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“Idiots” or “geniuses”? Alonso adds to tension within Ferrari
Scuderia Ferrari
Posted By: James Allen  |  08 Sep 2013   |  11:15 am GMT  |  224 comments

There has been a significant reaction to the comments made by Fernando Alonso over the radio at the start of Q3 in Monza yesterday.

Heading out on circuit behind team mate Felipe Massa on an out lap, he was told that he would have to let Nico Rosberg through as the German was on a hot lap.

Alonso’s response is not clear in one key word, but appears to be “Quindi c’e da farlo passare..veramente siete dei scemi eh! Mamma mia, ragazzi!”

This translates as “so I have to let him (Rosberg) pass..really you are idiots, Good grief, boys..”

However the unclear word is the crucial one. Listening to it through several times it sounds more like “geni” (geniuses) and the tone of his speech is ironic, which makes the use of the word “geniuses” ironic. The Italian media itself isn’t sure which word he used, while Alonso himself said afterwards that his choice of word was “geni”.

It’s not the first time that his language skills, while admirable, have caused problems. His criticisms of the car this summer have partially been accentuated by using the wrong word.

Either way, it indicates his impatience with a team which is not giving him the tools – either in the car or in the strategy – to fight with a formidable enemy in the form of Red Bull and Vettel.

There is a lot of tension within the team at the moment; Alonso is a champion who wants to win and he doesn’t take well to not winning, as Luca di Montezemolo, Ferrari’s president accepts.

Operationally Ferrari were trying something ambitious – getting Massa to give Alonso a tow, increasing his top speed by some 20km/h if you get it right and meaning it takes around 2/10ths of a second less to travel the length of the straight. Ferrari have done this before; it’s hard to pull off because if the car in front is too close, the following car loses downforce on the vital exit of the Parabolica corner.

So Ferrari was wrapped up in its slipstreaming plan and put the cars out some 12 seconds ahead of Rosberg.

Alonso clearly didn’t feel he needed to let Rosberg past and he was right – at the end of the Ferrari’s out-lap Rosberg had still not caught them and so they would not have to deal with a slowing Mercedes on their own hot lap.

So he was showing that he was ahead of the game and they are not on his level. It’s not a team-building stance and drivers have to always lead while maintaining team spirit.

This latest episode of Alonso showing up Ferrari as not being “on it”, comes at a delicate moment for the Ferrari team following Luca di Montezemolo’s public rebuke to Alonso after the Hungarian Grand Prix.

Montezemolo spoke about this yesterday, “In a family every now and then it does some good (“to tweak someone’s ear”, as he described it at the time.)The important thing is to remain a family.

In the paddock yesterday afternoon there was an awkward moment of theatre, (and shown in the image above), where Alonso was passing as Montezemolo was addressing a small group of media, including JA on F1.

Anxious for an opportunity to project an image of happy families to the media, Montezemolo said, “Alonso, is it true that you are going to drive for Marussia next year?” Alonso smiled and Montezemolo then tried to ask him about his radio message for the team about the Rosberg gap, but Alonso ducked it and they did a sort of semi man-hug and Montezemolo then called him “Fernandino”, which means “Little Fernando”.

So what does it all mean? For all the smoothing out of tensions on the eve of this crucial him race for Ferrari by Alonso in the press conference on Thursday where he committed his future to Ferrari and called it “the best team in the world”, Ferrari is clearly not performing like that at the moment and the frustrations are clear. At the same time, he’s not projecting the right image as a team leader, not observing the mantra ‘You win together, you lose together’.

This tangled human drama also extends to the choice of second driver; Alonso does not want Raikkonen and hiring him would further upset the Spaniard. He wants Massa to stay.

Massa played the loyal number two yesterday, sacrificing his own hopes for his team mate – although ironically on the second run he was too far ahead of Alonso and ended up with a faster time – and this sends a message to rivals for his seat, like Raikkonen, who would never do that.

Montezemolo said yesterday that the team would decide next week on its second driver, that the result of this race would be significant for Massa but that there are other drivers beside Raikkonen out there. Clearly Nico Hulkenberg’s performance, outqualifying the Ferraris in a Sauber will have made a huge impression at a vital moment and could swing the deal his way.

It’s a fluid situation and Ferrari is in need of some stability now to steer through this difficult moment and set a course for the future.

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Ferrari have stood by Felipe admirably over the last few years, but perhaps now it's time to move on. And Nico H is the biggest talent in the smaller teams - by some distance I think.


Truly a wonderful article on the current state of affairs within the Scuderia Ferrari. Thanks James.

I find the continuing Alonso drama to be very interesting. Perhaps the soon to be decided #2 will not be Ferrari's #2 for very long.


On results, biased towards recency, there seems little to choose between Di Resta and Hulkenberg.

I'd like to see them head-to-head at the same team.

Thread the Needle

They were teammates last year, Hulkenburg got the better of Di resta especially the second half of the season



Just watch 2012 season again.


You had that last year, and by the end the Hulk was clearly ahead. In fact that's one of the most impressive things about him - the way he seems able to get himself into the team and improve all through the year. He did it at Williams, FI, and now he's dragging Sauber to a place they have no right to be.


His pole in Brazil was exceptional. He drove in dry tyre tracks for the whole lap. It amazes me he hasn't made swifter progress up the grid.

I hope he ends up wearing some red coveralls next year.


As a non-red car fan, I am delighted to see the fractures in the Ferrari team, and delighted to see Massa's one-upmanship.


Ferrari are cracking up. After all the complaining that team has done - I think it was hilarious that previously stoic Massa adopted the same policy after quali and complained about Alonso complaining too much.

Then again, Alonso probably had a point this time.


If memory serves, the mold established by Ferrari himself was always to keep his drivers a bit off balance and internal political/psycho gamesmanship is always a part of the culture in Italia? For instance, Barachello waiting until just before the checkers to let MS past and then MS inviting Barachello to stand on the top step to recognize who really won that race. Not that it matters in the big picture - only one perspective.


The tension in Ferrari is all about a desire to win.It's about time the other teams showed as much desire as Ferrari. You just don't get a sense of it from them. Certainly not from McLaren. (see my comment below).

I'd never call myself a Red fan; but I wish my team was as unhappy at the lack of success as they are.


mmm... quite an interesting comment.


Alonso has shown team spirit for now almost 4 years when Ferrari has constantly failed to deliver.

Clearly he feels the team spirit approach has not raised Ferraris game during this time and so in mix of frustration and

a desire to force through an improvement by other means he

cant help but venting his feelings about the situation.


You are not what you have done in the past, but what you choose to keep doing.



4 years of team spirit brought almost two titles but "almost" does not count.

The evil is a Domenicali. He is not Todt. The team sucks and will suck in 2014 obviously.

Unless Ellison builds smth cool. I doubt he can deliver for 2014.


Is he giving up ship, or doling out 'hard love' for the team to up its game?


According to RTL Ferrari has hired Raikkönen


I wonder if the Raikkonen deal being signed was the real reason Alonso was upset with the team.


Good point, if the deal has indeed been sealed, it would mean the Nando was already on a shorter fuse.


Raikonnen + Hulkenberg as Ferrari's lineup next year? 😀


Unlikely 😉

Read it on Videotext, a textbased news system of the German TV station RTL before the race. They announced it as a done deal with contracts having been signed last wednesday. Not a shredd of a doubt. I was surprised the news appeared nowhere else, but maybe that is because RTL got it wrong 😉


It might also be a bit of a False Flag move by Ferrari to get Alonso into Shape. Leak that Kimi has signed to put Alonso into his Place after the whole Red Bull situation a couple of Weeks ago, when the driver choice may yet still to be made.


could you post the link?


As I said below, I had originally seen it on Videotext, a pre-internet news and information System German TV stations still use a lot. But it is also on the web, almost the same text, but they sound a bit more cautious there, but still saying the contract is already signed.

Here is the link



I took a Picture of the Videotext page as well,jic


You win together, you lose together. Either you are in it or not in it. This article is more pro-Alonso. He chose to go to Red Bull; no one forced him to go there. If he can't play the team game or if he is not happy, he should leave.

People made a big issue when Vettel ignored Multi21. But Alonso called his team 'idiots' and still there are people who don't want to criticise his actions. I have no respect for a person who calls his team idiots.

No one is above the team and clearly Alonso is no leader. It's time to replace him.


For real? Webber slammed the RedBull team after Hungary qualifying, describing his KERS issues, stupid and embarrassing and we did not even hear about it while everything Alonso or Ham says is blown out of proportion and becomes an instant media hit.

