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“In control” Vettel Completes Singapore Hat-trick as others gamble
Scuderia Ferrari
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A peerless Sebastian Vettel led all but one corner of the Singapore Grand Prix today as he took a commanding seventh victory of 2013, ahead of Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen.

It is the 33rd victory of Vettel’s career – putting him ahead of Alonso to fourth in all-time wins – and his third in Singapore. He extends his championship lead over the Spaniard to 60 points with six races to go.

“It’s just a privilege to be part of the team,” said Vettel “To enjoy the moment completely. It’s one of my favourite races here. I’ve won here three times in a row – which is incredible – so I’m just extremely happy with that and extremely happy to be with the team at this stage.”

Alonso and Raikkonen owed their podium finishes to inspired strategy calls by the Ferrari and Lotus teams which pitted them under the safety car on lap 25 and called for them to drive to the finish – 36 laps – on a set of medium tyres. Not doing this cost the Mercedes drivers Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton a shot at a podium today.

Alonso went from seventh on the grid to 2nd, while Raikkonen jumped from 13th to 3rd.

A surprisingly quick starting Rosberg from the dirty side of the front-row found himself in the race lead as the field entered turn one, only for him to run wide and hand the lead back to Vettel, who nipped inside him into Turn 3.

From here on the lead was never relinquished from Vettel’s grasp as he drove a truly faultless race despite losing a ten second lead to the safety car, for an accident involving Daniel Ricciardo.

Singapore has a 100% record of Safety cars and this stayed intact; much of the order in the second stint was shaken up by the Safety Car. At this point many in the top ten opted to pit, leaving just Vettel, Rosberg, Webber and Hamilton – who had pitted only shortly before and running a two-stop strategy.

When the Mercedes pair and Webber pitted for the second time, they found themselves in traffic and with much to do in order to regain their previous positions. And around the twisty street circuit they were unable to pick off the cars ahead.

Ahead of this Alonso was able to bring his Ferrari home in typically consistent fashion to keep alive his slim hopes of a third World Championship, but after the race he was realistic about this championship and how it has turned out,

“We try our maximum, we’re trying to improve the car for every race and we are doing it but obviously not enough compared to our opponents,” said the Spaniard. “They are doing a better job than us, they are fantastic every weekend. They are winning and they deserve those wins. This is a sport, someone always has to win and the best one wins and we are not the best ones at the moment but we will keep working.”

Whilst Raikkonen, after also pitting under the Safety Car, drove through the pain barrier to nurse his damaged back to another podium.

Others that had stopped during the Safety Car period were handed the opportunity of a good haul of points, as long as they could reach the end of the Grand Prix on an ever-degrading set of tyres.

This made for an exciting climax to the race. First Nico Hulkenberg was disposed off, before Webber led the Mercedes duo past Sergio Perez and Jenson Button. Rosberg and Hamilton also came close a number of times as they switched across the track, eventually coming home in fourth and fifth places.

Webber had been set for a fourth place finish until a call to short-shift from his engineer was him drop behind the Mercedes and ultimately retire on the final lap. It is more bad luck for the Australian who drove well today with some very good overtaking manoeuvers. After the race he was given a 10 place grid drop in Korea for a third reprimand of the season; this one was for entering the track to get a lift back with Alonso, while cars were still going quickly.

Behind Hamilton was Felipe Massa, taking sixth place as he followed Webber and Mercedes pair past the long-running cars.

The top ten was closed out by Button, Perez, Hulkenberg and Sutil who fought to the finish for the lower points positions.

Paul Di Resta had looked set for a good result but lost control of the car in the closing stages, while Romain Grosjean was running fifth when the team called him in for a problem with the air system on the car and he was forced to retire.

SINGAPORE GRAND PRIX, Singapore, Race, 61 Laps

1. Vettel Red Bull
2. Alonso Ferrari
3. Raikkonen Lotus
4. Rosberg Mercedes
5. Hamilton Mercedes
6. Massa Ferrari
7. Button McLaren
8. Perez McLaren
9. Hulkenberg Sauber
10. Sutil Force India
11. Maldonado Williams
12. Gutierrez Sauber
13. Bottas Williams
14. Vergne Toro Rosso
15. Webber Red Bull
16. van der Garde Caterham
17. Chilton Marussia
18. Bianchi Marussia
19. Pic Caterham
DNF Di Resta Force India
DNF Grosjean Lotus
DNF Ricciardo Toro Rosso

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Behind the Scenes at the track
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I just can’t believe how good that Adrian Newey Red Bull car is. He really has engineered a beast there – looks so easy to drive!

It’s such a shame they have to always give Webber the lemon with all the problems, but I guess it’s Adrian’s reference car to see where he’s going with all the design updates for the number one car.

I’d love to see Hamilton have a go in it; I reckon he would have lapped the field today, even with the safety car!

Man of the weekend = Newey, how could anyone fail to win in that car!

(DISCLAIMER – I speak English)


It may not be as simple as flat-out down to Newey or Vettel. It may not even be as simple as the combination of man and machine. I don't think Vettel, Newey, Horner, Webber, and the rest of the Red Bull team work in isolation.

My guess is Red Bull's development simulation is leaps ahead of any team. They're constantly crunching numbers, testing various scenarios and running all kinds of computer simulations. Newey, Horner, Vettel, Webber and others are arguably equally involved in bringing ideas to the table and testing them out, while other teams are chilling. Maybe, it goes something like this:

Newey: I'm going to channel the exhaust gasses in a different way. This will modified car handling. You'll have to drive counter-intuitively. Can you?

Vettel: I'll give it a go. Can you feed the effects on the machine, so that I can try them out in the simulator?

Webber: Yup, mate. Feed it on the sim.

Newey: It's done.

Vettel: Turns out, you've got to throttle up really early at the exit of corners rather counter intuitively. I'll practice and get better.

Webber: I'm not quite at ease driving like this, though.

Newey: Noted. Let's see what I can do.

Horner: Excellent boys, excellent. I love it when a plan comes together!


Over on the other side of the paddock.

Montezemelo: Take this knife and swear by it (doesn't actually make the car go faster)

Alonso: I want someone else's car for my birthday. Massa works on the simulator (the car won't go faster this way either)


Most people, though, just see it as Newey's magic and completely ignore the challenges of running an F1 team with success - arrested development in F1? It requires vision, the right people and programs. Red Bull is far ahead from the competition in this regard. They have a brilliantly efficient enterprise running with the right people, right programs and the right working relationships.



love this. I doubt that the other teams are sleeping though

Tornillo Amarillo

BORING, Red Bull makes other engineers look stupids. These races look stupids too.

VETTEL won almost 4 Championship overtaking just few contender cars (midfield and backmarkers do not count really). I respect a lot that boy, but he got it easy really.


If it was the car that was fast and not Vettel. That would mean the car was 2 plus seconds a lap faster than the other cars. If the RedBull car is 2 plus seconds a lap faster than the other cars then Marl Webber would always come second. MArk Webber driving a two second a lap faster car would thrash everyone.

Reality is the speed is mostly Vettel.


Not if Webber's car is the reference car for Newey (and it clearly is)


Lewis is too up and down, never know which one will turn up for the race weekend. He lacks sheer consistency of Seb.... this coming from a Hamilton Fan


Flame bait much? A Kimi fan myself, but hand it to Vettel, he's class.

As for the race event, well organised track side and easy to get to and from quickly, unlike other races I've been to. Looks magic under lights!


His team mate can't


VET would have finished 60 secs ahead of the field without the safety car...... It's a sad state of affairs, people will turn off in their droves before long.

Roll on 2014.


Sour grapes. It is a good car, and I agree that Hamilton, Alonso would also win in that car, they are both on par with Vettel. No need to diminish what Vettel did today.


Count the number of times since the beginning of 2010 that Vettel's car has failed while he had a solid lead in a race... I think you will find that he has had his share of bad luck...

But hey, why mess with facts when we can just write off everything Seb does to Newey... Much more fun...


Both gearboxs were on the brink last time in Monza with both of them being told to short shift, and it looks like the thing just gave up in the end....bad luck really, don't think they could change it without a penalty, so now they've retired him he can have a another one for the next race.

Its just bad luck, could've easily been Vettel's box that broke.


Seb's broke whilst leading at Silverstone, otherwise the championship is already over.


Lewis broke many times last season, he cudda also won the wdc. Your point is invalid


Anyone who denies Sebs prowess after todays display is either blind, dumb or both.

The championship is over for all intents and purposes, although its mathematically possible for Alonso to catch him, in reality its not going to happen.

Roll on 2014


Hamilton, Alonso, whoever wouldn't have done any better than Vettel did today. Even with the best car a driver can still perform outstandingly in it. He deserves some respect.


We saw the strength and weakness of a Newey car this race - incredibly fast but incredibly fragile. Vettel has the hyper-precision to bring it home with flying colors. Webber, as good as he is - and he is good - always gets into trouble. Most other drivers probably would too. Newey does make Vettel look good. But Vettel makes Newey look good also.

Get Well Soon Murray

Yes that's interesting what you say about most of the reliability issues seem to be happening to Webber. It can't be just by coincidence - not only is Seb blindingly fast but he must be easy on the car at the same time.

All Newey is doing is providing a solid platform for Vettel to go and uleash from. Webber isn't taking anything like as much from the Red Bull as Vettel..

Well the absolute test of Vettel's speed would have been if he was able to beat Kimi soundly next year with the same equipment but that opportunity, sadly, has been denied to us!

Still, I can conclude that the boy is quick...


Kimi & Fernando battling to get into Q3!!


But we've got Kimi vs Fernando at Ferrari to look forward to instead in 2014.


Enough of the Newey stuff. Seb is as much of it as Newey. Where was Webbo in qualy compared to Seb? Can't be all car when Seb has beat him 14 out of 14 races in qualy. Seb is great and people need to deal with it...


Lets not forget that Vettel won a race in the Torro Rosso.


Fully agree


Plus One (million!)


It's such same to see "fans" still clinging to the fantasy that the Newey wondercar is the reason SV wins and not his own exceptional driving ability.


You got it right, Steve, whether someone loves or hates him, the facts are difficult to overlook, since they come in such an avalanche.

Like many fans, I rue the championship being effectively over at the Monza/Singapore time of the year; and that what it is, effectively over, for the top driver and constructor; only a truly monumental exceptional circumstance could lose it for Vettel/Red Bull. While it 'could' happen, the overwhelming chances are that it won't happen, and Vettel-Red Bull will win another driver/constructor championship double.

I believe that Webber is the best driver, currently driving, who has not won a world championship, and I put him, at least, on par with Jenson.

In the same equipment, he really hasn't been in it this year, has he? Then Vettel's incredible march, forward, building enough time for a pit stop in hand over the 2nd place driver, in how few laps?!?


What does it take for some people to acknowledge talent, right before their eyes?!?

Anybody with enough doubt to boo the victory celebration are fairly pathetically losers in their dysfunctional denial on steroids!

The guy is good, maybe staggeringly good!

Of course, it is acknowledged by many of those paying attention that the best designer, perhaps of all time, is Adrian Newey.

But he's not the guy who beats a gritty old Ozzie git, and super-fast race car driver, week after week, after year after year, because those are the facts!

