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German Grand Prix – Who was your Driver of the Day?
Posted By: James Allen  |  08 Jul 2013   |  9:56 am GMT  |  177 comments

Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel finally won his home race with a thrilling victory in the German Grand Prix that saw battles take place all the way to the chequered flag.

Kimi Raikkonen, who has not won a race since the start of the season in Australia, pushed Vettel all the way before crossing the line second while Lotus team-mate Romain Grosjean claimed his second podium of the season with third.

Fernando Alonso once again demonstrated his Ferrari’s pace in the race to rise up the field and limit his losses in the drivers’ standings to championship leader Vettel.

And McLaren’s Jenson Button had one of his strongest drives of the season with sixth – but who was your Driver of the Day?

Sebastian Vettel

Held off a charging Raikkonen in the closing stages to win his fourth race of the season. Made an excellent getaway from second to pass pole-sitter Lewis Hamilton and lead the race into the first corner. Absorbed the pressure from Red Bull team-mate Mark Webber who gave chase. Gradually built up a small lead but saw it neutralised by the safety car. Pitted just after Grosjean to cover the Frenchman and then retook the lead when Raikkonen pitted for the final time. Suffered a loss of Kers briefly so had to push in closing stages but did enough to take his first win on home soil and first in July to extend his championship lead.

Kimi Raikkonen

Pitted from the lead late on but didn’t quite have enough laps to catch and pass Vettel. Made a clean getaway from fourth, but couldn’t find a way past a slow-starting Hamilton. Showed consistent pace and pulled off some impressive overtaking moves after his first stop, passing Hamilton and Rosberg around the outside at the final chicane. Moved up to third which became second and then first when Vettel and Grosjean pitted. Decided to pit late on for soft tyres and though he caught Vettel, didn’t have enough laps to steal the win. Scored his fifth top two-finish in nine races.

Romain Grosjean

Scored his second podium of the season with one of his most consistent drives. Got away cleanly at the start from fifth and found himself in the lead when he managed to go deeper into the race than anyone else on the soft tyres. That pulled him into contention for the race win. Pitted and then chased Vettel in the middle part of the race, but couldn’t find a way past. Lost a place to team-mate Raikkonen who was faster in the closing stages. Finished third to move up to eighth in the drivers’ championship.

Fernando Alonso

Just missed out on the podium but drove another strong race to limit championship losses. Started eighth, after the team decided to qualify on the more durable medium tyre rather than the faster soft tyre, and struggled to make much progress early on. Made up places as his team-mate Felipe Massa retired and then those who started on softs started to pit. Ran as high as second when he pitted. Had a great battle with Hamilton, moving up to fourth. Pitted for soft tyres at the end which allowed him to close on the top three, but ran out of laps to pass Grosjean.

Jenson Button

Tried a different strategy and showed improved pace to finish sixth. Started ninth on the medium tyres and was able to go quite deep into the race, running as high as second. Dropped back down the field when he pitted, but put a good move on team-mate Sergio Perez to move up to fifth. Lost a place to Hamilton in the closing stages as he got held up badly by traffic to finish sixth, which equals his second best result of the season.

So who was your Driver of the Day? Leave a comment at the bottom of this story.

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Of course it was Vettel


Vettel, for sure. Perfect drive, didn't crack under what was clearly pretty intense pressure, and won with what was probably not the best car on the grid.


I think we have to take up a collection to print a plaque and send it to Vettel.

He may have 3 WDCs, but he certainly dosn’t have that many JAonF1 DOTDs!



I'm actually quite surprised (positively) how many people voted him DOTD today


I think this may be the 2nd one...ever.

I think back in the poll days Vettel did win one scientifically proven with percentages.

I remember it because it happened that I was driving to work on Monday and was listing to Pink Floyd Animals...you know the one where the pig flies in the sky on the album cover?


Riiiiing a ding ding ding, yeahhh , yeahhh baby.

Yes yes yes and yes again.....

Vettel with no KERS for a time kept a quicker Kimmi behind.


I do not like him....but I think he was the best yesterday. Could have been Grosjean if he would have managed to pass Vettel, he was much-much faster. Vettel was simply to good yesterday.


Yes I agree, VET was under pressure for the entire race and remianed calm, consistent and robust. He did a great job.

On a seperate note, James, do you have any idea why the stewards are now deferring routine decisions about unsafe pit release until after the race? Why on earth can they not make these decisions there and then? In my opinion making decisions afetr the race when they see where everyone finsihed etc brings the psort in disrepute. RBR's unsafe pit release could have killed someone yet they suffered not sporting penalty at all. Was it not Horner who said recently (of Mercedes) that a sporting transgression should merit a sporting penalty?


