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Vettel ends Silverstone test on top as Susie Wolff takes her chance
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Posted By: James Allen  |  19 Jul 2013   |  6:01 pm GMT  |  161 comments

Reigning world champion Sebastian Vettel ended the Silverstone test with the fastest time on the final day, as the three days came to a close.

Vettel was the only one of the leading title contenders to take advantage of the opportunity to evaluate the new specification Pirelli tyres, which will now be used for the Hungarian Grand Prix onwards.

Vettel’s title rivals Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen decided not to take part in the test as the FIA ruled that the race drivers were not allowed to do any development or set up work in their allotted time.

Both felt that it was a waste of their time to take part, but Vettel took the opportunity to do a race distance and a third – 79 laps – to learn about their characteristics.

As it was a Young Drivers’ test, to which an added component of tyre evaluation was added after the tyre failures at the recent British Grand Prix, the FIA wanted to keep the race drivers to a strict regime.

Mercedes was not allowed to attend the test, as part of its punishment for breaching the Sporting Regulations with its 1,000km test in May. Teams this week at Silverstone covered between 30% and 50% more distance than that and were allowed to test development parts when a Young Driver was in the car.

For example, Lotus today ran new aerodynamic parts to help get the most performance from the new specification tyres as well as a new exhaust, as it pushes ahead with development in its quest for title success in 2013.

There was no repeat of the spectacular failures of last month; Force India’s Adrian Sutil gave the new tyres, which are based on 2012 constructions with 2013 compounds, the thumbs up,

“It was interesting to see how the new tyres react,” he said. “They are a bit easier to handle so the drop-off won’t be as dramatic as we saw in a few races.”

Vettel added, “Obviously, we were very limited on what we could do, but for me there is not that much difference with the tyres. It was good to get in some laps though, good to get a feeling for them and it’s always nice to drive at Silverstone.

“We had three days, different drivers in all the different cars and no (tyre) failure. That’s good – in conditions that were probably worse than at the Grand Prix – even hotter, asphalt temperature was even higher.”

The test has seen some exciting names for the future get a chance to test F1 machinery, names that we are likely to see come into the sport over the next few years; among them Kevin Magnussen, Antonio Da Costa, Daniil Kvyat and James Calado.

Williams’ Susie Wolff got her chance to drive an F1 car alongside male colleagues today, the first time a woman has done that for 20 years. She covered 89 laps and set the 9th fastest time of the day, on the second lap of a five lap run on medium tyres.

“It was fantastic today,” said Wolff. “The team did a great job getting me through the day, talking me through everything step by step. In hindsight it would have been good to run the new tyres later in the day after I’d had more time in the car as I don’t think I got the best out of the medium tyres.

“Physically it wasn’t easy, but it was what I was expecting. I was well prepared so it was completely manageable. My only problem was my seat as I was moving around a little. Doing the pitstops this afternoon was also really beneficial as there is a lot to think about coming into the stops. It was a fantastic experience.”

Analysis of her performance and that of Red Bull Racing audition Daniel Ricciardo will follow.

1. Sebastian Vettel Red Bull 1m32.894s 79
2. Adrian Sutil Force India 1m33.242s +0.348s 99
3. Nicolas Prost Lotus 1m33.256s +0.362s 83
4. Carlos Sainz Jr Red Bull 1m33.546s +0.652s 35
5. Davide Rigon Ferrari 1m33.592s +0.698s 20
6. Felipe Massa Ferrari 1m33.624s +0.730s 69
7. Jean-Eric Vergne Toro Rosso 1m33.647s +0.753s 42
8. Gary Paffett McLaren 1m34.294s +1.400s 77
9. Susie Wolff Williams 1m35.093s +2.199s 89
10. Giedo van der Garde Caterham 1m35.155s +2.261s 85
11. Daniil Kvyat Toro Rosso 1m35.281s +2.387s 22
12. Charles Pic Caterham 1m35.576s +2.682s 60
13. Kimiya Sato Sauber 1m35.642s +2.748s 67
14. Rodolfo Gonzalez Marussia 1m36.339s +3.445s 24
15. James Calado Force India 1m36.451s +3.557s 5
16. Jules Bianchi Marussia 1m36.744s +3.850s 39

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You would think that no matter what the circumstances the drives would want to get into the car for ANY kind of knowledge...interesting FA and KR did not want to...odd


I think thats not entirely true... it depends on how that driver performs. For example Lewis and Alonso are great racing drivers but they default to a wring the cars neck to get every last millisecond out of the car but at least with Lewis it has seemed in the past that (again based only on comments that he makes) that he is much better at driving the car in whatever condition it is and less so at giving feedback when it is off. The analogy I am thinking of is a Casey Stoner vs Valentino Rossi. Most teams probably want to just get good data from a consistent performer just to understand how the car behaves.

From Newey interviews it seems Seb is fairly hands on in dialing in the car so he is both a good solution for RB to test with and has the added benefit of getting ahead of the curve with extra miles on the tires. The reality is though, one day wont give him much advantage.


Hmm, I wonder if Alonso's hunger has dried up. As for Kimi, he just might not give a damn.

I can bet that if Merc were allowed to test, Lewis would have been out there running race sims; I'm quite shocked at Alonso.


Alonso knows that if Ferrari cannot deliver a faster car (esp. for qualifying), 60laps on the new tyres with the same spec car will hardly make any difference. It will still qualify 5th whether it is using the new or old tyres.

