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Montezemolo backs Massa as Brazilian’s future at Ferrari in question again
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Posted By: James Allen  |  11 Jul 2013   |  5:23 pm GMT  |  215 comments

Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo has publically backed Felipe Massa as the Brazilian’s future at the Italian team has once again been called into question.

The 32-year-old had a poor start to last season and was in danger of losing his seat for 2013 before the team re-signed him for another year last October following a marked improvement in his results.

This season started off much better for Massa, finishing fourth, fifth and sixth in the first three races before picking up a podium – only his third since 2011 – in Spain but since Monaco, things haven’t gone so smoothly.

He crashed heavily in practice and then hit the barriers at exactly the same point during the race. Crashes in practice in Montreal and Silverstone followed before a spin at the Nurburgring last time out put him out of the race in the early stages.

Massa is clearly a driver who thrives on confidence and the double crash in Monaco appears to have put him on the back foot.

He has still shown flashes of speed, such as topping the times in both Q1 and Q2 at the Nurburgring before the team opted to go for the medium tyres which put him out of contention for a high grid slot.

His starts have been impressive, too, as he made up six places on lap one at Silverstone, from 11th to fifth, before a tyre failure ended his chances of a podium. But he simply hasn’t been as consistent as team-mate Fernando Alonso in the races.

Massa has scored 57 points after nine races, compared to Alonso’s 123. That’s around 46% of Alonso’s total. He only has one podium so far this season, while Alonso has five. However, at this point last year, Massa only had 23 points to Alonso’s 129 (17% of Alonso’s total), so he has improved compared to last year.

Massa and Alonso have been team-mates since 2010. In three full seasons together, Alonso has always finished higher at the end of the season in the drivers’ standings by at least 100 points. In 2010, he finished 108 clear. In 2011, the gap was 139 and in 2012 that gap rose to 156.

In terms of podiums, Alonso has scored 38 since they have been team-mates while Massa has managed just eight. It’s this lack of consistency from Massa which has prevented Ferrari from challenging Red Bull in the constructors’ championship. The last time they won the constructors’ was in 2008, while their last drivers’ title came in 2007 with Kimi Raikkonen.

Ferrari are third in the constructors’ on 180 points, three behind Mercedes and 67 behind championship leaders Red Bull. In the drivers’, Alonso is second while Massa is seventh.

Di Montezemolo said: “Felipe is fully aware he can count on our total confidence in him. I hope he will soon secure the results that will show his talent to the full, such as the great starts he pulled off at the last two Grands Prix. The future? We will talk about that further down the line as there is no hurry.”

The fact that Montezemolo has come out and backed his driver highlights the fact that Massa is under pressure to perform or risk losing his seat at the end of the season after eight years with the team.

Team principal Stefano Domenicali has also backed Massa once again: “I always said we have a lot of confidence in Felipe. I know this is a very critical, very tough moment because he is the first to be disappointed.

“The only thing to do is to stay always behind him and work hard with him because we need him to make sure we are fighting for the constructors’ championship.”

Massa said he is “calm” about his position in the team following the British Grand Prix but his inconsistency means his future is far from certain.

Marussia driver Jules Bianchi is a member of Ferrari’s driver academy and certainly in the frame for Massa’s seat. However historically, Ferrari do not tend to take a driver with just one year of experience. The other contenders are Force India’s Paul di Resta and Sauber’s Nico Hulkenberg.

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its in Alonso 's contract.

Its important to maintain Alonso 's comfort zone or else Maranello could bear the loss of 100m


Ferrari needs 2 new drivers. Since Kimi has experience with how Ferrari operates he could go back and take up his place as 1st driver there & they would not have to break in 2 new drivers at the same time. I doubt that Ferrari wants to run against Vettel & Kimi at RBR. Alonso went to them with Santander money and bamboozled them. Michael Schumacher was afraid that Kimi would break his records so as a multi-million $ consultant he told Ferrari to try to get the WDC for Massa, making Kimi Ferrari's 2nd driver in '08 & '09. After Massa had his accident in '09 they reverted to making Kimi their first driver & he won Spa, Ferrari's only win that year, in the F60 beast, & got 4 out of 5 podiums in a row, without any new updates since the summer vacation. Ferrari ask Kimi why he had not said what he needed before. He said, “I did'. They did not listen to him. They listened to Schumacher who controlled Kimi's car development. The only time in Kimi's career that he was not allowed to control his own car. Ferrari thought that for what they were paying him, they could trust MS to look out for Ferrari's best interests. They were wrong. Kimi is presently making the Lotus look better than Alonso is making the Ferrari look.


@ Marybeth

"Kimi is presently making the Lotus look better than Alonso is making the Ferrari look" - Quite a joke

There is no other driver in the GRID can wring a lap time out of appaling machinery except F.Alonso. DC and gary anderson have pointed and backed up this in BBC F1 already. 2012 was another classic example which reflected Alonso skills and expertise.

Kimi never did anything like this, Even with superior F2008 kimi struggled.

Ever since his arrival at Minardi AlONSO have drove his heart out and performed exceptionally well with sub par machinery. [mod] If any one who can do or mirror what Fernando did then it can be only Lewis

Wake up


Ha ha ha !


I actually like Alonso's chances in that Lotus. He would have easily won in Germany 🙂


Do You have some proof for Your claim?


So would Kimi had the strategy been different


Will never happen. Don't get me wrong, I agree with you, and Ferrari should have never let Kimi go, but Kimi's manager said that when He left, Kimi was "fed up with Formula 1, and didn't want to ever go back". So despite delivering the goods in an under performing car and doing "some of the best driving of [his] career" (Kimi's words), it seems the politics (among other things) left such a foul taste it virtually drove him out of the sport. Kimi and Ferrari is a match made in heaven, and the results are there for the taking. But it's how Kimi goes about achieving them that Mr Domenicali in particular doesn't like. That's why they paid €45m to get rid of him, a complete slap in the face.

Disclaimer: This post is in no way sponsored by Santander and/or its affiliated subsidiaries.



Think it was €54m

Bjornar Simonsen

And You know this how?




Rotfl...good one!


"Its in Alonso's contract."

How interesting gossip! You had access to the contract? Could you provide us with a copy of the clause? Literally, please.

Always the same rubbish gossip, hear, listen, Alonso has vetoed ​​every pilot who can be a supposed rival. Alonso is this, Alonso is that! Facts, not words.


LOL I second that!


I hope this is the year that Massa is finally shown the door at Ferrari. It's been a crying shame that he's occupied such a coveted race seat while only producing results that one expects of a Sauber.

I understand that they wanted to do right by him to give him a chance following his crash, but his level of performance has been ridiculously poor relative to his teammate.

His long tenure has been a mistake of Ferrari mgmt. They have no one else to blame but themselves for their lack of championships over the past half a decade.

Imagine the trouble they could give Seb and RB if there was the potential of two winners in red. Webbo has always been fast enough on his good weekends to to steal points from Alonso. When was Massa ever good enough to steal points from Seb?



Webber takes points off Alonso occasionally because he drives a Red Bull. If he had been in a Ferrari these past years instead, he would not have taken points off Vettel. It is plain simple.


Yes, that's the point. But on the days when the Ferrari is the faster car, Massa still isn't up to the job of bothering Vettel. It's been a long time since he's been worthy of a top drive- time to give a young gun a turn.


"his level of performance has been ridiculously poor relative to his teammate."

Do you think they see that as a bug, or a feature?

Alonso has found himself being beaten by his teammate twice in his career - by Trulli in 2004 and Hamilton in 2007. He tried unsuccessfully to blackmail McLaren into hobbling Hamilton. He succeeded with Trulli.