Wayne, I believe in this case it was because it was the teams fault and not Webber's. He just reacted to the flag, and giving him a drive through would have unfairly punished him when it was the teams fault. That said, it does not explain other post race investigations. And it light of what happened a 30,000 fine seems kind of small

when Paul Allen could have been killed. Hope he makes a speedy recovery!

And this is my first post! Love the site James!


+1 totally agree, I do not like the combination Vettel/Red Bull..

But credits to those who earn it, and yesterday they nailed it.

Perfect start, perfect strategy + execution..

Did not put a foot wrong.


Just a single boot....


Agree - Normally not a huge fan (although I don't dismiss his talents like others). He was best of the field yesterday.

Great shout out for Lotus boys but I think they had equally if not faster cars and therefore cant give it to them.


Yep agreed, Schumacher's record seems under threat remembering Vettel is only 26, already achieved so much & any big team would like to have him. That means he will always have a good car. Another decade of German dominance is on the card.


if romain is faster, he wouldn't lose time gradually behind vettel.

People like to overhype the car performance. In no way Redbull was significantly slower than Lotus. They were on parr, and hence making overtake difficult on narrow circuit like nurburgring


Of course it was Vettel. Didn't put a foot wrong. Flawless drive.


Kimi Raikkonen was my driver of the day.


Why? He was brought into the lead only by the safety car. Grosjean won the intra team battle, to me.


Because Lotus once again failed to do the right thing in terms of strategy. If Kimi would've stayed out in the 1st stint he would be in front of the traffic (Hamilton & Rosberg). He lost all his time behind them as did Alonso. I believe Alonso lost over 8 seconds to Kimi within 3 or 4 laps just because he was stuck in traffic. I'm pretty sure Kimi could have more or less done the same as Grosjean in the first stint. I think Kimi still was the better driver over Grosjean yesterday, but opinions may differ ofcourse 🙂 But DotD is Vettel, no doubt about that.




Have to say Vettel but impressed by Grosjean aswell. Lots of good clean racing throughout the field.




Yes, everyone has his favourite.


Hello, James. Asking this question since the beginning of the year. Maybe this time will have more luck with the answer. So what happened to the real poll? It was easier to see statistics and who wins the poll, but now it is just an opinion and you cannot really tell who is the driver of the day. What is the reason for removing poll? Thanks for sharing your opinion.


I've been explaining since the start of the year. It descended into negativity, people claiming votes were all about national bias ie Vettel never wins.

I got utterly bored of it so stopped it.

John in San Diego


That's a shame about all the negative comments, which must make moderating really hard work. One of the reasons that I like your blog is its relatively freedom from negativity compared to some of the other blogs. It must wear down the blogger at the end of the day. When comments get very negative, I just stop reading. One of your fellow bloggers has actually suspended his comments section because of this. Anyway, please keep up the good work. I enjoy your blog.


That is strange to me, really. By the way, I did not get any notification that you have replied now. Typically I always do. Thanks for explaining.

You might have a different opinion, but to me...writing my opinion on who is the driver of the day...doesn't make sense if I do not see where all votes go.

Even on F1.com you have a real poll. I am half Russian, half Pole...so you can understand National aspects doesn't play any role.

People will continue with their negative comments if they want without the poll. It is just I see this post less engaging then it used to be.



It's a tough choice for James.

On one hand, there is clear proof that probably only 1% of the visitors leave comments - which means DOTD sample is not wide. Clearly a poll would mean way higher participation. If I remember correctly, DOTD would routinely get over 2000 votes with around 5000 votes not being out of the question. Where recent free ticket draw gets 1000 comments by comparison.

On the other hand, fans of one driver may overvote making the vote accurate to within 5% - hopefully or less.

Finally, think of all those email addresses that JAonF1 doesn't collect with a poll? Needed forthe many future free GP ticket give-a-way or notification of the 2013 JAonF1 Season Review now being available? 🙂


Strange to me too. I wish it were not like that

Only way around it is to re-introduce the poll, but then mod about 50% of the comments!


Vettel may well have won this one.


For once!


No doubt it was Vettel!


Begrudgingly I have to give it to Vettel...


The driver who delivered most for me was Kimi He kept me jumping and screaming in front the TV until the end...


Vettel and Grosjean, who i think was the stronger Lotus driver this time but was used as bait for Vettel. Lotus should have reversed strategies, using Kimi as bait instead because RoGro was closer to Vettel and seemed to be faster.


