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Posted By: James Allen  |  27 May 2013   |  3:25 pm GMT  |  467 comments

Sergio Perez’s style of driving was once again brought into question in the Monaco Grand Prix with the McLaren driver attempting a series of aggressive and late-braking overtaking moves, including one on Kimi Raikkonen which effectively ended his own race and damaged the Lotus driver’s title ambitions.

The Mexican, 23, tried to pass Raikkonen, 33, up the inside of the Nouvelle Chicane for fifth, but both ended up cutting the corner. Later in the race, Perez tried a similar move but this time the pair collided with Perez hitting the barriers and Raikkonen suffering a puncture.

Perez later retired while Raikkonen battled back from 13th on the penultimate lap to rescue 10th and one world championship point. The incident put a big dent in Raikkonen’s championship hopes as the Finn saw the deficit to leader Sebastian Vettel, who finished second, rise from four points to 21.

When asked if drivers should talk to Perez about his style, Raikkonen said: “That won’t help. Maybe someone should punch him in the face. It was a really disappointing day. Because of one stupid move from Sergio we’ve lost a lot of points to Sebastian in the championship and you can’t afford to lose ground like that.

“He hit me from behind and that’s about all there is to it. If he thinks it’s my fault that he came into the corner too fast then he obviously has no idea what he’s talking about.

“It’s not the first time he’s hit someone in the race; he seems to expect people to be always looking at what he might do, then move over or go straight on if he comes into the corner too quick and isn’t going to make it without running into someone.”

Earlier in the afternoon, Perez had put a bold move on McLaren team-mate Jenson Button, who finished sixth, at the same corner with the Briton saying the Mexican “made a good move when he overtook me, so fair play to him”.

Perez followed that up with a pass on Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso, again at the same chicane, with the Spaniard cutting the corner to avoid contact and later being asked by the FIA to concede the position as a result of not making the corner.

Despite the criticism from Raikkonen, Perez insisted he was not to blame for the collision with the 2007 world champion. “If someone could have avoided the accident then it was Kimi and not myself,” said Perez. “It was risky, but there was nothing I could do to avoid the crash.

“I overtook Fernando and Jenson in the same place, so at the end of the day you have to give some space. If you look at the accident, I hit the wall on entry of the corner, so Kimi gave me no room at all and there was nothing I could do to avoid it.”

Lotus team principal Eric Boullier didn’t see it the same way, adding that this was not the first time Perez has been involved in a tangle this season, in reference to when the Mexican banged wheels with team-mate Button in Bahrain.

“He tried it once and if you look at the video he was attempting very, very late braking and misunderstanding the braking line of Kimi. I think that was a little bit too much,” said Boullier.

“He nearly crashed with his team-mate in Bahrain, here there was also a little bit of action. It looks like he’s trying to often to be too aggressive and attempt something which is most of the time impossible to do.”

Alonso also criticised Perez, who stopped out on track at the final corner when his brakes failed, saying: “Perez, he has the car parked there in the Rascasse and that is the only comment I can say. He was lucky this year with two or three incidents. In Bahrain, he nearly had contact with Jenson, and with me I was off the track to avoid a contact.

“Here I cut the chicane to avoid a contact again. Kimi was not lucky because he didn’t avoid the contact and at the end Perez retired. Only McLaren have to be happy with him, the others we just need to do our work.”

McLaren team principal Martin Whitmarsh refused to criticise his driver. “With Checo, we want him to go out there, be fearless, and learn sometimes you have to play a bit of a percentage game,” he said. “But overall you need someone who is committed, just as he was, so I’m happy with the way he is going.

“You can look at that incident and say Kimi didn’t give space, but I’m not overly-criticising Kimi either. To overtake here takes a bit of a risk, and Sergio did a lot of over-taking, was passionate. If these other drivers are getting upset, that’s probably a good sign.”

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what a joke. Driver in front has no obligation to leave space if the opponent was not alongside him.

Perez just dive in and dare those WDCs to either crash or let him pass.

Im glad kimi stuff it up to him.


I Agree, it is not bumping cars, and the car in front has the line, otherwise all can just "push" their way through with the one who drive safer giving in? Perez wake up its not bumping cars, that is not passing and thinking you are a very good driver, that is stupidity which is very dangerous, maybe they must do it to you. I say he must get a ban with a big big fine, or go race the daytona 500, formula 1 is gentleman professional sport


Agreed 100%

Kimi has spoken.

There is no requirement for space to be left. Kimi went to the inside, there was no gap for Perez, yet he insisted on attempting to go where there was no space, and now Raikkonen has paid the consequences of Perez's driving.

He nearly rammed into the side of Alonso previously, then whined on the radio about it (don't know what the FIA were thinking with their decision).

A big penalty should be given for this.

Roginald Harvester

His move on JB was very good, caught him napping and JB gave him racing room. His move on Fernando would have been a crash without Fernando driving off the circuit and both his moves on Kimi were the same, the last being nowhere near it. Yes Kimi turned in on him but it was low class by Perez. Top marks to Sutil, JB and Diresta for quality overtakes.



Perez was going for very optimistic gaps in some cases, and in the one where the crash occurred the gap simply wasn't there.

This one was all on Perez as far as I can see.


Is this the same Sergio Perez who was so damning of Maldonados' driving after their clash at Silverstone ?


+1. Exactly my thoughts


Raikkonen, Alonso, and Hamilton should form their own racing series, attract manufacturers with proper rules and bar incompetent drivers like Perez.


Anyone who has watched Kimi with Manor in Formula Renault during the 2000 season , knows he is truly one of the most gifted drivers in the history of motorsport. Even more than Senna on his day.


Agree wholeheartedly just from what I saw from 2001 on !


F1 is the pinnacle. That entails the finest quality racing in the world. If you want mindless action watch Indycar or Nascar- not worse by any means. Perez was completely at fault, going for an invisible gap and is not in the same league as Raikkonen, Alonso etc. The worrying thing is that, regardless of how many incidents he has, Perez' money from Carlos Slim will ensure his seat. F1 needs a rethink to reward the top drivers who are constantly in the hunt.


I would agree with Checo, if he would have been alongside Kimi. However, he had his (Checo's) front wheel at Kimis Rear wheel.

Sorry, no offence, but this was Checo to blame.


He chose his targets almost perfectly, his team mate would have to avoid a crash at all costs and FA and Kimi needed the points desperatly as SB was in second. He just forgot one thing Kimi "leave me alone, I know what im doing" Raikkonen dosent take any crap. In all honesty though i doubt he would of done a banzai move like that against another midfielder.


I do not understand how some people can back up Perez for his last move on Raikkonen. It was far too ambitious, risky and the outcome obvious. Perez cannot expect other drivers to give way with such moves. I believe it is now time for the authorities to step in and give a little warning before things get too serious between drivers. This would be welcome in order to prevent further incidents, including dangerous ones, from happening.


2nd that. Martin Whitmarsh says on McLaren's website that Perez was combative and entertaining on every lap, and we do all like the odd bump and risky move, but with Perez it's every move. Whitmarsh will need to give Perez an ultimatum because this isn't GP2 and it will tarnish the McLaren brand to hire cowboys. Perez's idol is Ayrton, who was a not the best driver - he was dangerous. We can all drive like a nutter, it takes skill to stay calm and pick a narrow line under great pressure like Jenson, Fernando, Lewis and Kimi - the pros in other words.


I'm a big Perez fan.

I like the fact that he goes for it.

But it's a little disingenuous what he says, "... there was nothing I could do to avoid it.”

I was listening to Martin Brundle mention, more than once, how a driver has long since made his commitment.

The commitment that Perez made, as more than one contributor here has mentioned, was a commitment to a crash, unless the other driver yields to avoid the crash.

I don't know?!? Someone who has made that decision ought to anti up and say, "yup, I made that call." Because that was the call.

The other driver reacts without thinking, instinctively.

It may seem costly, in the short run; some have said it was mistake of Raikkonen; I say, "No way!"

Raikkonen did the minimal worst of the scenario already launched by Checo.

If Checo doesn't know by now that he cannot make those moves on Raikkonen, then I will say he is a stupid driver.

But ultimately, the is indeed a racing incident, this is the communication that really matters, " if you do that, I WILL do this! Do what ever you want!"


I find it strange that people moan about no overtaking yet when you have a driver with balls that overtakes there are people that moan. Perhaps its time to take up ballet?


Did you enjoy Grosjeans climbing the back of Ricciardo too?


overtake in a right place maybe


thats not overtake. Thats an attempt to Kill some1.

Overtake shouldn;t be done on risking driver ended up on the wall upfront.


Sergio didn't overtake. He DNF'd


Since when sliding into barrier or of the track is an overtake?

Tornillo Amarillo

JAMES, I cannot believe you are not giving your opinion about this incident, or a deep analysis, if Kimi saw Checo, if he'd checked the mirror, if he turns left to close the door being OUTSIDE the normal race line, what says the rules about giving room, race line, etc., etc.


