the killer instinct that champions have, but even so...sometimes you have to do what the team wants, even if its not what you want to do.


It's a driver's instinct to race and to win but what seems to constantly get overlooked is that Vettel effectively back-flipped on an agreement. It seems before the race the strategy was that if they are running 1,2 after the last pit stop they will not race each other. As Button said, if you are not happy with the strategy, say so at the time, don't agree then do the opposite in the race. Also keep in mind Webber thought they were no longer racing. As Alan Jones said what Vettel did was the equivalent of throwing a punch after his opponent had turned around to walk back to his corner.

I think reading Jackie Stewart's autobiography, will do Vettel some good. How you win matters.


I think it was because a guy that has relied on team orders in the past (not just from Webber, but from Toro Rosso too) just couldn't hack having them go against him. This is unsporting.

I remember Austria 2002 clearly: Barrichello had been faster than Schumacher all weekend, which was a refreshing change to the domination Schumacher had shown to that early point in the season. The championship was not under threat, it was sealed a couple of rounds later in France. It was uncalled for.


Schumacher offered the top spot on the podium to Barrichello and said he should have won it - but the team had ordered differently - so he followed team orders and won.

Vettel has become a precocious little boy - just like Hamilton was at Maclaren.


Schumacher gave the win back to Barrichello at Indianapolis. This action said a lot more than merely apologizing with words or pleading ignorance like Vettel.


I think that was a mistake by Shumacher, he wanted both cars to finish almost in line and Rubens got the victory because he didn't brake, I remember Shumy's face of feeling like and idiot. By the way I am a Shumacher fan.


Vettel obeyed team orders in 2009 to stay behind Mark. Pray tell when he had team orders at STR.


I'm not referring to team orders within STR. I'm referring to Buemi/Algersuari/Ricciardo/Vergne being expected to leap out of the way when Vettel is within 3sec of them. This was instrumental in Vettel winning the title in Brazil last year, along with a couple of other gifted places from compatriots...


It's not hate, it's dislike of his unsporting and condescending behaviour towards other drivers (cucumber) and particularly his team-mate. Plus, his two-faced behaviour after Malaysia which exposed him and his team as hypocrites.


Was Lewis calling other drivers the 'monkeys at the back' respectful? Was Fernando shaking his fist at Petrov for not getting out of his way while racing for position respectful? Then there was Hungary 2007 as an example of being nice to your teammate.


I totally agreed, one of the best driving races, I have been seeing F1 for 40 years and never so dominant race like this SV is a class of his own, impressive, the best.


You obviously didn't watch the schumacer years at ferrari then!


Really? Never in 40 years?

It was impressive but I can think of at least another dozen examples in that period.


Lewis Hamilton, Silverstone 2008.

He was a minute ahead of the next guy in the pouring rain and lapped everybody up to fourth place. That was class.


Certainly the best car!


Dozen? Not a chance, Seb was in such a class of his own if he was allowed to go flat out all race and there was no safety car he might have even lapped the entire field, and again Webber didn't have the pace to win in this car, it was a stunning performance with no dodgy weather or another competitive car being off the ball that was sheer pace often 2-3 sec faster than the next fastest guy, unbelievable, boo all they want it just gives the boy more fire in his belly, that was almost an invincible drive that car had no rights to be that dominant today it was all Vettel I'm afraid and now we're in Vettel season if I was a Hamilton fan I wouldn't bother waking up early in the morning to watch the early morning asian races, just more pain to come, who's to say a 100 race wins is out of the question? Especially seen as we're having more races in the season all the time.


@ Equinox If you think Vettel is suddenly 3 secs faster than the rest then he must be on PEDs or you,ve had too much red bull 🙂


He was that much faster because he was running on the super soft tyres and the car allowed him to push 100%.

And there have been more than a dozen performances like that in the last 40 years. Pretending there isn't is an insult to the great drivers.


I can, of the top of my head, give you one example where this was seen before. In fact yesterday reminded me of it. Hungray GP, Schumacher was asked to do 20 laps at qualifing pace to give him a gap enough to take a pit stop without losing position.. sound familiar? Vettel yesterday after the safety car reminded me so much of that.. Class driving for both these greats.


I think the boo boys may not be getting to Vettel, but it is getting to his fans.

The comments in support of there hero are becoming ever more ludicrous.

