Massa confirms Ferrari exit but wants to race on in Formula 1
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Posted By: James Allen  |  10 Sep 2013   |  8:59 pm GMT  |  401 comments

Felipe Massa confirmed on Tuesday night that Ferrari has made its decision on 2014 and that he is no longer part of their plans.

Massa has been a Ferrari driver for eight seasons and made the third most appearances for the Scuderia after Michael Schumacher and Rubens Barrichello.

“From 2014 I will no longer be driving for Ferrari,” Massa posted on Instagram and Twitter. “I would like to thank the team for all the victories and incredible moments experienced together.”

Another message added that he still feels he has more to offer as an F1 driver, “For next year, I want to find a team that can give me a competitive car to win many more races and challenge for the Championship..”

The announcement from the driver allows him to break the news with dignity; Ferrari has always felt that Massa is “one of the family” and has extended great generosity to him. After his accident in Hungary 2009 it kept a seat open for him for 2010. But the harsh reality is that since then he has not won in 70 races as Alonso’s team mate.

Massa has scored eight podium finishes to Alonso’s 11 wins and made 42 podium appearances – a much lower strike rate to the one he had with Raikkonen as a team mate.

Ferrari has looked likely to make changes after president Luca di Montezemolo’s outburst against Fernando Alonso in late July and his exhortations to the team to put a knife between their teeth to fight for Ferrari’s return to competitiveness.

Against all expectations the indications are that they look set to re-hire Kimi Raikkonen, whom they paid almost €20 million in 2010 not to drive for them.

But Montezemolo clearly wants to show Alonso who is boss and to raise the game of the whole team.

It is a risk; Alonso does not historically take well to highly competitive team mates. Raikkonen is not a politically devisive figure within a team, he is a very straightforward operator. But he will score lots of points and as a world champion he will carry significant weight. It is likely to be a fractious time for the team, but team principal Stefano Domenicali believes he can manage the two great drivers in one garage.

However it also indicates the level of concern Ferrari has about its ongoing relationship with Alonso; if they felt that there was a chance of Alonso leaving the team, the only place to turn was Raikkonen, who finds himself available at this time.

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Alonso, Mclaren and Honda 2015



of course I meant year 2008 for Massa. Please fix this mistake for me.


Ferrari crushed Massa, just like many other drivers.
Massa needs to feel loved and supported. Then success will breed more success as we saw in that one crucial year 2008. He is not a schemer himself and could never succeed against a scheming teammate like Alonso whose ego was hanging over him like a cloud.
Ferrari just didn’t care, they concentrated on Alonso while loyal Massa did anything they asked.

However, it is possible Ferrari will finish crushing Alonso, too. Some sort of poetic justice…


Fernando, we need you to move over Kimi is coming past


Once again we should be revisting the ushering out of Michael. Luca created this mess and things have not been the same since Luca forgot who brought the Scuderia back to glory. It was Schumacher, plain and simple. His team (Brawn/Byrne/Martinelli/etc) scored WCs. Notice that they have won 1 WC since his departure 7 years ago!!!!! And that one crown was a car designed by the dream team for Schuey!


Hey guys,

Here’s a crazy idea I just thought of:

Felipe at McLaren?

They have all the resources in the world to build a fast car. They’ve got a new engine partner coming in 2015, and it would be beneficial to have another quick and experienced guy in the car to help sort it out. He looks like a quicker qualifier than Button and would certainly be a more reliable performer than Perez. The team could also benefit from having another experienced driver in the car to give them technical feedback, which they almost certainly aren’t getting from Perez.


I think Ferrari have come finally to the conclusion that they need the two best drivers they can lay their hands on if they are to stand any chance of winning the constructors title again. Like other teams such as McLaren, Mercedes, and even Red Bull, they have to give their drivers equal opportunity, and let the scoring determine who is the lead driver (in terms of who is likely to have the best chance) once they are over half way through the season. If other leading teams do this, then they really have no choice.


Sad to hear this, very fond of Felipe. Disappointing that he hasn’t had form of late, who knows if it was the crash or Alonso mind-gaming him into submission but lets not forget that in his prime he was quite capable of beating Schumacher and Raikkonen in equal machinery.

Kind of wish he won the 08 championship now, that scene of him on the podium surely has to be one of the most glorious images of sportsmanship and dignity in defeat (being Scottish I love a plucky loser of course)

It is the correct decision for Ferrari and would have been a couple of years ago, to challenge for either championship history shows you need to have both drivers at the front, yes they may take points off each other but they will take more points off the rivals.

So where now for Felipe? Anywhere other than Lotus is surely a complete waste of time? You never know it might rejuvinate him back to his former self. I hope Lotus secure a strong driver pairing as I quite like the 4 – 5 team race at the front, it would be a shame for them to fall back due to the drivers although I believe they already have financial troubles?


What will happen to Rob Smedley?


Massa must be gutted, but i’m sure when the lights go out tonight, he’ll feel as if a godzilla sized monkey is off his back. It must be hard enough being a part of Ferrari, but having to measure up against a highly political and divisive figure like Alonso must be like getting kicked in the head everyday !


Honestly, I’d be disappointed got another drive in F1. His last few years were marred with under performance and constant public pressure from his team to raise his game. It’d be really unfortunate if a team picked him up instead of someone new or promising but discarded driver (Alguarsari/Kobayashi for instance). He’s fought for a championship, won many races, made some good coin. He should either fully retire or turn to some other racing series.


