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F1 Britpack increases to four as Chilton takes Marussia seat
Posted By: James Allen  |  18 Dec 2012   |  2:23 pm GMT  |  83 comments

[Updated] Britain will have four drivers on the F1 grid next season after Max Chilton was confirmed in the second Marussia seat for 2013.

The 21-year-old from Reigate impressed with two wins in GP2 this year, ultimately finishing fourth in the standings, with Marussia’s junior team and his promotion to a race seat at the senior F1 outfit seemed inevitable after he was announced as its reserve driver from the Japanese GP and made his race weekend debut in first practice in Abu Dhabi.

Chilton, who is likely to bring a budget with him given his father is the vice-chairman of insurance giant Aon and has backed his sons’ racing careers, replaces the Caterham-bound Charles Pic and will be Timo Glock’s fourth different rookie team-mate in as many seasons since the original Virgin outfit launched in 2010.

But the youngster, who commentated alongside James Allen on qualifying for the Indian GP on BBC Radio 5 Live in October, expects his recent months imbedded in the team to prove invaluable for 2013 and says he will spend the time between now and the opening pre-season test focusing on physical preparations for his rookie year.

“It’s hard to put into words how I’m feeling today, with the announcement that I will be racing for the Marussia F1 Team in 2013,” he said.

“It comes at the end of what has been a fantastic year for me, and those steps – my GP2 pole positions and wins, my performances in the F1 Young Driver Test and in FP1 at Abu Dhabi – have given everyone the confidence in my ability to compete at the highest level of motor sport.

“I am very fortunate to have spent the last six races with the Marussia F1 Team as Reserve Driver, which means that instead of a standing start, I am already up to speed and at ease with the people, the culture, the systems and of course, the 2012 package.

“During the period since the Japanese Grand Prix, I have watched at very close quarters the incredible commitment and determination to succeed that saw everyone in the team pushing until the very last race. I feel very lucky to be able to embark on my F1 racing career with this group of people. Pre-season testing is just a few weeks away, so my focus now is to continue my physical preparation whilst spending as much time as possible working with the technical team to help develop the car I will drive in my debut F1 season.”

Marussia team boss John Booth, who said the team’s bosses had noticed a big step forward in Chilton’s performance between his debut run for the team at Silverstone in July and FP1 at Yas Marina, added: “We have spent a significant amount of time evaluating his performances during 2012, both in our own car in a testing situation and also from the pitwall as we monitored his progress alongside the other members of our junior talent pool during Grand Prix support races. We felt confident enough in his ability and potential to appoint him to the role of Reserve Driver in September and since that time his development has been rapid in all aspects.”

Chilton’s confirmation comes hot on the heels of Lotus signing up Romain Grosjean for another season, meaning just two teams are still to reaveal their full line-ups for 2013 with a week to go before Christmas – Force India and Caterham.

Force India usually name their drivers for the following season shortly before the festive celebrations get underway, and with Paul di Resta a certainty to stay on, Adrian Sutil appears to have moved into prime position to make a return to the team after a 12-month absence, although Jules Bianchi, Bruno Senna and Jaime Alguersuari are also in the running.

One man who has ruled himself out of contention for Force India, and the sole vacant seat alongside Pic at Caterham, is Kamui Kobayashi who today announced that despite being in a position to bring a budget of around £6.5m from Japanese business and fan sources he had failed in his quest to find a drive for 2013, with his focus now set on returning the following year.

“If you could imagine the time I had, it was [an] overwhelming reaction and it shows there still is a great potential from Japanese companies,” the former Sauber driver said on his website. “Unfortunately, the time was still short and I am not able to secure the seat with [a] competitive F1 team for 2013.

“I have to admit that it is very sad and [I] feel sorry for fans and Japanese companies who supported me. But I am still confident to make it happen in 2014.”

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Good luck to Max. If he too can finish anywhere near the middle order he'll have done his country proud!