...and while they are punching Perez, give grosjean a slap too, an occupation which would suit both would be mine clearance


After watching Perez make a few attempts on Kimi, I was expecting Kimi to let Perez suffer the results of such a late and stupid attempt. Glad Kimi made his point.


Then Perez was not at fault for their coming together in China, am I right?

I think you Raikkonen fans need to get your blinkers off. Not only was Raikkonen aware that Perez was committed up the inside, he also chose to steer into him regardless.

Call it an ambitious move if you like, the contact was 100% caused by Raikkonen.

BTW, Webber and Heidfeld pulled off similar moves on Alonso in 2005, and Rosberg on Vettel in 2009. Such dives up the inside are common practice into that corner.



First off great name, but those two racing conditions were clearly different. Tight turn and high risk pass attempt by perez in Monaco verses kimi's low risk attempt which was fairly straight track and had plenty of room for 2 cars in China.

Besides that, the amount of car in the passing driver had in the space was totally different. Kimi had his front wing past the center point of perez's mclaren, while Perez had nothing tell crashed into the back of kimi.

Lastly it was kimi not leaving the door completely open for him, verse perez in china slamming it shut on kimi's face.


I don't agree with you. Kimi was not going straight, but he was going a bit to the left closing the gap and Perez should've seen that.

By the time Perez caught up with Kimi in the braking, the gap was almost closed and then when Kimi turned left for the turn, that's when they colided.

In my opinion, an experienced driver would've realized there would be no gap considering Kimi's trajectory.

Please have a look at the overtake on Button and Alonso. These 2 were going straight and Perez was able to put his car on the inside. But Kimi was closing the gap on the inside therefore by the time he got to the turn, the gap was not there anymore.


If you have control of your car. Like Sutil and even Perez had earlier in his pass on Jenson. But from that far back your always going to end up like a looser one way or another.



There is no way Perez would have made the corner at that speed running up the inside barrier.

In China Raikkonen was accelerating past Perez and he had no problem taking the corner. Here Perez was braking waaaay too late, huge difference!

It looks a lot like when Perez crashed out Hamilton earlier this season. He failed overtaking once, and then tried the same move only ten times out of control.

Reminds me of Maldonado a couple of seasons ago when he was crashing left right and centre when driving over the limit.


in both occasions Sergio attempted to push kimi wide. So i have no idea how come you blame kimi for China incident when kimi was side by side and he just shoved him away??



You can clearly see Kimi steered to the left after he checked his mirror.


Steared him into the barrier? You've got to be kidding. Dont you mean, Kimi was turning into the corner?

Sergio is equally responsible for driving into it!

He was driving onto a dissapearing wedge and got what he deserved.


Your right Spino, I only saw one driver the entire race drive the line Kimi did on that lap.

He drove that line knowing there was going to be contact.


I agree, Kimi turned in on Perez to block the dive. I dont think he had anticapated how fast or late Perez was coming in.

There is no way Kimi held his normal braking line.

equal blame - Racing Incident.

BUT kudos to Perez for making the effort. He must wonder why people say it is hard to pass at Monaco! 🙂


Perez on Raikkonen in China = Chilton on Maldonado in Monaco.

The only reason he hit Kimi in Monaco was cause he lost control due to coming from way too far away, basically crashed. Even on previous attempt he was much closer and still drove himself and other driver off the track, good stuff.


+1. China is nothing like what happened between them in Monaco.

Seán Craddock

"Perez just dive in and dare those WDCs to either crash or let him pass." Where have we heard that before? Martin Brundle once said on Top Gear that Ayrton Senna would put you in a position where you were going to have an accident, and left it up to you wanted to have that accident or not.

Once Perez made his move there was absolutely nothing he could do except go left. He couldn't move behind Kimi because he was already on the brakes, and he went as far left as he could. It's a racing incident, simple as.


The rules were different in the days of Senna etc, so quoting those as a precedent is I believe, wrong.


Hamilton used to do the same thing until the other drivers refused to move for him. He is much more reserved these days (but still makes some great moves). This is a different era. I think Perez should start taking less risks that depend on the other driver to move over (especially when they most likely wouldn't see him coming) or else he will be missing out on a lot of points this year. And i'm pretty sure as much as Whitmarsh wants to stand behind his driver, he will very quickly change his stance if points are thrown away more frequently. They do after all affect the money they get from FOM.


Anyone who thinks Kimi is at fault is crazy. And I don't even care for Kimi!

No driver can claim position on track by merely sticking the front spoiler on the way of his opponents' racing line. If that were the case, overtaking would be exponentially easier. A driver has to establish most if not his entire car at a certain position. Perez clearly thought that Kimi would yield the racing line to him just like Alonso did when he went through the chicane to avoid the collision with Perez.

100% Perez' fault, who had nothing to lose, because he's not a championship contender.

Seán Craddock

I never said it was Kimi's fault? I in fact clearly stated that I believed it was a racing incident.

And you're wrong about the rules "A driver has to establish most if not his entire car at a certain position". If you read the FIA driving regulations article 20, it says that you must leave a gap if a significant portion of the car attempting to pass is alongside his.

"For the avoidance of doubt, if any part of the front wing of the car attempting to pass is alongside the rear wheel of the car in front this will be deemed to be a 'significant portion'."

(Also on a side note, I just noticed that the regulations assumes all drivers are male. Strange)


Racing incident for a stock car driver maybe, but for an F1 driver, you must be joking. He is a loose canon like Paster was last year. His behaviour on track really emphasizes the quality of race stewards these day. Alonso was left without any space, but he claims Kimi did not left him space.


Senna is perhaps not the best example to use in this situation...


Yes, but Senna was a hell lot more skillful than Perez is here.

tom in adelaide

It's not a racing incident - Perez would never have made that chicane with his entry speed, even with no other cars on track. Nothing to do with racing.

Monaco would be over in three laps if every driver did what Perez was doing. Simple as that.

Seán Craddock

I think he would have. If he would never have made the corner, why didn't Kimi let him go straight at the chicane and then Checo would have to give the position back?


@Sean Crakkock

"Where have we heard that before? Martin Brundle once said on Top Gear that Ayrton Senna would put you in a position where you were going to have an accident, and left it up to you wanted to have that accident or not."

Yeah, and Brundle wasn't being complimentary! Senna was one of the biggest, arrogant bullies to ever drive an F1 car!

I don't care what delusion people are under - Senna was a bully, plain and simple. His famous quote about not going for a gap means you aren't a racing driver is the biggest load of moronic garbage ever to come out of a professional sportsman's mouth!

It's like saying if you're a boxer and you don't go out and swing at everything that moves, you are no longer a boxer. Even punch drunk boxers know you have to pick your moment!


Could we propose a month's ban for anyone mentioning the Senna "going for a gap/racing driver" statement? For a guy that illustrated life on the limit with such eloquence, this seems to be one of the most universally used and abused statements in F1 forums...


If you want an insight into Ayrton you should read 'Crash and Byrned', about the career of Tommy Byrne.


Love him or loathe him, and I can't say that I'm a great admirer, Senna had talent that Perez can only dream of.


I agree.


Well put, it's nice when people see the F1 world without wearing Senna tinted spectacles!


Bobby, you have absolutely no idea what Senna was talking about.


If the Senna quote was universally true then Grosjean is the racingest racing driver ever! 😉


yeah, senna RIP


Very well said and a great example from the boxing world!



Hasn't anyone ever told you - Nice guys finish last!




Yup agree


check a video if you can, Perez had no right to say he had a right to the place, he's by no means even partially alongside let alone in front of Kimi and thus NOT INFRONT.

Cláudio Pontes

Well written. Totally agree, nothing more then a racing incident and it's basically Perez's fault. Could have been avoided that's true, but so could have Raikkonen just let Perez go by... Is that racing? No it is not, so get over it. I like Kimi, but I liked MagicSenna even more and he did this a lot... Fernando is right to be annoyed because his penalty was very unfair.

Christos Pallis

I like your comparison but let me ask you one question. Do you think Senna's driving eticate would be acceptable in today's F1?

I ask because I do not. Senna's philosophy which you quoted correctly doesn't really fit with modern F1 driving standards.


Good lord it is tiresome hearing clowns quote "Senna" every time a driver does something erratic. All it proves is how little the person knows about F1 history and Senna. Go watch some old races before talking. The only quote relevant regarding Senna is unlike Kimi who is just suggesting it Senna would have punched Perez in the face back then. Perez isn't a world champion anyway... He can only be compared to Kobayashi in my opinion... Desperate attempts at moves, but ultimately not fast enough. We should start every race with Maldonado Perez and Grosjean at the back providing comic relief.



but adding that it didn't fit at the time either.

It's all about the risk level, and I only appreciate fast drivers when they know their own limits and play fair. Being fast but crashing more than the reasonable means nothing to me, and it only shows that they should slow down to their real level.

