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New Jersey promoter sure his race will be on 2014 F1 calendar
Posted By: James Allen  |  17 Sep 2013   |  3:37 pm GMT  |  52 comments

Leo Hindery Jr, promoter of the New Jersey street circuit, has given an interview to Press Assocications’s Ian Parkes in which he says that the race will be on the 2014 calendar, despite being omitted from the draft version released over the Italian GP weekend.

Hindery says that the omission was due to a payment owed to the national sporting authority in the USA, which he says is due to be made this Friday, 20th September. Once that has happened he asserts that the race will be rubber stamped by the FIA World Motor Sport Council which meets at the end of this month.

The draft calendar has no space for New Jersey, but it could be inserted on June 22nd with Austria moving to July, or it could be inserted in November as a double header with Austin. Montreal is on June 8th next year and the FIA has stipulated that there can be no clash with Le Mans 24 Hours which takes place the following week.

“We never had any expectation of being on a preliminary schedule,” Hindery Jr told PA Sport.

“But it took on a life of its own because so many of us are aspiring to be on the calendar that haven’t been there before – ourselves, Russia, Mexico, and with Austria also returning.”

“Bernie told us if we stayed consistent with the rules and applications then he would expect there to be a New Jersey race.

“Time-wise, we have done everything we have been told to do, and when to do it.

“The calendar decision will be made later this month, and although I can’t guarantee anything, we fully expect to be on it, ” says Hindery, who was the founder of private equity investment fund InterMedia Partners. He adds that getting this race off the ground is the toughest thing he has ever undertaken.

To read the whole story click here New Jersey Grand Prix

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If Bernie wants 20 races, he will not put out a preliminary calendar with 20 races on them – he will make everyone think that there are more courses than spots on the calendar, in order to keep the pressure high and hike the fees up. Who knows what the actual calendar will look like, at the moment it’s all smoke and mirrors.


Do the circuit owners at Mexico City have an actual plan for upgrading the circuit yet, given that the race is meant to take place in 14 months’ time and the circuit is currently exactly as it was in 1992 when it was already living on borrowed time and goodwill? I imagine this is going to be a case of a race that gets “moved back” a year.


I worry that the addition of New Jersey will mean the removal of Montreal, particularly as next year is the last in Canada’s contract. It would be a huge pity to lose the Canadian Grand Prix, it’s almost always one of the most entertaining of the season. But with new venues coming in every year, some old circuits have to go. The addition of New Jersey would be the death knell for Canada.


So is this Goodbye Korea?


If they race along the tops of the Hudson River Palisades in November, the drivers are really, really going to miss traction control…and anti-lock brakes….and freakin’ PARACHUTES!


Sounds like there won’t be any DRS-use. Perhaps speed limit on the main straight… 30 mph. For once taking the pit lane will be the fastest route. This will be the race of the century strategy wise. And they will fill the full two hours too!


‘We fully expect to be on it’

Well, what else could he say?


Has got as much chance as a London Grand Prix.


November in New Jersey? Not going to happen- too cold!

Besides I have my doubts that the 5 engine limit set for next year will be able to handle 22 races. It is my understanding no engine from any of the manufacturers involved has been able to run more than 3000 km.. I sense a lot of reshuffling of the grid next year because of unreliability and engine swaps.


There is no way the grand prix will be held in November. It’s way too cold and subject to snow or freezing rain.


james, can i know what the comments count is 🙂

on topic, I feel sceptical about the race, I recently visited port imperial last month and there I see no sign of any developement relating to an f1 race. it’s strange considering they are talking about scheduling such a high profile race, you would expect some sort of indication that it’s happening…anyway we will see what happens.


He’s kind of skipping the part where the teams only have engines for 20 races… or maybe they can push the cars around the track…


Hamilton will win the races then!


Look, if you’re going to do F1 in America, there is one market you must reach before any other market:

New York.

Why? Because New York, whether the rest of the world wants to admit it, IS the center of the world. Simply put, everything is there. The most wealth. The biggest celebrities. The biggest media. The biggest center stage. If you want to get on the map in this world, and especially in America, then you need to have center stage in New York. The city will roll out the red carpet for them. All the American celebrities will be there. All of New York’s elite will be there. ESPN- the center of the American sporting universe- is there, and they will make this the flavor of the month on SportsCenter. And when you are the flavor of the month on ESPN, you are on your way to getting the attention you need to become a hot sport in America. Not to mention the fact that New York is the center of the corporate universe, and this race will be an unbelievable commercial opportunity for the teams and the sport.

This race needs to happen for F1 if they want to have any chance of truly penetrating the American market. The race in Austin is amazing with an amazing track, and this can easily continue. But if F1 wants to take the sport to the next level- not just in America, but commercially- this race needs to happen. And Bernie would be stupid not to acknowledge this.


I think Bernie has been trying to get a race in NYC for years, but it doesn’t happen for one reason or another.

Shame, I’d like to see F1 cars trying to dodge taxis 😉


F1 has expanded amazingly over the years, starting with Malaysia some years ago with the sponsor of Petronas, NY could be a venue like no other, seeing the cars along the Hudson River with the city skyline will put it inmediately among the 5 best courses, for years Bernie have tried to be there, even in Manhattan, promotionally all the 4 TV networks are there, specially NBC who has the rights for USA, so the media coverage will be abnormal, business wise it has to be insterted on the champiomship, most of the big companies in the world have their HQ in manhattan, Ferrari has or had a store in Park Av if i recall, imagine two F1 cars parked on the outside of Wall Street or in the middle of the skate ring next to NBC headquarters, it´s a no brainer. I´ll be the first to buy the tickets


We hear it all the time with new Grand Prix, will it, won’t it… I know they have to keep talking about it but wish they’d pipe down a bit until its all 100% (or as realistically near as dammit…)

Seems a bit of a ridiculous race to me…


I think if this happens it will be very good for F1 and for sure a race in New Jersey makes more sense than some of the locations under consideration such as Russia or even India, where there is already a race.