The race really came alive after the safety car; I think it is the best thing I can remember Ricciardo doing for the spectacle of the show, yet.


Because of course , when he had an equal car to all the other drivers he dominated then didn't he? Just like Lewis Hamilton did.

Oh wait, actually he didn't, he couldn't even beat Paul Di Resta in an identical car. The domination only started when he was driving a Newey car.

Funny too, that a host of other drivers such as Mansell, Hill, Villeneuve, only dominated when they had a Newey car. The latter 2 in particular did very little else. Mansell was very good but he was no Senna or Prost.

It's all about the car Steve! Or do you really think Vettel is 2 seconds a lap faster than the other drivers round Singapore?



Webber has 5 years more experience than Alonso. You're not being fair in comparing them. In any case he only scored a couple of points more.

Moreover, my main point is that generally the most brilliant people in sport dominate from an early age. Vettel is now being hailed as the greatest driver ever by some people. If this were true surely he would have dominated at an early age before he got to F1 like Senna did, like Prost, Valentino Rossi, Marc Marquez, Usain Bolt, Tiger Woods, Federer, Nadal, Messi, Ronaldo (both of them).

I mentioned Hamilton because that is exactly what he did too. Before anyone says, I am not his biggest fan but you can't deny his speed which has been proven time and time again against every team mate he has ever had.

This is simply not the case with Vettel. Webber initially matched him in 2010 and then has seemingly declined or can't drive the blown diffuser cars like Vettel. Yes, Vettel is faster than Webber, we know this, but that is all we know. That doesn't make him the greatest driver ever. Why did Di Resta beat him in identical cars? Did Brundle beat Senna in F3? No he didn't.

Yes he is very good but it's easy to lead from the front in the best car. The contrast in Honda/Brawn 08/09 and the performance of the drivers tells you everything about what is important in F1. If Brawn had remained the best car for 4 years and kept Button and Barrichell0 then Button would be 4 times world champion and half of the people on here would be claiming he is one of the greatest drivers ever.


Sad thing is that perhaps you believe that nonsense


And di Resta couldn't beat di Grassi, who couldn't beat Glock, who couldn't beat Trulli... you get the idea. With that logic you almost always come to the conclusion that Nick Heidfeld is the greatest driver of the 21st century.

BTW Webber beat Alonso in 2000 Formula 3000 series, and Webber has also beaten Rosberg and Coulthard/Heidfeld far more convincingly than Hamilton and Raikkonen respectively were able to. We all know how Webber compares to Vettel.

That's not to say the Red Bull isn't a great car, because it clearly is. But to deny Vettel out of sour grapes is idiocy.

Not sure why you brought Hamilton up either, considering he very nearly lost the GP2 title to Nelson Piquet Jr. of all people.


Today I'm conviced that yes the Redbull is the fastest car, it has some reliability problems but is fast, but I'm also convinced that Vettel is the fastest driver (yes faster than Hamilton also) what he does is incredible, the team asked him to push and made a 30 seconds gap, if you can't see that is because your favorite driver is not winning, it's just a shame.


Check Toro Rosso.


Oh, so now we are comparing Vettel to Hill and Villeneuve? And DiResta?


Andrew makes a point. And again, ask Vettel, when was the last time he won a Grand Prix from below 3rd on the grid?


>It’s such a shame they have to always give Webber the lemon with all the problems

Not really true



Are you sure about that?

The moderator/journalist of that website is Seb's biggest fan. I like Seb too, but I'm just calling it as it is.

That's why I'm here now. Much more unbiased and smart reporting and fair commenters..


Easy, if you don't believe that list, compile the list of failures and problem and then we will compare one with the other

I don't know what has to do a supposedly bias from the journalist/moderator with a list made by other people.


Couldn't agree with you more; did the exact same move as you.


It sure looks like it 🙂


Admit it already, Vettel is amazing.

If it was Hamilton,  Alonso, Kimi, in his place delivering what Vettel is delivering, you would all say they are Jedi. Call a spade a spade, Vettel is Da Bomb!

It sure is good on the Vettel Band Wagon lately.  Come on board,  there is still some space left. 😉


Yes, but no more so than ALO and HAM. That was pure ALO power that put that Ferrari in second place. It was not pure VET power that put him so far ahead of the other great drivers. It cannot possibly have been, he would have finished a minute ahead without the safety car.


Off course Vettel is not 2-3 seconds faster than Alonso or Hamilton, I didn't say that, you said that if he can do that is mostly the car, well I think is 100% the car, that's my point, the faster you can go is the faster the car can go, but you still need a driver to do it, I think yesterday Vettel extract the most of the car, Alonso as well, so, if Vettel created that gap was because he consistently extracted everything the car was able to do, that is why I disagree with you saying that Alonso pure power put him on second place (which is not possible, if he got second place is because the car was able to be there, look the Mclarens, they couldn't handle the same strategy) but in Vettel case is the car. Is just not logical, in both cases the drivers did the best with the machinery they had which is not the case of Webber, I would expected him to be behind Vettel (not having the gearbox failure)


Wayne is right. There are stand out acts on the grid. To not include Vettel in that group, or to give 100% credit to car for his achievements is what is illogical in my view. Same lack of logic that got 40% or more to vote that it's OK to boo Vettel.


Really? How is even possible that Alonso's power put him in second place? He got down the car and push it to the end? Vettel won with that big gap because he drove the car amazingly, Alonso drove well also. I was wacthing the live timing and Vettel made a lap 3 seconds faster in the third lap to create the gap that is not something everybody can do. Give the man the credit he deserves.


No, he is NOT 2 - 3 seconds quicker than ALO and HAM, it is because he can do this that it MUST be mostly the car. If he were 2 - 3 tenths quicker I'd give him that as pure talent.

And I am giving him the credit he deserves, just no more than ALO, RAI, HAM who are just as good in my opinion.


Right! Vettel is so fast that he can consistently lap 2-3 secs faster than the likes of alo ,ham & kimi. [Mod]Absolute nonsense! He is good alright, but that car is too fast! I wonder what you lot would say if vettel and lewis/alo swapped machinery. Would he lap 2-3 seconds faster still?
I find you comment somewhat shortsighted!


I agree and I am not even a fan! Martin Brundle just instinctively told the crowd to stop the booing... but yeah really it sucks.

Vettel's doing something right. People don't really get it.

No point in arguing and claiming Kimi or Alonso will wipe the floor with him unless we've seen them together in the same machinery. Let the kid have his time. He deserves it.

The Noble thing is to take the fight to him and beat him.


Give ma a break Sebee.

Fact:Red Bull has the best machinery on the grid,Ferrari has the best "racer" second to none in Alonso.Period ;as you stated call the

spade a spade and don't be a one eye jack.

We all have our hero's but you can't drift so

much away from the fact.

What would be your thoughts if Vetel change

places with Alonso for the reminder of the

season,that is Vetel drives Ferrari and

Alonso drives Red Bull.

Sebee, give us the contributors to J.A site

your "Da Bomb" opinion who would win the

WDC,come man be dare,an opinion please.


Why don't you start a petition to get Alonso to go to the RoC, and then we will know how they do in same hardware? Anything else is speculation.


If you can't fight them, join them! I forced myself to like Vettel and I'm actually starting to become a big fan of him! Such a fast and impulsive driver, and I enjoy his antics, too, like getting the fastest lap in Monaco just for the sake of it, or when the team has to keep him at bay.


I second you. I am a Fernando aficionado but I agree that Sebastian deserves praises. Awesome! guy on and off the track is Sebastian - check him out when he was on David Letterman show.

If anyone wants to know why Fernando, Sebastian, Kimi and Lewis are the best on the grid then he or she should watch todays race. All of them drove superbly.


I am a huge Schumacher fan and loved his years of dominance ... that said, Ferrari were always pushed because their competitors had the ability to continually improve through in season testing. In the current scheme, all RB has to do is get it right out of the box and its nearly impossibly to catch up.


Rubbish! Ferrari had bespoke tyres that were miles better than what everyone else was running!

Not taking anything away from Schumacher, just pointing out that if anything, their car\tyre advantage was much greater than Vettels.

RB & Vettel are playing on a level field, Ferrari & Schumacher were not.


Amount of 1-2's Ferrari had was unreal, Seb doen't have the car advantage Schuey enjoyed in the early 2000's, but for the current grid their cars next year needs to be at least 0.5 sec faster than the Redbull or it'll be another walk over.


Actually Red Bull have more 1-2's in this period than Ferrari did in their period. Also, it wasn't so much a car advantage Ferrari had but Schumacher being by far the best driver on the grid. Schumacher only ever had the best car on the grid in 01, 02 and 04. In fact, he only ever had a truly dominating car on par with the 1988-89 McLaren, 1992 Williams, 1996 Williams, 1998 McLaren, and 2011 Red Bull, in 2002 and 2004. The 2001 Ferrari was a superior car but on the level of the 2000 McLaren.


Michelin had the better tyres from 2003 onwards. You could even make a case for them being better in 2001. It was a big part of the reason for Williams resurgence that year. Michelin had testing data and input from three top teams -- McLaren, Williams and Renault. Bridgestone only had Ferrari. Hence Bridgestone being so uncompetitive in 2005.


Renault and McLaren also had bespoke Michelin tyres if memory serves correct.


Ferrari had on balance the best car up until the British Grand Prix. Alonso did nothing with his advantage.

Red Bull were best at Bahrain, Montreal and the last three races. People have short attention spans.

Vettel's simply amazing. Alonso and Kimi got very, very lucky with the timing of the safety car. Alonso also benefited greatly from a car that is a bullet off the grid whether in the hands of Alonso or Massa.

Valentino from montreal

+ 1 mil


Hi James,

Your view is becomgins slightly one sided when reporting Vettel's and Alonso's performances.

E.g., Felipe Massa barely manages to outqualify FA (in thousandths of a second) and their is huge hue and cry about it. On the other hand, take the example of Hamilton vs. Rosnerg. Rosberg demolished Lewis on this circuit and not a word on it.

Today, I think Alonso did an electric start and was always in contention of the podium, regardless of their strategy, and his efforts are pinned on a gamble.

Vettel is a great driver, but I think we need a balance when discussing relative performances between teams and drivers.


Uh, yeah, I guess one could see it that if Rosberg beats Hamilton, by any margin, that is as 'demolishing' as Nico is likely to get with Hamilton.


I agree too. It is like a toggler between those years, despite the guy is still doing great in that slow car.


Demolished - nah, ham looked much quicker in the final stint, if the track was wider he would have got passed


Na the native English speaking media/fans will never notice Rosberg 'demolishing' Hamilton or that Seb is in a league of his own but you know what if they don't acknowledge all this and the more the boo's go on the stronger Vettel get, 50 wins by the end of 2015 easy, best driver in F1 by a country mile, Hamilton? hahaha I respect him for his speed over 1 lap but where was that this weekend? the slippery slope after 2009 continues...


Tealeaf, you can't blame everything on english speaking media/fans, the Alonso/Spanish/Ferrari fans are just as crazy!!!! 😛


In this article there is all the praise that Vettel needs to be given (e.g.: words like "peerless", "commanding", "faultless" etc.) Alonso's performance was not even mentioned in more than a couple of sentences here and rightly so.

