Want know how the new 2014 Turbo engines will sound? Mercedes has the answer
Posted By: James Allen  |  02 Aug 2013   |  11:25 am GMT  |  273 comments

Mercedes has just released a You Tube video which will give fans an idea of what the new generation 2014 small capacity hybrid turbo engines will sound.

The recording was done with one of the development units at Mercedes’ High Performance Engines division at Brixworth, near Silverstone.

The new powertrains are due to be introduced next season and some concern has been expressed by fans as well as by stakeholders like Bernie Ecclestone about the sound.

Mercedes has been the most proactive engine builder so far in releasing details and content about the 2012 engines. They hosted a media event at the start of the season and now this. Renault Sport launched its 2014 engine last month, while Ferrari has yet to communicate much about its 2014 product.

Let us know what you think of sound of the new Merc in the comments section below.

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Did anyone else notice the turbine is on backwards from the compressor….


Oh hell yeah. Sound doesn’t matter?

Try watching a Top Fuel or Funny Car drag race with no sound and tell me that the sound doesn’t matter. Or any form of racing, for that matter.



No insults please – Mod.


a while back when discussing the likely sound of the new engines i was suggested that i listen to the sounds of sebastian loebs pikes peak peugeot for a similar comparison.

i have since done that and it sounds fine. of course the engine specs are different but quite a few professional acoustic engineers seem to discount that in a general summary. for those interested, the pikes peak car is a 3.2litre V6 with twin turbos. the engine develops a massive 875 hp and the car weighs just 875kg…a P to W ration of 1-1.


For me, the sound of Formula 1 was probably its best around ´86. The massive amount of raw power they had, along with a lower RPM gave them just the kind of pitch, and the simpler mechanics back made them sound cruder, rougher and more angry!

They seemed to mic up the circuits differently back then too. You could hear the crowd, the tannoy and the atmosphere seemed so much closer. Even Mansell on a warm-up qualifying lap sounded better than cars do today.

The true sound of F1:- Murray Walker, James Hunt and 26 3-bar boost turbo cars roaring round a circuit! Music… and rarely bettered since.




I must say that I miss the V10 engines. Ear plugs were necessary especially with the shrill Honda V10. I did attend one race in the turbo era, the 1984 Canadian Grand Prix when the turbo cars were using 1.5 litre engines, some 4 cylinder (BMW and Hart) and others V6 (Ferrari, Renault, Honda, TAG-Porsche) and do not recall the noise being lame then. In fact it was a good race.


I am left questioning the metaphorical honesty of many of the complainers.

Lawn Mower – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UL5cxpvunkw

Opel Mantas – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hjp_IApYZXE

Leaf Blower – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jEa4T2uLTIk

Skip Barber Racing School – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aj0iJwEBlH8

Blender – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mEwDhrPCq3Q

Buzzing Bees – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xzq9oeU2tcI

Wasp in a Jam-Jar – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7B2sKeqlPwQ


Solely for finding ‘Wasp in a Jam-Jar’ Darren W you are the man lol 🙂


I don’t understand what people are complaining about!?! Do we want to go back to the dark days of F1 between 2002-2006 (nothing against Schumi) where Formula 1 had V10 engines and refuelling and where the engines sounded MUCH better but had virtually zero action on the track? Where Bridgestone almost exclusively focused their tyre development based on the Ferrari car design and left their rivals trailing in their wake? F1 is infinitely better than what it was 10 years ago….. I can’t see how some people are so ungrateful. There is debate to be had about whether the DRS gimmick should be banned, and whether refuelling should be re-introduced- but I certainly have nothing against the engine types that will be introduced for next season- lets wait and see. If you want to see ultimate performance- watch dragster racing


Actually, 2003 (until Michelin got shafted) and 2005-6 weren’t bad seasons. V8 engines were introduced in 2006 except for STR which used detuned V10 Cosworths.


Ohh. A Wasp-in-a-jamjar.


Not going to make any comments until I hear it on the track but for those of you who have not heard a V10 at 20,000 rpm: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RqaJKTRs-Kg


Being Corse Clienti cars, I doubt those would have been doing more than 18,000 rpm. 20,000 really started being talked about for 2006 with the first of the V8s. A significant change has come with the exhausts now featuring helmholtz resonators to beef up the torque curve lower down in the rev range.

The V10s don’t sound quite as clean as the V8s as the firing order isn’t even as they ran a wider v angle – often 90 degrees – than the evenly spaced 72 degree design. Not as big a deal with that many cylinders in terms of smoothness and it helps the centre of gravity be lower. The V6 next year is also 90 degrees rather than 60 degrees for the same reason.


Now that’s what I call A Formula One engine sound.. So sweet!


Not sure if anyone asked this year but James does this sound like the demo you and other jurnos heard when you went to the factory a while back , or much better in real life?


