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Alonso Wants To Extend Ferrari Deal
Scuderia Ferrari
Posted By:   |  05 Sep 2013   |  11:39 pm GMT  |  115 comments

Fernando Alonso has today spoken of his desire to extend his contract with Ferrari beyond its current date of 2016 and insists that he wants to end his career with the Italian squad.

Speaking as part of Thursday’s FIA Press Conference ahead of this weekend’s Italian Grand Prix, the Spaniard spoke openly about the circulation of rumours regarding his future and assured that he will finish his career with, “the best team in the world.”

After four years with Ferrari and on the rebound froma public dressimg down by Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo for negative comments on the car, Alonso was playing the team game today. He understands the fan base that the team possesses, and this adoration does not come stronger than in front of the Tifosi this weekend. With this is mind the double World Champion knew that strong signs of commitment would send echoes through Italy’s motor sport community.

He was quick to quash the hearsay that has surrounded his standing in the driver market since Mark Webber’s retirement from F1 was brought to light. And speculation linking him Webber’s seat was ended this week as Daniel Ricciardo was chosen to step up from Toro Rosso.

“It was only rumours, a lot of rumours. There were rumours about Red Bull, there were rumours in Italy about a sabbatical year. There were so many rumours,” Alonso stated.

“But I still have three-and-a-half more years [on my contract] with Ferrari which I intend to respect and hopefully increase a little bit. I will try to finish my career in the best team in the world – which is Ferrari.”

Following the Summer break, Ferrari looked to have brought themselves back in to contention with an improved car for the second half of the Championship. Alonso’s race pace in Spa gave a positive sign of their performance as we enter the business end of the season.

They remain in third place in the Constructors’ table, with second placed Mercedes seemingly their main targets as Red Bull have a stranglehold on a fourth consecutive title.

“I’m in the best moment of my career with the best experience and performing at the best time,” Alonso added. “I will not miss any opportunity now. I know that I’m still in very good shape for maybe four, five more years. So this for sure I will give 100% of my passion, that is motorsport and my career.”

“Next year will be completely new rules which obviously open the door for many teams to stop the domination that Red Bull seems to have in the last couple of years. So we have high hopes for next year’s challenge.”

Integral to Ferrari’s hopes of a 17th Constructors’ title is consistent high scoring finishes from both of its drivers. During Alonso’s reign as the Ferrari number one driver, Felipe Massa has come under intense scrutiny regarding his inability to find himself bringing home a fair share of the points.

So far in 2013 he has contributed just 67 points to Ferrari’s total of 218 (Alonso 151), and Massa sits in seventh place in the Drivers’ Championship whilst Alonso is second.

Massa was put on a one-year contract for this season, and as yet there is no deal in place to secure him a seat with Ferrari in 2014. A strong drive this weekend would do him a huge favour in front of the Tifosi and the powers that be at Ferrari.

Alonso is clearly keen to retain the Brazilian as his team mate, but the signs are that that there is appetite for change; either to Kimi Raikkonen or possibly even Nico Hulkenberg.

Raikkonen has been heavily linked with a return to the team with whom he won the 2007 World Championship. There are still stumbling blocks, but Italian and Finnish sources say a deal could be concluded after this weekend. Raikkonen told JAonF1 this afternoon that, “I change my mind from one day to the next”, with regards to where he wants to drive next year, we could see an all-out assault by Ferrari in 2014.

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wow! u simply wonderful!


Just GREAT!!!!




A bit left field but I'll put it out there.

Kimi and the Hulk to Ferrari.

Alonso is 32, Kimi 33. As "anon" said above options for Alonso are narrow. Ferrari can easily renegotiate or terminate his contract. Yes they'd be a pay off everything is do able.

Just get the feeling Ferrari are losing patience with Alonso and have given Massa enough chances to prove himself.

Time for a big, bold move and I can't see that Kimi/Hulk would do worse for constructor points than the Alonso/Massa combo.


Alonso wants an extension because there's no where to go. I wonder if Ferrari are awake to the position of strength they are in. They could probably slash his salary and keep him.

