Want know how the new 2014 Turbo engines will sound? Mercedes has the answer
Posted By: James Allen  |  02 Aug 2013   |  11:25 am GMT  |  273 comments

Mercedes has just released a You Tube video which will give fans an idea of what the new generation 2014 small capacity hybrid turbo engines will sound.

The recording was done with one of the development units at Mercedes’ High Performance Engines division at Brixworth, near Silverstone.

The new powertrains are due to be introduced next season and some concern has been expressed by fans as well as by stakeholders like Bernie Ecclestone about the sound.

Mercedes has been the most proactive engine builder so far in releasing details and content about the 2012 engines. They hosted a media event at the start of the season and now this. Renault Sport launched its 2014 engine last month, while Ferrari has yet to communicate much about its 2014 product.

Let us know what you think of sound of the new Merc in the comments section below.

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Sound aside, is it just me or does the Mercedes engine look a little top heavy compared to the Renault one?


What you can see is probably just an airbox, but may be a bit of clever disguise to keep the opposition guessing.


Not quite the growl we know and changing down quieter but I am sure they will sound good when your at one of the tracks. Its not just the sound, its the whole atmosphere and smell of being at a GP that makes it thrilling.


Yes the whole I think is more raspy higher frequency sound, but it's the performance that matters.


Sounds fine to me. I don't get the obsession with engine sound anyway. The noise has changed hugely over the years. There is no 'F1 sound'. Noise is just lost energy (ie inefficiency).


Agreed. When I was a kid, F1 engines red lined at less than 10 000 revs, so sounded nothing like modern engines. Much like the old line about how the cars look, if it is good, it will sound good.

Gary Billington

Anyone concerned about what noise these engines will make is an idiot.

The actual racing action is what matters, not the sound made by it.


I have to disagree with you there. I still remember the first time I ever saw F1 cars at an F1 practice day Silverstone, and the abiding memory is still the sound. I had seen all sorts of motorsport (touring cars, F3, GT racing) before that day, but what set the F1 cars apart was the noise. The sheer volume and scream of an F1 engine is like nothing else in motorsport.


If you want to convert someone to F1, take them to a live race. They will be converted before the race start...and as soon as the first car leave the pit and the RPM reaches its highs. When the race starts, and they hear the roar of 22 engines 'singing' they all go to heaven...to watch racing...again. A good reward for being 'idiots'.


I didn't think it would matter either.

Then someone posted links to an electric car doing the the N-ring and it was shocking. It was bad really bad. The sound is vital.


Sound does matter, kimi going round copse 2004 v10s was awesome never forget it. When you are there at the track it makes the whole show so much more impressive.

Daniel Cresswell

I sorta agree except F1 is about the fans as well, and I guess a large proportion of them all really enjoy the unique sound the engineering of F1 offers... as the previous person said, "Noise is just lost energy (ie inefficiency)". I've been a huge fan of F1 even before it was offered on TV in my country. I still enjoy that 'shrill' and to think there was a chance of that disappearing because of, not a reduction in in engine displacement but more because of the drop in no. of cylinders and rpm, was a concern for me. To hear Mercedes sound clip was a relief to my ears 🙂 Now here's hoping for some more wasted energy and we get flames to boot!!!


Oh look, someone who has never heard a proper F1 engine live on track. If you did, you know the first thing that hits you is the sound these engines make and it still sounds special after hearing it a 1000 times.

These new engines sound like cheap broken down Opel Mantas and I am already bored of them, nothing special about them.


Have you heard the new F1 engines live on track yet? Maybe wait till you do for the judgement

Gary Billington

See above. I go to the British GP every year.

The sound of racing doesn't matter, the racing itself is through important thing.


May not matter to you. It does matter to a lot of other people. Just read the posts here.


Have you ever listened to it live at the track?


I have, once in 2001 when i was left in awe at the incredible perception of power those cars had back then, and then again last year when i was i little underwhelmed by the lack of thunderous gear changes.

Have you ever been to a world rally event and watched a WRC car, followed by a group N car, followed by a MK2 ford escort. Listed to all 3 in succession and tell me sound is irrelevant.


Mr. Colonel, your comment regarding the WRC-Gr.N sound Vs. the Mk2 sound is absolutely spot-on.

I remember the good ol' days of the Escorts, Stratos, 911s, 037s and Quattros... the quality of the sound makes the whole experience terrific.

Modern F1s sound still right but then if you compares with the DFVs and the V12s Matra and Ferrari days...

Hope to see soon live the V6Ts sound and like it. After all, it is 80s F1 sound all over again.

Gary Billington

No, I've never been to a rally event - I prefer circuit racing.

However, I have been to many different circuit racing events and seen all sort of different types of cars racing.

I enjoy the races no matter what noise they make. I watch races because I enjoy the racing.

If I want to go somewhere for the sound, I go to a concert.


[Anyone concerned about what noise these engines will make is an idiot..]

C'mon, unless you've not been to a live race. The live sound is quite different from the television broadcast even when they use large hi-fidelity microphones. IT DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

Did you not know a Mr.E has strongly suggested using a noise booster?

Gary Billington

See my other posts. I have been to many live races & still don't care what noise the engines make.

Gary Billington

Yes. I go to the British GP every year.

I also go to a few smaller racing events each year at my local track (Castle Coombe) and can honestly say that the noise there has no less effect on me than the noise of the F1 at Silverstone.

I'm a fan of racing. I enjoy the actual racing.

If I wanted to go somewhere for the noise, it would be to see a live band in concert.


Anyone concerned about what noise these engines will make is an idiot..

Bernie is reported as being very concerned about the noise the engines will make. Now Bernie may be many things but, I am fairly confident, idiot is not one of them 😉


You're quite right. Bernie's not an idiot. He's a former used car salesman. 'nuff said!

Now when the prats on Top Gear carry on about the excess noise made by what are supposed to be the street legal cars they're driving, they're idiots. But then they're idiots most of the rest of the time too.


He's concerned because he knows a lot of fans will be concerned.


To Tim Above, Absolutely, I remember taking my brother to the qualy at Silverstone years ago when Alesi was still going, we were a bit late getting there and the c ars were leaving the pits on the far side. The Ferrari V12 was screaming, I looked at my brother and he had an uncontrollable grin on his face and we hadn't even seen a car yet!

Gary Billington

OK, so idiot may have been a bit harsh, but it really isn't a big issue. (IMO of course).


I don't know, for me the noise is something I look forward too when I go to the GP. In particular I like the start of qualifying, stood on the opposite side of the circuit, to the pits, and you can hear the cars approaching - it makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.


People that say the sound doesn't matter are idiots. Quiet racing would be boring no matter how much overtaking (touring cars are dreary as ditchwater on the long circuits as there is no noise when they are on the other side. Formula "E" ZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzz.......


