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Posted By: James Allen  |  27 May 2013   |  12:10 am GMT  |  208 comments

Nico Rosberg gave Mercedes their first win of the season with victory in a chaotic Monaco Grand Prix, 30 years after his father Keke triumphed on the streets of Monte Carlo.

Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel drove a sensible race to take second and increase his championship lead while his team-mate Mark Webber took his second podium of the season with third.

Force India’s Adrian Sutil proved overtaking is possible in Monaco by battling to fifth and his team-mate Paul di Resta produced a strong recovery drive to rise from 17th to ninth, but who was your Driver of the Day?

Nico Rosberg

Dominated the weekend from start to finish to take his second career victory. Starting on pole, having topped first, second and third practice, Rosberg made a good getaway from pole. Held off Mercedes team-mate Lewis Hamilton at Turn 1 to lead. Nursed his tyres while maintaining a gap to Sebastian Vettel in second place. Kept his head after the safety car restarts, making sure he had a good gap to the rest of the field each time. Crossed the line to take his first win of the season and triumph 30 years after his father Keke Rosberg won the same race.

Sebastian Vettel

Drove a controlled race to extend his championship lead. Made an electric start from third but didn’t have any room on Monaco’s narrow circuit to pass either Mercedes into Turn 1. Maintained position until the pit stops when he managed to jump Hamilton and climb up into second. Looked after his tyres to cruise home and extend his lead over second-placed Kimi Raikkonen, who scored just one point in Monaco, in the drivers’ championship to 21 points.

Mark Webber

Looked strong all weekend to score his second podium of the season. Made a good getaway from fourth on the grid but like his team-mate Vettel, he couldn’t make use of it. Jumped Hamilton during the stops and then defended well when Hamilton began hustling him. Stayed close to team-mate Vettel all race while maintaining a good gap behind to take third, his second podium of the season and fifth points-scoring finish.

Adrian Sutil

Secured his best finish in Monaco with some bold overtaking moves. Struggled to make inroads at the start, having started eighth, but bided his time and found some pace after the red flag stoppage. Passed Jenson Button at the hairpin and then put the same move on Fernando Alonso to move up to fifth place for his best result of the season and first points finish since the opening race in Australia.

Paul di Resta

Recovered from a poor qualifying session to score points. Started 17th after getting knocked out in Q1 and made slow progress at the start because of traffic. Put a good move around the outside of Felipe Massa at Turn 1 and then did the same thing on Esteban Gutierrez a few laps later. Benefitted from other people’s misfortunes in the closing stages to rise up to ninth for his fourth consecutive points-scoring finish.

So who was your Driver of the Day? Leave a comment at the bottom of this story.

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Adrian Sutil for me. Subtle, bold, great race by a great driver.


Id like to see what Adrian can do given a top placing car. I think he has the goods as a driver.


Have to agree.

Can't understand why on earth Vettel or Webber are even listed. Vettel drove an anonymous race, was off the pace throughout the second stint never putting pressure on Rosberg, and only moved forward due to Hamilton's mistake in backing off too much on his inlap. He didn't overtake anyone on track, pull off any moves, or even have to defend once during the race as his subservient team mate was behind him holding station, and just drove for the podium having given up on the win.

Webber at least defended well against Hamilton but again did nothing in the race and made no progress on merit. Never applied pressure to Vettel and again just did enough to hold station.


Agree completely. Sutil bounced back well from the last two races.

James, what's up with Hamilton? I've never seen him so completely beaten by a teammate than he was at the last two races. I always knew Rosberg was a great driver, but good enough to thump Lewis? He was so much more confident in the car, on the brakes, taking kerbs; Lewis looked like Jensen last year when the car wasnt setup to his liking. Do you know whats going on with him? Is it personal problems again? If he gets beaten in Canada where he is normally very strong, its going to be cause for concern.

Aaron Noronha

Yet James he had no issues beating Rosberg earlier in . So should we infer that Rosberg was struggling with the tyres then and Hamilton with the car now? The qualifying gap was hardly marginal. You do have a point about canada but I would rather wait until the end of the season before confirming which driver has the upper hand.


I bet Michael Schumacher is happy about it. If Rosberg is more than a match for Hamilton it puts Schumacher and Rosberg's time as team mates in a different light. Schumacher was faster than Rosberg round Monaco last year.

Val from montreal

Hamilton has no excuse .. If he's so good like the press makes him out to be he'd be on top of the situation by now ...

But it was OK to chastize Schumacher in 2010 when he himself did'nt drive an F1 car for 3 full years under new regulations and totally different tires to when he retired in 2006 !!

Rosberg has more raw pace in him than Hamilton .. It's not that complicated to understand , no ??

If Rosberg removes 6 buttons off of his Merc steering wheel he'll be even faster ..


As James say, on top of adapting to new tyres like the other drivers he's having to adapt to a new car with a radically different suspension and different aerodynamic characteristics from the McLaren. The team will still be learning how to set the car up for Hamilton's liking as well.

Rosberg is no slouch and after Hamilton did well in the first couple of races you're now seeing gaps in his setup for the car and knowledge of how it works on different tracks in different conditions.

He's likely to bounce back in Canada but unless he's 99% on top of the setup there then Nico could still have the edge and it could take a few more races yet. Judge their relative performances by the end of the year as he really should have settled by then.


