Hamilton breathes new life into title race
Posted By: James Allen  |  31 Jul 2013   |  6:35 pm GMT  |  428 comments

Lewis Hamilton breathed life into the Formula 1 title race on Sunday with a commanding drive to victory in the Hungarian Grand Prix.

Where Sebastian Vettel had seemed in control of the championship race and on course for his fourth consecutive title, now things look a little less certain.

At the very least Mercedes’ form in the second half of the season will complicate the picture, but a string of wins could bring Hamilton into contention.

The Briton, who had not stood on the top step of the podium since the United States Grand Prix last November, led away from pole position and never really looked back. That was his fourth success at the Hungaroring in seven visits and first for new team Mercedes, who he joined this year after six seasons with McLaren.

The 2008 world champion has scored 74 points in the last five races, compared to championship leader Sebastian Vettel’s total of 83 in the same period. So since the Monaco Grand Prix, Hamilton has shown championship contending form.

Mercedes have had seven poles in the 10 races this season, with three victories in the last five races, and are certainly a team who are in the ascendancy. The key will be whether they can maintain that form.

As their qualifying form suggests, they have been strong over one lap but they struggle to get the tyres into the operating window on long runs and have therefore tailed off in the races. But Hamilton said: “If we can make the tyres last here [in Hungary], we can do it anywhere.

“I feel like I have the car to win ten races,” he added. “The tyres will play a massive part, but I truly believe in this car. The tracks coming up should suit me. I’m really looking forward to the second half of the season.”

Vettel still remains favourite to collect his fourth successive drivers’ title. The Red Bull driver has a 38-point lead over nearest rival Kimi Raikkonen of Lotus, with Hamilton a further 10 points behind.

Hamilton’s return to form will complicate the championship now and if Mercedes’ good run continues, with Nico Rosberg, who has won twice this season, also delivering, Vettel’s nearest contenders Raikkonen and Fernando Alonso will find it difficult to recover the points deficit.

Hamilton was cautious when asked about talk of a championship challenge. “When you have a win like this, you get excited and think anything is possible and this shows it is,” he said. “But it is still too early to say whether or not we can challenge.”

“I know the team are working hard so that we can close the gap and I hope today is the first step in doing so, but we’ve got a lot of tough races coming up. I just hope that’s not the last time my tyres work for me.”

Hamilton dedicated his victory to ex-girlfriend Nicole Scherzinger, who he said he was thinking about during the race. The pair split up earlier this month. “I feel a little bit odd without that someone here,” he said. “The thought on my mind through the whole race was of someone who is special to me and I wanted to dedicate it to her. It’s been the toughest couple of months of my life.

“To come here, after a real downer for the last few weeks, I just wasn’t expecting it [the win]. I’m so proud of the team and grateful for all the hard work, and for [Mercedes boss] Ross [Brawn] for giving me the opportunity to be part of the team.

“Over the weekend my mind has just been in a different place. There are lots of personal reasons why it is different this time. I am still working on getting those puzzles in place and there is a big part of the puzzle out of place at the moment. I didn’t feel like it was a relief when I came across the line. It just felt good to know that I could still do it.”

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It was so funny listening to Vettel moaning about Kimi. And Kimster? Just laughs. Brilliant! So glad Kimi is back!!!


I would like to congratulate Pirelli for turning this championship around for the two teams who suffered so much with tyre wear earlier in the season……….Also well done to red bull and Mercedes for sorting performance issues that held them back at the start of the season……by getting someone else to fix it for them!

What a fascinating second half of the season we have in store……


One more thing I will say:

Ferrari is bringing an apparently big upgrade package to Spa.

They may not have been the best at updating the car the last two years. But this is a new year, they know what their problems were in the past couple of years, and now they have probably more pressure to deliver progress with the car than they have ever been.

