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Red Bull confirms Ricciardo for 2014
Red Bull Racing
Posted By: James Allen  |  02 Sep 2013   |  9:13 pm GMT  |  293 comments

Red Bull today finally confirmed the worst kept secret of the season; that Daniel Ricciardo will replace Mark Webber as team mate to Sebastian Vettel next season.

The team says this deal, which puts the 24 year old from Perth Australia into a winning car with a great opportunity to make a name for himself is a ‘multi-year agreement.’

It was important for the Red Bull young driver programme that another graduate hit the top of the ladder as it hasn’t produced a world beater since Vettel in 2008/9. Many young drivers have fallen by the wayside since then.

According to Toro Rosso boss Franz Tost, “When Dietrich Mateschitz acquired the team that became Toro Rosso, his stated aim was that it should be the final step in the training of young drivers, with the eventual goal of graduating to the “senior” team.

“Daniel’s move thus vindicates the work of the Red Bull Young Driver Programme and also proves that we at Toro Rosso have given him a good racing education.”

Ricciardo drove for the team at the Young Drivers Test at Silverstone in July and impressed with his consistency. His speed was already known from previous young driver tests and from his performances with Toro Rosso.

At the recent Belgian Grand Prix, Webber told Australian Network 10 TV that the decision was already made, but Ricciardo insisted that he had yet to be informed, although he hinted that he was feeling quite confident he’d done enough to get the seat.

Only this evening has team boss Christian Horner confirmed it with a short statement.

“It’s fantastic to confirm Daniel as the team’s race driver for 2014, ” said Horner. “He’s a very talented youngster, he’s committed, he’s got a great attitude and in the end it was a very logical choice for us to choose Daniel. He joined the Red Bull Junior Team in 2008 and we’ve seen in his junior career in Formula 3 and Renault World Series that he’s capable of winning races and championships.

“He’s stood out in each of these categories and we’ve followed his progress with great interest. He’s got all the attributes that are required to drive for our team: he’s got a great natural ability, he’s a good personality and a great guy to work with. Daniel knows what the team expects from him; he’ll learn quickly and it’s very much a medium to long term view that we’re taking in developing him. The seat within the team is a wonderful opportunity and I think he’s going to be a big star of the future.”

Adrian Newey commented, “Since Mark announced his retirement, Christian and I have been looking carefully at the driver market, along with Helmut Marko and Dietrich Mateschitz. We could have taken an experienced driver, somebody guaranteed to deliver to a relatively known level, or equally we could take on a much younger driver in the hope that they’ll develop to a very high level. We looked at the latter option and concluded that of the younger drivers, Daniel is the most promising.

“From Red Bull’s point of view that also fits well because the driver that Christian and I feel is the most promising is part of the Red Bull young driver programme. The decision actually reminded me a little bit of a similar situation we had when I was at Williams. Nigel Mansell was leaving and we needed someone alongside Alain Prost. We could stick with Riccardo Patrese or take a punt on a young driver called Damon Hill who was our test driver at the time. I think it’s good to bring young blood in and give promising drivers a chance.”

“I feel very, very good at the moment, ” said Ricciardo. “And obviously there’s a lot of excitement running through me. Since joining F1 in 2011, I hoped this would happen and over time the belief in me has grown; I had some good results and Red Bull has decided that this is it, so it’s a good time. Next year I’ll be with a Championship-winning team, arguably the best team, and will be expected to deliver. I’m ready for that.

“I’m not here to run around in tenth place, I want to get the best results for myself and the team. I would like to thank the team for giving me the opportunity to show what I can do. I know the team quite well already since being its reserve driver in 2010, which should make the transition easier. It will be a great challenge to be up against Sebastian Vettel, I’m looking forward to that. My aim is to finish this season as strong as possible, for myself and Scuderia Toro Rosso. Then, once the off-season is here, I’ll be fully focussed on next year and the next stage of my career.”