He's adapting to a new car, whereas Nico knows the team well

I will be very surprised if Nico beats him in Canada, as you say


No Kimi?


Not at all, first he is as responsible for the crash as Perez. Second, maybe he had a great lap or two.... Why not drive that way all the time?

He had nothing to loose at that position so he starts driving aggresively and at the same time makes a scene because a driver like Perez has nothing to loose?

I dont think he deserves DOD.


"Why not drive like that way all the time?"

Are you.... Serious? Please tell me you're joking. Please.


Kimi. Always Kimi.


Kimi? WHAT???

He couldn't keep a McLaren behind!!!


Jensen for the way he blocked the pit entrance just when one of the south american crash artists needed it!


Ha Ha

Karma with a smile........

Bring Back Murray

Yeah Kimi should definitely be up there. I'd put him 3rd behind the Force India's.


Kimi! Sensational comeback and 23th point finish in row after Perez finally managed to hit him.

Today, Rosberg´s biggest challenge was to find right radio channel. And it wasnt difficult.. He should know right Hz when its his hometown 😀


Incredible recovery at the end, 23 consecutive races in the points, just one behind Schummi's record. Unfortunately the TV didn't show it, maybe it wasn't such a feat, who knows... But sure, I agree he deserves a mention. I'd put him after Rosberg and Sutil, though.


Amazing!Thank you, Elie 🙂


Kimi did a great job to drag himself into the points again after Perez's move.

Carlos Ribeiro


What he did in the last 5 laps, even considering the difference in machinery, was amazing.


With a set of new tyres.

Carlos Ribeiro

Others tried similar moves and couldn't make it work. It takes a lot of determination to make it work, and all too get one single point. Many drivers - even some in the current F1 lineup - would retire and never try.


Or, if not exactly new ones, much fresher.


I'd ask the same question. He adroitly avoided one collision with Perez before Sergio's dumb move put Kimi back into last (16th) place. However Raikkonen still managed to get into the points, going from 13th to 10th in the last lap alone. Granted he was on new tires, but we're talking the narrow streets of Monaco where 3 passes in an entire race is considered exceptional. In one lap? Phenomenal.


Sutil DOTD.

He overtook two world champions and didn't crash and bang like Checo did.

Rosberg got his dream win because most of his work was done by securing pole.

Overall, it is not racing though. It is another tire preservation exercise.


i didnt think the tyres caused too much problem this race. It was very nice to see some proper fights for position though as opposed to DRS fly-by's..


Hear hear.

Liam in Sydney

...albeit this is Monaco and the strategies here would not work out anywhere else. If this was China or Spa the one stop strategies would have been undefendable to the two stoppers. Agreed though, shame about this tyre management stuff.


+1 JB,

A few drivers tried hussling the cars for an overtaking attempt, Hamilton on Webber (at the start of each stint/restart), Vettel on Hamilton for the first 2 laps. However, most cars succumbed and just cruised around for 78 laps in formation. The pace for the first 10-15 laps was 10 seconds off the qualifying pace, even with high fuel loads, that is a massive difference. This was even more evident, when the cars outside the top 10 doing the same laps times as the leading cars.

F1 2013 = Pirelli Tyre Preservation Championship.

Whichever team you support, this year's championship will be tainted by an overemphasis on Tyres which is overshadowing pure pace of the cars and drivers skill.


Also Vettel's remark “Just for satisfaction” when told not to push for fastest lap.

Bring Back Murray

It was a shame to hear Lewis's comment after he told to back off after tailing Webber "Just want to get past him man"! That's modern F1 racing!



+1 "it is not racing" - as is obvious from the team radio again.

Happy for Rosberg though.

Perez was the most entertaining though, and that's exceptional given Grosjean looks to be back to his old form.



Sutil made it for me (I was, at some stages of the race, up to vote Pérez for his bold move on Button -the only move so far at that point-)

Oh, sorry, it wasn't a race today. It seemed something more like a parade...


Rosberg, quickest man all weekend, and had to rebuild his lead over Vettel each time the sc came out. Nobody could touch Nico this weekend - it's so good o see him in a top car after all these years, and people finally get to see how quick he really is.


I thought Rosberg too at first.

Now I think that Rosberg has had three days extra practice over all the other drivers. Not very fair when you think about it.

Also Mercedes has had three extra days testing with the most difficult component of racing this year - the tyres. Also really unfair.

Do feel really sorry for Rosberg but also wonder whether or not he knew that the testing was wrong. Surely Rosberg is fully aware of the testing bans on new/current cars.

Now my diver of the day is Vettel. Vettel did the best of the rest. Vettel is also driving a Redbull which is not doing well with the tyres. Vettel and Redbull didn't get to have any sneaky extra testing for their problem the tyres.




Rosberg for me, on it all weekend, faultless drive


Nico! No mistakes. That's tough to do at Monaco.


Kimi. Fought off an out of control Perez and then made a mammoth come back to finish in the points!


Niko just stayed in front at Monaco, not exactly the biggest test of a driver. Vettel & Webber only moved up a place because of Lewis' loss in his pit stop.

Driver of the day was Checo for regularly giving it a go and only got in wrong once - attempt on Kimi. And saying a driver needs a punch in the face is hardly driver of the day material from Kimi.