Best race in forty years???.

2-3 secs faster than the next guy, all down to the driver.???

You're not doing him any favours with this kind of over the top hype.


I am curious - do you seriously believe that SV is 2-3 seconds faster/lap than anyone else if they were given equal equipment?

BTW, to be clear, I think SV is an astonishingly good driver.


REALLY So you think Vettel is 2-3 sec faster than the rest of the field.. that means he can win in a marussia also.. lol..

that car had no rights to be that dominant today it was all Vettel - Again go tell this to Newey that it was all Vettel and no contribution from Newey.

If Vettel is that much faster than everyone else then he does not even need to think twice which car he is driving.. he might as well put a Marrusia on Pole.. lol Fanboy to an extreme..



I respect your reasons for removing driver of the day polls. But now we are voting on weather booing is right or wrong.


This shouldn't even be a question, especially for the British, the nation of gentlemen and sportsmanship...

Just a remark. I love this website anyway.


The driver of the day poll is obviously influenced by fans bias to one driver or another.

Booing is a universal way for fans to show there displeasure not split down partisan lines.

Perfectly legitimate reason for a poll.


You don't think fans are booing for partisan reasons?


> Booing is a universal way for fans to show there displeasure not split down partisan lines.

Because booing is not influenced by fan bias to one driver o another /s


Thats exactly what I was thinking. Just adding fuel for the petty boo boys.


Unfortunately the poll results indicate otherwise. I can see why James has a few other contributors (Meadows and the Editor) to the site. It might be nostalgia, but I feel the average standard of comments have gone done over the four years I've looked at this site.


Schumacher rightly got a lot of boos after his parking demonstration at Rascasse because it wasn't very sporting. I attended the race at Silverstone that year and the crowd gave him an earful nearly every lap (and there were plenty of hilarious banners). I always respected his incredible talent, but incidents like that confirmed that the clashes with Hill and Villeneuve weren't out of character.

Schumacher's return undid a bit of that damage, as he put it he learned how to lose.

The incident between Vettel and Webber in Turkey, the way he looked like he was going to start a fight with Paul Hemberly in Spa when they told Red Bull they were running too much camber, and finally the multi-21 business have had the same effect. So it's a bit rich for Horner to accuse the fans of being un-sporting, when I'd say it's that exact un-sporting behavior they were registering their displeasure at.


Although I agree with your general sentiments, the comparison of Vettel and Schumacher is not that well founded. The Hill incident was a racing incident. The Villenueve incident was obviously blatantly wrong although the penalty was too harsh. Both these were not against his own team mate. In 2002 at Austria Schumacher did not fight Barrichello for the win; both drivers followed the team's instructions. Schumacher was embarrassed by the way he won that race and prompted Barrichello to the top step of the podium. He also handed the win back at Indianapolis to make amends. Schumacher also did not loud mouth his victories and wave his finger around.

If at some point this season Vettel is leading Webber 1-2 and he allows Webber to have the win, then my respect (and I suspect the respect of many others) will begin to be restored towards Vettel as a sportsman. If he has this opportunity and does not capitalize on it then this will worsen how he is viewed.


No, it will simply be another show of disrespect towards his teammate...the sanctimonious "gift"... "Here you go Mark, I'll give this one too you"...


No, it would say "sorry for attacking you when your guard was down and stealing the win in Malaysia, here is the win you rightly deserve Mark". I personally don't think it will happen, even if such an opportunity arises. I would be astonished if it did.


Well said. I agree 100%......the boos are for how red bull go about their business, not that vettel keeps winning. Seb is just the guy in the shop window that gets told off but it's Horner and his double standard comments and actions that have caused the booing to continue.


Really? So how comes Webber is not the target? He ignores team orders and states it publicly...


Because all the double standards and comments from Horner and Marko are in favour of Vettel. Vettel is the guy who blamed and called Mark crazy in turkey 2010, he was the one benefiting from a new wing (after his own broke) having just 7 points lead in the championship, Vettel was the one giving preferential treatment in 2011 when RBR asked Mark to hold position (even thought Vettel was MILES ahead in the championship, miles), Vettel was the one disobeying team orders and agreements in Malaysia, and then changing his story several times in the days to come..


Webber is the victim here, how dare you claim otherwise!?!



People don't boo the loveable loser.


