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Fans vote JA on F1 the best F1 blog
Fans vote JA on F1 the best F1 blog
Posted By: James Allen  |  14 Dec 2012   |  6:21 pm GMT  |  92 comments

We are delighted to learn today that JA on F1 has been voted the best F1 blog in the Silverstone Media Awards, as voted by F1 fans.

Silverstone organised an online poll, inviting fans to nominate the F1 news sources they most trusted and appreciated and the winners of the various categories are listed below.

Thanks to all JA on F1 readers who voted for this site. We have never entered any awards competitions, but it’s good to win one where the fans themselves nominate the winners. It says a lot about the response to this site’s objectives of bringing the fans closer to the sport.

Best television channel for F1 coverage:
Winner: BBC

Best national newspaper for F1 coverage:
Winner: The Telegraph / Sunday Telegraph

Best motor sport publication for F1 coverage:
Winner: F1 Racing

Best website for F1 coverage:
Winner: BBC –

Best F1 Blog:
Winner: James Allen –

Best F1 Tweeter:
Winner: @MrJakeHumphrey

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Nice work James! You've done wonders with this site over the last year or so!


Have to say that I'm not especially surprised for the award. Fully deserved.

Congratulations, James. ¡Felicidades!




Agree with pretty much all of those. No award for Sky though...


I am so delighted for you, James. And plesed to be able to testify to the passion and integrity that brought this project into being. When I first learned of it it was a humble seed indeed. Best of luck, always ... (just please get those two reds to match one of these days!) - L


Perfect! Well done James, thanks for your considerable hard work. We all appreciate it.



I am actually very excited about this and a bit dissapointed. I didn't know about the poll and I didn't get to vote hmm. But I am glad James and his team gets the appreciation they deserve.

Fantastic work and I must say alot of it, because thoughout the year we had alot of articles published on this blog and they take alot of time to gather the info and put it all together.

Add to this all the work put into reviewing and answering to our comments.

Thank you JAonF1!


Credit where credit is due.



I haven't seen this poll, but if I would, I'd vote for this website too.

Got my book today. Thanks for everything, James & team!


Great site James - prob my favourite F1 site - apart from the FIA's of course. Not sure it's technically a blog though 🙂


Well, it runs on Wordpress... ^_^


James, I've been following F1 since I was a child in the 80s. Your observations, connections and comments are my most trusted source of information about the sport I love. Thanks!! 🙂


Congrats, naturally but I must admit to have missed the chance to vote for you. Could there really have been any doubt as to who has the best F1 Blog ?

As for Websites, I am amazed that the BBC won over Autosport. Most of the BBC content seems to appears shortly after a similar story is posted on Pure coincidence. Of course !


To be honest, Andrew Benson can often be seen dropping hints at upcoming articles on Twitter before they hit the limelight. They're also often around the same time as the Autosport regulars hint at their upcoming posts, so my guess is their sources are similar and they're racing to write their scoop.


Way to go James! Congratulations!

Hope to have even better and engaging conversations next year!




While I don't always agree with some of the views and detail it is the best F1 site by a country mile. - Well done!

Alberto Martínez

It´s a worthy award for such an amazing work. Great pieces of information and insightful analysis with a unique view of the sport.

Congratulations James!


Well done, well deserved. Have to say out of those awards there the only ones I note are the blog and newspaper, the others are skewed

Ie. sky coverage only available to a few, hence BBC likely to win by default even with only half the races

Name me another mainstream F1 specialist publication than F1 racing? Autosport covers a lot but its not dedicated As for the tweets- just ties in with the tv really. And each to their own 😉


Hi James,

Many many Congratulations and i appreciate your impartial insight about f1.




Very, very well done! Congratulations.

I have sometimes wondered if I might find another place to get good, useful and interesting inside news from, and have, on all occasions, been extremely frustrated and disappointed. At least now I know why!


Very well earned you put a ton of work for our enjoyment...congrats


Congratulations James, well deserved.


Congratulations James,

an accolade well deserved.If I had to choose only one F1 blog to read, I'd be very tempted to go with yours.Always top of my list to read before work. Thanks so much.


Totally agree that yours is the best blog of the F1 blogs, and I go to it every day to check it out. However, I cannot agree that the BBC was the best channel for broadcasting the races this season as only broadcast 10 out of the 20! The Sky F1 channel was by far superior to the BBC with the quality of the presenhters and the extra cameras that were available, I even enjoyed Anthony Davidson, Georgie Thompson and their screen!