Scuderia McLaren




Btw, with some minor changes, the same would be true for Grosjean.


Grosjean's problem is, his team is making another Massa of him. After Silverstone he was ordered again to move over for Kimi in Germany.


Agreed, but Grosjean is only competing in his 2nd full season, not his 11th.


I think Massa is going to stay. But if that´s not the case I´d like to see Kobashashy there.


Sorry, but i just don't see Ferrari or anyone else hiring Kobiyashi again. Make no mistakes about it, Kobi was good, but not good enough for a top driver. Besides, i dont know if Ferrari would want a Japanese driver from marketing perspective.


So why wouldn't Ferrari want a japanese driver? The asian market for them is larger than europe and to be honest Kamui is a popular guy and a damn exciting driver, he is faster than Perez yet he doesn't have a drive, Massa is past his sell by date and even Fernando is looking shakey lately so Ferrari had better plan for the future and start changing things.


...and who is he driving for at the moment?...


The man could use some backing. He has clearly lost a step after the accident. But I feel sorry for the guy honestly. Having, to live under Alonso's shadow and constantly being forced to play second fiddle has damaged his confidence beyond repair.


He has had every opportunity to out drive Alonso. Every year. Every race.


@ Paige

Not so sure about the prost senna ERA.

I have seen quite a bit of old race highlights, yet i am not interested in such a long comparison

Times have changed.

Senna and prost may be the greatest drivers of the old generation. I am very interested and keenly follow F1 for the past 13 years or so. I do not what is so great or special schumacher is about other than his impressive STATS. Alonso has ended the schumi dominance.

For me Alonso is such a special talent who can wring a lap time out of abysmal machinery. I have seen this time and time again ever since his arrival in minardi to this date


When exactly has he done this? Everyone knows the ferrari is a good race car to wring a lap out of the car he would have to do a super lap in qualy a driver who has put the car in a place it shouldnt be is Valteri Bottas in Canada Alonso has never been able to do that simples if in doubt prove me wrong with fact.


Forget about it. They will keep saying the same thing again and again: Massa has lost his mojo since the accident, Ferrari deliberately selects their number one driver before even the season starts, and boycotts his second driver so the number one can beat him, etc.

I wonder why can't they choose the easiest option available: Alonso is much better than Massa and beats him again and again, so when he is 70 points above him in the Championship standings, Ferrari give him the support that he has earned on the track. The huge difference between the two is amplified by the fact that the Ferraris have been very difficult cars to drive these last four years and lack the speed needed to compete on pure performance with the best.

But I guess this option hurts those Kimi fans who have had a direct comparison between him and Massa for two years and a half, or those Hamilton fans who almost saw his word title stolen by Massa in Brazil 2008. So they hang on Ferrari's favoring one driver over another and Massa's accident to explain his lack of speed compared to Alonso.


not quite,

Alonso is clearly the number one driver, if there's an opportunity available, Alonso will grab it first...oops meant, Ferrari would give it to him.


He certainly wasn't given the same opportunity in Germany 2010. Or Brazil 2012. Or Austin 2012, whey they broke the gearbox seal. Is that enough evidence to challenge your claim?


Challenge accepted.

At Germany, Massa was slowing Alonso. He clearly had better pace. Watch the race again.

The other two were sacrifices towards the end of the season. Massa was way out of the points and Alonso had a chance for winning it.

Weak challenge, i would say.

Alonso is in a different class than Massa. It is clear to see.


Except in all those cases, he was out of championship contention.


He's been treated well by Ferrari. It seems that even Rob Smedley might be losing patience.


But has he been really? Hockenhiem 2010? How was we treated well then? A guy who needs confindence more than money, could have certainly been treated better.


Alonso the greatest driver in the history of F1? Dude, you were not watching F1 in the Senna-Prost era, maybe not even the Schumacher era. Alonso and every other driver on the grid needs to show a to more before this kind of talk can be said of them. Even Vettel with the magic number of three championships can't have this said of him yet.

I like Felipe a lot. I think he has shown that he has a lot of pace, especially when he was a about the same point of time in his career as Rosberg is now and showing pace against Hamilton. (Who is is certainly on the level as Raikkonen was his first year at Ferrari.). But the Hungaroring accident really ruined his path, which is a shame because he looked well on his way to becoming a potential champion with his performance in 2008 and was arguably the most impressive driver in 2009 before the accident. But he lost his confidence, he got beat by Alonso and had Hockenheim in 2010, and he just never gotten it back to be the same driver he used o be. When somoeone's performance is that dependent on swings in confidence, you let him go. Barrichello, for istance, never was as good as Schumcher, but he could at least be counted on to win at least a rate or so during the season and follow Schumacher home on the podium consistently. That's what Ferrari needs with its driver policy, and why Massa needs to go. They need to put a driver like Hulkenberg in the other car, who has consistently shown he can get the maximum out of the car consistently. They don't need him to beat Alonso all the time, they need him to be good enough to do it occiasionally and push Alonso enough to keep his game up. The best thing Massa has d be in his time with Alonso is outqualify him at the beginning of the year. Then Alonso went out in China and just bulldozed his way to a victory, and did the same later in Spain. People forget that even in 2007 with all the craziness of that situation, Alonso was actually performing very well before Fuji, and it was always close. Alonso has no problem with competition. I would argue he needs more of it wit more competition.


Do you really think that Ferrari should treat well one driver that is consistently 0.5s slower than the other driver???


How long you people will term hockenhiem 2010 as example?

Massa has been treated fairly by Ferrari than how Webber has been treated by RBR. Despite webber being miles better than massa. Ferrari were very honest and supportive towards massa. It's a pity that massa simply cannot drive better


Alonso has come seen and conquered Hockenhiem once again in 2012. Where was massa then ?

Fact is Massa is slow and inconsistent. Felipe knows this as well.

Alonso is like this, ALonso is like that, Alonso does not like competition, Alonso is politician ? How long we need to keep hearing such non sense stuff

Alonso is simply the best and for me the greatest driver in the history of F1 (I am not a Spaniard)


Germany 2010 broke his confidence beyond repair. Sadly.


Felipes problem is Fernando alonso and how good he is basically and the fact Fernando doesn't have off days on Sundays. As Martin bundle said on Sunday as ever Fernando is somewhere near the front and he said how does he do that. Few drivers have that ability and massa just isn't one of them basically. I do think now tho Ferrari have to replace him and freshen up the place. But who to replace him? Been thinking about it this week and I think nico hulkenburg is maybe too good for the second Ferrari seat. So that could open it up for Paul di resta or even Jenson button maybe?


Alonso is a very tough character and a consistent driver but he's no way anywhere near what some people think he is, he was often besten by his team mates that were allowed to challenge him, the likes of Trulli, Hamilton and even Fisi were often quicker over 1 lap and sometimes in the races, the point is Alonso is not worth the hassle, sacrifices and devotion Ferrari have given him, hire Vettel and Jenson, they will win both championships.


VET will not do the job. He is good only if his car is one second faster than the others (same as Button). Ferrari now is 0.3s slower. HIRE NEWEY INSTEAD!!!


I can't think in any car in recent years in F1 that have been 1 sec faster than the rest, and I don't remember one team with just one car


@H.Guderiam - RBR custom made tyres? What credibility do you expect to have when you claim that? It was clear to see that Lotus had the faster race day car in Germany.


When was Vettel's car 1 second faster than the rest?



Easy one:

The brand new RBR custom made Pirelli tyres, of course.

1) I think quali has nothing to do with race pace.

2) You are right about Lotus. At Nurburgring, Vettel had *only* 0.3s per lap over Kimi.


