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New look to F1 calendar for 2014
Posted By: James Allen  |  05 Sep 2013   |  4:36 pm GMT  |  69 comments

The 2014 F1 calendar could have quite a different look, if the provisional calendar circulating in the Monza paddock is to be believed.

It was published this morning on and features 21 races, with events on three new (or revamped) circuits; Austria, Russia and Mexico.

There is no place for India, nor for the embryonic New Jersey race, a pet project of F1 commercial boss Bernie Ecclestone, who will be disappointed with the lack of progress there.

The Korean race is subject to finalisation of a contract with Ecclestone and looks vulnerable if the calendar needs to go down to 20 races.

Organisers of the USA Grand Prix will be dismayed that the Mexican race has been scheduled the weekend before its event as around 50,000 Mexicans attended the Austin event last year, boosting the takings and adding to the atmosphere. Austin is close to the border with Mexico.

The organisers of the race in Mexico City are in a race against time to upgrade the track to modern F1 standards by November. But the project is backed by entertainment giants CIE and Tavo Hellmund, who brought F1 to Austin before falling out with backers.

Mexico is a centre of excellence for marshalling and motorsport volunteers and a training centre for the region, so there will be no issues with staffing the event.

2014 Formula 1 World Championship Calendar

March 16 – Australia (Melbourne)
March 23 – Malaysia (Sepang)
April 6 – China (Shanghai)
April 13 – Korea* (Korea International Circuit)
April 27 – Bahrain (Sakhir)
May 11 – Spain (Barcelona)
May 25 – Monaco (Monaco)
June 8 – Canada (Montreal)
June 22 – Austria (Red Bull Ring)
July 6 – Britain (Silverstone)
July 20 – Germany (Hockenheim)
July 27 – Hungary (Budapest)
August 24 – Belgium (Spa)
September 7 – Italy (Monza)
September 21 – Singapore (Marina Bay)
October 5 – Japan (Suzuka)
October 19 – Russia* (Sochi)
October 26 – Abu Dhabi (Yas Marina)
November 9 – Mexico* (Mexico City)
November 16 – USA (Circuit of the Americas)
November 30 – Brazil (Interlagos)

* provisional pending completion of contract/homologation

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i wish to see the Malaysian f1 date 28-30 march…..


I wonder if we’re getting into an era of bi-annual calendars for certain venues. Basic Idea: Core venues (classic venues, and fairly well-established new tracks – Malaysia, China, Singapore, Abu Dhabi e.g.) will be hosted every year while less-established ones (Mexico, Austria, Korea, India, Russia) will be every other year depending on what can be fitted in. That said, I’m not sure governments would want to make an investment under that kind of system and I do believe India will be back in 2015 once they are able to shift it to earlier in the season (in 2014 the General Election makes this difficult to achieve). Even so, it’ll be an interesting few years ahead for the F1 calendar – even by recent standards.


I thought Valencia was to host the Spanish Grand Prix in 2014?


Hopefully Korea will not happen nor re-appear.(Pity Bahrain couldn’t disappear as well!) It doesn’t come across well on tv with what appears to be a crowd-less event. Contrast this with a packed Silverstone or Monza – the atmosphere can be sensed through the tv and forms an integral part of the spectacle. Imagine watching the FA cup final with the stands empty! Pity to see India off but good to see Mexico back. Who can forget Mansell’s overtake of Berger at the last corner in 1990?


Is that the pic of /03 or /04?


As long as it starts with Australia and finishes with Brasil its all good.


Agreed. I am pleased that the opening will stay with Melbourne, particularly after all the speculation about a Bahrain start next year.

The slippery surface of Melbourne testing out the power of the newly introduced turbo engines. Also the walls of the circuit may prove to be unforgiving for some. It should be an interesting start to the season.

Also looking forward to seeing some of the new tracks and old ones return.

So much to look forward to next year!


Wanted NJ to get on there, was going to plan a trip to NY/NJ around it. Sebee will be put out by the news.