That time is better spent trying to make the car faster (aerodynamically) through wind tunnel and working on the simulator.

Only young drivers can test new parts.


Yeah well no one can keep up Alonso sort of performances for years on end something has to give and yes there's signs he's either in slight decline or he's a bit burned out.


What are the signs? You can't just make a wild (and inaccurate) assertion and then provide no evidence to support your argument.


Indeed. The attention to detail that Vettel has makes him very strong. I'm also sure Schumacher would have been there testing the tyres to get that bit more knowledge on them.

Also, "it’s always nice to drive at Silverstone" makes me think Vettel is going to be around a lot longer than Fernando or Kimi as he is apparently getting much more enjoyment out of driving.


No! It is Adrian Newey's design teams attention to detail makes a good driver like Vettel so strong. No other team has been consistently so good in getting on top of problems presented each season. Design is almost everything, You just need a top driver to carry it through, conversely a well designed car improves driver confidence. Vettel is a top driver in a exceedingly well performing team which has it's basis in excellent design.


Steve S, It is so! As to the difference between Webber and Vettel. Well Vettel is younger, probably hungrier, but he is certainly one of the luckiest drivers in F1 such that he seems to have the run of the green most times. Conversally I think Hamilton is one of the unluckiest top drivers on the grid. As Napolean, I think, said of one of his Marshals, I don't care how good he is, but is he lucky? One might say that Vettel makes his own luck, but that would be an impossibility in F1 so what he is is astoundingly consistent given the "best car" and "best team". Beyond that I think the Red Bull team is slanted in his direction given that there is probably more mileage in him anyway. The Red Bull team has come up with a formula that wins races, and Vettel knows how to drive the car. It would be unfair to simply call Webber a good driver, he's better than that, but he has had more than his fair share of bad luck with poor starts, and wheels falling off etc., etc.


Not buying it, Richard. If the RB cars were as magical as you're suggesting then I'd expect Webber to have more than three race wins in the last two and a half seasons.


Adrian Newey never has had the degree of control that he has now even though his cars have done well before. At a place like McLaren he would never have got the automony and design freedom he has now. At Red Bull the aerodynamic shape, and hence efficiency and downforce always comes first such that everything else has to fit within that envelope. The Red Bull team is also run well by Christian Horner such that operational errors are extremely rare.


Exactly they could probably win with a driver that consistently is a mid pack driver. As a matter of fact they don't need Seb let him go to Mercedes, well actually Seb is so average I don't know if he could get a job Lotus. Does have any budget to be a pay driver like Alonso? Back to his replacement that win less driver that always finishes just out of the top ten in points but showed some flashes. Lets get a guy with some character and some grit. That's it a guy with grit I bet if we just let him drive a RBR 9 he would have the WDC well in hand by now showing how much Seb slows down the car.

OH wait, we already have that driver and he needs team orders to win. Make no mistake Newey is a huge part of the teams mistake but Sebastian Vettel would be sorely missed if he went to another team. Lucky for RBR Merc has a full stable for now.

I fear that Ferrari will get tired of their dynamic duo and launch the whole team and into the sun, sans Alonso.

Ferrari to Vettel: How would you like to race for the prancing pony's?

Vettel to Ferrari: I would love to mates but I have a friend to bring along his name is Newey.

Ferrari to Vettel: absolutely he can come wait until he gets to play with his new pay drivers Santander money.

Newey to Ferrari: You know I will have to clean house and bring in my own team principal right.


Strange how that excellent "Adrian Newey design team" spent ten years lost in the wilderness before Vettel showed up and started driving the car ... Kimi Raikkonen spent five years in Newey designed cars and won zero titles in them.


Precisely. 'You just need a top driver....'

But what about Webber? Oh well.


it meant more time on the new parts and developing the car.. i think it was a smart mcve..


As Mercedes said, not much for a race driver to learn doing a tyres only test at a circuit that has already had its GP.

Lots of people did not believe this but IME it is true, and both FA and KR obviously think so too.


I agree. If Vettel was there those driver fighting for the championship miss a good opportunity to test the new tyres. At least in the case of Ferrari Massa is a very good source of information. But it´s not the same.


From the text one gets the impression that both Alonso and Raikkonen were just being lazy, not willing to waste their time, but, for example in the case of Lotus, wasn't it really the team's decision not to run Kimi? I recall Alan Permane saying they needed to test new parts, and since it wouldn't have been possible with Kimi, they decided to drop Kimi and ran just with young drivers.


Yes, I agree with you. It makes a lot of sense for Lotus to do that in my opinion. Here's hoping their new updates bring some good results for them 🙂


Yup, I read that about Kimi. Its the team decision. As for Alonso I don't know why, nothing heard so far.


Similar to Alonso not taking part in one of the pre season tests as he wanted to keep to his fitness training regime.

I mean, come on! He had 2 or 3 months of fitness training between the end of the last season and the beginning of the tests, so what was missing one or two days going to do?

Like Tim L says above, you would think that race drivers would jump at the chance to do some driving to gain any sort of useful knowledge no matter how inconsequential it might seem at the time.


They weren't being lazy. The team were smart enough to realize that testing new parts is more important than testing new tyres. FA for instance would have ample data on the tyres come Hungary. Had Ferrari chosen to run him, they would have lost crucial mileage. It's a shame Massa was given track time, when even setup work was not allowed.


Susie Wolff to Red Bull?


Now that Susie Wolff has again returned an absolutely average, uninspiring result, can we move on to considering the futures of drivers who actually deserve to be in the sport on merit, and could have a future in F1?

