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Italian Grand Prix – Who was your Driver of the Day?
Posted By: James Allen  |  08 Sep 2013   |  11:58 pm GMT  |  227 comments

Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel extended his lead at the top of the championship with a dominant victory in the Italian Grand Prix at Monza.

Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso took his fourth podium in as many years at Monza while Red Bull’s Mark Webber completed the podium in his last F1 race in Europe.

Ferrari’s Felipe Massa delivered a strong drive to fourth place while Nico Hulkenberg rounded off a brilliant weekend with fifth for Sauber – but who was your Driver of the Day?

Sebastian Vettel

Led away from pole position and was never threatened as he took his sixth win of the season. Made a good start, but locked the front tyres into the first corner and picked up a flat spot. Nursed the car through the first stint and then slowly built a gap. Had gearbox trouble but managed the problem to run away at the front and take his 32nd career victory. Extended his lead in the championship to 53 points over Alonso.

Fernando Alonso

Drove another strong race but failed to challenge Vettel for victory. Got away cleanly to move into fourth place. Put a good move on Webber at the second chicane and then eased past his team-mate into second. From there he was unable to catch Vettel while maintaining a comfortable gap over Webber in third. Lost more ground to Vettel in the title race but remains the German’s closest rival.

Mark Webber

Had a bad start but recovered to take his first podium at Monza. Found himself behind both Ferraris in the early stages, but pitted a lap earlier than Massa which proved vital in helping him leapfrog the Brazilian. From there he had a relatively quiet race, unable to making any inroads on Alonso in second while comfortably building a gap to Massa in fourth. Secured his fourth podium of the season with third.

Felipe Massa

Made an explosive start and drove a strong race to finish fourth. Made two places at the start and even had a look at a move on leader Vettel at the first corner. Settled into a good rhythm before dropping a place to team-mate Alonso. Lost out to Webber during the stops. Started to catch Webber in the closing stages but ran out of laps. Finished fourth – his best finish since the Spanish Grand Prix in May – to give him hope of retaining his drive at Ferrari.

Nico Hulkenberg

Built on a brilliant qualifying with an impressive drive to fifth. Dropped two places at the start to run fifth but from there showed good pace and was comfortably the best of the rest behind the Red Bulls and Ferraris. Held off sustained pressure from Nico Rosberg in the Mercedes in the closing stages to finish fifth for Sauber’s best finish of the season.

So who was your Driver of the Day? Leave a comment at the bottom of this story.

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Lets construct the typical 2013 starting grid:

S. Vettel L.Hamilton

N.Rosberg K. Raikonnen

F.Alonso M Webber

F. Massa R. Grosjean

J. Button P. Di Resta

To me Hulkenberg only got IN because Hamilton and Raikonnen made space,so my vote is for Hamilton who had a punture and still got into the points.


oh dear! looks like i’ve upset someone with heavily padded palms, sorry.

Alexander Supertramp

Hulkenberg. He did what he couldn’t do in Brazil last year, i.e. keep his act together like a top driver for the whole race. Great defensive tactics on Rosberg.



Can’t believe he’s not on your short list James. He wasn’t driver of the weekend ’cause he fluffed his lines on Saturday, but no-one drove a better race on Sunday. How dull would this race have been without him (and Paul’s crash on the first lap).


Lewis Hamilton

Sintilating drive…..


Vettel for his driving class and supremacy when it mattered most and Nico as well!


Daniel Ric did pretty well!!



Why was Vettle’s red light flashing for the whole race, I thought that it only came on when the car was set for inter/wet running mode. Is it legal to have it on during full dry conditions as I can imagine it being a big distraction to anyone behind


Very good question, to which I’m trying to get the answer


Felipe Massa


Driver of the Weekend:

Nico Hulkenberg. Das ist ganz klar.

Driver of the Day:

Lewis Hamilton and Kimi Raikkonen.

They were by far the quickest. They got far more pace out of the car than either of their teammates. If not for their early race problems, they would have been on the podium.


I want to say Hamilton; did excellently on the stint before his last tyre change, scything through the field to catch-up and pass his team-mate.

So disappointing that even a fast tyre change drops a driver so far back into the field that they have to do the work all again.

So anyway, I will go for joint Webber and Hulkenberg.

Mark because he finally got a good start, did not let the inevitable system failure faze his drive in the slightest, and achieved a podium on his last European F1 race.

Nico because he got the Sauber up as far as he did with an overwhelming drive that Nico Rosberg was either unable to, or unwilling to, challenge.

COTD, or Comment of the Day, goes to the original poster who nominated Paul Di Resta for that collision.

Class. 🙂

Thread the Needle



Hulk for best driver and to take the Ferrari seat. Sorry Massa your time is up!!


Hulk for sure

in a Sauber from 2013 not 2012 or 2008


Hulk, stunning drive in a car which is exactly the opposite of a Red Bull; utter shit.


Undoubtedly Vettel followed by “The Hulk”.




Hulkenberg, lets face it no one else came close to delivering on that level.


Vettel did a fantastic job but I am going for Hulkenberg this time

Webber was silly. Wanted to attack his teammate and then gave his place to Alonso without a fight..

Surprising still people are voting Alonso. This guy couldn’t qualify without his team mate. Team mate had to tow him and got him a tenth but still was beaten by him. Then shamelessly got his team mate to move away so he could be on the podium. Can’t qualify or score points without his team mate. Imagine if Webber had to do all that crap for Vettel. People would have attempted harakiri.

As for Massa, he is nothing but a loser. How long does he want to play bridesmaid for someone who is not going to be a world champion?


Sebastian Vettel, the one finger master and the multi 21 destroyer. Can’t believe I’m voting for him.


Losers of the day has to go to Ferrari team for keeping Alonso out so long. He was making half a second on Vettel cutting his lead down to 5 second. Stays out 4 laps longer and the lead is now 10 seconds with Webber on his tail. Bad bad strategy considering what Massa did. Letting Alonso through and then playing a fantastic 2nd keeping a big gap from Webber to Alonso.


Totally agree. What were they thinking of?


We need more wet races to determine true DotD. On dry there is nothing to assess. Boring red bull flies to both titles while all others are losers on the grid observing it.


Vettel is showing them all the way. He makes it look so easy. It is going to be a long character building end of season for his main rivals.

I feel for Massa. He is driving at Ferrari because of Alonso. I advice the Hulk to go to Lotus if he ever wants to grow into a world champion. Ferrari is going to destroy his career by modeling him into Alonso’s wing man.

Kimi to Ferrari I’d say. As a one time world champion he has the mental strength to do things his way. I can’t imagine him towing Alonso’s car though … but hey, Alonso is a great enough driver to make his own luck.