Nonetheless its important that F1 continues to visit the classic circuits such as Monza and Spa, just look at the full house in Monza compared to Shanghai or Bahrain.


Shanghai is very well attended.


Not only that, I believe China has around 300 million people who make over $60,000 USD annually.

That is a market the size of the entire US population–that is making a firm, “Western” middle-class income.

That is a huge potential market. Corporations and manufacturers alike would be silly to ignore it.


Well enough attended that some massive grand stands (turn 12/13) got converted into a giant text display?


Haha. That’s very true! I think they overdid the seating a bit. But they close that to ensure the other stands don’t look empty. The back straight, start finish and first corner stands are very big and always packed. The attendance is around 90-100,000 on race day. There’s a lot of expats in Shanghai and the locals are big Kimi fans!


A race in New Jersey in November?? Who could even suggest that? Average November temperatures in Newark NJ are 55°F & 39°F (13°C & 4°C). Newark had 5″ of snow October 30, 2012. Great planning to even suggest this. But, I guess it would be fun to watch, although spectating would be awfully uncomfortable.


Yes, good point!



Off topic but how come I can’t see your Singapore Race Strategy Briefing here on the blog while it is already on your Russian partner’s website?


Because they’re Russian to get the news 🙂


Hahaha!! I like that one 😉


It’s an oldy but a goody 🙂


I am confused. Bernie says the 2014 Calendar was not released by him or FIA. Then the question is how many races … 20, 22 or 23? Then we have new regulations on engines. Is it 5 races on one engine? I don’t think teams will agree. It will be too costly.


+1 for another American circuit. Only by having several tracks in America will they start to take to it. Perhaps even have sub-cups such as the Asia Cup, America Cup & Europe Cup based on results for circuits based there.


I don’t think we Americans will ever “take to” F1 the same way Europe has. There are way too many other competing sports in this country. Never mind NASCAR. Motocross, anyone? Monster trucks, anyone? And that’s just motorsports… I think one F1 race over here is enough.


Maybe not as much, but remember, America has a massive population, and therefore there are probably enough fans to fill the grandstands of 2 circuits (especially New Jersey!) in different parts of the country.

If it does happen (fingers crossed) it will be an amazing spectacle!



I’m a firm believer that we should have core historical circuits and then I’m happy for the remaining to alternate with new or less visited venues.

It also seems amazing to go from no American circuits to 2 along with canada and mexico in that region.


I used to have this dream also Ricky.

Then I changed my mind to a new unrealistic dream. 1/4 of each season (5 GPs) should be circuit rotation. Go back to Imola, do Le Mans or Paul Ricard, find new temp tracks – whatever. Every season throws in a choice from the menu that has 1/4 of the circuits you won’t see next year, or you didn’t see laast year.

If you’re going to dream, dream BIG! Yeah, it’s harder work for Bernie to do all these agreements. But it’s also an easier sell for these places to do a deal for 3GPs in next 10 years vs. 10 year contracts.


Good idea. It would be an interesting challenge for the teams to go to places they don’t have recent set-up data for.


@James | Yes, but for 1/4 of the season, every season, rather than just 1 race.

Although 5 races is pushing it 😉


Yes James. We have a track introduced here or there, and recently that has become more regular. But eventually it will slow down again, and with 20 race limit mentioned it may elimnate venues. While choice of F1 venues world wide will overall be quite nice.

How cool would it be to have a large % of venues change each year? 20 or 25% Also, with ticket prices, an annual event may tap fans out and eventually attendance falls. Where a race every 3 years will make everyone in that geographic region want to go, because to miss it means 3 year wait. Just watch how well attended Austria will be this year after a long absence. Imagine Imola comes back for 1 race every 3 years – you would probably not be able to see grass in the TV shots!

And you know what…make the track safety a key, but let F1 get over itself on the facilities. Make do with 3-stars once in a while. It’s not going to kill F1 teams to go old-school.


New circuits you mean? Like Austin last year or Sochi next year?


Promoters, managers, agents and the like really talk a good game.

Hopefully the New Jersey race pushes through (just for the novelty of a new venue) however, I can’t see how the teams can accept a 22 race calendar which will balloon to 23 once India gets back on the schedule.

Having said that, if I were to chose between Austin and New Jersey, I would pick Austin because with New Jersey being a street circuit, well that usually starts and ends the same way.


Im as skeptical as the next guy, but it would be interesting to see a race along the Hudson River in November. Cold, windy, and with a (slight) chance of snow!


This has got to be the worse marketing effort ever for a GP!

Let’s go already. I want to book some tickets and see F1 cars buzz The Statue!


A double header with Austin would seem unlikely. It can get pretty cold here in November… The last two years we’ve had snow in October. Unless Pirelli start manufacturing studded tyres, the risk of a snowy Grand Prix should rule November out as a possibility.


Really hope this gets the funding and the green light. The Austin GP has shown what the USA can do for the sport but as a European – hopping over to New Jersey and taking in NYC whilst there is a dream trip!


I have every confidence in Leo Hindery Jr. whom I met when he was racing/owning Orbit Racing in the ALMS. He will get it done if anyone can! And I will be there if he does.

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