Scuderia McLaren

She wouldn't be much slower than Mark. Why not.


Mark Webber is a nine time F1 grand prix winner, who got a Jaguar onto the front row. Mark would destroy a driver who scored 4 points in 7 years of DTM.


Why not!? Do you honestly think she deserves an F1 drive more than Felix Da Costa or Davide Valsechi??? Bring back Kobayashi!! And if F1 is so desperate to have a woman competing just to boost audiences than there would be no one better than D.Patrick.


Ha! Get a superlicense first girl, and on your own merits this time, not by asking FIA beurocrats for permission like you did for this test..


She'd wipe the floor with you driving a golf cart


I think you will find this test was more than enough for her to get her super licence. Suzie acquitted herself pretty well. It would be interesting to see what Williams says about her time in the car.

How do her times compare with other changes. Was the track faster or slower when she was out? Was the car setup comparable to her team mates? We know she feels she could have set a faster time later on - tyre deg data would be interesting.

AND, more especially, what were her average times and whole run times like? One fast lap does not make her a race driver... but consistent times at or near her fastest might well do.

Over the day Suzie was on track for much longer than a single race distance - so it looks like she could cope with driving a whole race. With the weather conditions there cannot be many harder races on the calendar.


Driving an actual race is a very different thing to driving around for a race distance. For one thing she was in and out of the pits several times and doubtless in and out of the car as well.


Don't take it the wrong way, but I would have liked to have had the cars weighed today. 🙂


You should never ask a lady her weight!


Nice one.

Look at the slack she took for her age too.


Hahaha thats a good 1, but saying that I was genuinely surprised by her pace and also Seb showed who's the boss out there, completely monstered Sainz with ease and showed Ricciardo was actually lacklusture as he was only able to match Sainz in the Torro Rosso, maybe the Redbull's not as fast as it seems, its just that Webber is so underrated its unreal, the guy easily beat Rosberg and every other team mate other than Vettel and was able to put the Jaguar on the front row, in this test Ricciardo looked distinctly average bring on Raikkonen, but whoever its going to be Vettel will eat them for breakfast.


Massa is faster than Kimi in my opinion. I agree that Vettel would have the pace on him(Kimi) . Ricciardo would be more interesting I think



If Fernando, Kimi or Lewis could be close to Sebastian in a Red Bull, then Vettel would be close to those three in a Lotus, Ferrari or Merc.

Kimi most likely would win a few more races than Mark Webber, but that doesn't mean Seb has to be "worried" at all. He's won over triple the races of Webber, and the Aussie is no slouch.


Fernando, Lewis and Kimi would be as quick as Vettel in the same car. Put it another way- put Seb in a Merc or a Lotus or the Ferrari and I think you will be sadly mistaken.

Seb is definitely worried about Kimi he saw what Kimi was able to do to MS in a superior Ferrari - so I don't think he stupid enough to think he won't win a few more races than Mark. I do agree Mark is a class act and a bit under rated- but I still don't think He is a Kimi or a Lewis!


Vettel drove on a day with more grip layed down and is more familiar with the car. Ricciardo was not allowed to make mechanical changes to the tr, where sainz was. it's testing and not a like for like comparison.


The Red Bull packaging line more likely.


It's good that so many 'Young Drivers' got the chance after all to try the real deal and hopefully improve their chances of getting a race seat in the future.

Vettel single minded as always in getting as much track time as he could. Can't fault his drive or his driving, even if it gets a bit boring when he's got a car to beat anyone.

Tornillo Amarillo

Vettel was never paired with a number-1-driver mind.

That's why is so exciting to see Kimi there next year.


@Phil, HAHA could have worded it in a less bias way, but I do agree with you 100%. 😛

Scuderia McLaren

Yeah so does Webber, but he ain't doing much with in 5 years of having it. Seb is the difference. The car is not as superior as people think. It's not as if they are 1-2 every race or year.


There's been years where webber was ahead of vettel but something always happens and his season falls apart. But 2010 webber was outperforming vettel and seb was busy earning himself grosjeans current title of crash kid. We tend to forget that it was only a few years back when vettel was the impetuous kid who kept slamming into people on his way through.

Webber also was leading vettel for the first half of last year. Vettel never led the championship in 2010 until the end.

What Seb has is an ability to both bounce back from failures and a consistency that drivers like webber (who is a more talented racer than he ever gets credit for) lack in terms of putting a campaign together.


In 2010 Vettel actually had less crashes than Webber. SV crashed twice (Belgium, Turkey). MW three times (Australia, Korea, Europe). In addition Webber wasn't even outperforming Vettel- Seb just had most of the bad luck and mechanical failures, like Lewis in 2012


I don't like Vettel as much as one can say something like that just watching from afar, but you have to give it to him and Red Bull, they are taking every opportunity.


How do you know he has "a car to beat anyone"?


I don't. I wrote: "when he has a car to beat anyone"


Is Vettel not Young?

He's like Doogie Houser M.D. in this test. Others in his age group or even older, and here he is...trotting around at the YDT test while on his way to 4th consecutive WDC.

But allowing experienced drivers at it here was the only way to really even up that Mercedes "Darth-helmeted not-at-all-secret" test.


That made me smile. A fact that I'm sure isn't lost on a lot of current and future drivers. If Vettel doesn't decide to go off and do something else he could be around for quite a few years, and on current form who would bet against him bagging another WDC or three?