Agree with Wenner, but perhaps the reason was either; they really want to keep the Iceman, or the radio issues mucked up pitting him early?

Perhaps they just knew Kimi would have replied:

Q monotone "No. I am not pitting now".


Grosjean was given a chance to try to pass vettel but he could not. And in the final stint Kimi was way faster than him, you can see that in the time difference between him and Kim. Even when Alonso was closing Grosjean was not able to push much. That shows that he has lost his pace. If there was not a safety car Grosjean would have won the race.


why should Kimi used as bait when he was screwed up badly by the team on the first pit stop that put him behind traffic and losing time??

And Romain was losing time after sc when chasing vettel and was blocking Kimi that was rapidly charging.

Shouldn't have pitted for late pitstop....but radio broken meant the team didn't want to take the risk.


Webber, for recovering from a disastrous pit stop.


Webber's recovery was substantially assisted by the Safety Car though.

As an aside, isn't it interesting that even though a person was hospitalised RB have been fined less than other teams have previously. Maybe the logical conclusion is if you kill someone when doing an unsafe release you'll get off scot free.



Helmut must've have seen Webber was going to get a good start and threaten Vettel's win....so he went and fiddled with the gun...

Just frustrating that he has nothing to lose, but mechanical gremlins just keep hitting him...along with his starts.


Come on - how many times has Webber retired from the lead? Now compare that with Vettel.


Like in Brazil last year?


.. like he fiddled with Vettel's gear box hey?





Great fightback.

Honourable mention Grosjean.


Webber was gifted the points by the SC, when he came back after his tyre incident I noticed he was 4 minutes down on the leaders. He'd never have made that up without the SC. So while he did good, it was not really that miraculous.


Absolutely the safety car gave him a fighting chance but he was still DEAD LAST at the restart. He was only 37 seconds behind Vettel at the finish and he had to pass 11 or 12 cars doing it.


Agree 100% with BreezyRacer!

Comments like the ones from Carl Craven regarding Webber being gifted points by the safety car are ridiculous!

Yes, of course without the safety car Webber would not have scored but the safety car is part of racing. And let's not forget why Webber was a lap down - through no fault of his own.

But the fact still remains he had to race from dead last and he did a bloody good job!

It's like when people say that Button's win in Canada 2011 wasn't anything special because the safety cars helped him.

Yeah, apparently the fact that he went from deal last to first in less than half race distance after 2 accidents, one of which saw him limp back to the pits for a whole lap with a puncture, 5 pit stops, 1 drive through, atrocious conditions and lapping 1-2 seconds quicker than anyone else on the track means nothing because of the safety car!

Top logic there!

Grayzee (Australia)


for having the determination.......so easy to chuck it in and give up after THAT pitsop


Yep, and if you look at second half race pace I think he was the fastest car out there, even while passing 11 or 12 cars. A wicked pace that nobody saw ..


I don't think Weber deserves driver of the day, but he deserves to be short listed! I'm and Aussie and love watching my countrymen win but he has a problem passing slower cars. He got bogged down behind a Sauber driven by a Rookie!!! [mod] When Vettel had to make passes he gets them done, and thats why he's the best out there ATM.



Considering passing cars, regardless of speed, was determined so difficult for all that a DRS system was required for everybody makes this statement over simplistic and mostly incorrect. Tyre type/condition, track layouts/widths and the 'dirty air' issue, along with the RB not being the most speedy thing in a straight line means passing can be extremely frustrating, especially outside the DRS zones. I think this is also a key area that SV unjustly cops criticism for when he puts it on pole and then spends the first few laps building a DRS buffer - he's simply working with the + & - characteristics of the car. When the RB is in a sweet spot (for MW), then Eau Rouge against FA happens, for example. Or China from 18th to 3rd on a different tyre strategy.


You forgot to add to your list of variables the ratio of the 7th gear which is going to affect relative closure speeds at the end of the straight.

VET definitely does not get the respect he deserves for his racecraft.

WEB meanwhile (and im an Aussie and I love the bloke) has made amazing passes, a-la Spa in 2012 on ALO. But when charging through the field he has been known to get stuck behind slower cars. The most experienced driver in the best car should have overtaken a Rookie in one of the slowest. If it was Monaco, I might feel different, other drivers would have made the pass and made its stick. Im being a little harsh but...


