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Get well soon, Murray!
Posted By: James Allen  |  17 Jun 2013   |  11:15 pm GMT  |  136 comments

It has been reported this evening that my old broadcasting colleague Murray Walker is fighting cancer.

Approaching his 90th birthday, Murray was already dealing with a fractured pelvis from a fall; blood tests during his treatment revealed a form of cancer in the lymphatic system.

Fortunately it has been found early in its development, so there is a degree of optimism about the treatment of it.

“They’ve caught it incredibly early. It’s treatable, the doctors say my condition is mild and I’m very hopeful,” said Murray.

His mother lived to over 100 and the veteran commentator always used to say when we were on the road that you can absteem from smoking and drinking as much as you like (both of which he avoided), but if you don’t have good genes then you’re sunk.

We wish him a speedy recovery.

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Hope you have a Speedy Recovery!

Still love going back to old Races and hearing Murray’s Commentary!

Get Well Soon!


Still missing your race broadcasts Murray, wishing you a full and speedy recovery!


Read this news a few days ago and I also wish that Murray gets well soon!

The prognosis looks positive in that they caught it early and in quite a mild condition but at the same time a course of chemotherapy cannot be easy for a man approaching his 90th birthday, even for an 89-yr old whose fitness is as impressive as Murray’s.

In the short-run it’ll be sad not to see him at Silverstone this year but on the other hand here’s hoping for a full recovery and for him to be there in subsequent years.


Yes…please get well soon.


Get well soon Murray!


Grew up listening to Murray. Made me love F1. Get well soon; this is just a pit stop, not the chequered flag!


Get well soon Murray… as a kid I got into F1 because of your enthusiasm for the sport. I also read your book and was impressed with your career and accomplishments.

Cancer is a horrible but you can beat it!

Best wishes.


Taking a quote from Murray himself

With half the race gone, there is half the race still to go.

Get well.


“I’m going to stop the start watch!” to Murrays recovery.


Get well soon Murray.

You are one of the reasons I fell in love with Formula One.

A true Legend.

Alan from Canada

Mr. Walker…I started watching F1 in Toronto, Canada with you and James Hunt/James Allen, and over the years I enjoyed your commentary very much. I am also surprised that you don’t get a well-deserved knighthood for your excellent work!

Wish you a speedy recovery, and may God bless you and give you strength!

Alan from Toronto, Canada


Why does this sort of thing always happen to the great people of this country, the people who are loved and respected and not to the ‘oiks’ of the world?

Murray please get well soon…you are the voice and spirit of F1…your passion and love for the sport is why you have so many fans the world over…yes the world over. They may not all speak English but passion is passion and that is understanderbale in any language.

I remember as a kid playing Scalextric with my friends..alwyas bickering over whose turn it was to have a game…but listening to you commentate on F1 in the70s and 80s made it ok not to play as we could commentate instead….so for all those generations still to come get well soon so many more get to say they know who Murray Walker is (without the use of hearing replays on youtube).


Legendary commentator. He was able to draw you in and hook you with his enthusiasm. And his interviews are still captivating. Get well Murray!

Grayzee (Australia)

Wow! 99 get well comments so far, so I’ll make it 100.

All the best in your fight with the Big C, Murray.

Thanks James for giving us the chance to wish Murray a speedy recovery.


Get well soon Murray. The soundtrack to all of Mansell and Hill’s greatest F1 moments. Am praying he will pull through and be around for many more F1 seasons to come.


Get well. I will always remember your race calls. A part of F1 forever.


Good luck! Your toughest fight yet, show them they picked on the wrong guy. We know you’ll get through this!


Wishing Murray a speedy recovery. Despite all the plaudits, I still don’t think we appreciate enough the job Murray did for F1 and Motor Sport back in times when TV coverage was far more challenging to put together, and far less time in which to do it.

Even on the crackly commentary of the fly away races of Brazil and Japan, Murray’s iconic tones could tell the story of a race and championship in just a few sentences.

I don’t envy the job you had trying to replace him James. I suppose it is a testament to Murray that whoever replaced him was on a hiding to nothing!

Get well soon Murray.


It’s kinda beautiful that I am in no way suprised at the amount of well wishing messages here, Murray is a true legend of the sport. Get well soon sir!


Mr. Walker, wish you a positive medical treatment in order for you to enjoy family quality time for many years.




Get well soon murray


All the best Murray. Love your work. Top fella!


Get well soon Murray!


All our thoughts are with Murray and his familiy at this time – get well soon!

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