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Posted By:   |  09 Jun 2013   |  9:39 pm GMT  |  442 comments

Sebastian Vettel produced an almost faultless drive to claim a lights to flag victory at the Canadian Grand Prix and extend his World Championship lead over Fernando Alonso, who came home second ahead of Lewis Hamilton.

But the day was marked with tragedy as a 38 year old marshal was killed while recovering the damaged car of Esteban Gutierrez. He was hit by a mobile crane and died of head injuries.

He made a small mistake into Turn One on Lap 52, running down the escape road and losing four seconds in the process, but it was the only time he put a foot wrong all weekend.

It was Vettel’s 29th career win and the third of this season. He extended his championship lead over Fernando Alonso to 36 points.

With the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve one of few tracks that Vettel and Red Bull have yet to claim a victory on, the World Champions were never threatened as they extended their lead in both Championship’s and now have a strangle-hold as they chase a fourth consecutive their fourth title. Red Bull now has 201 points after seven races, an average of 28 points a race.

The points advantage to those behind could have been greater were it not for another strong drive from Alonso, who passed Rosberg, Webber and Hamilton to keep himself within touching distance of the German.

Vettel would have been hoping for some assistance from those behind to keep the Ferrari at bay, but as we have come to expect the Spaniard moved his way through from his sixth position start to limit the points loss to the Red Bull driver, in the process leap-frogging Kimi Raikkonen in the Championship.

Raikkonen – after bring dropped back on the grid due to a misdemeanor in qualifying –  was stuck in the middle of the pack for much of the race and the pace that Lotus promised in Free Practice never developed in to a podium challenge come the Grand Prix. He ended the race in ninth position and is now fourty-four points behind Vettel in the Championship.

Vettel had the race under control from the start; he had already cleared the DRS detection margin over the second car after the opening lap and was untouchable throughout the race. The battles behind drew more attention as the tyre issues that Mercedes have suffered during this first half of the season continued to hamper them. They held second and third places during the first stint of the race, but a decision to split strategies and put Rosberg on a second set of the super soft tyre – as the rest switched to the clearly superior medium – saw the German fall in to the clutches of Webber and Alonso and be prompted in to an early second stop.

The time Webber and Alonso lost behind Rosberg gave the sister Mercedes of Hamilton a ten second buffer over Webber and Alonso. But after making his way past Webber, in the closing stages Alonso quickly latched on to the tail of a struggling Hamilton and made his way past in the closing laps.

Hamilton was able to maintain his position until the chequered flag with Webber and Rosberg following him across the line, albeit with some distance between each position.

Hamilton lapping his old team McLaren was a poignant moment; McLaren did a poor job in qualifying, with Button missing his chance to do a lap at the end of Q2. But in the race they tried a couple of different strategies which did not work as the car didn’t really have the pace here; odd since they’ve always been strong in Montreal and won the three previous editions of this race.

Along with Vettel and Alonso the other main contenders for driver of the day come in the form of Jean-Eric Vergne and Paul Di Resta. The Frenchman made his way past third-place starter Valtteri Bottas early in the race and drove away from a large group behind, eventually coming home in sixth place.

After a poor qualifying, Paul Di Resta opted to start on the medium compound tyre and did not make a pit stop until lap 57, where he made a single stop for the super soft compound and gave Force India some good points on his way to seventh in their 100th Grand Prix.

It wasn’t a thrilling race, but it was interesting tactically and there were some good battles.

But with Vettel and Red Bull on this kind of form, going to the next race in Silverstone which is traditionally a strong Red Bull track, it’s hard to see how the others can stop him.

1. Vettel Red Bull 1h32:09.143
2. Alonso Ferrari + 14.408
3. Hamilton Mercedes + 15.942
4. Webber Red Bull + 25.731
5. Rosberg Mercedes + 1:09.725
6. Vergne Toro Rosso + 1 lap
7. Di Resta Force India + 1 lap
8. Massa Ferrari + 1 lap
9. Raikkonen Lotus + 1 lap
10. Sutil Force India + 1 lap
11. Perez McLaren + 1 lap
12. Button McLaren + 1 lap
13. Grosjean Lotus + 1 lap
14. Bottas Williams + 1 lap
15. Ricciardo Toro Rosso + 2 laps
16. Maldonado Williams + 2 laps
17. Bianchi Marussia + 2 laps
18. Pic Caterham + 2 laps
19. Chilton Marussia + 3 laps
20. Gutierrez Sauber + 7 laps

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Behind the Scenes at the track
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Tornillo Amarillo

Vettel and Red Bull seem unstoppable… but even so Alonso did a good job, although he cannot afford to lose 7 points IMHO. Ferrari is in the fight however.

A 3rd podium finish for Hamilton and showing good consistency, Mercedes fighting now 3rd in the Constructors’s. Not good for Kimi and Lotus and forgettable for McLaren, although Perez ahead of Button again.

Nice F1 show, but poor real racing, insnt’it?

Stuart Harrison

Agreed, some interesting battles, but people fighting over positions 2-10 doesn't make for a thrilling GP.

Massa drove very well and made some great overtakes, I thought, my DOTD.

I can't say I'm looking forward to Silverstone with the form Vettel is in and the troubles everyone else is having - Lotus have dropped off a cliff in the past two races, I can't see Merc tyres lasting long and Ferrari have had a run of bad luck. Not holding my breath...


The irony is this is exactly what everybody has been asking for this year, a race were tyre ware isn't a factore and everyone can push flat out all the time with a predictable result.


I felt this race was closer to the F1 I love. Yes tyres were still a factor, but people were fighting for position a lot more instead of letting others cruise by.


Was some nice racing between Webber / Alonso / Hamilton, but no, it wasn't the most exciting race ever.

I was kind of waiting for Vettel to add his name to the wall of champions - that would have livened things up 🙂


He does like to collect trophies so might as well take part of the circuit home with him imbedded in his right rear wheel rim. 🙂


His name is already there 😉


Have to say the fight between Alonso and Hamilton was breathtaking! Amazing drive, very intelligent....I thought they will collide, but it was Ok. Sadly Vettel is running away with it. Alonso is the driver of the day for me.


What was breathtaking about it in lap times Alonso was a second faster than Hamilton.


Good battle between Hamilton and Alonso. I actually thought it was a really good race overall actually - the only problem from a spectacle point of view was that the leader was never threatened at any point.

There were a few DRS passes where one guy just drove past the other but what impressed me was there were also a lot of really good overtakes too - either when all the cars were on DRS (because there was a queue of cars) or when one driver managed to stoutly defend position despite it. Also impressed - like in Bahrain - with how clean most of the racing was. Lots of wheel-to-wheel but very few collisions...they were even going side-by-side through Turns 3 and 4!


A really good race when it came to the racing is what I meant but of course a very sad race when it came to events off it.

I send my condolences to the friends and family of the marshal who died during the removal of Esteban Gutierrez's car during the GP.


Yes, but Alonso needs qualifying lessons.


Was that grid position because of Alonso or maybe the Ferrari ? You didn't see Massa's qualifying I guess ?


It's the car not the driver.


Maybe from he is very-very strong on a single lap.


Alonso was superb. But I feel that unless Ferrari can qualify on the front row, Vettel will be out of reach.

Hey, what happened to Kimi? anyone know?


Maybe someone take his ice cream?


He slowed down to punch Perez in the face...


Problems with the brakes, with fuel consumption, another very bad pitstop from Lotus. And the car does not suit this track. Kimi did everything he could today, but the Lotus was just very bad. Hopefully he'll join Red Bull soon.


Saturday, during qualy, Globo TV (Brazil) guys said Kimi has a contract signed with RBR. Anyone heard something about that??? I'm praying to be true.....


A combination of things affected KR: Rear jack error in pitstop, brake issue from Friday popped up again, and fuel consumption problem.


Radio communication was a soft brake pedal similar to what they had on Friday. There was some talk of brake balance issue also suggesting a KERS harvesting issue as -he was advised to dial brake balance all to the front, it was obviously very minor as he was able to hold ground-- but a very poor weekend for Lotus nonetheless.

24 point scoring episodes in a row was a small consolation.


The brake issue is a big problem, Kimi had to brake earlier at every turn. It also makes it difficult to overtake when you cant trust the braking distances. The brakes are very important around Canada.

The problem was already there on Friday, Lotus should have fixed it for the race.

Tornillo Amarillo

Bad qualy, bad pitstop, bad cold weather, bad humour maybe...


Maybe they should ask Pirelli to tweak the tyres to suit their car.. 😉


Lewis was asked after the race about his radio conversation "just let me drive man" and Lewis said "yeah I was being hunter down by Fernando and that's like being chased by a bull" :))))))



It's ominous that Vettel is doing well on tracks he traditionally does not do well on. This European stint (Montreal is European in terms of weather and track) is the part of the season SV has struggled a little on in years past. If he keeps popping up on the podium then his grip on the title will grow stronger.

