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New Jersey one of three provisional races on 2014 Formula 1 calendar
Posted By: James Allen  |  27 Sep 2013   |  5:56 pm GMT  |  130 comments

The Grand Prix of America, scheduled to take place in New Jersey, has been listed as one of three provisional races on a record 22-race Formula 1 calendar for next season.

The New Jersey race, which would be staged against a backdrop of New York’s Manhattan skyline, was absent from a draft calendar circulated to the teams during the Italian Grand Prix weekend.

It has now been reinstated – albeit provisionally – in a June 1 slot in the middle of a triple header between Monaco on May 25 and Canada on June 8 – but it is far from certain to be there when the final calendar is published in December.

Three races back-to-back would pose significant logistical problems for the teams, especially the quick turnaround after Monaco. Plus new races are traditionally given a free weekend either side to allow teams more leeway to deal with any teething problems that may arise in travelling to a new event.

Korea and Mexico are the other two provisional events on the calendar released by the World Motor Sport Council. Korea, which moves to a new earlier slot on the calendar and is now round five – back-to-back with China, has been uncertain for a number of years now while Mexico is returning for the first time since 1992 and is in need of an upgrade.

Along with New Jersey and Mexico, Austria and Russia are the other two new races on the calendar. Austria’s Red Bull Ring, formerly the A1 Ring, last hosted a race in 2003. Russia, meanwhile, is making a debut appearance with an all-new circuit in Sochi, home of the Winter Olympics, the host.

The FIA also said that Pirelli – whose future in the sport was uncertain after a series of tyre failures this season – can continue as Formula 1’s tyre supplier for next season. The sport’s governing body said: “Pirelli may continue to supply tyres to competitors in the FIA F1 World Championship, subject to the requisite technical and safety standards of the FIA being met.”

Australia remains as the season opener on March 16, however, it is out on its own with Malaysia instead twinned with Bahrain as a back-to-back race. The Brazilian Grand Prix also retains its place as the season finale on November 30.

The British Grand Prix will take place on July 6, which means it will clash with the Wimbledon men’s singles final for the second time in three years.

2014 Formula 1 calendar

March 16 – Australia (Melbourne)

March 30 – Malaysia (Sepang)

April 6 – Bahrain (Sakhir)

April 20 – China (Shanghai)

April 27 – Korea (Korea)*

May 11 – Spain (Barcelona)

May 25 – Monaco (Monaco)

June 1 – Grand Prix of America (New Jersey)*

June 8 – Canada (Montreal)

June 22 – Austria (Red Bull Ring)

July 6 – Britain (Silverstone)

July 20 – Germany (Hockenheim)

July 27 – Hungary (Budapest)

August 24 – Belgium (Spa-Francorchamps)

September 7 – Italy (Monza)

September 21 – Singapore (Marina Bay)

October 5 – Russia (Sochi)*

October 12 – Japan (Suzuka)

October 26 – Abu Dhabi (Yas Marina)

November 9 – USA (Austin)

November 16 – Mexico (Mexico City)*

November 30 – Brazil (Interlagos)

* Subject to the circuit approval

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But at the same time, rules for 2014 say 20 races is maximum, right?


Yes but the new F1 Strategy group that now make the rules will easily be manipulated by Bernie, it is his birthday and Christmas. The rules can no be reformed in the image of himself!


Yes, and engine suppliers are too worried about reliability in 2014, so unless they allow everyone to have an extra engine (AND teams agree to pay extra for them?), going beyond the 20 race limit next year sounds very, very unlikely.

We'll see... if enough people want to see it happen, perhaps it will. But do teams really want more than 20 races..?


The teams don't want it but I do. I love F1 so much, it is what people hate about me. I would love to see a race every weekend like NASCAR, but I believe F1 should cover the costs of transporting the teams. I think something similar to the failed A1 series. And get rid of the summer break, the teams get a break over Xmas. If I can work 51 weeks a year for $30,000 Aussie Dollars I'm sure their triple figure (if not million dollar) salaries can compensate.

26 races by 2015. Who's with me? That's an average of only 1 race every 2nd week.


The vast majority of the teams get by on far more basic salaries (though with championship bonuses I suspect most of Red Bull are doing better each Christmas...) having been in a job myself where constant world travel was essential I'd say it's not feasible to run that much unless you employ two rotating teams. Sure the drivers and star engineers/directors on vast sums of money might be willing to forgo their family and normal lifestyle but the supporting multitudes on regular pay scales would burn out.