Schnell! schnell!

Senna's driving etiquette wasn't acceptable in his own time, but he seems to be lauded for it. I don't know that Brundle's comment was made with unbounded admiration......

Seán Craddock

Very, very good question!! I appreciate you asking this and I would have to agree with you, no it wouldn't be acceptable.

While F1 has drastically changed over the years, I think it is wrong for people like Candice (Not the only one by any means, only singling you because you commented first) jump to conclusions that Perez is a bad driver and is dangerous. The problem isn't the moves made by Perez, it's how the sport has changed.

I followed Perez in junior categories and thought he should have won GP2 rather than Pastor. He has got a lot of talent and deserves to be where he is


Rest of the attributes besides driving standards are lacking, so it's a very vague analogy.


Sorry Sean,

You watch the likes of Alonso, Kimi, Jensen, Lewis, Mark, and now Seb, and you will see a class of driver that knows how to race hard without risking unnecessary accidents.

Sergio, Pastor and Romain are part of a new breed of driver, too interested in trying to prove themselves than race with common sense. They do not exhibit the sense that it takes to race at that speed.


I agree 100%. I loved the fact that the wise old boys Jenson & Alonso just let the young pup go and have his own accident..shame it took out Kimi. I bet Jenson had a great big smile on his face when he saw Perez retire...especialy as it allowed him to pull a great pass on Alonso.


Don't disagree, but the pressure on new drivers to make an impact or be replaced is huge. Also no testing, the drivers are all learning in front of our eyes, not so for the others you mention (Seb being a notable exception, but even he had a tough time early on).


Totally agree.

These 3 drivers still think they are driving GP2 races.


+1. well put, and very true.


Ifeel perez as took Hamiltons place in the team but im affraid he is not that good.The presure was put on him because he was driving to slow and he feels he as to be dramatic so he gets noticed.The move he made on kimi,he as decided to do before he as even exited the tunnel so obviously to make it work he needed to be coming alongside kimi atleast 100yards earlier than he did,which would have made kimi have to give room to perez so they both made the chicane but he judged it wrong and kimi was taking his line,so i feel perez owes kimi an apology


Really disappointing, to hear (or better read) people saying something like that. As much as I enjoyed watching him outbraking fair and square Jenson there is propably not a comparison at all about the incident with Kimi. On top of that, Kimi is fighting for the WDC, so taking him out is not the same as taking out any other driver... Just disappointing...


Perez had no idea how to pass in Monaco. He was just flipping coin lap after lap. It was ridiculous to watch... Well, he had luck few times but there wasnt skill involved in his driving.

Its silly that its ok to cut chicane until he was lucky to push some one out. He was just using totally random brake points until he find lucky ones. And even after successful move against Button, he had no idea where he should brake to do it again. That tell all about his "skills".

Sutil, Di Resta and Kimi made some great moves.. They didnt need luck to make it work.


They should have the 2nd drivers protecting the WDCs contenders from Perez. He is being encourage d to do that since Perez & his team have nothing to lose. They have started concentrating on 2014 already I guess.


+1, kimi it´s a crying baby


He shouldn't have dived into that space in the first place, and the rules say you have to be atleast halfway up to the car next to you. Perez wasn't halfway up. The only way to make space for Perez would have been to drive off the circuit, I cant see how people think it is right when the other driver has to drive off the circuit. A circuit has boundaries for a reason. Perez was never going to make that corner.

Monaco has and will always be a dull procession, that doesn't suddenly give someone the right to do any harebrained moves.


I like Kimi, but he closed the door deliberately. Kimi could have avoided contact by leaving room enough for one car, whereas Checo could not.


60% Kimi

40% Sergio

Kimi is a WDC contender so he should not be taking any risks. And the "punch in the face" comments shows his passive aggressive nature. Actually I like him less now....


Would Perez do the same move if he was in top 3 in the championship? Would he risk a crash and score no points? I don't think so. He has nothing to lose and is pretty desperate to overtake and score as many points he can risking a crash or DNF. He's got nothing to lose.


That's probably why a top 3 contender who is also sensible will just concede the position rather than risk the conseqences (like Alonso did). To clarify, I'm really not supporting Perez in his move on Rai - it was just not on - but only making a point that it is not unusual for someone who's not in the championship hunt to take more risks than someone who is. In fact if we look back to last year when Perez narrowly missed out on a race win to Alonso, it is quite clear that he wasn't prepared to take any risks to loose 2nd position. This was just a racing incident IMO - unfortunate for Rai and not quite fair play by Perez.


Judging by his progress from Suzuka last year, I firmly believe he would. And for the same reason it will take him a long time before he becomes a top 3 in championship, even with a capable car.


And if he was in the top 3 he wouldn´t be happy at all if some other driver does to him what he did to Kimi. Perez should think about it


Maybe someone should stop giving Kimi ice cream


That "someone" should be Kimi himself, not "someone" else. And maybe Sutil should punch Kimi. Easy to forget when you are on the receiving end.


Kimi ran into Sutil in 2008 because he was caught out by the bump into the chicane and cold brakes (after the safety car restart). Kimi admitted his fault and went and apologised to Sutil after the race.

Perez is blaming Kimi for a over enthusiastic move by himself that wasn't going to work on someone like Kimi. With Alonso and Button and also the first attempt in Kimi, Perez was at least 1/2 a car's length alongside them before the corner and therefore they went straight on cutting the chicane.

The 2nd attempt on Kimi, Perez was not alongside Kimi and therefore if Kimi decided to cut the chicane anyway to avoid a accident he would've been asked by the stewards to let Perez through as he would have been deemed to gain an advantage. That is exactly what Perez was trying to do, bait the other driver into a mistake or cut the chicane and be penalised by the stewards. Kimi didn't fall for it.

I however agree with the stewards that this was a racing incident. Both drivers have a right to be annoyed, but that's just how it goes sometimes esp on a track like Monaco.


When Kimi crashed into Sutil he had hit some water and lost the car going out of the tunnel. That was an unfortunate racing incident. Huge difference.


The situation that happen with Kimi and Sutil in monaco 2008 was different. Kimi did not attempt to overtake, if you watch the video again, kimi was fighting the car. Mainly due to cold tires or cold brakes after the SC


Don't you think that a quality driver like Kimi should know when tyres and brakes are cold there would be a longer stopping path when brakes get engaged?


I remember that incident. Sutil was on course for a top result and brainless Kimi ruined it. And now he wants to Punch a guy in the face that does the same to him. I haven't heard Sutil saying something like this back then. Now you showed your true face Kimi. Shame on you. I hope you don't win this year's Championship because that would be a real blow for Formula 1.


And who benefited with a 5th place from Kimi and Perez colliding, Sutil. Justice served.


Kimi apologized to Sutil and FI team saying he knew how bad it was missing their first points. He also did not try to overtake that time. He said he stupidly forgot that it would be wet outside the tunnel. To get such honest assessment and apology from any other f1 driver is not easy.


Well... Kimi took Alonso out of a race last year when Alonso was fighting for the championship, right???


Even Alonso retracted his statement on that which means Kimi was in the right!- he very rarely is wrong. But what most like about Kimi is he is not scared to say he's wrong.. Unlike the idiot that ran into him on Sunday


That was just a start incident.

I have heavily criticised Suzuka's first 2 corners in the past. It is far too narrow to fit 22+ F1 cars through, and the speeds vary largely depending on what side of the track you are on.

The problem was a limit of space, which led to the two tangling.


The consensus is that Alonso caused that accident.


Err no that was FAs fault


Alonso took himself out.


Yes but that was Alonso's fault too. He drove into Kimi. It was fifty fifty.


You mean Suzuka, where Alonso essentially took himself out?


That one's getting a bit old to use now and doesn't get any laughs anymore. Stick to the day job.


Best do what he says, he sounds really witty.


The ice man is starting to melt...


If Perez really thinks it was Raikkonens fault I can only agree with Raikkonen: Perez is a deluded idiot. He had no chance whatsoever to make it past the Finn. Not to speak of the fact it wasn't his first attempt at divebombing Raikkonen.

While Grosjean only seems to be clumsy Perez is blind and stupid. I can't find any less harsh words for Perez' actions.


I don't know what Perez was thinking on that last attempt with Kimi. But props to him for trying to race in Monaco, F1 is getting worse every race as they're becoming tyre saving parades. Props to Sutil also, he was fantastic.


Good attempts I think by Perez. That last one on Kimi was definitely his fault though.

He just needs to learn where that line is and not go over it.

He should a talking to from the stewards and his team. If Kimi left him room, he'd have missed the chicane and told to give the place to Perez (even though it wasn't enough to actually make a legal pass).


If Kimi left him room, he’d have missed the chicane and told to give the place to Perez (even though it wasn’t enough to actually make a legal pass).

That was exactly Perez's plan. That was how he got Alonso.


