Prost backs Vettel to equal his tally of four world championships in 2013
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Posted By: James Allen  |  26 Feb 2013   |  12:24 pm GMT  |  116 comments

Four-time world champion Alain Prost believes Sebastian Vettel will equal his own tally of championships with a fourth successive victory in the title race this season.

Only three drivers – Juan Manuel Fangio, Michael Schumacher and Prost – have won four or more titles since the Formula 1 World Championship began in 1950.

But Frenchman Prost, 58, who won his four championships with two teams – Williams and McLaren – over a nine-year period, said “Oh yes” when asked whether Red Bull’s Vettel could join that illustrious group.

“Although I hope he doesn’t have a start to the season like he did two years ago when he won four or five races in a row,” he added.

In 2011, Vettel won five of the first six races – and 11 overall – to win the championship in Japan with four races to spare.

Last season was much closer, with the German clinching his third title in a dramatic final race in Brazil, finishing just three points ahead of Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso.

“He is still the favourite,” added Prost. “Behind him, it’s hard to say.

“Will losing Lewis Hamilton and having a young driver in his place be destabilising for McLaren? Mercedes will not be challenging for the title, I don’t think so.

“Alonso could be the most dangerous behind Vettel and why not an outsider like Lotus’s Kimi Raikkonen or Romain Grosjean?”

After the first two of three pre-season tests, Prost believes Red Bull are still the team to beat added the field looks to have closed up.

“Red Bull are still there and certainly better than last year at the same time,” said Prost, who won his titles in 1985, 1986, 1989 and 1993.

“Ferrari are also good. McLaren will be certainly among the top three and Lotus also up there.

“There’s a little question mark over Mercedes, we still don’t know their level. They were a long way away at the end of last season so I don’t see them suddenly returning to the front. But they will be up there at certain tracks.

“It could be a very even field. We’ll see some good races.”

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I met Prost at Goodwood last year. I expected him to be difficult and aloof but was surprised by his geniality and (apparent) honesty in conversation. I always greatly admired him as a driver but was sometimes put off by his politicking (if such a word exists).

There are rarely true or pure heroes (Moss excepted!) or villains in F1, only differing opinions and philosophies among hugely competitive and talented individuals. Prost strikes me as a superior intellect who left no area unexplored and who knows when he was right and when he has been wronged against that backdrop, which is, of course, not the same judgemental standard that everyone applies and I think he, in turn, struggles slightly to understand that.

Like all our F1 heroes, a flawed great but a true great nevertheless.


Great to hear from Prost – I loved watching him race in the 80’s. he was asked a simple question and gave a pretty obvious answer. I mean you wouldn’t tip against a triple winner unless you are certain of something and right now with what we’ve seen in testing things are less certain than ever before.

I think Lotus may very well win the constructors because Romain has alot to prove and I think both he and Kimi will be consistently quick


If you like a bet, now’s the time to put a few bob on Kimi/Lotus-Renault for both titles.

If Kimi can qualify up the front and win, Grosjean can stay out of trouble and get on the podium a few times or even win 1 or 2, I believe if the Lotus is reliable and fast this is a good combination to take the double in 2013.

Or you could play safe and have Red Bull and Vettle 😉



Well of course his the only person this season that can win 4 WDC. Noone else in the field has won 3 lol


Im a fan of the profesor and I respect his opinion. BUT he doesnt know any better than the rest of us which car is good and which one is it, unless he has driven them all. The fact that RB and McLaren are going to be at the top is a given, Ferrari seems to shoot themselves in the foot at the beginning of every season, and Merc? Merc IMO is an unkonw quanitity, we dont know how or how bad the car really is, and neither does Alain. Sure, as a Hamilton fan Im biased, but I think they’re going to suuprise some people. Are they going to chalenge for the WDC or WCC? Probably not. But I see them about where Lotus was last year, picking up podiums and top 5 finishes, and perhaps a few wins with inspired tire strategies, or when others make mistakes.(McLaren’s pitsopts?)


i cant agree more,if redbull had sorted out their qualy issues early on it could have been a vettel white wash last year.This is a point many people seem to ignore.