Then again, could of been worst. Checo could have tried it on Sutil, and we know what would of come back his way if he'd tried that.


Kimi but I was really pleased to see Rosberg finally get the win


Di Resta, hands down. It's Monaco. He gets from 17th to 9th. At Monaco. OK, other people had misfortune, but he was still in a position to capitalise. Let's not forget he also made some very brave overtakes to get him to where he ended up. Had his team not made an error in Q1 he would undoubtedly have been challenging for a podium today.

Carlos Ribeiro

For me it's Kimi or Sutil. It's a shame that we couldn't watch Kimi to see how he did it - if people just made way for him or if he had to push hard.


Here is a brief clip fantastically stud by Kimi !


*fantastically driven*


Can we not give it to the guy driving the safety car? About the only thing that made this 'race' interesting.


Nico was flawless and deserved the victory, Adrian did some great moves to overtake others, so they are my drivers of the day.

Of others, I have to say I am amazed Kimi managed to pull himself to points, having been 15th just a few laps remaining. I'd like to see some footage of just how he managed to do that.


Rosberg - for being mighty the entire weekend, with or without a wingman for the race.

Special mentions:

Massa - reminded me of his destiny with the same piece of curb in Indian GP

Sutil - I haven't enjoyed seeing such exhilarating overtakes in a long time .

Kimi - mad dash for the final point. Wow!

And someone please give a good smack on SP's head


Adrian Sutil was the DotD. His passes were well timed and executed, and he hit no one. Everyone was on the radio complaining about Perez, and the only comments about Sutil from other teams was "Watch out, he passes in the hairpin!".

Vettel left it too late to apply serious pressure to Nico, and Nico did a supreme effort, but in a supreme car. Doing 5th in a Force India? Amazing.


Rosberg was flawless...easily dotd.

Sutil for runner up...his overtakes at Loews were sublime. I thought that move was only possible on a playstation.





Can I move that no one who benefitted from any secret testing be DOTD?

Love to say Alonso but today he could see there would be effort and no reward.

Has to be RAIKKONEN, for taking 4 cars on the last lap and a half esp at Ste Devote where others find it hard enough just to stay on the road, and finishing in the points. again.


How could Alonso's name can be mentioned near DotD today is mind boggling.


Sutil. Very opportunistic!! Go King of Good Times :)!!





rosberg deserved it and i'm glad he managed to control the race with his restarts

like someone mentioned kimi did about 25% of all the overtaking on the last lap

as for the secret testing-i don't believe a single word Marko says let alone a gain of 1 sec per lap. monaco is a unique race where you lead from the start pretty much no matter what never-mind with 2 or 3 safety cars, which is why Button was annoyed that they blew quali.

i think come Canada merc wont be as strong.

finally i have to say i'm sick of all the squabbling between teams. not having everyone sign the concord was a terrible move for the sport. i can't see any buyer wanting to take on this mess come September.


Kimi had fresh tyres and 2 of the three cars overtaken at the end moved over for him, the third one couldn't possibly fight him with his worn out tyres.

His comments about Perez later should lose him further points. Threatning violence on someone who did his job, who took risks to overtake for himself and his fans? Scandelous.


What a Load of Rubbish- a driver slams into the back of you and you just keep your mouth shut...! Comeon!!! Do you understand that drivers are putting their lives in danger everytime they get in the car- and people driving wrecklessly increase that danger- of course you or anyone would be saying such things in those situations rightly or wrongly its normal- what Sergio did was just plain stupid and really he shouldve been penalised - like nearly everyone suggested !!!

In years gone by a driver would have actually punched the guy in the head without penalty.


In total, there were five cars that he passed in the few final laps. I know Bottas moved over for him, not sure about Gutierrez, since Peter Sauber appeared furious that Bottas had done it (thus enabling Kimi to attack Hülkenberg). In any case, that still leaves three passes, which is quite remarkable.

His speed advantage was massive, but you can't just put it down to worn tires against new tires, it still is very hard to pull those moves in Monaco. At that point Kimi didn't have anything to lose anymore, so I'm sure he took more risks than had he been fighting for top positions.


Fair enough about the tires. I didn't hear the comments but I'm sure other drivers have said the same or worse throught the years without reprimand. MW is pretty good at saying what's on his mind.

To say Perez took risks for his fans is reaching tho. I'm pretty sure that was the last thing on his mind.


The 2013 Monaco GP was the most expensive street parade I have ever seen.


Raikkonen, for standing his ground and teaching Perez a lesson. He's getting as bad as Schumacher.


What does that mean?


I doubt Schumacher would have put his car and a reasonable points haul in danger just to teach a young one a lesson.

He would scare the kid witless like he did Barrichello one time in recent years...


Easy one, Rosberg. A clean sweep of practices, pole, led every lap for the win.

ROS, SUT, DIR. Red Bulls gained their place fortuitously thru the SC. Vergne also had a pretty good race.

Who was Goat of the Day though? Has to be Grosjean, but Perez and Chilton tried their best to beat him!


So were you saying Vettel was driver of the day too when he did what Rosberg did? Namely having the fastest car and starting from pole winning a race?

It is just odd to see people saying Alonso and Rosberg and Hamilton are driver of the day for winning, having the fastest car and beating their teammate. Yet when Vettel does it "it was just the car, isnt it, easy winning from pole, they are clearly sabotaging Webber".


