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Alonso and Raikkonen speak about each other and their partnership
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Posted By: James Allen  |  19 Sep 2013   |  11:23 am GMT  |  229 comments

Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen, who will be team mates at Ferrari next season, have spoken in the Singapore paddock about the prospect, playing down speculation that the relationship will be fiery.

Alonso spoke first, alongside Ferrari boss Stefano Domenicali and his current team mate Felipe Massa.

“I was always informed of the team movements,” said Alonso. “Until the last moment the team didn’t make a decision and when they decided to change Felipe they asked my opinion and it was that Kimi was the best choice there in the market, especially for a championship with many changes for next year, in terms of developing the car in January and February. Having a driver who has been in F1 for many years was important. They chose Kimi so I am happy.

“No one will push me more than I push now.”

“(Having) Two world champions doesn’t make any difference. It’s not like one title will make a difference in terms of pushing,” Alonso added.

Raikkonen appeared later in the FIA press conference and made it clear that his decision to leave Lotus was motivated by financial considerations, while he played down suggestions that his arrival will lead to fiery moments with Alonso. He also dismissed suggestions that his sacking from Ferrari in 2009 had left a bad taste in his mouth.

“I never had a bad feeling with them, ” he said “I knew my contract (with Lotus) would end at the end of this year so I needed to make a decision

“There were a lot of things (Lotus could have done to keep him) and they know what it is. It’s hard to say what would have happened if they had done them

“I know the team (Ferrari) and the people, mostly the same. So it won’t be too difficult to go there. The cars will be very different so getting the cars sorted and getting them reliable.

Raikkonen said that he doesn’t think he will have any problems with Alonso within Ferrari. Although acknowledging that two champions are likely to have some moments where things get stressful or difficult he feels that their maturity will mean that they should be able to sort things out between them,

“I don’t see why it wouldn’t work we are old enough to know what we are doing,” he said. “If there is something I’m sure we can talk it through. It’s not like we are 20 year olds. For sure there will be hard fights on the circuit.”

Domenicali said that having two champions in the team would not change his approach to management,

“I will not change my style I will not change the way that we handle situations from a team perspective,” he said.

Asked directly whether Lotus owing him money was a prime motivator for him to leave the team Raikkonen confirmed that he left because of the money side and the non-payment of his salary.

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You all have to understand KIMIs filosofy. He wants to win at all cost. Ferrari wil be a better car 2014 than Lotus. It is easier to win with Ferrasi than Lotus.


Ferrari does not see Alonso driving for them in 2015. I said this over and over again that the hiring of Raikkonen was not to “unsettle” Alonso, but to have a ready replacement when Alonso quits SF. Raikkonen will probably stick around until Ferrari signs Vettel.

As for Alonso, if Ferrari engines are uncompetitive next year, then we can right off him winning the title in 2014. Then a move to Mclaren in 2015 with new Honda engines, and who knows how that’ll be. So his realistic chances of winning a title is in 2016 when he will be 36 years old. He is fast running out of time.


James, the BBC are reporting that McLaren want Alonso to replace Perez for next year. Do you know is there anything solid to this story? Would Alonso really not at least see how it goes with Raikkonen for a year?


I think it’s worth a conversation as it’s the only possible option they could have if both sides could swallow that much pride.

But I don’t see how Alonso gets out of the Ferrari contract. Ferrari could cope with Alonso taking a sabbatical ( as Kimi did) , but not switching to a powerful rival


Hi James,

Being an expert in engineer jungle drums, what’s your take on the Ferrari’s new engine being currently too heavy?


Its a bit funny how fans react to different drivers. I remember this time last year when it seemed Lewis was leaving a good car at MCL and heading to the uncompetative MEC team, the outcry amongst some fans was Lewis is only motivated by money (even though it turned out both teams matched his salary), they saw this as a bad thing and gave him the usual grief. Fast-forward a year and Kimi clearly states he left for the money, there isn’t the same level of outrage amgoust some about his stance.

Its funny to me sometimes how people react to the different drivers.


Miyamoto Musashi used to arrive couple of hours late for his duels in order to upset the opponent. He did everything he could every time in order to gain an advantage. That is why he survived around 60 duels. I’ve read somewhere that Alonso is inspired by Musashi. I am sure Alonso will do whatever he can to upset Raikkonen. Will Raikkonen be able to stay cool, that is the main question. If he allows Alonso to upset him, game over. If things go wrong Raikkonen should blame only himself as it seems he is racing for money next season, not for results. I still think this is a gross mistake from Raikkonen.


Some cynics among us suspect Kimi might well carry a grudge against Ferrari. Next year might be payback time. Maybe Kimi and Nando could even gang up (as the latter seems fed up with his employer also) and waste humongous amounts of Ferrari money next year, just because they can.

I, for one, would love to see LdM’s face when both Kimi and Nando finish out of the points.


The mission for Fernando is simple:

1. Win driver’s & team titles for Ferrari in 2014.

2. Return to McLaren and win either title there in 2015.

Those few years are how he will be remembered. Because everybody forgot his Renault times already.


in terms of competitiveness Alonso will have no problem with Raikkonen, but among English Media Lobby, Raikkonen is much more popular and they will encourage him even seeking to discredit Alonso standing alongside the Finn. That is the future of Ferrari’s decision. For a majority of Englishmen, Alonso is the bad guy, an undeserved judgement mainly motivaded by a man who spoiled Hamilton and Alonso as well. Without his politics and ambitions, both drivers could have really shown their potential, especially the Spaniard. But you know the official version of the story and probably believe it, even though the evidence of past and present have shown that the Spanish driver is the strongest man of the paddock or perhaps because of it.


The days Alonso finishes first Kimi will be second. Unlike Massa. Taking points away from Vettel.


Hi James,

did you find out if Mark Slade is also going to Ferrari as Kimi’s race engineer?




That’s what happens when the boss don’t pay up him the amount he deserves.

The best talents always ends up with the best team.


Most of all Kimi said he was here to RACE. Kimi is as usual honest about the situation, more than half the season gone and no pay, is not what an employee will swallow. I wouldn’t slide Kimi even for a moment and he did pretty well for Lotus on his comeback.

Win or lose Kimi will accept as a true gentleman. As for Nando? I’m quite skeptical about that. Everytime I see Nando losing his cool it really pisses me off, if not for his fine skills in racing I wouldn’t support him at all!

Anyway I feel the economy is not healthy worldwide hence the no pay issue. My concern is still on 2014 as to which team will fall out with the high rising cost of the turbos.

The Kimi & Alonso partnership is the driving force for the media. Fans are more concerned bout them than the rest of 2013.