James, you are getting as bad as some of the posters on here :-).

Mercedes have a fast car in quali', but during the race it eats its tyres (particularly if it is warm) and gradually fades away. The Lotus was beaten because the Red Bull had track position and overtaking is tricky if you aren't significantly quicker. Also I would say Lotus did not make the best strategy calls. That takes nothing away from Vettel who drove a fine race, in what is still the best all round car.


The point is VET did not have a faster car


James - "simple" (from my couch seat) the RBs jumped Lewis fair and square and once that RB is out in front it rarely gets overtaken. Lewis' car was good to quali but was in no shape to race. Lotus poor quali, and questionable race strategy (for Kimi especially) was the difference. Weather/temp and related aside......


How do you explain Nurburgring then?

His car was slower than Merc in quali and same pace as Lotus in the race.


what you have to understand is that all these drivers in F1, in a good day, they could all win a race or two if they are in the same machinery and given the right strategy.

But since you believe Jenson is better than Alonso, could I have some of what you're smoking?


hire Vettel and Jenson, they will win both championships....

Vettel maybe, but Jenson! You really think Jenson would win championships (plural) at Ferrari?


Do you mind me asking, but are you Jensons Dad ?


justafan that is a correct assessment, Jenson as a overall package for gaining wins and valuables points is almost 2nd to none and Vettel has the speed and ability to win a championship dog fight with anyone, a win win situation.


What he means is that Vettel will win the driver's and Button will score enough points to win the constructor's. Remember he scored more points than Lewis at Mac over the three years they were paired.


Did you just say that Button is better than Alonso?? O_0


Actually I said hire Jenson as part of the team and gain valuable points for the constructors, but overall Jenson is not far off Alonso as a number 1 anyway, he was able to beat Hamilton something which Alonso can't say he did.


He didn't say that. What he probably meant is that the Vet/but combo would possible deliver more titles than what Ferrari have now.


Personally, am hoping for an improvement in Massa's form for I want Ferrari to capture the 2nd spot in the WCC standings with Mercedes 3rd.

You see with 2nd place, this means the Ferrari drivers will have car numbers 3 and 4 in 2014 whilst Mercedes will have cars 5 and 6.

Historically the cars number 1 and 5 have been the most successful cars championship wise >>> so yeah.

Regards the Alonso-Massa partnership, this has been the best thing that has happened to Alonso reputation wise.

For with Massa always struggling (since his horrid accident in 2009), this gives the impression that Alonso really can levitate from the roof of a bus.

But as we saw last year when Massa came good, Alonso wasn't getting the maximum out of the car but we wouldn't know this if Massa was still performing like he was in the first half.

Anyway, I myself wish Massa well for he's a nice guy that just so happens to have more bad luck than your average bloke.

As for Monaco and Canada, it's well documented that Massa doesn't like street circuits so I would excuse his lapses in concentration.


I think logically the requirement for Ferrari is someone who brings in 1/2 the points of Alonso and gets out of the way. This is why I think he'll stay another year.

End of 2012 was really a moment that solidified the fact in my mind that Massa can drive on par with Alonso. But the recent string of crashes lately is really concerning for me. It almost feels as if he has accepted the fact that he may never stand on the top step of a podium again and so is just "doing his job".

The cast is so full right now at the sharp end, to be honest I haven't really been paying that much attention to Massa this year.


No ones been paying attention, because he's not "doing his job". He's crashing...

As you point out, he can drive quickly when everything's on song, as at the end of 2012.

I think he's struggling with tires again, along with the pressure of no contract for next year. Interesting to see how he handles the next race... new tires again, and a reminder of his big accident...


Sounds like the old football chairman's vote of confidence...


I have to assume Alonso has no interest in a top flight driver. Ferrari cannot afford to keep someone year after year who brings so little in terms of results to the team.


You fail to understand how a TEAM works and how your team mate can help you win championships even if he doesn't want to.

If you like, one can say Webber, by taking 1st place from Alonso at Silverstone in 2012, has efectively won the WDC for Vettel. But of course Vettel was supreme last year, I don't want to take anything from him and his performances.

Like someone said above, how many time has Massa taken points from Vettel in the last 4 seasons and how many times has Webber taken points from Alonso in the same period?

Mark and Fernando are buddies and Mark and Seb can't stand each other, but that didn't stop Mark finishing higher than Alonso. So for you to say Alonso doesn't want a top flight driver is totally wrong. If I was Alonso, I wouldn't want Massa as my team mate just to get the no 1 status in the team. I would want someone who can contribute with data to the team, not crash in lap 4 of a race, or someone who can overtake and hold my rivals on the track, or even finish ahead of them, or even win, so they don't get the 25 points.

Tornillo Amarillo

Everybody knows Massa is a good guy and a mid-level driver. So I guess Ferrari is OK with that and that is the main reason for keeping him. I cannot find another reason (sponsors, contacts, being a Champion, etc.)

So if that is the Ferrari business, I don't know why Ferrari will change him next year... I don't find Ferrari's fans yelling for a change neither... They have a cult for a personality - ALONSO- and that's it.

IMO Ferrari should hire HULK right away in mid-season. They are not so far from the WCC in 2013 if they can react.

For 2014, they can have HULK or DI RESTA in a one year basis, until BIANCHI is ready. No-brainier really.

As a fan of other team, I prefer they keep MASSA, Alonso and those horrible strategies, and see Kimi in Red Bull, LOTUS keeping GROSJEAN and BUTTON in McLaren forever... sorry.

Tornillo Amarillo

And what about KUBICA?


No way that Red Bull would have won the last three constructor's titles if Kubica had ended up at Ferrari all those years ago. Alonso's god-like status among Ferrari fans would never have come to pass either.


I like Webber better


What about Kamui? Has his involvement with Ferrari in WEC helped his cause or pushed him further away from F1, particularly a seat with Ferrari? I think he would be lightning quick, and could challenge Alonso eventually. Maybe not enough for WDC contending, but definitely enough to help with the WCC. And I would love to see a Japanese driver become a GP winner.

Thoughts James?


Kobayashi would be a perfect No.2 at Ferrari because he's a team player. If Ferrari tell him to let Alonso through, he'll do it without question. If the team give Alonso the best parts, Kobayashi won't complain. With Kobayashi's speed, consistency, and reliability, he'll always be just a position or two behind Alonso, bagging heaps of points for the team. Alonso demands compliance, and Kobayashi would deliver.




This is something I said for the last two years. I couldn't agree more! Kamui has the speed to push, but can still learn from 'Yoda'/Alonso. Also from a business point of view having a Japanese driver for Ferrari would be a fantastic marketing opportunity. He would score just as many points if not more.

Just remember that Felipe is managed by Mr Nicolas Todt, who is part of the furniture at La Ferrari famiglia (The Ferrari family) And blood is always thicker than.... Er... Water?


To be honest Kobayashi has been haed done by, he was faster than Perez but always had rotten luck with race strategies, now this year he was thrown at the Ferrari 458 a low class of Le Mans??? Surely with his links to Toyota he could at least take a seat with the Toyota LMP1 team? drivers like Ales Wurz and Ant Davidson are no better than Kamui, but yeah as a number 2 driver to Fernando Kobayashi should fit in well at Ferrari.


I like to see Kamui at any top team, even Ferrari.


Not to mention Sarrazain and Nakajima, 2 unworthy drivers for top level at Le Mans.


I like Felipe a lot and I don't blame him for not getting results as he did not have a fast car from 2010 to 2012. However, the issue is somewhat different this year, the car is good but Felipe is making driving errors. I really hope that he gets his act together as he is a class act when he is on song.