I've said it before, if the Red Bull's so dominant why hasn't Webber come a comfortable second in the last three championships?

I went to Silverstone today. £15 well spent, I'd say.


Good point, too often overlooked. Same as 'why didn't Newey win a title for ten years'? Vettel's going to break all the records.


It's called focusing on your job. That also means use every opportunity to improve both yourself and your tools.


Really from what I can see Vettel is the difference, Sainz and Ricciardo was better in the STR car, that says it all, also last year Mclaren had the fastest car, this year over 1 lap Mercedes is the fastest, even in the last race Lotus was faster than the Redbull, you stick Seb in that Torro Rosso again and he'd be knocking the door of the top 4 like he did in 2007 and 2008, people needs to man up and admit his talent instead of discrediting him all the time its getting old.


Okay, but I don't think Phil was discrediting SV. Also, I see no reason to really care that he topped a 2013 YDT.


All credit to Vettel, but you seriously cannot compare Vettels', Ricciardos' and Sainzs' times: all three ran under different circumstances, different tyres, different fuels and completely different set-ups; don't be ridiculous.

Besides, Kimi did not stay away because he is lazy, Lotus decided to use the young drivers instead of the racing drivers.


How was I discrediting him when I wrote that I "can't fault his drive (ambition/motivation) and his driving".

Vettel is winning again because he is making the most of the tools with which he is provided. Kudos to him I say.


You need to understand the concept of "never running with less than 60kg of fuel" and "long runs". Headline times at a test are about as useful as a cardboard submarine, Vettel was probably just told to go for it since he had nothing else to do.

John in San Diego

Well, Vettel deserves every success. He makes the effort to learn about the tyres, and puts in 79 laps, taking every chance he can to get seat time. Good for him! The other full time F1 drivers have only themselves to blame if they fall behind. I also recall reading that Vettel was the only driver to research the Pirelli tires over the 2010-11 off season.


Equally one could say that Red Bull will now suffer as they had no new parts to test.

With only the non-race drivers allowed to play with new parts and set up maybe McLaran, Lotus and ferrari did the right thing not using their best drivers.


Red Bull used young drivers for 2 days to do parts testing, haof a day for their wdc driver to get experience on the new tyres and half a day to test RIC. They would have gathered plenty of data on new parts.


I remembered that too when I read this article!


And people wonder why Seb is a multiple WDC. The 'Legends' thought it was a waste of their time, below them maybe.

Looking forward to your assessment of Daniel and Susie James.


I suspect Wolff has spent the last month on the Williams simulator practising for this drive. Few of the other Young Drivers had an opportunity to spend as much time as her on their teams simulator. Gary Anderson said her drive was competent. Hardly a glowing review for someone how claims she is being discriminated against because she's a woman. Go back to DTM.


She would have spent considerably longer than that on the simulator since that is the main part of her job with Williams due to the restrictions on track testing.


Where did Suzie Wolf ever complain that she was being discriminated against? And why wouldn't any other development driver be able to practice in the simulator as much as her, if you think that's what made her so quick? Wouldn't they have the same motivation as her, or an even greater one, with a realistic chance of a seat?

I was expecting to read a lot of apologies from those who "knew" that she would finish DFL. She was over three seconds faster than current driver Max Chilton (who also lost more time compared to his team mates than her) - not bad for someone on her first day driving the car around a race track.


Susie Wolff, not "Suzie Wolf", of course.


And then someone typing with a hangover will transform it into Suzie Wong...


I think you'll find Williams have more important uses for their simulator than letting someone get up to speed for a single test.


James, I am really keen to know why Fernando Alonso didn't participate. Surely any chance to drive the car duri g the season is worth taking. Personally I would never do something like this regarding my career and I am at a loss as to Alonsos absence, I doubt Ferrari would prevent him from driving if he was really keen.


Interesting to see both Sainz and Ricciardo faster in the Torro Rosso, also Vettel clearly faster than both.


It would be interesting if he wasn't faster. The results are pretty much as expected. The TR cars are not that far off the RB pace that the extra confidence would give Dan the edge in his own car. Sainz did what he had to do to get noticed, good for him.


Vettel was just 1/10th faster than Ricciardo.

And he should be right ? I read somewhere Vettel won a few races.


Nicholas Prost has been around for some time... But why is he getting so little mention. His times looked good during the test. Is there more to him testing.

Perhaps a new Renault Turbo Prost connection 🙂

Tornillo Amarillo

Because he was not in the F1-feeding usual categories maybe, and he is already 32 years-old next month.


So much talk about dear old susie, oh i wonder what will the world of female drivers get from that...maybe a notion that if you dont have a husband that can get an engine deal done you better be fast enough....because ms Wolf isnt fast, and she just took a spot that some young fast driver would be happy to take.


She is faster than me and some harsh critics would suggest a little more pleasing on the eye.

Seriously she may not have lit up the timing sheets, but she clearly showed the misogynist that women do have the ability and stamina to drive an F1 car fast over race distance.


She was doing short stints. Her fastest lap was set during a 5 lap stint. I havent read a single comment that suggests women dont have the ability, what folks here are complaining is that Susie Wolff may not be the best women out there to drive an F1 car. I will be keenly following IRL's Simona Silvestro. She is just 24, and has proved herself in junior formulas before graduating to IRL.


Even with Seb's time today, Dan Riciarrdo isn't looking too bad.

Tornillo Amarillo

Good performance of the official test driver of Marussia, Rodolfo GONZALEZ, he got 1m33,3 vs 1m33,7 de J. Bianchi.