Similar but I think they’ve done something to it to mask the acoustics so rivals can’t work out too much data like horsepower etc from acoustic analysis

Ie I think it will spun clearer and more harmonious in real life


I don’t give a monkeys about the sound, it’s the racing I’m interested in. I want to see the best drivers in the world battling it out in fast and difficult to drive cars, I don’t care if they have no sound at all – the noise of the tyres squealing and the crowd cheering would be enough for me.


From the “on-board perspective” anyway, it still sounds like a lawnmower engine…


F1 is all about the cleverest, most innovative design used by the most skilled and talented people.

So it is strange so many on here want to go back to a bygone age. For noise?

The engine noise isn’t F1.

But then I bet there were people moaning about the change from …… well a good survey of the changes is here http://www.atlasf1.com/evolution/1950s.html


Sounds rather gutless, slow acceleration in higher gears… rather unlike the 80s turbos which had lag in about 3rd gear, and then took off like rockets – now those things required world class drivers to control!


It’s only a simulated sound produced from the dyno, so matter how good or bad it might sound in the video it’s going to sound different when the cars are on track in the real world.

Frankly, I’m more interested in this new invisible Merc.

Obviously they still need to develop the technology a bit further in order be able to cloak the tyres as well as the car (unless of course that’s deliberate in order to keep an eye on tyre wear), but still it will great to see the look on Vettel’s face when he thinks he’s just won the race only to find out he actually came 3rd 😉


i am still confused re the actual sounds that we are likely to hear. according to data produced some time back it was mooted that despite the rev limits being set at 16000 the majority of the races will be run at maximums well below this figure.by memory the average maximum was between 11000/13000 rpm.

this was, i believe, mainly due to the maximum torque/fuel metering equation. if this is so then i have no idea what the sound will be like. maybe we have someone who will be able to throw more light on this as it means a great deal when considering the ‘wow’.


Yup, definately a leaf blower.

The Formula E motor sound is more exciting and frankly may well appeal to the next techo savy generation more than messy, dirty IC engines.

And for all those purists out there that say that the sound doesnt matter I will wager my left man bit that they have heard and hold dear the sound of the Supercharged BRM V16 F1 engine.


I honestly feared that they would sound much worse than that, so I’m pleasantly surprised.

And engines aside for one minute, the cars have looked so, so ugly under the current regulations.

All things considered, I’d rather have aesthetically pleasing cars and V6 turbo engines than V8/10/12 engines and ugly cars…


I don’t think teams will be able to play national anthems with engines anymore.. sounds terrible!

Hopefully the racing will be so amazing that we’ll forget about the noise.


Sounds good to me. 2014 is going to be a riot.

Engines have angry bee sound on acceleration [good]. ERS sounds like doves gliding in deceleration with the occasional pop [personal like – esp. in unison]. The tyres are finally cleared for take-off and F1 is going to be more strategic! More banter, more analysis, more argument, more counter argument – can’t wait.



Something related to Mercedes, but a bit off-beat from the article, that I would like for you to comment on.

As you and others have reported, Mercedes seems to have a leg up on the 2014 engines, and they also seem to be one of the teams that have gotten ahead on the 2014 car. Let’s say that, in two years’ time, they have grabbed the new regulations by the throat and are the top team…

Is it so crazy to think that the team we may need to be looking out for to grab Vettel is actually Mercedes? Surely, they have had the idea in their heads. They seem clearly keen to have not just a German driver in the lineup, but the biggest German name in F1 (which they’ve already gone for once). It would certainly be a way to gain more clout and political power in Stuttgart, where some of the board members haven’t been the most enthusiastic about F1. I don’t see Hamilton having a problem with it; he already tried to team up with Vettel once at Red Bull, and he seems to be very confident that he can run with and beat anyone. Frankly, I don’t see Vettel being so attracted to Ferrari if they don’t have the best car at that time, which seems to be his top priority. Frankly, a Hamilton-Vettel pairing would be simply scary. With F1 as competitive as it is these days, we are bound to see another super pairing sooner or later.


I don’t see it -Vettel has an RBR contract to end of 2015


That’s only 2years into the new formula, surely it would be at this point you could really sort the wheat from the chaff and should Merc have won 2014 and on target for WCC in 2015 would it really be impossible to see Seb drive for them in 2016?


With all this are the GP2 engines to become 4 cylinders? – would be something of a joke to have a junior series with bigger engines


If people criticising the 2014 F1 engine are being honest, then Formula E is dead already.


Not if FE has a different audience


I would have preferred to just hear the engine on the test bed, rather than an obviously computer generated facsimile using the original engine sound.

Still, indications are that it will sound ok. But I don’t care what it sounds like anyway as I only watch on TV.

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