F1 Winter Break
Suzi Perry becomes new face of BBC F1
Posted By: James Allen  |  21 Dec 2012   |  2:23 pm GMT  |  193 comments

Formula 1 television coverage in the UK will have its first permanent lead female presenter next season after the BBC announced Suzi Perry as Jake Humphrey’s successor.

The corporation has been on the look-out for a new F1 anchor since Humphrey announced in September that he had taken up the offer to head up BT’s new Premier League football coverage from 2013.

Several months of speculation as to the possible identity of the popular Humphrey’s replacement followed and this afternoon the news was finally revealed, with the BBC opting for a face well known to the corporation’s motorsport output albeit on two wheels rather than four.

Perry, 42, fronted the BBC’s MotoGP coverage for a decade until the end of 2009 and now after a three-year break from motorsport will be back on the road with the F1 team for its part-live, part-highlights coverage of all races.

“Motorsport is my life and I’ve really missed being away from the grid,” said Perry.

“I am so excited to be joining the BBC. Working alongside such an eminent team and the F1 world is a huge honour and I can’t wait to get started.”

The appearance of Perry will naturally bring a different dynamic to ‘three amigos’-style presentation that has characterised the BBC’s coverage since it regained the rights in 2009.

Speaking about the appointment, the BBC’s head of F1 Ben Gallop said: “She’ll bring real energy and years of experience to one of the biggest jobs in sports broadcasting.

“Her presenting ability, coupled with her love and knowledge of motorsport, make her an excellent addition.”

The BBC also revealed the 10 races it will cover live on TV in 2013. The selection, which doesn’t include Monaco, is as follows: China, Spain, Canada, Britain, the TBA 20th event on July 21, Belgium, Italy, Japan, India and the season finale in Brazil.

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Please just tell her not to wear leather as she often does when working on Motor GP. This is a serious techinical sport and no one cares about sex appeal. Gender should not matter as long as one stick to what is important! which is F1!! wishing you all the best of luck and welcome onboard


Wrong move by the beeb, all we will here about is foggy, foggy, foggy. Why have they not confirmed Dc yet? No DC means no viewers


Suzi better ask Santa to give her DC for 2013 or she is in trouble.

What if DC wanted the gig and does not want to be second to her like he had to be to Mika?


I know AH. That's why it created so much anger when BBC cashed in its chips and gave up the exclusive rights.

It was a huge let down. Considering all the scandals at BBC lately costing 10s of millions of GBP, makes you wonder why they needed to save money on F1.


Sebee, not everyone can afford to pay for the Sky package...nor does everyone have that option.



Please tell me what part of my posts doesn't make sense.

It is a bold move by the BBC.

F1 is a male sport.

F1 fans are mostly male without question.

I didn't say anything about how men like to be communicated to. I simply asked if it will connect.

I expressed surprise that more women aren't doing commentary on men's football, considering that many more women watch football than F1, and many more women play football than F1. Obviously some type of parallel can be drawn there for the target audience of both F1 and football.

And don't fool yourself, BBC with only 1/2 the races live is clearly not the destination for a true F1 fan. It has to be all the races, all live and that unfortunatley is Sky - a paid service designed to monetize the F1 fan base. I don't know about you, but I have never been able to watch F1 unless it's live. Just the knowledge that what I am watching has already happened kills the thrill for me. So what is BBC but a catch-all for F1 fans who eventually ask - "Hey, why can't I see the next race live? Where can I see it? Sky? Sign me up!" Again, unfortunage - but true.

I tell no lies! Unless it's my super famous conspiracy theories!


Sebee, i'm trying to decide which of your posts on here makes the least sense... between your 'factual' observed stats on how men like to be communicated to, or your interesting assertion on the role of the bbc in F1 it's not easy. Suzi's a natural, she'll do very well. Even if she is a (whisper it) girl.


She's Hot !


I think Suzi Perry will be a breath of fresh air.

Her presenting style is relaxed but informed and this should compliment DC's eloquence and intellect.

I personally don't like EJ as a pundit and never have. There appears little thought process in the comments he makes and clearly does very little research before the show.

Well done Beeb for getting Suzi though.


EJ is entertaining, and he certainly has knowledge and experience in the sport, but he can be very biased and stubborn at times, even if it does go relatively un-noticed.


I think everyone is getting too emotional perhaps. Without emotion again let us remind ourselves that F1 on BBC is not the flagship product here. Sky is. BBC is cutting budgets and this may just have been a scenario of best for the money scenario. She very well may be a breath of fresh air to BBC coverage. BBC's role for F1 is to keep the fans who cannot me monetized with Sky informed. Or to recruit new fans. It is not to deliver top shelf content. Well, may be it is - but on a tight budget.

Don't shoot the messanger who tells it like it is.


The fact isif it was a man the judgement would be on ' does he have F1 experience or not. Jake didn't and was given ample time to adjust. Sadly any woman is not held to the same standard. Too many people simply say 'men won't listen to a girl talk'. Then those men should shut up and listen. If Suzy turns out to be a crap presenter (remember the job of journalist is very different to commentator or race expert) then fine after her second year, give her hell but deciding she'll be crap before she utters a single word is just lazy sexism. Grow a pair and accept that a woman might be able to handle a tough live to air tv show and might actually do well in f1 journalism. Lee mckenzie might actually have passed. The job of front of house presenter is TOTALLY different to interviewer or expert commentator. It's a job that requires a very specific skill set. Lee didn't seem happy in that role - anymore than David coulthard would. She seems happy to interview and hunt down stories, not front a broadcast. If Suzy does have that skill, you can probably accept that it's not an affront to your testosterone and live with it.


I like him too.

Fact is he had a team, won GPs, brought us Schumi, was second in WCC and has done plenty for F1. I am more than fine with his comments peppered into the show. An individual with first hand knowledge.


