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Posted By: James Allen  |  29 Jul 2013   |  10:25 am GMT  |  224 comments

Lewis Hamilton produced a commanding drive to win an exciting Hungarian Grand Prix and secure his first victory for Mercedes in a race which saw action all the way through the field.

Kimi Raikkonen used a two-stop strategy to finish an impressive second, holding off reigning world champion Sebastian Vettel in the closing stages.

Mark Webber put in another strong recovery drive to rescue fourth place in the Red Bull, having started 10th while Lotus driver Romain Grosjean had looked on course for podium but fell out of contention following a harsh drive-through penalty.

McLaren’s Jenson Button was involved in some good battles on his way to seventh and Pastor Maldonado scored Williams’ first point of the season with 10th – but who was your Driver of the Day?

Lewis Hamilton

Delivered a commanding performance to take his first victory for Mercedes and 22nd of his career. Got away cleanly from pole to lead into the first corner. Gradually built up a lead over Vettel before the first round of stops. Came out ahead of Vettel after his first stop but behind Button. Crucially passed his former team-mate quickly. Overtook Red Bull’s Webber twice in impressive fashion later in the race and managed his tyres well throughout to win at the Hungaroring for the fourth time in seven attempts and retain hopes of fighting for the title.

Kimi Raikkonen

Continued his impressive run of points scoring finishes with second. Was passed by Felipe Massa at the start and struggled to find a way past the Ferrari driver, allowing the leaders to open up a lead. Managed his tyres well throughout the race which allowed him to do a two-stop strategy and leapfrog several drivers. Climbed up into second and then drove impressively to defend his position from Vettel, who was on fresher tyres, to secure his sixth podium in 10 races and reduce his deficit to Vettel in the championship.

Mark Webber

Ran a different strategy to climb through the field and take fourth. Started 10th after Kers and gearbox problems in qualifying but made up a couple of places at the start and was the highest runner on the medium prime tyre. Led the race briefly and pumped in the lap times to allow him to pass several drivers during the stops. Had good battles with Hamilton but didn’t quite have the pace in the final stint, when he was on the soft option tyres, to catch team-mate Vettel for the final podium spot.

Romain Grosjean

Drove another strong race but a harsh drive-through penalty robbed him of a podium chance. Made a good start from third on the grid, but couldn’t quite make up enough ground to pass Vettel for second. Pressured the Red Bull driver in the first stint but still couldn’t find a way through. Made a clumsy pass on Button at the chicane which resulted in a post-race penalty of 20 seconds. Put a good move on Massa but harshly given a penalty for completing the pass when off track and ultimately finished sixth.

Jenson Button

Scored his seventh points finish of the season with a strong drive to seventh. Started 13th, but positioned himself well at Turn One and climbed up to eighth. Drove well to defend his position from Vettel in the early stages, showing that McLaren has made a step forward this weekend. Scored the team’s fourth double points finish of the season.

Pastor Maldonado

Scored the team’s first points of the season with 10th. Made a great start from 15th on the grid and gained a couple of places on the first lap. Made good progress throughout the race, showing good consistent pace in the second and third stints to rise up to 11th. Moved into 10th place when Nico Rosberg retired to score the team’s first points finish of the year.

So who was your Driver of the Day? Leave a comment at the bottom of this story.

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Kimi. I don’t know how he kept a gap to Vettel in the closing stages. That was cool!


Lewis, no doubt.


Lewis Lewis Lewis all day long


Hard to choose between Lewis for a great drive, Kimi for holding out the spoilt brat who was still demanding the driver in front should pull over and Mark for a great recovery drive, fastest lap in another messed up Red Bull. Lewis getting the top podium spot probably gets the final nod.


About time Lewis Hamilton! Voted the guy, never doubted him and won’t ever! That was awesome! Indeed Hung(a)ry for the win. Well done done Kimi! This is good for this F1 season, don’t you think?


Kimi. I think it was extremely impressive going 2-stops race at 50 C degrees asphalt and gaining 4 places on the mickey mouse track.. how ice was that!

Hamilton yes yes yes very well raced but it should be business as usual if they would just solve tire problem. Mercedes has as good car as Redbull except knowledge of keeping tires at proper operating temps throughout the race. So nothing special there starting first and finishing first on the “go-kart” track.

Win is achieved thanks to SURPRISINGLY working tires – not so much by pure dominating drive of Hamilton.


While i don’t like Hammy i do think he was DOTD , followed by Grojean then Jenson for getting his Mclaren up the grid


Lewis is the best for me this weekend. He wasted no time on passing others, especially Webber, which really made the difference.

Mark is also great as well. Working hard from 10th to 4th with a different strategy. His driving this weekend makes me wondering he could have a chance to defeat Seb without the tech problem on his car (as always) on Sat.

Kimi is also fantastic this weekend as well to defend the 2nd place from charing Seb.

Nevertheless, Seb looked having some trouble passing others. He was stuck behind Jensen and Kimi for quite some time. Guess it must be more down to his car or the circuit this weekend rather than his own skills. 😛

What is your opinion, James? 🙂

Thanks for your great work as always.