Felipe is a good racing driver and it is a mistake to compare him with Fernando, who "I BELIEVE" will join the leagues of Prost, Senna and Schumi as one of the all time greats once he retires.


Not sure I agree with everything you have written but do agree that the main issue with Felipe this year is that he is making driving errors. It got me wondering why this is and I think I've come up with a theory, though it could well be disproven over time.

Long time Felipe watchers will remember that he initially struggled when traction control was outlawed at the end of 2007. I think he tended to stamp on the throttle like a switch at times rather than feeding it. The TC used to correct this but it took him a while to adapt without it (I think this was why he spun into retirement at the 2008 Malaysian GP).

He eventually did adapt but I just wonder whether, as he tries to think about other things like managing the tyres or even the pressure to keep his results up under dwindling confidence, a bad habit has crept back into his driving. I thought he raced well in Canada and Britain but the mistakes in Monaco FP3, Canada quali and Germany race have all been costly in one way or another.

I like Felipe and hope he overcomes this difficult moment but there is a wider worry about who would take him if Ferrari were to go with someone else. Last year when there was speculation about his position the vibes that were being conveyed to me, by magazines and blogs and suchlike, was that not too many other teams were interested in him. I'd like to think he'd have something to offer to F1 even once he leaves Maranello but it could be that he is racing for his F1 future here, not just his Ferrari future. It'll be a fight but he prevailed last year and I wish him well!


Well, it could be also a mistake to make the reverse comparison, that Alonso is such a great driver because every time he defeats Massa, who changed a lot since 2009 before Alonso arriving Ferrari. Obviously Alonso is a great driver, but the only top driver he has had as a team mate was a rookie Hamilton who actually defeated him (yes they got the same points but Hamilton took the second place in the WCC). It would be great to see in Ferrari someone who could race Alonso, I'm a Ferrari fan but I'm really tired of the team's politics and just one Ferrari car running for the WCC.


"Alonso is a great driver, but the only top driver he has had as a team mate was a rookie Hamilton who actually defeated him (yes they got the same points but Hamilton took the second place in the WCC). "

Yes, Lewis defeated Fernando even when they had 108 points each but I think it only makes Fernando look even better? I will give you my reasons you are free to disagree.

1. Lewis had the whole McLaren team behind him. Ron Dennis on record said that McLaren were racing Fernando and not Kimi for the title in 2007.

2. FIA had inspectors placed in Fernando's side of the garage in Brazil to make sure McLaren not tamper with his car - as they did earlier in a qualifying session when in Q3 Fernando's tyre pressure were way below what they were in Q2.

3. An ex McLaren engineer had revealed that Fernando allowed Lewis to copy his setups the whole year. You can't actually believe that Lewis was setting up his car perfectly from day 1 in Melobourne. He struggles to get the setup wrong even now in a Mercedes.

After everything that happened in 2007 Fernando ended with the same number of points as Lewis. Yes in standings he was 2nd and Lewis 3rd but do score so many points and win races when you're team doesn't want you to win is totally different thing.

I have seen a lot of Formula 1 for the past 10 years and believe Lewis is an amazing driver, one of the best I'll ever see. Lewis is one of the main reasons I watch each and every race cause he is exciting and fast. But I believe its wrong to use the logic that Lewis beat Fernando. Ok it happened to Fernando once but then JB did it twice to Lewis didn't he?


Well Michael in his prime was an alien and complete freak of nature, he was operating at a higher level than Vettel is now, if he wasn't such a hard racer with the win at any cost attitude then he might be regarded as history's very best as I believe he was better than Senna, from 1992-1994 he gave ayrton a big run for his money, 2 legends that don't exist.


Yes Lewis beat Fernando once while Jenson beat Lewis twice. However Rubens beat Jenson once while Michael beat Rubens all the time.


Lets not get into a 2007 discussion again


"I like Felipe a lot and I don’t blame him for not getting results as he did not have a fast car from 2010 to 2012"

I dont think anyone was expecting Massa to win championships with that car. His poor performance is seen from his relative to Alonso, and the number of spins/incidents makes it embarassing to see of a driver in the most coveted driver seat in F1.

Valentino from montreal

After Senna , the best Brazilian F1 driver racing in F1 was Rubens Barrichello ...

Massa is the 2008 F1 world champion , let's not forget that, but his days at Ferrari are looking slim ...

All the best Felipe !!


I see what you are doing. You are praising Rubens, as this will reflect better on Michael - they were long term team mates at Ferrari.

Nice try 😉


Well unravelled Tim


I'm pretty sure he wasn't.....hate to point it out but feel I ought to.


Ok then lets say that Kimi is a triple world champion and fernando is only a single, &schumi is "only" a six !- like what your saying but doesn't quite work that way.

Scuderia McLaren

Hi Val, always enjoy your comments. Many bring a smile to my face. But I've got to ask, how is Massa the 2008 F1 WDC? By the way I'm not a Lewis fan, but I don't dislike the guy either...

Tornillo Amarillo

On top of Senna, from Brasil Nelson Piquet won 3 championships, Fittipaldi 2 and Massa none, he was runner-up in 2008, please, là-là...


Guess the time for Massa is up given multiple errors and not scoring consistently.

Not sure what team dynamics does Ferrari want but Hulk is a great readily available replacement for this and next year. Not at all a fan of Paul Di Resta (who is doing well this year).


The question is, can Ferrari get a driver who is both (a) better than Massa and (b) willing to be Alonso's doormat?

The answer is no, which is why Massa is still there. I don't think Hulk, or any other half-way decent driver, has any interest in getting the Trulli treatment.


All this talk of Alonso team mate being a door matt. Maybe if he could score at least half the points Alonso does then he would also be considered for the WDC. He can't and never has in the 3 1/2 years they have been at Ferrari. Why would Ferrari sacrifice their only chance ? I have no doubt if it was the other way round Alonso would be made to do the same for Massa. As Ferrari say, the drivers drive for the am team and that is that. I like Massa and am a Ferrari fan, but I think it it time. They need more consistency it is like the old days of Eddie Irvine, one Ferrari against 6 other cars every time.


Any driver in a mid-field team would do it if they would get the chance to race in that Ferrari.

You forget we live in a period when F1 teams can wrap up their stuff and exit F1 anytime now. Look at Sauber. Last year they were so close to win races and 10 races later people are talking about being forced to exit F1 because they have no money.

Have you ever thought what will be Hulkemberg's chances to get a race seat next season if Sauber exit F1 in 2 races? Pretty slim I would think.

My point is this: any relative young driver would prefer to be a number 2 at Ferrari than number 1 at Force India, Sauber, Williams. Being number 2 puts you on a back foot, but you still have the chance to finish 2nd in every GP or 3rd, or 4th or 5th. Being a number 2 still gives you the option to impress the team and all other teams with your drive craft and performances. If you are good enough, even if you will be told to give up place, the team and everybody else will know that and your value will rise.


Get him out of here already. He's had more than enough chances, he'll never need to work a day in his life, he's driven for the biggest name in F1.... Felipe is a very lucky guy. Ferrari are shambolic and this is just another outcome of weak leadership. Di Montezemolo needs to talk less and make results speak.


The only reason why i think Massa is still there, is that Ferrari must not need the big money that a WCC brings.


Indeed, they get the Money anyway, thanks to their history in the Sport.


Just to confirm, the second crash in Monaco was a technical issue with his Ferrari, was it not? So bad luck, rather than bad form there.

James, if Ferrari were going to replace Massa, would he find a seat with any other F1 team?


Wasn't it an amazing coincidence that the second mechanical failure that caused the 2nd crash was in the exact spot the first driver error caused crash took place.