According with the stats, GONZALEZ is a Venezuelan driver, age 27, that in 2012 finished only 22nd in GP2 Series with Caterham, while VAN DER GARDE was 6th...


Yes Gonzalez is faster than Chilton from what I can see at the test and also faster than VDG as well, also Ricciardo not much faster than Sainz and Vettel clearly better than both, Kimi to RBR please we dont need another Kovalainen in a top seat.


Vettel showing the same trademark determination as Michael Schumacher always did - never miss a chance to go the extra mile (literally).

Tornillo Amarillo

Times combined, according with

1. Sebastian Vettel, 1min 32.894

2. Daniel Ricciardo, T.Rosso, 1min 32.972

3. Carlos Sainz Jr. T.Rosso, 1min33.016

4. Daniel Ricciardo Red Bull,1min33.187

5. Adrian Sutil, Force India 1min33.242

6. Nicolas Prost, Lotus 1min33.256

7. Carlos Sainz Jr Red-Bull 1min33.546

8. Davide Valsecchi, Lotus 1min33.554

What can we read from them really?


Probably not a lot but it shows Vettel top as usual and the Redbull in other hands are slower and look ordinary, also Sainz not much slower than Ricciardo.


Did they have the same fuel load, engine boost settings, same compound tyres and track temperature? As the runs were done at different times it would be extremely unlikely.

Comparisons therefore are meaningless without additional data.


No boost yet - that comes in with turbos in 2014


Nice to hear Seb say it's always nice to drive Silverstone.


So basically Alonso has checked out on this years title race ? Or why give Massa the chance to get acquainted with the updated tires when Alonso as #1 could and maybe should demand to do the testing himself. Lotus opted not to use either of their race drivers so they could run more updates on the car under these rules but Ferrari used Massa after all when it could have been Alonso ? The Alonso of last year was talking about always giving 120 % and what i also noticed, he stopped his fighting talk against Vettel. Doesnt seem like anybody at Ferrari believes in the 2013 titles anymore and we can expect a post Monza race announcement that all resources will be shifted towards the 2014 car.

Another thing, surely Ricciardo didnt quite follow the script yesterday when he first set fastest times in the Toro Rosso and didnt follow up on that by topping the timing screens in his outing for Red Bull, as was probably widely expected ! He admitted as much when he said that hopefully Vettel wont embarrass him today. IMO its still Kimis seat if he wants it but putting Ricciardo in the car served as a little reminder that Red Bull can´t wait forever for Kimi to make up his mind.


I think you are right. Alonso just doesn't seem as hungry as Vettel for the WDC.

That said, if I were in Alonso's shoes with a multi million dollar Ferrari contract to 2016, and a hot girlfriend; I too wouldn't be banging laps around a track.

Hence here I am, a watching top sportsmen instead of being one!


Looks like Riccardo will be a good match for Vettel. their times are only <0.1 secs off.

It will be hard to beat Vettel in a race since he is one of the few that is able to preserve tires better than most drivers. Other drivers good at tires are Raikkonen, Alonso, DiResta and Checo.


You mispelled Jeson


So did you lol


I am just wondering, what can we read from these tests? Did any drivers or cars do better using these new tyres? Was it really worth doing this test?


I'm beginning to lose my respect for the modern F1 driver... they don't really attack the circuits for whatever reason, they don't defend positions, they don't overtake without DRS aids and worst of all they drive to deltas... they are losing their status as hardcore racers.

I would not be surprised to see a circus clown set a good lap time... the car is doing most of the driving anyway...


Silly comment - they have to use the tools they are given.

Why try and overtake without using DRS when that is what makes it much easier? It is hard enough to win a race without making a silly effort to make it harder.

What fool attacks a race circuit for a couple of laps knowing that the tyres need to last a lot longer than 2 laps?

Years ago defending was even less likely when tyres needed to be nursed for 4-5 laps before they then came to their sweet spot or in the days of refuelling when a much lighter car would come past just as you had filled up and had cold tyres.

Why do you think the drivers have been complaining so much?!


F1 does not even need drivers... the engineers could create self-driving F1 cars, where all these DRS type gimmicks and driving to deltas can be optimized...

They could then split of a separate series for human drivers, where cars are designed for testing driver skill to the limit... lower aero, higher mechanical grip, high BHP engines etc.

Those who prefer racing can opt to watch the human series, those who prefer optimal tire preservation and rail track driving can watch the first option.

If you don't understand my point - just forget about it.


It would seem I understand your point better than you do!

As what you are asking for will never happen I suggest you stop watching F1.

Even back in the sixties they used to say the biggest safety measure they could take on the London Underground was to get rid of the drivers - and they had the technology to do it. Now we can just about do the same for cars - but it will never happen on a race circuit as no sponsor would pay for it.

We are where we are - accept it or go away.


With a time four tenths slower than Juncadella in the same car, Wolff didn't exactly set the world alight, did she ?

Considering the amount of time she spends in the simulator, on the basis of this performance she won't be getting a drive on merit.


We need far more data to make a proper comparison.

Did Juncadella have one lucky fast lap? Were his lap times consistent?

Did Susie run the same tyres with the same set up? It would be good to know how her times on track compared to her times in the simulator.

Headline lap times tell us very little other than whether or not there is some potential there.


It's doubtful she's world champion material for sure (saying that how many men are? Even amongst those who graduate to F1?) but I think the more important thing is that nobody can really say 'oh women are just biologically incapable of driving in F1 against men - it's just science, they aren't built for it'.