He vetoed Vettel going to Ferrari, so we know Alonso won't go to Red Bull as long as Vettel is there. Mercedes has Hamilton. He couldn't beat him as a rookie, so I can't imagine Alonso beating an experienced Hamilton. I don't think McLaren have forgiven him since he tried to blackmail them.


If Kimi doesn't get the Ferrari job I think there is a possibility Kimii will call it day in terms of F1 certainly and possibly his racing career . I think Kimi believes James Allison going to Ferrari will have a negative knock effect in

terms of 2014. . He won't see it worthwhile staying at Lotus if they have the 5th best car and a lack of resources.


Tongues started wagging when Alonso's manager was seen with Horner. Alonso didn't deny or say those were rumours all this time ... until Red Bull announced Ricciardo. Coincidence, eh?

Rejection is a bitter pill to swallow.


If Ferrari doesn't replace MAS this year we'll all know why. It certainly hasn't been his driving. He holds the record for the Ferrari driver with the longest streak of races without a win(79). How can they possibly say that he's a worthwhile teammate to ALO?

We all saw what happened the last time ALO had a competitive teammate. I HIGHLY doubt that Ferrari would risk hiring Kimi.


James are Lotus interested in taking Massa as part of a swap deal if Kimi goes to Ferrari? I know it sounds stupid but crazy things happen sometimes.


Alonso is a star and profi. Best measurement in this world is money. Best is paid most. Period.

What is interesting, is those waves happening in F1 from decade to decade - two great drivers in one team. Alonso has all chances to beat whoever joins Ferrari. He will do it. Guys from F1 (from inside of F1: Anderson, Jordan, Lauda and others, who doesn't like his personality: Williams and so on) ranked Spaniard as #1. Just review the interviews during recent years. So sooner or later another star will join him and they will compete. We all will benefit from it.

If Mercedes gets Vettel along Ham, and Ferrari keeps Alonso and Raikkonen - that will be a show! It is what we all want, ain't fun?

Valentino from montreal

Desperate words from a desperate individual !

Why does Ferrari even tolerate him ?

My gut feeling is that he's being "nice" with these motivational " Anthony Robbins " words because he does'nt want Raikkonen next year in the team ..

He's suddenly talking about extending his contract when he's got another 3 and half years left ..

Why ? Smells like desperation if you ask me !

Tornillo Amarillo

Blah-Blah, Alonso speaks when he should just race and win the Drivers Championship, because he is not so far lately. And Ferrari's management speak when they should win the Constructors'. Put HULK, KIMI, JB, whatever instead of Massa, he has proven not to be in the level required as a number 2 in the team.

I think Vettel and Red Bull do not speak too much...

Even I should no speak neither. But it's free for me... Thanks James.


Ferrari should bring back Badoer ... for a laugh.


Hi James,

I too would love to see Kimi back at Ferrari.

From your knowledge what % chance do you see it happening?


The Raikkonen details are quite interesting on a couple of levels.

1. Why do Ferrari think he will deliver more now vs. 2007-2009, when Massa very often shaded him? I understand that Ferrari's main gripe was Raikkonen's attitude and variability, but pace wise he wasn't consistently top notch.

2. I wonder what motivates his apparent desire to leave Lotus, given he did well last year and was looking an OK punt for the title not long ago, and Ferrari haven't looked much better than Lotus since he returned last year.


Best team in the world. Everything is so subjective:-)


I laughed at so many comments... Is really impressive the amount of envy towards Alonso.


I would imagine Kimi was n't happy about being kicked out of Ferrari, albeit with a suitcase full of cash for compensation.


"After four years with Ferrari and on the rebound froma public dressimg down by Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo for negative comments on the car, Alonso was playimg the team game today"

Sorry but... what about using a spell-checker before posting?

I know it's a detail, but given the otherwise high quality of the website, such a poor spelling relly stands out and it's annoying (to me at least).


Spot on James. Nando is brilliant in playing to the gallery and it doesn't get any bigger and more poignant to "re-affirm" his commitment to the Scuderia in front of the adoring / passionate tifosi. Although, I suspect all this might change very quickly if Ferrari continue to under perform and are not in contention for next year.