22 race weekends 5 engines?!? Do they want engines to last as long as the Le Mans 24 hours or something? Also with all these 'cost cutting' talks how does these engine suppliers justify charging $25million for 10 engines that produces 600hp??? How will the likes of Caterham and Force India cope, even Mclaren and Lotus are feeling the heat! I look forward to seeing and hearing these cars droning around New Jersey and Russia next year and watch another crushing Vettel dominance, or maybe I won't bother, too many sterile races in these pathetic weak new cars, god the only thing from the 80's and 90's I want is the old F1, how they can call themselves the pinnacle now when you can buy a £8000 1000cc bike of the showroom and match these cars for acceleration??? and also these Tilke bore circuits have infested F1, time to turn off.


The new engines ARE designed to last for 4000km.

And yes, F1 is no longer ‘the pinnacle’ – LMP and WEC are.

So hopefully McLaren, Mercedes and Red Bull will be making the move real soon and giving Audi, Toyota and Porsche some competition.


Goodbye Korea and New Jersey.


It even looks tiring... But I believe it just might be trimmed again


What is it about Hungary?

No one talks about it, it's place is never under threat even though it's not magical?

Strong support from the bosses above and below


It's a great track with some fantastic corners. I much prefer it to the copy-paste Tilke tracks we have...Hungaroring has great flow to it. Obviously it's not great for overtaking but the recent races there have been great.

It's also right in the middle of Europe meaning it gets flooded with fans. It's one of the few GPs where you can see most of the track too, much better than say Silverstone where you don't see them again for a lap!


I hate the corners. They are all the same 180° or 90° turns (with the same radius), with the occasional 45° turn and a typical chicane.


It used to have political significance as the only race in Eastern Europe, so there are still vestiges of that.

Also, in spite of its "boring" tag, it does throw up its fair share of decent (or at least memorable) races - off the top of my head 1998, 2003, 2006, 2007, 2008 (just about), 2010, 2011 are all recent races that held my attention in some way. That's a pretty good hit ratio.

Having said that, the 2004 Hungarian grand prix is in the running for worst race I've ever watched.


As Russia is in, I suppose Eastern EU will be represented without Hungary?


Hungary is a great race ... it's well supported, great city, nice water park right beside the track.

The water park sold it for ya, didn't it?

I'd like to see NJ stay in ... why don't they move Monaco up a week? It used to run in that earlier week not that long ago.


I think it has to do with Cannes.


Ascension Day traditionally


Well, 2014 Cannes' Festival is on May 14-25. Perhaps two weeks ahead?


I was literally about to comment on Hungary when I saw your post! What I was going to say is this:

If I had to pick any race to boot out it would be Hungary. It is always just sitting there on the calendar. It is never talked about at all (apart from when there are conversations regarding Felipe Massa), and is overall 'just another race track'.

If I'm honest, the layout is boring as hell, and it is, in my view, a waste of space on the calendar.


I agree with you on Hungary. I know fans love Monaco, but quite honestly, it's an obsolete track that's given us some very boring races of late. It will never be ditched, so fix it. Maybe water the track for race day.


Yeah right. Or a snow storm. Boom.


Get rid of Bahrain and Korea and that would be a good calendar. And the teams would have their desired number of races (20).

I do hope Mexico and NJ get their races. It's about time that Mexico got its race back and the NJ race should at least be interesting from the visual side of things.


The teams may have to suck it up. Sponsors may decide to pay them less per race in future, so to match their current earnings, more races would be needed. That has happened in other sports, for example southern hemisphere rugby.


You mean, like Singapore? Where the broadcasters keep giving us shots of a bloody sky-line, instead of the on track action?

Also, I bet you have never been to New Jersey.

Monaco, Melbourne and Montreal are not 'real' street tracks, as they are set in special areas. Bar them, though, street tracks are awful. New Jersey shall be a misery.


Dear, I live in New Jersey. I'd love to see the race here! The photographers will have a field day. Bernie might want to IPO the day after?


Please give us an update on the track


Monaco is a real street circuit - and that's why I hate it. It is half the time boring to watch, it is totally unsafe by modern track standards, the drivers can't push to the limit and attack for fear of car damage or injury and it's narrow, twisty and bumpy nature makes it a tedious drive.

Bottom line, it is not a race track and therefore should not have Formula 1 cars racing on it. Sure, 40 years ago the cars were not as powerful so it wasn't as much of a problem.

