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British Grand Prix – Who was your Driver of the Day?
Posted By: James Allen  |  01 Jul 2013   |  10:32 am GMT  |  234 comments

Mercedes driver Nico Rosberg claimed his second victory in three races as he triumphed in the British Grand Prix in a race that was dominated by tyre failures and safety cars.

Red Bull’s Mark Webber, who won the race in 2010 and 2012, produced a spirited drive to second, having dropped back to 15th after a bad start, while Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso reduced Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel’s lead in the championship with the final podium place.

Rosberg’s team-mate Lewis Hamilton, who had started on pole, recovered from a tyre failure, which dropped him from the lead to the back of the field, to claim fourth.

And Force India’s Paul di Resta scored points in his home race for the first time with ninth after starting 21st – but who was your Driver of the Day?

Nico Rosberg

Held off a charging Webber in the closing stages, after inheriting the lead from Vettel, to secure his third career victory. Made a disappointing start from second, allowing Vettel to pass before the first corner. Showed strong race pace and moved up to second when Hamilton had his tyre failure. Took the lead when Vettel retired with a gearbox issue and then pumped in a few quick laps in the closing stages to hold off Webber and secure victory. Given a reprimand for not slowing sufficiently for yellow flags. Stays sixth in the drivers’ standings, but now 50 points behind leader Vettel.

Mark Webber

Made a bad start and then had contact with Romain Grosjean which dropped him to 15th before he fought back to finish second. Struggled to get away from fourth at the start, which meant he fell back into the pack. Broke his front wing when Grosjean cut across him and found himself 15th. Stayed out with damage but didn’t lose too much time. Changed the wing at the first stop and then used his strong pace around Silverstone to rise up through the field. Pitted for fresher tyres in the closing stages, passing several cars but just running out of time to pass Rosberg who he finished just 0.7 seconds behind.

Fernando Alonso

Another poor qualifying saw him start ninth, but strong race pace gave him his fifth podium in eight races. Made slow progress in the first half of the race, but was fifth with 20 laps to go. Pitted for fresh tyres in the closing stages, pulling of a string of brilliant moves, including ones on Jenson Button and Kimi Raikkonen, to move into third. Sliced 15 points off Vettel’s championship lead and is now just 21 points adrift.

Lewis Hamilton

Suffered tyre failure when leading but fought back impressively to finish fourth. Made a great getaway from pole position and gradually built up a lead before a tyre failure on lap seven saw him drop to the back of the field. Managed to recover to the pits, and benefitted from the safety cars being deployed to close back up to the pack. Had a great battle with Di Resta, the duo changing places four times in a couple of laps, and a good pass on Raikkonen near the end gave him fourth.

Paul di Resta

Fought back after being excluded from qualifying, having qualified a career-best fifth, as his car was found to be underweight. Made a good start from 21st, slowly picking his way through the field. Had a good battle with Hamilton and showed strong pace in the closing stages to move up into the points and claim ninth for his sixth consecutive points finish.

So who was your Driver of the Day? Leave a comment at the bottom of this story.

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Scuderia McLaren

My DOTD is ANY driver that was behind a car whose tyre exploded right in front of them and then drove through a cloud of suspended black molten rubber and / or had that rubber pelted into them at gun shooting speed. Instead of losing all confidence, as mere mortals would, they just continued at maximum capacity knowing, wondering, when the inevitable would happen to them after having seen failures at speed first hand and also what they were hearing about other drivers failures. Kimi and Fernando in particular pop into mind. I could feel their initial terror through the TV as someone who has competed in relatively high level open wheel racing in days gone by.

To complete the utter driving farce presented to the drivers, wondering if their day was up mid corner at 250 kmph, they had to "reduce rear left load" and remain off the exit kerbs at Silverstone. Are you bloody serious! That's nigh on impossible at that track and I have competed there. Its a very high speed, continuing corner, right turning track predominantly!!! It's just not possible to unload the left rear without simply coasting. If you want a lesson in futility, ask a racing driver to go slow because if safety. They just won't do it.

The engineers asking for such a thing would either a) not really expect that as a true possibility or b) be completely detached from what it's like to drive fast at Silverstone. Then Brundle, an ex driver turned "expert", has the gall to chastise drivers for the inevitability of trying to keep their cars on the black stuff.

Anyway, I am jumping off my soap box now. DOTD for me is pretty much all F1 drivers from that race with notable praise for Alonso and Raikkonen.


I'm really rather pleased to be able to vote for HAM as my driver of the day (I havn't been able to that for some time!). He was flawless, lightning quick, resilient and super aggressive - that's my boy!

As to your other point. In my opinion The whole sport is conspireing to bring itself into disrepute with madnenning abandon!

Bernie and the FIA have a damn responsibnility to the sport, fans and drivers that they are simply not living up to. They took the lazy, cheap route to injecting some excitment into the sport (which was fine as it was thank you) by asking for naff tyres.

Pirelli, regardless of who asked for what, actually MANAUFACTURE these attrocious tyres and they have not got it right ALL season. When the tyres do explode (regardless of which track we are at) they blame it on everything from the track to the drivers to the teams to evil tyre pixies. If anyone claims that the tyres exploded because of the Silverstone track I may not be able to restrain myself at their stupidity.

Changes to the sport and its rules should not require agreement by the teams. They are spoilt, selfish, unruly and illbehaved children who need to be told what to do. Time and again they have proven themselves totally unable to see past their own objectives and look at the sport for the sake of common good.

How on earth did the sport come to this? The new rules for F1 drivers look something like:

1) Don't use the kerbs (NEW FOR JUNE!)

2) Never drive the car at more than 80% of what it and you are capable of for more than 3 laps in every 20 outside of qualy.

3) Check with your team to see if you should defend your position or simply let the guy behind pass.

4) Wait until the end of every stint before you attack in the hope that the tyres of the guy ahead will disintegrate and allow you to breeze past.

5) Roll the dice during the last 10 laps of the race and be ready to either loose five places or gain them.

6) Don't worry too much about trying to qualify on pole or about even taking part in Q3.

7) Above all remember that many overtakes are now meaningless, so don't let it bother you overly much!


+1 I'm finally beginning to feel htat I may soon give up on F1 after following all my life, very sad indeed. By the way, Lewis best driver that day, closely followed by Alonso and then Di Resta


Got to be Lewis.