That is definately a bold move by BBC.

Do the mostly male F1 fans want to be told about 98% male F1 sport by a woman?

That's some road we've taken. Murray to Martin to Jake to Suzi.


I'm finding a lot of these comments fascinating. To pick up on this one (for no particular reason) -

"Do the mostly male F1 fans want to be told about 98% male F1 sport by a woman?"

Tell that to Monisha Kaltenborn 😉

Does the gender of the presenter really matter? I would argue that with 13 years MotoGP presenting behind her, Perry is possibly more qualified going into her first race than Humphrey was with his track record at the time (3 years of children's + light entertainment presenting, 4 years of non-motorsport sports presenting - cricket, football, American football etc).

Having said that, I'm probably just as wrong for defending her as others are for criticising. Let's just wait for the first broadcast and _then_ discuss the merits shall we? 🙂

Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays etc to all. Never a dull moment between the correspondents on this site and that's why it's fun.


Also, all MotoGP coverage i have seen on SpeedTV has been male presented. I have not experienced long period (2 hrs) female commentary except for the Olympics.


It is a valid question. I think anyobe who hides from it is not facing reality.

As for team bosses, she is a minority and has not picked up any hardware at any GP. Again, reality - nothing else.


That's a ridiculous comment. Knowledge about motorsport, charisma, and an infectious passion for F1 are the key qualities required for the job. A Y chromosome is not obligatory.

Gabby Logan is a very capable female broadcaster in a male dominated sport. Ditto Clare Balding. Gender really is not an issue, and neither should it be.


Agreed that it is entertainment. Fact is we want more than charisma and passion. Thats why Jamie and David are such valuable assets to the show. We want inside knowledge from someone who has done it. And for the record i was not fond of Jake in F1. Great voice, constant mistakes and missies.

I am not saying it is a gender issue. I said it is a bold move. It is not a judgement. I have never heard a motorsport commented on by a woman in primary role, so how can i judge?


Why wouldn't they?

I don't think the probably 98% male bike fans had a problem for the 10 years she did that job.

Suzi Perry is a great presenter and very knowledgeable about Motorsport.

I thought Lee Mckenzie did a great job anchoring in Jake's absence as well.


Even if they get 20% of the audience of f1 I suspect that the majority of Motogp fans are still male. Again, I haven't heard any complaint about Suzi Perry.

Is F1 so out of touch that fans can't accept a female anchor to the show? I don't think so.


MotoGP gets what? 20% of F1 viewers?


Lot's of women like F1, not just men.

Where did you get that stat from???


Grand stands of every on of the 18 GPs I have been to.

Without doubt F1 fans are 90% male.


Sad that a sport all about modernity has male attitudes from the 19th century. Grow up gents.


Well said!

For what it's worth, I think the BBC could have taken a punt on Lee McKenzie. Nevertheless, Suzy Perry will be fine in her new role.

My own favourite would have been Louise Goodman, A woman with a great deal of F1 and Motorsport knowledge. I believe she has also worked in F1


That's a ridiculous comment. It's not like Jake had much motorsport knowledge when he started. Why should it matter whether information is delivered by a man or a woman?!


Re Wayne: The point people are making isn't about it not being a bold move, or right or wrong. Sure, she may be good, she may be bad, like any appointment to the role.

The issue is the suggestion that because she's a woman, and therefore atypical to motorsport's fanbase and the engineering profession in general, she shouldn't/ may not be accepted by a predominantly male audience. His sentence explicitly states that, rather than comment on the suitability of her skills for the job, for example (the fact that she has previous motorsport presenting experience should cover that anyway).

Also, to say "there are a great many men that will not appreciate being told about engineering by a woman" and calling it a 'fact of life' is ill-judged. It's not a fact of life, it's a backward outgoing construct of society. Stating it as a fact of life means it's something that's fixed and should be accepted. To accept your logic is akin to, for example, people 150 years ago saying slavery and not allowing women to vote is, well, a 'fact of life' and therefore should be accepted as it is what it is. Rubbish.

I actually thought Jake was great at his role and is a real life grafter. The role of anchorman doesn't need to be another techy expert or driver. They need to be able to convey the sport to a broad, general audience and enthuse them. Sky and their counterpart has clearly copied his style.


I will look up Gabby Logan although I have not heard her with Premier feeds we got.

It is disappointing that with football being a huge women's participation sport and likely larger viewership by women than F1 that you guys only could name one lead.


Gabby Logan.

Do grow up.


Could someone point to a female football lead host?


Jake was a sycophant, the amount of time he spent sucking up to the various team leaders and drivers made me want to hurl. Jake was very..... plastic.

It IS a bold move as Sebee said. He didn't say it was the wrong move.

Like it or not, there are a great many men that will not appreciate being told about engineering by a woman - it's just a fact of life. For me, the Jury's out. If she is a bit edgier that Jake, and a little less terrified of saying something controversial I'll be happy.


Did he have motorsport knowledge much when he ended!


Any valid reason or are you just trolling?


I just think it is very much the wrong approach, whilst she is a capable broadcaster I think the BBC will lose all that made their pre-show good with Jake Humphrey. Whilst Jake was an occasional sycophant and repetitive, he was competent at what is clearly not an easy job to do well, I think if they wanted to hire a woman I see no problem with Lee McKenzie. If it was my decision, I would have hired Chris Evans - he is a massively passionate motorsport fan and a competent live broadcaster. As a sensible sports broadcaster option I would have picked Dan Walker, if he has an interest in F1.


