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Canadian Grand Prix – Who was your Driver of the Day?
Posted By: James Allen  |  10 Jun 2013   |  12:11 pm GMT  |  224 comments

Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel became the first driver to win three times in 2013 with victory in the Canadian Grand Prix to extend his lead in the drivers’ championship.

Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso limited his losses in Vettel, finishing second after starting sixth on the grid, while Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton took his third podium of the season in third.

Toro Rosso’s Jean-Eric Vergne scored his best ever finish in sixth while Force India’s Paul di Resta and Ferrari’s Felipe Massa produced an impressive recovery drives from the rear of the grid to finish in the points – but who was your Driver of the Day at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve?

Sebastian Vettel

Dominated the race from start to finish to increase his championship lead to 36 points. Made a great start from pole to comfortably lead into the first corner. Gradually built up a lead through the early phase of the race and then maintained that gap. Made a rare mistake at Turn One, which saw him lose four seconds as he bounced across the grass after outbraking himself, but escaped without damage. Crossed the line to take his and Red Bull’s first win in Canada and the 29th of his career.

Fernando Alonso

Some impressive overtaking moves allowed him to rise from sixth to second. Made up for his disappointing qualifying with a strong start and an early pass on Valtteri Bottas to run fifth. Nipped past Nico Rosberg who had lost momentum having been passed by Mark Webber to move up to fourth. Passed Webber, after some consistent pressure, with a Kers and DRS aided move around the outside at Turn One before setting off in pursuit of Hamilton. Caught his man with seven laps to go and passed him down the pit straight to take second and limit his losses to championship leader Vettel.

Lewis Hamilton

Ran second for most of the race before losing a place to Alonso late on. Made a good start to maintain position and although he could not keep up with leader Vettel, he managed to build a gap over team-mate Rosberg in third. Was still second after the final stops, but came under pressure from Alonso. Defended well for several laps but was eventually passed by the Spaniard on the pit straight. Crossed the line third for his third podium of the season and sixth top five finish in seven races.

Jean-Eric Vergne

Ran competitively in sixth for most of the race to secure career-best finish. Started seventh and moved up a place with a pass on Bottas. Comfortably ran sixth from then on, showing good pace on both tyre compounds and building a gap to those behind to protect his position. Sent a strong message out to senior team Red Bull having scored junior team Toro Rosso’s best result since Vettel’s fourth place in 2008.

Paul di Resta

Bounced back from a dreadful qualifying to finish seventh. Started 17th after getting knocked in Q1 for the second successive race but made up a couple of places at the start. Showed impressive pace despite running a one-stop strategy which saw him do 56 laps on the same set of medium compound tyres. Finished seventh to seal his sixth points finish in seven races this year.

Felipe Massa

Pulled off several overtaking moves to salvage points. Started 16th after a crash in qualifying, but showed that the Ferrari had good race pace with a string of overtaking moves early in the race. Progress was hampered when he started suffering from tyre graining and then lost time stuck behind Adrian Sutil, who aggressively defended his position. Nevertheless, it was a strong drive to make up eight places and score points.

So who was your Driver of the Day? Leave a comment at the bottom of this story.

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A close one, Massa or DiResta. But i’m going with Massa as his place gains were more due to excellent overtakes, and less dependant on strategy.


Vettel for me. Special mentions to JEV and PDR.


as much as i really dislike him its Vettel.

Very impressed to see him lap every car except 4. it was great to watch 1 car lapping another and then vet coming pass and lapping them both! the race classification was great(as a once off tho, dont want any more of that)

Di Resta for my second place and i suppose JEV for third even tho i support his team mate.

dont get me wrong i really like alonso but i don’t see what was so special about this drive. Apart from the move on HAM and clean racing, it was all a bit average IMO. If he wants to be WDC he needs to pull his socks up.


Poll on the driver of the day on Autosport:

It’s Vettel.


My driver of the day is Alonso. Faultless drive with lots of quality overtakes.

My driver of the weekend is Vettel. Put the car on pole in difficult conditions on Saturday and got the job done on Sunday.