Good lad I hear. Did lots of carrying, packing, unpacking and gofering during those 6 races. Not afraid of getting his nads dirty.


His nads are further from his feet than most drivers, so I hope he doesn't have too many height issues (team-mate Glock is more averagely sized for an F1 driver).


oooer ! nasty. Its the handfull of swarfega on them at the end of the day that might sting a bit.

Interesting colloquialism never heard them called that.....


I don't rate him at all but hope he can prove me wrong. Especially as he's in this seat for the long haul


This is not aimed at you Paul specifically, more a general comment about this news and the reaction to it by the British on websites here.

There have been some very nasty posts on other sites regarding this drivers new position in the Marussia team. Most posters seem to dislike him because his father is the Vice Chairman of a massive insurance company and claim that he only has this drive because of his fathers money.

I belive a lot of the current F1 drivers have also not exactly come from poor backgrounds Lewis being the main exception but he benefited from early McLaren input and financial assistance.

Maybe it is just jealousy, Max is after all not only a fine driver, you dont win GP2 races just because your dad has a wedge but also because he is a nice guy.

Yes, maybe there is a young guy out there who does not have a wealthy family and happens to live in a slum in some third world country that has the natural talent to make even Alonso look slow but that can be said about any sport.

F1/ car racing as a sport, is not alone in it being an advantage to have money behind you when you start out or make it your career.

Look at the London Olympics, how many of the British athletes that won medals had the kind of accent and/ or name that just said, public school boy/ girl?

When I did schoolboy motocross in the late 70s and early 80s, even then at local club level, if the riders parents had money the riders had tuned and often spare bikes in the motor-home.

Even though changing bikes at that time was not allowed, it did allow the riders to compete without the fear of crashing and breaking some part on the bike that would stop their Sundays racing.

Money always helps and I dont think it fair that Max is being singled out by a lot of British people as being undeserving of this drive. Could any of these posters that are giving him a hard time on other sites do any better themselves?

I would imagine they would say they could if they had the same family backing but to have that family backing in the first place you have to have a very special father/ family to earn the money, these type of people pass that winning/smart gene down to their offspring.


"Could any of these posters that are giving him a hard time on other sites do any better themselves?"

So you never criticise anyone for doing anything that you couldn't do better yourself? If we all followed that criteria this forum would be pretty quiet a lot of the time.


"So you never criticise anyone for doing anything that you could’t do better yourself?

If we all followed that criteria this forum would be pretty quiet a lot of the time."

Fair comment Andrew but actually I would not criticise a F1 driver or any racing driver on their ability to drive, as I have no personally benchmark, having never driven a race car, to base that criticism on.

I might comment that a sportsman is doing himself no favors PR wise, because he is often seen falling out of nightclubs for example but I can give that criticism honestly because I have fallen out of nightclubs myself and know the effects that has on the body, so I have a reference point from which to base my criticism on.


It's not so much the money that makes me think he isn't worthy of an F1 seat. It's the fact that he has gone from being an extremely average driver to suddenly winning races in GP2. Personally I think it reflects on Carlin doing a great job with the car and the relatively poor grid in GP2 last year rather than Max's driving.

Despite the wins there were clear signs of racecraft that is lacking in his driving this year. He was very never really asserted himself when there was an easy overtake in the offing. And when he tried to there were a lot of half looks rather than attempts at serious passes.

We'll see what he does next year, but Glock really ought to trounce him.


"Could any posters that are giving him a hard time on other sites do any better themselves?"

This is completely irrelevant with the fact that people do not have equal opportunities these days. Of course the rich have more opportunities. Of course this is no fair. Of course if you ask a child in school if everyone should have equal opportunities, it will say yes, because this is fair. But humanity is no fair, and the rich of course do not care for that, as they are the ones who get the most opportunities. Most poor people accept that world is not fair with dignity.