Poor Vettel is not getting much media attention though.


Remember Schumy parked his car on the track in Monaco. And he was 7x WCD. They are good drivers but not angels. Its all about me, alfa mail, thats all


Goodness me. Alonso is so good at lying that he practically believes it himself.

The stuff about him being all about Kimi next year? Sorry Fernando, I call bullshit. Your track record doesnt do you any favors either.


I have never liked Alonso’s temperament, seems like a ok guy most of the time, but his prima dona ninja routine puts me off. When Kimi was thrown under the bus he remained loyally red.

I think that LdM is going to use Kimi to enrage Alonso to the point where a statement is made and a series of actions occur such that the ferrari stable will be permitted by santander to let Alonso go.

LdM would equally prefer Alonso to play nice and get the team championship with Kimi. But should Alonso vs Kimi break out, or Alonso’ speaks ill of the stable, it’s fin fin.


So, next year Ferrari will just need a driver for saturdays, as none of their drivers is able to do a flying lap…


Domenicali want change, that is a real worry.


The team respected Massa’s position. Kimi was the best choice available, which is very consistent with what Alonso said about whoever replaces Massa has to be better than Massa…

Kimi and Alonso both say they see no reason why it shouldn’t work, and whoever has the best car will benefit most from next yr.

Alonso is open to talk to other teams. Like Red bull. All the drivers do. And all the teams do too.

I see nothing but logic.


I read his FIA statement! He said he loves to race which is why he is respecting his part of the contract even though Lotus are not respecting their part (by not paying him).

At the end of the day, his motivation comes from RACING and if that is available to him then he will do it whether it is at Lotus or Ferrari, it doesn’t matter from a RACING perspective. Now, if you are getting offered what is it, a 20 million EUR salary at a team that can ALSO compete for the championship that another team can’t do- these added perks are obviously going to sway your decision to drive for Ferrari- no matter how wonderful the people are at Lotus.

He is being punished for being completely honest and not elaborating enough (as a man of few words)- he switched teams purely for money, yes- but thats not the same as saying that money is my primary motivation- because racing is his primary motivation- otherwise he wouldn’t have been rallying for 2 years and wouldn’t be driving for Lotus now.


First off. I honestly think people make too much of the Alonso-McLaren saga, when Fernando’s stated numerous times that his beef was with the team (Ron Dennis in particular) and not Hamilton. Other than that, Fernando’s actually had a smooth relationship with all his ex team-mates. Also (side note), I’ve read in this site, and in others, on how some people make a fuss of Jarno Trulli’s mid-point sacking in 2004; how it was all because he was beating Fernando… when he’s never really made an issue out of it. The reason Trulli was sacked was bec. he had a falling out with Briatore and also bec. Renault were getting fed up with him.

Anyways, going back, who knows? Maybe this pairing actually won’t turn out to be an explosive one. Maybe it will turn out to be more like Hamilton-Button, instead of another Prost-Senna; where Hamilton was the feisty one, always fired up, while Button was just cool and did his business with no fuss. But despite their contrasting personalities, they generally got on well and respected each others abilities. After all, Alonso is probably more mature now, both as a person and as a driver. And Kimi is just happy to be paid (finally) a lot of money and to have a more consistent car.


Hang in to your horses it’s already started .. ” no one can push me harder than Im pushing now”- really !! because no one else on the grid is faster than Felipe are they?? The initials FA. & LdM should be interchangeable


No what he’s getting at is he gives 100% no matter what…..thats how he is. Kimi loses interest if the cars competitiveness decreases. He becomes that mistake prone driver that we saw when his McLaren and Ferrari were down on pace. Remember that Kimi was whipped by Felipe in 2008 and 2009. and unlike your guy, fernando is loved by the tofosi


All you had to do was look at Monza the amount of Kimi flags still in among the tifosi – Monte, the mechanics, everyone except you know…

If any human being is honest they know when they don’t deliver 100% every single time. An honest man says he got a little bit more here or there but still delivers at the top.. Liars and fools suggest 110^% when logic and common sense tells you otherwise– it makes you wonder what have they got to hide– but gullible and stupid people always believe it..


If Kimi is still waiting to be paid his due salary, does that also mean Romain is having similar delays ? If not, why is Lotus not paying their star driver who has so far scored more than double his team mate’s points for the team ?


Ninja Turtle vs the Iceman

Bring on 2014!


The only reason that Hamilton had more points than Alonso in the last few races was that McLaren was fighting Alonso and not kimi and that’s why they lost the title ….or have you forgotten


Whatever, all I want now is Hulkenberg at Lotus.


Andrew Benson : To be clear on Raikkonen/Lotus, I’m told it’s not just his bonus for points that hasn’t been paid, but his whole salary.

If that’s true, hats off to the Kimi that he’s still racing & earning constructor’s points for Lotus.


This is Alonso’s quote taken from BBC website: “Sometimes one of the drivers has been lucky enough to score enough points to fight for the championship and Ferrari try to help that possibility, some other teams they don’t try to help that possibility and they lose the championship. Like I was in one of them [at McLaren in 2007].”

Why is he lying? In 2007, Hamilton had a better chance of winning WDC than him. In fact, if what Alonso had said was true, he should have actually helped Hamilton to win WDC as Hamilton had more points than him in the last few races. So I guess by those words he meant, Hamilton should have played a supportive role from the beginning itself like Massa does now. Good that Hamilton stood his ground firmly (so did McLaren). Alonso is so political, I began to warm up to him ..but he shows his true colors once in a while to make you rethink.



Don’t worry Sri. We all know it.

Alfonzo has a wonderful was of revising history. You are right, if McLaren were going to support a single driver like Ferrari in 2007, then yes Hamilton would have been No1.

Alonso needs to come to terms with that.


Again under the bad influence?


I’m taking this from your quote of BBC:

Alonso said “….some other teams they don’t try to help that possibility and they lose the championship. Like I was in one of them.”

Let’s work through that statement:

” Some…teams…don’t….help….they…lose…championship…..i was in one of them.”

Never did he say he was to be supported, simply that Mclaren lost a driver’s championship in 2007.

So where is the lie?


Hamilton was “lucky” enough to earn points more than Alonso in 2007 in early races. So going by the logic given by Alonso himself in the above quote, McLaren should have supported Hamilton (as he claims Ferrari does that way). If that is the case, then why did Alonso not play the team role and support Hamilton in the mid-season? So his logic is not consistent: it applies only when he is leading the WDC over his team-mate. So the above quote is a lie in the context of 2007 as he did not play by what he says is the right way to do.