On another planet in qualifying, seemed like he had the measure of Seb in the race, and finished fourth on only 2 stops and on Fernando's gearbox, very impressive stuff.


It's getting more like Mario Kart now!


Wayne how many examples of pushing too far on kerbs do we have over the years? Lost control. Broken suspensions. Poped tires.

It happens. It happened here. Let's not lose our heads. It has always happened in racing.


I quote DC. Track is defined by white lines.

You drive off the lane on the motorway, you may get a puncture. It happens in real life Wayne, you know? You hit a kerb on a motorway there will also be consequences.

What makes your view right that hitting kerbs all day long should be default standard practice?

Scuderia McLaren

Sebee, driving on a kerb shouldn't (and didn't) blow the tyres. Whether its norm or not, or right or not, tyre explosions should not be a realistic everyday occurrence. We all need to unite on that point I feel.


Pity DC cant heed his own advice. I have only followed the sport since 2007, (yes interest started because of Lewis)and all I ever remember of DC in those last few years was him always flying off the track and crashing, rarely finishing a race. Even on his last race I don't think he made it round the first corner without going off. I was surprised, reading up more of the history of the sport that he did fairly well in previous years!


Still defending the tyres to the bitter end or just baiting me 🙂

Come on, all the countless races held by countless formulas at this circuit since its revision (with the same kerbs since 2009)and the F1 tyres blow out five times! It's not just this circuit this year either.

DC is doing what he always does, being ultra politically correct and desperate not to upset anyone. You need to go to MB or some such for a 'speak my OWN mind' opinion. DC is also being a massive hypocrite.



How the drivers keep the car pointing the right way with a blow-out at that speed is amazing. Massa was half way round a corner and spun it but got controll prety quick. If some of us had a blow-out in our cars at 60MPH i dont think their would be many of us keep it on the road. I doth my cap to you lads.


no kimi and seb huh??

i dont think Alonso did a good job to be DOTD.

Massa would be 2nd if the tire didn't failed.

And if Lotus didn't made a crucial blunder, kimi would finished 2nd and Alonso would finished 4/5


Woulda, coulda, shoulda... or as I'd rather say:

"Had I wheels, I'd probably be a bike"


Yes. Lewis is the best at being beaten consistently by his teammate, despite being clearly favored by his boss.

DOD??? Rosberg. HE was outstanding.


Rosberg was outclassed from Lewis the last 2 races. He did not hold a chance if the tyre had not blewn up. It will be frightening for Rosberg if Hamilton continues this way to outperform him this clear.


No he wasn't he nearly got beat at the by Webber


And if Vettel's engine didn't fail to complete the race, he would have finished 6th. And if Sutil would have managed to hold his position... and if Ricciardo would have done the same... not to mention if Lewis didn't have the tyre issue...

Actually Alonso would have hardly finished in the points IF...


Does anyone think that Alonso lost a bit of his edge in comparison to Vettel and/or Hamilton? Is it a question of age? And will it get worse as time progresses? And who will take the spoils when Vettel starts ageing? Bianchi, Chilton, what do you think?


Alonso has not lost the edge

Vettel in mid pack would be just as slow following in dirty air

The Ferrari is not warming the tyres quick enough

On the qualy laps and that is why their slow

Just follow the overtakes on button and kimi in closing stages to see that it was raw courage and that lightning reflexes avoiding Peres when his tyre blew

If he was losing the edge, he'd be driving like massa



I agree to both of these... Seb was 1st in a slower car than the Merc all day....

Kimi would have been in with a chance to fight for the win if not for the blunder at Lotus.

I also understand what James did though with optioning guys who finished high


Seb wasn't in a slower car than the Mercs, as show by how fast Webber caught Rosberg at the end of the race on exactly the same aged tyres. Lewis just out-classed him. Lewis would get my vote for DOTD (and this is coming from an Alonso fan...)


actually Mark had on mediums and Rosberg put on a set of hard tires.


We can discuss ifs buts and maybes all day.


If ifs and buts were candy and nuts, we'd all have Christmas, wouldn't we?




Is the only possible answer.

Rated by many observers as the Pole lap of the season, was looking like a dominant victory, robbed by an exploding tyre, produced the greatest fightback of the season.

Lewis, Driver of the Day, and Drive of the Season.


Gotta be Lewis, obviously he was unlucky / lucky with the tyre failure and then safety cars but he pulled off some outstanding overtakes and even looked super quick at the end when his tyres were old, real shame he did not get the win

P.s. my fab part of race was seeing the fans dancing as seb pulled off the track


It was Felipe Massa !


Most definitely Massa, can't believe he didn't get a mention. Started 11th, made it up to 5th, had a tyre explosion resulting in loads of damage and still managed to finish in 6th.


After lots of deliberation this is also what I decided.


Have to agree. . Lightning start, blow out back to 6th bloody brilliant. .. and the pundits wanna get rid of him?


I agree. My choice, too.


+1 for his first few laps until his puncture. Not seen him drive like that for a couple of years now.

Stephanie Isherwood

Webber followed by Alonso I reckon. Also think Massa deserves a mention coming back from the tyre failure


Ditto -- and send Grosjean to NASCAR where he can bang around all day and then "the good ole boys" will put him into a wall for his attitude/approach. He needs a nanny !!!


I second that!


charles Pic he finished 15th he was my driver of the day


It has to be Lewis, doesn't it. Absolutely stunning pole lap. Brilliant start to the race, managing to put distance between him and Vettel - no mean feat. And then pure grit and determination to get back to the front from dead last, even down to the last lap.

A world class performance.


Well said...I agree!


Lewis, I agree! Massa drove well in race too.


I think you'll find that the 2 safety cars got him back to the front...


Stop the presses. I think this might be the first time a driver has ever taken advantage of a safety car situation...


That's funny, because I didn't think you could overtake behind the safety car 🙂 They did however allow him to catch up and then DRS did the rest. Same for Massa really but Massa did a better job and recovered to within one place of where he was when his tyre exploded.


Massa did get closer to where he started, but it is notoriously harder to break back through the further up the field you go - so you can't really say he did better.


Tough decision.

Each driver put in a stunning performance however I'll cast my vote to Mark Webber - the last 5/6 laps of the race were mega and he would have won if there were more laps.

Next...sort the tyres out. Total joke and are butting drivers' lives at risk.

Karen Woodcock

Lewis Hamilton for me - to recover from the tyre exploding was amazing. he got a great start and was pulling away easily from Vettel. Then the tyre failure, such a long drive back to the pits.