Mercedes seem to have come to grips with their tyre problems. Not completely, but they were much better today than at Barcelona or Bahrain where they qualified well and went backwards in a hurry. They'll be winning races before the season is over I think.


Yeah, Mercedes seems to have a much better handle on tire degradation now thanks to the return of in-season tire testing and aero development tests ...................... oh wait!


Hi Steve,

I feel that Silverstone will be a much better indication whether much has changed. High speed corners take a lot out of the tyres and Canada has none. Having a lot of downforce helps slow corner traction and braking to aid lap times without a large tyre wear penalty. Therefore the Red Bull was always likely to be good in Canada.

Last year the McLaren had more downforce and got the strategy right, so it is not surprising that Hamilton won. 2010 was a weaker race, but if you look at the relative 2010 and 2011 performances at Spa and Monza, it was clear that a step up had been made at high speed tracks (possibly partly due to Renault despite the "freeze" on engine developments).

With Mercedes, we saw one of the two cars do reasonably well, but the general tyre performance was really strong across the field. Firstly we only saw 1 or two stoppers based on wear. Rosberg might have been marginal if he had stuck to a two stopper without the lock up. The key here is wear. If you look at the fastest lap times tables, half the field set their fastest lap in the last three laps of the race. The tyres were not degrading, just wearing in Canada. If you look at Spain, the fastest laps were predominately ten laps before the end of the race across the field due to the tyres degrading.

Degradation is normally the determinant for pit stops in F1, with Monaco and Canada being among the exceptions. Silverstone will be one of those tracks.

The other thing to consider, and this will take speculation is how much Rosberg make Hamilton look good as Rosberg held back Webber and Alonso. Alonso took 0.5 seconds per lap out of Hamilton from their last pitstops. Vettel was cruising at the end (his fastest lap was on lap 55) and still finished well clear. Since Hamilton was racing all the way and was probably in reality at least 30 seconds behind Vettel on a track that doesn't degrade the tyres that much, I'm not sure there is that much sign of progress. The Mercedes were closer in Malaysia, although that was relative to Webber rather than Vettel.


It was interesting to see how, after the second pit stop, Webber's tires switched on in two laps, Alonso's in three laps, while Hamilton needed almost six laps to start doing similar times to Alonso, loosing a lot of time. That was something I didn't expected at all, and was the key for Alonso being able to get close to Hamilton.

Alexander Supertramp

Quite the boring race.. It's getting clear now, Ferrari really need to up the quali pace if they want to challenge Vettel. I think the Ferrari can match the RB in race trim, but it's no use if you lose half a minute passing people.

What is scary is that Vettel had a lot more in the bag than he showed, he started controlling his pace before half race.

Is it realy normal that Vettel has a 2 second advantage after the first lap (Lewis got a clean getaway)? This is very much 2011 all over again. 3 wins in 7 races is what you might call domination. I don't care what people say, RB yet again has the best car. Bring up 2014, the only hope to end RB's rule of terror


Vettel won this in quali due to the cold and wet conditions. Vettel was in clear air and able to control the gradually slowing Merc of Hamilton and his main rivals who started too far behind him to catch him. But it's not over yet. The hotter weather over the summer months may hurt them so expect more shenanigans from RB.


I am conceding 2013 to Vettel and I think the competitors are as well. Only some unlucky DNFs will stop him now.


If Grosjean and Maldonado make a pact to take him out at every opportunity I think the sport will forgive them


Perez can help with this.. if he can catch Vettel that is..


Call me a fortune teller. I predicted this domination. Can I take any credit for it? 🙂


Yep you sure can he drove a superb race.It was the last GP he had to put in his trophy cabinet and boy did that motivate him


The last thing most people want to see is Seb dominate Silverstone because that would mean season almost won.

I want Lotus to bounce back and stay in the championship fight!


The question is, will you all go see Vettel dominate and win at Silverstone? 🙂


Correct sorry- imagine how bad he wants that now. Consider it one- especially how Lewis "took" it from him last year !


Germany and Hungary as well!


He's still got Austin to go.

Alexander Supertramp

He has not won the USA gp yet 😉

Colombia Concalvez

Alonso lucky as usual, Hamilton was hold up by Sutil the whole time


Alonso would have passed Lewis with or without Sutil holding him up, the Ferrari is probably the fastest car on a dry track in race trim.

Sutil was correct in getting a penalty though, as he did hold him up.

It was interesting how the rules were applied though, when VET lost 3+s behind Kimi (pretty much an entire lap) Kimi gets no penalty, and although I don't want to see Kimi get one, the time loss was ~3x higher than that suffered by Hamilton.

Granted a position wasn't at stake during that part of the race, but what if Vettel gets a puncture and finishes 2s behind Alonso? It's not about who the driver is, it should be about implementing the rules consistently.

I thought this race proved beyond doubt that Mercedes have learnt about tyre wear from their 1000km test (you know the one, where no one was allowed in and people trying to get access were told it was private GP2 test by security, the drivers used different colour helmets, the shutters on the garage were kept down and none of the team mentioned or tweeted about any of it... because it wasn't secret!).


"......Hamilton was hold up by Sutil the whole time". Sutil didn't do it on purpose. He didn't see the blue flags because he distracted. Sutil was looking in his mirrors and wondering, "Is that the rat who said he was my best friend not long ago and then refused to help me when I needed his support". What goes around comes around.


It doesn't matter what Sutil feels Hamilton did or didn't do to him - on the track you are being paid to do a job and you keep it professional. For his efforts to block Hamilton, Sutil has lost his team (his employer, let's not forget, who stuck their neck out a long way by hiring him again) several points. I can see Force India being very tight with Lotus and/or McLaren in the WCC, so those lost points could cost money.


Sutil didn't hold Hamilton, instead provided him with the chance to use DRS


I thought that too.. I thought Hamilton stayed behind enough to be able to use the DRS to stay ahead of Alonso. I don't think Sutil ignored the blue flags, more that Hamilton wasn't close enough to overtake.


What Sutil did wasn't right - and rightfully penalized for. However, Lewis had no chance against that Ferrari of Alonso, which was easily the fastest, may be slightly under RB. Lewis was helped with Alonso & Webber caught behind Rosberg.

The problem with Ferrari is that it is slower in qualifying, or the driver is a weaker qualifier, comparatively speaking. On a race day, I truly think the Ferrari is as fast as RB.


Do you really think that this the car?

Do you really think that "worst" that the Ferrari can be on qualifying, it is not better than a Willians?

I don't think so...

The same way I don't think the McLaren car is as bad as we are seeing JB and SP drive. I never saw a season with LH at McLaren. This is not coincidence. If Lewis was there, I'm sure the he would help on the development so the car would be better, and would be better than both guys are.

The good driver always hide the deficiencies of a bad car. Imagine if Alonso was not at Ferrari. If we were judging the Ferrari's car by Felipe's performance... 😉

Everyone said last year that LH would not win for a very long time. And what we can see I think, is actually the opposite.. McLaren can finish a year without any win. That will be for the history! JB needs to become a top driver quickly, or he will be the ONE with such bad statistic for the team.


The drivers have a big imput on the handling characteristics of the car and can tell exactly how welldevelopments are working in relation to that (bolting on extra downforce doesnt always guarantee you'll go faster, this is also why Button was the teams go-to man for evaluating developments over the last few years).

There are serious problems with that car, and the team strategy, and it doesnt matter who's driving it the car will still be slow.


Hmm, I think the RB9 was the fastest today. Webber's wing was compromised in the collision with Van der Garde ... what was with the lapped cars today, they were awful!! Did anyone else see Perez give Alonso the arm wave after Alonso lapped him? What was that about?!


I think Alonso was unhappy at how long it took Perez to get out of the way (possibly plus Monaco) and so when Perez did let him by, Alonso came back right in front of him. Which is risky as it takes the air off the front wing of Perez and could potentially repeat what happened with Montoya in Turkey in 2005. Perez was trying to minimise his time loss (10 metres at 280 km/h is less time than at 150 km/h) and I suspect Alonso didn't appreciate being held up through 3-7 and so forced Perez to lose time into the chicane by having to brake early.

I'll just note I only saw it the once, so there could be details that I missed if anyone wants to play judge and jury.




Desperation! He couldn't get Stewards' help to get the position back this time.


The Ferrari was the quickest car all weekend, so it's no surprise Alonso finished second.

Really he should have challenged for the win.

If a Williams can qualify third then the Ferrari which dominated practice (and has been fastest all season except Monaco) should be able to get on the front row.