Sadly when it comes to breaking down any barrier it's usually in stages rather than expecting the first woman to reach F1 to be a totally dominant champion in waiting. It's likely to be very young girls who see someone like Susie and get interested in F1 and fight through the sexism of some karting and lower formulas and show up able to win. It's a generational thing.


I agree with you up to a point. I've posted before that Michele Mouton is the benchmark by which other women drivers should be judged.

Google her career : in my view she is the best female driver and across a number of disciplines but never competed in Grand Prix Racing. Wolff isn't in the same league.


James, a thought about Raikonen.. he was going to test and then he did not..

Does the Reb Bull 'speculation' have anything to do with Lotus changing their mind?


No, I don't think so, As I understand it he was up for the test when it looked like there may be some small amount of freedom for race drivers, but then an FIA clarification meant it was purely a tyre test and at that point he did not continue

Tornillo Amarillo

That shows FIA needs some more professional skills again for dealing with this matters, tires, safety, private-tests, etc.

Hire someone.


Very creditable performances by Susie Wolff. Really Proud. After all the uncharitable things that were said after Maria De Villota's accident, aspiring women drivers needed this.


It would be interesting to see if they were running her on vapors. Comparing her later times in the session, she most likely was running on fumes when she set her best time.


@ zombie, hope you aren't on vapors yourself.


She was 23rd fastest overall, but her laptime was set during short stints as clearly indicated in the graph in the analysis section.Without knowing what was the weight of her car compared to others during that lap, her time ( a full second off the other Williams rookie ) means nothing much. Maybe she'll get more tests or maybe even a few races at the end of the season and hope she proves me wrong then. Trouble is, Juncadella/Bottais/Maldonado are way too talented than Susie Wolff is.


No she was on a five lap run and the time was on second lap


Interesting to see RIC's best time in the Red Bull was within 2 tenths of Vettel's best time. Just goes to show that he did actually perform really well. To be able to hop into a completely foreign F1 car and put a time up roughly the same as Vettel is quite a good achievement IMO.


Actually Ricciardos time was less than 1/10th off Vettel.


Actually it was closer to 3 tenths in the Red Bull, a very good effort by Dan.


We do not have the fastest car. We are fighting Adrian Newey. We are into damage limitation. I can't be bothered to go testing. Odd?


If you think logically, tyres are not the biggest issue for the Ferrari, it is their qualifying pace that is holding them back. Makes sense to spend time with setup and updates rather than tyre testing. But why run Massa instead of Alonso? Maybe they think the WDC is out of reach and want to give Massa a confidence boost after his recent crashes in order to perform better in the WCC.


Don't understand why any driver would miss any opportunity to get time in the car, given how massively limited time in the car is outside of race weekends.

Vettel comes out of this looking a bit more committed than the others which, if nothing else is a PR/pyschological victory.

Get your acts together boys!


It will be good to see a lady in F1 achieve what Danica Patrick did in the American open wheel series.

But Susie Wolff at 30 years of age - I'm not sure where this is all going. Just a marketing and publicly initiative?

Or was this an opportunity just to see if she's the next Hamilton/Vettel? I guess that question has been answered.


Thanks guys I didn't realise Patrick only won once. I don't folllow Indy religiously, but when I watch from time to time she seems to be running in the top 10 quite often.

So her swimsuit exposure does give her a higher profile in my mind than men who have achieved more.

I guess I really am that shallow person who will enjoy F1 more if more of the top 10 drivers looked good in women swimsuits!


Patrick has achieved basically nothing. She has won a grand total of one race in her entire career in different classes of motor racing.


Patrick only has 1 win and 7 podiums to her name, from her IndyCar career. She's yet to win or podium in NASCAR.

All in all that makes her racing's Kournikova.


Swimwear modelling, angered rivals (particularly Dan Wheldon who she collided with on several occasions) and years of under achievment.

When a woman comes along with a real chance, lets hope she does better than that.


Damon Hill was in his 30's before he got his chance in F1. It worked out quite well for him didn't it?


I didn't realize Damon got into F1 in his 30's. Thanks for pointing this out. He certainly did well - and would have had 2 WDC had Schumacher not cheated by driving into Hill at the Aust GP. (the same way Schumacher drove in to Villeneuve)


The fact that Schumacher was wrongly disqualified for 5 races that season, and the Williams was a much much stronger car ( with a new Renault V10 compared to Schumacher;s ancient Ford V8 ) and yet Schumacher took the title fight to the wire proves that the better driver won, and rightly so. People who keep bringing the collision are those who try to make Damon look like a much better driver than what he actually was.


Judging from the times and how the Williams typically performs against the rest of the field it looks like Susie did a very good job. Hopefully that puts to rest the sexist/misogynistic talk that this was merely a publicity stunt.


Not very impressed with Ric in the RBR. Other then Ric I can imagine Vet didn't even pushed as hard as he could.

Sainz who drove both cars said the STR and RBR are more or less alike. Despite the different engine and chasi there isn't much of a difference.

And Sainz was as quick as Ric in the STR. I think this young kid has a bright future ahead of him.


I'm not surprised that most race drivers didn't go to the test, given that they weren't even allowed to change set ups I suspect that they'll all learn more in FP1 in Hungary than they could have in an entire day of testing at Silverstone.


The media and F1 fans praising Wolff for being successful and all... if a guy had driven those times he would be considered to be a slow driver, no chance of a seat, and so forth.

