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Posted By: James Allen  |  20 Aug 2013   |  4:32 pm GMT  |  326 comments

Kimi Raikkonen’s future in Formula 1 continues to top the headlines ahead of this weekend’s Belgian Grand Prix, with speculation that the Finn is set to return to Ferrari, the team he won his only world championship with in 2007, intensifies.

On Monday, his manager Steve Robertson said the 20-time Formula 1 race winner would not be driving for world champions Red Bull next season, with Toro Rosso driver Daniel Ricciardo set to get the seat alongside reigning champion Sebastian Vettel.

That seemingly leaves Raikkonen, 33, with two options – stay with Lotus for a third season or move back to Ferrari, the team which paid him not race for them in 2010 after ending his contract early.

The speculation started when Finnish newspaper Ilta-Sanomat reported that Raikkonen had already agreed a move back to Ferrari. The Italian team say that no decision has yet been made about their driver line-up.

The BBC’s Eddie Jordan claims that the Finn wants a move back to Ferrari, and that a deal may be as soon as next month’s Italian Grand Prix. Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo has not been keen on the idea of the return of a man who they released from his contract, instead deciding to partner Felipe Massa with Fernando Alonso in 2010.

But Italian newspaper Gazetta dello Sport suggested that Montezemolo would sanction the move for Raikkonen if he was the best driver available. That would of course create some interesting questions for Ferrari, with Alonso and Raikkonen forming the strongest driver line-up on the grid.

During the Michael Schumacher era, the team put all their support behind the German’s title challenge, with Rubens Barrichello playing a supporting role. The team changed their strategy when Massa partnered Raikkonen, with the two drivers allowed to race.

Raikkonen won the title in 2007, but it was Massa who was the stronger driver in 2008, narrowly missing out on the championship to Lewis Hamilton, and in 2009 before his accident in the Hungarian Grand Prix.

They returned to their strategy of favouring one driver with Alonso and Massa, largely because Massa has been unable to challenge for the title. Will the team be prepared to allow their drivers to race again if Raikkonen and Alonso are team-mates?

It would certainly help their chances of winning the constructors’ championship for the first time since 2008. However, it would hamper their chances in the drivers’ championship with Alonso and Raikkonen taking points off each other.

There is of course the question of how Alonso will feel about having such a competitive team-mate, especially after his explosive partnership with Lewis Hamilton at McLaren during the 2007 season.

And Raikkonen needs to decide whether he believes Lotus can provide him with a car that can challenge for the World Championship in 2014 or whether a drive at Ferrari, where he finished first, third and sixth overall during his three seasons with the team, would be a better option.

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If kimi does go red again, felipe may go black and yellow


Massa's finished. He's lost his mojo!


Fat chance. There are younger, more promising options (Di Resta, Hulkenberg for instance).


Black and Yellow! Black and Yellow! you know what it is! Uh huh!


+1 @JB HAM. Also the 'I roll up'... LOL

Wiz K lover?

Tornillo Amarillo

Massa is over!

KIMI is not the same than the Kimi in 2009, it's a different person. If he gets money and equal treatment, for me he got the deal in Ferrari for 2014. He won't think about the past if both conditions are there.

Ferrari warned ALONSO recently, this is blooding serious for Italians. Hiring KIMI is the move of Ferrari for controlling ALONSO and getting results with both drivers against Red Bull.

Red Bull now is not sure of RICCIARDO? Logical, after hearing and reading all fan's comments!!


Decisions affecting businesses worth hundreds of millions of the currency unit of your choice are not made lightly. They certainly aren’t made with any consideration for what “the fans” want (beyond team marketing considerations).

The guys that run the Red Bull racing program (Marko / Horner / Newey) are some of the smartest guys going around. I’d like to think that there was a proper argument about who to sign for the second seat with various personalities around the table arguing their corner with genuine passion before they Ricciardo (assuming that’s the case). Give these guys (& Mateschitz) a bit of credit.

Red Bull do the business part of the F1 game better than anyone else at the moment. Making good decisions is a key part of that. As James has mentioned elsewhere, this is the biggest decision on drivers they have had to make since taking Seb on in 2009. Only time will tell whether they have called it right.

Tornillo Amarillo

Yes all the tables, smart people, money, diplomas, whatever, but as humans people do mistakes sometimes.

Example, paying Raikkonen for not driving in 2010 should be considered a mistake made by somebody in Ferrari at the moment of signing the contract (problems with clauses?) OR later in 2009 at the moment of taking decisions OR in any other point of the relation, isn't it?


After working closely with Ricciardo for the last few years do you really think anyone in the Red Bull camp is going to change their minds about him solely because of something we do or don't say?

These are negotiations between Raikkonen's manager and Red Bull and Ferrari - games will be played and bluffs will be called.


Yeah, because fan comments are infinitely more reliable than all the performance data the team has on him from his two and half seasons in F1 and junior category experience...

Not sure where you get that they are not sure from?

I'm glad that a junior, non-pay driver is getting a chance to prove himself in top flight machinery. That he's an Aussie certainly sweetens the deal for me too! To all those naysayers, maybe you should wait and see how he performs in the car first. Don't forget he's out qualified supposedly better drivers in supposedly better cars on a number of occasions this season. With some wiser race strategy, the race results would be there too.

If the team sign him, they won't have done it because they don't think he's up to scratch. To suggest they only signed him because he was part of the junior program is somewhat naive - they need a driver who can deliver results, the financial incentives of a better WCC result far outweigh the benefit of a purely political signing.


Well if RB haven't announced Daniel by lunchtime on Saturday, Ricciardo should run over to the Ferrari motor home and see if he can sign up for Massa's seat. He might be able to screw a few more dollars out of RB.


Get real, Ricciardo is a negotiating tool for Red Bull.He no better than his team mate as some would like to suggest...yes he s faster on qualy but on result....However he is nice bloke, like webber.


Marko's comments yesterday that they will not be announcing their new driver at Spa.

Surely if it was a simple as Kimi or Daniel and Kimi is out of the running then they wouldn't have a problem announcing Daniel...

...so my first question is whether Kimi REALLY is out of the running for the RBR seat or whether his manager's comments lately are all part of the game...


Massa has already said if he can't get a seat at a top team he'll leave F1.


Think Lotus may well slide down the order without Allison.


A choice way out could may be being Massa announcing his own retirement from the sport. As much as we all suspect this could be the fact he is likely to be replaced at Ferrari, it provide some air for people to imagine what goes behind.

I think it is matter of time Ferrari is going to replace him. 2012 was a good sign Ferrari is ready to look else where.


Good point, it's difficult to argue they aren't a top team now. Before this season you might view the top 4 as RBR, McL, Ferrari and Merc and call those the top teams but perhaps not now.

Personally I think if Ferrari drop him, he'll just leave anyway.


I don't see Lotus in the top four. Lotus are there by virtue of McLaren having one difficult year. If Lotus are consistentlt in the top four for thre years or more would I start to agree.


I think Massa will slip some way down the pecking order should he be replaced by Raikkonen. Not sure who will go to Lotus in that case. - Di Resta maybe


Are you suggesting Lotus is not a top team? If you're not, your comment doesn't make sense.


So what has Kimi been doing these past two years, the team has improved a lot since his arrival. Lotus has a good development team, they need a fast driver who can consistently score points. Something Massa clearly isn't able to do. Drivers dont develop cars. Someone like Hulkenberg would be a much better choice.


@tom Quinn:

Actually no, no they're not. Renault starting pulling out of Lotus back in 2009 (with them dumping the rest of their stake in 2010, and getting their name completely pulled by 2012).

Back in 2011, Christian Horner himself said that, with their new agreement they were effectively Renault's new works team; and while Renault themselves never really said anything to specifically confirm or deny it,their website states that they "work jointly to produce an engine that can be easily integrated into the new [Red Bull] chassis", while lotus is just mentioned as being provided the engines and technical support.

Consider this as well: Renault themselves stated that, because of the expense, they would prefer to only supply 3--maybe 4--teams next year (with two of them already being confirmed as Red Bull and Torro Rosso, and Caterham has very strong ties to Renault outside of the sport). Lotus are rumored to be sniffing around Honda for 2015. And Lotus are currently having money problems.

All of this spells trouble for Lotus with Renault. If Renault are already teetering on not wanting a 4th team, I don't think they'd be tripping over themselves to take on a 4th team that can't pay them.


I agree, lotus is a top team, and what people say below about an engine, lotus is essentially the renault team, so engines isn't a reason to leave. If I was lotus team boss, id take massa over nico h, massa will do developments kimi wouldn't. On kimi at ferrari, there would be 2 drivers who are used to having a lacky to do test mileage


In my humble view, not a chance! They will be looking for someone who could win championships for them and would have to take a risk on someone like Hülkenberg.


I think Lotus would sooner go Hulkenberg than Massa. Cheaper, and probably, as of this moment, better driver too.


Massa has made too many mistakes this year and I don't think he will get a drive with any of the front running teams. Someone like Sauber (the only other team he has driven for in the past) could hire him to partner the Russian rookie, Sirotkin.


Sauber wouldn't have the founds to finance Massa, they already told Hulkenberg he's free to move to another team because they're not sure they can pay him next year. And besides Massa started with Sauber, not sure finishing his career with them is how Massa wants to end his career. Might as well retire from the sport I say!


Next year will be defined by the engine. If I were Kimi I'd be trying to move to Ferrari only if I had solid info about their v6 engine.


As opposed to what?

'Staying at Lotus' or 'Moving to Red Bull' only if he has solid information about their V6?

Nobody knows what the engines are going to be like or their relative performance until they're driven in anger next year.


If 2014 is the year of the engine then a move from a customer team to a works team might make a lot of sense.


Exactly! I don´t think Kimi goes to Maranello just for the money. He must crush the Spaniard for once and for all.


And how you therefore using that logic conclude that Raikkoen = Hamilton is beyond me.


I wonder why Alonso fans laugh at Kimmi bing unable to beat MASSA in the same equipment when they not acknowledge the fact that Hamilton wiped out the Alonso factor during their days in Mclaren.


Come on!!! He was not able to beat MASSA. How could you expect him beating Alonso, currently the best driver on the grid. Keep dreaming!!!


I think his teammate tried that already.


...except that last time around (at Ferrari), he couldn't quite beat the guy that the Spaniard has been crushing the last few years...


I think he wants to win, and Alonso is just one of the people he therefore wants to beat.


(but crushing the Spaniard 'wouldn't be too bad'.


Tony Jardine claimed Rbr is having 1 last meeting with Steve Robertson.