Regarding reaction to Massa and Rosberg's relative performance to their team-mates, it is a general perception that Alonso is much superior to Massa where as Hamilton is slightly superior to Rosberg (cue: see the points table). So the reactions are different when they out-qualify their team-mates.

Of all the writers that I have come across James is usually the most balanced one. You can visit other writers' sites to get a better judgement.


I have been following Formula 1 for the last 10 years and James is my favourite commentator, along with Joe Saward, Martin Brundle and Mark Hughes.

Having heard and read his work for a fair bit of time now, I noticed this slight bias. Hence, my comment.

In my comment above, I have already recognised that Vettel is a great driver. Perhaps, the best of the lot at the moment.

I also agree with your view about the perception bias between Alonso and Massa and Hamilton and Rosberg, albeit this has been exaggerated because of Massa's inconsistency.

Let's not forget that Massa is a bloody quick driver, especially on a single lap, and can produce those flashes of brilliance.

But I have rarely seen him outqualify Alonso by more than margin of a couple of tenths, barring Austin and Brazil last year, and maybe Bahrain, 2010.

Compare the deficit the other way around when Alonso heads Massa. The difference is huge.

I think Alonso is a great qualifier, albeit slightly slower then Vettel and Hamilton over a single lap.


Demolished? They finished 2 seconds apart! Demolished! LOL


Agree completely.. that's exactly what I felt after reading the article.


Rosberg didn't demolish Hamilton. What was the gap at the end? Yes rosberg had the better weekend but 'demolish' is taking it a bit far.


They were pretty evenly matched , but if not for the problem with Rosberg's front wing impacting tyre deg adversely, he was probably with a good shout for 2nd in the race today and to be fair, he had the edge over Lewis this particular weekend


Sadly I have to agree. For some reason this year Alonso's perfomances are being a bit underrated by James. Also the way judging Alonso's comments, the way he wrote about Ferrari hiring Kimi...

I don't know why but something has changed the way he talks about Fernando.


Not at all.
Alonso was outstanding last season, he did extremely well today, but last year was a total career high as a performance

He's been outqualified by Massa five times this year, when the average for their 3.5 years together is 82% in Alonso's favour.

I'm not here to curry favour with different camps of supporters. I'm here to bring 20+ years of experience at the sharp end of F1 to hopefully provide a balanced and authoritative analysis


Exactly - I say: Perry out, Allen in


love your site; keep up the best work in the field, please.


I agree, James has been and remains one of the most objective and informed F1 journalists on the circuit. Thank you for your excellent articles.


Game, set, match James Allen.


+1 and you do it extremely well.


Massa has clearly upped his game in qualifying but with 20 years experience you'll know points are given out on a Sunday and Alonso is almost 40 points ahead of his closest rival with exception of Vettel. This in car that is still half a second or so slower. I think fans get upset when they see the guy in first place start to cruise after lap 2 and still pull a gap while Alonso is fighting for every place until the end. This is why Vettel is being booed, as rightly or wrongly he appears to have a significant advantage over the rest and nobody can believe it is just down to him..


Sorry, my intention wasn't to say that you are biased, just pointing why I agree with Amritraja because feels like you slightly changed your way you analize Alonso inside and outside the track, but its simply a small observation.

Anyway, you won my favour a long time ago, in my opinión that's still the best F1 site on the net and you should do way way worse to lose that position to me!


No need to explain... Quite obvious the superiority of your efforts.

Keep on, and thank you!


And I congratulate you.

Well done and please carry on.Mr Allen.


"Alonso and Raikkonen owed their podium finishes to inspired strategy calls" very fair comment james, as ted said in the race "alonso was gifted this one"


A precursor to next year? Fernando and Kimi, both scoring strong points - consistently. Seems like red colour will be a common sight on the podiums next year. If one has bad luck or car damage, the other will be right up there picking up the points.


Jenson was on the same strategy and didnt make it work so not just the team/ car


To be fair, Alonso was the one who made up 4 places at the start which transformed his potential race result. Then later, the slow pitstop got him stuck behind di-resta which probably cost him enough time to prevent him getting in front of Vettel (perhaps only briefly) later in the race. I'm not saying Alonso could have won today but he could certainly have been closer to VET had it not been for the slow pitstop. I'd put the result at 70% Alonso, 30% strategy+car today. I certainly wouldn't say he was gifted the result.


Ferrari is consistently good off the line. Okay, let's say it's mostly Alonso. I think it's mostly engine mapping, partly Alonso, but it doesn't matter.

After the first 3 corners he basically lost ground to Rosberg then benefited greatly from the timing of the pitstop. His whole race came down to the timing of the pitstop and his start off the line. The rest of the two hours had virtually nothing to do with the result. Did he make a significant pass for position? You would have seen Rosberg and Grosjean finish ahead of Alonso without the safety car.


The engine mapping has little to do with the line taken into the first corner and the awareness Alonso consistently demonstrates. How many places did Massa make up at the start?

You say he lost ground to Rosberg, but actually he wasn't fast enough to overtake Rosberg so as we have seen time and time again, Alonso dropped back out of the dirty air and went into tyre management mode. We heard Webber being told to leave a 2 second gap so clearly this was important to preserve tyres and manage engine temperatures. Towards the end of the stint we saw Alonso pick up the pace and start setting fastest lap times, bringing the gap to Rosberg back down again before stopping for tyres. Unfortunately he had a slow tyre stop and got stuck behind di-resta which definitely lost him around 6 seconds, maybe as many as 10.

Given that Grosjean didn't finish the race, I doubt Alonso would have ended up behind him. Anyway, as you said, it doesn't matter.


It seems you all forget that he made up four places before the first corner. And in that put himself in a position where he was able to get the maximum out of the safetycar. That start was a stunner. 🙂


He's part of the team. He drove an outstanding race with the car he had, as did Kimi and Vettel.

That's why they are world champions..


Exactly, it's not like Alonso and Räikkönen were the only ones with the strategy. They are the ones who managed to pull it off. Considering that Kimi drove in the dirty air behind Jenson for most of the race after the SC, it was remarkable how he managed to keep his tires in good condition and pull that amazing move on Jenson.


What Kimi and Fernado did, especially Kimi who was driving in the turbulence of Button's car, is phenomenal. To drive for 30 some odd laps at that pace and still have enough in the tyres to do times in the range of 1.5 sec. is absolutely amazing. Yoy have to minimize slippage of the tyres, especially in the turbulence created by the car in front, not lose traction or block the front tyres in order to avoid flatspotting, and you have to have absolute control of the car over the kerbs. Very few drivers on the current grid can do that. In fact I can only think of one, Jenson.

The Ferrari brass must be gloating seeing the fantastic drive of their two next year's drivers.


amen! you got it right; they pulled it off, and it didn't look all that certain or easy.


Yabba Dabba Doooooo......

Seriously Vettel all weekend long has been amazing. He was nearly three seconds a lap faster, not two, at some points in the race.

Vettel is amazing. The team tells him to go faster/lets him off the leash and he runs like a grey hound.

Great race to watch but it seems a lot of positions were lost due to bad strategy. I kinda feel sorry when drivers lose positions due to bad strategy calls and today there seemed to be no shortage of bad calls.

What happened to the Mercedes. Was it just bad strategy? Rosberg looked tired and none to pleased.

Kimmi & Alonso is going to be so much fun to watch next year.

The incredible Hulk. The decision today was incredible. Don't get it at all.

Poor Mark, working hard all race in the heat to only lose the engine at the last half lap.


Vettel must be a very good racer, but is he very good, extremely good, from another planet or beyond that ?Either Webber is one of lesser drivers today and Vettel is half a God, or are they driving different machinery ?


Real "men against boys" stuff today, Vettel was on a different level to anyone else.

Grosjean must be competing with Webber for the "unluckiest driver in F1" title.


Seriously that red bull of mr vet looked lightning quick this weekend, im shocked how much pace they have unlocked, just a couple of races ago it was close, vet is obviously on it at the moment but the engineering of newey is awesome, I wonder if the others might throw in the towel and develop next years car not sure what prize money difference is for P2 / P3 in constructors

I think alonso summed it up theres no chance unless RB have problems


"Real “men against boys” stuff today, Vettel was on a different level to anyone else."

Men against boys ? Hardly.

A more realistic view would be "dominant car design plus good driver against mediocre car designs plus good drivers".

The Newey car is a huge part of the reason Vettel is so fast

and virtually all informed fans understand the car is a key part of Vettel's dominance. Some day reality will set in and all of you noobs who believe Vettel is so superior are not going to have much to crow about on that day.

Get Well Soon Murray

"The Newey car is a huge part of the reason Vettel is so fast"

Adrian Newey and his team design the cars for both Vettel and Webber.

So how do you distingush between Vettels outright domination over Webber, race after race after race?


Not taking anything away from Seb.Did you happen to notice the reliability difference between Marks car and Sebs car..yeah it's the same car but it always seems much more reliable for whatever reason.


Just because people give credit where its due it dose not mean they are noobs or uninformed. lets say SV couldn't drive this weekend. We then have MW qualifying 3rd and running third (until a late retirement)having never led a lap of the GP. Neweys redbull dosent look anything special without SV dose it???


I am sorry to break to news for you but someday all drivers are going to get slow. All good and exceptional drivers have their own moments. Vettel started young and got himself into a good team very early. Now he is enjoying this advantage with driving superbly with a very good car.

Yes we all agree RB is very good car. However even RB had its weakest times last four seasons. In despite of these moments Vettel got the best of the car. This is the only way win 3 WDCs in a row and being on the edge of getting fourth one.

Let's check the realities;

A Good driver gets exceptional results; Vettel wins on Torro Rosso in italy in the rain. Check.

A Good driver gets results even if the car has it is own issues; Check the start of the last year and this year; Vettel always finishes with important points.


A Good driver can push when needed; Just look at this race out of many others; Team asks him to go fast and he is 2 seconds per lap faster for 15 laps in a row. Yes many drivers can pull good lap but, come on, 15 laps of qualifying pace is something special.


A Good driver can make incredible passes; I give this one to you with some reserve. RB is not design to be a car to pass others easily; It is design to go fast on a good track position. This is not Vettels fault is it? It is the designer who created a car that good but sensitive to drive. That's why Webber is always with issues when Vettel wins. Car is design to be in front and driver has to deliver. Vettel does it while Webber fails.

Check with reserve.

As I said before, I think best passer is Hamilton. However this does not change the fact that Vettel is an exceptional driver.

Alonso, Kimi and Hamilton is amazing drivers; so Vettel.

The only think makes me sick is booing a winner on the podium. I am glad it did not happen today.


So how do you explain Vettel getting pole and winning Monza in a Toro Rosso, in the rain?

Did Newey get the engineers to cloak a Red Bull in Torro Rosso colours? Was Horner & Rockie hiding in the Torro Rosso pit wall?

Red Bull and Vettel feed off each other - Red Bull can provide the car to win, Vettel can provide the drive.


Adrian Newey designed the 2008 Torro Rosso so there was no need for him to cloak a Red Bull in TR colours as it was already a know fact.


Yes, Newey desingned that Toro Rosso. In fact that season Toro Rosso finished ahead of Red Bull in the WCC althought neither team won the championship that year.


