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Suzi Perry becomes new face of BBC F1
Posted By: James Allen  |  21 Dec 2012   |  2:23 pm GMT  |  193 comments

Formula 1 television coverage in the UK will have its first permanent lead female presenter next season after the BBC announced Suzi Perry as Jake Humphrey’s successor.

The corporation has been on the look-out for a new F1 anchor since Humphrey announced in September that he had taken up the offer to head up BT’s new Premier League football coverage from 2013.

Several months of speculation as to the possible identity of the popular Humphrey’s replacement followed and this afternoon the news was finally revealed, with the BBC opting for a face well known to the corporation’s motorsport output albeit on two wheels rather than four.

Perry, 42, fronted the BBC’s MotoGP coverage for a decade until the end of 2009 and now after a three-year break from motorsport will be back on the road with the F1 team for its part-live, part-highlights coverage of all races.

“Motorsport is my life and I’ve really missed being away from the grid,” said Perry.

“I am so excited to be joining the BBC. Working alongside such an eminent team and the F1 world is a huge honour and I can’t wait to get started.”

The appearance of Perry will naturally bring a different dynamic to ‘three amigos’-style presentation that has characterised the BBC’s coverage since it regained the rights in 2009.

Speaking about the appointment, the BBC’s head of F1 Ben Gallop said: “She’ll bring real energy and years of experience to one of the biggest jobs in sports broadcasting.

“Her presenting ability, coupled with her love and knowledge of motorsport, make her an excellent addition.”

The BBC also revealed the 10 races it will cover live on TV in 2013. The selection, which doesn’t include Monaco, is as follows: China, Spain, Canada, Britain, the TBA 20th event on July 21, Belgium, Italy, Japan, India and the season finale in Brazil.

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Love suzi perry, one of many reasons why i watch Formula 1 even more now, dont get me wrong i enjoyed formula 1 before but the pre show before the race is always boring, but now she makes it worth watching before the race starts, enjoyed watching her on the gadget show also.

Linda Marshall

If you wished to have a woman anchor the F1 coverage then you should have appointed Lee McKenzie. She knows what she is talking about and does not ask pointless and obvious questions like Susie Perry. She is extremely annoying and does not know anything about forumula 1. I hope that for the 2014 season you replace her with a more competent commentator.


Where’s my post criticising Ms. Perry? There was nothing offensive, innit, (though there might have been). Is there a closing of the ranks around a fellow professional? Is there a personal involvement? It’s alleged that she’s prone to that. I didn’t get where I am today without putting it about a bit.


It was a negative rant and we don’t publish those – Mod

Brenden Trory

Personally I think she is boring, does not present to the camera, has little technical knowledge and is so far a poor replacement

For me the coverage this year I just fast forward to the race as I find it boring


Do the 3 commentators share their jeans.Come on Eddy,you are 65 years old and wearing Suzies jeans.


As a 28 yr female F1 fan, Top Gear fan, and Porsche 911 driver I consider myself a proper petrolhead so I have greeted the news of a female F1 presenter with some glee. Suzi Perry after 3 races seems competent enough but a very different style and impact than Lee McKenzie. Perry (so far) is a bit ‘mumsy’ in her handling of the male co-stars, rarely seems to present to camera but instead seems to always be looking away, just having a ‘nice chat’ face to face concentrating on looking at whoever she is chatting to which doesn’t make for strong presenter driven TV.

So far I find her a bit lacking in real technical F1 grounding and credibility and in interviews Lee McKenzie has the obvious edge on her, much more fluid, immersed in F1 experience, more entirely credible and nicer voice to listen to, brimming with calm confidence and depth as opposed to Perry’s more corporate ‘anchor’ type delivery. Perhaps Lee didn’t want the main focus job and I agree she would be harder to replace in her pit lane and Inside F1 roles. Good to see more women including Jennie in there with the guys creating good reportage and content.

Good to see Suzi in the role; just feel so far she is holding back, seems a bit detached and her dress sense isn’t that much better than EJ’s so far…think she has toned it down too far and comes over a bit restrained. She had great impact in the opening promo video but is more like someone’s aunt in the full races.

Would like to see her have a bit more individualistic ‘to camera’ personality about her, albeit not as ego driven as Jake maybe.. time will tell.. meanwhile rate Lee McKenzie still as more competent than ever especially on the Inside F1 interviews..


My concern about Perry is her massive ego. The fact that she seems to have to prove something on screen to her male counterparts always comes across on screen. She comes across as a massive pain to work with.

Indepndent Thinker

Suzi Perry is the biggest narcissist going. Any time Gadget Show tested cameras, she’d blow a picture of herself up the size of a building. If that isn’t having a high opinion of one’s self, I don’t know what is.


Well, I was going to say “Oh No, not Perry” but when I saw that Chris Evans had been offered the job I thank god she got it.

