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Amazing F1 memorabilia items to go under the hammer for Mechanics’ Trust
Posted By: James Allen  |  15 Jan 2013   |  1:02 pm GMT  |  38 comments

A selection of amazing items of F1 memorabilia, including a pair of Ayrton Senna’s gloves, donated by his friend Jo Ramirez, Jenson Button’s race seat and a Sebastian Vettel steering wheel will go under the hammer at the Motor Sports Hall of Fame evening on Monday 25th February at the Royal Opera House London.

The auction will raise funds for the GP Mechanics Trust, of which I am a trustee.

But enthusiasts who are unable to attend and want to get in on the bidding can do so HERE

There are some fantastic items including highly polished engine parts from Lotus (top) and a cylinder head from one of Fernando Alonso’s 2010 Ferrari engines. There is a seat in which Button won the Australian GP last year, a Kimi Raikkonen 2012 Lotus wheel and tyre.

Most of the items have been donated by teams, but Bernie Ecclestone has donated two VIP paddock club passes and two passes for F1 paddock access to the 2013 Santander British Grand Prix.

There is a Ferrari factory tour with a drive session on the Fiorano test track.

But the most unique item is a pair of Ayrton Senna’s driving gloves that he used in 1991. This was the year that he took seven race victories and his third and final world championship. You can view this item HERE

The online bidding will continue until midnight on Sunday 24th February.

We had a Trustees meeting yesterday and everyone is very excited about the Auction and the activity for 2013.

Founded by Sir Jackie Stewart 25 years ago the Trust is there to look after F1 mechanics who fall on hard times or who need help with medical care or other support. It has helped and continues to help mechanics who gave many years of loyal service to the sport, but who have found themselves in need later in life.

For more information go to the Trust’s website at

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A couple of VIP paddock club passes and F1 paddock access passes – that must dig a big hole in BE’s money bag!


He doesn’t have to do anything though, does he? So it’s a generous gesture whatever the value to him

Val from montreal

Speaking of auctions , there was an article last september 2012 , of the first annual Zoom Auction held in Chelsey on sep 14 th … The auction was about photos taken from F1 drivers and team bosses … You had the photos taken by Vettel , Webber , Alonso , Bernie Ecclostone and of course the photo taken by one Michael Schumacher ..The funds and proceeds went to the Great Ormond street Hospital .., On average , the photos sold at around 450 pounds each , but the photo that sold for the most was Michael Schumacher’s ” cock-pit” photo sold to a Californian for 2500 pounds , a whopping 5 times higher price than any other photo that was sold …. Its a clear sign that even at 43 years old , 8 years past his absolute prime ( 34-35 years) Schumacher still remains the biggest star of motorsport in the world …. Here is the last paragraph written by the author of said article “: The last thing the sport would seem to need is Michael Schumacher annoucing his retirement . So forget all the talk of why Mclaren needs to offer Lewis Hamilton enough to stay with the team, it is surely Mercedes which should be ensuring that Schumacher stays because he may not just be the biggest asset of the team but of F1 itself .” ……


Why did you spell Chelsea “Chelsey”?

Val from montreal

Chelsey , chelsea , chelsee , chelsi ? I am from Canada you know ! I still dont understand how to properly call the English prople, are they from UK? Great Britain? Britain ? Its all very confusing if you ask me !


those ignorant enough to think schumi was a better champ than ayrton is actually not very clued up on f1 history. ayrton was in an era on immense competition much as present day f1. his era was docked with unreliable and inconsistent advisaries with erratic performances from his competition. alonso was the first driver that was consistant and hence he was defeated. ayrton will never be repeated his enigmatic style charisma and motivation is by far more intense more profound than any driver. all you remember with the schumi era was processionary racing in the senna era every race had an excitement only being rekindled post schumi era. those who like schumi forget how dirty he is when he loses parking his car during quali monaco trying to knock villenueve for the title as he did damon hill. lets not forget his ban for his benetton being illegal and perhaps senna’s hunch they were cheating was true. senna will always be number one. lets say schumi fans are all recent given his dominance perhaps he was the only one worth supporting. so lets rephrase, red for stop yellow beware….. salute ayrton para sempre


How about interviewing some of the past and present mechies about their work, memorable moments, etc?

They seldom get some spotlight but I am sure some of them have interesting stories to tell, as well providing a perspective from their angle.


Those stories will appear on the Mechanics Trust website


“highly polished cylinder head from one of Fernando Alonso’s 2010 Ferrari engines”

It’s not, that is Kimi Raikkonens Hydraulic Manifold.


1. Oh I wish I had deeper pockets so I could have some of those items

2.James, do you have any news on the situation surrounding the race at the Nurburgring?