Multi 21? it's like gaining the trust of your own brother then sneaking up behind him with a knife, then pretending you didn't know it was a knife you were holding in your hands, then backtracking and saying you would do it again cos your brother doesn't watch your back anyway. As a sport fan, Fernando calling his team geniuses or whatever is none of my business but Vettel ignoring a pre-race agreement stinks of unsportsmanlike behaviour, lies and betrayal and that's what I should be worried about and not a driver venting his frustration on his team.


"People made a big issue when Vettel ignored Multi21. But Alonso called his team ‘idiots’ and still there are people who don’t want to criticise his actions."

Frankly one of those two is far worse than the other, and it's not the one about gaining a competitive edge vs someone who's previously ignored team orders and tried to race you !

I think this comment was the last straw with Alonso at Ferrari and he's off somewhere else. I think employing Kimi would be enough to see Alonso move somewhere else, Lotus maybe? Ferrari might be losing a quick driver, but Alonso brings a whole world of issues with him.


F1 is different to most if not all sports in that way - its without a doubt a team sport - the results are achieved with a good team - BUT these individuals are chasing selfish and often different goals - but in the same direction.

When a driver is unhappy with the team behind him its difficult to express that without looking like a poor team player - but its ok for teams to drop drivers and not look silly...


Great point. I doubt you and similar others will be allowed to be heard. There is a lot of hypocrisy going around.


I can't help but feel this is being overblown somewhat. All f1 drivers, particularly the best ones, believe they have a god given right to win and without their arrogance of being the best, they wouldn't be as fast. Alonso seemed fine when he spoke to the media, but like all drivers he was frustrated on the radio.

If it was kimi saying this I think we'd all be laughing and saying how much of a legend he is.


It is most definitely logical. But as Justin Bieber can't be Frank Sinatra just cause he is a signer. Alonso will never be Raikkonen.


You win post of the day, sir.



+1 billion


+1 on that !

Team is above the star, but there must be some room for the star driver's to vent up their frustrations .....


very true


Italian media seems to say he said idiots and it is their language so. Geniuses or idiots, it is the same. It is an insult and it is unnecessary and unprofessional, even if the team was wrong.

When Alonso makes a mistake, you don't hear his engineer or his bosses get on the radio to call him an idiot or genius in a sarcastic way.

Alonso comes across like a cat in a corner at the moment, especially with the prospect of Kim or Hulkenburg being his teammate.


So what. It is just words. Actions are more important (SV in Malaysia was infinitely worse). Alonso is being torn apart by everyone here over a throw away comment said out of frustration. Ferrari surely understand this and will not condemn him for this. If they did, I wouldn't blame Fernando if he left F1 and joined Mark Webber at Porsche.


Some Italian-English speakers even mention the interpretation of the word Alonso used to be "fools."


They leave room for doubt, to be fair


As 'K' said, it makes no difference anyway! I find this argument over what he said to be moot.

The situation was a negative one and the sentiment is therefore clear. He either straight-out called them "idiots"/"fools"/whatever, or he sarcastically called them "geniuses". As sarcasm means you're saying the opposite of what you actually mean, it's all the same thing. Unless there is a third interpretation he was being derogatory regardless of what language he used.

It's a shame - I have warmed to ALO in the last couple of seasons since his move to Ferrari as he has been entertaining to watch as he wrings every last 10th out of the car. But this latest spat and the fact that were he to leave Ferrari there's not many places he could actually go having burned so many bridges (as BE humourously alluded to in the Brundle interview) has reminded me why I didn't really like him much before he joined the red team.

You can understand his frustration though - he has very narrowly missed a couple of WDCs with Ferrari through no fault of his own, and this year he's in a worse position going into the fly-aways than he was in previous years.


Are you serious? So how did he do in 2008 or 2009? It is because of Ferrari he was in position to challenge the title to start with.

It is what it is, and as season whole he was not good enough to win in 2010 and 2012.


A chameleon can change colors but that doesn't change it's real instinctual nature. Alonso cries alot and will repeat 2007 if Kimi is paired with him.


Isn't that an oxymoron James?

Fair Italian Media?


Alonso has shown once again how immature he is, long gone are the scenes of catalunya pre-podium phone call. These are signs of chinks in the armour, the sinking ship, call it whatever they are losing under pressure, unlike schuey who rose to the challenge and succeeded.


That's the thing I hated about Schumi (I was Hill/Hakkinen fan). He always did so much better under pressure. Very intimidating 🙂


In fairness to the 'complete driver', there are other explanations rather than a 'maturity' issue.

You have a driven (and if you've been paying attention, there is no doubt about 'driven') individual, at a top calibre, and a team that has been floundering since the departure of the Todt/Brawn/Schumacher triad.

Could it be that the completely understandable flip-side to the intensely driven top-tiered driver is boiling over frustration?

Clearly the team made a mistake during qualifying.

Could be 'no big deal' in isolation; but in the pattern of inadequacy at Ferrari, this intense frustration is squeezing out.


yes, not to mention the frustration of watching yet another world drivers championship slowly slipping out of your grasp, and being handed to a kid who is about to pick up his fourth.

Alonso is anything but immature.


James, how do you know Fernando does not want Kimi alongside? You have sources that told you so?


After Hungary FA was rumored to go to RBR. After Spa he was rumored to go to Lotus with Santander money. At Monza he is rumored to go to McLaren. Maybe Massa will be staying & Alonso will be out...?


Yes and it's pretty obvious!


And do you think its fair that a driver like Alonso can decide about career movements of someone like Kimi?


That's stretching the truth...


An Spanish journalist that is very very close to Alonso just said that between Hulkenberg and Raikonen Alonso does not care at all.



This journalist didn't say he prefers Hulk or Kimi over Felipe. He said if the team wants to change, he doesn't care between Hulk or Kimi.


Yeah sure and I am queen of England.


No, because he wants Felipe. Personally I think he's wrong - a new face might push things forward more, which is what he wants most.


Obvious for all of us paying close attention to the relevant details.

There is only room for deception in analyzing the micro-detailed level of this.

Alonso would take a year sabbatical rather than go head-to-head with Kimi.

But if he didn't...

... we'd get a real spectacle, not pretty though.


So after playing attention to the relevant details your conclusion is: "Alonso would take a year sabbatical rather than go head-to-head with Kim"? Keep paying attention then...


Ferrari have made a mess of this and Alonso is now using the manner in which Ferrari lauded him so much to the detriment of Massa, since he joined in 2010, to his own advantage.

Ferrari has build a team around one man but unlike with Schumacher it hasn't worked in the same way. How to put manners on Alonso they will have to fire the ever loyal Massa...

However to be honest I can't see Kimi getting the chance at Ferrari and there is, despite all the media hype surrounding Kimi, little real evidence he would take the fight to Alonso. Instead he would divide the team and maybe even force Alonso out.

So it is a mess and the only logical way Ferrari can move ahead is by maintaining the status quo for another season.


Little evidence? I wouldn't call a record run of points finishes or a total lack of regard for team games as little evidence for Raikkonen at all.


' why would that be a bad thing


Or by getting TWO new drivers and a new team principle?


it looks to me that fernando is going to retire with two crowns. Not bad at all, but he had talent for more in my opinion. He could have won with mclaren, if he handled that situation better. And he had a contract on the table for him to sign with redbull in 2009. He went for the ferrari mith instead, like many other before him. Like a beautifull woman, hard to resist. And he is paying the price like many other drivers before him. Choices, choices, choices. It seems he didn't make the right ones.


Pretty much this ^


Can you imagine a vettle Alonso paring at red bull from 2009 (i know it would he been mark & Alonso or mark & Seb but humour me) it would have been a red bull lock out 1-2 almost every race since.

I never knew he had the red bull option so it helps me understand his frustration with himself which boils over to frustration with the team as I sure they promised him the world if he went to them and not the bulls.


At the time, on the Spanish press, he stated time and again that he wanted to race for a works team (he was at Renault then). So when he left Renault, he headed for Ferrari.

We also have to remember that in 2008 the Bulls were not very competitive, to put it mildly...

It was a big mistake. But in hindsight, all is very clear.

Tornillo Amarillo

HULK had many problems these years and he never was critic against his teams, so he is a complete driver including media exposure. Because he can deliver, obviously is the right choice and not Massa.

ALONSO and the wording... Words of Montezemolo, half hug, etc... that's not good for ALONSO as a employee.

I think ALONSO is looking a payed-sabbatical-season, Kimi style... doesn't he?