Yes I agree it was Hamilton this time


I’m a Button fan, and whilst I think JB had a great race in a dog of a car, driver of the day has to be Lewis. His driving was fantastic and he managed his tyres wonderfully. A mature drive.


King Kimi yet again


Hamilton, obviously, a great weekend when everything came together.

Webber next, great recovery drive and team strategy, then Kimi R. ‘who still know what to do’.

It has been clear for some time (years?) that Red Bull can only put one fully-sorted car on the grid. I wonder if this time the effort to get Webber’s dud car on to the grid affected the detailed final edge in the preparation of the #1 car in the shed?

I think it was Ken Tyrrell who said (and here I paraphrase and interpret) a great team is measured by its ability to finish regularly 1&2.

At least it was his team (as it has become) that won……………….!


DoTD : Romain Grosjean

2. Kimi Raikkonen

3. Lewis Hamilton

4. Sebastien Vettel

5. Mark Webber

Team of The Day (ToDT) : Mercedes

2. Lotus

Villain of The Day (VoDT) : FIA/FOM’s stewards

2. Sebastien Vettel

3. Felipe Massa


You put Vettel ahead of Webber?? Vettel loses 1 place during the course of the race and Webber makes up 6. Can’t work out how you came up with that. Must be a Vettel fanboy…


Not a Vettel fan but nobody’s perfect! 😉

but thanks to point it out!


While Raikkonen’s management of both a 2 stopper and Vettel in the closing stages, and Webber’s recovery to 4th were impressive, my vote goes to Maldonado.

Even though he qualified 15th, the times were much, much closer to the midfield than previously, then made a terrific start, shrugged off Rosberg while bothering Perez for much of the race, and finished comfortably ahead of the Torro Rossos, Hulkenberg’s Sauber, and the Force Indias (while they were running).

He should have scored in Germany so the point was much deserved. The Williams has looked handy on a Sunday afternoon since Silverstone so hopefully they’ll start to pressure Sauber in the standings soon.


Hamilton for me as well. Very professional drive from start to finish. Never really looked like losing with a car that could have been a problem.


Hamilton for me, but lots of good racing from all the usual suspects 😉


Hamilton, especially given how anonymous Rosberg was after the first lap.

Button delivered another strong drive in what has turned out to be a dog of a McLaren and though you can’t expect more than 7th he spent a lot of time fighting faster cars with older tyres on his long strategy when he should have been easy meat.


Grojean and Hamilton; Kimi for the “stealth”

Stewards that gave Grojean the penalty should not be stewarding again…


Can only be Hamilton. All the more impressive because he did it in a Mercedes — a car lacking a track record of dominance in the modern era (unless we consider its previous incarnation as a Brawn).


Can’t fault Hamilton really with pre race talk about the Mercedes not having the race pace after qualifying on pole! Some very good performances behind him; Grosjean looking brilliant at times but still producing some dodgy moves.


Hamilton of course


Lewis DOTD for me, nothing short of a mechanical failure was going to stop him.

Grosjean really impressed me too with a brave and determined drive.

Too bad the stewards seamed to only watch him throughout the race, no one else got penalised for collisions or driving over the white lines, and he wasn’t the only one to do so.

The drive through penalty was a joke, what was he supposed to do? Keep tight and let Massa hit him? Who would of been blamed then? The penalty for the collision with button could be justified if all the other collisions in the race were treated the same way, but they weren’t even investigated.

Alexander Supertramp

Hamilton, who else?!



Hamilton. He is always good on this track. His car managed the tires well and was uncatchable. We can see who is the cream that rises to the top among the Mercedes drivers. 😉

Merc is finally harvesting points from their fast cars. Since the start of the year, we saw potential of the car in Quali. The only problem they had to solve is caring for the fragile tires.

Now that Pirelli is going conservative with their tire choice, I think Merc will be stronger.

Ferrari still rubbish. If I was Alonso, I will be really upset.

RB might have switched to the 2014 development. It is unusual to see Vettel falling back during a race.

Kimi has done another outstanding job with a below par car. I remember there were some who were quick to say that Grosjean would give Kimi a headache back in 2012. Now, we can see how far ahead Kimi is compare to his teammate. That said, I think the best of Lewis in his Merc is yet to come. So rejoice, Hami fans!


Grosjean, I suppose, just because he was given such a raw deal. Both penalties were very harsh, and but for them he could have been fighting for the win. F1 really needs to apply the rules a lot more fairly and consistently and not have one set of rule for the stars and another for the also-rans.

A decent drive by Hamilton, but not nearly as good as his hyperbolic fans would have it. He was very lucky with his reckless move on Webber towards the end. If Webber had held his position (as he was entitled to do) instead of jumping off the track to avoid Lewis, both of them would have probably DNF’d. Lewis would certainly not have won.

Impressive that Raikkonen was able to make the two stopper work in such heat.

Good job also by Vettel in a car which was crippled for most of the race with KERS and wing problems.

Honorable mention to Webber. He got the best RB strategy today. I’m a little surprised they did not put Seb on a set of softs with 14 laps to go.


Gonna be a long 4 weeks for you I think, Steve S. 😉

John in San Diego

Hamilton for me. Didn’t appear to make any mistakes on his way to a great win. Good job he didn’t have Rosberg’s engine.

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