If this 'track' was a newly proposed circuit to be used, the FIA would flat out reject it and if it had no historic nostalgia associated with it, drivers would refuse to race on it these days.

The Singapore street circuit by contrast is much wider, has more run-off, flows much better and is most importantly far safer. Much more enjoyable to watch and drive as it is not so claustrophobic as the Monaco circuit.


"Monaco, Melbourne and Montreal are not ‘real’ street tracks"

Been to Monaco not on race weekend?

Yes it is the real street track, even if part of it goes through harbour roads, I walked the path.


Monaco, Melbourne and Montreal are not ‘real’ street tracks, as they are set in special areas.....

Melbourne and Montreal agreed, but not Monaco. Monaco is raced on the normal streets, around town, that folk drive on the rest of the year -I have walked and driven on them myself.


Monaco isn't a street circuit, you heard it here first.


To be honest I can't wait to see a night race at Bahrain! If it does happen it'll be great.

And the Korean layout is, in my view, good, but the track is empty and in the middle of nowhere.


Hahaha that's more like it.

A calendar packed with races is just the very thing the fans have been dreaming about for ages, no more lonely nights enving the football fans.

Good that the New Jersey circuit has made it on the provisional calendar, I eagerly wait to spot the entourage of celebrities that will embrace this Jamboree.

The only minus about this good news is that the race has been placed back to back with the other notorious street circuit that is Monaco.

So here's to hoping, New Jersey is more like Montreal and less like Monte Carlo, alright.

As for Pirelli, well, it's pretty funny that the two times in the past that the company was involved with the sport, it always used to lose the tyre wars as the top teams would favour the USA rubber to the Pirellis.

But now that Pirelli is the sole supplier, hey, congrats to them for weathering the storm and getting a new contract.

As usual, the happiest team with this Pirelli news has to be Red Bull seeing as they're the only team in the history of the sport to have won titles with the brand >>> Maybe it's a marriage made in Heaven.


I believe there's a park called Hamilton situated inside the New Jersey complex.

Could this race belong to a certain driver even before the first wheel has been turned???


Yes, Vettel, and his Pirelli tyre Red Bull 😉


It may look like a lot of races, and it may sound a little bit selfish, but from a hardcore F1 fan point of view..I´m sooo happy with the way it is!!

First, two races in the US, which I will be able to go for sure and second, I´ve suffered too much this year with all these 3-weeks pauses between races.

Can´t wait for 2014, new engines/regulations, more races and the anticipated power couple of Raikonnen/Alonso!


Why would you ship freight from Malaysia to Bahrain, then back to China and possibly Korea? Then in September zigzag from Italy to Singapore, back to Russia and then to Japan? Seems that the first place they should look to control costs is the race calendar. Maybe Todt should hire UPS or FedEx to provide logistical assistance.



Could not agree more.


Exactly. These new 'green' engines are a joke when one looks at the zigzag calendar. The amount of carbon emissions that will be prevented by these engines is completely insignificant (like a single atom in outer space) when compared to the fuel consumed by the logistical backtracking of the whole F1 circus. It is insane and an utter waste of money.


Whilst agreeing that a lot of the travelling is ridiculous from our point of view. Surely one has to take into account the weather in the countries being visited and make informed decisions whether it's the best time of the year to race there, or not.


Bahrain date is really silly. The teams will have to come all the way from Malaysia and then go back to China. That is very costly and stupid.

Also, they should have had Russia before Singapore.

Good to see Austria back.

I hope we won't have big breaks like we had this year between GPs.


Far too many races now for my liking. As soon as you start going over 20, it starts to become all about quanity, rather than quality. 22 races is a lot to cram into one season and will certainly make it difficult to recap all the events throughout the year.

Can't imagine team personale will be too thrilled with the extra travelling away from family.


With 22 races, the FIA will have to increase the annual Engine and transmission allotment.


Why, its the same for everyone. It will just introduce another aspect to the racing that the teams will have to manage.


soon there will simply be to much useless aspects to manage.


I am not so sure. I preferred the days when the cars were not so reliable - it spiced the races up a bit.


September 21 - Singapore (Marina Bay)

October 5 - Russia (Sochi)*

October 12 - Japan (Suzuka)

October 26 - Abu Dhabi (Yas Marina)

This seems a bit of an odd stretch - out to Singapore, back to Sochi, THEN back to Japan and FINALLY back to Abu Dhabi?


Yeah i thought this was strange too. Bit of back and forth. Singapore and Japan should be back to back, as are Russia and Abu Dhabi.

