Marussia secure Ferrari engines for 2014
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Posted By: James Allen  |  16 Jul 2013   |  4:27 pm GMT  |  26 comments

Marussia have agreed a long-term technical partnership with Ferrari which will see them use the Italian team’s turbo engine from 2014, when new 1.6-litre V6 power units will be introduced.

Marussia were in need of a new engine deal as current supplier Cosworth, who the team have worked with since they made their debut in the sport in 2010, are leaving Formula 1 at the end of the season.

The move had been widely expected as Marussia currently run Jules Bianchi – a Ferrari Academy driver – in their race line-up alongside Max Chilton. The deal will also see the team supplied with Ferrari gearboxes and other technical systems.

Ferrari have been looking to supply another team after Toro Rosso decided to stop using Ferrari units from next season, switching to Renault power to bring them in line with their sister team Red Bull.

Marussia CEO Andy Webb said: “The importance of this development to our team cannot be overstated. Not only will we benefit from a customer supply from the most successful engine manufacturer in F1’s history but this also provides further confirmation, if it were needed, of our commitment to the sport and determination to maintain our progression towards our long-term ambitions.

“The new powertrain regulations being introduced next year represent the most substantial engine development within the sport since the introduction of the V8 and are all the more significant for the increased contribution of the energy recovery system. We look forward to working with Ferrari during this exciting new era of F1 competition.”

Marussia have yet to score a point in F1. They are currently 10th in the constructors’ championship, one place ahead of rivals Caterham after nine races.

It follows news that the team’s technical consultant Pat Symonds has left to join Williams as chief technical officer, replacing Mike Coughlan who has left the team.

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James (or anyone who might know),

Does the Ferrari engine deal spell the end of Marussia’s technology partnership with McLaren?


not for the time being – McLaren partnership is more on aero aspect, like using their wind tunnel and such.


Andy Webb is probably understating things when he says the new engines represent the most substantial engine development within the sport since the introduction of the V8. It’s probably the biggest step change since the old 1.5l turbos appeared in the 70s, at least.


I don’t think there has ever been anything comparable. The Auto Union and Mercedes ground up designs in the early 1930s is probably it for an entire car, but the Mercedes was basically a well engineered conventional car of the time.

When you look at different eras of the world championship, Alfa won with a pre-war design, Ferrari then won when it was a much smaller company, companies like Vanwall, Climax, Repco, Weslake, Hart and Judd were able to compete for wins and pole positions up to the early 1990s. BMW won with a production derived block and F1 was developing concepts used elsewhere.

For next year F1 is pushing new concepts such as turbo generators and forcing the development of battery technology at the same time as requiring a completely new engine that is required to be highly reliable by racing car standards. The expenditure of several hundred million would be unmatched in real terms in any era.

Craig in Manila

On face value, they have less sponsors than Sauber yet it is Sauber that is/was/is in trouble and on verge of collapse.

Anyone know where the money comes from to keep this Team afloat ?


Yes, they have a very wealthy shareholder Andrei Cheglikov.

This period in many ways shows how essential it is to have a wealthy shareholder; Force India has Sahara and Mallya, Red Bull Racing has Red Bull, McLaren has the Bahrainis and Mansour Ojjeh, Caterham has Fernandes and his group of Malaysian backers etc.

Sponsors are essential, but a big backer takes away the vulnerability.


I believe in one of your podcasts it was mentioned that it costs £2 million pound a week to keep them a float.

Mr Cheglikov must have very deep pockets.

I have been impressed with Marussia and their ability to stay a float depsite the lack of sponsorship/tv money and with Bianchi have brought something worth looking out for at the back of the grid.

I really hope to see them get a reward one day soon.


torro rosso has red bull. Mercedes and Ferrari sell cars, but who does Williams have now that Toto is no longer so heavily involved?

Tornillo Amarillo

So Marussia will be the “little sister” team of Ferrari? Russians have money and the will to spread their influence in F1 (including the Sochi circuit in 2014 and the announced partnership with Sauber).

Force India is doing well, with Mercedes engine for 2014 including energy recovery system, gearbox and hydraulics, finishing the technical partnership with McLaren.

So from the BRIC emergent countries you have 2 representatives in F1, but James, why there is not a Brazilian team yet?


Silverstone and Bambury are hardly Mumbai and Moscow though are they? Having said that, I would have thought it would make a lot of sense for a Chinese manufacturer to buy a Sauber type team and raise its profile in the west and give its image a raised European image in its home market such as MG is enjoying.


Copersucar was a Brazilian team with Emerson Fittitpaldi in the 1970s.

Tornillo Amarillo

Cool, thanks.


At least one of their cars is still running in historic racing!


Only logical outcome with Bianchi on board and Cosworth on the out.

If Ferrari’s interested, Marussia could potentially become their B-team? (Yeah, yeah, I know I’m stretching a bit of a long bow.)


Can they afford it?

Adrian Newey Jnr

Ferrari has effectively already sunk all the development money into the program. Therefore every dollar, euro or pound they get from Marussia (or any other team) is effectively profit.


Well there’s an irony!!!! Luca constantly slammed them for being always at the back and never scoring a point, that is until they have some money in their pocket to bail out Ferrai ,then its best mates time


Bail out Ferrari!?


As pointed out in the next comment, Ferrai invested massively in the new engine, as for Mercedes and Renault they need to get a financial return on it and in addition without having more partners development and reliability of the unit will be limited. With the possible colapse of Sauber and Torro Rosso moving to Renault means Ferrai would be supplying well… just Ferrari…

So looking at it from multiple ways any port in a storm is where they are with Marusia.


Luca gave them the engine so that they won’t be in his way at the back any more!!!


When did LDM said anything negative about Marussia?

The only time he was mentioning the 3 teams at the back, was when he tried to push the idea of customer cars. LDM knows better then all of us how important finances are in F1 and I don’t think anyone can have anything bad to say about Marussia which managed to continue in F1 amid recent years financial crisis.


It will be really interesting to compare how Marussia perform against Sauber in 2014 with the same power plant


You have to wonder where Marussia would be this year if they had Ferrari engines and not the Cosworth. Caterham and Williams might be worrying next year that they will be the 11th place finisher and be out of the constructors money.


Thanks to Toto, Williams will have the Merc engine…so I wouldn’t discount them yet.

What they need to do is ditch Maldanado and bring in a driver with the same level of ability but greater consistency.

That Venezuelan money is looking quite shakey now Chavez is pushing up daisies.


Yes nick, Williams will have Mercedes engines and zizi wolf as a driver…..remenber Maldonado was the guy who won the spanish gp last year in a Williams..!!!Go Marussia


I think on the list of Williams’ problems, the consistency of Maldonado (who has had no issues this year) is right at the bottom of the list.

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