As an aside, I am sure he is doing his best to keep Felipe on for at least another year..:). Bet he doesn't want a certain Finn to be a spanner in the works 😛


Let's have the greatest since Prost and Senna together in the same team. Let's see if RB and Merc have an answer.

If the 2014 Ferrari is the class of the field then Ferrari will clean up the titles. If it isn't then Ferrari will need ALO and RAI even more.


Its time Massa moved on. I would like to see him stay in the sport and help bring on a bottom or mid-feild team, but staying at Ferrari is damaging the sport.

There are very few seats available for drivers without sponsorship so its important that the biggest talents are in them. Having drivers who everyone is 99% sure wont win the WDC is a waste of said seats.

Need to see Hulkenburg, Bianchi and maybe Di-Resta in better machinery.


James, dont you think its odd Alonso only made a fully commited commitment comment (say that 10 times fast out loud) only after RIC was given the RB seat?

Before that, when he was asked about it Alonso made no strong statements about where he was going to drive next season while he easily could have. This shows to me he was trying to get with RB and it failed.


Ferrari are too Italian, or maybe just too Latin, to play this situation well. Too much politics and huge egos, hence little success in recent years. They need integrity, honesty and brutal hard work to succeed again, but it's not going to happen without major changes.

Even if they bring in Kimi, they will struggle, especially if Alonso refuses to grow up. There's something shifty about the way that team handles itself: Massa's presence cannot be explained (sometimes it's hard to see why they keep Alonso, except for the Santander money), most people at Ferrari seem fine with Alonso's childish primadonna behaviour, LDM spouts platitudes every time he opens his mouth... Domenicali seems solid personality-wise, but he cuts a very lonely figure. I think if they keep Alonso past 2016, there will be no hope for Ferrari in this decade.


Alonso got played by Red Bull, exposed publicly courting their spare seat. Now he is worried that Santander will not carry on paying for him and if Ferrari get a competitive or faster teammate, Hulkenberg please, the whole "Fernando the greatest" house of cards will come tumbling down.

No wonder Ferrari are "the greatest" this week..


Sounds to me like he's been caught trying to get the Red Bull seat and now he's backtracking in order to stay in a decent race seat.

Bad bad bad Fernando, I'm very disappointed in you 🙂


Berger joined Ferrari, left Ferrari for McLaren and then re-joined Ferrari again.

Kimi left Ferrari, there was an exit deal but there was never bad press around it. Kimi never said anything negative about Ferrari except that:

- the 2009 car was a piece of shit

- everything was fine at Ferrari except there was one person.

He never revealed a clue of this one person, was it:


- Michael (in support of Massa)

- Massa (politicizing support around him)

Last I checked Kimi gave Massa's kid a model helmet. Kimi and Michael are OK.

So it was LDM?


Interesting news, so Alonso intends to end his career at Ferrari, this can only mean one of two things:

1) Alonso is really stuck for all vacancies in other top teams are filled so he was left with no choice but to see out his contract.

2) Vettel is going to retire in 2015 because there's no way Ferrari would partner him with Alonso.

Glad that Alonso has cleared the air and in so doing has secured his position in the minds of the tifosi and at the Hall of Fame wall at Maranello because the fans do not take kindly to top drivers that bail on the best team in the world.

Yes, it's will be fun to see what fate has to say about Alonso's announcement because if he's successful then he will be seen as a genius but if not then things could get really dark, really fast.

Now, we await to see which teammate will accompany Alonso on his journey but seeing as Alonso still wants Massa then Massa he will get and seeing as Ferrari has decided not to name their 2014 driver lineup at Monza maybe this indicates the team is still waiting on Massa to show a turn of form.

I mean, by bringing in Kimi, Alonso may as well kiss his title aspirations goodbye seeing as Kimi has title dreams of his own.

Forza Ferrari.


If you were Ferrari, would you extend the contract? It already goes to 2016.

Maybe that's what Alonso wants, for the team not to extend.


Shame Vettel doesn't have the cojones to take him on. Come on we all know Vettel vetoed the move behind closed doors. Let's hope Alonso doesn't do the same. F1 needs a spice up!!