We can’t count them out yet, either. In 2010, they did manage to deliver a big upgrade around the same time of the year that saw Alonso take 3 wins in 4 races and the championship lead into the last race of the year. (Before tactical goofiness cost him a title.)

Something tells me Ferrari has a little fight left in them this year.


ALO said that, but when I asked the Ferrari designer he said Spa package was nothing special, just one of a series of upgrades

I think they have lost some confidence in their updates and don’t want to talk them up too much in anticipation in case they don’t work


Red Bull need a consistent 1-2 finish from VET and WEB. Even if its a 2-3 or 3-4, the bulls need their second car to be taking points off HAM and RAI each race. I hope they get the reliability issues addressed. The 25 points in Silverstone didn’t help either.


True, but they did only have one reliability DNF (and one team error DNF) so far. As it is, Vettel’s championship lead seems to be fine for now, without 1-2s.


I would just like to say although we are only midway through the season I told you guys Hamilton would be a good bet for the WDC a few races ago…… What??… You don’t read me?

Those odds would have shortened quite abit now.

Loving the new bipolar thing some of you have now come up with.


I do hope Lewis can make a fight of it with Seb this year.

And I also hope he can stop obsessing over Nicole. Let her go man and concentrate on your driving!!


Simple and true: »[Hamilton] is starting to pick up momentum and move in the right direction,” Ross Brawn said. “So we honestly don’t know where the limit is, because we are on a journey with Lewis and we don’t know where the limits are.«


People are beating up on Alonso, so let me point out that these “difficult to overtake on” tracks, namely Monaco, the Nürburgring, and the Hungaroring, really don’t play to his strengths. He generally does not qualify well, but he does generally manage to make up several places during the race. It’s no coincidence that he’s suffered so much on tracks where overtaking is quite difficult. I can see him starting sixth at Spa but finishing on the podium.

Alexander Supertramp

RBR very much still the favorite, but it can be done!

Lewis needs:

1. Consistency (he has been pretty consistent since 2012)

2. Vettel losing a little/a lot of his own consistency. This one is very important

3. Nico up there fighting the bulls as well. For the matter, throw in Fernando, Kimi, Jenson (Spa!),..

4. Even more pole positions, clean air is vital!

5.The Merc in harmony with Pirelli. This is still the biggest variable, but Spa, Monza and Singapore shouldn’t be a problem for Mercedes.

It’s a tall order, but it’s doable. He’s among the big favorites in Spa, Monza, Singapore, Austin. Vettel big favorite for Japan/Korea/India. The other races are swing races. I believe Lewis is in good place when it comes to his driving, no matter what people say.


Swing? 🙂

Any bell weather ones as well

nicolas nogaret

although every other team had tested the new tyre before , mercedes had not and therefore they were unsure as to how it would work on their car ; verdict ? so far , so good

but I am not too sure as to the reality of a competition for the WDC !

it is pretty clear that , in clean air , the RBR is still the fastest round a lap under normal circumstances [ at least in vettel’s hands ]; so starting from pole it is hard to see another car which will beat him , and front row gives a chance to lead after the first corner ! having said that , vettel clearly feels under pressure from hamilton in qually , and his record shows he makes mistakes under those circumstances [ eg he should have got pole in hungary ]

so , ok , some chance for hamilton , but frankly rosberg is too far back

ferrari ? the car is fairly quick , and if alonso was in hamilton’s league as a qualifier maybe ; but their glory days were based on having tyres specifically tailored for their car , and it isn’t the case now

dark horse , kimi ; not that the car is as quick as the RBR , but it isn’t far behind , and with the possibility of one less pit stop at many circuits you would think he had a chance ; but unfortunately , as he says himself , kimi is no longer quick enough in qually , so I can’t see it

if only there was a new season starting at spa !!!