Red Bull *correction*


Red Bull are in a league of their own right now. What might have been a boring race was spiced up by the safety car and split between 2/3 stops.

Fight for P2 in the C'ship between 4 guys, Alonso, Raikkonen, Hamilton and Webber, provided Webber turns a bit lucky.

Hope the engines are reliable next year, bring on winter testing already!

ps: Vettel aside, Raikkonen and Alonso were good today. Also Nico and Romain.


The safety car only spiced things up from P2 down.

Might have been? This race was boring, easily the worst Singapore GP there's been. The only thing of note was Raikkonen's pass around Button, and a stupid stewards' decision on the Hulkenberg-Perez incident.

I told a casual sports fan to watch the Italian GP, and of course that turned out to be a borefest, which they reported back. I'm so glad I didn't tell them to give it another chance with this race.

If any other driver was asked to pull a 21-sec gap over 9 laps, they'd shout back "with what?!" over the radio. That Vettel can radio back "sure, will do" just highlights the luxury that he has with the RB9. Relative to the opposition they faced, the RB9 is better than the RB7!! That is scary.

It's a very real possibility that Vettel will surpass his 11 wins of 2011 this season.

Let's hope this is not a preview of 2014, b/c F1 really suffers when one team is so far ahead, and all the rest are just huffin' and puffin' just to keep them in sight.


With Vettel doing a perfectionist job, having the fastest car and being considerably faster than his teammate in the same car, one has to hope for technical breakdown moving from Webber to Vettel to get any kind of excitement about the championship. Which of course, would not be fair.

Thanks to Alonso and Raikonnen for providing a least something to watch.


I think Mercedes lost the strategy battle. They either had to pit during the SC, or follow Vettel after the SC. RB knew Vettel would not make it to the end of the race with the tyres, so they opted to go as fast as they could, make a pit stop and go for it at the end with the super softs. Mercedes did not react to Vettel's charge and lost the chance, perhaps for a double, podium. They were saving tyres and pitted before Vettel who was going all out!!

Excellent race by both Kimi and Fernado, it would have been interesting if Kimi was not stuck behind Button for so long and closed up to Fernado, his tyres seemed to be in better shape at the end of the race.


Agree. Mercedes' strategy didn't look very "Ross Brawn". But I think it's hindsight. Alonso and Kimi had nothing to lose and so gambled on a long stint that paid off.

Its also possible that if Mercedes had changed tyres during the safety car, they may not have made it to the end on that set of tyres.

It also looked to me that Rosberg was not told to Put in quick laps at the right time, and as a result Webber got past him. Perhaps that's why Rosberg didn't sound happy.


Totally agree cant understand why merc did not go a lap or 3 deeper at the end of the second stint and select options for both cars

The performance delta was at least 1 sec per lap, they would have cleared all the traffic faster and may well have taken the fight to alonso -he would then have been under pressure to use his tyres up sooner

I for the life of me cant understand why they did not punt for that strategy on at least one of the cars


Congrants to Vettel, Alonso and Kimi. Now I´d like to vent about Ross Brawn. What the heck was Ross thinking? I thought he was an expert when it comes to strategy. If there is a SC both car need to pit specially if Ferrari and Lotus pit. If he was thinking about Vettel he should know that Vettel and his car are from another planet. He made his two drivers lose the podium. The race was lost from the begining for everybody so try to win points with podiums.


Actually the bigger mistake for merc was send lewis and nico out in the last stint on mediums they should have gone a lap or two extra and selected options


It is doubtful Merc could have made the tyres last.

Surely the stupidest strategy award goes to Ferrari for what they did with Massa. They stopped him and fitted him with supersofts making him have to stop again. He lost both ways.


good catch; I hadn't noticed, but yeah, that was bad, and I don't think the Mercs could have gone the distance.



Gamble, take a risk. Vettel did it yeaterday in qualy. Today it was Ferrari and Lotus. Massa finished where he started P6. I don´t see a great mistake there. However Rosberg started in P2 and Lewis in P5 with a better car than Alonso and Kimi. Both of them missed the podium. The WCC is a stake as well. It seems Mercedes forgot about that.

The only Ferrari mistake I saw was that they wasted time with Alonso 1st stop. He ended up behind Di Resta. But later they did the right thing


Mercedes didn't think that they would be able to do 36 laps on one set of tyres, so they didn't pit.


The issue is that after a SC it´s a lot harder to overtake. There is lot more traffic,it´s even worst in a street circuit. They should´ve pitted at leat one of their cars just to cover all possibilities. They didn´t reacted.


From the radio communications it appears that they were instructing their drivers to save tyres when Vettel went all out and was certain that he would pit again. They also knew that both Kimi and Alonso, as well as Grosjean were not going to pit. They should have followed Vettel in his strategy and not allow him to build a 27 sec gap. They were together in a bunch with Alonso and Grosjean and was obvious that they would come out of their pit stop about 20 sec. behind them. In the particulat track the gap is impossible to cover, even with new tyres.


McLaren has been a bad car all season long. That´s not the case with Mercedes. Besides Mercedes have fixed the problems they had with tyres. Keep in mind that Pirelli made changes. And as we saw in an article here Mercedes tweak the weels with their own termal system in order to avoid problems.


"They should´ve pitted at least one of their cars just to cover all possibilities"

Like what? see their car drop a few places just like the Mclarens?

Mercedes are not so kind on tyres if you hadn't noticed! and IMO, did the right thing and pitted as per plan. It's the SC that came out at the wrong time and spoiled it for them.

FYI, Even Alonso said that P2 was possible only because he had nobody to challenge him as such, if he was in a group, it would have been bad. That even confirms Mercedes' decision to pit when they did.


Getting fed up with the moronic booing of Vettel. I'm not a Sebastian fan, but his driving has been formidable and deserves respect. The knuckleheads jeering at Singapore were not locals. They were obviously tourists, as it's just not Asian style to act that way at a sporting event.


Im not. There not booing him because he is a bad driver.

They are booing him because he is a bad sport.

Its not funny and i wouldnt do it but i sure as hell understand it.


I actually preferred the cheering of vettel, that is the cheering when he broke down on the start finish straight of silverstone

Ha nah just kidding agree seb deserves more respect than boo's - they seb and RB are on a different planet


I was there and it's not the 'Asians' who were booing.

If anything they support him because most of them have only started following the sport for five or six years and he's a winner.

Other drivers well supported locally include Hamilton, Button, Raikkonen and Massa.


Ah its the same group of 'native English speaking' 'fans', good I want them to boo more, it just makes Seb stronger, nice 1 for keep motivating the best driver in F1, today was the result, he was in a different league today, often 2-3 sec a lap faster than the competition when told to push, seems like the only person that is slowing down Seb is Rocky lol

Get Well Soon Murray

He could have lapped the field today if they'd let him really unleash!


How would you know its a group english speaking fans.?

Booing does not require a language.

Vettel thinks its the Ferrari fans who are instigating the booing, the Tifosi are not by and large english speaking.

I can understand and agree with you for not liking the booing of Vettel, but please stop blaming the "native english"


We'd like to hear from anyone who has been under a podium in the last few months and who can shed any light on who has been booing Vettel. Please let us know using the comments thread


I don't think you can generalise. Most native English speakers are fair supporters. I know, I was there with my Aussie contingent and they gave Vettel a round of applause (at Turn 1 to be precise).

A tiny minority are unsporting and I'm sure you'd find the same thing at Roland Garros if Jo-Wilfred Tsonga was losing in the finale or if the Spanish football team was losing against Italy, etc.


There's definitely a lot of Aussies and Britons. Was the booing done by them or the Italians, I couldn't tell.

However it was a minority of spectators booing.

The vast majority of Brits and Aussies seemed to be fair play. It's a shame the booing gets more noticed.

Further to that I didn't hear any booing under the podium while Martin Brundle was interviewing the top 3.


Who did the booing in your view? How big a contingent was it in Singapore?


+1. Booing the winner in any country is pathetic, those 'fans' are morons. Apart from Malaysia Vettel hasn't done anything wrong at all, he's just relentless in his pace and consistency which should be applauded.


Yep. I'm no fan of Vettel at all, but I would never behave in that childish manner. It was rude as hell, and I felt quite sickened to hear F1 fans acting like that.


It looked to me as though the Ferrari team were leading and encouraging the booing.

This makes sense of what Vettel said on the podium about the people booing being Ferrari supporters who travel around to each race.

If this is the case. Wow Ferrari to a new low.


Kimi what a drive!, from P13 to P3 with bad back and being able to do a 1:51 with 30 lap old tyres! I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that time.

The Move on Button was awesome.

He is clearly the driver of the day.

This race without a doubt put aside all those theories about Kimi's motivation etc etc.

Great drive from Vettel and Alonso. All the more expected from Vettel really!

Unlucky Grosjean, he could have possibly had a P2, challenging Alonso in later stages.

Special mention to Ricciardo for bringing out the safety car and making matters more interesting.


He delivered! I agree driver of the day

Though driver of weekend is mr vettel on a different planet


Agree about Vettel, but then wasn't it perfectly expected for him to win baring any reliability issues?

Kimi and Alonso did very good job, IMO; Kimi edged over nando because he had to fight his way through the field, Alonso, apart from gr8 start didn't really had to do much.


Fantastic race from Seb! His pace on the SS was absolutely incredible, he really seems to understand the car completely. Incredible podium for Alonso too, though I can imagine he's getting a bit fed up of seeing Seb always 1 step higher than him on the podium.

It was great to hear Seb say on the radio too that it was a team effort; I know a lot of Seb fans seem to think that he overdrives the car and all that but it really is a fantastic bit of kit that he's just maximising (and sometimes not even pushing) it when he has to. Maybe Mark is just past it but Seb is making him look amateurish at times.

I hope people appreciate the amount of hard work that is going on at Red Bull at the moment, and how it isn't just down to Seb or Newey but the whole team here in Milton Keynes. Surely that bunch will rank up there with the Ferrari dream team in the Ferrari years of 2000-2004?

On another note, gutted for Webber but it was fantastic to see him hitch a ride with Alonso at the end. Respect.

unF1nnished business

+1 for sure.


I agree that RB is the best team, however we shouldn't forget the new pirelli tyres, it's been the key factor in the championship ( in my opinion ). Of course, Vettel is one of the best at the moment, but I think there isn't 2 "seconds" per lap between him and the rest of the field in his hands.


Glad you've mentioned that... Horner, Newey and Vettel were very vocal about the tyres earlier in the season as they knew they hadn't sussed out the new steel-belted construction to their satisfaction. The change to last year's construction has played right into their hands (and helped Mercedes, too).

After the Silverstone failures the construction was changed 'for safety reasons'. But teams who had failures were running lower than recommended pressures and swopping tyres from left to right against Pirelli's instructions.

I believe the change has ruined what was turning into another great season. And the safety issue almost seems like a 'put-up' job...


Keep cluctching at straws he has led the championship since Malaysia and the tyres got changed after Silverstone guess redbull didnt do secret tests like some other team.


Well I do think a lot of that '2 seconds' was due to him being on the faster super soft tyres. Put Alonso or Lewis in that car and they'd easily match him imo.