As for Austin, I think it’s a great track, and a great backdrop. Austin sounds like a very cool town. Only thing that wigs me out about that one would be Texas’ loose concealed carry laws.


Austin a very cool town and pretty liberal. It isn’t Eugene Oregon but it isn’t Fort Worth either. Don’t let the concealed carry laws worry you. Especially since the looser the concealed carry law the safer the state. Or lets put it this way all the mass shootings except for one or two in the last 30 years have been in “Gun Free Zones”.

I only wished I was going to be able to go but I am traveling the week before and the week after plus after just having moved I am pretty much broke for the next 30 years.


How is Bahrain still on the calender? Biggest shake of the head race. The country is struggling yet they have an F1 race so the marshals can watch?


Its called oil money…and thank Bernie for that!


Uh, the Österreichring was renamed the A1-Ring for sponsorship reasons in the first place! If you refuse to call it the Red Bull Ring, call it the Österreichring, Zeltweg or Spielberg.


Mr. Allen. Ok, say that all stays this way. I can get time off work for any race upto belguim. I have been to spa and Hungary already. Please give me your opinon of which race I should attend???


If you can afford it, Montreal is fantastic


Monaco. I know, not the best race, but that is not the point. It is the classic F1 event; quintessential. Go for broke, like me. Get access to a balcony at St Devote, in Ermanno Palace. This year I was in Olivier Beretta’s Grandma’s apartment. Sweet lady!


I’m very disappointed about New Jersey. Street tracks are usually great but in America they always are. Been looking forward to this a lot since it was first announced but now it could be all over.

I don’t like Austin much either, I find it a shame that if one of the American races had to fail, it couldn’t be Austin where interest will surely start to decline within a few years.


Yep… just like the NJ one would have too.


I respect the fact that you don’t like the Austin circuit (even if I don’t understand why you don’t) but it has to be a good thing for F1 in the US to have a great looking dedicated F1 circuit.


Haha calling Austin close to the border is generous. Its about like London is close to Rome depending on which part of the border. The more serious issue is the fact much of the northern part of mexico is close to anarchy with the drug cartels ravaging that beautiful country. The old days of going to matamorus (sp) while in the valey are sadly long gone. Therefore the Austin people have reason to worry as much oof the Mexicans were probabably from Mexico city and the coastal regions.


OK MHIGTX, lets get a few things straight:

1) Austin is 3 hours away from the border to Mexico – peanuts.

2) The Northern part of Mexico is almost irrelevant. The only way to Austin (Really) from Mexico is through Neuvo Laredo on the I-35…which is about as far South on the border as you can get.

The proximity of the Austin & Mexico GPs is a legitimate concern for the USGP organizers.


For some reason I was thinking it was 2.5 hours from Austin to San Antonio by itself then another couple of hours down to the border.

Either way we both agree that if there were that many people from Mexico there is reason to be concerned.


Looking forward to the A1 ring, have fond memories of Montoya and Schu going at it! Though I think it’s scheduled too close to Hungary. May drop the attendance rate at the Hungaroring till the novelty of the new A1 wears off.


What a great looking grid in this post photo!

Looked just about like that, unchanged for 1/2 a decade.


Apparently Alonso is a big fan of that photo 😉


Can’t say I’m sad to see India go, although it was barely given a chance. Korea wouldn’t be a big loss either.

Especially glad the A1 ring is making a return, will have to suck it up and call it by it’s new name eventually I guess…


The Vettel Ring?


That was going to be my line.

You’ve got to be quick around here, I tell ya!


Snooze, you lose 😉


Yes apparently there will be devices installed into the track that remove front wings from the other cars and other such devices…


Yep, the prototype which made it’s debut in Malaysia was a huge success.

Now Webber is helping develop their wheel removing device, which they’re expecting to test again during the next few races with the hope that it will be ready for competition in 2014.


No Valencia either, and I thought that was a Bernie Project too! Be interesting to see what happens with Korea, if not this Year, then 2015 with ‘return’ of India and the ongoing possibility of New Jersey means that somethings got to give.