And Helmut Marko changed his tone from announcing the deal in Spa to not going to announce the replacement in Spa.

Is Steve Robertson manipulating from behind??


Yeah, I wonder. Robertson has near-genius status for getting Iceman some Schumacher-level money at Ferrari [well-deserved, but credit where it's due...] before the world went to pot in 2008, and being paid big bucks not to drive & go on a 2 year Rallying sabbatical is not bad either. I think they have Iceman's back & hope one way or another he can challenge for another [well-deserved] championship. Or two.


And if he goes there, and alonso TAKES A YEAR OFF, ... what does that mean... it would be pretty extreme admission from Ferrari... that they... mucked up.


We have the essence of 'SILLY' going on.

We haven't seen a season (of silly) like this one, for a while.

I'm looking forward to the race!


It's not truly silly unless Jenson Button is involved!!!



The silliest of the silly.


I'm loving this silly season.

I love the swirling, intense, endlessly-compounding, increasingly-wacky speculation of F1 fans / media based on the deliberately cagey & obscure prognostications & observations of the teams / drivers / managers.


Economics Teacher: Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?

Simone: Um, he's sick. My best friend's sister's boyfriend's brother's girlfriend heard from this guy who knows this kid who's going with the girl who saw Ferris pass out at 31 Flavors last night. I guess it's pretty serious.


Love it!


Helmut Marko is actually more in favour of promoting a driver from his academy so I think he will be doing everything he can to scupper any further talks with Kimi. Horner is the one who wants Kimi and he doesn't stand a chance against Marko. He can't even stand up to Vettel. Weak!


I believe so. Just speculation on my part. I suspect RB have made Kimi an offer that expires after Spa. Hence RB can't make any announcements one way or the other.

Robertson has not rejected the offer, but is telling RB to sweeten the offer - as the current offer is unlikely to be accepted by Kimi.

I would be most interested if anyone has any insights about Kimi's terms. I don't think it's just money. My guess is a right to veto any driver decision if Vettel leaves - eg the ability to block Alonso from joining.


Surely not, Kimi's never had a problem with any of his team mates. He surely won't be masterminding other drivers fortune in RBR jersey!!!


I agree. On the face of it, it makes no sense for Robertson to announce that RBR is off the options list for Kimi if he hasn't either got another deal sewn up or he is applying more pressure to improve the current unexpired offer. Why signal to Lotus that they are his only option - or to other teams that he is available and you wouldn't have a bidding war to get him? No, they are smarter guys than that and there is still stuff going on in the background that we are not privvy to. They just use these media announcements as strategies to further their cause.

I reckon Kimi is desperate to leave Lotus as they won't have the resources to make next year's car a championship winner. I am not sure if he is willing and able to bury the hatchet and move back to Ferrari, but if the terms are to his liking and the car is more likely to be a contender than the Lotus then a competitive beast, hungry for wins would favour that option (and having Allison head up the chassis development has to be a big plus).

However, the seat they are all coveting has to be the RBR and an opportunity to have Newey build you a technical masterpiece. With the engines being an unknown factor you would have to gamble on the technical design and development capability of a team and Newey has demonstrated (for many years now) that he leads the bunch in this respect.

In this environment, Boullier's statement that he was "optimistic" about retaining Kimi really means he would love him to stay but fully expects him to be leaving. So the period between Spa and Monza should reveal to us the truth. Not long to wait. I'm not a gambling man but the fact that RBR have declined to confirm Ricciardo as having the seat means to me that there is still the higher probability that Kimi will be in it.


It just became clear to me that Helmut actually backtracked on what he said on 18th August (see below) - unless Helmut was misquoted.

If he indeed backtracked after Robertson's announcement . . . . . hmmm, that's very intriguing indeed!

We need Sherlock Holmes to analyse this!



Red Bull are not going to take Alonso or Kimi. They will take Ricciardo, who is unlikely to rock the boat.

It just doesn't make sense to dramatically change such a successful recipe- possibly 4 championships in a row. Why would you get in a more competitive driver who could spoil that? I wouldn't.


Very well analysed. F1 is intriguing and fun to follow on and off the track!


Or, the new talks with Kimi is a smokescreen to give time for fruition of the secret negotiations going on between Alonso and Red Bull. I am not a betting man, but if I was to bet a bit of my money on this, I would bet on Alonso having a better chance of joining Red Bull than Kimi. Why would Red Bull eat their words, humiliate a driver, Ricciardo, who is likely going to drive for them next year, to restart negotiations, which ended some time ago, with a candidate they did not come to terms with, and who was probably the one who rejected their offer? They apparently know Kimi is going to Ferrari and are making a bid for Alonso's services.


Just been reading the RBR talks with Raikkonen are back on. Helmut Marco saying no decision will be made at Spa. Where does this leave Ricciardo? What about reported announcement from Ferrari at Monza? I must say I am a little bit confused.


a pawn in a bigger game, perhaps?

unF1nnished business

James, from what I've read, the early reports suggest Ferrari's 2014 development isn't looking too promising. Aside from making more $ and being paid on time, I really can't see the benefit of this move...unless Kimi knows something we don't?


Ferrari with the combination Byrne and Allison might do wonders!

How involved have Byrne been in the new car?


Nevermind that, how involved is he in the current one?


Ferrari are looking super strong for the 2014 season with Byrne and Kimi's old Lotus mate James Allison leading the charge. Why wouldn't he join!! Who wouldn't want to work under Allison and Byrne.


a certainty that all is looking great at Ferrari, just because they have Allison and Byrne is more a bit naive, or short-sighted.

There are problems at the red team... abounding problems.


Your being a bit over dramatic don't you think. Your actually coming across as worried about Ferrari next year. The red team have you shook.

unF1nnished business

Maybe, but Allison hasn't even started with Ferrari so I doubt he'll have much impact on next year's car.


He joins the team in two weeks.


For sure a Alonso/Kimi partnership is a very appetizing prospect that would have the fans sitting on the edge of their seats.

First off, both Alonso and Kimi (at least the new Kimi) aren't particularly strong qualifiers.

Then both of them have great race craft and thus are rarely involved in race ending incidents.

Also both aren't out and out rain-meisters and so are usually caught out one way or the other.

So on paper, this partnership would look pretty even in all departments.

Now here's the confusing thing, unlike other teams, Ferrari is the one team that seems not to care too much about the constructor's title so bringing in two drivers of equal strength is baffling (unless one of them is on the way out)

Also lets not forget, whenever Ferrari have had two top drivers, there has always been chaos (not to mention lack of success) e.g. Gilles and Pironi, Prost and Mansell etc.

Anyway, it remains to be seen if Kimi will really sign up, I would have considered it a done deal if this rumour appeared in a German publication.

But hey, if Eddie Jordan says the deal is done >>> 2014 can't come soon enough.


Could Alonso be thinking of retirement already? He has been collecting helmets of Lewis and recently of Vettel.


Or may be Luca DM is playing his cards again. Paying off a driver to make way for another. This time, Kimi being the other?

Just fun to think about it.


I don't blame Kimi for going back to Ferrari....looking to get a second bite at the $15million dollar cherry tree to double it up to $30million.

LdM denied the Kimi link....so if this turns out to be true, should we disregard any of LdM's utterances as being unreliable PR speak?


Alonso is good in the rain thank you and he has been trading helmets for ever.


Alonso is superb in the rain


Ferrari don't care about WCC even though it brings a lot more money, why? because they already get more money than other teams.


Ferrari have ALWAYS claimed the Mfg title is more important to them then the WDC. Why? They sell road cars to support their passion.


Kimi qualified 2nd in Shanghai certainly proved his speeed in quali.

Its not fair to judge the duo when their car are designed for race, not qualify.

The room for error is not as large as merc and rbr for them.


Really interested to see how this will pan out, especially how much a say Montezemolo has on the driver line-up. If not Vettel/Raikkonen then I suppose Alonso/Raikkonen is the next best thing. No doubt this will put Ferrari in a better position than Red Bull for the constructor's championship. And that's the one that brings in the money.


Sounds to me like a repeat of Mercedes from last year.

Team hierarchy are dissatisfied with the team performance. Bring in a top shelf driver to see if it IS in fact the car that is the issue or under-performing drivers.

Sorry to say that Ferrari just cannot afford to carry Massa if they are serious about winning the constructors title.


There is of course the third option for Kimi:

Get Ferrari to pay form him to drive for them again, and down the track get Ferrari to pay for him not to drive for them again so that he can afford to return to Lotus 🙂


Speaking of Santander, it is being reported that it will be expanding its presence in the UK market (http://www.express.co.uk/finance/city/422966/Santander-planning-high-street-expansion).

Perhaps this is a perfect time for Santander to be sponsoring a British F1 team again. Since banks always like to play both sides, Kimi and Lotus would be a potentially cheap alternative to an uncompetitive Ferrari power unit in 2014.


That's it, it's Button to Ferrari.


Don't Santander still sponsor McLaren anyway?


Of course you are right...brain malfunction on my end:-)


Or just cut to the chase, go straight to Santander and get it to protect its investment in Alonso by covering any shortfalls in Kimi's wages at Lotus. It would keep Kimi happy and, for Santander, nowhere near a garage with Alonso in it:-)


How funny would it be if he got there, and then Ferrari's 2014 engine package was 10% down on the Renault?


Considering that the fuel flow rate is capped and there is an average limit as well, and the automotive racing industry has been at 125-130 Nm/litre for a long time, there doesn't appear to be much room for big power differences from the engines. Compression ratios can be varied to influence the energy the turbo gets and the direct injection is something new, but there are few real variables to separate the engines.

The KERS (as in 2009-2013 variety) harvesting next year and the battery/capacitor capability to handle the current are the areas where an edge could be found. In production car land, both Renault and Mercedes have done more than the Fiat group in battery tech. Whether this helps the racing side, I've no idea.

The power available for one-lap qualifying is likely to be pretty similar. The differences are much more likely to show up in the race as the recharging rate is capped and the heat soak becomes an issue.

In one sense Ferrari has a small edge in that its current engine runs hotter and needs more cooling than the Mercedes and Renault engines. This means it has less to lose with the new package in terms of heat management.


Turbo engine efficiency and fuel type are where the power gains are. MGUK power output is capped in and out at 120kw.


There's not much that can be done with peak power - the fuel is tweakable, but it is very similar to European pump fuel. With the fuel flow rate also capped, the key factors in engine power are the compression ratio and friction. The engines are not that fundamentally different in terms of combustion from what has been around for two decades.

Efficiency will guide how close to the maximum the engines can run, so it depends what you mean by a gain - less of a loss of power while conserving fuel compared to qualifying spec.