Has to be Vettel. Virtually flawless all weekend aside from his lock up at the start. He managed quite a few car problems and still blew everyone away. His quality this season is up with Schumacher of 2002.

Only something dodgy happening will stop him now.


1: Hulkenberg.

2: Alonso.

3: Vettel

4: Massa/Ricciardo/Hamilton.


Massa, if not the team order I am not sure if Alonso could pass him without problems …


Well the speed difference was significant between the two at that point, with the medium tires. He would have passed anyway.


I don’t actually care who was driver of the day. it was yet another boring race, the only highlight being Raikkonen and Hamilton coming through the field; but given they were on the softer tyre, that was a foregone conclusion. Dull, dull, dull.


Lewis Hamilton although he’s not in the list. He drove like a mad man.

The Spanish Inquisitor



For Monza there should be joint Drivers of the Day, Vettel and Hulkenberg.

Vettel made it look easy yet again and Hulkenberg was exceptional even if he did drop a couple of places.

Vettel gets a lot of bad press and when he’s winning, it’s because of Newey. Well Webber seems to be rated highly, yet he’s rarely in the same class as Vettel.

As for Alonso and Ferrari, they were never going to win that race with their strategy. Staying out on old tyres and losing a second a lap to Vettel isn’t exactly the best strategy.

This may well be Alonso’s last chance of a world championship, if Ferrari sign Kimi Alonso will no longer have a team mate who will yield to his every whim.


Well.. the candidates are really surprising!

Vettel – winner is always a contender, but remember that he started the race with a mistake braking into T1. However, the advantage of the car gave him a safe win.

Webber – in a best car, couldn’t regain his grid position.

Massa – from P4 to P4, fullstop.

Alonso – won two places (let’s forget winning over Massa), with a really nice move on Webber, and defended P2.

Hulkenberg – quite mixed feelings; in a weak car, he lost only two places and managed not to lose to Rosberg. However, if you remember what Perez did last year on this track in his Sauber..

The best entertainers were surely Kimi and Lewis, but it was due to their forced strategy changes. Hamilton deserves a higher mark, as Kimi’s problems were caused by his mistake in T1, and it was Lewis to win their battle for position. However, a quiet hero of the day, moved up five places (compared to Hamilton’s three), having battled McLarens, and strongly fought for P7 with Ricciardo. Grosjean isn’t in the list, so.. let it be Hulkenberg, God knows when he might get another chance for title.


Last year’s Sauber was far too better than the current one, that is why I think Hulkemberg did an amazing job and that is why he deserves to be on the list.


Agree completely


For pure entertainment I’d go for Hamilton.


Vettel was supreme again, so gets my vote. Even with a flat spotted tyre (his fault) in the 1st stint no one could challenge him.

The Hulk did an awesome job, and deserves that Ferrri drive.


Ferrari…not Ferrri. A ferry is the last thing this guy should be given!!


Hulkenberg, no question at all.


None of the above. It has to be Hamilton fighting through the pack and then getting a puncture, and fighting through the pack again including overtaking Kimi and the two McLarens.

And all without the radio and the fine tuning that communication with the pitwall provides.


It has to be Seb V. Flawless – even with the best car underneath him he was brilliant yet again.


Has to be Hulkenberg


Vettel driver of the day, driver of this era. The complete package. Gets it done in qualifying, in the race, equalled Alonso’s number of race wins despite only getting a full-time drive in 2008.


Thats an unfair comparison, as Vettel spent every year since 2009 with a Redbull, Alonso would have won more GPs then Vettel in a Redbull but you don’t wanna hear that as you believe that Vettel is the driver of this era! I’d say the Redbull is the car of this era, and Vettel the luckiest man alive for 2 reasons:

1) Being in a Redbull without another great driver to give him competition (as webber is not upto the task)

2) Redbull will not (or refuse to) give Lewis or Fernando or Kimi a drive, as it would make a mockery of their 3 times world champion.


What was Red Bull before Vettel showed up? Kind of like what was Benetton and what was Ferrari before Schumacher showed up? Alonso inherited a great car from day one at Ferrari.

Vettel would have won at least one championship possibly two if he had been driving a Ferrari. Alonso has none.

Vettel’s only had the best car at four races this year and look what he’s done. It’s incredible. Alonso had a car advantage up until Monaco and did nothing with it.


Yago, on top of that, I wonder how some posters here make it through day-to-day life, if it’s possible they could think like that!!! Head-shaking stuff.


I wonder what sport some of you guys are watching…


Good point! But the best drivers always find their way into the best cars. Things did fall Vettel’s way, to be sure, but he has played it perfectly. Alonso on the other hand – all his wounds have been self inflicted.


Boringly but accurately it’s Vettel isn’t it? I would not be churlish enough to deny him his supreme showing. It may not be fun to watch any more but that’s hardly his fault.

The problem is even when other constructors get close to building a car as fast as the red bull earlier in the season (mclaren last year, Mercedes and possibly even lotus this year) the drivers always blow it with mistakes. Vettel just seems to be consistently good. Not perfect but he is always doing pretty much enough.

So driver of the day for Vettel. For the sake of some sort of drama though I hope for not much longer…


Nico Hulkenberg …every year we comes up with a stand up performance yet the top teams continue to ignore him.

2010 -: Pole position in brazil (Williams)

2012 -: was leading the Brazilian Gp and pretty much put Paul di resta in his place. (FI)

2013 -: 3rd position and 5th overall in a Sauber…

I think Grosjea perez , massa should be dispatched to make way for this guy. In Red Bull, he would have given Vettel a good fight.


I don’t agree with your comments but your comments did amuse all the same.


To put into perspective what Hulk achieved lets harc back to Vettels victory in monza whilst driving for Scuderia Torro Rosso. STR had a very good package for that race hence although Vettel got pole his team mate got 4th before stalling on the grid. What Vettel achieved was a very good performance in beating Kovalinen to the win. Hulk however put a Sauber in dry conditions onto 3rd grid slot. His team mate was much further down the grid. Hulk was only beaten by two redbulls and two Ferrari’s who had much faster race packages. He didn’t move backwards durning the race and for me what he delivered was as good almost as what Vettel did in his win with STR.

Where could Hulk go next year??? Only really looking at Ferrari and maybe Lotus? But come on team principals, time to get him whilst he’s relatively cheap


Agree on the comparison between Vettel and Hulkenberg drives!


Alonso’s thoughts:

Caramba [mod], if not that deuced [mod] blonde guy, I’d easily snatch 5th title this year 😉

LDM’s thoughts:

Gosh! We need to get that blonde guy asap (perhaps with Hulk in pair)


Now its a race for 2nd in the championship. ALO, LH, KIMI any takers?

VETTEL just put the final nail in the coffin today.