If Try = Put your car in an impossible place and hope that the other guy does not turn in then yes, props to Perez


whatever works and keeps me from falling asleep


Climbing up the back of other cars, Grosjean style?


If you were to choose between driver parades or driver crashes, I would rather have parades as at least those don't leave a sour taste in the mouth affecting a driver who is fighting for championship while some other clearly has nothing to lose from the crash.


Whitmarsh wants his driver to learn racing- that is fair. But at the expense of the championship contenders - that is unfair.


Well perhaps Kimi should have thought more about his championship challenge and not turned into Perez.

Not such an Ice Man in this case I'm afraid...


for the last time, Kimi did not turn into Perez!


I would have thought most, if not all, drivers knew about racing by the time they reach F1 🙂


Perez is bringing shitzillion dollars the team, hence the praise.

Seán Craddock

It shouldn't matter whether it's championship contenders or not


I am surprised that the stewards didn't investigate this. I think Perez deserved a penalty.


He did the same thing to Button and Alonso and both the other drivers had to leave the track to avoid him, then given the place "back" to Perez. I guess that made him think he was onto something. He should have got a drive thru and put back in his place (around P15)

unF1nnished business

What I find frusterating is the stewards giving Perez a place ahead of Alonso which was an obvious defensive move to avoid a collision. This is what I believe precipitated the collision course with Kimi.


100% agrees with your point.


Perez was alongside Alonso. That time he made the corner. Neither of his moves on Kimi allowed him to make the corner.


Well said

Denys Tkalich

For what? For not jumping over the wall where Kimi pushed him?


I am not sure, but heard that one of the stewards was a mexican official.


Another conspiracy theory. Sorry to tell you that it not the decision of just one man.

Who's for a tequila?


Sigh. This implication annoys me. When Hamilton does something wrong and doesn't get penalized, do you go and say "hmm well one of the stewards was British"? What about the fact that McLaren is a British team? Come on now! 🙂


@Anne, that rule is pretty black and white, and has been around prior to Spain 2012. The FIA needs to check the fuel that is put into the cars for legality, and if the required quantity isn't there the team should be penalised for not managing this appropriately.


Hamilton is always panalised. Last year in Spain he won the pole. But the car didn´t have the required amount of fuel. He started the race in the last position. In 2011 Lewis was always called to meet stewards after almost every race.


i can tell with your comments that both of you guys really dont know about racing, Perez did an amazing race, and kimi only cling to not let him pass instead of collect good points.. and then he starts to crying about it, like Button in Bahrain and now Alonso to, and a funny fact it is that those 3 guys dont say anything when they are quicker.. those guys just are justifying for their own poor performances of race


Look at the points table Rod, their poor performance has them well ahead of Perez...he hasn't even got half of the points his team mate has!

Antonio Palmiotto



Sergio is it you? Please look at on-board video, and tell me how you were gonna stop sliding into the wall and off the track if Kimi was not there? Or how did you manage do drive off the track and force Kimi off the track when you were MUCH closer to him compare to your last attempt? I know you had your super license for a while, maybe it's time to redo the vision test.


Wow. You are actually right, not sure if it matters but... leaves a little question mark perhaps.


not only that, but slim junior is on the board of FIA


Not the board -FIA isn't a company so does not have a board - he's on the World Motor Sport Council


I agree by modern standards he deserved a penalty. I agree 100% that SP was in the wrong (more than once). But I am glad the stewards were more relaxed this weekend, it irks me at times how involved the stewards can be. I hope SP continues with his spirit after peer pressure re-moulds his approach!!


This is the problem with the stewards!!!

They penalise Alonso for cutting a chicane to avoid an accident, and yet they fail to penalise somebody for causing an accident.

They are inconsistent!


Perez really needs to learn that u can't just put your car in a position and hope others take avoidance. That last move on kimi was never ever on and he still kept coming. Stupid move costing his team points when they need all the points they can get. And when people was on the Perez bandwagon last year when Ferrari said he wasn't ready for a drive with them should open there eyes now. Still has so much to learn and he doesn't want to get himself a reputation like pastor and romain.


This is what happens when stewards gifted Perez the position on Alonso (I mean really - what else was Alonso supposed to do!). Perez then felt entitled to try his kamikaze moves on everyone else.

I'm afraid Perez is joining the Grosjean club.


Didn't Jenson get the position in the exact same way from Perez? Sergio avoided a collision with his own agressive team mate - I mean really, what else was Perez supposed to do? And the stewards gifted the position to Button!!!


@Irish Con

That last move on kimi was never ever on and he still kept coming...

I am not saying the move was on, but once committed the driver cannot pull out. At least that was what Martin Brundle was saying in commentary.

Denys Tkalich

Hearing that from people who hired Massa is very funny


Massa is a class above the latest breed of crash kids - Vettel - Maldo - Grosjean and now Checo.


I think they do. Martin W referred to Vettel as the "crash kid" after he took out button a few seasons ago..


I don't think that the results show that Massa is class above Vettel.


It is easy for teams like Ferrari to get on their soap boax with regard to which drivers are "ready for a drive with them" when they have the money to pick and choose who they want to drive for them.


You clearly don't know how things stand in F1.

Lewis was the best paid driver last year when he was at McLaren. I don't know if he still is.

You were also wrong about McLaren not being able to compete with Mercedes in terms of salary. From the media I understood Lewis left because of the freedom Mercedes are ofering compared with McLaren. McLaren stated they matched the salary offer Mercedes put forward.

Lastly, ALonso was never the best paid driver in F1. I don't know if this is the case this year, but certanly not last year.


No Lewis was not the best paid last year. Alonso certainly was prior to Hamilton moving to Mercedes. Don't forget Ferrari is the big money bucks team that allegedly paid Kimi £15 million to walk away from his contract to make way for Alonso!

And on the point of commercial freedom, this is a valuable resource to McLaren which enables them to pay better rates. Ferrari and Mercedes can afford to give this freedom to their drivers!

I suggest that it is you that clearly does not know how things stand in F1.


And McLaren don't have the money? Lewis was better paid than Alonso or Vettel, so your comment doesn't make sense.

But Ferrari were right last year when some media questioned why Ferrari let Perez go to McLaren instead of replacing Massa.

Second half of last season and this season so far, Perez didn't show much and definitely didn't show he is a top team driver.


Correct. McLaren does not have the money. Ferrari's resources are huge compared to McLaren. Why do you think Hamilton left McLaren? McLaren could no longer afford his services caompared to the numbers that Mercedes were prepared to pay.....and McLaren were exposed to the possibiliyt of having to purchase their F1 engines from Mercedes from 2015.

McLaren is not awash with cash right now as they are undergoing a huge transformation as top branded car manufacturing business.

Alonso is the best paid F1 driver, certainly up until Hamilton moved to Mercedes, but the belief is that Alonso was better paid than Hamilton while at McLaren.


When FA and KR were as young as SP they did not do such mistakes. Not a good sign for SP...


No, they were to scared to try. We didn't criticise them back then because were were told that the aerodynamics prevented it. But, as we have seen since DRS, over taking with out DRS has massively increased, but the aero disruption is pretty much the same. If it is not, then there is zero reason to have DRS.

Cant over take at Monaco? Heh, well, both Perez and Sutil disproved that one. Oh yeah you can. Its just takes the guy in front to be looking in those mirrors. And if they are no good, make the damn things good.

What happened was that drivers got used to the aero excuse and preferred not to risk the car, and over take in the pits. Then DRS came along, and while I despise its current use, it did get the drivers believing in over taking again. The older drivers, those who still cling to the aero disruption excuse cant cope with the younger driver who aren't so tainted. One thing I *think* I have noticed is that is the younger drivers making most of the non DRS over takes. Not sure of that though.

People, including drivers, dont seem to accept that they can take their foot off the throttle, and use a thing called the brake. They do not have to turn in. They can go straight, brake, or steer away, and bail out and concede the place. No,m they prefer to cause a crash, because they think the have a sacred right to the holy racing line.

Stuff all that, let the kids race, instead of letting the old buffer trundle round "respecting" each other.


I would say Kimi showed much better how to overtake in Monaco. That kind of rise he did in the last laps was amazing. James also got it wrong, he was down to last! #16 when he came out of the pit. Yes he was on fresh tires. But to make up that many places in a couple of laps is just amazing.

The last on Hulkenberg was from the book on how to do it.

Perez should go back to GP2 or just home. I really don't support Alonso but felt so sad for him when he had to give the place to Perez. My thoughts directly was that now he I is going to do that to everyone.

The only clear over take he did was on his own team mate Button.


NOt sure we 're still talking about F1 here. Last time I checked, there's a set of rules under which a driver can "go straight, brake, or steer away and bail out to concede a place". Perez is so desperate to please MW that he expects everybody to just vanish from the race track everytime he makes his dangerous moves. while Romain's incidents border on the reckless, Perez's border on the plain stupid, sorry to say.


Put spikes on the wheels and explosives that go off if a driver doesn't make the delta times too....