Go on Ferrari, get Kimi.


Would love to see ALO/RAI to take on HAM/ROS next year. It would be mega!


it would be interesting to say the least having ALO y RAI on the same team.


From an entertainment perspective change is good - for that reason alone I hope there is a big shake up in the drivers for next year.

There are many great drivers who never get a chance to race in F1 at all, so if Massa's F1 career ends now he's still done really well.


When Alonso says "the best team in the world - which is Ferrari" it is clear he is pandering to the "politically correct corporate image". It's what all CEO's say right up to the time they are sacked by the board, and boy do their comments change once ousted.

It's tough to decipher from his comments what he really feels. I can now see why a few drivers and team managers have commented that Alonso is not a straight forward person to deal with.

He's a remarkable talent behind the wheel. But quite a flawed person outside the car.


james, could you shed some light on what are these 'stumbling blocks' in this deal? it will be amazing to see raikkonen alonso super team, that should really play in ferrari's hands as both then will be consistently be able to take points off vettel if not the WDC, they should be favorites for the constructors championship and which would help ferrari engineers would gain some confidence. I seriously hope it happens


Mr. Alonso: I would like to extend my contract and end my carrier here at Ferrari.

Mr. Ferrari: Mr. Alonso, first, we'll need to sign a bullet proof Santander sponsorship contract for as long as you wish to stay.


Alonso is a fantastic driver and I wish him all the best, but at his age (by the end of 2016) unless he wins another championship for Ferrari in the next three years it could be curtains.

Massa is a nice guy and I'd love to see him stay, but realistically now his time is up.


I suppose if he wants another 5 years at Ferrari it stops Hamilton from joining Ferrari in the medium term future, but I want to see Vettel and Hamilton join Ferrari they are both in their primes and faster than Alonso, it would surely bring the glory days back to Ferrari but Luca and Stefano are gambling on Alonso as he veto'd both drivers from joining him at Ferrari, its an error on Ferrari's part.


Alonso won't outscore Kimi consistently, and vice versa, they are the best two drivers of the field at the moment.


I agree with Paige on this one.


Ferrari technical decline? You’re kidding,Right? I’m sorry but James Allison and Rory Byrne are an advancement, not a decline.


Well said Paige... I agree on the German Team German driver connection. After Vettel has bagged more titles perhaps, he might go looking for another challenge. In these cases, bagging one title with a German outfit might be one of his priorities. Vettel loves setting records and enjoys being a part of the history. So yeah, what you said is true, we might see him there 🙂

On another note, we really need more German teams. Audi should build an F1 team sometime in the future.. that would be great to see. Audi should try their hand at F1 too when they get tired of Le-Mans 😛


Hmmm I'm not sure I agree with that assessment about Ferrari's technical team in decline and Mercedes have all these "experts", Ferrari live and breathe Formula 1 and with Rory Byrne and James Allison joining the existing team I don't think they're weaker than Mercedes with their micky mouse team of Lauda and Wolff who both likes to control but yet have no real expertise in the technical side, Paddy Lowe is a good addition but he's there to take over from Brawn which will be a loss and with Mercedes's budget and facilities not as potent as Ferrari's either and always with the threats to pull out of the sport Vettel will see Ferrari as the place to be, same for Hamilton who had his father Anthony talk to Ferrari the moment Alonso had issues with the team after Hungary. Besides all this the reason why Mercedes have made this leap forward this season is because of their FRIC 'active' suspension system giving them a great advantage through mid speed corners and also in traction so that advantage will be negated 1 way or the other with the other teams copying it or it'll be outlawed, if Alonso really want to finish at Ferrari I doubt Vettel would wait 5-6 more years, sign him and retire Alonso early.


Ferrari are clearly in crisis, all around.

You've mentioned it several times in these pages, how you believe that Ferrari are on track with the Allison and Byrne, but this is purely potential, and in this sport that is virtually a different universe from actual.

Mercedes are a bit weird with their overstuffed engineering supremacy, but it is just now, with their extra special tire test that they are approaching and surpassing an obviously floundering Ferrari.

Vettel is likely the most intelligent strategic-thinking driver, and at this stage, I think he would go to Mercedes before Ferrari.