If I was a Vettel supporter I’d feel confident.


Only two candidates really: Vettel and the Hulk. Ricciardo doesn’t get onto my list because although he finished 7th in an STR, Hulk came in 5th in a Sauber. A very good performance. We didn’t see much of Vettel, but we would have if he’d made a serious error as Alonso would have been all over him. This suggests that whilst Vettel didn’t have an opportunity to show his overtaking skills he did his job well.

There was more entertainment elsewhere, but those two constitute my short list for DOTD nominees.


Hamilton and Raikkonen. Despite their problems faught very hard for position withing traffic. And they made the race exciting. Honorable mention Alonso and Hulkenber


Nico, for an outstanding drive. Perfect all weekend.


You’re having a laugh!

No Kimi or Lewis?

Without them this race race was a snoozefest!


For struggling with no radio, driving a few laps with a slow puncture and making his ostensibly slower compromised 2-stop work better than Raikkonen’s 1-stop as well as fighting through the field, my call would be Hamilton, with Vettel close behind. It pains me to say it, as I’m more of an Alonso fan, but that’s the way it is for me.


Just remembered Raikkonen pitted on lap 1, so ignore that bit – it’s still impressive. 😉


Seems to me the driver of the day is the one that won the race.


Vet and Hulk, but I’d vote for Vet with two hands if by the circumstances of the race he’d got behind Alonso and managed overtaking maneuvre to the P1, alas he never contrived to give that place to others during the race 🙂


Alonso for me is DotD. I feel that Vettel is having it a bit too easy, great driver + best car = unstoppable. For Vettel to be considered a great, I strongly feel that he needs to have a second-rated car and still put in some awesome drives just like Schumacher did. That, and also a handful of excellent races that involves dicing it out with top drivers and not lights to flag faultless drives.


I would go for Vettel, and just like in Brazil last year he showed that even with a damaged car he can do what is necessary to deliver the results he needs.

But Ferrari? Were Massa’s race strategists sleeping? Given the relative position of Webber, Massa was a sitting duck for an undercut. I cant understand why they did not they bring him in?


Hulkenberg was the driver of the day on Saturday.

On Sunday, driver of the day was Vettel. What more can a driver do?

The bias against Vettel has gotten to very silly levels. I would even say like a witch-hunt now with people making up stuff to burn him at the stake.

People seem to have forgotten until Canada RBR was not the fastest car (it was close between Ferrari, Lotus and Mercedes with RBR there too but definitely not the fastest) and we had the old spec cheese tyres, and still Vettel was leading.


Hulkenberg, if only for the novelty of it.


DOTD = Hulk.

Honourable mention to:

RIC for a solid drive.

ALO for great overtake, although it did look like WEB made is a little easier than expected as he turned into the apex really early rather than run wider just to make things more diff for ALO.

WEB for a solid drive and start, finally.

HAM for a great drive through the field.

RAI for a great drive through the field and nursing a KERS issue in the last 4-5 laps.

Would also like to point out, cos I’ve not heard commentators or journos mention this, but regarding the RAI vs PER incident on the start. PER cut in front of RAI, RAI took evasive action and put his 2 left tyres on the grass in the breaking zone, this resulted in reduced breaking performance, hence by the time RAI got his car back on track his speed was higher than it shouldve been and therefore locked up and ran into the back of PER. Agree that is was a racing incident, but a move PER maybe could’ve avoided if he knew RAI was there.


Vettel it is.

He knew he had to lead the race from the go – and he did what was required after a relatively poor start. Then managed flat spotted tyre, then built the lead, and then managed the gearbox. perfect.

Then it’s probably Hulkenberg. Amazing, really that all of a sudden a Sauber car was so fast, but the gap to Gutierrez really said it all once again.

And then it’s Massa. At a crucial time for him he did drove a very strong race. Excellent start, let poor Alonso by, and never complained. Respect!


Why isn’t Hamilton on the list. He was my DOTD for sure…stonking drive, lovely battle with Kimi and some audacious overtakes. But if we are to be constrained to the drivers on the list, its got to be Nico, isnt it ? The 2013 Sauber had no right to qualify 3rd and finish 5th. Awesome from Hulk and what a place to do it.. right in front of LdM and the Ferrari management.. Surely, red or black overalls beckon for next year..:)


DOTD goes to Hülkenberg. I watched him on RTL (German TV) and he only expected 6th or 7th at the start. He kept Rosberg behind him to get himself home in 5th which is an amazing result for him and the team


as much as I loathe it (i am australian) vettel really did dominate.

honourable mention to hulkenberg for holding a place many would have let slip out of the top 10.

dishonourable mention to alonso. he sabotaged his own strategy (usually a big fan of alonso).


Small correction:

Vettel had a mediocre start (clutch problem as he mentioned later) and had to compensate it with (too) late braking.

Webber had one of its rare good starts, nearly overtook Vettel. Then he allowed his friend Alonso to pass too easy instead fighting for team points, maybe hoping that Alonso will catch Vettel? Really time to go for him. For Vettel and the team.

DotD: Hülkenberg


It`s between Vettel and Hulkenberg for me. Vettel because he was so damn strong this weekend. He was perfect except from the lockup at the start. But even with a damaged right front and a problem he was easily faster than the rest including his team-mate. From lap 20 he just cruised. He really is a class-act.

Hulkenberg because that Sauber should not have been that far up the grid. He managed to hold on to fifth place despite being followed by much faster cars. This gyu really belong in a better team. He`s proven his worth since 2010. Hope he gets a drive for either Ferrari or Lotus next year. I think he`s WDC-material.

I`ll give it to Hulkenberg this time around, impressive performance.


After his first lap pit stop, Kimi matched Vettel all race. Had he not lost KERS at the end on top of that, he would have picked up a few points.


In no particular order Vettel, Massa, Ricciardo and Hulkenberg, but again not the most exiting race ever.

Awesome photo of Hulkenberg by the way James 🙂


Saint Sebastian

Antonio Palmiotto



if you look at how far down the order he was after his slow puncture and where he finished, I would say Hamilton


The Hulk – and he should be in red overalls next year. If not – there’s something seriously wrong with F1.

Judging by the suprise of Vettel and co in the pre-podium driver deliberations (which is a great insight), they also seemed pretty impressed/surprised by the result.


Split call between Hulk and Alonso. Congratulations Vettel, but the championship is over.


Nico Hulkenberg was brilliant, closely followed by SV.


This is the most entertaining part of the whole race weekend. Time to see all the “F1 fans” make fools of themselves once again as they try to come up with creative excuses for why the best driver was not actually the best.


Are you are fan with something to say.. Because this is what this forum is about. If not dont waste space….


