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Alonso says Ferrari need perfection to claim the world championship
Scuderia Ferrari
Posted By: James Allen  |  14 Mar 2013   |  2:06 pm GMT  |  43 comments

Double world champion Fernando Alonso says his Ferrari team will require perfection if they are to win the World Championship.

The Italian team last won the constructors’ title in 2008, and the drivers’ – with Kimi Raikkonen – in 2007.

Last season, Alonso lead the championship for much of the season, despite having a car which lacked the pace of its immediate rivals, however, he ultimately lost out to Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel by three points at the finale in Brazil.

The team look to be in better shape ahead of the new season but Alonso, 31, says they need to cut out the mistakes.

“The goal is to repeat a similar performance on personal side of last year, trying to maximise what we have in our hands every weekend and trying to have a championship without too big mistakes,” said Alonso, speaking at a Shell event in Melbourne.

“Then if we have a little bit more of a competitive car and a bit more speed in the car – things become much more easy. The [pressure on] strategies, the start comes down a bit as you don’t always have to be at limit.

“I think it will be close championship which will be decided by small details. It’s difficult to have domination, having a dominant car is impossible. We need to fight until the end and find perfection if we are going to win.”

Ahead of practice for the first grand prix of the season in Melbourne, which starts on Friday, Alonso and team-mate Felipe Massa spent some time racing young fans with six limited edition Ferrari model Lego cars with pull-back motors as part of a new Shell promotion.

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with Seb, Fernando & Lewis in 3 different cars, its F1 & we fans the real winners!!

Fernando & Lewis really add a lot more color & life to the time between races!!

waiting for P2 to start..


I cant wait for ‘ELIE’ to jump in and hijack this post. Another article about Fernando Alonso……this presents ELIE with a golden opportunity to bring up his favourite driver….KR. AKA as ‘The Flying Finn’ (along with any other finnish driver), ‘The Iceman’, or simply ‘Mekki’ to his mates……(Mekki is a Finnish slang term used to describe a personality that is so lacking in enthusiasm and humour that Mika Hakkinen (1996 Mika not 2003 Mika) would get the nod over you to write the ‘Forward’ in the Finnish re-write of “How to Win Friends and Influence People”….Anyway, enough of that.

I know there are so many more articles about Alonso than Kimbo but thats probably because when interviewed Alonso uses adjectives to help give an answer some intelligence. On the other hand, Kimi sticks to his 3 standard responses……. “Yeah”, “Not really” and everybody’s favourite Kimi answer to any question other than “How are you Kimi?” ….”I dunno”.

Make of that what you will


He is playing the underdog card early this year…

Thrash talking the car and design team, taking all the credit for the succes they did have really payed off last year, so why not do it again.


FA is mentally one of the strongest sportsman I ever saw in my life.

Not to mention the thrills prior to 2007 season, but to end the 2007 season so close to winning the WDC, and repeat the same drama in 2010, each time this man came out stronger – to me it looks he has some kind of superhuman abilities. By that logic this 2013 season will be his best season so far.

Now, I would sacrifice 10% of Alonso’s performance in Massa’s favor. If he had been consistent in 2012 from the beginning, he would take at least 3 points from Vette’s total score at the end.

Wish them both a good season and faster car than last year.



Start of season call to action to the team by Alonso.

Seems like not too much to read here. If Alonso does what he did last year (consistent, strong performances) we can expect Ferrari to be in the maths at the end of the year


Are you seriously claiming 2012 Ferrari did not have a very competitive race pace on Sunday? Most times it was as fast as RBR, sometimes even faster.

They only lacked in qualifying but their amazing starts nullified that. And their bulletproof reliability and sheer luck got them that far.


What is sheer luck? How is it different from better preparation? How do you know that red bull did not sacrifice reliability for speed?


“Most times it was as fast as RBR, sometimes even faster.”

-Yes prior to Singapore it was true and then Newey did his thing and boom Vettle was winning like it was 2011.

“They only lacked in qualifying but their amazing starts nullified that. And their bulletproof reliability and sheer luck got them that far.”

-If you have been watching F1 for more than 5min you would know that NOTHING can nullify a front row grid. He did have some amazing starts, going from seventh to third for example, but it will never be the same as having pole.



What do you prefer,

Perfection or Domination?

Doing everything perfect can still result in a second place, because someone else was dominating, isn’t?


He would prefer to dominate, but because noone will, he says that perfection is what will make the difference


Perfection may win you the best driver award on this site, as long as your name isn’t Seb, but it does not necessarily win championships. Ask some of the drivers at the back of the grid last year that had near perfect races, that didn’t even score a point.


The very reason Alonso is favourite with

the ( books )to win 2013 WDC simply there is

not much hot air from him, but detail, detail,

and more detail and never look back.

Never underestimate no one that is on the grid.


Vettel is….not Alonso….


Well, if the F138 disappoints maybe he can try the Lego car 🙂

Seriously, I’d be very surprised if Alonso isn’t right up there again this year.