I am also Aussie and agree 100 per cent. Webber sometimes cannot get overtaking moves done but Vettel always does. I think this had something to do with GUT also having DRS but still, there are other places to overtake. Remember Webber stuck behind Senna in Spa '12 until Vettel got past them both? Vettel seemed to struggle with overtaking in the beginning of his career but like everything else he has mastered it.


How can you say he struggles to pass slower cars? He went from P19 to P7 in 25 laps... I'd say that rather remarkable!


He got stuck behind Guttierez for several laps and could not pass, and the team decided to pit him. At the same time Vettel was overtaking Hamilton...


True, but he got from p19 to p14 and got stuck behind a Rookie in the best car on the field. He had to be brought in for new tyres because he burnt them out trailing GUT for as long as he did. VET meanwhile made overtakes at will in the same car. I cant remember who it was but I clearly remember the commentator stating the pass took 3 corners longer than VET would have like!But he got it done!



Can't believe Alonso made this list over Webber...he always seems to be just limiting losses lately, and benefited big time from Webber and Massa's woes along with Mercedes' tyre deg


Button. I don't think Vettel won the race, I think Lotus lost it. Jenson really should have finished 5th and at times his pace was very strong and very consistent.


Lotus were only in the position to lose it bescause the Safety Car neutralised Vettel's lead.

My driver of the day has to be Kimi or Vettel.


Safety car neutralized Vettel's and Groseans lead, but also gave them a free pitstop.


Grosjean is back and that gets him DotD!


James I did say both Lotus drivers would be strong and I was not at all surprised. I was very impressed with Grosjeans first stint to make those softs lasts.

I'm really surprised at Lotus strategy calls with Kimi. Why did they not keep him out later on the first stint instead of Romain- that cost him time behind the Mercs which was very risky. But only true champions can fight to flag and like true thoroughbred Kimi fought back.I also believe tgat at about lap 44- Kimi was 15.7 sec ahead of Seb and 16.8 sec ahead of RG- he should have pittted dor Mediums and would only be 1.5s to Seb . & given Kimi set the fastest times on them & he would have had more time- it would have been a stronger option. If I had to split them I would say Kimi DOTD but Not by much over Romain who drove a good race too.




Has to be Raikkonen.

Although Button is a close second. Great to see him back in the mix even if he is still moaning in the post race interview.....


Vettel!.. drove really well, kept a cool head under the pressure from his team mate at the start of the race and then from the 2 lotus towards the end..


Webber for sheer determination and guts performing without the support of his team.


All of them are amazing. Honorable mention Andy Murray for his historic win. And The Rolling Stones, like a good wine, they get better with age.

P.S. James, Autosport is reporting that Mercedes will ask FIA to test in Silverstone. Any real chance FIA will allow that?


I don't believe that they will do that. Only if there is an extra day might they apply.

That's what several management people told me this weekend


With the FIA changing the terms and conditions (as it where) of the test, the FIA are effectively changing the punishment handed out by the Independant Tribunal. I can't help thinking that goes against the whole idea of the IT in the first place. To be honest I am surprised Mercedes haven't made more of a fuss - although, who knows what goes on behind the scenes.


Grosjean. He would have won were it not for the safety car.


It'll be interesting to see if it was true because the Safety Car meant he had to make his second pitstop early. If he had stayed out longer then he might have been able to attack Vettel on fresher tyres later on in the race.

That said, I would still have to give Vettel DotD for his debut German GP win, holding off the Lotuses despite his KERS problems. Grosjean a close second though and delighted to see him back on form after a difficult few races (arguably difficult season as a whole). Good idea of James to include Jenson amongst the nominees - I didn't see much of him but it looked like a strong drive from him overall.


Talking of the safety car : James, it seemed to me it's use was wholly unjustified. Do you agree ?

AND why does it have to stay out there till everyone has unlapped themselves ? What does this have to do with safety ? I'm glad it did Webbo a favour today, but it seems just stupid.


It was unusual to have an empty car rolling down the road, but once it was off the circuit, it looked fairly innocuous

It was also out for a long time. But you'd have to see it from Race Control to get the full picture

Matthew Cheshire

Vettel got the job done and beat all of the rest. Honourable mention to Webber for getting back into the points - and for making the best start on the grid. A weird day indeed.

Massa was the best of the smoking wreckage. He can at least park an F1 car and it stays put.

Best Karma moment was Webber again, given a chance for points by the safety car- after it deprived him the extra lap he needed at Silverstone for unlapping cars.


grosjean grosjean grosjean grosjean grosjean grosjean grosjean grosjean grosjean grosjean!!