No they wouldn't have! Not atleast at Singapore!

He was pulling out more than .5 secs in last sector alone over everybody else since Saturday.

He just increased that margin on Sunday. He was just at his imperial best. I don't think anybody could have beaten him in same machinery at Singapore'13.


Surely Merc should have pitted one their cars,namely Lewis,this was always gonna be a losing strategy.they made the same mistake at Silverstone.a bit of creativity is needed here


Niki Lauda was very critical of his team's strategy after the race.

Hindsight's everything, but given Merc's inability to keep their tyres going for as long as some competitors their call made sense at the time.


They have the ability to do that nowadays, much better than before. It was worth bringing ROS in with the others who stopped behind the safety car, HAM is more debatable.

I've spoken to strategists from several teams tonight about it; It'll all be analysed in depth in our UBS Race Strategy Report on Tuesday.


Look forward to reading, would be interested if u agree with merc cars going few laps deeper second stint then supersoft in final stint


Lol at the sour grape booing. It makes the ones doing the booing look so unintelligent and childish.

Also, not a coincidence that the booing always follows after ALONSO chants. They are Ferrari fans behaving like so-and-sos because "boohoo my driver isn't winning".

The fact Alonso did not try to stop it, in fact he applauded the Alonso chanting booers and then gave them a thumbs up made him now lose 1 fan, me. That was not champion-like.

And now I am not a supporter of him anymore: He was out of the white lines overtaking Grosjean at the start and should have gotten a penalty for it. He went off the track to overtake cars at the start. And he was only there because of the safety car.

Go Vettel, make these sour grape booers cry more.


Actually you'll find its Hamilton fans in disguise, the picture of the crowd when Vettel retired from the lead at Silverstone was 1 of the most discusting sight I've seen from an F1 crowd, almost as bad as the Alonso fans at Barcelona in 2008, I was going to go to the British GP but I think I'll give it a miss permanently now, places like Singapore, Spa and Monaco are more appealing anyway.


He only had two tyres outside the track so all the overtakes were legal. And about the booing and chanting... He applauded and gave thumbs up to the ones who chanted him, and those were not only his fans. It's a way of thanking them for their support.


They first chanted ALONSO ALONSO, then when Vettel started talking, they booed and the Alonso chants stopped at the same time. Confirmed by people present there, on Twitter.

It is like an organized gang that does it at each race. They were the same Alonso/Ferrari fans that Alonso was giving the thumbs up to.


This is exactly how I saw it too. Man Ferrari and Alonso will do anything, a new low maybe. Disgusting behaviour from these people.


Stunning performance by alonso and kimi, hope they can lift ferrari's performance next year. The team needs to stop giving the same excuses over and over again.


I completely agree with u


The podium boos are getting out of hand now. The domination excuse is pretty lame too. Is this how people would react if Webber, Lewis or Alonso were dominating like that?

James, how does the RB marketing view this negative publicity? Surely it's not good for their brand product and merchandising.


It's not only because of the domination, its' because WHO is dominating. People is tired of seeing the same driver win the races knowing (or at least thinking) that he doesn't deserve that advantage over the rest. The question is: ¿Why does people think that way over Vettel?


And exactly why doesn't deserve it?


Kimi's drive was one of his best EVER. I know that sounds crazy for a guy that has 20 wins. However, it was clear how hard it was to pass anyone out there today and Kimi made move after move when he needed to. Seb was brilliant no doubt, and Alonso had a great finish, but his launch off the line took him from 7 to 3 so there was not much else he did the rest of the race expect hold tight.

Kimi not only had to go 30+ laps on those tires, he also had to fight with them which wears them out much faster. I did not even get into his back pain.



and I love his strngth of mind.

+ I love his opinion: "It doesn't always have to be physical pain, there can be something...you don't finish the race which is more painful in a way.


+ 1

No need to get into the back pain or the Jenson Button overtaking move. Kimi has played down both.

As much as he was good today, he was humble.


Agree. Kimi was asked many times about his back pain, but he never made a big deal about it. Instead he talked about there being enough time to recover before the next race. Classy chap.


Interesting strategic battle that was thanks to the safety car which brought the race to life.

Total alienation of the competition by Usain Vettel and congrats to him for officially making it into the top tier league of greatest F1 drivers of all time.

That first lap move on Rosberg was carried out with such pinche and calm that Rosberg needs to repay the favour soon or it will become a mental block on Rosberg's part after Bahrain & now Singapore.

Great gamble by the Ferrari and Lotus team that landed both on the podium but seeing as the smooth specialist Jenson couldn't hold onto his tyres, it appears only the Ferrari and Lotus cars were able to pull off such a gusty strategy due to their easy tyre action.

As always an electric start from Alonso, he sure gave Kimi something to think about as an appetizer of their oncoming partnership in 2014.

Sorry about Webber and Grosjean's misfortune, unfortunately in sport one needs lots of luck too and if you do not possess this, you may as well try another profession.

Good effort by the Mercedes drivers however their afternoon was turned on it's head due to the safety car and slow pitstops.

Mclaren looked like their plan B was going to work by scoring that sought after podium but alas, the dice didn't quite fall as planned but nice try nevertheless.

Last but not least, great effort by Hulkenburg and Sutil for scraping some hard earned points and not forgetting Chilton for getting one over his teammate.


We just watched a master class tonight. Really, the combination of Vettel and RBR is such a formidable force. Tonight was like watching Tiger win by 5 shots, like watching Federa win in straight sets. Those gaps he was pulling, un flapping believable. Then to have to manage we were told was break issues and still maintain pace...what else can be said.

I did feel for Mark, as I would have liked to see how far he could have gone. But I do have to wonder why he always seems to bear the brunt of unreliability...(and I don't believe in conspiracies)

Just a note - this was my first in person GP since Adelaide 95...Now I remember why I fell in love with the sport!

Alexander Supertramp

Great race by the podium guys. Kimi got the strategy right, but having him finish 3rd after p13 has very little to do with luck.

Vettel is amazing, he's one off the best if not the best. Everybody could see the car was on a different planet, but his driving was very strong as well and that commands respect. Just a shame he still won't have a wdc team mate next year

Merc got it a little wrong and definitely not Lewis' best week-end, he seems to be lacking a little inspiration. Here's to him, kimi and Nando making it an electric 3-way battle for second place in the wdc.

Shame the championships are all but over though..


Great drive by Kimi, especially when injured. FA is THE master at starting. SV just toyed with the opposition this weekend. Tough luck Romain and Mark.

Are the Renault engines starting to show some weakness??


Being brutally honest, that race, other than the first 4 corners and the last 5 laps, was boring. I love the track and location, etc., but the race was another Vettel driv... *falls asleep*

I feel sorry for Grosjean, and Webber, well, many of us found what happened to Kovalainen in 2010 crazy, but with less than 1/3 of a lap to go...

Di Resta was looking so strong up until the end there! So annoying and such a shame for him. Was there a car problem there or was it just driver error by Paul again?

And Alonso, well, what can I say? His qualifying is terrible but his race pace is amazing. Kimi too. It is clear to me that Ferrari have made the best decision.

I CANNOT BELIEVE WHAT THE FIA DID TO HULKENBERG. It is clear to everyone that Perez pushed (physically, by force) off the track. He was right to complain like he did on the radio. What are these stewards thinking. They get worse and worse each time 🙁

Ricciardo got it wrong, but it is a common error to make.

The amount of time spent behind the safety car was ridiculous. SURELY there is a better way to do it.

And lastly, Pirelli got it wrong again. The amount of marbles there was horrid. Just watching the cars through the last two turns made me feel sick.


I worry for di resta, his performances lately are not looking good, forget a big team he may not be on the grid next year at this rate, i hope thats not the case


+1 on the Hulk.

I would not say the race was boring though. I have enjoyed a lot of processional races too in the past and recently.


Indeed, the Hulk was robbed. Such rubbish decisions by the stewards only encourages overly aggressive drivers (like Perez) from literally barging their way through the field. " if you don't get out of my way, I'll take you out" It's a no loose strategy for Perez- he has nothing to loose.

Agree, the 6 laps of safety car when the offending vehicle was quickly removed is utter garbage to artificially affect different strategies. 2 laps Max. Mind, those that pitted, probably would have to pit again, and it would have been a different race and result- except for the winner.

Juan Fernandez (The Spanish Inquisitor)

Today's podium represents the actual F1 status.

Sad to say for an Alonso's fan.


A Grand Chelem in terrifying performance. It is called an ultimate dominance.


Again, Alonso the first of the non-Bulls. Looking how things have been after the Spanish GP and the midseason tyre change with Ferrari beeing the 3rd-4th car and Red Bulls beeing in domination form, its quite amazing that the difference its "only" 60 points with the leader.

As in every sport, you show how great you are when you face unfavorable situations, and Fernando is an absolute master on "damage limitation" mode.


"Alonso the first of the non-Bulls"

That implies that the two Bulls did (and have been) finish(ing) ahead of him. But in fact Alonso beats Webber with consistency.


In my view, the half a minute difference between Vettel and Alonso is down to the following:

1) After restart, Rosberg was losing aerodynamic downforce and was effectively holding the pack for a long while.

2) Alonso after jumping to P2, had to take care of his tyres because he came in early. There was no threat from behind because Button was lapping even slowly and fending of Kimi. Mercs and Webber were quite a long way back.

3) When Vettel came for his final pitstop, he bolted a "fresh" set of supersofts which he saved from qualifying.

That 32 sec difference is a bit ambiguous.


Disagree seb would have been sandbagging too - managing the gap, he could have been even quicker

Look at the qually times with exception of merc (who dont have the same long run performance as RB) they are 1 second faster per lap so 30 odd seconds gap is easy in 61 laps if not for a safety car, in fact the safety car was approx lap 30


In a word, boring.

Get Well Soon Murray

Did you turn off before the last 10 laps?


Nope (there's nothing great in waiting that long to see a scrap for the first of the runner-ups), but there is just nothing stopping this insufferable guy in his tracks and his sanctimonious, unsporting behaviour. I can't abide the booing either; it's boring because of all of the talent on the grid, and there's lots, don't have access to a Newey car - here's to 2014 mixing it up a bit - please....


Many people say Vettel has an unsporting behavior, what do you mean about that? What has he done? I haven't' seen anything special, maybe someone can enligthme


Kimi`s move on Button going outside just deserves a special mentioning. Thanks.


That was a great move. Kudos to Button for fighting fairly, leaving just about enough room, could've very easily dunked Kimi in the wall. You could tell that it was 2 world champions.


Awesome drives by Seb, Alonso and Kimi.

Kimi is the one I was cheering, but the laptimes Vettel was setting were just wow! Sad to see another bunch of losers turned up to boo.


Great race by Vettel, super races as well by Kimi and Fernando. It was a very good strategy call by Ferrari not to do a third stop, but in fairness he made his own luck with his great start. Its a pity Massa didn't use the same strategy or maybe his third stop and lack of pace on the super soft was a check for Alonso's final stint.

But overall it was a boring race with just a few laps of action near the end as the cars with fresher tyres sailed past the McLarens. Singapore is, for all its bright lights just an illuminated Monaco and compared to other new tracks like Austin a wasted GP weekend.


