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Hungarian Grand Prix – Who was your Driver of the Day?
Posted By: James Allen  |  29 Jul 2013   |  10:25 am GMT  |  224 comments

Lewis Hamilton produced a commanding drive to win an exciting Hungarian Grand Prix and secure his first victory for Mercedes in a race which saw action all the way through the field.

Kimi Raikkonen used a two-stop strategy to finish an impressive second, holding off reigning world champion Sebastian Vettel in the closing stages.

Mark Webber put in another strong recovery drive to rescue fourth place in the Red Bull, having started 10th while Lotus driver Romain Grosjean had looked on course for podium but fell out of contention following a harsh drive-through penalty.

McLaren’s Jenson Button was involved in some good battles on his way to seventh and Pastor Maldonado scored Williams’ first point of the season with 10th – but who was your Driver of the Day?

Lewis Hamilton

Delivered a commanding performance to take his first victory for Mercedes and 22nd of his career. Got away cleanly from pole to lead into the first corner. Gradually built up a lead over Vettel before the first round of stops. Came out ahead of Vettel after his first stop but behind Button. Crucially passed his former team-mate quickly. Overtook Red Bull’s Webber twice in impressive fashion later in the race and managed his tyres well throughout to win at the Hungaroring for the fourth time in seven attempts and retain hopes of fighting for the title.

Kimi Raikkonen

Continued his impressive run of points scoring finishes with second. Was passed by Felipe Massa at the start and struggled to find a way past the Ferrari driver, allowing the leaders to open up a lead. Managed his tyres well throughout the race which allowed him to do a two-stop strategy and leapfrog several drivers. Climbed up into second and then drove impressively to defend his position from Vettel, who was on fresher tyres, to secure his sixth podium in 10 races and reduce his deficit to Vettel in the championship.

Mark Webber

Ran a different strategy to climb through the field and take fourth. Started 10th after Kers and gearbox problems in qualifying but made up a couple of places at the start and was the highest runner on the medium prime tyre. Led the race briefly and pumped in the lap times to allow him to pass several drivers during the stops. Had good battles with Hamilton but didn’t quite have the pace in the final stint, when he was on the soft option tyres, to catch team-mate Vettel for the final podium spot.

Romain Grosjean

Drove another strong race but a harsh drive-through penalty robbed him of a podium chance. Made a good start from third on the grid, but couldn’t quite make up enough ground to pass Vettel for second. Pressured the Red Bull driver in the first stint but still couldn’t find a way through. Made a clumsy pass on Button at the chicane which resulted in a post-race penalty of 20 seconds. Put a good move on Massa but harshly given a penalty for completing the pass when off track and ultimately finished sixth.

Jenson Button

Scored his seventh points finish of the season with a strong drive to seventh. Started 13th, but positioned himself well at Turn One and climbed up to eighth. Drove well to defend his position from Vettel in the early stages, showing that McLaren has made a step forward this weekend. Scored the team’s fourth double points finish of the season.

Pastor Maldonado

Scored the team’s first points of the season with 10th. Made a great start from 15th on the grid and gained a couple of places on the first lap. Made good progress throughout the race, showing good consistent pace in the second and third stints to rise up to 11th. Moved into 10th place when Nico Rosberg retired to score the team’s first points finish of the year.

So who was your Driver of the Day? Leave a comment at the bottom of this story.

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Hamilton for me. Did everything that was required of him and made some good overtakes at crucial times.

Grosjean did very well too, that pass on Massa was excellent. However the Button incident wasn't quite so well judged.


Hamilton for me as well.

Overtaking Webber around the outside of turn 2, twice.!!

Even on fresher rubber, that is not a doddle. LOL!.


I agree...mega overtakes...vintage Hamilton!

I think I'd share the DOTD between Lewis, Jenson & Mark.

Lewis for his attacking style.

Jenson for a great recovery drive in an average car & some superb defensive driving.

Mark for his spirited recovery showing his mental toughness.

Roger Blackwell

I'm not one to bag Hamilton, but his 'hard-fought' win was a relative doddle after 1/4 race distance. Passes were mostly on superior rubber. If Vettel had managed to get past Button and started dancing in Hamilton's mirrors then I'd be more impressed Lewis' drive. Good but not great.

Aside from winning, Grosjean, Raikkonen and Webber did more for longer.


What else should Hamilton have done than lead & win the race?

Kimi , Grosjean & Webber where behind because they made mistakes or had a technical problem ( Webber qualy)

Hamilton won, because he was able to overtake the cars in fron of him, where Vettel failed

Driver of the whole gP : Lewis Hamilton




I quote:

"If Vettel had managed to..."

He didn't, twice in the race, even though he was on fresh rubber like Hamilton, but Hamilton did...not once but thrice - including twice on a car which is similar on pace if not faster!.

There was no luck involved in this victory but sheer skill and ruthlessness in overtaking, managing his pace around the car's known weaknesses. He worked hard to make this race victory his.

Can't really ask for much more to be awarded DOTD!!


Yeah, pretty easy one: Hamilton.

1. HAM

2. RAI

Hard to call 3rd best ... WEB, BUT, MAL all did very well.


Vettel had new rubber and yet couldn't overtake Button??


It's true but the RedBull was seriously down on straight line speed compared to Mercedes and he may have had a KERS issue.


Yeah, he is that bad!


@ Roger Blackwell

If Vettel had managed to get past Button ...

But he didn't did he? It's stretching things a bit to turn Vettel's inability to overtake Button, into a Hamilton negative - remember Vettel was on fresh rubber at the time too and Buttons tyres were 2 laps older than when Hamilton got the job done. He can only race what's in front of him - or behind him in this instance 🙂


Has to be Lewis, everyone else yesterday was a level or two below


Come on mate, other cars had superior rubber over their targets in front and struggled to pass all afternoon. I just don't get the logic behind your comment at all. HAM drive brilliant because he overtook at exactly the right moment when he had to after all three pitstops, both his passes on WEB were brilliant and he managed the cursed tyres in between his agressive attacks with calm professionalism - all in a car that is not generally as fast as an on song RBR during the race.

I am suprised that more is not being made of HAM's drive to be honest, it was one of his finest ever in my opinion.

There can be no question about this one: HAM.

JA's other picks did a great job as well.

Roger Blackwell

And I quote:

"But I think generally we had the pace on everyone today. I know I was really controlling the pace, particularly through the second, third and last stint, particularly on the last stint."