With the MGUK, the power out is straight forward. The power in is potentially quite marginal based on what the teams do now. The teams will be allowed to harvest 2000 kilojules per lap from the MGUK (120 kW for 16.7 seconds). Currently the maximum storage capacity is 600 kJ, with only 400 kJ harvested and discharged per lap. A some circuits at least some teams do not harvest the 400 kJ, so gaining five times that amount is potentially a challenge. The additional heat associated with this is also an issue.


Fuel is also tightly regulated - see Article 19 of the regulations above.


I'm with you on the room to move within the engine regulations. If any manufacturer manages to get a significant power advantage it will be via something "new" that will inevitably be banned for the following season. The regulations would have been written to ensure "good racing" - which means more or less equal engines - but with enough leeway to encourage innovation / reward for effort.

The driveability of a particular brand of engine may well be the killer advantage needed to win the championships.

On the amount of power being available, I thought the 2014 engines alone were going to be roughly as powerful as this years, but with the addition of 160bhp for 33 seconds per lap from the two ERS units. That means more power overall, which is why they were talking about larger rear tyres???

Speaking of the new engines, does anyone know where there's a loose layman's interpretation of the new engine regulations. Am I right in thinking that the MGUH part of the ERS is effectively a clutched, electric supercharger (for reducing turbo lag)?

2014 Regs: http://argent.fia.com/web/fia-public.nsf/EBD2ABC9403C5610C1257A85005017D1/$FILE/2014_F1_TECHNICAL_REGULATIONS_-_Published_on_20.07.pdf


Hi Roger,

The engine power is unlikely to be too close to this year's cars. The fuel is going to be very similar in terms of chemical energy, but might be tweaked to suit the lower maximum RPM and variations in combustion temperature from the direction injection and the turbo and intercooler. With the fuel pretty much the same, and much less of it being used (the maximum flow rate is capped and less than what the current cars use), the peak power will come down.

With the tyres the thing to think about is torque, not power. Power is a derived quantity (it cannot be directly measured, only calculated). With the capped fuel flow rate and the ERS system, the torque falls away porportionally as the revs rise. It is torque that leads to acceleration and that is what distorts the tyres and in turn heats the tyres. Power is needed to overcome aerodynamic drag and hence defines the top speed.

The total power output may not be as great as this year, but the maximum torque, which is currently in the order of 330 Nm from combined engine and KERS could be more like 500 Nm. Wheelspin control is still down to the driver, so this doesn't necessarily change (it will take more driver talent), but acceleration in general will be greater and the associated torque causes the tyres to distort and heat up more.

The MGHU is a motor-generator attached to the turbo. The turbo is capped at 125,000 rpm so in generator mode the MGHU replaces the wastegate as the way of preventing excess turbo boost. The electric is used to charge the battery/capacitor. Up to 2000 kilojoules of energy can be harvested per lap, the same as the MGUK, to contribute to the 120 kW for 33.3333 seconds per lap (like me, F1 uses metric). The power generated by the MGUH could be used to maintain boost pressure or to drive the car forward via the MGUK.

The throttle mechanism is an area that I'll be interested to no more about. An approach could be to use something similar to BMW's valvetronic (valve timing is used to control air flow) and just not inject fuel to cut power. This potentially eliminates the need for a pop-off valve as the pressurised air goes through the engine. With a throttle plate the pressurised air would try to flow back through the turbo, slowing it down. A pop-off valve can be used. Many modified turbo cars use this to make chuffing sounds, but the air can be vented to the inlet side of the turbo so that the air starts at a greater pressure.

There may be clever ways of controling the inlet air that provide good throttle response without needing to use the MGUH to act as an electric supercharger, allowing the generated electricity to go to the MGUK and drive the car.




It's just a motor/generator coupled to the turbine, they can store the energy when slowing down and then they use it to either add more power to the engine or improve driveability (reduce lag).


Very interesting, especially given the hype around the Merc package.

And then there's reliability...


"And then there’s reliability"

Good point. It took Merc an awful long time to get their current engine reliable.


Yeah Ferrari don't know how to make engines...jeez.


Exactly- there's some crazy posters out there. Even if I don't like Ferrari - there is no denying their ability in this area- though hybrids will be a big challenge !


They certainly do. But they will have to save fuel massively during the race next year, so even if they have the most powerful unit out there, it will be little help if they have to save fuel in the last ten laps, to finish the race.

Renault have always had a bit of an edge when it came to economy, remember...


It wouldn't be funny at all.


It would be hilarious.


Oh, yes it would.


In the formula, things are not always as they seem, and typically aren't.

Many here, like me, will want to see Kimi in the strongest possible challenger for 2014.

The question is, where is that?

As noted in these pages, I would most like to see Kimi going head-to-head against Lewis Hamilton at Mercedes in 2014. Though it doesn't seem like an option, nothing these days seems too far for Mercedes; and by cementing this pairing, both not unduely opposed to strong team mates, Mercedes would be securing the strongest driver line in Formula One, and dare one say, perhaps as strong as the (in)famous Senna-Prost pairing, the strongest of all time!

On the surface, a Kimi move to Ferrari seems fraught with all of the things we've been told that Kimi does NOT like: the highly traditional hierarchical structure, an extremely politisized and politically able team mate, and a team that seems, quite frankly, rudderless.

But they have the dough! So we think.

Lotus is a stark contrast, having been successful, so it would seem, in couching their star in an environment working to Kimi's strengths, and minimizing the distractions.

Review Kimi's time at Lotus, and you'll notice that he diod not come into the team as the de facto NUMBER ONE! In fact, if you saw it as I did, you may have suspected a pro-francais bias, working against him, initially.

That is now gone. The clear number one status has been earned, and all of the naysayers put to pie. There is no doubt, Kimi is back, and he is as strong as any driver currently on the grid!

But the lingering problem of not enough in the kitty, persists, and pervades.

With the loss of the rising design star, Allison, who has seemingly worked magic with the suppoosed limited budget at Lotus, maybe the confidence is gone.

Of course, the prospective head-to-head battle with Alonso is tantalizing, and the victor will undoubtedly come away regarded as the premier driver, regardless of world championships.

My wonderings are, what could be going on, outside of the media spotlight, to make a Ferrari move palitable for Kimi?

Does anyone doubt the expiry on the shelf life of Domenicalli? Certainly he's got to go! And when he does, who?

I believe, therin lies the answer to the riddle, and the confirmation of a Kimi move to Ferrari.

Regardless, I hope that he goes to what turns out to be the strongest machinery for next year.


2013.08.22.15h42 GMT

Kimi called in sick for Thursday media commitments?!?

Could this indicate intense negotiations behind the scenes?


If he really is sick, before Spa, that'd be a real drag.

So, I'm hoping that the reason is intense, behind the scenes negotiation; or is this a public message to Lotus?

The interest in this story will not go away until the 2014 driver line-ups are finalized!

Please list your preferred team outcomes:

1. for Kimi?

2. for Alonso?

3. other?

Foghorn Leghorn

I believe a Kimi - Alonso pairing would prove every bit as potent as a Kimi - Ham partnership and far more intriguing, if only to see Alonso's resonse to his first real top tier team mate since 2007. I sense 'drama', at some point, would be inevitable from Fernando.


Not so sure about the drama from Fernando if Kimi joins Ferrari next year. There is no Ron Dennis to make things complicated 🙂


drama and a carpet-bombing media campaign about how 'difficult' Kimi 'really' is, blah, blah, blah, and Alonso's 'totally understandable' 'frustration' at whatever the Alonso Media Corporation test marketing reveals the fans are most likely to accept.


this suggests to me that there will be an unexpected element in the mix, or maybe more than one... like Domenicalli moving or something. and that may be the element that makes it all work.


Strongest pairing of all time was Kimi-Montoya in Mclaren, both pure racers. Prost -Senna or now possible Alonso-Kimi would be politician against racer.


Yes!!! Politicians with a lot of WDC's.


Prost wasn't political??? Really???


Isn't that what i wrote????




I can not make it easier for you to understand.


I think he wants to win the 2013 title and if he did he would retire.


Unlikely unless they actually want to replace Alonso. They said they'd want to give Massa a few more races, and one (two if you count Monza) more isn't enough. Don't forget 2012. That, and Montezemolo has a big say, and he and Raikkonen don't get along well.


@GA, "unless they actually want to replace Alonso." I have wondered about that. FA took a shot at LdM again today about a Samurai warrior & bravery. Someone who wants to keep their job does not do that, at least not publically. If FA were to be gone...?


I repeat myself when I ask if Alonso is trying to take Santander money to buy the 1st seat at RBR, making Seb their 2nd driver...?


I was to say the same as Elie. RBR does not need money at all.


Elie: regardless of whether they need the money or not, if Alonso came knocking with bag loads of dough, that could push him over the top for a second seat; after all, he is Alonso.


Red Bull don't need anyone's money !- but I like your lateral thinking


Will we see in 2014 Kimi at Ferrari and Alonso at... McLaren again?... I don't believe they wiil fit in the same team and I think McLaren needs a top driver, definitely better than JB or Perez...


I can't see FA at Mclaren again, least ways not so long as MW and RD have a say. I read that MW wanted to sack FA when he tried to blackmail the team during all the spy gate business - there is no love lost there.


Alonso and Button I believe would work incredibly well together...


I think KR and Perez would make excellent teammates. Raikkonen seems to have a great admiration for Perez and his racecraft. Perez could finally end KR's remarkable points finishing streak. (he tried in Monaco, but Raikkonen drove a couple of decent laps to (a) finnish 10th.)


Today, Leo Turrini, an Italian blogger, who is considered the unofficial voice of Ferrari, (and good friend of Domenicali and Di Montezemolo and a big Kimi fan) had lunch with Stefano Domenicali, which they often do. Below is an extract from their lunch today as told by Turrini.

‘The Dom, Kimi and the safety of a great second hand‘

Turrini: “I like a great second hand, you like a great second hand, he likes a great second hand, where’s the problem?“

Domenicali: “There is no problem.” smiling while saying this

Turrini: “Except for the fact that I can stop this blog, after having experienced the greatest satisfaction of my life (the return of Kimi).”

Domenicali: “You don’t stop anything! This is not the beginning of the end, but the end of certain principles and new beginning.”

Turrini: “Right, how do you think Fernando will react to this news?“

Domenicali: “I have no idea…” (doing his best Kimi impersonation from the Renault commercial)



Oh yes - KR is joining Ferrari and Alonso knows nothing about this. Is this a joke?