Now now, Ferrari said it was suspension failure that caused the crash. I would imagine the suspension would fail ,hitting the barriers at 150mph 🙂


Yes, I know. I am aware of the conspiracy theories surrounding those two accidents. But it is hard to prove anything, isn't it?


James there is this BBC article by Benson (so not some gossip magazine) which claims at the end of the 2012 season Alonso and Ferrari renegotiated his contract and one of points was that Alonso demanded that he was not teamed up with Vettel.

"But sources close to Ferrari now say the Spaniard and the team renegotiated their agreement towards the end of last season and that one of Alonso's demands was that they not sign Vettel alongside him."

What did you hear about that, if any?


He's usually pretty good on that sort of thing


@JAF1 - "...but James Allison is about to arrive..."

He can't come soon enough at Scuderia. Just get the feeling that among the leaders, Ferrari have gone backwards most since a promising start. They truly need a jumpstart to their season, or else prepare for another writeoff.


James, if Alonso had the power to veto Vettel, wouldn't that be detrimental to Ferrari's success? Imagine Ferrari racing with Alo/Vet pair wouldn't that almost guarantee the Constructors title and probably the driver's as well? Remember those two guys won 5 of the 6 top two Championship positions in the past 3 years. And wouldn't losing Vettel to Fer be a grat blow for RBR? Why is Fer giving that much power to Alo to veto his team mate? Is it only because of Santander's money?


Because the entire culture of Ferrari was moulded during the Schumacher era and despite personnel changes the culture is not easy to change. They always want a dominant forceful personality to lead the team. Having vettel and alonso together would go against everything Ferrari know and trust. They would not work together. The only team that has genuinely tried the balancing act between true 'alpha' drivers is mclaren - and it's often come to haunt them.


I'm getting tired of reading comments suggesting that Santander money is Ferrari's overriding concern in retaining Alonso.

Ferrari would remain well funded with or without Santander - their technical dept is their (comparative) weakness.

They need Alonso because no other driver on the grid can better compensate for their performance deficit.


I think you are correct, but James Allison is about to arrive so we will see what he can do to raise the game


It is not Santander money. And Alonso has not the power to veto his team mate, he just has a say, as Vettel had over Hamilton last year. Ferrari firmly belive Alonso is the very best driver of the sport, and the best they have ever had. Why having a possibility of destabilizing the team hiring Vettel if they already have the best? Some times two super drivers in the same team do not sum, because they could create a tense environment.

That said, it is Vettel who does not want to go to Ferrari for the moment, while they are not competitive and Alonso is there.


Ego, graft, and greed mate. That combo would be loved by every other team as mutually assured destruction is guaranteed result.......

Scuderia McLaren

That's the best way of putting it James. 😀


Could also explain why Vettel signed again with RB.


Hi James with Paul Di Resta having Italian heritage it would be a great to see him in a Ferrari but I fear the pressure may be too much for him.

Do you honestly think he has a real chance at getting the seat?


Ferrari don’t care about Italian heritage or Italian drivers. If anything Paul’s heritage may work against him getting a Ferrari drive.


Ever since Lorenzo Bandini's death at Monaco in 1967, Ferrari do seem to have shown an aversion to having Italians in their cars (Badauer, Fisichella had short fill-in roles). It could also be that there has not been any 'Italian' Italians who were any good.

Ferrari have a driving program, it would be good to see them give the focus and support to Italian drivers. F1 needs at least a single Italian driver. 60 years since Ascari won his last championship for Ferrari. It really is shockingly sad that there has not been an Italian champion in 6 whole decades.


Perhaps he's just Scottish enough, then 🙂


He's being mentioned in the circles I listen to. But how seriously, it's hard to say


I heard of the possibility of Daniel Ricciardo going to Ferrari. If he doesn't go to Red Bull, is this a realistic prospect?


RIC at Ferrari would be fantastic. I would love to see RIC at a top shelf team next year. I think he has real potential is a cracking bloke as well!


Massa is a mystery man. On his day he was as fast as Schumacher in 2006, faster than Kimi in 2007/08/09, and at times faster than Alonso. Trouble is, he struggles spectacularly the other 70% of the times making him a bigger enigma than Kimi Raikkonen. I wouldn't be too surprised if he struggles the rest of the season, and in the final 4 races he is right there at the sharp end.

Bottomline, i think it is time for Massa to get some fresh air elsewhere. And time for Ferrari to look at Sutil,Hulkenberg or Di Resta.


Massa has to learn more finesse in his driving. He needs to step on the throttle more gently to allow a more consistent acceleration curve. But he is too abrupt, over driving which causes him to spin and this also eats his tires too quickly.

Also, he needs to learn more finesse in his braking. Take more time to brake and brake earlier rather than stomping on the brake pedals in the last second - which has caused his spins in Monaco and Germany.

He needs to re-adjust his driving to suit these Pirelli tires - he is not racing Bridgestones anymore so he can't keep throwing the car around.


The sad truth is he hasn't been the same man since his accident, and should have been sidelined in 2012 so bad was his form.


The truth is that Alonso had already established himself in the team by the time Hungary '10 rolled around. It has obviously been a crushing blow to the psyche.


Felipe Massa is, once again, the public focus of all things wrong at Ferrari. This team has bigger issues.


Hopefully Hulkenberg is nowhere near Ferrari. Ferrari are not the team they used to be. In recent years they have not started seasons particularly well and if it wasn't for Alonso, would not have been near the championship last season.

Hulkenberg deserves better/ Such a seat would not be a bad choice for Di Resta however. He'll have many chances to indulge in his favourite hobby of moaning if he ever goes to Maranello.


I hear that Rory Byrne has been consulting with Ferrari on the 2014 car, so it could be a turning point.


Didn't he start consulting with them around mid-season last year to sort that car out?


They could rename the Caterham to Ligier. Massa could go there and try to be the next Rene Arnoux?


They need to get rid of him and move on....The Hulk would be a nice change


What does Massa's inconsistent form mean to Ferrari's WCC chances? Webber was almost on par with Vettel in 2010 in point scoring. Since then Webber has scored approximately 65% of the points Vettel scores. If Massa had scored 65% of Alonso points in 2012 for example (278 x 0.65) = 181 pts approx.

Ferrari WCC pts = (278 + 181) = 459 pts. Red Bull won the championship with 460 pts in 2012.

Massa in scoring these extra 60 pts would have certainly taken points off the RBR drivers, Webber especially. Ferrari are just conceding the Constructors' title to Red Bull with a weak second driver. As is the Lotus team with Grosjean not delivering.


Agreed, the Lotus is a terrific car and I think deserves to be labelled as a front runner. Why they have Grosjean is an absolute mystery.

Massa, Grosjean and Webber (due to retirement) hypothetically all gone. Would love to see those 3 seats filled with some young talent. I think Mark is fantastic, but his retirement obviously opens up possibilities.


What surprises me most is Santander not getting sick of Ferrari -Alonso failure. All that money and no success- yet here we are almost 4 years later and still feisty Spaniard is governing how the oldest team not only contract him but even who is partner is - Its Bizarre.

As good a driver he is I cannot stand the guy and his manipulative way- good luck to him because he gets what he wants. But honestly it's bordering on stupidity. Surely a very fast 2 nd driver can push Fernando to greater success and Ferrari to Constructors title- at the very least greater share of f1 revenue.!

I will go back to what I keep saying about Felipe and Ferrari. It cannot motivating for a "confidence"driver as Felipe by having Ferrari back Fernando 100% of the time. Several times Felipe can be faster like late last year and even a few times this year to have to back off as soon as he sees another Ferrari.!. It has to " play with his head" - if your trained to be a follower - you will never by a leader.- plain and simple. The injury unfortunately only added to the reasoning for sustaining this position.