Glad you were not in charge Evans is to OTT and frequently annoying, Suzi Perry is better in my view, feel a bit sorry for Lee but Suzi has more star appeal


For many years I watched Suzi Perry present MotoGP. As well as being a great presenter she was highly knowledgable and she interacted well with her fellow presenters and the riders. In the MotoGP days there was a lot of banter and humour between the commentators and Suzi went together with them perfectly.

With this in mind I think you'll find that the pre race show should be great just as it was with Jake. Obviously it won't be identical but I think Suzi is the right person to maintain what is a great show. For me it's a good decision.


I read some where that Chris Evans got ruled out because the 20 race calender would clash too much with his other commitments


I've no idea about Perry but Lee seemed like a step backwards and Evans said he couldn't take it on.


I beleive that Dan Walker won't work on a Sunday because of his faith.


Walker does bring that 'let's discuss serious issues but also bring a light-hearted tone to the show' approach, and I enjoy watching Football Focus - presented by him - on a Saturday.

I don't know if he has interest in F1 but working in the sport is out of the question because he doesn't work Sundays for religious reasons.


"I think if they wanted to hire a woman I see no problem with Lee McKenzie"

Is it not possible that the decision was led by competence in motorsport broadcasting, not the candidate's gender?


She was fairly competant hosting Moto GP and I don't think she'll be too fazed by F1.

The trouble is going to be containing EJ. His attitude around any female guest is often a little creepy.


I think she probably has the experience and intellect to manage lecherous men.

Good luck to her, I think she is a personable and capable presenter and I am sure she will make the show a bit more interesting.


BBC says the rest of the team will be announced in due course, suggesting the possibility of other changes.


I think she'll be absolutely fine. Understands motorsport, was the best presenter on the Gadget Show. I think its the right choice.

James, BBC website is saying there will be no live coverage of Monaco. Is this correct? Admittedly, Monaco can often be quite processional, but this feels like a real shame to me.


I'm quite encouraged by that. Monaco is the perfect candidate for a highlights show in my opinion - plenty of coverage of the scraping-the-wall driving with enough time for the few overtakes to fit in as well.


You guys should come to Oz if the coverage is still an issue in the UK. We get all qualifying session and races live (even WA now!) with the Sky commentary for free on Channel Ten and their sister channel One HD. Only issue is most of the races start at 10pm and finish at midnight.


I left the UK when ITV still had the coverage and I was 14 when the BBC lost F1 in 1996 so so long ago I can't remember what a race is like without ad breaks. Must admit I hardly notice them now.


The other issue with Ten's coverage is the seemingly endless ad breaks. These are horribly timed - say just as the first round of pit stops is approaching - and are obviously sold to "charter sponsors" such as a certain insurance firm and they get about three mentions each break.

If the sponsors really do care for motoring enthusiasts, they should drop the 60 second ads!

But, yes, it's free!

p.s. Suzi is a great choice


Look at the end of the article, James says Monaco won't be live. I thought not having the 1st two was bad, but Monaco is a big blow!

Thankfully I'm from Ireland so we get all the races live for free 🙂 Bring on March 17th!


I fairness Seán the Setanta F1 coverage/lack there of is probably the worst sports TV I have ever come across. The 10 minute birds and trees breaks between qualifying sessions is just ridiculous!


BBC commentary isn't really a plus for me. I can't listen to David Coulthard (good driver and seemingly a good guy but not a commentator). On the plus side however you don't have to look at Eddie Jordan's silly head! My allegiances are with Martin Bundle, the best there is!


Beggars can't be choosers! Much better than paying for a Sky package. Yeah it has the breaks between quali but that's because it takes BBC's feed. BBC commentary for every race and practice! Nothing better


What's the broadcaster in Ireland that covers them for free? Thought Setana had their coverage. Is it going back to RTE?


Ya, but that's like saying we get sky f1 free with HD subscription even though already paying £360 a year!


nope, we get it with basic cable 🙂 And with basic satellite packages. Don't pay any extra


But sure that's a subscription network is it not?


Yeah it's Setanta Ireland that have it


So how can we get Irish tv in England?


Franed, You don't need Irish TV :

Buy yourself a £29.99 satellite kit in B & Q and rig it up using the ground or wall bracket in the kit. Tune it the Astra 1 Satellite at 19.2E. and go to the German RTL channel which broadcasts all the races live, albeit with far too many adverts.

You can get round the adverts by listening to BBC Radio 5 commentary ( James Allen again in 2013 ? ) and live timing on your computer.

It worked very successfully for the whole of 2012 and as far as I know will continue in 2013.


I would have thought for a female lead then Lee McKenzie was a shoe-in? She was excellent standing in for Jake on occasion but was she considered not to have a high enough profile? Suzy will be ok so long as she realises the show isn't all about her!


There can be major consequences from just minor incidents. Does anyone else remember the "interview" by (I think) Lee McKenzie of Bernie Ecclestone at a rainy GP sometime mid-season? Ecclestone kept trying to pull the umbrella onto McKenzie's head, as if he were an adolescent teenage boy trying to get a girl to pay him some attention - a truly cringe-making performance from the so-called leader of F1.

The poor woman was visibly embarrassed but seemed unable to cope. Now I've never met Suzi Perry but somehow I don't think she'd have let Ecclestone get away with it....


I suspect it is not about profile, but rather more about presenting experience. Lee McKenzie has spent years covering motorsport as a journalist, but presenting a live TV show is a whole different ballgame. There was a fascinating video on Jake Humphrey's blog a couple of years ago where they played the earpiece chatter over the live footage and the ability to talk whilst selectively taking on board what 5 different people are saying in your ear struck me as one that would take years to master.


Too true. Fronting a broadcast and the ability to handle talking points and move subjects along according to a super strict schedule is more akin to an engineers job ( an engineer with charisma) than the 'experts' who offer analysis. I think Jake lacked exact technical knowledge but was a great ' front of house'. It's like the difference between a maitre'de and a chef. Different job, different skills. Suzi Perri can handle jakes job I think, especially if she's given a year to get to speed like Jake was.