I believe I did ... might want to check the DotD after Bahrain.


Couldn't agree more. How come when ALO or HAM win in the same fashion as VET it is always treated differently?


What I saw was a host of drivers attempting to go as slow as possible without being passed. So my WCOTD (Widest car of the day) goes to Mark Webber for holding off, Alonso, Kimi and Lewis.

Honorable mention to the Force India for one or two opportunistic passes.

Dishonorable mention to Perez who didn't read the memo but was reminded by Kimi.

A 'What the' goes to Romain Grosjean for the BFOTD (Brain fade of the day)




Sutil I think. Nothing special was seen beside him really.

People were just cruising around 2 seconds slower than they could because of the tyrestyrestyres.

Harvey Bushell

Sutil... Watching him pass Button and Alonso were, by far, the two most thrilling moments of the entire race.

Mike from Colombia

Adrian Sutil. Full stop.

Sutil worked his way up. Rosberg won by being 0.09s quicker than Hamilton in qualifying.


Really, how can it NOT be Nico?


Because of illegal tests? How could it not always be Vettel in 2011? ...



Matthew Cheshire

Sutil was an F1 driver stuck in an endurance race. Full marks to him.

Rosberg was brilliant but surviving in the lead can't have been as challenging as progressing through the middle order like AS.

Vettel and Webber also drove perfect races to maximise their points, but neither created opportunities that elevated them far above the rest. Webber saw off Hamilton and Vettel charged hard at the start so equal third for them.


Sutil for doing real overtaking, Rosberg for winning and Kimi for still getting into the points at the end.


As a Force India Fan, I really wanna say Adrian, but it's just got to be Nico - ace drive. Sutil second for me, Jenson third, Paul Di Resta 4th and Van der Garde 5th.


It's easy to say Rosberg got pole so he didn't do anything special in this race. I think he drove excellently all weekend and is deserving of his victory and driver of the day (Hamilton fan).

Now fingers crossed for Lewis in Canada (doubt that either Merc driver will get above third though).



What do you know about Mercedes being granted with a special authorization to run a 1000km test with its 2013 car?


Sutil in an easy call. He was clean, aggressive, and put together a very impressive drive. Checo was a close competitor until he started wrecking people.


Kimi for me, mostly for his last 5 or so laps. Really happy for Rosberg though, hope he can continue on upwards.


Bernd Maylander


Would have to be Sutil or Di Resta for me.

Nico, though, deserves a pay rise.


Based on the last 2 laps - Kimi!

Seriously, have to be Rosberg!

Drivers relegated back to GP2 - Grosjean & Perez.


How can you go past Nico. Contolled the race, fantatic @ the restarts. A class act weekend for him all round.

Matthew Cheshire

DOTD was easy, but there was so much more besides:

Best of the Smoking Wreckage- Ricciardo

His only error was signing up for a race with Grosgean in it.

honorable mentions to Maldonardo and Perez.

Best Replay- Massa

Best Dummy Spit- Button.

Trying to shop his teammate to the stewards.

Worst Helmet- Hamilton

A dog.


Rosberg clearly did what needed to be done. Had a great weekend also, fastest in all FP sessions, pole, then controlled the race and led every lap.


It would have to be Sutil for me. Those were quality passes on top drivers. Solid and clean racing.


Paul Hembery. He was more responsible for Rosberg's win than Rosberg was.



If you are ever in a brain storming session at BBC for commentary, could you suggest a lap with a driver onboard and commentary silence during this lap - only engine sound. Itais such a simple thing, but I can hardly understand why this is not yet done. I'd really appreciate a lap of reflection. Wonder is anyone else would like this.


In Australia we always get an uninterrupted on board replay of the pole lap.

Surprised that isn't the case in the U.K..considering your far superior coverage.


Was an interesting race once the safety cars came out. My driver of the day was Sergio Perez. Yes he failed to finish but he done what most other drivers wouldnt, he hustled, he took the risks and made them stick. It was a rough tackle with Kimi, however it was a racing incident. Should Checo have finished in 5th it would have been a great result for himself and Mclaren.

Monaco is not a tire saving track, two stops were possible should the safety cars had not interveened. Its a race where u cant afford to not quallify and where survival is key! A great calender event that is different to the rest, it turns strategys upside down in a blink! Great Race


Agree, everyone is blaming Perez for Kimi's puncture, just take a look at the line he takes on that corner on every other lap and you can see he left no room, he didn't want to be overtaken. Please read Kimi's comments, then take a look at China.....Doesn't make sence


Even as a McLaren fan, I can't call what Perez did very good racing. He found a point on the track where people would either have to move over for him and cut the chicane, or wreck. His own teammate was too kind to wreck him, Alonso got a poor call against him, and then finally someone (Kimi) put Perez where he belonged all day - into the wall, hard. Perez has been playing that game for the past few races, a lot against his own teammate, and finally he he got told where to go.

Have to say, the image of a vodka-fuelled Kimi visiting the Mclaren pits with a wrench in his hand makes me grin...and I normally detest violence. But I don't know how else Perez learns a lesson...he is one of the spoilt rich kids, with big backers and no sense - All of them need to be taken out behind a woodshed...(although to be fair, I think in RG's case it possibly isn't an attitude problem so much as a lack of spacial skills/talent - at least he has apologised at times.)