Agreed, I think it would end his career as the massive regs change next season would leave him a year behind the rest so given it may take half a season to get upto speed so that would mean no title on '15 either and '16 would be 1st realistic chance but he will be 35 that year, plus which team would take an out of practice driver with no experience of current machinery at the end of their career. Even if it is Fernando Alonso? It's a risk and he wouldn't do it for free either.


I thought at the end of last season (and especially post Malaysia) that Webber would have been with Ferrari in 2014.

He and Alonso are good mates, and he seemingly had a preference for 1 year contracts.

I still think he would have been the most logical and hassle free second driver. Maybe not a consistent winner, but a massive points scorer and would be a great asset for the contractors championship.

Surely Ferrari saw this as well and would have been at the very least entertaining the idea post Malaysia.

His decision to quit F1 in June came as a surprise.

JA to your knowledge was this scenario ever entertained at Ferrari?


Webber doesn't want to compete under the new turbo regulations for 1 season.


He didn't want a 2 year contract. He wasn't sure he would want to race in 2014 and now he's glad he decided that


I understand Alonso´s frustration. Ferrari have messed up strategy more than once over the years. In fact yeaterday during practice they messed up with Massa. He left the box and the light turned red. So he couldn´t do his lap. They acted like amateurs. Ferrari can´t afford those mistakes.

Having said that Alonso must control himself. He can´t insult and disrespect the team.


I think Alonso would rather keep in reputation in tact by going to Lotus and having Grosjean as a teammate then having to deal with Hulkenberg next year since that's a no win prospect. If Hulkenberg matches Alonso he looks bad, he's expected to beat him.

I think Alonso would be confident of having the edge on Kimi. Kimi has never been an outstanding qualifier much like Alonso, so he's not losing out there. Plus, Alonso has better consistency race to race. Kimi can go missing for a series of races.


I think its Hulkenberg + Kimi, with Kimi starting out as number one, but becoming as eventual number two as age sets in.

It could also be Di Resta and Kimi with the same plan in mind.


If Alonso was confident that he could compete with Kimi, then it will be Kimi and Alonso at Ferrari next year!



Because Alonso will go on sabbatical before he goes head-to-head against Kimi.

If Kimi leaves Lotus, and Alonso returns there as last refuge, then he will do the same manipulations against Grosjean, that he did against all of his other team mates; and I don't think Boullier will put up with that, now, after having a comparatively apolitical star driver in Kimi.


Kimi did go missing for 38 races ,27 races in the points!!. More consistently fast than anyone on the grid- shows how much you know


If you have a fast, reliable car and can avoid incidents with other drivers then you're going to finish in the points. Plus, Schumacher had to finish in the top 6 to achieve his consecutive points finish record. Much, much more difficult.


And Kimi's record is more remarkable because it was set in a midfield car in the race-ending era of the Grosjeans, the Maldonados and the Perezes. Schumi used to qualify in front and disappear into the distance.


But now points go down to 10th. As long as you have car reliability, no-one crashes into you, and you can beat a Force India you will finish in the points.


In a Ferrari-no less- not a Lotus ! Use some common sense


Yet I dare say this has been more "thanks" to the fact that Lotus only works on certain type of conditions (hot) and tracks (tracks like Spa and Monza dont favor them).

You seem to forget that Kimi is current record holder of the most consecutive races finishes on points...

But really now we would have finally chance to see which one of them really is the better driver, as long as the team hears both of them what they want from the car and is able to deliver both of them the car they like


It amazes me how anyone can have doubts about who is the better driver of the two. There is a considerable performance gap between these two drivers.


Yes, Kimi is considerably better.


And so it begins... Another set of bridges burned.

Renault (now Lotus) burned

McLaren burned (and still burning)

Ferrari burned

Who's left?

Red Bull really do not want him. To them, he's a self aggrandising joke.

Mercedes are happy with Lewis and Nico for yrs to come.

Maybe Williams, Sauber, Force India?



Why would the bridges at Renault or Ferrari be burnt? Or do you have any evidence to support that RBR consider him a self aggrandising joke? i think what's a joke is to give away mere opinions as actual facts the way you do. I don't think Alonso is being intelligent about how he's handling his relationship with Ferrari, but his frustration is actually justified, what is wrong is how he handles that frustration.

And as for "self aggrandising", he's the only guy in a champion packed grid who's actually come close to challenging Vet and RBR regulary often in machinery that was not as good as his rival (and that is a fact, mind you, not a matter of simple opinion). Ferrari made a catastrophic mistake in his first year there and last year Vettel thanked all the saints in the world when he crashed against senna without substantial damage to the car. When many say how much better vettel is against the competition they forget that he's been extremely lucky at times: Alonso could've been 4 times WDC and Vettel only one had luck panned out differently in the crucial moments. That he's put himself into contention so many with an inferior car is why he is considered one of the greats by a grand majority of qualified critics: what he's done is actually no small feat, and there's nothing aggrandising about that.

The question why he's biting the hand that feeds just before 2014 with all the regulation changes surprises me. I don't understand it really unless he's looking to make a change to another big team... otherwise his attitude would be imprudent to the point of near suicidal... so I believe there must be more than is let out in public, although I could be wrong.

But Scuderia, your dislike for Alonso flaws your commentaries.


With that logic you can take his 2005 title away from him. He got exactly what he deserved. Double World Champion.


Schumacher used to mention a saying that Luck is only that if you're prepared to take advantage of an opportunity, or something like that. I think that's as accurate a description as you can put forward.

So while we can chuck Vettel to luck and Alonso to lack or luck (say that ten times fast) the reality is, those were opportunities. One realized them, the other didn't.


Singapore 2008. Need I say more?

Oh wait, he had no idea why he was pitting so early and for a year after didn't connect that the safety car having been brought out by a crash of his sister car immediately after a his super early pit stop was a coincidence.

Forever stained Alfonzo... Now enjoy Force India.


Everything you say about FA is true (in my opinion). It's inconceivable that he didn't know what was going on at Singapore - even if people want to believe he was innocent in all that business, he certainly knew what he was doing at McLaren.

Yet despite those previous, ahem, indiscretions,Ferrari still hired him. How highly must they rate him, to take him on after all that?

Btw, I am no fan of FA.


again, you state opinions as facts, which is flawed. Why would Alonso do that as he had nothing to gain from it? it´s clear why Renault did it and they´ve admitted it. All of your name calling and blowing up of conjectures does´t speak well of your judgement.


There are some interesting points here. It is true that in 2007, 2010 and last year Alonso could have been champion if a few things had been different. Certainly he is a great driver and worthy of at least the two championships he has.

However, when luck comes into it it works both ways. Vettel had some luck last season but in a sense it was his due that made up for the mechanical failures he had at Valencia and Monza, without which he would have won comfortably. In 2010 the story was the same but on a greater scale due to the unreliability of the Red Bull.


The words in Alonso's message being confused are "scemi" (NOT schemi) and "geni". "Schema" is a scheme or outline, and has a hard c, pronounced "skemi", but "scemi" (idiot) has a soft c and is pronounced "shemi". Listen to Alonso again - for me there is a clear 'sh' at the start of the word, whereas "genii" would have the equivalent of a "j"...


Maybe you can allow for that he is not speaking his language, hein...

And its through a radio...

I would like to see you speak a foreign language at the wheel and have really good pronunciation...

And yes, english is not my language either, nor is italian


In the context of this forum it's not a matter of Alonso speaking a second language, it's a question of the initial posting getting the word wrong. If he said "scemi" or "geni" his meaning is clear and he's not happy. On the other hand, when Raikonen is similarly blunt he's lauded as one of the most direct speakers among the drivers.


Because he is, direct. While Alonso is far from it, hence the drama.


Yes if it was Alonso that said "leave me alone, I know what I'm doing", he would have been criticized as being arrogant. I agree with Button when he said radio messages are meant for his team, not for the media or for the fans because the media create drama scenes from selected messages and play them out to the fans who jump at every opportunity to blacklist the driver. Alonso said there were other messages to the team as well which were not broadcast. to lambast a driver over snippets of information relayed to us by a controversy-hungry media is, to say the least, unfair.


Alonso is just being Alonso. We saw it at McLaren, again we saw it again with Nelson Piquet, Jr. deliberate crash at Singapore 2008.

Now we see it at Ferrari.

No surprises, that's Alonso.


So what is your final assessment of Alonso as a driver, in the net, is his ruthless effectiveness and legendary determination worth his anti-social tendencies when the going gets tough?

What would you do if you were Luca? (2014 drivers, other key players)?


If I was Luca I would sack him. Forget 2014, he wouldn't even have raced today.


very decisive answer, thanx.


Right, and then Ferrari can spend the rest of the year getting 6ths and 7ths.