Noone up front took positions other than Fernando but that was more to do with running over Marks front wing end plate anyway.

Strong effort from Hulkenberg to grab a terrific 5 for Sauber, but starting 2nd you would expect him to hold 5 with the 2 Ferraris finding their race pace immediately.

Of the drivers nominated you would have to say Hulkenberg..

But easily Raikkonen and Hamilton were DOTD for their drive from the back!.. Kimi without KERS the last several laps still almost took button on the chequered flag- very gutsy stuff.



I know Webber ended the first lap down from his qualifying position, but given how quick he actually got off the line (which he rarely does) can’t we call it good…please?


I would love to give it to Hulkenberg given his equipment, but I just can’t ignore Vettel’s consistent ability to put together a whole race weekend. He really is the full package.


Boooooo……not vettel:-)





He kept his nose clean at the start. Managed to defend against Rosberg almost all race long.

He had a rare chance to finish in the Top 5, and pulled it off – in a car that in his team mate’s hands was no where, and has been no where all season.


kudos to Hulk,Riccardo for their well deserved finish.

My DOTD goes to Vettel, because,

1) Overcame initial tyre lock up error, while defending position.

2) Kept pushing hard till Alonso came in, by then the lead grew from 4 sec to 10 sec. So it was a mistake by Ferrari to leave him out.

3) This lead of 10 sec was crucial to victory, considering the fact that Vettel had to nurse his gearbox with Alonso hot on his tail and the gap always reducing.

To all those who thought that yesterday’s race was boring, i must remind that Lewis race here exactly 12 months ago, where he won from pole must have also been boring.

Fact: Monza has been won from pole 11 times in the past 14 years.

Securing pole was as important as Monaco and Vettel did that.

@Webber start conspirators, where are you? So you still think it was Redbull giving him botched starts??


To all those who thought that yesterday’s race was boring, i must remind that Lewis race here exactly 12 months ago, where he won from pole must have also been boring….

No offence, but that is nonsense. It’s perfectly possible to have a driver win from pole and the race be exciting, or boring. It’s not a mutually exclusive scenario.

Also, one final point – the race in 2012 was not exactly 12 months ago 😉


I really don’t get the “if you think this, then you must also think this” concept displayed by some posters.


Hammy. still finished in points after a messed up qualifying and a ruined strategy due to puncture. Without the puncture he probably would have been top 5.


5th in a Sauber is surely the drive of the day from the Hulk. Didn’t even see him make a mistake all race.


Monza won’t be booing Vettel in a few years when he’s dressed in red.


I will tho 🙂


Hulk. Can’t wait for the strategy report to hear how on earth he did it.



While it’s DotD and not DotW, he put in a fantastic quali and then followed it up with a solid race. It seemed fairly unlikely he’d keep his 3rd position, given the Ferraris are typically rockets off the line. But he stayed right up there with the front runners and kept everyone but the RBs and Ferraris behind him.


Not sure how you consider Webber to have a bad start when he was been squeezed by Vettel into the first corner. Button was a driver who had a poor start.

DOTD would have to go to either Vettel/Hulkenburg with a honorable mention to Ricciardo.


Easily the Hulk in the bottom feeding Sauber- followed by Vettel who once again owned the place followed by Hamilton for providing entertainment on his different strategy.


True Great Finishers Given Their First Chance in the Heat of it All When it Mattered:

1. Vettle for true excellence bar none!

2. Hulkenberg for the best, overall drive.

3. Massa for doing magic (outdoing himself).

4. Riciardo for very good performance.

Best Regs-Dependent and Clean Air Induced (Tire/Aero/Nothing to Lose Advantage) Pseudo-Good Looking Performances and Gaining Accolades for Prompting the Question, “What If They Had Started Higher”:

Raikoneen for punching quick laps in clean air after getting it wrong in qualifying and managing to get remotely close to where he should’ve been in the first place given his stature.

Same for Hamilton.

Best Beneficiary of Team Patronage, Team-mate Servitude, Media Propaganda and the Odd Tantrums Award:

Alonso for finishing where he should have qualified (front row) with the help of 4 sets of heads (Dominicali, Alonso, Massa, Media)

Best Achievement for Being Consistently Slower in the Middle Sector, but Managing to do Much Better than His Usual Outing:


Brutally Honest and Free-Spirited Excellence Award:



Also, probably post at the top.



You need to do this for every race.

Tornillo Amarillo

HULKENBERG, you know I’m maybe the first fan 🙂

HULK did GREAT in qualify, but in the race it’s just what you said, he was best of the rest after RBR & Ferrari.

Nowadays there are not such great feats like VETTEL did in Monza 2008 with Toro Rosso, when a young talent put everything right between the big guns, like the pole of Hulk in Brazil also…

Big hope HULKENBERG goes to Ferrari in 2014! I can imagine I would be a Ferrari fan then!!!


DOD Raikkoenen because he will driving the red car in 2014!

Finally we get to see 2 WDCs in a team again!


1. Vettel

2. Alonso

3. Massa

4. Hamilton


I stopped watching F1 in the Schumacher era because it was boring watching him lead start to finish. I am very close to turning the tv off again. I hope next year there is some excitement.


With all the respect, send your complaints to all other teams / drivers who can’t reach the excellence of Red Bull / Vettel and win more races.

This year has been really exciting, same as the previous one. Let me remind you, last year, first 7 races won by 7 different drivers. This year we have 6 different winners. Where’s the dominance?

I can clearly see WCC and WDC points table but come on – season is far from over, 7 races left, we don’t know how close Red Bull has been from double DNF yesterday.

My choice for DoD is Vettel. For staying calm and not attempting any fastest laps when asked so, he’s growing up. BTW, the race was a bit boring, maybe because we’ve lost the thermal camera so early…


you mean 5 different winners this year? and Seb won 1/2 of 12 races. Have to admit. if you are not a Vettel fan, it’s tough. but I am – so cannot be happier. never tired of him winning 🙂


Yes, 5, thanks for correcting me.

The bast package wins. For last 4 years it’s RB + Vettel.


I’d give DOTD to Hamilton. No radio and forced early into a 2 stop strategy with a slow puncture he came within a lap (2 at the most) of getting 7 place.

Tied for runner up would be Kimi for effectively doing a one stopper and being dead last by 40+ seconds after the first lap and Hulkenberg for the 5th place finish in a Sauber!


VET for utter domination must be the DOTD.


RAI / HAM for their displays of class and brilliance.

ALO for maximum mastery of what he has got in the race though not in quali.


Hülkenberg was very impressive, managing 5th with a Sauber takes a lot of skill, whether their car suits Monza better than some other tracks or not. Have to also mention Lewis and Kimi, who were the fastest drivers on track (even if Lewis was helped a bit in this regard by having somewhat shorter stints than others and thus able to push a little bit harder.) I think they both would’ve challenged for the podium had they not suffered their respective ill-fortunes.