If you have watched F1 race live, you would understand that F1 car's sound is unique and one of the reasons it stands out. Though the sound is kind of masked when watching on TV. However we should not jump into yet.


I have attended F1 races in person and found that live sound was so different and so much more fearsome from what we heard from TV broadcast. There is just no comparison.

So what we can compare here with the recorded sound of the Mercedes supercharged engine is with the current engine sound from TV broadcast. I think both of them are impressive enough.




The current engines are so loud that people have to mask the sound with earbuds anyway.. with a little bit of luck people will be able to enjoy the new ones without mufflers in the ears and get the real clean sound.

Gary Billington

I go to the British GP every year.

I enjoy the racing. I also enjoy watching car race that make different noises. The racing is what I am a fan of, I don't care what noise it makes.

Gary Billington

I enjoy watching touring cars.


They're good on telly were the boring bits are cut out


It sounds awful. Very anaemic. Renault and Mercedes are ruining F1 by insisting the technology is relevant to road cars. Utter nonsense. F1 is meant to be the purest form of motor racing and nothing else. The cars as they stand are not particularly pleasing to the eye and haven't been since the introduction of the current wing type in 2009. They're also very slow to look at on TV with the heavy fuel loads and V8's in comparison to the v10 days with refueling. I've been becoming more and more disillusioned with F1 and

I'm not sure I'll be watching next years even slower, heavier cars with what sounds like a leaf blower driving them.

F1 has shot itself in the foot and turned itself into GP2.

Daniel Cresswell

If F1 can't relate to modern road cars eventually, the FIA have F%#$ed up... Come on, this is the pinnacle of motoring! To me , I look at this modern formula of V6 turbo and think; 'excellent, this should bring some relevant tech to my Opel, BMW or whatever it is in, in the next few years. We might all own cars that achieve 200hp per ton yet still achieve 50+MPG for regular family car prices. I would credit this in a major part to F1's competitive nature. Anyone who thinks otherwise is an idiot. The only change I'd make is: get rid of budget constraints and limit only the amount of fuel (and probably should add tyres and engines/gearboxes) they get to use for the weekend. Watch the tech get tricky then!!


[It sounds awful. Very anaemic. Renault and Mercedes are ruining F1 by insisting the technology is relevant to road cars. Utter nonsense.]


They've been saying this for years. And normal road drivers are dangerous people already, especially those with sports car thinking they are racers and caused serious accidents and deaths every year. In fact they should slow down the road cars.


While I find myself enjoying most of the races this year, since Germany and for the rest of the season I just don't know how seriously I can take it. Mercedes set to become a title contender just because the tyres were changed drastically halfway through the year, and ferrari the opposite. Just seems a bit fake now for the rest of the season.

As for the engines they better sound a lot better than they do from that clip. Formula Prius lol


Its actually Ferrari that were adamant that the new engine had to be "road relevant"


Hmm... But their " road engines " are not equiped with a turbo ?


They probably will be in the not so distant future. Ferrari has always been one to champion the road car and F1 link to the utmost. McAllen seem to be following a very similar business model with, as a small example, the 'DRS' button on the P1's steering wheel.


Indeed, all this "commercially viable" "road relevant" nonsense is down to F1 becoming too Big for its own good. The engines are supposed to be likely to blow up at any moment like in the turbo days, the cars are meant to be on the edge of what is scientifically and engineering err ..ly possible. What the engine manufacturers are supposed to get out of their involvement with F1 is their name on a car hurtling across the finish line in 1st place, not road relevant technologies to dumb down and charge consumers for as their next useless button on the dashboard. Lets see some stupidly overpowered scary as hell machines that need the best drivers in the world to handle them. The Rules are destroying F1, the only rule should be: NO MORE RULES.

Daniel Cresswell

I like where you sort of went in that comment - trouble is to finish first, these days, they have to finish (or be Finnish?)



Get Well Soon Murray

Victims of their own success?


Me too, every word, but I'm further on. I've cancelled my Sky F1 access and didn't even watch the last race. First time I've deliberately done so in 15 years. This current seasons frequent 3 and now 4 week breaks have actually acted like a weaning process.

I'm only here out of habit. Silly really.

Time to move on.


Lol this is hilarious because I feel the same way! I used to wake up early here in Canada to watch the races, now I just record them but end up having to delete them before I watch them to free up space on my PVR. Gonna have to delete Hungary soon and haven't watched a single minute.


Actually and surprisingly, worth watching! (Even knowing the result)


Unfortunately the last race was actually a good one!

I understand where you're coming from though. I've watched every race for the last 20 years, but I've lost interest this year. It wouldn't take much for me to stop watching altogether now. "Overtakes" due to fall apart tyres. "Overtakes" due to DRS. Media controlled prima donna drivers... F1 has lost its racing legitimacy and the heroic personalities that made it exciting.


So its not just me who's drifting away from F1!

Seems to be getting more common that the true die-hard "core" fans are being left dissatisfied with the modern F1


Same here, cancelled sky sports package a month ago, watched the highlights of last race on the monday evening on iplayer and skipped half of it. First time i totally havent cared about a race in at least 20 years. Should be renamed the Politics Show.


Echoing James' and Daniel's sentiment, you missed a fantastic race and if you are so disinterested why are you on an F1 site and participating in the comments section?

I really miss the Sky F1 coverage, it's one of the things I miss most since I emigrated from the UK.

Daniel Cresswell

I couldn't agree enough James! - who would bother replying if your not interested?!


Even I watched the race here in crete while on hols.. Half in English on sky, and half on local Greek satellite station...don't ask...

Best overtake of the race..grosjean!


Yes, a shame. I've enjoyed every race since I first started watching in 94 and it's as good as it's always been, if not better than the Schumacher era. Politics have always been in F1 - I believe a film about 1976 which features it rather heavily is out next month.


Shame because you missed a great race


I don't think this sound recording is much of a guide to what the engine will sound like in reality for the spectator or viewer. This development engine is on a dyno in a small room and is 'close-miked'. In the real world the sound of a F1 car is heard from a distance and is a combination of the engine noise and the reflections off buildings and structures round the track. It's those echoes and harmonics that add up to the real and emotive noise that we hear.


Well said Quercus! Also on that video, i think the sound, sounds like its compressed due to YouTube..

Very tinny sounding...I think our ford fiesta 1.4 tdci sounds better..lol


I read an artical produced by Pirelli as part of their argument on changing the rear tyre dimensions to bigger ones and they say thecars have more torque and therefore better acceleration out of corners also they expect the engines to be closer to 850bhp rather than the originally expected 750bhp so they expect top speed to the same or slightly greater than current regs also the data the teams have provided them is showing cornering speeds will be almost the same as now too as the expected loss of downforce with new areo regs where meant to give have been greatly impoved by those cleaver areo engineers.

