Vettel gives Russian Grand Prix circuit the thumbs up
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Posted By: James Allen  |  22 Apr 2013   |  4:30 pm GMT  |  8 comments

Championship leader Sebastian Vettel says the Sochi Olympic Park Circuit, which will host the inaugural Russian Grand Prix next year, is very impressive.

Along with former F1 driver David Coulthard, Red Bull’s Vettel drove part of the track, which is still under construction, in an Infiniti road car a day after winning the Bahrain Grand Prix.

The German three-time world champion then toured the venue in Sochi, a southern Russia Black Sea resort near the Caucasus Mountains, with officials from the Russian government.

Russia’s first grand prix is scheduled to join the F1 calendar next year at some point after Sochi hosts the Winter Olympics in the same venue next February.

The 3.7-mile circuit, which will be the third longest track in F1 behind Spa and Silverstone, has been integrated into the Olympic Park with the cars set to drive around many of the facilities from the games, such as broadcast and media centres.

Vettel said: “It is a great privilege to be the first Formula 1 driver to visit the new Sochi venue.

“After trying a section of the track in the FX Vettel Edition, I can already see it will be a fun circuit to drive in a Formula 1 car and the rest of the venue is very impressive. I’m really looking forward to coming back here for the Grand Prix next year.”

This is the second time that Vettel has sampled a new grand prix venue for the first time after he drove a lap of the planned New Jersey circuit in the United States.

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Behind the Scenes at the track
Behind the Scenes at the track
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Agree with majority of comments – Tilke nonsense, which doesn’t come near the exciting traditional European circuits where 250,000 turn out. Eccleston’s megalomania.


It just looks like another Tilke piece of rubbish that is very much a carbon copy of his other circuits, with little flow and nearly all right angled corners to make it “exciting”, so no flow and probably very boring for both spectators and drivers. Would rather have classic circuits back which are exciting by circuit design to test the drivers properly and no run off areas to punish drivers for mistakes, like Sir Jackie cites.


Ha! Sochi integrated their circuit into their Olympic plans. Rio de Janeiro demolished theirs with Olympic excuses.


Lots of 90 degree turns in that layout.


From the picture the circuit looks kind of lame. With the exception of a few kinks and a 180 degree bend it appears all the corners are 90 degree street intersections. Designed with Lego?


Know who cannot wait to race in Russia? The Mercedes duo. I think the odds of Hamilton and Rosberg saying nice things about Sochi even WITHOUT visiting the circuit is quite high. Do not think they even like their coffee hot these days.


Good stuff.

Already looking forward to the Russian Grand Prix and yes F1 is currently in a good place for not only is business booming but also a new track every year isn’t a bad thing >>> diversity is the spice of life.

Now, with Vettel being the current world champion, it seems he has additional promotional activities to carry out in addition to his sponsor obligations.

And after ushering in the successful Austin track (together with Couthard), I think the Russian Grand Prix will follow in Austin’s footsteps i.e. a resounding success thanks to the seal of approval of the Red Bull personnel.

Having said all that, wouldn’t it have been better if this track was based near the capital Moscow for having the race in a resort far away would makes it a little difficult for the ordinary citizen to make the trip kinda like what happens at the Korean Grand Prix.


The next country I would like to see get a race on the calendar is >>> #Finland.

Yes, lots of petrol heads up there.


F1 in a good place?

While it is exciting to have fresh tracks every now and then, it is concerning that some drivers don’t get paid on time (such as Kimi and Hulkenberg). More and more pay drivers are making it onto the F1 grid. I fail to see how the Formula can be in a good place right now.

Plus Herman Tilke is winning each and every new track contract. His tracks are becomming stereotipical. Other companies should be awarded the chance to design and build some tracks aswell. It is unfair Business practice, awarding all the circuit business to one company!!! Alas, There is definately some form of corruption going on in the background. If you don’t believe me than give me another reason why all the business goes to one company and why others are not being awarded any deals???

I will not be told that Herman Tilke co. is the only one that posesses the ability to build sate of the art F1 Circuits!

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