Hulkenberg – reminded me of what Vettel did with STR in 2007/2008 – getting the car to where it didn’t belong.

If one is impressed by what Ricardo did, one should be a whole lot more impressed by what Hulkenberg did, for H finished in front of R in an inferior car.


Ricciardo drove well, had faster cars all around him and still managed the hold 7th with cars on his trail for majority of the race. Got the maximum result the car could deliver.


He had one of the fastest cars all weekend..there weren’t many faster and he was beaten by a Sauber with the same Ferrari engine


The STR’s mid-corner speed around the Variante Ascari looked a bit dodgy, so they must have compromised the set-up to achieve this. As I mentioned above, the Sauber wasn’t too dodgy down the straights either.


One of the fastest cars? Where do you get that from? Toro Rosso wasn’t fast in any of the FP’s and only got the max out of the cars in Qualifying. So he was beaten by a Sauber with the same Ferrari engine? Have you got complete ignorance to even consider the engines are the difference? Hulk drove a great race but your response is invalid. There was also a Mercedes infront and 2 Lotus’s, a Mercedes and 2 Maclarens behind Ricciardo which he did an very good job of holding off.


Nico Hulkenburg surely…


Alonso, magic move on Webber and was Vettel’s only challenger – from fifth on the grid.

Vettel didn’t put a foot wrong and dominated- but didn’t need to do anything brilliant on the day.

Webber/Ricciardo equal 3rd. Mark got off the line and kept Vettel honest. Heroic fail keeping Alonso back. Ricciardo held off the entire McLaren team and all the nay-sayers too.

So glad Hamilton was there to make it interesting.

Good work by the Hulk to not go backwards as fast as everyone expected.

Best of the wreckage- Vergne not quite spanking Ricciardo the way it happens in his head.

Honourable mentions to Lewis and The Hulk.


Nico Hulkenberg easily. And that’s from a Vettel fan.


– Vettel is the obvious but…

– DR drove a really mature race but..

– Hamilton’s last 20 lapswere friggin amazing but…

– Massa drove as he should have for the last 3 years but …

I’m picking Bernd Maylander easily the drive of the day .. just took it easy.

Great race , no interuptions , brilliant !!!!



Would have had second if not for the gearbox problem.

Despite having to short shift he chased Alonso all the way to the finish line.


How? under performed team mate, eaten by Alonso. Even Vettel was asked to short shift…


VET, for stamping his authority on another F1 season with a dominant race and qualifying, again.


How about Ricciardo?

He was consistent and held off several faster cars to hold onto a solid 7th place.


Leaving aside the abilities of any other drivers who were in the running for the RBR seat next year, I think Ricciardo’s consistency under pressure over pretty much the whole race on the weekend is a lot to do with why he’s off to RBR.

If he can qualify near the pointy end of the grid and drive a race like that in Newey-car next year he’ll bank a bagfull of points as a bare minimum. Further development will turn him into a race winner. Not so sure about a WDC, but that’s Vettel’s job (for now).


I agree, also Dan has displayed a level of maturity on and off track which JEV hasn’t shown as yet..

John in San Diego

Vettel, with special mention to Hulkenburg, who put in a great effort.


No mention of Daniel Ricciardo? I thought he drove very well to maintain his position against more fancied opponents.


I thought he did well, too. It would have been easy to crack with McLarens, Mercedes and Lotii (plural of Lotus?) glued to your gearbox the whole way. And despite some dodgy looking mid-corner pace, he didn’t put a foot wrong. Sure, the STR was decent down the straights, but they sure compromised their corner speed. Joe Saward might still take Vergne though…


They all drove well, so Vettel as he won it.

No Lewis and no Kimi will raise eyebrows and hackles 😉


Kimi and Lewis are my Drivers of the Day. They were fun to watch, because they were not in position to win but they kept fighting to gain positions.


How Kimi? He punted his car into the back of Perez, Grosjean style resulting in him going to the back 🙂


Oppa Grojean style! 😀

Lewis for me today, great piece of damage limitation.


nico hulkenberg without any doubt


I’ll second that .Might get him the advantage over Kimi when it comes to Ferrari’s big decision. What do you think James? I thought Kimi had a scruffy race by his high standards.


I’m a Ferrari fan, but Nico is the one today for sure. Hope he gets the drive next year.


Either Kimi or Lewis. Probably Kimi for that superb recovery after the first lap fiasco. Would’ve taken 9th or even 8th but for that KERS failure last few laps.


Kimi makes it a point to mention it’s his team fault when his team messes it up. Now, it should be Eric’s turn to come out and say openly that Kimi screwed up – when he bumped Perez’s behind in the opening lap…


Maybe he would if Kimi was actually at fault.


didnt lewis had a superb recovery after the puncture too? hahahaha. and he overtook kimi.

just saying.


Fernando for me.


All the Vettel [mod] are going say it was Alonso or Hulkenberg or anyone but Vettel. You are all wrong.

Just like two weeks ago in Spa. Vettel is the driver of the day at Monza. Vettel was in a class of his own. No one could touch him.

At some point all the naysayers have to stop living on the river denial and suck it up and admit to yourselves that Vettel is by far the best driver out there right now and also one of the all time greats. He is making all the current drivers look like chumps and they know it. With seven races to go, seven, Hamilton is throwing in the towel and Alonso is praying for Vettel to DNF. That is all they have, little to no hope. Bow down to your new master Sebastian Vettel.


i would dedicate DOTD to adrian newey. without that guy i doubt vettel would be anywhere he is today.

would love to see him in a ferrari with alonso as team mate

or a mercedes with lewis or even a lotus with kimi.

i highly doubt he would be untouchable then.

im not saying hes not a good driver, on contrary he is a superb one. but i wouldnt say he is in a whole different level compared to the rest of the field. just that his car is on a whole different level.


As I wrote above, you can think it is all “the car” to ease your suffering but it is in fact just denile of reality and Vettel’s enormous talent.


Wait, didn’t Vettel win in Monza in 2008 without Newey in his first full season in F1 in a car that had no business to win?

Yes, people will say ah it rained that weekend. Last I checked, every body got the same rain.

I had thought the very location would jolt the most suppressed memories. Sigh.


@ Tim, thank you for the good information. Meanwhile, Vettel had more points than Webber, DC, and SB combined in 2008 season. I suppose that was because of Newey too?


Wait, didn’t Vettel win in Monza in 2008 without Newey ….