Off topic…

Lance confessed. Schumi is the only true 7 time champion of that period!

Someone told me once, yellow is the color of betrayal. Ain’t that the truth. That’s why Schumi was in 7 Time champion red. 🙂


Rossi has seven?? Loeb has nine?? Don’t know what you’re trying to prove but it is completely off topic mate!


Does Rossi not count because he has nine?


Rossi doesn’t count because he really wishes he could have 9 in F1. Loeb though may count a little bit. 🙂

Come on, F1 is too prestegious to compare to MotoGP, surfing or spelling bees.


Sebastian domination is amazing right now. Between F1 and WRC, I’m proud to be in the Sebastain name club myself.


Phil “The Power” Taylor!


OK Barry, we can make a little room for Phil next to Schumi on the top step. But then we have to disqualify him for his indiscretions toward women.


Can’t argue with that 🙁

Not exactly on the same physical playingfield either 🙂


A true legend of the oche!


Kelly Slater


Surfing? Dude, really?

Not to be rude, but I am talking about championships most of us care about. Achieved on wheels.



I’m sure Kelly is a cool dude. All I know about surfing is what I saw in Point Break and Endless Summer. I mock what I know not. I respect Kelly for his success and beating the toughest opponents of all all these years, sharks.

During those years of Lance and Schumi, those two runs were by far the most high profile, most talked about in the media, etc. And now we know that one of those two was an aboslute fraud. Thus Schumi was greatest of that period indeed Scott.


Ah, I see we’re getting selective now. How about Schumi being the only 7 time F1 WDC of the period. Can’t argue with that!


Kelly, his mountain of money, and his droves of beautiful women are all laughing at you.



Surf’s up! Hang 10!



are you sure that a picture of a cylinder head??? It doesn’t look like one to me.


James refers to ” highly polished engine parts from Lotus (above) ” – which is the picture – dont confuse it with Alonsos 2010 manifold – which is clearly not in the post.


It was misleading before, I updated it – thanks


Follow the hear link above and it comes up as a ‘Lotus Hydraulic Manifold’ Alonsos engine cover is in the list, but like youu said, it’s completely different


Nah, that’s some sort of hydraulic valve body.


Yeah, Caspar, it looks more like some sort of hydraulic control valve assembly. Maybe it’s off an active suspension Williams. (Yeah,right.)



With the DNA cloning abilities, can someone in the industry pick up these gloves, extract Senna’s DNA and make a clone? After retracing the life biography in my retirement years I will be able to answer that currently unaswerable question of how many WDCs could he have won.

OK, back to reality and work now.


I’m guessing, but I’d imagine 1994 would have been a different outcome. I always got the feeling Williams didn’t trust Hill’s input, hence Mansell’s recall.

With the chassis advantage they had in 1995 to 1997, he may have reached 1998 as a 7 times champion.

Beyond that, he himself said he “wanted to finish his career at Ferrari, even if the car was as slow as a Beetle” and seeing that it took MSC and co till 2000 to win the championships, I’d probably say that was it.

A fantasy I’ve often pondered..


I think you are probably correct with 7 titles, its something I have pondered often myself as well.


I’m not a big fan of judging drivers by how many championships they won- especially in F1 – given you have to be in the right machinery at the right times & teams and contracts are not all skill based & do not always get it right as we all know.

I’ve seen 1st dan black belt tae Kwan do champions kick the arse of a third or 4 th Dan. I’ve heard of 7 times cycling world champions admit to drug taking in all their title successes.( theirs something in that no7)

I’ve seen flying Finns leading many races and watched in despair when their engines blew repeatedly which gave titles to other multiple world champions.At the end of the day it’s how you play the game and the skill you display that gets my attention despite what the record books say. I’ve seen freakish athletes and people in general shun the limelight- does that make them any less brilliant- not at all.


I think many of us would recognize that there have been unlucky some who didn’t have things go their way.

But we define greateness by those who had the skill, and had things go their way. That combination of perfection is what wins championships. Hence, they are very special.


As I am in my morning coffee fantasy minute, how about they clone two…yes I said it..TWO Sennas.

Senna vs. Senna

There is no doubt that had 1994 not played out as it did – he was in a perfect spot to collect at least 2, likely 3 or 4 at Williams. Then I have no doubt that while Ferrari may have been calling, I think McLaren reunion would have been likely.

Basically, it’s hard to imagine Senna anywhere but Championship winning teams up to 1999. And who knows, maybe he would have been the one who would have led the Ferrari renaissance. In the end the Schumi had to fill those shoes. I think Schumi raised to the occasion and did F1 proud.

Mike from Colombia

Some silly person has probably washed them

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