Your comparisson between the Williams and Ferrari is wrong. Williams run high downforce which helped in wet conditions, but hurt them in the race. Ferrari run less downforce in order to have a good race pace. This stuff is pretty simple for a F1 fan to understand I believe.

It's all about the compromise between qualy and race.


It was a wet and cold qualifying. The Ferrari, lotus and force India all fall behind in those conditions.


CN you thinking go as far as cars being quick or slow depending on weather conditions? Ferrari is not the quickest car......just see qualy results


Ferrari weren't quickest in Quali.

Bottas was third in Q3 as he was on the track at the right time before the weather deteriorated and nobody was able to improve the times they'd set earlier in the session. Vettel even aborted his final run despite having just made it over the line.

Oh and finishing second from P6 is challenging for the win. Better than any other driver managed anyway. Alonso does exactly what it says on the tin. But why let the facts get in the way of your hating eh?



Alonso has the better car of the season, qualify only in the third row, and everyone thinks that is awesome...

C'mon! Vettel should stop qualify at pole, and do like he did last year making positions from the last slot of the grid.

Just tell me when was Alonso last pole???

Actually, how many GP's he has and how many poles?

He can not do a flying lap...

And again: Where is Kimi???

James is allways saying Kimi will be on podium, Kimi has the pace to win the race...

The only victory of Kimi was the one McLaren helped again.


You probably missed the part where Lewis was 4s ahead of Alonso, which reduced that gap to about 1.5s in 2-3 laps. It was clear that Alonso would catch Lewis sooner or later.

Sutil didn't help Lewis, indeed, but Alonso I believe had the pace to catch Lewis anyway.


Sutil was hoping that Alonso would pass Lewis FIRST, and then Sutil would let Alonso by very easily, and then hold up for a few blue flags when Hamilton tried to pass.




I think the only lucky here is Hamilton. He was gifted with a Championship for a point in the past.


I agree


Some people just cannot get over Hamilton being a WDC in 2008 it seems.

The last time a championship was won in a non World Constructers Championship winning car.


@Phill - The track was getting wetter. Glock stayed out on slicks, while Hamilton pitted for inters. Does it not follow that Glock would run out of grip?


Phill, the only people deluding themselves are the ones who believe Glock drove slowly on purpose.!! I,am sure a lot of Brazilians believe Massa should have won, its called patronism and I wouldn't be so crass as to call them deluded.

Alan, the fact Massa won more races shows how good the Ferrari was in 2008. ie. Hamilton did not have a totally dominant car.

How easy it would have been for Hamilton to have dropped it on that final lap, he didn't, he held his nerve under extraordinary pressure and won the WDC. No luck involved at all, just guts.


All I will say is this. I bought a Toyota after 2008. It's a champion maker car! 🙂


Oh Gazza oh gazza oh gazza. We can tell who you are supporting...

Only the British believe Hamilton should have won, and you're all deluded with self bias. Glock gave him the point and the championship!


But didn't Timo Glock in need to stop for sandwiches on that last lap in Brazil 2008 to allow Lewis to pass him? And didn't EJ claim that Hamilton was 'very lucky' to have been gifted the WDC title.

I think this is why many do not see Lewis as a true WDC.


The same people from the same place who cannot get over him beating his team mate the year before as a Rookie, always looking for any bizarre angle to criticise...


No wonder, when the team wanted to do everything possible for a second driver not to win.


I'm not interested in arguing with anyone who suggests Massa is a better driver than Hamilton, even in 2008, but trying to link the constructors championship to the best car is simplistic.

Raikkonen and Massa were both much more experienced than the two 2nd year F1 drivers at McLaren. Kovalainen did not have a great season and wasn't at anywhere near Raikkonen's level. That made the constructor's championship a non issue.

The reality of 2008 was that the relative performance of the Ferrari and McLaren was very track and temperature specific. The Ferrari probably had a tiny edge on the quantity of its downforce, but its suspension characteristics were such that it didn't work its tyres as hard. Any time it was cold (Germany for example) or wet, the Ferrari couldn't compete with the McLaren.

The McLaren was the better car at many races and in others the Ferrari had the edge. The drivers were consistently performing at a high level and it generally came down to which team could get the car dialed in at a particular track.

Certainly you could argue that if Massa hadn't spun off in Malaysia after a dummy spit on Raikkonen's strategic short filling, the engine failure in Hungary, Piquet plus the refueling mess in Singapore and the brain fade in Japan trying to pass Hamilton in Japan, then Massa could easily have won the title even if Hamilton was credited with the win in Belgium. All that could make an argument that the Ferrari on the whole was the better car, it also points to Massa's and Ferrari's errors rather than necessarily a brilliant performance from Hamilton.

A faster car over one lap on average does not necessarily make a better car or team over a season. F1 is too complex for simplistic arguments like that. It also means that fans are able to hold all sorts of positions and try to justify them to the fury of others.

2008 was a memorable season in some ways, but one statistics sticks in my head. There was not one dry track same strategy on track racing pass for the lead in the season. And with similar strategies, it was pretty clear that who got to the first corner first was going to win.


And the only champion in the last 22 years that won less 1st podium places thant the runner up: 2008, Lewis-5, Felippe-6. Isn't that amazing too?

Tornillo Amarillo

SUTIL was blocking Hamilton, do you think that it is for blaming for Lewis losing P2?

Why two DRS zones, really, no need here IMHO, too artificial overtakes.


I'd like to see them move one of the DRS zones to the straight between turns 7 and 8, would be more interesting that way I think.


With the gearing strategies the teams use, KERS can often be used to cover a DRS attempt, so having two zones makes KERS usage more relevant. The FIA wants strategic KERS use to be part of the driving tool kit in the 2014 rules.


The problem for Ferrari here was one more time the classification. Alonso lost a lot of time in the traffic with the only car capable to run against the Red Bull.

But the F1 is showing one more time the lack of commercial skills. A pace-car was in order in the last laps to see the great battle for the race.

Now, the prefer to be purist and we've that dull race of Vettel in the front.


Great drive by Vettel and Alonso, but also Vergne and DiResta!

Mercedes are getting better with the tyres. Hamilton was actually the last of the frontrunners to make 1st stop. I'm quite sure the 'secret test' helped them a little.

Too bad for Kimi and his title challenge. James, you said he will be on the podium 😉


Kimi had a brake problem, he had to break much earlier during the whole race. But their runs on Friday where already looking pretty bad.


Well, Kimi had trouble with his brakes (same problem as on Friday). And the pitstop was abyssmal. The pace just wasn't there! In short, the race was what it was and what can you do? James couldn't possibly have predicted these problems.

I like Vettel and think he's a formidable talent, but today was pure tedium at the front. He must have been bored beyond belief himself, driving on the grass just to wake up.


Yeah, he was bored enough to even practice a Grosjean moment with the wall. 🙂


Vettel lapped Kimi on lap 35 I believe. That is sick! The RedBull in the hands of Vettel was mighty. And Webber wasn't too bad, but just as Alonso, he was stuck in traffic and battles with others. Vettel benefited by starting P1 and that is always a bonus in a race.


When was the last time a Toro Rosso was in the top 6? When Vettel drove it?


yep, Vettel's 4th at the 2008 Brazil GP


simply awesome drive by sebastian!!! Redbull indeed had the pace to challenge ferrari.


I think it's the opposite....


.??? Red bull has a dominant car.....


Am guessing you don't like Redbull but did you say Ferrari was dominant after Barcelona?


You put it perfecrly James, its hard to see how anyone can stop Vettel. This perdormance was like a man vs boys, to be fair though Alonso drove a blinding race and also Hamilton and Webber was top class too, shame Mercedes messed up Rosberg's strategy, 2 stints on the SS tyres and then try a massive stint on the softs?? Come on Mercedes. I've always questioned Alonso's pure speed but he answered that today.


So you have always questioned Alonso's pure speed, and had not been able to get an answer until today? LOL I guess you did not pay much attention to his drives during this past ten years... Or perhaps you started watching F1 in Monaco 2013, so then in a few races you will be concerned to find a driver who actually has comparable pure speed to Alonso... xD


I think Ross put Rosberg in SS to see how they compare against the trailing RB (Webber). If Rosberg actually thrived, I'm sure he would have planned to put Lewis on SS for the final stint (also may be the reason why he delayed Lewis's first stop) - to give Vettel a run for the win. However, by mid-race, Vettel had built an unbeatable lead.


how is Lotus' pace promising in FPs?? They were 1sec / lap slower than both rbr and ferrari.

And during the race kimi encounter rear brake malfunctioning.....and had to safe fuel as the team screw up.

Another big screw up with pit stop further jeopardize his race.