All I'm trying to say is don't write F1 off for next year too quickly, I was having the same thorts as you until I came across the info above.


Regrettably, you lost me at "thorts".


My bad lol, lazy spelling I thought no-one would notice.......


And yet it's strangely endearing 🙂


It sounds a lot better than I was expecting after all the negative comments I've read. In fact, I think it sounds much more interesting than the current engines 🙂


Would sound so much better with a manual shift


I wouldn't be surprised if it was still an automated manual gearbox, similar to F1 now. A large part of what you are hearing will be the change in air pressure through the inlet and exhaust depending on the throttles being open or closed.

If you listen to Indy cars, which are turbo V8s, the engine notes have large changes on shifts even though the Xtrac gearbox is fast shifting by all but F1 standards.


Indycars have been using turbo V6 engines since 2012.


If the series was easier to what in Australia I probably would have got that right. The turbo bit is more relevant to the sound query.

Listening to it again, the changes are too quick for a manual anyway. By the number of shifts I reckon the Mercedes gearbox have eight gears as well.


bit off topic, but you know your an F1 geek when after the first two corners your brain mutters 'I'm sure this is Monzo.....'


Ah Monzo, my favourite track 😉

Seriously, I'd be surprised if there were too many fans that didn't recognise it.

However, recognising a venue like India for example after two corners? Definite F1 geek 🙂


noticed it was monza in the first second... 😉


It took you TWO corners?! 😛


Yep! Although the car didn't even have to get to the first corner, I knew right away


Haha. I had exactly the same thought; 'is is Melbourne? No it's monza".


I don't like it. Sounds tinny and too much like a playstation as opposed to the quickest most spectacular racing cars in the world. Bring back the Ferrari V12s!


So we've now heard the Renault and Mercedes, I'd guess unloaded, if releasing these audio samples was meant to calm fears... surely they've done just the opposite. It doesn't matter how loud I listen to these they sound unexciting and flat due to the turbo.

I used to be very passionate about F1, now I just don't care. The UK Sky deal was the 1st nail in the coffin for me.

The Spanish Inquisitor

...... while Ferrari has yet to communicate much about its 2014 product.

I think that this is the principal question in Alonso's Summer Storm.


Definately a much bigger change than when they went from V10s to V8s. I know it's only a dyno simulation, however I can't say I like it. Not goin to lose sleep over it though!


Sounds to me like a codemasters F1 game on a PC would sound. It sounds generated, and not particularly well.

It's how I imagine an 280 bhp Skip Barber trainer car

would sound - a race engine but relatively tame.


Everything was better back in the day...


..even the future!


Yep, I remember when people used to ride a horse everywhere 😉

Get Well Soon Murray

And you could watch every race live without having to line Merdoch's pockets..

Bjornar Simonsen

Not very impressive, but we'll get used to it. Wasn't _bad_ either.


The heart wrenching sound of the F1 engines is obviously a big part of the experience when attending an F1 event. I really hope the reduction to six cylinders isn’t a mistake that will affect the experience for the fans! I’m really not impressed by the simulation sound, it sounds like my Honda fit… lol…


Very uninspiring...I don't mind the V8's but really miss the V10's...these would probably sound ok at 20,000rpm but with such 'low' revs are a bit boring


A couple of typos there James?

interesting sound! Definitely no exhaust blowing their then! Not that much different on acceleration but much quieter on overrun and down shifting. It just shows how much of the noise is down to the volume of gases flowing.

Is it me or is that quite different to the Renault sound? Not sure they released a simulated lap though.


Lets hope it not true, I had a hedge trimmer that sounded better than this


Doesn't sound like a formula 1 car. It's too flat and low pitched on all gears. Sounds like a boat. I'm worried. I would like to hear how the engine sounds outside of the car, though. There's nothing quite like a F1 car coming screaming towards you and screaming away as it goes past - gives the Doppler effect phenomenon justice. They should attach a software plug-in on the engine exhaust to amplify and pitch-up the sound. Or, put Bernie's portrait on the engine exhaust, so that fans can understand why the engine has suddenly become senile and suffering from diarrhea in 2014.

Frederick Hecht

Alas, the dawn of the electro-wheezers! Mosquito-esque and a far cry from the fire-breathing V10s of the not too distant past.


Lets also not forget the engine will sound different (prob better) from a spectator's point of view.


True. Recording doesn't capture nicely the ferocious explosive pulses during braking. Have to listen to it onsite.


I am not an expert but I think you will be sadly disappointed. The wonderful noise from a high performance engine on the overrun is mostly caused by unburned fuel entering the exhaust system. From the sound of this engine there is no fuel being injected on the overrun, so nothing to go pop in the exhaust. There is no reason to burn fuel if you are not blowing the diffuser and the fuel efficiency for the new engine is critical.


Hmm, I'm going to miss the top end high pitch revs. When accelerating it sounds like they are short shifting. I.e. the gears are being changed too early in the rev range.

I suppose just like the wide front wings and the tall rear wings we'll get used to it eventually.


thats one expensive vacuum cleaner


+1, one word sum's it all up. This sound as game not real sample which it probably is as everything in F1 is covered in secret and i dont think mercedes would let anyone record their engine and study its sound for clues. however I think move to V6 turbo is complete waste of time and money especialy since these engines wont be nothing like from era gone by simply because of restricted letargic rpm limit but then again Merc power plant was braking down at 20,000rpm (remember Kimi's Mclaren)somy conclusion would be that Car companies got too much influence in the sport.


TERRIBLE!!!! It Sounds like an old PS1 game...


Quite a lot like my vacuum cleaner really.


I suggest that this was not recorded in the open air but in a test cell and the final noise will be a little different with the exhausts opened up and an open environment introducing some reverb. It is not a V12, V10 or V8, but it will be just fine. The responsiveness seems impressive from the way the revs go up in the simulation and the associated acceleration so the drivers should love them.


Yes it was. It was a pain to even get the microphone in the booth as the only outlet is there to expel the exhaust gases.


it does sound a littel tame!


A bit high pitched but still decent.

I think it will be fine in the end.

I thought car noise was very dependant on exhaust note anyway so the sound could be changed to suit by FIA exhaust regs.


Sounds like a winner


You can't tell the true engine sound from the test bench. But sounds okay to me.


Or via the speakers in your ipad/smart phone/laptop which most people used to listen to this clip. It's a pointless exercise. You need to hear it in the car 1st hand.


Sounds like the F1 cars from the mid 1990's.

Tornillo Amarillo

Great stuff, thanks James.

The sound... my food mixer does more sound!

But it's OK, I am so exhausted of complaining about the Pirelli's-2012-2013 tires that I have no more energy to complain about the sound of the new engine or any other thing! 🙂


Hmmmmmmmm.....not as bad as a thought it might be, but....I've got a remote control car that sounds better than that! Still disappointing.


