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F1 refugee Timo Glock lands BMW DTM drive
Posted By:   |  25 Jan 2013   |  2:50 pm GMT  |  40 comments

Less than a week after losing his Formula One seat with Marussia F1, Timo Glock has joined BMW as a factory driver in DTM. The move comes following the Germans impressive first taste of the new machinery, at Valencia this week.

Today’s move sees Glock reunited with the company that started his racing career and gave him his first chance in a Formula One car.

“We are delighted to have Timo Glock back at BMW Motorsport,” said BMW Motorsport Director Jens Marquardt. “Over the course of his career, Timo has proven on more than one occasion how valuable he is to any team, thanks to his driving ability and open manner. The fact that he is now returning to the BMW family six years after leaving his role as test driver for the BMW Sauber F1 Team makes this appointment all the more pleasing. I am confident Timo will take no time at all to find his feet in the DTM and will give the fans a lot of pleasure.”

Glock left Marussia earlier this week with it very publicly known that they could not afford to run a driver who does not bring funding to the Banbury – based team. And with DTM being rich with past and present Formula One drivers Glock is looking to prove himself in the extremely competitive category.

“The strength in depth at the top of the DTM is fascinating. Every qualifying and every race comes down to a few thousandths of a second. It is a similar story among the very top teams in Formula One, but the difference in performance between the teams is much greater. My team-mate was essentially my only reference point. I am now putting myself under pressure to prove myself in a far more evenly balanced field. I know Formula One drivers have rarely been able to make an impact in the DTM. I want to prove I am different and will at some point be challenging for victories. Only time will tell whether or not I achieve this. I am certainly not lacking in motivation,” said Glock.

Glock is the third driver in recent years to switch from Formula One to DTM – regarded as the most competitive tin-top championship in the world – following on from Ralf Schumacher and David Coulthard. Both Schumacher and Coulthard found it difficult to adapt to the new machinery in their initial years, although they both took up the role following their retirement from F1. For Glock, however, it was a case of being forced whilst still near his peak.

Robert Kubica also took part in the Valencia test at the wheel of a Mercedes and showed impressive pace as he amps up his return to motor racing.

Former Toro Rosso driver Jaime Alguersuari had been linked with a BMW DTM drive, but is also holding on for a possible seat at Force India or Caterham, despite having limited budget. Time will tell where the Glock move leaves Alguersuari. Pirelli motorsport director Paul Hembery made it clear on Wednesday that he would like to retain the Spaniard as F1 test and development driver, although Pirelli would need to agree a continuation of its F1 contract beyond 2013 to make such a role necessary.

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Great article. I will always and forever be a true blue BMW guy. They’re the best. But I agree; nobody is going to miss Glock at all.


Glock wont be missed, he turned down Renault for Virgin, he could have been a race winner a title contender even but he chose money and to pootle round at the back of the grid, only has himself to blame.


Bit harsh.


F1 is such a money driven sport. I suspect there are many influential ppl that likes to keep it that way. After all, there is no other equivalent motorsport to F1.

I suggest a system that is less money dependent so that real talents can come in. that way, we do not need artificially degrading tires to improve “the show”.


hmm what about hakkinnen and alesi driving dtm?

where they not f1 drivers … they always just talk about coulthard and schumacher

but i agree with sami .. wasted talent .. was wasted already in indycar glock compedetd…


That was some time ago, DC and Schumacher raced until last season.


Simples! F1 is the pinnacle of motorsport, it is only fit for those drivers and teams with the werewithall to compete at the very, very top. Any one who thinks that you can come in and run some kind of economy team is indeed living in a dream world. We all love a “Giant Killer” but they are extremely rare beasts. As for pay drivers, ever seen one reach the top? They will eventually( mostly) go the same way as there teams ( mostly!)


Juan Manuel Fangio got into European racing because the Peron government paid for it, so technically a five time wdc got his start as a ‘pay driver’.


What a waste of talent! Timo deserves much better than that. One day I would like to know the WHOLE story of how the USF1/Manor/CamposMeta/LotusF1Racing issue could go so wrong. I, for one, think that Max Mosley was full of good intentions, but his dream was torn to pieces by reality.

I would appreciate any reference to a piece of reading dealing with the matter.


I think all the former f1 guys retired last year, though there are still some seets available. I hope BMW do an art car this year.


Good for Timo to find a works team so quickly- wish him all the best for 2013


Good to see Timo find a new challenge. However, I won’t be holding my breath for a return to F1 anytime soon. F1 is slowly becoming a paid drivers hobby which is bitterly disappointing.


Sad but true, F1 = millionaires driving state of the art technology on tracks around the world.

How come the concept is not being taken over by football? They sure could ask a lot of money to their players to let them play? “Unacceptable”, you say? Yet, it is happening to the pinnacle of motorsport right now.


