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Canadian Grand Prix – Who was your Driver of the Day?
Posted By: James Allen  |  10 Jun 2013   |  12:11 pm GMT  |  224 comments

Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel became the first driver to win three times in 2013 with victory in the Canadian Grand Prix to extend his lead in the drivers’ championship.

Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso limited his losses in Vettel, finishing second after starting sixth on the grid, while Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton took his third podium of the season in third.

Toro Rosso’s Jean-Eric Vergne scored his best ever finish in sixth while Force India’s Paul di Resta and Ferrari’s Felipe Massa produced an impressive recovery drives from the rear of the grid to finish in the points – but who was your Driver of the Day at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve?

Sebastian Vettel

Dominated the race from start to finish to increase his championship lead to 36 points. Made a great start from pole to comfortably lead into the first corner. Gradually built up a lead through the early phase of the race and then maintained that gap. Made a rare mistake at Turn One, which saw him lose four seconds as he bounced across the grass after outbraking himself, but escaped without damage. Crossed the line to take his and Red Bull’s first win in Canada and the 29th of his career.

Fernando Alonso

Some impressive overtaking moves allowed him to rise from sixth to second. Made up for his disappointing qualifying with a strong start and an early pass on Valtteri Bottas to run fifth. Nipped past Nico Rosberg who had lost momentum having been passed by Mark Webber to move up to fourth. Passed Webber, after some consistent pressure, with a Kers and DRS aided move around the outside at Turn One before setting off in pursuit of Hamilton. Caught his man with seven laps to go and passed him down the pit straight to take second and limit his losses to championship leader Vettel.

Lewis Hamilton

Ran second for most of the race before losing a place to Alonso late on. Made a good start to maintain position and although he could not keep up with leader Vettel, he managed to build a gap over team-mate Rosberg in third. Was still second after the final stops, but came under pressure from Alonso. Defended well for several laps but was eventually passed by the Spaniard on the pit straight. Crossed the line third for his third podium of the season and sixth top five finish in seven races.

Jean-Eric Vergne

Ran competitively in sixth for most of the race to secure career-best finish. Started seventh and moved up a place with a pass on Bottas. Comfortably ran sixth from then on, showing good pace on both tyre compounds and building a gap to those behind to protect his position. Sent a strong message out to senior team Red Bull having scored junior team Toro Rosso’s best result since Vettel’s fourth place in 2008.

Paul di Resta

Bounced back from a dreadful qualifying to finish seventh. Started 17th after getting knocked in Q1 for the second successive race but made up a couple of places at the start. Showed impressive pace despite running a one-stop strategy which saw him do 56 laps on the same set of medium compound tyres. Finished seventh to seal his sixth points finish in seven races this year.

Felipe Massa

Pulled off several overtaking moves to salvage points. Started 16th after a crash in qualifying, but showed that the Ferrari had good race pace with a string of overtaking moves early in the race. Progress was hampered when he started suffering from tyre graining and then lost time stuck behind Adrian Sutil, who aggressively defended his position. Nevertheless, it was a strong drive to make up eight places and score points.

So who was your Driver of the Day? Leave a comment at the bottom of this story.

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Alonso did indeed an impressive race, overtaking all cars at reach. However, my vote goes to Vettel, he was just in another planet yesterday with incredible lap times with/without full tanks and with both soft/hard compounds.


It would have to be Alonso.He started 6th and finished 2nd.Had he started higher up the grid or ahead of the Williams he could have won the race.Massa also did a good job.


Man of day Di resta for making those tyres go the way and Verne for STR best result since seb, alonso did a well measured drive, seb did what he had to but never had to worry with that car


Was Vettel complaining in Canada on Pirelli rubber, or wasn't he ? I didn't notice that he was.


Why would he complain it was a two stop race where they could push as Pirelli are requested to do, had it been 4 stops he might have.


Yes, but the track is not!


But the tyres are the same!


I think that if Alonso had qualified first to third the result would have been different.

The Red Bull goes better when there is no-one in front, as demonstrated by Webber's overheating problems later in the race when he had to back off.

Vettel had a good race, but had it easy.


...but, you know why he had it easy?...


Yes - Vettel hooked together a good quali lap and Alonso wasn't able to because of various factors, and that's what allowed Vettel to be in front.

Hopefully at Silverstone we'll get the chance to see them actually race together.



Agreed. SV was the DOTD on saturday. FA DOTD on Sunday



Alonso was significantly slower than Vettel on the option tyres - and he wasn't running in dirty air either, he was 2 to 3 seconds behind Webber for the first stint.

They both stopped at the end of lap 15 and the gap was 16 seconds. That isn't race winning pace.


@bruno menilli

You didn't read what I wrote, did you?

He lost time in the opening stint from NOT HAVING THE REQUIRED PACE ON THE SUPERSOFT TYRE.

It had nothing to do with traffic. If he started second, he'd still have finished second.


Alonso came from 6th to 2nd by overtaking - that shows he had the pace.

Alexander Supertramp

I agree 100%


I really enjoy Vettel's driving - he's usually so consistent and his pace is incredible. On Sunday however, the car was clearly imperious and Vettel made a couple of errors which could easily have caused disaster, especially slipping onto wet grass so comprehensively. Alonso was clearly driving at an extremely high standard, especially when in attack mode chasing down Lewis for some very exciting laps as he closed the gap.


"the car was clearly imperious"

Seb's car was clearly imperious. As is so often the case, Mark's car was decidedly ordinary.

"made a couple of errors which could easily have caused disaster"

So did Alonso, who collided with Hamilton not once but twice.


This comes down to RBR's racing philosophy: run away at the front. The car strength lies in aerodynamic supremacy, but give it some dirty air and the performance disappears. This usually works very well for Seb.

But for Mark it's a different proposition: with the aero-performance trade off means that the car is slower in a straight line, and the DFS rendered useless as any gain against the competition is muted due to having short gears and Vmax deficits. Not to mention the weight distribution deficit he gives away solely for being taller/heavier than Vettel.

To even have a chance of overtaking, Webber has to sit in close proximity to his rivals, scrubbing his tyres as he does it. I think the Pirelli's have something to do with it too - Mark had a rep as a hard charger in the Bridgestone/Michelin days, and the reduced physical input required by the current rubber is probably holding him back.

Alexander Supertramp

That's because Seb was running in clean air, Webber wasn't. Credit where it's due, Seb qualified it on P1, but from there on this car is the best of the field (perhaps with Alonso's ferrari on par).


Perez for not doing anything stupid.

Bring Back Murray

But he wasn't going fast enough to try and overtake anybody!


Alonso was no doubt the driver of the day.

Spectacular overtaking and consistent driving.

By the way James, when can we expect to get the online poll back for these kind of posts?

It was a great way to assess the thoughts of all your readers.


Consistent driving yes but spectacular overtaking?

Bottas was easy for everybody. He passed Rosberg with the pitstops. So that only leaves Webber and Hamilton for the overtaking. Both very easy with DRS.

The Ferrari is just a very consistent fast car in the race. Massa also went from 16th to 8th.


Much as I agree with the Canadian crowd's reception for Vettel, he was DotD today. He was peerless.

Honourable mentions for PDR and Massa but neither should have been where they were on the grid to start with.

Nice work from Jev. He got 6th on merit today without anyone retiring in front of him.

