Fun video: Nico Rosberg and Sergio Aguero
Posted By: James Allen  |  21 Nov 2012   |  2:04 pm GMT  |  22 comments

This is a fun video with Mercedes F1 driver Nico Rosberg showing Manchester City striker Sergio Aguero how much faster a real racing car is than a high performance sportscar.

It’s part of a series by Puma, which brings sports people from different disciplines into contact with F1 and motorsport. It all helps to spread the word about our sport.

What works well here is that Aguero is very cocky when it comes to driving the road car, texting on his phone while Rosberg is trying to show him the lines around a rather damp Donington – to the extent that Rosberg throws his phone out of the window.

But it’s clear when they get into a proper DTM car, that Aguero is blown away by the speed and cornering forces. Anyone who’s ever been in a proper racing car will know the feeling. I once went in a two seater F1 Minardi in anger with Fernando Alonso around Donington and it felt like the world was about to end.

It’s worth a watch for the humour.

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What gets people the most is just how different the turn in is compared to everyday road cars. It’s not something that TV can convey very well and at PalmerSport it was often quite difficult to get people to corner anywhere near the limits of even the higher performance road cars. Sometimes you’d tell them “okay, brake…and TURN…” and they’d say “No!” because based on their own driving experience, it felt like doing so would spin the car. Once you get into proper racing cars and open wheelers, it’s a dramatic departure again.

Whenever any of my friends asks me for advice before a track day or supercar experience, I just say to be aggressive and have fun, because the car is probably a lot better than you are (and you’re insured). A lot of people don’t get the full experience because they worry, but unless they’re complete lunatics they shouldn’t.


As a Man City and Kimi Raikkonen fan this is a pretty cool crossover…of course Kimi and Mario Balotelli in the same scenario would be ace.

(If only Rosberg drove under the Finnish flag!)

p.s. If there’s another Man City and Kimi Raikkonen fan out there I’d like to know…


James – Do you happen to have a link to that video of Alonso and yourself at Donington?


There isn’t a video. It was from 2001, before people thought of GoPro and You Tube…


I know that feeling, it means we’re getting old 😉


Was really looking forward to the video; sounds like fun! Sadly, it comes across as being a bit too staged. Not really fun at the end of the day.

That said, I do enjoy these ideas of linking F1/tennis/football – my three favorite sports in the world! And recently Aguero has been the common link! (played with Del Potro at the O2 Arena recently)


James I’d love to hear more about both those experiences if you’re happy to share.


awesome video. Great stuff!



Did Rosberg and Schumacher have different cars in Austin? I heard frustrated Nico complaining about his car after the qualifyings. He said that Mercedes gave him an inferiour car to Schumacher’s for testing purposes? I thought Rosberg is the one who stays with the team next season.


Thanks for posting this James! I have to say the acting in it does give us a bit of an appreciation for Lewis Hamilton and Tony Stewart’s acting ability though! I don’t know if their mobile 1 ads are airing in the UK, but they are pretty funny for US audiences.

Do you happen to have a link or an article about your ride with FA? Mark me down as another envious fan =)


There is similar vid with Rosberg where he drives around the Nurburgring and scares Coulthard proper

Worth a look in youtube


“Aguero didn’t just rise to the challenge, though, he relished it. In fact, although Rosberg set the pace with a lap time of 1:21.05, the Argentine ran him pretty close by topping the challenger leaderboard with 1:22.58.” – Miguel Delaney of espn.soccernet.


Being run close by Aguero doesn’t bode well for when he’ll be partnering Hamilton…


“I once went in a two seater F1 Minardi in anger with Fernando Alonso around Donington”

Oh…. to live your life James!


It was absolutely fantastic, I won’t lie.

I drove a Reynard-Mercedes IndyCar for a day at Homestead in 1995, but this was even better!


“it felt like the world was about to end”

ROFL. I know it’s Friday, and you are supposed to be happy already (weekend coming, and F1 is on!) , but that one really made me laugh!


Eugene, he also says he can’t feel his legs! hehehehe


As far as I could tell, at the end he says “my legs are shaking!”, not sweating…


“…it felt like the world was going to end.”

I don’t know why but that line really made me laugh. I remember Richard Hammond yelling his way around a bit of Silverstone in the Renaul; a man who drives very fast for a living being taken to a new dimension in the F1 car.


Hello James, this is the first time I write here, I’m from Argentina and I’m a huge fan of this website.

Sergio really knows how to drive a car, he likes to do couple of tests with TC (Turismo Carretera) series when he is in Argentina, if fact he said many times that once he stops playing futbol he will go racing!

best regards,



Hi Lucas,

I live in Argentina too, although I’m from Spain so I’m not that familiar with the TC series. I heard that Aguero is also the owner of one TC team, am I right?


Thanks for your message and for coming to JA on F1 !

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