Tornillo Amarillo

Yes GROSJEAN for me, it should be his first win, but Lotus missed the perfect strategy. However 2nd and 3rd was great anyway for the team.




Kimi Raikkonen.

Once again, the first pits screwed him up just like in Silverstone.

I don't know why Lotus keep causing Kimi losing grid position despite being the leading pair of the team at the beginning of the race.

Romain in oppposite got the better strategy despite chasing behind Kimi.

Is that how they treat their no.1 driver??


Webber - great start and a great recovery from Vettel' s dad botching his tyre change.


has to be mark webber.one lap and 63 secs down i believe and with a little help from the safety up to 15th then a storming drive to seventh has to be the very best.


Agree , Webber again with a great recovery.


ferrari's strategy, alonso !


Had to be Vettel, that was a world champions drive. Impressed with Hulkenberg as well, good pace all day and took the 10th place right at the end.


Vettel, RG, Webber, LH (for his defense against FA)

Antonio Palmiotto

Grosjean and vettel to me.


What about Webber? Great start, recovered from Redbull's awful pitstop and got back to 7th - like vettel's recovery drive in 2010 British GP.


Vettel: that truly was a Champion's drive

Kimi: for keeping Vettel honest

Romain: for an inspired drive that was ruined by a safety car

Lewis: for racing with a heavy heart


Tough choice between Vettel, Grosjean and Button.

Went with the winner this time.


Vettel for me. I was also very impressed with Hulkenberg.

Tornillo Amarillo

The Sauber was working better, faster, in Germany, isn't it?


Vettel was superb yesterday under sustained pressure. It wasn't an easy win but he looked like an old hand.

I think circumstances again flattered Ferrari. If Mercedes had been a bit more on the ball tactically both on Saturday and Sunday I think they could have both achieved a top four finish. Alonso again drove a very good race but was fortunate that Merc weren't on the ball and that the safety car came into play.

Ferrari have a lot of work to do and are some way off Red Bull. They seem to have pace in patches during the race but in the early stints they fell back too far from the lead and without the safety car, they wouldn't have been close to the podium.


Vettel of course - i) did not crack under some stern pressure; ii) and crucially, surely he has struck a decisive blow to the chances of his would-be challengers for WDC-2013 (4 wins out of 9, with Silverstone denied for no fault of his own - that must be morale sapping for competition).

Your comments about Ferrari are spot on. It is incredibly frustrating how Ferrari keep chasing their tail - " 'for sure' we have to improve our pace" and yet they never seem to deliver on it; tired of seeing them continually on the back foot.


I don't disagree with your comments re Mercedes dropping the ball on Saturday. but how do you think they could have done something different on Sunday that would have got both drivers in the top 4? That would have meant displacing Alonso and Grosjean.


I think they could have been a little smarter with Hamilton's strategy, had Rosberg let him by in the early part of the race and maybe tried something different with the stints. Rosbergs race was largely screwed on Saturday, top four finish for him was already lost by that point.


Vettel drove solidly but he has a front-running car and so it's unremarkable to find him at the top. Button has a crap car to contend with and managed to drag it three places further up. I doubt he'll be a popular vote but he gets it from me.


You got my vote Andrew....


camera man who got hit by the wheel, really thought he'd be in worse trouble, get well soon chap.


its definetly Vettel.

Emma Whitfield

Gotta be Mark Webber. He would have been on the podium for sure without that disasterous pit stop. Amazing recovery drive 🙂


And he would have been nowhere without the safety car.

He wouldn't even be in my top 10 for the day and yes I'm an Aussie. No rose tinted glasses here.


Its Kimi, for his awesome overtaking moves and clean drive . If Lotus had not screwed up his first pit stop or if the radio was not broken it would have been his day.

If the safety car was not in the picture Grosjean would have won easily. He had a flawless drive, wish he could have pushed more when he was close to vettel.

Alonso had a silent day but I this is not the same Ferrari that was some time back. If safety car was not deployed, we would have seen the real gap. But a good strategy by Ferrari knowing their limitations.

After some time the real button has emerged from the ashes. Nice drive.

If Red Bull had not screwed up Mark's pit stop, it would have been totally a different story. Mark was brilliant from one lap down to top ten.

Vettel as usual had a better machinery and a better grid position so this win doesn't make any difference than his other ones.Luck was on Vettel's side as usual. Any good driver on his position would have done this. So not a big deal that he won.


"Vettel as usual had a better machinery and a better grid position so this win doesn’t make any difference than his other ones.Luck was on Vettel’s side as usual. Any good driver on his position would have done this. So not a big deal that he won."