Perez only disrupted the race of his competitors, expecially Raikkonen. Suicide maneuvers, only muscular, no head, he should have been penalyzed twice. He reminded me the worst Montoya.


Sutil for me. Much needed performance having being thoroughly outclassed by Di Resta at every race since Australia. Passed people cleanly on track (as opposed to Checo but he gets an honourable mention for trying and Kimi deserves at least 50% of the responsibility for their accident). Depending on what happens to Merc with this protest it may even turn into a first podium!

Other honourable mentions go to Rosberg to doing what was needed to win the race fairly comfortably, Di Resta for rising through the field to score some points and the Red Bull duo for both putting in the kind of performances that win world championships.

Reject of the race awards to Chilton and Grosjean who both made stupid errors as well as to Alonso who just simply had nothing in the race.


Only two candidates in my mind were Rosberg and Sutil. I'll give the nod to Sutil because he actually raced and had clean moves on Jenson and Fernando, whereas Rosberg was just driving his car around like the rest of the field


Sutil and Perez (until he decided to play bumper cars with Kimi) were entertaining and driving well. Rosberg was perfect, though, so it has to be him...even though he was never really challenged.


Without doubt Raikkonen in the last 2 laps. Beast mode.


Agreed about Sutil. He should explain to Crasherez Perez on how to pass. Grosjean might as well join the class too.

Jake Pattison

Sutil. Gotta love an underdog.


Sutil, showed all how to race clean!


Roseberg did a complete job! all over the weekend, thus deserves for being the best driver in Monaco GP


Until I see video of the last lap by Kimi I hesitate to give away any DOTD awards. I liked the fact that he shut the door on Perez and let him know he would need a better move than that to pass. It was nice to see a little aggressive defence being played.

Based on results though, I will have to go with Rosberg. Sutil was great (heck, both Force India drivers were great today), but I find it hard to separate qualifying from the race itself and Rosberg just had it all covered...every day.


Sutil is driver of the day - there's no doubt in my mind. To 'overtake' two world champions - in Monaco - at the Loews Hairpin!! - is nothing short of brilliant (despite all the excuses the may be thrown, including there was debris stuck in Alonso's front wing, etc.).

Rosberg is clearly driver of the weekend - kept his nose clean throughout the chaotic weekend, fastest throughout, pulling away consistently after every restart from Vettel.

BTW, 'genius of the weekend (or perhaps the year)' title goes to Ross Brawn and Toto Wolff..


No Perez?


Of course NOT.

Craig in Manila

I think I'd go for Sutil :

At least he (and Perez in his own way...) seemed to be trying to do something.

Most others were just seemingly cruising and making a few swerve-out-and-then-back-into-line "attempts" to overtake.

Personally, I would like to thank the drivers for the last five minutes of the race when some of them decided to forget the script and ceased listening to the radio.

Overall, eleven drivers set their fastest-laps in the last 3 or 4 laps ! Considering that they were on tyres that were 30 to 40+ laps old, that's quite amazing....

Or not....


This time I have to go with Sutil.

Rosberg drove a nice race but didn't really dominate because of driving skills but because it's Monaco.

Also, can anyone tell how did Räikkönen manage to end up tenth after exiting the pits 13th just a few laps before the end?


Where's Kimi James???


I would say Adrian Sutil consistent with great passing. To finish 5 was a great effort


I'm surprised no to see Raikkonnen among contenders, with his solid drive for 70 laps and marvellous recovery to Top10. It was more impressive than Red Bulls' pitstop gain. Not for the title, however.

di Resta made it impressive to move from P17 to P11, but then he just benefitted from Checo's recklessness.

So, it is to Sutil or Rosberg. I loved the way Sutil was getting through in the hairpin, can't remember when I had last time seen such moves. However, I must be honest that leader can't overtake and thus comparison of overtakes is a bit unfair to Rosberg. Yes, it's easy to defend in Monaco, and leader can dictate the pace when SC goes away, but I find his four times defending the lead at the start/restart worthy of DOTD.


Very happy for Sutil.

Perez should get 5 place grid penalty for his bomb-divings.

Bring Back Murray

That's being lenient!

Denys Tkalich

The one who smashed other driver into the wall should get penalty - not the one who was smashed.


Are you sure you watched the race?


Raikkonen was driving his own path while Perez tried mindlessly leak at uncontrollable speed. Look at the video closely, it clearly shows that Raikkonen`s movement along his own path of motion was even before Perez stuck between him and the wall.




This race has to have been a strong pointer towards removing DRS. Some great scraps, and more reason for teams' strategies to risk the tyres running out of grip if its not so easy to pass. The more i think about it the more it seems to me that the combination of DRS and these new tyres is too much, one would be ok.


I would argue against DRS doing anything this race other than created four very good overtaking manoevres which required balls of steel to completeinto ste devote. Other than that DRS didn't do anything.


Thats my point, i thought the race was better and the overtaking more exciting on a track where DRS had little effect..


good post but prefer drs to remain on f1 cars and the restriction on it's use to be removed. drivers should be allowed to use it whenever the want.


good post but prefer drs to remain on f1 cars and the restriction on their use to be removed.