If F1 cars sound like wild beasts now, this new engine will reduce them to tamed house pets


It sounds bad and weak. Hope it does not have the Prius whine at low speeds.


Not too bad. Whatever people's thoughts, I'm sure that in a few years everyone will have gotten used to it. Just like those huge front wings.


Instead of the full-throated sound of today's engines, this sounds like a Corvette with towels stuffed in the exhaust.


Sounds OK to me. Just like a racing engine should sound. Rather quiet on downshift though. Maybe needs to backfire a little 😉

James, please inform Mercedes that they can now begin mass production of the units.


Bennie was right about the sound!!!

Hardly inspiring is it??


Don't like it, but at the other hand, it could have been waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay wose.


+1 really. Not the best, but not worth losing sleep over. Put 20+ of these on a grid, in a reverberant environment, and it will be far, far better.


Sounds amazing. I'm more excited about the new engine leveling the field again. I'm most excited about the prospect of which manufacturer has built the best engine. Engine failures, herbox failures, teething issues, tyre issues, its exciting in my eyes. bring on 2014 can't wait.


Whats a herbox?


It's like a hisbox, only with different bits.


Lol, good answer!


F1 going to V6 engines is such a disappointment. The artificcialy low RPM even more so.

I've loved F1 my whole life. It used to be about glorious machinery, exceptional men driving exceptional cars. Engines that made the tech-savvy of us drool.

The most qouted reasons for changing the engine regulations have been a) making more F1 more 'relevant', b) make F1 percieved more environmentally friendly - and c) reducing the cost for the teams.

As for 'a)' relevancy... it .. really isn't. It hasn't been for decades. The rules (i.e. the 'formula') for what materials (aluminium alloys) that are allowed is so limited that the engines cannot last. Let's celebrate it for what it is. Fantastic, on the limit - purpose-built prototypes.

As it turns out: cost 'c)': the teams will pay about twice as much next year compared to this year.


Regarding the lackluster sound itself - it's just a reflection of the boring, uninteresting engines behind it. I don't really care anymore. Most likely I'll stop watching F1 at the end of the year.


As for safety - don't be surprised if someone gets killed or maimed by electric shock from the new, bigger KERS during or after a crash. It can be a driver, a marshal or pit crew. There is enough energy there to kill instantly. I really, REALLY don't want that to happen.


It won't use a new bigger KERS, instead the new ERS will be an intrinsic part of the power train and should (hopefully) be a bit safer and more reliable.

Have there been any cases where a marshall has been given a shock from the KERS while trying to recover a car?


hamilton's engine looks slick. he will surely make a good use of it come 2014. i cant wait to hear it in full song as he goes full throttle on those straights after a hair pin.


He's the only person getting one of these?


i am not sure if i fully understand your question but i chose to enjoy hamilton's driving over all the f1 drivers to have stepped foot in the sport and am happy about his propective engine. button, perez, sutil and di resta may all drive the same engine but they don't drive as well as hamilton does so i don't get as excited about their driving as i do hamilton's. i hope i didn't fail to ask for your permission to make choices.


As he's the only driver on the grid... Yes.


I can't hear anything. I think there's a wasp in my speakers....


I didn’t heard anything, my girlfriend is baking with her Kenwood again.


I didn’t hear anything, my girlfriend is baking with her Kenwood again.


Sounds great!

The hiss of the Turbo is amazing, and I like the guttural off throttle rumble mid-corner.

But I'm surprised you don't hear more waste-gate on downshifts.


The waste gate on a turbo opens when the engine is on throttle to limit maximum pressure. The blow off valve is the one you are thinking of. It sits in the inlet manifold and releases excess air pressure once the throttle shuts. You tend to get two sounds on modified cars with pop-off valves: 1 a tuned note that is designed to make the release of air more audible, or 2, a fluttering sound from air being pushed back through the turbo, slowing the turbo down, which in turn effects the exhaust side of the turbo and the sound coming out of the pipe(s).

In F1 for next year there is no need for a waste gate as the motor generator will brake the turbine limiting its speed to 125,000 rpm. Whether the F1 cars need a blow-off valve will depend on the nature of the throttles used. The engine manufacturers could primarily rely on cutting fuel and effectively use the equivalent of cold blowing exhausts (think 2010 to 2011 Korean GP Red Bull), where air is pumped through the engine and then through the turbo.

Another way of dealing with the excess air pressure is to use a blow off valve but to vent the air to inlet upstream of the turbo, raising the inlet air pressure so that initially the turbo has less work to do to maintain maximum boost pressure.

There's no reason that I'm aware of that there needs to be an audible release of air from the turbo with the current regulations. Guys and girls with cars that make that sound have generally chosen to do so, or have blindly followed the specification from someone else.




Waste gates are probably piped into some energy recovery system rather than dumped I would have thought


I didn't heard anything, my girlfriend is baking with her Kenwood again.


Your girlfriend bakes a hell of a lot 😀


Not to bad. Not to bad at all. It sounds like it still wants to rev far past the rev limiter.


Poor sound, but nothing we can do about it.


I hope Lewis and Nico don't drive through the Della Roggia 'S' like that, because going by recent stewards' decisions, it could earn them a drive-through penalty..! 😀

Other than that, it sounds interesting. Not much sound in the downshifts, though... I guess that with electronically-controlled braking on the rear axle, the need to harvest energy for the batteries means that the V6 will be quite a bit quieter than we're used to.


Sounds like a very early computer game. No way will the real thing be as tinny and lacking in timbre as that whine.


In my opinion a stimulating and worthy audio experience befitting the sport to which it is ‘attached’.

However, I am aware that there are many who prefer noises of the energy-wasting variety. The good news is that those in the know have informed me that there will be an engine audio control app available at the start of the 2014 season for all remote viewers who wish to maintain the ‘golden years’.

The software will be able to monitor and identify individual car’s engine audio profiles in real-time. Hence, users will have the facility to ‘attach’ the engine notes of their choice to all the participant vehicles.

The official app will only provide sounds from a legitimate range of F1 engine types. However, I’m sure the hacking community will release ‘creative’ alternatives in due course, enabling the more adventurous viewers to endow their favourite marques with full-throated roar whilst diminishing the competitors in jocular fashion – Honda P50, 1966 anyone? Ringtones?


Ice cream van?


Yes that's been confirmed, but only for Kimi's car


Yes – that is a remarkably creative suggestion.

However, ICV music is louder than the F1 power units.

At least Bernie EarsOfStone would be able to hear them.


