Vettel 2012 race suit sells for £11,000 at charity auction
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Posted By: James Allen  |  06 Dec 2012   |  2:49 am GMT  |  17 comments

New triple title winner Sebastian Vettel’s signed race suit sold for three times its estimated value in the special ‘world champions’ auction organised by Red Bull’s spinal cord injury charity, Wings for Life.

The suit, which the German wore during the season-opening Australian GP back in March, had been given an estimated value of £3,000-£4,000 prior to the auction by Bonhams in London but ultimately sold for £11,000, £5,000 more than any other item.

With signed suits from all six world champions on the 2012 grid having been up for grabs, Vettel’s title rival Fernando Alonso’s sold for £6,000 with Michael Schumacher’s next up at £4,500 and Lewis Hamilton’s £4,100. Jenson Button’s sold for £3,500 and Kimi Raikkonen’s just under £2,000.

In total there were 18 lots up for auction, including a nosecone from David Coulthard’s 2008 RB4, and the total fund raised for the charity came in at £39,000.

Vettel, am ambassador of Wings for Life, said: “It’s been one of the most competitive seasons for Formula 1 drivers. I’m really proud to have won the Championship with the team and it’s great that these suits have raised so much money for such a fantastic charity.”

All the money raised goes directly into funding research projects and clinical trials across the globe aimed at accelerating progress towards a cure for spinal cord injury.

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We had this discussion a while back and I said surely the Sebs suit would get the most as he will become world champion. But that’s a great result for the charity. Yeah a little surprised Kimis suite did not fetch a bit more .. But like I said before.. If they etched those magical words on them- I bet it would have ! Ha


+1 for ur guess Elie.


I thought at that price, it is a bargain! I suspect there will be more champions coming from Vettel. When that happens, this suit will surely increase in value.


I’m amazed kimis ever rabid fans didn’t cough up more for some of his dry cleaning…or maybe they were following their idol in true form on suggesting that if it wasn’t going to come first it couldn’t be bothered really…;)


Ahhh…the internet. Gotta love it.


That’s why I asked, because I don’t think Seb would say anything like that even if it was Bruno’s fault. In the same time he did react “out of place” in the past when he colided with others.

Anyway, let’s leave it.

Happy they raised so much money, but I would’ve thought people will pay alot more than £2,000 – £4,000 for signed suits of F1 champions. Ohh well.


That was for your comment MISTER.


James, have you heard anything like this from Vettel after the Brazilian GP?

“The grave of Ayrton Senna is here in Sao Paulo. Maybe someone has to go there and tell him what his nephew did today.”


I heard it was a journalist in Brazil who was trying to put words into Vettel’s mouth and trying to misquote Vettel. Can’t remember the exact details.


Perhaps you could provide a link to some (reliable) evidence that he actually said this. Otherwise, I suggest that you request removal of your post. This sustained attack on Vettel just because he had the audacity to win the world championship is now becoming rather tiresome.


In MISTER’s defence, here’s the link of the article which had this:–vettel-condemns-defacing-of-brazilian-formula-1-driver-social-media-page-by-fans&catid=1:f1&Itemid=157

Vettel was obviously just joking and didn’t mean any disrespect but his words have been twisted around yet again…


Ohh please..I’m not going to invent things just to have a go at Vettel. Just google the text in the inverted commas and you will get a couple of site reporting on it.

I don’t remember now on which website I read it and copied it.

And my post had nothing to do with him winning the title. Have I said anything that might’ve given you this impression?


No. Surely nit


Including champagne?

Or pre-signature dry-cleaned?


I wonder how many posts before we get some kind of reference to yellow flags/lights or good old Adrian Newey …

I am an F1 fan first and foremost, but also a huge admirer of Hamilton, however, this year, Vettel has really proved he is a great driver.

Regarding the sniping from a certain quarter, I highly recommend you have a quick read about the Celebrity bullying on Twitter, Ricky Gervais and the oh so faux Noel Feliding … Does anything sound familiar ? Dripping the odd words of poison, knowing full well your fanatical fans will pick it up and run with it, interminably.


“I wonder how many posts before we get some kind of reference to yellow flags/lights or good old Adrian Newey …”



Thanks to you, it only took one post to get “some kind of reference” to that issue.

Best way to deal with it is to leave it out entirely, you’re asking for it to be brought up. You’ve already started the first comment on this article with a thinly veiled insult towards certain fans. It has nothing to do with the story here, just leave it be…

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