Alonso last year capitalised on all the races vettel had a bad day(monza,malasyia,valencia and abu dhabi to a certain extent),he made his own luck through outstanding starts and superior race strategy coupled with a bullet proof car,meaning even though the car wasnt up to pace,he still had other tools to take the fight to redbull.Actualy it makes sebastian’s 3rd WDC even more special

Val from montreal

Las Vegas 2013 F1 Drivers championship odds :

Nico Rosberg 50 to 1

Mark Webber 20 to 1

Sergio Perez 12 to 1

Fernando Alonso 11 to 4

Kimi Raikkonen 10 to 1

Jenson Button 6 to 1

Sebastian Vettel : 3 to 2

If I would have to bet on something in 2013 and NOT lose I’d bet 50 $ that Vettel will surpass Alonso’s total career wins tally . V3TTEL is only 4 away …. And most likely in the season’s first half too !


Latest odds here

Vettel 13/8

Alonso 13/5

Kimi is a snap up at 10/1 as I guess these odds will half after the final test


“here” being UK!


Where is Lewis?

Gambling odds are set by sentiment not fact.


+1 from Las Vegas


Your sorting algo is off.

If that was meant to be a list from long to short odds, Nando should have been listed just above Vettel. 11 to 4 is just under 3 to 1 after all.


Nothing like a safe bet Val.. 10:1 on Kimi is good odds Id definitely throw some money on that !!. i think reality is he is about 5:1.

Btw I noticed a distinct absence of Lewis Hamilton on that list- was that an “accident”. Lol


Seems like Kimi might be the best way to risk a fiver


This would suggest a repeat of the 2011 championship. Considering how closely the cars are likely to be matched this year, I doubt it will happen at all, let alone in the first half…


Hey where’s the article about the new engine mapping saga from renault? Yep they’re at it again.


Its between Vettel, Alonso, Raikkonen and Button in this order. The new tires should force Red Bull to make agressive undercut strategies which should keep it interesting in case Vettel and Webber dominate qualifying. Lotus and Ferrari will be easier on the rubber in the races and this could lead to them making ground up the classic way by running longer stints and/or with less pit stops. As for Button, i am almost at the point where i discount him from the WDC fight due to his mutterings about not understanding the car once again. The loss of Paddy Lowes input towards car development during testing and the season certainly can´t help matters.

Also looking forward to seeing Hamilton beaten in qualifying by Rosberg more often than expected and how his fanboys will handle it. Though overall i expect Ham to keep up with Ros on points or probable beat him. He has to if he wants to be the undoubted team leader going into the all important (for his career) 2014 season.

IMO WDC 2013 top three will be the same as top three last year in the very same order.


IMO WDC 2013 top three will be the same as top three last year in the very same order.

Very unlikely, highly improbable – at least statistically speaking. Until now it never happened that the top 3 drivers were the same, in the same order, in the final standings of two consecutive championships.


This global imbalance was caused by Webber’s decision to sometimes shave on race day and sometimes not. If he could just square that away we’ll be in a better position to predict outcomes.

James, can you please have a word to Mark regarding his shaving habits. Thanks.


With a screenename like that is kind ofhard to take you seriously. You point out that the Ferrari is good saving tires, yet all the data says otherwise. And your second pergraph you show your dislike for Lewis as most Alonso fans do. You need to be a little more objective here. Ferrari doesnt look very good right now. Button? I dotn like him, but he IS a good driver, I just dont think he has the speed to win a WDC unless he has the best car by far. As far as Lewis and Nico go, we wont know how they compare to eachother in equal machinery and thats going to be the most watched intra-team battle. Merc? Nobody really knows where they are…


“The loss of Paddy Lowe’s input towards car development during testing and the season certainly can´t help matters.”

Tim Goss designed the car…


According to the timings during the Barcelona test, ferraris short runs looked good but their times on long runs fell away quickly. I think Ferrari might have switched their approach from last year.


Meanwhile, looking up and down the grid, I think the team best placed to end Red Bull’s reign is none other than >>> Mercedes.

You see Mercedes have employees within their ranks that can help the team figure out how to beat the Austrian team

For instance:

a) With Wolff and Lauda being Austrian, they can offer insight into the Austrian psych and how to get under Red Bull’s skin and how to replicate their success at Mercedes.

b) With Brawn and Lewis being English, these two can figure out a way to wipe out Newey’s genius (in terms of car advantage) for as they say, two is better than one

c) With Mercedes and Rosberg being German, these two can offer tips on how to unsettle the German world champion possibly by taking points off him.


The perfect response to the numerologist.


What are the numbers for this month’s lottery?