Wow! So how is this going to work out? Clearly, Raikkonen wouldnt sign for Ferrari to play nr 2 driver for Alonso. Are they going to be given equal status as drivers?

If they do then that shows how bad the situation is between Alonso and the team. Until now he had exclusive status as the nr 1 driver but with Raikkonen coming in the message seems clear, they don’t trust him anymore.


great news massa is going, kimi is the best choice right now but if they wanted a champion for the future hulk might’ve been the better choice. I hope he goes to lotus, his talent has been wasted this year


Reb Bull must be nervous at the prospect of Alonso/Kimi pairing at Ferrari. This year’s is likely to be their last consecutive WCC. I bet they wish Webber stuck around for another season or two.

All eyes on Ricciardo as he will be expected to score enough points to keep RB in the WCC fight. How will he handle this immense pressure?

What a fascinating season 2014 promises to be if the new cars remain relatively close in performance…


Great Move by Ferrari.

Alonso simply can’t get it done.

He has a major personality problem and is not able to communicate with either Engineers or Team/Mate. I think the word teammate doesn’t even exist in his vocabulary.

I freshly recall 2007 at Mclaren: Alonso showed everyone what he is made of. Even to a dregree where Ron Dennis, who couls handle Senna and Prost in one Team sent him packing at the end of the season.

He can’t bring a team along like Schu or Vettel and form a world class team.

Now hes got a pain in the neck. And it’ll be severe.


With Webber going, Massa will be the last of the non champion veterans if he can find another drive. F1 seems to be way greener with inexperience than it has ever been before, even if there are 5 champions still racing. Massa has served Ferrari with honor and dignity. He would be an asset to any team, as the lead or second driver.

Luca should now be thinking, “What would Enzo do?”. Enzo would never take back someone of the likes of Raikonnen whose behavior and attitude is a disgrace to the prancing horse. This, as well as having had to pay him out $20 million for nothing would cause Enzo to turn in his grave. I really hope Nico Hulkenberg gets given the drive since it is not going to be Massa.

If Raikonnen wants a Hesketh type of team to race for, he should form his own team. I have never understood why many people think of drivers like Kimi Raikkonen, James Hunt, Nelson Piquet and Mike Hawthorne as heroes. Why are obnoxious, abrasive and self indulgent personality traits seen as a badge of honor. Drivers like Jackie Stewart, Jack Brabham, Graham Hill, Alain Prost, Mario Andretti, Rubens Barrichello are the measure of a great Grand Prix man.


I’d love to see ferrari do something special for Massa at the last race. It being his home country, something like the Brazil suits they wore some years ago would be nice, or a special livery.


I hope Massa gets a drive elsewhere. I think he can still be fast, as we see everytime his contract is almost up!

He just gave up a bit alongside Alonso it seems. Is clearly Alonso’s team, not like in 2007/2008 where he could enjoy a lot of support (given how quiet and unpolitical Kimi is)


I’ve long believed that a sucessful F1 team needs a contracted number 1 and a number 2 driver in order to be sucessful, as Ferrari proved between 1996 and 2006 and Red Bull have proved in the last few years. However, if you are trying to usurp a team constructed upon this basis – as Ferrari are with Red Bull – I think that the two strongest drivers possible is the ideal solution. Yes, Alonso and Raikkonen will interfere with each other’s WDC efforts by taking places off each other, but there is now double the chance of one of them being able to interfere with Vettels race too, something which Massa has been unable to do throughout the ‘Alonso era’ at Ferrari. It also sends out a strong message of intent for next season and will have opposition strategists scratching their heads already I’m sure.

Regarding Alonso’s attitude towards team mates, I think we need to see this team in action before we judge. Six years is a long time in the life of a man in his early 30’s, and by that same token, he is likely to be a very different person to the one who reacted so badly to the situation at McLaren; not just the arrival of Hamilton, but spygate and the breakdown of his relationship with Ron Dennis too. Alonso and Kimi are both warriors, but they fight on track with the greatest of respect for their opponents and I have no reason to believe that they won’t accord their team mates the same respect. Plus, for either man to beat the other in the same car would make it the most ‘valuable’ championship win for quite a few years, something which neither man will have failed to notice.


As others have said, Massa is a great sportsman and racer and hopefully something will come along that keeps him interested.

You had to feel for him at the end of the Brazil race in 2008, losing out to Hamilton in the last seconds by one point.

I wonder how it would have turned out if his current team mate’s old firm hadn’t cheated to steal a result in Singapore that year?

As you’ll all remember, Massa rushed into the pits as the safety car came out following the baby Piquet cheat crash whilst leading by a country mile.

In the chaos of un-scheduled stops, he left with the fuel hose still connected.

Hamilton went onto finish 3rd with Massa out of the points.

It’s fair to say Massa would probably have won that race.

It’s just a good job that Alonso was the only one in the whole Renault team that knew nothing about the cheat, because that could have been really embarrassing 😉


James, just curious: Is Kimi the first driver to get kicked out from a team then rehired by the same team and employer??! 😀

Like I’ve always said, Ferrari should’ve kept Kimi rather than Massa in 2010.


Domenicali has put a photo on instagram, #helmet2014 . There is a text “Iceman” on the helmet.


Team message:

Kimi, Alonso is faster than you. After second of pause: TV operator was quite smart to ‘beep’ live broadcasting.. 🙂


Actually all this hype will be just that, HYPE. What we will see is either a Vettel win or a Hamilton win.


Praise the lord! lol

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