UPS deal with Ferrari makes it five global brands entering F1 over winter
Scuderia Ferrari
Posted By: James Allen  |  19 Feb 2013   |  9:04 am GMT  |  45 comments

[Updated] UPS the leading logistics business has come into F1 as a partner of the Ferrari team. Although no figure was given for the value of the deal, its is described as a “long-term deal”. It follows Rolex, Emirates and Blackberry as well as Experian (announced today on the Williams) as the fifth global brand to enter F1 over the off-season, a very encouraging sign for the sport.

Based in America, UPS has been involved in motorsports sponsorships for 12 years, but this is the first time it has come into F1. The deal was announced this morning in Barcelona, where the second F1 test is due to start today. UPS will not only appear on the car, it will also act as logistics partner for Ferrari, helping it to shift materials and equipment around the world.

As with the other deals announced this winter, UPS has chosen F1 because it offers a global reach for its brand. In this case, they are keen to reach the Asian markets where F1 has expanded in recent years. Although UPS is an American company, F1’s recent move back into the US is not top of its reasons to engage.

Although there are concerns in some quarters that sponsors will be put off by declining viewer numbers with F1 moving to a pay TV platform in many European markets, for the moment the arrival of these brands tells a different story. Two have come in as partners of F1 itself, two have come in with the manufacturer owned teams Mercedes and Ferrari.

“It is not just a sponsorship, it’s much more than that for us, ” said Christine Owens of UPS, (above with Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo). “It gives us a chance to demonstrate our capabilities and to become a household name worldwide. We want to show our global capability, sending things from Europe to Asia, to the USA. F1 is truly global, it runs for 10 months of the year, which helps it to stay more top of the mind and nothing compares with its fanbase.”

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In re. the UPS sponsorship with Ferrari and UPS’ claim it will support Ferrari in re. shipping world-wide…I assume UPS will be shipping items to/from Ferrari road car dealerships and not the Scuderia’s F-1 team. The latter relies on Mr Ecclestone’s organization for team shipments.


Good deal, but pity about the logo, looks terrible on the car.


One thing that the boys in Atlanta will have to do is find something more marketable for a campaign. The best-known UPS motorsport campaign ran from 2001-08 and even Sir Jackie Stewart was part of the UPS ad campaign with current ESPN motorsport broadcaster Dale Jarrett, with the UPS tag line that permeated not just motorsport but popular culture — “People love the truck. We want to race the truck.” The ad ran for the final 7 1/2 years of his career, ending during his non-championship testimonial race, where he drove the sponsor’s delivery truck before the race. The campaign was an award-winner and a heart-stopping ad was part of his retirement.

Could Fiat make hay with a Doblo dressed like a UPS truck and tempting Alonso or Massa to race it? Imagine an ad series, with KERS batteries and props representing supercomputers that program an F1 car, with fancy aero aids on the truck and the Pirelli racing tyres, at the test track or at either Silverstone or Leeds (Alabama, USA) with Jarrett, in UPS brown overalls and helmet, racing the Doblo (sold in the US under the Ram Trucks brand) around the circuit for the ad. Jarrett could say, “Hey, guys, I’ve raced the Big Brown Truck. You’re not wanting to do that? I’ll show you how it’s done,” into the Doblo with the UPS wrap, and racing it.

How would the ad appeal to F1 with an ESPN motorsport broadcaster driving a UPS Doblo around and Massa and Alonso refusing to race it?


Oh dear.

That UPS logo on the sidepod sure does look, um, brown.

When Marlboro came onboard, they somehow got Ferrari to change the cars to “Marlboro Red” instead of the then-existing scarlet (or whatever it was called). Let’s hope that UPS never takeover from Marlboro as the primary financier as a brown ferrari would not be a good look !


No fear: If there was ever going to be a brown Ferrari it would have been the F2012.

But yeah, that logo does look terrible.


That is changed to yellow.


Why not? Or maybe UPS will change it’s colour to red as DHL did when sponsoring Jordan…..he.he…


A Brown Ferrari, that is a memory etched in my mind, must get it out !!


Here is the reason for the Ferrari-UPS deal,

Track: Brazil

Date: November 2013

Place: After Race Press Conference

Question to Fernando Alonso: “Fernando, once again you were close to clinch the World Driver’s Championship, your thoughts on this amazing season please?”

Fernando Alonso’s answer: Ups….


Hit Creek? What does that have to do with UPS?

I’ve been to Hit Creek. It’s a lovely spot, provided you have a paddle.


These tie ups make sense given the huge logistic exercise that is Formula One.

Good luck to UPS


Shouldn’t Ferrari have collaborated with Fedex? After all Fedex subsidiary Kinko’s provided valuable assistance to the Maranello team in 2007 😉


Fedex was Ferrari sponsor some years ago (1999)


Mr Allen,Sir, please to your knowledge is the

Phillip Morris still a head sponsor of Ferrari

F1 livery,would I be right that Phillip Morris

govern the space, thus Phillip Morris gives a

approval to sub lease.


Some of this money really needs to go to the last 5-6 teams. Everyday there are stories and reports about how F1 is struggling due to costs.

Martin Whitmarsh has publicly stated that multiple teams are on survival mode and we still don’t have a Concorde agreement that will guarantee the survival of the sport as a whole.

I really wish they can all bite down on their ego’s a little, get a damn agreement signed so that everyone has bare minimum money and get on the racing!

