Alonso and Raikkonen speak about each other and their partnership
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Posted By: James Allen  |  19 Sep 2013   |  11:23 am GMT  |  229 comments

Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen, who will be team mates at Ferrari next season, have spoken in the Singapore paddock about the prospect, playing down speculation that the relationship will be fiery.

Alonso spoke first, alongside Ferrari boss Stefano Domenicali and his current team mate Felipe Massa.

“I was always informed of the team movements,” said Alonso. “Until the last moment the team didn’t make a decision and when they decided to change Felipe they asked my opinion and it was that Kimi was the best choice there in the market, especially for a championship with many changes for next year, in terms of developing the car in January and February. Having a driver who has been in F1 for many years was important. They chose Kimi so I am happy.

“No one will push me more than I push now.”

“(Having) Two world champions doesn’t make any difference. It’s not like one title will make a difference in terms of pushing,” Alonso added.

Raikkonen appeared later in the FIA press conference and made it clear that his decision to leave Lotus was motivated by financial considerations, while he played down suggestions that his arrival will lead to fiery moments with Alonso. He also dismissed suggestions that his sacking from Ferrari in 2009 had left a bad taste in his mouth.

“I never had a bad feeling with them, ” he said “I knew my contract (with Lotus) would end at the end of this year so I needed to make a decision

“There were a lot of things (Lotus could have done to keep him) and they know what it is. It’s hard to say what would have happened if they had done them

“I know the team (Ferrari) and the people, mostly the same. So it won’t be too difficult to go there. The cars will be very different so getting the cars sorted and getting them reliable.

Raikkonen said that he doesn’t think he will have any problems with Alonso within Ferrari. Although acknowledging that two champions are likely to have some moments where things get stressful or difficult he feels that their maturity will mean that they should be able to sort things out between them,

“I don’t see why it wouldn’t work we are old enough to know what we are doing,” he said. “If there is something I’m sure we can talk it through. It’s not like we are 20 year olds. For sure there will be hard fights on the circuit.”

Domenicali said that having two champions in the team would not change his approach to management,

“I will not change my style I will not change the way that we handle situations from a team perspective,” he said.

Asked directly whether Lotus owing him money was a prime motivator for him to leave the team Raikkonen confirmed that he left because of the money side and the non-payment of his salary.

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You all have to understand KIMIs filosofy. He wants to win at all cost. Ferrari wil be a better car 2014 than Lotus. It is easier to win with Ferrasi than Lotus.


Ferrari does not see Alonso driving for them in 2015. I said this over and over again that the hiring of Raikkonen was not to “unsettle” Alonso, but to have a ready replacement when Alonso quits SF. Raikkonen will probably stick around until Ferrari signs Vettel.

As for Alonso, if Ferrari engines are uncompetitive next year, then we can right off him winning the title in 2014. Then a move to Mclaren in 2015 with new Honda engines, and who knows how that’ll be. So his realistic chances of winning a title is in 2016 when he will be 36 years old. He is fast running out of time.


James, the BBC are reporting that McLaren want Alonso to replace Perez for next year. Do you know is there anything solid to this story? Would Alonso really not at least see how it goes with Raikkonen for a year?


I think it’s worth a conversation as it’s the only possible option they could have if both sides could swallow that much pride.

But I don’t see how Alonso gets out of the Ferrari contract. Ferrari could cope with Alonso taking a sabbatical ( as Kimi did) , but not switching to a powerful rival


Hi James,

Being an expert in engineer jungle drums, what’s your take on the Ferrari’s new engine being currently too heavy?


Its a bit funny how fans react to different drivers. I remember this time last year when it seemed Lewis was leaving a good car at MCL and heading to the uncompetative MEC team, the outcry amongst some fans was Lewis is only motivated by money (even though it turned out both teams matched his salary), they saw this as a bad thing and gave him the usual grief. Fast-forward a year and Kimi clearly states he left for the money, there isn’t the same level of outrage amgoust some about his stance.

Its funny to me sometimes how people react to the different drivers.


Miyamoto Musashi used to arrive couple of hours late for his duels in order to upset the opponent. He did everything he could every time in order to gain an advantage. That is why he survived around 60 duels. I’ve read somewhere that Alonso is inspired by Musashi. I am sure Alonso will do whatever he can to upset Raikkonen. Will Raikkonen be able to stay cool, that is the main question. If he allows Alonso to upset him, game over. If things go wrong Raikkonen should blame only himself as it seems he is racing for money next season, not for results. I still think this is a gross mistake from Raikkonen.


Some cynics among us suspect Kimi might well carry a grudge against Ferrari. Next year might be payback time. Maybe Kimi and Nando could even gang up (as the latter seems fed up with his employer also) and waste humongous amounts of Ferrari money next year, just because they can.

I, for one, would love to see LdM’s face when both Kimi and Nando finish out of the points.


The mission for Fernando is simple:

1. Win driver’s & team titles for Ferrari in 2014.

2. Return to McLaren and win either title there in 2015.

Those few years are how he will be remembered. Because everybody forgot his Renault times already.


in terms of competitiveness Alonso will have no problem with Raikkonen, but among English Media Lobby, Raikkonen is much more popular and they will encourage him even seeking to discredit Alonso standing alongside the Finn. That is the future of Ferrari’s decision. For a majority of Englishmen, Alonso is the bad guy, an undeserved judgement mainly motivaded by a man who spoiled Hamilton and Alonso as well. Without his politics and ambitions, both drivers could have really shown their potential, especially the Spaniard. But you know the official version of the story and probably believe it, even though the evidence of past and present have shown that the Spanish driver is the strongest man of the paddock or perhaps because of it.


The days Alonso finishes first Kimi will be second. Unlike Massa. Taking points away from Vettel.