Sorry guys, good but not great.

Stuart Harrison


Honourable mention to Maldonado for grabbing a point for Williams, Kimi for lasting a ridiculous number of laps on the soft tyre and Grosjean for at least demonstrating that he's capable of learning some road sense (ok, he still has some way to go yet).


Except his start by the way...braked way too early for turn one..


Agreed, he did hit the brakes early into turn 1. But the result was he went into T1 7th and exited T1 7th. Nothing gained but nothing lost.

Stuck behind Massa cost him a great chance of victory. Sensational drive to hold of a charging Vettel at the end on 28 lap old tyres. Unreal.

But on this occasion, I will concede that Hamilton was brilliant. Made some exceptional overtakes, none more than the two on Mark Webber on the outside of T2 and into T3.

Clearly they have got the tyres they wanted now and he has to be included as a genuine title contender.

Some other drivers that did well include Webber and Grosjean purely for his overtake on Massa which was superb. Shout out to Caterham and VDG aswell. The guy had a storming race and should have been included James.

Out of ten;

HAM 9.5

RAI 8.5







The Caterhams especially need to learn to get the hell out of the way when blue flags are shown. They are horrible at not doing it, and we're talking 2nd and 3rd time being lapped.

The stewards would do everyone a favour by nailing them with penalties a few times. Contrast the Caterhams to how Bottas behaves (and actually Maldonado too, even though he was fighting for the last point), and there should be no doubt which back-of-grid drivers are respected by those at the sharp end. The Caterhams drive as though 16th is a race win, while Bottas drives as though he's paying it forward, to benefit if and when he lands in a top car.


Don't understand why people are rating Van der Garde's drive so highly, he only beat the other Caterhams and Marussias and only finished 14th because it was a more attritional race than usual.


A difficult choice, Hamilton just gets it for me. His win was flattered a bit by Red Bulls reluctance to have a good straight line speed and the nature of the circuit.

Webber, Button and Grosjean come a very close second, not much between all four of them this weekend.


True. This has not been red bulls best track over the years. Kudos to Hamilton for taking full advantage


100 % agree


Yes Red Bull compromise straight line speed, but are usually supreme around medium to high speed corners. However Hungary isn't a fast circuit with only one decent straight.


They are reluctant to change their philosophy regarding straight line speed. Had they done it here, I think Vettel would have won.


On the contrary on this occasion I doubt it. Red Bull go for traction and acceleration. Hungary is not a circuit where straight line speed is much advantage. Of course the Renault engine is slightly less powerful than the Mercedes, but it is very good on fuel, hence less fuel required. Vettel has for the last four years had the advantage of the most agile car with supreme aero efficiency and high down force when required. It is the best car by some margin, and has the best tyre interaction compromise.


Has to be Hamilton, but super impressed by Grosjean's mature aggression. He was unlucky with the penalties I felt.




Your strategy piece will probably tell us the race was shaped by heat, tyres and that shorter, windy track, but for me the day was all about Lewis and what he was prepared to risk to "make it so". My favourite Grand Prix for some time and, what a coincidence, my favourite Hamilton drive for some time. A little crazy but forceful and imperious. And credit to Webber got playing along. He could have got shirty and made him pay, particularly for that second pass. But still, what a drive! Ross must be secretely hoping Nicole plays hardball for the rest of the season if it means having this hungry and focussed *Luigi Hamiltoni* version behind the wheel, instead of the chillaxed *Lewis from the Block*. More please, Mr H.


Hamilton's mood swings are his Achilles' heel. Look at his 2011 season, when Nicole dumped him last time. Train wreck. It makes him a liability to his team. Hearing Lauda lauding him so passionately after the win, to me, sounded like a huge sigh of relief. Can't help but feel Mercedes may have been second-guessing their investment, and Ham's win gave them some much-needed reassurance.

Kudos for a great drive, though, he did everything right. Perhaps this latest break-up inspired him to prove a point to Nicole. I have to say his dedication of the win to her was a bit much. Let her go, Lewis, there's plenty more fish in the sea. But your years of competitiveness are limited. Lots of young talent coming up the ranks. Let her go and get your championships now, while you can, mate. Clock's ticking.


I don't think you win 22 races a world championship and get 30 pole positions by being moody. I doubt Mercedes would have questioned their investment. Hamilton proved beyond doubt how much of a great driver he already was by working with Mercedes for this win. He took the challenge to his team mate. McLaren are in a mess and even during his so called "moody" period he was still able to win. Most of these things are just nitpicking


I think the more relaxed and free nature of the Mercedes team has helped focus his mood swings into other pursuits outside the sport, so they're not always channeled into the driving.

Plus he's matured a lot in the last few years and really grown up, the move to Mercedes has no doubt helped that and I've gained a lot of respect for him.

Top 4 put in some monumental drives.


agree totally with this,dont give a stuffed chicken about his love life i just do not want to know!!! Just get in the car and drive!!!!


It was about all these things!

The difference was the overtaking, as you say


It has to be Hamilton, he overtook when he needed to and didn't lose any time. Great drive by Kimi and Mark too...

James and team, a little of topic, but is this just silly season or is there really something going on?



Q: Will Fernando be at Ferrari next year?

Dominecali: He has a contract.

Haha what a joker. We all know what a contract with Ferrari means these days.


I already posted a little rant earlier so I shall not repeat myself but... Get out of there Fernando! I said this last year already. All Ferrari have given him is crap, they have never ever given him anything that is the class of the field. Not once in four seasons. Mclaren, Red Bull and even Mercedes if you count 2009 have produced better cars than any Ferrari of similar period and now even Lotus have better cars. Ferrari have gone backward this season and its always the same excuse. There are no prizes for loyalty in F1 and you've wasted too many years in second and third rate cars while Vettel and Hamilton have had better. Roam free! Also I feel Grosjean was hard done by this weekend, I don't think he deserved a penalty with Button and for Massa he should have just returned the place.


That 2010 Ferrari was damn good in the 2nd half. You don't win 5 races in a crap car, even if you're Alonso. The RB6 was a monster that year, and I recall Vettel being absolutely swallowed up at the start of the German GP that year. That's definitely been his best Ferrari. 2013's looked great at the start of the season, but they've dropped back since Canada. Let's see how their big upgrade for Spa sets them up.