Because they knew they had the talent and they just needed to hone their skills. They did not need to crash into others to make their presence felt. They both made an immediate impression, from their first race. The betting was who would become world champion first. Kimi was unlucky in 2003 and again in 2005, but Fernado deserved both his championships. Perez does not measure up to them, in fact he is, from the young crop of drivers, below Hulk, Di Resta, Bianchi and Bottas. So, he will be agressive but at the end he will perhaps have the fate of Grosjean.


"As for what Sergio did, I don’t have much to say, his approach reminds me of my own in 2008 and 2009, because when you are not fighting for the championship, you can take more risks, while for me today, it was important to finish the race and bring home as many points as possible.", said Fernando Alonso.


Were there any... hm, what's the correct term, "not well-thought" manoeuvres by Fernando in 2008-09? Actually, I don't remember.


Alright, thanks.


Off the top of my head, the one where he spun Heidfeld around at the Lowes Hairpin at Monaco 2008 was pretty silly.


He took more risks, yes, but how many times he colided with championship contenders?


make mistakes


Danica woulda punched his lights out.


Comment of the week! 😀


Handbags at down?

All revved-up

The iceman keeps coming up with classic one liners!

What a multi-talented chap.

Only Perez and Martin Whitmarsh cannot see the error by Perez. I've just watched the Rsce highlights (after watching the race live), and there were numerous occasions for Vettel to poke his nose into a gap, and risk a collision with Hamilton; for Hamilton to poke his nose into a gap and risk an accident with Weber; and Alonso to barge through Kimi. All those world class drivers knew they can't expect the driver in front to drive with one eye in their mirrors looking out for a kamikaze move by the driver behind.

There is a clear difference between leaving a gap, and expecting the driver in front to look in their mirror for a kamikaze move into their normal racing line. Perez does need to reset his brains. Perhaps a concussion is the only way.


You mean just like Hamilton's attempt to pass Felipe Massa ON THE SIDEWALK at the Hotel hairpin a couple of years back? Or was he as you say 'poking his nose into a gap but not risking an accident' ? What a world class driver that was, that knew he can’t expect the driver in front to drive with one eye in their mirrors looking out for a kamikaze on the sidewalk behind him?

All of these guys make mistakes, but the ones with fast cars know they will score points without having to take risks, and the others will simply take risks, especially when the cars infront are only cruising around, big names, fast cars, saving tires and off the pace by 5 seconds or more.


Perez is a danger to other drivers, the marshals and spectators. He should have his superlicence revoked.


After Grosjean we have another demolition derby driver - Sergio Perez!

I still can't understand why Alonso was penalised: you might say - it was obvious, he cut the chicane. All this is true but why did he cut the chicane? to avoid an incident. In what way did he cut the chicance? he still tried to go around it and not in a straight line. He was forced to drive in that pattern or else... boom!

Look at Perez's over takings and Sutil's over takings ... you can see the difference between a driver who respects his colleagues and another one who does not!


Sergio is a playstation racer, if it ends up badly you just start again.


F1 is no playstation. Ask Senna, Gilles and all those who rest in peace.


It makes me sad that real daredevil drivers like Clark, Rindt, Peterson, Gilles Villeneuve or Ayrton Senna are no longer with us. On the other hand intelligent drivers like Stewart, Emerson Fittipaldi, Lauda, Prost or Michael Schumacher are still very much alive. Just coincidence?


Hi JA, really wanna know what you think about the incident. should there be a penalty or not???


If Perez continues down this road, he will soon become the second clown between the drivers. Him and Grosjean can be recruited to make boring races more watchable - for all the wrong reasons ofcourse!

There is nothing brave on betting on 50-50 odds that you will come out from the next corner intact. Statistically he was going to crash yesterday. He had a 1/32 chance of pulling out that same pass on Kimi without a coming together (1/2^5). McLaren ofcourse are responsible for this.


I am a poker player and am interested in how these odds were calculated.

I agree that coin flips are for unskilled donkeys.


His move on Button was great, his move on Alonso was very risky and his move on Raikkonen was plain stupid. There was no gap at all.


+1 -

As you point out here, the same driver was capable of trying the same move with different results. The overtake on Button was smart and daring, the one on Alonso was very close but probably worthwhile, the hit on Raikonnen was stupid because he just kept trying the same action with less and less room and with fried brakes.

The fact that he hit Kimi in the rear tyre suggests he was not half a car length alongside and couldn't have made it regardless. If you hit a car in the rear tyre you can't physically be alongside - the move on button showed the clear judgement of an aggressive driver (much like button did on Alonso later in rascasse) but the inexperience in Perez was to just keep trying the same thing from further and further back and with more and more brake overheating.


Well put!


I left this post elsewhere on this blog - but it is more relevant here (sorry for repetition):

Every race since last season proved that the new boys have got to learn a lot from the established ones. Alonso, Raikkonen and Button may appear like some overcautious drivers, but they are WDCs precisely for a reason – they can judge which move can be done and which cannot. The newbies like Grosjean, Perez, Maldonado are not only naive (polite term) but also refuse to learn. If those old WDCs retire, we will have only Vettel + all these crash-addicts. It will be one hell of a boring season.


Tou can only wish thats the case. Perhaps one or two fewer.


Find a way to add a passing spot to this circuit. Otherwise, there will always be frustration and pressure. In fact, I hardly remember Monaco without frustration.

2004 - Schumi/Montoya comes to mind right away. Going for most wins to start a season, and rare Ferrari Monaco win...well, you know the story.

Carlos Marques

His logic was simple- put the car on the inside, count on the experience of the opponent to cut the corner to avoid contact, and then wait for the FIA to ask the driver IN FRONT who had the brains to AVOID CONTACT to move over.

I'm glad the icecream man decide to stuff him into the wall...


Well said!


I found this support from Martin Whitmarsh disturbing.

We all saw what happened there. First he locked his front wheels while overtaking a teammate. That could have been the end for both McLarens and that maneuver alone was the signal that he might not see the end of the race on track.

Then he almost took out Alonso, who was penalized when avoiding kamikaze and that made another boost for him to continue with that kind of behavior. Fist attempt on Kimi and they both somehow survived, but that wasn't enough so next time he just rammed his Lotus from behind. Incredible.

Even now he thinks he did nothing wrong, and because of that I would give him time to cool down and to find out why this was wrong - a ban from the next race, just like Grosjean got last year.


This is MOTOR RACING! Or would you rather the entire season mirrored the dull the first half to the Monaco GP.


I think you should watch NASCAR, not F1.


To everyone knocking Nascar, there are some serious moves done and skills involved - ok so all they do is turn left but under last year's rules, these guys were PUSHING each other(bumper to bumper) at high speed tracks at over 200mph...there alot to be said for the skill in controlling a 900hp 2000pound vehicle, and with the new Gen 6 cars we're seeing alot more crashes as guys need to take more risks...

Danica would deck Checo...handbags at dawn indeed!!

As for the Monaco incident. That was all Checo. Bad call on the stewards for penalising Alonso for avoiding a crash, as that set up the incident with Kimi; Checo figurig he'll dive-bomb up the inside and leave it to Kimi to decide on the crash or avoid it...and if he(Kimi) avoids it, that the stewards would reward recklessness with pass.

Had the stewards reacted to Checo's pass on Alonso by not giving him the place, it would send a message (we hope) that you can't just expect the guy in front to jump out of the way and gain a place by setting up a certain accident with the person you wish to pass.

By the way, remember Senna punching Irvine in Suzuka a few years back, anybody?

Charith Arachchi

"That won’t help. Maybe someone should punch him in the face."

This is the Kimi we all love! Maybe he's also channeling a little James Hunt with that response as well? :]


The difference is Hund would not say that, he would do it!


Perez was responsible for the "few racing moments" of this Monaco "save your tires" boring race!

I understand Kimi is right, it was a bad judgment from the Mexican, but Perez was trying something. And when you do it, you can do it wrong... Or do a brilliant move as he did on JB!

It's clear at this discussions that we have many people that want a "random" race at all cost (e.g.: tyre's jokes), and others that want "real racing", flat-out, attacking kerbs every corner, and bold moved as Haminton did try at Rascasse on MW! That was cool! It was not the max point of the race because he could not finish the overtake... what a shame, but I don't remember one overtake on that corner... Amazing!

Maybe I was the only one that think is cool to watch a real driver, real racing and trying to find a spot to make a move! Some can think that LH chasing MW was a procession, for me that is real racing!

No drs! No fake tyres!

We have a F1 decade to remember, with at least 10 top super drivers! Let's let them race...

We have one million overtakes every gp, and a lot of random pit stop crazyness (and in the monaco gp we could get the madness of discuss tyres "outside" the main event)! C'mon! The most "glamour****" gp of the calendar, did lose for a practice session and boring tyre discussion.

If that does not open the eyes of FIA, we are lost!