So in the exact same way that Rosberg won at Silverston is what you're saying?


Well.. could be anyone, seems to be no-one. Even if someone tried to do something outstanding, then safety car made it null.

Button had a good race, but mostly benefitted on strategy.

Alonso.. might have had a chance if he passed Grosjean in last laps.

Same about Raikkonnen.

Grosjean.. was behind Vettel in DRS distance for some time and made nothing. He might have also spoiled Kimi's chances not letting him through in this last chase. However, it is Frenchman to lose most on the safety car, we'll never know how would his battle for lead unfold.

Vettel.. gained the lead and kept it, defended quite well, but was also lucky with safety car and Kimi running out of laps to attack.

So an old rule needs to be applied - if there is no one to praise, praise the winner.

If anyone is to be DOTD, it is Vettel.

Mike from Colombia



Though I think Kimi is the best racer, and he had a classic race in Germany 2013, I believe that the start driver of the race was Roman Grosjean.

Obviously he has NOT had his confidence this season, and it is the most difficult challenge to overcome as a driver.

Unfortunately, and there is no way around it, Lotus continue to make small but costly pitwall errors, and in Germany it almost definitely cost them the 1-2, likely with Romain as 1.


vettel, forget about the car, he's just that good..


Grosjean was epic - the guy has such fantastic speed when he is hooked up and is a joy to watch.

He never gets the credit he deserves. He's in his 2nd full season and he's mixed it with a world champion team-mate on several occasions, sometimes outpacing him. Sure he has made a few mistakes, but I remember Schumacher making plenty of mistakes in 92-93 when he was learning his trade.

Considering the pressure he now seems to be under every race from certain sections of the press, I think he did a sound job!


Got to give it to Webber don't you? He could well have won the race today if it wasn't for his team's error in the pitstop. He drove an absolutely storming race to get back into the points from dead last.


Vettel, and Grosjean! And a special mention too for Lewis - he was fantastic in qualifying and late race overtakes. Grosjean should have won had it not been for the safety car deployment. I m hoping the Marussias, HRT would disappear from the grid so not spoil the real racing at the front. What else has been their contributions thus far?


This time it's Vettel. I think Grosjean did a better job than Kimi, he got 2nd place thanks to team order.


Webber gets the Lazarus award.

Alonso gets the Houdini award yet again - how does he do it? Always there at the end.

Kimi still holds on to the 'knows what to do' shield, but needs a bit better car.

Grosjean gets the Prodigal Son award, welcome back, with a strong clean drive.

Vettel awarded the Laurel Wreath for being expected to win, in the best car supported by the best team, and doing so very professionally, just.

roberto marquez

It is sad that 3 or 4 of the best drivers are neutralized by their cars. What races we could have if Alonso,Lewis, Jenson and several others had better cars . As it stands now it is Vettel and maybe Kimi the only ones with real possibilities to win the championship.Myself I have stopped watching the practice sessions and the quali, I still record them in case something out of the ordinary happens, but they are meaningless regarding the race outcome. I wonder how long I will keep watching the races as well.


But how will you know if something out of the ordinary happens if you don't watch them?


Vettel - a measured drive and cool under pressure. Honourable mention for Grosjean, the safety car robbed him of a pretty secure second place and a decent shot at victory (he was closing in on Vettel on much fresher tyres when the safety car neutralised this advantage).


Kimi of course:

James wanted your opinion on Kimi's first pit stop was it because of tyres or a strategy call.

Secondly just wanted to get an update from you :

finnish news say.

1. lotus is changing both drivers next season to hulkenberg and maldonado according to bild.

2. motorsport.total.com says that kimi threathened to leave in the middle of this season, because they haven't paid his salaries this year either.


Is that the same Finnish news that reported that Allison was to design the 2014 Honda testing ?


Adrian Newey


Oh, c'mon. Not again.


Haha, too bad even awesome Adrian needs a driver like Sebastian to pull it off. It really is unfotunate how Webbers bad luck ruins all of RBR intentions of providing the same support, and it gets the conspiracy theorists going mad.

What is Vettel to do about that, shoot himself in the foot?

I really hope Mark will be doing well with Porsche.

As for whoever takes his seat next year, it was funny to watch Vettel punt Ebel's question completely.


I thought the first 6 guys were all fantastic this weekend.

Seriously wonderful spectacle.

Seems churlish to pick one above another some I'm staying on the fence


Vettel followed by Grosjean.