Felipe should move on maybe to Lotus or Sauber with no pressure and enjoy his last few years in F1 in a team that can fully support his undoubte ability. For those thinking Grosjean - Ferrari - you got to be kidding- the guy doesn't even deserve his seat at lotus.! Bianchi must go to Ferrari if they want to improve and prepare for when Fernando leaves- otherwise- nothing more but failure!


Let's give Alonso some more time to prove himself, he was brilliant in China and especially in Spain. That race he was simply invincible, we can easily compare this to Vettel's races in Canada or Germany.


I dont think Fernando has anything to prove really. Everyone knows- its just Ferrari need to improve a bit on some tracks.

Valentino from montreal

+ 1 million ....

See , you DO make sence - sometimes !

: ))


Yes AND the same can be said about your precious MS on a much larger scale with all the "special treatment".

The only guy who I will ever have any real time for in F1 iis the The Iceman- he is a fair racer - no matter who is "alongside" - in any sense of that word.- team and track. MS did what he could to protect Felipe at Ferrari- I would suggest to Kimis detriment- had Kimi been given half the treatment MS or FA had/have with Ferrari- their records would look rather normal.Instead Kimi was shafted for FA & Santanders millions and now years later and 2 years out he is making Ferrari and both Fernando and Felipe look unquestionably average. Karma is a beautiful thing, and for someone who cares little about talk - he is the most liked driver in F1- why- because his "motivation" and driving is doing all the talking - nothing else!.


I couldn't agree more!


Justafan :- Are you aware that Bridgestone manufactured special tyres for Michael Schumacher during his time at Ferrari. Are you aware that Ferrari had a budget twice the size it has now and did unlimited testing ?. Noone can ever know for certain how much an advantage that was over the entire field-even with Michaels ability to deliver.

Despite this Kimi was faster than both MS and FA in 2003 & 2005 and but for his Merc powered Mclaren blowing up every second race he was would have one of Michaels and one of Fernandos titles. Politics and lies was what led to Kimis demise at Ferrari-this is well known now..Sure you need to be able to deal with that better as a top F1 driver these days -(something which Kimi does not). But I know one thing for certain--In the same machinery without favour or politics- Kimi was/is the fastest over a race distance- Only Hamilton is quicker over a single lap. Something which Kimi was equally good at before he stopped.


Kimi is a brilliant driver, but on the same level as Schumacher? I doubt that. Michael won 5 titles for Ferrari, Kimi only one and he dropped the ball the next season and lost out to Felipe. For sure it was not Michael's fault that Kimi dropped the ball after winning that elusive title.


Santander or any other sponsor wants exposure and they get that even if Ferrari are not winning. Winning would be much better, but it's not a must I must say.

Santander gets plenty just being associated with Ferrari, which lets not forget was voted the best brand in 2012.


Perhaps the Santander directors who sign-off on the sponsorship all drive Ferraris with free Maranello maintenance and service - or have free access to Ferraris parked somewhere in Maranello!

I know this is a naughty comment - but it wouldn't surprise me.

Ferrarri's ability to monetize commercial benefits between their road cars and their F1 businesses is head and shoulders over every other road car manufacturer and F1 team. They are world champions by far in making money from F1!

I'm not sure if Mercedes or McLaren or Red Bull are second.


I like Massa but find it mysterious that Ferrari keep backing him.

What do they have too gain by not taking on board a young driver with potential?

Can Alonso really be that demanding/paranoid about his team mates?

Seems unlikely, but if satisfying those demands means sacrificing both the drivers and constructors championships for Ferrari then what's the point in pandering to his needs?

These are genuine questions. Any realistic suggestions would be gratefully received!


It's not only Alonso.

Alonso is a driver, an employee. An employee cannot dictate how a company the calibre of Ferrari is being run. At least that's what I think.

Even before Alonso joined Ferrari, they didn't take any drivers which didn't had years of experience behind an F1 car.


Alonso cannot, but perhaps Santander can?


Do you really think Ferrari, who's been in F1 since the 1950s depend or take instructions from a Spanish bank on how to operate?

Think again!


Nonsense. See NJB's commentary and JA's reply above to get some illustration.


I feel terrible for Massa.

It was heart breaking watching him pull over for Alonso a year after his return. http://jaonf1.wpengine.com/2010/07/alonso-wins-german-grand-prix-as-ferrari-tell-massa-to-move-over/

He could of easily lost him vision of life had the spring gone a inch either way. That win could of been a great comeback story and would of gone a long way in restoring his confidence. I don't remember Massa having this type of lapses pre-accident.

If he gets fired I think one of the midfield teams would benefit from having such a experienced and still quick driver around. Massa=Barrichello?


I wonder if mika Salo ever regrets giving up what would have been his only ever F1 win in 1999


Jeez, and what about this:

"Romain, Kimi is faster than you"

Twice, in recent races, with these o very similar words.

It's called 'team work'. Legal or illegal, it works in all of the teams. Let's start a row with the other teams, please?


I guess the difference for me is that Romain didn't just come back from a punctured skull. Plus, he wasn't fighting for win.


So what? He was slower and not yielding the position as agreed. Racing. Not athe door of a cafeteria.


I guess the difference for me is that Romain didn't just come back from a punctured skull.


The diff is in Ferrari it happens from race 1 AND even when Fernando is NOT faster than Felipe. Australia this year Felipe was ahead of Fernando and was pitted to clear the way. Everyone on the track said -" oh here we go". For god sake a team that openly admits to braking a seal on a gearbox (texas 2012) purely to move one driver ahead of his team mate, merely to improve starting position - just shows you the level of favouritism - no other team would do that and in fact when asked the other team principals said they would not even consider that and in fact frowned upon it.!

In other teams the lead driver IS faster than the other,AND is about to overtake AND the slower driver is completely out of contention in the WDC. The above example Kimi was about to pass anyways and Grosjean actually cost him time to catch Seb.

I cannot believe that some people cannot see the difference. Sure Ferrari often do it because Fernando is fighting for championships- but there have many, many times early in the season when no one is clearly ahead- Bahrain( I think 2010 )Felipe slowed and moved when he was pulling away more than 400 metres ahead. Just ridiculous.


@ Elie.

My nickname here is puffing, not puffing and panting. Let's not start exchanging names.


@ elie

Don't mess up my arguments. I do not deny Fernando is treated as #1 driver in Ferrari. What I say, as different from you, is that this is because of Fernando's merits as driver and competitor.


Puffing and Panting.lol...there is absolutely no doubt Fernando is faster most of the time. It is only you that is denying the very facts that everybody knows- Ferrari will always treat Fernando as no 1 - even if is the first race and there isnNoone but Felipe and he.. It is clearly contractual and it is very wrong- even if most people agree Felipe should not even be there.. But then which top driver with would drive under those conditions... & therein lies Ferraris dilemma !


Fernando was faster than Felipe then. Fernando was repeatedly coming to the back of Felipe, then letting him go. One, two, three, more times. Repeatedly. Then Fernando said on the radio, "I'm faster than him.' That were the facts.

Fernando is faster than Felipe. On the average, overwhelmingly, in all these years, apart from some occasions that can be counted with the fingers of one hand, and most of them because the setting of the car. This are facts. You can deny them. It does not matter. You dislike Fernando. This is a fact.


Every year it's the same old story with Massa. He is the luckiest F1 driver to retain his seat every year. He shouldve moved on long time ago.


I still agree with this despite my comments about Ferrari & Fernando above


Exactly my thought ...