Yes of course the old crew are still there like Willis who the team sent on 'gardening leave' and then got back again, I was a Honda fan until they pulled out, yes Aldo Costa is good but not that good and obviously Ferrari didn't rate him high enough, its all good saying names of team members because you went to their site or google'd it or whatever but your comment about Vettel and Hamilton both being at Mercedes is well off, Hamilton will be gone at the first chance of a better drive when Brackley doesn't perform and Vettel will never join them unless he can't get a drive with other top teams which is unlikely being the best driver in the world.

None of you Hamilton fans knew anything about Mercedes or Brackley before he joined the team and all of a sudden you're all supporters, I wonder how long all the fan boys ditch the team support as soon as Hamilton leave or fall out with the team...


I doubt Toto Wolff or Nikki Lauda has any input on the development of the car...


...and facilities not as potent as Ferrari’s either...

I'm sorry, but which team has been using Toyota's facilities for the past few years because they can't get theirs to work..?



In addition to Paddy Lowe, you have heard of Bob Bell, Geoff Willis, and Aldo Costa, right? If you haven't by now, you should have and are displaying the fact that you are completely out of your depth when it comes to discussing the F1 engineering community.

What a Mckey Mouse response on your part.


Early retirment?? Schumacher was 37 in 2006.

Schumacher was 15 laps away from a commanding win in Japan and taking a 2 point lead into the final race. Instead, his engine blows, Alonso inherits the lead and takes a 10 point lead into the final race (when it was 10 points for a win).


The rest???

Na even on the current grid Vettel and Hamilton are faster than Alonso and Vettel is better overall too, if Alonso is worth a 9 then Schumacher and Hamilton would be 9.5 and Vettel 9.7


exactly I would bet on Ferrari having the better car next year than Brackley.


You've been "speaking my mind" with these 2 posts of yours...


Ferrari technical decline?

Who said anything about a Ferrari technical decline?


"Why does Ferrari even tolerate him?"


Where do you think Ferrari would be without him in the last four years???

I *REALLY* want Kimi at Ferrari next year.

He will be trashed.

Alonso fears no one.

Wait and see.


Sniff sniff... Is that ill-feeling what I smell? I wonder why...


Yes... totally agree with you. Most people "forget" ALO forced Schummy early retirement. If he was a britsh driver, he would be considered a F1 god.

To me:


Alonso: 9.0


The rest....


Not likely


Maybe Ferrari organise a parachute for him, but I don't see anyone other than Sauber. They have their issues to deal with though


James do you think Massa is done if he doesn't get the Ferrari drive? I am a bit biased as I have always sort of supported him as an underdog but I would be interested to see how he would do in a mid-field team as 2006 til his accident in 2009 showed he does have the pure speed of the front guys just seems a lot weaker mentally.

If the car was built around him and he was considered the number 1 guy as he was in 2008/9 I still have a feeling he could be as good as he was pre-accident. I think him knowing that Alonso is the guy at Ferrari could be affecting his performances somewhat. Overshadowed by the other events in the races, but his performances in Singapore and Brazil were completely world class.

I guess Sauber/Force India would be the only 2 openings though.


I like the way you're thinking. It's both to the point and relevant.

I could have expressed myself more clearly: it would have done to say that Ferrari are the moany team. Alonso moans about the car, LDM moans about Alonso, Domenicali moans about how hard it is to make up for lost ground (this seems to have gone on for years), moany moany. I wish they'd all shut up and get on with it. I remember when Alonso was first hired, Domenicali was going on about how great Alonso was at developing the car - well, they're still developing. How many years will it take?


Hahaha me too!!!


And Massa could go to Marusia 😉


Good point, but remember, they are now in Monza, in front of the all famous Ferrari fans, so it would speak strongest here.




This really annoys me, how much of the media eggagerated Vettel's comments.

If you hear Vettel's comments he was merely saying that he doesn't know what is in the future, but it's absolutely no different for any other driver at all. He wasn't at all saying he would retire, but just saying that anything can happen.


OK. It just seemed kinda crazy to claim that Vettel quits if Alonso drives for Ferrari in 2015.

