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Alonso has no regrets over decision not to pit for new wing in Malaysian GP
Scuderia Ferrari
Posted By: James Allen  |  11 Apr 2013   |  5:01 pm GMT  |  124 comments

Double world champion Fernando Alonso says he does not regret the decision not to pit for a new front wing which ultimately caused his retirement in the Malaysian Grand Prix.

The Ferrari driver, 31, broke his front wing when he made contact with Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel at turn two at Sepang.

With the track drying out after a rain shower, the team took the decision not to pit after the first lap in the hope they could keep going and change the wing when they changed tyres.

However, the wing gave way and became trapped underneath the car on the start-finish straight on lap two, sending Alonso flying off into the gravel and out of the race.

The Spaniard is now 22 points behind leader Vettel in the drivers’ championship ahead of this weekend’s Chinese Grand Prix but he remains positive about his title chances.

He said: “There are two or three DNFs for everyone in every championship in the last 10 years of F1. It happened to [Nico] Rosberg in Australia, to me in Malaysia.

“I hope not, but I guess it will happen to me again because the average is two or three DNFs so we need to be prepared for that and, when it comes to the others, try to take the opportunity to score the maximum points.

“Obviously we regret having the contact in the second corner. Stopping or not stopping the damage was already done, so we will try to be a bit more careful, take a little bit more margin and hopefully it will not happen again.”

Alonso has been outpaced by team-mate Felipe Massa in both qualifying sessions this season, as well as the last two sessions of last season.

The Spaniard played down those results, but admitted his Brazilian team-mate is in very good form at the moment and it will take an “extraordinary” lap to beat him.

Alonso said: “He is doing a fantastic job, he is driving 100%. The calculations you are doing are strange calculations because it’s races from last year and races from this year.

“In Australia we were on dry tyres on a wet track and in Malaysia when we were on intermediate tyres on a nearly dry track. I don’t think they were completely normal qualifying session, but it’s good he’s doing a good job.

“Hopefully I can finish ahead of him in some qualifying sessions this year and if I do so it will be an extraordinary lap.”

Alonso said while he needs improve his pace in qualifying, he is confident he will have a car that is capable of achieving a podium finish on Sunday.

“I think we have to improve our qualifying, which is a weak point compared to our race pace, but overall here, our target is to fight to finish on the podium,” he said.

“With a gap of five weeks since Australia we, and I guess most teams, have had the time to produce some updates and I am reasonably optimistic that what we have brought here will deliver the results we expect. That’s why we are aiming for the podium.”

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Bring Back Murray

Alonso just has to cruise round from here on in. The two Red Bull drivers will be too busy fighting over each other!

Scuderia McLaren

Mark won't be near Seb to fight it out. He used 1 of his 2 good GP's per year in Malaysia. We might see him in Silverstone again, maybe.

As for Alonso having no regrets, that does not surprise me. He is a samurai and they don't look back. Lol

But seriously, I don't think it's in Alfonso's nature to self analyse and therefore eventually regret a thing or two. Otherwise he'd probably regret, and have apologised for, the McLaren 2007 year, in particular Hungary and email espionage with Ferrari and blackmail attempt. Singapore 2008 with his fake win. Various paranoid Renault 2006 accusations of Fisichella favouritism (as if!). Holding Pat Fry to ransom over a tweet last year. And the list goes on, and on, and on...

No, thus guy looks forward and does what it takes to win, at all costs. Just ask Massa about needing to put at similar times what happens. Speaking of Massa, can't wait for the 5 consecutive times of out qualifying Alfonso. Wonder if he has not already asked Ferrari to short fuel Massa?


You are going to have to wait for a wile mate.


Y'mean overfuel him, for quali.

What's this Pat Fry tweet you mentioned?

And yeah, doesn't that 100m fine (yeah, I know it basically came to 30-odd million after taxes and foregoing FOM revenue) just look utterly ridiculous, the further we get from it? Seeing as Renault were basically let off with but a slap for the Singapore 2008 incident, pretty much because they intimated that they could withdraw from the sport were a McLaren-sized penalty imposed.

"Where is the consistency?"


Javier, what are you talking about?! Alonso did in Alonso in Hungary '07, with his pit stop move. He was able to get out, and to set the pole lap after it, but with that move left himself open to a penalty, which put him back in P6. Why, pray tell, should McLaren have apologized to him for that?!?

Alonso also scuppered his own chances by going off in the wet at Fuji.



How about McLaren apologizing to Alonso for not punishing Hamilton when he cheated in Qualification at Hungary destroying Alonso's chances of winning the championship.

I think you need a PNL course so that you don't confuse your fantasies with reality.

Scuderia McLaren


Yeah you are right on both counts. Meant to say overfill for quali. And also I long for consistency too.

As for the Alonso / Pat Fry / tweet threat saga, a link below. Essentially it was another black mail attempt by Alfonso. This time on Pat Fry for speaking some rhetoric that may not have flattered the Spaniard. Honestly, his parents must be proud of his internal conflict resolution capabilities.



I really want to thank Ferrari for finally letting Felipe race Fernando.