Rosberg. Didn't put a foot wrong. Drove a controlled race and never looked like not winning.

Honourable mention to Sutil.


Nico Rosberg because he was so dominant all weekend, and Adrian Sutil for his improvement in the second half of the race. Vettel and Webber only improved by safety car advantage during pitstops.


Not sure how the safety car was an advantage for Webber... He had well and truly undercut Vettel and it was touch and go with Hamilton. He had a got 3rd and a possibly 2nd. Then the safety car came out at precisely the wrong time and he only ended up with 3rd, because Hamilton stuffed up.


Sutil was fantastic in his overtakes!


Perez made the GP more interesting for me. Some bold driving and had Kimi not moved over early on him, would have finished well in the points.


No way Perez was ever going to make that corner, he did not on his previous attempt when he was much closer to Kimi. On his last try he was sliding into Kimi.


1) Sutil

2) Rosberg

3) di resta

that force india car is making some progress.every year they have improved their performace. specially this year they are a treat to watch. feel sorry for sauber and williams who have fallen behind by such a huge margin.


Sutil, virtually the only driver in the top 10 to make an overtaking move on track all afternoon.

Another disappointing, tyre controlled race.

Monaco has a great off-track atmosphere and massive historical importance, but it is not a fun race to watch in the modern era. The cars and drivers are too close in ability and the streets too cramped for the field to properly sort itself into a meaningful order - best driver/car to least best driver/car...


Agree on the comments of where is kimi on this list, Sutil a contender for sure, but I suppose if you take Rosberg, who had a great weekend, he did what he needed to get to the front of the grid, controlled "his" race, good on the restarts, and got the win, so its Rosberg, may be boring compared to some great overtakes by other drivers, but he did what was needed.


Kimi Taking going in to th e points.


Can't separate Sutil and Rosberg.

Sutil was very good - perfect balance of aggression and patience.

Rosberg didn't put a foot wrong all weekend - his stocks must surely be rising now that he can be compared favourably against a top flight driver in Hamilton. I think Hamilton will get quicker as he figures out the car, and/or Mercedes figure out how to better tailor the car for him, but it's clear that he's not going to blow Rosberg away.

Would love to see Kimi's last few laps - he appears to have been flying.

Hope Perez can learn to get the balance right - he did some good stuff, then got too aggressive, and it was only a matter of time before one of those moves ended in tears.

Søren Kühle



Why no JB? He over took 3 fellas. He took Sutil into turn 3, Perez 'twice' in reality, and Alonso.

As a race it was all a bit bland and chess like until the first pit stops. After that, I thought it was a great race.


Agreed. Thought he had a good race, considering.


Raikkonen,then Rosberg and Sutil.
James, any idea why Perez is not getting a penalty for his move on Kimi?

Sebastian Sonntag

Sergio Perez, for sure!

Great overtaking moves, and gutsy driving. I disagree that it was his fault that he got hit, in fact, Kimi Raikönnen moved under breaking. A real shame that he couldn't even get back into the pits, as he was blocked off by his "team mate".


Hurray, well done Jensen!


Totally agree!

His the only person who bothered to actually "race"

Bring Back Murray

Well Rosberg, Vettel and Webber didn't really do anything all race - just cruised round to the tyres.

I'll give it to di Resta. Starting all the way down in 17th but managed to steadily work his way back through the field, finishing in 9th.


Sutil was fantastic !


rosberg wins the race and everything else that comes with it, including driver of the day.


Rosberg, Sutil and Kimi


It's between Sutil and Rosberg for me. Rosberg for being a cool head and Sutil for the obvious reason.

However Rosberg was definitly the man of the day on Saturday - that performance won him Sunday's race.


No. 1 must be Rosberg





Kimi or Sutil easily. Otherwise, what a yawnfest


ROS - for a perfect weekend

SUT - for outstanding overtakes

VET - for his patience.

Fastest driver on track, but not allowed to race.

The lap record time (1:13,556 by VET 2011) versus the fastest lap yesterday (1:16,577 by VET) shows where the problem lies.

Shame on pirelli!


1:13,556 was the pole time in 2011. The fastest lap in the race was 1:16.234, and set by MW on lap 78. Not a huge difference I'd say.


I think we need differentiate three things – driver, car and circumstances.

For me Monaco is about the circumstances.

We all know that if you start at front, drive wisely and nobody hit your back then you are the winner.

In my opinion, Rosberg did nothing extraordinary. He did not make any overtaking and nobody push him minimizing the chance of mistake. Just good concentration and the rest as nice weather and fresh air all the race, couple of SC, cooperative Hamilton, no issues with tires work for you. I was very surprised why Vettel did not try to push at the second part of race but just gave Rosberg easy life. My explanation is to fight in Monaco is very risky and knowing that Kimi and Alonso far below is good enough. The whole championship is about the battle for points.

I believe Sutil and Kimi deserved much more respect in this boring parade than Rosberg.

Something was wrong with Alonso and for sure what happened to Massa? His crash was just a replay from Friday. Same sh*t, different day.

Both Perez and Roman are very brave but no skills and brains behind in my opinion. I have nothing against if they destroy their own race only but not to ruin the hard effort of others as in Kimi’s case.

BTW, who knows where I can see the last Kimi’s stint? Will be very interesting to see 25% of all overtaking in couple of laps by one driver.