So do you think that a guy that cracked under pressure and pushed the pit lane button on his steering wheel had better chances of wining the WDC than ALO??? You must be joking, right???

Don’t you think that if McLaren had supported ALO they would have an extra WDC by now???


Chances are measured before the event actually happened. In hindsight, no one talks of chances as there is no point in it since you already know how the event transpired itself (as you have described the event). Entering the last two races in 2007, Hamilton was leading in points over Alonso and Raikkonen and so chances of his winning WDC were higher. Simple.


@Odjebi: If neither Alonso and Hamilton were out of it, then where is the question of supporting anyone in 2007? so coming back to my original point, then why is he lying about 2007 situation? I guess you had to take the circuitous route to come to the original point. Regarding your happiness over someone’s misery, says more about you, so there is no point in talking to you.


[mod]But alonso is refering to teammates that are mathematically out of the running. And alonso was never out of it. Mainly thanks to Lewis giving us the funniest retirement ever at the Chinese gp………then we witnessed another beauty……the pit lane speed limit button fiasco in brazil.


You look at it the wrong way he had a DNF the race before and Alonso wasnt still close to him and this was his rookie season c’mon no need to argue about that! Why does Mclaren need to support a DWDC if he cant out-qualify or beat a rookie?

The Spanish Inquisitor

You don’t remember this…

“We weren’t racing Kimi, we were basically racing Fernando”

Ron Dennis – 2007 Chinese Grand Prix


That statement was the aftermath of blackmail and all the bad blood. You should see it in the context. But I agree that was a slip from Dennis, but by then Alonso had completely alienated the team itself.


That is just a comment taking out of context. Only Hamiltons inexperience let them down.


Had McLaren suported him from the very begining, they would have won 2007 WDC and 2008 WCC with him in the team. Alonso never regretted leaving McLaren, but even Ron Dennis himself said leting Alonso leave was a big mistake. Guess why…


Ha! So he wants support from his team-mate by sacrificing his team-mate’s chances in the beginning of the season itself?! If he is a “great” driver as we are told by every so-called pundit, then why cannot he beat his team-mate and others fair and square on the track?


Where did Dennis say letting Alonso leave was a ‘big mistake’?


well he did not say anything about drivers having better chance of winning, he talked about drivers who score enough points to fight for championship, which he did and was in contention till last race. Why would he support other driver when he has chance to win it too. EOD after all the betrayal by Ron dennis and preferential treatment Lewis got, lewis couldn’t win it.


Exactly my point. So the same could be asked him off too, why would/did he expect support from Hamilton too as the above quote mentions that he should have got that?


…if you read/watch a little bit, see the difference between Alonso-Dennis relationship, all the PR Hamilton Sr. started to do, all the heavy atmosphere on the pits right after Monaco ’07 and onwards. That’s when Hamilton made his first statement that he wasn’t there to play second fiddle and Dennis changed his mind (IMO) to run his “Brit Rookie champ” project at all costs. If there’s something Alonso didn’t try in ’07 was to support Hamilton to win his maiden WC, but how could you blame Alonso from not doing that?


yes, Dennis and the whole team supported Hamilton on his rookie year…and he failed! If you think Alonso couldn’t win 2007 WC with the support of the team, you were watching a different racing series mate!


The main point his idea of entitlement even before the season begins, but then he puts this facade that he supports the idea of supporting the team-mate ONLY if one is behind in points in WDC in the last few races. Both are mutually contradictory.


How did he go scoring points against a rookie?


With the whole team, media against him he did well. Finished with 109, same as Lewis. If Felipe didn’t let Kimi thru after the last stop in brazil, fernando would have been world champion again.

How did Lewis go when Jensen started to gain support from within the team and then the media????


Yea very contradictory there.

Alonso actually went out of his way to DESTROY Hamilton’s chances of winning the WDC.


So we all should thank Lotus for making Alonso-Kimi partnership possible. Who would have thought financial difficulties of a company will actually be blessing for fans?


If Kimi’s ahead then there’ll be sparks though I wouldn’t expect any if Alonso’s ahead – I don’t think Kimi gives a 4x so long as he’s paid and is allowed to leave when he’s done.

This pairing is hardly like any of the top 3 had been paired together when winning is all but everything is it!


It is a last chance for Domenicali.

“old enough men” will do their best, but if machinery sucks, there will be no titles.


I fully support your opinion.

For me it is like rocket science.

The rocket consists of three major components 1) vehicle; 2) propellant (mixture of two components as fuel and oxidizer); 3) management.

If one of these components is out of control then big bang.

For success, Domenicali must find the way of manage two components a) to build a competitive vehicle; b) to keep the mixture of oxidizer and fuel under the right ratio.

So, I believe next year it will be Domenicali and his advisers call. He should manage two state of the art components under tight control. Mission is almost impossible by keeping in mind that it is extremely difficult by nature and there are a lot of politics and intrigues around. This is a bid money talk.

And I believe if something will go wrong with components #1 (car) or #3 (management) then scapegoat will be components #2 (ALO or/and RAI) 🙂

But it is worth to try. There is nothing to lose. If you like to get different result you must do things differently. There is nothing new on this old earth …


The entire episode seems like so much, OBVIOUSLY, difficult to swallow.

“I will not change my style I will not change the way that we handle situations from a team perspective”.


The current team is built upon everyone getting underneath Alonso to prop him up!

No change?!?


Alonso’s story is equally implausible, based on the very well established trend of his career.

I also can’t help but notice the variance between Alonso, “No one will push me more than I push now”, and all of the agents of the Alonso Media Corporation saying stuff like, “Oh, it will be good for Alonso.” “Oh, it will push him to the next level.” and other tediously false statements.

But in the end, what are they going to say?


Or so you thinks, to chase a story.


It’s one thing Lotus not being able to pay what Kimi wanted for next season, but the apparent arrears of salary doesn’t bode too well for Lotus’ future and makes the recent “brain drain” from the team more understandable.

This is a good one

Can you imagine the tons of articles, blog comments, you name it, if Alonso would had made comments like “Felipe is not good enough and he needs to be replaced by a more competitive driver”?

Just think about it… Not nice ones indeed….


I think that with Fernando he probably feel like the team didn’t give him a good enough car to compete against RB. Now in addition to that, the team gave him a strong driver who can take points off from him.

I am not trying to put him down or defend him, but I am pretty sure that’s how he feel about it.

It’s like you sprint 100 meters, against the world fastest runners and your team give you a brick to carry. I am sure he doesn’t like it.

From the team perspective, they are forced to have a plan B in case they fall out with FA.