+1 to more posts like this


love your predictions goferet…you need a separate site…Stars in Their Cars 🙂


The Austrian Psyche at Red Bull is surely called ‘my unlimited chequebook’, no?

And I thought it was quite funny imagining Lewis sat down doing a psychological profile of Adrian Newey. 🙂 Going ‘well we’re both English so I’m sure I can understand aerodynamic flow from the power of the soil where we were born…’

Perhaps Newey will get his ears pierced and start dating a pop-starlet to help defend Red Bull’s advantage?


Hee Hee best smile of the day thanks go feret


I hope this is a joke


Seriously?! So being English makes you more intelligent or a greater engineer?! Or that it takes another English engineer to topple an English engineer?! Ha, what is this?!!!

(And btw I am English.)


I was just on Facebook and saw this news update on James Allen’s Facebook page… one after the update was posted and only 1 person ‘Liked’ this update… that says it all!


Sorry, Don, but that’s irrelevent. Popularity of prediction is no indicator of anything; if it was, the world would still be flat!

That said, Prost is a very smart man and was a great driver but his pedictions, whilst well informed, are still no more than personal opinions. The truth is, until Melbourne we will have no clear idea of form; and even then, things can change in the development race. And that’s the way I like it!


Well i hope that the field will be even but Nando has to win the WDC!


Bad Luck!

Last year Prost backed Button for the title just before he hit his “back of the grid” period


Prost is the greatest living racer in my book. But yes I agree. I remember reading the interview he gave James, and the the very next week Jens had issues with rear tyres.


Kimi is not an outsider in my book.



-1 on Prost for under-rating Kimi.


+1 (Does that equal 2?)


It’s unusual that Prost doesn’t mention Button for championship contention, I thought he was a big fan.


Showing that Prost is a realist 😉


He suggested previously that if the Pirelli tyres could be ‘preserved’ Button would do well because he’s a clever driver rather than a racer. But even Button has said that the Pirelli rubber degrades whether you’re careful or not. 2013 tyres will have a wider set up window, but they’ll still not preserve – so I think the advantage to Button is muted again. Prost is a smart guy, he’ll know that the tyres will not hold together even for a smooth driver this year.


That’s good news as far as I’m concerned. The last thing I want is everyone being forced to drive in Buttons boring style. I prefer to see drivers on the ragged edge.


I don’t know if this means anything but I have been looking at some stats for former champions

Maybe it’s just a coincidence but in F1 history, every year that has ended with a ”3” has had a different team win the driver’s championship with the exception of Ferrari

For example:

1953 – Ferrari

1963 – Lotus

1973 – Tyrrell

1983 – Brabham

1993 – Williams

2003 – Ferrari

Yes only Ferrari in 2003 have won the WDC twice and we all know how close that season was also interestingly, it has been the sole works team in that list.

Now taking this into account, Mercedes, Red Bull and Mclaren will be the teams to keep an eye on for these three are none winners so far.


My wife’s(if I were married) hair stylist says that Caterham will win this year because the C comes after the B of RB. And Next year will be Force India unless we get a new team with a name starting with D, in which case they will win in 2014. Then in 2015 it will be Lotus(starting with L) and in 2016 it will be either Marusia, Mercedez or MacLaren. I kinda feel bad for Williams though…


Your wife’s stylist said the same to me too. I explained that RB won in 10,11 & 12. She conceded that her alphabetic system was flawed 😉

Everyone knows it goes by ‘drivers’ surnames, not manufacturer brands. Therefore:

Vettel, Vettel, Vettel, Webber 🙂


Yeeeah…I think your system might also be flawed, but since I’m biased I’m going to overlook that. 🙂

Go Webber!


Irrelevant – 2013 doesn’t end in 3, it ends in 13, but come 2023 I’m all ears 🙂


Who says 13 is unlucky?

Whoever wins it in ’13 will become that driver’s lucky number!


I never said anything about luck.

For those that didn’t get it:

Nineteen fifty three

Nineteen sixty three

Nineteen seventy three

Nineteen eighty three

Nineteen ninety three

Two thousand and three

Twenty thirteen

Twenty twenty three

Spot the difference 🙂


If you exclude prime numbers (2003) then Ferrari have only won once and some other teams haven’t won at all (Tyrell, Williams)

If you include prime numbers but exclude any number with duplicate prime factors (1953: 3x3x7x31) then Ferrari have still only won once.

I don’t know if this means anything either.