After 3 years of clearly giving preferential treatment to Alosno they have changed direction and team policy. I am not sure it will be enought to win the WCC/WDC this year, but at least they are doing something different in allowing Massa a fair shot.

I am sensing in Alonso's answers, as written here, that he is starting to get a bit defensive. There is pressure there. He knows he's failed to earn the WDC last year when he had a chance due in good part to his poor quali efforts, and he is slightly on the back foot now with that trend continuing. If he trips up again this weekend and Massa delivers another solid drive, it will be fascinating to watch the response.

Just like you have a few DNFs each season, you have a bad season every few seasons. Could 2013 be Alonso's bad season?


Never heard you saying RBR should give Mark a fair chance.

Scuderia McLaren

You could be right Sebee... It seems the pressure of NOT being the underdog for a change seems to not suit Alonso perhaps. He seems to thrive when he feels his back is against the wall. It brings the best out in him. That is what makes him so formidable. But perhaps when he HAS the car, HAS the team, HAS the expectation, he starts to crumble. It is no coincidence that Massa is now maybe about to break the record of how many consecutive times Alonso has been outqualifyed in his career. You can as as confident a person and driver as you like, but 5 consecutive times a team mate has shaded you in pure pace does something to a brain, especially one like Alonso's. This season is really really tasty.


No all it is :- Felipe has found a new lease on life when Ferrari gave him a contract he ought not have!- & to his full credit has grabbed it with both Hands. Finally got a grip on the Pirellis - & this year the softer compounds suite Massas driving style even more anyway.& Bingo Alonso is no longer a Demi God that most people with very weak judgement thought!


Tim , I even picked him as the best by a small margin last year over Hamilton & Raikkonen. But if you read most of the posts read by people here last year the Alonso supporters would have you think he is untouchable ! And yes Im sure I even read here people say he is a god amongst the drivers, many comments of that nature & now where are all those people ??

I probably just gotta ignore most comments and there are some posters which I just don't bother to read . But just trying to keep those posters honest and undo the spin coming from the team in red.


& Bingo Alonso is no longer a Demi God that most people with very weak judgement thought!

That's quite a strong statement - didn't a poll of the team principals, last year, place FA at the top of the pile for 2012?

I don't recall the survey asking which driver was most godlike though, just which they thought was the best for 2012 🙂

Flying Scotsman

Not sure we were watching the same Alonso,didnt he outdrive the car for most of last season?


I totally agree on Ferrai giving Filipe the chance to race Fernando. Over the past three years however, Filipe was long way behind in overall performance compare to Fernando apart from the incident in 2010 Hungary race where Filipe has to let Fernando pass. In Ferrari's defense, they had no choice but back Alonso because of the nature of the championship. Alonso was at least in the running for the championship with a not so great car. That earned him the number 1 status.

As far 2013 performance is concerned I think Alonso will have a better year than the last 3 years. He lost the 2010 championship because of the strategic error. And last year he should not have even in the hunt because the car was so slow compare to Red Bull & McLaren, but he held the lead for most of the season. I find it extra ordinary driver quality in 2012 by him. The reason I think he will be even stronger this year because,

1: He has a much better car this year.

2: He is running out of years in his career to add anymore titles. So, he has to make the best of this year's opportunity.

3: Fernando is in the same stage as Schumacher was in early 2000's. If Alonso retires in 3/4 years time, these coming years are going to be his best years of his career. We are going to witness some amazing & memorable performances by him because he wants the title so bad. Like Schumacher's extra ordinary drives in 2006 from Montreal Grand Prix onwards.

4: Ferrari is a kind of team where couple of bad seasons make them feel as if they have never won a title. So, they are going to keep producing good enough cars to give Fernando the best opportunity possible to win titles. And we all know how good he is when it comes to out performing the car.

I feel that we, the F1 fans have been spoiled by the quality of the grid over the past 6/7 years. To me the last 10 years are by far the best decade in F1. We have seen Schumacher winning 5 titles in row since Fangio, we have seen Vettel beating Mansell's qualifying record & becoming triple world champion, we have seen Fernando ending Schumacher's rein, we have seen amazing transformations in modern cars & tyres, we have season many seasons of championship battle going to the last race (last corner of the season in 08), even the new bloods like Bianchi & Riccardo grabbing the headlines!! It goes on, Fernando's last few years in F1 will only add to that list.


contrast that to you claiming on this same website that Sebastian Vettel should be given nr 1 status over webber given their record... and what exactly makes Massa equal to Alonso in your eyes. Sorry, you can´t have your cake and eat it.


The reason why my views conflict on this issue is simple: team specific. For Ferrari this #1 status for Alonso has produced no WDC and it made people believe Alonso was superhuman - which we know he is not. Add to this that Alonso has blamed Ferrari for the failures at most times. I was most irritated by the fans believing that Alonso was so much better than Massa...until Massa started to be backed more by Ferrari and we saw he was quite OK after all.

Where as at Red Bull it has clearly worked even as people somehow continue to believe Webber is not #2 -strictly through Mark's denials. And it is also not in your face like it is at Ferrari...you know, gearbox, car, etc.