A difficult job but from comments so far, Alo 40%, Vet 27%, Dir 13%, JEV 10%, Ham 4%, Mas 3%,


I found Alonso’s comment about his idea of dueling with intelligent and talented drivers funny. Would he have said the same if he had picked up a puncture after Lewis ran into his rear tire?

I don’t hear people complaining about how lucky Alonso and Lewis were after they touched?

Neither do I hear people talking about mistakes Alonso and Lewis made. Alonso with his mistake after the Lewis overtake which allowed Lewis to close up again. And Lewis for out-braking and touching Alonso.


Not Kimi *sigh*


I enjoyed Felipe Massa drive actually he recovered well and drove a strong race, I felt that at one stage he looked quicker than Alonso. He just needs to calm down and put the right weekend together and the win will come.


DOTD Vettel.

He may made it look easy but luckily we can use his teammate as a point of reference. Ideally Webber should be in 2nd or 1st place considering he has got the same equipment. But he could only manage 4th with a huge gap of 25.7 secs.

On the side note. I think it was after DiResta clocking up so many laps (56 laps) on the medium tires that all drivers decided to go 100% race mode.


Vote for Alonso, charging as much as he could. Vettel deserves my vote too if not for the offtrack and kissing the wall, and as much as I don’t really like Di Resta, he too deserves a mention.

A salute to the marshal who passed away, and all marshals involved in motor sports.


My vote goes to Paul Di Resta for a miracle drive from 17 to 7.


Alonso was magnificent.

Vettel got lucky in qualifying; in hindsight setting his best lap at exactly the right time. In the race he capitalised and then had it easy in a clearly superior car.

Please remember I said this because my favourite driver is Hamilton and at some point when I’m extolling his dominance in a future race someone will accuse me of favouritism. It won’t be. I give credit where credit’s due.


Yes Quercus. Vettel has now been “lucky” on Saturday 39 times. On Sunday he has now “had it easy” 29 times.

Alonso was very good, I agree, but please don’t dismiss Vettels ability to consistently put together a complete weekend.


Against such weak opposition too..


1. Alonso

2. Vettel

3. Di Resta


finally, a real race of sorts! I know, this is based upon decades-long desires, and not recent “needs” to spice up the show. sorry, but that is me…

I luv seeing technological supremecy.

I luv seeing so many great driving events thruout the weekend.

the fight to make a pass is all-important to me – not whether the pass actually takes place or not.

everybody in the DOD list is justified along with a few others!!

for once this year, I luved it!!!

regardless of who finishes where in the end, I can only hope to see more of this sorta racing thruout the year!

am so very sorry to hear of the death of a Marshall. as one who has fulfilled that position during hillclimbs, SCCA, and lower classes of racing in the USA, I wish to give my heartfelt condolances to the Marshall, his family, friends, and co-workers… we could not begin to express our opinions here without your extraordinary dedication and selfish acts. RIP, my friend!!!


I think Alonso easily. Vettel might have won by a big margin, but we hardly ever got to see him. Plus, the error he made when he went off the track might not have gone unpunished had his car not been a million times faster than any other team’s on the day.

anthony- a real f1 fan

im not a vettel fan but he nailed that race, wish people would stop saying its the best car, its not. if it was it would have been a red bull 1/2. good to see them all pushing for a change and not looking after tyres, driving on the edge thats why vettel made some small errors. others say he cant be driver of the day because of those errors, but on the limit you know where you can push harder and if it dosnt work you can ‘get out of trouble’. the same mistakes on a diffrent part of track could have ended his race but he knows that and he wouldnt have taken it over the limit on those parts.the end. oh my driver of the day is Alonso. he was also awsome and well im a fan.


Alonso for dod. Can anyone recall fans booing towards a 3 times champion ?


I thought there were 3 outstanding drives. I think yes Vettel did have the car but he really used it to the maximum and his domination was impressive. He did have a couple of close moments yes but if you remember down the years Michael Schumacher sometimes had moments like that when he was way ahead in the lead. Vettel didn’t just control the race he dominated it with a fine drive.