Please allow me to make a polite correction 🙂

I copied and pasted this from Wiki:

‘The Toro Rosso STR3 is a Formula One car which Scuderia Toro Rosso used in the 2008 Formula One season designed by Adrian Newey, the Red Bull Racing designer’.


Vettel is class no doubt there, but webbers poor performances for the last few years is making it look easy Vettel, cruising by lap 2


Sorry Carlo, that’s not how F-1 works. These days there ain’t no “by far” with regards to the drivers or cars, at least in the front 75% of the field. Actually, if you know anything about the rules, when it comes to driver and car performance, “by far” is actually outlawed by the rules.

It was not too many years ago that the first 4 or 5 rows of the grid were consistently organized by brand, side by side, race after race, only changing only slightly depending on how each car brand suited a particular track; i.e. there was a clear ranking in car performance. Now, it’s unusual to see more than a few rows with teammates along side one another because the cars are nearly all very close in performance, except for RB of course. They often qualify 1/2 because RB has the best car, but not “by far”. Vettel is certainly a good driver and one might argue the best, but he is definitely NOT better “by far”. The RB has the best car at the moment and Vettel is a very capable driver, a tough combination to beat. Plus they qualify well and race well. That’s exactly why Vettel won convincingly at Monza, but serious F-1 observers realize that he didn’t make anyone look like a chump even though Vettel looks very much like this year’s WDC.


Merc have more front row lockouts than Redbull who I believe have one this year …… Do you watch F1??


Vettel has so much raw pace that even his own team are getting on the radio and asking him to slow down. When have you ever heard of that happening before? Rules or no rules, he is “by far” the fastest guy out there right now. Things may change with the new cars and power units next year but right now Vettel is in the Senna, Schumi, Clark and Fangio realm.


I might also ask if you watch F1. RB has two front row lock outs this year and five over the past two seasons. Merc has three this year and four in the past two seasons. Mclaren also has four in the past two seasons. But the point isn’t who has the best car in qualifying, which pays ZERO points, but who has the best CAR. That clearly is RB who have more front row lock outs than any other team in the past two seasons and we certainly see Vettel on the front row a lot of the time even when Webber isn’t.


I am slightly confused. Are you saying that SV is the fastest driver or Red Bull is the fastest car. I only ask, as you make the point that things may change with next years new regulations etc. Surely, if Vettle is the fastest driver now (in your opinion) then he will still be the fastest driver then, albeit in a slower car. Won’t he?


So… Hulkenburg for DoTD?


I agree – Vettel is DOTD, daylight second, Alonso tried but was outclassed all weekend. Hulk drove well but to give it to him is a sign someone just doesn’t want to give it to Vettel and doesn’t care how far down the field they have to look for an alternative.


Wow! And I thought I was a big Vettel fan. He was definitely driver of the day at Spa but I don’t think so here.


daniel ricciardo was the DOTD. not only did he finish a very credible seventh, just have a look at the ‘quality’ cars behind him who, even witt the benefits of KERS and DRS, couldn’t displace him. great bit of mature and hard racing.


Last I saw the Torro Rosso was the fastest car in a straight line all weekend. It was very suited to Monzas low downforce configuration. A good drive no doubt but he was still beaten by one Sauber wasn’t he


The Sauber wasn’t a slouch down the chute, either…


I agree. He didn’t crack under pressure. Bodes well for next year.


you make no sense..

What about Hulk with a far more inferior car in comparism with the torro rosso. Managed to qualify 3rd and held off rosberg to claim 5th.

Im no saying ricciardo drove badly, he had a brilliant race hence justifying red bull’s judgment to take him as sebs team mate next season. but what you fail to see here, is what HULK did that race was something really spectacular and clearly overshadow’s daniel’s best efforts.

honestly Daniel vs Nico. i’d pick Nico anyday. Hes a solid driver but has horrible luck throughout his career. Maturity wise, he has been in F1 longer than Daniel. Talent wise, his GP2 career says it all. Even in F1 and a vastly inferior car he managed a pole and few good finishes on seperate occasions!

what i really hope for next season is for Nico to get a decent drive and to observe where he stand in the midst of the cream of this generation of F1 drivers


Yes but that had to do with cars being out of position and the fact that Torro Rosso geared their cars for maximum top speed hence why they were fastest in the speed trap.


As an Aussie, I wish I could agree, but whilst his drive was solid, I can’t see how Nico Hulkenberg doesn’t deserve more plaudits for his qualifying and subsequent race performance.


He also had the fastest car in a straight line I think. Never hurts at Monza


I called it on lap 5 that RBR would pit Webber early to undercut Massa for 3rd place. Had Ferrari pitted Massa as soon as they saw RBR getting ready for Vettel, then he would have had a great chance of retaining 3rd.

Hamilton and Raikkonen had great pace after their early stops. Hamilton should have been racing up front had he not messed up qualifying. Strong races for both of them… but they were out of position to start with.

I felt Webber was waay to soft on Alonso early on. Everyone and their mother could have eased off the brakes a touch and closed to the door on Alonso.

Vettel was un-challenged at the front (although who knows if Hamilton could have given him a race), and Hulkenberg was brilliant. DotD to Hulkenberg, with Vettel runner-up.


Webber was easy meat for Alonso at Spa as well.


I just want to play devil’s advocate for a second here.

Early in the race, Alonso passed Webber at the second chicane but pulled in a bit too quickly and knocked a piece of Webber’s front wing off.

Given all the penalties dished out at Spa and Hungary for various incidents, why was this incident not investigated? Why was no one blamed!? Someone has to be blamed!

Disclaimer: This is intentionally tounge-in-cheek. I don’t actually think this incident needs investigating. Two drivers were racing. These things happen in racing.

My point is that a previous races other drivers have been investigated and penalised for seemingly lesser infringements. So why not here?


The consistency thing is interesting. I don’t think anyone would disagree that you would want rules consistently applied. However, the subtle point is that in striving to be consistent the stewards try to treat every incident as the same and that’s just not the case.

We have a situation now where racing and overtaking in particular is too procedural; the enforcement of rules and regs by the stewards is such that a driver knows he must complete an overtake in a certain set way or face a penalty.

This stifles creative and daring drivers and discourages drivers from racing too much in my opinion.



Although your comment is partly in jest, I feel you do have a point. If it had been Grosjean doing the same thing to Webber, it would almost certainly have ended up with the stewards. Inconsistency is the problem.


Probably the FIA not wanting to be seen as unfair or biased.

But to be honest the fact that this incident happened all comes down to there not being a suitable run off area for cars to run on to in that situation – it’s straight into the gravel. If they put just a wheels width of tarmac there it would stop similar incidents from occurring.

It’s something I’ve always hated about this track, the exit of this corner.