And if Kimi does go to Ferrari in 2014, why wouldn't Ferrari also partner Vettel and Alonso in the future?


Yeah every English speaking fan and media's dream, Vettel retiring early in his prime... but then they all woke up and was disappointed when they look the driver championship standing in 2016 and see the usual person at the top.


Antony Davidson pointed out something that was really interesting during FP2 today. He talked about Kimi being a cool head is never really intimidated by anyone. He just wants to show up to grand prix weekends, jump into the car and race. He said... When Montoya went to McLaren, we were expecting a lot of fireworks and nothing happened. Montoya tried to intimidate him, but Kimi being Kimi did not break under pressure. He never gets anything into his head.

Really you have to believe, Alonso would not be bothered by Kimi in the team unless the stop-watch says he's quicker. Apart from that, Kimi would not if Alonso manages to beat him consistently.. It is a good prospect. Some say it is stupid to put 2 great drivers together in one team. But if one of those drivers is Kimi... why not? It can work.


Kimi hates someone fiddling with his car. At every team he has driven for, he was clear to point out he had control of how his car setup should be. Rumor says Schumi was responsible for altering the front end of his car which lead to a dip in his form.

In an interview with the BBC Micheal simply said the new updates left Kimi on the back foot. Again these are rumors.... I am just guessing here. So that one person could be Micheal.

With regards to the motivation problem, Ferrari PR building up a stupid story!


Could not be Massa, he gave Kimi the race and the title at Interlagos in 2007!


That seems to be the general consensus.


Either LDM or Michael but not Massa for sure.

Massa had nothing to do with Kimi's exit.


Ferrari technical decline? You're kidding,Right? I'm sorry but James Allison and Rory Byrne are an advancement, not a decline.


Exactly Davis. EXACTLY my point!!

They want him back now that means they knew why he had his problems... especially starting from the second half of the 2008 season. I have heard rumors saying Santander wanted a Brazilian Ambassador to get their business down to South America. That explains to an extent why Ferrari is so keen to keep Massa in even when he's not performed that well.

Basically what I have heard is.. Kimi was just at the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong Nationality. Well these were all rumors from a biased F1 blog..but it makes you think at least.


I agree. Well put.


Mr Newman: You win the championship first then we will see if we want to extend your contract.


Montezemolo arrives tomorrow, we may find out more then


Thank you all for the comments. You make valid points.

Sometimes when I re-read my posts the day after - I cringe.

I'm afraid this post is one of them, and it got through my internal self censorship.

It's not me, usually, to be so negative about anyone or anything. Unless its a corrupt politician or self serving dictator etc

I would like to withdraw my comments. Cheerio to all.


To be frank, controversy does seem to follow Alonso more than other drivers. Maybe that's just how it looks on the outside.


Can you list a driver who is not, considering your definition?


@All revved-up

A flawed person? Do you know him personally?

Oh come on, he even pays astronomical taxes in Spain to help his country in these tough times, something very few drivers do.


Flawed person outside the car by your definition means every driver on the grid is flawed and your comments are a no brainer. Hope you realized that.


Relly! 😀

Well, it probably looked like just a stupid or "trollish" comment but, believe it or not, it was meant to be constructive criticism, as I do like this site.

While some typos might happen (as I can testify ;)), that sentence just seemed "sloppy" - in stark contrast with the otherwise high quality of content of the site.

I think I have seen quite a few typos in the news lately - hence my comment about double-checking news entries before posting them.

Of course one might think that the "form" does not matter as long as the *content* is good and so my comment is irrelevant...

In any case, I'm glad that I did give occasion for a laugh at least 😀


Laughing so hard right now! This is priceless. 🙂


haha classic


I'll try to answer:

1. Ferrari probably don't thin Kimi will be appreciably faster than Felipe, but they think he will be more consistent. Felipe's consistency these past years has not been good, while Kimi's has been remarkable.

2. Kimi probably believes that with the amount of changes going to happen for next year, Lotus will struggle to keep up the order due to not having the amount of money to spend Ferrari, Red Bull, Mercedes and McLaren have. What Kimi wants above all is a competitive car, and that for him is probably worth the risk of driving alongside Alonso.