His never give up attitude he is a true racer. Just wish the tyres would allow him to race.


Webber for me.

I can't consider Rosberg or Hamilton, their sudden improvement from their tyre degradation woes didn't happen to have anything to do with 1000Kms of tyre testing did it?


Don't blame Merc for trying to help Pirelli with "this" problem when the other teams balked.

Now, Lotus & FI need to answer & take responsibility if they continue to block changes to the cheese/terroristic tyres.


plus rosberg set a purple sector under yellow flags and got no penalty.


I don't think it did have much to do with the merc test, Pirelli have changed the tyres (at least the bonding process) my guess is they tweaked the compound also without making it public, see how both Ferrari and lotus were slow, both these cars were in preference of the softer compounds a few races ago, note also uk temps are cooler than hotter races which again suits merc

Tornillo Amarillo

Well Massa's and Alonso's Ferraris did very well also, didn't they? And FI and TR, so there is more in development.


James, I'm surprised Massa didn't even make your shortlist. The way he made up six places at the start was astounding - he pulled an Alonso on Alonso. He suffered a tyre failure which threw him straight to the back of the grid, but then fought back to finish 6th. I'd say he was at least a contender for driver of the day.


Agree, Massa needs atleast a honoroble mention. He might have finished ahead of Alonso had it not been for his tyre failure and Ferrari's worship of Alonso.

Colombia Concalvez

+1 And Alonso should be penaltilized for unsafe release, yet nothing happened


And they used him to gauge Alonso's tyre wear by bringing him in for an unneeded stop!


James, a little disappointed you have not added FM on your list, it's got to be Massa, as mentioned he did an Alonso on Alonso at the start would have challenged for the victory if the ridiculously embarrassing 'Tire failure gate' had not accrued, so,,,,,, tire failure,used by Ferrari to check Alonso's tire wear and still finished 7s down the road. Well done that man. DOTD FM


One has to feel for Lewis Hamilton, what looked like a sure win an the home soil for him, was ruined by the tyre failure. And he's the one who pt on an amazing show, recovering to the 4th. His battle with Di Resta was epic. So for me Lewis is the man.

Webber did a solid job, too, and to be honest I desperately wanted him to win. It would make for a Hollywood style plot. After his usual start, he did a great job recovering.

Yes, his success, or Fernando's success is partly due to misfortunes of the others, but Mark, Lewis, Fernando, Felipe, Di Resta did some great racing. Rosberg just was there co capitalize on two misfortunes.


Agree. Webber & Hamilton both equally qualified for DOD for me.


I agree word for word with everything you just said Daria.

Some great drives by a bunch of drivers, but mostly I feel for Lewis being robbed of a home win so I'd have to give DOTD to him. Thank goodness cars can overtake these days.

The Mercs had the Red Bulls pegged on race pace for perhaps the first time this season which was refreshing to see to keep the championship interesting for the whole season.

I'd love to have seen what Paul could have done starting from 5th...


Have to say alonso. Overtook most cars and fought like a lion.


Fought like a samurai you mean!!

I'll never understand why people gush over Alonso getting a podium in a bulletproof car with incredible race pace.


What incredible race pace ?

Go and have a reality check

Ferrari's were so poor in silverstone and they had no pace whatsoever against the likes of RBR, Mercedes and Lotus. Massa scrapped with back markers and TR's after good start with tyre failure. Whereas alonso did a superb job to reach the podium.

Colombia Concalvez

STOP!, seriously! STOP it. Alonso did nothing special, he benefitted from other drivers misfortune such as Di Rest, Hamilton, Massa, Vettel, Webber and vergne woes and he should be penaltilized for unsafe release, yet he escaped it. ''have to say alonso'' please


Has to be very close between ALO and HAM their charges up had the most fought passes and moves.

Colombia Concalvez

But the difference was that Alonso benefitted from drivers misfortune so please don't mention Alonso, seriously stop it. Alonso did absolute nothing special


Nothing special... seriously? Maybe any of us can do it the same from our chairs too. You'd show more respect for the drivers who risks their lives last sunday.

Well for me DOTD should be HAM, class of the field on Silverstone.


Lewis was clearly the driver of the whole weekend and also Sundays race.

He clearly would have won but for the tyre problem and then his fight back was unbelievable.


Mark on Kimi through Copse. Pity he's leaving F1.


Mark Webber!


Webber for sure, for me anyway. I often wonder who he blames for his starts though, sometimes the radio messages seem to put some of it at the hands of the pit wall for some reason? Obviously its got a lot to do with him, but again I do wonder.

Anyway a great drive in the closing stages from a class act that will be missed next year.


Hamilton, Webber close second!

I believe Ham would have taken the victory have it not been for his misfortune. I cheered with the Silverstone fans when a certain Red Bull screeched to a halt 🙂

Great race, but they need to sort out these tyre issues ASAP. We cannot have the best driver of the weekend drop out like that...


Drivers races being influenced or affected by unreliable tyres, engines, mechanical failures etc has been part of F1 since the first race.

Mansell... Adelaide... 1986. Look it up, there was a bit more at stake than a race win there 😉



Why would you cheer?, you wanted Rosberg to win without merit?


Did you hear the crowd when Vettel stopped in front of the grandstand?

I agree, it's not right, but F1_superfan was definitely not alone.


Tricky one this, everyone of those drivers mentioned benefitted from cars ahead having issues of safety cars.

On that basis I guess the person who 'lost out' most was probably Rosberg as he will have lost big chunks of time thanks to safety cars, and only gained two positions ahead (which equated to about 6 seconds). Whilst I don't think Nico would have won it if Seb and Lewis had kept running without issues, I do feel that giving DOTD to someone like Lewis or Mark would be harsh given that without those safety cars they'd have really struggled to make any impact yesterday. Hmm. Then again we have Alonso who lost out due to the safety car once, but gained on the other one.

I'll go with Massa I think. Suffered a puncture that cost more time than any other driver, had a tyre explode near him again, binned it on Friday and finished only 6s behind Lewis and 7 behind Fernando.

Yup - decided, Massa it is.


Dear James

Massa did the same as Hamilton and better than Di Resta, why not chosen ?


Sorry to ask the same question again and again, after each race. Why do we no longer see a real poll? We do not know who won the DOTD...just expressing an opinion? What is the point?