Is that you Fernando? Stop using CAPS and try more subtle


As great a driver as Alonso is, I have to go back quite a distance to find a driver that seems to require do much assistance from his team mate. Barring a farce they are set to go another year without a title.

You wonder when the Alonso/Ferrari project reaches crunch time. Surely Ferrari won't keep supporting Alonso like this after 2014, Alonso in turn won't want to go much longer with a car off the pace.

The only problem is that there isn't anywhere else for Alonso to go (aside from Red Bull in 2015) and Ferrari have let a lot of the young talent slip through there fingers (Perez, Hamilton, Ricciardo etc). By keeping Alonso as the absolute number 1, they have failed to put in place any driver that could step up should the relationship break up.


True that he needs more help from his team mates than any other; he has never ever had a decent team mate;

Marques - nobody

Trulli (who inidentally pretty much beat him)

Fisichella was below average

Hamilton - was meant to be a rookie but beat him anyway

Piquet - a joke

Massa - shadow of his former self

Alonso goes down in my estimation when I stop to think about it. His only real claim to fame is that he was the first post Schumi champion.


True true, oh dear imagine the fire works if Kimi joins. Say, where did those sabbatical rumors come from? Surely it can be something to do with possibly Kimi coming over and sending him into sabbatical after 2014?.... Food for thought.


Plus you can put down his 2005 championship to McLaren being unreliable, Kimi being extremely unlucky, and the overhaul of the regs significantly disadvantaging Ferrari and Bridgestone (so much for Ferrari International Assistance during the Schumacher years). 2006 Alonso got out to a large lead because he had an illegal mass damper.



Everyone is saying he could be a 4 time WDC but really he is very fortunate to be a double WDC and frankly thats as far as that luck will get him without true talent to forge his way. Politics only gets you so far.


Thats the crux of the matter - Ferrari policy since 2008 has meant they need Alonso more than they should. I was going to say more than he needs them but that's not true, noone else wants him either at this moment. Next year is make or break season.


"Listening to it through several times it sounds more like “geni” (geniuses) [...] The Italian media itself isn’t sure which word he used, while Alonso himself said afterwards that his choice of word was “geni”.

And people complain that todays drivers are too quite and do not open up for the media/public...

It is apparent that indeed the request to which ALO responded was "geni" (sarcastic) and very close to idiotic, so ALO was right in shutting them down. He should however have done it quitely instead of giving the opportunity to mainstream media to distract him and his team in this key time of the championship.

Given ALOs history of using language it should be clear what the word was, as he always has been eloquent especially if you compare to the likes of HAM and RAI. So this together with your own observations in the quote above, it is disappointing to see that you still choose to claim that the response "appears to" include the word "idiots" in the translation from Italian to English at the beginning of the article.

I guess a smart way of generating responses to the article, geni!


What a mess!

I echo previous comments that Alonso has a trend of walking away from burning bridges.

If I am at Ferrari, I need to get over the denial; something is fundamentally wrong!

Let's just say, that maybe you could be excused from not knowing where the problem is.

If it's broken, clean it out and start with an entirely new crew.

Get rid of: Massa, Alonso, Domenicalli, and all other ingratiated players.

It is time to rebuild!

2014 is going to be a learning year, go with a completely new crew.

I don;t know who the best players would be, only that they need to cut, erring of the side of too much, to build back later, rather than too little, and have it affect all of the new blood with the same old infection.

The Vettel-Red Bull package doesn't help anybody get over their frustrations, except Vettel and Red Bull.

The real issue here is a dominant package completely demoralizing all comers; and Red Bull have played every angle to perfection.

Can we all agree that the situation at Ferrari is poisoned and dysfunctional, beyond repair?


This could go for lots of comments previous to this one but whatever team it is at the moment that is doing poorly not a few fans start calling for the heads of the drivers, the team principal, or whoever they can remember the names of which is completely missing the point in modern F1.

For all of the recent championships the team with the best CFD / wind tunnel / aerodynamicist has delivered the winning car to whoever was the most steady and reliable driver in that team for a given season. Getting rid of Alonso this season, or Button, or Maldonado, isn't going to suddenly rocket Ferrari, Macca or Williams to the WDC next year.


No, this stuff at Ferrari is the tip of the iceberg meltdown.

They have to do something, plain and simple.

If they go for Kimi, then Massa is gone, and I personally don;t think Alonso will stay; so we'll get the Hulk and Kimi, maybe...

Tornillo Amarillo

I think the problem is not ALONSO.

It's Ferrari's management and MASSA.

ALONSO is a great asset and the car is very good.


...is that you Ron? 😉


In the last 3 races, I see Ferrari as having improved in absolute terms and relative to the field - excluding Red Bull.

It's just Red Bull that's improved even more.

Even Massa and Webber were able to comfortably beat Mercedes and Lotus, at Monza.

Perhaps it's because the other teams have switched car development resources to the 2014 car.

It would look like Hamilton, Kimi and Rosberg are out of WDC for 2013. So Alonso/Ferrari has won the "best of the rest" race.

I think Ferrari is not dysfunctional - to be able to achieve this level of performance. But you may be right - that for Ferrari to overcome Vettel/Red Bull - perhaps they need a radical change. Some would say the 2014 rules could provide that change.

I guess there are quite a few people putting their hopes on the 2014 rules to impact the Vettel/Newey/Red Bull dominance.

I guess the other possible change is the impact of Ricciardo.


I think the teams' resources should also be considered. To be the 'best of the rest' is not terribly special when the rest very much includes Lotus, whose budget is very small in comparison to Ferrari. And tbh, I think Mercedes will actually beat Ferrari to the title by the end of the year anyway.


"Can we all agree that the situation at Ferrari is poisoned and dysfunctional, beyond repair?"

Wow, amazing stuff!

And you arrive at this conclusion after hearing ALO tell the team "guys, letting ROS by at this stage is a S T U P I D suggestion"?? (I separated the letters as to not offence anyone since it appears as certain fans/media appear to be veeery sensitive to this kind of very offensive language! 😉 ).

Or do you base it on the fact that ALO has been very close to clinch the title twice in the last three years in a (Ferrari) car consistently only capable of 6-7th spot on Saturdays, against a redbull on rails in comparison?

Or the fact that ALO is the driver closest to VET this season as well, ahead of all other teams/drivers?

Or on the statement that ALO consistently announces "They have the best car, we have the BEST TEAM"?

Get real please.


'real'? your definition please.

You seem to want to drum up points that you can easily dismiss.

I am looking at the entire picture.

I am NOT doubting that Alonso is a great talent, clearly in the top eschelon of drivers (with Lewis, Vettel and Kimi), but how long since a title?

I know, I know, everyone wants to blame Newey, but that just does NOT cut it at Ferrari (nor mClaren for that matter)!

Alonso has grit, unbeatable determination, but he has made some key errors in the clutch, for ego-based reasons (the entire McLaren affair, where Alonso threw away the championship for both drivers as an undefendable series of self-maiming).

And no, I don;t base it on how close Alonso has come BUT NOT WON, just the NOT WON part.


"Or do you base it on the fact that ALO has been very close to clinch the title twice in the last three years in a (Ferrari) car consistently only capable of 6-7th spot on Saturdays, against a redbull on rails in comparison?"

Last year he had a fast car that was by far the most reliable. McLaren was actually faster than Red Bull but less reliable. The Ferrari was a bad car up until Barcelona, but Red Bull and McLaren struggled in those first four races too.

Alonso should have won Abu Dhabi, gets out-qualified by Massa in the last two races of the year. Change those things he's champion.

Alonso's not a good qualifier. He should be challenging for the front row. I mean yesterday he gets outqualified by someone using a customer Ferrari engine on a circuit all about horsepower!!


Alonso failing to win Abu Dhabi against the slower Lotus with Vettel starting at the back of the grid is fact.

Alonso failing to out-qualify Massa in the final two races is fact.

Alonso getting outqualifed by someone with a customer Ferrari engine and inferior chassis is also fact!!


Without trying to offence anyone but ALL of your points can be proven to be wrong purely by reviewing the actual numbers/times/events from last year - i e trivial as no reasoning is really needed.


100% been saying it for years...if FA is unhappy let him go!!- he bags everyone first opportunity he gets. Kimi copped more abuse from those Spagetti heads and was dropped yet you never heard a single bad word from him - & he had more reason than any man alive.


Interesting time at the moment:

- Shell (the longest sponsor of Ferrari -starting at 1929) wants Kimi to Ferrari.

- LdM said last weekend that he has good memoris about Kimi, they won last WDC together

- Dominicali said few weeks ago that everyone knows how much he respects Kimi.