Political correctness at work again. "Oh no it's a woman, quick compliment whatever she did so we are not seen as bigots".

A proper talent should have gotten the test instead of her.


Well done Susie ignore the snide idiots


Surely Ferrari could've penciled in a drive for Kobayashi. After all, he's already had experience in a simulator, a 2009 car and has had a seat fitting session 😀


Does this mean the new tyres are far slwoer than the old ones? Comparing Sebastian Vettel's 1m32.894s to Lewis Hamiltons' Silverstone Qualifying time of 1:29.607


I'm sure Vettel had more fuel on board then he would have had in a qualifying run. The fastest lap of the Silverstone GP, which is probably more meaningful than the fastest qualifying lap, was a 1m 33 401 set by Webber. I think the sense is that the news tyres will have similar performance to the old ones, but have a wider operating temperature range and be less likely to fall apart.


These sort of tests aren't that representative. Only in true qualifying situations when push comes to shove do we see the truth, however there is no doubt that Vettel would be near or at the top of the listings.

roberto marquez

Jesus this column looks more and more everyday like Cosmopolitan but read by men. People do some conments like if they know what is going on inside Alonso or Kimi s minds or the teams.PLease make conments on times or some other tech aspect ,but please leave the gossip for the chics.


There are seven drivers whose test results were worse than Mrs Wolff. If she's a waste of time how should they be characterized.


Why not Kimi and Fernando?

People who think, let alone comment, that it may be due to 'laziness' ?!? You are just not even close to the ballpark in terms of understanding what is going on, here.

Why Vettel, then?

Red Bull have established preferential status and have further cultivated the softspots in the rules and regulations; it seems incredible (in the true sense of the word) hat Red Bull would give up any development opportunity in order for Vettel to take his tire acclimatization drive.

What this really tells me is that the entire tire saga is a red herring. There is plenty of opportunity for the top drivers to acclimate to the comparatively small variation that these 'new' tires represent, during the first practice session at Hungary.

Perhaps Red Bull have switched their development efforts to the 2014 car, with all probability that they have 2013 on a very solid trajectory to victory in the championship.

The Vettel run at the 'young drivers test' is yet another vanity-support exercise for their star munchkin.

Furthermore, if you believe the reports that Vettel is indifferent to who he is partnered with in 2014, you haven't been paying attention.

If Vettel has a weak spot ,it is his vanity, and partnered with Kimi, his vanity is certain to take a beating.


Gave me a good laugh. You provide no evidence really, for any of your claims.


That's more an exercise is half-baked psychological analysis on your part than anything to do with F1. I've never seen any evidence that Vettel has any more "vanity" than the average F1 driver, and you don't provide any.


some of the more thoughtful commenters think it "Spot on..." and "Finally someone who points out the truth."

"half-baked psychological analysis" is working for me, as part of a predictive analysis for comparative performance.

Clearly, Vettel gets a bit strange around Kimi, emulating, though tactlessly, Kimi's straight-talking opinion of one of the races, towards the end of last season; it was funny. Nobody else affects Vettel in this manner.

If you assess Vettel's 'interest level' towards potential team mates for next year, there is only really one, who has a drastic affect on his behaviour.

Vettel is very 'interested' in the potential of Kimi as a team mate. I don't expect that this interest is a positive one; from my perspective, the possibility of it clearly unsettles Vettel.

Vettel has displayed the most vanity, by far, of any of the current F1 drivers; not a pejorative, just a statement of fact: fastest laps, poles, his normal ruthless driving tactics, especially the Webber 2013 incident v1.0 (expect more before the year is out).

What do you think?


Well, if there is a reason Vettel is interested in Raikkonen, then it's because of the fact they are friends away from the track. Where do you get it from that this is negative, or unsettling for the champion?

I also don't see how Vettel is necessarily so much more vain than the rest. Do you not see the others shout, whoop, jump or celebrate a lot when they win? The same Mark Webber was similarly ruthless in 2011 Silvertsone, well, except he wasn't fast enough to overtake.


To add to that Dean - Vettel recounts ( after Nurburgring) Kimis 2005 drive challenging Michael in unreliable Mclaren and almost winning- despite everyone knowing Ferraris advantage at that time. He knows, in fact anyone with half a brain knows in race trim there is no faster race driver on the planet. And only in quali has Kimi lost maybe a tenth or so he was once renowned for.

You are 100 % right in that MS and Vettel - both German- have a calculating no holds barred- win at all costs approach. they do not care who they take out- how they win or otherwise. Whilst its not written anywhere that I can see - I too find it really interesting that Seb has this respect for Kimi- t think even he knows as you so rightly mention that Kimi has something he will never have ( and probably more than half the field) - racing integrity regardless of the situation on track. Last year at the start of interlagos when Vettel got clipped and was spun round down the straight - Raikkonen travelling flat stick was forced off track- locked brakes at 250+ in te damp ,came off the l locked brakes and avoided Seb in the one motion. most drivers including Seb himself would have had some impact- and anyone who saw the replay would appreciate the supreme skills at play to avoid that- yet his own team mate virtually clipped wheels more than once not giving him position.

The thing that many don't like about Raikkonen, including some commentators, media, people in the pits former team mates is - he constantly shows you that he does not bow to bs- he does not beat his chest when he has every right to do so, he gives every team mate he's ever had a fair go.- he is only interested in winning fair & square. And that perhaps more than anything is the only thing anyone really fears in him- because he more than anyone has the ability and the quality to do so.