Agreed. Lots of Love for Massa but he has been treated beyond fair by Ferrari. Regretably Felipe's best race days are past him. Unfortunatly he has returned to forum by CONSISTENTLY demonstrating "an inability to close". People are paid to deliver results. Felippe has not done that in years depite having one of the more competitive cars/teams. 2014 is a perfect time to thank him for all he has done and for Ferrari to start fresh in their new car. Felipe will also greatly benefit from a fresh start.......

Time to turn the page as this act is over.....


As a long standing Ferrari fan.

Unfortunately this is a prime example of why Ferrari have been losing for the past few years.

They more then happy and willing to accept mediocrity.

This is the 4th year since his accident and if he cant get his S*** together by now clearly its never going to happen.

If Ferrari dont replace him this time then they might as well offer him a 20 contract because cleary his become part of the furniture.

its the same story with the rest of the team!

Regardless of their test ban and their windtunnel excuses in 5 yrs (going for 6) if they couldnt win anything then clearly the people they have arent good enough thats the bottom line.

If after 5 years if your current group of people cant bring you a world title then its never going to happen!!!

As for thier excuse of continuity hah you can have continuity if a winning team like Red Bull because you dont fix something thats working perfectly.

But if somethings not working then common sense tells you it needs to be fixed or replaced.

In Ferraris case it seems lots of people need to be replaced starting with Domenicali and Massa.

Maybe its even time for Montezemolo to step down. If his willing to accept all this for the past 5 years then u have to ask as President of Ferrari is he doing a good enough job?

If a half bankrupt team (Lotus) can pitch up to the last race and be faster then Ferrari then it really makes u wonder what the hells going on @ Ferrari.

The previous race Force India were faster then Ferrari. enough said.


Hooray a Ferrari fan that sees the light !!


In the last 35 years only 2 drivers could manipulate Ferrari and made that team the leading one: Lauda and Scumacher.

Make Alonso Vettel's number 2 and that team will win every single constructor championship.


It took Schumacher 5 years to put Ferrari on top of the world. Alonso is in his 4th year. We Need to wait and see if he can emulate him before we can make the final judgement.


Here's hoping...


I very much dislike the way Ferrari approach Formula One. Having a clear number one driver and a clear number two lap-dog is no way to win constructor's championships. That's how you attempt to win an empty, undeserved Driver's Championship.

I sure with more support from Ferrari, Massa could have made improvements to his race craft.... Well, to be completely honest; Massa won't be able to get any support because his "team mate" Alonso is clearly not a fair playing, honourable sportsman -And Alonso has all the favour at Ferrari. I think it is too late now for Massa to improve and become better. I think it is time for him to retire and let someone like Nico Hulkenberg take his seat at Ferrari. Hopefully, Nico will be allowed to compete against Alonso (something which Massa is clearly not allowed to do. And while I'm mentioning drivers who are abused by their teams: Mark Webber is constantly screwed over by Red Bull on starts, strategy, pit stops, Helmut Marko & finger-boy.


Screwed over by who? Didn't Webber take the lead in Malaysia through the pitstops, then have his teammate ordered not to race him? You love your excuses for Massa and Webber don't you. And FYI, Webber had to be told to maintain the throttle if he got wheelspin at the start for Germany.

Massa and Webber are performing how they are because they are not on the same level as their teammates.


That's exactly how RedBull operate.

Taking wings from one car and put it on the second while the points difference is 7 points between the 2 drivers is crazy.

Blaming Webber for a collision in Turkey when everybody can see Vettel moves right.

Vettel ignoring team orders, a team principal saying only "this is silly Seb" over the radio shows who is number 1 in that team. compare that to Ross Brawn's radio messages to Rosberg and you see what I mean and who is in charge of a team.

Asking Webber to hold possition and not overtake Vettel in 2011 when he was leading by 70+ points in the championship shows who is number 1 in the team.

Should I continue?


"Alonso is clearly not a fair playing, honourable sportsman".

This statement is clearly offensive, bordering on slander.

Clearly? To whom? To you, to some others for sure. That's life, no worries.

But not for everyone, not for me, not for his rivals/mates on the track. Not for team bosses, not for F1 engineers. All of them, repeatedly have stated Fernando is, apart from an excellent driver and ferocious competitor, an gentlemen of the track, always with the highest standards of fair playing.


Clap clap clap Very well put!


Be it as it may, but if what you wrote is true, why would RBR order Vet to stay behind Web and not attack him?


So when RBR order SV to stay behind MW but SV ignores it, SV is the bad guy and MW is the injured party however when MW is ordered to stay behind SV and MW ignores it SV is the bad guy and MW is the injured party.

You should delete your post and just write I don't like SV


Nicely dissected 😀


The front wing thing is overhyped- the team did it because Vettel felt more comfortable with the front wing than Webber did. Also, they applied team orders against Vettel this year in the first place, so that hardly counts. Besides, Vettel is only number 1 at Red Bull over Webber, who was there since 2007 because he's earned it.


INCREDIBLELY well stated...


Deja vu theme every year since the last couple of years exactly the same time of the year, Massa's drive seat". And after the press and blogs reports and di Mont's press release you ve got the transformation of massa in second half of season and finally one year contract extension fair and square. They should shake hands goodbye though, this relationship is getting boring and unproductive.


Ferrari should get Kovaleinen:

1. Fast on a single lap.

2. Experienced.

3. Available.


And he's raced with Alonso before. He also said the he'd gladly be number two driver if given a good car.



Massa can be brilliant, but he needs to know he has the team behind him. Remember, how he was driving in 2008, when the team was really behind him and he almost took WDC?

Now he knows he is in Alonso's team. Second driver, and this won't help his confidence. So he is overcompensating and overdriving.

Alonso has always been masterful at playing psychological games, and he clearly has won this one over Ferrari and Massa.

Can't be helped, really. To cut it in F1 these days, being naturally quick is not enough. You must be a forceful personality as well, adept at mind games. Massa is too nice a guy for that...


Do not get me wrong. I respect Massa a lot. Everyone who drives a F1 car has what is necessary. Even after his serious accident, Massa has proved this repeatedly.

But let's not condemn alonso for having something more in a highly competitive world as is F1.


I did not know F1 teams were kindergartens. Not that this discussion were on the rules of etiquette, courtesy and therapy.


Massa is just needed 2 good races without any accidents - then he could do a lot.

From 2012 everybody found out that Massa didn't have the equal car vs Alonso (although everyone said that he had the same specification but that's not true).

I am sure it's the same in 2013 and Massa tries to exceed what he has now vs Alonso's car - as the result he has issues like spinning, crashes ...

Just answer the one simple question - Ferrari has two garages, one for Alonso and another one for Massa, so who has the best mechanic's team in Ferrari ? Would you answer Massa's one ???

Everything is optimised upto Alonso, not Massa and if there is a problem then most probably this is a problem for Massa not Alonso. That means that only second part of garage is dealing with the problem not all Ferrari guru.

Taking into the account what is said above - Ferrari knows this and makes an assumption that Massa could do more if team does what they do for Alonso and IMHO that's why they didn't dump him so long.

As soon as Ferrari has a quick car - Massa will show who is who.


Nobody says it, but Massa would do well at Red Bull.


Only if RBR would order Vet to stay behind Mas. And if Vet would honour that order.


The Massa we're seeing now? Not a chance. And I do like Felipe.


Completely agree. I already commented on this some time ago and explained the reasons. Massa could be really fast with a car with that hudge amount of traction and downforce. And for sure he would not have crashes like the spin in Germany.

Daniel Aquilina

There were links with him going there in 2010 and 2011 but I can't see it happening. He and Seb do get on well with each other but it's look like a race of 3 for Mark's seat.


