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Lewis Hamilton: “Mercedes beginning to look like a championship-winning team”
Posted By: James Allen  |  26 Jul 2013   |  10:55 am GMT  |  29 comments

On the eve of the Hungarian Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton has given his Mercedes team a vote of confidence, asserting that they “are really beginning to look like a championship-winning team”

Writing in his column on the BBC Sport Website column he adds that the team reaching this level “was my hope when I came here. And I really have high hopes moving forwards.

“It has gone a lot better than I expected it would… Despite the difficulties, we are second in the constructors’ championship and it is not impossible we could catch Red Bull, if Nico Rosberg and I can continue to get solid results as a team.

“For us to be in that position is a really impressive achievement, considering where the team ended up at the end of 2012.”

Hamilton expects to challenge for pole position again this weekend; he has started six of the last seven races from the front row of the grid. But he does not expect to be able to convert that to a race win, as Mercedes continue to come to terms with their race performance,

“I’m confident we can be competitive again in qualifying this weekend in Hungary. The race is a completely different question.

“The tyres are new for this race and we are the only team who were not able to try them out, because we were not at the test at Silverstone last week.

“There are also a lot of new rules governing how we can operate the tyres, and they all have an effect. And the fact is we do overheat our tyres in hot conditions, for a reason we have still not fully understood.”

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Good luck Lewis…don’t let ‘them’ voices distract you! You’re doing great and Mercedes MG too!


Mercedes AMG* typo

Wilma the Great

Lewis Hamilton: “Mercedes beginning to look like a championship-winning team”

Good luck with that, Lewis. That’s the way that McLaren “looked like” for the past three years.


I don’t know – it seems that Mercedes are one of several teams that have ended up looking better this season mostly thanks to McLaren’s implosion. But in any case everything changes next year. I expect the 2014 Merc won’t have the tyre problems which have afflicted the current cars for the last few years. In that sense the future looks (potentially) bright for them.


Mclarens failures have nothing to do with mercs success, they have the fastest car on the grid, all those poles prove that fact, what a daft comment


With engines and ERS producing more torque in 2014 than this year’s power units and Mercedes still strugling to understand the problem, it’s very unlikely that the overheating issue will be resolved with next year’s car


I see no reason why their tyre issues won’t continue in 2014 like they have done for the last few years.


“are really beginning to look like a championship-winning team”

Did Merc find a Stepney clone inside Red Bull?


Merc could easily surprise you in 2014.


If Webber loses his focus, I can see Mercedes winning the WCC. Now that would be a massive turnaround.

Both Mercedes have each scored more points than Alonso since Monaco – post secret test.

Whether missing out on YDT will hurt Mercedes in the next 4 races is key. Very interesting season of F1 from a WCC perspective.


Yes, it would be a massive turnaround for one of the most focused drivers to lose it.


I just hope for the good of the race that Merc have decent race pace. I couldnt stand another Monaco Silver Bus train if they were to qualify well and race poorly.


Not to worry. It will be easier to get around them here.


As Brawn and others have said, the ban on switching of the tyres is what made them go back to before their illegal test race pace.

Ironic how they tested the switching of the tyres during their illegal test to maximize the setup which made them win races, was banned after they thought they had ‘owned’ the FIA with their lawyer talk.


And I really have high hopes moving forwards.


Could this be more confirmation that the Mercedes engines from 2014 onwards will be the ones to beat???

Personally, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Mercedes take over as the dominant force in the paddock for Brawn has been there and done it all.

Anyway despite Lewis’ usual bad luck on track, it was a stroke of good luck he joined this team at just about the right time when they were on the up and up and not only that, Lowe followed suit >>> This is the stuff of fairly tales.

And even though the team is still struggling with heating of it’s tyres and likewise, Lewis is still finding the car difficult to drive, I guess we can give them the benefit of the doubt till 2014 when Lewis’ data gets downloaded because Lewis says the 2013 car wasn’t built around his driving style.

Overall, the fans are the winners with the improvement of this team for this means we will have more competition up front.


No, Brawn GP was a fairy tale.

What Mercedes AMG have done has been the result of a sensible restructuring and what looks to be a bit of glory-chasing on Lowe’s part.


So a team dominating because they do a better job with aero design is boring, but a team dominating because they have the best engine is great?


@ K

In my book, nothing wrong with dominating for a season or two.

The boring part comes in when a team dominates over multiple seasons.

Tornillo Amarillo

He seems to be focus perfectly despite somebody tries to say he writes songs for his ex-girl…


He is writing a song for his ex-gf though while the other drivers are working on their craft in different ways.


Yea, and still be better than them.

He’s that GREAT!

Tornillo Amarillo

He has denied that.


Has nicole left him?

Tornillo Amarillo

It is said they split again and he said it’s hard for him to have his emotions in check.


What if Rosberg is the one who wins it?


Then Nico would have won it and life goes on.


His record here is too good.

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