Spot on Dean ! Anyone that thinks Seb is not wetting himself when that Lotus looms in his mirrors need to rethink what happens when Kimi is alongside in Red Bull.

As for the test it was Lotus Not Kimi that said no need for him to test and it makes perfect sense given they had new aero bits, exhaust and who knows what else to test- that no experienced driver is allowed to test. So I think Lotus will look particularly strong for Hungary.

Further if everyone drive on the Kevlar belter tyres at Silverstone I doubt an experienced driver like Fernando or Kimi are going to take more than Friday FP1/2 to be in top of them !


For those who have been moderated. The Red Bull is a triple WC winning team/car and Webber with all of his problems has won a few GPs - bad start, penalties warts and on all- that team and car have the performance to win races that other teams dream of including its next 3 closest rivals- that is my reasoning. If you think the lotus that can't get anyone near the front when it's wet or cold- a team that is still not accustomed to winning- like the poor strategy calls at Nurburgring and Silverstone which may have won them the race- if you think they are faster than the Red Bull then I would like the medication you are taking because only when temps are over 40 on track had it ever looked competitive enough or when no one had any clue about marginal tyres. Now it's a diff ball game like late last- although they are clearly more competitive than then.


Further - look at qualifying -it's usually 1 or two Mercs and 1 or 2 red bull locking out the front two rows most of the time- a fact no one can dispel. In race pace both Ferrari and Force India have often matched Lotus strategy and speed. So when you have a driver in a Lotus often finishing first or challenging for the win - it tells you just one thing - especially when his very quick team mate usually struggles to make the podium or make the top10- this will change now with the new tyres and I think we will see both Lotus drivers fighting for the front 4 grid slots every time.I can see Romain winning a race sooner rather than later too- because the apprentice must learn something from the master.


Couldn't agree more. Finally someone who points out the truth.


I think they left themselves no choice but to run Vettel for a session. Think back to the Pirelli/Merc tyre test where Red Bull were claiming Merc gained a significant advantage, as much as 1 second a lap. It would be a massive climb down to now say, as some of the other teams are saying, that there is little benefit running the current drivers without setup and development changes.


Yes teams often waste no time in back swiping a competitor if they can, and Red Bull immediately saw the opportunity. The penalty must have been a disappointment for them.


Interesting. Good perspective. Thanx.


Hamilton spent all of pre season testing and part of the season trying to adjust to different brakes on his car. Even with his "McLaren brakes" fitted to his Mercedes we still keep hearing that adjusting to a different F1 car is a long and complicated process which will take even more time. So no, I don't think that even top drivers can fully adjust to different tyres within the space of one FP.


CSJ has done enough here to impress a lot of people. The boy is quick.

Rayhan Chouglay

Hmmm, I am not normally a vettel fan but this situation reminds me of 2011 where only one driver went to see the new pirelli tyres in their factory, that driver then went on to dominate the season....that driver, Sebastien Vettel


Susie Wolff has more balls than most of these posters who can only beat [mod] their keyboards. She accepted the challenge knowing full well that failure would have given all the smug commentators justification for their comments. Finishing well up in the field should have earned her at least an approving nod. Makes one think that there is still much to do by the system to give women a fair shake in F1. Pat Moss wasn't a bad driver,just a woman.


"Makes one think that there is still much to do by the system to give women a fair shake in F1"

It's not about getting a fair shake of the stick - it's simply a numbers game. I'd be surprised if the amount of girls who actually *want* to take part in Formula 1 is even a fraction of a fraction of a single percent.

Even if we say it's a whole 1% - we're saying 1 in every hundered people who want to be in F1 are women. Now out of all the people who aspire to be in F1, only a very select few are going to be any good. Let's go crazy and say 10% of the people who want to be in F1 have genuine potential. If there are 1,000,000 people interested in being a driver, there's 100,000 of them that are actually any good, and 10,000 that are women. The likelihood of any of those 10,000 women being in the 100,000 who have the talent is pretty low to begin with - this before we even have start debating whether there IS any physical limitations of not.

If a woman driver came through karting, and the lower fomulee setting time sheets alight and winning races and championships, you could bet their bottom dollar that sponsors would pick her up and teams would snap her up. In fact, in that respect, you could say they probably actually have a better crack at the whip.


I was at Silverstone for the test on Friday. Just a quick point to add, if race drivers ran in the cars they could only test a restricted amount of tyres - not new parts.So by running rookie drivers, teams were able to make the most out of what was a test session.

It looks like Pirelli have solved the tyre issues which is the main thing.


Dan Ricciardo did a 1.32.97 in the Torro Rosso... Were the RB cars sand baging? Seb only managed .1 faster in the RB?


Day 11. Kevin Magnussen (McLaren)1m33.602sMedium New2. Paul Di Resta (Force India)1m33.774sPrototype Hard New3. Antonio Felix Da Costa (Red Bull)1m33.821sHard NewDay 21. Daniel Ricciardo (Toro Rosso)1m32.972sMedium Used2. Carlos Sainz Jr. (Toro Rosso)1m33.016sSoft New3. Daniel Ricciardo (Red Bull)1m33.187sHard NewDay 31. Sebastian Vettel (Red Bull)1m32.894sMedium New2. Adrian Sutil (Force India)1m33.242s Medium New 3. Nicolas Prost (Lotus)1m33.256s Medium New 


williams would do a lot better if they took on a woman driver by the name serina.

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