Sad to see Merc not having the kind of performance on race day they showed in Silverstone. For a minute I thought maybe, just maybe, they have improved enough to actually provide a bit more of a challenge.




Vettel..his second stint was too good.

Truth or lies

Vettel without question.

But honourable mentions to Romain Grojean and Mark Webber. Kimi on the other hand was first of the losers.

With all due respects I don't know what Fernando is doing on that short list!!

Thanks James for another great weekends coverage.


Why is kimi a loser? the team pitted him behind traffic instead of let him stay out on his firsnt stint.

Romain was given a better strategy.


His tyres were going off. You can't stay out just because you feel like it, you have to react to the tyre performance
Grosjean kept them going longer in 1st stint


On that basis you would then agree that a driver being given a huge helping hand from a SC ie being allowed to unlap himself is far from being a dotd?

It is a stupid rule. Webber posed no threat to the leading cars and was given a huge advantage over teams that had done nothing wrong.


Well, he pitted after Lap 8, and had the same pace as Grosjean at Lap 7... but maybe sector times in Lap 8 got worse.

Tornillo Amarillo

James, we need to address the situation of HULK and Massa... Do you think in theory the HULK can replace him mid-season in Ferrari?


If Massa loses Ferrari drive, it could well be end of the road for the little Brazilian. Unless he manages to get himself some huge funds from Brazil, i dont see him driving for any of the mid-grid or tailend teams.

As much as i would love to see Sutil or Hulk in that second Ferrari, i hope Massa can pull it all together and start firing on all cylinders again. On his day, he can be as fast as anybody out there. Trouble is, "his days" are far and few.


Anything is possible.

But I think Ferrari want Massa to succeed and give him every chance to do so, as they have for the last three years.

Crunch time will be around Monza/Singapore. He was going well earlier this season and in qualifying in Germany


Vettel, amazing consistency, yet another flawless weekend. It´s funny how lots of people tend to look at races as isolated events, when in reality, the race is a direct result of what happened during free practice sessions and specially quali.

Vettel continues to deliver all throughout the weekend, which sometimes makes races look somewhat effortless for him, which is why lots of people keep humming along the "lucky, best car" mantra. In this case, though, there were all sorts of challenges thrown at him, tons of opportunity for him to have made a mistake under pressure, but he was flawless.




Vettel vs Webber in quali 9-0, reflects what you say!


Vettel - great start, cool under pressure, so shy when coming onto the podium.

Honourable mentions to Romain Grosjean and Mark Webber. And although I like Kimi very much, I think GRO deserved second more.


why did Romain deserved 2nd more when kimi was screwed up by the team and losing big chunk of time after the first pit stop??

Romain was gradually losing time to vettel while chasing him and impeded Kimi to challenge vettel.

Scuderia McLaren

Sebastian Vettel.

Overtake Hamilton at the start was solid and forceful, drive was controlled, win was mature.

He'll be 4 time WDC before final round. Webber will probably be 5th or 6th in the same car, as usual.


It has to be vettel

The Spanish Inquisitor

1) Kimi

2) Grojean

3) Vettel


Webber. He probably would have challenged Vettel if the team hadn't screwed him again.


Funny, my Dad was watching a race with me for the first time and I was just getting ready to say: watch this, they'll botch his stop to hold him up, and blamo!


Grosjean. If not for the safety car he probably would have won.


Grosjean. He deserved 2nd with his speed.


And also, all credit to him for obeying team orders when many drivers wouldn't have at the end.


No, it's wrong to obey team orders, it kills the racing. Nobody wants to see contrived results.


I'm not saying that it team orders are right. That is irrelevant.

The point is that Grosjean did something that the team had asked him to do, which wasn't easy, and for that he deserves credit.


Vettel without question.

All around great performance. One of his best wins, I believe.


For me it was Grojean great speed and drive then Vettel


Well my driver of the day is not who you would expect. I am actually going to split it up with 1 person and some else. Someone that might not have even been in Germany much less the track.

My co drivers of the day are Guillaume Rocquelin (Rocky) Sebs race engineer. Those radio calls from Rocky to Seb urging home were the stuff that makes watching every second worthwhile. The second is who ever fixed Sebs KERS.

Runner up was of course Seb. Someone on another post said it best he rarely makes mistakes and those driving a safe race waiting on a mistake are often left waiting until the next event. Is he as dashing and stylish a driver as Sena? Well to be honest I don't know but I doubt it. But then again he seems to quailify up front and be able to make decisive moves and make them stick. Will we know how good he would be making his way up from the 4th row all time, not right now but that is not his game. His game is precise execution with flawless ruthlessness. That is domination and enjoy that in sport.