I wanted to say it'll all still be bloody noisy when they're all lined up on the grid, but I'm now not so sure. The actual noise is a bit flat, compared to the V12 and V8 sound, but then the current high-pitched scream is a bit too annoying in other ways. As with the looks of the cars, no one will really notice after a few races so long as it produces great racing, but I do hope that it's not going to sound totally monotonous once all the cars are together...


Top gear sounds really muffled. Almost struggling.


Sounds great.. I don't see what all the negative hype was about. Sure it don't rev as hard and not as the current V8, but I gotta say it doesn't sound as "tinny" either. It will take a little while to adjust but its more the combined power output and speed these powertrains will deliver .

Can't wait to hear the Renault and Ferrari now thanks James


Interesting, watching the video I was surprised by the other sponsors of F1 being included (i.e. Santander, Agip, Pirelli, etc). Are they all tied to Mercedes engine customers?


I think the sponsor's logos were BRILLIANT!!! Truly a historical retrospective on F1 sponsors and their logos...MARTINI and AGIP for pete's sake!?!?! Maybe they still have signs at Monza, where this looked to be....or maybe it is just a blast from the past. (BTW - I once dated the daughter of the ex-CEO of Agip, a long time ago, so I have love for that brand...)


Cue the new X rated JA on F1 site 😉


the only way to describe how it sounds would be 'weaker', just isn't right somehow... im sure when there's 22 of them together it'll sound much better given time to adapt to the new sound


I really don't like it. Sounds like some sort of electric power tool to me. Really fizzy sounding.

Not sure how much of that is how they recorded it, and it being on a stand in a room maybe?


Slightly disappointed that the engines don't really sound 'alive', but I'm assuming that they will sound pretty different once they are actually running out on track?

Where's the 'grunt' that the old turbos used to have?


Once more, thanks to JA for the effort and information.

The sound is certaiinly different with a much lower frequency -- with lower rev's? -- and at least in this video, a bit slower to spool up. Think the earlier statements are probably approprate, though, while different, folks will probably not have long-term withdrawal issues, either.


It sounds fine to me. Less of a scream than the V8s, a little bit "buzzier", but still plenty high-tech sounding.


well after a long wait I now know how bad it sounds and in my opinion it lacks aggression and purpose. for me it just sounds to tame for an F1 car so as far as im concerned its a thumbs down


Graphics quality from the 90's on Merc's sim ;P

Sounds good but I wonder if it'll still raise the hair on my arms when I'm track side.


That Breaking noise and Downshifts make me think that Engine is breathing its last and its gonna die soon!!


Looks like an engine, sounds like an engine... must be an engine


Or Baldrick in a cunning disguise...


Hard to say really from a sound recording made in, what Mercedes themselves admit is, somewhere that is far from a recording studio and then uploaded to YouTube (resulting in some degree of compression) and then streamed down into my laptop with speakers that aren't really up to the job of doing the engine justice...

...that said, I'm sure they will sound great and well done to Mercedes for trying to engage the fans in this way!!


Even my v-twin 500c motorbike sounds better. I reckon it'll sound nothing like that because it sounds like a computer simulated noise, not a real engine. The Renault one that was released sounds vaguely better, but even so, I'm not convinced we are getting the real deal in these snippets.


SWEET.....it sounds great and add an entire field .....very cool


BETTER THAN I THOUGHT. But does anyone remember the Ferrari v12s?


Yes! The 1994 unit sounded like a banshee.


Watched the '94 British GP from luffied when I was 12, those V12s absolutely blew my mind.


Sounds fine.

I'm surprised that they published the sound because didn't you have a post on here a while back James explaining how engine parameters such as the torque curve and power delivery can be extracted from the sound? Would have thought Merc might have been paranoid about any reverse engineering, but maybe everyone's engines are at too late a stage for that.


Its obviously a synthetic sound, not the real thing.


Well, it's not the same but it's not tha bad.

A bit too artificial, though...


It's a bland drone, just like the Renault F1 V6 soundtrack which was released a while back.

I hope it sounds a lot more aggressive and tuneful when it's actually piped through the exhausts of a real car or the noise is going to be very disappointing.



Doesn't sound raw enough for my liking.


Its quite a musical sound, like a rush of bees.

But it sounds too tame, I guess when they are let out in the wild though, the sounds would be somewhat more urgent and more like the bottled rage we are used too.

Best F1 sound so far? The V10's.


Sounds ok, lower rpms kinda make sound like a dog compared to what we have now.


I just hope and pray that one day we go back to v10's!

Oh I miss that sound, particularly the mid/late 90's early 2000's.

They gave me goose bumps and brought a tear to my eye.

The first free practice session after 12 months of not having heard that

sweet sweet sound! Oh how I miss it!


Who do you pray and what you say in your prayers? Just curious....


Umm, metaphorically speaking of course Alex...


Ouch. I hope that will sound better whem it's all said and done.

I also noticed in high gear that the aerodynamics seemed to "bog" down the engine. Must be a sign of the torque characteristics vs. down force.

Perhaps the added ERS will help get past that point?

I'm sure this was a lap with just 600HP engine alone.


Hoping the final result out on track sounds a bit more interesting and aggressive. Right now it sounds like a vacuum cleaner.


OMG. It really hurts my ears. That downshifting sounds really bad. For sure its not very promising. Well just opinion


At least it sounds less of a droan than the Renault! Thanks.


Somthing is odd with Mercedes here,Why would you

beat the drums how good you are? without facing the

opposition as yet.?????????.


The pitch is too low primarily due to the rev limitations. Sounds too much like indycar to me.


I made the effort to get along to the Young Driver's Test so I could listen to the current engines in person, one last time. Glad I made the effort. Oh well progress...


You do understand that what you enjoyed hearing during this test was considered an ultimate evil few years ago?


Short memories...


Be careful what you ask for because you might just get it. Clearly that engine is strangled by the artificial rev limit, if it were kimi it would be saying leave me alone I want to rev some more. Do not even mention the overrun, it is a complete non event. I guess we will get used to it just like we got used to the four stroke bikes.


Is that the sound from onboard the car, or what the fans trackside and at home will hear? If it is.....I don't like it!


No and highly unlikely.


sounds like a 20year old pc game, rev limit doesn't help


Almost looks it too


I wish merc could have used something better than a cheap phone to record the sound on, the quality is terrible.


So many obsessed with the relics of the past.

Yes the V12s and V10s sounded... very nice, but all you geezers, writing about how the new engines don;t sound like the ones you are used to, you must have been paying enough attention, long enough, to realize that the formula has been in constant evolution; now, it's time for the motor revision and make-over.

Yes, it is bound to be different.

It could, yet, turn out to be a mistake; hey, how about those tires?

In the event of a mistake, of course we;ve seen a few, then the formula will likely be modified. Of course, huge resources have been expended, (and continue to be), to make the change to this new motor formula, but let's face it, this is part of the cost of participating in the sport, which continues to go up, every year.