Re the photo... has Massa had a hair transplant?


Maybe rob smedley thought it'd boost his confidence?


I reckon it's part of the problem; maybe he needs more time in the gym, or the simulator, or in debriefs and less time getting fake hair sewn onto his head.


Oddly Massa does look fitter this year - a lot of the baby fat face has gone - he looks like he's hitting the gym more than ever. And for a brief period when he was out qualifying alonso maybe it even worked.

Well a hair transplant isn't fake hair but its probably a bad metaphor for Massa. They take the invulnerable hair from the back of your head and put it on the weakening, failing hair at the top - maybe he sees that like a horrible psychological rerun of alonso coming into the team. 'The back of your head is growing faster than you felipe baby - you have to admit your time has come'...

Or maybe we are just being cruel to a good driver who lives and dies by his last performance. Actually Lewis is quite similar - he wears his optimism or depression openly. Though clearly felipe loses confidence in himself very easily. Maybe Rob should buy him some shoe lifts so he feels taller than everyone. Can't be hard when your teammate alonso is pretty tiny as well. 🙂


Another season, another series of "Massa out at Ferrari stories". They've been running since 2006!


You cant knock Massa for the bad luck he's had in the past few races. Silverstone was in no way his fault, and in Germany he was placed right down midfield where things can often get messy. I think he's still fast because it was at the Monaco Grand prix where Alonso's pace dropped and he's not really done anything since Spain either, so its clearly the car that needs improving and not Massa.


Hmmmm..... Massa DNF's and Alonso consistently points/podiums...... We watching the same F1 races? Surely u r kidding right? ( Or r u just blinded for yr dislike of Alonso? )


Don't let Paul Di Resta drive for Ferrari! They can't have the World's most boring F1 driver represent one of the World's most exciting brands!

Thread the Needle

Eddie Jordan and David Coulthard always talk about him being a top driver and should be in a top team

I can't see him getting the Ferrari drive, others are ahead of him for it

But I know what you mean, his interviews are abit boring


Lots of Love for Massa but he has been treated beyond fair by Ferrari. Regretably Felipe's best race days are past him. Unfortunatly he has returned to forum by CONSISTENTLY demonstrating "an inability to close". People are paid to deliver results. Felippe has not done that in years depite having one of the more competitive cars/teams. 2014 is a perfect time to thank him for all he has done and for Ferrari to start fresh in their new car. Felipe will also greatly benefit from a fresh start.......

Time to turn the page as this act is over.....

Daniel Aquilina

I like the fact that if Ferrari do choose to retain him (which I see as about a 25% chance) he can use 2014 and the new formula as a fresh start as you referred to it as. If everyone is starting out on even footing in cars that nobody has knowledge of that could help him but I have heard that Ferrari may struggle with an engine of that capacity.


The deal is done - Massa is staying. Bump your odds to 100% Massa drives a red car next year.

Daniel Aquilina

I have been watching Formula 1 since 2004 and as an Australian I was expected to support Mark Webber...I never did. I also didn't want to cheer for the same usual story of Michael Schumacher and Ferrari. I wanted to support and underdog team and driver. I knew straight away that Felipe Massa would be something of the future, and the Sauber on it's day back then wasn't all bad.

It appeared in 2008 it was all going to pay off when he coulda woulda shoulda won the championship. It hurt me heaps, naturally it hurt him a lot more. I stayed loyal to him in a tough 2009 and even during the accident I supported Badoer and Fisi and not Kimi.

2010 looked like Massa hadn't lost anything at first but soon it was clear to see the Alonso effect was taking place. Germany that year annoyed the hell out of me, Massa could of got the win and just wasn't given the chance.

Since then year after year there have been talks of him being removed by Ferrari but here he still is getting up everyone's noses a little more by having a seat 'he doesn't deserve'. As a Massa fan and not a Ferrari fan I personally hope he does leave and settles in with a team for a few years before he calls it quits, the Alonso BS and fanfare is tiresome and overrated. Even the Italian Grand Prix has bias towards Alonso...like hello there are two Prancing horses out there!!!


Ferrari have not asked massa to win the WDC

Ferrari have only requested massa to score some points which he was not able to deliver for more than few seasons now.

What alonso effect you are talking about ? How long you people will refer to hockhenhiem 2010 ? Forever ? What did massa do other than germany 2010 ?. Alonso have conquered the 2012 german GP ? where was massa then ?


Daniel Aquilina

Alright that's all fair enough I suppose. I should of reworded what I said about Alonso. In actual fact I don't hate him at all. I was cheering for him hard to win the championship last year and even in 2010. I just feel as though when pundits refer to Ferrari it frustrates me when they are only talking about Alonso.

I agree fully with the 2012 German Grand Prix at the same track (Hockenheim) Massa's showing that weekend was so poor it was almost unbearable. I don't think it's Alonso's fault that Massa isn't a regular podium contender that would be wrong.


Well it's about time Massa leaves Ferrari

I think it's a shame when in times when most F1 teams only accept drivers for their sponsorship money, a team like Ferrari, who doesn't need extra income, feel happy with a second rate driver

It was disgrace to watch Hulkenberg without a seat during the 2011 season, when he had just fetch Pole in Brazil with a dreadful Williams, Alguersuari who was proving above average with no seat since 2012, and a guy like Massa consistently not delivering, in one of the most desired seats in the house

Most claim F1 politics is a harsh and cruel world,

That's true in most cases, but with Massa it has been overly kind on chances he's had


AuraF1, You probably don't know that Prost/Mansell were racing together at Ferrari. It was in 1990 though, some time ago.


No I did know even though it was before my time - but you'll note my comment says the culture at Ferrari was built in the Schumacher era. That culture was built and solidified then - that's what I'm talking about. If you think I'm wrong that's fine but I'm just expanding on a point James has made - Ferrari changed under brawn and schumachers reign. They saw their need for a dominant personality in one driver become established. I believe there's a corporate culture that builds up. Ferrari would need to make sweeping changes to their way of working to get out of that mode.

I wasn't saying Ferrari has always been that way - it's an old company and has undergone a lot of changes. Just that the echoes of the Schumacher era are still ringing for them.


Since Alonso and Ferrari will end in tears. This is how I see 2015. Vettel will be Ferrari. Kimi will be Red Bull and Alonso will be at Lotus.


Alonso have no need to worry. He is Epic and a classic driver. Even if alonso does not win WDC with ferrari. He will always remain in our heart as true Legend and the greatest driver

Ferrari will be in tears though

What i do not understand is how on earth bringing in vettel alone will help ferrari to win the WDC ? Because he is german ? This will not work at all. In all honesty vettel will have not the same patience that alonso had year after year to drive the RED trucks

Massa's poor performances is not just becuase of confidence or TO or even alonso's presence. It is simply because he is one dimensional driver who needs a very quick and car which suits his zone.

Unless Ferrari change the entire technical crew they are not going to win anything.


The F2012 is underrated. The F138 and F10 are and were competitive with the other frontrunners, especially the F138. None of them are even close to "trucks". Look at Marussia, now THOSE are red trucks.


Did you watched the german GP 13 ?

Ferrari were no where near the lotus or RBR who fought for the win

I do not know how you call the F2012 as underrated, if anything it was overrated and flattered by the performance of Alonso

F10 was ok, do not draw conclusions so soon on F138 the season is not over yet. Ferrari were beaten easily RBR when it mattered during the IN SEason development since 2009 to this date

Who has produced the best package since 2010 ? RBR It's not lotus, Mclaren, Mercedes or Ferrari

Who has won the WDC ? Vettel


Lol if Vettel goes there and wins you would forget about Alonso quicker than you liked him.

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