Alonso was right up next to Webber. He had to give him room, and if he’d eased up on the brakes he likely wouldn’t have been able to turn in tight enough from the inside, i.e. he’d have gone straight into the side of Alonso, or just forced him off the track and across the chicane.


From my perspective, Webber went into the braking zone with the intention of leaving space for Alonso on the outside (not calling any conspiracy btw – Raikkonen did this a lot last season).

Had he gone into the braking zone with the intention of shutting the door, Alonso wouldn’t have been in a position to run it around the outside and would have had to back out of it, or cut the chicane (see Raiikonen vs. Hamilton this race, and the same two at Spa 2008).

It isn’t as if Webber never drives like this either.


Here I go. I’ll join the conspiracy theory peeps.

Webber is only ever hard on Vettel.

Webber helps out makes it easier for Vettels rivals.

At least it appears that way to me so it must be a fact according to the way some assess things in F1.


Hulkenberg just for getting the most out of his car


Without question Hulkenberg


DOTD is Hulkenberg for me too. From what we saw on TV (nothing) it was a quiet race but he deserves it for putting the car so high both on Saturday and Sunday.


Nico Hulkenberg DotD for me as well. DotW (weekend) in fact. Great qualifying and then a stonking drive in the race.

However, I know this sounds weird, but if I was a Sauber employee I think I’d be scratching my head a little bit. This car is not on the pace of the leaders and has spent most of the season battling outside the points or, at best, for 10th.

Yes there have been some upgrades but suddenly Nico not only qualified on the second row, he lapped on the pace of leaders in the race. I’d be tempted to think: “Hang on! We’ve been busting a gut all season, under severe financial constraints, to get this thing further up the grid and suddenly out of nowhere the driver has gone and found 0.5-1.0 seconds! Where on earth was that earlier in the season!”

I know the likely explanation is that Sauber have been struggling with tyres (no longer as much of an issue at this stage of season) and downforce (not as much of an issue at Monza) and that, with those deficiencies minimised, Nico went on to deliver the maximum result possible which, on this occasion, was therefore 5th rather than 10th, 12th or 14th he has delivered as the maximum earlier on this season. But I’d still wonder if the fact that contracts are being signed, particularly at Ferrari (a drive which, for the record, I’d really like him to get) and Lotus, have helped him dig that little bit deeper. Racing drivers (not just Hulkenberg) may claim to be at 100% every race – they may even believe they are – but you’d be surprised how they manage to find just that little bit extra when a tangible prize is up for grabs. In a sense, it’s a perfectly human response and racing drivers are only human beings, if exceptionally driven ones.


If I was Lotus and with things looking likely that your losing Kimi I would sign up the Hulk quickly. Lotus have shown that they can produce good cars (not championship winning ones but neither can Ferrari or Mclaren these days) so might be a good team to get in with. Paul meanwhile is shooting himself in the foot by only talking about going to Ferrari… can’t help but think its another year at Force India.


Please remember that Monza is a very peculiar track. It requires the lowest down-force levels possible from the car. This means that if your car is poor at generating down-force (which also generates drag), you’re likely going to perform badly at slow or twisty racetracks while most likely doing very well on fast tracks like this.

That’s why the Red Bull is so impressive. We all know that the car is the best at generating down-force (especially in fast bends), so you would expect it do do average or worse at this track and still it was also brilliant at Spa and Monza, the two fastest of the year.


BTW… I agree that the Hulk was the driver of the day. Vettel and Alonso were also brilliant.


+1 Hopefully he’ll get a chance to show his skills in a better car next year.


I agree, Nico Hulkenburg for me too. What a stella weekend in a car which is pretty poor. Great effort. Also a good show by Massa, it looked pretty evident that the team had told Philp to drop back and let Alonso pass, as he suddenly lost a massive amount on ground on Vettel who was nursing his flat spotted right front. Alonso’s issue this weekend, for the second race on the bounce was not qualifying where the car is capable of, that somewhat flatters his race day performances given the Ferrari’s top end speed and ergo passing ability at Spa and Monza.

RE: Those who say Kimi/Lewis, very hard to call this, because whilst they were banging in fastest laps they had the softer, faster, medium compound tyre on whilst others had the harder tyres on. Any car with the soft tyres on at the end should have been setting green sectors, if not purple ones. Whilst we don’t know about Kimi, as he pitted early on, Lewis was nowhere on the slower compound, with JB managing to pass him a good few laps prior to that unfortunate slow punture.

Webber, far too soft on the Alonso pass. He needs to look at how others defending that sort of position. I’m quite sure he’d not be so forgiving if it was his team mate, rather than one of his buddies. Sorry Mark!

Vettel? Did the job, as we’ve come to expect. Whilst all the other apparently superior drivers (LH, FA, KR) made errors in qually the German kid didn’t and after holding Webber off into the first corner this was all about reliability. That said, Hulk was fantastic, he out qualified and out raced both Mercs and both Lotus cars, cars which are vastly vastly superior. Well done Nico, nice to see after I’ve previously said that this guy is leagues ahead of Di Resta.


The broadcast we heard about LH slow puncture was a delayed message, and so clearly explained the ease by which Button undone Ham’s earlier overtake.

Lewis drove a blinder and I believe his sour mood was a consequence of a poor Saturday, and the very real possibility of a win.

For me Lewis Hamilton was DOTD PERIOD!!!


Have to agree its definitely Hulkenberg, it was an uneventful race for him but drove flawlessly and matched the top running teams in a car that had no right to be near the front, if only the start was better he could have challenged Massa at the very least.


Rosberg, its takes supreme skill to have one of the fastest cars on the grid, start 6th finished 6th not one attempted overtake that takes some doing


2nd that emotion.


The Hulk. Super happy for him and his team.

He has been consistently great in three low to mid pack teams. Threeeeee.

What else does this guy have to do to get a top tier drive.


I agree with you. Sadly, though, he has no financial backing and could easily find himself without a drive next season. He will not be kept by Sauber – they need the Russian and Mexican money. Ferrari looks increasingly like it will be Kimi and Nando. This leaves Lotus. I hope I am wrong, but I can’t see Hulk and Gros at Lotus as team mates.


Don’t say that. I didn’t think of this. Now I am worried. Booooo.

It is a bit unfair isn’t it. I mean Hulkenberg does appear to be really really good. I think for sure he would be up there with the best in a decent car.


I’m gonna say Paul di Resta. That was the most exciting/interesting thing to happen the entire race.


Consider these: Lewis Hamilton nursed a slow puncture; He fell right at the back of the field and had to fight excellent drivers like Kimi; his car is average; he is new to the team, who were concentrating on Nico’s fight with Hulk.

Under such circumstances Vettle nobody could have scored any points. But Hamilton drove the wheels off his car and came 9th. I am so impressed by his drive that he should be nominated not just DOTD but Driver of the Century–I am sure you will all agree.