I think it would be good for the sport to get back to relevance to the development of the road cars.

If you look at the genesis of the 'sport', it was this type of public display that pushed the development, now the 'sport' is truly in danger of becoming anachronistic (if there is such a word).

As a fan, I want to see how this changes shakes things up, see what happens?


Just as I feel about the beauty of the cars, I feel about the beauty of the sound, in this 'sport' the most beautiful one is the one the gets the car and driver tothe finish line first on the most regular basis.

... the spice of life...


James is it correct they the engines are now expected to produce nearly 850bhp all in, rather than the originally predicted 750bhp, therefore giving possibly better straight line top speed? Also heard cornering speeds are expected to be almost the same as now due to the clever areo engineers finding more downforce than was expected from new regs? One last thing is I read they will give better acceleration due to the hight levels of torque produced. Can confirm if this info is correct or not, the article I read was about why Pirelli want to increase the tyre size and contact patch so it could cope with these demands


Seems the first part is correct, the engines will produce more power with the ERS than they originally thought.

As for the downforce, in 2008 the teams thought they'd lose a chuck of downforce with new new 2009 regs...and they did, but not for long - the engineers will always find ways to produce more downforce 😉


Thanks for confirming it's right about engine power as I can't find the site I read the article on. I can't see why Pirelli would want to give false info out about downforce as its in their own interest to make tyres that will cope, unless they want a repeat of this season which I think would see them off from F1 for good. It did say this claim is based on the data supplied to them by the teams themselves. I'm gonna try hard to find the article again and post a link.


Engine alone around 600HP and ERS 130HP. Total HP per "package" is 750-ish. ERS allowed for 30 seconds per lap. It will be a very "needed" boost to stay in the game.

If you are having ERS problems, you will have a difficult time making qualifying.


Sounds better than the V8. It has more rasp and edge. The whoosh that we hear dominating the clip will not be as audible on track. This is recorded in an enclosed dyno room. I think this is a brilliant move by F1. Bring on Honda, and eventually, VW.


Much rather here engines that sound like this


They still have the designs - let them see how much they can evolve them using today's technologies!


That's a great clip mate, Thanks!


Seems to me, if we got rid of DRS and KERS, the engine sound wouldn't matter much. That said, the V10's were the best compromise, it seems to me!


Not worried about the sound (at least not yet). I just hope the cars are not slower (or much slower) or else I feel this change would be a step backwards. I do miss the V10s though.


If you scroll back up the posts a couple of places, I posted about what I read on a Pirelli article as to why they need to increase the tyre contact patch. The power trains are now expected to produce 850bhp all in (ers/kers etc) rather than the predicted 750 as the engineers have done such a great job. Also the data the teams have given Pirelli they have found far more downforce than originally expected from the revised areo regs so cornering speeds will be virtually the same as the current formula, the acceleration will be greater and top speed is expected to be slightly higher. There was talk of a 3-5 second slower average laptime but its now expected to be very very simular or quicker than we currently see.

The out look is not so bleak, change happens if we like it or not, so let's just embrace it, instead of constantly looking backwards like many F1 fans seem to do.


Good news then. I'm not against change.

Just change that would make F1 not be formula1.


Provided the cars are super fast and dance round the corners in the hands of some of the best pilots in motorsport, then I for one will continue to give F1 my full attention. I love the current era, the tyres this year were a bit hit and miss but it's far better than 'Shumi Show' I almost turned away but couldn't quite do it and I'm so glad I stuck it out.

I just hope we don't ever get rolling starts to help avoid 1st corner contact, that would be a disaster


Could you post a link where it says 850HP total?


Wow, that is actually pretty impressive. I was aware of the need for wider rear tires due to the torque and lack of TC coming out of the corners, but had not heard the increase in expected HP to around 850. Thanks.


Here is the BBC article on it, not the original one I read but same sort of info.



Found something similar on the BBC F1 site the article is titled "Pirelli pushing for wider tyres in 2014" or something close, if you Google that phrase it comes strait up, they say about the higher BHP didn't read it all but it may say about the downforce too.


I can't find the dam article again, I stumbled across it on a link from another F1 site but I didn't bookmark it, it's been annoying me for a few days but it was definitely info Pirelli were using to help argue for bigger rear tyres, the actual wording I think they used was

"The new power trains are now expected to produce 'around' 850bhp all in"

and sighted the engineers doing better ihan expected on the efficiency side. I yreally wish I could find it again as the news on the power and cornering speeds cheered me up about next season no end.


Is that video a joke? They sound horrific! The original Grand Prix 1 on the PC in the early 90s sounded better!


I wonder who drove the sim lap?


Silly question. The Stig, of course.


Sounds good to me! If we want multiple manufacturers in F1 and stay there, we need to make it relevant to their main purpose namely making road cars. There is too much money at stake to make an engine with little relevance to majority of road cars. Also hopefully we'll see some engines blow and a bit more unreliability to mix up the results a bit

Nikola Jankovic

Imo, it sounds awful. V10s were great, V8 were good, but this is ridiculous.

I was on one F1 race until now, Hungary 2005, and it was one of the best experiences I've had in my life, maybe the best one. I will never, ever forget sound of those super loud V10 engines. It was unreal.

And now, when I here this sound sample of V6 turbo charged engine, it really makes me sad what is F1 becoming.

PS: Sorry for my English, it's not my native language.


Your English is excellent!


I never understand why people get so upset about the noise. Apart from once when I was lucky enough to attend a race, I watch F1 races on my TV, using the internal speaker. The sound is therefore pretty pathetic, but it doesn't spoil my enjoyment of the races at all. I'd have thought true F1 fans, inspired by all the great innovators in F1 like Colin Chapman or Adrian Newey, would be more excited about the amazing technology in these new engines rather than how they sound.


Definitely makes me miss the wail from V10's of yore, but I'd gladly take this V6 engine note in my M3!

I think the jury is still out on the true roar of these new motors until we see them on the track.


Hey, they can just add a few resonators, flaps and a soundtrack just like the road cars and make any artificial sound you like.


That 5th gear sounds awfully long!


I meant top gear sounds awfully long 🙁


Thought the same thing. Is this where ERS will be the added "Boost"??


Wasn't there a rumor in the early 2000's that teams could tell how much horsepower and RPM an engine had just by the sound? Maybe Mercedes are faking the sound a bit (hopefully)


I couldn't care less about he sound to be honest. It sounds fine, and of course, likely to sound better during the actual races.

Did anyone complain about the 80's turbo era regarding engine sound? Of course not, its the racing that matters.

I'm just thankful we have a radical new change for 2014 that will hopefully put a dent in Vettel's / Red Bull's dominance, and hopefully more overtaking due to the increased power outputs.