Alexander Supertramp

You just have to feel that Lotus rely too much on strategy rather than on pure pace. Kimi won in Australia on strategy, in other races he’s almost always behind Vettel. Kimi could win this year’s WDC like he won in 2007, with the leader’s(s) tripping at the end of the year.Kimi is the most consistent after Vettel, he is ready to take points if the likes of Vettel, Hamilton or Alonso fail to finish or have other misfortunes. But so far, the Lotus has no clear advantage over the RB. At best it’s on par on race day, whereas the Mercedes has a slight edge on saturday. Sad to say, but to me Kimi’s best hope so far is for Vettel to DNF once or more.

As for Alonso: things were looking great at the beginning of the year, now I believe he’s out of the race, even though it’s so early day.


Kimi won the title in 2007 because the FIA not only sanctioned McLaren with a $100M fine and exclusion from the WCC but they were also excluded from the WDC as well. It was not made public for obvious reasons.


“Lewis being left out with his tyres showing canvas in China was no accident.”

Welcome to Mclaren!


I remember that day so well. We were screaming for McLaren to bring HAM in for new tyres. But they were trying to go for gold and win the race, when they could have secured the points to give him a shoo in at the last race to win the title.


Thought there would be one:-) Don’t need to go back and read. Saw the entire thing and prob recorded it as well come to think of it. Lewis being left out with his tyres showing canvas in China was no accident. Kimi was no where until after the FIA hearings so go figure. Forget who was driving the McLaren. Do the maths and see for yourself.


Wow just wow go back and read through that period at least before you comment its ridiculous reading a comment like this!


If Kimi and Lotus will have a chance, they must have the financial muscles needed!

There’s been much talk about Infinity getting 35% stake in Lotus F1.

James, what do you think?


So basically, the Enstone team will be selling 35% of the company to a subsidiary of the company that originally owned 100%.

Anyone think Renault wants some of the kudos back?


You are right – they need more budget


Apparently the deal with Infinity Racing, according to reports, will be finalized shortly. Perhaps this explains Boulier’s optimism regarding Kimi’s WDC chances. Lotus, however, needs to find a better balance between race and qualy performance. It seems they sacrifice the latter for the former.


guys lets not forget that last season alonso had a similar gap to vettel at round about this point and still managed to lose the championship. there are still 225 points up for grabs and i honestly don’t think vettel has sealed this just yet. although i must say judging by ferrari’s recent slump, it’s now probably a 3 horse race for the title between vettel, kimi and ham.


Why do people keep bringing this up? Alonso was leading not based on car performance but for unreliability of others. Hence when others became reliable the inevitable happened.


I think the team we need to really start talking about to challenge Red Bull are Lotus and Kimi. They were in a bit of no man’s land from Monaco to Silverstone, but you really cannot argue with the race pace of the car in the last two- or with two straight second place finishes by Kimi. They have plenty of momentum on their side at the moment. Furthermore, I think they finally learned the lesson that they should have learned after they won Australia:

Play to the strength of your car with your strategy, which is tire management.

They won in Australia because they had a competitive car that could do one less stop than the others. Period. Being able to do one less stop with a competitive car is a HUGE advantage. You already have a 15-20 second advantage to start the race in total race time. Why the hell would you ever give up an advantage like this by going with the same strategy as your opponenets? Kimi probably could have won a couple of other races this year if Lotus had simply started every race with the plan that they were going to do one less stop than the others. He certainly would have won in Germany. The strategy certainly was responsible for getting him up to 2nd from 6th. I would look out for Lotus to do the same strategy for the rest of the year- in which case, as long as Kimi qualifies in the first 3 rows, it is game on for the championship from here.