Nice..But is Kimi the great second hand or is it Fernando :). This suggestion is very cheekily clouded


Dr. Marko did backtrack on his statement regarding the announcement at SPA, so presumably one of two things has happened: talks have resumed between RBR and Kimi, hence the Ferrari link is real since no one wants an Alonso/Kimi line up, or the deal with Ferrari is done and talks between Alonso and RBR have begun in earnest.


Fantastic silly season 🙂


I'm not too keen on Kimi to Ferrari as repeating history is a bit boring. I'd much rather see a Ferrari seat go to Di Resta or Hulkenberg to see how they respond. However if Kimi does go, it could be very interesting at Lotus and Sauber. Will Hulk lose his seat to the Russian or will he be held to his contract (or is it completely void already?)? Who will go to Lotus, Hulk/Di Resta/Another? Will Lotus keep Grosjean?

If Kimi does go I'd live to see Lotus go for a Hulk and Di Resta pairing. It would be great to see them fight it out again in equal and (potentially better) machinery again.


Lol, what makes you think they will go for 2 new drivers


I dont think they will in all honesty. It was just a view if Kimi goes and Grosjean is deemed too much of a gamble to keep on. I think Grosjean is very very fast and very reckless but the safety net of a few million Euros and that occasional brilliance will probably keep him safe, unless the collateral damage he causes is greater than the sponsors cash! How good would it be to see Kobayashi and Grosjean in the same team? They could rake in millions in sponsorship from insurance companies!

Jacke Stewart is an advisor to Lotus isnt he? Might help Paul's case but I think Jackie is too pro to give a tartan vote unless he absolutely thought Paul was the best option. He did say Ferrari should sign Paul last year.


D'oh! Just contradicted myself asking for history to repeat. *winds neck back in*


The trick is to make it sound like you did it on purpose 😉


Monte doesn't like Kimi. He said he doesn't like people turning to work with their briefcase. Probably Monte would have had a vision where Enzo told him to take Kimi.

If Kimi is to join Ferrari, then that also suggests that they don't have enough confidence in Alonso. Will Ferrari give Kimi the same support they are giving Alonso currently?


They'll have to or it won't happen


Hi James, is there any possibility of Raikkonen joining Mclaren? As a fan i still love Mclaren's Raikonen than any other Raikkonen(Lotus, Ferrari)


Funnily McLaren is the best environment for Kimi. Competent people are know what they doing and he is doing his part with all these tools. Drivers are not engineers, they don't develop the car, but they sure can get most out of it if it's build right!


Yes, it is true that drivers don't develop car. But they give feedback. Like Adrian Newey once said: “Kimi and Mika [Hakkinen] have a similar way of reporting on a car’s behaviour. It’s economical in terms of vocabulary — they don’t waste words, let’s put it that way! — but the words they do use are very accurate. If Kimi makes a comment about the car, it’s worth taking notice of that comment, just as it was with Mika.”


It's highly doubtful that McLaren would keep the Telmex cash if it was Button/Kimi next year.


But I strongly suspect Honda will want to keep Button in the team for 2015 - he's reported to be very, very popular in Japan...


That's what in was thinking too- and Button to Ferrari? Why not, his contract isn't that long. It was a bit of a rumour last year, but this year nothing. Also, Rosberg to Ferrari would be interesting...


As a Kimi fan I'm naturally very interested to see what he will do. I would say its a tricky decision.

Its true that the engine will be more of a factor next season than it has been in recent times. Overall power will be important but its not everything.

I think fuel efficiency is probably the most important factor because of thw fuel restrictions.

In the last Turbo era Ferrari's record in that department was bad and it put the team out of contention for the 1988 championship.

Of course Lotus and Red Bull are both powered by Renault so aerodynamics should be the defining factor there. If it appears that the Renault engine can be powerful and fuel efficient with the capacity to use full power for a large proportion of the race, my choice if I was Kimi would be to go to Red Bull, particularly as Ferrari have been behind aerodynamically and Lotus will lose their designer. It will be interesting to see if Kimi thinks the same.


I think reliability could also be the championship decider next year. We have become so accustomed to reliable engines these days its almost a shock when one blows up. You don't need to look back that far though before the engine freeze and restrictions we were having engines blow up left right and centre. Could end up being a tortoise and hare championship!


I'll just add that having said all that I guess it may be Ferrari. Last year Eddie Jordan predicted Hamilton's move to Mercedes and perhaps he will be right again.


If Kimi really is motivated by a move back to Ferrari, then i would speculate that he has some insight about Ferrari's expected performance next year. This could be a positive signal for Ferrari fans. Remember, he just wants a fast car.


This is all games. I doubt that negotiations with Red Bull have ended yet...


I cant substantiate this, but could we well be seeing kimi and alonso swapping seats next year.

To the teams that gave them their only WDC to date


I cannot imagine for 1 minute that Alonso would want Kimi on the team. I am a huge Kimi fan, but my gut says he is at Lotus next year. Tons of fun summer press with his potential move to RB and now Ferrari, but usually "silly season" is called that for a reason.

Brian A Campbell

Ferrari needs a number 2 that consistently brings the car home in one piece and with as many points as is achievable, maximising the results from both cars but concentrating their drivers championship contender clearly behind one horse. Someone also capable with the marketing and press commitments required these days and can articulate and present themselves well, which represents the team well. Paul Di-Resta is an excellent candidate and maybe makes more sense than Raikkonen. Only 1 retirement this season and 2 last season, which is the same as Fernando Alonso.


You've just described Mark Webber to a Tee. Unfortunately he's not available ;)Next best #2 on the grid is Massa and we know that hasn't worked out too well (God bless him). I think Ferrari's only decent option is to review their policy on having a distinct #1 / #2 driver combo and put someone in there who is not only capable of pushing Alonso but is 'allowed' to push Alonso. It's time for the team to move forward and I see this as the best approach. As far as the capability list is concerned, that's open for argument but personally I see Kimi as the prime candidate to fulfill that criteria of the available drivers currently in F1. Backfilling the Lotus seat would prove interesting when you consider their financial situation. Probably a pay driver but that would most likely lead to the team going backwards after such a promising ascension.

Just reflecting for a moment and it seems Merc are in a very good place for next year with their stable/experienced/harmonious line-up all sorted. Add to that the new engine that's touted to be very powerful and they look quite formidable on paper. Lets hope they have good reliability to match.


It's maybe unfair to write DiResta off as a nearly man already. Give him the drive and let him make his own path I say.

The margins between all the drivers in the field are so tight, think of those who nearly became champions; Webber, Massa, Barrachello, Irvine, Coulthard, I'm sure Button isn't in this distinguished list due to the superiority they had that season.

Raikkonen has been shown the door at Ferrari once before and is grasping for a competitive drive for 2014. Never go back is the saying. I'm sure it's for a reason.


Alonso would make a good No.2 to Kimi 😀

Brian A Campbell

Who does number 2 work for? - Austin Powers


DiResta would be a good Barrichello, but he is no superstar.


I think Di Restas comments towards Force India some races ago eliminated him from Ferrari's short list.


Completely disagree. I think everyone in Force India needed that. Look at the pit stop times and they are bottom of the league table. Three consecutive qualifying failures on FI's part just is not good enough for a team that wants to be top of the midfield and they should know it. I also don't think Di Resta's comments were that harsh. Saying "you're joking?" over team radio is not exactly the scalding some people have made it out to be. I get especially annoyed at Gary Anderson exaggerating Di Resta's comments and generally making out that Paul is not a team player in his columns at the BBC. I'd have done the exactly the same as him if my employer was banging on about ambition and then repeatedly acting like amateurs.It showed me that Paul is switched on and extremely driven unlike Sutil who appears happy to cruise through his career.

On top of all of this I think it shows that Di Resta would happily do the majority of testing and technical work that Alonso avoided in pre-season. Im 100% confident that Di Resta would be a great fit with Alonso and would consistently pull in big points, maybe not lots of wins but plenty. I thinking in the Eddie Irvine/Jenson Button mould here - someone who keeps the bar consistently high.

Brian A Campbell

Unfortunately I believe Force India's window of opportunity has passed this season. The tyre construction change appear to have hit them harder than most. They had good opportunities for podiums, they blew it.

Hopefully though Di Resta's performances have not been un-noticed. I imagine that the amount of overtaking that he has managed this year will be similar to that of Perez last year though I do fear that missing a podium leaves his performance so far, out of the spotlight. Such a shame.

I think he would do very well at the front of the field, if he can get a team that can get him there.


RE: Brian - FI have been repeatedly making silly mistakes since they morphed out of Jordan. I think its fair to voice frustration in public if the team are not addressing what has been discussed behind closed doors.


You've missed a few steps there

Jordan>Midland>Spyker>Force India

As FI they have raised their game tremendously, compared to the end of Jordan and the interim steps


I think that there is a public battle and a private one. Alonso was always good (until recently) in trying to pull the team together with public messages of support. Di Resta has been perhaps setting a tone that some of the team aren't good enough. That may have some substance but it is counter productive to slate the team in public.

Behind closed doors he will get more done speaking to the right people about it. Press are not in HR.


Very true, he needs to show that he can learn from his mistakes here regardless of the frustrations. I would have used Alonso as an example until Turkey!


Any of the top teams that hires Kimi will have the strongest driver line-up in F1 in my opinion. And that would be a real "top-dog" statement.Ferrari certainly need to change something to raise their game. Mercedes have collected almost all top technical people over the years so from this point of view its difficult to gain advantage against competitors. Having an Alonso/Raikkonen pairing would may cause some more thinking to do, but if any of them is not on form or has setup problems etc. the other one can still do the business. Besides having Raikkonen in your own team is one less problem as he is always there.

I would seriously consider a Raikkonen/Alonso, Raikkonen/Vettel team, not to mention the marketing benefits. As for Kimi, privately he is divorcing and can lose some of his fortune in th near future...


This is now turning out to be VERY interesting, when apparently the talks between Robertson and RBR have opened up again....I believe this indeed means that the negotiations with Ferrari were real and Red Bull considered that it's better to have Kimi with them than to have Alonso-Kimi on Ferrari against them

Anyways I think Kimi now has the ball and whichever he chooses either Red Bull or Ferrari will have the strongest driver lineup for 2014


The post by JA says it all, really. When Ferrari had a strong driver pairing, they won the WDC and the WCC, narrowly missing the WDC in 2008. MS has admitted making a mistake in 2008, advising the team to develop the car towards Massa instead of sorting out Kimi 's suspension issue.

They've seen what he can do in a Lotus, LDM and ALO are not getting on and Massa is not the driver he was before his accident.

It will work this time. Kimi's unlikely to kick up a fuss if Fred is faster and it's unlikely that Fred'll be slower until Kimi finds his feet.