In a perfect world, both sides would want a happy FA plus best car and solid number 2. But…


Oh Dear, how typical of this PR stuff?

Alonso happy?

Why didn’t any reporter ask Alonso, as to why he was throwing his weight behind Massa till the last minute?


For a obvious reasons: ALO and KIM will split points.

Just one guy is happy about this: The super protected VET.


Because not to, would have only caused more rumour mongering amongst (certain members of) the press.


Huge respect to Kimi for continuing his racing job for Lotus despite not getting paid.


@andrewbensonf1 – to be clear on Raikkonen/Lotus, I’m told it’s not just bonus for points that hasn’t been paid but his whole salary.

Right hat’s off to Kimi for continuing racing for Lotus.


I suspect it’s what accountants refer to as a “timing difference”. Lotus don’t get paid a performance bonus from their constructor championship points until the championship is decided. If Lotus finish 4th or higher the money will come through when the season ends.

Still, it doesn’t absolve their obligation to pay Kimi on a timely basis.

But Lotus sure needs Kimi to help them close out the championship in 4th place or better.

The people who negotiated Kimi’s contracts probably didn’t understand cash flow timing differences. They are called lawyers.


I’d be very surprised if the contract Kimi has with Lotus doesn’t specify when the money should be paid, so basically Lotus have taken on a contract they can’t honor.

Bernie is very strong on this. You saw it with the race promoters here in Austin. You make a contract, you fulfill it to the letter or you forget it. If you fulfill your side of the deal Bernie sticks with it no matter whether he thinks be made a bad deal or not. It’s all very straightforward; strike and deal and deliver.

Why should drivers be treated differently?


Quite right. I should have been clearer. I was referring to the individuals who negotiated Kimi’s contract on behalf of Lotus.

But please take my comments as general forum speculation and comments, and no more than that. I have no inside knowledge and do not mean to offend any individuals.


James,is a Ferrari 1-2 at the end of 2014 (in the standings) possible ? It’s my dream..


I think Mercedes will be faster in 2014. Just a hunch


Dear James,

I am surprised how you (and many more) can put Merc at top-of-the-line for 2014, when NOBODY has done a comparison of the engines, the cars are not yet out of the drawing board, and we yet have to see how the ERS works.

It might be that Merc will have the strongest package, but it could as well be RBR (or Ferrari, or Macca, or the red car, or Lotus).

Before Jerez it vitually impossible – Or am I just stupid??


I’m just reporting what is being said on the engineer jungle drums


Yes. Adrian Newey builds a tight Redbull that has a lot of KERS problems!!

That would be nothing short of a disaster in 2014 for sure with the new rules!! That is my hunch 😛


Hi James

Wont Rory byrne,Allison and Fry also have something up their sleeves ….just hoping 🙂


Hi James

Can you give us any details on the engines and the hint that Mercedes have an advantage in that area


The Mercedes engines have been the strongest for the past several years, and it has not translated into any great success for Mercedes engined cars. There is more to the equation than just peak horsepower. That will be even more the case next year when fuel economy will be a vital factor. So even IF the Merc engine is significant;y stronger than the rest next year, that may not mean very much when it comes to collecting points.


I’ve read from a reliable resource that the Mercedes engine hype is more hype than reality. Also the team can booch the next chassic easily.


There’s still quite a few months of engine development, so its safe to say no one can be 100% sure of where the teams lie.


It’s all supposition at the moment but Mercedes are very confident about the engine and the chassis team has clearly raised its game this year.


That is a good hunch about Mercedes, after all they have the Ilmor tradition behind them: Or to put it another way, the force is with them.

But interestingly the reconstituted Ilmor hived off from the now Mercedes core had a link with Honda.

So will both Honda and Mercedes benefit from the original spirit of that fantastic engineering genius?


Mr. Newey used always to get the most benefits out of new regs so I guess he is so happy that all media attention & pressure of 2014 on Merc and Ferrari. Aero is still the core part of the fastest car despite new powertrains. Furthermore Renault engines historically consume less fuel and it is also gamechanger next year. To sum up, one shouldn’t be surprised to seeing Adrian’s cars in the front.


I agree about the aero. This will be even more important in 2014 because the packaging of the new engine, the ERS system and how they will be integrated into the chassis and the new body regs are presenting a very challenging set of problems

to the designers. Newey’s brilliance in this area will be huge plus for RBR.


I think it’s the opposite. RBR is a marketing machine. With all this hype about ALO x KIM, VET’s 5th (BOOOOOOORING) WDC will be *IRRELEVANT*. RBR won’t be happy at all.


Aero as we know it is near dead from 2014.

Its going to be all about engine power and efficiency. Red Bulls future success lies in the hands of Renault, not Newey.


Whenever it’s brought up that Newey didn’t win in the 2000’s the Vettel/Schumi haters (usually the same people) will bring up that Ferrari had Rory Byrne!

Well, Ferrari’s got him now. No excuses next year. Regulations overhaul, everyone starting from the same position. Two world champion drivers. If Alonso and Ferrari don’t win the respective championships then it just enshrines the greatness of Schumacher and Vettel.


With all of the variables in play, one key innovation, one key bent rule interpretation, that gets justified before the toothless, bendable FIA, and a team could have an unfair advantage.

At this stage, with so many variables, and most of them unknown, the odds are pretty flat at the moment.

Mercedes have shown that they are willing to do anything to climb to the top, but that is no guarantee of success.

Ferrari still have a chance of producing competitive machinery, and we, that fans, still have the possibility of seeing this intra-team rivalry meltdown.


I agree, I don’t expect a public falling out between Alonso and Kimi >>> you know the slamming of doors, not talking to teammate stunts >>> None of that.

I expect a civil relationship between the two aces just like what took place between Lewis and Jenson.

The problem will come when Kimi begins to out perform Alonso, which factor will probably lead to depression on Alonso’s part and the return of those dark circles around the eyes.

If Kimi keeps up the pressure, the environment at Ferrari may turn cold (but still civil) exactly like what’s going on at Red Bull/Mclaren and by the end of it all, Alonso may decide enough is enough and walk out especially if the silverware begins rolling in-in drips.

As for Kimi, it’s a shame Lotus couldn’t pay him but this paints a whole new picture on this partnership for all over a sudden, it has become a marriage of convenience and not a marriage based on real love.

And as always, marriages not based on real love, it becomes difficult for real passion to flourish, the type of passion that makes people go that extra mile for the cause.

So yes, it will be interesting to see how the drama all unfolds.