As for Merc, Niki Lauda said it best:

They won in Hungary because of Hamilton’s driving. Period. They weren’t as quick as the Red Bull, and they didn’t manage tires as well as the Red Bull. (In the first stint, Lewis’ options fell off the cliff two laps before Vettel’s.) They won the race because, again as Lauda said, Lewis made up the difference. He got a great start to stay ahead of Vettel, he got himself clear of the DRS zone, he wasted no time making key overtakes after pit stops while the tires were good, and he drove a calculated race in clean air- managing gaps and tires. I think the next three races are going to really play to Merc’s strengths with the car and Hamilton’s strength’s as a driver, so I wouldn’t rule them out to take another couple of wins and gain big points over this span. Hungary showed that, more than anything for Merc, they need to execute a game plan perfectly and have Hamilton working more magic in the car, because they are not going to do it based on an inherent advantage in the car- which, aside from single-lap pace, they don’t have to the degree that Lotus or Red Bull have. So I have some doubts as to whether or not they will be able to pull it off over the full remaining distance of the season.


Very well said!

Alexander Supertramp

Well, there is hope of even better general race pace for the Mercedes now that they have a better understanding of the tire problem. They will almost certainly be quite quicker in Spa. Monza and Singapore are also tracks where they would already be quick enough. They have till october 6 for Korea, a race where RB is clear favorite. Those 3 fly away races before Korea -and Japan- are of vast importance. Mercedes won’t win the championship by Korea, but they can be out of contention by then. So for now, all hope is very fragile.

Great to hear Ross Brawn saying they have some nice upgrades coming for Spa already.This could be Paddy’s input given that he probably knows why Mclaren was so fast in Spa + Monza last year.


All things being equal, in the same conditions, car and resources… Lewis Hamilton is the best when it comes to wheel-to-wheel battles!

The way he drove past Sunday, it’s like he was in another mindset or level. Overtakes were surreal, i heard somewhere that he made the call for first pit-stop…is that true?

I wonder why certain drivers are able to deliver superman performances at some tracks, making their fellow team-mates so averages? Kimi at Spa is untouchable for instance, Lewis in Canada just seems like he’s driving beyond the limits. What is that?


I feel this is wishful thinking to be honest. For Hamilton to catch up you would need near catastrophe for Vettel, but his package is by far the most consistent. Mercedes in comparison have extremely heavy peaks and troughs. They only need one more bad race to be virtually out of contention, if they aren’t already.

Obviously anything can happen, but I think we need to be very careful about declaring a false dawn for Merc.


Sorry if this sounds like seeing the glass as half-empty, but I don’t see the good news.

I’m quite happy for Hamilton, but having multiple drivers chase after Vettel, who is already well-clear in the points and in the fastest car, doesn’t spell ‘turnaround’ to me.

Last Sunday Vettel extended his championship lead, in a race full of problems (for him). The reason is because the winning driver was different to the one that was closest to him, up to that point.

Anything is possible with almost half the season still to go, I suppose, but even if RBR has below-par performance throughout, they’re won’t exactly disappear, will they?

Alexander Supertramp

Off course Vettel is still the big favorite, but the headline says it all: He breathes new life into the title race, not more than that- for now.


On the one hand I really wish Lewis in his Mercedes can take the WDC this year, looking forward on the analysis of his changes.

I have nothing against SV but the challenge from KR and FA is not strong enough, they may suffer from the new tyres but that excuse doesnt bring an exciting championship.

On the other hand however, and I hope it turns out to be wrong in the coming races, this new tyre seems to be the perfect match to the Mercedes. If that is true it does have a artificial taste.

Funny side note, Redbull urged for this more durable tyre, now it can cost them the championship as they wouldnt have thought the Merc would be that strong.


Vettel will win.

Hamilton and Rosberg will just steal points from each other and Hamilton will have a brain fart of some sort. As good as he is , he seems to throw in a silly mistake every now and then.

Alonso and Kimi have a greater chance of winning this then Hamilton

Alexander Supertramp

Lewis’ last “mistake” was Monaco, he threw away 2nd place there. other than that I believe he’s been very very consistent in his performances.