Re: Mister,

Here is what HWS said:

hero_was_senna Reply:

April 11th, 2013 at 11:47 pm

You won’t get a response because it would have to be one from an unbiased viewer.



Are you serious? And I'm the one with selective memory?

How many times has Alonso talked negatively about the car? That it's the car's fault. As if the car in 2010 and 2012 was absolute crap and the fact that he finished within 4 points and 3 points each of the two seasons was a miracle of his own doing and has nothing to do with the tools he has been given getting him there.

Now granted, it wasn't the best car on the grid. But you don't get to within 4 point or 3 points with a car that isn't capable of getting you there.

Come on, someone out there give MISTER what he is looking for. Link to one of the 30 or 40 articles over past 3 seasons with Alonso reflecting on the Ferrari in the light that just might make Enzo turn in his resting place.

Don't be agnry with me. We're having an exchange. I've said on a number of occasions that different fans interpret what they see differently. To me, what I've read many times from Alonso sounds too often like he takes credit for the good, and passes the bad down to someone else - usually a red object with wheels.


Could I just be a pest and AGAIN demand some facts here? When exactly did Alonso blamed Ferrari for the failures?

When? Examples please! Facts! Seriously Sebee!

Actually the Ferrari cars were pretty bad, as highlighted by James Allen and most media and F1 engineers and technical directors, Gary Anderson included.

A good example of how Alonso behaved for the past 3 years is Malaysia where Alonso could've easily blamed Ferrari for not pitting him, but instead he took the teams side and said it was the right decission.

I am actually angry at you Sebee. You seem to be trying to throw all these accusations on Alonso without any facts backing your statements. Actually the amount of comments from the readers disagreeing with you show what most of us think about your reasoning!

I'm done with you!



I think both Ferrari and Red Bull have clear #1/#2 approach.

Felipe is more yielding to this demand.

Mark fights it.

But it's clearly #1 and #2.

Also, Red Bull give Mark more rope than Ferrari do to Felipe. Hence Mark is allowed to grab a win here or there. Felipe meanwhile knows that's a no-no. Anytime he finds himself in P1, Alonso is sure to be close behind and that will only mean one thing. "Felipe, Fernando is faster than you, do you understand." Alonso has to DNF for Flipe to have any shot at keeping P1. Life in that environment as an F1 driver and see how it works out for you.

Do you even try for a win in that environment? Why rip your guts out for that lovely reward of a radio message? After Germany 2010 Felipe is smart enough (in my view) to not even put himself in that position a second time. He's smart and doesn't need to lick the power socket twice to know the consequences.


And it is also not in your face like it is at Ferrari…you know, gearbox, car, etc

No, I know what you mean. The favouritism shown by RBR to SV isn't nearly as blatant.

It's not as if they openly support SV over MW. Certainly you wouldn't catch RBR doing anything like removing a front wing from MW car and placing it on SV's. Certainly not, perish the thought.


rafa, you can have your cake and eat it if the medication says you can.

In a balanced view, of course everyone would call that sort of comment hypocritical.

Bit like Seb, apologising after getting out of the car. His engineer said over the radio there was explaining to do and yet...

Now at the next race, he would do the same again.

That's why the uproar over what he done, because he comes across as dishonest and petulant.


Good point.


This really annoys when people say this, go back and watch there first season together, massa was equal to start with.


Did you watch the same F1 seasons as I did. I really wanted Massa to do well. But he sucked. And kept sucking. He is lucky to still be at Ferrari.

If he drives well as he is doing now, why wont Ferrari let him race. His success is actually beneficial for the team (and Alonso) in the long run.


seriously, comical really


And, you can have only 1 or less (as Raikkonen demonstrated last year - and Grosjean didn't), and it could be Vettel's turn to get lucky like he didn't last year.


Two raees out of twenty into the season... a bit early for this statement, don't you think?


2 of 19 y'mean. 18 if war breaks out on the Korean peninsula.


OH NO! I completely overlooked the possibility that this guy may actually end up cancelling an F1 race and stick another giant hole in to the calendar.

My somewhat misguided moral compass (when it comes to F1) tells me it is high time to deploy a few U.S. stealth bombers and solve this sooner rather than later.

Imagine the shock in North Korean citizens when they find out that Jimmy Carter is no longer president? That Maggie has passed? That Vettel is a 3 X WDC? 🙂


At least there is hope for a year of fair treatment.

Also, if you remember it was a bad Kimi start that opened the door for exciting 2008.


Could you please point out when Ferrari have not given Massa the same support as Alonso?

I want clear examples, because I am sick and tired of people keep bringing this up. In my opinion it was Massa's poor performance that brought him down.

We all know about Germany 2010 when he was asked to give the place to Alonso and US 2012 when he took the gearbox penalty. Other than these two, could you please point out when Ferrari favoured Alonso and put Massa in a disadvantage.

I want to point out in Germany 2010, Massa was down 78 points on Hamilton with half a season remaining, while Alonso was only 47 points down. In US last year I don't think I need to bring the points difference as I think Massa was mathematically out of title contention while Alonso was still with a shot.