We are so used to Fernando's consistency (less said about Monaco the better) that when he races as well as he did today, we think it a bit less than stellar because that is how he always (except Monaco) does it.


Please explain why the winning driver should be booed? So very mature.


It may have been due to the crowd being aware of the accident with the Marshall towards the end of the race and the drivers celebrating without knowing. Boos could be heard for all of the drivers


Well I can be wrong but I think only a handful of people knew at that moment what happened to the marshall.

While booing Vettel they where also chanting for Alonso.


@sean - I wasn't saying that he should be. Merely understanding why the crowd would. I do not agree with such unsportsman-like behaviour.

(have you got the irony yet, Sean?)


"We are so used to Fernando’s consistency .."

He has been less consistent than Vettel this year. And he was less consistent than Vettel last year as well.

What you are saying actually applies to Seb - he performs at such a high level on such a regular basis that people keep raising the bar for him and expecting more. He performed brilliantly on Saturday to take pole from the quicker Mercs in the rain, and again on Sunday to dominate the race. But he grazed the wall (as many other drivers did) so he's supposedly inept.


Steve. Please get it right. Vettel "hits" walls. Hamilton and Alonso "kiss" walls. Vettel = mistake. Hamilton, Alonso = awesome judgement.

Vettel driver of the day easily.

Van Der Garde dill of the day easily.

Alexander Supertramp

The RB is not slower than the Merc in damp conditions. Look at qualifying in Australia, Malaysia and now Canada. Vettel should even have taken pole in Monaco, he admitted making a mistake. The Merc is faster (but not a lot) in dry conditions.


With that kind of reasoning then the Balon D'or should have gone to Cristiano Ronaldo. Right!? Messi always scores a lot of goals and that's how he always (exceps against Bayern) does it.


Alonso of course! 🙂


I agree. And I'm a fan so it helps 😉 But I have to admit that this year Vettle has been fantastic. A bit like Alonso last year 😉

I think the podium had the best drivers at the moment. Kubica we miss you



Honourable mention verge.


Alonso followed by verge and diresta tied for second.

I would vote for vettel but he had 2 errors and was not challenged due to rosberg holding webber and Alonso behind for so long.

Hamilton was lucky to get away with third thanks to rosberg holding up the field. Massa started ahead and finished behind diresta on what was supposed to be a faster strategy so I don't think he belongs on the list.

I love Canada. ...bernie needs to do a deal


Hamilton wqs lucky?

If I remember correctly, Webber and Alonsp were pretty much nose to tail after the last pit stop (give or take a few secs.)

While Alonso cruised up to Hamilton, Webber was LEFT FOR DEAD (dont forget what Vettel was doing in the other car.)

IMO, Hamilton managed is tyres very well, leaving enough life in them to allow him to battle with Alonso, and believe me he did this on purpose because, while there was still a gap to Alonso he Hamilton was driving around in the 1.19s and 1.18s, then all of a sudden, once battle commenced, he started lapping slightly slower than Alonso (.10 - .20 per lap) but still in the 1.16s and 1.17s!

Surely, the fact that Webber didnt even get close to the Alonso Hamilton battle tells you that is was Hamiltons skill that got him the podium and also allowed him to finish 44 secs ahead of his team mate?!

Credit to Rosberg for driving like a bus in Monaco, knowing that no one could overtake. He won. Fair and square. But this race, it wasnt luck that got Hamilton the podium, Rosberg just couldnt hack Hamiltons speed and Tyre management skills... evidently, Neither could Webber!!

No luck here!


Interesting how when I say Hamilton was lucky, you assume that I am belittling his excellent race performance. He did an excellent job of managing his tyres and compared to Rosberg's race, did a fantastic job.

However my comment that he was lucky to be on the podium due to Rosberg holding up the field is both valid and accurate. Please read James's report on 11/06/2013 which makes the same point.

"The Mercedes of Nico Rosberg struggled on the day and was forced to do three pit stops.

But in that second stint he held back Alonso and Webber as they tried to catch Hamilton for second place.

After Hamilton’s first stop on Lap 19 he had had a five second lead over Webber and Alonso, but while Rosberg toiled on the second set of Supersfofts he had taken at his stop on Lap 14, that gap opened out over the course of the next nine laps to 11 seconds. This helped Hamilton to make it onto the podium, as Alonso only caught him near the end of the race."

My point was simply that if Rosberg (or any other driver for that matter) had not held up Alonso and Webber it is likely they both would have caught Hamilton no matter how well he is driving as their cars are quicker at this track…..Of course he was unlucky that if Rosberg had chosen medium tyres for his second stint as was able to hold them off longer, Hamilton would have finished 2nd.

Alexander Supertramp

Actually someone who watched the race 😉


The driver of the day was Alonso, without doubt. He has to fight his way trought the pack.


The DoD is Vettel. Shame on the Montreal fans for booing him although I don’t think Vettel was bothered by it. I think he would rather be feared than loved, which quite frankly is the way I like my drivers. Those quick to point out the slightest lapses in his performance are the first to ignore major flaws in their favorite driver. Alonso looks good on paper, but when you start to examine it more closely you realize that he is driving a car that should be on the front row. Yet he consistently fails to string together 3 purple sectors and get his car where it should be in qualifying. As a result he looks like a rock star coming through the field (a feat which would likely be less possible without the gimmickry of DRS and KERS). Then people say how great a driver he is because he uses DRS to get his car back to where it should have been to begin with. This is not the makings of a man who claims to extract the maximum performance from his car. Part of this may be the car, but I think a lot of it is the driver. He is inconsistent in qualifying. It has been more than two and a half years since Ferrari's last pole in dry conditions (Singapore in September 2010.) Think about that for a second - 2 1/2 years - for the legendary Ferrari. Alonso is not good enough to win a championship starting from 5th or 6th. No doubt Domenicali will issue some statement about the need for Ferrari to improve their qualifying performance. I think part of that is taking a hard look at their #1 driver…

One other point - the real winner this week is the fans who for once this season were treated to the closest semblance of real racing. I fear however that this is only a momentary reprieve and we will be back to the Pirelli Tire Management Championship Series next race.


Great post, FA passed very little he shouldn't have been expected today considering MW damage. It was the same all last year. I agree about the racing this weekend, it was great to see, the fighting for position was great, with good moves being needed and it taking a few laps to get the job done.


Yago has said most of it, but I want to add:

Capturing pole in wet conditions (eg. Silverstone & Hockenheim 2012) sort of ruins your theory that he cannot qualify, doesn't it? You know where the conditions really test a driver's ability? Someone who is an ordinary qualifier doesn't pull out those sort of laps.

Also cast your memory back to Bahrain this year. Alonso worked his way through the field (after his 2 pitstops in 2 laps) without DRS. So enough with this "he can only pass with DRS" business.


When RBR is not wining each and every race: "this has nothing to do with racing". When RBR start to win again: "THIS is real racing". Very funny!!!

Alexander Supertramp

As much as I don't like Red Bull, the guys were racing yesterday and I believe that at this moment, when everybody can race, RB is the fastest on most tracks. It's sad for the sport that they can dominate this way, but it's correct. The best car/driver combination should win. The rest of the field needs to get their heads down and work harder.