I also disagree that the BBC is the best web site as they constantly fail to have stories of the day that other sites, like have. In fact even the Sky F1 site is better.

This is only my opinion and I know your other readers will not agree with me, so I'm going to enjoy reading what they say.



JA on F1 is by far and away the best blog and source of in depth analysis but BBC web and broadcasts don't even come close to Sky.

BBC F1 website imo is woeful with only Mark Webber & Jaime Alguesuari's posts worth reading. Andrew Benson never has anything interesting to say that hasn't already been said elsewhere.


I agree with your points completely. Unfortunately for the bbc Benson and Edwards are the terrible links that are awful and they drag the team down. If they were replaced with Ted Kravitz and Martin Brundle respectively, the BBC would be unbeatable.

Congratulations James



We knew this before any award was claimed. Bet you JAonF1 gets more traffic than ITVF1 did! 🙂


Well deserved. Coming here is like reading the PLUS section in Autosport for free.


Great Job James.

Though I didn't know there were such polls and didn't vote.


Amen to all of the above and all what will follow below. Great blog, great reporting, well done!


Agree with the results and with the comments by others here. Well done James, thoroughly deserved!


Not surprised at all. 🙂 Thanks once again to you James and your team!


There are other F1 blogs?

34 has some good stuff


Congratulations, very well deserved indeed.


Credit due where credit deserved.


Congrats. Very well deserved.


Bravo James!

Great insight, great articles.

The benchmark F1 Blog.


This is the first year I've properly followed the site (I've dipped in and out on prior occasions) and it's now easily my favourite F1 website. Congratulations!


Well done, James. You earned it. I wish I'd known of the poll. You would have received my vote. But the fact that I'm here writing this, and check your blog so often, says it all.

Blog on!




Well done James. Always enjoy reading your site and the comments from others. It is my ‘first up’ read of the day !!!


sorry James i couldn't vote...because i didn't know about it.

But very delighted to hear this...



Pfft, luckier than Vettel 😉

Nah, just kidding, without JAF1, where else would I get my daily fix of F1 news and debate.

Keep up the good work, James and co.


Gratz! Well deserved!


Congratulations! Well deserved


Great news and well deserved.

Congratulations !!.


Totally deserved, congratulations James


Congratulations James! Well deserved winner.


Well done.

That said, first I've heard of this voting. I wonder how many people didn't get a chance to vote because they'd never heard of it?


Great job James! Your blog is the one I visit first of the day. Keep it up.


Congratulations James, fantastic news and thoroughly deserved.

I suppose, as has been said, the BBC will get best coverage due to having easier access. But BBC over Autosport for best website? How on earth? The BBC have never been that great with F1 news but have got worse sine last season.


Congratulations James, I'm sure it won't be the last . Very well deserved.

I'm waiting on my year book to arrive - hopefully that will distract me from here for a bit .. Cheers


Congrats James...No other website comes close to providing the comprehensive, inside, story-behind-the-headlines treatment like you do.

Also, I hope this award for the BBC will come to mean all F1 races henceforth to be live on BBC for the foreseeable future? (Mr Ecclestone, please take note!)


Congratulations, well deserved..


Well done James, this is my only port of call now for f1 news, I have pointed all my friends here to, it is quite simply the best. Your a very modest man, but give yourself a pat on the back. May I also say I have really enjoyed your F1 commentary this year to.

Congratulations 😉


Nice one James! Congratulations!

Glad that F1 Racing won for best publication.


James, I was going to say Bravo, but was beaten to it. :>) I'll say it anyways, Bravo. Over here, across the pond, on the web sites & blogs, when there's serious F1 discussion going on, your blogs are often quoted. Keep up the good work. And Merry Christmas to you.


Blog Of The Champions.

Congratulations to Mr.Allen. The amount of hours spent reading your blog and fans' postings is an addiction.

Looking forward to the next podcast.


Hats off! Well done.


Best F1 Tweeter is Jake?! This must have been a fairly limited vote. Alonso's tweets are far more insightful and interesting, for example.

Best F1 show is the BBC? Again, as already pointed out, they only showed 50% of the races! Sky was awesome this year, in their first year, truly impressive. FIA agreed too...

I congratulate James on a fully deserved award, but a couple of the others are a bit iffy to say the least!


Maybe the vote was only open to BBC employees.


I'm not surprised. What really distinguishes this blog among others is the conceptual approach of having news panels, inside the sport articles, and interactions with fans, especially when there's a prize involved.