Nobody is claiming she'll be the foremost technical expert on F1. Looking at Simon on Sky, nor is it needed. The ability to chaperone a tv show is more important. The tech questions will go to the experts. As a tv show should do.


I'll ignore the first 45 minutes of the BBC's coverage then.


I am already practiced at that.


I think Suzi is an excellent choice. A proper motorsport journalist in her MotoGP and World Superbike days. She covered the British glory years in WSB with Foggy, Hodgeson and Toseland.

Having dealt with the bike racing lads I reckon she'll have no problem with EJ.

To be honest the "top gear" style three lads format was beginning to wear pretty thin.


Whilst I agree with your comments, Suzi has an interest in bikes, not F1. I'm sure someone will be able to dredge up some comments from her about the sport which will be less than complimentatory.

To be completely honest, I thought Jennie Gow did a better job with MotoGP than Suzi, and Jennie already has a season of F1 under her belt.

Not too unhappy to see the back of Jake, he was a real soft arse and always sat on the fence unless there was a GB driver involved...

Next season will be interesting though, Lazenby on Sky has had a year to bed in, which is about what it took Jake to become decent. Suzi has the customary years grace in my household !


Good choice of presenter.

No live coverage of Monaco. Result! That is great news that we'll only get highlights of the most tedious of the races.

No wasted live broadcast on a tedious race means a live broadcast on a more interesting race. Brilliant.


Monaco GP is a joke. Pleased it's gone. Makes way for a proper race


It was made for highlights!! Looks like the only turkey they got this year was Spain so looks a good selection live.


But potentially only 9 live races now on the BBC, as the tenth is the "TBA 20th July" race, which latest news I read suggested it probably won't happen, which is very poor. Would the BBC be allowed to televise an additional race if the 20th July one doesn't happen? If it can, I'd personally go for Malaysia or America..... PLEASE!!!!! Definately NOT the Monaco borefest.


Actually, I don't get why we can't see Australia live on the BBC. As the season opener, it gives us a real taste for how F1 is going to be.


I knew this would end up happening 🙁


Suzi should be good, but I am a bit surprised that Lee McKenzie didn't get the job, she was good when she covered for Jake this year.

I do wonder how BBC and Sky select which races each broadcasts, no Monaco but TBA instead! Sky must get 1st choice. It looks like TBA won't even happen at present.


While Lee would seem the obvious choice, I think she does a great job as a pit lane journalist. The drivers appear to like her and respond to her well which is important in a role like hers. Her interviews, both pre and post race, are always good. I think it would be harder to replace Lee in that role whereas replacing Jake, not so (no slieght intended on JH but he is just a jobbing sports presenter who was always more interested in football than F1).


Dunno about next years choices but apparently for this year BBC had 3 choices then Sky 3 choices then 1 choice time about.


Big Mistake, Lee would have been able to handle the boys having been close to them for the last few years.

Just one more reason to go Sky this year and a reason why they will win the award for best TV again.

After this last year of major change it would have made sense for Lee to move across and at least provide something familiar.


Can think of 360 or 480 reasons in a year not to go to Sky!

The awards for people who could actually vote for went to the BBC at the silverstone awards.

The awards from the FIA surprise surprise went to the station that was bringing the big money in and was decided by a couple of men in suits.


Wherever Martin Brundle is commentating is what I'll watch. A capable presenter with firsthand knowledge and experience (once David Croft stops talking for a second and MB gets a word in that is). 🙂


+1 Brundle has the best knowledge. bbc coverage is poor


Yeah, bur unfortunately skys coverage was far better if you are a racing fan.


Every time they have a shared race with BBC they loose half their viewers so a lot of people would disagree!

If you payed for something that was far better than the free version would you watch the free version?


Win the award for best TV again? When did it win it?

Wasn't BBC voted the best television for F1 broadcast by the fans at Silverstone just recently as James reported on it a week ago?


she was great on motoGP, she'll be great on F1 i've no doubt

wonder if she still has the leather catsuits.... ? 😀


She will be great as she was with moto GP. The beeb replaced her with someone who could'nt even string a sentance together, she was rubbish. Perry know's her stuff bike or car. Its ust a shame I watch Sky. They have been great this year, looking forward to there covrage again next year, Crofty & Brundle best there is.


i'm sure she'll be better than sky's presenter


Snow White and any of her seven dwarfs would do a better job than the sky presenter


That's a bit unfair and uncalled for.

Just one of the seven dwarfs on his could do a much better job.


Not unexpected but not great news for F1. I didn't particularly like her style in MotoGP, didn't like her on The Gadget Show and honestly think that Lee would have been the better choice.

But this is the BBC where they do what they will under some pretence that we'll support whatever that is.


You can't please all of the people all of the time. I for one didn't like Jake that much and am looking forward to Suzy taking over.

Just because YOU don't like the appointment, doesn't mean that there has been some great BBC conspiracy to find the worst possible presenter.


and lee is more attractive!


Surprised they didn't get Monaco.

OK its not often the most exciting of racing from an action/overtaking standpoint, However it is one of the most historic races in F1, Its the race teams/drivers always talk about been the one to win & is considered the jewel in F1's crown.

I personally love Monaco, I love watching the cars inches from the walls & love the challenge of the place. Its totally different to anything else & I really like that aspect. The difficulties in overtaking there don't bother me as I look to other things & it also makes the overtaking you do see stand out that extra bit more.

Regarding Suzi Perry, Surprising pick considering they had lee McKenzie who I've always felt they have under-used.

Suzi isn't necessarily a bad choice, However whenever I've heard her talking about F1 in the past she hasn't exactly come across as someone overly keen on F1 or as someone who watches F1 a great deal.