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I believe that this move is to soon for him and will never win a world championship while vettel is his team mate


I saw a feature on Felix Da Costa on TV. REally impressed with the kid.

I am excited to see how he fairs. Surely, he is going to get the Torro Rosso seat.


And what does Vettel think of his new team mate for 2014. We asked him because no one else would.

”So Seb how do you regard your new team-mate for next season?’

Seb: ”He vill do as he is told and follow ze orders vich must be obeyed at all times.”

(Bet this gets moderated LOL) 😉


Sebee, stop confusing posts we are not talking about Prost now I already clearly defined why and your just digging a deeper hole for yourself.

-FA / KR had Michael Schumacher in a special Ferrari and special tyres when they were 26 and they quite often beat him- so please do not talk about age and “fierce competition”

– KR / FA are both competitive with Vettel now ! In slower cars. At 26 Raikkonen was untouchable. We all know the misfortune he had at Mclaren- )even Seb has reminded reporters of this on occasion)

– I rate Vettel as a top 4 driver and no one can really do more than that can they- until they run in the same equipment- but sadly that’s not going to happen is it !

– do you think KR needs votes in the paddock ??- that’s not what I suggested. They have respect for a reason!. Kimi of all drivers could care what anyone thinks- he could leave it tomorrow as one of the most sort after drivers.

-I great driver is not just about winning championships ( although that helps) – Any sport is about how you play the game. Guys who can drive at the limit without running into people or running off Kerbs / track- in cars that are not necessarily the fastest cars. A guy that leaves room on one corner only to beat you at the next!- A team mate that does “dog” you when you’ve slowed down- that’s why he’s not fan favourite- despite he’s success. KR has a higher level if these attributes than any other driver – FA/LH& Seb are not quite so precise.

– these are the things that you fail to see Sebee he can win 10WC in the fastest car and team. He will always be a top racer- but to say he is better than anyone without him racing a champion-it’s just not on is it



– FA/KR were riding on Michelin tires, and everyone knows the story there.

– KR was in a Newey McLaren MP4-20 in 2005, the year Ferrari seemed to do what McLaren did this year, go from fast in 2004 to barely in the points in 2005.

– KR has 1/2 of his wins in a Newey car but you give Kimi all the credit for the wins without Newey mention while I don’t hear the end of “it’s all Newey” at RBR.

– I understand the argument that it’s important to win in different teams is liked by some. And Kimi has done that, although I remind you – not WDCs in different teams. Kimi went to Ferrari after Schumi’s team pulled that car up by it’s straps post 2005 to be 1 engine blow up shy of a WDC in 2006. So in 2007 Kimi walked into a perfect top performing package. Not sure how “amazing” such a feat is.

– I have argued that this WDCs in different teams argument is a two sided coin. Again, Kimi hasn’t got a WDC in another team, and neither has Alonso, so I don’t undertand how this can be held against Vettel for example.

RBR have not been fastest, and have had a hard go to win the WDC/WCC in 2010 and 2012 don’t forget. Which helps my point. That is – It is nice to be Kimi and get handed a Newey MP4-20 and win 7, then go to Ferrari and get a top team competitive package. But how hard is it to stay on top for a period, to become a Legacy Team? To find the motivation to keep pushing, keep winning, keep steam rolling while the whole field treis to stop you? How long can you hold the edge? How long can you push for advantage? How easy is it to not be fastest, gut check, and work hard to become the fastest? You tell me this is easier than switching teams and walking into a WDC a la Kimi 2007? I say bullocks!

This brings me back to factual points. I don’t care if Kimi cares about votes or not, if he’s marketable or not.

I care about NUMBERS.

Kimi has 20 wins, 1/2 in a Newey McLaren. What you think he is, he became in Newey’s car. Yet you give Kimi all the credit and none to Newey while calling out Vettel for getting all his achievements thanks to Newey. You can’t have it both ways.