What is going on????


a change in the weather?

Antonio Palmiotto

Spot on.


Alonso....what an ....(fill the gaps please) I'm sorry if I offend anyone but seriously...this man just wants everything to be bent his way for him to deliver!

For years now, Massa has been a loyal#2 for him and now Ferrari wants to hire somebody else (Kimi perhaps?) he is now throwing tantrums!!

Ferrari, if you are reading this, ask yourself one question, if you bend everything around one driver (to win Championships), why does that driver have to be Alonso?

Kimi, Button, Massa are equally capable of doing so!!

All hail drivers like Senna,Prost,Mansell who competed against each other in same machinery. We need drivers like them!


What, the same Alain Prost who vetoed Ayrton Senna at Williams? And the same Ayrton Senna who vetoed Derek Warwick at Lotus?


@KARTRACE and @Qudinot

It was Prost who convinced Ron Dennis to sign Senna for Mclaren to secure Honda engines, and that is how arguably the greatest rivalry in F1 began...

And regarding Senna, yeah, he might be ruthless to secure the best car but did he ever oppose anyone as his teammate?

In this regard, Alonso is just trying to influence Ferrari's decision for the second driver...that's just wrong..That's Ferrari's decision whoever they sign to partner Alonso for next year...he may not be getting this his way and he going on calling his team idiots etc etc....


This is utter nonsense. Harshad, you really need to study the history of F1 in more depth. The simplest start to your education might be in researching how ruthless Ayrton Senna was in attempting to always secure the best car. That's what MAKES f1.


I doubt that you were following F1 in those days, of the mentioned drivers. In every era every driver wanted to be a primadona ? the only one who was the easy one, as far as I understood from his contemporary's was Clark.


Fernando is way too political.

He should focus on driving, car development, fitness etc instead of constantly trying to arrange the environment around him.

Everyone keeps saying he drives as best as ever but there is always margin to improve (even for Alonso, even for Vettel)

He would be more graceful leaving the energy & focus-draining politics behind and focus on developing the car. He can always put more into it. It would improve his karma.

In my opinion this constant fiddling with "environmental parameters" shows his weakness, in that he seems only at his best when his environment is working for him.

The year at McLaren proved how easily he is upstaged by another fast driver next to him.

He should only concern himself about his side of the garage, and let Domenicali and Il Presidente worry about driver contracts, and who helps who when.

This lead driver thing, plus the helper driver, is just making Ferrari overall weaker, as we can see from the constructor.

This is not a cycling team. It's a racing team with both drivers eligible to score vital points. Making one driver a helper, is just demotivating to the bone. Massa as a result has become complacent, fighting for points, but not for wins or podium.

I was a great fan of Fernando during his 2005 and 2006 campaigns, which were the best in recent decade.

But I lost respect for him for the way he left McLaren practically in flames, retaliating as a child.

When he joined Ferrari I was reminded again of the great driver he can be... but all of this politics he engages himself in... first jabbing at his opponents about statistical probabilities of DNFs and how luck decides WDCs (as he has done against Vettel in the past two years) has made him less graceful.

Today he thinks he runs Ferrari! Truly an extremely difficult character to manage.


Dear oh dear.

I'm reminded that people who post comments like those of jmv here, very often idolize Senna, and cannot see the irony in that.


It is really sad how McLaren and the media where able to influence people, so what was an scandalous and deplorable spionage case executed by McLaren, which in fact is what left McLaren "practically in flames", has turned into a driver that with his behaviour did destabilize a team. The truth is this driver was left alone by McLaren as a lightning rod so he would absorb all the blame comming from the media and fans. Of course not by the governing body, who's veredict was that the driver was innocent and the team guilty.

Really sad how people find this driver guilty of the "fire" created at McLaren, when it was the team who cheated and did spy another team. Of course this is what McLaren wanted, and also some sectors withing the media. I think 2007 spygate by McLaren was one of the worst and deplorable things that a team has done in the history of F1. Not only they infringed the law by spying a rival team, they also used a driver to take the blame and clean their image. I think it is coward, really coward...


All big talk for someone defending Alonso. Let me remind you Alonso only ratted Mclaren out because Mclaren wasn't about to play ball. It was also established in the hearing Alonso knew about what was going on and was going along with it just fine until he didn't get what he wanted from Mclaren. In other words if Mclaren gave what he wanted he wouldn't go to the FIA about anything.

So much for sporting integrity!


Hi Maria,

You'll have to excuse the Alonso fans not letting the facts get in the way of a good story.
The facts are:
1/ Alonso is a great driver
2/ Alonso is over political & likes to manipulate situations, sadly to the detriment of fact 1.
3/ Alonso has form for lacking respect when speaking to or about his team.
4/ Luca jokes that Alonso is driving a Marrusia next year & has already publicly told Alonso to behave.
5/ Alonso fans go off on a rant about McLaren distorting the facts about Alonso during the spygate scandal...whilst distorting their own facts to come to some unusual conclusions/delusions.
6/ As this article is about the current comments made by Alonso to Ferrari, the spygate scandal has no place other than to show Alonso's previous form.


Exactly Puffing. I was writing submiting my response when I saw yours. I see at least there is someone who knew what happened! I'm not sure though if Hamilton had any evidence in his possession, but it could well be.


It has to be remembered too that Hamilton was asked as well to give their e-mails to the board in the same way than Alonso and PdlR were, and Hamilton refused to do so. So, the board did not have all the evidences but only those coming from Alonso and PdlR. Why? Hamilton felt protected by the team when refusing the petition, Alonso and PdlR felt the opposite. So, commission judged on the evidences at hand, and, of course, Alonso, PdlR and the team McLaren came out as Yago say in his post.


Thank you for remembering those facts that were monstrously deformed to the detriment of Alonso. How I wish that McLaren had not imposed silence clause in the contract termination to let Alonso go.



Alonso was never blamed by McLaren for spygate.

Anybody who knows anything about the spygate affair knows that a Ferrari employee (Nigel Stepney) presented a McLaren employee (Mike Coughlan) with some design documents. Mikes wife (not Alsonso in drag) took them to a copyshop to be coppied & they got rumbled).

Spying goes on all the time in F1...they all want to copy good ideas & know what the other teams are doing. This was a blatant example & allowed Max (FIA President) to really kick Ron where it hurts..he'd disliked him for ages.

The point you're missing is that Alonso allegedly tried to blackmail Ron (into reigning back Lewis) by threatening to release the info.

I think this is the point JMV was trying to make in his very good post.

Alonso is a great driver (IMO one of the best) but his weakness is his political manipulation & his slightly 'baby throwing toys out of pram' quality...which is sadly, once again evident here.


One more evidence about the way McLaren behave: they have lost first Kimi, then Alonso, and finally Hamilton. All of them ending in not very good terms with the team. Don't you think they are doing something wrong? Can't you sense Hamilton happiness now, compared when he was at McLaren? It is there to notice... They are changing know, slowly, but the way Ron Dennis conducted the team those last years he was there was dictatorial, and the drivers lacked freedom and leadership. As an example, Alonso was not allowed to share the money he earned by results with the mechanics, to motivate them. Something he has always done and also other drivers do and did, as Schumacher.


Wikipedia?... I don't know Alonso's conversation with Dennis, actually only they know what they talked. What i know is that in Hungary it was time for an extra lap for Alonso (all extra laps till then had been Hamilton's) and the team didn't give it to him, backing Hamilton in his rebellion (not letting Alonso through). Then, Alonso noticed the hard tires McLaren put on his car (he was destroying the softs before even a lap was completed) where a used set. Then he complained over the radio. No body knows what the conversation was about, but Alonso took his time to go for the lap. He was able to do the flying lap with only two or three seconds left. Pretty outstanding if he calculated that. It is more like he was really angry and upset by the way McLaren was treating him. Just for completeness, he took pole, with a set of used hards...

I tell you this so you can see how things where at McLaren, and that it was not only Fernando, the team was betraying him at key moments. Not to speak that (since the second race at Malaysia!!) his wife had to go to Renault's garage to watch the race, you can conclude whatever you want from this. So I do not know what Fernando and Dennis talked that day, but being it a critical situation I would not take very serious their word on that. What I know is that some of you guys are saying Fernando left McLaren in flames, when the team did act out of the law, and when they are at least as much to blame as Alonso on their broken relationship. McLaren was not able to conduct a relationship between two superb drivers, and they cheated badly. They are the only ones to blame for their "fire".

And yes, they used Alonso like a shield to extinguish part of that "fire".



Very strange you talk about the way Alonso was used as a lightening rod by McLaren to take all the blame...it's news to me! I think you're probably suffering from the same sort of persicution complex that Alonso displays from time to time.