Most poor people do not even bother with the fact that rich people keep most of the opportunities for them. They do not care, either because they do not have the education to realize what is happening, or just because they have a very kind heart and they choose to ignore it. Some poor people of course will care and give a hard time to the rich when they can, because they get less opportunities and they understand it and they want this to change. Usually they have a kind heart as well, but they bother to fight for what they feel are their human rights. Welcome to earth of Inequality. Rich people should have at least the dignity and guts not to complain that poor people give them a hard time. After all all rich people could give poor people the same opportunities that they have if they wanted it. But they do keep more opportunities for themselves continuing the unfair nature of the world that they found. Do not they? I would not say that I am poor not at all. I was very lucky and certainly was not unlucky to be born in Africa. I just have my eyes open and can see the unfairness all around me. I even accept it with sympathy and it does not create me negative emotions, but I do not close my eyes on it.


I think most people are probably just put off by the fact that while pay drivers are scorned for the most part by "true" F1 fans even though some of them have even done better than just winning a couple GP2 races and have gone onto do well in F1 with Checo and Maldonado scoring podiums and a win, yet suddenly a pay driver (because that's what he is) comes along with a certain flag flying over his head and now he is suddenly different or exempt from the vitriol unleashed on all other pay drivers. Nonsense, people should take some effort to try and be less transparent.


I fully agree with you on this.
[mod] most people are conspicuously avoiding the use of the term pay-driver on this topic. Why? We've seen the comments directed towards Maldonado, yet he's proved himself with a win.

Yes, we know most drivers have paid their way to some extend, yes we know Michael Schumacher got his start that way.

From what I can see Max is a pay driver in the truest sense of the word, and there's no shame in that. Maybe his presence will cause some contributors to rethink the criticism of the other pay drivers out there.


It's also not a crime to have money and spend it, lets face it, why shouldn't a father spend some of his money on his children. I know where people are coming from, but if I was in the same position, I'd do the same and I suspect most people here would. It's also paid off for them, so best of luck to them!!!


Just on the point of backing, how much money is his father going to provide? I mean, he may be a VC, but I would imagine he would be hard pressed to provide a budget to the same tune as a financial organisation.

If that is right, is Chilton any more of a pay driver than most? I believe the majority of the junior grid come with some backing.


Exactly, we would all do the same in the circumstances if our offspring showed an interest in any sport and we had the money.


I am also an ex moto-crosser/karter from the 70's and I quickly established that the recipe for success incorporates a combination of talent, parental support, connections in the industry and preferably a steady supply of funds.

Talent alone is usually not enough without a stable support structure during the formative years of a career. I believe there are very few individuals who have made it to the top without the help of these components.


Cause midfielder never gets the chance. Why do you think some of smaller countries have such a talents when they come through. Because you either finish first or you out.

And when you constantly finishing first money come more easily, but when you start pushing for F1 with 3-5th places in Championship........


Can you remember a young motocrosser in that period who was the son of a rock-star, I cant for the life of me remember his name.

I remember the pictures in the T&MX news of his tuned bikes and was blown away when he turned up at one of my local club 2 day events with a motor-home.

Not quite current F1 size or standard but massive with 2 spare bikes in the back and I counted 7 rear mudguards in one stack of spares!

This was, at the time to me, oligarch type spending, I had to make my rear tires last for the season, rear mudguards were drilled at the end of the cracks and wired together with cable ties. Did I mention my walk to school? Barefoot? lol.

Any idea what his name was?

I stopped motocross shortly after and went to the dark side, Trials, where to be honest, even to this day any rider can ride the same bike as the, well not the world champion, thats Tony Bou and he rides a titanium dripping Honda.

Apart from Works Honda's, every other rider can buy the same bike as the top riders.

You cant really waste money on a motor-home either as most trials events are up narrow roads and you are not at your van/ motor-home apart from at the start and end of the days riding so no point in showing off.....

All the best for Christmas to James and all the posters.