Personally I read as my daily and first-to-check source of information.

Let's not forget the insightful podcasts - something which I really enjoy.

I hope there's more to come.


The only blog that you can read in a (paper) book!

Love the balanced view and great insights from both James Allen & the people over here.

You could improve the blog even more by having a +1 button. This way the best comments will rise to the top.


For fans in North America, you should be commended for the podcasts. We do not get the coverage of F1 like you have in Europe so the podcasts are most welcome.


Very well done James and thoroughly deserved. I've read every post since you announced the site in the old days and you've enabled me to sound like an expert with my mates!

Have a great Christmas!


Congrats James and also credit to the people who post their comments on here, usually most knowledgeably, that help to make a great read!!


Congrats James Allen. You really deserved this one!

I'm also glad that BBC won the TV and web coverage. They are definitely better than SkysportF1. I remember a Chinese fan said openly on the BBC after-show in Shanghai that BBC broadcast is way way better than Sky broadcast. That is so true and SO FUNNY!


Congratulations James! I came across this blog quite by accident in 2011, and have been following it ever since. I also tell all my friends who would care to listen;-)

Good job, award truly well deserved.


Thanks for spreading the word!


Just wanted to chime in that I'd also found this blog completely by accident, also some time in 2011.

As far as accidents go, this has been a pretty darn good one. Keep it up!


Congratulations James!

I follow F1 since the Prost/Senna era and the medias I use to stay up to date are quite widespread. Despite being German I follow the races on BBC/Sky because German TV is just miles behind. And when it comes to internet information, your insights and balanced articles are just second to none. Excellent work James!


Congratulations, very well deserved, this is my 'go to' site for all things F1.


Before you started this blog, I used to believe only the stuff I would see on official website. But now I am sure of any stuff I read here.

The insight we, fans, get here is not available anywhere else. Thanks a ton for that.

And a huge congratulations!!!!!!


Well done James for a great blog.

But also well done to the people who leave comments, I don't know how much they are moderated but the quality of comments is much better than on the BBC blogs like Andrew Benson's. People actually have something interesting to say rather than just trolling the author or other commentators.

I voted for your blog because of the great authoring and the great commentators.


Congrats James! I'm happy to say I voted for you in all the categories I could.

I'm also happy to see the BBC getting recognition for their coverage, which has been excellent, despite losing 10 live races. Their radio coverage is always excellent, too.

Personally I have found Sky's coverage to be slightly tacky and over-bearing, and the Ant and Georgie standing in front of garish computer graphics is laughably bad!


Congratulations James! Well deserved winner.


If I had known of the vote:

Best TV coverage- Sky

Best website- Autosport

Best blog- this one.


Congratulations James! I wasn't aware of this award, but the result is a reflection on how the site continues to go from strength to strength I think.


This is a truly great blog. The reporting is insightful and non-sensationalist.

That recent story questioning the legality of that pass of Seb's, for instance, it would have been so easy to have gone with a "Vettel poised to lose WDC in shock twist" slant, but here the story was told as it was, with James at hand to calm the the drama queens and conspiracy theorists (myself included!) as they chipped in with their views.

I'm pleased the work put into building this site is being recognised, and agree that it's fully deserved. This is undoubtedly one of my favourite places on the 'net. Thanks so much for putting in the hours!



Best F1 blog? Are there other blogs? I only go here. 😉

unF1nnished business

Congrats James...Your quality insight and the somewhat respectable comments, (however moderated they may be) is why I keep coming back.


Hi James,

Bit late to the party on this one, but Congratulations. It's thoroughly deserved!

Looking forward to reading a lot more.

Happy Christmas


Congratulations - and well deserved.

The insight and news and perspective on the site is great, and debate culture good.


Fully deserved. Congratulations.


Congratulations from the Netherlands!

Simply the best, a mile!


Congrats for a well deserved recognition.

The part I like most is the evenhandedness demonstrated in the articles. There is very little bias, which is so refreshing compared to most other media.

This blog basically adds the concept of 'analytical' into F1-reporting.


That's the idea. We do the 'why and the how'


Congratulations! Really pleased you won this richly deserved award.


Very well done, James. I visit your blog pretty much daily. Even if I've already read a news story elsewhere, I'll always read your take on it if you've also written an article.

Keep it up!


Congratulations James

Another spell-bindng year expertly blogged by yourself.

Have a great christmas & new year

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