So, the cycle closed in 2003 and this year’s winners will be… Lotus? ¦¬)


All of you with your numerology make me think about the film 23. You scare me



Also all eyes will be on the Indian GP this year, as it so far has a 100% success rate for predicting the winner of the drivers title. So whoever wins in Delhi in October is likely to end up being Champion.


If RB wins one of the first three races, I’ll be forced to switch off my TV for the rest of the season.


If RB doesn’t win, or at least podium *all* 3 races, I’ll be surprised.


I’d imagine some angry fans would launch a terrorist attack on the RBR HQ and their cars… O_O LOL…


Hope you didn’t fork out for a Sky subscription…


Mate, you might have to swallow your words.


If RB DOESN’T win one of the first three races, I’ll be forced to switch off my TV for the rest of the season 🙂



They were a long way away at the end of last season so I don’t see them suddenly returning to the front


Not really!

We saw that this is possible for Brawn pulled this off in 2009 albeit thanks to major rule changes.

In Mercedes’ case seeing as the rules have remained stable, they are basically the only team that can make a massive leap forward whilst other top teams won’t gain much taking into account that their cars are at the peak of development with no secret loop holes to pull out the hat.

Also Mercedes’ main problem last season was the tyres for they had the speed but it’s just that the car was chewing up it’s tyres but with this area having been resolved >>> Yes, it’s still a question mark on where the are in the pecking order.


Lewis is already 28 this year and Senna won his first at 28


ps. Seb has already won the title three times, he isn’t even 28.


All the teams who were at the front last year (Red Bull, Ferrari, McLaren, Lotus) had strong cars to build upon for 2013. Mercedes on the other hand by the end of the year didn’t have a particularly fast car, and it got slower and slower as it ripped through its tyres.

If the other teams are looking to gain a second with their new car, Mercedes have to gain everything they were behind by last year, then that one second, and then more on top of that to put them at the front. It’d be a feat if even they’ve caught the pace of LAST YEAR’S McLaren.


Well they must have done something right when designing the 2010, 2011 and 2012 cars as they were all quick out of the box.


Alonso seems very under-rated for 2013.

He just lost out last year after starting the season with a car nearly 2 seconds off the pace! It looks like Ferrari will be much stronger this year, so that makes Fernando favourite in my book.

I hope he does it – never was a 3rd title more deserved.


Ferrari was on par with RBR on race day, on most circuits. In fact in 5-6 Ferrari was faster. Again, on race day.

The fact they always won 3-4 spots at the start made their qualifying weakness non-existent.

Alonso 2012 performance is very overrated and actually intentionally done by the media and fans because they hate Vettel for being this successful.


I think some pundits in F1 has a different opinion than you. You don’t provide any facts to back up your claim. Alonso put Seb under pressure in 2012 with a car shouldn’t be fighting for these positions as Weber himself recognised. I think to discredit a driver who was recognised as the top driver of the year by not only the majority of the press, but also the team bosses is just nonsense.


Ferrari have shown very strong pace on 1 lap but seem to have some real issues with their tyre degradation on the longer stints. A fellow reader of us posted a link here a few days ago with an interesting analysis of the Barcelona I test results. Hopefully they’ll get around this..


After 2012 I’d be surprised if anyone would be silly enough to under-rate Alonso this year.


“After 2012 I’d be surprised if anyone would be silly enough to under-rate Alonso this year.”

Surely you realize that most of the people on earth are

quite stupid.

As such, stupid behavior on their part should surprise no

one of reasonable intelligence.

Alonso will win the title this year. And he will humble

Vettel in the process. It’s going to be a great year

and a fine reward for those of us who have suffered watching a car win the championship when a driver is what

is supposed to win it.


I didn’t say stupid, I said silly, and just for the record, most people aren’t stupid.

Large groups of people do tend to be stupider than individuals, but in my experience most individuals are smart in one way or another.

One last thing: Drivers win championships – the car is only the means.


Although Alonso is probably the most determined driver of the past decade, some (a small part but still noticeable) of his success last year was due to the wobble of Red Bull early on, when they struggled to top qualifying.

If Red Bull’s 2013 challenger is a lot closer to the one at the end of 2012, then Alonso is going to need a Ferrari that is able to grab pole at more than a handful of races.

I don’t think that’s a slight on Alonso at all BTW – just a reality check. Unless Red Bull and Vettel have some reliability failures, it’s going to be tough for Alonso to build that points cushion like he did last year.