The comment above is verging on the ridiculous. How can you possibly suggest that? This man is a double world champion with a team which at the time was not a Ferrari or a Mclaren. He claimed he can bring two tenths of second to a team in pure performance and knowledge. And in the pit lane, it is common knowledge that Alonso is worth every penny. Common knowledge among people who know F1 better than both me and you and the majority of the population.


The facts speak for themselves. It’s either the car or the driver. He may be a double world Champion, but 2006 was a long time ago. What has he done lately? And why can’t he get the job done in a Ferrari? Ferrari has been missing in action on Saturdays for the better part of 2 ½ years. I stand behind my comment - Alonso will never win a championship starting from 5th or 6th on the grid. Never. He is good, but he is not that good – DRS has masked many of his shortcomings. He is not a strong a qualifying driver, don’t be blinded by your allegiances.


So, if I understand well, ALO is doing badly on saturdays, but then suddenly finds the peace on sundays. And it's due to him being not able to put three sectors together during a flying lap. Then, in the race, you acknowledge he returns to competitiveness, so in the race he is able to put the sectors together lap after lap. That brings us to the only possible explanation: he cracks under the pressure during his flying laps in quali, and he cracks in every single quali session, as he hasn't put his car in the first row for a whole year now (and that was in wet conditions). Even more, he cracks so much that he many times ends more than half a second from the second best time. So if he was able to put all sectors together he would gain between three to five tenths of a second most of the time, and then put his car on the front row, where it belongs. He really has to get nervous in Q3 for that to happen...

Then we have poor Felipe, who then probably is the slowest driver in the field, being way slower than the so much underperforming Alonso, sometimes up to seven or eight tenths of a second (Australia 2010, Spain 2011 and 2012, Singapore 2011 and 2012, to name a few). Sure Ferrari bosses have absolutely no idea of F1 to keep the worst driver on the paddock driving his car. It could well be the pressure of Santander to keep him in, but we know that the pressure on Ferrari to win is much bigger than that of a sponsor, and they are not struggling for money precisely. So it has to be Domenicalli who is a complete incompetent. Also what would Kimi be thinking now, as Felipe was many times faster than him in quali... Ah no wait, there was the accident, he now is Felipe Massa 2. But again, his first quali after the accident (Bahrein 2010), he was 4 tenths faster than ALO and a tenth off Vettel's pole time. It had to be then something remanent in his brain that waited to manifest and hamper his driving skills to the next race (Australia 2010), where ALO was seven tenths faster than him. Even more, ALO again cracked under the pressure and qualified only third, outside the first row.

Wait... I'm realizing that the probability for all these facts to coexist together is very low, almost zero... Would not be more probable that it is the Ferrari that struggles to do a fast time on the first lap, because it is not able to bring the tires up to temperature? Then, in the race, at lap three or four, the tires are at their correct temperature range, so then the lap times are again competitive. Don't you think this way, for the non expert eye, the drivers would look incompetent during quali compared to the race? After all this thinking, I'm starting to believe that this last possibility is what is actually happening...

But it could well be the combination of the trembling hands of ALO succumbing to the pressure of that q3 lap quali after quali; a remanent entity waiting to act on Massa's brain until the second race after the accident, and from then on choosing to hamper his skills sometimes and sometimes not; and an incompetent team, the most successful of F1 history, keeping the worst driver of the paddock driving his car after four years of complete incompetent driving.

Of course, everybody is free to choose...


Great Analysis, Great Humour. Loved every word.


You forgot to mention that this guy (ALO) with "trembling hands" beat Schummy and the mighty Ferrari TWO TIMES, forcing Schummy into retirement.


You've got alot more patience than me 🙂

Great comment.


You failed to understand the basic of how a Formula 1 car works in regards to tyres.

If you/your car manages to turn the tyres on quick, you get good temp and you are able to go faster. that's what Mercedes car is doing. The downsight is that it wears the tyres faster in the race.

Ferrari and Lotus cars take longer to put heat into the tyres, but the wear is better and they have better pace in the race.

If you can't see beyond your dislike of Alonso, I feel sorry for you.



But there is a need for Alonso to put a few 10ths better on Saturday Q3. Atleast 3 PBs for each sector should be on Q3.


Thank you.

Finally someone who shares my 'Alonso Vs. Vettel' view. I am very sure, that had the tables been turned, all these people would have praised Alonso's complete weekend and how good a driver he is to dominate the field like this.

I wish people would vote for the best drive rather than their fav driver (Maybe thats what they actually do and I just dont agree with them and their scarlet tinted glasses). James attracts quite high quality fans and this is one site where I actually bother to go through the comments but the DOTD section always bothers me.

DOTD - Sebastian Vettel (I don't really like the finger boy)

Bring Back Murray

I take it you're not much of an Alonso fan, then?


You make some good points. But you have to remember that the RB9 and the F138 have different design philosophies. The F138 is now easier on the tyres over a race distance that the RB9. This means that it finds it a little harder to get heat into the tyres enough for a fast quali lap. The RB9 suffers more tyre wear (as does the Merc) and is able introduce enough heat into the tyres quickly.

The argument that Alonso should be qualifying on the first row is not entirely correct because the RB9 and the WD04 are better qualifying cars. So unless the weather is very hot, the F138 should qualify 4th or 5th on average.

But Alonso has made some quali mistakes which has cost him one or two grid positions (but not 3 or 4 positions).


You're absolutely correct The Red Bull and Ferrari seem to have been designed with different philosophies. Besides the tire situation you already mentioned, Red Bull sacrifice straight line speed for optimum lap time, meaning they should do well in qualifying, but are more vulnerable during the race. Alternatively, Ferrari focus on better straight line speed for overtaking, sacrificing a bit in qualifying.

What's important to note though, is that while this excuses Alonso somewhat from not being on the front row, it similarly also diminishes his race feats, which is the part everybody seems to forget to mention.

Anyways, DotD for me is Vergne, 6th purely on merit in the current Torro Rosso was very impressive.


DiResta or Massa would win the contest of "fighting ones way through the pack"




Bottas for showing Maldonado up for the rubbish he is!


Massa for the action. Alonso for the sheer power. Di Resta for showing RBR what those Pirelli's can do.




Yes yes Di Resta too!! Quite safe to say F1 has never had so many great drivers




I would have to give it To Lewis given the realative performance of his car to both Redbull and the Ferraris.Alonso drove brilliantly but he had a very fast car,its his fault for not qualifing higher.Vettel did a brilliant opening stint to pull a nice gap,but those 2 errors while having a huge lead were just so unecessary so not him.Lewis was the one doing the most work to maintain position


U can tell Lewis was pushing as hard as that merc would go, not much more he could do to keep alonso behind,


I do see your view especially being a Hamilton fan but I think Alonso gets it because I think the track conditions in quali did not favour Ferrari (like Lotus).


How can you be certain it was Alonsos fault, not qualifying higher than 6th ?

The Ferrari is well known for being gentle on its tyres (as is the Lotus) but in the rain the counter effect is that they struggle to get enough heat in the tyres.

That is also reason why Kimi had troubles.

For me it is a big question mark if Lewis, Rosberg, Vettel and Webber all did a better job than Alonso if you reckon car performance like you do ("given the relative performance of his car").