Alonso also drove very well to fight his way back to 2nd place past Webber and Hamilton.

However, I think the man who produced an absolute miracle of a drive had to be Paul Di Resta. Truly he astounded me by doing the unthinkable. 56 laps on 2013 tyres is just incredible so for that reason he is my driver of the day.


One must give when credit is due…. So, its ought to be Vettel…. He was driving on a different level to anyone and everyone.

Consolation however, is got to be Kimi Raikkonen, driving a car with fading brakes and a soft pedal on a circuit that is the heaviest on brakes (previously we’ve seen brakes explode – Fretzen). Having the insane (in a positive way) courage to drive positively…. If Massa is featured in DoD then Kimi should most certainly be, since he held off Massa till the last lap.

And Kimi for equaling Michael’s record.


It has to be Vettel. He did a fantastic job. He did his homework well on Saturday which helped him for a great victory.

In my opinion, Ferrari has the best car this season. But the drivers didn’t have the confidence and concentration both in the twisty streets of Monaco and in the wet Montreal. There was nothing actually wrong with the car.

Webber was a wounded kangaroo and Hamilton was noting but a sitting duck for anyone who had a faster car. We don’t know exactly what happened to Rosberg. Kimi had problems.

All Ferrari can say now is that they could have challenged Vettel. Yes, true; they have the fastest car and they have been saying this every time when Vettel finishes in front of the Ferraris. But their drivers are not delivering but expecting bad luck for Vettel. That is not really working.

I wonder why Sutil was penalised. I saw Vettel spending more time in traffic than Hamilton did.

Tornillo Amarillo

DI RESTA for me, he was the “Driver” of the day, 56 laps with the same compound going from 17th to 7th ahead of big names.

Vettel just had the “CAR of the Day”…


Not a fan of Vettle but this year I don’t think it’s the car. He’s been impressive!


Like Webber you mean..

Fourth placed Webber, that is


The ‘Car of the Day’ might work better in clear air at the front than being driven around in dirty air, being blocked with some questionable/borderline manoeuvres and being battered by back-markers. The Vmax compared to the other front runners compounds in traffic. Webber would probably have been second given a clearer run, and he actually had a half-decent start for once…

Tornillo Amarillo

@Tank: Totally agree, it would be Webber for 2nd, and Vettel first for having a great car in clean air.

Maybe Hamilton was visibly upset just for not getting pole and intent just the same strategy Vettel does many times.


Just because Webber couldn’t capitalise doesn’t mean Vettel didn’t have the best car.



I enjoy you getting active in the comments section and throwing in points.


Well, only two names are there: is it Vettel for trashing everyone and lapping a dozen, or Alonso for fighting four places up?

As for ALO: it was pushing and patience, with standard assaults on HAM and WEB (catch-get to the rear wing in first DRS zone-get through in second DRS zone, when opponent runs out of KERS), ROS and BOT weren’t really strong opponents.

As for VET: can’t blame him form not having to fight anyone, except for himself – and he stood it well.

I don’t like that boring style, but his time I think Vettel deserves it.


And for the rest – please, you could give the Tyre Caretaker of the Day to di Resta, and Quiet Achiever of the Day to Vergne, but where was any racing action from them? You need more to cope with big boys.

Val from montreal

Technically , it’s not Mercedes who haved improved majorly , but in reality it’s McLaren who have fallen back !

Hamilton was in front of Rosberg the whole week-end because of Merc’s usual blunders … Nico was’nt lucky this week-end … Move on to Britain ..

Driver of the _ DECADE _ : Vettel , as usual !


You were the only one from Montreal who wasn’t heckling Seb on the podium?


I would put Alonso the charging bull as man of the race, but Vettel did drive with a mission on hand and build a gap of 15 plus seconds and was lucky not to damage his car with the slight brush on the wall (not the wall of champions).

Lewis did well to understand his car better, give them a few races and they will improve and be serious threats.

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