Vettel should not even be on the list. Anybody, even the bloggers like you and me, can win in Newey’s brilliantly designed car.


Where to start?

Nursed a puncture? I think not. Hammo said he didn’t even know about the slow puncture until after the race.

Average car? I think not. On the weekend Rosberg and Hammo described the pace of their car as “really good” and “great”, respectively.

New to Mercedes? I think not. Hammo has been there more than half a season – “new” is a very thin excuse about now.

Conspiracy theories aside, Webber had the same car as Vettel and didn’t win. The car is 70-odd percent of the deal, significant but far from all of it.

What’s more, Hammo’s wheels were quite clearly still on his car when he crossed the finish line, so he certainly didn’t drive them off 😛

I am sure you will agree that you should turn down the hyperbole a bit (err… a lot actually), get a few facts straight, be a bit more reasonable in your assessments…

I’m happy to be corrected but I don’t think I saw Hamilton do anything much except blow by people on the straights (in his average car). I saw he had the door slammed on him a few times when he tried to out-brake some drivers on his way back up the field.

Being charitable you could say he was being risk-averse by not tangling with other cars in the corners and relying on the superior tyres (corner exit traction) and straight line speed to pass, but that’s hardly worthy of DOTD.


Not sure about Hamilton only blowing by people on the straights – a couple of well executed passes from 2nd corner into and through curve grande. He drove well given the radio problems and puncture.

I agree with your other points – decent car and half a season in, no more excuses about a new team.

DOTD for me: Vettel or Hulkenburg. The first because he is impervious and the second because he massively beat expectations.


I don’t think LH was driver of the day, not by a long shot. But I think you are being a little harsh in your assessment. He passed KR using a not inconsiderable amount of skill. I wouldn’t argue that his car was stronger and his tyres younger, but don’t pretend it was a simple DRS pass on the straight.


i agree!

Paul di Resta for his thermal imaging camera….. and the epic crash. otherwise a pretty boring race.


Reminds me of the helmet cam that DC wore in Brazil in his final race in 2008. His race lasted about as long, too!


I’d go for HUL, but I don’t garee that it was a boring race. Am I the only one who enjoyed seeing these drivers drive pretty much flat out for the entire race without having to worry about the tyres?

For me it was great to see ALO, WEB, HAM and RAI all on the edge for pretty much every lap, getting everyhting they could out of the car!

Got me a bit misty-eyed for the races of 5 or so years ago!


Interesting, but my reply wasn’t directed at you – it was meant for Simmo, my bad for not saying so…

That said, I was a bit strong-minded, it was late and I was rushing to write it before my plane home took off!! I hope no one gets offended, but I really do think that we should all stop with the f1 bashing, we watch the sport, we should start with what was great about it!!!


Richard C, you either did not read or understand my post at all did you? What on earth are you talking about? At least take the time to understand what someone has written before you peck out a response. Perhaps you should consider your own posts before worrying about others’.


maybe you should choose a different sport?! it’s not called “overtaking”, it’s called “formula 1”, ie the best drivers driving the fastest prototypes. i’m getting thoroughly annoyed at this blog’s comments (regulatly from the same posters) constantly changing opinions.

“we want more overtaking” but “no artificial tyres”; “we want back markers out of the way” but “no drs”…

it’s a flawed sport if you look at it that way, the fastest car/driver combo will always win over the season. it’s the few moments that stand out that grab us, comments like this are the reason why f1 brings in stuff like pirelli’s tyres, drs, kers, etc to spice up “the show” and still you complain!!! just enjoy watching motor racing….


I didn’t particularly enjoy it because nothing happened between the top 4. Massa was slower, Webber couldn’t challenge Alonso, Alonso was too slow to catch Vettel, and Vettel – well…


So true. The races have only become a Red Bull procession since we changed back to last years tyre compound!


Nah, I’d go for Perez for his great move just before breaking in the start.


Lol are you still seeing red from the thermal imaging camera !

Tornillo Amarillo



Thanks for that. Coffee came out my nose. lol.


Consider these: Lewis Hamilton nursed a slow puncture; He fell right at the back of the field and had to fight excellent drivers like Kimi; his car is average; he is new to the team, who were concentrating on Nico’s fight with Hulk.

Under such circumstances nobody could have scored any points. But Hamilton drove the wheels off his car and came 9th. I am so impressed by his drive that he should be nominated not just DOTD but Driver of the Century–I am sure you will all agree.

Vettel should not even be on the list. Anybody, even the bloggers like you and me, can win in Newey’s brilliantly designed car.


I think what Vettel has the the car and the team to consistently win races. There’s no doubt that the car is the best on the grid being very agile and now also fast in a straight line. He has the perfect vehicle (car and team)to win championships, but on top of that he is very fast and knows exactly how to get the most out of his car. At Monza I suspect what happen with Hamilton was that he was trying to push an underperforming car beyond it’s limits, and ended up in the gravel during qualifying, and thus spoilt his weekend. Had he accepted his car was never going to get pole this time he would have had a better result from the weekend. The fact that Rosberg could only qualify 6th is testament to the cars performance, and yes he had a gearbox problem, but had his car been on it he would have had a better result. Mercedes regrettably are relatively moving backwards, and need to find more pace. The championship is all but over with only Alonso having a slight chance of catching Vettel.


I love how people always manage to disparage the talents of two drivers in particular:

Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel.

Seriously, there are no other two drivers whose talents are EVER hated on- or at least no other drivers are ever slagged off by fans as much as them.

It must have something to do with the fact that these two are by far the quickest on the grid.


Mark hasn´t won (championship) in a brilliant Newey car.


@Simon – I am an ardent Hammy fan, but c’mon….I hope this was sarcasm!


Coundn’t agree with you more mate, Sebastian is winning because he has the best car. Next year im sure that Dan will be able to fight with Seb and for race wins. The car has been briliant, but other drivers such as Fernando, Kimi, or Lewis are able to achieve race wins in cars that are far from the best. They almost out drive their cars, and are able to win even when the circumstances are going against them. Put Kimi, Fernando or Lewis against Seb in a Red Bull and they would DOMINATE him because they have the greater driver skill.


Webber can’t.


Yes because Webber won sooo many races this year!



Hamilton ruined his qualification by doing not so bright things + he has the fastest car of the entire grid one a 1 lap pace, geared towards straightline speed on this circuit. Remember when Vettel started from the pits and became 3rd? That was the drive of the century. Not becoming 9th with a fast car.

If Neweys machinery is so amazing, how come Mark Webber is so slow in it? Vettel drove a perfect weekend. It his not his fault the other teams/drivers are lacking behind.

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