You do present some of the facts of the case, but you're coming to your own conclusions.

I'll give you a link to a breakdown of the case so that you can re examine your delusions.

The key bit that the original poster was aluding to is...

The 2007 Hungarian Grand Prix was a controversial weekend for McLaren; Alonso held Hamilton up in the pit lane during qualifying, denying Hamilton a chance to record a final lap time. TV pictures showed Ron Dennis angrily throwing his headphones down as Alonso pulled out of the pits, and after the session was over he was then shown having a serious conversation with Alonso's trainer. On the morning of the race (August 5), Alonso met Ron Dennis in his motorhome and allegedly threatened to send his email exchanges with McLaren test driver Pedro de la Rosa and Coughlan to the FIA. According to Max Mosley, Ron Dennis informed him of the conversation and told Mosley that the threat was an empty one, "There’s no information, there’s nothing to come out; I can assure you that if there was something, Max, I would have told you.” Mosley subsequently retracted the implication that Dennis had lied.[26]

Here's the link to the full article..



You guys are way wrong with this. Alonso interchanged some email correspondence with Pedro de la Rosa, in which some points where made about some technical details on the Ferrari. Of course this details came from the documentation Mike Coughlan brought to McLaren, what proves the information was circulating openly in the team. The FIA somehow had some information regarding this, and contacted de la Rosa and Alonso and told them that anyone who retained any information which could help on the spygate and did not supply it would loose his job, in the case of Alonso the superlicence. Hence they gave a copy of those emails to the FIA.

All this thing of Alonso asking for number one status and blackmailing his team is stupid. He choosed to do it because he feared loosing his job, and at that point he did not trust McLaren to protect him. To hide that kind of information you need to really trust your team to protect you.

Of course these emails were not anything significant and could not proove anything, so they had no major effect on the final veredict. But Alonso was used skillfully as lightning rod and he was the one who took the blame from the McLaren fans and some sectos of the media. A really sad story.


Agreed, but Alonso basically said to Ron Dennis "make me no1 or I will tell the FIA about the Ferrari info one of your engineers showed me" at hearing this Dennis immediately contacted the FIA himself as he was disgusted that some of his engineers had done it in the 1st place and also to take away Alonso's leverage.

So Alonso tried to blackmail Dennis/McLaren to get number 1 status. That is plain wrong and made his position at McLaren untenable even if he had wanted to continue with them.


You guys are way wrong with this. Alonso interchanged some email correspondence with Pedro de la Rosa, in which some points where made about some technical details on the Ferrari. Of course this details came from the documentation Mike Coughlan brought to McLaren, what proves the information was circulating openly in the team. The FIA somehow had some information regarding this, and contacted de la Rosa and Alonso and told them that anyone who retained any information which could help on the spygate and did not supply it would loose his job, in the case of Alonso the superlicence. Hence they gave a copy of those emails to the FIA.

All this thing of Alonso asking for number one status and blackmailing his team is stupid. He choosed to do it because he feared loosing his job, and at that point he did not trust McLaren to protect him. To hide that kind of information you need to really trust your team to protect you.

Of course these emails were not anything significant and could not proove anything, so they had no major effect on the final veredict. But Alonso was used skillfully as lightning rod and he was the one who took the blame from the McLaren fans and some sectos of the media. A really sad story.


Maybe, but McLaren claimed in July to have undertaken a complete sweep of all the team's email and communication systems and declared that no one other than Coughlan had accessed anything. This is why the book was thrown at them - a perception that they hadn't undertaken any such sweep and were trying to pull a fast one, basically. Recall that several McLaren engineers (all of whom are still there) ended up being fined significant amounts of money by the Italian courts - so either they also lied to Ron Dennis or else the team wasn't entirely honest in the first hearing.



I asked an Italian to translate the clip. He replied:

"So there by pass, such are the plans! Mamma mia, guys"

Seems your computer translation is quite different to that of native Italians.



Now James, I thought I read that you (or another JAF1 agent) were there, when Alonso was talking to the media, and Luca wafted into the frame; all of this (totally predictable) revision of history aside, what was your 'feeling' about the interaction? And, while we all understand that the situation is fluid, do you think Alonso will, or even can be a Ferrari next year?

Just looking for a gut feeling from someone so close to the action.


Other way around. LDM was speaking and Alo went past

I think Alo will be in a Ferrari. My Italian colleagues are saying that it looks like Raikkonen will be in the other car. We'll see


Why not Hulk in the 2nd Ferrari? Is he too big to fit in the car?


Yes...and Alonso doesn't want to make him angry!! 🙂


If having a clear No 1. Who controls who or how a no 2 drives. Even when they are not winning- then sorry despite his ability - he should go . Raikkonen and Hulkenberg would be awesome. I don't think Ferrari want to change both but surely that's an option


Ferrari got to change itself first. They lost over 5 seconds due to wrong calls. Who in clear mind would leave Alonso out there for so long on old rubber vs. Vettel on new rubber ? Even me, as stupid as I could be, without any telemetry before me could've told to those geniuses what would happen. So manipulating and blaming here Alonso for not catching Seb today is anything but reality. Ferrari is the very same establishment as they were in pre Schumacher era. They have no idea how to win, fair and square. Definitely they do not deserve drivers like Alonso.


I think they did that because they knew (from practice)that they had better pace on the softer tyre. They couldn't match Red Bull on the harder compound of the same age/milage.


Strangely enough, Ferrari do make an aftershave that smells very like Red Bull...maybe they should just add bubbles!! 😀


I am not angry at all, my question is how long does it take to realize how much is one second. One lap, two laps, whole season, or two ? We are talking here 4th season.

Last three years they are doing same mistakes over and over. It's a bit to much now, no matter what they say. That's why the fizzy drink car is raking everything 4 last couple a years. Maybe Ferrari should try producing fizzy drinks themselves. It could possibly open their eyes, who knows.


Kartrace, you are angry because you feel that Ferrari cost Alsonso by pitting him late.

The truth is that Ferrari couldn't match the Red Bulls for pace this weekend. Their only chance was to try something different with the strategy.

They tried to keep Alonso out longer so that he may be able to catch Vettel on fresher rubber later in the race. Yes, it didn't work, but that's because their car was slower.

I'm no Ferrari fan, so I'm not defending them, I'm just trying to explain why they did what they did.

Here's a link to a story where your man Alonso defends the team re. the pit stop strategy...



Then check telemetry. Just on that pit stop they earned a deficit of over 5 sec, which is big. Even if the performance on harder tire wasn't so great it wouldn't allow Vettel to pull 1 sec gap per lap. If one look at the times the finishing gap was mere 4.5 sec which was the same gap before the pit stops. With the gearbox in trouble and with closer proximity to Vettel Alonso had a greater chance to apply some pressure. When your gap is over 11 seconds then it is a quite another story, then you may even short shift, no problem.


I've been saying that for some time. It's lacking true leadership. They want drivers to "lead" the team like MS did- that don't work.. Drivers drive - that's it!!. That said you don't have the spoilt brat throwing his baby out with the bath water..(pre race )even if they did risk pit stop maybe that was a message...


eeeerrrr... we're not talking cycling here where everyone has the same bike. There's been a better car-driver package over the last years, but the RB was a better car. I think Alonso's frustration at the team is justified. and I don't think he controls the number two driver as you say: Massa has not been good enough and never been close enough to justify any other thing than giving the nr 2 role. alonso feels comfortable with Massa no doubt, but I don't see why that's fundamentaly wrong... he shouldn't however have any input in the team's choice for drivers.


No ones doubting Fernandos ability it's his attitude that's the problem !!- if you bite the hand that feeds you-- you can f/off.. It's not the first Ferrari that hasn't been a top car and its not going to be the last.. The problem is Fernando sings the party line one minute then starts calling everyone stupid the next.. I think he's getting burned by his own spin.


Absolutely correct, rafa.



Changing both the drivers is not an option because at the moment Santander's Money is the king in Maranello as they say....so Alonso stays at Ferrari until he sees out his contract unless of course relationship does break down, which I can't see happening because Alonso has no where else to go for the next two years (except Lotus).


Please Ferrari, get rid of this "schemi". The guy has caused grief wherever he goes. Who knows how much better the team would be without all of the drama? Announce Raikkonen and give the other car to someone who will appreciate the chance. Anyone but Alonso.


Be careful the Spanish armada press will be after you soon enough.


[mod] why did you delete my reply? It did not contain abuse or foul language.

I must say I'm disappointed.


