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Pole star Vettel masters the Montreal gloom As Bottas shines
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Sebastian Vettel was able to master the difficult conditions at an overcast and wet Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, taking pole position for the Canadian Grand Prix, beating Lewis Hamilton by a tenth of a second.

But the undoubted star of qualifying was 23 year old Finn Valtteri Bottas.

Bottas was among the front runners throughout all three parts of qualifying, but saved his best for last with a stunning performance in Q3 to leave some big names trailing in his wake.

Meanwhile McLaren, which has owned this Montreal circuit for the past three seasons, had a poor session with Sergio Perez only 12th and Jenson Button 14th after the Englishman mistimed his final run, before the chequered flag fell, by a few seconds.

Following on from some changeable practice sessions throughout the weekend, qualifying offered difficult conditions and although the rain eased at numerous points during the session, it also restarted at times and meant that intermediate tyres were the order of the day thoroughout.

Vettel was on form from the outset and as the session went on the Red Bull became stronger, always looking to be the main contender for pole position. And after an early run in the final shoot out putting him in provisional pole the second set of runs were to be ruined by one final burst of rain at the hairpin and final corner.

That meant that despite many improvements in the first two sectors, there were no overall improvements in lap times in the final three minutes and the top three held their places.

With Red Bull having stronger race pace than Mercedes this weekend Vettel will be hoping to maintain the lead from the start and drive away as Hamilton and Bottas hold up Nico Rosberg, Mark Webber and Fernando Alonso – who complete the top six.

It is Vettel’s 39th career pole position and his third of 2013, meaning that only Vettel and the Mercedes pairing are yet to clinch the top spot in qualifying. And with the German sitting on a comfortable lead in the drivers’ championship, the picture looks rosy for him as we approach one of the more unpredictable races of the season.

“It was very tricky today, especially as you never knew what the conditions were going to be like the next time you went out,” said Vettel. “It was intermediate tyres throughout, but it was extremely difficult to adapt as the conditions were constantly changing.

“I’m looking forward to the race tomorrow. I think we had strong pace yesterday, so no matter what the conditions we should be in decent shape.”

Although long range forecasts for race day have predicted warm, sunny conditions, during Saturday that was revised with many teams now suggesting conditions could be similar to qualifying.

The Mercedes pairing of Hamilton and Rosberg and the sister Red Bull of Webber were the only other real challengers for pole during the session, but hitting the track at the right moment was paramount as was having a new set of intermediate tyres to use at the decisive moment.

Hamilton ended a sequence of three races qualifying behind Rosberg. He will start in second place for the third consecutive race, giving him his fourth front-row start in the past five races.

Bottas and Williams got it all lined up perfectly for much of the session; making sure that the Finn in only his seventh F1 weekend would not find himself sat in the pits as the rest of the field improved. The result gives him the best qualifying position of his brief Formula One career and hands Williams their first top ten start of the season.

Alonso was unable to match the pace that he showed yesterday and could have difficulty cutting the points gap between Vettel and himself tomorrow. Alonso and Ferrari had been hoping for a dry qualifying session due to their kindness to the tyres and the ability to not have them overheat too quickly. This was also true for Lotus and Kimi Raikkonen who struggled to generate tyre temperature in the Lotus and wound up in ninth place. Team mate Romain Grosjean fared even worse. Already carrying a 10 place grid penalty for his accident with Daniel Ricciardo in Monaco, the Frenchman was eliminated in Q1, along with Paul di Resta.

Qualifying 1
The teams headed out for Q1 initially on super softs in the hope of completing some rare dry laps around the circuit. But with rain falling the track necessitated the use of the intermediate tyre and the whole field were promptly back out.

With the track improving it was set to be a session based on the latest possible lap. And many pursued this route as they tried to make late movements up the field, including Di Resta and Grosjean. The loss of time occurred through a number of factors. Firstly the rain was very sporadic and turned itself on and off like a light switch, however the cars limited the amount of water on the track and the drier parts of the track began to chew up the intermediate tyre.

Secondly, and a paradox to above, the more wet parts of the track that offered minimal grip became more wet and hampered any progression in lap times. Di Resta and Grosjean consequently could not improve and found themselves out of qualifying at the earliest stage. Grosjean has to take a ten-place grid penalty following his crash with Daniel Ricciardo in Monaco and will therefore start from last should there be no penalties from now.

Qualifying 2
The rain continued until the second phase of qualifying and the cars were immediately seven seconds off their previous pace. This time the track showed little improvement and finding space on the track between the intermittent showers was key.

With two minutes remaining of the session Felipe Massa crashed under-braking at Turn three and brought out the red flag for the third time in two race weekends.

Following the red flag stoppage there was a battle for track position as the scrap for the final top ten shoot out began and with each driver looking to find space in which to complete their final flying lap some were unable to cross the line before the chequered flag was dropped.

The main casualty of this was Jenson Button, who saw the lights change to red as he was just metres away from the finish line. He was therefore unable to improve on his fourteenth position and finds himself in the dangerous midfield heading in to Montreal’s tight first pair of corners.

CANADIAN GRAND PRIX, Montreal, Qualifying
1. Sebastian Vettel Red Bull 1m25.425s
2. Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 1m25.512s + 0.087s
3. Valtteri Bottas Williams 1m25.897s + 0.472s
4. Nico Rosberg Mercedes 1m26.008s + 0.583s
5. Mark Webber Red Bull 1m26.208s + 0.783s
6. Fernando Alonso Ferrari 1m26.504s + 1.079s
7. Jean-Eric Vergne Toro Rosso 1m26.543s + 1.118s
8. Adrian Sutil Force India 1m27.348s + 1.923s
9. Kimi Raikkonen Lotus 1m27.432s + 2.007s
10. Daniel Ricciardo Toro Rosso 1m27.946s + 2.521s
11. Nico Hulkenberg Sauber 1m29.435s + 1.786s
12. Sergio Perez McLaren 1m29.761s + 2.112s
13. Pastor Maldonado Williams 1m29.917s + 2.268s
14. Jenson Button McLaren 1m30.068s + 2.419s
15. Esteban Gutierrez Sauber 1m30.315s + 2.666s
16. Felipe Massa Ferrari 1m30.354s + 2.705s
17. Paul di Resta Force India 1m24.908s + 2.590
18. Charles Pic Caterham 1m25.626s + 3.308
19. Romain Grosjean Lotus 1m25.716s + 3.398
20. Jules Bianchi Marussia 1m26.508s + 4.190
21. Max Chilton Marussia 1m27.062s + 4.744
22. Giedo van der Garde Caterham 1m27.110s + 4.792

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Behind the Scenes at the track
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And Bottas shows that they ditched the wrong driver at Williams last year.

Im just glad they're back at the top...if only for a fleeting moment.


I'm not sure I like Bottas. He smiles way too much for a Finn!


Pastor is a proven race winner. You don't ditch a driver which has delivered... yes, he's struggling with coming to terms with car and tires this year... But, you cannot take away what is delivered purely based on personal admiration you hold for someone else.