Last year, after 3 races, there were 7 drivers who didn't score any points. The 6 drivers in the Caterham, HRT and Marrusia and Massa. After 4 races, Massa had 2 points and Alonso 43.

Looking forward to your response!



I got me a keyboard now!

The reality of the situation is this: A team doesn't go out and seek out a driver and pay that driver 10 times what the pay their other driver just to underind that investment with their "budget driver".

You may bring up a few GP examples, but those are just the most flagrant ones Ferrari has done. I believe they have been uncomfortable with the PR backlash of favoring Alonso, so it has been their strategy to put Massa out of contention early and quickly to ensure his supporting role.

The truth lies deep in the psychology of an F1 driver. In the end, they are just driving cars. And since we're timing these cars down 0.001s, psychology of a driver plays a big role. It is for this reason that successful teams nurture and protect their tallent. Think Hamilton as a perfect example. It is important for the team to make the #1 feel superhuman in order for him to deliver perhaps that extra little bit on the clock or push a bit more.

So while I can't provide you with details prevy to those inside the team only, I can tell you this. There is no way Massa was that incapable over the 3 seasons, and just recently lit up. He had the speed, always. There are other reasons behind his performance. I believe that Ferrari know this, which is why they have retained his services.

I agree that other factors could have played a role. His post accident psychological state maybe - but I doubt that lasted more than 2 or 3 GPs. More likely perhaps his psychological state of knowing if he sticks his nose up he will be pushed down. After all, Massa is a huge team player. Why would he cause trouble for the team? Why would he put a team into a PR backlash situation like Germany 2010 when he knows the will of the team? US 2012 wasn't his choice, but again he proved what a team player he was. As I've said on a number of occasions, Massa will yield to the will of the team. And the will of the team was - Alonso is #1, you got that Felipe?

I suspect Luca or someone high up looked at the situation last year and decided that they needed to take points off the Bulls late in the season. That by retarding Felipe they are causing damage to their results. Just a few finishes over the season of Felipe ahead of the Bulls could have meant a whole different result. And so they let him loose late last year to take points off Bulls and have decided to change their approach for this season. And we saw the result. He has the measure of Alonso. It is no longer day and night, is it?

So I ask you, can you honestly tell me that came out of the blue? Suddenly Massa has the measure of the most highly regarded driver on this forum or any other for that matter? You're going to tell me it's luck? It's coincidnence? Just like that a driver who was declared a dog and has been by many here is 4-0 in quali and fast on the track against the Neo of F1? That's one heck of a run of coincidnences we have going over last 4 races then.

We both don't have the facts, but there is no doubt in my mind that after 3 years of no WDC and no WCC Ferrari simply want to do 2 things.

1. Change their approach and step aside form this all about #1 approach.

2. Perhaps measure Alonso on his performance by giving themselves a benchmark.


It doesn't matter what F1 pundits or Ferrari has said the last few years. Why you don't accept that Massa has to compete with arguably the best driver in F1 at the moment and stop speculating.


Forgive the answer with a question. But do you believe he was getting equal hardware for the 3 years?

In my view, only recently did he start getting it. Hence his performance. Ferrari chose Alonso as their golden boy. They didn't want to undermine their choice. Clearly they feel they have nothing to lose in letting Massa loose after 3 years of ckose but no cigar and Alonso saying Ferrari is a dog. Forgive the summary answer. I'm on my mobile.



Sure, to the media the 2010-2012 Ferrari was not suitable to Massa's style. Because perhaps his car had 2% less downforce. In F1, that's all it takes.

Massa has driven enough Ferraris in his life to make them all suitable in my view.


to put it to simpler terms from 2010-2012 first half of the season, that ferrari was not suited for Massas driving style, the same thing had happened to Kimi in 2008 and Michael Schumacher already admitted that in 2008 they made developments that were quicker in general for the car but suited more to Massa and Kimi was of disadvantaged because it did not suit him. Clearly that 2013 car is more suited to Massa now


I will answer with a question as well.

What makes you think he wasn't getting the same equipment?

I do believe that every team when is short on parts or new parts, will give them to the driver who is ahead in the points and has a chance of winning races and championships. If this happened at Ferrari in the last 3 years, then why are you bringing it up considering that in all 3 seasons Massa was masively down on points compared to Alonso.

Anyway, the fact you didn't answer with clear facts on my first question...is an answer too. I'm dissapointed by it thought, as you being a veteran and active contributor to this blog, I didn't thought you will be making such statements just to play down Alonso's performances. I would expect people to be objective and be able to back your statement with facts.


So what you saying is that, in your belief, Ferrari deliberately sabotage their own driver thereby harming themselves in the process in terms of WCC points and prize money simply to justify their decision to hire Alonso? Sounds a bit far fetched to me. Also, surely, if that's their philosophy, that they would have done the same when Kimi was racing for them, which we all know was not the case at all. IMO Massa just needs to up his game and get one over Alonso if he wants to be team leader and Ferrari will do what's necessary to support him in that role just as they did when they made Kimi move for him all those years ago. That's just my opinion though.


Completely agree.

You won't get a response because it would have to be one from an unbiased viewer.