Hi James,

did you find out if Mark Slade is also going to Ferrari as Kimi’s race engineer?




That’s what happens when the boss don’t pay up him the amount he deserves.

The best talents always ends up with the best team.


Most of all Kimi said he was here to RACE. Kimi is as usual honest about the situation, more than half the season gone and no pay, is not what an employee will swallow. I wouldn’t slide Kimi even for a moment and he did pretty well for Lotus on his comeback.

Win or lose Kimi will accept as a true gentleman. As for Nando? I’m quite skeptical about that. Everytime I see Nando losing his cool it really pisses me off, if not for his fine skills in racing I wouldn’t support him at all!

Anyway I feel the economy is not healthy worldwide hence the no pay issue. My concern is still on 2014 as to which team will fall out with the high rising cost of the turbos.

The Kimi & Alonso partnership is the driving force for the media. Fans are more concerned bout them than the rest of 2013.

Poor Vettel is not getting much media attention though.


Remember Schumy parked his car on the track in Monaco. And he was 7x WCD. They are good drivers but not angels. Its all about me, alfa mail, thats all


Goodness me. Alonso is so good at lying that he practically believes it himself.

The stuff about him being all about Kimi next year? Sorry Fernando, I call bullshit. Your track record doesnt do you any favors either.


I have never liked Alonso’s temperament, seems like a ok guy most of the time, but his prima dona ninja routine puts me off. When Kimi was thrown under the bus he remained loyally red.

I think that LdM is going to use Kimi to enrage Alonso to the point where a statement is made and a series of actions occur such that the ferrari stable will be permitted by santander to let Alonso go.

LdM would equally prefer Alonso to play nice and get the team championship with Kimi. But should Alonso vs Kimi break out, or Alonso’ speaks ill of the stable, it’s fin fin.


So, next year Ferrari will just need a driver for saturdays, as none of their drivers is able to do a flying lap…


Domenicali want change, that is a real worry.


The team respected Massa’s position. Kimi was the best choice available, which is very consistent with what Alonso said about whoever replaces Massa has to be better than Massa…

Kimi and Alonso both say they see no reason why it shouldn’t work, and whoever has the best car will benefit most from next yr.

Alonso is open to talk to other teams. Like Red bull. All the drivers do. And all the teams do too.

I see nothing but logic.


I read his FIA statement! He said he loves to race which is why he is respecting his part of the contract even though Lotus are not respecting their part (by not paying him).

At the end of the day, his motivation comes from RACING and if that is available to him then he will do it whether it is at Lotus or Ferrari, it doesn’t matter from a RACING perspective. Now, if you are getting offered what is it, a 20 million EUR salary at a team that can ALSO compete for the championship that another team can’t do- these added perks are obviously going to sway your decision to drive for Ferrari- no matter how wonderful the people are at Lotus.

He is being punished for being completely honest and not elaborating enough (as a man of few words)- he switched teams purely for money, yes- but thats not the same as saying that money is my primary motivation- because racing is his primary motivation- otherwise he wouldn’t have been rallying for 2 years and wouldn’t be driving for Lotus now.


First off. I honestly think people make too much of the Alonso-McLaren saga, when Fernando’s stated numerous times that his beef was with the team (Ron Dennis in particular) and not Hamilton. Other than that, Fernando’s actually had a smooth relationship with all his ex team-mates. Also (side note), I’ve read in this site, and in others, on how some people make a fuss of Jarno Trulli’s mid-point sacking in 2004; how it was all because he was beating Fernando… when he’s never really made an issue out of it. The reason Trulli was sacked was bec. he had a falling out with Briatore and also bec. Renault were getting fed up with him.

Anyways, going back, who knows? Maybe this pairing actually won’t turn out to be an explosive one. Maybe it will turn out to be more like Hamilton-Button, instead of another Prost-Senna; where Hamilton was the feisty one, always fired up, while Button was just cool and did his business with no fuss. But despite their contrasting personalities, they generally got on well and respected each others abilities. After all, Alonso is probably more mature now, both as a person and as a driver. And Kimi is just happy to be paid (finally) a lot of money and to have a more consistent car.


Hang in to your horses it’s already started .. ” no one can push me harder than Im pushing now”- really !! because no one else on the grid is faster than Felipe are they?? The initials FA. & LdM should be interchangeable


No what he’s getting at is he gives 100% no matter what…..thats how he is. Kimi loses interest if the cars competitiveness decreases. He becomes that mistake prone driver that we saw when his McLaren and Ferrari were down on pace. Remember that Kimi was whipped by Felipe in 2008 and 2009. and unlike your guy, fernando is loved by the tofosi


All you had to do was look at Monza the amount of Kimi flags still in among the tifosi – Monte, the mechanics, everyone except you know…

If any human being is honest they know when they don’t deliver 100% every single time. An honest man says he got a little bit more here or there but still delivers at the top.. Liars and fools suggest 110^% when logic and common sense tells you otherwise– it makes you wonder what have they got to hide– but gullible and stupid people always believe it..


If Kimi is still waiting to be paid his due salary, does that also mean Romain is having similar delays ? If not, why is Lotus not paying their star driver who has so far scored more than double his team mate’s points for the team ?


Ninja Turtle vs the Iceman

Bring on 2014!


The only reason that Hamilton had more points than Alonso in the last few races was that McLaren was fighting Alonso and not kimi and that’s why they lost the title ….or have you forgotten


Whatever, all I want now is Hulkenberg at Lotus.


Andrew Benson : To be clear on Raikkonen/Lotus, I’m told it’s not just his bonus for points that hasn’t been paid, but his whole salary.

If that’s true, hats off to the Kimi that he’s still racing & earning constructor’s points for Lotus.

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