Kimi really was scewed by not having the ability to talk to his pit and work out a strategy. However I am not sold that he could have made it without stopping. The pit wall has a tremendous amount of data and Kimi really only had his experience and feel. Those are worth a lot though so hard call.

Congrats to Grosjean maybe these tires (tyres) will work for him.

Webber...who knew your starting issues were so complex that it would require you to do what they call in that barbaric sport of drag racing , back pedal. Back pedaling the car under tyre spin much have take a supercomputer and Detective Columbo to figure out. Who knew it was so, all the time I thought it was a consipeeriacy. (Heavy Sarcism and misspelling on purpose)

Alonso did the best with what he had to work with.

Big loser on the day, FOM. The way they run their pit stops is crazy. Allowing those cameraman down there in the pits is crazy. I love the views though. The problem is that in order to get us a good view they have to be there because the teams are allowed to have 60 people help change tires. OK maybe not 60 but its a lot.

Lastly I am glad to hear the cameraman will be ok. To Mr. Paul Allen you and cameramen like you all over the world are brave and anonymously tell countless stories from races like this one to civil strife to moments of joy and beauty. For that thank you, we don't do it enough and usually only after something tragic but I am sure all of us watching thought of you last night and wished you well.



He was fantastic. He was never pushed by three different drivers like this in one race. He soaked up all the pressure and delivered. Most importantly, he didn't have the fastest car on Sunday but still managed to deliver.


You said three different drivers which ones were they the only ones I know who pushed Vettel were Kimi and of course grosjean


Webber ... until his pit stop.


Oh yes I remember now sorry.. my mistake I forgot about that phase of the race. Thanks for reminding me your right vettel was able to soak the pressure up and perform without having the fastest car on race trim set up

Laplce Bessel

Romain Grosjean



Likely winner without the safety car.

John in San Diego



It had to be Vettel.

This time was absolutely deserved, as it wasn't one of his "dull" pole-to-win victories.


Newey, of course.


haha, the man wasn't even racing.


DOTD: Marko-Pirelli

Respect to Vettel, he is doing his job


Raikkonen. He may have had the quicker car on that day, but still he's always there to get the most out of the car.


Very impressed by Lotus Team insuring team orders for the sake of Kimi's championship but his team-mate had a lot of pace in Germany. Will give it to GROSJEAN A.K.A Roman Growjohn,Remain Crashing, Romain La Menace... 😉


Can I say how much I felt annoying on Sunday to watch Nico Rosberg making a point to Mercedes AMG by holding up his team-mate more than necessary? Yes, he was angry because of the Q2 knock-out, yes he couldn't have a good race not starting from the front row but...Come on Nico! Malaysia is past!

Don't be silly, you acted badly -something I've never thought he'd be doing- and it didn't put you in a good light.

Massa is the worst driver of this race, Ferrari will never in a Constructors title again if they don't bring in a solid driver to partner Alonso...

Lady luck easily not on Lewis Hamilton's side but he never gives up. I've noticed that he always manages to grab as much as he can, which shows he's working on his championship bid with consistency. Obviously well deserved poles but it would be really nice if Mercedes could sort their overheating issues and make that car less brutal on tyres! Also great from him not getting in trouble with teh split -Nicole is past now finally- and focus on his job. Your time will come for sure man!

McLaren has had a decent race for their standards...

This will be a great year although RedBull has this title already sewn on their suits!


It seems like Lewis is perfectly copying the Senna strategy, optimise the car set-up for a good pole run rather than concentrating on race set-up like Prost used to do.


Vettel, pushed 100% the whole race, never even looked like making a mistake


Vettel just beating Button


Vette, he won Germany finally and put in a good race. Kimi for second, he keeps putting in good performances time and time again. He might have a few more victories this year due to team orders in hindsight. Alonso and Button did well, also.


For this race Grosjean over Vettel.

Sometimes it's almost a tie.


Great drives from Vettel,Kimi and (amazingly) Grosean.

Also excellent drive from Webber despite consistent handicapping !!


Webber…for passing the entire field in half a lap!!

But seriously, Vettel this time.


Kimi Raikkonen


Grosjean, as some already said - he could win that race if Lotus wanted it or supported him as Kimi.

But Vettel did a great job keeping his head cool, he won it fair and square and I would said in Alonso's style ...


Kimi, who else? Lotus should get their strategy dpt. fixed.

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