When Ross returned fro, his sabbatical, they rejected him. The two of the mos successful guys are Adrian Newy and Ross Brawn. He convinced Hamilton to head there and they look to be quite a combination. Ross has always had success. Many talk of Newey but they forget Ross Brawn's influence on the success of Benetton, Ferrari, Brawn GP and now Mercedes.


I was in denial for long time, but Ferrari look like they've fallen back to pre-Schumacher days with the occasional flashes of dominance. We all expect Ferrari to be a strong force, but we were spoilt by the dream team results from Schumacher's era, which wasn't the norm. Before then they couldn't achieve much, even with drivers like Mansell and Prost.

Here's hoping it's not true, but If I were Alonso I'd be getting restless. His potential championship winning years are reducing fast.


Good old Christian tells it how it is. You heard it first, DC will not be driving a Red Bull in 2014! I love his honesty.


Webber, sluggish start off the line but recovered nicely down the outside at turn 1


Hamilton of course. But clearer than ever that Raikkonen and Vettel won't work together. Even the commentator noticed that Ricciardo was expected to get out of Vettel's way during the race. Is he a team mate already??? One thing for sure is that Kimi is not going to do that. Did you see how upset Vettel was with him already that he was not giving him space and was actually racing with him?


Ricky ardo should get a new design of base-ball cap, the ones he uses at the moment make him look like a "bit of a Drongo mate!" Apart from that he's looking good


I thought that Button got out of Hamilton's way with greater alacrity than Ricci got out of Vettel's. Button then fought hard to make it difficult for SV to pass him. Did he forget that Lewis is no longer his teammate, or is he angling for a drive with Merc next year?


People usually try not to make themselves appear silly when commenting. Some can't help themselves.


I thought that Button got out of Hamilton’s way with greater alacrity than Ricci got out of Vettel’s..

I am not sure where you watched the race, perhaps the coverage was different to the race I watched!


Now this is a bit childish. If Vettel is a fair distance ahead in the championship without that many races to go, then there is no reason why Raikkonen or Alonso wouldn't let him pass. Raikkonen HAS done this in past in 08' for Massa whereas Alonso never really got a chance.

Here Raikkonen is not even Vettel's teammate but one of the main contendor and there is no reason for him to roll over.


That was hilarious - his whinging on the radio, confronting Kimi after the race, and just having Kimi laugh at him. Can't see Vettel wanting either Raikkonen or Alonso as a team mate as they're not going to roll over for him, so he'll be lobbying hard for Ricciardo.

I hope that Red Bull do plumb for one of the world champions though. They'll have a tough season keeping the fireworks under control, but it'll either make or break Vettel's reputation and would give them a very strong second car no matter who emerges in the lead.

Equally I'd really like to see Alonso and Hamilton side by side in the same team again. They'll never be best friends, but I think there's enough mutual respect there now for them to push each other and the team to huge heights without the implosion that occurred last time around. Neither would demand the other move over, nor would they expect them to, and I think both can reconcile being beaten by the other now.


MarK Webber. 10th to 4th. Good drive Mark.


Awesome drive...but don't forget, the same position climb by Button in the inferior McLaren!


Webber. 10th to 4th on a track where overtaking is almost as bad as Monaco. Got it done with better strategy!


Why is Vettel not even on this list?

Got to be Kimi for me. Love his Mad Max style.


Couldn't get past Button, couldn't get past Kimi, had probably the best overall package of the day & went backwards (slightly). He can't overtake like Lewis...and it's not just the straight line speed difference between the Merc & the Red Bull. Hamilton doesn't have Vettels consistancy (and more consistant car!)..but when it comes to overtaking, he showed him how it's done at Hungary!


Well, I'm guessing because Vettel spent 1/3 of the race behind Button, and managed to damage his own wing trying to pass... meanwhile, Hamilton whistled past Button in what, 3 laps?

Then compare Hamilton's door-slamming maneuver to pass Mark Webber with Vettel's efforts with Kimi Raikkonen, and I would say that Vettel was having an off day, as was his RB9.


I'm not saying that he was the best driver (I said Kimi at the top of this thread.) I just feel that, in a multiple choice he should be included.

Miha, makes the point: I shouldn't worry and I won't. I still think he is worth a mention...


Look at straight line speed. Hamilton had 10kms/h on Vettel - 304 to 294. Button had 299. You do the maths! That's why Hamilton got past easily and Vettel didn't. Nothing to do with talent. It's the way Newey builds them. Fast in the corners costs speed on the straights.


You're right, it's the Red Bull philosophy. And it really required Vettel to stick it on pole, which HE SHOULD HAVE DONE. He had the speed in the car to put it on pole, but he missed out. After Hamilton got a decent start, it was always going to be Plan B for Vettel/RBR. Even then, they had enough to pass him in the pits, but they couldn't manage it on the day.


I know Hamilton passed Webber in the corners, and I'm pretty sure he got by Button in the corners... so straight line speed isn't really an issue (note that Vettel DID pass Button on the DRS straight).

Given the relative lap times of the RB9 / W04 vs the MP4-28, I'm still not seeing how Vettel got stuck behind Button for so long.


Out of interest, when LH passed MW (twice), what part did the straight line speed advantage of the Mercedes play?


It's the Merc/Renault engine


Don't worry Tom, he had bad day in the office and still finished 3rd. So far he is the driver of the season.


I am guessing because he used the fastest car to finish third, he's great in every sense but this weekend was just an edge below par for him and another driver took advantage.


He didn't have the fastest car today. If he did he would most likely have won. The top guys are so closely matched in skill that the differentiator is how well the car/tire/package is suited to the track and often dumb luck (for better or worse).


Vettel could show up at a GP peddling a tricycle and people would still be doggedly insisting "He has the fastest car!" It seems to be something more akin to religious faith than a reasoned position.


ha ha! Sorry, "BK201", if you're going to resort to that level of childishness than I am allowed, under Roberts Rules Of Order, to come back with "I said it first!"


Perhaps it's YOUR "dogged insistance" that the Red Bull hasn't been the class of the field during the current regulations, which is "akin to religious faith than a reasoned position"?


Perhaps, but as third place driver, he should at least be on the list.


just because he was 3rd doesn't mean he deserves a place. he finished one place behind his grid slot and webber finished behind him having started 10th


Why is Vettel not even on this list?

Seb could start from the pit lane and win in a VW Beetle with radial tyres and not get voted DoTD here mate. Sad but true.


He started higher than he finished. He couldnt get passed Button despite Lewis and Romain getting the job done on Jenson.

Fought hard with Kimi at the end. That was entertaining, a great battle.