For sure Alonso doesn’t mind Kimi’s arrival but I recall he said he would be twice as happy if Massa got retained.


well! I remember similar comments were said when Fernando moved to Ferrari about Felipe outperforming Fernando. However, it didn’t happen. Kimi is a great driver, but better than Fernando? I don’t think so.


We’ll see bud.

I think Kimi will wipe the floor with Alonso in the 2014 cars.

That’s the part that everyone is missing.

Can’t wait to see your excuse comments early next season.


I think Alonso has proven time and again how quickly he is able to adapt to new machinery.

I don’t see what basis anyone has for claiming Kimi would wipe the floor with Alonso at the best of times, never mind after large regulation changes.


His retainer was low but his salary I believe has a big $$/points which the team was surprised at by last year.


Hmmmm, two races in a roll without points…


I hope Hulkenberg is going to Lotus next year. Does anyone remember the last time the poor man got paid?


While it’d be nice to see The Hulk at a competitive car, this lad probably has the crappiest luck in the field – chucked out of Williams after a promising display, ditched Force India for Sauber which turned out to be a dud move, ditched by Ferrai via an SMS, now trying to go to Lotus who are struggling for cash. Poor guy needs a break!


We may yet see him in a McLaren next year. It’s funny that McLaren have still not confirmed their drivers for next year even though the key moves seem to have been completed. I’m thinking Hulk to replace Perez or an outside chance of Alonso to McLaren and Hulk to Ferrari.


Ah, but the question is he certain that he’s going to get paid at Lotus?


Yea good point!

And Massa has nothing to lose.


If Lotus can’t honour a deal and pay it’s workers then that really is all a matter.


re James’s tweet about Boullier.

Eric B has not been very gracious about Kimi’s departure to Ferrari. He should heap praises on Kimi, but instead he’s finding uncomplimentary things to say. It’s not the mark of a clever man.

May be remote now, but you never know what the future holds, and when Kimi may consider returning. Why burn bridges if you can’t afford to do it?


Maybe I’m missing something, but I haven’t seen anything that negative from Boullier.


Really? When it was first announced Eric B was very gracious, didn’t say an unkind thing.


would be a joke if Massa wins the title next year with lotus. 🙂


Hahaha just because he came close to beating the already overrated Hamilton in 2008 doesn’t mean he will again challenge for the title, in fact I’d bet my house on Massa never challenging for the title again.


@Colombia Concalvez

From Martin Whitmarsh about Alonso (today on AutoSport).

“We are interested (in ALO), but we have to be respectful of what is going on at Ferrari. Let’s see how it pans out.”

“I was asked a question and I answered it,” he said. “Would you like Fernando Alonso in the team? Yes. Would you consider him in the team? Yes.”

“It was, to be honest, fairly acrimonious at the end. A lot of passions were raised. We are in a different circumstance now.

“From my perspective there is no impediment but whether or not there is from Fernando… I would hope not but I would doubt it.”

“We are perfectly cordial when we talk. He wants to win, he wants an environment around him that is based on winning but we will see what happens with his current team.”


Of couse, Colombia, you know F1 way better than Martin…. 😎

Colombia Concalvez

The only overrated who is Alonso, despite his No1 statas he can’t do anything that slow bus driver. Overrated traitor that Alonso is.


I really hope they figure out how to work together most effectively, Ferrari story next year is as intriguing as all the regulation changes of 2014.

Flying out to Singapore tomorrow from Aust to watch the race!!!


Unrelated to this article and your post. For this, I apologize. But, did you read “Murray’s

Memories” on the BBC site recently? It was about John Watson’s win in Detroit from 17th.

Not only was I at the race (and in the paddock), but I placed a bet on Wattie on the morning of the race! Also, that was the time I met Niki! 😀


This is exciting! Unless something monumental happens between Alonso and Ferrari in the next few months, which I don’t rule out, this’ll be the best driver line-up on the grid. I desperately hope they have a car good enough to do justice to their talents, and I’m not traditionally a Ferrari fan.

I’m 50/50 on how well Alonso will cope with the times when Raikkonen beats him. I hope he keeps it together… But I wouldn’t put money on it.


Must be hard to go out and risk your life for people who aren’t paying you….


Sahara Force India Drivers, Caterham Drivers, Marussia Drivers 😀


Many people seem to be putting this point forward. But, while Lotus are obviously out of order for not paying Kimi, wouldn’t you ‘risk your life’ for free if your job was to drive a Formula 1 car?

I know I would, and I certainly wouldn’t be doing it ‘for’ anyone other than myself and my own enjoyment.


That’s because it’s your dream fantasy and not your career that you’ve been doing full time for years. Get out of your own head and try to put yourself in the mindset of a professional driver who’s been racing his entire life.



Nice one!


The simple point I was trying to make (which you and most comments above you seem to have misssed) is that the thought of ‘I can’t risk my life for these people who don’t pay me’ will not have entered Kimi’s head.

Racing drivers simply don’t (judging by what many of them have said) think like that. They put the thought of their lives being at risk completely out of their minds.

Kimi is rightly angry about not being paid, and has every right to go elsewhere, but the fact that he is putting it life at risk for free will be very much for his own enjoyment in driving the car – not for the team.

As others have pointed out, he already has a contract with Ferrari for next year and is very unlikely to win the championship this year – so he could just walk away, but he hasn’t because he loves to race.


I’m seeing a lot of these “Well I would drive an F1 car for free!” comments.

Everything is relative. His job is to drive an F1 car, and yours (presumably) isn’t.

Okay, Senna really wanted to race and win in a good car, so offered to drive for free in ’93 you say. He also did some not so nice things in the pursuit of winning before that.

Yet few can give that credit for the ruthlessness you need to succeed to Sebastian Vettel for taking the Malaysia win.

Many people can teach math. Not many can drive an F1 car well.

Kimi is one of the few people in the world who can not just drive an F1 car but drive it well, and as such he is entitled to large compensation because he offers his service in a market economy.

So what if he’s made millions already?

He is entitled to payment for services rendered just as anyone else.

While he doesn’t sugarcoat things you can see the obvious, he was already crushing Lotus financially to just get his salary. If that’s the case what kind of car are they going to deliver next year?

Lotus is at least financially better off without Kimi. Kimi HELPED Lotus. And Kimi helped himself to compensation and a car his talent deserves.

“But now they won’t have a driver with the skill of Kimi”

Well, we’re in an era of pay drivers for the backmarkers and some of the midfield, so this is nothing new…


Ya! I’ve heard a few drivers would prefer to be on the dole and eat canned fish so they can drive an F1 car. Lol!


The actual point I was making seems to have passed you with the DRS open…….


