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Posted By: James Allen  |  01 Jul 2013   |  10:32 am GMT  |  234 comments

Mercedes driver Nico Rosberg claimed his second victory in three races as he triumphed in the British Grand Prix in a race that was dominated by tyre failures and safety cars.

Red Bull’s Mark Webber, who won the race in 2010 and 2012, produced a spirited drive to second, having dropped back to 15th after a bad start, while Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso reduced Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel’s lead in the championship with the final podium place.

Rosberg’s team-mate Lewis Hamilton, who had started on pole, recovered from a tyre failure, which dropped him from the lead to the back of the field, to claim fourth.

And Force India’s Paul di Resta scored points in his home race for the first time with ninth after starting 21st – but who was your Driver of the Day?

Nico Rosberg

Held off a charging Webber in the closing stages, after inheriting the lead from Vettel, to secure his third career victory. Made a disappointing start from second, allowing Vettel to pass before the first corner. Showed strong race pace and moved up to second when Hamilton had his tyre failure. Took the lead when Vettel retired with a gearbox issue and then pumped in a few quick laps in the closing stages to hold off Webber and secure victory. Given a reprimand for not slowing sufficiently for yellow flags. Stays sixth in the drivers’ standings, but now 50 points behind leader Vettel.

Mark Webber

Made a bad start and then had contact with Romain Grosjean which dropped him to 15th before he fought back to finish second. Struggled to get away from fourth at the start, which meant he fell back into the pack. Broke his front wing when Grosjean cut across him and found himself 15th. Stayed out with damage but didn’t lose too much time. Changed the wing at the first stop and then used his strong pace around Silverstone to rise up through the field. Pitted for fresher tyres in the closing stages, passing several cars but just running out of time to pass Rosberg who he finished just 0.7 seconds behind.

Fernando Alonso

Another poor qualifying saw him start ninth, but strong race pace gave him his fifth podium in eight races. Made slow progress in the first half of the race, but was fifth with 20 laps to go. Pitted for fresh tyres in the closing stages, pulling of a string of brilliant moves, including ones on Jenson Button and Kimi Raikkonen, to move into third. Sliced 15 points off Vettel’s championship lead and is now just 21 points adrift.

Lewis Hamilton

Suffered tyre failure when leading but fought back impressively to finish fourth. Made a great getaway from pole position and gradually built up a lead before a tyre failure on lap seven saw him drop to the back of the field. Managed to recover to the pits, and benefitted from the safety cars being deployed to close back up to the pack. Had a great battle with Di Resta, the duo changing places four times in a couple of laps, and a good pass on Raikkonen near the end gave him fourth.

Paul di Resta

Fought back after being excluded from qualifying, having qualified a career-best fifth, as his car was found to be underweight. Made a good start from 21st, slowly picking his way through the field. Had a good battle with Hamilton and showed strong pace in the closing stages to move up into the points and claim ninth for his sixth consecutive points finish.

So who was your Driver of the Day? Leave a comment at the bottom of this story.

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James, I heard on the spanish tv comentators, that Lewis Hamilton did not have KERS for most of the race, thus unable to pass people in the later stages… just a case of good driving skills to tag along Alonso to pass cars that did have KERS to defend… come you confirm this, I guess that will explain his so so pace.



Between Hamilton and Massa, how come Massa not in the list. Rosberg was just lucky


Lewis, all day long, first to last an back up to fourth. A world class drive by a world class driver.


This is simply between between Hamilton, Webber and Massa.

Vettel, Alonso and Nico should NOT even get a look in

– It can’t be Webber because he was outqualified by his teammate, fluffed his start, which put him in a position to get nudged by Grojean, but eventually did have a stunning comeback drive.

– It can’t be Nico because he was comprehensively beaten by his teammate in qualy, lost a position at the start, fell back from both leaders, and simply inherited a win due to circumsstances he had nothing to with.

– It can’t be Massa because though he made a stunning start, and an ok comeback, he was also outqualified by his teammate.

– It can’t be Alonso, because he qualified low, and inherited a podium due to Lotus having a brain fade moment.

– It can’t be Vettel, though he qualified as well as he could, beat is teamate, DNF due to mechanical faliure, he was still being beaten before he retired.

Which leaves Lewis Hamilton. Qualified with a mega 4 tenths over the next competitor, who incidentally had the same car, started well, drove a good and measured pace before his tyre faliure, went to the back of the grid, made a lot of overtakes, most of which were not easy, and fought his way back to 4th position, albeit helpd by multiple safety car sessions; as was everybody else. In fact, if Merc had been as inspired as RBR and Ferrari, they should have stacked Lewis along with Nico at the 2nd safety car period to also give him a change of tyres. I believe he would certainly have taken Alonso and Webber in the final stages of the race.

A long winded explanation for a great drive.