I agree with alot of your post. I think most educated F1 fans these days realise that pretty much every driver requires a large budget to break through into F1 these days.

I think most of the anger towards Chilton is not directed at him personally. He comes into F1 with a decent pedigree and worst drivers than him have been given a chance. Pic had a similar background and did much better than most expected. I am not sure GP2 performances is really that good of yard stick anymore.

My only problem with Chiltons appointment is the hypocracy of the British press. Apart from James article I have not read anywhere else that his Dad played a major role in getting him this drive.

I have no problem with pay drivers. I know how F1 works. I do however believe that is unfair that Perez, Maldanado, Senna, Pic and quite a few others who have a better pre F1 record than Chilton all got labelled pay drivers on the day they got announced by the British press. The BBC TV teams treatment of Pastor inparticular really became rather tiring, Despite being GP2 champion I dont think they went a race without mentioning how much he paid for his seat until he won in Spain.

I wish Max Chilton well in the season ahead. I think he has a great seat for a rookie. We all know Timo is a solid midfield driver and if he comes close to matching him as Pic did then I am sure all the critics will eat their words.


I agree with your argument too. Successful in F3 or GP2 is only a guide from what I have seen. It could be that F1 suits Chilton better than some of the lower categories.

The path to F1 is very Europe centric. Michael Andretti, Alex Zanardi and Sebastian Bourdais and the general decline of ChampCar and IRL into what we have now seems to rule out anyone following Jacque Villeneuve. Based on results Scott Dixon and Will Power would be worthy of a test if much testing was allowed.

To be successful in GP2, GP3, FR3.5 or F3 you need to be in a strong team with good race engineers. These days that probably takes a team affiliation and sponsorship.

Sponsorship is reliant on being able to sell something in the European market. I know in the Australian context, there was almost no interest for Australian companies in sponsoring drivers in European series. Mark Webber had Yellow Pages for Formula Ford, but I cannot recall much since then. Ryan Briscoe and James Courtney won in karting in Europe, which was also Robert Kubica's way. But that takes a lot of committment at a young age.

Red Bull seems to be one of the better chances for those good enough from out of the way areas.

It would need a better historian than me to state with much confidence, but I suspect World War II has a lot to do with the UK-centric nature of F1. The combination of airfields becoming race tracks and the various financial impacts meant that the UK was well placed to develop an industry that would thrive with access to the European market. The high participation rate also meant that a large percentage of the drivers were British.

Team owners have every right to pick drivers of certain nationalities if they want to.

All the best to Max. With the disappearance of HRT, he is the first favourite for the back of the grid, although Marussia was getting quite close to Caterham in the end without the benefit of KERS, so 2013 could be tight, and hopefully both teams step up. Another question will be whether Glock will be up for fifth season with the team in 2014.




Yes good points. I don't hold it against him for having a financially supported drive, but the impression that I get is that he's competent but doesn't sounds like another Hamilton judging from the lack of media hype about him in the junior categories. But fair play to him. Hard to show your worth in a Marussia though...

I'm not sure how valid the point about the Olympics British athletes though. Sure a section will be from privileged backgrounds but I think Yorkshire was the top county for medals in our country. So I think there's plenty of athletes who just reached the top through their own hard graft (before becoming pro at least). Of course it doesn't take expensive equipment to run but it's the time investment that costs and being able to support yourself without needing a 9-5 job, I guess.


Wealthy people come from Yorkshire too 🙂


Good points. But it's not just Hamilton: Vettel, Raikkonen, Alonso and Schumacher are all from normal backgrounds, with no wealth


You have to have a degree of wealth, surely, to even get into karting. They are not cheap.


I think it's no coincidence that those four drivers, despite having 'no wealth' have achieved so much and are so revered by the fans of F1.

I think most of us crave to see those who have the most natural talent rise to the top, not just those who can buy their way there. It takes a huge amount of dedication and sacrifice to get to the pinnacle of any sport, but money certainly does put a lot of the jigsaw pieces in the right place.