"who has delivered"...


Noting the Pastor fan club isn't very large on this site, I'll argue that the same way some people were making excuses for Senna last year, for example his style not generating enough tyre heat quickly enough, same could be said for Maldonado this year.

I would be surprised if Senna ever races in F1 again, while I've seen a Raikkonen to Red Bull then Maldonado to Lotus move floated based on the sponsorship that Pastor brings.

The reality is that Bruno is a high quality driver, but when given a Renault in 2011 and Williams last year he didn't meet the expectations of those teams.

Based on that the prima facie evidence, the most obvious conclusion would be that Bottas would be even further ahead of Senna and Williams would have had ~$20 million less in its budget. Which would probably hurt next year's car as well as this year's.


If Maldonado goes to Lotus next year, Bruno could be back to Williams, why not? It would be hard to match Bottas after a year in the class GTE of WEC, but maybe he could still develop to be a match for the young finnish in 2015, who knows?

Anyway I think Indy Car would be better for Bruno but the problem is that he doesn't want to drive on ovals and failing to race in 5 events he can't fight for titles unless he has a dominant and very reliable car. So F1 could still be an option for him, as there are no ovals...


True, Bruno is not on the same level as his uncle however he is better than Pic or Chilton and would bring with him at least as much money as them. So the question is why did Caterham or Marrusia not get Senna? Some driver appointments by some teams this year truly are unintelligent.


From memory, Senna wasn't interested in stepping backwards on the grid - Force India was one of his targets. Winning races is still a big thing emotionally, so not winning (participating) in F1 isn't the pinnacle for every driver.

Chilton is there as his family has bought in. How he'll leave will be interesting to see. He might develop into a driver that other teams are intereted in. Pic I don't know a lot about, and I don't have much sense of how good he is or isn't.


Maldonado and Grosjean at Lotus.

Erm... That would be an expensive decision


Drivers can improve... Constructors' championship points lost for revenue in the next season vs money in the current year is a difficult decision for some teams.

Both Maldonado and Grosjean took a while to succeed in lower classes - four years for Pastor to win in GP2.

All revved-up

Go Bottas!

I hope it's a wet race tomorrow.

So nice to see a young driver come good in F1. The car must be holding back his talents. I've always felt the ones who can drive in the rain tend to be very talented - going back to MS and Senna.

Two Torro Rosso's in the top 10. Quite impressive.

Fascinating race. If McLaren have another poor result, they really should give up on this season and concentrate on next year's car. No point wasting good money on bad decisions.


Bruno Senna was also very good in the wet and I believe he could have got Pole Position (or at least a place in first or second row) for his last race in Brazil had the track remained wet in Q2 and Q3, as in Q1 he was only beaten by Lewis Hamilton by 0,1 seconds... Bottas is also very good but he also had the luck Bruno had not at Interlagos. In Malaysia Bruno overtook almost the whole field while the track was wet. At Spa in 2011 he was 7th in the wet qualifying for his very first race in a real F1 car, when all his rivals had already raced in 11 GP.s. I think that is maybe even better than 3rd in your 7th race.

So Bottas can be better than Bruno Senna (I think he is) but he is not more talented in the wet...


Not sure how it shows that..... Maldonado was faster than Bsenna last year. He won a race ukno


I don't see how Bruno's talent is worth more than Pastor's, let alone the sponsorship money. You can make fast drivers consistent, not the other way around. Five or six teams would have made the same choise, the others wouldn't take or need either.

Rumour is now that Maldonado could go to Lotus next year, that 50 mil fixes a lot of front wings. He may be patchy, but is still fast enough to be a good second driver to Hulk or di Resta, for example, plus fund a quarter to a third of the car's development.


Bruno was already faster than Pastor in many races and he could still be as fast as him this year even in qualifying. I believe Pastor would always be a little bit faster if the car was as good as last year's and even Bottas would be beaten (I think) if that was the case.

Anyway I think Pastor could never be ditched, as he won a race and was much faster in qualifying last year. Bruno could only be retained instead of Bottas but it wasn't to be. To be honest I think Bottas is better, just like a Mika Hakkinen was always better than a Damon Hill. So Bruno was a wasted talent, as he could have been one of the best had he entered F1 at the right time, in 2009, with Honda or Brawn. He was simply very unlucky circumstances played against him and he could not be in F1 when his form was at its best. Had that happen he would be a much better driver now, as he could have developed much more in 2009, 2010 and 2011.

Even so I think he could still develop a lot had he remained with Williams but I'm not so sure he would ever be as good as he would be had he started with Honda or Brawn in 2009. As he didn't accept to drive for a Caterham or a Marussia he had to leave F1. In the WEC he can win races and fight for the title, something he was not allowed to do in F1. He's doing a very good job, even better than an overrated Kamui Kobayashi can do.


Bottas pleasantly surprised me. Amazing drive. He's definitely one to watch.

Superb job by Vettel. When it matters, he always delivers. If it wasn't for him, all poles this season would have been taken by Mercedes drivers who clearly have a superior car in Qualifying.

Kimi's result is really disheartening, but I have no doubt that if the race is dry, he will be in Top4 at the very least. Alonso's car is amazing in dry conditions, so all isn't lost for him, either.

If it rains, though, anything can happen.


It is clear Ferarri isn't as good in the wet as last season, it seems like they might have some of the same problems as Lotus.

Lotus is just really terrible in the wet. They just cant get the tyres to work.


Forget about the wet, even in the dry anything can happen now in f1


Yeah he really is so obviously the fastest driver in F1


I think bottas is a future champ in the making, last year he looked quick in Friday testing - often quicker than senna and maldonado. I hope Williams can give him a car to show what he's got, mark my words he will be at a big team within 3 years, and he's from Finland the unusual country which produces a surprising amount of quick drivers


If he scores a point on a dry race he will have done really well


Sorry typo bottas!!!!


I wonder how long Force India are going to tolerate Di Resta publicly slamming the team.


The trouble with Di Resta is that he has a terrible sense of entitlement, he seems to think he should be at one of the 3 or 4 front running teams without putting in the performances to match his over inflated ego, he constantly moans and whines and it is NEVER his fault, I personally think his behaviour and attitude will stop him getting any where near the top teams.

Flying Scotsman

People say he is always complaining,people say he is always miserable.

What they forget is he is from Bathgate in west Lothian.

Could this be why he is unhappy?


Sadly true!


Looks like Di Resta knows more about his future already


Paul isn't making any friends anywhere with his constant whining..hell he's worse than Button. Meanwhile Sutil is blitzing it.. Wake up Paul smell the rises and get in with the job or step aside - there are plenty who will be happy if you did !


he will learn it. he is just more frustrated that the results are coming at the other end of the garage.

he is a good driver. he will get a good head soon. just part of growing up as a Formula One race car Driver


Di Resta should realize he's doing himself no favours in doing that. No big team will want a driver like that. Be mad, demand better, but keep it internal!