But Macro 's latest comments make me think that Fred might be the one going to Red Bull. Robertson said Kimi wasn't going to Red Bull...


What other "insiders" also say - is that it's not LdM who Kimi didn't get on with in Ferrari - it's Mr. Schumacher himself


ferrari is still a driver's magnet.

it is like that beautiful woman, no man can resist, even if he knows, is going to ruin his life.


Yes but once that beautiful woman publically rejects you- she becomes just another floozy !- You will take her back but only on your terms and she is prepared to face the public humility for her unfaithfulness- this is where Ferrari are atm. 🙂


some wise men can....:-)


Sad, but I'm just like Testgate.


Anyone see Hulkenburg in a Lotus if Kimi leaves? Can't see them promoting RG to no one driver!!


Well, now we have Eddie Jordan's take. So we know there are legs with this.

Ferrari look like they are joining the 21st Century. The Schumacher strategy doesn't work anymore. In that time, Ferrari could put world-beating cars out there with Schumacher and play the 1-2 driver game while being nearly assured of winning the championship that pays them money- the Constructor's Championship. Nowadays, there is absolutely no guarantee that Ferrari will put out the best car year-to-year with as many as four other teams (Merc, Red Bull, McLaren, and Lotus) being able to do the same, so they need two drivers in the car who will squeeze every bit of performance out of it and help the team win the money that comes with a Constructor's Championship- or at least finishing as high as possible. If you need evidence for why it is so important that Ferrari sign Kimi, look no further than last season. In a year that was often a lottery in terms of who would have the quickest car and get the tires working the best, Ferrari lost the Constructor's Championship by 60 points- 60 points that were almost certainly lost because Massa was not getting as much out of the car as other drivers on the grid could. Even in his first year back last year with a little rust from two years away, I think it's safe to say that Kimi would have gotten those extra 60 points in the Ferrari and then some. Right now, Mercedes has a car that has been much more problematic than this year's Ferrari (no matter if it has a one-lap pace advantage, as it's not much use to have that if the tires go over the cliff 4-5 laps before the competition's), but they have two drivers in the car who are getting the most out of it- which is why they are ahead of Ferrari in the Championship.

Ferrari can't play the Schumacher game anymore simply because it's not good for business.


Fernando is not as fast as Schumacher used to be, though. With a faster driver like Vettel in the main seat the Ferrari/Schumacher strategy could work their magic again.


Indeed Vettel is able to win with a car which is not capable of winning but Alonso is not? Great insight. Ferdando is definetely not as fast as Schumacher used to be - it's Schumacher who decided to retire after winning 2005-2006 titles?






Yes... a team order that was given to Vettel to hold his position and not pass Webber, which he disobeyed. Webber also has been given orders before that he has disobeyed. So it would seem that not only do Red Bull allow their drivers to compete (which they do), but they also give them equal punishments when they disobey team orders... which is to say, no punishment at all.

Despite all of the talk about Red Bull favoring Vettel, they have always let Webber race him and try to beat him. The problem is that, outside of 2010, he hasn't been consistently quick enough to beat him. So really, the fact that he hasn't beaten Vettel comes down to him. But still, Webber has given Seb a lot of pressure the last four years, which is what you want to see from him.


Vettel actually made life hard for himself when he spun himself around. Kimi went off track just prior to avoid the clown.


Thank you! So many people seem to willfully look past Webber's own instances of disobeying team orders and his penchant for making Vettel's life needlessly hard (e.g. Brazil 2012). Both of these guys are "guilty" of the same crimes... just many choose to see only one side. You got it spot-on IMO.


That is exactly why the fans like RBR's racing attitude. Now compare this to Ferrari's antics who seem to subdue the second driver when he beats their #1 (Fernando is faster than you, gearbox seal etc).


Schumacher game is still good but you need a very fast car to play it. Look at RBR


RBR doesn't play the Schumacher game. They have always let Webber compete with Vettel on pace, and he has often come out on top. He almost won the world championship in 2010. Webber's problem isn't that he's been held back by the team, it's that he hasn't been consistently quick enough to beat Vettel. If there was another driver who would have been, Red Bull would have allowed them to beat him.




According to what some insiders say (ex. G. Anderson), they will always make their cars suitable for Vettel's driving style


If Raikkonen goes to Ferrari that would be a sign of weakness and panic in the team. Alonso is an enormous talent and ego and is contracted for next year.

Do they really fear he will jump ship? If they do then there is a serious problem in that team, and if Raikkonen's ego and temperament stepped into such a situation I suspect there would be fireworks.

There is no reason to believe that the Ferrari team will find Raikkonen any more comfortable than during his last stretch there. Any weakness in team performance will exacerbate any stress and the Iceman really doesn't fit into the culture and temperament of an Italian team at all well.

So if they take him they are definitely in an organisational and psychological mess of uncertainty and would seem likely to lose Alonso or Raikkonen at the end of 2014.

Or both.

Alonso is the better of the two as a driver and his contract I believe ends before the 2015 season. The arrival of Raikkonen is likely to be perceived as a threat after the silly season performance of Montezemelo. And that adds more vitriol into the mix.

Not the best was to rediscover winning ways.


How wrong could you be- it is well known everyone in the Ferrari team like Kimi and often talk to him even now- only Montezemolo had an issue, but people can put those aside for business - because that's why they terminated his contract. Kimi loves the team culture at Ferrari and they actually appreciate the fact he does not rubbish the team publically (even after what they did publically abou him in 2009) as that idiot Fernando.

Kimi is currently ahead of Fernando in a team with 1/3 the budget of Ferrari - so who do you honestly think is the better driver. Kimi has finished 27 races in the points- who else has done that ??. Kimi wins races on tyres much older than everyone whilst setting fastest laps-his engineers were astonished at Melb when he broke traction only twice during the whole race and that circuit was slightly damp to - in cold conditions. He is far more talented than most casual observers will ever know


Lets see:


Fernando - Kimi 2 - 1


Fernando - Kimi 32 - 20

Poles Fernando - Kimi 22 - 16

Kimi is good, but Fernando is a better qualifier and racing driver.


Elie, thanks for Your response. I see you're an avid Kimi fan and I appreciate that. In response to your arguments I have to say, claiming that Alonso was in better teams than Kimi only underlines that Alonso is a better driver, because he got better cars. The cream always rises to the top. On the claim that Kimi could have had 3 titles instead of one I reckon you can make such a claim for other drivers as well. Take for example Michael Schumacher. He lost the 97 and the 98 titles in the last race. The 2006 title as well. And he lost the chance for the 99 title because of the Silverstone accident. So with better luck Kimi could have been a 3 time WDC and Michael could have been a 11 time WDC. But in reality Kimi is a WDC and Michael is a 7 times WDC. See my point? I really like Kimi, but to claim he Is better than Alonso, or Vettel for that matter, does not seem logical to me. As much as I like Kimi, I rather doubt that he is on the same level as Alonso or Vettel.


Lets see How many break downs did the Renault works team have between 2003-6. Without mechanical failure Kimi would have taken 2003 from MS (only 16 points?) Kimi won7 races in 2005 and had 3 engine failures in lead positions& still only lost by 2 points! from FA that would make it 3wdc to Kimi, -1 to FA ,6 for MS.

Kimi has been out of formula 1 for 2 years. He is with a €120m team not a €300m+manufacturer. His best years at Maclaren were riddled with mechanical failures. This is evident now a Lotus where he is often out performing guys at Ferrari and Red Bull. - and just one more for the road !. Kimi has won in Ferrari and Fernando hasn't- eaxactly the same team.! Whereas Renault were much bigger in05/6.

Kimi was untouchable in Quali at Mclaren and he is still out qualifying Fernando in 2013

Also the last time I looked Kimi was ahead on the Drivers championship. Fernando is a great driver in a great team and car, Kimi is better in any team and any car

Your Welcome!


Fernando's contract runs till 2016.


His contract doesn't save him the seat when the going gets tough, as seen with Arnoux, Prost and Räikkönen.


What else do you propose then?


This just in: Sources close to Ferrari say Raikkonen's contract with the team covers 2+1 years. It's currently unknown if it will be announced as a two or three year contract. The timing of the announcement remains to be seen, but it may not be in Monza due to some contractual details. In any case, it doesn't have anything to do with the contract, which has already been signed.


" it may not be in Monza due to some contractual details. In any case, it doesn’t have anything to do with the contract, "

Some contractual details that have nothing to do with the contract? 😀


You got a link?


There isn't much more to add to what I already wrote:

- 2+1 year contract

- optional year's terms are unknown

- announcement may come in Monza, but maybe later = the source doesn't know

- the source says that the contract is indeed signed

This site (suomif1.com) and the journalist (@PekkaFranck) were the first in the world to tell about the contract on 1st August, followed closely by Sport Bild. After the "Ferrari says no foundation" news a couple of days ago, Pekka Franck stood behind his word and repeated that there is a signed conract. Now this is the third time he writes that there is a contract indeed. He's certainly put his credibility on line.


I am not a native speaker of Finnish nor of English, but I gave it a try anyway.


By @PekkaFrank

Speculations about Kimi Raikkonen and team Ferrari has been an on-going hot topic since the Suomif1 site on August 1 as the first site in the world could reveal that the Finn had already signed a contract with Ferrari.

Lately the majority of pundits have started to believe that we actually are going to see Kimi behind the wheel in a red car in 2014. The discussion has merely been about the length of the deal and when it is going to be announced.

- The deal is for two with an option for a third year. It is still unclear if the deal will be announced as a two-year deal or a three-year one. My guess is that Ferrari will announce it as a two-year deal, although it is in fact 2+1 as told to us by a source close to Ferrari.

In the world of Formula One an option could mean many different things. Usually a team either string an option year to a driver’s success or then a driver only takes up his option if the team have been able to show their competitiveness during the first part of the deal. On the other hand, an option could also be something that just one of the sides can decide on.

The most logical moment for the announcement of the deal would be at Ferrari’s home GP at Monza on September 6-8. However, the “Iceman” has often shown that the logical choice is not always the one chosen. Perhaps not this time either?

- Last time his deal with Ferrari was announced in Monza, but now this might not be the case.” I have been told that the delay is due to contractual details of technical character of which I do not know more about,” our source has told us.

- Anyway, the deal is already signed.

Pekka Franck (Twitter @PekkaFranck)


This is a mystery.

I cannot see Alonso and Kimi together. Alonso will not take it.

Therefore does this mean that Alonso may actually be going to red bull?

Or is this Kimi's way of putting pressure on red bull?