I think the issue was more that there is no money for salary means no money for development.

Besides, if Alonso is worth 25 mill a year, wouldn’t kimi be as well? He certainly justifies the price.


Also, driving for free is great and admirable if it’s your only way to stay in F1. Then all of this “if I were able to drive an f1 car every day, I’d do it for free” talk has some sense.

To drive for free when there’s another offer on the table to drive but get paid handsomely for it? That would be plain stupid.


But Kimi’s choice wasn’t “Race for free, or don’t race at all”.

It was “Race for free for a team that is struggling for funding, or race for Ferrari and get paid too”.

Not a tough decision!


Sorry – my mistake.


I was referring purely to Kimi’s decision to race on this year unpaid, not to his choice to race with Ferrari next year, which is entirely understandable.


“No one will push me more than I push now.”

Visualize Alonso as the Hulk (or Arnold Schwarzenegger) when he said that. 🙂


Alonso and LdM are cleary still at war. Earlier this week LdM suggested that Ferrari hired Kimi to push Alonso, so now Alonso replies by saying that nobody will push him harder than he already doing right now…


+1. That’s logic, plain and simple. Other prefer convoluted thinking.


LDM hired Kimi for the constructors points where the honey is.


last year LdM told us all, that when alonso doesnt get the WDC soon, he’ll lose his number one status….


Yeah that’s a good point


Apparently then the team feel he is not pushing enough and that he has more to give. If he does not and cannot up his game, then he is done for Ferrari.


I’m afraid that the character who jumped to my mind was Rambo. “Don’t push me!” 😉


Yes the next F1 movie will probably be called Push 🙂


That Black Hole at Enstone seems to be getting a lot bigger each day, if we go by what is been said. Still no news or move forward on new investors in the team either, I noticed. They may have some great talent at Enstone, but for how long, if they aren’t getting paid. These people have expenses to pay, and don’t earn in the same league as Kimi, so it is a lot harder for them.

We still have 7 races to go, and a lot can happen, as usually does in F1, so expect more to come out of Enstone, and possible new owners. If it is Renault, then I would expect Alonso to jump ship and move there. He’s not happy, but good poker face for the public and his current paymasters.


Yet reports say when Alonso was told by Ferrari that they were talking with Kimi, he went straight to RBR to get a seat in Hungary.

Something smells here.


I think Alonso decided if he was going to be paired with a top 4 driver, he would try to turn the tables on SD and LdM and go and get paired with Vettel. At least the car would be a winner.

Horner jumped at this, but Marko said oh no you don’t. I’ve got a young drivers program to worry about So in the end it was accept a fait accompli or retire from F1.

So now we have, “I told them to get Kimi”

This is a good one

Of course, he knows that Vettel is easier to beat than Kimi. Add to this that Alonso would get indisputable number one status from Herr Marko over Vettel and yes, for sure he tried to get the seat. Great theory


Vettel easier to beat than Kimi nothing one wont hear on F1 forums, on the grid right now nobody comes close to 100% at a race weekend like Vettel.

This is a good one

The comment was meant to be ironic. Apparently, I failed big time 🙂


If the “war” between Luca and Alonso is true, I have the idea that Alonso could use the “special” contract clause and leave Ferrari for good. At the end of the day, is true that Alonso has been pushing every car to the limit since his first season at the Scuderia and it must feel horrible to be, year after year runner-up of RBR. AS I said before it’s about winning DWC’s, not simply racing and since RBR seat has been taken, the best move Alonso can make is to move back to Macca. It’s very unlikely that McLaren will produce two doggy cars back-to-back. I personally feel that Whitmarsh liked Alonso above Hamilton in 2007 and if he moves there, there’s the extra motivation of completing his dream to win WC with McLaren. After reading what Raikkonen said about Lotus and the money, they may have not enough resources to put together a competitive car, so IMO McLaren is the right move


Maybe so. And pray what does that mean / imply?

That ALO is comfortable going to a 4x WDC’s den and take VET head-on, but is shy to take on a 1x WDC RAI in a team set-up ALO has been a part of for 4yrs? If this were true, then it is pretty gutsy or illogical… or both.


HaHaHa. +1.


Latin temperament leads to them being both – gutsy and illogical…


It’s a little disappointing that after being paid a vast fortune for most of his career, Kimi still seems motivated more by money than anything else.

Such a shame, as there were so many answers he could have given.

He will, after all, have a trio of designers working together on the 2014 car of Byrne, Allison and Tombazis who were uber successful in the early 2000’s when they were last combined.


Not paying Kimi what they owed him points to a long-term financial issue with the team. If they can’t afford to pay him his salary, they certainly can’t afford to develop a decent F1 car, which is certainly a much more expensive proposition. Kimi, not being stupid, knows this very well.


You are forgetting the other key decision point for Kimi: Lotus was not likely to provide a car in 2014 that could win the championship. So in terms of racing for Lotus for free because he loves it: if Kimi stayed at Lotus in 2014, he might not get paid AND not win. He can do both at Ferrari.

Still sound like something you might do?


The man isn’t a walking charity.


As a big Kimi fan, I too was very surprised by this response. I thought he would say along the lines “the opportunity to compete at the top was the only thing I was considering- sure the money is very nice but…….” but then again that would be too many words for Kimi. But it does sound like money is his first and most important priority. Really didn’t expect that- but at least he is honest- so I don’t care I still love him 🙂


Well no it’s actually 2 things

1. They did not give him an answer on the money for next years car and development

2. They still have not paid his salary.

The fact they did not pay his salary or give him an answer did not leave him with much confidence for next year..- his first priority !

Kimi is a racer first and his first priority was the team having enough money to be competitive. For someone worth upward of 150m I don’t think his salary was the first priority. If you noticed the reporter asked why do you even bother to come to work if your not paid– he said I like to race…. You guys have to read and understand all he says not just snippets..


Unfortunately Kimi is straightforward unlike many of us (or drivers). So whether you like him or not, he does not care. And I don’t see any problem in him leaving Lotus for the sake of money, tell me who wouldn’t? No one would like to work for free including yourself I guess. He is as it is working with a low wage that too with no payment and in a car that sees not many updates like his rivals’. Ferrari is paying him more and offers a competitive car also (at least they work on it all through the year). So the choice is obvious.


With respect Warren, maybe it’s your impression of Raikkonen that needs to change.

As tempting as it is to idolize him (or any other driver) at the end of the day he’s a guy doing a job. You do a job, you get paid. You don’t get paid, you leave.

At least give him credit for being honest about it.