Doesn’t Kamui have a budget now? Surely that’s enough to have his name in the frame?


It seems the trend now is that DTM will be featuring drivers in top categories who couldn’t fund an F1 seat.

I think this year’s DTM will be exciting to watch!


Very happy for Timo – if you have to leave F1, at least get a seat in a top factory team in DTM! BMW are lucky to have him, and he is lucky to have them. I am going to watch a few DTM races this year, and if the caliber of DTM driver keeps being raised by good F1 drivers being forced out for pay drivers, then I will watch even more… Good luck Timo, and bring your best game (which can be very, very good at times!)


Correction, Glock got his brake in F1 with Jordan back in 2003, not with BMW.

It’ll be interesting to see how he goes, I don’t doubt that he’ll be able to challenge for wins, the question is whether he will become a consistent frontrunner, something no other recent ex-F1 driver has done in the revived DTM.

As for Jamie, Glock’s deal completes BMW’S line-up, I believe the only remaining seat in the DTM is with Mercedes.


2004 actually


Happy for Timo landing on his feet so quickly,

although my guess is that he was probably actually very anxious to vacate the Marussia seat, having already secretly made arrangements for the BMW-DTM opportunity, i.e. better to be a front runner in DTM than a back-marker F1!

Also, a bit off topic, but I was wondering if anyone here knows the situation regarding Ferrari’s test drivers – I have been reading that Pedro De La Rosa will be making his Ferrari debut on the final day of running at the first test in Jerez, Feb 8th.

It got me thinking, I wonder if Marc Gene is still a Ferrari tester, for 2013? does any one here know?


Yep he is . I beieve they have 5/6 test/development drivers now.


re: off topic, never mind…I just found out from the MotorSport/Nigel Roebuck site that yes, Marc Gene is still carrying on his Ferrari (simulator) testing duties.



Firstly good for Timo amd secondly do you James think Portugal is a viable candidate for the ’20th Race’ in 2013?


Good point, I mean they’re swimming in money over there so it seems an obvious fit.


Indeed just bernie playing mind games again as we all know he (Bernie) has no intention of giving another race to western europe.


i’d love to watch the dtm again but i’m not going to pay for another channel (espn) to do so. it should’ve remained on sky


Bugger that, it should have stayed on Motors TV.


that’s what i meant, i thought motors tv was a sky channel


Thinking about it you might be right, I’m not sure if you can get it on Virgin or not. However, I thought you were on about Sky Sports, which you have to pay extra for, when Motors is part of the basic package.


F1’s loss is DTM’s gain I expect. Always been a big Timo fan, so hope he does well.

Incidentally, how come Heidfeld never switched to DTM when BMW entered? That was surely an obvious pairing?



Good on ya, Timo.


You know, I’m beginning to think this DTM thing sounds like it could be worth watching. Anyone know where I can receive it in the UK?


ESPN, and the races tend to be a little processional, except at the Norisring.


Congratulations to Timo with this news but I suspect that he would prefer to be racing in F1 even if it was for a team at the back of the grid with no hope of making any progress through the season.



Just as well that you didn’t invest in setting up a Team area on your website for Hispania Racing.


Good news. Feel very sorry for Timo losing his drive so late in the day, even though I can understand Marussia’s reasons for the move. Here’s hoping he gets the success he deserves in the DTM.


I thought he started F1 with Jordan and then joined BMW Sauber a few years later, no?


Best of luck to Timo in his new venture in DTM.

It’s a shame, he couldn’t come up with the sponsorship money to buy a seat, I just hope he didn’t look for the money out of honour (at least Kobayshi did set up a fundraising website).

Now, if I was Glock’s manager, I would have looked for him a test drive gig (even with Marussia) in a bid to keep him near the action with the possibility of landing a drive in the future.

All in all, Glock can’t really blame the credit crunch or the current business operations of F1 too much for his predicament, I mean if he really, really, really was super talented, he wouldn’t even have to ask.

As for Glock’s claim that he would be the first F1 driver to make a name in DTM >>> Eh, I have my doubts.

If he wasn’t able to shine in F1, then it’s less likely he will be able to shine in DTM for motor racing series that have closely matched cars tend to weed out the blessed from the not-so-blessed pretty quick.

Now Jaime, not sure he will secure a drive for he maybe a little tainted in paddock because he was dropped by Torro Rosso over his fluctuating results and not due to finances >>> So much more difficult to get another drive especially with a limited budget.


Happy to read about Kubica. What a comeback that would be. If he does make it to F1, he’d get my vote for “DOTY”.



DTM has some tremendous quality in it, but I’ve heard the races have become quite boring. Still, it’s a shame only ESPN subscribers have the chance to be bored by it in the UK now.


The new regulations have made a big difference, there are less winglets on the cars, so they are less compromised in dirty air and with the control chassis, splitter and rear wing the car performances are very close.

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