Korea will make way to accommodate India in 2015.

i.e atleast I haven’t heard Korea contract being renewed (if any) beyond 2014.

Among-st the current circuits “Spa” is loss making one, I just hope they don’t dump “Spa” in favor of New Jersey!


Spa is one of the true greats. For them to dump it… I can only think of one word:


P.S. Does anybody know of the latest of the French GP returning? Or has it been dropped now?


With Dubai hosting winter testing this year, can a full-blown race be far off? (Maybe Bahrain will be sacrificed for Dubai?)


If Andrew Benson says Mexico will probably not go ahead then in my view it has every chance of going ahead.


The key question for a supposed professional sport is……what the xxxx? Calendar announced for events just six months away? All major corporations have set the 2014 budgets…. Serious about sponsors? Why not set the calendar minimum fifteen months in advance? Like golf, tennis, athletics, soccer tournaments…. even village tiddlywinks winks…. Why does last minute deal doing and petulant politics dictate the calendar? And thereby affect every other form of Motorsport, making F 1’s delays cause chaos for every other form of two and four wheel sport?

Tornillo Amarillo

Mexico is a boost… Checo Campeón!


Let’s hope they don’t ruin the circuit in Mexico with pointless chicanes etc, as back in the ’80s/’90s that circuit was absolutely epic. I would highly recommend doing a YouTube search for “Nigel Mansell Mexico 1990”, that guy had balls of steel!


Great stuff, great pass around the outside by Mansell. Those cars just look so low, so sleek.


I feel certain that the circuit will look nothing like that, unfortunately.

There’s no way the Peraltada will remain as it was. Now that was a corner…


Oh yeah! A 21 race calendar >>> I like!

And with India slated for a comeback in 2015, are we looking at a 22 race season. I believe the teams will have a say about this new look F1.

Anyway a very promising year for the fans with a cocktail of tracks and difference venues across the globe and best of all 3 new locations.

Yes surprised the New Jersey deal didn’t fall through but as a consolation we get at least get Mexico in it’s place.

But am not too sure the Austin organizers will be that dismayed with their grid slot especially if the championship is yet to be settled = maximum exposure.

Right, my last wish would be for Korea not to renew it’s contract and for Turkey to get back in there >>> much better track.


Bernie can’t run a 21-race season without unanimous approval by the teams. Max is 20 otherwise.


I wish they would ditch Malaysia for Imola or even India. The spectator count for the Sepang GP has been steadily on a decline, the character of the circuit makes dramas quite rare.


Malaysia is probably the best Tilke F1 track.

The attendance, has actually been on the up since 2011 although there was a steady decline in the mid-noughties.

For having been there, I’d say it is probably one of the best tracks to see an F1 car run on. There is a lack of atmosphere which the challenging sweeping turns make up for as far as I am concerned.

One of the great features of that track is that you can also see half of the circuit from the middle of the South Main grandstand.

And I didn’t even talk about the parties in KL after the on track activities have finished…


Lack of drama in Malaysia? Multi 21 Seb!


Plus, when the rain falls… You know about it. Which I guess is a reason that makes spectators not go. And the hour delay that comes with it. But when you’re watching at home it gets interesting 😀


I agree, and would say the same about China. But of course neither the spectator count nor the drama are Bernie’s concern as long as the race fee gets paid.


Sepang is a great track, and usually a good race, in my opinion


Rare? Perhaps.

But when it rains it pours 🙂


The best possible outcome would be to eliminate Korea and keep the 3 new.. no one would miss Korea.. and Mexico and Austria are amazing circuits.. lets give Russia a chance as well.. please Bernie.. please..


Dropping Korea would leave a three week gap just as we’re getting started.

Just saying.


It is still a provisional calendar. It could be adjusted still.

But if not then yes, that would be annoying.


You can always adjust the calendar a bit..


Russia can be scrapped for all I care but at least we agree about Korea. Glad Austria is back.


Also noting that there appears to be a definitive shift to avoid the races at the tail end of the season requiring early starts for the European TV audience – in fact, the final three would be in prime-time late afternoon/evening slots.

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