It is very clear that RB had the best car over the weekend. Very fast on the intermediates and best (or very close to that) car in the race.


well Massa who is relatively average driver in f1 terms consistenly out qualify Alonso,and we saw what happened in the buisness end of last yr when the pressure was on,Massa was qualifing 2 o 3 places above him.I f look at his opening lap pace and the pace of the Ferrari for the last 2yrs you would have to conclude that Aloso is a weak qualifier.


Your definition of 'consistently' has to be remarkable..... I've only seen it happen a very few times a year.

And now you have to go to last year in finding Massa was faster when Alonso is under pressure..... but we were discussing Canada 2013 qualifying....


Want to know how many times has Massa outqualified Alonso since the begining of 2010? 12 out of 66 races. Try to find similar records regarding a driver against his team mate, not only from actual drivers, but in the history of the sport. I bet I can count them with the fingers of one hand. I can tell you two: Schumacher vs Irvine with 69-7 (not against Barrichello neither Massa, this last ended 12-5) and Senna vs Prost and Berger (39-8 against Berger and 28-4 against Prost).

Other statistics: HAM vs BUT with 43-14; VET vs WEB with 59-21.

So before doing an analysis, please get the facts right.


"...Massa who is relatively average driver in f1 terms consistenly out qualify Alonso..."

For the last 26 races the score is 22-4 for Alonso, those 4 beeing the last two races of 2012 when they messed the set up with new parts (Pat Fry said) plus the two first races this year when we had drying track and Massa, with better set up for qualifying, did his laps after Alonso and was only 1 hundreth and one tenth of a second faster.

From your point of view (teammates score) I supose you think Vettel is way worse qualifyer than Alonso as hthe numbers since australia 2012 are like 17-9 for Seb.


Vettel was dominant, Alonso was great as usual, but my vote goes to Vergne. Dry track, no safety cars, no "opposite" tyres strategies... just simple racing with the big boys and putting that Toro Rosso on a place it does not deserve.


Fernando Alonso. Without him the race would have been another sonrefest. Gained an important position at the first lap (again), put an overwhelming pace and passed 3 strong competitors to show that since de lights turn off he is unrivalled.


Bottas was easy for everybody in the top 6.

Rosberg with the pitstop so no pass there.

Leaves only Webber and Hamilton to pass.

Both easy with DRS.

Alonso is an exceptional driver and he drove very well like always but the Ferrari is very good as well.



Alexander Supertramp

Well, we have to be consistent I guess. Jev's performance was even better than Ricciardo's (in China I believe?)

So for me it's Jev, has been strong all week-end


I think di Resta today (although im not his biggest fan recently after all his moaning), great pace on a one stop strategy with plenty of places made up and some good racing. I thought Vettel was good but had no pressure from behind, Lewis had a great race but nothing special. Fernando did well but for all the fanfare all he passed was the 2 worst cars on the grid for tyre deg, a williams and a redbull with a damaged front wing. JEV kinda had his own race but a great result for him and Torro rosso and Massa for me took to long to get past some obviously slower cars.

P.S. i thought the racing in general was great today, passing was neither too easy nor too difficult and everybody fought hard regardless of stratagy and I think its no coicidence that its a track where the cars were easier on their tyres. Cars closing on each other fast but still needing a few laps to get a move done not just one big DRS assisted straight. More of this Please Pirelli/guy who sets DRS zones!!!

Alexander Supertramp

Can't say I agree with people assuming Alonso is DotD. I love him as a driver too, but the Ferrari has amazing race pace. By that account he has as much merrit as Vettel. Lewis kept a RB at bay, so he has more merrit. But the DotD should be Jev, leaving all types of better cars in his dust! Come on guys, this was the drive of his life!


Anyone not saying Vettel is driver of the day is not objective. Alonso just had some luck thrown at him and did 1 half decent overtake where he almost ruined the front wing of Hamilton. Webber was passed on behalf on a stupid action of VDG. Bottas was passed by almost everyone and Rosberg had a terrible strategy. Nothing special really. I don't understand all the praise Alonso gets for almost anonymous races.


Vettel made rookie mistakes on a dry race track with no pressure from behind (Hit the wall and Went off the track). Luckily for him noone followed him close enough to take the advantage.

Vettel had the quickest car in montreal all afternoon yet he made silly errors and he should have not qualified for the DOTD.

I do not see how you are objective. Vettel as usual drove the lone and anonymous race. Yet he gets way too much credit here even for his mistakes.

Funny RBR Wins vettel the master. when RBR loose Pirelli are scapegoat and need to change the tyres for safety reasons (Matechitz, marko, horner and VETTEL co)


Hitting the wall is a sign he is constantly driving to the limit. It was just a small kiss, nothing special.

FA didn't do anything the whole weekend. He passed wounded cars, that is all. Just cruising around doing nothing special.

Vettel on the other hand dominated everybody in qualifying and in the race.

But you can always praise FA for doing nothing of course. It is not Vettels fault that he starts from the front and he cannot overtake anyone because there is nobody in front. To me that seems more difficult since you have no benchmark, you are out there alone, nobody in front.

Just the way how he dominates his teammate should be sufficient to see how good he is. But FA gets all the praise again, for doing nothing but just drive and pass wounded cars.


Veteran you are not objective by any means.

No one will praise FA if he has done nothing.

Vettel had no need to drive on the limit ? He had the quickest car in montreal all afternoon. He had more than comfortable lead. Yet made rookie errors (Remember VETTEL had the quickest car in 2011 and when he made the mistake in 2011 canadian GP. Button made him pay for the mistake). If anything vettel cruised around in canadian GP with no pressure from behind. Yet he made silly errors.

For me vettel has done nothing even to qualify for DOTD. There is no need for any benchmark. Vettel only had to beat mark webber (which is not the toughest task in the world) to win 3 WDC which he has done easily.

What do you mean by wounded Cars ? Alonso has drove a fantastic race he overtook the mercedes and another Redbull of webber. The battle with lewis was Epic.

In many ways alonso has entertained the crowd.

Vettel is overrated period.


Good philosophy, just that it's one sided because based on your reasoning, Vettel should not be DoTD cos he didn't pass anybody. I can uderstand why Alonso may not be good for DoTD but Vettel made a few silly mistakes, like running into the wall while he was miles ahead of the nearest car, which could have been punished by a Ferrari or the other Red Bull if they were in a position to. (similar to Sepang where he made a poor decision and was punished by Webber).

If DoTD was between just FA and SV,FA had my vote cos he drove his own race superbly irrespective of what happened to others around him. As it is, Di Resta and Massa share my vote for two showing us how two very different strategies could work if executed right.


James, any snippets what was "wrong" with LH this weekend? Autosport hints at some personal problems.

Alexander Supertramp

Could be personal problems, but he realy just wants that win because Nico has one-said it himself. He's very motivated.


Although I'm a RB fan my vote goes to Alonso no doubt!!!

The man is just racing like crazy being faultless all the time!!!

Vettel also had a brilliant drive but he was relaxed and never had any kind of pressure till the end!


toss of a coin between JEV and PDR for me

honourable mentions for Seb, Massa and Alonso



Alistair McDonald

It can't be Massa; he was in the same car as Alonso (parts of his were even newer than Fernando's 😀 ), he started ahead of Di Resta, yet finished behind him.