No Monaco Live ???? 🙁

Monaco is considered the biggest, most prestigious event of the f1 season. Its the race all the drivers talk about wanting to win the most because of the history & challenge of the race.

Since I want to see Monaco live (And don’t really like Suzi Perry) Im subscribing to sky early next year & will not be watching the BBC coverage at all in 2013!


Yeh Im gutted too but I dont want to play into skys hand. More people sign up to sky next thing well see is sports channel package prices going up.

Im still boycotting sky, lesser of two evils apply's here.

Would rather have James Allen though


They should make James the lead TV commentator. While a few people weren't such a fan of his style, I certainly was 😉

I was looking forward to Ben Edwards this time last year, but after a year he is a bit monotonous: "Lights out, away we go and [pole sitter (Vettel)] has got away well, Webber hasn't!"

I prefer "Are you ready! ... GOOOWW!!!"


Mrs Werewolf will be devastated.


Great news. Having seen her in MotoGP and on the Gadget Show I think Suzi Perry is a good choice for the lead presenter.


I like both Lee and Suzi and would have been happy with either choice.

I do suspect the reason Lee didn't get the nod though (perhaps this is just me) but she does appear a little camera shy at times and not completely at ease or comfortable in front of the TV cameras. I have a strong feeling this could be why she may have been overlooked in favour of Perry - who in stark contrast loves the TV cameras, just laps up and even seems to crave the attention.

Bummer to lose out to Sky on Monaco and COTA 🙁


Stunned BBC lost Monaco as it was always a race that drew a big ratings number & the race which tended to attract a lot of more casual viewers.

I can see Sky been ecstatic they have Monaco as one of there exclusive’s & expect them to use that in there advertising.

In fact I notice they already have, Adverting the fact they have Monaco exclusively live on there news channel.

Also surprised they went with Suzi Perry who is not an F1 fan & has taken every opportunity in the past to take shots at F1 in order to promote the bike racing which is her real passion.


She's as good a choice as anyone to fill the boots of Jake Humphrey. Well experienced, knows her motorsport - she's the perfect choice. Well done Suzi!


The BBC has said there will be 'extended highlights' of the races not televised live.

How can you extend highlights? The fact that it is highlights means it has been edited down.

Using the word 'extended' is a very weak pr job.


They re run them in slo-mo to e x t e n d them.


To be fair, did you not watch some of the extended highlights from this season? In the 'fly away races' such as Australia, where we had a 2hr highlight programme, the race itself was only about 10-15 mins shorter than the full thing. Which isn't bad at all.

Highlights is, to me, the MOTD style of anything from 2 mins (i.e. the goals) to 15 mins (the goals and the other shots on goal).


Skip out all the ultra-boring processional parts too, and you don't have to get up at 6am.


It's a fine word. Highlights, but extended ones, meaning they are long.


Maybe Lee didn't want the weight on her shoulders all the time. (And please BBC give her a noise cancelling circuit on her microphone, they were invented by Lotus at least 20 years ago, and are common on headphones)

Suzi will be great and bring on the leather, she has been missed on tv since the Gadget show betrayal.


Feel sorry for Lee i felt she deserved a shot at it, i think she would have been well able to handle live presenting. Bit of a kick in the teeth with the BBC employing someone from MotoGP i would have thought.


Why? The BBC think it's good, Suzi thinks it's good, and many of the fans think it's good. And she was a very good presenter in Moto GP too.


Monaco provides little on-track action for the fan.

Yes, drivers extoll the virtues of Monaco. They might be aware that ecclestone has said that there are 3 things of meaningful value in F1, and the Monaco GP is 1 of them.



Instinctively my thought is that there were better options and there were worse options.

That said Suzi is undoubtedly competent and will bring enthusiasm to the post. Recreating the on-screen chemistry of Humphrey-Jordan-Coulthard would have been a challenge for any presenter but I think she's better equipped to shape the dynamic than most, having sparred with Steve Parrish and Charlie Cox when presenting MotoGP.

Regarding the races I guess they want to ensure as many of the so-called 'classic venues' as they can over a 2-year period. Yes there's no Monaco but for 2013 they do have Canada, Italy and Japan - which they didn't last year.


Most importantly, will James still be on 5 live? Absolutely brilliant commentary this season.


Yes, I'm going again in 2013. Thanks for your support

Mike from Colombia

Hope that you don't have to job share with Legard.

Last year when Legard was on with Sam Bird I could not distinguish between their commentary.

Karun Chandok for co-commentator. The guy is a walking encylopedia of F1 trivia.

He was on Windsor's SmibsTV programme a couple of weeks ago and mentioned that he had just spent some of his free time watching the 1990 season review !


Agree with the Karun Chandok comment. It's obvious that he'd prefer to be behind a wheel, but the guy is a natural communicator. To cap it all, he seems to be 100% genuine!


Hooray! Great job James (Alguersuari did surprisingly well too).


That's great news, knowing I can turn down the German commentary on RTL and still know what's going on during the adverts !

RTL : Astra 1 Satellite, all races live and free to air ! Just buy a complete Ross satellite kit from B&Q for £29.99


BBC gets all the good races then. Yes I would like them to have Monaco but they cant have everything and in terms of racing Monaco isnt great if we're being honest.

Best of luck to the Suzi, I have no prior experience as I have no interest in two wheels. Hopefully she will do a good job.

What is every ones general thoughts on BBC vs SkyF1 this year anyway?

Personally I watched BBC wherever possible, I always recorded whichever one I wasn't watching to watch later lol. Sky's coverage wasn't bad at all but there was just something missing, just a little bland. The "three amigos" really gave the BBC coverage something extra. It wasn't always like that though, in their first year I thought they were a bit awkward and thought Eddie and DC were going to end up brawling but they sorted it out and got really good.