In his defence, it happened in Monaco too, and we all heard his engineer apologize on the radio. He obviously feels under more pressure from Sutil than he expected.


Was thinking the same thing. Maybe is already out or has something else lined up.

Surely he can't be that foolish.

Sufyaan Patel

A professional would not do something like that. You win together... and lose together. Something PDR does not seem to understand. Pathetic!


DiResta made it very clear how unhappy that he was with the team......unbelievable..!!


+1 to both of you


Di Resta has shown good speed so far this season and if he feels that the team have made too many blunders in their strategies then he has a right to complain. Perhaps he should have done so privately but if that hasn't worked perhaps he feels this is the only way to get the team to pull their socks. We ain't there so don't really know the situation.


I watched the quali again, and he can have no complaints. He pitted for new inters 15s after Sutil, and he got out 28s after Sutil (with just under 4 mins left in the session). Sutil was able to improve on his time, to make it through; Di Resta couldn't. To then go blame the team is very poor.


Paul simply doesn't have the superstar status to throw his weight (and opinions) around. Very few do.

He will alienate himself to FI and to future employers if he keeps it up.

Exactly what sort of sponsorship package can he bring to a team's bottom line? Not much, I gather.


Drivers are the best PR tools the teams have and no team wants their "star" to publicly criticize the team.

Top drivers only very rarely do so, even when they have very good reason to, and I think DiR has a lot to learn in this regard.


A lot of drivers will have a go on the team radio, when the blood is boiling, but in interviews it is always 'we need to improve','we made mistakes' or 'we weren't fast enough'. Taking collective responsibility for mistakes is part of the PR job. If you are clearly the best you can be a Prima Donna, but if there are several other options who will provide similar results, it is best to be a team player, especially in public.


Di Resta is a decent driver but no more than that. He has been beaten by his team mate every season.

Who does he think he is?


Am I right in thinking that when the weather is colder in qualifying, Ferrari and Lotus who look after their tyres, struggle to generate instant heat so struggle compared to teams like Mercedes and Red Bull?


But qualifying resembled race conditions with the cars being out on the circuit for almost the entire one hour. It should have suited Ferrari and Lotus perfectly.


This is not a real email address, please note we are not taking any comments from fake addresses


I'm sure the physics required to exploit the best out of the Pirellis in the race conditions are entirely different to which of in qualifying, from the heat generations and heat cycles perspective.

Mercedes - The fastest in Qualifying, Suffers in Race.

Lotus & Ferrari - Struggle in Qualifying, fastest in race.

Redbull - A bit of both.

So, I feel the cars that are good in qualifying trims are also very good in the wet from the physics aspect of things.

So, No its brainer, if it is cold, not only in this race but every race where the temperature plummets you must expect Lotus and Ferrari to be sitting ducks.... But, if the temperature rises.... expect them to annihilate the field.... Ofcourse, the Sunday Drive of Monaco does not apply.


Could it be possible that Ferrari is in talks with Di Riesta to replace the fast disintegrating Fillipe Massa ? If Massa continues to crash test Ferraris with an alarming regularity, i totally see him being replaced mid-season.


If Felipe Massa is replaced mid-season (doubt it) it most certainly absolutely will not be by Paul Di Resta. Ferrari should get Bianchi on a cheap contract now. If Bianchi can drive the Ferrari as well as he has been driving the Marussia, he should be consistently in the higher points places.


Di Resta will never get a drive with a top team with his current attitude. When something goes wrong, he sulks and blames anyone he can. This is not what Ferrari want. Do you ever see Alonso blaming his team. Ferrari win and lose together. This is why Di Resta's ex team mate Hulkenberg was moved to Sauber and not Di Resta as Nico is set to be the next Ferrari driver in my opinion


Felipe with all his problems is a much better driver than Di Resta ever will be!- Di Resta will end up driving for Marussia or Caterham - If he's lucky- if not its goodbye F1 for him


Still both, Kimi and Alonso, were able to make it top ten. Good job from both of them!

Valentino from montreal

Another Vettel pole , can anybody stop him ?

I predicted that Spain was going to be Alonso's last chance to mount a challenge against Vettel (hello Tim !) for this year's title .. Now I'm pretty confident it will be over for good as of tomorrow late after-noon ...

Tomorrow's podium final resul will be :

1) Vettel

2) Rosberg

3) Webber


I'll be amazed if either Merc finishes on the podium with overtaking so easy around here...

...unless they've somehow managed to fix their tyre woes. Can't think how they would have done that 🙂


I doubt it, 2/3 of the races still remain for mercedes to fix their tyre wear issues and for Alonzo to bounce back, but this year Vettel has been really consistent. For this race unless the Redbull has been sand bagging I bet Alonzo can still pose a serious threat to Vettel victory


Please consider that Alonso's surname is Alonso, not Alonzo (Alonzo is not a native Spanish surname; Alonso derives from the name Alfonso. No Alfonzo in Spain.)

Alonso and Alonzo are not only different writing, pronunciation also differs in many regions of Spain. In Asturias, the region of Spain where Alonso was born and lives when not racing, Alonso is pronounced Ah-lohn-soh. Alonzo is pronounced instead Ah-lohn-thoh ('th' sounding like in the English word 'thick').


Lewis would have taken pole position today if he didn't make that mistake going into the last chicane, because he was up on Vettel's time by .210s going into the last sector.


everyone was up the time on the first two sectors. hamilton braked late in the last chicane then he would normall do because thats his only chance of beating vettel if it comes through. it didnt, because conditions were too tricky


I don't think he would've. At that point in time, everyone was losing 8-tenths in S3 compared to their earlier lap. So yeah he was .220 up end of S2, but even w/o the mistake likely wouldn't have beaten Vettel's time, nor bettered his own.


You forget to add that vettel was up aswell but lost all the time in the last sector like the rest of the drivers....


I am not so sure he would have made pole, the final sector was damper than the prev run and I'm pretty sure everyone was losing quite a bit of time in sector 3, don't think the 0.2 he built up was going to be enough


If ifs and buts were candy and nuts...


Would'a could'a should'a - it doesn't matter if he was 10s quicker in the first two sectors, his lap was slower.


They say Pastor is a top of the line qualifier. What does that make of Bottas?


Unfortunately for both of them, the Williams is a Baskerville-sized dog so it will make this year hard to realistically judge how they'd go in a good car.

In conditions like Montreal, accuracy and precision can be more valuable than maximising everything as staying on the driest bits saves a lot of time compared to any misdemeanour. Car characteristics can play a part too. Hulkenberg did something similar in Brazil 2010.

Back on the Williams, I understand it has changing handling characteristics depending on speed and pitch, so the car can transition from turn-in understeer in one corner to turn-in oversteer in the next depending on the speed. If the corner is long enough the change can happen in the same corner. All of which isn't conducive to a driver showing his best.

On assessing the drivers, I think the F1 teams would have greater confidence in assessing the Marussia drivers than either Bottas or the Caterham drivers as the Marussia generally seems to have better balance.


the Williams is a Baskerville-sized dog ...