The race was pretty boring until RIC kissed the wall. VET was clearly in another league today so there is really no surprise that he won by a big margin.

Both ALO and RAI did a great job by running 35 laps with the prime tyres. ALO at least has the luxury of clean air but RAI has to follow BUT and time his attack accurately to make the tyres last the distance. Who would have thought he managed P3, like what Brundle said?

I think ALO was reciprocating the taxi ride he got from WEB a few years ago during one of quali session.



Im now a convert, as a ham fan, I used to be a vettal denier, but theres no way around this he is pound for pound, the complete driver in f1 right now, I know hes got a great car, but hes so quick he ne er puts a foot wrong, youve just got to respect the guy, all the other guys have there great strengths, I think you need a combination of alo/rai/ham to compete with the guy, hamilton I think of the 3 has the outright raw pace to go toe to toe with vettal, but Hamiltons Achilles heal is his consistency, one race good the next average he just cannot put half a dozen good results together, put them in the same team, and sadly I think vettal would come out on top, same alo/rai, race pace no problem but qualifying they would get soundly beating, as for the race, vettal alono rai were in a class of there own, the mercs were really disappointing, as for the booing its really getting boring, he just feeds of it, heres to 2014


Alonso and Raikkonen were very very strong qualifiers in their 20's. (Watch Raikkonen in the McLaren.) Age, car-driving style combo are important factors in that respect (ultimate one lap speed.)


You could argue that being older should help a driver in qualifying since it's less physically demanding than a race and a driver should be able to deal with pressure better.

Kimi and Alonso have never been fantastic qualifiers. Alonso has one dry pole in his four seasons at Ferrari. In fact, he only had one pole in 2008-09 and that was due to fueling his car ridiculously light (when they had to qualify with the fuel they would start with), so it's not even a real pole.

So basically, Alonso has one dry pole since 2007 and that year he got beat in qualifying and the championship by his rookie teammate.

So yeah, he's never been a particularly good qualifier by the standards of a Vettel or Hamilton.


Vettel in F1 is like the Money Mayweather domination of boxing,

So good its boring!


Agreed on hamiltons consistency. It's funny that people laugh at Alonso for 'being beaten' by a rookie in 2007 because that was the only season he showed any consistency at the front. Early part of last year too.


About the race, must say it was quite easy for seb. No mistakes, but with a car able to lap 2 seconds faster, only reliability could stop him.

Kimi and Fernando were the outstanding performers of the day. Alonso had 3rd spot in the hand and that strategic call gave him one more step on the podium. Same for Kimi, with that nice overtake on Jenson he made a great recovery from 13 to 3.

Still, DotD is for Alonso, relentless till the end and gifting us that AWESOME start that was the base of the result.


But WHY is VET able to lap 2 secs faster than anyone else? That's the question!

Ask WEB: He can't do it, and the car is basically the same.

Ask ALO and RAI where I would put ALO as the best race-driver (but not as good qualifier).

The package RBR and VET is the best, and I would dare to say that VET is the best driver that F1 has seen since MSC.


Thg red bull is by a country mile the best car but seb vettel is one heck of a class act. No one can deny this but it's boring seeing him thrash everyone and will be even worse next year as Danny R isn't ready for the red bull drive. And Paul di Resta needs to shut up about getting a Ferrari drive. That's never happening and he is a midfield driver at best. It's a shame to see Fernando driving another classy race and still 30 seconds behind seb. Hopefully 2014 means we get more tighter races and seb being challenged. The first 50 laps today was boring, first time I've ever turned over when a f1 race was on.


Consider it denied... he is just like the double diffuser won a WDC in 2009.

Get Well Soon Murray

Seems he went up even another step today. I can't remember anyone since Shumacher in his prime taking so much speed out of everybody as in today's race.


Fantastic perfectionism from Vettel. I truly enjoy when (especially the team I like) are dominant. There is not enough to say other than Vettel is obviously in a class way above every other driver in the field right now.

As far as the bashing on here and the booing at the races, well I think that speaks for itself.

Alonso who I think actually has the faster car once again under qualifies and then puts the car where it belongs on race day.

Massa, I thought I wished I hoped would feel a burden lifted from his shoulders and drive like he should drive but apparently that is not possible. Maybe David Hobbes was correct when he said last year that he was "fragile".

Kimi my number 2 favorite after Vettel was great too bad he didn't qualify better but given a bad back I don't blame him. Too bad Lotus struggles so with making payroll. But good for us because we will see how Alonso does with Kimi having an equal car. I suspect that Kimi will be pretty hard on Vettel next year.

The thing I can't figure out about Adrian Newey is why he has been in F1 so long and has so few titles. His cars drive themselves, in fact you could Charles Pic in one of his cars (as long as it was not Webber) and he would win the WDC WCC every year. I mean how did Ferrari win all those WCC and WDC with Schumacher?

Merc and I think Ross Braun were caught be surprise with Nico basically telling them he was too tired to drive. Why would any driver ever ask "why do I need to push" and "why push I need to save tires". Pretty embarrassing really and I like Nico. He obviously needs to work on his hydration and fitness routines unless he was sick or something I am unaware of. Even if he was sick I point to Kimi who was injured.

All in all a lovely race to watch spectacular display of driving and another win for my favorite team. Viva La Red Bull it gives you wings!


I'm new to Formula One. Ive been watching it for about 3 years now, and I find myself watching it only because I want to see Vettel lose. beyond that there's just no reason to watch, you know who's going to win.

I enjoy the cars, I enjoy the sounds, and the skill required to operate the machines. but in Formula One there's just no competition.I mean when a driver Windsor race bike 30 seconds, it's not about the driver anymore it's not about his talent, it's all about the car.

I don't think Sebastian Vettel would be as hated as he is if he were a little more humble about it. he acts like he's waiting on his own. his arrogance is just absolutely


I find Vettel very down to earth. He is being himself. Where do u see arrogance?

unF1nnished business



First digit, right hand.

Not that he isn't driving like the no1.


I'm getting increasingly suspicious of Alonso's starts, he seems normal off the line then he seems to get a bite from his car no one else gets!! It happens every race, every time, why everyone else having mixed results!! It's been that way for several seasons to!!


Its not a recent thing driving a Ferrari. Fernando used to have blinding starts in 2005-06 also. I think it was Sepang 2006 when he started 8th and was 3rd in 1st corner.


The Ferrari is very good off the line, but if you look closely at Alonso starts, you will realice that he gains half the positions outbraking people at the first corner. When it comes to decide when and were to brake, he is class of the field.


They have some clever start system i recon


Same here!

Are Ferrari doing something with the KERS? I know that for most of the other teams, the KERS only works above a defined speed setting, does Ferrari have that same window?


If RBR had those kind of turbo starts, you know everyone would be saying how RBR has a cheating device in there.

It is definitely not normal how both the Ferraris always jump the rest at the start. Not saying it is something illegal, I am sure it is perfectly legal, but they clearly have something special for that.


I hope the podium of this race will not be the same for many races next year with one driver having changed the suit from black to red! That would be another boring year.

I seriously think Alonso and Raikkonen have lost their edge in qualifying. It appears age does matter in making that one lap count on Saturday. A young good driver in their cars would do better than them. However, when it comes to race, it is precisely this very factor "age" or "experience" comes to their rescue. Had either of them been in the front two rows of the grid for most of this season, we will have a mighty scrap for WDC. But now we never saw Vettel being challenged by these two as Mercedes and other young drivers get better positions in qualifying and block them. If only we had Kimi and Alonso of the year 2005 qualifying form with the present Vettel, what a mighty prospect that would have been! Vettel is good in both qualifying and race -- of course the car is also a bit better than any other car. Still it is Saturday that Vettel is actually winning the race over these two.

I would compare qualifying and race to T20 and Test cricket. In T20, young people prosper where as in Test cricket, it is the experience that plays a big role.

I do not think next year suddenly these two (FA and KR) will be sharp in qualifying. They will decorate the podium for Vettel by standing on his either side just like in this race. It is a pity and I hope it is not so!


Lotus and Ferrari have been lacking one lap speed from the very beginning of the year. If they (Alo Rai) have a car in a similar level as the Bulls (or the Mercs, who knows) they will be there for the poles.


Next year!

This championship is not over yet. I know its highly unlikely but this is F1. I will never forget that Kimi won the 2007 title after he was 17 points behind with 2 races to go. That works out to be around 43 points in today's system.

Fernando is 60 behind with 6 races to go. Its never over until its over.


Will be over after India!


Maybe but it won't be F1 if you and I could predict it.

In addition, on a lighter note one can never count out other factors (read: Maldonado, Grosjean and Perez) which/who affect championships now a days.


Just to add, maybe this is the year when all of his hard work of 2010 and 2012 comes together, with some exceptional performances in the last 6 races to give him that much awaited and deserved 3rd championship.


Don't know about Fernando, but Kimi still has that pace in him. I agree, age can affect focus. But I guess, more is down to the car and we have seen him on a Lotus only.

In my view a car that is good in Quali should be fairly good on a race start. It could well be Alonso is not pushing that car further up. I could be wrong. I would not judge Kimi unless I've seen him qualify on a top car other than the Lotus! Not to forget he's qualified on the front row this year atleast once right?

The Car makes the difference, Kimi was a class above everyone else in Quali in 2005 driving a Newey car. I really would have liked to see him Qulify on a Redbull and then judge him accordingly. 🙂 Maybe if Ferrari makes a quick car next year, we'll see some better results. All I am saying is, don't count him out just yet. And Fernando Alonso too.


Great race in my opinion. Great start, crummy middle, great finish. Conrats to all the podium drivers and teams. Well deserved all round. Although he didn't put a foot wrong, I don't see all the fuss with Alonso's race. Brilliant start I admit but after that he pretty much just tooled around like everyone else and maintained his position. Kimi on the other hand drove through half the field to finish on the podium. I'm far from Kimi's biggest fan but credit where it is due. Seb was unstoppable again and deserved the reward. Had Webber made the podium I would have given him DoTD (remember, Vettel is never allowed to be DoTD) but alas...

The booers will keep on booing sadly. They get strength from those who speak out against it. It's sad but true. Seb would be well within his rights to turn around, bend over and drop his pants at them from the top step of the podium. Either that or swap that winning finger for the one beside it. That would make good reporting and TV 🙂


The winning finger is already inelegant enough. In fact, I think it's the main reason he's booed.


I've been giving it a lot of thought. The finger could be annoying to some I agree. The thing that gets my goat (and I'm a fan) is the over the top, in car celebration over the radio. You would think it was his first win. I realise he's showing that he is still excited at winning but I think a little too OTT. Compare other drivers and they are much more professional and cool with their thank yous. I hope young Dan takes note for when he wins his first next year 😉 He will be allowed one only embarrasing celebration and after that..... mucho cool. I dont remember Webbers last win so cant comment 😉 but his first was quite umm, vocal.

I was peeved over the Malaysia thing but got over it in about 2 days when common sense kicked in.

Thinking even more, I would say its a combination of everything.

Curious, did Newey get booed at Monza? or was it Spa? Just a theory is all....