I'd give it to Alonso, with a nod to Di Resta, who was helped by good strategy. Vergne? He just kept place, benefiting only from Bottas's high-downforce setup gamble - was it really a spectacular drive?.


They where running with different aero configurations in FP3. Not so sure they continued that way through quali, but it is possible. And not that Massa's parts were newer, just diferent parts of the evolution brought to Canada mounted on each car.


Massa had newer parts on the car? How u know? It's not that i don't believe you (actually I hope you are right), but I haven't heard of that before.


I'm guessing he's jokingly referring to the fact that Massa had put his car into the wall in qualifying, therefore requiring "new" parts to replace the ones he'd ruined.

Alistair McDonald

Yes, I'm glad someone spotted the smiley and worked it out.

I was referring to Massa's rebuild after the crashes he's had. Gary Anderson suggested a total cost of £2.1m (GBP) in the BBC F1 Forum broadcast after the race coverage.


Vergne! Drove a very controlled, but excellent race to keep the likes of Massa, Raikonnen and Button behind. We know that the Toro Rosso package is perhaps the 6th or 7th best on the grid this year, so to manage a 6th position was truly superb! While Vettel, Alonso, DIR, Hamilton and Massa all drove well, Vergne definitely outshone them at Canada.

Bring Back Murray

Wow. So great to actually see them drive the cars on Sunday. Some people thought that race was boring but I'd take that over Spain anyday of the week.

Could have been any number of drivers for Driver of the Day- Vettel absolutely stormed it from start to finish. Alonso slung the car through the field up 'till second place. Hamilton pulling out a very competitive drive after he'd been done by his team-mate the last two races.

And there's even Massa who overtook half the field during the first part of the race, but ultimately finised quite a bit behind. And Di-Resta who came through very strongly.

Well I can't really distinguish much between the top three drivers (they were all equally great) so - gut feeling - I'll go for Di Resta for his massive stint (54 laps was it?) on his first set of tyres and moving up 10 places from his grid position.


Vettel, he made it look easy, again. Di Resta comes a close second.


Vettel was untouchable. Just superb. He is my driver of the day.


He had it too easy, the RBR and Ferrari cars are in a different league


Kimi despite the car problems he had, managing to stay in the points was impressive for me.

Driver of the day was Massa, he was seriously committed with some of his passing, especially against Sutil.


Vettel takes the 'Gong' as he showed everyone else how it should be done. But it was Alonso, Hamilton and Webber that provided the entertainment. Alonso just needs to start further up the field - from #3 upwards he would have won. Not sure M-B have learnt that much from testing; maybe Hamilton is a little more confident with the switches on the wheel - now he just has to remember what all the codes mean.


I’m not a Vettel fan, but it was undoubtedly his day.

Alonso great too, but needs to sort out his quali pace

What happened to Webber, did he just give up?


Vettel did well obviously, but it was pretty easy for him.

Alonso was back on form after Monaco, but clearly has a much faster race car than the Mercs, and probably wouldn't have fought off Webber if it wasn't for van der Garde (What does he add to the field again? Surely there must even be better pay drivers than him).

Hamilton did well to hang onto third, didn't think the Mercs would be able to make it.

My vote goes to JEV I think, 6th on merit in a Torro Rosso is good going, even if I can't remember seeing him after the first lap.


Pirelli, for bringing some tyres that allowed us to see the top teams race. Even Lewis was allowed to race in his tyre hungry Mercedes.

The net outcome of that was Alonso battling with Rosberg, Webber and Hamilton; rather than some previous races where tyre wear has prevented one driver from battling with another.

Canada, the first motor race of the F1 season. Thanks Pirelli !


+1 cheers Pirelli more of this please!!!!


Vettel was great all weekend, but he did make one or two errors, and he was for the most part untroubled yesterday (even to the point where a mishap did not matter). Alsonso was the best racer out there, clean move after clean move. Vergne deserves a mention, as well as Paul Di Resta. Bottas deserves a mention for great qualifying and keeping his head at the start, but I would expect that from drivers of this level. Some drivers fail to meet that expectation though, and thats why I mention it.


Alonso and Massa. Honorable mention 1 Di Resta for looking after the tyres. Honorable mention 2 Raikkonen. He ties Schumacher record for consecutive races scoring points.

Antonio Palmiotto

Seb and Felipe, by far



And a gong for Alonso as well.


Alonso would be my choice.

I wonder if the international world knows that a track marshal was fatally injured after the race. He was run over by a tractor which was dispatched to retrieve a car. His name has yet to be released.


JEV. He did a lot to ensure his future in F1: drove solidly in qualifying and kept out of trouble on Sunday for a solid result.

The Spanish Inquisitor

Sunday: Alonso -> Driver of the Day

Saturday: Alonso -> To much fear....


So nobody noticed Di Resta get from 17th to 7th, somehow managing to make his first set of tyres last for nearly the whole race...



Also I would like to mention, that I'm starting to understand the people who disliked Schumacher during 2000-2004..

It is getting boring with Vettel continuously in the best car..

I think 2013 is 2011 all over again, Vettel will become WDC without any serious threat.


I fear that too. Unless Massa & Weber help Alonso.


I want to say Massa, because he was so improved, but I can't ignore DiResta, as he made up even more positions in an inferior car. Both drivers did amazing after having a few bad races recently. Alonso was amazing to and extracted more than the maximum from his package.

In conclusion DiResta wins it for me.


Massa, no exception. He drove the best he has ever driver and showed no fear when going for overtakes. I really wish he could drive like that more often.


Bring back the poll! It's much easier to quickly gauge opinion than trawling through comments.

For what it's worth my vote is for di Resta.


Alonso drove a fantastic and nailbiting race, and would get my vote if it was'nt for Vettel just beating them all.

So it pains me as a Ferrari fan to say it:

Vettel = DotD.

Alonso = close second.


Alonso and Massa and Di Resta in that order. If engineers can be included then Newey. Vettel almost fluffed the victory with the fastest car.

Adrian Sutil should get a harsher penalty than what he got for intentionally holding up Hamilton.


Has to be Lewis Hamilton or Paul Di Resta.

You could really tell Lewis was on the edge of the limit for most of the race, so much so he didn't want any putting off by his engineer. You look at how far back Nico finished and it also points to how well Lewis drove. He was faultless all race and got the maximum out of his car and may still have ended up with the 2nd if not for his best friend Sutil...

Alexander Supertramp

To Nico's defend, I'm pretty sure he managed his pace after his 3rd pitstop (there was no threat from behind). Still, he was no match for Lewis yesterday.


Vettel was peerless in the race, he was the driver of the day.


Vettel, but Sutil deserves a shout- to go through all of that and STILL get 10th?

Dont get the blue flag issue either.

Tier 2 driver of the season so far for me.


How about introducing 'NOT Driver of the Day'?

Nominations for Canada could be:

1. van der garde - for his blue flag actions, collisions, and penalties.

2. Ricciardo - for getting whooped by his team-mate.

3. Bottas - for dropping back 11 places.

4. McLaren - can't blame the drivers, but after 7 races this top team is still behind lessor outfits.


Not so sure I agree with you about Ricciardo: sure, Vergne had a good run, but he wasn't forced from the track due to the antics of others - this could have damaged the car. Toro Rosso don't seem to be capable of making good strategic calls for both cars in the one weekend...


