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JA on F1 podcast #7: Getting an Opportunity in Formula 1
Posted By: James Allen  |  04 Sep 2013   |  8:24 pm GMT  |  9 comments

Welcome to the JA on F1 podcast for September.

This month with the announcement that Red Bull are giving the big break at their championship winning team to 24 year old Daniel Ricciardo, we are going to look at opportunity in F1.

In this edition we will hear from a woman making moves in F1 – Claire Williams has been given the opportunity to progress to the highest levels of team management and is now deputy team principal at Williams. She opens up to Holly Samos.

Making moves on the track recently has been Caterham’s Guido van der Garde, who was given a chance this year by Caterham – after a difficult start to the season Guido had a breakthough result in Hungary and in qualifying at Spa. We’ll find out what F1 looks like from his cockpit and how he sees Caterham’s progress.

And we have insight from two of our regular luminaries – former Williams chief operations engineer Mark Gillan runs the rule over the Ricciardo move and looks at how the teams are gearing up for the challenge of all new technology in 2014, while Zak Brown founder of Just Marketing International, F1’s pre-eminent sponsor finder and business expert, explains why there aren’t enough sponsors to go around all the teams and what impact Russia is having on the business side of F1.

No player? Download the podcast directly.

RUNNING ORDER September #7
0.00 Introduction
1.39 Holly Samos speaks to Claire Williams, Deputy Team Principal at Williams F1
14.11 Caterham driver Giedo van der Garde talks about the opportunity F1 has given him
23.30 Sponsor finder Zak Brown of JMI with the latest on F1 business
29.16 Wrap up


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Wish her all the best


Dog Costume Idea – FrogYou can make him a green hat, blue dungarees.

Please Share and Like My favorite scare, prank, trick!

Devil’s HottieRed leather from head to toe costume, then you could get him a green hat with big bulgy eyes of a

front-yard ghoul into a cauldron. When it is time to wear it.

Dress up like an animal is a great way to see some really scary costumes there.

Be sure to keep your mouth closed because they can almost

fall out at any function.


Lack of sponsors is due to falling AVE, due to broadcasts being increasingly hidden away behind pay walls.


Looking forward to seeing Williams back up and fighting for points next season, hopefully the addition of Symonds works out a lot better than the Coughlan experiment did!


I always enjoys Zak Browns contribution to your podcast. The strategic marketing perspective is brilliant particularly regarding Russia.

As for Williams-one can’t help but wonder if it was more the Toto connection and Mercedes striving to retain 3 teams long term was more the reason than the “strategic angle” Claire mentioned.

Im a little surprised that questions regarding the old Caterham chasis and the updated chasis they ran from June? were not discussed and the improvement since. Cyril Abitboul made clear the teams decision to update the chasis once Leafield settled all depts under the one roof. I would suggest that along with the Pirelli changes these seemed to improve Caterhams fortunes. I think we will see them finish 2013 alot stronger and that was always their plan regardless of whether they discontinue to development now.


I always enjoy the podcast and find Zak Brown particularly interesting. He makes a good point regarding New Jersey.

The F1 community and (in my opinion)FOM would be wise to ensure it goes ahead…in other words, Bernie and Co would be mad to let this one slip away.

Just the thought of an F1 race across the river from one of the greatest cities in the world is a mouth watering prospect. Enough even to make this fan make the trip from Australia.

I’ve seen where the track is slated to be and it has the potential to be a classic street circuit like Montreal and Melbourne.

If F1 is serious about America, it needs to bolster any momentum generated by Austin.. build it and they will come.

If it doesn’t happen now, I doubt it ever will.


Is it just down to the money?.. and do you have any idea how much the shortfall is?

Alan from Toronto, Canada

Hey Racyboy…the Montreal circuit (Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, at Île Notre-Dame is not a street circuit. It is a purpose-built track that sits on the land once used for the 1967 World Expo.


Actually, part of the track is used by regular traffic for most of the year, so an arguement could be made for street circuit status. I imagine that the new track in Sochi will be something very similar: a dual-purpose built venue.


Hey Alan,

Sorry, my mistake.

I should know that. Maybe it’s proximity to the city threw me.

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