It’s true that there are many answers he could have given, and it would have been so easy for him to give everyone (meaning his fans and the media) some bull**** PC media friendly answer AKA flat out lie, but I don’t think there’s any question that that’s not the kind of guy he is, which is a good thing and kind of rare in F1 now 🙂


Hear, hear !!


Or maybe he thinks about this a bit further than you seem to. If they can’t pay him, how can they pay anyone else, or the partners who supply them with parts? If they can’t pay them, how can they create a competitive car? This is why finances matter.

I believe he was also asked why he keeps driving for Lotus this year, if he’s not been paid, and he replied “Because I love racing, that’s why I’m here.” That’s his motivation, not money. Money is needed to guarantee competitiveness, and when he sees the team doesn’t have any, he seeks a team that does. Simple as that.


There’s absolutely nothing wrong with money being his motivation.


Don’t you just like it when Kimi just says what is required clearly?

No reason to believe anything else. What he says is final and without doubt the truth.


From Finnish F1 website:

Kimi Raikkonen is not the likely option, that he would leave the rest of the season because of payroll problems in Lotus F1 races.

According to the information in the Lotus of the MTV3 Raikkonen in a debt over a dozen million euros.

– Of course, I’m grateful that I got to come with them back to F1. We have been there relatively good for two years. I had a two year contract and then have to make the decisions, Raikkonen says MTV3:lle.

The F1 Paddock is rumored that Raikkonen could leave the payment difficulties of the rest of the season’s races.

– Of course, everything is possible, but, Yes, I am now up to all of the games. I have no interest in leaving. Its because I like the the driving. I believe and hope that the salary payments are handled at some point. If I don’t come here to drive, so it does not matter, at least not a cure for it, Raikkonen commented.


Dude c’mon, you’re adding your own spin to this.

The article says: “Raikkonen confirmed that he left because of the money side and the non-payment of his salary:”

Nothing was said about other people’s salaries or creating a competitive car.


+1, this is exactly what even Mika hakkinen indicated as the reason behind Kimi’s move to Ferrari.


Dont think it matters on how much, or what job

If your boss asked you to work tomo for free what would you say!


On the contrary. Has RAI complained about not getting paid? He’s not a cry-baby, but at the end of the day, no money – no steering


no money – no steering

brilliant quote !


I see your point, but if it was my job to drive a Formula 1 car I would say yes.


How about if you choices were driving F1 car for Lotus for free, or driving F1 car for Ferrari for $10 million/year? 😉 In any case, he is already driving for free, so I guess he’s just like you!


If I loved my job enough and was already a millionaire I would consider working for free if it helped my employer. Raikkonen has said he hasn’t been paid so he is already working for free.

Senna offered Frank Williams that he would drive for him for free in 1993 but Prost blocked it. I reckon when these drivers have been in F1 for a while and made a lot of money, their key priority is getting a car that they can win races in. Would Vettel, Alo, Ham or Rai race for Caterham for £50 million?


If they can’t pay salary, how they they can invest in developing car? Or can they afford just because of that?


Well Raikkonen has said he’s driving rest of the year for no cash because he loves driving and helping the team, he doesn’t have to race for free if he didn’t want to, he’s already got the ferrari contract…


Why do you think Kimi’s employer isn’t giving cars and engineering tips out for free to say, Caterham; while pocketing Microsoft sponsorship money? Surely, Lotus must love F1 enough. No?


never. you race to win, not for the pleasure to win. real champions need to be at the front or work their way to the top. If you accept to drive for a backmarker for 50M then you don’t have a champion mentality, you just think you enjoy racing


Would be nice if the Raikonnen Alonso partnership works out fine next year.

Would be more confirmation of how Ron Dennis completely and utterly mismanaged his team in 2007. Cost him 2 titles and $100 million to boot.


Do you really think Domenicali will handle this better than Ron Dennis???


I don’t see this as a case of Ferrari trying to handle two top level drivers. This is a case of them putting their foot firmly down with one driver. He can either step in line or step through the door which surely must already be open a crack.


Alonso is one of the reasons McLaren got the $100m fine, he was using the data that he knew was stolen.

Alonso’s childish rant and behaviour as he was beaten by lewis caused the breakdown more than Ron’s mismanagement too.


Booh to you, not to Lewis.


Get the facts right, man. So then, Lewis wasn’t using the stolen data? Only difference Lewis did not opened his e-mails to the committee, he felt himself protected by McLaren. Booh!


fact from Hamilton’s biography – in an argument Alonso said directly to Ron, if you don’t slow lewis down in some way I will take the stolen data I have on my laptop to the FIA. Ron was stunned he had the data let alone he was being blackmailed. he phoned Max Mosely and told him what happened. When Alonso had cooled down he sent his manager to Ron to apologise for his outburst.


Indeed!!! +1



Alonso cost himself that by his attitude to being flogged by a rookie. An attitude they are familiar with at Enstone are are seeing at Maranello now.

Credit to Ferrari though, Domenicali and Montezemolo are whipping him if the boy steps out of line. First time in ny life i have seen a subservient samurai. 😉


personally i doubt you’ve ever seen a samurai. maybe an understanding of what a samurai is, and the nature of their subservience would help before making [mod] comments like that.


Personality and ego clashes do not make anyone right or wrong….


Wow, surprised that Lotus is still owing Kimi’s salary. I happen last year & again this year.

I am sure even journalists will leave if their bosses don’t pay their monthly salaries year after year…


Handled well at this very early stage. Think the problems would most likely spark should Ferrari field another poor car next year. Think Alonso is spurred on by his desire to emulate his hero Senna and get a third world title, while Raikkonen just wants to race and be paid. If Ferrari release another poor car, we know RAI is going to do little in terms or graft to try and fix the car, this will only spur ALO’s frustrations.


“If Ferrari release another poor car, we know RAI is going to do little in terms or graft to try and fix the car”.

We KNOW Raikkonen will do nothing to fix the car? Where do you get your information? The “2009 Formula One Handbook Of Well-Worn Cliches”?

Did it ever occur to you that it is no coincidence that Raikkonen came fast on the heels of James Allison’s appearance at Ferrari, and that Allison himself may have had some influence within the team in getting Kimi there to help develop the car to where it needs to be? Or how about the other high level engineers such as DeBeers who also went to Ferrari once Kimi signed? Just another coincidence?

Or how about this?: perhaps those really talented, knowledgeable guys know WAY more about how well Kimi helps with developing a car than the average keyboard jock who is still parroting the 2009 Ferrari propaganda?


Raikkonen: “we are old enough to know what we are doing..”


Yes the famous quote once more. This time it’s James and his colleagues at the receiving end. You guys (the media) leave us alone, we know what are doing.