Correct Lotus completely screwed up. I hope they haven't completely fallen behind now.


What a wonderful race that was! No tyre issues, just great racing all round.

It was the usual suspects on the podium again, but it must have been sad for Bottas after such a brilliant quali.

Shame on Sutil for childishly blocking Lewis, he deserves even more punishment than the penalty handed out.


I don't want to burst your bubble and take anything away from Bottas, but in qualy, he did the opposite of DiResta did. He was out at the right time and put one great lap together. Just like Hulkemberg in Brazil 2 years ago.

What I was impressed, but his race craft at the start of the race. He wasn't over defensive, not aggresive, kept his racing line, left space for Sutil for example and the team should be proud of Valteri. I imagine it's a lot of pressure the race wheel to wheel with the likes of Seb, Fernando and Lewis. He did great. I'll keep an eye for him.


Yes, definitely more mature and level headed than GRO & PER.


Totally ... held off Alonso fairly on the first lap (or maybe it was 2nd), and then also gave proper room later on for him and Kimi to go thru turns 3 & 4 together.

It's silly to think you can make the car do things that it just can't. Bottas apparently gets that.


I think your description of the quali is a bit unfair for Bottas. He was in top-4 in each stage of the quali; it wasn't just a matter of putting one great lap together, he did it over and over again yesterday.


You are right. I overlooked that unfortunately.


Yes, he did very well ... sensible driving. Just too bad that the Williams is awful in the dry.


When comparing him with the likes of GRO & MAL, he has a bright future. Hope he move to a big team.


Enjoyed that; was fun race maybe no one challanged for the race but was exciting to watch. 57 laps for Di Resta on those tyres good work. Shone through this weekend. And Sutil is a muppet! What was his excuse?! Thought Vettel handled that booing quite well too!


Vettel deserved that for quite a few little things and i hope he went and cried to uncle red bull ...and Eddie Jordan cutting him off was pure gold...i wish we had the wide screen view as i could almost see alonso waving back to the crowd and winding them up a bit...f1 still has passion!


Yeah, what the hell was Eddie doing? He'd ask him a question, Vettel would start answering, and then Jordan would just blurt in "... and now to Fernando!" or something like that. It was very weird to say the least.

Saw NBC's F1-36 after the race, on Vettel. It was very good. I quite like Vettel's off-track persona.


I agree Vettel deserved to be booed, but not for the idiotic reasons posted above.


Vettel deserved the booing. And this is my problem with Vettel. He is a great driver but I hate him when he is disrrespecting all the other drivers. He keeps pushing and painting in purple every sector despite having a rival 15 or more seconds behind him.


How is that disrespecting the other drivers?


Once he has a race undercontrol there is no need to keep pushing and pushing and a fastest lap and yet another.It´s nonesense. All he needs to do is to take it easy, keep and eye on things and nothing more. But he needs to show off and brag about it. I don´t think he is afraid of some driver who is 15 seconds behind him.


Sorry let me get this correct - because I'm ever so slightly staggered - Vettel 'disrespects' all the other drivers because he keeps pushing when leading and thus deserved booing???

Seriously? Really? !!! Wow. Just Wow.

James are you reading this drivel? ! ? !

My view is that the crowd was classless, Canadians used to boo Schumacher (because they love Ferrari so much eh!), because of what he did to JV at Jerez. Vettel by contrast is a very very clean racing driver yet they still boo. Sure if someone turns in on your favourite driver and takes him out of the race, boo, but when someone wins by putting in a great performance to boo is classless.


Funny comment.


[sarc] Yes, I agree. Seb should back off and allow the others to have purple sectors. It's just plain disrespectful. He should also allow some of the others to win from time to time. [\end sarc]

Alexander Supertramp

I guess there is some comparison to the great cyclist Eddy Merckx- the Cannibal who won everything. Big difference is that Vettel risks a lot by chasing fastest laps. You crash the car, you get 0 points. Those fastest laps mean NOTHING, Gutierrez has had it 2 times I think this year and the guy still has zero points. It's not worth risking crucial championship points for. It's a little immature and it actually reflects badly on Christian Horner who always asks him to slow down- in vain though.


That's the kind of driver Enzo Ferrari loves thats how Gilles was I remember a quote from him saying I love a driver who whilst he has lapped the entire field still goes for the fastest lap just for the fun of it.


Vettel is like robocop, a bit unlovable even if a champ.

He's like a little Arnold Schwarzenegger or a young Bernie Ecclestone.

It was really poor that the Canadians booed him and cheered Alonso and Lewis though.


@Quade – Yet to see any real display of talent? What nonsense. So why did he string toether consistently strong results for Toro Rosso, finishing as high as 8th in the championship? Who else without talent won trhe championship 3 times?

And to compare Vettel with Grosjean is laughable. Grosjean showed nothing in 2009, and is too busy under performing in a race-winning Lotus now. He would have ZERO championships for Red Bull, or anyone else for that matter.

Sort out the bitterness mate.


Would you be so kind to give us three examples of such talent displays that can't be attributable to a super-fast car?

We would then be able to compare with abundant example from Alonso, Kimi and lewis.


Alexander Supertramp

It's poor, but I guess it's people's perception that he has it too easy. You have to admit that he's very very talented though. He could not have pulled this off if he hadn't qualified the way he did, which is the most important reason that he does a better job than Webber.


I'm one of those who believe he simply has a fast car and a so-so teammate. We are yet to see any real display of talent from Vettel. Even yesterday, he hit both hit a wall and went off track without prompting, while all alone up front.

Vettel is fast, but so is Grosjean. In fact, I bet Grosjean would have had as many WDC's as Vettel if he was lucky enough to be in a Red Bull. Would you say Grosjean is very very talented? I doubt it.


Noticed that too. They booed him and then started shouting "Alonso, Alonso" :))

Pretty funny!


Not funny but a sad day for F1 if you cannot respect the rightfull winner.



Unrespectful people should stay miles away from F1.


At first I thought I was hearing things soon but the booing and chanting became unmistakable.


57 Laps on a set of on the hot weather and four stop stratgies!


Vettel was simply untouchable, and Alonso drove great. On the NBC coverage, they showed footage that seemed to imply that Alonso had lapped a Sauber under yellows, but I've not seen this discussed elsewhere. Was there anything to it?

Lotus seemed awful in the race, I hope they are not falling behind in development. I hear Kimi had trouble with brakes and fuel consumption, so maybe it was just a very poor weekend for the team and they'll bounce back.


I saw NBC show Alonso passed on Yellows too. With no talk of it since, I'm guessing it was a residual light with greens on the wheel.


Whats going on with Kimi? Suddenly he seems to be drifting backward at alarming pace.

I suspect that Lotus has run out of development money and can't keep up any longer, Merc have now overtaken them in the constructors and Lewis will overhaul Kimi in a couple of races time.


Cold conditions also don't help them. They run the tyres very cool, maybe even more so when they change the construction for RB 😉


car's slow....kimi's brake gone on opening laps....had to safe fuels after a handy of laps + a super slow pit stop.


Great race and post one question to you james

Did Alonso pass a back mark car under yellow

NBC broadcast in USA showed it ?


Alonso gets to do whatever he wants but if it was anyone else it would have been a big deal. I am so tired of two sets of rules; one set for Ferrari and one set for everyone else. How far up Ferrari rear end is F1?


+ 1000


James, I disagree when you ay this wasn't a thrilling race! 1st position might not have been in doubt but the rest of the positions were challenged for until the last lap. I thought it was thrilling, close and clean racing!

One very happy F1 fan!


Hi Richard, Glad you enjoyed it, but I think James is right. It wasn’t a thrilling race! For a prime time spot on UK BBC/Sky Tv it was a major disappointment compared to previous Canadian races. The average viewer who may have decided too watch it because it was on must have thought why do fans find it interesting at all? But then not every race can be classed as a classic. Also very rude of the Canadians to boo Vettel. No need for that.


RB made such a stink about the tyres and then Mercs 'top-secret' tyre test.. It seemed like everybody and his dog had something to say, from Mateschitz down to the cleaning lady, Vettel, Horner and Helmut, all whinging about something. Then they go and win a race and you can see why people are drawing various concluisons, right or wrong; RB are just seen as sore losers and bad sports..... For what is basically just a huge PR and advertising company they seem to be having trouble seeing the wood for the trees


RBR weren't even the only team complaining.


James, please bring back the poll for the Driver of the Day post.


No... please don't, there's nothing worse than people voting for their favourite driver irrespective of performance.


Superb drive from Vettel. He was completely untouchable today. Driver of the Weekend.

Kimi. 🙁 Very disappointing result for him, but hopefully it was just a one-time thing.

Good drives from Massa, Alonso, JEV, Hamilton, DiResta.