Lewis for me, Webber a very close second. Both had to fight back through the pack through no fault of their own and pulling off some mature but exciting passes in the process. Both deserved to win.


Even though I support Alonso, I do not think he did a very good job this weekend. Was lucky really.

It is not Rosberg either...if not for the tyre explosion for Hamilton and retirement of Vettel, we would not have anything to discuss really.

Webber - tell me his starts are not down to his mistakes. He did well later, but not in the beginning.

It is between Massa and Hamilton for me because they showed something spectacular. Massa's start was exceptional, one of the best I have seen this year. They both suffered from the tyre explosion and recovered really well.


Lewis Hamilton for sure. Amazing pole, pulled out a good lead on vettel before his tyre failed, then had to complete more than half a lap with no tyre and recovered for the back to finish fourth. Just awesome!!!


I thought nobody stood out, it was just a mess


Cant understand how Alonso made it on to this list as before the tyre failures happened he was really really poor.

Massa in the same car was doing a better job.

Colombia Concalvez

Absolute agree Rocky, Alonso is given too much credit for nothing really, too much, it has to STOP


"Cant understand how Alonso made it on to this list "

You have already posted this question few times already this season including barcelona and chinese GP as well. You may not like ALONSO however please be wiser. Many drivers were lucky and unlucky due to the tyre debacle and SC periods. In the end who have made it to the podium deserves to be in this list.

Whenever alonso gets the result people comment alonso is lucky. When vettel or hamilton or someone else does it they are billiant and Genius.


You need to reverse this to "Whenever alonso gets the result people comment alonso is lucky. When vettel or hamilton or someone else does it they are billiant and Genius."

Its more like "Whenever Vettel gets the result people comment Vettel is lucky. When Alonso or hamilton or someone else does it they are billiant and Genius.


For me, very close between (1) ALO; (2) WEB; (3) HAM. The Mercedes in HAM's hands was about the fastest car out there, and but for the tyre failure, it might have been a comfortable lights to flag win. And a good fightback (helped a bit by safety cars). WEB after a terrible start did not put a wheel wrong and with a couple (even one) more laps would have won. But still ALO just shades it for me. It's nothing short of astonishing how ALO time and time again gets the absolute maximum out of the Ferrari. Although it has reasonable race pace, it does not seem to be the fastest car and it seems quite a long way behind in qually. ALO again starts the race on the back foot, but does everthing absolutely right - quick, consistent, intelligent and decisive (not to mention brave: nearly wiped out by Perez's tyre).

Disappointing for me was the performance from BUT - lacklustre in Canada and nowhere much here, outperformed by PER again (if only marginally). Mclaren undoubtedly in a trough - but is BUT also in one of his troughs as well?

Happy for ROS. A bit of good fortune but still well-deserved.


"Although it has reasonable race pace"

Reasonable race pace? You must be kidding. It is by far the fastest car on race day, in addition it is one of the fastest off the starting grid.


Absolutely. Not hard to pass Toro Rosso's, Force India's and Lotus's when you have the strongest car on race day.

If only Alonso had the talent of Vettel or Hamilton when it comes to qualifying. In all his years at Ferrari he's only ever got it on pole twice in the dry, and one of those times was at Monza which requires less driver input then any other circuit.


In Barcelona it was, but here in Silverstone it was not "by far the fastest car on race day".

In fact, Merc and RB both seemed faster to me.


"ALO again starts the race on the back foot, but does everthing absolutely right – quick, consistent, intelligent and decisive (not to mention brave: nearly wiped out by Perez’s tyre)."

But some of the best armchair experts/psychologists said ALO lost his motivation, so this was probably some other driver wearing his mask - that could be the only logical explanation for what we saw there 🙂 LOL

ALO / WEB / HAM - all heroes in my book


Every driver that continued, knowing full well that the tyres they were driving on, were not fit for purpose.

Scuderia McLaren



Lewis, Webber, Massa in that order.


Agree with you but would flip the first two.. though Webber did a better job considering his very poor start and having a nose replaced.


A Mark/Lewis dead heat for me.

Both suffered setbacks from the sharp end that were not their own fault and both fought back through the field with impressive drives.


Definitely Vettel. You only had to listen to the crowd roar when he came down the main straight that last time. He is always a real crowd pleaser.


lol ! Pretty classless of the fans though, it wasn't like a British driver was right behind him (either on track or in the championship!) in which case it's perhaps understandable. I'm afraid it portrayed my fellow countrymen as rather sore losers...


good one:-) Same happens when he reaches the podium...you just have to see what happened in Canada...the crowd goes mad when he does something really extraordinary, just like he did in the last GP.



No other driver pleased the crowd more.


Have to give DOTD to Hamilton, not a fan, but thought he did a sterling job fighting from the back after his tyre failure. Stunning pole lap on Saturday, he may well of won the race if the tyre hadn't failed.

Also great drives from Webber, Alonso and Massa.


My vote goes to Massa, for being used as a guinea pig by Ferrari to judge Alonso's tyre wear and to still finish in the points, top stuff...

bruno menilli

F1 is a team sport - and Alonso has now practically twice as many point as Massa, so why would Ferrari do anything else ? and that's if they did do what you suggest!

Having said that Massa had a great race.


Would you say same if it was Webber v Vettel?


Hi Webber has shown great potential for winning races this season, but unfortunately, Massa hasn't and Alonso has.

Red Bull were quite happy to let Webber win earlier in the season, until Vettel broke team order to win that race.

Each team has its own set of team rules, so I think comparing one team with another is of no real value.


He did a short stint in the middle of the race and there was no reason to do so other than to see what damage there was to the tyres...he did an extra stop to everyone else, including Hamilton who suffered tyre damage first, and still managed to finish high enough to score points...great work by Ferrari, and no, I am NOT a fan...


Massa's tyre failure was unlucky in silverstone

How massa was guinea pig to Alonso or Ferrari in silverstone ?

Ferrari had tyre failure with massa and took cautious approach to prevent other car suffer the same fate.

There in nothing top stuff here. Massa have not raced the RBR's or Mercedes. He fought with backmarkers and scrapped with force india / TR's

What makes me to laugh is massa hardly does something good once in 7 or 8 races. yet even the lucky stars do not like it. Silverstone was a perfect example


I'd say Hamilton.

Pure talent yesterday. Would've won not for the failure I truly believe.

Also Massa is worth a mention for his start and his recovery.


