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Ferrari hopeful the F138 will suit Silverstone
Scuderia Ferrari
Posted By: James Allen  |  26 Jun 2013   |  2:46 pm GMT  |  36 comments

Ferrari are hopeful they can deliver a strong result at this weekend’s British Grand Prix as they believe the F138 will suit the high speed corners of Silverstone.

The team are currently second in the constructors’ championship, 56 points adrift of leaders Red Bull while Fernando Alonso is second in the drivers’, 36 behind leader Sebastian Vettel. Alonso’s team-mate Felipe Massa is seventh.

Alonso, who won the British Grand Prix in 2011, finished a strong second in Canada and Massa scored a battling eighth but both were hampered by a lack of pace in qualifying, something team principal Stefano Domenicali says the team are working hard to address.

“We are doing everything we can to start from pole position,” said Domenicali in a web chat with Ferrari fans. “If we can fulfil this mission everything will become easier.

“The drivers up to now have had a very good season, even if I always evaluate their performance together with the team’s.”

Massa, who has scored just podium this season with third in Spain, is confident his car will work well at Silverstone as it’s a similar circuit to that in Barcelona and Shanghai where Alonso won this year.

“I believe our car can work well at this race, as that seemed to be the case in China and Barcelona, and Silverstone follows that same direction in terms of circuit characteristics,” said Massa, who has never finished on the podium at Silverstone.

“It’s an old-style track with high speed corners, which should suit the F138, so I expect to have a good weekend. Naturally, I’m looking to score points and hoping to finish on the podium.”

Like most teams, Ferrari will have a series of upgrades for Silverstone.

“We have spent a lot of time analysing data from the last few races, from the aero side to looking at tyre performance, trying to put together the best possible package for Silverstone,” said technical director Pat Fry.

“We’ve got a few upgrades coming through for this weekend and we have to ensure we are well prepared to run them. We have been studying data from the wind tunnel to assess what is the best set-up for the car for this circuit using the new parts that are coming through the system now.

“The last two races in Monaco and Montreal took place on tracks that are quite different to normal circuits. While Monaco is unique and Montreal is similar to Bahrain with a premium placed on traction, Silverstone is more about high speed corners that flow together, so if we want to make a comparison it has more in common with Barcelona.”

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Behind the Scenes at the track
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Do you have any sort of guidance on establishing a web site?

I’m just extremely tired of doing the same old thing

at work and desire a new challenge.


Sunday late afternoon we will figure out who was king at Silverstone.

Webber has announced that he will leave Red Bull, so maybe this will bring some peace of mind for him..


The F138 has been the best car overall this season, so I’m sure it will “suit Silverstone”. (In spite of Alonso’s career-long qualifying problems)


LMAO, qualifying problems ? He may not be the best qualifier but hes still in the upper echelon. Ferrari is the one that hasn’t made their car into a great qualifier since 2008 when Massa was grabbing poles. How many poles has Massa had since then ? or does he also have “career-long qualifying problems”?


I’m a man who lives his life by putting as much positive energy out there as I can because I truly believe in karma. What goes around, comes around. You don’t do what Vettel did to Mark Webber in Malaysia and not pay the price for later. I promise you. Vettel will come to regret what he did to Mark Webber. I’m sure of it.


Mark did the exact same thing to Seb at silverstone, he denied a team order to hold station and tried to overtake (granted he wasn’t good enough to get the jobd done but both drivers had the same intent) maybe Malaysia was karma for mark. Why is it ok for MW to deny a team order and not SV?


Karma? Many murderers and thieves got away and lived a good life thereafter.

Mark just need to improve his tyre management. Likewise Alonso and Ferrari need to make less mistakes. Malaysia was a really stupid mistake, it’s man made.

As a supporter of Alonso I didn’t like it when he expects bad luck to fall on Vettel, although some luck does help.

Oh yes, the extra 7 points for Vettel will surely help him although it’s morally wrong.


Yes, you’re many murders and thieves have gotten away with and lived a good life thereafter, but the majority of them have gotten caught and sent to jail.

Last year when Alonso was leading the Driver’s Championship, Christian Horner and Red Bull were all wishing that bad luck would come his way. And guess what? It did thanks to both Lotus drivers taking out Alonso in Spa and China.

For the record, Mark Webber’s engine was turned down more than Vettel’s. Vettel was also on a fresh set of the option tyres while Mark Webber was on the Prime tryes.


When did mark turn the engine down exactly I wonder, I mean the place wasn’t safe until he was around t1 ahead of SV. Did he turn it down in the put lane (before he had secured his position or was it in the middle of the battle for position. If SV had of passed MW into turn 1 most people would have said fare enough, he hadn’t secured the lead and SV was in DRS zone and attacked straight away and never let up, I just wonder when exactly he turned the engine down. This has never come out, you would have expected him to at least clear a 1 second gap


I do hope so.


Don’t really know why people are underestimating ferrari’s chances of victory at silverstone? Long high speed corners on abrasive tarmac is the same stuff that got alonso the win in china and barcelona. Red bulls finished 40s behind race winner in spain and I simply do not belive they solved all their tyre problems since then. I predict red bull to come home third AT BEST.

Unless it rains, then Vettel wins.