2nd place was gone the moment the SC intervened. I watched the tape of that race around those pitstops, and there’s no way Hamilton could’ve emerged from the pits ahead of Vettel, even if he was bumper-to-bumper with Rosberg in the pits. I’m not even sure he could’ve kept 3rd place, it would’ve been very close.

Which begs the question, how could that happen? All of the cars should’ve been travelling to the same delta under the SC, and Vettel and Webber were momentarily held up behind the SC. Was Rosberg going at the low-end of the SC delta time? Did they lose the time having to slow at Ste Devote b/c of the Massa crash, and that Vettel didn’t have to, having bypassed it in the pits when the SC was called?

Really, Merc were stupid keeping both their cars out that for an extra lap when a SC looked a near-cert. If Hamilton had come into the pits on the same lap as Vettel, he would’ve emerged ahead of him (assuming similar pit stop times), and then Hamilton could’ve ensured that Rosberg would emerge back in the lead w/o having to rush as he did to just get out in front of Vettel.


Rosberg will steal points from Hamilton? What has he done in the last four races to suggest that this will happen? He finished ahead of him one time, and that was only because Hamilton was the victim of a freak tire day while Rosberg had the good fortune to avoid it.

Hamilton has sorted out his braking issue, and he has been consistently quicker since Canada, routinely outqualifying him by 3 tenths or more. Even at the Nurburgring, where Hamilton had a difficult time finding the right setup for himself, he managed to beat Rosberg in Q1 and Q2 before taking pole.

Rosberg had a great start to the season and a good run of pace up to Monaco, a stretch in which he was quicker despite the fact that Hamilton was outproducing him. But Hamilton fixed the problem, and unless Rosberg significantly steps up his game- and that’s how big of a step he needs to make, a significant one- his job is going to be to get Constructor’s Points. I’m not going to say he will have to move aside for Lewis, if for no other reason than that frankly, it’s not very clear that Nico is ever going to be ahead of him for the remainder of the year.


Alonso have a chance ?

Are you sure ?

Last 4 four races have clearly given us pointers as to what is going to happen from SPA onwards.

RBR will improvet he car further and will look to get at least a 2 tenths over mercedes. what is more positive ? Seems like mercedes and Louts can improve the cars as well to match RBR

It’s a three way shoot from here on for the WDC between lewis, vettel and Kimi

I forsee this at end of the season

WDC – Vettel, lewis, Kimi,

WCC – RBR, Mercedes, Lotus


With Ferrari not being able to develop the car during the season as well as Red Bull and Mercedes and Lotus not being able to perform consistently, I think Hamilton winning at Hungagoring is just what this championship needs.

James, while Brawn mentioned that there are several factors to why the W04 was able to perform so well at the Hungaoring, could you tell us if the 50 deg C track temperature or the slow speed track characteristic has more impact on tyre wear/durability?


I am surpised that most see a duel between Vettel and Hamilton unfolding in the second half of the season. I think it is going to be a four man race. If Mercedes continues to be competitive in the races, Rosberg will fight for the WDC as well, and podiums and victories will spread out among the four, especially if the second drivers, Massa, Grosjean, and Webber take podiums or take a victory or two. Webber can certainly do it, he will not move over for Seb, and Grosjean is overdue. Lotus and Ferrari will certainly be stronger in the second half and given the consistency of Kimi and Fernado I would certainly not write them off.


Rosberg is 40 points behind Lewis and 88 behind Vettel. I don’t see how he can fight for the WDC, all I see from now are team orders.


My mistake, I intended to include Nico in the group of drivers who can fight for podiums and victories. I agree we will see a lot of team orders, but the second drivers can claim victory and podiums if they are at least two positions ahead of their team mate. They will certainly not be ordered to yield their position to the driver of the other team.


I am very glad that Lewis has won a race this year.

His comment that his thoughts were on Nicole throughout the race…well, I hope that is hyperbole, because it doesn’t sound very safe, and that worries me.

I will admit to wondering if she walked due to media suggestions that Lewis should “leave Nicole and Roscoe at home, and concentrate on the driving”.