In my opinion and after watching an incident replay couple of times it seems to me that Kimi turned into Nouvelle a bit earlier than usual, definately not wanting to give position to Perez. This incident reminded me of what Martin Brundle said about Senna "He would let you decide if you wanted to crash or not." Perez still has a long way to go to be compared to Senna, but still, he showed some balls yesterday.

At the end it is Perez's fault, but I'd call it a racing incident.


On that note, Kimi really had to close the door.

Because of this, Perez would probably think twice about trying a stunt like that on Kimi again. That's assuming he has the capacity to think during the moment - unlike the top-tier drivers in F1, he seems to make up his mind about what would happen once he commits to a move, and doesn't seem to know how to read the situation and adapt as required.

Funnily enough, the *other* ex-Sauber driver seemed to know what he was doing 😀


Was not even close, he was sliding into Kimi, I have no idea what his take on the corner was even if Kimi did move. Go straight through chicane as he did last time around?


Seems MW is the source of SP's dangerous driving. He is wrong, racing is not about taking stupid risks, it's about winning. It might be exciting to watch but then so are car Banger races... I expect F1 to be more thinking than that.

Monaco has been about for some 60 years and by now drivers know all the overtaking points and know the risks. Only SP was behaving so recklessly because MW told him to.

MW is not a racer. Perhaps that explains why McLaren has produced a dud yet again this year and some of why MW is pushing SP to try to hide that - his antics deflect heat from MW's failure as a team principal. Shame on MW for using him so.



My thoughts exactly. MW is now supporting Perez out of pure sorrow, trying to hide his own failures as a team principal and McLaren real problems.

Like Perez's DNF's has nothing to do with him.

A complete failure in both ways.


Racing is indeed about winning. Winning is about being in in the lead at the end. If you're not in the lead, you have to pass people to get there. Therefore, passing is a pretty essential component to winning.

He took a chance on the last one, but the others were great.


You guys forget what drivers like senna were like, he stuck his car up the inside then it was upto you if you had a crash or not, Perez has done nothing wrong the guy along with sutil was the only bloody entertainment in the race! Complete bordom otherwise! Save tyres save tyres snoooreeeeee!


OMG how can one compare Senna's moves to Perez his attempt on Raikkonen.

Senna would do those things but not in a way like Perez did and go for a gap that is not there. Raikkonen didnt even have a change to choose to avoid or not.


Actually look for a video of the Japanese GP 1990 on youtube, then you might understand that Senna indeed went for a gap that wasn't there.


I knew these this would come up.:)

If you know your history, you would know why Senna made that particular move.

Google Senna, Prost, Jean-Marie Balestre. 😉


I'm beginning to get tired of that line about Senna. So everything Senna did becomes F1 law? then why should we complain about MS?


Prost was boring and cautious, Senna is dead, Prost has one more WDC and very much alive.


Senna dying had nothing to do with his driving. It was an design flaw and environmental circumstances causing it to bottom out. It could have happend to anyone of that era! ...... And yes you need caution at the right times to win..... But what has Perez got to loose! Go for it son!


It might have been a driving error as well. We don't know.


Fair comment. I prefer drivers that take chances over the more cautious ones.

Perez's luck ran out eventually, but he gave good value.


Your right senna did have that attitude, still does anyone remember senna for constantly crashing Perez and grosjean need to calm down


All Perez did wrong was take out a very popular WDC contender. The one who most hoped would take the fight to Vettel.

Had he not attempted his third (and slightly over ambitious) cheeky pass at that corner, he would be no doubt a contender for driver of the day.

One of only drivers who tired to make a race of it, and people are up in arms. Don't worry, they guy is making a name for himself with the casual fans. That's what counts.

He's got a bright future.


In DTM or GT Series.


You could not be more wrong, if you hit someone from behind then you are in the WRONG. Hey it is OK to be aggressive but not stupid. We don't need another Sato launching his car as a missile taking out everyone around him.


It was tyre wall to tyre wall contact, imo caused by Raikkonen steering into Perez, but was not Perez hitting Raikkonen from behind.


He did a lot worse and took huge risks. Bottom line is they are not allowed to drive like that any more.


What the hell prevented the stewards to investigate this incident? Why didn't he get a penalty? This is a joke. As Perez is. Over-rated and overdriving since he knows he's gonna drive for McLaren. There will be some more incidents with him in the close future, it can't be anything else. He'll so get a deserved race(s) ban like Grosjean last year.

MW is playing it "corporate" and can't critisize at the moment as the main issue is the car and not its second driver, but when time will come, when the car is gonna perform and this is gonna happened sooner or later, this guy is under the radar and he's gonna have to change his mind if he wants to stay at Woking.


The only guy who deserved a punishment in this situation was Kimi for moving in the breakingsone. Dangerous and stupid, and he ruined Sergios race.


Perez retired due to brake failure. He overcooked the brakes himself.


if kimi didnt move, how he gonna make the corner?? There's only 1 way to make that corner....not brake and drive straight to the wall.

shaking my head.


Haha you're kidding right? The only one to ruin Sergio's race was Sergio. Had Perez been ahead or even alongside Kimi you might have a point, but Perez hit him from BEHIND, puncturing his REAR tire. Perez (and apparently his defenders) seem to think he is Moses and that everything should magically part before him.

Aleks Slovenia

I like hard racing and until Kimi, Perez was great, he is learning and will probably be a good driver.

Only when pushing over the limit do we learn and he is no exception.

He was wrong but i like him...


For sure, Perez is making friends in high places, problem with this is Perez is upsetting superstars that have all kinds of connections and once they gang up on you, not only can you lose your confidence but you can find yourself losing other things too such the media's favour and in serious cases, your seat.

Personally, I enjoyed Perez's combative drive and the only mistake he made was with Kimi for he should have remembered Kimi had it in for him after Malaysia and thus should have played it cautions.

Alonso really didn't have a case as to why he cut the corner because from what I saw, Perez gave him enough room.

But Perez is still a young gun and will gain experience as he goes along and it's good that he doesn't accept responsibility for any of his tussles for this means he has no plans of changing or getting bullied anytime soon.

Anyway Monaco is a one off, maybe Perez is claustrophobic or something for he always crashes there in one way or the other.

Meanwhile, after Monaco, Perez could have come the most feared driver on the grid (especially to the title contenders) for not only can he overtake but he doesn't respect egos.

So yes, from this day forth, Perez is that chap you either give way or we crash e.g. Perez and Maldonado at Silverstone 2012.

As a last word, I just wish Perez the best of luck next time especially when he comes across that nonsense racer in Lewis Hamilton e.g. Suzuka 2012 or Valencia 2012 or Korea 2011 etc

Tornillo Amarillo


well said


Perez most certainly did not leave Alonso enough room on the track. The most Alonso could do was to go over the big yellow kerb, which would have damaged his car.


Two reasons for Alonso's recovery attempt:

1. Armco on the harbourside of the chicane. If it were grass, FA would have carried more speed across the chicane (around the outside of Perez) and run SP towards the left while hitting the kerb on the right (rather than glancing it in the usual manner).

2. Kerb at chicane has a large yellow bump at the radius centre. Designed to make cars go around it rather than over it. You run over that and you lose your front wing.

That's what FA was aiming to do, and that's why he changed direction at the last moment.


"But Perez is still a young gun and will gain experience as he goes along and it’s good that he doesn’t accept responsibility for any of his tussles for this means he has no plans of changing or getting bullied anytime soon."

What am i reading? It's good not to take responsibility from mistakes? That is exactly the mindset of some of the new generation drivers like Maldonado, Grosjean and Perez. They never seem to think that it's their fault. And if they never accept responsibility, then they will never learn. I very much doubt, that unless Perez changes his attitude, he will ever become a successful driver.


it impressed me to see kimi so hungry about winning,scoring good points and eventually getting the chmapionship.that's pretty good sign,the old fierce iceman is back 100%.regarding perez kimi was absolutely right about him but honestly i never saw him to be that agree before(sad yes like in germany 2004 but that agry, n e v e r)anyway boullier said:the word 'idiot' is nothing in comparison to what kimi said about perez to his team*wow* all in all i wish raikkonen the very best to come(hopefully)


Very, very stupid move by Perez. And he even dares to criticize Kimi after this. Alonso and Kimi need to show how you can overtake properly, as Perez clearly is unable to do that. Stewards should have given him a penalty for the next race.


I'm just glad it didn't ruin Kimi's consecutive points record through no fault of his own, he really is consistently fast. Although I think it has massively damaged his WC prospects


I do not know whats going on with this GP2 drivers. They try some crazy stuff out there, because they need to prove something. They are most of the time clearly to blame, but they do not admit it or apologise they just get contra-attacking. Perez went for a room that was non-existing, he ruined the race of Kimi and at the end came up with his story that it was Kimi to blame. Raikkonen is one of the cleanest racer ever finishing his 23rd race in the points in a row. The pressure from the Telmex backing makes Perez trying to punch above his weight. The same applies to Grosjean. Both should just shut up, drive and respect the likes of Alonso and Raikkonen. And I am not saying that they should not race or be agressive, but race with respect. If Kimi loses the WCh because of that he really should punch the guy.