Let me reverse yhe situation, where would Vettel be if Alonso had the fastest car?


I think Fernando has been better than Seb in two of the last three years. With a car, not as competitive as Red Bull in the last three years, he has taken the WDC to the last race. I think that’s impressive.


Allow me to re-reverse the question; where would Alonso have been if Vettel had the fastest car?


still a triple world champion…


Now its 2 seconds. Was’nt it 1.2 in qualifying while the car was very competitive in race trim. God knows when Alonso has lost again this year, the figure will go up to 3 seconds…


I know it wasn’t was’nt – not sure about the time deficit though:-)

Val from montreal

Lol …. If he wins , he does miracles and Ferrari are greatful , when he loses he’s still great and Ferrari always sucks … Yup great ambassader for Ferrari and Italy ! Takes an extented vacation while Massa is doing his job sweating it out …. Go Massa !!


I don´t think that spending a whole week locked in a gym working out to be physically and metally strong could be called vacations


it is good that he is under-rated. This way he can focus on delivering the result while others predict…


It would be kind of nice to see someone else win the title this year – just to mix things up a bit – but I have to say I agree with everything Prost has said here.


I don’t really mind if Vettel wins again if the championship is close like last year


Yep agreed – we don’t want another 2011 🙂


Nice to hear from Prost. Obviously not as cranky as he once was when it came to giving an opinion about F1.

He’s still my favourite driver of what I call the “hyper-F1″days. From the outrageously explosive turbo cars to the active mid-90’s cars..

He could easily have had 7 titles himself.

As for Vettel. Maybe he’ll be the first to 10! 🙂


Uh with Prost’s prediction, I wonder, maybe could this be the first sign not in Vettel’s favour?

Yes for some reason, legendary sportsmen usually don’t make good commentators or good judges of performance whereas those sports people that weren’t top draw during their career usually end up being excellent as commentators/form predictors.

For instance last year with the new Pirelli tyres playing a major role, Prost was of the view Jenson would win the title.

So yes, maybe it might not be Vettel’s year taking into account his rivals Lewis and Alonso both had a moment of crisis at their 26th year.

Having said that, I agree with Prost on the point that sooner or later, Vettel will wrap up his 4th title as for Schumi’s 7 big ones >>> am having a change of heart

Not only was Schumi a freak of nature (workerholic and racing beast) but also there aren’t too many examples of the student bettering than the teacher.


Nothing against Schumacher, but there’s a little saying that says ‘those who can’t do teach.’

You’d be surprised by how often teachers in all fields are eclipsed by their students, and if given a competitive car year after year Vettel may well one day achieve 8 titles…just hopefully not consecutively 😉

Mark in Australia

I think Alain is correct here…

Hopefully Mark Webber is in the fight also. Go you Aussie, go!!!


HA!!! Never going to happen. Mark is the number 2, he’s accepted it- suggest you do too.


‘Not bad for the number 2 driver’ you mean?

Sarcasm isn’t the same as acceptance 😉


This is interesting:-)

1. Prost backed up Vettel and it was during the Renault engine event

2. Mika Salo, at the same time, backed up Kimi to fight for the title as well

3. Some other authorities backed up Alonso

I want to better understand the whole story with Renault engine maps. I understood that FIA is investigating this. Red Bull and Lotus designed their exhausts systems to suit the tricky mapping from Renault. Renault is saying that the rule that FIA introduced last year was only valid last year and that they can play with mapping again this year to help exhaust blowing.

I think it will be banned and probably it will take some performance away from Red Bull and Lotus.


It has already been discussed feverishly, behind closed doors during the first test. RB and Renault were dealt a blow when the FIA made it clear that they could not use their mapping. RB had already fine tuned their exhausts for this.

It will surely set them back some.

Quite frankly i find it ridiculous that RB are already the favorites to repeat. They have suffered reliability issues already during testing and the rest of the field has made huge strides. Watch Renault and Ferrari this year.


As a fan, I don’t understand the objection.

To not allow a new engine map for a new season and to force a team to use 2012 specification of anything is so anti-F1 thinking, I don’t even know where to start.

2013 is a new season. I expect 2013 engines to be revised. I expect revisions to include maps and whatever else is needed. As long as it is done before the first race, I find it completely fair and every engine maker should be doing it to either fight for advantage or overcome disadvantage.


I tend to agree with Sebee.