I'd be interested to count the votes in the posts here, James. Looks like Kimi and Sutil would be 1 + 2 room for a retrospective Raikkonen addition to your article? 🙂

The Spanish Inquisitor

Sutil: The Best of the day

Alonso: The Worst of the day

Bad day for Fernando.


Yeah, but Alonso had some debris stucked on his front wing, sure does make a difference to be fair.

Denys Tkalich

I'd call Perez if Kimi wouldn't smash him into the wall. But after the finish line it obviously Sutil - he made few bold moves and maybe a half of all overtakings during GP.

p.s. Kimi should stop eating so much ice cream - his brains seems to be getting frozen.


Adrian Sutil and please give him Grosjean's Lotus


Perez for me. He started showing all the hallmarks of a young Senna. Sadly he rolled the dice one to many times.


I wouldn't put Kimi down as he drove just as good a race as anyone else aroud him. Apart from his final rampage through the field at the end he did nothing of note. James' choices are far more worthy


I don't understand the complaints against the tyres. In Monaco you either get everyone spread out and no overtaking or you get todays race with everyone bunched up close and having daredevil overtakes. I like this years Pirellis. I think that the close racing is far more fun than having every drivers 2 seconds apart because they're all on the limit and can't get close to each other


As Adrian Newey put it: "When we drive a car for three days, we go one second faster". 🙂


My god a breath of fresh air!


me either ...

After the first tires change to Rosberg it was the message over the radio that 60% of tires is still there and this after 30 laps. It means he could go for next 30 laps without big troubles.

So it means all these escalations regarding the tires are almost artificial, something else is hidden behind the scene ….


Mercedes did an illegal test after Spain. 1000km sure helps as it equates to three full races.



Perez needs to be dealt with along the same lines of Grosjean .Grosjean is not the only idiot out there

Alberto Martínez

I can´t understand people choosing Raikkonen! I think his personality is influencing some choices but not his driving. In my opinion his race was quite standard apart from his final laps in which he overtook both Hulkenberg and Gutierrez (Bottas let him through) with newer supersoft tyres and therefore much better traction.

But in the race as a whole, the drivers who highlighted were Adrian Sutil and Nico Rosberg. Clean moves by Sutil in the most difficult circuit to overtake (take a look Perez) and Rosberg who didn´t put a foot wrong and controlled the race perfectly.


Nico Rosberg


Nico Rosberg is the man!


Sutil with Perez second. Yes he made a hash of it and pi**ed of the ice man but at least he had a go and entertained. His rivalry with button getting more juicey with every race. Delighted for Nico also. He is showing that his years beating Schumacher weren't just cos schumi was past his best. He beating Hamilton fair and proving he is a real winner.


For me the driver of the day was Adrian Sutil. The top 3 drove well but held station for pretty much the entire race. Alonso drove a cautious race while others raced hard and were involved in incidents.

For me Sutil showed how its done. He raced hard and made good calculated manoeuvres that came off without incident. His 5th place was very well deserved and an example to the likes of Perez and Grosjean who have the ability but need to be less rash and more calculated in the way they go about racing.

It was also a great last lap for Kimi who made full use of his fresh tyres after the unfortunate incident with Perez.


I'm going to go Rosberg: Sure he started and led from pole (which is an achievement in itself) but through the whole race I don't think he put a foot wrong - unspectacular does not equate to lack of skill 😉

Close seconds Sutil and Raikkonen, the latter mainly for his great recovery after his tangle with Perez, and speaking of Perez it wasn't his best day, but it's still good to see some fire in him.


Perez is exactly doing what the Mexican cartoon mouse, “Speedy Gonzales” used to do. Remember the signature catchphrase of Speedy? “¡Ándele! ¡Ándele! ¡Arriba! ¡Arriba! ¡Epa! ¡Epa! ¡Epa! Yeehaw!”. “Go on! Go on! Up! Up!” Speedy Perez...LOL!


I'm going with Sutil, quick with some good moves and didn't put a foot wrong. Nico was good but Vettel didn't even attempt a challenge so it's hard to say how good.



he was about the only person who bothered to actually go "racing" yesterday.

Nobody even attempted to beat Rosberg or win the race.

Anyone even Max Chilton or Jules Bianchi could have won from pole because no1 would have even challanged them.


Im sure been world champions its hard for Jenson, Kimi & Fernando to accept been overtaken afew times this yr by a 22yr old "pay driver"

But the 3 of them really need to stop B**ching like 3 like little school girls.

U can only imagine the the 3 of them having a conversation together!

"Perez how dare he overtake us the little slut"

Whether Perez was wrong or right, Kimi should have thought of his own title but of course his pride came first and therefore he lost 5 places instead of 1 and and whole lot of points.

it really wasn't very clever from Kimi.

Considering Vettel was already in second place it was a fight Kimi didnt need to pick.

But ofcourse his more interested in punching Perez in the face.


I dont get that logic, so Kimi is just suppose to yield because he has to think of a title? It is a race at the end of the day, drivers like Perez cant just drive around, make any move wants and expect others to meekly yield to him.


Dear James,

As part of your regular strategy report, is it possible that we compare the first 20 laps of Monaco 2013 with Monaco 2012.