" Seb would be well within his rights to turn around, bend over and drop his pants at them from the top step of the podium. Either that or swap that winning finger for the one beside it. That would make good reporting and TV"

Excellent! 😀


Vettel was absolutely brilliant, as usual. Does he ever have a bad race? Webber's ten place grid penalty (for getting a reprimand for cadging a lift from Alonso) is ridiculous.

Other than the last three or four laps, the race was tedious beyond compare. Dull, dull, dull.


Webber's penalty - for what I saw as a brilliant display of camaraderie - was disgusting, and the F1 needs to take a good look at the behaviour it's punishing.

If it's happy to have booing fans at the podium, but fine with punishing drivers helping each other, I'm not sure I'm interested in advocating it any more.


Well he had a terrible race in Hungary and in the early part of 2012 he was pretty poor at times. But yes, when the car is hooked up he's unbeatable.


You think a podium finish is a "terrible race"? With that sort of standard at work I'm sure Vettel does indeed look "pretty poor at times" to you. Of course every other driver looks a lot worse than terrible by that standard. "Abysmal", perhaps?


It was his third reprimand in the season. The rules say that 3 times is the charm. And drivers get 10 place grid penalty. However I don´t think Webber cares too much at this point.

Valentino from montreal

Pretty shameful the way Vettel gets booed out of the building at every race he wins ..

Even though Schumacher had his 2 "Colisions" in 94 and 97 , never do I remember him being booed on the podium because people just accepted that he was so darn good and was seen world-wide as the best ..With Vettel , he gets booed alot because he seen as a driver who got "lucky" driving for Red Bull ... Plus , he's not driving for Ferrari where as Schumacher WAS Ferrari ...

I think if Vettel ever wears Red over-alls one day , the booing may stop towards him ...


That will depend on how good the Red car is. You know what I mean.


Very true, lets be frank here the booing is coming from the Red section of the crowd, (notice the booing is followed immediately by Alonso chants) if Vettel does ever leave RBR for Ferrari (and at the moment that is a very big if) it will stop overnight.

Well done to Martin for putting those classless, fair weather, bitter, glory hunting, "fan" boys in their place today.

Vettel is the class of the field and the sooner people realise that the better it will be for the sport, as fans booing the most successful competitor is simply embarrassing.


I do not like to say this, as I do respect the work of others... But today I will need to say it: the strategists of Mercedes were dumb!! Really dumb!! Cmon, Hamilton and Rosberg were behind Vettel, they had the oportunity to stay there!! Hamilton was lapping consitently, and had much better tyres than any other. The track had showed that overtake was crazy, and each pit was 20+ seconds!! Please, you do not need to have a phd to realize that "even" if the cars were faster behind, they would need to discount the defict (really difficult as huge traffic), and after that the cars would need to overtake! And on top of that, could have aNother safety car, and so you could do your pit stop at that time. I confess you that I was 100% sure that Alonso would no stop again. In Singapore as in Monaco, is simple: if you are at front, you stay at front!!! It's not spa... How that engineers could do this terrific error. It would be Rosberg and Hamilton, sexond and third...


Hindsights a wonderful thing. But I agree. If Mercedes had known that everyone behind them were going to pit under the safety car, they would have done the same.

If half the field did not pit, Alonso and Kimi would have been stuck behind the "diResta's" and both Mercs could have come back out in front.


To be fair merc are harder on tyres than others and mclaren tyres pretty much failed so 35 laps was difficult. i think they should have gone supersoft in final 14 laps enabling them to clear traffic early put kimi and alonso under pressure to burn tyres earlier, option were more than second per lap quicker


Actually i bet options would be more than 2 seconds quicker than old primes


"Hamilton and Rosberg were behind Vettel, they had the opportunity to stay there!! "

That's not correct my friend. Yes, the Merc's were behind Vettel but were on hard tyres that they put like 14-15 laps before the safety car came out. No way they could have done the race on one stop. Even Fernando and Kimi just made it on a long 3rd stint.

Merc missed the trick with Nico. If they would have pitted Nico during the safety car then he might have finished 2nd.


Please, watch the race again.. Hamilton had a tyre that was just 4laps older than Alonso. Fernando pitted with the SC, whike Hamilton pitted a couple of laps earlier, if Alonso got to the end, I bet LH would be able to do it too... At least third he could get for sure!

Rosberb was the first to do the last pit stop for Mercedes, and IIRC was at lap 42, after that, Hamilton could lap 1+ seconds faster than he was... So, at lap 43 Hamilton still had pace on tyres to push. He pitted for new tyres to do something like 15 laps, went way back through the field, and suffered to overtake McLarens that had really bad tyres. I'm pretty sure that without that extra pit stop, he would be able to add to the gap at least until lap 50, and after that control the race to finish second or third. Let's see what the James' report will tell, but during the race I was pretty sure that Hamilton could get that second place, and Alonso did what seemed obvious, and got the second place...


I watched the race again. 1st stop - Fernando (Lap 15), Lewis (Lap 16) and Nico (Lap 16)

Safety car - Lap 25 till Lap 30

so Lewis's tyres were 10 laps older when SC came out.

2nd stop - Fernando (Lap 26), Lewis (Lap 43) and Nico (Lap 41)

Not to mention after 1st stops Lewis was behind Fernando but Nico was ahead of Fernando. Therefore, even if Lewis would have done the same strategy as Fernando he would not have finished 2nd but 3rd. That's why I said that Merc blew it with Nico cause if Nico would have covered Fernando during 2nd stops Nico would have been 2nd.


We saw Button looking good for a podium spot, and then his tyres went away and he fell rapidly down the field. That's what Mercedes were afraid would happen to them and it was a sensible decision.


Actually, i think that if Merc's had stopped when safety car came, they would have been right where McLarens were. Merc's couldn't have done 36 laps with medium tyres (just like McLaren's couldn't).


Great drive Sebastian in an unbelievable racing package. We all know from Sat that Seb is brilliant over one lap. But how on earth does he find 2.5 s in 2 lap with 160kg of fuel on board- mind boggling. Don't get me wrong it's incredibly tenacious but There has to be something special about how that RB9 balances that weight in that car ( both high /low fuel) and it's clearly a cut above the reliability of Marks car also.

Good drive by Fernando but again that clutch launch in that Ferrari is superb. If we are to talk about tenacity and drives-no one anywhere can doubt Raikkonens unbelievable drive. He didn't have the fastest car- he didn't even prepare it well all weekend- yet he did something truly amazing- he gave us something to look forward to with his storming drive!- his pass on Button round the outside of t14 on the same aged tyres was phenomenal- I think it even surprised Brundle!. More importantly he just shrugged off the back issue altogether-one tough nut for sure. 13,to 3 on that track is epic regardless of SC.

We can all deliberate who is best etc but there is no doubt unless you have a car under you that is always there or abouts on Sat- you won't always be there or abouts on Sunday & since summer break Red Bull have a car that's way up their on is own and a driver completely in tune with it. Barring reliability it will be tough watching the last races now. Hope we see development of the 2014 cars come to light.

I will repeat for the last time in general that until we have even budgets for all teams we will never have anywhere near a level playing field.. So for me a team like Lotus getting on a podium with 1/3 the budget is better than the win by Red Bull ( though I'm sure KR only counts wins;)

There are far too many silly comments appearing now from new people who "bite first and ask questions later".. I can't fix em all up James and I need to spend less time here- goodluck !


The third consecutive dull race in a row, the last 10 laps were the only part of the race worth bothering to watch.


Great Vettel and Adrian Newey, especially after the restart.

Fantastic Alonso start, good strategy and clever tyre management.

Impressive Kimi with back pain and probably pain killers (and their side effects).

Great race indeed.


For me Vettel is the modern day Senna. Quick, consistent, relentless and ruthless.

Doesn't make for great races, but you have to respect him.


I for one think this is disrespectful to the great legend


I think there are no legends, just drivers


Why? Do you fancy backing up your one liner with anything tangible?

Maybe a specific aspect of driving performance/skill you think he was stronger?

I assume you actually watched Senna race?


> He had this controversial thing going on with him but still, was loved by all

Senna loved by all? You have bad memory if you can say that.


Statistically, there are comparison to be drawn. But, then, you can draw statistical comparisons with any of the drivers across the grid (past and present).

Senna was very different in character and style of driving to Seb. He had this controversial thing going on with him but still, was loved by all (something i can't say that about seb). He could take a very bad car and drive the living hell out of it. (Something i can confidently say about ALO and HAM, but no so much SEB).

I believe he was much more talented than all the crop of drivers we have on the grid today (No disrespect to intended).

So, when you shell out statements like this : "For me Vettel is the modern day Senna. Quick, consistent, relentless and ruthless." I hope u can understand that its not conclusive enough to

say such. SCHUMI was the same, you don't hear people yapping that he was the modern day senna in his time.


It isn't


He has nothing in common with Senna...


Stephan - Imola 89? Are you aware of this race?

I assume you remember it? How does this differ to Malaysia? Incredibly similar set of circumstances.


I am not a fan of Vettel, but am old enough to have watched both drivers at their peak and in my opinion they have an awful lot of things in common.


No. Vettel has lost respect through his many stunts, the latest being in Malaysia. Senna never lost that. Don't compare - don't insult!


Best drive in the race: future Ferrari driver; Worst drive: future RB driver. I hope DR does not fade away like SP did last year once he signed for McLaren.


Disgusted by Webber's penalty. Totally ridiculous. FIA need to stop meddling.


Oh you got that so right.

And the call on Hulkenberg?!?



Is Vettel and Red Bull domination ruining F1?

When he's getting constantly booed, you've got to say it isn't good. I wonder how Red Bull feel when their success is met with negative press. As a marketing exercise their success is probably counter-productive to selling their products. Red Bull may have made a mistake by not signing Alonso if he was available. What the booing is really about is the lack of competition in F1 at the moment. Alonso and Vettel have been the top 2 in F1 since 2010 and I think we've only really seen one true race long fight between them when their car performance was closely matched and that would be SIngapore 2010. If Red Bull had taken the plunge by signing Alonso it would have been good for the racing, good for business, having the two heavy-weights in equal machinery and it would have guaranteed Constructors titles and it would be good for F1.


Credit where credit is due Sebastion Vettel is a very good driver, but he is driving a very good car in a very good team. It would be difficult for a top driver not to win in those circumstances. A quick agile car like the Red Bull also builds driver confidence. That said Vettel consistently delivers so I conceed he is a very good driver in an advantageous position. I don't think it's sunk in Christian Horner yet why the fans boo Vettel while it blindingly obvious to everyone one else. They have not forgotten the stunt Vettel pulled on Webber disobeying team orders, and as a result is viewed as a poor sportsman, furthermore Horner should have had the strength to insist he give the place back. Beyond that the prowess of Red Bull design is making the sport boring much in the same way it became boring during the Schumacher era where he also had unfair advantages over other drivers.


Boring race, it was obvious RB will fly...

Vettel is 4 times champion and need to switch to different team to confirm his driving skills.

Alonso is lucky there was no second SC, because Raikkonen on fresh tires would catch him.

As smbd said here, those guys are on the podium because they are true champions. Many things change, but those guys make best of it all.


Where is Montezemolo NOW?

Is he still ungry with Fermando because he has not won this GP?

Luca, Luca!!! where are you NOW?


