McLaren Announce Commercial Partnership With YouTube
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The McLaren Group has this week announced a commercial partnership with online video-sharing giant, YouTube, as a way of offering their stakeholders a greater insight into the company.

The collaboration, which will include investment in to Mclaren’s already large YouTube commitment and following, is aimed at bringing fans closer to what can often be a very closely guarded sport.

With YouTube being a world leader in allowing a global database of uploaded videos, the notion of a ‘Commercial Channel’ has become increasingly popular in business. The ability to advertise and promote a brand on a website that is accessed so frequently promotes your chances of recognition, and in turn generates revenue.

In the last year the number of subscribers to McLaren’s YouTube channel has increased by 397%, with the revenue received from this being re-circulated to create more videos.

“As a business, this partnership is extremely positive,” said McLaren F1 Team Principal and McLaren Group CEO, Martin Whitmarsh. “McLaren and YouTube are both highly respected brands and combining our content with their expertise will help us both to achieve even more.  Being able to gain revenue from our content will also enable us to invest more in future videos, which will be good for our brand, good for our partners and good for our fans.”

Stephen Nuttall, Senior Director of Sports for YouTube in EMEA added, “McLaren is a world-class racing and engineering company that tells compelling and entertaining stories. YouTube is the destination on the web where current and future sports fans go to watch, engage with and share great video. We’re delighted that fans of this top Formula 1 team will be able to enjoy its stars, see more about F1 off the circuit, and much more through their YouTube channel”

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Did I read a few months ago that Mclaren had created their own CGI team?

Perhaps as part of the deal YouTube forward a the details of clients that want some animation created.

Tornillo Amarillo

I really don’t mind, all I need is more onboard videos, videos of details of “racing incidents”, pit-stops problems, etc. and that is not easy to watch on Internet given the F1 copyrights and blah-blahs…


Instead of all these (silly) distractions, Mclaren F1 should FOCUS on building a competitive car for their drivers.

This exercise just seems to be another excuse to wallow in past glories instead of concentrating on, and securing the future.

(I’ve been a Mclaren fan since 1966).


I’m fairly certain that in a company the size of McLaren, the only impact that the activities of the commercial team that does these deals has on the racing side of the business is that they generate more revenue which boosts the budget…


Well I hope there is a bit more focus on the man himself at the factory celebrations then in the posts so far. All the talk of Senna , Button and Hamilton is nice but Bruce Mclaren was in my opinion stood head and shoulders above these people. He was much more than an excellent driver, he was a brilliant engineer and designer a motor bike racer. Look him up on you tube, we will not see the likes of him or Jack Brabham again.


just a shame we cant put up sections/clips of interest from races from TV,

yes i realize its not them that is blocking it.

still a shame.


Could this bring the return of the red and white livery from the Mclaren-Honda days?? YouTube use the same colours as Marlboro 🙂


Good news for McLaren fans, but a partnership with YouTube to help create videos so you can generate income to … make more videos seems a little pointless for a racing and engineering company.

Maybe we’ll see Jenson the movie star when he retires from driving.


Not really as pointless as you might think. The principle reason you sign on as a sponsor, is to have your company advertised by the team. Be it through TV spots or logos on livery, you want your brand to be seen as many times by as many people possible, so that it’s the minds of the viewers the next time they go to use a similar product, and be influenced to seek out yours.

But if your brand is never seen… what’s the point?

What this deal effectively does is:

1.) Provides more airtime for McLaren sponsors (more videos, means more time that logo is on a screen)

2.) It probably exposes McLaren preferentially to Youtubers (So people who were just looking up Formula 1 or motor racing in general, will probably get pointed to McLaren) Which, by extension, means that McLaren sponsors get preferential exposure (and to a potential new crowd to boot).

All of which increases the value of McLaren sponsorship and makes it more appealing to sign on with. More/better sponsors = more racing money.


I am really glad that this partnership has happened.

Hopefully by showing the fans what happens back at the factory, it will encourage more young people to take up Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) at school.


With FOM owning all rights to all race footage, the stuff published by McLaren must be internal only.

Still, maybe official attitudes are changing, I read somewhere that the FIA have commissioned a documentary on either F1 or themselves.