Red Bull have had the fastest car since 2nd half of 2009. ( only latter part of 2012 did Mclaren equal it or Ferrari later part of 2010)!!- everyone -except for you- knows’s like talking to a brick wall. I won’t read your comments any more- you talk around the subject not address the points. Goodbye


My source at GCHQ has been at it again. RBR Twitter group chat from the other day:

Horner: r we rite 2 annce rooboy2 yt?

Mateschitz: Yes, we are

Newey: Fo shizzle

Marko: aksd8d dwryhetb yueru

Horner: kul timing?

Mateschitz: It is up to you

Newey: meh

Horner: howbs abt drng Rush to annoy media noodlehedz?

Mateschitz: Do it half way through 🙂

Newey: froflmfao

Horner: gonna tell’m y we pckd rooboy2?

Mateschitz: No. Mess with their heads. They will never work it out.

Newey: def nyet

Marko: ckqwf wfifks

Mateschitz: Speaking of which, when does Daniel bring in the next batch of his father’s home brew?

Horner: back carpark handover @ monza midnite thurs

Newey: aussies r lager kingz!

Mateschitz: New multi-year supply deal now, Ads.

Newey: sweet az bro!

Marko: anasff fdrw wesadf

Newey: FFS Marko learn to use that iPad or get someone else to do it for you!!!


I for one cannot wait to watch the progress Dani will make next year, he is naturally fast and has a team which will help progress his raw talent. Go Dani!!!


We hear name Newey more frequently than Vettel. Hence whoever will drive Newey’s cars – will be chasing the titles. It is almost all about the car, not driver. And it is sad.

Not a sport, just a show.

Tornillo Amarillo

James, it is end of the road for HULK hopes in F1 at this point?


He’s in the background at Ferrari and Lotus, if any pieces fall into place


If Hulkenberg gets a drive wherever Raikkonen doesn’t does that mean the end for Massa? Or the end for Hulkenberg if he doesn’t?


The more the days go by the more I think Nico Hulkenberg will be joining the Scuderia next year. I also think it is also a possibility that Kimi could retire if that is the case. I think Kimi doubts the ability of Lotus to be in contention for the big prizes especially as they have lost James Allison to Ferrari. On a another note these new generation of drivers don’t excite me at al. I include Ricciardo ,Hulkenberg and Perez in this as although they are probably going to be all very good drivers none of them seems to have that something special. I fear there are cracks beginning to appear in the F1 talent pool because of some of the pay drivers we now see in F1.


Factual and informative 🙂

As a side note, I looked up Sebee on Wikipedia – it claims you’re a particular kind of artist 😉


Meant to be a reply to Sebee’s Wiki entry.

Curse my sub-standard commenting skills 🙁


I agree Random, commenting is an art form! 🙂

By the way, that was preserved not reserved.

It’s good I caught that entry, because it’s entertaining and it has been edited. I love the part about how Daniel will be next victim of Multi21.

Hey, Multi21, are you editing Wiki entries in spare time?


Wikipedia entry under Daniel Ricciardo today. This is funny enough to be reserved.

Red Bull (2014)

On 2 September 2013 Ricciardo was revealed as the replacement for Mark Webber at Red Bull live on the Austrian television channel Servus TV. He will partner Sebastian Vettel (also known as ‘crybaby’) who is the current triple world champion and 2013 championship leader. Daniel will be the next Multi 21 victim after Mark Webber (Multi 21 Refers to an Incident when Mark Webber was instructed by his team to turn his engine and cruise to Victory at 2013 Malaysian GP, Vettel Subsequently decided it was “game on” and overtook Webber against his teams orders, Webber later publicly shamed Vettel on the Podium stating “As usual Seb will get Full Protection” and that Vettel was a “Quick Peddler”.


Elephant stamp right there!


Congratulation Ricciardo!

Make the best of this opportunity. Don’t be a Felipe Massa or Bruno Senna.

Be a Raikkonen, Schumacher or Hamilton.

Cheers mate.


There is an air of fortune and luck which surrounds Vettel.

He is a driver for the team which spends the most, per season, in F1 and has the most successful car designer in F1 history churning out dominant car after dominant car for him.