Lewis Hamilton DotD for me. It must have been crushing when he got that puncture but the way he came back really impressed me. The fact that he's 2-0 down on race wins to Nico will be eating away at him but he's got a lot to be proud of when it comes to Silverstone.

Also thought Felipe Massa delivered a really good performance after a difficult weekend. I was also impressed with Felipe in Canada; he was very assertive in his overtakes and managed a good points finish after persistent crashing (not always his fault) in Monaco and Canada quali.

Mark Webber fought back very well after a slow start, Daniel Ricciardo was strong all weekend and do not underestimate Nico Rosberg's victory either. Lewis's puncture, coupled with Vettel's transmission failure, left Nico an open goal but Webber was really quick after the last SC and Nico really needed to dig deep to stay out of the DRS zone long enough to keep hold of the win. Managing to do this was an important step for his credentials as a Top 5 elite driver.


I would have given it to Kimi, he did everything he needed to do to get into a potential race winning position, only to be undone by a poor and somewhat perplexing stategy call.

But since he's not an option, my vote goes to Webber, after a poor start, he recovered well and then took full advantage of the final safety car period.


But, sulking so much after the race and throwing the team under the bus is no sportsmanship or gamemanship. I saw him as a bitter person.

I think Lotus gave him what he always wanted and his fans loved - "Leave me alone to race".


I think you'll find most drivers will throw their toys out of the cot if they were at the end of a strategic blunder that Kimi was. Anyway that doesn't detract from what was a pretty good drive.


pireli has to be the driver of the day for putting the safety of the drivers through a democratic process.

the drivers have always driven over those curbs but those tyres have never been used on that circuit. i was a few metres from turn 1 and could easily see hear and feel the difference in the energy level of hamilton's car going through there compared to the rest of them.


You must have some magnificent ears. The only thing I hear at live F1 races is screaming engines and slamming gearboxes.


i am telling you about my experience and you are suggesting that you know better about my experience than i do? is this normal?


Webber. So long as the poor start was primarily a car or set-up issue. If it was driver error it's probably too big of an error to be driver of the day.

I like to see Nico do well, but I was hoping for a Webber fairytale at the finish. Shame that safety car stayed out so long.


webber drove a great second half of the race on one of his favourite tracks but his car didn't pass me with the same level of energy hamilton's did.

i'd also have loved webber to win his last race but he didn't drive like a winner after falling back at the start. only came alive after vettel stopped.


It has to be Massa or Lewis.

Alonso shoudn't even be an option for DOTD. I'm not sure why he's even here. Unbelievable luck.


If Alonso is so lucky then how will you term Rosberg in silverstone

Rosberg was the luckiest in silverstone GP ? Lewis tyre failure and vettel's car failure

Does this mean rosberg should not be even a Option for DOTD ?

Accept the fact luck plays major part in any driver's race

Rosberg and Alonso deserves to be in this list. Beacuse they were 1st and 3rd simple as that.

You may not like ALONSO however please be wiser. Many drivers were lucky and unlucky due to the tyre debacle and SC periods. In the end drivers who have made it to the podium deserves to be in this list.

Whenever alonso gets the result people comment alonso is lucky. When vettel or hamilton or someone else does it they are billiant and Genius.


Massa was hardly impressive apart from his race start

Massa fought with backmarkers and scrapped with force india / TR’s


Not sure how you're going to get to the front, having been put to the back of the pack by a puncture, without fighting with backmarkers and scrapping with the impressive FIs and TRs.


Lewis DOTD.

His come back after tyre failure is a mirror image of the famous Vettel's comeback in Abu Dhabi.

I am sure he would have made onto the podium if he had more laps to play with.

It is too bad there was hardly any coverage of his drive to forth. The tv was looking at the top ten and tyre explosion.


All the way Lewis!


Suffering from extremely bad sunburn,but my amazing seats in the Villiage grandstands by the loop were worth it - some amazing racing all weekend...

So difficult to choose!Vettel and Rosberg were driving wonderfully controlled races.Ricciardo and Di Resta impressed in qually,and Webber and Alonso fought hard in the race.

I'm going to have to choose Lewis Hamilton for driver of the weekend.Incredible pole lap.Then fighting from last to fourth (admittedly with help from safety cars) despite the dissapointment of the tyre issue...Surely he would have won comfortably?


And I thought previously that this season couldn't get any more farcical. Boy was I wrong.



Its between Alonso and Hamilton for me. I believe Hamilton had the fastest car along with the Bulls. Wasn't his fault the tire gave way so maybe he gets the nod.

Alonso did a great job but once again, his tire failed at a lucky point so he was able to pit, and then Ferrari called him in just before the safety car so he lost 5 places! This is just shooting him in the foot...or tyre in this case. Had it not been for that poor strategy call I believe he may have challenged Rosberg for the win.


All the drivers and the track marshals collectively deserve the award.

I spent most of the race having visions of Australia 2001 or Massa's 2009 accident and I'm certain they did too.

Brave to carry on in those circumstances each and every one.




Non of the Above, that's because the safety cars backed everyone up the drivers did not have to fight hard to get into the points.

But respect to ALONSO, he did say Vettel's luck will run out.


So Vettel going out to do what he's paid to do is luck?

The funny thing is Alonso and Hamilton have not had bad luck this season, a stupid decision about not pitting with damaged front wing is not bad luck.


A broken DRS is no bad luck either because as a team you should test mechanical items sufficiently.

Now looking at it, there is no such thing called bad luck. There is always a reason when something goes wrong.


Hush @Rockie, Hush

Don't be too hasty to call names to any engineers or drivers who decide not to pit immediately after a damaged front wing, rear wing, floor, etc.

You may find yourself with a lot of work listing them out. Especially sorting them from the "clever" who pitted and the "lucky" who didn't but ended up without bad consequences either...


A tyre failure causing gearbox damage and costing Ham a 5 place grid penalty was not bad luck? Agree about Alonso's front wing tho'.

Tornillo Amarillo

JEAN-ERIC VERGNE, as he controlled the car when the tyres exploded. Such a relieve...


Lewis for sure... How can so many think Webber was a candidate? He fought back well, but don't forget he qualified poorly and started poorly again. Let's hope his starts are better at Le Mans.


Plenty of stand out drives but it's Webber for me.


Not Chilton. Is it actually safe for him to be out there playing with big boys?