+ 1

Alo is always better than his car


James, why did Ferrari pit Felipe for the 3rd time? He put new Hard tyres during safety car just as Fernando did.

Felipe could have been on the podium. He was ahead of Kimi after safety car and did not need to pit to undercut DiResta as he had to pit to put on hard tyres. DiResta did 1st and 2nd stint on supersofts.


Because he went for the supersoft tyres at the stop under the safety car, not the mediums

He did this to try to make up places after the restart


Thanks! James.

Who in the team makes these calls on tyres? I know the driver doesn't . Is it the race engineer on the pit wall or the strategy team back at home? And is there only 1 strategy team or each driver has his own strategy team?


Race engineer, race strategy engineer and a team back at base. Some calls are triggered from factory, but team always has an override


I'm glad that Lauda and Brundle are speaking out against the Booing.

Think about it, what did Vettel did wrong during this race or this weekend? He deserved full respect and applause. I understand the fall out from multi-21 and dominance not in a Ferrari could be incentives for dislike.

but these people who continues to Boo are a million times worst than any normal people. Get a life mate!

Get Well Soon Murray

Has Vettel made the jump today from just being a little bit quicker than the other leading drivers to having absolutely stunning pace, similar to what Schumacher had in his prime.

Pulling away from everyone at 2 seconds plus a lap, that really has got to be worrying for the others now...


Yes 2 sec per lap faster really looks like he is the best driver out there.. to someone who doesn't have a clue about F1.


SV was fantastic and in a class all of his own.

Meanwhile MW was hanging on to FA's car doing almost 70mph!

FA didn't use the KERS though...

Check it out @ 1'48" - 107 km/hr.



Just the video I was looking for, explains the reprimand they got - Hamilton was very close to running into the back of Alonso


SV is the number one, if the SC didn't appear he would win with more than a minute from Alonso. AN is a monster but he needs SV to drive his car as he does. Brilliant, great team job.


Stewards got somethings right and wrong today.

NH and SP incident seemed particularly harsh. Although I thought that instructing LH to give a place back to FM was a good call - and - done in the right way.

But it's consistency c.f. Hungary.


I'm no Vettel fan but stop with the booing already.


Today's race wasn't a great advert for the sport but unfortunately this season is just a hard sell and that is becoming borne out in the booeing of Vettel. I see a lot of similarities between the current era of F1 and WRC in the late 90's:

Alonso = Carlos Sainz - struggling to add to titles in final straight of career

Hamilton = Colin McRae - Flat out charger but may never add to the one title early in his career

Button = Richard Burns - smooth approach pays dividends when everything is right

Vettel = Tommi Makinen - consistency the strongest package if unspectacular but nets 4 world titles in a row

The thing is I think it's Colin McRae who is most fondly remembered from those days despite just one title

Will F1 fans look back on this era in the same way in years to come? There lies Vettels image problem, of course he can't be blamed for his own success though!


IMHO refuelling must be back to F1. If the car is slow, then you take less fuel. There must be some ways how to fight. Seeing how best car laps 2 seconds faster (30 minutes in 15 laps) is non-sense. Just a show but not a sport. Old Lauda might praise Vettel every day, but listed to Button's words about RB car and thing again.


U mean 30 seconds in 15 laps

GP2 better than F1

Driver beaten by Di Resta in F3 + 2 seconds a lap slower than Jean Eric Vergne (the guy who can't do fast laps in qualifying) in Abi Dhabi in the same 2011 car, and who is also a couple of 10s slower than Riccardo at Silverstone apparently wins another race. Ummmm.. I wonder if the car is amazing and the team / team principle is biased. Thanks Sky+ 2 hours at Marina Bay never been so quick.

Take me back to the beginning of 2009 when a guy in a white car was winning everything and people were saying he was one of the best drivers ever, oh actually they never said that it was all the car....


Success in F1 has always been about the convergence of a number of factors. Vettel, Newey and the Red Bull dollar are the strongest for quite a while, and it is no surprise that they are sweeping all before them, It makes for a dull championship, but from a purists point of view it is F1 at it's best. I can only see next season being more of the same. The rule changes will in theory throw everything up in the air, but you have to assume that F1's best designer and best team will emerge as the cream of the crop, add to that that Ricciardo will almost certainly race as SV's support driver and you can put your house on an even stonger Red Bull team next year.


Man, Vettel was fast. No doubt about why he is about to be a 4-time Champion. Say what you will about the car he drives; he is destroying Mark Webber. And Mark Webber is not a slow driver. Not in the slightest.

It's going to get harder and harder to argue with him being the best driver if he keeps performing like this. Personally, I think if you put he and Hamilton in the same car and told them to just go, then Hamilton would set a quicker lap. But Vettel obviously has something else that makes the difference. It seems like he is able to get the car set up for himself almost perfectly every weekend, and he has relentless dedication to his craft. While Kimi and Alonso were off doing whatever, he was at the Silverstone test doing runs on the Pirellis. He's just willing to put in that extra little bit to take himself to another level.

This is why it's such a tragedy that he's getting booed. OK, he may not be the nicest guy in the world. But he puts probably more dedication and work into this sport than anyone else on the grid. And what does he get for it? Everyone hates him. It's completely unfair. If you were in his shoes, how would you feel?


By the way, congratulations to Vettel for overtaking Alonso in total Grand Prix victories. 33 to 32. Incredible accomplishment.


What were Webber's other two reprimands?


James, what do think of this nonsense with the safety car being out for so long to let the laps cars through? It wastes so much time!

Why don't they just let the cars in the field that have been lapped drop backwards on the straight? For example if Max Chilton is running 22nd, 1 lap down but he is running 15th in the queue behind the SC, why doesn't he just pull over on the straight and drop to the back of the field? Problem solved, he's now on the same lap, in position and it took about 20 seconds!


well the fuel is an issue and hence his timings will be slower for the rest of the laps (besides higher tire wear). It is a bit technical and marginal, but that is how it is!


Yes, he can pull over, but then it also means he does not use the extra 1 lap of tyres and fuel required to unlap himself against the other cars.

In giving him that 'free' lap, it could mean completing the race or stopping out on track near the end.

So it would not be fair to the other cars and drivers.


James, it's about time write an article of the records broken by Vettel. At 19 he was the youngest to score a point, since then god knows how many more he has undone. Unbelievable.

32+ secs win from Alonso is no more a joke it's a very serious joke indeed. Seems like Vettel is in a new F1 series all by himself. He was so fast at the turns and pulled away like a rocketship. Officially the season is done and dusted.

Sebastian Newey and Adrian Vettel is a perfect marraige like no other! How long will this be going on? Not forever I hope. Immaculate.

I was surprised the booing continued on in Singapore. No wonder he vented back bout the tour bus group, I like his sense of humor though.


If you consider Mansell best driver ever, then you would like Vettel as well. Mansell's Williams Renault in 1992 was like Red Bull in Singapore. All top drivers are less or more equal. There are no 2-3 sec gaps on dry track. It is all to the car. Hence, Newey & Co are drivers of the day. Plus two drivers: Alonso & Raikkonen.


Mansell was a class act. There's no need to mention his other 22 wins outside of the FW14B? Hungary 1989? He had unbelievable speed and was the best overtaker of his generation.

I don't understand why people always hold the FW14B against Nigel but never mention anything about the MP4/4 car advantage Senna enjoyed for his 1988 title for example?


He was. I don't hold Mansell's championship year against him at all. I consider it less exciting than his other nearly seasons, but it would've been a cruel fate for him not to have won a championship.

If Bernie's medal system was in place the years he raced, he'd've been a 3x champion.

I liken it to an A-list actor overlooked for Oscars earlier in their career, finally snagging an Oscar for a movie that doesn't rank among their best (think Al Pacino or Tom Cruise), as a sort of make-up for not rewarding them for their top stuff earlier.


A very good analogy!



Singapore yesterday reminded me of a similar race in 2005 at Monaco, which Kimi won. Were they not similar circumstances?

A safety car at not quite the right time requiring the driver to throw caution to the winds to build up a gap required to gain a pitstop?

Anyone else thinks the same?


Just checked the stats. Kimi pulled out a 34+ second lead in around 16-17 laps at Monaco 2005. Came out with a 13 second lead after the pit stop.

Equates roughly to 2 seconds a lap, similar to Vettel in Singapore 2013.


In a Newey car then too. Only thing that derailed Kimi in 2005 was the Mercedes engine's reliability.


So why no reprimand for Alonso. Surely you must also punish the driver of the "taxi" for stopping to pick him up.


Both got reprimands. Webbder's became a 10-place drop penalty because this is his third reprimand of the season. A third reprimand automatically becomes a 10-place penalty.


He did get a reprimand for that incident.


Vettel has proven over and over that he is a good driver but he has also proven disloyal, selfish and that he is nothing without the favoured technology from RedBull. That team is a disgrace with its management. They have ruined Mark Webbers career. Webber is the better driver, but Vettel has the better car. Overall, nobody beats Alonso. By far the best driver in the field.


I thought Rubens was on this website...Blah Blah Blah!!! Vettel was in a class of his own, with or without a quicker car, he outclassed everyone on the grid. Stop moaning just because your preferred driver is not winning and watch another championship being won. Be honest, if it was Hamilton, Alonso or Kimi doing the very same thing then it would be the driver, not the car.


Vettel definitely is in a class of his own. It's a shame that class is not well respected by most others. My honesty is what driving your anger but not your lack of knowledge. Vettel needs to needs to apologise to us first, his German supporters. His championship is tainted for this year, and we will win again, but it's the country that now begins to suffer as his attitude is seen as the attitude of all Germans. No wonder viewers and supporters are giving up on F1. especially after what was the most boring singapore race. Webber and Alonso had me talking in a whole different manner then they get penalised. I can't stand to drink RedBull anymore.


I can see people on here debating about Vettel, and whether it is his talent or the car that got him the dominant victory margin of 32.6 seconds over Alonso.

My explanation is that it was due to a combination of different things.

First of all, Vettel wouldn't be at the front if he didn't have the car, that is clear, and it is the same for everyone.

Secondly, the safety car came out around Lap 24/25, and this meant some drivers decided to pit for a second time (Alonso and Raikkonen), whilst Vettel, the two Mercedes, Webber and di Resta decided to stay out. Some were convinced, in particular the Merecedes team that Alonso and Raikkonen couldn't make it to the end, and that Mercedes themselves couldn't make it to the end, even if they stopped for tyres right then. This is where Vettel comes in.

Vettel knows that he has to push hard because his safe lock on winning the Grand Prix was under severe threat, and because of the tyre conservation of others behind, it would be quite easy to pull out the gap, which allowed him to have a pit stop on Alonso, and after Vettel pitted, he was able to pull away again, as Alonso was in tyre conservation, and couldn't use the grip in the tyres as much as Vettel to go as fast.

However, Vettel's ability at the start of races to pull out big gaps after a couple of laps continues to amaze me.

James, do you think it is the stable platform of the car that allows him to pull out these gaps, or is it the innate senses of Vettel that allows him to get the tyres working quicker to allow him to pull out big gaps after a couple of laps? As well as this, do you think there are other drivers, past and present do you think can match Vettel in this regard if they were in this car?