I wish I had thought of that line, superb 🙂


Honest maybe?

This is from the post qualifying press conference,

Q: (Kate Walker - GP Week) Valterri, we've seen that you're ten places ahead of your teammate. Is this because you like the track, you like the conditions? You're both in the same car.

VB: I think today was very tricky and it was a lot about the tyre getting a good lap, just at the right time, when the track is in the best condition, having good track position, everything, so it's not as simple in this weather, so that's why there can even be ten places between teammates.


Impressive answer! Was pleasantly surprised he didn't blow his own trumpet and say, "im better than pastor" in so many ways...


Who says that the oil company who pay for him to be in f1, nah mine clearance Maldonado is not that quick

Alexander Supertramp

Beautiful quali, Lewis yet again beaten by less than a tenth, the guy still very much has it.

Vettel big favorite for tomorrow, hope he doesn't run away with it and that we get a race.

Bottas, wow just wow! He needed this, great stuff!


With so many dry tyres left (the whole allocation), I see Seb going balls out from the get-go and getting himself ahead of the DRS zone while the others vie for position. A pits top is quite quick here and lends itself to different strategiesso burning up a set of ss's to get track position is not out of the question. Webber should similarly just go for it and see how it ends up.

What the heck is Lewis so down about? Looked like he lost a 20 and found a fiver.

And what's doing with him not wearing a hat during TV interviews? Sacrilege.

Alexander Supertramp

The guy has been beaten to pole 3 times in a row now, 2 times by less than a tenth. He's doing good, but he hates losing. Hope he keeps calm, this is a very good chance to show that he has learnt from 2011.


"Lewis yet again beaten by less than a tenth, the guy still very much has it." <---whoa! who ever said he'd lost it?!?

Alexander Supertramp

I certainly did not!


Let's hope he plays it smart, and doesn't throw it all away on the first lap.


What an interesting quali that was! You never knew what was going to happen next.

Great for Vettel and Lewis... But what about Botas?!! First time he's outqualified his teammate and he puts it in 3rd. 21 gun salute!


Bottas has been super hyped in the lead up to the start of the season and has only now shown a performance to justify this hype. If he can hang on to third place in the race I will be amazed and in awe of his abilities. This may just be flash in the pan. Bianchi is the driver who has really shown how talented he is. Bottas has been pretty run of the mill for the mostpart.


Bottas has been doing a good job the whole season long but people just dont always notice what happens at the back.


Wow! I guess I never really noticed what Bottas was doing.


Bottas had already out qualified Pastor 4-2. Now its 5-2.


I'd like to see bottas at mclaren in Perez seat or RB in lieu of webber if he leaves next year, he looks on it


He consistently fast and doesn't make mistakes which is rare for a rookie. He hasn't made many headlines so far because he is in a very poor Williams but judging his performances alongside Maldanado makes him look very impressive.

Just hope he doesn't end up squandering away 4 years of the start of his career in an uncompetitive Williams like Rosberg did.


Because of one Saturday?


I believe Bottas has out-qualified his teammate something like 5-2 now.


Sad for Mclaren and Di Resta.

Danny Almonte

I wouldn't waste tears on that lot. Di Resta was struggling all weekend and is too quick to pin blame on his team. Mclaren love to talk of improvements but they continue to get it wrong. I'm getting a big laugh watching Button struggle. He looked clueless.


@Danny Almonte

McLaren keep talking about improvements because they recognise that their car is not exactly fast. The first step to success is recognition of your faults.

As for Di Resta, I believe that most opinions of him are wrong. Yes, railing against the team is borderline, but it shows passion and the attitude of a possible champion in the making. What Di Resta needs is a better manager to focus all his energies through his hands and pedal feet.


Just how much longer to we have to hear the PR spin of "McLaren are the best in-season developers in the paddock"? It's such BS. McLarens today bear NO resemblance to the great team of yesterday, from the management, to the drivers.


Saying Di Resta was struggling all weekend is a little over the top, he did top the time sheets in FP1!

Danny Almonte

Meaningless. The track was drying out. The last three drivers on track ended up in the top three that session.


It's McLaren who look clueless. No urgency getting Jenson out for a final run, no apparent communication with him about how much time he has left to get over the line. Why does this keep happening ?


Uh, wet qualifying sessions are the true definition of thrillers >>> so intense and so precarious at the same time.

Job well done by the top 3 drivers for it's performances like this that differentiate the boys from the brave hearts.

However have to say, Vettel's time looked like it would have been beaten if it wasn't for the rain in the last sector.

Lewis was on fire and good job by the team for getting the tactics correct for we have seen Lewis loose out in such chaotic scenarios many times.

Congrats to Bottas too, that definitely came out of no where but I will hold my reservations till we see more similar performances from him for lets not forget Maldonado has done this before and better yet in the dry.

Glad Massa is doing okay but seems something may have broken mentally within him for he has lost his early season form. As for Grosjean, he seems to be getting back to his 2012 chaotic form.

Right, regards tomorrow's race, am not sure Vettel will disappear into the sunset for Lewis was of the view, if it's a dry race then Mercedes will be competitive and hence, maybe they were carrying more fuel during practice.


Before today, Lewis & Rosberg hadn't been beaten by a teammate before in Canada


Lewis still hasn't!


I felt so sorry for Grosjean today. When he was interviewed, you could see that the light in his eyes had gone out. He looked lost and vacant.


"He looked lost and vacant." <--- funny, I thought that was his standard look... :/


Grosjean does look quick in single lap pace when everything's right, but so far in races he's no where, can't se him in f1 next year gap to Kimi is too big


Why? He has no one other to blame than himself. He has had several chances to prove himself and he just keeps binning it. He is driving a championship capable car but cant deliver. Its time to let Sutil, Hulk or Di resta have a go in a top of the line machine. Send Grosjean to Caterham to hone his skills!


Grosjean has lost his confidence. He now makes occasional halfhearted silly moves which just draw further flak. The ban and verbal attacks from others have made him too cautious and when he does try and have a go, it is out of frustration or panic to meet his performance standards. I think he should have accepted Jackie Stewart's mentoring offer last year. Now it may be too late to save his Formula 1 carreer.


Seb is an absolute beast in qualifying.

Well done to Ricciardo, Vergen, and Bottas as well.

Alonso in his customary sixth place starting position ... he may well finish on the podium though.


Relative to Verge, Ricciardo is getting done every time the intermediates come out. They'd be on track at the same time on what appears the same strategy and first lap out, Verge would usually be 0.5 to more than 1 second quicker. This has happened in Melbourne, Monaco and Canada. Ricciardo has mentioned set up issues, but it is rare that wet track performance varies much between cars from the same team.

The most recent Autosport issue suggests Ricciardo is the number 2 choice to drive the second Red Bull next year after Raikkonen. The consistently slower wet pace relative to Verge might raise a few eyebrows among people who matter.

It will be interesting to see what happens next. Da Costa is keeping some pressure on with his results in FR3.5, but he's not staring as he did at the end of last year. I'd be surprised if both Verge and Ricciardo were both in the Toro Rosso next year, which probably means at least one of them won't be in F1 next year.