The one thing I am certain of is that kimi will not be alongside Alonso next year. I hope I am wrong though because that will be fireworks!!


You can't see Kimi and Alonso together? But you can see Alonso willingly joining Vettels team?

The clue with Ferrari/LdM and Alonso was spelt out last year.

When Alonso has won a championship with Ferrari, only then will he have an input to the teams choice of driver.

LdM is boss, not any employee who forgets there is no I in team!


It really is simple. Alonso would expect no1 at Ferrari because of what he feels he has added to the team since 2010. If they hire Kimi he would feel he has been undermined.

He would go to red bull though and face Vettel because he has no choice after falling out with Ferrari and also because red bull is a better car.


James, do you think these recent rumours about Kimi are exactly want Ferrari want so they can show Alonso who is really in charge after his recent outburst? I suspect they want him to know that they can easily give him a teammate who put him under a lot more pressure if they choose to


You act like LdM is some kind of vindictive child. Don't you think it's more likely he's a professional who wants the team to have the best drivers they can get?

Also, Alonso's "outburst" came after the surge of Kimi rumors. The explosion of Kimi rumors was 3 days prior.


Exactly! Well said


Ferrari pay several millions to get rid of Kimi, now they might want him back which obviously means paying him a few million. add to the fact he's older and possibly past his peak, it should be no surprise that Ferrari have failed to win a title in years.


Ohh yeah.. (NOT!) .He's been the most consistently quick driver of the sport in his lifetime and he has lifted Lotus from of the doldrums. Fighting his way back at Monaco passing 2 cars on the final lap (5cars in 5 laps) alone just to get 10th place and one point for his team !- if I were a team principal I wouldn't trade him for any driver in the paddock- the fact he's had no less than 3 offers from top teams should tell you something.

One can only imagine what the record book would have looked like if he had a reliable car during his mclaren years !


I use the word probably because nobody knows the 100% truth.

ok, I think he's past his best but that doesn't mean I can't rate him highly still. at his peak I believe he was untouchable, the best driver in f1, right now I think he's superb but not the best.

clearly you think he's past his best too as you admit his qualifying isn't up to his standards 8 years ago. as for your other comments I think they're fanciful so I can't comment on them, sorry.


what a surprise, another sarcastic reply. please read my reply to Adrian newey jr above.

you're missing my point too, I rate kimi very highly, i'm questioning Ferrari's decision making and remember he was sacked because massa was out performing him.

red bull haven't signed him, maybe that should tell you something.

if massa's engine didn't fail in hungary 2008 records would show he was world champion with kimi 3rd. if's and but's mean nothing.


Perhaps RBR's reason not to sign Kimi is not his lack of performance but the amount of the money he wants.


You rate Kimi very highly and you say he's" probably past it"- Either he is or he isn't and if you not sure it means you Certainly think he is !!-it's is well known and well documented now that he was sacked because of the Santander money coming with Alonso. His performance compared to Massa was as a result of Michael Schumacher - still very heavily involved in Ferrari- ensured the car was set up the way that suited Felipe. Karma is incredible when such blatant lies and media stories were displaced in 2009. Look at the trauma that befell Felipe and look at Ferraris situation since !- sticking by a stupid protocols left by the legacy of MS that does not work now. This is an opportunity for them to "set things right ", but many doubt they will sign him as it will suggest they made a big mistake. Alot of what you call "sarcastic" comments from people here who "know" what is going on.

I don't listen to those morons at Skysports- they are just the fun crowd out to spread some banter and talk sh...I don't rate their opinion at all given that very few of them rated Kimi a chance at his return- quite to the contrary.!

It is fair to say Kimi is not quiet as quick in quali as he was 8 years ago- but then he was easily the fastest driver on the planet & to be down 1-2/10s is hardly slow.However his race pace is still epic and he is still a remarkably talented driver with more to offer than just about everyone.

Adrian Newey Jnr

Funny how you claim that the driver who is 2nd in the points in an inferior car and who has a near perfect finishing record is "past it". Your standards in life must be pretty high!


How is the Lotus car inferior? In this tyre dependent F1 era, its stellar tyre management that allows it to make one less pitstop without adversely affecting its pace makes it a very superior car indeed!


if you read my statement properly you would've noticed I used the word 'possibly'. the reason I used it is because I'm not sure kimi's qualifying ability is as strong as it was in his McLaren years. also, sky presenter Anthony Davidson said he believes, although he's performed superbly, kimi isn't quite as fast as he was back in his McLaren days and many agree.

maybe i'm wrong and maybe ant is too, that is why I used the word 'possibly'.

why are there so many sarcastic replies on this website?


Hold it.

Many reports going around of a 'last ditch' attempt for Kimi by RB !! This ain't over yet.


Kimi going to Ferrari is a positive sign on Ferrari's prospects engine-wise. I hardly think he would go there without confidence that they will be competitive. Otherwise, he would be going to Red Bull.


Kimi to Ferrari would really make me super happy. I am a Ferrari fan, but not an Alonso fan.He is super good as a driver, but not the best personality. Alonso and Vettel are very similar and I do not like them both. Kimi is a different story....I always liked him and it was a great year when he took the title for Ferrari. I really want to have him back....so that I could get a new t-shirt:-)


This made me laugh mate!!, I think we all would like a new t-shirt for next year...


There is conflicting reports in the media. Looks like Kimi is not totally out of RBR radar.

In the meantime, Alonso's latest twitter message is intriguing. Is he heading towards Milton Keynes?


Can't see "der Wunderkind" being too happy to have the Ferdinator on the other side of the garage...


So what? RBR will do what is the best for them, regardless of what their drivers want.


Multi 21?


Although I don't think Kimi will go to the Scuderia I do think Ferrari will have the best chassis negating any small engine advantage ( if any) Mercedes has.The expertise and know how of Allison and Byrne will be the thing that I think will win the championship for a Ferrari driver next year.


I agree that the F2012 and F138 have overall been very close if not quite equal to the Red Bulls the last couple seasons. Indeed they have clearly been the best car in many races.

However, your prediction is pretty bold considering they haven't won since 2007. That's be 6 years.


James a free copy of your book, says alonso drives for redbull next season, if I'm wrong i will donate the equivalent amount of money to your chosen charity. I'm feeling confident on this one.

Ps great site as always


I want in on that..I will bet you a JA book if you do the same !


Not that I believe a word of what Marko says but,

"What we will do will be the best for the team, in the medium term," said team owner Dietrich Mateschitz's right-hand man.

If Kimi is out of the running this comment may also mark the end of Ricciardo and Vengne's chances as you would have to view them as a long term proposition.

Alonso would have to be concerned that Ferrari don't normally build 6 cylinder turbo's and that Ferrari's development has not kept pace with other teams.

Good Luck Jamie.


I look forward to reading it 🙂


I see it like this

Alonso has lost patience with Ferrari and wants to go to Red Bull. His twitter post is well weird

Kimi will go to Ferrari for 2 years

Lewis will go to Ferrari in 2016

Vettel will join Mercedes in 2016

this sounds as reasonable as all the recent rumours


Ferrari doesn't want hamilton, they want Vettel. Don't forget that.


They may want Vettel but I think Mercedes will want him more for obvious reasons. If Mercedes are the force in the next couple of seasons that everyone expects I don't think Ferrari will have a look in


Actually I can see Vettel driving for McLaren-Honda in 2016, replacing Button. After a career with Renault engines he'll want to see what it's like to have the most powerful engine for a change.


You would be taking a big risk to join a new engine programme

Plus his contract with RBR us now to end 2015


Very good long shot..I agree with Vettel to Mercedes for sure..Not sure about Hami to Ferrari

Mike from Colombia

Hamilton to Ferrari will be a step too far for many Italian " fans [mod].

There would be just too much pressure placed on him and the Ferrari management for them to take the risk.


If Vettel goes to Mercedes I don't see Ferrari having any choice if they want a top driver . likewise Lewis won't have many options apart from Mclaren Honda and then only if Ron could could bring himself to take him back


Ferrari need to sweeten the deal with an ice cream.

Adrian Newey Jnr

Italian Gelato is the best, especially Fatamorgana!


I fully agree with you....nothing better than Italian Gelato...I had to do it 4 times per day for 2 weeks when I was there:-)


This is great, it's silly season alright. You couldn't make it up. I think Kimi's manager has played a blinder here, putting him in a position to choose between two top teams. That being said, I sincerely look forward to the 2nd half of the season and having fresh racing results to discuss.


Surely it's his manager rather than Kimi, right? I mean, he's only been the biggest sensation in F1 the last 2 years, currently stands #2 in the WDC at the wheel of a car that's not a Red Bull, Ferrari, Mercedes or McL, and is beating his teammate by widest margin of anyone in F1.

Nah, couldn't be the driver. Must be the driver's manager 😉


Oh you know what I mean. Absolutely Kimi has been excellent since his return, his driving has meant any top team considers him an asset. What I was referring too is his managers' handling of the negotiations. Dropping lines here and there, giving all us comment posters (and possibly other teams) so much to speculate about.:D


Kimi's manager has certainly kept Kimi's name in the spotlight with all these "negotiations". Must be good for negotiating Kimi's endorsement contracts.


Fernando and Kimi driving the same car - mouth watering stuff. Just the idea of it gives me goosebumps.

Logic says if Ferrari want to win constructors then Kimi is their best bet but this is F1, the probability of the logic working is same as the probability of Felipe winning drivers championship this year.


Eddie Jordan may have been right about Hamilton last year but he does also come out with a high amount of rubbish on race weekends so I wouldn't take his word too highly.

Still, I'm hoping Kimi does actually move to either Red Bull or Ferrari, though Ferrari may not be such a good idea.


EJ only said Kimi "WANTS" to go to Ferrari. Who doesn't?


It would be absolutely awesome to see Fernando versus Kimi is the same car! I mean its the age-old question actually answered; who is the best driver of their generation.


Hamilton. Very simple.


Hamilton is the purest on raw pace, but I think Alonso and Kimi are ahead in racecraft.


Alonso is better in witchcraft:-)


Robertson is certainly keeping Kimi at the top of the headlines and on the minds of most people involved with Formula One.

And theerfore continuing to increase the marketability/value of his client.

Good job, Steve!

This entire media engineering has been a show in and of itself, but it has just started to become boring.

I can hardly wait for the first practice at Spa!


What makes you say it is Steve rather than Kimi's driving?

Thomas in Adelaide

Because there hasn't been a race in a month and everyone is talking about Kimi....

Dean wasn't insulting Kimi. Merely pointing out that his manager is doing his job well.