Ferrari built him a new chassis and air freighted it out to Malaysia last year because he wasn't comfortable.

At the halfway point Massa had scored a grand total of 23 points.

Alonso had 154, including 3 wins and 3 podiums and all point finishes.

Ironically, everyone, early on last year, was calling for Massa's head, replace him with Webber, Kubica, Rosberg, Perez etc. Yet Ferrari stood by him.

It's recognised by long time fans and by the media, that the more difficult a car is to drive, the bigger the difference between a great and a good driver.

Look at MSC in 1996 compared to Irvine.

What Alonso confirmed last year, was just how great he truly is, Massa getting on his pace in qualifying is nice, but he won't be out racing Alonso anytime soon.

I have no doubt many detractors will suggest it's because he won't be allowed, but that's your personal issues you have to deal with, because to believe otherwise is demeaning Alonso's true ability.


So a mecca team like Ferrari, who are well known for their #1 and #2 policy over many years and eras, and Massa who is a yielding team player unlike any other on the grid is not something you are willing to put together into an equation?

Alonso was hired with a huge retainer. That was a clear sign. Massa has been there before, and seen it before. He knows the score right off the bat. That is why he is so valuable to Ferrari. Ron nurtured Lewis to be #1. Ferrari nurtured Felipe to be #2. Then they hire their #1s from other teams. That's their approach.

When you do that, what is your goal? To treat them fairly? To rotate strategies evently? To pay 10x more for your #1 and have your #2 outqualify your #1 or be .023s behind your #1?

Do you buy a car for 10X money because it is 0.023s faster? Do you buy a TV for 10X price because it's 0.023% bigger? Part of the game in F1 is to justify the value to viewers and sponsors. To make the fans believe there are super heros on the grid. And when those super heros aren't flying into space, or lifting buildings to save people but are instead just driving a car - maybe you need to add some "artificail flavour" to make them appear like super heros.

Would apparently 600M watch a GP to see "ordinary" men drive cars? I remember a jurno once asked Schumi if he buys his own socks. As if Schumi walked on water and was too good to do things ordinary people do. It just goes to show you how important that super human image is to the outside world.


Alonso's bad seasons, were for example: 2008, 2009, and in my opinion 2007 also! Whereas Vettel had 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 all very good seasons, so judging by your statement you can easily say that 2013 can be Vettel's bad season! And hopefully it is (regarding, ofcourse, championship results only!)


Hmm, you're saying Vettel's 2009 beats Alonso's 2007?!? Vettel could've won the WDC in 2009, but made some big mistakes that year that cost him. Australia and Brazil especially, and also got pwned in Turkey by Button that year.

Also Alonso's 2008 was very good. He was in a Renault remember, and he finished ahead of a McLaren, one of which won the WDC. As for 2009, no driver can win with a crap car. It's like saying Hamilton had a poor season in 2009, when in fact he drove very well, but just had a crap car for the first half of the year.

Scuderia McLaren

@KRB. One day, the full truth will come out. These sorts of things don't remain buried for too long. It will simply be when an invested party no longer has anything to lose by telling the truth. There are a few parties I think that have a handle on it and long memories...



I enjoyed that 2008 season review very much.


SM, it is what it is. SIN 2008 doesn't pass the smell test, but there's no way to prove anything with regards to Alonso's part, if any, in it.

Scuderia McLaren

Yeah Fernando's 2008 year was great. His drive at Singapore was excellent. He had the clairvoyant ability to pit JUST before his team mate crashed and went on to win. Really shows Fernamdo's strategic strengths abnormally low fueling as he "sensed" the way the race was to unfold.


LoL! I would also like to thank Massa and his management for letting Alonso trash him over the last 3 years...

You are going to enjoy this season Im sure!


Yes I hope Alonso's cat has a chance of achieving a podium too 😉


Next week's headline : "Alonso: I have no regrets about letting my cat take podium place"


Please imagine the sound of 18,000MPM (MEOWS PER MINUTE) and try to keep a sraight face!


Is Jaguar back?


His cat must be really fast!


I tried to keep score of my type-o errors. Gave up at 483 and declared myself worse offender on this site.

At least T and R are next to each other on the keyboard. I've made typing errors that can only be explained as my fingers being abducted by aliens.


Just your fingers?


I may have been abducted by an Allen...I mean Alien.

All I remember is being stuck in an endless loop of Schumacher wins, time seemed to stand still - yet years passed. My hair didn't grow at all.

On occasion I rememeber passing out and being awaken by a booming voice from above...something ITV I think.


I lost count lol. Did it again in my last post!


He also said that if they had pitted for the front wing he probably would have only got 9th/10th place, so it wasn't a big lost, however, over a championship those one or two points can prove vital, only time will tell


That's a rubbish he would have finished 7th or better. Think about 21.5 sec for the extra pit. Lotus finished 40 seconds behind in 6th


It takes a bit more time to change the nose than a normal pit stop, then factor in that he would be at the back having to pass everybody costing him even more time and 9th/10th looks like a good estimate. However there was always the chance of a safety car helping him catch up to the leaders and the chance of a higher finish. Not pitting was a costly error that Ferrari may come to regret at the end of the season.