Alonso !

Having recently read an article on another website where there were suggestions that Alonso had passed his peak and that little mistakes were creeping, comments made from "an ex f1 driver" which is kind of like saying "in my opinion" I think he did a pretty outstanding job ! Yes at Monaco he had a fairly anonymous race but I completely agree with his comments from yesterday about intellectual drivers ! With the expection of Webber and Van de Guarde we didnt see any of the top drivers clouting each other in the same way Perez/ Grosjean et all do !

I also like the way Red Bull are now saying, having won in Canada that they never complained about the tyres durability but their safety ? Erm no I seem to remember that Materschitz said F1 wasnt racing anymore because of how long the tyres lasted ! Fickle with a capital F !


Lewis for his "never say die" Bulldog Brit tenacity, giving the unassailable Red Bull a run for its money. On another note, I think that coaching from the sidelines during the race should be banned forthwith. These super talented drivers should be left un-nannied.l


Vettel, Alonso and Vergne were superb, but the Man of the Day should be the race marshal who lost his life while we were enjoying the race. Sincere condolences to his family.

Alexander Supertramp

I was thinking the same, those guys always do such a good and important job. This guy was someone's son, father, brother or whatever. F1 is safe, but there are still marshalls dying (I think another marshall died a couple of years ago after he got hit by Barichello's wheel at Monza).


damn straight...100% agree with you...it was an accident but he deserves more credit than the drivers...without the likes of him doing their job behind the scenes the drivers wouldn't be able to race. R.I.P to the man simply doing his job.



If Alonso had qualified higher in that lottery of a qualifying, I think it would have been a good fight between VET and ALO for the win!


Alonso...they way they showed his battle with Hamilton from helicopter was stunning. It was really something...you could see how he was attacking different corners to carry more speed into the chicane and complete the maneuver.

James, let me try again:-) Why do we not see % of our votes as we used to see before? Right now it is just a text...and opinions, but we do not see how people really vote. Would you be able to tell why?


Because people complained it was just a national bias thing and there are few things that bore me more than that kind of talk

Alexander Supertramp

Perhaps you should have a poll to analyse the origins of your readers. I'm from Belgium and I would love to have the poll back!


+1 From Portugo-dutch-german who lives in the country with the most beautiful circuit on the calendar (SPA)


Vettel was very good, however the ease with which he pulled a gap on Hamilton showed how fast the Red Bull car is when not tyre limited.

He still made two mistakes that ordinarily would have cost him had the cars been more evenly matched.

Hamilton also drove a very good race but I have to give it to Alonso for a faultless display getting the maximum out of the Ferrari without any errors.


Di Resta, even though he was lapped. What he could have done without that gearbox problem is anyone's guess, but making a one-stop strategy work so well from 17th was just sublime.

Alonso was a tiger, whereas Vettel simply drove the wheels off the thing because they knew the tyres were so conservative. He was able to drive away from everyone else while the Mercs were in tyre conservation mode. Pirelli basically gifted Red Bull the win, which is ironic given the job they were given to do after the 2010 Canadian GP.


I'm a Fernando and Ferrari fan and I really rate seb very highly but yesterday he clipped a wall and was lucky to get away with it and also went wide at turn 1 and in a tight race that would of cost him so he can't be driver of the day. My vote goes to Fernando for being on the ragged edge for about the last 35-40 laps to close Lewis down. Considering seb hit the wallalot harder than fernando hit seb in KL it shows u need luck to win in f1 also. And also I have ever been all that impressed with di resta but yesterday he put in a superb and consistent race so well done to him.


No if or buts,Alonso by a country mile,

Hamilton second for giving 110% with a car

that is simply not up to it,the very reason Vettel won so easy as he had two Mercedes

riding a shotgun behind.

Alexander Supertramp

I'm a Mercedes fan, but we need Alonso up Seb's backside on sunday! Both Mercs on the front row and Seb+ Nando on the second one or vice versa, but the championship can't afford Mercedes 'helping ' RB.


If it was driver of the weekend it would be Vettel, but driver of the day is Alonso

Matthew Cheshire

Alonso was best on Sunday. Vettel was the best over the weekend (but did he get passed by a Marussia when he went off?? Can't be DOD just for the embarrasment). JEV rounds out the three.

Best parachute down the order- Bottas

Best Kimi moment- Hamilton "just let me drive, man". Sorry Kimi, you just weren't Kimi enough in Canada.

Best disappearing act- Grosjean.

Best reappearing act- Massa.

Best Vettel badgering- Webber's fastest lap.


Alonso was the best.


Vettel of course. There's no question about it.


Alonso. Who else?

"Like being chased by a bull". Hammy, wait till you see him angry.

Alexander Supertramp

Give them equal cars on sunday and F1 will have a show!


Vettel was great. Alonso too.

But DOD is Vergne!!!


Hard to pick one: DIR, JEV, Alonso


Vettel or Vergne. Vettel was completely untouchable this weekend, and Vergne was great both in qualifying and race taking his car into account.

Alonso had a good race, too, but he was bad in qualifying, so doesn't deserve to be named the best driver. Also, he was nowhere in the first part of the race. Even Massa was better.



Mike from Colombia




Scuderia McLaren


The fastest and most consistent driver on the planet. Wet, dry, quali, race, leading or coming through to win, he's the best.


Being in the best team has a lot to do with that consistency. They are far ahead of the rest in ensuring their package is as good as they can get it. They probably have the best engineers and crew in the pitlane, and I don't just mean Newey. For his part Vettel never lets them down as you say.

He is absolutely one of the top three, and that won't change anytime soon. This year is his, unless Ferrari and Lotus can give Alonso and Kimi better packages. IMHO.

Alexander Supertramp

Kimi is out, the Lotus is too restricted. I would love to be wrong, but the only hope for a beautiful championship is Alonso. Would love to hear Andrea Stella say 'bjootifoel race Fernando' a couple of times.


Fernando Alonso!!!


In my view, the best driver was probably Button. If you consider how much he had had to fight this year's dreadful Mclaren, it makes you wonder what he could be doing in Hamilton or Vettel's position. They would be overdriving the car while Button would consistently pick up the points. Don't get me wrong though, Vet and Ham are fast drivers, but in my opinion Button is a more complete driver. Currently, the only one I would consider to be Button's league is Alonso - the one major weakness of Alonso being his inability to handle a competitive teammate. Whereas Button has gone up against the like of Hamilton and trashed him over three years. It's a shame that Mclaren have wasted this year, Button not being in the championship is a big loss to F1 - the best driver at the moment IMO.


Alonso. Don't like the guy, but he's so methodical yet fast with measured aggression.


Alonso takes it for me, honorable mentions to Vergne and di Resta though. Other front runners of course did well too, Hamilton's defense was a treat to watch, just tough enough without being silly.


On topic:

JEV, FA and PdR for DotD

Off topic:

I couldnt help thinking yesterday, that with the outcome of the race, the big big moaners and the big big cheaters (yeah I know it still has to be judged but they also moaned) got away with position 1, 3, 4 and 5.....

Is this a coincidence ?


Has to be vettel I suppose, no real argument with that.