To answer question 1... We may never know why but the fact they're thinking of bringing him back says an awful lot about what went down the last time Kimi was there


Winning another WDC is his potential primary motive for perhaps rejoining Ferrari. Money is only secondary in this respect.



1. Ferrari knows the reasons why Massa got the upper hand and they know Kimi will deliver given the right equipment.

2. Money and babes.


No Hulkenberg is next in line


Or bring back the guy who was the last WDC for the team.


Let's see if I understood well:

- Latins lack integrity, honesty and hard work

- Alonso is a kid

- Kimi doesn't like kids, so if Alonso doesn't have a growth spurt soon, Ferrari is going to struggle due to a bad relationship between his drivers

- Alonso, out of the circuits, sings in the opera house as a soprano (primma donna in Italian), so it is hard to understand how a team of Ferrari's calibre keep a kid that lives more for the opera than for driving his cars at the track

- Luca Montetzemolo never yawns, or more correctly he yawns while "spouting platitudes"

- Ferrari need to hire a psychologist to see if they are able to finally understand and explain Felipe's "presence"



If Kimi goes to Ferrari I think Hulk will move to Lotus whilst Bianchi will go to Sauber.


Welcome to the wonderful world of F1 -

I assume that this is your first post.


Even on mondays?


Well 1 question that will probably be answered if Raikkonen joins Ferrari would be that we'll find out if Massa really was damaged beyond repair after his accident in Hungary 2009 because before that he had the measure of Kimi for about 2 years, don't forget even the last race of 2007 Massa would have won the race easily if it wasn't for Ferrari's questionable strategy, also Massa in 2008 and first half of 2009 was better than kimi, so if Kimi can match Alonso in anyway shape or form then we know Massa hasn't been the same since the day Barrichello's car part flew into his face.


Ha ha yeah as usual Vettel takes the title...


I would expect Hulkenberg to get the nod over Raikkonen if they drop Massa, it means Kimi gets another door shut in his face especially as it looks like Perez is staying put at McLaren, Lotus had better produce a good car or we'll see kimi lose interest fast.


@ Fireman

Well Vettel mentioned something about his future being unpredictable.

He was of the view he could be tired of F1 in a few years or join another team for the challenge and seeing as additional 1 year Red Bull contract runs out in 2015 >>> You never know.


Shouldn't that be "a certain Finn to be a Spaniard in the works" ..


1) Alonso is at Monza –

It’s a tradition for Ferrari’s drivers to say nice things about the team at this time of the year.

2) Jody Scheckter will replace him and finally win another WDC for the prancing farce after a long drought.

Forza Fantasia


Few comments.

1) I read that Santander are more interested keeping sponsorship deal with Ferrari.

2) What? Why would Vettel retire in 2015? There's no reason.

Lastly, Massa can get booted out regardless what Alonso wants.


+1000. Nando-Kimi could be formidable even with a half decent Ferrari.:P.


My guess is Vettel and Bianchi from or post 2016. I am sure Vettel already has a pre-contract and Bianchi will have had 3 years of solid F1 experience (possibly with a mid-field team). He's already impressed a few in the paddock and seems to be developing nicely.


I think it's more likely we'll see Hamilton and Vettel together at Mercedes. Personally, I'd love that: those two Silver Arrows being flown around the track by these two amazingly quick pilots. It would be like Fangio-Moss all over again.

And I doubt how eager Vettel will be to join Ferrari, given the technical decline of the team. Meanwhile, you have an army of technical aces at Mercedes that seem to finally be sorting themselves out and getting on top of the car. From next year on, this could be THE team to drive for. Plus, there is the German team-German driver connection. (And a German team whose global corporate headquarters is about 1 1/2 hrs by car from Vettel's home in Germany.)


Do you honestly believe that? Vettel would beat Alonso every day in a Red Bull. Alonso is not RedBull material. His mentality does not fit the team.


I agree! And Vettel taking the WDC again. 🙂



Bring on the new blood.

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Multi award winning Formula One photographer
Multi award winning Formula One photographer

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