The sound file here has been doctored to a sharper tone. Go listen to the Renault sample, it's more accurate and sounds like a bumble bee humming. It has to sound like a mosquito amplified a few thousand times, that's the true V8, V10 and V12.

Get Well Soon Murray

It looks better than it sounds. That's all I'm going to say


In an interview with Italian newspaper Corriere della sera, Montezemolo ... "Luckily, the hoped for changes are coming. We don’t make drinks .. we design and build cars of the very highest order. We will stay in F1 as long as it can be considered a test bed for advanced research, the highest technology .. From next season, we will have a completely different F1, finally less dependent on aerodynamics. I build cars not planes".

If he thinks aerodynamics will play a smaller part next year then he has a surprise coming. It seems to me that the boss doesn't fully understand the central part that aero plays in keeping his road and track cars on the fast lane.

The little bits are adding up that Montezemolo is part of the problem.


+1 in the last week alone he has come out with some classic prehistoric lines it has to be said! You could write a book of his and Bernie's clangers.


I prefer a wailing V10 or V12 by far however F1 has to mix it up to keep the manufacturers involved and investing in the sport. Whilst us hardcore fans would love to see a field of cars with independently build engines by tuners or the teams themselves, for the mass market appeal and that of sponsors etc, manufacturer involvement gives credibility.

There is also the possibility I hear that these engines will be used in LMP1. So in years to come could we see Merc and Ferrari at Le Mans, or Audi and Toyota in F1??


Maybe it´s the video and not the actual car.But it´s kinda a high note type of sound.I mean like a millon bees flying around. Sorry

Tom in adelaide

Remember how much we all hated the massive front wings?

It doesn't take long to adapt to change. Surely things staying forever the same would be worse?


I for one welcome the changes to the regulations. Formula 1 is Motor-Sport. Not Aero-Sport. I hate cars that fart exhaust gasses through the rear end and all that aero crap! One aspect of Formula 1 that we have lost is the controbution to the road-car industry which is important without doubt!! You would be a fool to say no to ERS technologies that when employed in every roadcar can save the planet.

Let us see some development in the mechanical side and the "MOTOR" aspect of the sport. I know the engines are toned down. Who is gonna bet against these cars being actually quicker than the 2.4 V8s? I say bring back active suspensions too. Then we'll see the Manufacturers winning championships for a change. I don't know about you, but I agree to LDM. He makes sense. There is no point spending billions of dollars over wind tunnels and aero stuff where the fans don't see any of it on the track. What's developed mechanically atleast shows itself on the track for the fans to see....


Hi James, Apart from the sound, 2014 cars will be way slower I heard than this year.Is that true?


I think 2-3second per lap


I read that the engines will produce more power than originally expected, in the region of 850bhp not the predicted 750 and also the data the teams are giving to Pirelli shows that the cornering speeds are expected tone nearly the same as this year as they have managed to produce more downforce from the new regs than it was thought possible. These 2 pieces of info surely inferr that more bhp=faster acceleration and top speed, combined with very close to current cornering speeds, the lap times will not be that far off what they are today. If they are a fraction slower it will only be for a season or 2.

James have you any thoughts on this info? It was provided by Pirelli for an article on the argument for larger rear tyres.


We have a story coming on larger Pirellis


All these people comparing it to vacuum cleaners & other such appliances must be deaf as it sounds nothing like any of these things.

To me it sounds like a racing engine, A powerful & very fast racing engine & I love it!

In the 80s nobody complained about the turbo's, in fact they complained when they were banned. Nobody ever complained about the cart/champcar turbo's, In fact they all complained about the N/A IRL V8's. Nobody has complained about the current Indycar V6 turbo engines, in fact the fans love the way they sound & much prefer them to the 3.5ltr V8's indycar used before.

Everytime there is any sort of change to F1 be it aero rules, tyre rules or engine rules everyone always whines about how 'f1 is dead', yet when the change comes through the whining stops. When the current V8's were introduced everyone whined, yet now they want the V8's to remain.

Were going to V6 turbo's because thats what the manufacturer's want, Thats why Honda's coming back. Consider that both F1 & Indycar asked manufacturer's what they wanted for the engine formula & its therefore no surprise that both Indy & F1 went with V6 Turbo's, Thats the direction the actual engine manufacturer's who actually have to produce these engines want engine development to go.

Were never going back to V12's, They were too inefficient & created far too many problems (Size, weight, fuel consumption, heat), Thats why Ferrari ditched the V12 to begin with for 1996 in favor of a V10.

Likewise were not going back to V10's regardless of how much whining is done & likewise its time for the current V8's to be put to bed.

You can't just stick with an engine formula just because the fans like the sound of N/A V8/10/12's, The manufacturer's want turbo's because thats the way the world is going. You stick with the current N/A formula & F1's engine technology will become irrelevant & the engine manufacturer's will leave, Then what do you do when it becomes a single engine formula or something?

Look around, Practically everything is going small capacity turbo (With energy recovery systems), Thats what engine manufacturer's want so if you want to encourage engine manufacturer's into F1 thats the direction you have to go!

Besides the V6 turbo's sound like race engine's, the racing will still be good & the cars will still look spectacular fast through the corners, Speeds & laptimes won't change significantly & F1 will still be F1!

F1 2014 & its new engine formula can't come soon enough, Really looking forward to the future (Just wish they would ditch DRS & bring proper racing tyres) 🙂


+1 I guarantee the cars will sound fine on track, and all this talk will be fine by next year


I would have preferred to just hear the engine on the test bed, rather than an obviously computer generated facsimile using the original engine sound.

Still, indications are that it will sound ok. But I don't care what it sounds like anyway as I only watch on TV.


If people criticising the 2014 F1 engine are being honest, then Formula E is dead already.


Not if FE has a different audience


With all this are the GP2 engines to become 4 cylinders? - would be something of a joke to have a junior series with bigger engines



Something related to Mercedes, but a bit off-beat from the article, that I would like for you to comment on.

As you and others have reported, Mercedes seems to have a leg up on the 2014 engines, and they also seem to be one of the teams that have gotten ahead on the 2014 car. Let's say that, in two years' time, they have grabbed the new regulations by the throat and are the top team...

Is it so crazy to think that the team we may need to be looking out for to grab Vettel is actually Mercedes? Surely, they have had the idea in their heads. They seem clearly keen to have not just a German driver in the lineup, but the biggest German name in F1 (which they've already gone for once). It would certainly be a way to gain more clout and political power in Stuttgart, where some of the board members haven't been the most enthusiastic about F1. I don't see Hamilton having a problem with it; he already tried to team up with Vettel once at Red Bull, and he seems to be very confident that he can run with and beat anyone. Frankly, I don't see Vettel being so attracted to Ferrari if they don't have the best car at that time, which seems to be his top priority. Frankly, a Hamilton-Vettel pairing would be simply scary. With F1 as competitive as it is these days, we are bound to see another super pairing sooner or later.