Also Malaysia, Bahrain, Chinas a bit weird too.

I think its bye to Korea and NJ and 20 races will be it. I wouldnt miss Bahrain though either.

I'd be happy with minimal testing and 22 races. A compulsory FP1 for a 3rd/reserve and junior driver, where no race drivers compete would be good too at every race.


I think the only realistic way to make 22 races work is to twin absolutely everything that can be twinned geographically.

That means Australia and Malaysia twinned; China and Singapore twinned; Korea and Japan twinned; Bahrain and Abu Dhabi twinned; Spain and Monaco; Canada and New Jersey; as much twinning on the European calendar as possible (why, for example, are the German and Austrian events not on consecutive weekends?). Then it might work. But the proposed calendar is frightening and I can't see how F1 can expect to keep its engineering personnel in these circumstances.


I say drop Spain and Hungary, and forget the return to Austria, that revised circuit was a real yawn!


Yay! The more the better (although there must be a ceiling).


Would Monaco / New Jersey back to back really be that much of a logistical head ache?

I accept the point about needing extra time to set up at a new track, but moving forward its a similar distance (if not smaller) compared to back to back Melbourne / KL.


The teams mention that Monaco set up is by road (everything is on the euro trucks) and then to switch that to air freight to get to the USA which involves a lot of customs checks they won't be in time to even be set up by the Thursday, meaning if there is even one passport delay en route say, or there is a technical issue at the track, teams would still be setting up into the weekend which is obviously too late.


Russia in October....seem wrong I hope the team have studded winter tyres!!!


"The Internet" informs me it's very unlikely to snow during the race. I assume they planned for this 🙂


You don't seem afraid about November GP America, with all this snow in Yellowstone?

Sochi has a climate of Monza.

Darrin from Canada

... and that is why they were chosen to host the WINTER Olympics. Because they don't have winter. In October. Texas does not have snow at all genius, it is a desert.


Avg snowy days in Sochi in October: 0.

Record low temp in Sochi in October: -3.2C

Record low temp in Austin in November: -7C.

So, what was your point exactly?

You also don't seem do have knowledge that Sochi lies on the Black Sea coast, while all Winter Olympic events requiring snow shall be held at the mountain ski resort 40 kms away from the coast.


Spiked tyres in the snow and ice, can't wait.


What happened? Earlier in this thread you were bored and switching off,now-you can't wait;-)


Formula One fans watch more sports than just Formula One. Personally, I watch MotoGP, World Superbikes, Cycling, not to mention people also watch other sports like football. You can't watch one without comprimising the other sport. Twenty-two races is just beyond madness. I love Formula One, although this season is boring, even for 2011 standards, but this is just a no go for me...


In my view, 22 races is far too many, 18 is max.

F1 ends up being yet another commodity that we consume without much thinking (Does anyone remember well what happened in Korea 2011 or 2012? I don't.)

But I guess more and more races is the only way to keep the European GPs. After all, big numbers (in terms of people and sponsor money) are outside Europe...


I'm hearing from lots of fans that there are too many races already, it's not special when it's diluted down so much.

Next year will be hard to follow if they have 22 races, but most insiders reckon it will end up at 20


Insiders are generally wrong James as they are probably pointing the finger at Korea and New Jersey but I don't expect Korea to go as they keep appearing after every year. 21 races next year James. Are you appearing on Channel Ten this weekend as I miss you on RPM


It's already difficult to follow. Watching an F1 race used to be a special treat to me. Now, it no longer is...

22 sounds like a nighmare for all the mechanics and engineers! I bet plenty have families they'd like to see every now and then.


I have heard a lot of people say there are too many races now it's lost it's specialness

2014 is even worse!


yup. I agree. I love F1, but I also enjoy doing other things. Twenty races is perfect. I also enjoy the off season anticipating the new cars.


Well, like Richard, I follow MotoGP and WSBK. Also, football, NHL hockey and snooker. But, F1 rules above all. There are never too many races! 🙂

Fortunately, being a straight man, I do not follow cycling or tennis, so I have time to do messages on the weekend. 😀


+1. I would love to see a 25 race season!


Is snooker actually a sport?


Too many! Go back to 17 races! Quality over quantity!


Who's to say more races means less quality?


Why don't they race Canada, NJ USA, Texas, Mexico, and Brazil sequentially?


I believe it has something to with the teams wanting a 'proper' cup of tea between races;-)

That's why they come back to their base.


Montreal and NJ in October? Then you will REALLY need your studded winter tires!