In terms of the commentary I, (I think along with the majority) thought that MB leaving the BBC was going to harm their coverage, but on reflection I don't think it did at all, and that is not to devalue MB so much as it is to praise DC and Ben Edwards, I thought they were fantastic.

MB and Crofty (who lets not forget were most peoples dream lineup for BBC F1 during the Legard years) offered nothing less than DC and Edwards but at the same time nothing more, which I think was surprising.

The difference between them came down to the pre and post race chat, and BBC won that hands down this year. Their features were better, they interviewed better people and were just more fun to watch. I'm sure Sky will be a slicker outfit next year. BBC won't be the same without Humphery but I hope Suzi can do a good job and keep EJ in check!


I much preferred BBC coverage. Always watched Martin Brundle's grid walks on Sky. He really is the master. Commentary on the races was pretty equal between BBC and Sky, in my view, but overall the BBC presentation was a better quality production, with more interesting features.

Good luck to Suzy. She'll be great in the role.


Sky Commentary was better than BBC TV. Edwards was a little boring towards the end, and I feel DC is just somewhat a little too biased towards/against certain things (such as bashing Maldonado / Grosjean too often for their mistakes).

Crofty is much more pleasurable to listen to, and Brundle is more knowledgeable, but overall, James Allen is the best commentator.


Ben Edwards is one of the best out there. If DC doesn't want to do it anymore then get a John Watson in it would be like the Eurosport days !!!

Kind Regards



Was bitterly disappointed with Brundle jumping ship, when he got enticed away by Sky.

Legard was brilliant as well and have never understood why he didn't carry on? - awfully sad for BBC F1 to lose him too.

But I feel Ben Edwards is more than making up for both those loses; he's doing a fantastic job (along with DC)!


I think you're possibly the only person in the entire planet who thinks that Legard was brilliant!




Come on some of you guys, give the girl a chance. Perry is a very experienced broadcaster and the BBC are no fools when it comes to innovative production and presentation. The main presenter is the key to a friendly, smooth and informed programme and this is what Sky lacks with Lazenby. I watch Sky, but always the BBC if there's a choice because their coverage is far more polished. Lets judge Perry after the first couple of races and not before. Remember the adverse comments when an ex-childrens TV presenter got the job - he turned out to be one of the best.


I love Suzi BUT a mistake I think LEE M should have been a shoe in as she knows the drivers & key personal and did very well when Jake went walkabout...BBC back tracking again...NO MONACO GP live, I thought that this one & the British GP were the only two to be certain.... will have to watch all the others on [directtv.me/schedule.html


Stop the sexism she's fantastic. Shame she isn't with Sky then their coverage would be perfect!


Absolutely terrible decision by the BBC. Suzi Perry has publicly criticised F1 on more than occasion and I remember disliking her from then on. I'm sure I'm not the only one who remembers such comments and I imagine there will be a few in the paddock too who will raise eyebrows over her appointment.


Same here. She's slagged off F1 on numerous occasions, on-air as well. For that reason alone, makes her a totally inappropriate choice.

Would have had no problem with Lee Mackenzie doing it, but apparently she wanted to remain in the journalistic pitlane role...


Well done Suzy, so excited for you and F1. Cannot wait for the new season.


Suzi seems perfectly competent but I'm not sure competent is what the BBC need. It's a shame Monaco is PPV only this year but I guess that means it joins the Indy 500 in that respect.

Not that it really matters I guess. By 2018 (if not sooner) there won't be any live races on terrestrial.


She's an excellent choice, a quality presenter who clearly has a knowledge if Motorsport and I think she'll fit into the dc ej dynamic brilliantly holding her own. Much better than trying to get a new bloke to replace jake- change it but it stays fun and different. Well done BBC.


Pretty good choices of tracks for next year, I'd far rather watch races where something actually happens than doesn't.


I did suggest Suzy, some months ago, on this site. Good to know the BBC read suggestions here!!!

Merry Christmas all!


She'll be a good presenter no doubt about that, I just wonder what the banter will be like now in the pre-race broadcast and the F1 forum. I think (and hope) she'll do okay. I think Lee's banter might not have been that good. She seems like a lovely woman but perhaps too nice for the EJ and DC. Suzi I think will be able to do a good job, considering her knowledge of motorsport, presenting repertoire etc. Would've loved to have seen Chris Evans do the job.


Lee is very knowledgeable, professional and a good interviewer, and popular among fans. Instead we have Suzi Perry who is rather cartoonish and a bike person anyway.

As is often the case, the BBC is underestimating the taste of their viewers.


I'm absolutely furious the BBC haven't got Monaco live!!!!

Monaco isn’t about exciting racing, its about spectacle, about skill & about watching cars mm away from disaster.

Watching cars fly around Monaco, watching them scrape the walls & watching the skill of drivers is to me a big part of what racing is all about.

I would rather watch a Monaco weekend fully live than a lot of the other circuits where drivers have zero chance of hitting anything & have little fear of running beyond the white lines.

Monaco ain’t about overtaking, If thats what you want to see then go watch Nascar. Monaco is about skill, speed & the love of watching f1 drivers pushing to the limit, scraping the walls knowing that one mistake could see them damage there car.

Its the one race where drivers have to concentrate more than any other purely because of the additional danger because of how close the walls are.

Monaco is racing history, Its racing as it used to be. No room for error, little run-off & a place where a driver can out drive a poor car to show his true skill.

Plenty of other races through the year where you see lots of overtaking & where drivers can easily run wide & not risk the car, simply running through miles of tarmac or bouncing over grass or into a gravel trap.

Some may consider this over the top over 1 race but I'll be subscribing to sky in the new year & know 2-3 friends who will be doing the same.