Alonso and Webber excellent, Rosberg in right place at right time? How was Alonso lucky? He overtook 5 cars in 6 laps! As did Hamilton.


Has to be Mark Webber. Minus for the start but True Grit to almost take the win, and that pass on Raikkonen was the true measure of his driving ability. Should be DOTD on that alone.


Why does it matter if a car is overweight?

Webber/Alonso' for driver if the day. Nico had too much help...


Webber. Shame he didn't win.


Mark Webber for sure! Im a proud Aussie. The whole of Australia stood up and cheered with the crowd at Silverstone when Vettel stopped!


could only be mark webber, followed by alonso and hamilton.


Rosberg for a really cool and intelligent drive.

Emma Whitfield

Mark Webber, no question. Amazing drive from an awesome driver. F1 won't be the same without him.


Lewis Hamilton by a country mile. He was the class of the field in qualifying and put in a heroic performance after suffering probably the worst blowout of anybody because it happened as far from the pits as you could possibly get!

Pirelli robbed the British fans.


DOTD to Lewis. He managed to drag a three wheel car around nearly a whole lap managing his pace to pit as quickly as possible but without doing any more damage to the car. He then took a badly damaged car and drove the pants of it with only one further pitstop. A masterclass in getting the best from the hand he had been dealt.


1st Mark Webber for not giving up after colliding with Grosjean

2nd Hamilton for recovering from the tyre explosion & finishing 4th

3rd Alonso for his guts - never gives up, drives on the kerbs, pit stop for the last 10-12 laps.

4th Massa from last to 6th

5th Rosberg for being consistent and a bit lucky too. He deserved the victory.


Massa!! What an extraordinary start, and was constantly fast all day. He out performed Alonso most of the weekend and in the race and may have won if it wasn't for his tyre woes. Amazing job in a substandard Ferrari!


Lewis and Webber

James, did you get the £5 from Alan McNish?


Mark Webber!


Seb's performance was superb as well, it's pitty both LH and him seeing retired.


Fernando Alonso


Alonso and di Resta are my picks for the day, with a special mention to Charles Pic.

Thread the Needle

Lewis Hamilton for me, great comeback from the back

If that Mercedes can perform like that in the race for the rest of the season, we are in for some great battles between Ferrari, Redbull and Mercedes

Good win for Rosberg, but I was half hoping Webber could steal the win, especially as it was his last race at Silverstone.

Great drive by Alonso too, he seemed downbeat on the podium, maybe he was thinking about the Perez incident


Felipe drove better than Fernando and Nico and is not even on here. Kimi was 2nd with a chance at 1st - in a car that was nineth before that absolutely ridiculous call by the team.

Lewis was the best. I couldn't split Mark, Felipe or Kimi.


In order of sheer brilliance: Hamilton, Alonso, Massa, Webber. Great race, but only because of the tyres...and Vettel's demise.

And, a small point, Di Resta's car was found to be underweight, not overweight as stated. A typo for sure.


Well, well, well. DOTD is not on the list!

The winner.. can't say he had a flawless race, after he lost the start to Vettel (which in normal conditions could mean big loss for the team). He defended his position, but did nothing to speak of.

I loved Webber chasing Rosberg, but can't forget awful start from Mark.

Alonso had nice fights, but in the end, he benefitted mostly from changing tyres during second SC (and he fell back at the start, which is unusual for him, but happened).

As for Di Resta... well, it is about Driver of the Sunday, not Saturday. He made it from P22 to P9, but he had the whole race distance to do this! Comparing that to results of Hamilton and Massa, both of them falling to P22 during the race, and finishing in much bigger points, they clearly overtake the Scot.

Between these two 2008 title contenders - I would choose Massa, for his brilliant effort at the start, gaining six positions (and keeping the pace thereafter). Hamilton was No. 2, and the best from the list.


Slightly off topic but why is max chilton even in f1. A man who gets out qualified by a team mate in a dry session with no problems by 1.7 seconds simply isn't good enough for f1. I don't care if its only his first year. F1 is a tough business. If he can't cut it get rid and bring in someone who will be closer to his team mate. Drivers like heikki, kamui and Bruno senna are out of f1 and this guy is it. Doesn't make sense. Even those guys are only average but wouldn't embarrass themselves like that.


Paul di Resta - it must have been so disheartening to have been put to the back of the grid.


webber for me


Lewis is DoTD by far, followed by Massa then Webber in close 3rd.

Andrew Carter

Webber, but there were a lot of quality drives today.




IT WAS NOT ALONSO! james you hide the fact that he should have been penalised for an usafe release! and also he pitted before the last SC came out and that is why he finished 3rd!

Colombia Concalvez



I would have said Lewis, but despite always claiming to always want to see the fans, there was no appearance to the ammassed crowned on put straight.

He left 1000s of us calling for him for an hour without so much as a wave or a face. Yah boo to him for being sulky.

Full marks though to Nico for coming forward and showing us his winners trophy. He even received a 'we love you Nico' chant for that! DOTD Herr Rosberg 🙂


Difficult decision with many drivers putting in sterling performances, however I go with Lewis Hamilton who would no doubt have won the race had his tyre not given up, but also for a remarkable recovery from the back of the grid.

Nico Rosberg drove an uneventful race after a poor start, but was really gifted the win. Mark Webber also drove a good recovery from a poor start, and Alonso as usual made up for a poor qualifying result in the race. The Force India guy's were also punching above their weight with Paul DiResta's defence against Lewis Hamilton being of note.


Lewis - did a perfect job.

Gutted for him.


Lewis Hamilton


One of the best races this year spoiled by kerbs/tyres.

So many superb performances all the way down the field making for probably one of the toughest DotD choices for a while.

My vote goes to Mark Webber although it's tough to call that over Lewis. Mark showed how to race at Silverstone. He is fast, fair and brutally brave and made some awesome moves. We're going to miss him next year.

Special mention for Lewis who, we all know, should have won that race.


Hamilton for me.

Honourable mention to Webber. Had he not duffed the start big time I probably would have voted for him.

Felipe also had a gutsy drive.

Get Well Soon Murray

Lewis gets it. Should have been his race.

Fighting back up to 4th place from being plum last was a wothy performance.

The Spanish Inquisitor

1) Hamilton

2) Massa

3) Alonso / Webber


Seriously, can't be a driver of the day.

This was the day where the driver was taken out of the equation.

Random tyre disintegration means it's impossible to tell.