Yesterday was not a race. It was a 78-lap drivers parade in Formula1 cars for a change.

I say first 20 laps, because the latter part of the race was littered with too many incidents, which could also be a result of the field being too close.

How true is Vettel's claim that the Mercedes were buses on a cruise? How did the first 20 laps compare to say the Gp2 lap times?

Rosberg has won, I do like that, but the race was about as monotonous as there has ever been.




Kimi for his last push to 10th from the back of the grid


KIMI is my DOTD, at first it was SUTIL, nice two overtaking moves on the slowest corner...then in 5 laps Kimi was in 10th. But the tv director never even showed what Kimi did. ROSBERG too deserved the vote.

It was a bore fest if not for live timing and the incidents. That's Monaco for you. But somehow we just cannot miss this race just like Singapore.

Canada will surely be good.

Tornillo Amarillo


Nobody saw Rosberg coming as a top driver until now, just few people... Nobody is seeing Perez neither! Checo is fighting with the big guns and the establishment do not like that.

Kimi was not correct on track nor off track, bad signal. Lotus should pay for his comments against other driver not matter who ("punch in the face").


Perez needs to actually score points and finish races before he can be considered as anything. That is what team employ drivers to do.

Rosberg has always been able to do this, it looks highly unlikely that Perez ever will.


I find it funny how its only the same 3 drivers complaining about Perez all the time.

Button, Alonso & Raikonnen.

The part that should be bothering Alonso and Raikonnen most is not Perez's driving but given the far superior cars the Ferrari and the Lotus are compared to the Mclaren, what are Alonso & Raikonnen doing in 5th and 6th place fighting Perez in the first place?

They should really be looking @ their own performances and given their superior cars not 2 mention they both world champions they should be making sure they far enough up the grid not to be racing ppl like Perez for 5th and 6th place in the first place.

Vettel has done exactly that hence thats why he is leading the championship.


Is that why Kimi second in Championship and Perez have more points than only Riccardo, Hulkenberg and Vergne?

Great conclusion there, selective deduction at it's best. Your comparisons makes zero sense. Well, if you got one.


Not Sutil's biggest fan, but have to say he edged Nico yesterday, flawless though Nico was (I'm sure he won't be complaining that he didn't have to pull off any Sutil style passes)

Alistair McDonald

Rosberg deserves the title, but a special mention for Sutil, who was awesome.

If either of the Force India drivers do not move to a bigger team next year, the owners/managers/accountants of the bigger teams are stupid and shortsighted.

John in San Diego

Rosberg for me, especially after preserving his position after each restart. Special shout outs for Sutil and Di Resta too. Shame that Di Resta's qualifying was compromised.


Sutil edges it from Rosberg for me. It was an important result for Adrian because the results haven't really come for him since Melbourne. Wasn't always his fault admittedly but still it would have been uncomfortable for him seeing Paul di Resta (who incidentally also had a very good race!) capitalise.

Sebastian Vettel was almost anonymous this weekend but from all that this has been a pretty handy weekend for him, what with Alonso 7th and Raikkonen 10th. It could be that kind of consistency that nets him a fourth title. In the sister team, JEV had a solid weekend, qualifying 10th and finishing 8th.


Rosberg for me. Very professional all weekend, fantastic in practice & never looked in doubt in the race. This included the restarts.


Dunce of the Day

Roman Grosjean. What a dill in practice and the race running in the back of Ricciardo.



Many DOTD for me: Nico for winning, Sutil for great clean overtaking moves, Webber for fending off Hamilton, etc...

One big idiot of the day has to go to Perez though.


Nico, for his total annihilation of the hitherto anassailable supremos, Vettel and Alonso.

On another note. The sin-bin for both Kimi(succumbing to the red-mist) and Lewis (caught napping).


James, Can you please go over the rules for a safety car? I know of no other form of motor racing where the leader can pit from a safety car/pace car condition with the cars behind not pitting and stay in the front of the order. It seems very arbitrary as to how the cars get by the safety car when they do not pick up the leader. For example, the Red Bull cars got by Lewis but Kimi and Alonso were no where in sight as Lewis existed the pit whereas they were all together when the SC came out. Years ago during crash gate Alonso went from way down in the order to first during a SC period. Why so little change in the order at Monaco?


It has to be Sutil for me. He was the only one to really try to race all weekend and got his best result of the year. Di Resta a close second, following his poor qualifying position.


If Perez had simply settled for 6th after passing Alonso and Button he would be in the running for DOTD

Why oh why did he go hunting for someone else, he could have upped his stock massively by finishing 6th. I said at the time I hope he just calms down now



I thoroughly enjoyed your commentary at the weekend on BBC Radio5. Your enthusiasm is far beyond any other commentator in this or any other sport. I can't wait for Montreal!


Quite clearly Nico Rosberg for a faultless drive in a car that has repeatedly fallen away in the last few races. Perhaps the slower pace of Monaco suited the car, but nevertheless he did nothing wrong.


The idiot of the race was without doubt Sergio "Crash or Move" Perez.


Nico - he deserves it after a difficult start to the year.

Other people are Kimi, for a spectacular end to the race, and Sutil and Di Resta, for their progress throughout the race.

Perez gets the naughty boy of the day award, for his moves on Alonso (cannot understand the FIA's decision) and Kimi.

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