More than half the time the track is dry during a race. Ricciardo significantly outperformed Vergne in China and Spain.


Hi Wade,

It isn't just coming out ahead of Verge, it is being seen as the complete package. Results like Canada could just see both through the revolving door - Vergne for not being quick enough and Ricciardo not delivering in the wet. Ricciardo will want a very good excuse to come out for his wet track and Canada race performances for his own brand.




Want it or not, like it or not, but it really looks like Vettel will take the title...again.


It sure looked like Alonso had it in the bag last year mid point 🙁


wait for it. 'it' being the end of season.


A win for Hamilton tomorrow would put him on 87 points and establish him as a serious championship contender. Of course it would also make the question of the "illegal" tyre test even more significant than it already is.


In one sense this result isn't that relevant to the Lewis being in or out of the championship, especially if it is wet race. The question is whether the Mercedes can look after its tyres on a track with significant tyre loads. If there are half the races in the season where the Mercedes is unlikely to be in the top six (UK, Hungary, Belgium, Korea, Japan, India for exeample) then it will be very difficult for Mercedes to compete even if the cars start up the front.

If Vettel is second here and then wins in the UK, Hamilton could be 65 points behind even if he wins in Canada.


Meanwhile, the prospect of Kimi equaling the Kaiser's record of consecutive points scoring races (i.e. 24 races) had got me all excited earlier wondering if he could do it or not.

Yeah, that was back then before I found out that during Schumi's time, only the top 6 used to score points >>> So no longer excited any more.


When i hear Kaiser, i still think Beckenbauer. Never heard Schumi called that.


Well it was top 6 for most of his streak, but I think it finished in the top 8 scoring format, no? But he had top 6 results thru the entire streak. Of course his 2002 was incredible, on the podium for each race. His car probably could've been tuned to go faster, but they didn't need the extra speed, so made it bulletproof.


You forget that these years we have more "first-lap nutcases" than back then.

Honestly, with all the young, fearless and sometimes foolish drivers, it truly is an amazing feat.


'before I found out that during Schumi’s time, only the top 6 used to score points'

I can't believe you didn't already know that!

Still, no matter the points system (and there's been a few different ones over the years) finishing 24 consecutive races in the points is an achievement 🙂


Yeah we also have a Red Bull now that neither Mclaren not Ferrari can touch & 6 other world champs in thise cars.. So for Lotus / Kimi to be in the points 23 times is quite remarkable anyway you look at it.

I would suggest people review some YouTube videos on Raikkonen and see what tremendous reflex evasive skills he has ..I think he will need all that skill again today.. God speed Kimster !!


@Dee67 lol yes I have, that and walking into umbrellas, tripping on stairs, flipping over jumping fences ,etc.. Which tells you just one thing -He Was Born to Drive ! Lol. I truly find the people who are most gifted at what they do tend to be very understated at it,- but tend to be overdone in some other area to balance it out- be it family, sports , booze etc..-- Geez he a does a lot of balancing !


I take it you've seen the clip where he falls off his yacht moored in Monaco when a tad drunk! Great reflex skills there!!


I completely agree about your belief.

goferet comes out with such wierd statistics, you'd have thought that woul have been right up there! lol


Schumacher had much superior car back then. Kimi is with Lotus a much smaller team, still very very good series of driving.


Define smaller. Lotus has won more WDC's in the last 20 years than each of McLaren, Red Bull and Williams.

Williams 93, 96 & 97

McLaren 98, 99 & 08

Red Bull 10, 11 & 12

Lotus / Renault / Benetton 94, 95, 05 & 06

They are the team that stopped Shumi in his prime.

Just because they change their name does not make them smaller or eliminate the history they have evolved from.


Smaller as in 5th highest budget, historic performance doesn't develop the car. I could argue that the Sauber and Williams of last year was at times as fast as the Lotus, but couldn't sustain development on a smaller budget, apart from not having as good a driver as Kimi or technical director as James Allison.


No but they are not fill works team anymore either. The Renault back then was full factory. Not since 2008.

Ferraris budget in Schumachers time was something like USD600M+ . Lotus budget now is something less than USD 150m


$ primarily. This gives lots of quality people and high level resources. One of the theories around James Allison going was that he didn't have the resources at Enstone to do justice to his ideas for the 2014 car.


It still is quite the feat. Comparing through the times is somewhat meaningless anyway.


If it is warm and dry Kimi will be on the podium. If it's like today he will struggle


If its warm and dry and if Kimi does hit anyone and if anyone doesn't hit Kimi and if the car is reliable and it he doesn't get screwed by a safety car.

Thankfully there's a lot of ifs in sport to keep it interesting.


AAArrgghhhh ! What do I wish for ? Love to see Kimi on the podium, love to see a tricky damp race. There's no way to square that circle.


Yeah Kimi was very quick in the dry on the Friday and that Lotus loves the super soft. But unfortunately they cannot rely on that all the time. He will still have tremendous work to do following his 2 grid penalty starting from 11.

Can he now start on whatever tyre he chooses?. If he gets on the medium on a warm start and do the reverse grid he could storm home on super softs .Go Kimi - chanel Suzuka 05 or even Monaco last few laps!!


Of course thanks Jake. I just read he starts 10 anyway


If it's dry everybody gets to pick a tyre

All revved-up

"Kimi WILL be on the podium"! I enjoyed that. James, you should give more pre-race predictions.

I'm guessing that your sense is that the circuit is demanding on tyres; and hence the Lotus will have very strong dry race pace compared to the rest. But I wonder if the short pitstop time will allow faster cars (Mercedes) to get in and out with less penalty.

Plus, there is no shortage of fresh dry tyres for everyone!

Fascinating race coming up.

Stephen Taylor

Yes I agree on that and Ferrari seem to be in the same boat. On another note I think there is only one other real option for Raikkonen other than staying at Lotus, this option being retirement forced or not.


you know something that Autosport doesn't? They say he's first in line for Webber's seat at RBR. Personally I think that's a thrilling prospect.


You may be right - I've no particular opinion. Autosport is running the argument that Raikkonen is more likely to be a Red Bull driver than Webber next year and is probably the favourite to replace him. Grosjean right now probably needs Raikkonen to be somewhere else.

For renewing the sport, I hope Massa isn't the #2 at Ferrari next year. From there if there is a blonde German named Nico in a Ferrari next year, that would be a start. I suspect the one driving for Sauber is the more likely of the two. The main problem is that neither are really what Santander want from a marketing perspective.

Also, Webber leading Porsche's Le Mans program would be clear another top seat. So Kimi to Red Bull would give us a Vettel-Raikkonen comparison. I suspect Mercedes will stay as it is. Mercedes probably wants to keep Rosberg at the moment and Rosberg would look at a Ferrari drive next to Alonso and feel that he is likely to be at a political disadvantage.

So Hulkenberg to Ferrari. Bianchi to Sauber on the Ferrari treadmill.