Sadly can't afford Sky at the mo...but love the comments about Monaco - spot on, and very well put!

I had always wondered what SkyF1 coverage was like (I do envy that they have Hill, as well as Davidson and Herbert), so it's really nice to read other postings on here making the case for the BBC having better coverage overall.


Well said sir, exactly how I feel too.


From my understanding Sky call the shots as to what 10 races the BBC get. I also believe that Sky have not seen many new subscribers as a result of SkyF1. This is surely their way of trying to pull in more viewers with the Monaco exclusive tag as they are already promoting it. I have Sky, but always watch the BBC if there's a choice - the whole thing is just so much better and Perry will add a new fresh dimension to it.


From my understanding the BBC gets first choice, Sky second, BBC, Sky, so-on, about which races BBC show live, and then the remaining 10 are Sky exclusives.


The BBC not having the Monaco Gp is like ESPN showing the Indycar season but not showing the Indy 500, Or Fox showing all the Nascar races but not showing Daytona.

Your biggest event, The most historic event & the one with all the prestige & which all the teams/drivers say they love & want to win should always be the 1 race you make sure you always have Live & in Full!

I can see the BBC taking a big hit over this & rightfully so.


Even if Suzi Perry is maybe not as interested in F1 as she is in bikes, it's surely better to have a genuine petrolhead than some other professional commentator who might not even have a driving licence.

I think she's a great choice and more than capable of becoming one of the three amigos.

I'm sure she will take over part of the pit walk.


Good point. Have never understood why broadcaster powers think 'a Presenter' doing another presenting gig is ever as interesting as someone who's got the sport long in their blood. I'll not miss Jake (and I'd not be surprised if she finds F1 a bit less riveting than bikes).

Mike from Colombia

Quotas my friend, quotas.


Welcome, Suzi Perry.

And here's to a new dynamic - the 'three-amigos' define the benchmark for mindless waffle and should have disbanded long ago.


Horrendous decision to overlook Lee McKenzie who has been excellent ever since she started on the BBC.

Hard to believe the current set-up will continue to be so succesful, especially given the scheduled races which appear a large downgrade on 2013's slate.

If only there was a way to transfer Lee and Gary Anderson (a revelation in his first year)over to SKY's coverage.


Interesting comments. Seems there's still a way to go to get F1 fans into the 21st century.... Lots of comments talking about Lee McK, I suppose because she's a woman too! It's a bit like saying "I suppose Mercedes had to go for LH...if they wanted a black driver it had to be him". Just because Suzi is female, why do people think they must have been looking for a woman? Surely she was one of many candidates, men and women, all with different pros and cons.


James, who makes the decision of which races the BBC get? Is it the BBC, Bernie or the BBC saying we would like these, but then Bernie saying yes you can have those but not this one.. as that would be typical of Bernie to try to kill off the BBC coverage by dictating that the BBC get only what he feels they should have


Who cares who presents on a channel that only shows half the races?


Quite agree. BBC TV will soon give up on F1 completely.

James, stay at BBC radio. At least that has a future.


The Suzi Perry who on numerous occasions has expressed her utter hatred of F1.




For what it's worth, as well as being a great, intelligent TV presenter - I've been watching The Gadget Show - she is also beautiful. Win-win.


Very disappointing decision. I was hoping for a more serious/professional approach from the BBC following Humphrey's departure. Perry's appointment indicates a style over substance strategy, presumably an attempt to compete with Sky's lowest common denominator technique.


Even though I think the BBC should've given Chris Evans a chance (he offered to present it for free), I think Suzi Perry is an inspired choice, and I look forward to next season with her presenting.


Be Happy -

They could have gone for Clare Balding !


Seems a lot of arguments about nothing. I'm sure she'll do a great job but for me I watch wherever Martin Brundle is. He's the true voice of F1


Change makes me scared! But seriously. The gadget show was not good at all. Suzy seems a bit light weight. Will Jordan and David bother sticking around?


Perry‘s a great choice. Passionate about motorsports and is knowledgable.


Suzy Perry, Leather trousers, pit walk, woof !!


Great news Suzi will be a great addition to the BBC's coverage. She has plenty of experience in motorsport and will I am sure establish a great repore with the drivers just as she did when presenting MotoGP


I'm sorry but I'm just not enamored with this choice. Even with the gaps in his knowledge I always felt I could relate to Jake Humphrey and enjoyed his broadcasting.

Similarly I always felt I could connect with Lee McKenzie but Perry whenever I've seen her I've just found myself irritated inexplicably!

That combined with the selection of events live next year on the BBC I now think I'm going Sky, never thought I'd see the day 🙁

Mike from Colombia

Perhaps Sky Sports suggested her for the role?

Oh well. There's always Radio Five live.


Not a fan at all. What a shame, I will now be buying the Sky F1 package...


This is so dire. Jake was a fawning [mod] but Suzi is just not in the F1 loop at all. Coverage took a nose-dive with the loss to Sky - this will warp it South out of sight.

Prediction, blouse-bulging and passive-aggresive patronising from DC(?) and creepEJ from day 1.

Suggestion, ramp up big Gary's participation to TRY to give the coverage some credibility and get him out talking in depth to the teams a la Kravitz.


Yup...nothing wrong with a bit of comedic banter to go with the F1 coverage. Guess you've not seen Suzi in MotoGP then?


Suzi is a great choice. But will Lee still be reporting from the Pit lane?


Wolf Blitzer should present F1...


No Monaco - that's a shame. But still no Sky for me.

I thought at the beginning of last season that I'd hate not seeing all the races live, but really it's not too bad. You get used to recording the races and watching whenever convenient. The only downside is I had to stop following James on Twitter - all those in-race updates are hard to ignore.