I think also that the lack of funds can be an extra motivation for a young driver. As a kid, I raced BMX at national level and despite my families 'lack of wealth' it was always satisfying to beat the more affluent kids who had all the latest gear because it proved that I wanted it more and that talent is not only bestowed on those can afford it.

That purity of competition is what fans want to see. The best of the best competing against one another regardless of background or funding.

All that said, Chilton will need to work extra hard to prove his talent is 'god-given' and although I have my misgivings, I'd be very impressed if he could prove me wrong.


What's the story with Grosjean - why does Total give him 10 mill Euros to go racing? Is there a family connection there?


And Jenson, just a local Somerset boy !

Mark in Australia

If Koby was bringing 6.5 mill what is Max chipping in?


and Webber.

Strangely enough, most of the front runners....


Is Di Resta actually confirmed then?


That second Marussia seat is like a game of musical chairs!


That being said, this year was the only year the driver decided to move on before the team.


If only the tempo of the car was as quick!


Seems like another case of money over talent


Let's face it, very few students get a scholarship. Most have to pay for their education.

When talking about Rolex a while back MichaelG did a nice outline of who has what watch company backing. I would love to see a similar outline of who has what sponsors in their pocket. Just the top ten 2012. Please help complete the blanks.

Vettel - Red Bull

Alonso - Santander

Kimi - Which Ice Cream company was it again?

Lewis - Pussycat Dolls?

Webber - Red Bull Sugar Free (as in No Love from RBR)

Massa - Mubadala

Grosjean -

Rosberg -

Perez -


Grosjean - Total

Perez - Telmex

Button - Head and Shoulders?


I guess some would say Button is head and shoulders above Lewis. And got McLaren all to himself as proof.


Button would now be endorsed, rather than backed.


Button – Head and Shoulders?

Well done sir! Well done!


It seems most drivers have Santander written on them somewhere. This season I have counted Alsonso, Massa, Button, Hamiltion and Senna.


Isn't Santander Spanish?

Aren't Spanish banks in in trouble and begging for bailouts from IMF and ECB?

Wonder if the IMF logo can be stretched wide enough to fit on the rear wing of an F1 car.


Webber – Red Bull Sugar Free (as in No Love from RBR)

made me laugh 🙂


Don't start something that you don't finish!


I deserved that.

Perez has Carlos Slim Telmex money as mentioned by James in another article. I don't know who's bankrolling Grosjean. I guess Mercedes wants a German driver on their team, and Rosberg is to Vettel what Heidfeld was to Schumi. So that would mean Mercedes is bank rolling Rosberg.


The problem is that the second Marussia drivers have each shown serious promise only to not manage a drive elsewhere. Pic in particular surely should be followed up by another team.


You mean like caterham?


Charles Pic has signed with Caterham for 2013.

Regarding Chilton, I've seen him come through the lower ranks & while he's had a couple good drives he's overall not really looked that impressive.

Can't help but think there were better drivers available.


Pic signed for Caterham……


I wish him well, but I can't help but think anyone launching their career in one of the bottom three (now two) teams is going to have a limited shot of moving forward; they're not going to be given the opportunity to shine in the same way drivers like Alonso and Webber have done in back-of-the-grid teams in the past.


Funny both of the drivers you mentioned started at the bottom team, Minardi. Great drivers transcend thier machinery, look at Senna with Toleman, Hunt with Hesketh, Vettel with Torro Rosso.


That was kind of my point, I didn't pick those drivers by accident. I'm saying that even if Chilton outperformed his team mate a la Alonso and Webber back in the day his achievements are unlikely to see him move up the grid. Only time will tell.

The other teams you mentioned were all far higher up the pecking order than Marussia are at the moment.


I am heartbroken, terribly saddened, that it looks as though Kobayashi isn't going to be on the grid next year! Can you confirm James, but I believe next year will mark the first time since 2001 that we'll have no Japanese driver on the grid.