Have to say the crowd booing Vettel was absolutely disgusting and pathetic.


I think Kimi did well under the circumstance. When you have to start braking much earlier, you will lose a lot. Kimi also had to conserve fuel, and he had a bad pitstop. Sometimes you just cant do much when everything goes wrong.


Yeah I just read somewhere his brake pedal went straight to floor in the first few laps and only improved slightly toward the end of the race. He had to dial brakes all to the front to compensate and obviously fighting the car as could be see from his onboard. I think P9 given his brakes and the delayed pit stop was quite a big effort almost like a podium drive without the recognition-this track is the heaviest braking circuit on the calendar and he did all this with 46 laps on the mediums!


The season is over. We are back to 2011. Hard tyres to the crying RB team. Nice step up Merc, especially after "not having learned anything" on those public tests in Bcn


If Rosber hadn't held up Webber or Alonso in the start, Lewis would have finished atmost 4th. He was lucky to have got 3rd.

I doubt Merc has made any progress since Barca with the tyres. This track just din't expose them...


RBR also was superior on the SuperSoft. Please remember that this is Canada, which doesn't have any high speed corner. There doesnt go that much energy into the tyre here. Wait untill Silverstone.


You realise these were the exact same tyres (construction & compounds) they raced in Australia?


Wouldn't Merc have actually won something today if they'd gained an unfair advantage testing 2014 tires for Pirelli? Pffft.


yes but with all the controversy surrounding the secret test and the impending hearing they would rather keep their cards to their chest and sand bag for a few races until the controversy dies down and then show their true pace and claim that the gains are due to upgrades and are unrelated to the tyre test. Dont you think its odd that Hamilton didnt suffer so much degradation as spain? Although one can also argue that the cooler temperatures helped Mercedes but whatever Mercedes learned from the test will definitely help them sort out their setup issues. Remember the car fastest over a lap is also technically the fastest car on the circuit that would have dominated in and era where tyres were meant to last longer.



He hit a wall and was lucky to do no damage, so I wouldn't call it that.

Dominant perhaps.


+1. Agreed. That would have been a mighty awful embarrassment - seb taking himself out......


James said almost



Hit the wall and an off-road in T1... without pressure from anyone? he simply has the best car, by far, and a B category team mate to make him look better than he really is.

Another marketing made pseudo-super-champion well driven by a near perfect team since he was born.

Damn, I'm bad... 😛


Hakinnen wasn't racing In 2008 and Seb won the race, guitherez has the fastest lap at a gp this year, it dosent mean a whole lot. At weekend when it was raining he got pole and for all but a few laps led the entire race in a Torro rosso, that's a good achievement for a 21 year old, hell in a torro rosso that would be a good achievement for senna. There is so much SB bashing around it just turns my stomach, yes he's in a top team but he worked his way up by performing well lower down the field it's not Luke he got the fastest car handed to him on his first race. Yes he gets excited, he's 25 years old. I personally thought he was hugly professional on the podium, thanking sponsors and thanking the fans who were booing him, why were they booing him??? He won the race???


tapping the wall means you are pushing to the limit it doent mean you lose control of the car. Driving off road could have been because he was falling asleep all by himself driving at 80% of his usual speed not because he had to save tyres but rather because no one could catch him. And the guy you call B category Team mate beat Rosberg the same dude who has been matching Hamilton this year.


Hit a wall and went off at turn 1, correct. Wasn't that because he was pushing so hard? Probably. Faultless? Nope.

To say RBR have the best car 'by far' is not true. On one lap pace the Mercedes is fastest (hence all their pole positions!), on race pace the Ferrari is the pick of the cars. Expect Ferrari and Lotus to battle it out at Silverstone if it's anything like warm.


He won in a torro rosso, that is all


@Jazzda - Hakkinen? In 2008?

And maybe Alonso has a B category teammate making him look far better than he is?


"He won in a torro rosso, that is all"

Italy 2008, right? his race best lap was 2.5s below the fastest (Hakinnen) and more than 1s from his team mate (Bordais). Team merit, as usual?

Anyway, that's irrelevant. Even Maldonado won a race in a Williams, and Damon Hill got a championship. 😀


Is it just me or is the new green podium background getting a bit hideous?


I miss proper flags : (


Don't know about that, but I am hating this podium interview format more and more.


Eddie Jordan was rather...dramatic? If they insist on these podium interviews I'd rather Brundle or Coulthard.


MB, yes

DC, nooooo. I think they swear just to embarrass him 🙂


I agree, it feels gimmicky to me. Also, who ever chooses the interviewer, please don't give the microphone to Eddie Jordan again - he seems to be under the impression that he is some kind of rock star!


I think its done for the sake of those who physically attend the races.


Its not great TV, though.


Shoot, a pretty flawless and dominant win there from Red Bull. It was a race of one up front so much so that Vettel himself dozed off in the middle of the race and hence had an off at turn one.

Luckily for Red Bull, the last two tracks have been pretty gentle on the tyres and in true Red Bull fashion, they took advantage of the situation.

But hey, good drive by Vettel, he did what he had to do during qualifying which set him up nicely for a comfortable win.

Likewise, good come back drive from Alonso and Massa but with that piece of equipment, one is always left wondering what could have been if the team got all it's ducks in a row.

Good effort by Lewis for securing the last podium place and putting up a nice mini-fight with Alonso for the fans. However, Lewis owes this good result to the earlier work done by Rosberg who held up the chasing pack for quite some time.

Shame about Lotus' performance, the team is really beginning to miss James Allison's input for the pace just wasn't there.

Splendid performance from Di Resta, for 57 laps on one set of tyres is a massive achievement and best of all brought in some good points for the team >>> well done.

Likewise, Vergne did his stock a whole lot of good by finishing in P6 ahead of some big names.

Overall, was a confusing race as we waited to see how the strategies would play out and the fact there was no safety car at Montreal was surreal to say the least.

Andrew Woodruff

I don't think it was a confusing race at all - what were you watching?! Most on standard 2 stops, some stayed on the option too long and had to do 3, one or two managed a 1 stop - great drive Di Resta.

Only a handful of dnfs for Vettel will bring Alonso back into it in any meaningful way now. The RB is too good, and Vettel is just too conistent with his pace in quali and race to be caught otherwise.


Bit boring for my liking apart from massa and alonson it seems a forgone conclusion that vettel can have a off track excursion and still be miles ahead. Dude just has rediculous luck ! Hitting the wall would have ended most people's race but vettel unscathed. Alonso excellent as Hamilton but felt Hamilton got badly held by sutil and slightly by massa which would have kept his p2 but otherwise still a decent result. Damn I sound bitter but just bonkers that although good as vettel is u cannot say he is 20 seconds faster than alonso and Hamilton if they were on equal terms ! Just has a unbelievable car. Oh well roll on 2014 season hopefully a bit more exciting than number 4 for vettle. : /


If you're not near the wall you're not pushing hard enough, maybe that's why Vettel won....


It depends on how hard you hit the wall!!! For example had he made a bigger mistake and hit the wall harder he would have had to retire, however he made a smaller mistake and didn't hit the wall hard enough to break his car. That's not luck that's not making a big enough mistake. As for his excursion he had a large gap not because of his lucky horseshoe but because he got pole in difficult conditions, made a perfect start and raced fast in the same car MW has. When you work 40hrs a week and on Friday get paid do you consider that a lucky break ...... No its getting what you earned.


Oh common, when you hit the wall like that you clearly lost control of the situation. And when you start losing control you take counter measures but simply can not predict anymore how hard you will touch the wall.

He was lucky that tyre, rim or suspension linkage didn't fail.


Clearly post control of the situation, He didn't even notice he had hit the wall!! Had he not turned at all he would have damaged his car beyond repair, had he turned perfectly he would not have touched the wall, in between those two outcomes there is a point where it changes from a not finish to a DNF, he didn't cross that point. He wasnt lucky he just wasn't bad enough to DNF. The guy won the GP so why focus on this non event.


Same with Rosberg when he hit the wall in Monaco Saturday practice. If he took damage there, he misses quali, and no race win.


Clear air. Along with RB and Vettel's qualy advantage, we all know after 2011, all he has to do is pull that gap to stay out of DRS (which I'm still unsure how he does that in the opening laps) and then he manages his tires and the race.

Only Alonso and Ham can seem to rattle him (or his chassis) but they don't quite have the all-around car that Vettel does. Fast in qualy and race and manage tires well. Then once everyone fights behind him or gets stuck behind another, race over sadly.


Maybe not 20 seconds faster, but you can bet your bottom dollar is faster than both


No mention of the sad sight of the McLaren's trailing round looking like back markers. They seem so far off the pace I wonder if there is much more wrong with the car than they are really letting on.