Vettel is DoTS so far though no question. Amazing consistency. No worse than 4th apart from Silverstone is downright impressive.

If you're talking about guys that should have been on this list, VDG. What a drive by the Caterham man. 14th no less.


Since it is DRIVER of the day and not necessarily RESULT of the day,, has to be either one of Webber or Grosjean.


Lewis Hamilton!


Yeah, for once, no question.


Webber - for someone who supposedly can't start a race without going backwards - made 4 places from the wrong side of the grid and almost took a podium off Vettel. (Would love to have seen that!!)

Plus I'm gaining more respect for Lewis than ever before.


I see a pattern with Webber's starts based on the degree he is ticked off. The cars' problems (again!) really annoyed him on Saturday.

Angry Webber equals fast Webber.


Hamilton (I would have given it to Grosjean but for the Button pass).


No doubt in my mind. Hamilton at his best


hamilton demonstrated why he is often described as the best f1 driver to have stepped foot in the sport since the history of the sport.

his car wasn't as fast as the red bulls yet he made them look third class.

alonso teased the media nicely.


By Whom?

I can think of others much more worthy of that accolade.


for those who do not understand natural progression. there is nothing in the past which is better than that of present day. all modern cars are better than those in the past for that reason. all modern planes are better because the professionals who make them are better than those in the past and those who make materials are making better materials than those professionals of the past. modern drivers are better than those of the past in everyway. hamilton will snap their arms in an arm wrestle.

read what a multiple f1 driver says about hamilton. i apologise in advance.



i think it's only fair if we stick to the rules which were agreed at the start rather than trying to make them up as we go along. shut out bias.


kirk, i said what i wanted to say so it must be possible. it would be a good idea for you to praise whichever driver you want to praise rather than telling me not to praise one. read what lauda had to say about it.


um... maybe because he WORKS FOR the same team?


I think Hamilton is a great driver but I also think that you can compare an old car with a newer, but not a person, I think is impossible to say who is the best driver ever. On the other side, well... Lauda is in Mercedes, so is not too objective.


alan, am glad that my post has got you thinking but i very good world champion who has been hamilton's teammate for 3 years, jenson button said so and from what i have observed button is right.

i can assure you now that i have looked at all the other drivers from fangio to jim clark to senna to schumacher and none of them come close.

if you follow natural convention then you would understand that the modern drivers are far more able than past drivers. their skill level, natural tallents, their athletism is superior to those of the past. we have all seen pictures of fangio and the rest.

i am only influenced by the truth, ie facts not ifs and ifs and ifs.

hamilton has seen off alonso in his rookie season, fact. hamilton says he would beat any teammate fact.

please let me hear some facts.


And on top of that, Hamilton put his old team a lap down, talking about a talent for set up, after all it is the same engine... for sure Mclaren lost the driver who made them look good.


"if you follow natural convention then you would understand that the modern drivers are far more able than past drivers. their skill level, natural tallents, their athletism is superior to those of the past."

Apart from the athleticism bit, this generation of playstation drivers aren't even close.


Lewis wanted that win ... Rosberg had a shocker

great drives from all front runners..


The Spanish Inquisitor

Lewis 10/10

Nothing more to say...

All other factors are circumstantial ....


Kimi! Fought through to another podium.


Hamilton 100%


Hamilton. Started brilliantly, kept calm out front, was aggressive and opportunistic when he needed to be. There was fortune on his side, but he had to fight for it - and fight he did.

Webber's fight up to fourth a close second, though.


Undoubtedly Webber. On a track where it is very difficult to overtake, he put behind the disappointment of a poor qualifying behind him and executed a strong and strategic drive!


Has to be Lewis, he drove a brilliantly controlled race putting in the hot laps and overtakes to ensure he stayed ahead of Vettel. It was a master class from Lewis and Merc. Ross Brawn delivered for MS and he will do it for Lewis.


I cannot split Lewis or Kimi they were both excellent in their own way. Lewis starting from the front and attacking each time he left the pit and Kimi managing a 2 stop and attacking when he could big still holding g Bettel at bay. Mark wa really strong in that middle stint.

Great race


.. Sorry *Vettel at bay... Mark was"


Hamilton wins for me hands down, were as Vettel was stuck behind Button virtually the whole race Hamilton overtook Button at the 1e opportunity.

Same with Webber who he overtook twice at virtually the same point on the track.


Webber. 10th > 4th, drove beautifully.


Webber had a fine race and so did Button. Romain squandered his chances by being too agressive in a circuit where you really have to take an opportunity for passing, you really cannot create one. He followed Vettel too closely in the first stint and wasted his tyres, and was over-agressive with Jenson and Massa. It was a bold move on Massa, but he did go off the track. The stewards claimed that he could not make the overtake otherwise, so he gained an unfair advantage and did not give the place back to Massa. He had to buy his time, nurse his tyres and let go when he had some clear air ahead, just like Kimi did last year. By being overly agressive and hard on the tyres he could not adopt a two stop strategy that would most likely allow him to challenge Lewis for first place.

Kimi had an excellent race in an understeering car he did not really trust, being cautious and conservative when he had to, fast when he had to make up ground, and shrewed when it came to defend against Vettel.

Lewis drove superbly because he utilized the advantages of his car to the maximum. The acceleration of the Mercedes is phenomenal, and he used it in the two ocassions he had to have the edge, on Button and Webber. Lewis is my driver of the day, just ahead of Kimi.


Lewis Hamilton


I would say Kimi or Grosjean. Hamilton was great, but also very lucky. Button even did not go defensive and let Hamilton go inside. His two passes on Mark Webber was thanks to unexpected slow car front. First Alonso had huge drop-off with tires and struggled so much Webber had nowhere to go in middle of corner. Second time Hulkenberg chose wrong time and place to let pass faster cars. Kimi second place was suprising after he lost so much time behind Massa. Kimi was at some point more than 20 seconds behind and after release only went forward. Grosjean was very aggressive and that was fun to watch. Yes, made clumsy move on Button, but everything else was top class. Passing Massa was just superb and penalty was just so wrong. So I would say Kimi, Grosjean, Hamilton, Webber.

Too bad Ferrari are so slow at the moment. Would love to see Alonso fighting with top 4 teams. Luckily Lotus and Mercedes have found some pace to attack Red Bull.


"Luckily Lotus and Mercedes have found some pace to attack Red Bull."