Great. We can now catch up on McLaren in all it’s PAST glory…..


James – given the FOM owns footage of the actual races, how much is allowed on youtube?


I’m told that a “commercial arrangement” with YouTube means that, for a fee, YouTube (read Google) allows you to have much more of a say about the content that surrounds your own uploaded content. You also get some control over where your content pops up, how high you appear in the list of related search results, etc.

Thus we have McLaren renting YouTube’s tools to build a low wall around their secret garden of corporate videos – enticing / encouraging you to step inside and then maybe staying a little longer than you would otherwise. Then they monetise your extra clicks & views. Smart business.

We are all puppets (you gotta look for the strings though).


Good for McLaren.


Sounds all go get a teamate for button


Sorry James this is slightly off topic but how much truth do you think is there to the rumours that Raikkonen could possibly replace Perez at Mclaren next year?



Raikkonen is not going to McLaren is not going to McLaren because of the level of publicity work required. He spoke to them last year, found the requirements no different and so they have a fundamental block to an agreement that only Raikkonen can fix. McLaren wont cut him a deal or Lewis likely would still be there as they could have offered him the same terms last year. They need the revenue that publicity generates, that simple.

But lets assume that hump could be cleared, Button is the more likely to go as his contract is not penned for next year yet and as good as he has been with a crap car this year, he is the older driver with limited remaining shelf life.


So you’re ignoring the interview where Kimi said that Publicity work is not the decider in his decision as the difference between Lotus and McLaren isn’t that great…

Also, McLaren aren’t going to dump a former World Champion and proven race-winner who is their leading points scorer this season and a huge favourite in the homeland of their new engine supplier in favour of Perez…


Not to mention the fact that Perez potentially has a stack of cash behind him in the form of Carlos Slim 😉


“Increasingly Slim”

Nice one 😉

You’re right, maybe they should be getting a little advice from Lucas di Grassi about the meaning of “potentially”.


Potentially…such a powerful word.

One of my favorite forms of energy…potential.

Yes, I have a favorite, don’t you?

Is it me, or are the odds of that money for McLaren and Perez looking increasingly Slim?




Even if you don’t like Whitmarsh, you gotta hand it to him: this is awesome.


Yes thank God for Youtube, I mean how else would fans such as yours truly see the likes of Senna and Co do their thing >>>[mod]

Now if I read this correctly, Mclaren are going to set up a pay channel on Youtube but here’s the thing, wouldn’t this just turn some fans off like The Sun did because Youtube’s main attraction is because it’s free (so to speak)

On a different note, there’s something I find perplexing at Mclaren and that is, where is Ron Dennis???

I mean in 2013, I haven’t got a glimpse of the big man roaming the paddock, it seems like he handed over the reigns for good and as a reminder, Mclaren didn’t win a race for 3 seasons till Big Ron joined the team in 1980.


that’s not the way I read it. Currently any footage on Youtube makes money for the owner on the basis of the number of viewers – because that relates to the number of times adverts are seen alongside. Obviously the money comes from those that pay to advertise. With McLaren having a very focused fan base Google will be able to charge more for targeted advertising.

This is a win win situation as it also increases exposure for McLaren sponsors which increases the value of the sponsorship. There is very little need to create a pay channel – this increases revenue for all concerned without that. Some have learnt the lessons of subscription services killing the goose. With luck this will be a nail in the coffin for Sky!


Any news on a title sponsor for next year yet? The Vodafone videos with Jenson and Lewis were always fun.


is there a way of knowing how much money this will earn McLaren per year?


Sounds or should I say looks like a great tie up.

As much as chrome has became their signature over recent years and previously with West livery, how great would it be for YT to be the title sponsor and bring back the iconic white background, splash of red and black lettering so synonymous with Marlboro?


No, chrome stands out in a way no other livery in the entire paddock can dream off.

It is stylish, innovative, stunningly beautiful, futuristic and oozes high tech; all at the same time.



The chrome-neon red livery is impossible to beat at the moment as an F1 car livery. Imo it even surpasses the old white and RAL3024 neon red livery in terms of impact.

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