Okay he's how I see it . Sebastian was like lightening out there but like many have said how fast is that car truly ? Given Webber finished real strong in 4th and Seb did clip the wall and run off- he is not an elite driver yet even if he does become a 4 time champ. I now tend to agree with Lewis comment at Brazil last year- he is the luckiest driver in F1 - because how many people would have got away with that.

Fernando was outstanding but again I will say this - his team mate drove through half the field with relative ease- so there is absolutely no doubting the Ferraris race pace as per Red Bull. Still top effort- very close to DOD.

My Driver of the day had to be Lewis Hamilton because the W04 is still a "bus" on its tyres and has half the grip of both Red Bull and Ferrari out of corners.- his fight with Fernando was nothing short of brilliant in a car nowhere near the pace!. So a podium in a bus gets it. I wanna say Paul Di Resta for finishing 5th and not complaining for a change ! but the coverage did not show us much of him so sorry I can't !lol

Now I will leave you with this- how many drivers would be competitive in a car whose brake pedal went straight to floor the first 2 laps on a circuit with the highest braking loads on the calendar? Shifted the brake bias to maximum front position for most of the race. Got dropped on the floor and lost 5 seconds also. But still finished 9th whilst having a fuel consumption issue- and I ain't talking booze ! Lol


Elie, don't forget the WO4 was travelling backwards faster than the speed of sound on sundays [other way on saturdays] then suddenly: hey, presto! race pace so much better.

They certainly knew how to make use of a three day test!


Im still filthy at the tyre test. But the WO4 was still going backwards on Sunday- you can't take a great drive from Lewis for it. Mercs still have a way to go to be anywhere near as good as RBR and Ferrari- the aerial shots during his fight with Fernando were brilliant and highlighted this!

Alexander Supertramp

Silverstone will be the bigger test, nobody had major tyre issues in Canada. The Mercedes was still pretty average on the tyres.


Clearly it was Vettel. When Alonso wins in Spain all we hear is how wonderful he is and how the car is superior and blah blah blah. Well Vettel won in dominating fashion. So much so that all we watched was the chase for 2-10th the whole race.

Second was Bottas, not really for his race day, but for qualifying. Then di Resta and Massa. Alonso was good but all he did was get his car up to the point it should have been after qualifying. Maybe one slot better.

The big loser of the day was the Tifosi. Completely classless booing Vettel, actually I thought Canadians in general were more classy than that.


@ Mhilgtx

You cannot compare Alonso's barcelona drive with montreal drive by vettel.Then you are comparing apples with oranges.

Alonso never put foot wrong in barcelona and made some unbelievable passing moves (Vinatge Alonso drive in my opinion), whereas vettel easily made some rookie mistakes in canada and yet won by some distance. Vettel lapped everybody with ease. This only shows how dominantis RB9. You make not like alonso however you cannot be so blinded


You are correct Sir. My thoughts exactly. No wonder Ferrari will be interested in Vettel - when he is available.

DOD - Vettel. I'm not a big fan, but credit is due here.


Alonso, the car was bad in qualy, the car was bad in the first stint, yet he manages to get P2 with amazing lap after lap with the medium. The guy works really hard, others no so much.


"The guy works really hard, others no so much"

I'm not sure whether I should laugh or cry; I think I should cry...


Year after year we hear that Alonso's car is bad in qualifying. At what point will people finally accept that it's not the car, that Alonso himself is not the best in qualifying?

I think he's an excellent driver overall, but qualifying is his Achilles heel.


@ Steve

SO in your opinion Alonso is Bad qualifier ?

I do not why people here have tremendous hate towards alonso ?

If Alonso is not able to put one lap together on saturday then HOW on earth Alonso was able to post competitive times throughout the 70 LAP race in montreal.

Why people need to accept Alonso is bad ? Did you what Alonso has done over the past 3 seasons ? He has simply done a fantastic and unbelievable job

Alonso is massively underrated driver. For me he is the greatest driver in the history of F1


Driver of the Day on Saturday: BOTTAS

Driver of the Day on Sunday: VERGNE

Driver of the whole Weekend: VETTEL

Vettel was able to consistently keep P1 through most of Qualifying and get pole on the end, all in changing conditions. Then he was on a league of his own on Sunday.

Alonso had a dissapointing Qualy, and a decent race. We all knew he had an amazing race pace (he's had it every race this year except Monaco). Passing slower cars that were struggling with their tyres plus DRS and KERS isn't that impressive. While Hamilton's and Webber's tyres lasted he couldn't get near.


So how is the comments section not a popularity contest vs. a counted vote with % bars?

It's same thing. Except when there were %, it was tabulated and summed up in addition to the comments, and more people were willing to give their view instead of 100 or so commenters.

Just sayin'!


One of the "V"s JeanEric for his faultless drive in the Toro Rosso hitting way above his weight and Seb for cruising around , maintaining the gap and basically controlling the pace to bring the points home.

Honorable mention to FM for tearing through the field after his cock up during Quali.


Lewis Hamilton. Hes was given a car and maximize its performnce to get the highest pissible finishing position, didnt make any mistakes in the race, managed his tired well and provided some entertainment. DOD...


Fernando Alonso


Paul de Resta great drive managing to go 56 plus laps on tires nearly every driver on the grid has been complaining about all season and go from 17 at the start of the race to 7. Great Drive


Can't wait for upcoming races where Alonso is a position behind Vettel after qualifying. We're gonna see how well the Ferrari really goes and how easily Vettel will drive off? Lol. Come on hot weather 🙂

Alexander Supertramp

Malaysia was such a nice opportunity. F1 needs this fight to happen every race!




Vettel, obviously. What else does he have to do to convince people that he is the best of the current crop?

Alexander Supertramp

Beat Kimi in a RB the way he beats Webber, or do the same stuff in a different team. With his luck he might actually leave RB for the next big thing in a couple of years. Don't realy mind that scenario as long as he gets a stronger team mate.


He has to lap all the field, in Canada almost did it.

Vettel DoD.


Alonso or Massa...


I would put Alonso the charging bull as man of the race, but Vettel did drive with a mission on hand and build a gap of 15 plus seconds and was lucky not to damage his car with the slight brush on the wall (not the wall of champions).

Lewis did well to understand his car better, give them a few races and they will improve and be serious threats.

Val from montreal

Technically , it's not Mercedes who haved improved majorly , but in reality it's McLaren who have fallen back !

Hamilton was in front of Rosberg the whole week-end because of Merc's usual blunders ... Nico was'nt lucky this week-end ... Move on to Britain ..

Driver of the _ DECADE _ : Vettel , as usual !


You were the only one from Montreal who wasn't heckling Seb on the podium?


Well, only two names are there: is it Vettel for trashing everyone and lapping a dozen, or Alonso for fighting four places up?

As for ALO: it was pushing and patience, with standard assaults on HAM and WEB (catch-get to the rear wing in first DRS zone-get through in second DRS zone, when opponent runs out of KERS), ROS and BOT weren't really strong opponents.

As for VET: can't blame him form not having to fight anyone, except for himself - and he stood it well.

I don't like that boring style, but his time I think Vettel deserves it.


And for the rest - please, you could give the Tyre Caretaker of the Day to di Resta, and Quiet Achiever of the Day to Vergne, but where was any racing action from them? You need more to cope with big boys.

Tornillo Amarillo

DI RESTA for me, he was the "Driver" of the day, 56 laps with the same compound going from 17th to 7th ahead of big names.