Lotus becomes the interesting one. It could have two drivers who bring money. Maldonado would be attractive as one of the best backed drivers out there. I'll end my speculation there.


James, did Vettel stop short of the pit lane at the end of qualifying? Looked like it on TV, any idea why?


They all did. They were keeping parc ferme clear, it seems.


I am a fan of ferrari.But i have to admit vettel will win his 4th WDC this year and he fully deserves it.This year he came out on top in difficult conditions so far.All the best for him


The end of the season is a very long way of yet.

Alexander Supertramp

Yeah, but I can't see him finishing lower than 5th or something. His consistency, as I have said before, is ridiculous. Combine that with his points advantage and the fact that we yet have to race on some typical RB tracks.. I can't see anyone keeping him from his 4th. Newey gives him the car, but man he is a modern day Manfred von Richthofen.


Vettel continues his impressive performance, it's amazing how focused he is, how he gets the most of his car when it matters and the fact that he has made near zero mistakes so far in the season.

I think Alonso would be better off not expecting luck to come his way. Instead, he should recognize his rival's virtue and just do better.

Vettel has had some fortunate moments, mostly down to his rivals having problems (whether that is luck or not can be argued), but it's not that different to what Alonso did last year. He was amazing on a poor Ferrari, but circumstances that fit his car came when it mattered (Malaysia). In any case, Alonso's impressive first part of the season was greatly influenced by his rivals underperfoming significantly. McLaren had a clearly superior car back then, but miserably failed to complete clean weekends, with so many pit errors that wasn't even funny.

Anyways, poor performances from rivals aside, both Vettel this season and Alonso last year put together amazing consistency, intelligence and top notch performance. I just hope Sebastian had similar recognition, starting from his peers.

Alonso in particular bragged several times last year about the amount of respect he'd gained from his rivals... I think he should give some of that respect back where it's due.


Quoting Christian Horner - 2012

"Fernando has done a tremendous job, scoring in every single race, but statistics say he has to have one bad weekend in 20,” he said.


Is that any different to what Alonso is saying?

Vettel said this last year as well but I can't find the source.


Fernando very much reminds me of his countrymen Sergio Garcia(less the racist comments)and Seve Ballesteros in that nothing is their fault. That the only way they lose is by bad luck or someone else winning in an some undeserved way. I had actually thought Garcia had grown out of this over the past year but, he proved me wrong.

In the end Fernando comes across to me as somewhat overrated. People want to see a Senna in him. Looking at his past though and considering the "crashgate" blocking Hamilton and other issues what I see is a Segio Garcia that can be brilliant at times but still has the yips on the big stage. Utterly lacking in consistency and grace.


Looks that way doesn't? No I really dislike whining. I feel the same about Dewayne Wade always whining.


Tsk-tsk, you really dislike Spaniards, don't you?


Well, the difference is more than obvious. Fernando didn't, even in the slightest, give any kind of positive feedback to Sebastian, whereas Horner and the rest of the paddock spent most of last season complimenting alonso.

This is very similar to what Fernando said when he declared that he didn't race Vettel nor Webber, he raced newey. In my opinion, that's tremendously disrespectful and demeaning, but hey, it's his style and it keeps coming back again and again... Anybody remembers how ferrari were a gang that never followed the rules... Until he joined, of course...

Torchwood Five

In terms of fortunate moments, why were Vettel's and Webber's cars released by the safety car in Monaco, but no-one else?

The incident that caused the deployment was still ongoing, and the cars trailed the SC for several more laps.

If I was one of the Mercedes taking that moment to dive for the pits, it would have seemed reasonable for me to assume the rest of the field were corralled on the other side of the track, several seconds away from being a threat.


I thought the safety car has to pick up the race leader, so if it picks up second position the race leader will lap the field, as the safety car can't catch an F1 car.


That's a misunderstanding of the rules on your part. The cars have to complete laps a more than a specified lap time when in double yellow conditions but not controlled by the safety car.

This allows the safety car to be deployed earlier without giving an advantage to any car as all have to meet the delta time. The Red Bulls were let passed the car first, but this gave no time advantage to them as they couldn't complete the lap any faster than the allow time. Raikkonen and Alonso, who were a few seconds further back, caught the car a bit later and even if they were let by at the same time as the Red Bulls they would have had to have fallen back before the end of the lap, allowing Hamilton in ahead of them.

The problem for Hamilton with the safety car was that he had to stop on the same lap as Rosberg, otherwise he risked losing time behind the safety car as it picked him up as the leader (Vettel was no higher than third place when he passed the safety car). Hamilton was told to drop back six seconds. He dropped back to 11 seconds and lost two places. Not a standard driver skill, but still completely driver error from Hamilton. You could say Vettel was lucky that Hamilton made an error, but nothing more.


+1 lets not forget as well that vettel has had his fair share of bad luck too, particularly at the start of 2010 where he was dominant in the first 3 races but was let down by reliability.


Very well said. Vettel does not brag about other drivers good luck or their car or technical director. He drives and delivers. That is worth those famous 0.5-0.6 seconds per lap.


Would love to bring up comments after multi 21, and more so before next race when he sounded like a spoilt kid. You respect the man, not the history book.


Or respect his performance and not personality. He has just about maximised the points that his car was capable of at each race.


Forgot to add something. Alonso please try to drive better rather than trying to wish bad luck for other people...


He did pretty well given the ferrari is easy on its tyres thus struggles hugely in these conditions!

Stephen Taylor

Well done Bottas.


its the 1st time I have ever saw bottas face.never seem him before.

he did well,but the rain made quali a lottery.

grosean is starting 29th ha,

so who think its time for him to go?

Stephen Taylor

It's going to be hard for Grosjean to start 29th as their are only 22 cars on the grid . However I agree with you that he should leave f1 and get Valsecchi in until the end of the season then get Hulk for 2014.


29th was a joke(grojean said it),least he has gained 7 places.

kimi should take under him wing(not of this car).the speed is there,just needs an old head to guide him.


He brings some sponsorship money with him, so that is a consideration for Lotus as the team would presumably lose that.

Grosjean has possibly had a chassis issue for much of the season so it might be a mitigating factor. Monaco was one really bad weekend - he showed more speed than Kimi when not crashing.

Grosjean badly needs to nail a few overtaking moves like the one he made on Hamilton in Valencia. I'd give him until the summer break.

Pirelli 1 Champiomnship

It is looking like 2012 all over again, but Ferrari and RBR traded places. Meaning, Ferrari is the faster car but they have bad luck/bad management while Vettel is getting everything right with the slower car.

Even the wet performance of RBR in 2013 is similar to Ferrari's in 2012.

Nice to see a session without the tyres dominating F1. Nice one Bottas.


the Ferrari is not the faster car this year,this year is nothing like last year.

the season is not over ,there is 13 races to go.

don't count out lewis,a few wins,help from nico, you never know.

one dnf for vettel and its wide open again.

if Mercedes have shorted the race tyre wear,they can win any race.

that's why redbull are crying cause they no , there says faster.

ross brawn is no mug,he no's what his doing.

lewis is getting to no the car now, everyone has to be aware.

he is still the best driver in F1.