It doesn't another 20 sec to change the nose ( maybe less than 12) JA has noted elsewhere on this subject that some experts in the field think 8th was possible.i think that is even conservative. This is just Ferrari and Fernando trying to "save face". Rather than dealing with the Truth


I think Alonso and Ferrari are extremely lucky not to have been fined a substantial amount for not pitting. Their actions could have caused a very serious accident. I can't help but think other teams would have been punished very badly for such a decision. That he didn't cause an accident as bad as the one caused by Grosjean last year was pure luck and Grosjean was forced to sit out a race.


Grosjean wasn't forced to sit out a race because of the accident at the start of the Belgian GP.

The FIA had had enough of him having first lap incidents and seemingly not learning from them.

Lest you forget, Lotus were not sure that they would retain him, but have given him a second chance.

Slightly different to a 2 times world champion, with 30 odd wins under his belt.


WHAT ( expletives excluded )does being a "2 times WC" have to do with not copping a penalty. That's just garbage Hero Is Senna..

If you said he didn't touch anyone and was no danger ( albeit close to a webber) would be completely acceptable.

What your saying is like saying Michael Schumacher driving Rubens into the wall at Monaco in 2010 is perfectly fine because he's a 7 time champ


I'm addressing the "suggestion" that just because he is a 2 time WC, he cannot be judged the same way. Nothing else.! I really get annoyed when guys like this go round show boating claiming they are perfect whether they double or 7 times world champions- never admitting mistakes when anyone with half a brain can see what they did was just wrong. Vettel had just joined this group.

The incident of the wing itself is nothing to me ( albeit slightly risky as he nearly clipped Webber). I agree there have been many situations & ridiculous sanctions like Hamilton in 2011 & Massa at Monaco.

Fernando annoys me because he does not deal with truth he just deals with expectation. He is very good at shifting blame, that many fans like you dont see through it.He too was quick to blame Raikkonen for Suzuka for the incident then only weeks later he had to retract his comments & looked like an idiot.

A man that wins on equal terms honestly, openly is a man- that will never change- and one who lies or cheats is a coward in any sport regardless of the outcome.


If you really feel a need to make everything dramatic, go ahead , jeez!

Alonso/Ferrari took a risk, didn't work out. Did Webber or Rosberg get penalties when they took off over other drivers. No, even though getting airborne could be exceptionally dangerous!

Grosjean had many first lap incidents before Spa. Spa was the point that something had to be done. Maldonado was also mentioned needing a penalty but hasn't happened

I could go on, but I think you actually know where I'm going with all this, I won't insult you.

Side note, has F1 become so safe now that every little incident becomes national news. Provoking outrage and demonisation.

I remember when men were men. I cannot wait for Rush to be released.

Val from montreal

Well he never really had quick teammates besides that 1 year stint at McLaren with the rookie and we know how that panned out ... He's lucky he wasn't partnered with Raikkonen at McLaren in 2007 , he'd be blown to dust ..

And Trulli was faster than him at Renault, look how fast Trulli was taken out of the equation !

Massa is a confidence driver ,that's why Massa was at his best in 2006 alongside the Schu and the years following with Raikkonen 07 and 08 ...He was treated FAIR before Santander came along with their Billion dollar checkbook ..

I never heard Schumacher or Raikkonen complain over the radio while Massa was in front of them ! But what goes around comes around in life ...


Yep- he's the biggest whinger and most dishonest bloke in the paddock.. Works perfectly with those spaghetti munchers


I'm fascinated where you choose to go on holiday...


Hey Val, your kid not softened you out yet...

Trulli was faster than him in qualifying, but other than Monaco, where he was truly on it, when you watched races, one Renault would progress up the field, the other down. I don't need to mention which one, right?

One question which I wonder if anyone knows answer to, when did FOM start to broadcast team/ driver radio? I certainly don't remember it during the time MSC raced at Ferrari.

I think radio has changed the dynamics massively for the viewer, and you have to be careful because alot of it isn't transmitted.

Val from montreal

Buongiorno Eroe era Senna ! ( yes he has been a bundle of joy and because of that im actually making progress with my anti-alonso remarks .. Im restraining myself more and more )

Even if radio Transmissions would have been made public back in the "old days" , I doupt very much Schumacher would have shown frustation like Mr. Alonso has done ...

Call him what you will but MSC has been more supportive towards Barrichello and Massa than Alonso has ever been towards any of his teamates .... Lets see what happens in China on sunday ...

Will Massa outqualify Alonso for a 5th straight time ??

Have a good one !


Frankly I believe Ferrari in not calling Alonso into the pits for a nose change is a disgrace and negligent, both by the team (Ferarri) and the FIA for not instructing the team to bring their driver in as it was seriously dangerous and could easily have caused a serious accident to either their driver (Alonso) any other driver or marshal or maybe even a spectator - it was only luck this wasn't the case!

Seems to me that simple common sense sometimes is overlooked or more likely not even considered in the heat of F1 - Safety should always come first!


GV was awesome, with huge "attachments".

And yes, times have changed. Tobacco advertising, even advertising for Penthouse back then. Haha.