To have such a prolonged advantage in F1 is rare but to have had it at his age – 22 years old to date – is a first in F1.

And now he has Ricciardo as his new teammate, who seems like a decent bloke and a solid driver. But his performance in F1 so far does not suggest that he is a future top level driver. It’s also reasonable to assume that he has a clear “no.2” clause written into his contract.

One can only hope that in 2014, Red Bull slips to third/fourth in the pecking order and we get to see what Vettel is made of when having to scrap it out in the pack. The evidence so far suggests he is highly error prone.

Red Bull/Newey dominance is also bad for the sport. Particularly in an era with a number of very good-to-superb drivers. Sadly, Newey’s best period in his career has really skewed the statistics and titles in the favour of a driver who most rate as only the third-fourth best on the grid.

The appointment of a solid but unremarkable driver no.2 driver plays further into the hands of said third-fourth best driver on the grid.


I like Ricciardo, but his signing is about as exciting as the livery on the Sauber


As I understand it Vettel only has a 1 year extension for 2014. This leaves him able to then leave RBR, if they turn out to be underperforming next year, and perhaps get a drive with Ferrari.

With this in mind I suspect Vettel will not be called No.1 next year, but they will continue to support him over his team mate as they have always done with Webber. So when 2015 rolls around and they grab Alonso or Hamilton they can keep Ricciardo as the patsy.

Teams are always one step ahead of the fans.


I don’t think Vettel has ever been gifted a no.1 status.

Both drivers always started off equal. Then as the season progresses, a no.1 and no.2 status comes to form when the point differences between the two are large.

It really is up to Ricciardo to make the best of the start of the season to gain a no.1 status.


Ok, Perez had a completely different season once he signed for McLaren. Perhaps he started feeling the pressure even before moving to McLaren. Let’s see what DR will do for the rest of the season. Can this be an indicator for the next season?


As a fellow Western Australian this comes as great news to see Daniel move up the ladder. Now for some race wins and a drivers title. Go Daniel.


Vettel must be god. I mean, almost 4 WDC and in his spare time he also runs a multi-million or even multi-billion energydrink-company, in which the official CEO Mateschitz is powerless. WOW!!!!!

Newey said, he wanted Ricciardo. So I don’t know why a lot of (haters) say, Vettel and/or Marko wanted Ricciardo over Kimi.


Hope he sits down with Mark and gets the lowdown on how to deal with Vettel!

Good Luck!


Toro Rosso having a Renault powertrain & Red Bull gearbox, James Key in his second year with new open regs- Im wondering how good a seat at TR in 2014 will be for Da Costa.

2014 will be fully of surprises I reckon and reliability will really mix up the field.


I guess they figure Seb is now a sure thing for the tittle…So no need to play mind games with other team bosses any more….


Excellent news indeed! Vettels easy time is over. Well done Red Bull for giving a relative newcomer a chance, he’s proved how quick he is.


Grats to Daniel. I think he’s been rather fortunate, but that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

Vettel will break him down in every way possible – I don’t see Daniel having the tools to deal with Vettel, now or ever.


So boring, but expected.

Now the only thing that interests me at Red Bull next year is how long it takes for the ‘team’ to kill Dan’s happy spirit.


” … it’s very much a medium to long term view that we’re taking in developing him …”. Interesting. I think that means, to begin with he may play a supporting role to Vettel. Fair enough. After all Ricciardo will be driving alongside a Four Time World Champion in 2014.

At least after Abu Dhabi, RBR should bring in Ricciardo in to the team. By that time they would have won the constructors title so there is no risk.


To be honest I do not care about Red Bull`s young driver programme, promise for the future etc. I wanted to see the best driver possible in the best car going against a four time WCH in an epic RACE in 2014, and that would have been Kimi Raikkonen. That would have bee good for F1, having finally two of the four greatest drivers in the same team. So, I am disappointed, regardless all the best for Ricciardo.

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