Tyre of the Day... certainly wasn't Pirelli.


Alonso, definitely!


Stunned that Kimi hasn't been nominated, yet again. If Lotus hasn't screwed up and pitted him under the final safety car, he'd have got an easy podium and we'd all be talking about his fantastic drive.

Mike from Colombia





Webber, Alonso, Di Resta and Massa.


Like most others here, I believe Massa's drive definitely warranted inclusion on your shortlist James, probably ahead of his teammate Alonso and certainly ahead of Di Resta.

You seem to have a soft spot for Di Resta, all I saw him do yesterday was completely unnecessarily try and mess with Hamilton's inevitable progress!!

I would also like to give a black mark to Sutil, the way he blocked Ricciardo was a disgrace!


"unnecessarily try and mess with Hamilton's inevitable progress."

By mess I assume you mean race? I thought that's what racing drivers did. Obviously not.


Massa for the brilliant start


Nico Hulkenberg - weak Sauber in points.


Lewis- 0.5secs faster than anyone else on pole, clean get- away, amazing tenacity following the drop from 1st to last (less so for Massa or Webber- the latter self inflicted)and a fighting 4th position.

Adrian Setterfield

I have to say that this was a very entertaining race. I wish there were more races with this kind of action - minus the tyre blowouts.

1. Webber - fought back after a poor start and a damaged wing. Great examples of on-the-edge driving for the last few laps.

2. Hamilton - another come back story. His tyre blew out a long way from the pits. Gained a lot with the safety car though.

3. Rosberg - mainly for managing his tyres and maintaining the gap to Webber over the closing laps. But, he did win the race...

4. Alonso - just for being so consistent. Very strong middle part of the race. Seemed to lose out a bit at the second safety car.

5. di Resta - fought through the field to get into the points from the very back row of the grid.


I Agree. I was sitting on my lounge with my son and we were chatting about other things while watching the race. Well didn't my posture and attitude change once Hamilton's tyre blew!Then the others started falling off the cliff. Our family conversation stopped and I was asked questions by my son on the events that were happening. This was a very exciting race and I had no idea who was going to win. Even Vettel wasn't guaranteed a win at that point with every one trying to invesigate the reason for the tyre blow outs. Now don't get me wrong as long as it's safe and the cars are stable us humans love a little bit of carnage...I think if you get a puncture once in while it makes for a interesting race. What a race! Please can we have more!

Matthew Cheshire

There were 6 laps of real F1 racing on Sunday. It's been missing for so long, I almost didn't recognise it. Drivers sprinting to the finish without caring about tyre wear or fuel and team orders were to just go fast and win it. One driver owned those 6 laps - WEBBER.

The safety car should have gone in with 7 to go and he would have nailed the win.

Driver of the day was probably Vettel as he made no mistakes and was going to win. But who cares? 6 laps of real F1 beats the rest of the day and most of the season so far.


It has to be Hamilton this time. He made no mistakes and would have likely won the race. Sure he had some help from the safety cars, but still had to make a lot of good overtakes.

Alonso once again made a great race out of a poor qualifying performance. He has great racecraft.

Raikkonen had a great race but his team screwed him on the tire call. He should have been on the podium.

Rosberg stayed in touch with the leaders and jumped when they had issues. Good performance after a so/so start.

Ricciardo and Hulkenburg did well. Hulkenburg especially with that pig of a car.

Webber raced well but had a piss poor start yet again.

What has happened to Grosjean's speed? At least he isn't fully crashing, just causing damage.


Lewis DOTD no question asked! What a performance!

roberto marquez

I think all drivers proved what they are made of.Listening by radio of tires bursting and none of them stopped. I hope there is not a fatal accident before solid solutions are adopted.


For me this one is impossible to pin down to an individual. There were so many drivers at a high level this weekend. When you also take into consideration the bravery of all of them for staying out there... can't choose one.


Massa please. Impressive drive both before and after the setback.


Discounting the UK drivers & Ferrari support it is clear that M.Webber was the driver of the day & your sensible readers seem to agree. Suffering another RBR initiated bad start (every time he is near Golden Boy)his recovery was fantastic. L.Hamilton & Massa would clearly have beaten their team mates without tyre failures. How anyone can even consider N.Rosberg who would have been no where without other's misfortune,1,000 K's of tyre testing and was then let off for setting a purple time in a double yellow sector.?????? Andrew


I thinkk you forgot Massa's race. A great gateaway to take fifth place, and without the puncture, I think the second place was for him.

My DOTD is Lewis Hamilton, for a race I think he could has won, and from his recovery after the puncture, the 2nd DOTD Massa.


Normally I would say Alonso as DoD (NOT of Weekend so excluding Sat qualy), but what's going on with his starts this year? Where is Alonso that was gaining 2-3 positions on average on the 1st lap? He seems very reluctant this year.

So I will go with Hamilton. Brilliant drive and a real shame. He could have won this.


Massa, without a doubt. In a bad car, passed 6 drivers on the opening lap, would've been on the podium if not for the horrible tires. Incredible drive.


Oh, BTW, Webber is in the best car, and did to himself what happened. 2nd row to 15th in 4 corners?!? Yeah, great drive.


Lewis, who else?


Webber or Hamilton, for their recovery drives. Think Webber just pips Hamilton for me.

Danny Almonte

Hamilton is an easy choice. I would have picked Raikkonen except that Lotus are such a disappointing team that are determined to stick with their lame. 'tire whispering' approach to F1. Lotus showed their true colors when they failed to pit under the safety car.


What I love about this thread is that there are SO many right answers...all kinds of remarkable drives and excellent efforts.

So let me posit - yes, the exploding tyres caused a safety issue, without a doubt. BUT - for sheer excitement as an event, it is hard to argue that it was not FANTASTIC overall. The purists can complain that it wasn't the "best" driver/car/team that won, but for pure excitement - WOW...what a race.

And that is exactly why Pirelli were directed to make these types of tyres. So it worked, after a fashion. And if they could just make those failures safer then Bob's yer uncle!

(Extra points for those that can tell if I wrote that tongue in cheek...)


Alonso and Hamilton!

What I do not like is when doing mockery for Kimi. Ice cream and vodka!

The top three drivers right now is how they ended 2012.

Kimi is still one of the top three, hope he will undress all others including Sebastian!

Everybody knows he can do it!

Dr. Marko will stop that!


Lewis was in a league of his own....