Maybe Ferrari are about to out machiavelli Fernando and hire Kimi. FA recent comments clearly didn't go down well and Darren Heath's latest blog is well worth reading regarding FA:


Still prefer to see Kimi in a RedBull though...


Doe anyone else think that the delay in Red Bull's announcement is because they are discussing the position with Alonso? Hence, Alonso to Red Bull and Kimi to Ferrari to partner Massa again?


Don’t fall for it, iceMan –

Lucre diM just wants to punish Fernando for mouthing off.

. . . and if you do, be like Niki L. and don’t take any cr*p from the boss.


Be a kick up the rear end for Alonso to have a competitive team mate, read somewhere that Alonso doesn't get the best out of the car in Qualifying. yes he does great in the race, but if he qualified better, wonder where he would be in the race results.

Having Kimi over there will be that push, and with those two drivers in the same time, you have to let them race to a certain point, and let them get the best out of each other.

Heck look at Massa in 2008 after Kimi won the title in his first year at Ferrari.

Do it Kimi and Ferrari. DO IT.


"BBC F1 chief analyst Eddie Jordan"

The stopped clock of F1 journalism. Nothing to see here.


The shirts, man . . .

What about the shirts . . ?


OK, so now we are in the real silly season, big time.

Drivers want the best package under them to get the most wins & titles, as there career in F1 is not that long.

The Joker in the pack is still Fernando. He has been making a number of comments about his car, well before been told off by Ferrari.

A lot has been said that he wants a third title before leaving the Sport, and the way that Ferrari is going, that doesn’t really look likely to happen for him. If the rumours are correct about the proposed power plant, from Ferrari, been in “third” place, then he knows next year is going to be a real struggle – again....time is slipping away for that third title he really wants.

So what would happen if Renault who are not happy with their level of exposure in the sport right now, and if gossip & rumours are correct, then what would be the outcome if they took over the title sponsorship of the Enstone team. They would put money into it, and there present would also make sure that they clean up the sponsorship layout mess they currently have on the car now. Like what we think Honda are doing or going to do with McLaren. Add in the amount that Bernie would be paying for where they have finished in the last couple of years, and soon that big black hole in the finance starts to look small or manageable. Plus with Renault in as title sponsor other companies would follow in, on the back of the Renault name.

Now if we follow where we think Kimi will end up – been Ferrari, then one could assume that Fernando will not be a happy bunny, and look to either throw his toys out of the pram, or revert back to form and all the dirty tricks that went with it, or actually engineer his own leaving of Ferrari for Enstone. He could take Santander with him.

One other thing to remember, Santander has to find a shed load of money to beef up its balance sheet to bring it in line with the new EU capital rules. They have been selling off overseas assets and that has worked, but reducing their own exposure – sponsorship they have with Ferrari would also help a lot. A new package at Enstone would be a lot cheaper than the current one they have at Ferrari. Times are tough right now, and Ferrari– Fiat has some cash, so there lose would not harm the team to much.

So maybe what might happen is that yes Ferrari sign up Kimi, which in turn pushes Fernando to reassess his own position within the team, and jumps to Enstone, knowing that Renault are coming back as title sponsors of the team, and that he can bring along Santander as additional sponsorship package. Most of the 2014 car is or has been designed, ready to be signed off and construction of the chassis started, as test’s start in January. Therefore James Allison before he left would have done maybe around 80% of the design work or more, and that they will have Renault power, so that at least puts Fernando in with a striking chance of a few wins.

Worth a punt maybe...

A wild card out of all of this is the Venezuelan money at Williams. Still worried about Maldonado comments that he wants to stay at Williams. So what is that all about? One would think his seat is safe, and there is no word that the Venezuelan money is leaving Williams’ or the sport.

The team is not talking him up but Bottas, so could that seat be up, or the sponsorship moving to another team, without Maldonado? Plus they have Mercedes Power for 2014.


Even though many of the guys disagree, Maldonado's comments were a smoke divertion, to hide some behind the scenes takks abiut him movint to Ferrari. He will a great No 2, no problem to follow team orders, an get along witg FA. Ah......he is very quick driving


It just might be that Williams is talking Bottas up in order to secure for him a seat with another team in F1. He may not be, because of money, in their plans for 2014. I certainly hope not, because Bottas is the best prospect to come to F1, after Vettel.


If they are thinking of “farming out” Bottas for a few years under contract and then bring him back when they think they might have a suitable chassis / car package to suit his talents might be counterproductive. They could of course sell on his contract, which is what Eddie Jordon did a number of times to make money for the team. Thereby talking him up now.

As for Maldonado looking at Ferrari with regards to the number 2 seat. That would be interesting, only if say Fernando moved to Enstone and they (Ferrari) signed up Kimi. I doubt there is much need to sell Ferrari’s in Venezuela, but of course Fiat and there smaller Cars & Trucks could go down well there. There is of course the government money could also move with him. That would fill in the cap, if Fernando took the Banks money with him to Enstone.

It would not really work, as Maldonado is not part of the Ferrari driver’s academy.

One could also speculate that if Kimi goes to Ferrari, then Fernando leaves taking with him the Santander sponsorship to Enstone. Add in the Renault title sponsorship package, plus whatever Bernie shells out for the last couple of years finishes in the Championship, and the Black hole is slowly getting smaller. Now factor in Maldonado moving with his government package also to Enstone, as they wish to have a much higher profile in the global sports, and that black hole is nearly closed.

Worth thinking about, given what is happen or not at Williams right now.

Enstone needs money, and in the end simply can’t afford what Kimi and his team demand. But if Renault came back, and preferred Alonso, rather than Kimi, then a lot of other things could fall into place pretty quickly. Renault need to get there name back up on the global stage and this could be a simple & easy way to do it.

Adrian Newey Jnr

James - given your knowledge of Kimi, what motivates him most? It can't be financial, given the Ferrari settlement, and the relatively low salary he took to come back with Lotus. Therefore the games being played seem strange when the ultimate prize is a seat at the best team in the past 5-6 years? If Kimi is truly motivated by winning alone, then I wonder what is holding up a deal?


At this stage of his career I'd say being able to compete

It was a wise move to come back with Lotus as the car has been competitive enough to win a crew tines and score regular podiums


Food for thought - translated from Italian - Monty's interview yesterday.

Maranello - "When I arrived at the hospital in Mannheim, one Sunday, August 1, 1976, I felt the fear that is not going to make it in the faces of the doctors, but he did not give up and forty days later he was back on track." Ferrari president Luca Cordero di Montezemolo said in an interview with "Chi", the years of the triumphs of Niki Lauda in Ferrari brought to the big screen in the film "Rush" by Ron Howard, due out in September. Recalling the tragic accident of the Austrian driver August 1, 1976 and misunderstandings that led to the exit of Lauda from Ferrari after winning the second world title, Montezemolo said: "In Formula One you can never let your guard down, and so we had already thought about the future, the possibility of a stable without Lauda, Reutemann engaging. It was difficult to explain to Niki this choice, but the interests of the Ferrari, then as now, were always before those of the pilots, whoever they were. "


Kimi say his goal is always WDC.

Obviously Allison 's move has something to do with it.

Don't underestimate Kimi. He's a guy that always admit his mistake and never exaggerate when he does well and people thought he's not that good because of that. Especially those that wrote him off in qualifying.

Turbo era going to suit Kimi's micro input - macro output driving style. Part of the reason why Top teams are interested in Kimi.


With all these latest rumour going around, I can't imagine how awful Riccardo feeling now ......

Who knows Alonso may get his birthday wish after all .. somebody else's car


I have been sacked and rehired before. When you realize that it’s not personal but just plain business, you maintain good relations as you may one day work with them again. Those of you that work in a corporate environment will probably know what I’m on about.

I've seen numerous pics of Kimi and Domencali getting on very well together in the paddock. Doesn't mean much other than Kimi maintained good relations with the people who count. Monty's the obvious sticking point but his recent put down of Alonso where he offered, "the team must always come first" is very telling. What better way to prove to all and sundry (especially Alonso) that even the CEO is prepared to put his ego to one side for the good of the company and rehire Kimi?

Also, when you consider that Lotus 2014 may be less effective with Allison returning to Ferrari – a place where his sizeable salary demands will be paid on time, then I can’t see why a reunion isn’t possible.

I also think that Kimi would relish the challenge of pitting himself against Alonso with a ‘get that up ya Monty!’ thrown in as well.


Interesting perspective. And a very mature and sensible attitude to good relations. I think you are ahead on the evolutionary curve! Perhaps the world will be a nicer place 10 generations from now.


Domenicali has always been very open about the fact that he likes Kimi very much (to the degree that earlier this year he said his dream team would be Fernando and Kimi). It's only the relationship between Kimi and Luca that is strained.


It might be best for Kimi to stick with Lotus. I mean, he's already been with Ferrari and it didn't work out, and it's not like a lot has changed at the top since they parted ways: LdM and Domenicalli are still in-charge. Plus, it's important to take note that when Kimi won the title in 2007 Todt was still running the team - Ferrari (and Kimi) started to slide when Todt was ejected in favour of Domenicalli and at the same time, LdM increased his stake at the team.

Also, I think at this point, Fernando has made Ferrari too much HIS team. And part of the reason Kimi couldn't really settle during his time w/ the Scuderia was bec. Michael Schumacher never really left and Ferrari was still very much his team; people still looked to him for direction and Kimi couldn't do much (or maybe care that much) about it.

Ferrari has proven in the past (even McLaren via Mika-DC) that championships are best won when one driver is more superior than the other, and the less superior driver always capable of being close enough ready to mop up the left overs. That's why Rubens Barrichello worked and Eddie Irvine (too slow) didn't, and that's why Raikkonen and (an in-form) Massa worked in 2007 and in 2008, albeit vice versa during the latter year. I think what it would be better if Ferrari looked to the likes of Sutil, di Resta, Hulkenberg, Bottas and maybe even Bianchi or Perez instead. They look fast and consistent enough to be right up there with Alonso at the sharp end, but not quite/yet that fast and/or consistent to impede him.


I think at least the Hulk would be fast enough to impede Fernando. And don't forget Fernando is getting older while the Hulk is still improving. Alonso/Hulk would be the perfect choice for me. Only Alonso/Vettel would be better.


When Steve Robertson walks out of a team carrying a Magnum and a toilet role..we will know where the deal is at !