Fastest car in qualifying is a dog in races thus far. The Ferrari has been the fastest race car, as in it can go fast as well as prolong tyre stints. Without mistakes, or if Ferrari were to ge believed, bad luck, Alonso could have been on the podium at all races bar Monaco, giving him the WDC lead.


Mhilgtx, this is not my analysis, they themselves have said this, as well as many journalists and experts. I am not saying they would have got those podiums, I'm saying they had the pace to get them.


You make a ton of leaps to conclusions about where Ferrari could have been without mistakes.

Racing at the highest level is all about not making the fewest mistakes. We are talking about tenths of a second over 3 KM.

As far as if Ferrari had not made a mistake, there is a country (as in rural not France)saying:

"If a frog had wings he wouldn't bump his (arse) when hopped"


RBR v Ferrari Qualy

Australia: Vettel 1st v Alonso 5th

Malaysia: Vettel 1st v Alonso 3rd

China: Vettel 9th(didnt run in Q3) v Alonso 3rd

Bahrain: Vettel 2nd v Alonso 3rd

Spain: Vettel 3rd v Alonso 5th

Monaco: Vettel 3rd v Alonso 6th

Canada: Vettel 1st v Alonso 6th

So how did you come to the idea the Ferrari is faster than the RedBull? The race pace is better due to the tyre wear, but that was only in China.

You're entitled to your opinion, so I respect that, but don't agree with it.


Ferrari's tyres lasted better in Australia, China and Spain. We don't know about Malaysia, the Red Bulls were marginal. Alonso could have beaten at least RoGro, maybe Kimi in Bahrain without mechanical failings.


If this email account is active your comments will continue to pass moderation

If not they will all be deleted.

Thank You.

Jesse Charlebois

Grow up? Your bias is obvious by your "name". I hate to break it to you but tyres being the only part of an f1 car to touch the ground have always been a factor in f1. Whether it was the super strong and long "no change" tyres of a few years ago. Or how about the Austrian gp that Bridgestone almost won against the mighty Goodyear because they came up with the right formula. Goodyear vs Bridgestone, Bridgestone vs Michelin and many others. These last three years have been a golden age of f1 in terms of competition, performance and excitement. There are some classic races playing on sky today one race the top three finished the Canadiangp of 1995 with 30 second gaps between each of the top three. When was the last time that happened in this era? I for one am glad at a close fought and competitive championship and thank the tyres for doing a good job!

Pirelli 1 Championship

Touchy touchy about me mentioning your censorship when it concerns the British bias? Grow up.


To back up All-revved up I have only had one thing deleted by James and I knew it might be so I posted it seperately from my main post so that it could be easily moderated.

With that said I have been pretty outspoken about many different topics and James and his crew have been extremely fair.

All revved-up

Not that James or this forum needs any defending.

But I've had my politically incorrect jokes censored, and I don't have a problem with that. It's the prerogative of a forum creator and moderator to create a certain atmosphere or theme in his forum, to differentiate it from the many other forums on the web.

I'm not British, but I've not sensed a British bias. If there is any bias, it's because the language on this forum is English and hence attracts a high proportion of commentators who only get their knowledge and information from the English language world.

This type of bias is not unique to this forum, but is found in all communities - whether online or bricks and mortar.

I'm from Asia, and I can see this bias in other language communities as well.

Sorry to go off topic. Back to F1.


No, there is no censorship or bias.

Review the 80,000 comments we had in the last year and you will see that it's a broad church,. I couldn't care less what nationality anyone is.

We just don't like comments coming from people who hide behind false emails and they will not pass any more if we can help it.


What a great qualifying session. Congratulations to Bottas to get a great time early on in Q3. He is really showing up his more experienced teammate. Conditions thereafter deteriorated and nobody was able to improve.


Vettel seems to have a soft spot for Finns. 😀

Anyway, good job Vettel and Bottas.

Looking forward to the race.


James I wouldn't put pole all down to Vettel, I think the Red Bull is the best car overall but that particularly in mixed conditions its grip is especially strong. Webber would have challenged had he not been held up behind Button when the flag came down costing him the last lap.

I'd love it if you could ask Domenicali if he has his "We will focus on Qualifying" speech prepared for the next race yet, or if he'll just use the same one from the last 4 races? The focusing does not work Stefano. Maybe you should focus on the fact that Massa has been unable to find qualy pace in the last couple of races. Why does Massa even have a Ferrari drive when guys like Hulkenberg and Sutil are pushing shopping carts. I like the guy but come on. As for tomorrow I'm predicting a winner outside the top 4 on the starting grid...


"Webber would have challenged"

Yeah, right *chuckles*


Button wasn't in Q3, and no one improved in the second part of Q3, all losing at least half a second at the last corner. Webber made it through the other sessions comfortably.


well done to vettel,lewis and bottas.

and apparently lewis had C.I brakes in aus,but because they put too much heat out,he had to go back to using brembo.

but they had been working on the brakes for canada,and this is the first time he has used C.I brakes since aus.

and apparently they will be bringing an update to silverstone for the C.I braking system.

if that is true,it explains why lewis looked more like his old self.


We relly need to iron out what the facts are on that story. Contradicting stories abound.


yes ,watch him fly now,he wont need redbull to give him wings.

I think he is more one with the car now,

if I was him I wouldnt of said anything,

let people think he is still slow.

don't think ill get brembo breaks for my car now, ha ha

I bet he loses tomorrow now


Bit early to say that, Canada is Lewis's best track arguably, if Lewis got out qualified here by nico I would have been shocked lets see how the next few races go

Alexander Supertramp

Outqualified Nico by half a second.. It's one qualy session, he will need to confirm.


Oh, this one worked. Cool 🙂


This was a great qualy. Vettel seemed dominant. How many poles did he win in the wet so far? Goferet? 🙂

Great job also by Hamliton, he was sooo close. And big respect for Bottas, I didn' see that one coming, I guess nobody did.

Penalty for Raikkonen? He sure doesn't need this if he want's to fight Seb and Fernando for the title... Too bad.

Tomorrow anything can happen, though... It's Montreal.

But I hope Vettel gets his 1st win here 🙂


The Regenmeister is dead, long live the Regenmeister


I think if it's dry, then it's Vettel's to lose. Everyone will have fresh slicks. If it's intermediate wet, then he could be in trouble, b/c he said that they'd used each of their 4 sets of inters. Though everyone else in Q3 would've used at least 3 sets as well.


Monza 2008 was the first..


Yes, but this is the only one that comes to mind...


@Miha Bevc @goferet Also Spa 2011.


@ Mila Bevc

Yes there's Monza 2008 and then also this year Vettel has added to his tally of wet poles including Australian 2013, and Malaysia 2013


Well done to the top three.