This is the same gibberish Ferrari have been spotting for weeks. Granted they haven’t had rain free race weekends to test new parts but for me it is a tired tune. Instead of talking about hoping to fight for pole for just another race weekend and failing how about keeping quiet and actually doing something on track Stefano. You haven’t legitimately put a car on pole in years were it not for Alonso doing so in the wet on s couple of occasions.


So what would you prefer they say. Hope we qualify badly and finish mid pack? I guess you’re not working in PR


Hey Doobs, what infinite wisdom do you have on PR now? You think it was a good PR job? Anyone in PR shouldn’t generate press about something they suck at. Ferrari have been doing this not just for races but multiple seasons. Give me a break.


No reason to panic. Alonso won at Silverstone two years ago, took pole last year and finished only 3 seconds behind Webber. The F138

is miles ahead of last year’s car. Should be a great race at a fabulous track for some of the best motor racing fans in the world!


Yes, I think Ferrari can do well here. Why not? I can see a strong 3rd place for them this weekend. That is assuming they can clear the silver bus early. My crystal ball shows 2 Red Bull drivers on the top 2 steps spraying Fernando and Simon Rennie with Moet. It’ll be great to hear the Australian National Anthem played again at Silverstone.


That’s not a very nice thing t to say about. Vettel your sounding like alonso .just waiting on others misfortune.


You shouldn’t write anyone off yet at least not Alonso even if Vettel wins Silverstone. Don’t forget that Vettel made up about 46 points deficit on Alonso last season and yet won the championship. The table might turn against Vettel this time. If Alonso doesn’t win the championship this season it will really hurt his ego, because this has been the best package they have started the season with, and it’s the best package in the grid this season.


You probably need to wake up from that dream scenario.

Lets see according to certain fans anybody can win in the redbull and he already got a 38pt lead I personally think it would take a whole lot for Alonso to overcome that.


Yes, I believe Silverstone will suit Ferrari for a team that wins the aerodyanmic monster that’s Barcelona tends to have the machine to do well on pretty much every track.

Also, it was a beautiful political maneuver by Ferrari (and others) to hold onto the fragile 2013 tyres for this means Red Bull can’t sleep easy irrespective of their current points advantage.

Yes, Ferrari look like they have got all boxes ticked but it remains to be seen if the team can have a flawless weekend for as we saw last year, the team dropped the ball on the strategy.

As for Massa, it’s encouraging to see positive talk from him, maybe, he will have his breakthrough this weekend after two disastrous weekends in Monaco and Canada.


Massa will have to massively up his game from now till the end of this season to have any chances of a drive in 2014. It is incredible that he hasn’t won a single race since 2008 and yet drives for one of the best teams on the grid.


It is about time that Ferrari do something dramatically quickly else their chance to win WDC or Constructors championship will slip away.

Lotus seems to have fizzled away. Merc cannot keep up with race pace consistently. Ferrari cannot qualify at the top to challenge for victories. Looks like RB / SV has started their domination, sadly for those who wants change for the final trophy winner.


Very true. The car has potential and is capable of winning. Not sure if the drivers can deliver though.


I am afraid the F1 2013 is over! It has been one of the most predictable and boring seasons. The champion is Vettel, again!


How long will average performance be tolerated at Ferrari?


I don’t think Alonso should be written off yet. Even Kimi and Lewis shouldn’t be erased from the WDC. Fans would love the final points earned at the last race for the title.


Just remember what Murray says:

“Anything happens in Grand Prix racing, and it usually does.” -Murray Walker


the Bull looks fierce.

Let’s see what changes they make at Lotus for this weekend.


You could smell the four-peat in pre-season testing. RB are unflappable this year.

Once again the fizzy drinks co embarrasses the pros. It will only get worse as they become a works (Infinity) team.

Although, at some point over the coming years, Vettel will HAVE to get bored and go off to dominate something else…


So because the team is called Red Bull Racing, they’re not pro’s?

That’s pretty unfair. I bet there are a number of people working the team who would be insulted by such a juvenile comment


Throw into the mix that Vettel, Alonso and Webber have a stranglehold over Silverstone too then you can almost write it off i suppose?

However, i’ll be watching, praying that Alonso wins and Vettel’s run of good fortune comes to an end. (feels like i’ve been saying that for about 3 years now)


Maybe his alternator will go while he is leading again. If anything SVs bad luck has made the seasons more interesting like when he was leading in Australia 2010 and he retired with mechanical failure and that season went to the last race with FA who only had one mechanical failure from 9th so if no SV bad luck the last race would have been pointless.

2012 another one, again went to the last race, again with FA this time with no mechanical failures and again mechanical failures costing SV 25 points and a race win. If SV was Lucky we wouldnt have had two seasons decided on the last day which is always exciting.

I dont think the season is over, ferrari marginly have the best overall race day car this year so FA should be able to claw his way back into it and hopefuly we can have another exciting finale.


@tom, that’s fair enough man but Paul Watson had implied that SV never had bad luck and he had spent 3 years waiting for SV to have bad luck to no avail. I was just pointing out that he had had some bad luck, people say SC is lucky without saying why he is so lucky and giving examples which I think is unfair.

@Juzh, I hope not as I don’t like to see drivers loose deserved victories because of mechanical issues


Reliability is not the only form of “luck”


Red bull has been using mclaren alternators instead of magneti mareli from this year onwards, so I think chances of that happening again are slim.

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