Oh, and pass some of the cost benefits onto fans 😉


Ferrari has Etihad on their rear wing in that time frame. As in the sponsors of City of Manchester Stadium.


Is Coca-Cola not a global brand also entering F1 during the off season? Or does it not count because it’s using the Burn logo?


“It follows Rolex, Emirates and Blackberry as the fourth global brand to enter F1 over the off-season, a very encouraging sign for the sport.”


7 of the 11 teams are said to be struggling (after HRT went bust) Spot the problem with your statement?

UPS = Ferrari

Blackberry = Mercedes

Rolex and Emirates = F1 Management

Only the latter two might be indirectly considerde good news but only some this income ends in the hands of the samller teams….which I doubt, not least because the Concorde Agreement (which determines the F1 teams pot of money) was settled last year subject to Mercedes being pacified.


yeah, but does Ferrari even need this sponsorship income?


Re edit ….(need to use a spell checker!)

Only the latter two might be indirectly considered good news if some this income ends up in the hands of the smaller teams… which I doubt, not least because the Concorde Agreement (which determines the F1 teams pot of money) was settled last year subject to Mercedes being pacified.


And it puts UPS in relatively the same place as DHL with their F1/track sponsorship (I assume DHL are still onboard for 2013?).

And probably UPS’s turn after FedEx had a go with Ferrari in the mid/late 90’s, and UPS probably still have a considerable advertising budget post the 2012 olympics too?

I imagine UPS have their logo on the car… hope it isn’t the full colour brown shield!


its the brown sheild on the sidepod! Ugly.


@John O’Sully do you know what you get when you mix brown with red? $GREEN!


I was under the impression that Bernie had a company that does the logistics for the teams? I wonder how he feels about Ferrari using another company….


All the better for BE’s wallet!


Only 1 year after the Infor deal this is the second Atlanta-based company that is becoming an official sponsor/supplier to the Scuderia, quite interesting if you know that Lotus-sponsor Coca-Cola is also headquartered in Atlanta. Seems that F1 is trying to conquer the US from the eastside…


What an odd point


UPS probably felt obliged to put their name on the car after all the shipments Ferrari have been making between Maranello and Cologne recently!

Another good news story in F1!

I can’t help thinking the branding may have looked better on or been intended for Lotus though.


Hi James. Just interested in why you didn’t mention the Lotus sponsorship with Coke via its Burn brand as a major global sponsor coming in over winter. Seems odd two me that the most recognized global would get no mention. Is there more to that sponsorship than we know.. To further that what happened to the Honeywell deal at Lotus.? Was that just a smoke screen.


That was before the end of the season


I thought F1 teams share the transportation of cars/equipment to fly aways on a Bernie-organised fleet of planes.

does this mean Ferrari are going alone?

Or have they subcontracted the European race road transport to UPS?

Or is it just a sticker on the car with no real B2B action?


I’m guessing that Ferrari will still use the transport provided by FOM as they have everything geared to the F1 show.

Also to consider is Ferrari’s motorsport division is more than just current F1.

They have Corso Clienti, where they transport customer cars to anywhere in the world with technical back up and personnel, they have the challenge series which race on different continents and hyper limited FXX cars which clients can use only with Ferrari employees on hand.

Just a guess of course.


This is the key to me. UPS want access to the billionaires and CEOs on that program. This sponsorship grants them that exposure to the key decision makers in global organisations.


In the flyaways they do have an allocated number of crates each team uses, but they can only fit so much, if they have to get emergency parts they have to do it by other means, there’s stories of mechanics checking in front wings and other parts of the car as luggage! so I do think UPS will be useful for them.


+1 to the question.

In addition James, isn’t DHL a global partner of the sport? Surely there is an FOM mandate that prevents this sort of team-specific partnership for large scale contracts?


Pardon my ignorance, but I thought Emirates has always been in F1 since around 2005-2006? I recall seeing their logos on the McLaren cars back then, subsequently Ferrari from 2007 onwards I think.


That was Etihad wasn’t it on the Ferrari’s?


Ah yes! Thanks for the correction, Cozza! 🙂


As James said in another article, they ‘tested the water’ in 2006 with McLaren. They didn’t have an activity in F1 after that.It was Etihad that sponsored Ferrari, not Emirates.


As below, thanks for the correction, STIGG! 🙂


Don’t know about delivering materials around the world, I hope they help the team deliver quality upgrades. Poor pun, I know.

It does show you the power of Ferrari though, I always thought UPS would be the perfect replacement for JPS. Completely iconic colours. After his recent visit to Apple, how long before Ferrari replace Acer with Apple?


Sounds wonderfull but i think it will be difficult to see it. Apple was number two in brand valuation in 2012 (Interbrand data)but it doesn´t have a coonection with motorsport and as far as i know most tech equipment used by teams are PC Based maybe except for some of the design areas, therefore apple will have to transmit the message of how it´s or will be involved in F1 to make the vissibility of the brand more appealing to the audience(i.e mechanics using ipads during GP weekends/tests) to really create or build the brand equity. Other problem could be that Apple has based their campaigns on white/steel/black colors so mixing a ferrari red could be tricky in their marketing campaign.

In my opinion Coca Cola should be the best option based on colors and other brand values, but they are already involved with another tea with their energy drink.


I always thought that Apple and McLaren would be a good match in that they have similar colour palette and they both have a very strong corporate image…


With another team i meant

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