Actually, that is just good news for VET. They will just keep taking points from each other, while VET enjoys a more or less constant gap to 2nd place in the standings. Especially when considering the fact that RB are only racing with one car these days, so no threat from WEB.


Hamilton, closely followed by Webber.


Agreed Hamilton & Webber best on the day


Grosjean was the best driver for me. Unlucky with the penalty. Hamilton and Webber were pretty good too.


Yes. to me, he was the best. Why did he was asked to come in the pits after a little contact with another car i don`t remember the pilot. To advance Raikonnen i think. Too bad. he is one of the rare drivers with balls


This is a hard choice. Top 3;

HAM. Drove with speed and aggressiveness when needed, great passes, mature race pace when had too. Nearly faultless.

WEB. Always performs well after a bad day. great recovery. Very fast in clean air. deserved podium.

RAI. Drove well to keep VET behind.

Vote: HAM wins by the thickness of his tattoos!

Worst strategy of Day : Ricciardo and TR? 28 and 32 laps on primes on a slow car. What were they thinking?


Maybe RBR asked STR to ask Ricciardo to see how well he could make the tires last? Otherwise yes, a stupid strategy. Ricciardo has speed, so use it!


Not the first time STR have made poor strategy choices that have hurt Ricciardo after a strong qualifying performance. Watching the timing boards it almost looked like JEV had pit priority this weekend.


Hamilton by a mile.

One of his best ever drives and one of the best races we will see. Yesterday was a very rare example of the best car not winning the race, without any crashes, Safety Car or climatic intervention.

We also got a great demonstration of how Lewis is the best overtaker in the business, Niki Lauda said after the race "he is the best I have ever seen".

You just have to laugh at the people nominating Webber for this....


When Bottas' car pulled off, I was certain the SC would come out, and that would've been very cruel on Hamilton.

Totally a case of the best car not winning the race (they were very close, but RBR slightly faster). Of the current grid, the drivers most likely to make that happen are HAM and ALO, and perhaps RAI too.


Kimi for me. Hamilton had the better car.


in f1 the stopwatch is used to determine which is the better car. what did you use to come to the conclusion that hamilton had the better car? the average fastest laptime during the race for the renault was faster than the mercedes.

hamilton demonstrated why he is often described as the best driver to have stepped foot in the history of the sport.


You and Steve S should get together and teach each other how to evaluate performance.

Maybe both of you could come up with another new theory to help me and others,and may I also suggest that it be called VETHAM or HAMVET, so you are both happy.


Obviously since Hamilton finished first, he had the fastest overall time and therefore the fastest average laptime over the whole race. There might have been times when the lotus was faster but not for the whole race.

Also, if Hamilton is the best driver in the history of the sport, how come he has only won 1 championship in the six seasons, especially since he was in a top car for all 6 of those seasons. Niki Lauda didn't say he is the best ever, he said that lewis was the best he has ever seen him. Big difference.



schumacher had 7 championships while rosberg had no championships to his name yet they were teammates for 3 seasons and we saw the outcome. we can now see how hamilton's driving compares to rosberg's.

does it matter how many championships a driver has?


lauda said hamilton was the best he had ever seen in his life. does that mean lauda was refering to hamiltons drives or all f1 drives he had ever seen. i only like the truth so please stick with the truth.

if hamilton was in a team in which all the members were as good at their job as hamilton is good at driving, he would've won all the titles. unfortunately we live in the real world and am not very good at ifs. what i know and understand is that hamilton is the best driver to have ever stepped foot in the sport and i am so sorry that offends you so much. pm henesty makes life so pleasant for me.


According to the stopwatch Hamilton had the better car. He finished the race in 1 hr 42 minutes 29.445 seconds, less time than anyone else. He also set the quickest time in qualifying.

It's comical that all those people who routinely say that Vettel's taking pole and winning the race proves that the RB is the fastest car are now throwing that standard out the window. The double standards are getting ridiculous.


"The standards you are hitting me on are not ones I personally hold."

That's odd, because less than 24 hours before writing the above, you explicity made it clear that it WAS your "standard." I quote:

"Fastest car in the race is not the car which does the fastest lap, it’s the car which does the fastest race: that is, the car which wins."

http://jaonf1.wpengine.com/2013/07/hamilton-takes-first-mercedes-win-with-commanding-drive-in-hungary/ (Your post is about 3/4 of the way down the page)

Therefore you are, logically, bound to agree with my extrapolation above.

"The way in which peoples standards shift from race to race depending on which driver wins makes my head spin."

It's clear you're guilty those "head spinning shifting standards" you profess to hate. It's either that or, post by post, you don't even believe what you write? Neither reflects well on you.


During the race, we notice which is the fastest car. By looking at the fastest times, inhungary the red bulls set the fastests times during high fuel loads low fuel loads and towards the end of tge race. groshean was second fastest. all the time are available on the f1 site. read what lauda s aid about it.


"On the logic of your own post ...."

Sorry, "BK201", but you are not reading me correctly. The standards you are hitting me on are not ones I personally hold. I'm merely pointing out that the Vettel critics routinely cite his very success as proof positive that his car is "the best". I think that argument is absurd. But if people want to hold absurd positions they should at least hold them consistently.

If Vettel taking pole and the win "proves" he has the "fastest car", then taking pole and the wins proves that WHOEVER does it has the fastest car.

If Vettel winning the WDC proves that he has the fastest car, then Alonso, Hamilton, Senna, Prost, Clark etc etc winning the WDC proves that THEY have the fastest car.

As far as I'm concerned you are free to judge drivers by whatever criteria you like. As long as you judge them all be the SAME criteria and don't make up different ones for different drivers. The way in which peoples standards shift from race to race depending on which driver wins makes my head spin.


Ok. So let's extrapolate for a second. On the logic of your own post, the car of the driver which wins the WDC each year is the "better/faster car" over a season. Ergo, the Red Bull HAS been the class of the field 2010-2013.

The question is therefore, why do you have a - near ideological - refusal to admit the superiority of the Red Bull, 2010-13?

"Ridiculous double standards," indeed!


Average fastest lap time? What the hell is that?

Average time is one thing, fastest time is another.

No one can have a faster 'average' than the winner.

Hamilton is indeed a gifted driver, among the best but give me a break on the hardcore fan stuff please.


explained above, please have a look.


"the average fastest laptime during the race for the renault was faster than the mercedes."??

The guy who wins has the fastest average lap time.

Lewis won led most laps and qualified first. I'd say he had the best car.