Whats sad about that ? - they deserve what they have got this year.


It's sad because they are a great British team, and they do not deserve "what they have got this year"...


they're simply on the backfoot and can't salvage their season like Ferrari last year. the design is broken and its too late for them. HUGE mistake when they had a dominant car last year. Button and Perez aren't getting on, one is reliable and the other faster but sloppy. Hamilton is missed I'm sure.


They took a gamble with their car design this year though I have trouble understanding why; the old one wasn't exactly shabby. They should write off this year and work on the 2014 car.


Has Paddy's defection affected McLaren's usual (albeit impressive) ability to develop their car?

How much has the introduction of the Front Pull-rod suspension contributed to the car's aweful performance?


Button was at his most pathetic and demoralized in the post-race interview, too - and I say that w/o being critical of JB, just pointing out how shattered he seemed.


Horrible. Glad that Lewis wasn't a part of that debacle.

End of their team points-scoring run:

Ferrari likely will pass them in Abu Dhabi this fall.


Another great drive from Alonso ......driver of the day hands down


Driver of the day for doing nothing special? VDG rammed Webber, and passing a Merc on a straight with DRS isn't that difficult this season. He even damaged Hamiltons wing in the process. Not that great a drive from Alonso if you ask me.


Great drive but even as an Alonso fan, we got beat fair and square. I thought overtaking would be easier but he needed to pass everyone early to get to Vettel. It would have been a good fight.


Good drive yes but driver of the day? He has arguble the best all round package, and had help from a caterham which ruined webbers car making it easy to pass. His move on hamilton was good ofcourse but nothing special. It looks since mid 2012 that everything alonso does seems magic...(This is not aimed at you but more a general observation)and i believe that aint true.


"He has arguble the best all round package"

True IMO. On dry weather race pace it's probably the fastest car, and 3rd fastest in qually. The best overall compromise on the grid. So far Alonso has probably underperformed this season, Kimi & Vettel overperformed.

Alonso hasn't qualified well, made some errors in Malasia, didn't drive well in Monaco, errors in qualifying for Montreal... granted Bahrain wasn't his fault.

If Red Bull dominate at Silverstone I'll change my view of who has the best car (and I'm talking race pace, not 1 lap Mercedes style). If Fernando wins then he really needs to take the championship in 2013, because to lose with the best car (looks at HAM & McLaren in 2012) doesn't really look great on his C.V. !


Alonso might have a nasty character, but he is undeniably a very talented driver. The only two that can touch him are Lewis and Kimi.


The problem is NO ONE KNOWS who is really the best.

There are no FACTS that can support your theory.

Everyone can clearly see that there are some drivers with that extra talent. And those are with out a doubt, Alonso, Hamilton, Raikkonen AND Vettel. Differences are very minimal and unprovable.

Closely behind are Button, Webber, Rosberg


@Quade - You present an argument that Alonso is the best, but fail to provide anything that says Kimi and Hamilton are somehow the 2nd and 3rd best (or "only two that can touch him").

The team bosses vote for the best drivers every year. Over the last 4 years, Alonso was voted the best twice (2010, 2012), with Vettel being voted as the best twice as well (2009, 2011). Even in the 2 years Alonso was voted the best, Vettel was considered 2nd best by the team principals.


I said the only two drivers that can touch Alonso are Kimi and Lewis. Whenever the drivers have voted amongst themselves for who is the best, they've always voted Alonso. That is something that has happened over and over and over in the last few years. Who knows more about driving talent than the drivers themselves? I'm a Lewis fan, but I have to accept what the drivers themselves have said repeatedly.


If so then why is he so afraid of Vettel joining him as a team mate its understandable why he wouldnt want Hamilton but If he really thought he could beat Vettel he would rather welcome him at Ferrari to prove to the world once and for all that he is the best there is. Did you also notice that the president of Ferrari actually went on record to say that he would rather have Vettel than Hamilton you think the think tanks in Ferrari are all idiots who dont know what they are talking???? Or the president of Ferrari is an idiot to go on record and stick his neck out for Vettel?


Vettel 😉


Its funny you mention drivers in same category as him because Vettel is well clear of the drivers you mention.

Thank God for Vettel as without him Alonso would have been hailed beyond his capabilities.

When people say he's the best driver on the grid just makes me chuckle he was brought in to Ferrari to help lead them but he's done no such thing also his poor qualy strength has hampered Ferrari a lot in the standings.


Hi James,

Do you think Lotus have dropped back on the development side, they seem to be slowing down?


Not really, the car had pace here but Kimi had to save fuel from early on and Grosjean got compromised on strategy today, so not easy to draw too many conclusions


and he lost his brakes...same issues as friday. Plus a super slow pit stop to make things worst.


In the heaviest braking circuit on the calendar. All considered it was a huge effort to finish 9th.


Anyone still saying Ferrari has the best car???


A true representation of a cars pace can be judged at a circuit like Spain and not in Canada. A car which is the fastest in Spain is the best over all package if you dont believe me you can ask any expert. Monaco, Canada do not represent the actual pace of the cars. Silverstone will be a better representation. One more factor that massively helped Redbull and Mercedes but hurt Lotus and Ferrari was the cooler temperature. The Cooler temperature prevents Lotus and Ferrari from getting their tyres up to temperature while at the same time it helps Redbull and Mercedes by reducing their tyre wear.


Absolutely, they have the best car in race trim. Too bad their poor qualifying is hurting them.


There is no need for any wait, Ferrari are only second best in montreal

Vettel and RBR had more pace in the bag

It's quite scary and i now understood why RBR have moaned about pirelli from Australia.

Anyone who think Ferrari is the quickest car, need to have a reality and sense check

Well done alonso for a fantastic drive.

It makes me to chuckle a lot when people say vettel drove well. Vettel easily made some rookie errors on a dry track and yet won the race by some margin.


Ferrari 2nd best in Montreal, probably yes, but not by much, not much at all. Contrast with the wins in China, Barcelona and the performance of the Ferrari in Australia. In Bahrain and Malaysia the Ferrari may have won was it not for mechanical issue/driver error.

They have the fastest overall package, and that will be shown again at Silverstone where I expect Alonso to win if it's 18c+.


It makes me chuckle when people think it's all down to Alonso overtaking people.

You can't do that in a bad car.


Ferrari were the quickest today. Alonso just blew by cars out of that final chicane. Even Massa did. Only race they haven't been quickest is Monaco and I suppose Australia, but that was more due to the conditions on the day. Alonso will be favourite to win at Silverstone.

Alonso ruined his weekend with a poor qualifying performance. If Bottas can get a Williams into third then Alonso should have been able to stick his car on the front row if he was good enough.


Only on hard or medium tyres, and only in race conditions, and only on tracks with high tyre degradation characteristics.


Well, there were no long high speed corners, give it till after Silverstone.


Its all about being in clear air. It would be great if Vettel and Alonso would start from the front row together then we'd see what would happen. The darn Mercs are high qualifying buses. (of course I'm concerned about next year after the infamous tire test)


Did you watch the race???? 😎


Yes, as it was on the BBC, I could watch the race.


I saw the race Ferrari and RB very close, look at FA and MW before ME sustained his damage.


Thank you Alonso, Hamilton, Massa and Raikkonen for those great battles. I want to see plenty of that again in Silverstone.


What do you make of Vettel getting booed on the podium? It's not the first time!

How do you think this fits with Red Bull? first and foremost they are a drinks company. Having their star driver being seemingly in popular cannot be good marketing!


Who knows? He likes throwing toys out of his pram; maybe some of the kids complained he threw his toys at them.


"What do you make of Vettel getting booed on the podium?"

My take-away from that is that a segment of fans are turnip-heads whose parents neglected to spank them as children. Really, how classless can some people be?


For the prices the fans paid for their tickets, they're allowed to boo.


To boo the winner? Very very mature.


There were a lot of Hamilton fans and Ferrari fans - it's normal. He handled it well.

Hamilton had it in Monza when he won there..


James, you say it is normal but has it always been that way? Booing the winner, I mean. Was it like that after every race 10 years ago (I don't seem to remember it)? 20 years ago (before my time)?

Our is it a recent phenomenon? It's very WWF1 to my mind. Maybe I just can't believe I hadn't noticed it before. So childish and detrimental to the sporting image.


Candid reality is RB product and marketing machine appeal to a certain demographic. Ferrari, Mercedes, etc altogether another demographic - obviously. F1 folks here at the race don't align well with the former as not to many of them are driving a tin can with 4 wheels stuck in it :). The later simply relate and associate best with high end, technically superior and sophisticated automobile's and "cache". When Seb grows up he'll understand that and tow his wagon to one of the "car companies"


There was some abuse dished out to LH in Monza which I also thought was unacceptable.