Vettel just had the "CAR of the Day"...


Not a fan of Vettle but this year I don't think it's the car. He's been impressive!


Like Webber you mean..

Fourth placed Webber, that is


The 'Car of the Day' might work better in clear air at the front than being driven around in dirty air, being blocked with some questionable/borderline manoeuvres and being battered by back-markers. The Vmax compared to the other front runners compounds in traffic. Webber would probably have been second given a clearer run, and he actually had a half-decent start for once...

Tornillo Amarillo

@Tank: Totally agree, it would be Webber for 2nd, and Vettel first for having a great car in clean air.

Maybe Hamilton was visibly upset just for not getting pole and intent just the same strategy Vettel does many times.


Just because Webber couldn't capitalise doesn't mean Vettel didn't have the best car.



I enjoy you getting active in the comments section and throwing in points.


It has to be Vettel. He did a fantastic job. He did his homework well on Saturday which helped him for a great victory.

In my opinion, Ferrari has the best car this season. But the drivers didn't have the confidence and concentration both in the twisty streets of Monaco and in the wet Montreal. There was nothing actually wrong with the car.

Webber was a wounded kangaroo and Hamilton was noting but a sitting duck for anyone who had a faster car. We don't know exactly what happened to Rosberg. Kimi had problems.

All Ferrari can say now is that they could have challenged Vettel. Yes, true; they have the fastest car and they have been saying this every time when Vettel finishes in front of the Ferraris. But their drivers are not delivering but expecting bad luck for Vettel. That is not really working.

I wonder why Sutil was penalised. I saw Vettel spending more time in traffic than Hamilton did.


One must give when credit is due.... So, its ought to be Vettel.... He was driving on a different level to anyone and everyone.

Consolation however, is got to be Kimi Raikkonen, driving a car with fading brakes and a soft pedal on a circuit that is the heaviest on brakes (previously we've seen brakes explode - Fretzen). Having the insane (in a positive way) courage to drive positively.... If Massa is featured in DoD then Kimi should most certainly be, since he held off Massa till the last lap.

And Kimi for equaling Michael's record.


I thought there were 3 outstanding drives. I think yes Vettel did have the car but he really used it to the maximum and his domination was impressive. He did have a couple of close moments yes but if you remember down the years Michael Schumacher sometimes had moments like that when he was way ahead in the lead. Vettel didn't just control the race he dominated it with a fine drive.

Alonso also drove very well to fight his way back to 2nd place past Webber and Hamilton.

However, I think the man who produced an absolute miracle of a drive had to be Paul Di Resta. Truly he astounded me by doing the unthinkable. 56 laps on 2013 tyres is just incredible so for that reason he is my driver of the day.


Alonso for dod. Can anyone recall fans booing towards a 3 times champion ?

anthony- a real f1 fan

im not a vettel fan but he nailed that race, wish people would stop saying its the best car, its not. if it was it would have been a red bull 1/2. good to see them all pushing for a change and not looking after tyres, driving on the edge thats why vettel made some small errors. others say he cant be driver of the day because of those errors, but on the limit you know where you can push harder and if it dosnt work you can 'get out of trouble'. the same mistakes on a diffrent part of track could have ended his race but he knows that and he wouldnt have taken it over the limit on those parts.the end. oh my driver of the day is Alonso. he was also awsome and well im a fan.


I think Alonso easily. Vettel might have won by a big margin, but we hardly ever got to see him. Plus, the error he made when he went off the track might not have gone unpunished had his car not been a million times faster than any other team's on the day.


finally, a real race of sorts! I know, this is based upon decades-long desires, and not recent "needs" to spice up the show. sorry, but that is me...

I luv seeing technological supremecy.

I luv seeing so many great driving events thruout the weekend.

the fight to make a pass is all-important to me - not whether the pass actually takes place or not.

everybody in the DOD list is justified along with a few others!!

for once this year, I luved it!!!

regardless of who finishes where in the end, I can only hope to see more of this sorta racing thruout the year!

am so very sorry to hear of the death of a Marshall. as one who has fulfilled that position during hillclimbs, SCCA, and lower classes of racing in the USA, I wish to give my heartfelt condolances to the Marshall, his family, friends, and co-workers... we could not begin to express our opinions here without your extraordinary dedication and selfish acts. RIP, my friend!!!


1. Alonso

2. Vettel

3. Di Resta


Alonso was magnificent.

Vettel got lucky in qualifying; in hindsight setting his best lap at exactly the right time. In the race he capitalised and then had it easy in a clearly superior car.

Please remember I said this because my favourite driver is Hamilton and at some point when I'm extolling his dominance in a future race someone will accuse me of favouritism. It won't be. I give credit where credit's due.


Yes Quercus. Vettel has now been "lucky" on Saturday 39 times. On Sunday he has now "had it easy" 29 times.

Alonso was very good, I agree, but please don't dismiss Vettels ability to consistently put together a complete weekend.


Against such weak opposition too..


My vote goes to Paul Di Resta for a miracle drive from 17 to 7.


Vote for Alonso, charging as much as he could. Vettel deserves my vote too if not for the offtrack and kissing the wall, and as much as I don't really like Di Resta, he too deserves a mention.

A salute to the marshal who passed away, and all marshals involved in motor sports.


DOTD Vettel.

He may made it look easy but luckily we can use his teammate as a point of reference. Ideally Webber should be in 2nd or 1st place considering he has got the same equipment. But he could only manage 4th with a huge gap of 25.7 secs.

On the side note. I think it was after DiResta clocking up so many laps (56 laps) on the medium tires that all drivers decided to go 100% race mode.


I enjoyed Felipe Massa drive actually he recovered well and drove a strong race, I felt that at one stage he looked quicker than Alonso. He just needs to calm down and put the right weekend together and the win will come.


Not Kimi *sigh*


I found Alonso's comment about his idea of dueling with intelligent and talented drivers funny. Would he have said the same if he had picked up a puncture after Lewis ran into his rear tire?

I don't hear people complaining about how lucky Alonso and Lewis were after they touched?

Neither do I hear people talking about mistakes Alonso and Lewis made. Alonso with his mistake after the Lewis overtake which allowed Lewis to close up again. And Lewis for out-braking and touching Alonso.


A difficult job but from comments so far, Alo 40%, Vet 27%, Dir 13%, JEV 10%, Ham 4%, Mas 3%,


My driver of the day is Alonso. Faultless drive with lots of quality overtakes.

My driver of the weekend is Vettel. Put the car on pole in difficult conditions on Saturday and got the job done on Sunday.


Poll on the driver of the day on Autosport:


It's Vettel.


as much as i really dislike him its Vettel.

Very impressed to see him lap every car except 4. it was great to watch 1 car lapping another and then vet coming pass and lapping them both! the race classification was great(as a once off tho, dont want any more of that)

Di Resta for my second place and i suppose JEV for third even tho i support his team mate.

dont get me wrong i really like alonso but i don't see what was so special about this drive. Apart from the move on HAM and clean racing, it was all a bit average IMO. If he wants to be WDC he needs to pull his socks up.


Vettel for me. Special mentions to JEV and PDR.


A close one, Massa or DiResta. But i'm going with Massa as his place gains were more due to excellent overtakes, and less dependant on strategy.

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