And I don't think they use stop watches in F1 anymore 🙂



i am so sorry but i would like to inform you that although data loggers are used ot measure time, they do the same job as stopwatches. some other who do not like the truth simply make up senseless conclusions based on preconceived ideas, prejudice, if you like.

i'll repeak myself using a different word to please you.

timers are used in f1 to decide which cars is better. what do you use to decide?


i am so sorry but i am the bearer of that message. if you didn't understand me, take raikkonen's fastest time add it to grosjean's fastest time, divide by 2 and compare it with hamilton's and rosberg's average.

look at what nikki lauda had to say about hamilton's drive in hungary. only the truth makes sense.

"He won the race because he drove sensationally," Lauda told the Daily Mail.

"He was the best I've ever seen in my life - the way he passed people and the way he really got going.

"Generally we were not as quick as the Red Bull, but Lewis really made it all up especially the way he passed people."

The Austrian added: "He was outstanding."


Webber, as usual when the chips havent fallen his way he digs deep and gets on with it.

Enjoyed watching Grosjean.




hamilton put in an excellent drive but he did get lucky at times. webber for me. a real racing driver, cojones out and fastest lap into the bargain.


Lewis, 100%

He drove really well in Qualy and the Race. Could this be the 'start' of his season?


Hamilton by a county mile, overtaking moves were a work of art, could have won without JB's help IMHO. Looking forward to the rest of the season now(assuming the Merc doesnt lunch its tyres in Spa!!)


hamilton by a continent mile, the best in the business. in a class of his own.

i hope he gets the chance to demonstrate that in spa.


Fair point to bring up Maldonado. Pastor was making errors earlier on in the season but in the last couple of rounds he's really got his head down and put in some professional performances in a difficult car.

I think Hamilton shades DotD for me but it must be said that if Vettel had not been stuck behind Button he probably wouldn't have won. That said, I thought he had no chance even after qualifying and some of his passing moves were Lewis at his assertive and incisive best so the guy deserves it.

Kudos also to Webber for going from 10th to 4th, Raikkonen for making the two-stopper work and Giedo van der Garde for a good performance in the Caterham. Grosjean had a good qualifying and I'm optimistic like Anthony Davidson that his spatial awareness is coming on (see the start and the Massa move for details) but it can still let him down (see Button incident).


Has to be Hamilton. Passed several times straight after pitting, which Vettel didn't seem to be able to do.


Hamilton definitely. Deserved that win and such a nice guy


I'm not a huge Fan of Lewis, but have to say he dominated the weekend. Actually I'm surprised not to see the replies not dominated with 99% Lewis votes.

As an Aussie I was feeling down after quali, but pleased to see Mark recover well in the first stint. However one stage i really thought 3rd was on the cards for Mark. Shortly before Sebastian's last stop mark had closed the gap down under 6 seconds (from about 12 I think?) but in the next 5 or so laps it was back out to about 9-10, Im not sure if mark was just not able to muscle past back markers or what but i was hoping he could have held that sort of gap to his last stint on softs.

But it was all Lewis this race. The way he passed anyone he thought he needed to so rapidly to ensure the win was not matched by anyone.


"Actually I’m surprised not to see the replies not dominated with 99% Lewis votes."

Why are you? nobody votes for the driver of the day, everyone votes for the their favourite driver.

Mike from Colombia

Hamilton...no other even close

Matthew Cheshire

It was Hamilton's day. And to prove it, he overtook the next best driver twice. Still a brilliant drive by Webber- the other guy that didn't expect to win.

Kimi was excellent but didn't charge as hard as LH or MW in the early stages

Grosgean was fast and brilliant, but still too dangerous for DOTD.




Hamilton. He showed Vettel how it's done.


Yes, that's right. Seb has never won from pole before. Lewis sure showed him. Watch and learn Seb.


+1..oooh burn


Maybe Seb will show Ham how to win a few more titles.

Looks like he needs a little help there.


I think you mean the CAR can show Lewis how to win more titles....


ha ha +1


I meant to say that LH showed how aggressive yet safe passing is done so that one doesn't get stuck behind a slower car (i.e. Button) on that day. Seb was blaming himself for the less than desired outcome, which is hard to hear being a Vettel fan.

When it comes to mental strength, Lewis has a lot to learn from Vettel. LH could have been multi WDC if he had Vettel's focus and determination.


That is the one thing he did not show. His move on Webber at the end was clumsy and reckless. He simply shoved his car in there and hoped that Webber would (a) see him and (b) take avoiding action. More often than not a move like that will end in a collision.


Winning from pole in the best car you mean? Like Vettel has done countless times?

Yeah, ok.


I'm a fan of Grosjean. I thought a lot of nonsense was spoken about him last year. He drove brilliantly yesterday, the penalties were harsh (the drivethrough one was extremely harsh and sad that moves like that are penalised). He was a bit clumsy with Button, but which 'top' driver has never made a clumsy move?

Having said all that... DotD - Hamilton.


Lewis for me.

After Friday and even Saturday practice I didn't think the pole was possible. But then Lewis took it albeit marginally. I started to wonder.

Once the race started I was praying for tires to hold on, so you can understand my shock when Lewis pitted on Lap 9 after losing more than a second on several prior laps. Forward several laps – and miraculously Vettel ends his pit stop behind Lewis. Lewis did not need a second chance and did what he should do – pulled away. His medium tires didn’t show such bad signs of degradation, even in the end of his first stint on them. Only after that the feeling of imminent win started to grow.


Webber. Unlike his team mate who complains that he cannot pass a person he is racing agsinst. Toys out of pram ....


Wow! I never saw this one coming. great race and mostly great driving up & down the field. awesome way to start the hated break.

while not one of my favs, today I am pleased to to cast my vote for Lewis. somehow, Merc gave him the car, and he was not to be denied.


Definately Hamilton! On Sunday his tyres worked for him and he was away. While Vettel did come out behind Button twice, Hamilton had to do the same once, and get past Webber twice, the difference being that he got past quickly.


Close between Kimi and Lewis; but got to give it to Lewis..

First win for him at this team..

Thread the Needle

Lewis Hamilton, he was on top form

Great drive by Webber, Grosjean very impressive until he hit button


Vettel wins from pole with a margin while in the fastest car: "boring, he is an average driver, well done Newey".

Hamilton wins from pole with a margin while in the fastest car: "what a legendary drive, he is as good as Senna, the car was slower than a Minardi".