+1, Dear Lord do people switch their brains off to ignore this fact.

Mark Webber has always said he would ignore team orders and has always ignored team orders. Mark was naughty and a hypocrite when he was upset with Vettel for ignoring team orders at Malaysia. What did Mark expect Vetel to do obey team orders and let Mark get away with not obeying team orders.

Aussie grit is a joke.


He was wronged on several occasions by Vettel/Redbull management, so people don't seem to mind if a victim fights back occasionally...



You glossed over Vettel's rather arrogant and less contrite response to his Malaysia actions at the following race. Whoever advised him to speak in this way clearly did not understand the situation and how racing fans would feel. I'm sure he's an ok guy but he did himself no favours by basically saying he would do it all again. He is amazingly quick no doubts there but his actions have not made him especially likeable or sporting.


Oh come on, no-one really wanted to see Webber win 'procession style' in Malaysia. Seb made a race of it and most, if not all of the ticket paying public were nothing but entirely grateful!

As for the booing taking place at today's races, who cares. I'd boo like crazy if Hamilton ever won again. It's just a part of modern day sporting life!

F1 is like the X Factor. Time everyone got used to it.


Please let it not be true. My beloved f1 reduced to comparisons with the X factor!


I think most fans (and Webber himself) would have been ok if he had been beaten in a fair fight, but to be told to back off and that you won't be attacked, only to be jumped by your teammate, that's what angered most people.


'F1 is like the X Factor'

No it's not and should never be, but maybe you're just one of those people who get off on it.


**Sigh** well that's freed up a few Sundays for me to busy myself doing nothing see you all next year march time


Look, the guy is one of the best drivers of his generation- maybe even the best. If he keeps going at this rate, it's going to be increasingly hard to argue against him being the best.

Is he an angel? No. But please: name one driver at the elite level of the sport past or present who is. Ayrton Senna, beloved and observed by most as the greatest ever who genuinely was a humanitarian, would nonetheless crash Alain Prost and put both their lives at risk going at a remarkable rate of speed for the simple purposes of a) settling a score, and b) winning a championship. Seriously, that move by him very well could have ended with both drivers dying. That act was more detestable than anything Vettel has ever done on the track, and yet Senna would never have been booed. (Except maybe by the toad-sucking French fans.)

You can admire Webber and Button and the like for being nice guys. But their not the top drivers. Being one of the top drivers comes with a sort of non-Angelic requirement. That's how it goes. So if you are going to condemn Vettel for not being an angel, then you need to do it to Hamilton, Alonso, and Kimi as well, because they are all jerks in their own way. And if you are going to boo Vettel for winning, then you should really stop watching F1. The whole point of F1 is winning. And the winners are to be honored and respected for doing so.


I agree with Page 100%, not with Wade as Prost' defense was beyond what's right takin' Senna out of track.


Alain Prost is the epitome of driving talent, technical skill, strategic thinking, sportsmanship (and don't claim Suzuka 1989 as this was a justified and strong defense of his position) and goodness as a man off track. This four time champion is not one of the arrogant (Vettel), obnoxious (Raikonnen), mean spirited (Piquet) or sleazy (Hunt) drivers that have been around.

An elite driver does not have to be a [sic].


Nigel Mansell would disagree.


Senna had a valid reason for his actions unlike vettel who is not fit to polish Sennas shoes. Hes just a spoiled kid driving the best kart in the park.


What was that reason? to win no matter what? I was just a child by that time, but those cars (Senna's and Prost) weren't the best of the park?


Couldn't have said it better myself. Nice guys don't come first.


Well said Paige!


I think its time for the other drivers to speak out about the booing. It's happened when they play the German Narional Anthum. If the other drivers speak up their fans might be shamed into being respectful. No doubt that almost every fan has their favorite, so I say, the lead drivers like, Alonso, Hamilton, Button, Raikkonen, Rosberg, Webber and others need to come forward and do what is right, ask their fans to respect all drivers. I agree with others that it's sad we even have to take a poll on is it right or wrong, but I'm pleased to see the results are that its wrong.


Yes, I agree, the other drivers really need to weigh in on this, because I fear this ugly side of European sport (jingoistic booing) is starting to infect Formula 1, even spreading to races is Asia, where by culture booing is frowned upon.