Complete madness - in today's world if the same thing happened and the wing fell off and someone was killed (especially a spectator) the FIA would never live it down and would be sued (rightly so) for huge amounts - after all they are the governing body and they have above all else a duty to act on their duty of care requirements.

Other will, I'm sure have noted how silent all the F1 pundits and those within F1 have been on this - including James Allen


Ironically, what happened at Malaysia might be the best thing to increase Alonso's chances of winning WDC.


That he doesn't regret the decision doesn't make it any less stupid. If the stewards had been able to see the condition of the front wing, they'd have black flagged hum.


If the stewards couldn't see it, how could Ferrari from the pit wall?


You don't think they have the TV feed and can see what everybody else clearly saw?


Yeah I see a load of guys sat in front of a 64" Sony flat screen with a few beers within easy reach.


You guys don´t be too judgmental. I´d like to know everyone´s grade in your English classes. Maybe Alonso has a cat that is his inspiration and motivation at every race.After all Hamilton has a dog as his motivation for winning.



A cat and a dog in the pitlane.....no, I think there's enough drama with Webber & Vettel 😉


Sorry, but this seems silly to me now. The fact that Alonso is saying this is odd and pointless, and to be perfectly honest, I don't see how you cannot be regretful of wasting this opportunity like that.

Alonso is feeling the pressure now.


I completely agree. He is putting a brave face on it, no use crying over spilt milk etc.

But the bottom line is, Ferrari wasted an opportunity to score points because of a poor strategy call. I could foretell the outcome when he didn't pit, so could the commentary team on tv - it was inevitable.

It's all the more strange as Ferrari and FA, in particular, always make a big show of keeping the score board ticking over.


"Putting on a brave face" more like not being completely honest !


Yeah well sometimes I tend to "over compensate" for people who have been brain washed by his/ Ferraris political rhetoric. Most of whom have all gone quite for some reason this year..:) still a few out there I gotta set straight


I have been glancing through your posts and I am starting to think you don't much care for Alonso 🙂


Alonso is pragmatic; It happened, can't change it, learn amd move on.

The only people still worrying about it are the armchair experts.


You might be regretting it come Interlagos Fernando?


He might not...


Yes, this season has got off to a bad start for Alonso.

If you recall the way he won his first two titles i.e. by having a huge advantage, points-wise, in the first half of the season then through consistency and clever driving, maintaining that gap in the second half.

Yes, Alonso hasn't been successful at playing the catch up game and now to make matters embarrassing, he has a good car.

Regards the point of 3-4 DNFs for each driver every season >>> Not necessarily.

Some drivers like the new Kimi can go through an entire season without a single DNF then you will have the likes of Grosjean, Maldonado and Lewis just praying to make it through the first lap.

In other words, if it isn't your season (luck-wise) things can disintegrate pretty quickly.

As for the qualifying battle with Massa, it seems like Massa's good run will come to an end this weekend.

Apparently no teammate has ever out-qualified Alonso at 5 back to back races. Currently it's only Trulli, Lewis and now Massa that have had the good fortune to out-qualify Alonso 4 back to back races.

Anyway, the Massa-Alonso partnership is another interesting battle to keep an eye on for I believe Massa is another driver on the grid dying to get some payback.


Don't know how useful the 5-in-a-row stat is. I mean in 2007 with Hamilton, Hamilton sometimes would've been competing with him in Q3 with a lap more fuel onboard.


Funny really how statistics can be made to mean any story you want

Let's see, driver x finishes Melbourne in 2nd place.

At the next race, driver x finishes in 11th (out of the points) after running into a cucumber.

Move forward a year, driver y finishes 2nd in Melbourne.

At the next race, driver y finishes out of the points after running into a cucum... I meant a slow Vettel.

So in both 2012 and 2013, driver x and y have gone to China with a single second place and points finish.

Like I say, stats can back up any story you want to give.

Scuderia McLaren

Hiya HWS, you are soooo right about stats, data sets and the manipulation of them. Let's just say I am familiar with big blocks of data and stats and can see how conclusions can be erroneously drawn with worrying ease. Data gathering is easy, interpretation is hard.

I see a lot of "1 + 1 = 11" analysis in F1 sport in particular. This is due to the fact that almost everything is quantifiable. But this can overwhelm a picture as there is so much a fan can draw from to data mine in order to justify a pre ordained view.

Also another thing to consider the cultural difference in us fans / data interpreters, as our perceptions and the value we place upon various stats will vary. We see different things and ignore different things.


@ hero was Senna

But you see, the difference between driver x and y is driver x has ever come from behind and won the title i.e. In 2010 and 2012 whereas driver y has never done this.


Well he would wouldn't he !!

Vettel is being ripped to shreds tonight for being very forthright and honest and then there are guys like Alonso who can't even admit an understandable error in the heat of battle.

I know which one I have more respect for.


I think he said he regretted the contact, and I hope if he was asked if he could do it over, that they would've come in (otherwise, that really would be stupid). But I read the 'no regrets' as not crying over spilled milk, only looking forward.