Perspective is everything. Button was the driver of the day.


You have just said it, the perspective changes a lot from one to another, sometimes it seems as if we were talking about a different GP, Button has my vote also, he had to manage too many attacks, and could finalize the race the best he could with the tool he had. Kimi, Webber and Lewis made a very good race also.


Not sure about legendary drive but it was certainly very good. Yes the car is fast in a straight line but several things stood out:

1) Mananaged his tyres well in first and second stints.

2) Displayed good skill by overtaking Webber and Button in areas not necessarily associated with DRS.

Take both these into account and it's quite fair to say he drove a good race

Sure, Vettel got caught behind Button but why did it take so long for him to pass him when he had fresher tyres?


"1) Mananaged his tyres well in first and second stints.

2) Displayed good skill by overtaking Webber and Button in areas not necessarily associated with DRS."

Crikey... no has ever done that before.


You seem to be missing the poitn of my post entirely. Hamilton did something few other drivers were able to do at Hungary this weekend, and at the same time was bale to maintain good pace in a car that is known to be very hard on it's tyre. Whilst I agree taht this isn't exactly legendary, it certainly highlights a great deal of skill, certainly more than was displayed by most other drivers on the grid this weekend.

I guess my penenace for biting was typical trolling....


VDG 14th people.... hello?


Though I'm liking Lewis less and less each passing day, to be objective, he was masterful this weekend!



Couldnt agree more.

I nearly got sick when he gave his "dedication" speech. For Gods sake Lewis, man up a bit.

Every interview is him talking about his emotions and feelings and how much of a "hard time" he's having.

I believe Raikkonen split with his wife, not a mention of it. No complaining. No whinging.

Lewis is DODT for sure here and undoubtebly a top driver but he needs to seriously look at his attitude.

...... Dirty laundry and all that.....

Alexander Supertramp

The guy wears his heart on his sleeve. I don't care about his personal life,like most people. But there is nothing wrong with his attitude just because he's not like you..


Romain Grosjean. That penalty? Brutal. That pass? Best moment of the race.


Might need a few extra crew for the odd repair, but I would have him on my team.


Tough one this one.

I will go with Romain. Out of all the drivers he was the one generating most of the racing in my opinion the rest managing a specific strategy.

I feel like James that the penalties were harsh and he paid his last year performances. He could have even won the race without them. He still needs to improve his situational awareness but he has such raw speed and the willingness to use it that makes for exciting driving

Both Lewis and Mark were also quite impressive on Sunday, with Kimi driving a very good race thanks to the correct strategy and the right car to make it happen.

Both Vettel and Alonso were mediocre yesterday.


Agree with most 100%. Probably unfair on ALO though, not in a competitive car.


DOTD Hamilton, but only because the others fell short somewhat not because a drive in clean air with the fastest car in clean air is something i havent seen before. A Lotus could and should have won (maybe even 1,2) most tire friendly car for 2 weekends now and better in traffic than RB, but Kimi hasnt maximised its potential due to starting out of position and RoGro making errors and with his bad reputation now gets the chair everytime he is involved in a little carbon exchange. Vettel could have won or at least second with better strategy and pit stops and Button and Webber drove with the reverse strategy with one more set of fresh tires.


Alonso is not in that list? He did a great job: Started in 5th and finish in 5th! He drove his car for the whole race! It's stunning! LOL

DoftheD: Maldonado - first little point for Williams...

Tornillo Amarillo


Car of the Day? Lotus.


*** sorry (delete this pse) *** last comment ended up in a "reply". Feel free to reposition at the base if req.


Hamilton for me


As a Webber and Hamilton fan, I would give it to Romain Grosjean. I feel his moves were aggressive and skilled on a very difficult track. It looks like Massa might have pushed him wide and Button may have turned in early. I can't see how any of the the top drivers would have been penalized for either of those passing moves, especially the Button pass. Sigh, with penalties like these being handed down, it's back to watching pretty cars in a parade.


Lewis Hamilton.


hamilton of course


Hamilton. This was one if his best races I think. On a track where almost everyone had a hard time overtaking, including his team mate, he really stuck his nose into every opportunity he got and made it stick - and unlike in the past, no move was utterly stupid either! This was the drive of a hard challenging, grown up Hamilton. Very good!

Webber and Räikkönnen's races were pretty standard, helped by their strategies. Maldonado must be my nuber two, not only because he managed to keep one of the fastest cars on of the day, Rosbergs Merc behind for most of the race. That was impressive, unfortunately not seen on camera.

That's another complaint of mine: We don't see middle field action a lot on TV, this is bad for the struggling teams and their sponsors and it is bad for the Formula-1 enthusiast, who likes to see more than the leading four cars.


Lewis, for his "imperious/commanding" race. JA, I chuckled at the BBQ quip on radio 5 live. Quite funny.


Driver of the day is definitely Hamilton. His start and first pit stop did the field in.

Webber was my second and only edges Kimi out due to his making up so many places.

Kimi next.



When was the last time we heard German and British national anthems played at the same time? I don't remember!


Wasn't it when Vettel won first for RBR? They mistakenly played the British anthem for the constructors' portion, instead of Austrian.

Marko was po'ed.

Chinese GP 2009.


Should be Ralf Schumacher, 2002 for Williams.


Lewis...amazing overtakes throughout the race..especially two instances where he caught Webber sleeping..


In both instances he had brand new tyres, and in the second one he was out of control and would have caused a crash if not for Webber's quick reactions.


1. Lewis Hamilton.

2. Romain Grosjean, Kimi Raikkonen, and Mark Webber


Kimi seemed to take Second by Stealth! Very Quiet Race for the Finn, but a Great Result. Good Drive from Button, maximising the Strategy in a Car that is still off the Front Runners Pace.

Emma Whitfield

Mark Webber. Great drive and for once, great strategy. Shame to see him go 🙁

John in San Diego

Hamilton for me. Didn't appear to make any mistakes on his way to a great win. Good job he didn't have Rosberg's engine.


Grosjean, I suppose, just because he was given such a raw deal. Both penalties were very harsh, and but for them he could have been fighting for the win. F1 really needs to apply the rules a lot more fairly and consistently and not have one set of rule for the stars and another for the also-rans.

A decent drive by Hamilton, but not nearly as good as his hyperbolic fans would have it. He was very lucky with his reckless move on Webber towards the end. If Webber had held his position (as he was entitled to do) instead of jumping off the track to avoid Lewis, both of them would have probably DNF'd. Lewis would certainly not have won.