The drivers need to step in, like Alonso spoke up to kerb racist taunts against Hamilton back in 2008. And Bernie should step in too because Asian governments won't tolerate disorder at sporting events.

The media also plays a role. Sure, the press have a duty to be impartial, but it also has the right to express opinion. However, I'm seeing little condemnation so far from F1 hacks/pundits.

This booing is puerile jingoistic ridiculousness, and there's no place for it in F1. The sport must unite now to nip it in the bud, or risk going down the road football has.



I seem to remember when Hamilton was copping some stick Alonso spoke up and told his fans to quit it.

It showed a lot of respect on Alonso's part, much more than the fans.

Frankly James should have jury-rigged the vote so that anyone who voted that booing is right should have had a big BOOOOOOO come through their speakers so they could see how it feels 🙂

unF1nnished business

Totally agree. People are making mountains out of mohills over Malaysia/Turkey. Unfortunately these people who are in denial of Vettel's achievements will use anything and everything to discredit and vilify him.


I posted this in the last thread but maybe it's more appropriate here James,

Today’s race wasn’t a great advert for the sport but unfortunately this season is just a hard sell and that is becoming borne out in the booeing of Vettel. I see a lot of similarities between the current era of F1 and WRC in the late 90′s:

Alonso = Carlos Sainz – struggling to add to titles in final straight of career

Hamilton = Colin McRae – Flat out charger but may never add to the one title early in his career

Button = Richard Burns – smooth approach pays dividends when everything is right

Vettel = Tommi Makinen – consistency the strongest package if unspectacular but nets 4 world titles in a row

The thing is I think it’s Colin McRae who is most fondly remembered from those days despite just one title

Will F1 fans look back on this era in the same way in years to come? There lies Vettels image problem, of course he can’t be blamed for his own success though!

P.s maybe Vettel will benefit from a season in a bad car like Schumacher did in 1996 when he pulled rabbits out of the hat, he may get that chance next year....


Haha this is an awesome comparison! I'm hoping for an extended version after the next race. I think Kimi would fit the role of Juha Kankkunen quite well (world champion with a tendency to be quite gruff and not suffer fools gladly). But who would be Didier Auriol? Or Marcus Gronholm - who seemed to come from nowhere when he won in 2000?


More importantly, who is Loeb? Ricciardo?


I think he came into rally quite late compared to the other guys so yes Ricciardo is an option! Or it could be someone destined for F1 who hasn't made it yet...maybe Antonio Felix da Costa (from what I've heard) or Robin Frijns?


What sort of claims are they? Richard Burns risked more than anyone and Mcrae was a serial crasher, if you want to compare Vettel to a Rally legend look no further than Sebastien Loeb, utter dominance and by the end of his reign no one can argue he was the real deal probably the best of his generation even Marcus Gronholm who was considered thw fastest and best has become a dim memory.


Alain Prost was asked, " are you disappointed with just 4 titles" seeing as he could of won lots more, Prost said " at the time yes but looking back, no because the story was better" I get the feeling even though it's wrong, and I doubt Vettel will be bothered. That will all look back, Vettel won mostly from pole, in a newey car. but still got many years left to prove me wrong.


Few seem to remember that Jim Clark won mostly from pole/front row, in a Chapman car.


The whole multi 21 thing is just an excuse. Did Webber get a bad reaction when he ignored team orders and tried and failed to overtake Vettel at Silverstone in 2011? No.

So now that's put that theory to bed, why is Vettel getting booed. For me it's a mix of:

1.) He doesn't drive for a well supported team, Red Bull don't have the history of McLaren or Ferrari.

2.) He's German, he's a great driver and he's dominating. People think MSC mk2 and keep harping on about F1 being boring, but continue to watch and whine.

3.) He beats the more popular drivers in F1 time and time again.

The whole Multi21 stuff is just a lazy excuse, Alonso and Hamilton have both done worse in their careers.

Does it annoy me? Yes. Vettel is the one with a bit of bloody character (like Kimi) in F1, yet he's booed for winning. Rossi never got that in MotoGP - an Aussie did when he couldn't win.

Draw you're own conclusions from that one.


Completely agree with you I have seen worse things than these supposed unsporting behaviors, so why those people don't blame for example when Alonso passed Massa entering the pits in 2010 in a very dangerous way? They said he was anger of victory, a genius...