Apologies, there was an error it went to trash

As you say nothing wrong with it and it has been recovered and posted


this is all overblown.

for sure many English fans don't like Alonso since McLaren.

but let me remind you that driver makes about 25% of the overall performance, not more.

It is Domenicali to blame and fire. There must be smbd like Todt. To build the rest 75% of performance.


Love how you pulled numbers there. 25%? Some evidence to back that up please?

Or maybe we can talk about Alonso's 6 tenths he claims to bring to every team.

Me no see that in 2007.


In 2007 you had two drivers at McLaren bringing those extra 6 tenths.


Sorry, didn't see any extra 6 tenths instead he got whooped by a boy.


Things @ Ferrari becoming more embarrassing by the race.

The team is in a shambles.

They really starting to look pathetic.

Can u only imagine what Red Bull must be thinking??

As for Massa he isnt going anywhere because according to Ferrari Alonso is the best driver in the world and Massa is the second best

According to Stefano there is no1 in F1 who could do a better job then Massa.

Next year this time Raikkonen and Hulkenburg will still be the the main contenders to replace Massa!

Ferrari becoming laughable


The only person that should feel bad about Alonso's comments is Domenicalli, who is proving he can't run this team. Alonso only wants to win, he couldn't care less about the image he is projecting... Definitely, not the kind of comments a leader should make in public, but this guy is driver, not a GM, and the team deserved it.

Ferrari should hire Brawn, pay him whatever he asks for, and you will never hear Alonso making those kind of comments again... then replace Massa with Hulk, and build a decent car... and you'll have a winning team


1. The tension within Ferrari? They are currently clearly the number 2 team. They hate it. Contrast that with McLaren. Now the number 4/5 team and seemingly relaxed about it. It seems to me that tension is a good thing, if it drives a desire for success. I wish McLaren showed a great deal more tension to convince people they intend to reverse the trends of the last decade.

2. How many people have NEVER verbally criticized their boss/the organisation they work for/the people "below" them in the organisation ? If anyone out there can say yes to this, I will pledge to work towards their Sainthood.

3. In the F1 Pantheon, many of those held in most popular esteem, such as Senna, were not averse to letting their feelings be known-publicly. Why not Alonso?


I think Obama is getting jealous of ALO these days. "What is wrong with these guys, how dare they analyse and over-analyse the word(s) (not the racing) of a racing driver with the same or higher intensity of someone like me. I am the leading politician damn it! Words is what I do!".

Joking aside, but it is clear that media more or less have no interest when drivers like RAI or HAM says or does something stupid or talk to their team in a rude manner (in a fully comprehensible way over the radio) - maybe they will make a laugh of it. When ALO or Ferrari are involved however, the story is totally different. The reporters will basically run over each other like hens trying to "make" a story before everyone else :). The content is not so important - the important thing is that one of those two part are/may be involved in SOMETHING. Tells you something about the importance and weight of ALO and Ferrari compared to the other drivers and teams in this sport. Respect!


By that yard stick how about the over blowing of Vettel- multi21- Webber then?


Overblowing is the key word right?

It remains a fact that Vettel through his own poor choice found himself behind Webber after the first round of pit stops.

It remains a fact that the said Vettel tried to get his team to move Webber over so early in the race (obviously knowing he had agreed to Multi 21 pre-race and the thought of Webber being ahead of him at the last pit stops was unbearable)

It remains a fact that Webber was asked to turn down his engine by the team in order to save both engine and fuel.

It remains a fact that Vettel did not turn down his engine and overtook Webber after the last round of pit stops.

It remains a fact that since Malaysia, Webber has been plagued by a series of unexplained failures while Vettel has been unaffected in the sister car. could you please tell me what needs overblowing here?


Regarding drivers complaining about underperforming cars, I can think of Di Resta and Jenson Button being a regular whiners too.

In Ferrari, that becomes a serious problem. I think Vettel is really getting onto Alonso's nerves. I think Alonso believes that he has worked hard enough to deserve more victories.

IMO, 2014 will be a great shift and I really do not expect Vettel to have another runaway championship. That could be a year where there could be a few surprises. Looking forward to it!


Who's gonna be driving where next year?

Who said what about who?

Who wants who has a team mate?

Which countries boo Vettel

Lewis sulking again

New engines and regs next year

Are the TV contracts up for renewal or is that just me being cynical? Bernie must be quietly chuckling somewhere (although not Germany I suspect)


Yes, I think if Alonso is not winning....he will destroy everything around him. On the other hand...people read too much into what he said. I still remember 2012 and I think Alonso was the best driver of the generation last year and Vettel is not better this year. Ferrari should just produce the car....the rest will follow. They will start winning, maybe dominating and they will become a family again.

Thread the Needle

The way Alonso is going with his comments, he will be driving a Marussia next year


To some a grab to the face is a disrespectful gesture. I get the feeling that Alonso doesn't take kindly to that, based upon the placement of his own hand on DiMussolini's.

One of the reason's why i like Fernando is because he's his own man. He does the best he can with what is given, but at some point you call it for what it is. Ferrari and McLaren (Dennis) have failed him. I would have reacted the same way.


Entertainment at its finest –

I’ll bet Alonso and Montezemolo jointly wrote the script and rehearsed before presenting the polished pantomime to the public.

Personality is a great substitute for technicality in an anachronistic sport and is far easier for the public to understand.



did Schumacher ever criticize his team over the radio? Obviously, in those days the radio messages were not open, but maybe you have spoken with engineers etc.


i think we are overreacting a little, obviously media has no other job but to sensationalize this. But if you look at this with unbiased view, there is nothing more than conversation, where hes correcting team's call (every experienced driver does that) by sarcastically calling them "geniuses". I don't really see what the big deal is , honestly.


I remember Christopher Hilton mentioning in his book that Schumacher learnt very early on that to win the undying loyalty of his men, he needs to prove his undying loyalty to them first. I don't remember Schumacher criticizing the team or his teammates ever. The mid-90s to 2000 was a tumultuous time at Ferrari, but Schumacher kept his head cool and finally won the title after 5 years. The words of Patrick Head after Suzuka 2006 summed it all up that "Williams has had many great champions, but i cannot think of one who would've done what he(Schumi) did" when he went and consoled each one of his pit crew after the engine blew, and title was lost.

You'll remember Alonso criticized Renault that they were favoring Fisi - which seemed ridiculous! And then his infamous swerve in US GP of 2007 when he was stuck behind Lewis, and the pitlane drama and then the blackmailing.

If Ferrari were looking for another Schumacher in Alonso, then they chose poorly.



Schumi saved his dirty moments for the track - he and his teams were a complete unit - always positive & targeting success, even in difficult seasons like 1996, 1998, 2005.


I don't remember ever such a thing happening.


Poor Fernando. He's always been a bit of a loner. I remember him in the post race press conference years ago when he had just won the race, and his first world title. When asked about people he would like to thank he pointed out that really there are only a handful who have ever helped him to achieve it. I would think that this is a guy who acts the way he does about choosing team mates and heckling the team because he needs to know that people are behind him, supporting him. If he has that then he has the confidence in his driving, if he does not then he lashes out the only ways he can. The Raikkonen deal topped off by a championship that is clearly, yet again, slipping away is knocking his confidence about no doubt, so therefore we're getting these outbursts. The man is insecure. A flawed genius no doubt.


Aww poor guy no doubt.

He only ratted out Mclaren when they didn't go along with his idea for number 1 status. Until then he was fine with all the stolen info that Mike Coughlan & Co were analyzing and trying to use in their developments.

Yeah very very nice guy for sure. Don't ya just feel sorry for him? 🙂


Kimi Raikkonen has reached agreement with Ferrari for 2014, 2015 and 2016 optional.

The base salary will be 20 millions of euros. The money for the transfer will be provided by Shell.

Raikkonen will replace Massa.


I know its probably going to be true but your source? Thanks.


It's amazing. It's what everybody wants - to see two stars in one bag:) Explosive mix! Will be much interesting to follow than technical miracles from Newey!


In 2009, there was commentary that Alonso provided what Raikkonen did not; a leader.

This article: http://jaonf1.wpengine.com/2009/08/alonso-and-raikkonen-discuss-helping-team-mates/ states that Alonso went into Ferrari with that in mind, and was willing to be that leader.

I think that if Ferrari have managed to squander Alonso for these years, they've only themselves to blame. Replacing Massa with Raikkonen would be quite similar to Alonso/Hamilton in 2007, which is specifically what Alonso wanted to avoid.

I think it's a bit game-over for the two, and I would blame Ferrari for that far more. Alonso nearly won the 2010 and 2012 titles in cars which were around the third best in those years. Quite remarkable.