US TV showed Alonso passing Gutierrez under yellow with about 15 laps to go just before turn 13. Has anyone said anything about this?


Yes, TV coverage even replayed it but then again remember it is Ferrari and they get preferential treatment - always!


Does it count if you're lapping the car you pass?


I've downloaded the F1 live timing data and scoured the race. The app automatically shows sectors under marshal flags. The only thing I can find that is similar is a red&yellow flag for the final/chicane.

I noticed earlier in the race (maybe Maldonado & Sutil) it appeared that the yellow lights were flashing when it was actually a sector under red&yellow.


apparently its a Red/Yellow, which means slippery or something. they showed it here in the US, Matchett pointed it out.


Not that I am aware of.

Will check


Its on Youtube now:

Clear as water. Alonso passed under the yellow lights blinking (which were for the wing of Webber at the chicane in front).


red and yellow. like vettel in brazil


It IS a red/yellow flag. Watch the youtube video again and wait until 18 seconds into the video and pause.

You will see a red AND yellow light.

It does not mean DO NOT PASS, it means loss of grip (aka oil) or debris on track.


Yellow light zone starts at the light

Hard to see if he's past before then


I wouldn't say this was an exciting race. And what was all that booing during the podium interview? Vettel was simply fantastic. If it wasn't for a silly backmarker, Webber would have finished behind him.

I don't think Hamilton's behaviour was good when he was overtaken by the Ferrari. He didn't have to break his front wing. I didn't see the the top three drivers spoke anything before going on to the podium. Strange.


You are naive if you think that Hamilton broke his wing and it is entirely his fault. braked early and cornered Hamilton behind and at this point, Hamilton's only choice is to brake hard. He did well to save his whole front wing. However, I consider this to be fair racing, nothing unfair here as this is how racing should be. To make a big deal and assign blame here is childish nitpicking...


why would hamilton want to talk to the ones who protested his team. vettel esp

Tornillo Amarillo

The top 3 drivers did not speak, because Vettel wins and it is not funny and he has talked about the Test-gate, and between Alonso and Hamilton were not too clean on track today...


Alonso didn't have to move over until the middle of the corner, away from the racing line either.... considering Hamilton was on the racing line.


yeah Hamilton came very close to not being so "intelligent" as Alonso puts it. I didn't like what happened in the hairpin beforehand, Lewis seemed to come to almost a complete stop.


That was driver skill on display. You emerge slowly from a corner when you've got a slower car, but superior traction. That way, you can bolt off before the faster car can react.

Alonso (faster car with inferior traction) also did the opposite when Lewis ran into him. He slowed into the entrance of the corner to counter Lewis superior traction.

They are both excellent drivers and neither complained of the others driving.


I think both were amazing movements!!! Whenever they meet on track, you have the sense they are going to do something special. That was the case today, absolutely amazing fight, with two superb defensive maneuvers! I don't think you can see anything better than these two fighting on track, not only from today F1 but since Senna-Prost era.


Alonso broke very early to reduce Hamilton's speed on exit (Coulthard commented as much) so I think he did well not go into Alonso. Fair racing in my books.


Considering Alonso finished 11sec in front of Webber, I seriously doubt Mark could've fend-off Fernando to the end.


Mister, you clearly do not understand the loss-of-down-force impact of a significantly and asymmetrically broken front wing. Major losses in affectivity in front braking.

With 25 laps to go, at a mere loss of 0.4 sec per lap, that 10 second gap from Webber to Alonso is explained. That Red Bull was winged duck, which Alonso duly passed with a little patience, and all braking performance at his disposal.

The only reason Red Bull didn't try to change it out, was they'd lose just as much time doing that (10-12 sec). So, RBR was hoping for some net gain in leaving it be.


And how do you explain the fact that Webber set the fastest lap of the race? How do you explain the fact that Webber was fastest/faster in the laps after part of his wing fell of?

I agree that it cost Webber some time by that missing part, but definitely not as much as you try to imply.


Great drive from Vettel and Alonso. Hamilton didn't look too happy, though, he didn't wear his mercerdes cap during the podium interview or in the post-race conference.


I thought it was a payback to Pirelli for their "help: 🙂


I agree Hamilton didn't look to happy. Neither did Alonso. Both predicted before the season that each other would be their biggest rival for the championship but young Sebastian is stealing the show again!


They didn't say that they considered each other to be their biggest rival; for the championship, they said that they considered each other to be their most respected rivals, all things being equal.


You are right, Hamilton did not look happy - not sure why he had the hump, maybe he didn't like coming third. But you are definitely wrong, stating that Hamilton had predicted he would challenge for the title this season. He was at pains, pre-season, to play down any expectation of good results.


There's a photo in the Toronto Globe & Mail showing a frowning Vetel and Hamilton.


Actually Hamilton never seems to wear his cap, which I'd think was a violation of team policy. They need their advertising space after all.


Most fans Top 3 drivers took the top 3 positions. A shame that neither Hamilton nor Alonso could challenge Vettel today but it was enjoyable watching Alonso battle with Hamilton, Webber and Rosberg. Massa did well to get Kimi right near the end.


it was only our 2nd Alonso, Ham, Vettel podium after Austin last year.


It looked like Alonso passed Gutierrez under a yellow flag at one point. I kept expecting a drive through but nothing was ever given for it.


Red/Yellow apparently, its different.

Steve Polychronopolis

It wasn't a pass for position, which is why Alonso wasn't penalized. Back markers were pretty bad in this race, Alonso was racing for a podium, he needed to get around Gutierrez and he did so. If he had passed Webber there, he'd have been given a drive through.


Whether it's a backmarker or not is irrelevant. I don't think Alonso did anything wrong in this case, but if he actually had passed a backmarker in a yellow flag zone, he certainly should've been punished.


I'm normally quite neutral about Vettel, although I do turn the audio off if he wins pole or a race as I can't bear his whooping noises. However, this was not a faultless drive from Vettel; he clanged the wall and was lucky not to damage his car, he missed apices several times ( in a dry race with comfortable lead) in manner reminiscent of his losing his lead to Button a couple of years ago. As Lewis has said, he's the least technical of the top the top drivers, but he gets away with it because his car is that good. I'm not impressed by this showing.


Thanks for the link to the telegraph article. I feel - borrowing some of Mark Hughes' analysis of the driving styles of Alonso, Hamilton and Vettel - that this is in part due to driving styles.

Hamilton aims to brake as late a possible, using a line that usually has a lower mid corner speed than what Button would have. He drives a shorter distance and aims to rotate the car quickly. The nature of his line is such that with an early turn in, he is likely to hit his apex.

Alonso's current technique tends to be to induce understeer, and so with an early turn in, he would need to greatly overestimate his entry speed to appear to miss an apex. If the front grips too much then he has to take off lock to hit the apex.

Vettel, to fit in with the exhaust blowing of the diffuser is looking to maintain corner speed and throttle position. So in estimating where the grip is, if he overshoots he'll take a longer line and maintain the rear grip with the exhausts rather than compromise the corner speed to hit the apex. I cannot think of many occasions where Vettel has run off track an got pole. A few possibilities would be at Melbourne and Monza where in faster turns (14 at Albert Park and the second Lesmo) he'd trade off maximum traction for greater speed.

Maldonado is another who favours corner speed and will take a longer, wider, line if necessary to keep it. It comes in part from trying to estimate what the grip level is as the track evolves in qualifying. If you drive to what is was on your out lap then you'll lose out to someone who is a bit bolder.




Martin, plausible explanation, but if it's true it doesn't explain the inconsistencies..i.e, one would expect him to consistently miss apices unless there is a direct correlation between a particular approach to specific turns?

Wilma the Great

After accomplishing a near 20sec lead, he deserves a small nap, don't you think?



You aren't the only one that turns the audio off when Vettel wins. Lol!

I wonder why the FIA broadcasts such juvenile behaviour, its absolutely horrible and unbecoming (the only worse thing is the rude finger).


This view is widely held. As I noted much further above in this thread the race fans I sat amongst shared this view and many went over to boo Seb during the award ceremony....


What on earth is wrong with Vettel???


So cheering after winning a 300km race is juvenile and should be censored now?


"I wonder why the FIA broadcasts such juvenile behaviour, its absolutely horrible and unbecoming (the only worse thing is the rude finger)."

Really?? Is it that bad? Omg you must have a difficult life when such things bother you that much.


Do you have a reference to Hamilton's quote on Vettel? A quick google search didn't yield much. At one level it seems odd to me as it rare that Vettel ends up with a car he is unhappy with regardless of issues on Fridays. He was credited with pushing the 2012 car development in the direction it went rather than trying other things, so that suggests he at least knows what he needs to go fast.