GP2 is the same as F1 - half of the field are absolute kamikaze idiots. God help us if Cecotto ever gets a seat in F1.

But all is not lost. The passes by Mitch Evans and Felipe Nasr in the GP2 Monaco sprint race shows that there are still some very classy, spatially aware GP2 drivers that understand risk vs reward. F1 needs to be a little more careful with who they promote is all.

Whitmarsh is the one that should be punched, for telling Perez to be more aggressive, and not setting boundaries of what is acceptable.


A couple of years ago Kimi just took Sutil clean out at the same place when he was running 4th, and it was from a move that said a Force India should not be in front of me. Don't get to high and mighty there!!


The two accidents are even not similar, but I am not going to try to explain it to you why as your comment tells me that it would be totally waste of time.


Feel sorry for Alonso, if he got a penalty for avoiding a certain crash with Perez then the stewards agree Alonso could have done nothing to avoid being screwed?

But, was it not a certain Mr Senna who made this type of move OK,"Look out I am coming through, move over or face the consequences"!

To be fair, Monaco is always like this, there is little room for error. Even Sutil, who drove very well and actually made forward progress on track, had a couple of nudges.

Michael Prestia

Sergio or Grojean... who will be the leader in causing crashes at the end of the year?

Stephen Taylor



With all these scandals this season, Bernie must have rubbed all the skin off his hands by now.

Fan since they raced on the Nordschleife

Whether Whitmarsh wants to admit it or not, and whether Whitmarsh wants to take Perez aside for a stern discussion,

as I see it, Perez is an embarrassment to a team which has at times been the best in F1. One expects the behavior Perez has exhibited from a driver who has signed with a lower-echelon team, but not from a top-tier team driver.

I suppose the sponsor money which comes along with Perez is what Whitmarsh probably cares about most.

Frankly I expect that the Whitmarsh era will go down in

history as an embarrassment to McLaren. I am quite certain Ron Dennis would have had a talk with Perez

before now.


I've been watching F1 for 30 years and I swear Perez is by far the worst driver McLaren have ever employed.

petreous for president

don't you remember andrea de cesaris? in 17 races during 1981 he crashed around 21 times.


he actually earned the nickname Andrea De Chrasheris at one point if i'm not msitaken...


Michael Andretti springs to mind.



93 Micheal Andretti

94 Phillipe Alliot

95 Mark Blundell


Are you forgetting Michael Andretti? That was 20 years ago.

Actually, I am in partial agreement with you. When they announced SP last year, I laughed. He couldn't even beat Kamui, yet scores a seat in one of the prestige teams.


You have to look at the bigger picture. Before McLaren signed Perez, they knew that they were to lose Mercedes's money so they had to look for an alternative money source. They found it in Mexico.


Yeah, I wonder when was the last time MW had a look at the drivers standing table.


With all due respect, Andretti, Blundell, Johansson = o dear 🙁


Even Michael Andretti ?!

petreous for president

too much time watching f1 my fellow race fan. like you it's imposible to adapt to the new times. In a procesional demolition derby like the one we saw last sunday, perez acted the only way possible so the fans watching on tv didn't fell asleep.


David Coulthard has written a good article on this for the BBC. I think Perez was bang out of line. If Kimi wasn't so phlegmatic Perez would have got away with it as he did against Alonso, but kudos to Kimi, he just stuck with the racing line. It's a shame that it forced Kimi to pit again, but Perez got what he deserved when the damage led to the end of his race.

Hilarious that Whitmarsh continues to support Perez for his "entertainment value"...can't help thinking he's be less effusive in his praise if he hadn't single handedly chosen Perez for the second Mclaren seat.


DC is not very impartial.

He is very close with Button and will be politicking on his behalf no doubt.


I see. Hundreds of other people are close to Button as well! thought we were talking of Raikkonen not Button. I can understand the frustration of fans with the Monaco circuit but to accept this kind of unacceotable driving on track in the name of enjoyable racing? Where is the objectivity?


Kimi moved over in the breaking sone. Dangerous move who should have been punished.


No he didn't...look at it again and instead of looking at Kimi's front wheels, watch his left rear where the McLaren's right front connects and forces the Lotus to the left.


Michael Andretti?

Stephen Taylor

He was taking his racing line.


Kimi turned into the corner, then backed off when got hit, then turned into the corner again. There is a nice slow motion clip on youtube for your reference. Sergio hit the wall about two car lenghts before the corner, which shows where cars were relative to the corner apex.


Kimi moved take a LEFT HAND TURN. It's called starting your turn.....


@Batracer. Clearly you are not fully aware of the rules. Kimi was ahead of Perez. Perez was not alongside Kimi, he was behind. Therefore Kimi has no obligation to leave any room at all.


On my time visiting this website I have read some really poor comments but this is by far the worst. How anyone can blame kimi for a man to ram into his back end from 30 yards behind him in the braking zone is beyond me.

Jose Arellano

Kimi got a warning from the FIA. he DID move in the braking zone and the turn left waay earlier than normal


He didn't get a warning from the fia. He got a reprimand from the fia for speeding under the safety car after massa's crash. If kimi didn't move in the braking zone how do u expect him to make the corner. Some people just can't see sense at all.


Kimi defended postiion, Sergio decided that the only way to take his position is to have him get a puncture.


Yesterday, Perez reminded us the worst Montoya. Didn't FIA stated that's forbidden to led your opponent out of the track? Well, he did with Raikkonen at first attempt, moreover cutting himself the chicane. His second (stupid) attempt, in which he ruined both races to himself and Kimi, was a sucidal "letme pass or we crash". He was well back, with his front weel at Lotus rear one.


Say, is it just me or does Perez look a lot like Rafael Nadal.

And am not sure if aggression is a condition mainly found in handsome blokes for it can't be a coincidences that the likes of Giles, Aryton, Lewis, Kobayashi and Montoya had the bug too.


It's just you


"Say, is it just me or does Perez look a lot like Rafael Nadal."

Not at all. Bad memory for faces.

Someone said here a while back that Pérez looked like Alonso, but neither.


Interesting comment from Martin Whitmarsh. I'd like to hear the same thing when some other nut tries the 'move aside or I'll crash into your car' move with his drivers.

Very glad to see that Kimi didn't move over and shuved Checo into the wall. If Checo is smart, he won't try that again with Kimi.


I wonder what it will take before McLaren fires Perez. There are many good drivers out there who want to race for McLaren. Does anyone know how many years Perez's is hired for, according to the contract with McLaren?


I´m afraid it is not about good driver.It is about good sponsors. And Perez has one


Pretty sad, that after a year of being fastest car on the track they end up in this situation.

Though personally I do not believe it is the case. Yes, money would be nice, but if Perez fails as he did so far this year, he will be out by the end of the year.


Tricky. If Perez runs down the side of a car in front (and they see him coming), they can either jump the chicane, or risk him hitting them. Either way, it looks like the car in front will be penalised.


Sounds like a pretty canny strategy to me. At Monaco, you need to do stuff like that if you want to pass.

I like what Sergio did and hope he does it again. He didn't have a large enough gap on that last move on Kimi, but he was right to be making the attempt, and right to do it to Alonso and Button. The goal of the following driver is the get around the guy ahead of them.


Get around doesn't imply deny their racing line or threaten to ram them...

To me, Pérez drove like a noob in a video game.

"Get out of my way or I'll crash against you. Oh! Remember! You might need the points at the end of the season, you know...?"


In the twelve years he's been in F1 I haven't ever seen the Iceman this angry. Even when Hammy rammed his stationary Ferrari in the pitlane in Canada 2008, he just calmly stepped out and pointed out the red light to Lew. This time, he is pretty mad.

I guess it might be because he was fairly sure of a good result and we were denied the final twist in the Monaco 2013 story.

The SCs and Perez put paid to that.


Probably just Kimi's veiled attempt at saying "Next time I'll put you in the wall".

He knows he cannot say it explicitly, so this is the best way to publicly announce it.


Haha, this one is great: +1


Punching Pérez in the face? I'm not sure.

Trying to make him understand what racing is about? Definitely

It's over-optimistic, if not childish, to think you have the right to threaten other drivers to yield their positions or, like Alonso and Kimi, face penalties or a crash.

Move on Button: extremely lucky/well executed.

Move on Alonso: Over-optimistic, didn't leave enough room. Had Alonso kept on track, over the yellow kerb, they would have crashed.

Move #1 on Raikkonen: Pure madness. Had Kimi kept his line, he'd probably have Perez flying over him and, had Alonso been a bit closer, he might have complained about both skipping the chicane and claiming their positions.