John in San Diego

DOTD for me is Lewis with PDR a close second.



Webber comes a close second but the way Alonso crafted some of those overtakes was immense.


Surprised that Vettel wasn't on their, made no mistakes was beginning to catch Hamilton before his tyre-blowout and looked comfortable.

I wouldn't have voted Vettel because I feel Ham and Web both had strong races worthy of a mention.


DOTD Hamilton, not a foot wrong.

Nico did well but nothing special.

Shame for Mark with the contact but he would not have been there if his start was better.

Alonso had a poor start also.

Paul did well. Does anybody else think the team are telling him to keep it shut in a roundabout way. Can't fathom how he could be 1.5 Kg under min weight.


It was one of the most difficult GP to determine a DoD. Too many "IFs".

I'd choose Massa, since he did an extremely well executed job at the start and really showed some guts recovering positions after his tyre exploded.

Webber, Alonso, Hamilton, Rosberg, di Resta, made it an interesting race after all and any of those who saw a fellow driver's tyre explode right in front of their eyes and decided to keep on racing deserve mention too.


The article needs to remove Alonso, who gained three positions through no effort of his own, and DiResta who finished ninth which isn't a drive of the day.

As Rosberg and Hamilton are on it then so should Vettel, Raikkonen and Massa.

Then it would be more representative of the performance each driver gave, rather than the positions they lucked into.

Without tyre failures and team pit call errors, the likely finishing order would have been similar to:









Alonso the best driver


It has to be a ponts win to Rosberg, he won after all!. At the sharp end all through practice and had kept up with Vettel through the race.

Webber gets a big gong for determination then brio and the drive through the field especially at the end,

Alonso gets the magician award, always there and in with a chance.

Then Hamilton for a Moss style drive through the field just to show he has it all except luck this race, Is there a Lazarus award?


for me it has to go to Webber. but i like all of the comments and everyone's reasoning. for the other candidates as well. it is great to see a lot of people chose Massa. it is real close between Webber and Alonso, but i have to go with Webber no just because he finish one place higher than alonso, but he started further back (after the first lap) and had a front wing change. he drove with a real sense of self in his last british gp and surely had there been one more lap he would have been on the top step.


Best driver of the race? I'd have to say Webber, but I wouldn't mind going along with a few others, too.

Best driver of the weekend? That's easy: Sebastian LOEB!

(how funny would it be if HE took charge of the second RBR in 2014?)


Webber, came back through the field nicely.


I fail to see what is so special about Lewis, he was around 10 the hole way to to last SC. Then struggling to pick up any speed after that but a Slow Raikkonen braking up the hole field making it easy for him to pass with the most powerfull engine in F1. What is everyone going on about??

Okay I really hate his PR style, it's so annoying.

DOD goes to Rosberg, after a slow start he did everything right and finished first. That's what really counts right?


Everyone is on about the stuff you refuse to see, and you probably can't, even if it was explained to you. Lewis had the oldest tyres on track after the 2nd SC car, and still managed to come 4th. Rosberg finished first due to 2 retirements in fromnt of him - whithout which he would have been 3rd at best - so how can he ba DOD?


Hamilton & Webber (aside from the start).

Also going to say Ricciardo - sure he lost a couple of place by the end, but still impressive drive for a TR 🙂


Really enjoyed Massa, Webber and Riccardo's drives.


It was Webber for me. A composed drive back from 15th place to second. Would have won if the race was 2 laps longer.....


I have to say webber for getting a near win from 15th place and if he had won it would have gone down as one of the best in history. Lewis did well too of course but he never got on the podium and that is what counts in the end.


Aussie Grit. Would have won the race if the Safety Car had got off the track a lap earlier like it should have.


Webber for an incredibly gritty and determined drive. I will miss watching him drive around here.


Webber, edge of seat fight back . How many times does his car fail to start and then ends up in a crash due to that position. By far, Red Bull by accident or design of his car have made him the action man in the team.


This is simply between between Hamilton, Webber and Massa.

Vettel, Alonso and Nico should NOT even get a look in

- It can’t be Webber because he was outqualified by his teammate, fluffed his start, which put him in a position to get nudged by Grojean, but eventually did have a stunning comeback drive.

- It can’t be Nico because he was comprehensively beaten by his teammate in qualy, lost a position at the start, fell back from both leaders, and simply inherited a win due to circumsstances he had nothing to with.

- It can’t be Massa because though he made a stunning start, and an ok comeback, he was also outqualified by his teammate.

- It can’t be Alonso, because he qualified low, and inherited a podium due to Lotus having a brain fade moment.

- It can’t be Vettel, though he qualified as well as he could, beat is teamate, DNF due to mechanical faliure, he was still being beaten before he retired.

Which leaves Lewis Hamilton. Qualified with a mega 4 tenths over the next competitor, who incidentally had the same car, started well, drove a good and measured pace before his tyre faliure, went to the back of the grid, made a lot of overtakes, most of which were not easy, and fought his way back to 4th position, albeit helpd by multiple safety car sessions; as was everybody else. In fact, if Merc had been as inspired as RBR and Ferrari, they should have stacked Lewis along with Nico at the 2nd safety car period to also give him a change of tyres. I believe he would certainly have taken Alonso and Webber in the final stages of the race.

A long winded explanation for a great drive.


Yes but it's Driver of the Day, not driver of the weekend. Whatever happened in qualifying is irrelevant, it's what they did on race days that counts. And for me that's still Webber.


Yes, using your logic, Webber went from 4th to 15th entirely via his own fault, damaged part of his wing, changed it at the first pit stop, then drove up to 2nd after a last gasp change of tyres.

Hamilton went from 1st to 22nd through something that was not his fault at all - a delamination,which damaged his car, leading to a loss of downforce for the whole race, and drove all to 4th with one tyre change less than any of the driverss on the podium.

So who did better job on the day? Webber? Then i must have whatever it is you are smoking.


Well at least I can tell the difference between a day and a weekend.


Lewis, all day long, first to last an back up to fourth. A world class drive by a world class driver.


Between Hamilton and Massa, how come Massa not in the list. Rosberg was just lucky


James, I heard on the spanish tv comentators, that Lewis Hamilton did not have KERS for most of the race, thus unable to pass people in the later stages... just a case of good driving skills to tag along Alonso to pass cars that did have KERS to defend... come you confirm this, I guess that will explain his so so pace.


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