Also I just think its another rule where Renault & RBR have got the jump on the others with interpretation, and so the competition will now cry foul. Meanwhile they will all be trying to play catch-up with their own maps. Same story with double diffusers, exhaust blown diffusers, front wings and the list goes on.


I mentioned in another post that Renault is in a good negotiating position. They can put pressure on the FIA if needed to let them have the map. I think it’s a non-issue.

Also, I just don’t see Todt going against Renault. They just have to play it so it looks “acceptible”.

If needed Renault can say…”Hey, is our 2013 engine map a problem, or will Renault not being on the grid in 2014 be a problem?

How do you answer that? They have already proven they will make bold moves – they gave up their team in a blink with the Crashgate drama.

Bottom line, it’s not a huge rules stretch to expect a new season’s engine to have new technology and new map. I don’t even know how this is becoming an issue. How could every engine manufacturer not look at a full update to the engine for 2013 season.

As for Prost’s prediction…I think I am not going to argue with The Professor. Respect given where respect is due. Didn’t he beat Senna? 🙂


You gents, have no clue, sorry to say Sebee is dead on, dead on. Only unless, and until RBR have a 20+ lead will they begin to instruct Renault, the power structure has changed my friends, Ferrari do not have the ear of Bernie as they ALWAYS have had. Bernie will not risk a situation where Merc is the only other engine on the market, in his perfect world EVERY team would have its own manufacturer.


It’s on the BBC F1 website – copied and pasted below for your convenience:-)

‘The FIA issued a clarification last summer that banned the relevant Renault maps but the French company felt the rule changes might only apply to last year.

The sport’s governing body has told them that is not the case – Whiting made it clear that all rules clarifications always stay in force until they are either drafted into the regulations or superseded’

Doesn’t say anything about Renault telling the FIA to get stuffed though! Just one of the head honcho’s at Lotus claiming that it doesn’t matter and it made little difference any way.


Prost beat Senna with the help of Jean-Marie Balestre.

That reality makes things look a bit different to those

who have followed F1 for four decades as I have.


But he also beat him in the ’93 supercar from Williams.


I was watching f1 back then but was too young to understand all the politics – the movie ‘senna’ really brings to light what really happened.


I cannot agree with that assertion either.

Let’s say Renault threaten to withdraw over this. Todt calls Renault’s bluff and they do in fact depart. Where are Red Bull, Lotus, Williams and Caterham going to get their engines from? Cosworth? Mercedes?

Renault They have no second option which they could bargain against. They will be deserting 3 race winning teams for a political manoeuvre that would undo all their on-track achievements.


It will never even have to go that far. Does it not seem logical that 2013 F1 should have a 2013 engine? And I don’t know how you can make a 2013 engine without a 2013 map. The whole thing is a non issue. You will see.

It won’t have to go that far.

As for leaving…we have seen Renault step.away in a blink. We have seen others do likewise. Renault have 3 WDC/WCC combos. They could sell the engine shop if they wanted to. Not like their sales are growing in Europe with the financing benefits VW and other German car makers enjoy. And not like they have some high end AMG cars to push to the market. Renault is a econocar manufacturer. I always wondered how that translates into F1. Poor Alonso had to drive a hatch while Schumi was rolling around in an Enzo – probably different color for every day of the GP weekend.


If your logic is right it just shows how far F1 is from being a true sport nowadays.


I would love to see a poll of fans to see if they feel F1 is a “true” sport.

I guess an argument could be made that marketing, engineering, politics is all a contest, just like sport is a contest. But is F1 a true sport? Depends on one’s definition of true sport, and how much equipment you are willing to allow in a sport.


I really do not think it will be discussed as you suggest. If FIA stated that it shall not be used, then it will not be used. Because then Ferrari is going to say….who you would rather see on the grid?


Who is Ferrari going to race?

F1 and Ferrari joined at the hip. Renault and F1…not so much.


Still fail to see why this would be an issue before the first race of the season. Mid season…ok…but new season, new engine, new map.



I also heard the same. Is there any updates on this?


The safest bet, for sure. The simple fact that Prost and others are saying that RBR are better than last winter, when RBR had a mini-wobble but were still good enough to grab useful points, says it all. When that’s your low point, you’re in good shape.


The same can be said about Ferrari, or at least for Alonso. When you have such a disastrous pre season testing as they had last year and on the first two races you score a 5th and a win you are definitely in good shape.

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