I don't see it -Vettel has an RBR contract to end of 2015


That's only 2years into the new formula, surely it would be at this point you could really sort the wheat from the chaff and should Merc have won 2014 and on target for WCC in 2015 would it really be impossible to see Seb drive for them in 2016?


Sounds good to me. 2014 is going to be a riot.

Engines have angry bee sound on acceleration [good]. ERS sounds like doves gliding in deceleration with the occasional pop [personal like - esp. in unison]. The tyres are finally cleared for take-off and F1 is going to be more strategic! More banter, more analysis, more argument, more counter argument - can't wait.


I don't think teams will be able to play national anthems with engines anymore.. sounds terrible!

Hopefully the racing will be so amazing that we'll forget about the noise.


I honestly feared that they would sound much worse than that, so I'm pleasantly surprised.

And engines aside for one minute, the cars have looked so, so ugly under the current regulations.

All things considered, I'd rather have aesthetically pleasing cars and V6 turbo engines than V8/10/12 engines and ugly cars...


Yup, definately a leaf blower.

The Formula E motor sound is more exciting and frankly may well appeal to the next techo savy generation more than messy, dirty IC engines.

And for all those purists out there that say that the sound doesnt matter I will wager my left man bit that they have heard and hold dear the sound of the Supercharged BRM V16 F1 engine.


i am still confused re the actual sounds that we are likely to hear. according to data produced some time back it was mooted that despite the rev limits being set at 16000 the majority of the races will be run at maximums well below this figure.by memory the average maximum was between 11000/13000 rpm.

this was, i believe, mainly due to the maximum torque/fuel metering equation. if this is so then i have no idea what the sound will be like. maybe we have someone who will be able to throw more light on this as it means a great deal when considering the 'wow'.


It's only a simulated sound produced from the dyno, so matter how good or bad it might sound in the video it's going to sound different when the cars are on track in the real world.

Frankly, I'm more interested in this new invisible Merc.

Obviously they still need to develop the technology a bit further in order be able to cloak the tyres as well as the car (unless of course that's deliberate in order to keep an eye on tyre wear), but still it will great to see the look on Vettel's face when he thinks he's just won the race only to find out he actually came 3rd 😉


Sounds rather gutless, slow acceleration in higher gears... rather unlike the 80s turbos which had lag in about 3rd gear, and then took off like rockets - now those things required world class drivers to control!


F1 is all about the cleverest, most innovative design used by the most skilled and talented people.

So it is strange so many on here want to go back to a bygone age. For noise?

The engine noise isn't F1.

But then I bet there were people moaning about the change from ...... well a good survey of the changes is here http://www.atlasf1.com/evolution/1950s.html


From the "on-board perspective" anyway, it still sounds like a lawnmower engine...


I don't give a monkeys about the sound, it's the racing I'm interested in. I want to see the best drivers in the world battling it out in fast and difficult to drive cars, I don't care if they have no sound at all - the noise of the tyres squealing and the crowd cheering would be enough for me.


Not sure if anyone asked this year but James does this sound like the demo you and other jurnos heard when you went to the factory a while back , or much better in real life?


Similar but I think they've done something to it to mask the acoustics so rivals can't work out too much data like horsepower etc from acoustic analysis

Ie I think it will spun clearer and more harmonious in real life


Not going to make any comments until I hear it on the track but for those of you who have not heard a V10 at 20,000 rpm: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RqaJKTRs-Kg


Being Corse Clienti cars, I doubt those would have been doing more than 18,000 rpm. 20,000 really started being talked about for 2006 with the first of the V8s. A significant change has come with the exhausts now featuring helmholtz resonators to beef up the torque curve lower down in the rev range.

The V10s don't sound quite as clean as the V8s as the firing order isn't even as they ran a wider v angle - often 90 degrees - than the evenly spaced 72 degree design. Not as big a deal with that many cylinders in terms of smoothness and it helps the centre of gravity be lower. The V6 next year is also 90 degrees rather than 60 degrees for the same reason.


Now that's what I call A Formula One engine sound.. So sweet!


Ohh. A Wasp-in-a-jamjar.


I don't understand what people are complaining about!?! Do we want to go back to the dark days of F1 between 2002-2006 (nothing against Schumi) where Formula 1 had V10 engines and refuelling and where the engines sounded MUCH better but had virtually zero action on the track? Where Bridgestone almost exclusively focused their tyre development based on the Ferrari car design and left their rivals trailing in their wake? F1 is infinitely better than what it was 10 years ago..... I can't see how some people are so ungrateful. There is debate to be had about whether the DRS gimmick should be banned, and whether refuelling should be re-introduced- but I certainly have nothing against the engine types that will be introduced for next season- lets wait and see. If you want to see ultimate performance- watch dragster racing


Actually, 2003 (until Michelin got shafted) and 2005-6 weren't bad seasons. V8 engines were introduced in 2006 except for STR which used detuned V10 Cosworths.


Solely for finding 'Wasp in a Jam-Jar' Darren W you are the man lol 🙂


I must say that I miss the V10 engines. Ear plugs were necessary especially with the shrill Honda V10. I did attend one race in the turbo era, the 1984 Canadian Grand Prix when the turbo cars were using 1.5 litre engines, some 4 cylinder (BMW and Hart) and others V6 (Ferrari, Renault, Honda, TAG-Porsche) and do not recall the noise being lame then. In fact it was a good race.




For me, the sound of Formula 1 was probably its best around ´86. The massive amount of raw power they had, along with a lower RPM gave them just the kind of pitch, and the simpler mechanics back made them sound cruder, rougher and more angry!

They seemed to mic up the circuits differently back then too. You could hear the crowd, the tannoy and the atmosphere seemed so much closer. Even Mansell on a warm-up qualifying lap sounded better than cars do today.

The true sound of F1:- Murray Walker, James Hunt and 26 3-bar boost turbo cars roaring round a circuit! Music... and rarely bettered since.


a while back when discussing the likely sound of the new engines i was suggested that i listen to the sounds of sebastian loebs pikes peak peugeot for a similar comparison.

i have since done that and it sounds fine. of course the engine specs are different but quite a few professional acoustic engineers seem to discount that in a general summary. for those interested, the pikes peak car is a 3.2litre V6 with twin turbos. the engine develops a massive 875 hp and the car weighs just 875kg...a P to W ration of 1-1.


Oh hell yeah. Sound doesn't matter?

Try watching a Top Fuel or Funny Car drag race with no sound and tell me that the sound doesn't matter. Or any form of racing, for that matter.



No insults please - Mod.


Did anyone else notice the turbine is on backwards from the compressor....

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