Move #2 on Raikkonen: The Finn didn't want to concede any room (nor was he entitled to). Perez is the only one at fault. The problem is he had been reassured by stewards that his behaviour was Ok O_o

The last move (or the last 2 or 3 combined) should be penalised with either a 5 or 10 positions in the next race.

In the end, it's all about drivers.

Alonso skipped the chicane to avoid contact knowing he might be forced to give his position up (which he did) and lost a few points.

Raikkonen fought for his rightful position and achieved a crash, losing a fistful of points.

Perez fought like a maniac, caused a collision didn't finish the race and made three WDC really upset.


Relax Oscar, Alonso didn't lose points because Perez didn't finish.


I was referring to the "direct" outcome of the moves, not to what happened an hour later.

With hindsight, we are all Master Strategists.


Poor, desperate driving from an ill-experienced driver, supported by a desperate team. NONE of the top drivers would pull such moves, even more so in Monaco, for a good reason. Early days, but Perez & McLaren's desperation might just have cost Kimi the title. I cannot understand why Perez was not brought to book for his RECKLESS moves. It was not entertaining, it smacked of desperation!


"Maybe someone should punch him in the face".Why someone, do you have no balls?


Unlike Kimi, Ayrton would have finished the job. He certainly did so, even for lesser things. Ask Irvine.


Because if he said "I'm gunna punch him on the face" - that's a threat and guess who then gets a penalty and a possible criminal order.


Perhaps you'd care to tell Kimi that in person? The reaction would certainly be interesting. Given this is the guy who once drove through Eau Rouge into a cloud of engine smoke without even lifting, I think he's probably covered in that department.

291 between the lines


In a way he already served Perez a blow. Kimi wouldn't play the 'give way or crash' game as was expected of him, Perez couldn't finish the race and is now hated by pretty much everyone for possibly enabling Vettel to win WDC again.

It's better for Kimi to lose 9 points for 'disciplining' Perez than to become another Sutil.

petreous for president

in today's f1 if you block someone they give you a penalty. Can you imagine if kimi would do what you suggest? The penalty for that would be death by hanging.

He likes the 70's like the rest of us, but society wants us to be correct in a very boring way.


They should have never penalized Alonso for cutting the corner. He knew Crasherez was going to "T" bone him if he had turned in. As for Kimi? He gave Crash room the first time knowing he had overcooked it, but the second time he tried to take a blocking line and Crasherez tried to ram through. Terrible judgement on Crasherez's part.

His driving should have garnered him a penalty.


I can never understand the inconsistencies of the stewards, do they really watch the replay over and over again to make sure. Me. just a fan, unworthy of my opinion.

So I heard, Alonso was called in to see the stewards after celebrating with the Spanish flag.

But thanks to James Allen for this website and I have a voice.


You certainly do! Great to hear your point of view


Moving the car over in the braking zone and not leaving a car's width is illegal. The contact between the drivers was not Perez hitting Kimi from behind, as Kimi seems to think. It was wheel-to-wheel side contact.

If you're screaming for a penalty on Perez, you must have been screaming for one on Kimi when the roles were reversed in China, no? Only, in Monaco there are walls. Everyone wants to call Perez stupid, but if Raikkonen knew what was coming, and we all know what contact at Monaco can mean, why crunch him into the wall? And no, he wasn't "turning in", he was blocking.



I believe you can defend the line when you are in front.

Perez is at fault, 100%


Those two situations were quite different. Kimi was acceleration up along Perez on the outside in China. At one point half of his car was up alongside Perez. Then Perez is starting to squeeze Kimi while he is well alongside him. Kimi must back off and there is some contact between the two drivers.

When Perez collided with Raikkonen, the Lotus was in the middle of the road and carried on moving over to defend. It should have been clear to Perez there was no way through.

It's the same philosophy Michael Schumacher used to use - Michael would barrel down the inside, effectively saying: "I will pass you or we will crash." (Coulthard comment on BBC).

So no these two incident is not equal at all.

Jose Arellano



You may want to reread the rules, you have misunderstood the rules about leaving space.


+1 and well said.

petreous for president

i think perez like senna and some of the greats of the sport should be given room for overtaking. If room is not given to them, they have the god given right to make room for themselves. Go checo, go.


Check hasn't won a GP yet. All he does is crash into people. He is a looser and so are you

petreous for president

there is a mexican film titled y tu mama tambien.


Here's a prediction for you:

Perez will be into the armco on his first overtaking move in Montreal when his opponent refuses to give him any space.


Ah, you one of them comparing Perez to Senna, nah that wouldn't work at all.


With that kind of mentality you might want to go to America and watch the crash fest called NASCAR!! NASCAR NASCAR NASCAR!! Make room.. what a moron.


those two don't belong in the same sentence quite yet, mate, maybe someday but not yet 😉

Wilma the Great

You must be mistaking Formula 1 with Stock Car! "God given right" - lol.

unF1nnished business

So you're comparing Perez to Senna...Really.


An odd comparison indeed. Imagine a team boss telling Senna to be more aggressive. It would all end in tears.

arthur jaworski

well, "checko" is bringing carlos slims money so what can witmarsh say


Kimi seems to have trouble wit drivers that bring big sponsors. This time Perez cost Kimi 7 or 9 points, but three years ago another driver with a big sponsor took Kimi's seat.


Nothing but goodness. LOL


C'mon, look at the videos, they show that the entire race was making that turn wider, even Kimi did it wider in every other lap, he just wouldn't let this guy pass.

It wasn't Perez's fault, look at the video again and at the racing line everyone chose, Kimi chose to send him to the wall, to which more experienced drivers would've bailed but Perez did not, causing the crash.


I do think Perez has to be more precise and sportsman like, or he will end up upsetting the whole field eventually

It is great that he tries and pushes, the thing I do not like is his attitude afterwards, if he thinks it is always Kimi's, Jenson's, Maldonado's fault, he will never learn

This time he tried the same trick 4 times, one great with Button, one so-so with Alonso, one wrong with Kimi (when they both jumped the chicane) and one terrible at the end

He got his punishment right away tough

I also think senior drivers are a bit upset when the young guns mess with them and tend to dimiss them as if only their results/points were significant, Perez was fighting for the same 10 points as Kimi

Alonso has twice showed he will fight with Perez but not enough to risk losing big points by crashing

As for punching him, I would suggest Kimi not to try it, Perez might be a slower driver, but he does look like a better boxer than Kimi


"As for punching him, I would suggest Kimi not to try it, Perez might be a slower driver, but he does look like a better boxer than Kimi"

A few pints of Vodka would change that... 😀


Maybe a good Vodka against Tequila match


He has already upset 4 world champions - Button, Alonso, Raikkonen & Hamilton, with his dangerous driving.

Next target Vettel? Maybe his Sim$ will take on the bull energy$.


The old boys getting worried about the young chargers and trying to slap them down for their temerity in challenging them. Well, things never change do they?


That is funny, when Kimi was Perez's age and in his 3rd year in F1, he was fighting Micheal Schumacher in a much slower car for the championship.

Perez is just not up to task, being a good driver is not about making dumb overtaking attempts, it is about collecting points consistently.

Perez just doesn't have the skill to collects points, he more like another Grosjean.


Well I fault Perez for the Kimi contact. I don't care what's fair and what's not but the driver behind always has the option to close the door. F1 and Indycar's blocking rules are a little to strict, but I understand how they want safety. On the other hand this was a racing incident and Kimi did the right thing.

Plus any friend of Daft Punk is a friend of mine:

As far as Alonso having to hand the place back to Perez, that was all on Alonso. The radio transmissions clearly show that there was going to be some stiffer punishment of Alonso. Maybe a drive through but Alonso went to Charlie Whitting during the red flag and negotiated just handing the position back. I think Alonso should have had to do a drive through not hand the position back but Alonso successfully negotiated a lesser penalty for cutting the chicane to defend against Perez.


so you're saying it was Alonso's fault that he couldn't give the place back during the red flag and should be given the drive trough penalty. Interesting view.


I am saying that he could have given it back immediately. I am not making judgement on whether what he did was right or wrong nor whether it should be punished at all. As a mater of fact it seems to me that Perez was more in the wrong than Alonso. It wasn't clear to me at least that Perez had made the move. As a mater of fact I am pretty sure Perez wouldn't have passed him at all if there had been more room since Alonso would have the inside on the next corner.

However the situation was stewards were going to levy a penalty against Alonso. I only said if there was going to be a penalty at all it should have been a drive through if in fact that is the rule.


You're again saying he should have been given a drive trough penalty, and I still can't understand way.

First, the situation was far from clear to give place back right away. Once when it was "cleared" they were already in red flag, standing not driving, so nothing more were gained or lost with not giving a place back right away. After restart Alo gave him place back and that's it. Perez happy and free to crash into Kimi.


And, still...

20.5 Manoeuvres liable to hinder other drivers, such as deliberate crowding of a car beyond the edge of the track or any other abnormal change of direction, are not permitted.