Which Aussie didn't win in MotoGP? Gardner, Doohan, Stoner. Nah, cant be them.

Just curious.


You are right and with my mentality its almost like the complete opposite to these so called 'fans', in Moto GP Stoner is slated big time but I thought he was the real deal, even young Marquez has copied Stoner's style with great effect, die hard Rossi fans just like Hamilton fans don't care about the sport they will turn on the sport when it suits them and nothing will make them admit that their driver/rider are just overrated and when faced with talented competition they're not the gods the fan boys think they are.


He just has to apologise for Malaysia (to Webber) without afterwards retracting it.


come on, apologies for what? overtake on the track? did Senna ever apologised for crashing into Prost on purpose? and Alonso for blackmailing Mclaren? seriously


The problem in Vettels case is that he did apologise but later retracted it and said he would do it again. Senna more or less admitted he crashed into Prost on purpose and said that he would before the race, and people respected his honesty. Likewise with Alonso, he has never denied it. I'm not a fan of what he got up to that year but after the famous "we are basically racing Fernando" comment I cant say I blame him.


Alonso blackmailing ? Are we now swapping facts here or what ? Alonso was merely playing by the in house rules. Agree one thing execute differently.


I quite don't understand that reasoning. Mark has said before that he's does and will ignore team orders, shown that those were not just words, and no one boos him, or requires him to apologise to Sebastian. The only thing different is that Seb was "successful" in his disobedience whereas Mark wasn't.


Most people ignorantly or deliberately refer to Multi 21 as a team order. No, it wasn't. It was a pre race agreement willingly entered into by both drivers (In my opinion, to avoid incidents like Turkey 2010). If you know you are not going to honour an agreement, why pretend you are then when your teammate's let down his guard, sneak up behind him and overtake him? " he makes his own decisions, he will have protection as usual". I think the fans are trying to say: "Hey Mark, this one's for you mate"


Sometimes you forget how young these guys are. I truly do not care what Vettel has done in the past. I also do not want to point out image and PR problems. I see a person that has traveled thousands of miles to bring you some live entertainment. We should also never forget he is putting his life on the line for your pleasure. We should applaud events like F1 and send cheers and glory to all the F1 pilots no matter for what team they drive. I love every driver who gets me on the point of my seat. Montoya, Villeneuve, Shumie, Sato, Alonso, Hamilton, Vettel, Mansell, Prost, Senna. The above elite drivers have made me angry, cheer, cry, sweat, jump and laugh. Booing and racism should stop immediately before it gets out of hand.

Do you guys remember that in the 80's the best music ever was made? Well in 20 or 30 years we will say the best races ever were driven around the millennium. Booing these guys??? Get real.....


Best music made in the 80s - hehehe. I agree with you.

But maybe it's because we are getting on.

Every generation thinks the music in the following generation is just noise.


Denying that a large group of fans dislike Vettel due to Malaysia isn't helping him or the team. Putting it down as 'well it happened a long time ago and it's done now' is a bit hypocritical as Vettel has said he did it because Mark did it to him. Shouldn't he have forgiven and forgotten that too by now since 'it happened in the past and is done now?' No? Why do you get to remember and hold a grudge but everyone else isn't?

That said I do think the booing is a bit much now. Vettel didn't do anything wrong at this race. I'd have just cheered Alonso or Raikkonnen a bit louder if you wanted to send a message. But it's all become like one of the eviction shows on the old Big Brother, more about a public hate fest than a sporting competition.

In fact the best interview was on Sky's coverage when Ted was in the car as Sebs 'PA' for the day. I liked how Seb couldn't be whisked away from the questions over the booing. He seemed to sort of accept that he's not the nicest bloke on or off the track that he may have initially appeared.

If the booing is more to do with boredom then we probably should be booing the engineering heads at every other team for continually failing to beat RBR.


In talking with my brother recently, I said that a good thing of sport is that the favorite is not sure to win at all.

If we support the favorite and the favorite loses, we get pretty bummed about it.

But not all kinds of sports are dragged out for months on end to achieve a result. When pitching two persons against each other the result can come in a day. Or in seconds. Sometimes that kind of quick result is unsatisfying.

In F1 we have a grander kind of sport of pitching teams against one another for half of the year. Teams have two tries, two drivers to play with, and sometimes the pressure to win can make teams to try for a more deterministic result by playing with the rules.