Vettel honest.. lol good one. Nobody speaks more plainly than Alonso. You just don't agree with what he's saying. That doesn't make him dishonest.


Ha ha! Alonso is the nearest we've got to Senna in terms of saying exactly what he wants the opposition to hear, regardless of the honesty of it.


Dear Fernando

Let me give you a piece of advice my chief, same as the one you would get from the guy selling hotdogs next to the road; "Safety first my chief, every championship point count".

I may have not won any championship but this even I know.

Good luck from a Mercedes Fan



Alonso has raced 200 GPs and has two F1 championships, but I guess he'll work it out eventually eh..?


"tells it like it is" -Rubbish..When he lost his front wing.He said it was extremely unfortunate racing incident..Not I made a small mistake and crashed into the back of Sebs car..straight after the race..After millions of people said he f$%^d up. Then weeks later he changed his tone.

Last year he said he drove 100% at every race extracting more out of the car than possible (and whilst he did at most events). He was out qualified and "let past" at the last few races of 2012 by a better driving Felipe. At Suzuka he immediately blamed Kimi for his fault then retracted his statement days later after he saw what happened and everyone told him.

The problem when you have two drivers championships and 200 races is sometimes you think your infallible and the whole world has to believe everything you say ..Reality is only some stupid people will do that. Others Know better.


Tomato, potato..... Error implies he should have foreseen vettel almost stopping dead in the middle of the turn, racing incident implies he took a decision based on the most likely scenario unfolding, ie Vettel would push the accelerator. With hindsight I dare say another decision could have been made.


Yeh but he can still never be honest in front of the camera


He tells it like he sees it. It may differ from your opinion...


Big deal about Massa out qualifying Alonso. We all know what happens on race day. Lol

Last year everyone said give that man a competitive car. This year he's got it. He will deliver the goods 🙂


Alonso is so clever,he knows very well he is faster than in massa in qualy also, so sayin it would be "extraordinary" and doing it would be portraying himself as supremely fast. which he may not be......he is damn damn good though.


Maybe it is a good thing for Alonso to be feeling a bit of pressure. It seems when his back is against the wall, he is capable of some very fast driving.

In other words, don't make him angry... you wouldn't like him when he's angry!


You wouldn't expect Alonso to say anything else about an own goal


Year in year out racers have their points of views, fans too. This year could be the best season of all time and I bet ya James will be having the most postings.

Look at it this way, Vettle vs Mark, Lewis vs Nico, Alonso vs Massa will have many close fought race I'm sure. Then we have Bianchi surprising us, and if he can keep racing like Australia and Sepang he'll be in a big team next year.

I won't bother too much about quail as Nando has mentioned because it's simply true about Pirelli and we have not complained about processions anymore, but tyres falling off too fast too soon is a bit irritating for me though.

Nico for the win China? It's in his report card.


Yeah, I'd like to see a cat on the podium as well.

Tornillo Amarillo

Alonso has 18 points in 2 races, it means equivalent to have finished for example P5 and P6, it's not too bad, he's near the consistency of been top 5 average, what I think it's important.

I think only Rosberg and Grosjean has lost that target.

But things can change quickly.


Alonso is hilarious. He said this regarding his 0-4 qualifying to Massa:

"I haven't slept since Australia. I'm only eating white rice. I'm losing my hair. A huge drama."

hihi, what a funny guy 😀

Scuderia McLaren

Actually throughout that joking speech, I think the stat is getting to him. Read the whole thing. It's quite unique that he even answers such things. He is desperate to diminish the importance.

5 times coming up Alfonso... Deal with it.


Uh? Are you asking him to be concerned about Massa? He sould be worried about Vettel, Hamilton and Raikkonen.


Yes, he was joking 🙂 You are right he didnt have to answer the questions, but in reality I doubt this kind of thing bothers him though. Massa just finished 2nd practice on top (Alonso 6th) but no doubt come the qualifying Alonso will be right up there with him...


"No regrets over the decision"

.. And Im a prime candidate for Mr Universe.. Please !


It seems we have a few people here with some issues re: Alonso. However, when you ask these 'experts' to back up their claims... There're not straight answers or evidence. Regarding the article as far as I know you don't get points on Saturday. It's Sunday race where drivers prove themselves.


surely alonso didn't want the statistics for james allens first lap places won/lost to be affected . . .


"There are two or three DNFs for everyone in every championship in the last 10 years of F1. It happened to [Nico] Rosberg in Australia, to me in Malaysia."

What about KR's 2012 season?


Looks to me that F1 is evolving. What once was a sport where the designer and driver were the prime participants, it's now more a team effort headed by the strategy decision makers.

1990s - We made the fastest car, we want the fastest drivers to drive for us. That equated to wins and world champion drivers. Plus the Constructors Championship.

2013 - It's all about the Constructor's Championship. THAT is where the money is. Drivers Championships is secondary now.

We designed a car which is good on tyres. We want the gentlest consistent drivers to drive for us. Drive to a plan, drive to a lap time, have throttle control and when the strategy is right we will win.

Formula 1 is now a game of Chess, it's no longer the pinnicle of go fast, lay it on the line motor sport "racing".

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