I just hope that we are not subjected to more close ups of Perry in leather jeans as is often the case in most programs she appears in, really she ain’t pretty and it’s so cliche, get over it.

At least she is not commentating on the races, the Jonathan Legard era was excruciatingly bad and the best thing to happen in F1 in the last few years was to ditch him.

Political correctness dictates that every program must have male/female/black/white/Asian etc, presenters these days regardless if they can do the job, personally, I’m not really that interested in what the presenters have to say as I get the F1 info I want online and turn up the sound when the race starts on TV.

Time will tell if viewers like her and there is always the online petitions that contributed to Legards demise if people want to voice their disapproval ;>)


Humphreys knew next to nothing and it showed.


Many people are questioning why they didn’t choose Lee over Suzi…

…has anyone considered that Lee didn’t want to be lead anchor all the time?? Sure she’s filled in for Jake a few times, but that’s a big difference from giving up the job she (I assume) loves to become the host…


She posted on her Twitter page that she was very disappointed that she didn’t get it.

FWIW, I think she is an asset to the BBC team and should have got the position. But it does annoy me when, even now, gender diversity plays a part. (Yes, we could use a woman presenter to reach a wider audience and all that rubbish).

Please don’t take any of this as sexist. I have no problem in the right person for the job being female (See Lee Mackenzie, Monisha Kaltenborn etc), but there shouldn’t be special dispensation because of it.


My reaction on seeing Suzi’s face at the top of the story: Absolutely great!

Experienced anchor for motorsports on TV. Just what the BBC team needs. Jake was passable, and he had the knack for appearing interested (I don’t know if he is *actually* a motorsports fan), but with Suzi Perry, we get someone who’s passionate about motorsports.

I have a great deal of respect for both her and Louise Goodman as motorsports people. As it happens, I’ve yet to be totally convinced by Lee Mackensie.

Good call, BBC.

Who gives a damn about her gender! (I’m seriously disappointed by the outpourings of sexist clap-trap above!)

Independent Thinker

“but with Suzi Perry, we get someone who’s passionate about motorsports.”

She’s on record as saying she hates F1. Now all of a sudden, she’s the ‘obvious choice’. Give me a break.

Trouble is most men don’t think with their brains.


There will always be small-minded idiots. Ignore and just wait to see if she is good or not. Her experience and previous showings say that she will be.

Sorry to tell it like it is but this is not a bold move, the huge majority of F1 fans are not sexist morons, so it’s a total non-issue.


This is fantastic. Suzi is a great presenter and knows her stuff. Shame SKY can’t do something to replace the dullard that is Simon Lazenby. The BBC trio could be the reason I watch the 10 live BBC races.


“This is fantastic.” – yeah, for SKY! Have you watched the BBC’s F1 coverage from Australia? Gag!!


No Monaco – that’s a shame. But still no Sky for me.

I thought at the beginning of last season that I’d hate not seeing all the races live, but really it’s not too bad. You get used to recording the races and watching whenever convenient. The only downside is I had to stop following James on Twitter – all those in-race updates are hard to ignore.


Wolf Blitzer should present F1…


Suzi is a great choice. But will Lee still be reporting from the Pit lane?


This is so dire. Jake was a fawning [mod] but Suzi is just not in the F1 loop at all. Coverage took a nose-dive with the loss to Sky – this will warp it South out of sight.

Prediction, blouse-bulging and passive-aggresive patronising from DC(?) and creepEJ from day 1.

Suggestion, ramp up big Gary’s participation to TRY to give the coverage some credibility and get him out talking in depth to the teams a la Kravitz.


Yup…nothing wrong with a bit of comedic banter to go with the F1 coverage. Guess you’ve not seen Suzi in MotoGP then?


Not a fan at all. What a shame, I will now be buying the Sky F1 package…

Mike from Colombia

Perhaps Sky Sports suggested her for the role?

Oh well. There’s always Radio Five live.


I’m sorry but I’m just not enamored with this choice. Even with the gaps in his knowledge I always felt I could relate to Jake Humphrey and enjoyed his broadcasting.

Similarly I always felt I could connect with Lee McKenzie but Perry whenever I’ve seen her I’ve just found myself irritated inexplicably!

That combined with the selection of events live next year on the BBC I now think I’m going Sky, never thought I’d see the day 🙁


Great news Suzi will be a great addition to the BBC’s coverage. She has plenty of experience in motorsport and will I am sure establish a great repore with the drivers just as she did when presenting MotoGP


Suzy Perry, Leather trousers, pit walk, woof !!


Perry‘s a great choice. Passionate about motorsports and is knowledgable.


Change makes me scared! But seriously. The gadget show was not good at all. Suzy seems a bit light weight. Will Jordan and David bother sticking around?


Seems a lot of arguments about nothing. I’m sure she’ll do a great job but for me I watch wherever Martin Brundle is. He’s the true voice of F1

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