I've lived in New Jersey since 1992. I don't recall early-mid October snows. Today, understood it's September 30, the high is 74F or 23C. There was a big one end of October 2011 though.


When the Montreal race was held in the fall, there was one year when there were snow flurries!


James, or anybody else who knows, what is happening in Brazil? Is there any progress with the new pit straight complex they have been talking about for years? Or the run off area on the final turn?


Bernie has bi-lateral agreements with the teams. Bernie has a bi-lateral agreement with the FIA. Bernie and the teams have agreements with Pirelli and Bernie has deals with all of the race tracks. Currently, there is no Concorde Agreement. Who makes the decisions? Who sets the schedules? I think we know the answer.

In a difficult economy, the golden rule is stronger than ever. Bernie gets the money first. Anyone wishing to get there slice of pie must do what they are told. If the schedule says 22 races, that’s the way it will be. Over book the airplane and make sure it’s full every time. That’s how you make money.

Darrin from Canada

...because Airlines never go bankrupt.


I'm sure Force India will be glad to hear that. 😉


My ideal: 25 races; 5 continents; 10 teams; 25 drivers.

Bottom 5 teams with 3 cars. 100 minutes each race.


March - Australia (Melbourne)

March - Malaysia (Sepang)

March - China (Shanghai)

April - India (Noida)

April - Bahrain (Sakhir)

April - South Africa (Kyalami)

May - Mexico (Mexico City)

May - America (New Jersey)

May - Canada (Montreal)

June - Spain (Barcelona)

June - Monaco (Monaco)

June - Austria (Red Bull Ring)

July - Britain (Silverstone)

July - Germany (Hockenheim)

July - Belgium (Spa)

Aug - Italy (Monza)

Sep - Morocco (Casablanca)

Sep - Russia (Sochi)

Sep - Singapore (Marina Bay)

Oct - Indonesia (Jakarta)

Oct - Japan (Suzuka)

Oct - Abu Dhabi (Yas Marina)

Nov - USA (Austin)

Nov - Argentina (Buenos Aires)

Nov - Brazil (Interlagos)


Any chance for France on there?

I personally would say 23 teams, 26 drivers.


I'm liking this

But I think I would have dumped Bahrain or Abu Dhabi for a San Marino Grand Prix at Imola on a back to back with Spain


One thing I spotted on the FIA website is that under the new 2013 Concorde Agreement is a new tendering process for appointing single suppliers for tyres AND FUEL.

How will this affect individual teams' sponsorship contracts with their own individual fuel suppliers?


I would hate to see fixed fuel. Tyres I am fine with, as these have always changed, but fuel partnerships in F1 are very big - just look at Ferrari and Shell!


I wouldn't mind seeing Bahrain and Monaco Go, especially after this years Snoozefest in the Principality.


What if the new races were held in France, Portugal, Netherlands, and Switzerland?


Sadly motor racing is banned in Switzerland, so that won't happen.

But an alternating race between PR and MC in France, and a race in Estoril in Portugal would be good!



Is Germany's slot on the calender looking a bit more secure now?


There are others more doubtful, put it that way!


What's happening with the alternating Spanish GP? Is it only Catalonia now?


Once the good citizens of NJ realize that staging this race will mean large chunks of their badly needed tax dollars being siphoned off to BE & friends I believe it will quietly disappear from the calendar.


on the flip side, the event will generate jobs and revenue for business. It's hard to tell without looking into the details. Christie is running for governor, I'm sure he's got an answer to similar statement re tax $ vs. not prepared.


What happened to India?


They are making a move like Korea is, from the end of the year to the start, but they (whoever that is) decided that 6 months was too soon for India, so the next GP will be in 2015. Hopefully.


I hope it stays like that, I love back to back races.


We don't need NJ we don't need Monaco (seriously )


Absolutely. Finally, someone who agrees with me on this. Sadly though, Monaco will probably remain until a driver gets killed there. Even then, will it be axed? It's doubtful.


Completely agree, keep the race cars on race tracks.


I don't know about NJ, but Monaco is where the money is. That will never leave the calendar. I believe it's the only race that doesn't pay Bernie a fee, which shows just how much it's worth to the sport.


Too much. Especially if someone runs away with the championship again, there'll be clattering about the planet for nothing. All this cost cutting and engine adjustment to be more environmentally aware and then a nearly year long world tour on planes...


Monaco is a place where lot of business contracts used to get signed. More than F1, it is all about glitz, glamour and the atmosphere. You got to be there with lot of money to really experience all of it.