Here is one I built for just such an emergency. But at just over a meter long, Alonso may have to slim down a bit to fit.


With his skill this car would be enough to lead the WDC until some comedian take him out in first corner.


No, because the beauty of the Lego car is that if someone takes him out he can just put it back together again and keep on trucking 🙂


…and I thought goferet had a lot of time on his hands lol 🙂

Could work – I just hope you also built an accurate Lego wind tunnel. It couldn’t be worse than Ferrari’s at any rate…

Val from montreal

“Just 3 points “…

Irvine lost by 2 to Hakkinen, Raikkonen by 1 to Schumacher in seasons with the old pointing system and with alot less grand prix’s than now ….

Losing is losing …. Get over it with the 3 points and the 2 thenths already …

2013 Australian F1 GP final race classification :

1: Vettel

2 : Raikkonen

3 : Webber


Plus 100


I’d be satisfied with that finish.

I’d be even happier if WEB won his home GP.

And I’d be even happier again if RAI won it. With WEB 2nd.


Will the real Alonso please present himself? He might have done the voice-over but the message seems have been penned by someone who did a good copy-and-paste job on a variety of quotes from previous PR communicatives.

Come on, Fernando. A couple of self-deprecating jokes? Explicatives? Loosen up, buddy!

On a separate note, I am intrigued by Ferrari’s ‘pull-back’ motor used in the Shell warm-up event you mention. Was it designed by Felipe M. or Rob S. or perhaps a joint effort by those two wiley old foxes?


The message is the same because his single minded determination is undiminished. Watch out Seb.


Is this the secret behind the fast starting Ferrari.

I will pay more attention at the start to see if I can catch the mechanics winding up the wheels.. 🙂


When seasons are this close between top teams, it doesn’t necessarily boil down to perfection but sheer luck e.g. 2008, 2010 and 2012.

For starters perfection is an impossible entity for there’s always something in our blind side that catches us unawares e.g. Grosjean on Alonso at Spa 2012.

So no, this will be decided by who the F1 gods favour and in most cases, this happens to be that bloke that starts from pole for with clear air in front of you, life gets a little easier.

As for Alonso’s personal performance, I really can’t see how he can top 2012.

I mean, you can re-run races like Valencia and Malaysia 2012 in your head and for sure, you won’t have the same outcome for that was what they call dancing on a knife’s edge.

Now before worrying about the championship, Alonso should first worry about which Massa will appear this year.


No such thing as luck….what is luck? Where do you get these ideas?


There is such a thing as luck: it is where preparation meets opportunity.


You create your own luck. Alonso knows this and he will create a lot more of it this year leading all the way to WDC.


It’s a new thing he’s trying out. Statistics is a strong field, but you need to diversify if you’re going to be really successful 🙂


Sorry for the double post, but…

Is it just me or is the 2013 anticipation higher than in pervious seaons? I don’t remember looking forward to the season this much in recent years. All the questions and promise of many unknonws is really eating away at my patience for this thing to get started already.


Agreed the anticipation has been given me weird dreams!


…and you can keep those all to yourself 😉


One thing we do know:

It’s going to be a cracker of a year! 😀


Just you….


Don’t worry AlexD. I miss Schumi too!


I think its because there was driver movement in the top teams and that 2012 was such a good season, unlike 2011.

There is a lot of question marks for 2013:

The Hamilton/Rosberg battle

The Button/Perez battle

Will Ferrari finally have a decent car

Will Adrian Newey gift another WDC to Vettle

Cant wait for the first race!


Karma says perfection and luck was all used up in 2012.

This year laws of averages say that Alonso will see a much more bumpy ride. Which will supply his fans with plenty of drama, up and downs, oooos and ahhhs.

This concludes the Gypsy Fortune Teller forecast for 2013.


Sounds like wishful thinking from a desparate RB fan. Karma is for the unprepared.



So far looks like desperation is easing off from RB fans.

Wet quali and new tires may make things quite exciting tomorrow.


“Karma says perfection and luck was all used up in 2012.”

Are you suggesting that no more we (ALO fans) will have a car that starts off the season in AUS being 1.5s behind and finish season in BRA being 0.7s, per lap than the fastest?

And/Or are you suggesting that ALO no more will, while in spite of all above managing being ahead of VET et al in standings, be taken out from behind by the likes of GRO and RAI at first lap incidents?

Or maybe are you suggesting that VET will actually manage to damage his car and not get away with one/some of the few silly mistakes that he will always manage to commit over the course of the season e g ABU and BRA 2012?

Really? I think I like this karma thing – Where do we sign?


He was a contender till the end with a slower car. You don’t think perfection accout for Alonso is overdrawn? The accidents were what they were. I think 1 was Alonso’s fault other not. ..right. I don’t count those. Theu usually even out. Look at what he did stary of last year. Perfection account overdrawn for sure!

As for Vettel – he seems to be on an invincibility power up. Lets see if he still has it in 2013. May very well be, and it may be that it expired.


Funny….heard exactly the same…be it about Vettel:-)


Like 🙂

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