I think you'd already pointed out earlier also how there would not be any Italian drivers on the 2013 grid ( notwithstanding Italian heritage drivers like Ricciardo, Mass and Di Resta).

Hooray for Chilton though. Go Brits!


Agree it is sad that Kamui hasn't a drive next year, but don't think that Marussia would have been a good move for him, whereas Force India would have been a great fit.

Hope that Max can do as well as Pic and make a move up the grid.



Still, Italy have Ferrari. It's a shame that there are no Japanese teams out there, especially with some of the biggest companies (especially car companies) being Japanese :/


Good luck to him, while no doubt his way has been eased by financial backing, at the same time he's clearly got some ability. With HRT down and out, Marussia will be doing well to just not be the tail end charlies - for the sake of Chilton and even moreso Glock, I hope they can make strides forward.


Wish my Dad would buy me an F1 seat for xmas.


You're telling the wrong guy. What you need to do is head down to the mall, line up for Santa and tell him. He's the one that can make any boy's or girls wishes come true this time of year.


Chilton has shown some promise, so it will be interesting to watch his progress against Glock. None of Virgin/Marussia's second drivers have really set the world alight in the junior formulae but they haven't disgraced themselves in F1, given the equipment, and each has perhaps slightly bettered their predecessor ...


good news. his race-craft didn't look great in GP2 but it got better near the end. he's quick which is the most important thing i guess and he'll need to be to keep up with timo.

good luck to him, i suggest he nails himself to the seat if he wants to stay, the team raved about how good Pic was then let him go - very odd. maybe Pic left them, anyone know which way round it was?


Pic left them. I wouldn't be surprised, that Pic is being evaluated as a possible replacement for Grosjean by French investors.


Money talks!


4 British drivers, god help us.


Just look a the stats! Way more British F1 champs than any other country!

Britain 14

Germany 10 (7=MSC)

Brazil 8

Argentina 5

Austria, Australia, Finland & France 4

Not surprising when you look at the level of motor racing involvement throughout Britain every weekend of the year.


Germany = 11 doesn't it? Schumacher with 7, Vettel on 3 and Rindt with 1, who apparently never did become an Austrian......


As far as I recall Rindt grew up in Austria from a young age and raced under Austrian nationality; I think he should be allowed the final say...


I want to see True Blooded RACERS. Not, Skilled Pay DRIVERS.

I hope this is a wake up call to Bernie!


His one and only season in f1. Not good enough. Simple.


Sounds like a case of more money than talent 🙂

Best of luck to Max Chilton, but it hardly matters, without lots of talent he won't be able to move forward and driving even a Marussia, along side a driver of Glocks quality and experience won't be mission difficult, it will be mission impossible.

There are something's money can't buy!


I'd prefer merit to $$$. However, if he displays some serious skill, I'll not begrudge him.



He"l do okay there. I doubt he will shoot the lights out. Whilst people bang on about world champs-how big is Great Britain and how big is Finland and Australia etc..how much serious racing goes on in each--that's what you have to ask yourself- 2wc from Finland would be like 50 from GB! And probably more in Aus.


Valsecchi ? Razia ? Has Italy or Brazil no sponsors ?


I know, looks like Valsecchi will be the 1st GP2 World Champion not to have an F1 seat!

Warren Groenewald

I find it so strange that even though Kobayashi has secured quite a decent wad of cash for next year, he's still being overlooked by FI and even Caterham!

He's a decent driver and pretty good overtaker - I don't see anyone significantly better for either of those teams.


Santa's Draft picks for 2013.

Santa said he would be sad to see Kobyashi, Petrov, Schumacher and Senna leave as they were not bad boys. Well maybe Micheal was just a little bad but he was very good most of the time.