Good one:-)

Daniel Aquilina

I wanna get one thing clear. I only support Ferrari because I support Felipe Massa. If Felipe went to Caterham or Marussia next year I would support one of those two teams. However Massa made it clear last year that he would retire from F1 if he couldn't be in a top-line car or more to the point a Ferrari powered car. Deep down I would love to see him depart the team and be somewhat of a free driver but I can see him leaving the sport if he doesn't stay with the Scuderia. I can imagine him being in a Lotus though, I always have. If I remember correctly he was meant to move there in 2007 when his Ferrari gig was originally meant to only be one year. In all honesty I don't care what happens with the driver line up, I do prefer Kimi over Fernando but we are just gonna have to wait and see what unfolds.


Don't you just love the silly season!

Why would Kimi stay at Lotus who have fallen short of providing him with a car capable of taking the championship and now with James Allison gone to Ferrari?

Hard to see Alonso accepting Kimi as a team-mate and dividing the Ferrari effort when they have yet to provide one driver with a championship challenging car.

Despite their poor season surely McLaren with Honda engines on the horizon and where Whitmarsh is now in charge and Perez has underperformed is a better bet?

Button and Kimi - now that would be one of the strongest points scoring combinations on the grid.


I would not be surprised to see Kimi take a 1 year contract with any of his choices, with a look toward McLaren/Honda in 2015.


James, do you think there is any chance of Kimi moving to Mclaren for 2014? I'm not sure JB is contracted.


Plus I assume Perez is only on a 1 year deal as he is unproven.


Perez is on a multi-year deal, he is bringing Mexican sponsors when Vodafone leaves at the end of this year.


So the rumours about his Mexican sponsors are not true? I though that was the reason McLaren hired him, since they will need money when Vodafone leaves.


I hear its a one year deal


He is contracted until the end of 2014.

But contracts...


I don't care if Kimi goes to Ferrari or Alonso goes to RedBull, I just want to see top drivers in the same team for the good of the sport.


I've never had the privilege to see one, but the way I understand it, many top drivers have an out-clause in their contract that allows them to walk if the team hires another top driver.

We saw it happen with Williams in the 90's when first Mansell and then Prost walked away with the World Drivers Champion trophy tucked under their arm. (Along with the No. 1 plate. Who'd want to be a nothing?)

Wouldn't Fernando have a list of drivers in his contract who he would/wouldn't allow?


Do you know what would be truly awful after all this? If Kimi stays at Lotus. It'd be great to see two WDC's in the same team, whoever they are!

Make sure it happens, Bernie! It'll be good for the ratings! :p


Either he's trying get more money from Red Bull and the Ferrari rumour is helping or he's indeed going to Ferrari. Can Ferrari afford having Kimi Raikkonen in Red Bull, probably not.


James, do you know what the philosophy was behind hiring Alonso to begin with? Were they after a team leader in the vain of Schumacher in terms of leading development or were they after a more traditional relationship with less development input from the driver.

If it was the former, perhaps Ferrari should be a tad more patient as it took 5 years for the Schumacher era to bear fruit.

If it was the latter, that may suggest Ferrari are unhappy with the performance of their drivers, hence a possible move for Kimi.


I'm not sure I understand Ferrari's impatience.

But for Vettel's remarkable recovery after being spun round by Senna at the Brazillian GP last year, Alonso could have been WDC.

Alonso could also have been WDC had Ferrari not chosen to cover Webber at the Korean GP 2010, but instead drive for the best points finish.

There is no question Alonso delivered. It's Ferrari that hasn't delivered the best car. But then, no other team has delivered a consistently better car than RB . . . until Mercedes this year?


Alonso could have taken the 2012 title had he not tangled with Kimi in Suzuka.


Yes, that was the stated aim, A leader, a proven winner, champion a serious person.

Santander would also come in big with Alonso in a Ferrari (but they probably would have done the same had he stayed at McLaren)

I don't think you specify degrees of technical leadership. That's what engineers are for. You want a champion in your car who won't leave points on the table


I think it's safe to say alonso doesn't leave points on the table.


Does anyone else in believe that there's is anychance of Raikkonen ends having no seat at all for the next season? I mean...no team, even Lotus, will wait longer than mid of September to set their drivers lineup and won't wait forever for KR until he is making his decision...


If Fernando,Lewis,or Sebastian are not available and Kimi still is- the door can be left open till they are ready to test. It's not like Lotus don't have enough reserve drivers waiting in the wing !


no chance at all, Lotus will wait. Kimi's F1 stock is just too high at the moment for him to not drive for anyone.


I do. This has the hallmarks of late 2009 all over again.


Eddie Jordan has been 100% accurate to leak important movements within F1. James, can we presume Raikkonen will be a Ferrari driver 2014? I also feel that you don't post rumors here.


Eddie said Kimi wants to go to Ferrari.


Looks like late 2009 all over again. Looks like he'll get annoyed at some point and say... aaahh...Forget it... I am going to WRC.


This has always summed up Kimi for me.



Well Mclaren 07, Singapore 08 and Germany 2010 pretty much summed up Alonso for me....

If you REALLY think that gives right picture about Kimi (btw Kimi didnt even see the child and rightfully told the woman to go and take care of her child) then you dont know nothing about him...


Yeah, it does, because he clearly told the lady to get back to her crying child on the ground that she knocked over to get an autograph.

Kimi Raikkonen probably has more life perspective than the rest of those egomaniac nutjobs in F1 combined.

Michael Grievson

In what way?


Don't forget that Ferrari hired Rory Byrne to design their 2014 car. This is the same guy who did all of schumachers cars.



Wind tunnel isnot working


That is a fair point, one would assume they are still using toyotas wind tunnel to fix these issues in the interim.


I really don't like the fact that Kimi could be back at Ferrari. The Scuderia dumped him so bad back in the time, I remember my anxiety waiting for any renewal of contract, the he left F1 and went to Rally. Lotus is far better for his own good. Maybe they should pick another consistent driver instead of Romain for 2014!


It seems that Kimi to Ferrari is a done deal, it makes perfect sense for them to take him as they desperately need someone who will help them score those all important constructors championship points. Ferrari could end up 4th this year which would be a bit of a disaster money wise. They have tried the "putting all your eggs in the Fernando basket" method and it hasn't worked, giving Alonso the weak team mate he wants is costing them a huge amount of money, and they can't afford to carry on. Lots of people think that Fernando may move to Red Bull, but he has a Ferrari contract till 2016, and I doubt he would want to buy himself out of that. It seems that Vettel is Ferrari's long term target and it seems to me that Alonso/Raikkonen would see them through very nicely till Seb's arrival.

I think Red Bull will go with Vettel/Riccardo as it will keep Seb happy, the single driver approach is working for them, so why change it? promoting Daniel validates the young driver programme, and gives them a chance to properly evaluate his performance level, it will also free up a Torro Rosso seat for Felix de Costa, and it seems they really want to get him into F1 as soon as possible.

Hopefully Kimi's exit will leave a space for Hulkenberg at Lotus, they seem a good match for each other, Hulkenberg is quick and cheap, and Lotus should give Nico a chance to show what he can do.

Expect a few mind games form Fernando next season, and a few silently effective on track answers from Kimi! We can also expect a much higher constructors championship result from Ferrari, yes their two drivers will take points of each other, but it's the WCC that pays the bills...


The apparent backflip from Marko is disappointing (but perhaps not surprising). As someone else posted against a previous story, Red Bull should be careful how they manage the public story - if Ricciardo is their guy then they should take the opportunity to pump him up, not let him believe he was second choice.

Likewise if he isn't then they should be telling him before it's public knowledge and explaining why (and the same should have gone for Vergne when he dropped out of the running).

Hard to believe in a "Young Driver Programme" that so far has treated all participants except one as disposable and interchangeable commodities, to be discarded without notice at any time. If the "Programme" is to have real value, it must not just identify talent (and again, one out of many isn't a great strike rate) but develop it.

Adrian Newey Jnr

I have always thought that the RB young drivers academy was as much about keeping good talent out of the hands of the other teams as it was trying to find the next Vettel.




I'm not sure why the RB driver development program gets so much stick. (except that some people like giving RB stick at every opportunity)

McLaren have a similar driver development program. As with the RB program it has had only one real success: Lewis Hamilton. As an aspiring F1 driver you're better off working with RB than anyone else, since at least there is a decent probability that you'll get a shot driving an F1 car for a couple of years. After that it's up to you to show you deserve to keep it. That's all anyone can really ask for.


It seems the wild card here is Infinity Racing. When they bought a stake in Lotus two months ago is was understood that they would be injecting money into the team but it appears that has not happened so far for whatever reason. They had a stated goal of winning titles in the "near future". Allowing Kimi Raikkonen to leave would be an odd way of going about that.


"Raikkonen won the title in 2007, but it was Massa who was the stronger driver in 2008"

Stronger only because the car was setup in Massa's favor as I understand it.


"There is of course the question of how Alonso will feel about having such a competitive team-mate"

This implies that Massa is the weaker competition and contradicts the first quote above. However, I totally agree that Raikkonen would be much more competitive than Massa and I hope if this move happens that they are allowed to race. There should be no team orders until one or the other has been eliminated in the WDC.

Didn't Ferrari used to have a policy whereby the drivers were allowed to race until the final pit stop? They were then to hold station. Maybe that was another team. But, that sounds like a good way to handle things.


I don't think the RBR-link is over just yet. Robertson is still playing the game. If you look at Kimi's past contacts, the Robertsons strike out as one of the best agents in sporting history..


There have been rumors or a ferrari run at lmp1. I could see massa possibly going to that program or a gt program. Similar to fisi did


Hold it, hold it, hold it!

With all the fantastic speculation (F1 sugar) going on, why not include a sprinkling of Sebastian Loeb driving a few classic F1 races for Red Bull/Toro Rosso as he continues his bucket list tour after killing it on Pikes Peak!

At the very least it would be good fun to see a Top Gear style challenge around Monaco on F1 weekend. Sebastian Vettel would play the Stig and crack off a qualifying lap in his dominant 2011 car. Loeb would then follow up with a blitzing lap in his Pikes Peak machine to see how competitive it might be.


He's on a good run but still has nightmares about Kubica's WRC performances. Which will only get better. Its time F1 woke up. Luca you old goat, sign Robert!!!


Bring it on. But it's such a pain that RB shut the door on him. It would have been good to properly calibrate Vettel's driving pedigree against another formidable world champion.


I wouldn't be so sure that next year's Red Bull will be so reliable. Newey takes a while to adapt to change. Witness his first seasons at RB. Kimi's experienced this phenomenon in 2005, why risk it again?

If Lotus can sort their budget out and get rid of Grosjean and his manager, then Kimi should stay. Otherwise there are worse places than Ferrari. They are usually in the top three, reliable and well-funded.

Amazing how one driver can have such an effect on the sport!