I meant "technical" in reference to on track driving skills. I paraphrased LH a bit, but here is a direct quote "Sebastian misses four apexes on a single lap and still goes quickest. He goes off and he still goes quickest. And I think ‘Holy crap, I couldn’t do that lap even if I was on the limit’. His car is just that far ahead of everyone else’s.”


@Vinola - And yet LH exaggerates on SV missing 4 apexes in a lap. He doesn't even give a clear example of it, he just states it, and the same term is repeated in the internet in a misguided manner. For me, like with Aaron, LH was just showing his envy.


@Aaron, you did not address LH's observation- Seb misses apices quite a bit and that the car makes up for his deficiencies, meaning less technically competent car will be more penalizing in terms of speed.


Hamiltion is just being a little less charitable because he envies the success that Vettel is having. Ironically He forgets how he got to drive a competitive Mclaren in his first year and nearly won the championship in his first year but drove into the gravel on the way to the pitlane. Yet is very fast to criticize Vettel for having a fast car which is just being petty. He had the fastest car for 2/3 of last year but he couldnt win the WDC, again someone might argue that he had retirements and reliablities issues or plain bad luck but Vettel won the WDC in 2010 retiring 5 times when heading for what looked like an easy Victory. He had his fair share of bad luck last year too with Narain Karthikeyan crashing into him retiring from the European Gp while leading the race being send back to the end of the grid for a refueling penaly and the crash with Bruno Senna in Brazil and yet somehow he still managed to win the WDC is nothing sort of impressive. Alonzo and Vettel earned their spots on their teams by working their way up. Vettel got promoted from Torro Rosso because he impressed by winning in Italy in wet conditions by not just by securing pole but also by winning the race. I am sure some idiots will say he was driving a Redbull clone if so then where was Webber, Coultard and his other team mate the other Sebastien???? FYI Webber finished 10th, Coultard and Sebastien Bourdais a lap down. And Vettel yet has to be beaten by his team mate. While Alonso was beaten by Hamilton and Hamilton has been beaten twice by Button. This year Rosberg is basically doing a pretty good job by matching Hamilton and its too early to say who will prevail among them before until the last race Rosberg has definitely silenced his critics and put Hamilton in his place. And yeah before someone calls Webber a no 2 driver remember he did beat Rosberg when they were team mates at Williams


"I’m normally quite neutral about Vettel"

And Marx was a big fan of capitalists.

"As Lewis has said, he’s the least technical of the top drivers"

And yet Lewis has crashed out of more races than Seb has. In fact Vettel now has the record for the most GP's without a DNF caused by a crash - 58. Not bad for a guy who supposedly can't drive.


C'mon - when he crashed into Senna in Brazil last year, that was a crash that would've ended 9 out of 10 races. Vettel has speed and consistency, and also incredible luck; that's what's making his continuing success so frustrating.


Your frustrations shouldn't lead you into talking nonsense. Senna came very hot into Lago and hit Seb's rear tire with his front. How is that Vettel crashing into him?


More than incredible luck it seems he has an incredible car. It doesn´t matter if it is a big crash only an alternator problem can stop that car.


It isn't that difficult to crash when your 20 miles down the road is it.


It''s not that easy to get "20 miles down the road" in the first place, is it? And don't tell me about "the car". If Hamilton or Alonso dominates a race, you'd just be telling us it's all about their talent.


When your car is so fast that you always start in front, then you don't tend to crash into others. However, Vettel has crashed just overtaking backmarkers. Remember Kathikiyen? Crashing into backarkers is something Webber is also fund of, maybe its something in the Red Bull tea.


@Quade- Karthikeyan admitted fault the stewards saw it as Narain's fault, and they had more insight into it than you.



Haha! Brother man, the video is on youtube (another joy of the internet).

But surely, its got to be a mystery how a dismally slow HRT could have caught up to a faster Red Bull to crash into it. No? 🙂

Common sense says one of two things happened:

a. Vettel overtook and immediately stood on the brakes.

b. Vettel cut across the HRT before the overtake was complete.

Methinks b is the answer.


Spouting nonsense over the internet is also extremely easy to do when sat at a computer screen.

Karthikeyan hit Vettel, not the other way around. This was evident over a season ago. It's time to let that one go I think.

One of these days people will run out of excuses and may finally be able to accept Vettel as a great driver. Or maybe not.


It's easy not to crash when you're at the front in clear air in (usually) the fastest car


Speed trumps technique.


The car is obviously great, best of the bunch. Both of the Red Bulls had great starts today, and it's crazy how quick Vettel pulled a gap out of turn 2 on the first lap.

He hit a wall, and did some rallying after turn 1 one lap, but there's no doubting his quickness. The others have to up the performance of their cars, to put pressure on Vettel. I think he is susceptible to making mistakes when pressured, but today was a stroll for him.


+1. Seb is Not held in the same regard as Alonso, Hamilton, etc here in Canada. Many feel he is quite immature despite his tender years. We have much younger hockey players in the NHL displaying much more poise and tact.....


Well, I haven't seen Vettel make constant remarks about his competitors getting lucky like Alonso/Hamilton do about Vettel. Vettel just gets on with the job, and keeps winning, which displays more tact and poise than the drivers you mentioned.


I have no doubt he's quick, and I agree, a more competitive team mate will show his brittleness. Again, as others have pointed out, this was not a "faultless" drive.

Tom in adelaide

Qualified 3rd, finished 14th? Something is wrong with Formula 1.......


The conditions were different. It was an excellent quali performance, but there was little Bottas could do in a midfield car in the dry.


Williams should ask Pirelli to tailor the tyres to suit their car. Seems to work for some teams 😉


No different to Hulkenberg bagging pole in a Williams in Brazil 2010 (or 2011?).

It was wet and the last person over the line on drying track gets the best opportunity.


Something is wrong with the Williams and Bottas is just not as fantastic as he has been made out to be.


Yep, the whinging fans...


Not when conditions for qualifying were vastly different from race day...


More teams should push foe Saturday glory.


Maybe not. qualified 3rd in different conditions with a usually back-marking car, raced in entirely different conditions against more superior drivers and machines. Would have thought something was wrong with Formula One if he had finished third on this overtaking-friendly track.


it was a wet qualy and the Williams didn't belong there. Bottas put together a great lap but Williams is point-less this season if you haven't noticed. As in, not a single top 10 finish all year.


It's called rain. Bottas only qualified up in 3rd due to a wet track, once it dried out his terrible car had nowhere to hide. Something is wrong with Williams F1.


It's called getting a very good lap together at the right time on a fast drying circuit.


Actually, Vettel was lucky after he hit the wall, albeit very slightly. A lot worse has happened to drivers for a even slighter mistake.

However, it was still a dominant show from the RB man, acknowledge the well deserved win.


Wow is this the Team Bruce McLaren is the foundation? Shocking! Today was the second time in CAN they finished being lapped with both drivers, except that Lewis won it! What happened there? Don't know whether to laugh or cry...

It's like teh situation has been reversed, Mercedes once they'll fix the tyre issues could be a title fighter meanwhile McLaren are slowly becoming a midfield team!

DiResta driver of the day for me.


Very comfortable drive by Vettel today. Shame Alonso struggled for pace on the super-softs in the first stint and only showed anything like his true pace when it was too late to get near Vettel. Cracking racing by Alonso and Hamilton towards the end though.

The championship's not over by any means though. Vettel's lead maybe big at 36 points, but an Alonso win at Silverstone and a Vettel DNF opens the title race again. The weakness of the Ferrari is also traction, something which you need to be competitive in Montreal, and something the next few circuits don't place as much emphasis on, meaning the Ferraris should be more competitive there. Hopefully Alonso can begin to close the deficit over the coming races and make a fight of it.

Also, RIP to the marshal killed during the race today. Thoughts are with his family, horrible tragedy.


I noticed that the recovery crane was quite rash, he could have beaten Mark Weber for the fastest lap.


Great driving, Vettel, Alonso, Hamilton and Vergne

Mclaren are woeful this season, still making mistakes and it now seems acceptable

Vettel is really racking up the points this year already, Alonso needs a couple of wins to turn this around, Ferrari usually goes well at Silverstone so that's a good opportunity

Plus I always feel Vettel steps it up a gear from Japan onwards


Great drive by Vettel really in a class of his own. The Red Bulls seem to have overcome their issues with the Pirellis...

Brilliant drive also from Fernando and a great recovery from Massa. Felipe, for a guy who's had 3 bigish crashes in just 15 days was certainly taking no prisoners!

But unless Ferrari can consistently improve the qualifying position of both cars, its looking pretty ominous for the drivers championship, because in Canada Sebastian simply crushed the entire field.