Talk is cheap. I’ve seen 50 and 60 year olds who are so mature they lose their minds like little babies.

Let’s race. We’ll see how Alonso reacts once Kimi puts it 3-5 places ahead in Quali 5 GPs in a row.


30-50 is prime age of maturity, after that you get back to childhood. No reference to Benjamin Button. 😉


I think Fernando wins the best quote competition this time with “no one will push me more than I push now.”


without a doubt thats true .


Agree that’s true based on his performances for Ferrari in recent years.

Only in Monaco ’13 did he look out of sorts though that wasn’t really a race, more of a Rosberg, Vettel tyre-train.

If anything Kimi could show Alonso how to take his foot off the gas, vodkas on the boat, ice-creams in the garage etc… 😉


And how can Fernando know its true without having a champion beside him before… so no there is doubt…


People, in general, should avoid using the word ‘we’, and especially in this situation, ‘we’ is troublesome.


Yes, leave them alone!!! They know what they are doing!!!



In Kimi’s world that is true. In Alonso’s world, I doubt.


Another great quote!


WOW you hear these rumors of drivers not being paid and you think how is that possible. forces india comes to mind as well. and raikkonen’s retainer was only 3 or 4 million.


+ , although James has already said his pay was much more than that.

But what is puzzling is how these owners of Lotus can lose their star driver who was in many ways the salvation of Lotus, and also lose their top engineers !

What kind of businessmen are they. They call themselves “Genie”, or are they “geni” in the way that Alonso uses the term?

Mama mia ragazzi.


Wonder if Rom Gro has been paid as well.

Maybe his performance clauses are different, instead of points finishes it may be how many front wings he doesn’t smash up this year. 😉

Unless he is paid by Total…which leads to the question does the he bring the Total money and does the Total deal mean he has to keep his seat. Anyone know.


Yeah you gotta wonder how much money Raikkonen has made for Lotus in WCC points and marketability clout over the past two years vs how much they have had to shell out for him. My guess is they got a huge bang for their buck (which they haven’t paid in full). But then, few businesses get by on money they actually have; they are always betting on how much they think they will have when the banker comes calling.


yeah, ridiculous that KR’s driving so profits Lotus and they aren’t even paying him. Hope his contract allows for a lawsuit later. All makes Lopez and Eric’s words of late hollow, to put it politely.


It doesnt look convincing from fernando part.


I don’t see Alonso at Ferrari in 2014. Montezemolo looks like he has deliberately set out to pick his tail feathers (dagger between teeth and all).

I fear the plot might be too frustrate Alonso out of the team and save a million or two in broken contract money.


Hiring Raikkonen from a team who wasn’t able to afford his considerable salary sounds like an expensive way of saving a couple million. Particularly when the alternative hire was Hulkenberg.


Quality over quantity.


I very much like Fernando’s comment as to how no one will push him harder than he pushes himself.

This, to me, sounds real and I believe it. No one would have pushed Schumacher, Hunt, Senna, Stewart, or Hakkinen more than themselves.


Really, you got this from a couple article quotes?


Initially the partnership will help both of their chances of winning the title. If my cynical presumption is correct that Vettel will be at the front again next year, both Alo and Rai are drivers that will be able to (hopefully) beat Vettel here and there where Massa was unable to, thus allowing them to score better against Vettel.

However, there is also the risk that they will take points off each other (e.g. Rai wins race, Alo 2nd where if Massa had been leading he would have allowed Alo through) thus leading to the 2007 situation where Alo and Ham both lost out to Rai by 1 point.


You are reading your feelings into it. That’s all.


True, a politician can never be convincing 🙂

One can really feel the anger and the frustration bubbling under the surface.

But he had to keep a straight face for the team’s sake


C’MON GUYS…. Are you joking? You talk about Alonso as if you knew him personally.

It doesn’t matter how much you guys dislike Alonso. Drivers say he’s the best out there.

He is a great driver, fast and consistent.

Kimi is also a great driver. Both of them have won races will slow cars.

2014 is going to be great. Time will tell


Here’s an interesting head to head comparison from 2007 onwards

between 4 of the 5 best drivers currently in F1. I’ve omitted Raikkonnen due to his 2 year absence.

Podiums Poles Wins

Hamilton 54 31 22

Alonso 56 7 17

Vettel 55 40 32

Webber 37 11 9

Button 34 5 14


The same goes for Raikkonen as well. I don’t think anyone here knows him in person either.


Wow. You can feel the anger in just a couple of lines from an article.

You must be a great psychologist.


+1. I am constantly amazed at the mind readers we have on this forum. I propose that those with this god given gift go on and do greater good for mindkind. I mean why waste this gift on an F1 forum when there are grave issues worldwide to be resolved.


Alonso will be a lot more circumspect with Kimi than he was with Lewis who he — at the time — thought was an upstart who should have known his place as a rookie. With Massa, Alonso knew he was boss — the team told him so.

ALO, like RAI, HAM and all the top drivers is hard and fair, and from now on will treat Kimi like he’s just another of his opponents, albeit driving for the same team. I don’t expect any problems next year — though it’ll make for fun if there are 😉

As for who will be faster, ALO or RAI; I think ALO will come out on top — but RAI will be very, very close.


Well put. However I don’t think it will be that close.


You may be right about it not being entirely convincing. But, on the other hand, it is great publicity for both team and drivers. And this is what really worries me.

Lewis has sacrificed his WDC chances over the last few years in return for publicity, good or otherwise. Think the showdown with his Dad, the fallout with McLaren, Nicole, the dog, the move to Mercedes, his admiration for Lauda and so on.

Now it seems everyone else is beating him on this front too. I don’t like!


How did lewis sacrifice his WDC chances in any way, for publicity or otherwise? He was with the team he thought gave him the best opportunity.

As soon as he felt that situation change, he swapped to a new team he thought would give him the best opportunity in the future.

How has his motivation been anything other than pushing for the WDC?


I don’t see what Lewis has got to do with the Ferrari situation, or how the publicity theory is real. Ferrari has made a very cold choice with their driver pairing that has everything to do with both winning and daggers, publicity is the last thing on their minds.


The assumption that you share with many of the other pundits, here, that Alonso shall stay at Ferrari, is weakening by the day.

Now that Whitmarsh is on the record saying to BBC Sport(according PF1), if he wanted Alonso: “Yes – any team would. He’s the best driver.”


If there is desire on both sides, the chance of Alonso staying at Ferrari and going head-to-head against Kimi Raikkonen, in the same equipment, is next to nil.

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