Hardly, Kimi doesn't give a *fill it yourself with famous kimi word* So Alonso's useless mind games that didn't work on Vettel/RBR will not even make Kimi laugh at it's sheer idiocy.

And if the car is decently fast enough if not the fastest, Kimi will beat Alonso more often maybe even consistently and that's when 2007 will happen. Trulli made Alonso squirm back then in the Renault days, what do you think will happen with someone like Kimi around?. No it's all problems for Alonso and Alonso alone. Ferrari will be just as happy if Kimi delivers and they wont care for Alonso after that. Alonso will probably leave under unceremonious conditions. Would be funny after all the undying love to Ferrari talk last Thursday.

My question is can Ferrari ever be any good again? It's not really about what Kimi will do anymore.


I'm a huge Fernando Alonso fan, and although I do not condone his most recent actions, I have to say he has every right to feel aggrieved. Ever since he's been with Ferrari, he's been on the limit: dragging himself to the title fight in 2010 and 2012, when clearly his machinery wasn't up to it. For the most part, all Ferrari (LdM and Domenicali, in particular) did was to sing praises for their lead driver and gleefully neglect their end of the deal in delivery a winning car; wishfully thinking Alonso was that much of miracle worker to more than make up for any mechanical deficiencies.

I think what Ferrari's current ordeal is just deserved: I get the impression that they've grown extremely arrogant and lax; eventually ditching the winning formula instilled in them during the Schumacher years, and choosing instead to make plans based on their own hype.

If there's anyone that needs to leave the team, it's got to be none other than Luca di Montezemolo, followed by his boy Stefano Domenicali.


Alonso drove well in 2010 and 2011 but the Ferrari was still a good car. Alonso made the most of it but the car was very reliable and had good race pace. the team provided him with a good car and deserves some credit. Their failure was in not having a second driver to push Alonso and maximise their team points.


alonso has been let down by inferior strategy and race calling again. Thank goodness for Ferrari Horner must be saying, when we need then to screw up, they screw up. Poorly managed team with LDM at the top of it all. Domenacali is a puppet and the view to keep Massa has to be about the worst structured decision ever. They have been trying to rectify with trial and error ever since. Focus all over the place by trying play politics and maintain operational race function. its not working, and they deserve everything coming their way. Alonso is in a jam-little alternatives for him redbull just a better team with everyone on same page. Ferrari cannot even do that...weak


Few interesting aspects about Alonso wording.

1. Ellison joining Ferrari. When Alonso was asked about that, he did not jump & smile. Instead he mentioned the [known] fact that he drove Ellison's cars, some races [& cars] where good, some were not good. He said it directly. I classify that answer as whatever but not an enthusiasm from Ellison joining the team. There could be issues between them two during Renault years:)

2. Star praises another star. Alonso understood that Hamilton was a man. Hamilton tried best to become a man. It was like Prost & emerging Senna. Raw talent vs. sophistication. Now look what Hamilton talks about Vettel's driving, how he [Vettel] misses apexes, doing so many mistakes and still first because of the superior machinery [thanks Adrian for killing F1 intrigue]. Compare what Hamilton says about Alonso. That politician drives fine:) Just Italian management is an issue.

3. Italian management & Ferrari problems. Alonso was dedicated 100 percent to the team, he carried that red truck on his shoulders in 2010, in 2012. He got tired. Exhausted from the promises. How smbd said it some time on this site - Domenicali seems strong as a person, but does not deliver as a manager, there is no team performance that match Alonso skills and wishes. Italians are designers & inventors, but not managers. Go hire French, English, Germans for that role.

4. Silence about Red Bull. Alonso kept silence about Red Bull, but his manager did it very publicly. It was a type of communication agreed between them both [Alonso & manager]. There was total silence until Red Bull announced Riciardo. After that Alonso started to speak publicly about "best team in the world". He wanted better machinery. Newey is not so old. He will deliver until Mateshitz puts money into the team. Senna wanted to go to Williams in 1993, 1994 for free. Just to be able to win again.

5. Generation Y. The people for Generation Y are different. They liked to be praised even for failures. They don't understand why they were blamed. It seems Ferrari is behaving as consisting of such youngsters, who cannot take the reality for failures (severe ones in strategy, then development of the car till the mid season etc.) It is more comfortable for them to have media turn pressing onto Alonso. As another one said here - give him a car and you will forget about his speech.


Don't know about whats the deal with Ellison. The rest I can summarize a rebuttal like this

Alonso with Trulli- Was rattled, Flavio gets rid of Trulli.

Alonso with Hamilton - rattled and embarrassed thoroughly. Mclaren gets rid of Alonso.

Alonso fine with no challenge from a teammate.

So all that wondrous superiority and comparisons you made as a case for Alonso just makes for a good laugh. Just pointing that out.

And Yes I agree Alonso spends more time plotting than actually driving. Making yourself look good against a subdued demotivated Massa any lead driver can do.


You cant just say that Hulkenberg is better than Massa because he out qualified him. Look at Fisichella when he moved from Force india to Ferrari. He went from 2nd in a force india to almost nothing in a Ferrari. There are so many elements in F1 and its impossible to compare drivers.

My point is that its clear the Ferrari is not an easy car to drive.


On what basis? Who will have motivation to drive when you are an undeclared guinea pig driver for the lead driver? Let's not kid ourselves here, Massa has never been allowed to challenge Alonso in a straight up fight. We can just infer from that Aloonso was delighted to drive for Ferrari because of such assurances.

Maybe the impending Kimi signing is the reason for Alonso's loss of calm and cool. Then it also means Alonso will be taking a whooping from Kimi if 2007 is anything to go by. Kimi can't even be rattled by mind games, since as he puts it "doesn't give a (insert famous word)"


oh dear, Alonso is gonna get so much whacking from now and its gonna get worse.

But he's still a very good racer though.


James, can you tell me why posts are not showing ?


No. We are seeing them ok


Ferrari wants their number one driver to have an attitude like that of Micheal, who got along very nicely with management and was purely a team player. But you cannot have a person like him every time. That is what Montezemolo is missing in the team. Perhaps it's time to pick a young lad and nurture him accordingly. Hulk is the answer for Ferrari.


Race in race out Fernando shows up to every race - like him or not. Same can't be said for all the other drives. This guy shows up and never mails it in. You know what you are going to get week in week out. I think the very many of you throwing stones would dearly covet such a driver on your F1 team.


Latin tension, Cesarian egos ... Modi, Alo in between the geni Domenicaly and the media. Great story James, i ll take the fernadinio to conclude kimi is going to ferrari. That would be a statement ferrari above all!


Lol! That's well said.

I think there is a slight bit of Brutus to LdM. He doesn't want to let Alonso go, but there is a Shakespearean twist to getting Kimi back to put Alonso back into his cage and torment him just that bit.

Brings in the Iceman. Clearly overcomes past angst because he wants to combine 'fire' and 'ice'.

I like the man's thinking.


I think you read it right

rob haynes (rajah)

Memo to Scuderia McLaren 8/9/13: An oxymoron is a fool with a cutting torch.


put alonso in a current red bull and vettel in a current ferrari. you will see where they really stand as drivers. alonso demands as much from himself as of others so this is champion behaviour. Ferrari have been ignoring deeper structural problems for ages. Look at vettel go off when things aren't going his way. No crimes here. LDM cannot get rid of him as he needs the santander $ Alonso works for santander-not ferrari... if ferrari could put together a good racing unit you wouldn't tell the difference so much. However they have failed to do that and this is just the logical end game to poor car performance and strategy calls from ferrari



The continued cheating of Felipe Massa's genius as a driver by Ferrari and the Santander sponsorship cash cow Fernando Alonso keeps rolling on....!? Ferrari's implicit involvement in this continual deceit either by losing him time in the pits or pitting Massa at clearly the wrong time or even going to the lengths of breaking his gearbox seal last year to raise Alonso up the grid to the detriment of Massa, illustrates how corrupt Ferrari have become under the machiavellian influence of Fernando Alonso. My sincere condolences to Felipe Massa, he deserved and deserves far, far better.



The continued cheating of Felipe Massa's genius as a driver by Ferrari and the Santander sponsorship cash cow Fernando Alonso keeps rolling on....!? Ferrari's implicit involvement in this continual deceit either by losing him time in the pits or pitting Massa at clearly the wrong time or even going to the lengths of breaking his gearbox seal last year to raise Alonso up the grid to the detriment of Massa, illustrates how corrupt Ferrari have become under the machiavellian influence of Fernando Alonso. My sincere condolences to Felipe Massa, he deserved and deserves far, far better as have the F1 public.

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