Who's to say more contracts are not signed on Wall Street, across the river from New Jersey each day?


They can have their mid season party there in VJ's yacht and sign all the contracts.. They just don't need to race there: I appreciate the history of the place.. But thats all it should be.


Can we please drop Barhain and Korea? In Barhain there is always political issues. And Korea not only lacks fans but also they lack the right infrastructure in the area around the circuit.

Valentino from montreal

Formula One should have a GP on the island of Sicily !


There was a Grand Prix there in the 1960's. I believe it was a non-championship race though. The 1962 race was won by Lorenzo Bandini.

Valentino from montreal

Did not know that ! Thanks WP ...


By the way, accoringto this calendar we'll hit Barcalona instead of Valencia, weren't they doing a rotation like Nurburgring and Hockenheim?We've had Barcalona this year so nxt year should be Valencia.


That's what I was wondering. It seems odd. I have heard that Barcelona are being fussy about sharing the event.

Anyways, no complaints from me 🙂


New circuits always seem to excite the fans. Of course after a couple of races in many of the new venues, many fans wish F1 had not gotten there in the first place.

Many of the classic venues of F1 are gone now. I think it is not right for France not to have a GP anymore as an example. But so it goes.

That is one reason I personally would like to see Monaco remain on the calendar. It might not be the most exciting race of the year, but it holds its own compere to many other tracks.

Finally. 20 races to me seem about on the high end of the right number of races in a season. Yes the long gaps in between races in the summer are not much fun in mid-season, yet the anticipation it brings makes it just fine. We all need our summer vacation time.



Am I correct in saying that there are plans for post-race testing at 4 of the European GPs this year? Where do these fit in?


I'll bet Seb is thrilled with the extra races. More races = more records to set.

Me, I could watch a GP every weekend but I feel for the team members being away from home for so long. It costs big money to run a F1 car even for a lap. I can't imagine how the less well off teams would cope with extra races, extra engines, transmissions, tyres etc.

20 max but get rid of Monaco and Silverstone.


Why? What's wrong with Silverstone?


It was just for a reaction 😉 I'm an Aussie and couldn't resist.

I love watching the Silverstone race.


Hahaha 🙂


People say to drop Bahrain but with their royal family being shareholders in McLaren, plus the money they must pay Ecclestone, it's unfortunately unlikely. Surely out of all current tracks, Korea will go next.


If there is a track to go off the current calendar it will be Korea (I reckon). They will use the same reason as India for this year, and then it will probably never return.


The value of the tv deals will be changed if the new land line link to Biggin Hill is properly exploited. The main audience could switch to the internet.


I can't wait for the Antarctica Gran Prix!


I'm not certain about the need for Jersey, but I like Mexico.

If Mexico is also good, then all of the American races will be good ones.


Bernie said in the interview for an Italian magazine that Europe might lose a couple of race. For financial reason exclusively. His task is to make sure F1 earns as much as possible and he's just doing so. It's not his fault big money is outside Europe.

However, I wonder whether the teams are happy to race far away from their factories. It must cost a fortune to ship equipment to different corners of the globe.



Do you think the Indian GP has a realistic chance to come in 2015 or its curtains down ?



If they can sort out the financial and red tape details - yes. It's due to come back on in early 2015


For us fans it is great to have more races, but I think it is too much not only for the teams, but for the drivers too


Can't imagine this is the final calendar; we're bound to lose at least 1 or 2 races.

There's other logistical problems of course, but one that strikes me straight off the bat is having Australia as a standalone event. This means teams will have to fly all the way back to the UK and then fly out again to Malaysia shortly afterwards. Surely it works just fine in its current back-to-back permutation - why have they changed that?

I also want to echo a poster up-thread who wonders why Monaco can't shunt back a week to be paired with Spain. This would give teams an extra week to coordinate freight movement to the USA and negotiate customs. Perhaps the FIA are deep-down assuming New Jersey won't actually happen.

Also, if Korea isn't ultimately included on the calendar then China becomes ANOTHER standalone race with big gaps either side.

This is not a cost-effective, logically flowing calendar, that's for sure. I'm not hugely fussed at the number of races, but the spacing of events needs more thought.


I think it's great to be back in Mexico.

But does it need that many races? The engineers, drivers, everyone working for the teams, all work very hard during the season. They have to have some spare time where they can hesitate, get power to work on next year's cars... Like the forced downtime during the summer there should be something like that during the winter.

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