The Merc is definitely the fastest car, as long as they can make the tyres work in the race, nothing will stop them with this kind of dominant car.


Red bull were still faster in both quali and the race tho. If Seb didn’t make those mistakes in qualifying he would have easily taken pole and would have walked it. His race came undone due to poor strategy and the mistake behind Jenson.

Merc cant really on those things happening every race.


Seb made no mistakes in qualifying.

nicolas nogaret

his team said he made mistakes at three different corners , and he said he could have been faster

on the other hand ham said he did a good lap , but not special


@krischar – It is not the “best car by miles”! Ho wridiculous are you trying to make your comments look? RBR have won 4 races out of 10 so far, Mercedes 3, Ferrari 2, Lotus 1. The top 4 teams have all had weekends where they haven’t won, but were in contention for the win.

Lewis did well in Hungary, but don’t get yourself carried away with him being “too good” for anyone. His own teammate has more wins.


Seb made clear mistake in Quali

Seb made no mistakes ?

vettel said he could have got pole in hungary if he had put in a more perfect lap. On rare scenario seb accepted his mistake in the interview after quali in hungary

RB9 is complete beast and the best car out there by miles. The tweaks which Pirelli made to the tyres did helped Mercedes

However Lewis was simply too good for vettel and unbetable in hungary for Seb. Denied him pole with a stunner and then passed button drove a clear race and took consummate victory

Vettel made mistake and failed to pass a very slower Mclaren in front of him for nearly 12 laps which costed RBR the victory. Heck even webber started 10th and finished 4th




RBR is still the quickest car out there followed by Mercedes and lotus

Vettel simply was not able to pass Jenson which costed him the victory

Credit to lewis for his complete efforts to take the victory.

Mercedes are still not sure themselves as to how much tyre issues have been sorted out.

Mercedes and lotus have to keep pace with RBR car development from SPA onwards if they do then we might exciting finale at brazil otherwise Game over. Vettel WDC


Not only is the RB not “the quickest car out there”, it has not been that all year, so claiming it is “still” the quickest car is doubly wrong.


The RB has been, w/o doubt, the best car to have for the first 10 races. There’s no debating that. They haven’t always been the fastest on race pace, but they’re always in the top 3 on that score, at every race, whereas each of the others (Lotus, Ferrari, Merc) have had some nightmare race weekends where they were total non-factors.


Not so fast.

Lotus have been the quickest car in race trim the last two races. On top of it, they have finally learned that with Kimi, they can do one less stop than the other teams and remain competitive. I expect them to finally start employing this strategy, which they should have been doing all year and would probably have netted them another win or two and certainly more points. As long as Kimi qualifies in the front three rows, he will clearly contend for wins, and if he can lift his game for qualifying and get in the front two rows more often, he is the guy who I really look to to take some wins and give Vettel a difficult time.


I think it’s becoming very clear that there are certain tracks that drivers are just naturally better suited to – the Hungaroring is just one of those for Lewis. What we will find is that Spa will suit the horsepower of the Mercedes and Lewis is strong there usually- same can be said about Singapore and Abu Dhabi – he always seems to be very strong there. Monza too should suit the Merc but a few others will go well there- same as Austin. As I see it Lewis has very strong chances at least 3 circuits and good chances at 2 others. This will make the championship very close.

What may be the winning thing for Sebastian is that Lewis and Kimi are very close – both in terms of performance and points so the circuits that they (or Fernando) miss Seb will get for sure.

The battle between 2-5 may keep Seb ahead because on “bad day” he still finishes 3rd.

What Im looking forward to now more than anything in the last 4 years is the battle between Kimi and Lewis especially at Spa- I just fear that the Merc is slightly better now that its overcome its tyre deficit..

Comeone Lotus hang in there !


How many times has he won at this circuits you talk about apart from Hungaroring that he has won multiple times?