This is fantastic. Suzi is a great presenter and knows her stuff. Shame SKY can't do something to replace the dullard that is Simon Lazenby. The BBC trio could be the reason I watch the 10 live BBC races.


"This is fantastic." - yeah, for SKY! Have you watched the BBC's F1 coverage from Australia? Gag!!


My reaction on seeing Suzi's face at the top of the story: Absolutely great!

Experienced anchor for motorsports on TV. Just what the BBC team needs. Jake was passable, and he had the knack for appearing interested (I don't know if he is *actually* a motorsports fan), but with Suzi Perry, we get someone who's passionate about motorsports.

I have a great deal of respect for both her and Louise Goodman as motorsports people. As it happens, I've yet to be totally convinced by Lee Mackensie.

Good call, BBC.

Who gives a damn about her gender! (I'm seriously disappointed by the outpourings of sexist clap-trap above!)

Independent Thinker

"but with Suzi Perry, we get someone who’s passionate about motorsports."

She's on record as saying she hates F1. Now all of a sudden, she's the 'obvious choice'. Give me a break.

Trouble is most men don't think with their brains.


There will always be small-minded idiots. Ignore and just wait to see if she is good or not. Her experience and previous showings say that she will be.

Sorry to tell it like it is but this is not a bold move, the huge majority of F1 fans are not sexist morons, so it's a total non-issue.


Many people are questioning why they didn't choose Lee over Suzi...

...has anyone considered that Lee didn't want to be lead anchor all the time?? Sure she's filled in for Jake a few times, but that's a big difference from giving up the job she (I assume) loves to become the host...


She posted on her Twitter page that she was very disappointed that she didn't get it.

FWIW, I think she is an asset to the BBC team and should have got the position. But it does annoy me when, even now, gender diversity plays a part. (Yes, we could use a woman presenter to reach a wider audience and all that rubbish).

Please don't take any of this as sexist. I have no problem in the right person for the job being female (See Lee Mackenzie, Monisha Kaltenborn etc), but there shouldn't be special dispensation because of it.


Humphreys knew next to nothing and it showed.


Well, I was going to say "Oh No, not Perry" but when I saw that Chris Evans had been offered the job I thank god she got it.

I just hope that we are not subjected to more close ups of Perry in leather jeans as is often the case in most programs she appears in, really she ain't pretty and it's so cliche, get over it.

At least she is not commentating on the races, the Jonathan Legard era was excruciatingly bad and the best thing to happen in F1 in the last few years was to ditch him.

Political correctness dictates that every program must have male/female/black/white/Asian etc, presenters these days regardless if they can do the job, personally, I'm not really that interested in what the presenters have to say as I get the F1 info I want online and turn up the sound when the race starts on TV.

Time will tell if viewers like her and there is always the online petitions that contributed to Legards demise if people want to voice their disapproval ;>)

Indepndent Thinker

Suzi Perry is the biggest narcissist going. Any time Gadget Show tested cameras, she'd blow a picture of herself up the size of a building. If that isn't having a high opinion of one's self, I don't know what is.


My concern about Perry is her massive ego. The fact that she seems to have to prove something on screen to her male counterparts always comes across on screen. She comes across as a massive pain to work with.


As a 28 yr female F1 fan, Top Gear fan, and Porsche 911 driver I consider myself a proper petrolhead so I have greeted the news of a female F1 presenter with some glee. Suzi Perry after 3 races seems competent enough but a very different style and impact than Lee McKenzie. Perry (so far) is a bit 'mumsy' in her handling of the male co-stars, rarely seems to present to camera but instead seems to always be looking away, just having a 'nice chat' face to face concentrating on looking at whoever she is chatting to which doesn't make for strong presenter driven TV.

So far I find her a bit lacking in real technical F1 grounding and credibility and in interviews Lee McKenzie has the obvious edge on her, much more fluid, immersed in F1 experience, more entirely credible and nicer voice to listen to, brimming with calm confidence and depth as opposed to Perry's more corporate 'anchor' type delivery. Perhaps Lee didn't want the main focus job and I agree she would be harder to replace in her pit lane and Inside F1 roles. Good to see more women including Jennie in there with the guys creating good reportage and content.

Good to see Suzi in the role; just feel so far she is holding back, seems a bit detached and her dress sense isn't that much better than EJ's so far...think she has toned it down too far and comes over a bit restrained. She had great impact in the opening promo video but is more like someone's aunt in the full races.

Would like to see her have a bit more individualistic 'to camera' personality about her, albeit not as ego driven as Jake maybe.. time will tell.. meanwhile rate Lee McKenzie still as more competent than ever especially on the Inside F1 interviews..


Do the 3 commentators share their jeans.Come on Eddy,you are 65 years old and wearing Suzies jeans.

Brenden Trory

Personally I think she is boring, does not present to the camera, has little technical knowledge and is so far a poor replacement

For me the coverage this year I just fast forward to the race as I find it boring


Where's my post criticising Ms. Perry? There was nothing offensive, innit, (though there might have been). Is there a closing of the ranks around a fellow professional? Is there a personal involvement? It's alleged that she's prone to that. I didn't get where I am today without putting it about a bit.


It was a negative rant and we don't publish those - Mod

Linda Marshall

If you wished to have a woman anchor the F1 coverage then you should have appointed Lee McKenzie. She knows what she is talking about and does not ask pointless and obvious questions like Susie Perry. She is extremely annoying and does not know anything about forumula 1. I hope that for the 2014 season you replace her with a more competent commentator.


Love suzi perry, one of many reasons why i watch Formula 1 even more now, dont get me wrong i enjoyed formula 1 before but the pre show before the race is always boring, but now she makes it worth watching before the race starts, enjoyed watching her on the gadget show also.

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