Amazing job by Bottas, look forward to seeing more of it 🙂


Hamilton to get past vettel within 5 laps. The good early tyre temp and mercedes power VS redbulls lack of top end speed. (In any weather)


hi james, I no its a silly question, but if its dry tomorrow, are the teams allowed to put slicks on?if its damp can they take a chance and also choose slicks?

and why don't you think lewis can win tomorrow?

I think if its dry he has a great chance,hes nothing to lose and may get vettel at the start.

with the cooler temperatures, the tyres might be an issue.

you might see the old lewis back tomorrow.


Yes, everyone has new slick tyres to work with for the race.

As long as they use both compounds it doesn't matter how they use them

Tornillo Amarillo

For Lewis fourth front-row start in five races is amazing with a new car-team.

Finally it seems the brake problem is let behind and I'm very glad in such a case.


vettel has been on pole three times this season and all in wet conditions. One has to acknowledge it is due to superb driving skills rather than car itself.




the picture of Bottas and Vettel together. Perfect selection. That's like the Matt Parker and Trey Stone version of Rush.


i mean Matt Stone and Trey Parker, of course.


"It is Vettel’s 39th career pole position and his third of 2013, meaning that only Vettel and the Mercedes pairing are yet to clinch the top spot in qualifying."

Without meaning to be mean, I do not think that means what you think it means but I know what you mean. 😉


Well done Vettel and Hamilton!

The true star of the day was Bottas showing some real talent for Williams.

I have to agree with others that DiResta sounds like a guy with a back up plan. If not he has got to figure out how to complain in private. I am sure the team is trying. That doesn't mean they are the best or have the budget to practice pit stops or what not. Heck even the largest budget teams have made huge unforced errors this year and last (Mclaren and Ferrari).

James a little off topic but I have been wondering why you guys manually vet every post instead of using Disqus or something and only moderating as needed. Is it an EU reg thing or just a personal preference? I have noticed a few F1 sites do this.


Well good for you, this is the highest quality site I go. There are baseball sites that have good content but I don't go there because there is so much rudeness.

You don't have to post this.


It can't be a small task vetting all comments James, just curious how many people you have helping out on your (fantastic) site? & do you need any volunteers?


Very sad to see Massa making errors in the last two races. It must affect his confidence for the remainder of the season, which i think will be his last year with Ferrari. They can't afford to keep him and lose any hope of the constructors from the outset.

In a dry race, with safety car not unnecessarily affecting the out come, Alonso will come sailing through to win the race. The Ferrari is mighty fast and there is no place to hide on the long back straight for Mercedes with their tyre problems. R ed Bull don't nearly have the long run pace to live with Alonso either. The only challenge on a dry track was going to be Raikkonen and he starts 10th after his penalty.

Great job by Bottas. Even if it's only qualifying, and he will go backwards in the race, its really good to see Williams back near the front where they belong. A point or two would be awesome.

Di Resta, well he needs to zip it really. He should be discussing things with his team behind closed doors and not slamming them publicly.


Whats shames this weekend is when you have Mercedes getting away with secret tire tests... you have lesser teams (negotiating with FIA & Stewards)paying heavy price of two grid penalty each for silly infringement.

Well, either F1 only will tolerate capital murder and not an minor assault of rules.

Or, as Hamilton would put it: Kimi was penalised coz' he's Black 😀


It seems to me that most of the drivers, particularly in the top 10 will have now done at least one run on all of their intermediate tyres, with some sets not usable at all. If the race is run in similar conditions as qualifying there will be some major issues with lack of inters. James, do you have any data on sets of tyres and how much they have been used so far or does anyone know of a good source for this?


Nice and most wellcome suprise to see Bottas in P3. Finally a new face. It was getting boring and too predictable.

Does Massa´s car have some kind of magnetic force that drags it to the fence? Does anyone know why he had another crash?

And after Kimi´s penalty he is starting in P10 and Perez in P12. Those two are way too close to each other. I´m scared


Felipe said he braked on a painted line in turn 3( think) and slid. He acknowledged it was his fault and he was really frustrated.Very easy for the best to do- even in those conditions!

Kimi has too much to loose on Perez so he will just try to gap him real quick. Sergio is a complete banana of that Im now sure- I can really understand someone punching him in the face. He has the gall to keep opening his mouth and say he would do it again - when anyone with any sense can see its just not on. I just hope he doesn't hurt someone or take out another contender..right now Im not sure I care if he hurts himself with his arrogant rhetoric.

Tornillo Amarillo

Talking about Perez and Raikkonen, people continue to talk who to blame for the Monaco incident. For me Kimi was in fault.

GP247 said:

"...Villeneuve thinks that it is Raikkonen who should have been punished for the Monaco accident."

“He clearly closed the door because he knew what was going to [be overtaken],” said the French-Canadian.

“But of course everyone likes [Raikkonen], everything is ok,” Villeneuve added.

“He says something and everyone in the press room laughs, even if it’s bad. I don’t understand that.”



Great quali by Seb..he is only getting better and that's something truly scary in the car and team he's in ! I don't think people should read too much into Hamiltons performance and he's brake issues etc. obviously it's a circuit he really likes and has much success on and in wet conditions the extreme limits of the brake pedal are not the same..but it also shows what a tremendously adaptable driver he is.

Im really pleased for Bottas - I have been rapping this guy since he entered F1 and its clear that Finns seem to be a straight forward bunch never taking praise too easily.Claire Williams said that he is a future star and I hope he gets more chances to shine is a struggling car !

Alexander Supertramp

James, what's the deal with both STR's in q3? Vergne often strugles to get into q2, but everytime we have this type of conditions he somehow shines.


It's all about getting temperature into the tyres in conditions like that.

STR did that yesterday


Hi James

Slightly off the above topic I know but relevant to recent events and probably forthcoming ones.

Yesterday Christian Horner confirmed that they had been approached by Pirelli to test and they had refused. That in itself is not that surprising although it must have added to Pirelli's frustration and ability to resolve an obvious and high profile issue when Red Bull was screaming the loudest that there was a problem.

What I found very interesting was when CH was pressed on what Mercedes could have learned in the test he said (I Think) that they found that if the turned the tyre around it reduced wear.

Did I hear him correctly. Is this the Ply Steer effect that Gary Anderson referred to on the Good Years which was resolved at the Canada GP in 1997? The effect is fully described by GA on the BBC F1 web-site.

Have Mercedes adopted this different method of fitting. Presumably they and others would need Pirelli approval. If it has, have other teams including Red Bull discovered this and are, or are going to adopt it.

Thanks for all of the insights into the wonderful and complex world of F1.

regards Sid

Tornillo Amarillo

Bottas has qualified extraordinary here in Canada, so he has to expect to be shown the boot by Williams at the end of this season (ask Hulkenberg 🙂


I'm expecting a Grosjean podium in Montreal.

The weather here, seems to be warming.

I expect two stops optimum for Lotus.

I favour an aggressive strategy; so several teams, should they follow this approach, I expect them to, will be on planned three-stops, Alonso, Vettel, and Lewis; Kimi may be able to go aggressive with an optional strategy, and get away with two stops.

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