Impressive that Raikkonen was able to make the two stopper work in such heat.

Good job also by Vettel in a car which was crippled for most of the race with KERS and wing problems.

Honorable mention to Webber. He got the best RB strategy today. I'm a little surprised they did not put Seb on a set of softs with 14 laps to go.


Gonna be a long 4 weeks for you I think, Steve S. 😉



Hamilton. He is always good on this track. His car managed the tires well and was uncatchable. We can see who is the cream that rises to the top among the Mercedes drivers. 😉

Merc is finally harvesting points from their fast cars. Since the start of the year, we saw potential of the car in Quali. The only problem they had to solve is caring for the fragile tires.

Now that Pirelli is going conservative with their tire choice, I think Merc will be stronger.

Ferrari still rubbish. If I was Alonso, I will be really upset.

RB might have switched to the 2014 development. It is unusual to see Vettel falling back during a race.

Kimi has done another outstanding job with a below par car. I remember there were some who were quick to say that Grosjean would give Kimi a headache back in 2012. Now, we can see how far ahead Kimi is compare to his teammate. That said, I think the best of Lewis in his Merc is yet to come. So rejoice, Hami fans!

Alexander Supertramp

Hamilton, who else?!


Lewis DOTD for me, nothing short of a mechanical failure was going to stop him.

Grosjean really impressed me too with a brave and determined drive.

Too bad the stewards seamed to only watch him throughout the race, no one else got penalised for collisions or driving over the white lines, and he wasn't the only one to do so.

The drive through penalty was a joke, what was he supposed to do? Keep tight and let Massa hit him? Who would of been blamed then? The penalty for the collision with button could be justified if all the other collisions in the race were treated the same way, but they weren't even investigated.


Hamilton of course


Can't fault Hamilton really with pre race talk about the Mercedes not having the race pace after qualifying on pole! Some very good performances behind him; Grosjean looking brilliant at times but still producing some dodgy moves.


Can only be Hamilton. All the more impressive because he did it in a Mercedes -- a car lacking a track record of dominance in the modern era (unless we consider its previous incarnation as a Brawn).


Grojean and Hamilton; Kimi for the "stealth"

Stewards that gave Grojean the penalty should not be stewarding again...


Hamilton, especially given how anonymous Rosberg was after the first lap.

Button delivered another strong drive in what has turned out to be a dog of a McLaren and though you can't expect more than 7th he spent a lot of time fighting faster cars with older tyres on his long strategy when he should have been easy meat.


Hamilton for me, but lots of good racing from all the usual suspects 😉


Hamilton for me as well. Very professional drive from start to finish. Never really looked like losing with a car that could have been a problem.


While Raikkonen's management of both a 2 stopper and Vettel in the closing stages, and Webber's recovery to 4th were impressive, my vote goes to Maldonado.

Even though he qualified 15th, the times were much, much closer to the midfield than previously, then made a terrific start, shrugged off Rosberg while bothering Perez for much of the race, and finished comfortably ahead of the Torro Rossos, Hulkenberg's Sauber, and the Force Indias (while they were running).

He should have scored in Germany so the point was much deserved. The Williams has looked handy on a Sunday afternoon since Silverstone so hopefully they'll start to pressure Sauber in the standings soon.


DoTD : Romain Grosjean

2. Kimi Raikkonen

3. Lewis Hamilton

4. Sebastien Vettel

5. Mark Webber

Team of The Day (ToDT) : Mercedes

2. Lotus

Villain of The Day (VoDT) : FIA/FOM's stewards

2. Sebastien Vettel

3. Felipe Massa


You put Vettel ahead of Webber?? Vettel loses 1 place during the course of the race and Webber makes up 6. Can't work out how you came up with that. Must be a Vettel fanboy...


Not a Vettel fan but nobody's perfect! 😉

but thanks to point it out!


Hamilton, obviously, a great weekend when everything came together.

Webber next, great recovery drive and team strategy, then Kimi R. 'who still know what to do'.

It has been clear for some time (years?) that Red Bull can only put one fully-sorted car on the grid. I wonder if this time the effort to get Webber's dud car on to the grid affected the detailed final edge in the preparation of the #1 car in the shed?

I think it was Ken Tyrrell who said (and here I paraphrase and interpret) a great team is measured by its ability to finish regularly 1&2.

At least it was his team (as it has become) that won...................!


King Kimi yet again


I'm a Button fan, and whilst I think JB had a great race in a dog of a car, driver of the day has to be Lewis. His driving was fantastic and he managed his tyres wonderfully. A mature drive.


Lewis is the best for me this weekend. He wasted no time on passing others, especially Webber, which really made the difference.

Mark is also great as well. Working hard from 10th to 4th with a different strategy. His driving this weekend makes me wondering he could have a chance to defeat Seb without the tech problem on his car (as always) on Sat.

Kimi is also fantastic this weekend as well to defend the 2nd place from charing Seb.

Nevertheless, Seb looked having some trouble passing others. He was stuck behind Jensen and Kimi for quite some time. Guess it must be more down to his car or the circuit this weekend rather than his own skills. 😛

What is your opinion, James? 🙂

Thanks for your great work as always.


Yes I agree it was Hamilton this time


While i don't like Hammy i do think he was DOTD , followed by Grojean then Jenson for getting his Mclaren up the grid


Kimi. I think it was extremely impressive going 2-stops race at 50 C degrees asphalt and gaining 4 places on the mickey mouse track.. how ice was that!

Hamilton yes yes yes very well raced but it should be business as usual if they would just solve tire problem. Mercedes has as good car as Redbull except knowledge of keeping tires at proper operating temps throughout the race. So nothing special there starting first and finishing first on the "go-kart" track.

Win is achieved thanks to SURPRISINGLY working tires - not so much by pure dominating drive of Hamilton.


About time Lewis Hamilton! Voted the guy, never doubted him and won't ever! That was awesome! Indeed Hung(a)ry for the win. Well done done Kimi! This is good for this F1 season, don't you think?


Hard to choose between Lewis for a great drive, Kimi for holding out the spoilt brat who was still demanding the driver in front should pull over and Mark for a great recovery drive, fastest lap in another messed up Red Bull. Lewis getting the top podium spot probably gets the final nod.


Lewis Lewis Lewis all day long


Lewis, no doubt.


Kimi. I don't know how he kept a gap to Vettel in the closing stages. That was cool!

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