Yes but it’s Driver of the Day, not driver of the weekend. Whatever happened in qualifying is irrelevant, it’s what they did on race days that counts. And for me that’s still Webber.


Yes, using your logic, Webber went from 4th to 15th entirely via his own fault, damaged part of his wing, changed it at the first pit stop, then drove up to 2nd after a last gasp change of tyres.

Hamilton went from 1st to 22nd through something that was not his fault at all – a delamination,which damaged his car, leading to a loss of downforce for the whole race, and drove all to 4th with one tyre change less than any of the driverss on the podium.

So who did better job on the day? Webber? Then i must have whatever it is you are smoking.


Well at least I can tell the difference between a day and a weekend.


Webber, edge of seat fight back . How many times does his car fail to start and then ends up in a crash due to that position. By far, Red Bull by accident or design of his car have made him the action man in the team.


Webber for an incredibly gritty and determined drive. I will miss watching him drive around here.


Aussie Grit. Would have won the race if the Safety Car had got off the track a lap earlier like it should have.


I have to say webber for getting a near win from 15th place and if he had won it would have gone down as one of the best in history. Lewis did well too of course but he never got on the podium and that is what counts in the end.


It was Webber for me. A composed drive back from 15th place to second. Would have won if the race was 2 laps longer…..


Really enjoyed Massa, Webber and Riccardo’s drives.


Hamilton & Webber (aside from the start).

Also going to say Ricciardo – sure he lost a couple of place by the end, but still impressive drive for a TR 🙂


I fail to see what is so special about Lewis, he was around 10 the hole way to to last SC. Then struggling to pick up any speed after that but a Slow Raikkonen braking up the hole field making it easy for him to pass with the most powerfull engine in F1. What is everyone going on about??

Okay I really hate his PR style, it’s so annoying.

DOD goes to Rosberg, after a slow start he did everything right and finished first. That’s what really counts right?


Everyone is on about the stuff you refuse to see, and you probably can’t, even if it was explained to you. Lewis had the oldest tyres on track after the 2nd SC car, and still managed to come 4th. Rosberg finished first due to 2 retirements in fromnt of him – whithout which he would have been 3rd at best – so how can he ba DOD?


Webber, came back through the field nicely.


Best driver of the race? I’d have to say Webber, but I wouldn’t mind going along with a few others, too.

Best driver of the weekend? That’s easy: Sebastian LOEB!

(how funny would it be if HE took charge of the second RBR in 2014?)


for me it has to go to Webber. but i like all of the comments and everyone’s reasoning. for the other candidates as well. it is great to see a lot of people chose Massa. it is real close between Webber and Alonso, but i have to go with Webber no just because he finish one place higher than alonso, but he started further back (after the first lap) and had a front wing change. he drove with a real sense of self in his last british gp and surely had there been one more lap he would have been on the top step.


It has to be a ponts win to Rosberg, he won after all!. At the sharp end all through practice and had kept up with Vettel through the race.

Webber gets a big gong for determination then brio and the drive through the field especially at the end,

Alonso gets the magician award, always there and in with a chance.

Then Hamilton for a Moss style drive through the field just to show he has it all except luck this race, Is there a Lazarus award?


Alonso the best driver


The article needs to remove Alonso, who gained three positions through no effort of his own, and DiResta who finished ninth which isn’t a drive of the day.

As Rosberg and Hamilton are on it then so should Vettel, Raikkonen and Massa.

Then it would be more representative of the performance each driver gave, rather than the positions they lucked into.

Without tyre failures and team pit call errors, the likely finishing order would have been similar to:









It was one of the most difficult GP to determine a DoD. Too many “IFs”.

I’d choose Massa, since he did an extremely well executed job at the start and really showed some guts recovering positions after his tyre exploded.

Webber, Alonso, Hamilton, Rosberg, di Resta, made it an interesting race after all and any of those who saw a fellow driver’s tyre explode right in front of their eyes and decided to keep on racing deserve mention too.


DOTD Hamilton, not a foot wrong.

Nico did well but nothing special.

Shame for Mark with the contact but he would not have been there if his start was better.

Alonso had a poor start also.

Paul did well. Does anybody else think the team are telling him to keep it shut in a roundabout way. Can’t fathom how he could be 1.5 Kg under min weight.


Surprised that Vettel wasn’t on their, made no mistakes was beginning to catch Hamilton before his tyre-blowout and looked comfortable.

I wouldn’t have voted Vettel because I feel Ham and Web both had strong races worthy of a mention.



Webber comes a close second but the way Alonso crafted some of those overtakes was immense.

John in San Diego

DOTD for me is Lewis with PDR a close second.


Lewis was in a league of his own….


Alonso and Hamilton!

What I do not like is when doing mockery for Kimi. Ice cream and vodka!

The top three drivers right now is how they ended 2012.

Kimi is still one of the top three, hope he will undress all others including Sebastian!

Everybody knows he can do it!

Dr. Marko will stop that!

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