Above all we have the show-business of producing safe entertainment content that can be broadcast in open TVs for the entire family to see. Sometimes the entertainment side of it can spoil the sport side of it. After all, in sport while the favorite doesn't have to win, there's a great chance that the favorite will win in succession. And somehow entertainment needs a prolonged story till the end.

From the President of Ferrari saying that the Red Bull wasn't exactly a racing company as more of a drink company, to die-hard fans wanting to shake things up mid-season, sometimes the respect just isn't there. And it builds up to these shameful moments.

So you guys need to decide whether F1 is more sport or more entertainment. I know that coming from the media, entertainment is to be expected. How much does it need to be sport though?

The existing rules that Ferrari seemed happy to prolong have produced these results of Red Bull coming ever slightly ahead of everyone else. Now it's too late to cry crocodile tears.


When i was 26 years old i remember being pretty naive, emotionally charged and well, like most 20 something folks, not very well equipped to handle criticism or the general downside of life.

I am not a Seb Vettel fan, but each time i read about him being booed on the podium, and his refusal to comment or even react, my respect for Vettel goes up several notches up ! It is incredible for such a young guy to deal with so much pressure, keep winning and yet being dragged down the street by the so called "F1 fans". Go Seb, win a couple of more titles and show them who the boss is !


I'm glad you admire him but it's important to keep things in perspective. He is a professional sportsman and very well paid. Like most athletes a lot of F1 drivers start their careers early so they are not your typical 20 something year old.



Although I am 27 and facing the problems u did when u were 26. I am not as cool as Seb Vettel even myself being a girl. Seb Vettel is a true champion, talented, composed and focused.


Its harsh, but I can understand the Boos, it is boring, it is frustrating and like the Schumacher era of numbing endless winning it does harm f1.

You can argue all you like about it, and of course the others simply have to work harder but Vettel winning probably four titles in a row is hard to enjoy unless you are a fan of his.


Winning is not the reason to be booed. He is just doing what he loves and what he is paid for. But booing has it's reasons besides him being victorious.


Lotus and Ferrari had been quicker than Red Bull in Melbourne and Ferrari had looked like it would be quicker in Sepang. It's only in the last three races that Red Bull have looked unbeatable.

Vettel took it into his own hands because the team weren't giving him the support he deserved. He's a triple world champion going for four straight. If Vettel were to go on and lose the championship by 5 points letting Webber stay ahead of him Sepang will seem like madness.

Vettel should be number one driver at Red Bull and should be given every advantage like Alonso has been for nearly four seasons and like how Hamilton was shamelessly allowed to keep 3rd place in the same race that Vettel ignored a team order and fought for the win.

Also, what people forget with Barrichello moving over is Schumacher did the same thing to help Irvine win the championship in 1999 at Sepang. Schumacher was so much quicker than Irvine he had to move over TWICE to give him the win.


The Irvine race was at the end of a season withe the title at stake

The Austrian event was early in the season, big difference


I know there's a difference, but if the ultimate goal is to win the championship then does it matter where you take the points. And if it's okay to put your resources towards one driver -- like Irvine in 1999 -- because he's the only driver left in contention for championship, then does that justify what Ferrari did at Austria 2002. When they got to Austria 2002, Schumacher was 44 points in the championship and Barrichello was 6. The championship was effectively over for Barrichello already. That's nearly 100 points advantage under today's points system.

No-one booed Alonso for Germany 2010. No-one booed Hakkinen for Australia 98. I'm not justifying anything, I prefer no team orders at all.


Schumacher repaid Rubens with interest in Monza and US GP that year. And helped Rubens secure the runners up title.


But doesn't points count the same, regardless if it is early or late in the season?

Meaning, either your the No1 or No2 driver.


Yes, but that was Todt's fault. He ordered Rubens to move over for Michael. Now fans are trying to make Schumacher look bad by continuously hinting at Austria 2002 when he was merely following Todt's order. Actually the whole Austria 2002 affair affected Michael so badly that he even gave the USA 2002 win to Rubens because he felt Rubens deserved to get the win back. Of course his explanation of the dead heat was a cover up since team orders were forbidden by then.


Curious why merc didn't appear to employ team orders today given there was a higher chance of an accident on this track