Don’t just look at the wins. Look at the pace he has showed at those tracks.

Spa- two poles, a win, and another win that was taken away.

Monza- two poles, a win, a second place, and a podium that he threw away in the closing laps in 2009 while trying too hard to catch Button at the end.

Singapore- two poles, a win, and a likely win that was taken away by a mechanical failure.

Abu Dhabi- two poles- including for the very first race there, a win, and two other likely wins that were taken from him by mechanical failures (2009, 2012)

Austin- Won the very first race there and narrowly lost pole in a car that arguably was not as well-suited to the circuit as the Red Bull was.

So there is ample reason to point to these tracks specifically as places where we can expect Lewis to go very well. He hasn’t racked up the same record at those tracks as he has in Hungary and Canada, but he has at least a couple of poles and a win (except Austin, where he just has a win) and a few other wins that were taken from him by mechanical failures or Stewards’ decisi-ons. His record at these tracks in addition to Canada, Hungary, and China (two poles, two wins, the seemingly annual podium)- is just better than it normally is at other tracks.


Head to head how is Vettel different? at the 3 tracks Spa Monza and Singapore you might actually be surprised.


Singapore he won 2009 and retired last year in a comfortable lead (3rd in2008)

Spa he won in 2010 and 2nd 2008 and fought for the lead two other occasions before retirement.

Abu Dhabi he won 2011 and retired in the lead easily the fastest last year. Before a Kimi won

Monza & Austin he won last year (2nd in Monza 2007)

You can’t blame him for mechanical failures. Sure Hungary is special with 4 wins. But now he’s got his tyres working his next favourites should be ok too.

The test starts now the last 4 years have been about Red Bulls dominant package- now I believe they are equal.

On most of these circuits he has enjoyed commanding pole and I think he will do that this year too.


Rockie, Im not here to read your mind and provide facts. Say your piece or leave it be. If your talking about Vettel – Ive already addressed that.

Steve S Red Bull have been the dominant package at least 3 of those 4 years except last year where they were about at par with Mclaren and had it not been for mech failures and 4 major operational errors Lewis would have been fighting for the championship- that’s undeniable but aim sure you and Rockie will deny it anyway


Check other drivers and you would be surprised!


Red Bull has not had a “dominant package” for the last four years. In 2012 they were very far from dominant- the best car of the year was the McLaren.


Even though Merc didnt gain any benefit out of the secret testing..they managed to resolve their tyre issues…Commendable!!!

Tornillo Amarillo

Poles seems reachable, more wins too, but for thinking in the Drivers Championship I would like to have only a 25 points deficit. Now is 48 so still early days.

About the girl and the psychological mindset… I’m really tired about that and I wish not to hear never again any thing about that, even though I’m a big fan of Lewis. You have to do your training, simulations, psyc coaching, whatever, and go to the weekend for the fans and glory.

More important, we need a plan, like poles, front rows,ROSBERG finishing ahead of Vettel and others contenders, and TEAM ORDERS in favor of Lewis, I guess.


“The thought on my mind through the whole race was of someone who is special to me and I wanted to dedicate it to her.

If he can drive like that while pre-occupied with a recent break up and not tyres then he should go close to winning the c/ship.

Seriously though, we’ll know if Merc are on top of their tyre issues after Spa and Monza.

Unfortunately for Rosberg, his role now is to put himself between Hamilton and Vettel.

If Seb is out-qualified by 2 or 3 cars for a few races, this thing could turn around very quickly…with Kimi picking up the pieces in Brazil.



If vettel starts few races from P3 or P4 highly unlikely yet not impossible. He will become more vulnerable in traffic like we noticed in hungary.

Lotus and Mercedes can out qualify RBR it seems at this point.

Alexander Supertramp

Well in fairness, he would have overtaken Jenson a lot easier on a different track, say Spa for instance, even Monza..


And Kimi

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