01 Sebastian Vettel Red Bull

02 Mark Webber Red Bull

03 Fernando Alonso Ferrari

04 Felipe Massa Ferrari

05 Jenson Button McLaren

06 Sergio Perez McLaren

07 Kimi Räikkönen Lotus

08 Roman Grosjean Lotus

09 Nico Rosberg Mercedes

10 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes

11 Nico Hulkenberg Sauber

12 Esteban Gutierrez Sauber

14 Paul di Resta Force India

15 Jules Bianchi Force India

16 Pastor Maldonado Williams

17 Valtteri Bottas Williams

18 Jean-Eric Vergne Torro Rosso

19 Daniel Ricciardo Torro Rosso

20 Heikki Kovalainen Caterham

21 Charles Pic Caterham

22 Timo Glock Marussia

23 Max Chilton Marussia


I wish him well, but as with some other posters I can't help but feel this has as much to do with financial benefit as anything. May be being a bit too cynical, granted, but his racing CV to date wouldn't make most F1 teams take notice. His best championship result to date has been 2nd in the T Cars series, and since moving up to single seaters he's never finished higher than 4th in the championship. He seems a safe enough pair of hands judging from his finishing record, but I wouldn't have rated him above other contenders for drives. Good luck to him anyway.


Chiltons dad is absolutely loaded, one of the richest men in the Uk. Owns Aon, who also has bought an entire race team so that his other son Tom, can race in Btcc/Wtcc. Also bought a team for Max to start in F3. Only in F1 due to money, shocking in karting, no natural talent. Money talks....


Of course, it is so easy to win races in GP2 (where the equipment and testing is equal) just because you have a wealthy family.

I'm not arguing that there probably aren't any more talented drivers in the lower formula, but to state that Max Chilton, or any other GP2 race winner, has "no natural talent" is just daft....

For example, James Calado is being supported in GP2 in 2012/13 by the Racing Steps Foundation, funded by someone else who is "absolutely loaded", but he just deosn't happen to be a relation



I just don't know Max Chilton well enough so I'll take the wait-and-see approach.

A couple GP2 wins doesn't seem like an overflowing resume, but then Raikkonen could barely get a superlicence at the start of his F1 career! In a perfect world we'd probably all like to have the "best" or "most talented" drivers on the grid, but it's not always clear where the next WDC will come from; I think it adds an interesting dimension to the sport. We often use "best" or "most talented" only after the benefit of seeing the driver actually in an F1 car. I can really only think of Hamilton as an example of a driver who really lit things up in the lower categories to the point where everyone knew he'd be a great F1 driver.

I disagree about Chilton not being able to show his stuff because he's in a Marussia though. He's got an experienced team mate that we can measure him against. Plenty of WDC's "shocked and awed" in a midfield or lesser team before making it (earning their way?) to a top team: Vettel at Torro Rosso, Schumacher in the Jordan, Kimi in the Sauber and Alonso at Minardi. Hamilton did the equivalent by more than keeping pace with an established Alonso in that one tumultuous year at McLaren.

So who knows? Let's hope he's the real deal and his father's money helps to keep Marussia moving forward - I'd really hate to see another team collapse mid-season.


It used to be, you have to win all the way from karting, if you to have any chance. Now you can be somewhere in the midfield. This mentality takes away possible prospects from drivers who actually winning and makes it harder than ever.

Just go back in time through FIA categories, same names pop-up at the top through out their adventure. Alonso, Raikkonen, Hamilton, Button, Vettel...

I feel bad for new boys who are the winners, cause now they also have to compete against boys off the track who they already beat on the track.


This guy needs to hit the gym. He would have had a much better results last year if he was properly fit. I hope he takes this seriously, because if he did his best last year, he might have ended up in a better car than Marussia for next season.

But I guess, Marussia got an offer they couldn't refuse.


my dad was also head of a large company when i was max's age. i'm so annoyed i couldn't talk him into backing me in my motor racing endeavours. would have been really cool. i guess max will possibly feel he doesn't deserve all this with only average talent while some extreme talent misses out.

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